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[3-22-2010 - This show was sabotaged after about 23 minutes in when I started taking callers. You can hear the
first 23 minutes as I'm talking about various things.]

And hello everybody, youíre live. Itís Monday night [March 22nd] with Sherry Shriner on sherrytalkradio, also over at
blogtalkradio.com. If you have a question for the show, you can e-mail it at sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking
those during the show. Also, if you have a question, you can call in at 1-877-245-5648, the call-in number for this show.

Thunderstorms are moving in. So if you hear them in the background <laughs>, thatís just the nice weather weíre having
tonight out here in Carrollton, Ohio, folks.

Itís been a bit of a busy week, and - just jumping from one thing to the next. The Lord had me put up a protection page on
how the people in these last days can protect themselves, and I put that up at sherrytalkradio.com, also thewatcherfiles.com,

You Can Check Out My Facebook Site

You can check out my Facebook site, facebook/sherryshriner. I have a Facebook site, put that up last week, and itís just
been jumping since then, itís been pretty busy. Iím not used to all that stuff. <laughs> I looked at the News Feed page, I'm
like, Where is all this stuff coming from? <laughs> It really takes me a while for this stuff, folks. But itís been one good
source, a way of getting more exposure for the radio show, getting the word out there a little bit more - and so, itís definitely

On TheEdgeAM.com with Daniel Ott on April 10th

On April 10th, at 8:15 Eastern time, I will be on TheEdgeAM.com with Daniel Ott. Now, I know I said I wasnít doing any more
radio shows <laughs>. And I think right after I said that I was invited by Joyce Riley to do her show, The Power Hour, and so
I did that, but I havenít done any radio shows since. But Iíll be getting back into doing those, and so, April 10th, Iíll be doing
the Daniel Ott show. I always have a good time with Daniel. He can be quite the critic, but heís an enjoyable one. <laughs>. I
donít mind Daniel at all. And so, that should be a good interview. It always is when Iím with Daniel Ott, and so, heís got a
pretty interesting audience, and so Iím sure itís gonna be a good time.

Passing of Health Care Bill Gives Obama Green Light to Start War on Saints

Tonight, I want to talk a little bit about the health-care bill. And Iíve kind of dropped hints over the past couple of days that, if
the health-care bill is passed, thatís exactly what they need, dotting their "I's," crossing their "T's" to begin the war on the
saints. And so, itís pretty solemn since yesterday, hearing that they passed the health-care bill, and Obama has got green
light to begin his war on the saints. And that will include most of the population of the United States of America , and so -
theyíre are getting ready to commence that, kind of gives them the green light.

I found it interesting - somebody sent me a picture from CNN on the list that showed the Capitol building - and just hoarded
with chemtrails over the Capitol building. And you have to laugh, because - isnít that a no-fly zone? But they have these tons
and tons of chemtrails over the Capitol building, and it made me realize itís like the light-going-off kind of thing. But the
aliens feed off of the chemtrails, because where they use the chemtrails to make us sick and poison us, and kill us, and
weaken our immune systems, they feed off of it. And having chemtrails in the air is what makes our atmosphere indusive to
them so that they can be here, because Iíve told you that they dominate the Capitol, they dominate D.C., theyíve soul-
scalped most of the politicians in D.C., and they pretty much run the show in D.C. And I see that all the time in the Bible
codes, all the buffalo are running our Capitol. And Iíve told you that Obama is just a lizard mouthpiece for them, and all the
politicians had just been soul-scalped and taken over. If people could really see whatís going on in America, whatís
controlling America today, they would stop acting like weíre dealing with other human beings that we just donít agree with,
because weíre not dealing with human beings. They may look human, but theyíre not, and so - the fightís on, folks.

Passover Could Really Jump-Start Their Destruction on America

And, you know, itís interesting that so many people saying: Hey, weíve got weeks, we donít have months, and so all of this
starts to roll. Iíve been telling you myself things are gonna happen pretty quickly. And sure enough I'm thinking, Well, what
comes up in a couple of weeks, that could really jump-start their destruction on America? And here it is, Passover, folks.
Passover starts - What is it? - April 6th, and so, sure enough, they would probably begin one of their rampages during that
time, especially the New Agers, because these ascended masters that are coming want everybody to believe that they're
our gods, and they're our creators, and they want to be holier-than-thou's on Earth, while they speak out on both sides of
their mouth, when theyíre talking about wanting to help mankind. They work behind the scenes to destroy it.

They Use the Media Pretty Heavily to Reveal Their Plans

And so, interesting, that in - I think thatís next week - "V" starts again. I think I saw something about the "V" series starting
up. And it was amazing last fall, just with all the little bits of info that V was releasing. Usually they donít release truth, and so
itís kind of amazing that they were. Of course, they would mask it in science fiction so that nobody takes them seriously, but
- like Iíve always said, you know, they reveal their plans to mankind, folks. And so, just watch what theyíre putting out in the
movies and on television shows. They use the media pretty heavily to reveal their plans to the public. So the public canít say,
"I didnít know. I thought that was fiction." <laughs> Well, thatís how they work, folks. And so, anyway, so that starts up in
about two weeks. It will be interesting to see where they pick up.

A Committee of Politicians Will Decide if Grandma Will Get Health Care or Not

So, I was looking at some of the stuff about the health-care bill. And what came to my mind was that everybody has already
forgotten about the thought-crime bill that they passed two years ago, three years ago, in 2007. So that only is the Thought
Crime Prevention bill, sitting on the table in Congress to use against the population of America . But now you have this
draconian health-care legislation.

And one of the things that I find amusing from people who were proponents of the health-care legislation bill - talking about
how, you know, this 70-year-old grandmother wouldnít get health insurance any other way unless there was the government
taking care of them. <laughs> You just have to laugh, because ... folks, youíre gonna have a committee of politicians
deciding if your 70-year-old grandmother is gonna get health care or not. And what theyíre gonna do is point her to the other
section of the bill that youíve overlooked, called End Game Plan, and make her choose one, because theyíre not gonna
take their money to keep a 70-year-old ill person alive. Theyíre just gonna have them just choose a health-end-game-plan
and have them choose which way they wanna die. And thatís basically how this billís gonna roll. And I know that there was
an e-mail circulating around last year, and supposedly from a doctor who had gone over the health-care bill itself. And ... Iím
getting ... I think weíre off the air. Let me see. <laughs>

First NWO/Alien Sabotage of Show, Now Weather Sabotage?

You know, I changed networks because my service was sabotaged over there during the shows, and now the weather is
gonna sabotage the show. <laughs> We canít win. <laughs> Oh, here we go, you know. <laughs> What are they gonna do?
Make a thunderstorm every Monday night? Maybe we will get snow next week so they take out my satellite service. Oh, you
can hear me. Folks can hear me. Thatís ... - I can see nothing. My screen is all blank. And so, if you can still hear me, Iíll
keep talking. <laughs>. Iím on the air. Okay. So if you donít hear me, let me know. If you stop hearing me. Iím getting IM's
[Instant Messages] from people. So apparently Iím still on the Internet but my whole blogtalkradio thing just kaputts on me.
And <laughs> I canít see anything. I canít see callers, I canít see my switchboard, I canít see anything.

<laughs> Yes, Iím on the air. Just another day in the life of sherrytalkradio. One of these days weíre gonna have a whole
month where we have like four or eight shows in a row without any problems. Wouldnít that be amazing? They really just
want me off the air. They really just want to shut me up and put me off the air permanently. And thatís coming up. Iím seeing
a lot of interesting things for the month of May. <laughs> But I still have two months, March and April, to warn you guys of
everything thatís coming up, even though they donít want me to. <laughs>

Bible Codes Reveal that the Health Care Bill Was Avoidable

Anyway, this health-care bill, basically what it is, folks, itís going to kill the elderly, kill the weak. If you were born with a
disease, itís basically survival of the fittest. The fittest will get health care when they need it, but theyíre not gonna take your
sickly child thatís been born with a disease and pay a million dollars for the health care over that childís lifetime to keep it
healthy. Theyíre not gonna do it, folks. Theyíre not gonna do it.

When I first initially heard of this bill, I heard it described as each community or each region - I believe it was community - so
you better hope you are in a rich one - <laughs> has a board, and this board takes in all the money from people that are
buying this health insurance in your area. And all the money thatís collected, thatís how they determine who gets health care
in that area and who doesnít. And so, if youíre in a poor community, youíre in a cow town like I am, and you have maybe a
hundred / two hundred people in your community that are paying into health insurance here, and you get sick. Itís gonna be
between you and John down the street who needs surgery, and you might need surgery, and theyíll decide which one of you
gets it. Itís gonna be rationed, folks. Thereís no rationality to this health-care plan, itís not like insurance you have now. And
the thing that has struck me about it was HMOs didnít work back in the 80s, those Health Maintenance Organizations.
Those were a total bomb. And this health-care plan is modeled just like an HMO. So interesting that all these people that
were proponents - which I donít believe there were that many, I think they just hyped it up - <laughs> but there were some,
because weíre going to pay because of these ones who voted for it. As a community, as a nation, weíre going to pay
because we allowed it to happen. We allowed this bill to be signed into law. Everything is back online now. So Iím back
online. <laughs> I can see again.

Either way, because if we had all united together as a nation against these lizards that are running Washington and said
NO, we donít want your health-care reform, then it wouldnít have been passed. It would have been avoidable, this whole
destruction thatís coming would have been avoidable. And thatís one thing I always see in the codes, when something is
avoidable, and when we allow something. And so, as a nation, weíre going to pay for all of these people who voted for this
health-care reform. And so because of the sins of a few the deaths of many are gonna be on their hands. And so itís
basically how itís gonna pan out, folks, because a lot of people are gonna die based on this health-care reform.

... the thundering is getting vicious out there. <laughs>
And so, as long as they donít start hitting my window with lightning, Iíll be okay. Of course, I would just stay on the air anyway
and watch the lightning. <laughs>

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

The Lord Told Me to Include Thieves Oil on My Web Page on Last Days Protection

But one of the things that the Lord led me to right before the show - and I always said this is His show, and whatever He
wants to talk about Iíll talk about - and so I found it interesting that when I made up this web page on protection, various ways
to protect yourself in these last days, that I didnít put thieves oil on it. And He told me to put thieves oil on the website, and
so I did.

And so - at the top of the page I have ways to use orgone to make orgone water to saturate the giants. Just get a big water
soaker. I have guns on my website that shoot up to seventy feet, these super-soaker water guns. You take orgone water,
you put it in that super-soaker water gun, and that will take down a giant faster than a 12-gauge. <laughs> And these things
are gonna be so big, you need a .50 caliber. But orgoned water will burn and destroy the aliens. And so I have that on this
protection page.

I have the orgone on there, I have the MMS on there. MMS is a Miracle Mineral Supplement, and you can, uh...helps knock
out flus and colds. And Iím on a maintenance thing. I do it twice a day to maintain my immune system. The Lord has me on
that for twice a day, so that you donít become susceptible to these plagues that are coming.

And He also - right before the show - had me put on thieves oil, and thieves oil was a blend of ingredients that thieves and
graverobbers would rub on their hands, and feet, and arms and chest, and they wouldnít catch Bubonic Plague. Theyíd go
and rob all the dead people. And they never caught the plague. And so, when they were finally caught, you know, everybody
wanted to know what kept them from getting the Bubonic Plague. And they came out with this medicine. They called it
thieves oil after the thieves that had never gotten sick.

And so, at secretofthieves.com I have a link on there to where you can get this thieves oil, and also - if you click on the
picture, it will take you to amazon.com where you can also buy thieves oil right off of amazon.com. And people should start
stocking up on this stuff because it will keep you well, keep you away from the Bubonic and Black plagues that we have
coming. We had Ebola coming. I know that in Ohio and Michigan, Pennsylvania, this whole region - theyíre gonna bombard
it with plagues. And so, get your immune systems built up and get ready for the plagues that are coming, you know.

Avalanche of Chemtrail Planes During the Month of March

I was seeing in the codes about how the buffalo are gonna have an avalanche on Earth during the month of March, and so I
kept thinking: Well, maybe this is the month where they all just arrive. And here it was chemtrail planes, because daily itís
just been a barrage of these chemtrail planes, and these are the alien craft of the buffalo. Yeah, we do have mixed military
craft that shoot out chemtrails, but we also have these terrestrial drones that use white holograph plane look...and they look
like white holograph planes, but theyíre just drones. And so, definitely been bombarding the Earth in the month of March,
and so I'm targeting different places. When you see chemtrails sticking in an area in the sky, go hit that area that theyíre
above with orgone, because orgone will keep the chemtrails from saturating that area.


I got a question from a listener, gonna bring him on the air, see what they have to say.

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

How Are You Supposed to Keep the Feast of Tabernacles?

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry!

Sherry: Hey, how are you doing?

Caller: Iím fine. Iím calling from Michigan.

Sherry: Michigan?

Caller: Yeah. <laughs>

Sherry: Okay.

Caller: I have a question concerning the Feast of Tabernacles. Iím sorry to get off subject, but this is very important to me.
Um. How are you supposed to keep it? Is it done by sleeping in booths like the scripture says? What do you do on that?

Sherry: Most people arenít in a position to really celebrate that holiday.

Caller: Theyíre not?

Sherry: Well, most people live in apartment buildings, town houses, you know. They donít have a house with a yard. And if
you do, you can build a temporary structure every year and stuff like that. You know, I have a website, backtoyahweh.com,
that has links that can give you information how to celebrate the feasts.

Caller: Okay. But is sleeping in it necessary, because I was also reading the part about you saying that it has something
also to do with the Feast of Gatherings. Is it the same thing? Is it the same Feast?

Sherry: It celebrates the ingathering of the harvest, the last harvest of the year.

Caller: Okay. Now Iím getting it. <laughs> Okay. How do we do that? Is it that one that we celebrate, or is it the Tabernacle?

Sherry: You just do both if you can. I mean, Iím actually in a position this year for the first time in thirty / forty years where I can
actually go build me a little structure. I have a yard now. <laughs>

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: And so, thereís a lot of people with more info on how to celebrate the Feasts than what I know off the top of my head.

Caller: The reason why Iím asking is because Iíve been celebrating the Feasts for about five years going out in a tent.
<laughs> And I was wondering if youíre supposed to do that.

Sherry: It can come in easier if years go. <laughs>

Caller: Yeah. <laughs> I was wondering about that. Okay. And as for Passover, I know that coming, too, ... oh, I love that
one, I love that Feast, I love celebrating it. Itís beautiful.

Sherry: Thatís my favorite one of the year. Thatís the one I understand. <laughs>

Caller: Thatís the one - yeah, I understand <laughs> But will we get in trouble if we donít to the Tabernacles?

Sherry: No, because - you know what? We celebrate the Feasts by the Spirit of the Lord, and not the letter of the Lord, of
the legalities.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: Weíre not really the Pharisees. Itís the spirit of the law that He wants. He wants us to know that weíre observing them
in some way, whether youíre just reading the Bible, observing that day, ... that day of the Feasts, or you know, however He
leads you to celebrate it. Itís easier, because everybody is in such different circumstances, to ask Him to show you how you
should celebrate that Feast for that day.

Caller: Oh, oh boy.

Sherry: And just listen to how He nags and guides you and leads you into what you should do for that day.

Is My Experience with My Dead Friend the Same Thing as When the 3 Angels Appeared to Abraham?

Caller: Okay. Now, there is another question, too. And then Iíll get off the phone. Itís concerning the angels. Iíve read that
article concerning that. There was someone that I knew a long time ago in 1978 that died. And about a year later Iíve seen
this person again. He came to me, and he was telling me that - he said - he didn't say Yahweh, but he said I am being
allowed for you to see me. And the way he showed me - because he was showing me things that he was able to do. And
one of the things that sticks in my mind is that he ran away from me and he looked like blur. And then he came back to me
and still looked like a blur. But when he stopped, it was him. My question to you is this: Is this the same thing thatís being
mentioned in the old Covenant when the three angels appeared to Abraham? Is it something like that?

Sherry: No, you know what? They always appeared - The angels would appear as humans. And so you couldnít tell them
apart. I mean, when Jesus walked with the Apostles after his resurrection, they didnít know it was Him.

Caller: Wow!

Sherry: He joined them walking on the road, and they didnít know it was Him until He allowed them to see it was Him. And
so they always appeared as humans. They donít, you know - that sounds like some kind of TV drama.

Caller: Uh huh ...

Sherry: <laughs>

Caller: <laughs>

Sherry: Once you go away in a blur and come back. You have to watch for the satanic deceptions. So thatís why Iím always
so careful about things that I repeat that I see in the codes that the Lord tells me - I make sure I get confirmations on it before
I say anything, because there are so many deceptions out there.

Caller: Okay. Well, thank you very much, Ma'am. You have a good night.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Okay, bye.

Sherry: Bye, bye.

Sherry's Show Ends Early Due to Sabotage

And Iím gonna bring in another caller on the air.

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Yeah. Hi, Iím calling from ... - Can you hear me? Hello, hello, helloooo, helloooo.