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March 1, 2010

And hello everybody. It’s Monday night, March 1st, 2010. You’re with Sherry Shriner at Sherry Talk Radio. If you have a
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Wow, it’s March 1st! I didn’t realize, it’s March 1st already. So I looked at the date before the show started.

The next three months are going to be pretty interesting. And I tell you, they have already been interesting. This isn't going to
be a quiet year. And things are going to get rolling. A lot of more people are waking up. You know, it makes a lot more fun -
instead of always being the crazy one out on a ledge all the time by yourself. You have a lot more people around you now
waking up, but the majority still has their head in the sand. I mean, it’s always going to be that way.

I spent some time this week watching a
YouTube video; Aaron McCollum, Project Camelot. One thing I have noticed about
all these super soldiers and everybody that comes out, and they will admit it, is they are still controlled. And they will be
because they are MPDs, multiple personality disorders. It is such a deep-level programming that they by themselves just
cannot turn it off. It is something that has to unraveled bit by bit, piece by piece. And it is very, very in depth, and a lot of
people just can't afford to go through that kind of programming, and deprogramming I should say. And so you can tell these
people are controlled. So as much as they try to get information out, there is always - you can tell that that part they are
holding in, that they are not revealing.

And so - you know I am watching him talk about Operation Star Gate and Operation Sea Gate. I am familiar with both. Most
of you might know about the star gates; the Gulf of Aden, what I call the Gulf of Eden. The phenomena that is going over
there now. Over three hundred war ships from every country in the world - India, China, Japan even - countries that you do
not even think have war ships - and they are all out there in the Gulf of Aden. And what the media is telling you is that they
are trying to stop piracy. <laughs> Yeah...If you like that story, go back to the sand. So I'm going to unravel it a little bit.
Usually, if you have war ships, you are at war. They signify war. And seeing that they are containing the circumference area
around this - I guess I should call it ...it is off the coast of Yemen. I told you months ago that we will be at war with Yemen
because they wanted control of Yemen. And it is because of the star gate that is out there. In the Gulf of Aden right at the
beginning of the Suez Canal or whatever - some way down, seven miles down under the sea is an underwater UFO base.
So there has been a lot of talk about what is going on over there. We have three hundred war ships, we've got the star gate,
we got this under-water UFO base there. People have seen cigar-shaped UFOs going into that area. And I told you there
are many different factions of these aliens, and different types and ranks and stuff like that. And the cigar-shaped UFOs - if
you remember Sananda, that is exactly the kind he travels in. This Sananda is this new age lower-level ascended master
that goes by the name of Jesus. And he is the one  who is - he is a character - he can fulfill the role of the false prophet
beast of Revelation 13. He is one of these people.

I told you there are candidates for these positions. You know, we've got the script of end-time events. We know what end-
time prophecy is or if you do not you learn it, you read it in the Book of Revelation. But there are all these positions, and
people tend to just step into these roles and fulfill these characters. It is like a stage play. And so, this Sananda, this Jesus,
he has his portrait hanging up in churches everywhere. Everyone thinks that is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, but it is actually
this Jesus Sananda, this ascended master. That is the ships, that is the brigand of aliens, you might want to call it. That is
his rank, that is his faction. So interesting that that is in the Gulf of Aden. And people have seen over the years, many times,
UFOs going under the water.

I know, years ago, I talked about an under-water UFO base off the coast of Miami. And so with all the talk of the Gulf of Aden
and there being a star gate out there because of this electromagnetic anomalies going on in the water out there - I am
surprised no one has brought up the Devil’s Triangle, I've been waiting to hear it, and I heard somebody mention a video
about, you know, the base off the coast of Miami, but no one has brought up the Devil’s Triangle. And so, I would like to hear
more on that - see if anybody is going to bring that up, because that is obviously a star-gate area as well. They have always
had a lot of electromagnetic activity in the Devil’s Triangle area, and that would be Bermuda’s Triangle. People know that
Bermuda’s Triangle. Its from Miami, to Bermuda and Cuba I think it is.

And so - interesting - a lot more this star gate stuff. And we still got the star gate going on in Afghanistan - and no one is
talking about the one in Euphrates River. And so <laughs> lots of portals opening up everywhere folks. But it makes you
wonder why they send war ships to the Gulf of Aden - interesting. And you know, even though Maitreya and this Sananda,
this Jesus (he goes by the name of Jesus) and that is why it is important to call the real Son of God Yahushua, his real
name, and not go by Jesus, because that was always Satan’s general’s name.

They should have never translated the Son of God Yahushua’s name into the Greek Jesus. It was so stupid to begin with.
How hard would it be to just write Yahushua in the KGB? It is not that hard. I can say it. Anybody could say it. So it's really
important that believers today just start calling him by the real name so you do not align yourself with this ascended master,
called Jesus, that is coming.

And so interesting that Maitreya is still associated with Shema. He is associated with the buffalo-race of aliens. And that is
just one of their symbolized terms, buffalo. And they are going to be leaving Shema. And I told you it has been on fire since
October, it is splitting apart, there is chunks coming off it hitting the Earth. And someone was asking the other day where he
is. As far as I know, he is still there. I do not know. He could be in a ship. They could be leaving it [Shema] and just hovering
over our atmospheres in ships.

I am looking in the codes, and it is talking about February 26th, how there was this aerodrome in the altitude. I never saw it. I
do not know if somebody else did. And so it got me wondering: When was that earth quake in Chile? Was that on the 26th?
<laughs> Because the Bible codes just kept putting out about this UFO in the air on the 26th, and so - thought that was
interesting. I do not see much. I do not go outside at night. I am surrounded by trees out by here. I would have to go down the
drive way, and that drive way is about a quarter mile long - just to see the sky. I am very well surrounded and just isolated
where I am at - and so, interesting. If anybody else saw that, I have not heard anybody talking about it.

But anyway - back to this interview that McCullum did with project Camelot. He is talking about project sea gate. And I sent
some e-mails to my list early in the week in regards to this interview because he mentioned a lot of things, but there are
things he did not come out and say that you know I will. <laughs> He talks about project Sea Gate. And this is a project that
has been an ongoing thing out in Puerto Rico. They have an underground base out in Puerto Rico, huge, massive
underground base. And all these projects take place.

Project Sea Gate is one where they work with dolphins. You will see a lot of dolphin worship among some of these new-age
groups and crowds, and they just go on and on about dolphins. And it has always just tuned my stomach because - what
they do is, they use these dolphins for under-water spying, but what they don't tell you - and this is where I just come in and
say whatever is on my mind  <laughs> What they will not tell you is that they can take a human soul and put it inside of a
dolphin. You always hear these people talking about scientists and new agers about how dolphins are so - their minds or
whatever are close to humans, and they have all these special capabilities and they can go under water and scout out ships
and submarines or maybe even bases at this point. Why would you try to use dolphins out in Aden, because they have a
bunch of dolphins out in the Gulf of Aden. But one of the things that strikes me about it is: They never come out and just tell
you that they can do that. They can put human souls inside of dolphin bodies. Now what they do with the dolphin's soul, I do
not know. I do not even know if dolphins will have a soul. But what they do with its spirit, I do not know. I suppose they do not
have one. But everything on Earth has a spirit. I don't know what they do with the dolphins’. But the fact that they can transfer
souls, that kind of technology should just alarm people. And I have been talking about it for years, how they can soul scalp
humans. They can take a human’s soul out of their body, put it in a box and set it somewhere, and then an alien walks in and
takes over that human’s body. And so they do it to animals as well. They can do it to these dolphins. They can put a human
body, entrap it inside of a dolphin. And then it probably just bribes these humans that are stuck in these dolphin bodies:
“You are going to go here, you are going to get us some photographs” and whatever it is there they want, recording under
water, recordings or something, and bribe them, and make them do the work, and maybe promising them they will get their
human bodies back or something. I do not know what they do. But that is something you might want to do more research on.
Just for one of those FYI-type things for your information, really. I have not heard anybody talk about it in a long time, and that
is why it brought back a bunch of things to memory to me of things that I have learned over the years, when he was talking
about Project Sea Gate. And so - interesting, whenever I start hearing them using a lot of dolphins, I think about the fact that
they can trap human souls in those things and so.

What I am seeing in the Bible codes in regards to Aden: Some of the beings involved, you have the buffalo's and the bears.
And I told you last week, some of the dominant names of these factions of aliens that I have been seeing: buffalo's being
these ascended masters, this Ashtar Command. You will start hearing a lot more about them, because this whole age-of-
Aquarius agenda is just going to boom, it is just going to explode in front of everybody, you know, people have been calling
me nuts for years, and now they are going to start to see everything I have been talking about come to fruition. And these
ascended masters, these from the new agers, they are symbolized by the term buffalo. And bears are literal just these
Bigfoot's that we have seen on occasion on Earth. They are a race of aliens - I talked about it a little bit last week - that
inhabit the Moon. And I guess around the alien factions, around the galaxy they are some of the fiercest and best
navigators. And I was talking about Chewie in the Star Wars thing, how Chewie, Hans Solo’s co-pilot, or friend, or whatever,
during that whole Star Wars series, depicted as a bear, and probably depicting that whole race that is on the Moon - a lot of
symbolisms, a lot of fact and fiction involved with science-fiction movies. And so - you know, it is the buffalo that are
controlling our governments, and so it makes you wonder why our governments would be trying to block off this Gulf of Aden,
what's going on.  Are they at war with the bear race? I do not know, you know. < laughs> They have just something going on
between the buffalo's and the bears. But eventually, I think what they both - maybe they are both afraid of the buffalo's and
the bears working together, is to fight of the Philistines that are coming. And the Philistines are just another name for giants,
these giants, these Annanuki that are coming. And they are fierce, and they are big, and, you know, trying to put war ships
around the star gate is not going to stop them. War ships are not going to stop them.

And so, Aaron went on to talk about - you know, he plays on words, and they all do. He talks about how they have these
synthetic beings, and off-planet beings maybe trying to make their way back to Earth through the star gate, and, you know,
the term of synthetic beings is clones. So why don’t they just say clones? These clones. I remember doing a code on
robotoids many years ago. And I found that ten million robotoids that would be here during the last days. And these are
literally just robots, chip-implanted robots. And I have warned about the Chinese army just being a bunch of chip-implanted
clones and robots, because the largest cloning facility on Earth is outside Beijing. And so not only do we have cloning
facilities here on Earth, but we also have a lot of cloning going on in outer space. I talked to an ex-NASA scientist years
ago, who told me we had twenty space ships, international space stations. We only admitted to one; the joint ISS with the
Russians. But we have twenty that were totally off base, totally off limits to people. And what they were doing on those space
stations was breeding, and playing with cross experimentation, cross breeding, humans and animals, and humans and
cloning - all that kind of stuff taking place on these twenty other space stations. And so you know, even if they were in our
space stations - our space stations are not so high up in the altitude that they would need a star gate to get onto Earth.
When you think of star gate, you think of inner-dimensional travel. You think of spiritual beings trying to come into our third
dimension. And so you have emerging of the fourth - like a gateway from the fourth dimension into the third dimension, or
interplanetary travel.  We know the Orion system, the Draconian system. You know, it could take millions of light years,
millions of years to travel to Orion and some of these star systems. They use these star gates as portals. It is like getting
here in hours or minutes instead of years. And so, that is the only thing I could think of what was scaring about this star gate
is, you know, some of these other planetary races trying to come into Earth.

And so - interesting, because we do have the Draconian's on Orion. We have got the blue star that is going to be coming
out of Orion. I have told you to watch for that one around the belt of Orion, the constellation, for a blue star. You have the
cube that they are going to be lowering. And the cube is a fake new Jerusalem when “God” comes <laughs> which I would
assume is this Maitreya who comes. He is going to be bringing this cube with him, this fake mimicry of the new Jerusalem.
You can read about it in Revelation chapter 20 or 21 talks about how the Lord brings down New Jerusalem after the
thousand year millennial reign. And they try to mimic everything that Bible forecasts. And so they try to do everything so that
people believe that they are gods and they are fulfilling prophecy. And that is why so many churches today do not even
teach the congregations prophecy. So many people are going to be in the dark and not even understand that all of this is
just a mimicry and mockery of what the Bible is saying, and not fulfilling what the Bible is saying. And so - interesting.

Another thing I want to talk about - some of the things I am seeing coming up in the future - and I do not know if this year or
next year - whatever, it is in the codes. I am seeing it coming up - an arrival of Ebola virus, leprosy, black chemical clouds of
death. Interesting - at some times a lot of these codes you can interpret in more than one way. And so you do not always -
you have to keep an open view on interpretation of Bible codes at times, because, well like or the black chemical clouds of
death - I know, some people - a lot of people, over the years, have seen these black clouds. They are like chemtrails, but
instead of being white they are black. And I think it was over the Ukraine before that sickness outbreak broke out over there,
there had been black chemical clouds hovering in the air over there. And so, there are going to be seen more of those. I find
it interesting that Obama is behind those.

You know, Yah said that this year would be a year of fire. And right now we are seeing a lot of action with the Pacific Rim of
Fire. So that's interesting. Earthquakes on the west coast and throughout the Pacific, our Rim in the region, with tsunamis. It
is going to get more intense. I have warned about last days’ signs in the skies, and we're seeing a lot of these spirals and
other anomalies around the world, some caused by HAARP and weather-related weapons, and some are not. Some
earthquakes are caused by weather weapons, and some of them are not. And so, we are going to have a lot more things
happening with just weather-related disasters.

One of the things, most dominant, that they are trying to get off is this whole beast kingdom with the syringe and chips, these
vaccinations, these shots, because the whole thing is about chipping people; chipping civilization. And some other terms I
have seen is terrestrial butchery, agent palace, and black death chemical. And a lot of times these kinds of codes can be
interpreted with Obama, because - like I have said - he is just an agent of this whole new-age facade that is going to be
coming on the Earth. And we have already seen his push with the H1N1 vaccines, and those are not going away, folks. They
are coming back. They are not going to give that up, they are not. They are just going to keep pushing it, find different
reasons, start putting out legislation to enforce - anything that they can come up with to force you to get a shot, to drink the
Kool-aid of the new age basically is what it is, because it is chip-implanted, and eventually it is going to kill and destroy you.
And so that is why they want everybody vaccinated, because they want you to have those chips and that poison in you. And
the major dominant part of Satan’s kingdom on Earth, this whole new world order, that is the dominant aspect of it -
Vaccinations and chip-implanting people. And so - because everything else falls in line on that. They can allow you to live,
they can kill you. If you have got a chip implant in you, and it is coded, and they can go on their computers, and they can just
turn it off whenever they want. They can kill you by computer.  They can ust turn your chips off, and your chip blows up or
whatever and releases some kind of poison or something that kills you. Their whole agenda relies on chip implants. And so,
that is why I have been harping: Stay away from chip implants, stay away from the vaccines, any kind of flu shots. If they want
to try to make it mandatory, that does not mean you have to obey them. I would not obey them. I do not care if they make it

And so, we are going to have to find ways of survival on our own off the grid. I have been warning for years to get prepared
to life off the grid, and people are going to start seeing now that their very survival is going to depend on being able to live
off the grid, because Satan and Obama is coming after the people of this country. Most particular the bride, but they know
that if they just start wiping out the people here, it will include the bride, and so <laughs> they can go off their targeted lists.
They try to target all of the real threats to them, the real believers of the Most High. In church the few Christians are not a
threat to them, the people sitting in the Benny Hinns and the Pentecostals and Joel Osteen's. Those people are not a threat
to them. They may eventually go after them, but their soul being able to be led and deceived by the preachers, they are not a
threat to Satan’s kingdom. What they are coming after is the renegades, the radicals, the ones who are not buying into the
mind-controlled religion of today, the ones who the Lord has been able to reach and pull out of the churches of today. Those
are the ones who are a threat to Satan and his kingdom, and they are the ones he is going to be coming after.

And so stay away from the vaccine, that is just one of their back-ended ways to reach Yah’s people without coming through
the front door. They are trying to go through the back door, so you do not see them coming. So many people are so stupid
and blinded by it as well, and they fall for it.

Some of the other codes that I have been seeing that can be interpreted in many ways are stuff like this. When you see
terms like this grouped together, you will capital damage, and burn capital. You know, what exactly - which capitol? You are
talking about D.C., Jerusalem - talking about Shema? Because Shema is Satan’s capital, his palace in the sky, his temple.
And we know that's on fire. Are they talking about crashing the economy? Burning up our economy? Crashing the dollar?
That kind of capital? And so - when I see these terms, a lot of times, I do not know where to go with them. I keep my eyes on

We were able to destroy Shema with our Orgone. You can go to
www.orgoneblasters.com, and the most exciting time is
going to be the history of this age, is to be a part of this Orgone war against Satan and his kingdom, because it is the only
thing that is working. So I laugh when they talk about war ships in the Gulf. If they want to stop aliens, warships are not going
to do it. Orgone will. Orgone will stop them, not war ships. So, very interesting.

Another thing that I keep wondering about is the White House, and the Capitol itself D.C., if it is going to be burnt and
destroyed soon, because either they are causing a lot of destruction to come on our personal economy, and we know it is - I
had seen the code the other day. It is talking about Obama destroying civilization. At that is his mean intent to destroy
civilization around the world, whole Earth, whole land. And he is doing it through, you know, they are doing it through the
money, crashing everybody’s economies. They are doing it through mandatory world-wide vaccines, vaccination programs,
pulling out their little anthrax attacks, and then getting everybody hyped up in fears, they will go get vaccinations from poison
such as anthrax. It is all gimmicks and false-flag operations to get people to do what they want them to do, which is go get
vaccinations, because they have chips in those vaccinations. And once they have got you chipped, they have got you, they
own you, they control you. And do not be too high-minded, believerish, to think that you will not be a victim. Because if you
looked in Revelation chapter 6, the fifth seal, all those people, believers, under the Altar, the souls under the Altar in Heaven,
wanting revenge and justice for their deaths. Yeah, it is because of these vaccinations.

Some of you, you know, some of us, we get chip-implanted by chip guns. They cannot get us any other way, so they send
their agents out to get us with chip guns. And I have been hit by chip guns before, and I have had to pull these chips out. You
know, sometimes it will be of no fault of your own. And for those of you who just willingly go get vaccinations and flu shots,
and you are just walking sheep to the slaughter. And so some of the times it is not our fault, sometimes it is. But either way,
it is going to be millions of people who are going to die, and the Bible talks about them as the souls under the Altar in

I know so many Christians believe, “oh that is after the rapture!” <laughs> No, there is no rapture, folks. Get rid of the Disney
Land dreaming, and get prepared for the things that are coming, being able to hide, get out of the cities, get out off grid,
and start learning how to hear the Lord’s voice in your spirit and recognizing how He leads, how He speaks to us, how He
urges us and nags us, how He leads. He works in so many different ways, folks. And so you need to ask Him to teach you
how to recognize who He is and how He works. So you just have to ask Him those things every day. And your understanding
and your knowledge will grow in leaps and bounds. He gives by measure, a little bit here, a little bit there, a little bit here, a
little bit there. If you keep asking and bugging Him all the time, He is going to give you more, and more, and more. He just
wants to know that you are sincere, and so - yeah, you have to keep asking on these things.

A couple of things I keep seeing - and I have told you that some of the beasts that I keep seeing in the codes, the
Philistines, the bears, the buffalos, the locusts - and the Lord always brings me to Revelation chapter 9.

In Revelation chapter 9, verse 2, it says: “And he opened the bottomless pit, and there arose a smoke out of the pit as the
smoke of a great furnace. And the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.”

The pit is space, folks. These locusts are coming from space. And I imagine it is going to be pretty dark, because it says
that the smoke from the abyss, the smoke from our space is going to block the light of the sun. And all these locusts are
going to descend on Earth, and torment mankind for five months.

And then, in the second part of chapter 9, and this another thing - no one has been talking about the star gate that is in the
Euphrates River. And it talks about
in verse 14, it says: “Loose the four angels which are bound on the great river Euphrates.” And this is a star gate in
Euphrates, some kind of portal. And it is an army of two hundred million horsemen. They are not horsemen. They are
horses, but the description of them is of dragons. Two hundred million that kill by fire, smoke and brimstone. Their power is
in their mouths and in their tails. This sounds like dragons on horses. And there are two hundred millions of them  being led
by these four leaders, these four angels that are being locked up right now on the Euphrates. And so - these things are
coming, and they operate on Earth for a year and a month. And so - just over a year and a month that they are on Earth.
They assassinate a third of mankind. And so that is three billion people, folks. If we have about seven or eight billion people,
that is a lot of people.

We have talked about the one portal, Aridu, that that is in a temple in that city area in Iraq. It does not talk about anything
about that being near the Euphrates River or in the Euphrates River, and so there is some kind of portal in the Euphrates
River. Now, the Green Zone in Iraq, which I was laughing about years ago, that we are building Maitreya this Disney Land
temple in Iraq, because they will just take possession of it, because the United States started building this huge ... what they
call - my mind goes blank - ... an assembly building for the UN, whatever <laughs>, this huge palace over there in the Green
Zone off the Euphrates River that they have built. And I warned back then that they would spend millions on this thing and just
hand it over to the Ashtar, you know, Ashtar Command is Maitreya and stuff.

But what is funny now is that - you know, we had a lot of - not a lot – we've had minimal, some success with Orgone over
there, and so even in places they thought they would be protected, this Orgone is getting them, and it burns them, and it
makes them miserable.

One of the things I have been seeing about this Yemen star gate is if these Philistines, these Annunaki, happen to be
coming through this star gate, they will have leprosy, I see the appearance of leprosy on the Philistines. And so - interesting,
if they do not arrive having leprosy, leprosy being caused on these beings by the Orgone, the ether energy that is in the air,
it burns them and eats their skin. I have always seen necrosis associated with it, how it affects the demonic and evil beings,
because ether is a positive, righteous energy that evil cannot stand it. So interesting - there is so much going on at one
time. And I have always talked about how it would be a bathtub effect, that once things started like water going out of the
tub, swirling and just - and that is how it is going to be with all of these events, folks.

But the one thing - a lot of this we do not even have to worry about, because there is more gruesome details to be worried
about before then. Because  is Obama is going to start his war on the saints, and like I have said, he masks it, he hides it,
he comes through the back door with programs and legislation like the vaccines and the flu shots. These are all back-door
war attacks on the believers and the Israelite's in this country. And most people in this country are Israelite's, they just do not
know who they are. Not Jews, but Israelite's. And so are the true people of Israel, and that is why Satan hates America. And
that is why Obama hates America and wants to destroy it, and he does so craftily and by deception and manipulation.

In Matthew 24, 4 - 13, it says: “Take heed that no man deceive you, for many shall come in my name, saying ‘I am Christ’,
and shall deceive many. And you shall hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you not be troubled. For all these things
must come to past, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there
shall be famines and pestilences, and earth quakes in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

And we are seeing that now - nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. These are literally countries, and then they
are races. We are going to have countries going at it, and we are going to have races within countries going at it. Famines,
pestilences, and earth quakes in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows. “Then shall they deliver you off to be
afflicted and shall kill you. And you shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake. And then shall many be offended and
shall betray one another and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many. And
because of the increase of lawlessness, the love of many will grow cold. But he that endures to the end shall be saved.”

And this is what Yahushua keeps leading me into week after week after week, to warn His people about the coming
persecutions. In the codes, I have seen trains, possibly start running this summer. I do not have a year, it could be this year,
could be next year. But I have seen the trains running, and - it very well could be this summer. And that is the next thing on
the horizon, folks. I mean, we can sit here amused about what is going on in the Gulf of Aden, and all of their little
shenanigans they are using to get here on Earth and start arriving, because we know Satan is going to be arriving to Earth.
The partition is already crushed. And so, eventually it is just going to completely snap. We are going to have all of these
fourth-dimensional beings here in our third dimension, and they are going to be claiming they are everything under the sun;
they are gods, they are christs, they are ascended masters, <laughs> they are angels, they are our creators. They are liars!
They are nothing but fallen angels who were kicked out of Heaven thousands of years ago. They were kicked out of Heaven
because of their rebellion against The Most High God. And throughout the ages, they have had offspring who do not know
the truth about who their parents were. And Lord knows what they have been told over these thousands of years that they
actually believe about themselves.

And so - you know, the Bible calls this the time of Jacob’s trouble, and it is going to go on for three and a half years here,
folks. Just all of these - the locusts from the abyss, the dragons from the Euphrates River and their horsemen - just all these
different invasions I have been talking about - but before any of that even happens, we are going to have a massive
holocaust here in America, and they are going to be killing millions and millions of the civilians here in America. And so,
there is going to be so much chaos going on, because Americans can either like sheep, go to the slaughter and get taken
in these road blocks, in these pick-ups, and be herded off by these trains to concentration camps to their deaths, to
incinerators, where they are going to be killed - or stand up and fight against them.

It is time to take over our government and get the lizards out, because the reptile lizard in charge is Obama, the reptile lizard
who has power over the whole land right now is Obama. And I have told you he is a reptile, he is a lizard, he is a beast, he is
an animal. He is not fully human, folks. Maybe the original Obama was, but not this one. Not this one, he is a reptile, he is
lizard. And I have been warning about it for years, how these lizards have been taking over our politicians.

I was skimming through the different types of alien races and was reading about the chameleons, and these chameleons
were like an advanced race, an advanced group. They are like the Marines, they go in first. And they slowly invade humans.
They take over the politicians, the religious leaders, your entertainment people. Then every position they take over, it is a
slow invasion. They just take over the human bodies. And then eventually you are going to have - before you are full out of ...,
before the rest of their armies come, they will be in place, because they have already - they are in place and they have taken
over everybody in charge of the world, so that they would already be in charge. And <laughs> so many different characters.
They are shape shifters. I have named everybody I can think of. Everybody youyou can think of practically is one of them:
Rumsfeld, Cheney, Hillary, Bill, Bush, all of them, they are all aliens in human bodies. I do not know what happened to the
original humans. I do not know if they are still there. But these are just aliens we are dealing with, and people think they are
dealing with humans. And so people wake up and realize, we are at war with alien races already, because they are already
dominating D.C., they are already dominating Europe, they are already dominating every country in this world, and the
governments. And so mankind ... realizes and stands up and starts to do something and fight back, they will be like sheep
to the slaughter,  being herded off, hauled off in these trains. And they are going to have check points everywhere to check
to see if your name is on a list to be hauled off and killed. And you have heard about the martial law, and the red list, green
list. You know, martial law is going to be going out for people to realize martial law is going on. They are going to set up
check points and start looking for people.

And one of the things I thought was really interesting: was reading something somebody sent the other day about something
Steve Quayle posted, or Hawk, you know, those two. I do not listen to them, but I know they have helped a lot of people. But
they were talking about a project called about a project called farm yard or barn yard, one of the two. And I just about fell out
of my chair when I read it, because it is something I had seen in the codes for years, about how they were - in particular in
one of my death codes, that has always been dominant, was a missile being shot into my house and blowing my house up -
but however, before it ever hit, the Lord would just take me home. And so, I found that was really interesting that Steve
Quayle mentioned the name of this project where they actually will, they have this whole project ready to go, to where they go
after the big-mouths and to the people they hate - and instead of a one-on-one confrontation with one, they will just shoot a
missile in their house and blow it up. <laughs> So imagine my surprise! <laughs> And I know for years I have seen this. And
everywhere I have lived I have seen the same code. The names of the people change that are behind it, you know. For a
long time it was Bush, and then it was Cheney, I have seen one the other day where it was Hillary. <laughs> Hillary and
Obama, you know, they are like intertwined. Like they are both, just one end go after the Orgone warriors and take them out.
But the Orgone warriors are protected, and they cannot get near us. And so - interesting, that, eventually, the Lord will
remove His shield of protection from His people. Now, that means either because He is going to take them home so that
they cannot be harmed - which is what I have been talking about is the 144,000 being ruptured off of the Earth, taken off the
Earth and returned later, because we know there is a 144,000 that never die, they never see death. And I know there is not
144,000 Orgone warriors either, so I do not know where this whole number comes from, but I can tell you that the Bible
codes talks about a percentile, a faction of these - that is these Orgone warriors, because that are the ones they really want
to come after, they really want to kill. I do believe we are going to be able to destroy them at the star gate in the Gulf of
Aden. I believe we have got Orgone over there that will destroy them. And in all these portals, by the time they do come
through them, they are going to be destroyed, they are going to be dying, they are going to be burnt, they are going to be
affected by the ether energy from the Orgone. And so, literally, just at a full out war against these beings, and it is going of
come to fruition over the next several months, because they are not going to stop trying to destroy us.

I know, Obama has done flyovers to my house. I have seen it in the codes. I think I saw him the one morning, because - one
morning I saw this really weird type of UFO or plane - I do not know which one it was, it was too high up. But it would not
come to close to my house, stayed off in the distance, stayed very high up, and kind of went around - not straight over, just
wayyyy around. And then later in the day, I had seen in the codes where they were doing fly-overs, Obama and Hillary, and
stuff. So they are very interested in where I live, but there is also like a protective bubble over where I live, so they cannot
penetrate, they cannot hurt me. I know I had satellites try to blow up my house before, and boom, I had this huge, massive
boom shake the house a little bit, and that was the end of it. Just under that kind of protection from The Most High to where
they cannot reach me. I have had many, many assassinations at times over the years. I do not even talk about a lot of them. I
just laugh about most of them.

And so eventually that is going to be lifted, because things are going to start coming to fruition. So - interesting, because the
war is on, folks. The war is on. And you can either, you know - I would rather die fighting standing than on my knees begging,
you know, cowards, wimps, because the martial law, the deaths, the persecution, that is what is coming up next. That is
what we need to be watching for, because all this sort of stuff can be amusing, all the aliens coming to Earth, and how they
are going to do it, and all these star gates and portals and signs in the skies, and blah-blah-blah. But the most important
thing people need to realize, is: The war on the saints is on. It is on! So people need to get right with the Lord, they need to
get away from the backsliding, they need to get off the fences. You re-dedicate your life to the Lord, get saved if you are not
saved. Accept Him as your Messiah, and get ready, because we are in the kind of last days that the Bible has been warning
about for thousands of years. And so, you know, the days are upon us, folks. They are upon us. And one of the biggest signs
to watch about, when the disciples asked, “how do we know what is the sign of the end of the age?”The sign of the end of
the age was apostasy, it was people rejecting the cross, rejecting His birth, His death, His resurrection, and the significance
of who He is, Yahushua, the Son of God. And so that was the biggest sign at the end of the age, that people would start
rejecting His death and His resurrection. And that is just another thing around the corner, because when these ascended
masters come, they are not going to be preaching Yahushua’s salvation and His redemption. To them, Jesus, this Sananda,
that they have portrayed in the churches, his portray, his picture, when he comes playing son of god, this character being -
he is just a lower-level ascended master. Buddha ranks higher than him. <laughs> And this Buddha is Maitreya. And so,
they have it ready to play out in many different routs.

People just need to realize that it is all hogwash, need to be able to chew the grass and spit out the hay, and know that they
are just lying and twisting and manipulating everything. They go by this book Urantia which is a bunch of hogwash. They
write their own stuff when they have to. < laughs> And so all of this is coming. Just the biggest thing, it is going to be a lot of
chaos, going to be hyper inflation, going to be a lot of homeless people, it is going to ignite this huge chaos in our country,
the second wave of homelessness hits. I have warned about it. I warned about it last year that there would be a second
ware, but I am not a financial genius, I do not watch stock markets, I do not do any of that. I just listen for The Most High and
where He leads me. And homelessness is going to start to become a big problem this summer in this country, and hyper
inflation, and famine. And so all of these things could lead to total chaos, martial law, or they just start coming after their
enemies through this operation barn yard or farm yard, whatever it is, where they just use heat seeking missiles and blow up
people’s homes, and eliminate their enemies that way. That would be a war on their own people here in America, folks.

It is a war against people, because they are not people, they are aliens, they are aliens playing humans. It is a literal war
right now between humans and alien races, because the alien races are dominating D.C..

I got an e-mail from somebody earlier about ... a little freaked out because two House of Representatives Linder and Steel I
think he said their names were, resigned from the House of Representatives. So you got Congress men starting to resign.
You have got CEOs, police chiefs, everybody resigning. Are they running to the hills? They know what is coming. They know
what is going on now - not necessarily what is coming, but what is happening already. And people running to hide? And so -
interesting, interesting.

And this month is going to - this whole spring, summer - look for a chilly one, because they need the air to chill because it is
burning them. The Orgone saturates the air and it burns them. Humans do not feel it, because we are not evil beings.
<laughs> The fourth-dimension ones are, and so they feel ether energy, and it burns them. And so, you know, the war is
going to keep going on.

This spring, again, we could be – the trains could start running, they could be running. This whole persecution and war
against the saints is going to start. I have got another one of these house-being-blown-up codes for May and <laughs>.
They are coming after me again. And so they have been doing that for oh, eight / ten years now. They go quiet for a while,
and then they strike up again. So - interesting.

Anyway, I am going to answer a couple of questions and then I am going to end this show for tonight.


Question from a listener: How much longer do you think the media will be able to cover up what is going on in the Gulf of

They are going to cover up martial law in America! You're going to see the military blowing up peoples houses and won't
even read about it in the media. Obama and them own the media. Don't expect to hear anything truthful from the media.
There could be 100 million citizens killed here in America, and people in Europe and Canada won't even hear about it.

Question: Which race did you think that UFO was from, next to the Goodyear blimp?

Usually those round disks, I can't really tell which one it is. It was really interesting. A few weeks ago a friend of mine here in
Ohio sent me a picture. The blimp based out of Akron, Ohio was taking off to a (unclear) game. This was in the middle of
the day, like 2  in the afternoon and a UFO flew up beside it. His friend took a picture of it. The round ones are particularly
the greys. The cigar shaped ones that we mimic our blimp after are usually the Watchers.  They all have different types of
their own little ships, depending on what faction they are from.  Typically the cigar shaped ones are starships in themselves,
because they can be several miles long, several miles wide, just carrying tens of thousands of Watchers or whatever type of
alien race that's dominate with those kinds of vehicles. Then we can see these little transporter UFOs, these little circular
grey metallic ones that every one is used to seeing. Those are usually from a bigger ship. Those are like...pods. The mother
ship is up in the atmosphere and they just come down to earth to abduct people, spy and do reconnaissance and stuff like

Question: Dear Sherry, God bless you. What is that thing on your radio show, a guy singing “Crazy”?

Crazy...who sings that? I'll think of it next week. Someone send me an IM really quick and tell me who sings that song Crazy.

Question from a listener: I am wanting to know if we can use Orgone to barter for food and supplies.

Why not? You can barter. Its going to be worth gold. Its going to be worth more than gold in the last days for those who
survive the coming persecutions and stuff. Obama's war on the citizens of this nation. To those who survive it, Orgone  is
going to be gold. Its going to be the thing that keeps the Philistines out of your area and these demonic beings and these
alien beings. Its protection. Yeah, I would use it to barter. Why not? You outta be piling up on toilet paper and shampoo to
barter. [laughs] Nobody ever think of shampoo. I do.

Gnarls Barkley, that's who it is. He sings that song Crazy.

Anyway, I'm going to wrap up the show for tonight.

Like I said, folks – don't waste any more time. If you are not right with the Lord, get right with Him. If you're not a believer in
the Lord, become a believer in Him. I have a salvation page at my website
sherryshriner.com/salvation.htm. We don't have
a lot of time yet. You don't want to play around with eternity. You don't know how much time any of us has. You can be
sleeping in your bed and you've got one of the Air Force's missiles coming through your roof. They are that crazy! Seriously,
they are. So interesting that I got confirmation from Hawk and Steve Quayle on that, because I thought I was just crazy.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.