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New Network for SherryTalkRadio

I got a new set-up here, moved over to blogtalkradio. For those who are wondering what happened to my show last Monday
night: Right when I was ready to go on the air, the intro music was playing, and my service was sabotaged and taken down.
If you're a weekly listener of my show you already know that tends to happen on occasion. And you know what? I get tired of
it. And so I've changed networks and hopefully - there was this new network - my shows wonít continue to get sabotaged.

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Right now Iíll be broadcasting still on Monday nights, 8 o'clock and I've added a Thursday afternoon show for my
international crowd, and also all those in America are welcome to listen to it. Thursday afternoons, 1 o'clock Eastern time,
for all those who canít catch the show at nighttime Monday nights when I go live. Iím just trying to find a balance here. 162
countries listening to this radio show. Mostly the archives. And so - trying to catch a balance when people can listen live.
And so - going to add that afternoon show. I donít know how long Iíll keep going with the afternoon show. But I've got it going
for now.

New Funny Graphics Needed for Sherry's Websites - Submit Your Ideas

I could use some graphics. I donít care if you're a kid or adult. Some of you kids have got some really funny ideas. What I'm
looking for particularly is humans morphing into aliens. And so - if you can come up with some interesting graphics on that - I
donít know if you've seen my ad for "Bible Codes Revealed", my one book, and you see Mount Rushmore, and they all
morph into alien greys <laughs>, grey aliens. And so - I kind of like that concept. And so - if you have any graphics, you can
submit them, put them on my website. You can submit graphics to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I just try to update my
graphics and websites a little bit. I tend to leave them as they are over the years, and just keep adding more and more info
to them. It is not often I take information off once it hits one of my websites, and so - a lot of interesting stuff Iíve put on my
websites over the years, great learning tools, for people just waking up to what the New World Order is, what the Alien
Agenda is, what the New Age is. And so - some of my most popular websites, thewatcherfiles.com, sherryshriner.com,
hiddencodes.com, sherrytalkradio.com. I have a link to a lot of my websites at my sherrytalkradio site at blogtalkradio.com.
You can also just go to any one of my websites and it has all the links to my other sites on it.

They're Trying to Kill You...With Chemtrails

Tonight I want to talk about chemtrails. I decided to do this show on Thursday and just ran into a lot of problems with Skype.
And so, hopefully, with this landline phone - itís going to take care of a lot of those problems with the Skype. If you're having
any problems listening to this show now, send me an IM or an e-mail to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. If you have Yahoo
Messenger, I'm on yahoomessenger@sherrytalkradio. And let me know if you're still having problems hearing me. I know
we had a real battle with that on Thursday. Everything was distorted, and I think that was pretty much because of the Skype
set-up that I had.

If you look up in the skies at any given day, you will notice one thing: They're trying to kill you. And I know there's been a war
between those who are asleep and those who aren't, those who prefer the sand and those who don't. And what exactly
they're spraying in the skies. And folks, there's a huge difference between contrails and chemtrails. Contrails are the usual
condensation that a plane - a trail of fumes - it's water and it evaporates when a plane leaves your area. With chemtrails, the
planes don't leave your area, they're not heading to an airport. What they're doing is heading back and forth over your skies,
over your cities, your towns, your homes. They're spraying grid areas. You'll see it look like a tic-tac-toe box or just lines
crisscrossing the sky. And these are chemtrails. And this chemtrail agenda has been going on for many years now. I think,
most people started waking up the last several years on this, but they've probably been doing it for the last forty years. You
can watch ancient movies on television and look at the sky in the background, and you'll see chemtrails in the skies. And
these are way before we even realized what chemtrails were. And so they've been at this agenda for a long time.

Chemtrails in the Bible Codes

Several years ago, I decided to run Bible codes to find out what chemtrails were. And some of the things that I found
interesting was that the chemtrails are ordered by the Oval Office and financed through the Navy and operated by the Naval
Command. The chemtrail operation is a cleansing operation and that's basically murder and assassination by area or
assault against mankind. The chemtrails are contaminating our air, water and food supply. And this is all through a
government-funded project named "Cloverleaf". Other terms associated with chemtrails in the Bible codes include
intoxicant drug, venom, virus, death, sepsis, contamination, evaporation, dissolvent, asthma, sky, daily, cripple,
disable, dimensional, butane, arsenic, arid, acidification, bad, severe, acute, serious, evil, wickedness, atrocious,
ill, chemical.
But that's not even half of it listed on my website chemtrailagenda.com.

Chemtrails Break Down Your Immune System

There's various pieces of the puzzle listed, there are many different websites that have been exposing the chemtrail agenda
over the years. And one of the biggest issues, reasons for fighting the chemtrails - I know most people think it's a mass-
depopulation type of thing. And it basically is because the chemtrails will deplete a person's immune system and make
them vulnerable to viruses and pestilence and make them sick. It breaks down your immune system.

Chemtrails Make Holograms Possible. "Jesus" Needs Holograms for His Second Coming.

It also serves as a purpose for holographs. And we are going to see a big influx of the use of holographs in our sky coming
up in the near future. I talked about the Blue Beam project on the show before. If you go to my website thewatcherfiles.com
and just go to the search box and put in "Blue Beam project", you'll get my information articles on the Blue Beam. And what
they want to do with the Blue Beam is bring in these New Age fallen angel alien demonic beings as gods. <laughs> And
they want to mimic the second coming of Christ to Earth, and so they're going to need holographics to do this.

And one of the most successful holograph missions that they've ever accomplished was at Fatima . And you remember
when those three children said that they saw the virgin Mary in a tree - and that was the first successful hologram that they've
pulled off. I noticed that all these marian apparitions around the world over the years, it was always a UFO seen in the area.
And don't forget, folks, our own militaries and governments have their own UFO fleets. And so you don't always know if
you're looking at a legitimate alien UFO or if it's just one being flown by one of our own military pilots. And they've pulled it
out of our own UFO fleets. And so - interesting that a lot of these Mary apparitions are tied into holograms and that's the
same type of thing they're going to be using in the Blue Beam project to bring these false ascended masters to Earth, make
them look like angels like there's some angelic host coming from Heaven, arriving from Heaven. And that's what these
chemtrails do - they put these aerosols in the air to make these holograms feasable. They need aerosols to make it work.

Chemtrails Will Be Used to Mass-Vaccinate and to Alter DNA

Another program they have going on with chemtrails is the mass vaccinations that are going on. Now if you've been
listening to the show, and even praying about it to the Most High and asking him about vaccinations, He's going to tell you to
stay away from all kinds of vaccinations, stay away from shots, because they're putting live substances in these things,
which is banned by us under the Torah law - putting any kind of live substance in your body. But what they're doing through
this is trying to gene-splice and alter your DNA.

And so - one of the biggest things of this whole New Age facade that's coming and this whole Age of Aquarius that we've
entered and gone into since last year, is that we can make Earth Heaven on Earth, literally, and go from a fourth dimension
into a fifth dimension. And I have an article on this on my website,
"The Lies of the Fifth Dimension". You can listen to an
archive that I did on this show, "The Lies of the Fifth Dimension" in October - I think it was back in 2007. And all those
archives are on my page at sherrytalkradio.com. And basically want to turn our Earth's atmosphere and switch it back to a -
like a pre-Garden of Eden atmosphere. And this makes it more condusive to these fallen angels, who are nothing but
demons or aliens. Aliens are fallen angels. I'm sorry, because there's two different things; between fallen angels and
demons, they're two different things.

But these alien, nothing but fallen-angel factions originally in Heaven have left Heaven, abandoned Heaven, (were) kicked
out of Heaven. And so they inhabit our skies. They were talking about this agenda for the last ten years. The Lord led me
into it and stood me up to talk about it. But this whole New Age agenda - because I started studying the New World Order
and at the same time started praying to the Lord to reveal the truth on all things to me. And what He did was, He took me
away from the political New World Order, what we know as the one-world government and the setting-up of the one-world
religion, and took me to the alien agenda part of it, because that was the most dominant side that nobody was addressing.
And over the years I've put up - I've had at one time up to eighteen websites dealing with this whole alien New Age agenda
which is really the New World Order agenda. And so this whole government, this one-world or New World Order basically
run and controlled by these aliens who are posing as humans and ascended masters and gods and they're going to be
coming to Earth.

And I've warned about Satan's major agenda on mankind is to chip-implant everybody, because he runs his kingdom by
control. And even these fallen angels, these ascended masters that are coming, this Sananda, this Saint Germaine,
Maitreya, they're all chip-implanted and controlled. Every being in his kingdom is controlled by chips. And that's exactly what
he wants to implement here on Earth. He wants every human being implanted with chips.

And so we found that neodymium magnets could deactivate a lot of these older tracking chips they put in humans. Most kids
remember waking up in the middle of the night with bloody noses, and you don't understand why you have a bloody nose. It's
because they would attack children at night and stick these chip implants up their noses, from the time you were born,
practically. And those chips are outdated now. But a lot of adults still carrying around a lot of those chips from when they got
flu shots and vaccination shots when they were babies. And you can put neodymium magnets on those places where you
got vaccination shots on your arms and just leave it on there, tape it on there with a Band-Aid for about 12 hours 24 hours,
and it will deactivate those old tracking chips. And I have information on deactivating chips at thewatcherfiles.com.

Now, with these newer chips that are coming out, they're almost like a gel-type chip, and they're very hard to detect in
vaccinations, they're nano chips, but they're in every single flu shot and vaccination that's put out by our government. And so,
this is another secret hidden agenda of theirs, and how to get the entire population chip-implanted. And there's a lot of
people, older folks, that won't go and get vaccinations and shots, a lot of believers in the Most High. And so they'll also try to
get you by aerosol. They'll try to get chips in these chemtrails and have you ingest them through the air that you breathe. So
not only a mass-vaccination program by these chemtrails and one for aerosols and holograms, but also just as changing
your DNA.

Substances Found in Chemtrails

And I was looking at some of that chemicals and the things that they have found in these chemtrails. And one of the things - I
remember I did this code on chemtrails back in - I think it was 2001 - and they're coming out with information now that
they're getting traces and samples of chemtrails and getting the labs to look at them, and arsenic being one of the
chemicals in chemtrails. Arsenic was one of the terms I found back in 2001 on chemtrails and also barium. And barium
much more times the level of a toxic allowable levels for chemtrails. And I think I was reading somewhere that barium helps
the body absorb radiation. And so, you want to talk about depleting your immune system. That's what they do to these
cancer patients by radiation and chemotherapy. They totally destroy their immune systems while trying to heal them from
cancer. And that's exactly what barium does. And so - but also fungus and molds, white and red blood cells, and fibers in
pathogens. And you'll notice a lot of people suffering from Morgellons, which is these fibers that are coming from the
chemtrails and also vaccinations. I did a Bible code on Morgellons a couple years ago. I found it tied to vaccinations and I
know a lot of people being able to tie that to chemtrails as well.

Combat Obama's Poison Death Clouds with Orgone

So it's definitely an agenda, folks, to kill mankind, affect mankind with their aerosols against mankind. And what we found is
that orgone, if you put our orgone - we talked about it - is orgoneblasters.com - if you saturate your yard, your
neighborhoods, your towns, your cities with orgone, it will counterattack chemtrails. And so chemtrails won't be able to stick
in the sky. Especially in my area out here in Carrollton, Ohio, you'll see the chemtrails planes come and start spraying their
chemtrails. And that just disappears within two minutes. You just watch it immediately start to dissipate, disappear because
I've got so much orgone in ths area. And so that's one way that the Lord has showed us and taught us how to combat the
chemtrail operation against mankind is by getting orgone into your areas, in your yards, your neighborhoods, your towns,
your cities. And you can read how to make it, learn how to
make it at orgoneblasters.com.

And so, you know, you could view my website at chemtrailagenda.com and - remember, folks, there's just so many different
reasons why they're even doing this chemtrail operation, you know, inoculating mankind, vaccinating mankind, depleting
your immune system. Some people think it's a mass depopulation. And it very well could be. I know that - I've seen in the
Bible codes in relation to Obama how he's authorizing these black chemical clouds. And some people think that those
black chemical clouds have something to do with weather modification. But what I'm seeing is that they're death clouds, and
they're poison. And especially if you remember the Ukraine...a couple months ago, where people reported seeing black
clouds. And then you had that huge pandemic over there, people getting sick. And what I'm seeing in the Bible codes that
these black clouds are death clouds, they're associated with death, death and poison. And so - it's just one of the many
different things, folks, that - their assaults on mankind.

Expect Martial Law to Hit This Summer - Stock Supplies and Get Out of the Cities

Another heads-up warning I wanted to give for this week, to be careful planning anything for this summer. Use your money to
stock up survival supplies. Get out of the cities, because you can definitely feel it in the air - and like I have warned, once
things hit, it's going to be like a bathtub effect. And you almost feel martial law coming in the air this summer. I've seen it in
the codes, I have seen FEMA trains running. And so - watch out and be mindful of martial law hitting. And some of the things
that you will notice that they are doing is dehumanizing people, whole classes of people to make it seem like illegal aliens
or even the lower classes are just not human. They are trying to prepare our police and federal forces and military even to
fire upon and even imprison and kill American citizens by dehumanizing them and claiming that they are unethical animals
that deserve it. And so they're trying to prepare them for the coming atrocities that are going to be associated with martial
law, herding people on these FEMA trains and hauling them off to camps.

Expect the Veil between Realms to Be Lifted in a Matter of Months

And so - all this kind of thing, being implemented soon, that I can see, also the veil being lifted. And the Bible talks about the
veil and how our world is protected by a veil against the paranormal realm, the spiritual realm. And it's going to be crashed,
lifted, and we're going to be able to see alien and demonic beings for how they are instead of having a veil now to where we
don't see in the spiritual realm.

It's going to be very visible. And so - I look for the veil to be crushed and lifted very soon, probably the next thing on the
agenda. And so I we're talking maybe a matter of months, and that's it. And so - very interesting because it's so dominant in
the Bible codes about the veil being crashed and lifted, and so it would make Satan's forces here on Earth visible instead
of being able to hide as humans that they're doing now. They're soul-scalping humans and taking over their bodies. And I've
been warning about that. We see that with Obama and Hillary and Cheney and Bushes and Clintons and Rove and
everybody in politics, Nancy Pelosi. They're all soul-scalped humans, it's just aliens inhabiting their bodies. And so, when
the veil is lifted, we're going to be able to see them as they are, as the alien reptile lizard beings that they are. And so - it's
going to cause a lot of chaos, a lot of people are going to be freaking out. Yeah, I see all that coming soon, folks.


Anyway, if you have a question for the show,  you can call 877-245-5648. I have a caller here so let's go ahead and put them
on the air and see how this goes. I haven't worked this yet.

Hello, caller. Let's see. Hello, caller, you're on the air. Hello? - Okay. - Go ahead and call in with your questions if you have
any: 877-245-5648. I'll start accepting calls on the air.

Some of you fall asleep online, you're on too long or you call before the show is even started. And so - I'll let you know when
I'm going to start taking calls because I always like to talk and just get off my heart and mind what the Lord wants me to say.
That's why I always have a hard time even putting a pre-title on these radio shows because I basically just go with what He
wants me to talk about.

Questions for the show...you can also e-mail questions to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I'm going to get into these questions.

Are the Reptilians Sending Each Other Messages in the Newscast?

Question from a listener: Dear Sherry, The latest visit of a lizard to Strongsville, Ohio and the fight to get those opposed in
Washington to pass it. What is going on with these lizards? Are they sending each other messages in the newscast?

Sherry: You know, they have some kind of coded signal language that they use. I was even trying to figure out the
significance for Strongsville . I mean, they can use dates of when they're meeting somewhere. The names of places have
meanings. The color of their ties have meanings. <laughs> I can't keep up with it all. I don't know enough of it. I just know that
that's how they work. In Daniel, one of the key characteristics of the Antichrist is understanding dark sentences. And what
that means is they are occultists. And they have their own secret codes and language, and all Illuminati families know this.
And they all can signal each other just through television.

I don't know what his significance was in Strongsville or not, but I know we had a warrior go put some orgone in Strongsville
before the lizard Obama showed up. And he looked pretty agitated on the TV show. It looked like a vein was going to pop
out of his forehead, I guess. He looked all hot and agitated. It's almost pretty funny because orgone affects alien beings very
differently. It doesn't affect humans. Humans are the least affected. They're not affected at all by orgone because it's a
positive ether energy. And it's part of our own energy of Earth, living and alive things. We have a ether energy here. The
dark realm, the satanic realm, they operate with dark energy. And the Lord always talked about the light and the dark. And
that's exactly He's talking about, because it's energies. And with the light, you have a ether energy, a positive energy. With
the dark, you have a dead orgone energy, and that's what they live off of. And when they come in contact with something like
ether energy, orgone energy, it burns them, and it makes them uncomfortable. And so - it's almost amusing to watch them
squirm and the way they react when they're in a ether-energy area. And so - interesting.

It's My Birthday Today. Anything in the Codes for Today?

Question from a listener: I am a long-time listener. It's my birthday today. Anything in the codes for today?

Sherry: Happy birthday, first off. And as far as today, you know, I've been looking in Bible codes, and what I'm seeing is just
a lot of destruction coming. And so - I couldn't tell you anything with your own personal code. It takes too long. It takes days
to do a code. And so - I don't do personal codes on people for that very reason. And also, if I don't know a person, I can't
usually interpret it for that person. And so - it's easier if it's somebody I do know, a public figure, I can do a Bible code on
Obama or George Bush and Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney and all these lizards, and you can usually tell what's being said
about them and how it relates to them. Otherwise it just takes way too much of my time to do personal codes.

Can They Sense Orgone in an Area?

Question from a listener - I don't know what that means. What does that mean? I don't know, but if you called in, you may
want to call back. There we go! Listener, you are on the air.

Listener: Hello? I'm on the...

Sherry: Hello? Listener, you're on the air. I don't know, they're hanging up on her for some reason.

Listener: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Listener: Hi Sherry! Can you hear me?

Sherry: Yeah, I can hear you pretty good. Where are you calling from?

Listener: Awesome. I've written you a bunch of times. I am calling from the space coast in Florida .

Sherry: Okay.

Listener: And I had a question because I'm really interested in the truth and I don't want to be deluding myself. So here is
what happened: My boyfriend and I made a bunch of orgone, and we went to distribute it on some of these ancient Indian
mounds, kind of near where the shuttles launch...

Sherry: Okay.

Listener: And so we were up there. We're all by ourselves. No one is around. It's down this long country road. And we're up
on this mound, and we're throwing out a whole bunch of, you know, orgone muffins like the, you know, normal muffin size.
And we had made them according to your formula. So when we're leaving, we're coming out of the parking lot, and we're
going down this little two-lane, or barely one-lane dirt road - and here comes this guy who looks like, if he were going to
make up a classic luciferian, he's zooming down the road in some...like Porsche, and he's got those wraparound dark
sunglasses, and he looks mad as hell! And he is going - the only place he could be going was toward the mound. And he
just looked furious. And even my boyfriend who doesn't really believe in this stuff, looked at me and he went: "That was
weird!" I mean, the guy looked like Adam Ant. So I was thinking, if I had to make up a story about it, it seemed like he
sensed the orgone was coming onto this Indian mound, and somebody had sent him out there. What do you think?

Sherry: <laughs>

Listener: I mean, it was so weird.

Sherry: They do - they can detect orgone. I don't know how they do it. I was in a lake in northern Dallas, Texas, orgoning a
lake, and an Air Force airplane was flying overhead shooting at us. <laughs>

Listener: Yeah!

Sherry: So they can detect it. And so ...

Listener: I made a giant - I have another...a summer home on a lake in South Carolina, and I made a huge bucket, you
know, sort of - what do you call it? -

Sherry: The bucket blaster?

Listener: Yeah, you know, sort of - what are those things? Cloudbuster, you know. And it had the big pipes coming out of it.
And I used a whole quart of orgone, you know, in the bottom. And so I had it on the lake, and I'm sitting out on my deck, and
I'm talking on the cell phone on my deck. And I look up, and right at tree-top level, I mean, maybe a hundred feet above me,
because I have a second-story deck, right above the trees comes this silver ship with no wings, no windows. It looked like
zeppelin only no thing underneath, nothing to steer it, no jets, nothing. It's just like this silver tube, going really slow. And I
really felt like it was scanning me. So I kept talking on the cell phone, and I'm thinking: I'm not going to let - I see it, but I'm not
going to let it know I see it, you know. It was so weird.

Sherry: Right.

Listener: Well, it was great talking to you, I'm a huge fan, and so thanks for everything that you do.

Sherry: All right, well thanks for calling in.

Listener: Okay, bye-bye.

Sherry: Okay, bye-bye.

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Malfunctioning Chemtrail Planes

I think it's very interesting how some of us will just see UFOs all the time, and other people just - they never look up,
basically. Because I remember seeing this chemtrail plane - I had just started with the orgone - and this was like four or five
years back, I was at the football field at my son's football practice, and watching this chemtrail plane go by, and all of a
sudden you hear a loud noise like it was malfunctioning, and the whole holograph of a white plane disappeared. And what
you saw was this drone. I don't know how else to describe it. It just looked like a cylinder, some kind of cylinder-shape with
hoses coming out of it and swirling like a flying fire hydrant. <laughs> I don't know how to describe it. And it had this loud
obnoxious buzz to it. Everybody was looking up because this thing was buzzing so loud. Very interesting that even these
drones that they're called - I found out later it was called a drone - they use holographs to make them look like white

And so - I know I've been sitting in traffic before, and I've seen chemtrail planes in the air, and I just ask the Lord to make
them malfunction and crash <laughs> or lose their holograph, lose their cloaking, just make them malfunction, do with them
whatever He wants to do, you know, and so - a lot of times you'll just see them turn around and head right back to wherever
they came from rather quickly, and so - would be interesting if some of these drones would just crash to Earth. I don't think
that they're fourth-dimension - our dimension anyway - third-dimension vehicles. I don't know what realm they're operating in,
because one of the terms that you saw for chemtrails was dimension. And so - it means they actually operate in both
dimensions - the spiritual dimension, the fourth dimension, and the third dimension, our dimension, which is Earth. So, very

Things Are Coming to a Crash. It's Going to Get Ghastly.

Some of the stuff...the agendas that they're playing against mankind. And this stuff's coming to a crash, folks. You know, I've
seen earthquakes coming, and one of the things that just keeps being brought to me again, and again, and again, the Lord
taking me into Revelation, chapter 6, and the last two horsemen of the apocalypse, plagues and pestilences, and famine -
and so ... I know that we have some gastly plagues coming. I've seen leprosy. I've seen Ebola. And when you talk to people
that are in the police communities, they all know something - they're being trained to imprison cities, just block in cities so
people can't escape out of the cities. And you could just imagine the chaos that would be...if there was some kind of a
leprosy outbreak, and our government blockaded cities, everybody in the cities so that they couldn't leave, and everybody in
there being affected by these outbreaks that are coming, and so - that would be pretty ghastly, especially with Ebola, the
Ebola virus which - once you catch that, you're not going to live very long. And there's going to be plagues that we can't even
imagine, we won't have names for, because we've never experienced anything like them before.

And we all know about the, you know, the early-retirement plan - if you want a good paying job, with the early-retirement
program to become a scientist with the federal government - because they'll use you to create all these bioweapons. And
then, when you create the antidote for the elite, they'll kill the scientist. So they have the poison, and the antidote, and he's
not alive anymore to tell anybody what the antidote is, and so - very interesting. And it was twenty scientists killed like that in
a pretty short time span. We know there's at least twenty. And the Bible talks about a third of mankind being killed by
plagues and poisons. We know it's going to get gastly.

I Saw the Cigar-Shaped Silver Craft a Few Weeks Ago Following a Chemtrail Plane

Question from a listener: I saw the cigar-shaped silver craft twice a few weeks ago, following a chemtrail plane. I left
numerous pipe blasters in that area and all the lakes. <laughs>

This cigar-shaped craft are the Watchers' craft. Sananda travels in a similar craft. And then there's also the kind of craft -
remember all the ruckus last year down in Texas? Where they saw this huge craft. They say it was like mile long and a mile
wide. These things are really huge, folks. Some of them are really big, some of them are smaller, typical of the rank of
Watchers, different fallen-angel ranks. You have the greys, the tall greys, and then the lizards, and <laughs> mothmen, you
just have so many different factions. The Bible codes refer to them as buffalos, Philistines, locusts. And we know - if you're
familiar with Bible prophecy, Revelation chapter 9, where the locusts come out of the abyss - and I've been warning the
abyss is space. And then we're going to have a locust invasion from space. And I see that coming up in the Bible codes.
And usually, when I see something come up in the Bible codes, I usually have about a year or two before it hits. And so - do I
think locusts will hit this year? I don't know. I kind of don't think so, kind of figure it would be next year, but - like I have warned
- their time is running out, their time is running short. And once these events start, they're going to all happen very quickly.
And so - people are going to be in shock, in panic, and in chaos when all these things begin to hit very quickly. And I don't
think they have much time to keep putting off their own agendas here on Earth. It seems like they're speeding things along.

Can Negative Orgone Act as a Portal through which Evil Beings Can Travel?

Let's see if this caller wants to come back on...if he's still sitting there... I can't seem to get a connection. ...

If you have a question for the show, <laughs> just send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. You can call in at 877-245-5648. I
also have a chat room on the website where you guys can go in and chat. I can't seem to get in the chat room myself for
some reason during the show. I'm sure there's Warriors in there that you can talk to, that are good friends of mine. They're
on my list. I've known them for years. I'm sure they're in there. Then I'm gonna get back... You know, the thing is, when you
trade networks, you just kind of go from one problem to the next. And so you give up some things and gain some things and
Anyway, I got to caller on the show. I'm going to bring them on the air, see what they have to say, question or comment.

Listener: Hi Sherry.

Sherry: Hi, how are you doing? Where are you calling from?

Listener: I'm calling from Canada.

Sherry: Okay, Canada.

Listener: Um, I'm a big fan, by the way. I wanted to know if you would know if - you can actually travel - or these beings can
travel by a negative orgone, if it acts as a type of portal for them where they can manifest through them?

Sherry: Yeah, that DOR, dead orgone energy, yeah.

Listener: Okay. So if you've made - let's say I made orgone, a bucket blaster, and I maybe made a mistake, and I have had
one of these experiences: Does that mean that I have actually made an error and I should get rid of it somehow?

Sherry: Well, no, sometimes what happens is, when you make orgone, and you are following the instructions on my website
- Did you make our kind of orgone, our formula?

Listener: I did.

Sherry: What happens is, if you put it outside - like people put it in their homes - and what they will get is a negative
response from the spirits that are in your home or in that area at that time, because they've been there for a while, and you
put orgone energy out, and they're mad. <laughs> You may see them manifest, because they're angry.

Listener: What's happened, I've actually had them come like...a couple of manifestations of them come through for a few
seconds, when I caught them, and then they vanished.
Sherry: Yeah, they'll leave, because what happens is, it forces them to manifest. For some reason they'll manifest. And I
remember when I put it in my bedroom, and the first night I had it in my bedroom, I saw this like...a gorilla walk in, it was
some kind of demonic being gorilla-type thing, and it growled, and hissed, and then it walked back out. And so <laughs>...

Listener: Does that mean that I should basically load up on more?

Sherry: Yeah. <laughs>

Listener: ... place full of them?

Sherry: They come in and they notice that there is orgone energy, and they leave. They won't come back.

Listener: It just appears seconds that they last.

Sherry: Yeah, yeah, they get mad.

Listener: I know, I noticed. Okay, great. I just needed to know if I did something wrong and I had to re-do it or if that was all
right, if I did it right.

Sherry: No, that's perfectly normal, actually. It's a normal reaction when you first put it in some place, because the demonic
beings realize: Hey, there's orgone here. They can't come here anymore.

Listener: Got you. Perfect. Thank you so much.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling. Bye.

<laughs> Yeah, I've heard that reaction from other people, and, of course, I've had it myself. I never talk about anything that I
haven't done myself. I would never admonish the Lord's believers to do something that I don't do myself. And I found orgone
to be protection against ELF attacks, these high-tech-weapon attacks that we are under from our government. I would've
loved for the apostle John or Daniel to describe the last days in better detail and describe these microwave weapons we
were going to be under, these attacks we were going to be under, and nobody does, nobody did. And so I had to really just
go to the Lord myself and start asking him: How can we protect ourselves? I was getting fried. I was just literally under attack
all the time by tech satellite weapons, and so - ends up being that this orgone the Lord led us to make has been a life saver.
And there's different types of orgone, folks. And so that's why I only promote the orgone that we make at orgoneblasters.
com. And the directions are there for you to make it yourself. There's a video, it's very easy, and so - just go there and learn
how - because the other orgone being broadcasted on the Internet makes dead orgone energy.

Questions about the Nephilim

Got a caller. I'm going to bring them on the air and see what they have to say.

Listener: Hello?

Sherry: Hello, welcome to the show.

Listener: Hi Sherry, hi! I love you so much!

Sherry: Hey, where are you calling from?

Listener: This is Elle calling from Georgia.

Sherry: Okay.

Listener: And I wanted to know, first of all, how you spell orgone.

Sherry: O-r-g-o-n-e.

Listener: Okay. And I also had a question for you, Sherry. I was watching a video, right? And I wanted to know what you
knew about the Nephilim, because in this particular video is a very popular song that they play on the radio. And I know that
they are putting out this music, and when you watch the videos - I mean, they're not really hiding anymore their agenda - but
this video was called "Blame It on the Alcohol," and I was able to interpret it. You see all these men, and they're a part of this
secret club. And what it is, is that they throw these parties and they invite these young women. And you can see that it's like
a breeding ritual or fertility ritual, and they intentionally are getting them drunk or high so they can have sex with them. So I
want to know about the beings that are able to inhabit the bodies of men and have sex with Earth women to impregnate
them. Is that how the Nephilim are brought back or do you know?

Sherry: They didn't have to hide back then. They fell as angels. They came as angels to the Earth and raped human women,
procreated with human women. Today, they inhabit human bodies.

Listener: Okay. That's what I was thinking.

Sherry: That's how they operate. They disguise themselves.

Listener: So what happened to their original bodies? Because I know I've seen the fossils of the dead giants and stuff. So
when they died out in the physical form, did they go back to what the third heaven or the fourth heaven as disincarnate
beings, or what?

Sherry: A lot of them - the ones at the beginning were judged and some of them were chained in Tartarus, and the Bible
talks about different judgments. There were also some that were reserved for judgment, like Satan, Lucifer. He's reserved
for judgment. A lot of his forces, at the time, were also reserved for judgment, meaning they weren't judged right then and
there. They're going to be judged later. And so, that's the ones we're dealing with now, and all of their offspring.

Listener: So they're still able to interact with us, right?

Sherry: Yes. And angels still fall. In Genesis 6:4 it says, angels fell before the flood and after. They can leave and rebel,
leave heaven whenever they want, they're not held in the heavens.

Listener: Okay, so these babies that these women are having - because I know there's another song about by this rapper
and it's talking about have a baby by me, be a millionaire. So they're really trying to use the music to promote sexuality. And
a lot of these women are not, you know, aware of how these demons work, and that they can actually possess these bodies
as hosts. And so when they're having intercourse with these males, they think they're having intercourse with males when
they're actually having the intercourse with these demons or these fallen angels. Is that how it works?

Sherry: Yeah. That's exactly how it can work. And they can also have hybrid...you've heard of star children, Indigo children,
these hybrid children, supernatural abilities, capabilities? The "X-Men" movie series highlighted that these children with
paranormal powers?

Listener: Okay. And another thing here - I had a dream. You know, I'm a very disciplined, unmarried, young woman. So I
don't have to fear about going out here, and I donít have sex out of wedlock. But I had a dream, and in this dream I was like,
you know - can they pull you into dream land? Can they try to get, you know, certain people in your dreams, because - I
mean it was kind of sexual, and I had to stop myself into to actual being...it was Barack Obama, and I'm like - when I woke
up, I was like: What was that about?!?! And then his two daughters was watching. And I was like: That was weird! What did
that mean?

Sherry: They can pull the spirit out of peoples bodies, and people refer to that as astral projection. They can pull your spirit
out of your body at night. You need to get orgone in your room.

Listener: Okay.

Sherry: Also, when that happens, ask the Lord - like never go to bed with unconfessed sin. Ask the Lord to wake you up if
they start messing with you, to wake you up - because as soon as you wake up and become conscious, just start rebuking
them in His name.

Listener: Okay, okay. Thank you, Sherry. Thank you so much. All right.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

I've got about ten minutes left, folks. If you have a question for the show you can call at 877-245-5648.

Interesting questions brought up by her. A lot of kids and younger adults...you can talk about night terrors and they know
what you're talking about. And even adults today, they just kind of bury it because it's not a popular topic to talk about in
church, because they'll tell you: Oh, a Christian would never go through that. <laughs> A Christian wouldn't experience that.
And I'll tell you, I've heard from pastors who've experienced and gone through these things, and afraid to tell anybody.
People feel like they don't have anybody to talk to because other people will think they're crazy. And the whole thing is, they
have a lot of leeway. The Lord allows a lot of things to happen. And so, especially at night, when you're unprotected, you're
going to sleep, night terrors happen, demons enter your room. The one way before was to just keep it anointed with holy oil,
and you know that holy oil wears out. And so the orgone is a constant presence, and it keeps the night terrors from
happening, keeps them from interfering with your spirit or your sleep, abducting you at night. Yeah, just get orgone in your
rooms, folks.

Does Orgone Work against the Black Clouds?

I got another listener calling. I'm going to bring him on the air.

Sherry: Hello, listener.

Listener: Hi, Sherry. I'm from Upstate New York. I heard you talking about the chemtrails and the black clouds. Would it be
wise at this point to try to do something like nano masks for when you go outside? And does the orgone work against the
black clouds?

Sherry: Uh, you know what? I haven't had any black clouds here. So I don't know. Um, I don't know if it works.

Listener: We haven't either. But there's been a big shipment of - I heard a big shipment of the FEMA coffins being...and the
bags being brought up this way...

Sherry: I would put pipes out, definitely. Maybe that's why we don't have them, because I've got pipes out. These bucket
blasters are wonderful. There's so much power in these. I'll even see them in the codes as pipes, because there is so much
power in a pipe blaster. But there is also power in the regular muffin blasters. It just takes longer to saturate the air. And so -
just get those in your area to combat these black clouds.

Listener: Well, we haven't gotten them yet, but - I'm just looking, because things are acting really squirrelly around here lately.

Sherry: Yeah, you know what they're really gearing up towards martial law, and I've been seeing the trains running this
summer, and it makes me a little nervous. So just trying to get the warnings out there to people. We've known this is coming
- I mean, for years people to watch...we've been warning about martial law and FEMA camps and so. We all know what's
coming. It's just when.

Listener: And you just got to keep your head down and duck under.

Sherry: Right, and you know, and just listen to the Lord, because He may keep you home. He may tell you to stay in the
house. He may be giving you warnings: Do not go outside!

Listener: Yeah, yeah, and I've prepared for that. I've been listening. But just keep on warring. That's all I can say. If there's
anybody listening that's up in Upstate New York, get it out there! I need help. <laughs>

Sherry: Which area are you in because I know we've got a great Warrior out there who's got tons of orgone up there in New

Listener: Okay, well I'm up near Albany.

Sherry: Okay, I don't know if this area's around Albany, but - you know what, he's been putting it out there for a while. So you
might just...but if you're still seeing chemtrails, you're going to need it in your area.

Listener: Okay, so you think the bucket blasters would be best.

Sherry: Oh y..., oh powerful, yeah. If you got - a lot of people live in apartments and in cities, and they can't do bucket
blasters. But if you have a house and a yard, yeah, get a bucket blaster up there.

Listener: Good, good, okay, thank you.

Sherry: Okay, thanks for calling in.

And that's from Upstate New York. We've heard from Canada and Georgia and... <laughs> These Canada folks can catch
this show! No excuse. I know Thursday afternoons are easier. But that's how we're going to do a Thursday afternoon show
at 1:00 o'clock. I can always extend these shows as well. I can go up to three hours length, but I have to have notice ahead of
time exactly how long my show is going to be, when I schedule it. I haven't done a two-hour show since I started doing radio
shows, and so it's been a while. I'm not used to talking for an hour straight, let alone two hours. It kind of helps when you
have commercial breaks every fifteen minutes, and, you know, you can just kind of relax during commercial breaks. But I
know it's also very annoying because - I've done radio shows and it was like five minutes of speaking followed by ten
minutes of commercials, and so <laughs>.

I don't take commercial endorsements and advertising unless it was somebody credible, unless it was like a survival place,
survival gear, stuff like that, but, you know, I donít align with anybody, no groups, affiliations, no organizations, clubs. The
Lord's told me not to get involved and align myself with any particular group or association, and so I just kind of take that
literally and I've never allowed commercial advertisements on my websites either. I just don't want to be affiliated with
anybody, just being set apart for the Most High. And that's why I have to operate on listeners' support. I don't have any
income coming in other than the listeners'. I donít have sponsors and employees and things like that. And no one controls
me. Thatís basically what it comes down to. <laughs> I'm not controlled by anybody. Nobody can influence what I talk about
and what I donít. And thatís the way the Lord wanted it. And thatís the way it's always going to stay.

Anyway, she brought up a good point, something I've talked about a while ago...is the fact that we may be coming up on
times when the Lord has you stay inside your homes and not leave. And so be prepared to stay in your homes because it
may too poisonous to go outside. They've poisoned the air or there's military soldiers in your town or area, and the Lord
doesnít want you...He wants you to hide inside. And so, you know, you got to prepare for these times, folks.

Would Orgone Water Work as Holy Water?

Question from a listener. I'm going to take it. I've got about five minutes left.

Sherry: Hello, listener.

Listener: Hi, Sherry.

Sherry: Hey, how are you doing?

Listener: Hi, good, it's Canada calling.

Sherry: Canada, hey! A lot of Warriors in Canada.

Listener: <laughs> So a question for you: Does holy water...would orgone water work as holy water?

Sherry: Oh yeah. Thatís one of the things the Lord's told us to do is - you can take a bucket of water and put some orgone
pucks in it and let it saturate for a while...about two or three days, and then load up water guns with that orgone water.

Listener: How about just filling the bucket with water, the bucket blaster?

Sherry: Right.

Listener: And then dumping that...using that water.

Sherry: Oh, bucket blasters are different than orgone water. One's got crystals and copper and fiberglass resin in it. Thatís
the bucket blaster. And the water is just orgone water. And, it's my belief that this orgone water will destroy the alien and
giant beings that are coming.

Listener: Okay, so fill our guns, right?

Sherry: Right, get water guns. You donít need a 12-gauge, you just need water guns. <laughs>

Listener: Another question: In the Bible codes - have you seen anything recently for...regarding Passover or Easter? Is there
anything big coming down or is it all just quiet?

Sherry: Uh, no I see a lot coming down. And so - anything but quiet. But the thing is, just because I see events happen doesní
t mean they will, because they always delay their plans.

Listener: Well, of course.

Sherry:  They always delay, delay, because they're so indecisive.  And so - you know, Passover starts, if you're going by the
Qumran calendar like I am, it starts on April 6th.  And so - you would think they would give us a week of peace, but take that
for granted either. <laughs>

Listener: Of course, the more you say, the longer they'll prolong it, right?

Sherry: Right. I mean, usually when we expose their plans they delay them.

Listener: Okay, good.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.

Listener: Bye.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

Yeah, interesting. Yeah, if you're following the Qumran calendar like I do, folks, because the Lord's always told me: If you
want to know the truth, you have go to the beginning. And that's where He led me when I first started. And so I went back to
the early church in the very beginning of the church to find out what the truth was, and the same thing that happens with
calendars, the calendar that Jews use today is a Babylonian calendar, one they adopted when they were in captivity, and
they never went back to their original calendar, and the Qumran calendar is the closest thing we have today to the original.
And I will be updating all the Passover stuff on my website
backtoyahweh.com. You can go there and learn about what's
going on with our feast this year.

Anyway, I'm going to end this show, be back next week. I'll also be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock here at blogtalkradio, and
also at sherrytalkradio.com.

Good night, and Yah bless.