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And hello everybody weíre live. Itís Monday night with Sherrytalkradio. If you have a question for the show, you can call in in
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Sherry Posts Her First YouTube Video

Posted my first video. That was exciting. That was like climbing Mount Everest. [laughs] I feel like a tech queen now. No, I
really donít know what Iím doing yet. But it wasnít too bad of a video. You can view it at my Facebook site, I have it posted,
or at one of my websites: sherrytalkradio.com, sherryshriner.com. You can go to YouTube, my YouTube channel
sherryshriner, and just a 10-minute video on learning how to protect yourself, kind of puts a lot of things into perspective. I
think I maxed it out, the whole ten minutes that was allowed, my first video attempt. I thought that would be the only one I
would probably do, and the Lordís already leading me into another one. [laughs] So [unclear] time, Heís really getting a push
out there for protection. And I know Iíve been talking about it for weeks now, and Iím thinking: "Okay, when can I move on?"
And Iím not moving anywhere. He wants me right on it right now, because thereís so much coming up.

Zombie Aspect of H1N1 - One Person's Personal Experience in a Hospital

And - interesting that He started to give me little pieces of the puzzle, as crazy as they seem, and from the craziest sources
you can imagine. Iím getting all these little bits and pieces of something that Iíve been fearing for a while now. And that was
that the H1N1 would lead to a lot of death. And you remember me warning you last year about the H1N1, to stay away from
the vaccine. The Lord said: "Donít get the shot, donít get the vaccines, stay away from all vaccines and shots." And it was
correlating with things I kept seeing in the Bible codes, terms like bite, bitten, blood sucker, you know. And so I started to
think, well a blood sucker would be like a vampire. And bite and bitten, that could be vampire, too. But thereís something
else with this whole H1N1 that the zombie aspect of it kept hitting me.

And interesting that three days ago, or two days ago, I got an e-mail, and Iím gonna read parts of it here. I'm not gonna
reveal any names. But it was some information from somebody who lives up in the Northeast. And it said: "I did not know if
you have heard about this, but last night in Massachusetts hospital clients became very sick. I am not sure what hospital it
was, but my friend went to that hospital, and he said he saw people becoming zombies. They were killed by people in the
hospital. He said they took the H1N1 shot previously and were killed because of it. He said the hospital tried to cover it up
and that it would not be on the news."

And so, interesting that Iím watching this video that Alex Jones did on Sunday for CNN or somebody, CNN. And he was
talking about the doctors, the doctors had written a letter, it was on an online site, about how the H1N1 was - these are
neurosurgeons, neurological doctors, which means theyíre brain doctors - and they had seen approximately 25 people with
neurological brain damage after taking that vaccine. And Iím thinking, you know what, theyíre not gonna give a real number.
And it certainly would be a lot more than 25 to make these doctors to come out with some kind of a written statement or
warning that people were suffering brain damage from this vaccine.

The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - Established by Ulysses S. Grant

And then, so thatís Alex Jones, and then somebody sends me this link on the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, which I
had plenty of time to amuse myself over this afternoon. And letís clear one thing up: If you work for the government, if youíve
ever worked for the government, you sign a non-disclosure agreement, depending on which level of classification of security
youíre in. And so, when you get out of the government, letís say you leave your position, then the only way you can legally
reveal any information of anything that youíve known or knew, or have done, is through fiction format. And thatís why we get
a lot of these movies in Hollywood on everything: aliens, zombies, vampires, in fiction format because theyíre not allowed to
legally tell you anything officially.

And so this Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - it was actually an agency established by Ulysses S. Grant, and then
some time in 1975 Congress stopped funding it, and so it kind of went off the books. It never disappeared, just went off the
books. They stopped funding it. They would have to get their funding sources elsewhere. And so, itís interesting because
weíve never heard about it. I mean, to us, the only time we see vampires and zombies is in Hollywood, you know, you go to
a movie. And theyíve had plenty of them. I think thereís one still going on now in the theaters. And a lot of warnings about
zombies. And I was watching a video before the show, I started getting Internet hassles about 7:30, so be forewarned.
[laughs] Theyíre letting me know theyíre listening. [laughs] Iím just like: Lord, you watch over the lines and the phone tonight
so that I can do a show without being harassed. I would be so happy. So hopefully, thereís no problem with tonight.

The Northeast, Vermont and Massachusetts, May Be Dealing with a Zombie Virus

But anyway, Iím watching this video. And now I canít even remember what I was gonna say. I go on these rabbit trails. Um, it
was about the FVZA, and you might wanna go to the YouTube channel and put in "F" for Federal, "V" for Vampire, "Z" for
Zombie, and "A" for Agency, and look at their YouTube videos, because theyíre pretty interesting. Oh, here it is. Thatís what
I was gonna say. All right. Now, interesting that these, outside of myself, that Iíve seen so far on the Internet, this group, the
Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, has tied together the Swine Flu vaccine with this zombie virus. And they call it the
HVV vampire virus. I donít know what the zombie virus would be. Maybe thatís HZV. But both of them are related to this
Swine Flu vaccine. And so, they kind of showed you in the "V" series last year how they can target certain batches and put
certain things in different batches, and send them around the world, and you donít really know who has what until it shows
up. I think itís safe to say that the Northeast, Vermont, and Massachusetts, may be dealing with this zombie virus. This is
something I keep running into in the Bible codes, and so it has my attention, because I know if Iím seeing it itís gonna start
coming up bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

Woodstock II = Deadstock - Summary Report from FVZA Website on Zombie Outbreak There

I wanna go over this Deadstock Festival, because Iíve never in my life - this is on their website - Iíve never in my life heard of
this. I mean, I heard about Woodstock II, but I never heard any details. And so Iím gonna give you a summary report of what
they say on their website. I was about five years old in 1970, so - In the summer of 1970 promoters Lew Workman and
Brian Wilkie hatched a scheme for a four-day outdoor concert on a farm outside the small town of Woodstock, Vermont.
The promoters hoped to recapture the spirit of the original Woodstock Festival, which had taken place a year earlier in
upstate New York. They also hoped that their concert, dubbed Woodstock II, would helped erase bad memories left over
from the December, 1969, Altamont Concert in California, where a fan had been stabbed to death while the Rolling Stones
were playing onstage. Workman and Wilkie were able to lure a number of big acts to the event, including King Crimson, Iron
Butterfly and Mountain. I donít think Iíve ever heard of any of those. Maybe Iron Butterfly, I donít know.

And this is the incident: On the second night of the concert, Teddy Desilets, a member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle gang,
arrived at the Emergency Room of the Woodstock Hospital with a badly-mangled right hand. Desilets had been attending
Woodstock II and was apparently attacked by a crazed man while relieving himself in the woods. The twenty-six-year-old
Desilets, who had lost his thumb and parts of two fingers in the attack, underwent surgery and was admitted to intensive

The following night, police were summoned to the hospital with reports of a deranged man terrorizing the patients and staff.
When police arrived, they found Desilets in a catatonic state, blood streaming from his mouth. Desilets attacked the police
and, despite being shot numerous times, escaped into the night. All told, eleven patients and two cops were bitten; the most
serious of the injured had almost his entire shoulder chewed off.

At first, police and doctors believed that Desilets' state was due to a reaction to hallucinogenic drugs. But after several
more people arrived at the hospital from the concert with bite injuries, the FVZA was notified. The Agency instructed
hospital staff to vaccinate and quarantine any victims until they arrived. Unfortunately, hospital staff discovered that it had no
vaccine on hand, and with several of the patients bitten by Desilets turning into zombies, they were soon overwhelmed. The
panicked staff moved as many of the sick out of the hospital as they could, and then abandoned the building.

Within two hours of being notified, an FVZA team from Boston arrived in Vermont, took stock of the situation and quickly
called for reinforcements from the New York office. With the help of the Vermont National Guard, the Boston team secured
the hospital, administered vaccine to the recently wounded, and destroyed a total of 22 zombies inside the building. The
search-and-destroy mission was particularly hazardous, as one of the zombies had chewed through an electrical cable,
cutting power to the building and leaving it mostly dark.

So there goes for the power, they can chew through cables. And it goes on to talk about evacuating the area. They found 22
zombies inside the hospital. And then when they went back to the area where Woodstock had taken place, they found
another 23 zombies in the woods, destroyed them. Among the dead zombies they found was this Teddy Desilets who had
managed to stagger back to the concert despite having 15 bullets in him, and John Robie, owner of a neighboring farm.

The zombie outbreak that started at Woodstock II took many weeks to fully contain. Several zombies managed to stray into
neighboring towns, and one infected motorcycle gang went on a rampage across several states before they were trapped
in an abandoned barn in Indiana and destroyed.

The source of the zombie attacks was traced back to the farmer John Robie. Robie had been cleaning the henhouse at his
farm when he was apparently bitten by an infected rat. After his transformation was complete, he made his way to the
concert site and a veritable zombie smorgasbord.

Vampire and Zombie Cases Are Recorded (Like President Harding's), but Not Reported

And so this isnít something thatís fiction. This is actually stuff that happens. This has a case number, report number. And
interesting that it goes on and talks about other cases that have been reported. And one of the interesting ones that I was
hearing was: One of our past presidents who had gotten - uh, Harding - who had gotten bitten by a vampire, and they donít
release how a person dies. Itís almost like if you die of AIDS, they say you die of pneumonia. And in this case, if you die of
zombiism, they just write in the paper that you dies of a stroke or a heart attack, or food poisoning. They donít put in the
paper what your real cause of death is. So interesting, that these cases, although that theyíve been few, but theyíve been
around. Theyíve been hidden from the med... - the media doesnít report them. When Iím reading this stuff and it was
reminding me of "The Men in Black," you know, that movie with Will Smith. The minor details of the movie that struck me
more that the major ones were supposed to, I guess. He'd go into a pizza shop, and the pizza owner would be an alien. And
[laughs] you know, he just going to all these mom-and-pop-type shops, and they would be run by aliens. And you know, itís
almost like in our news, I posted a link last night on thewatcherfiles.com, Brian Todd of CNN, his eyes shape-shifting,
reminding you of the movie "They Live." When all of a sudden the veil was lifted and all these aliens lose their human
cloaking and you can see them for the aliens that they are. CNN is full of them.

Get Out Your Orgoned-Water Guns

Anyway, I wanna talk about the science of zombies that they list on this website, because this is the kind of information...you
might think itís crazy, but youíre gonna be glad you know it, and youíre gonna be glad you have your orgoned-water guns,
[laughs], your Super Soakers, that youíve already been listening to the warnings Iíve been giving about protecting yourself,
and youíve already gotten your Super Soaker water guns and you know how to make orgone water. Because the orgone
water is what will take these out.
I mean, that 15 bullets didnít take out the one guy; he headed back to the concert. So that shows you that they do have some
kind of level of intelligence where they can think, because this guy left the hospital, he knew to avoid attack and capture by
the police. So that takes some intelligence. And then he headed back to the concert. So that takes even more ability to
think. And so these beings, although theyíre re-animated corpses, can think, they have a level of intelligence weíre gonna be
dealing with.

The Science of Zombies

All right, so this is the science of zombies. Iím gonna go through this really quick. [laughs] Um, letís see. Yeah, they always
say the zombie threat's greatly reduced, but Iím telling you itís coming back with a bang. Itís coming back. The zombie virus
comes from the same [Mononegavirales] family as the Human Vampiric Virus. The virus is propagated mainly through ticks
of the family [Ixodidae]. The prevalence of tics and rats - and thatís one thing I keep seeing. Most urban plagues were
spread by aggressive rats that had been bitten by infected ticks. In the country, the tick would bite humans directly, or pass
the virus through mice, raccoons and other animals. As was the case with vampirism, humans infected with the virus would
pass it from their saliva into the bloodstream of another through the bite.

We have - there seems to be a correlation between these plagues that are rat and tick related, because the Black Plague
thatís coming, the influenzas that are coming - it seems like all of the horrendous plagues that I see coming are gonna kill
hundreds of millions. Thatís all kind of related to this rat and tick family. And so, this is what weíre dealing with in the near
future, folks.

Stages of the Zombie Transformation

Anyway, I want to talk about the stages of the disease; what you can expect from somebody who gets bit. Stages of the
zombie transformation are the same that occur in vampires, with two major differences: in zombies, the onset of symptoms
and transformation occurs much faster and has no relation to the cycles of day and night. A zombie isnít stuck to work
during the night hours like vampires are. They can operate 24 hours a day. Stage one is infection. Thereís three stages.
Stage one is infection. Symptoms of zombie infection appear quickly: within one or two hours, the victim will develop a
headache, fever, chills and other flu-like symptoms. Zombie infections last about half as long as their vampiric counterparts,
mostly between three and six hours, during which the vaccine is 100 percent effective. If thereís a vaccine. But if you catch
somebody in stage one, and somebody just has the flu, and he can get a vaccine for that, then you can offset it, the vaccine
will work. But if they hit stage two, forget it.

Stage two, youíre in a coma. Zombie comas are considerably more brief than vampiric comas. While physiological
changes-slow pulse, shallow breathing-are similar, the coma lasts only between four and six hours. Only the very young and
very old do not survive zombie comas. Zombies have been found as young as five years old and as old as 90. As with
vampires, the vaccine is 50 percent effective when administered during Stage Two of the infection: the longer the victim has
been in the coma, the less effective the vaccine.

Stage three is transformation. Zombies awaken from their comas in a catatonic state. They are unresponsive to most
stimuli as they shuffle about, trying to locate their prey. Unlike vampires, there is no acclimation period; a zombie will begin
hunting immediately upon transformation.

And so, basically, what you got, is somebody who gets sick, they have a fever, chills, other flu-like symptoms, and then they
go into a coma. And if theyíre in a coma from 2 hours or more, the vaccineís pretty much not gonna work. That's probably
where that 50% comes because it says the longer theyíre in a coma, even if they can get to a vaccine, thereís only a fifty
percent chance that itís gonna work. When they awaken from their coma, is when they awaken into their zombie state. And
so, interesting that, you know, with the shallow breathing in comas, if you donít have medical equipment itíd be very possible
to bury somebody who you thought died from a flu, and theyíre just in a coma. And so you bury them. And then, all of a
sudden, they come out of their coma. Because thereís gonna be mass burials, I mean, theyíre not gonna be having casket
funerals for all these tons of people that are gonna be dying because of all of these plagues that are coming on.

Police Officers Are Getting Ready to Blockade Cities to Contain the Zombie Outbreak

And so, you know, Iíve already been in contact with people who know cops who work in cities, police officers around the
country, and theyíre getting ready for martial law, theyíre getting ready to blockade cities in. Now, what would be so
detrimential that you would wanna blockade an entire city and not let anybody in and not let anybody out? And anybody who
tried to get out would be shot and killed because the militaryís blockading it. And theyíre blowing up roads to prevent
anybodyís access out of the city. Youíre not gonna get out by car, because theyíre preparing now to blow up side roads and
just completely blockade cities in. It would have to be something pretty scary and hairy for them to do that. They would really
have to be afraid [laughs] of the people that were trying to get out of the city in the event of some kind of plague outbreak.
And so I think they know, the people at the top, I donít necessarily think the police know, but I think the people at the top
know whatís coming. And itís this zombie outbreak thatís coming.

Ebola in September, Leprosy in November, and Zombiism Before Either One of Them

And another thing that Iíve seen in the codes is leprosy. And Iím looking at, you know, Iíve said before, maybe not on this
show, but to people I talk to. I see Ebola in September, I see leprosy in November, and zombie - well, thatís gonna be
probably before either one of them, because right now - if we have zombie attacks, zombiism going on in Massachusetts,
that means itís already starting in certain parts of our country. And interesting, when I was watching that video from the
Federal Vampire Agency and Zombie Agenda, they tied it in, too. And they brought it more into the present. They said that
they expect a zombie outbreak between 30 and 60 days. 30 and 60 days, folks! So very interesting. And [laughs] I wouldnít
doubt it, because I canít find anything that would refute it. You know, from what Iím seeing in the codes, when I see the term
coma, when I see the term bite and bitten, and then you see blood sucker, you know. And all of these just could be relating
to vampire terms, but also it could be relating to zombie terms. And so, weíre gonna see an outbreak of both, I believe.

All of These Ghastly Diseases and Plagues Have Been Purposeful Attacks from the Aliens

And interesting that everything that we have experienced on Earth, all of these ghastly things, theyíre not normal things,
folks, theyíre not normal outbreaks and diseases and plagues passed from our animals that just unwittingly humans got and
passed on. These have all been purposeful assassinations and attacks from the aliens on mankind. And who are the
aliens? Fallen angels. And thereís several different factions around Earth, fighting for supremacy, like I said in my video, the
reptile faction, the draconians and the reptiles, the draconian sits on top of it, the reptiles are under them. The grays are
under them. Theyíre the ones who implemented the New World Order on Earth. And theyíre the ones unleashing - I take that
back, I donít think theyíre the ones unleashing it, theyíre taking their orders from the buffalo. And the buffalo is another term
for these fallen angels, I talked about the buffalo term, how they relate to Shema, on the Shema star thatís in fire right now,
that we caught on fire back in October of last year, and itís still burning, and eventually itís gonna crash to Earth. It must be
huge to be burning this long. I know we've split it in half.

Ascended Masters of Ashtar Command Are Pulling the Strings of the New World Order

But anyway, what Iím seeing is that itís these ascended masters - when you get into the New Age garbage, youíll start
hearing them talking about the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command, and the ascended masters, whole new
hogwash of terminology. This Ashtar Command is a council that sits above the Earth and they're the ones pulling the strings
right now of the New World Order. And that means Obama is a pawn of theirs, because heís the pawn of this whole buffalo
rank of aliens. They're the ones who unleashed H1N1, theyíre the ones who came up with the vaccine, and thatís why the
whole thing was delayed, because when Shema caught on fire, it delayed them getting the vaccines to Earth. And the whole
thing was from Shema, all the vaccinations were from Shema. So you donít know which batch has what.

But when you look at all the plagues over the Earth that weíve always had, the Bubonic Plague, the influenza plagues,
plagues killing 40 - 50 - 60 million people. Theyíve all been unleashed by these aliens. And this is gonna be no different, this
whole vampire and zombie, an offshoot from H1N1, weíre going right into HVV and HZV, the vampire virus and the zombie
virus. And you better believe there wouldnít be enough vaccinations, I mean, if supposedly we havenít had very many cases
in the 20th century, how many vaccines do you think they have available if thereís an outbreak in an entire city such as
Dallas, or New York, or L.A., or Denver? What if there was a zombie outbreak in one of these cities? Because all it takes is
a bite, and 4 to 6 hours later youíve got a replica zombie in this city. Thatís all it takes - 4 to 6 hours from being bitten, youíve
got another zombie. And thereís no telling how many people that zombie is gonna bite before the zom...it doesnít even tell:
When does a zombie die? Whatís the life expectancy of a zombie? Does anybody know? I donít. How long could a zombie
live? And they donít have to operate just at night like vampires do. And you know what, even talk about vampires, people
think itís - you know, it takes a little bit to get used to.

Rasputin and Edgar Allan Poe Were Bitten by Vampires

But even vampire cases still exist, you know. Even those still exist. Thereís still, on occasion, vampire death. And the reason
they donít report it is - I donít know why. They just donít. You know Rasputin? He died of a vampire bite. Interesting, huh? He
had a vampire bite, yeah he did die. It was Edgar Allan Poe that almost died of a vampire bite, wore turtleneck shirts while
he was alive, because he didn't want people to see the fang marks on his neck. How come they never made this stuff
public? What was the big reason for keeping it all classified? And so Edgar Alan Poe himself had almost been killed by a
vampire taking a walk alongside a Baltimore river. So I'm guessing this stuff's always kind of been around. It's never really
gone away. Itís just been swept under a rug and kept quiet, because now weíve got it coming back, folks. Weíve got it
coming back with a vengeance.

A Lot Parents Forced Their Kids to Get the H1N1 Vaccine - Could There Be a Zombie Time Delay?

You know, what scares me is: Even with the work I did in my own town, passing out fliers against taking the vaccination, and
everybody everywhere doing their thing in their towns, warning people not to take it. Itís probably the same story. I know a lot
of adults that didnít take it, but they also forced their kids to get it, because they wanted their kids to be protected. And so
they were a little worried and a little skeptical, just wanted to be safe and took their kids in to get the shot while they didnít
take it themselves. And so now youíve got all these parents with kids who could very well become the ones that are targeted
with these vampire and zombie viruses, and you never know when theyíre gonna time - the time delay is gonna kick in, and
itís just gonna hit these children. And wouldnít that cause an outrage with the parents? That would be almost anarchy in the
streets if all these parents got together and were just furious and angry at the government for allowing their children to be
infected with these viruses. [sighs] The sad part of it, the children being affected. And I feel a lot of sadness, you know. I was
working last night in the Codes, and I just felt a real deep heaviness on my spirit, and I knew that was the Lord. Almost like
you - just feels like He was so upset, you can feel the pain, the upsetness, the emotion. It just weighs really heavy down on
you, too, because you can feel when He is happy, and you can feel when He is sad. And so thereís something very sad thatí
s coming. Itís gonna be a lot of death, and just a lot of people involved.

Vampires and Zombies Coming Up a Whole Lot More in the Bible Codes

I donít know how much time we have. But I know that our government knows things that theyíre not telling people. And I know
that I donít know enough, or I would be telling everybody, I would - I tell you everything I know. And so, interesting, because if I
do come across some more information Iíll let you know. Iíve always been a little bit hesitant of talking about vampires and
zombies because itís just so nuts, and it was only coming up a little bit in the Codes. But, you know what? Iím just seeing it a
whole lot more now, and so it does raise my eyebrows. And theyíre getting more and more vicious to shut me up and keep
me off the air. And so, I think that they know ahead of time what Iím talking about in my shows. I think they remote-view
ahead, and they know what Iím talking about in my shows, because they try to stop them before I even give them. And I donít
even know what Iím talking about on my shows before I start talking.


Anyway, I want to take some questions from listeners. If you have a question for the show, you can dial in at 1-877-245-
5648. Iím trying to get these callers on the air.

Trying to Get a Better Understanding of Orgone

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. - I think they hung up.

Caller: Can you hear me?

Sherry: Hello. Hello.

Caller: Can you hear me, Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah, I can hear you.

Caller: I was trying to get an understanding of the orgone. I was reading a little bit about it on the website. I really didnít get a
full understanding of that.

Sherry: Okay, where are you calling from?

Caller: Baltimore, Maryland.

Sherry: Where?

Caller: Baltimore, Maryland.

Sherry: Okay, Baltimore. What I got on my website orgoneblasters.com, I got a couple of videos, the science of orgone, how
to protect yourselves with it. Basically what it is, itís a ether energy orgone. And itís a living positive energy. The Bible talks
a lot about light and the darkness, the good and the bad, positive - negative. And these are just terms you can relate to. But
it is a positive energy, and so anything negative that comes into contact with it is repelled by it repulsed by it. And we found
that this ether energy orgone burns the aliens and will keep them away from your home and your yards. It also defeats
chemtrails and so thereís like 101 different uses for orgone in these last days.

How many Different Extraterrestrials Would Orgone Affect?

Caller: You know how many different extraterrestrials it would affect as far as the grays, the reptilians and so forth?

Sherry: As far as I know none of them like it. Nothing from the fourth dimension will come near this orgone. Iíve heard
demons howl, Iíve heard aliens slither - run away. Iíve got pretty good ears, and every once in a while Iíve also got eyes to
where I can see in a supernatural realm, and they donít like it. They will stay away from it. And so, if you suffer night terrors,
you need it under your bed. If you get attacks through your computer monitor, you get chest attacks, dizzy, headaches, you
need it in front of your monitor. People just need it everywhere. And I wrote an article on protection on my websites. You can
read about it, different ways to protect yourselves in these last days...

Caller: [interrupted Sherry] Iím sorry. I recently just found out about you, I guess about two weeks ago when I came from
thewatcherfiles, then I came across the information on, you know, what was going on in the Gulf of Aden and so forth.

Sherry: Right.

How Can I Get Some Orgone?

Caller: Could I ask you just one other question? You know, I want to leave some room for other questioners and so forth.
How can you get your hands on some of the orgone?

Sherry: Well, you can go to
orgoneblasters.com, and you can learn how to make it yourself, or you can order it.

Caller: Okay, but can I find out about this also just going to your website?

Sherry: Right. I run orgoneblasters.com. And so, you can do either one. You can make it yourself or you can order it. I
encourage people to learn how to make it. So people want to buy it and look at it first and get a feel of it before they start to
make it...

Caller: You never know whenever youíll be shut down.

Sherry: Exactly, because you donít know when the computerís gonna go down or Iím gonna go down. And the only thing youí
ve got is directions and the know-how of how to do it, and so - Iím still here to help people learn how to make it. And so thatí
s what I encourage the most.

Caller: I would love to get some more of an update. Whenever you, you know, the Most High will give you the information as
far as the zombies and so forth. I can see that scenario coming up where they locking the cities off and just let them run
loose and just let them, you know, let them just take everybody out, as many people as possible.

Sherry: Oh yeah, Hollywoodís gonna be reality. And itís sad. Just keep updated with the show, keep listening to the show,
because I never know what Iím gonna talk week to week. He leads me to talk about things. You know, this is what He
wanted me to talk about tonight, warning people ahead of time.

Caller: Well, peace and blessings, and, I know the Lord will keep His prayers and everything with you.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Yeah, my pleasure.

Sherry: All right, bye, bye.

All right, Iím gonna try to - some of these people...they've got longevity. [laughs] Theyíve been hanging on these lines for a

A Nurse Assistant's Perspective on the H1N1 Vaccine

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. - Hello, caller!

Caller: Hi, Sherry.

Sherry: Hi, howíre you doing?

Caller: Hi, it's Dotty.

Sherry: Hi, Dotty, whereíre you calling from?

Caller: Oh, Iím calling from Little Rhody.

Sherry: Little Rhody?

Caller: Yeah, well, itís a small state in the union; Rhode Island.

Sherry: Oh, okay.

[both laugh]

Sherry: ... I was thinking, ...

Caller: ... I had you thinking, right?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Uh, listen, I love your show, and I really appreciate that you put a lot of effort into all the information that you have out
there. And, you know, a lot of your love; I can see that you care about people. And I appreciate that very much. Um, I work in
the health-care field, and I have two things that I wanted to mention to you. I have people that I tell them, you know, I found out
this about the vaccination. You should really think about it seriously before you go get the shot, because Iím a CNA
[Certified Nursing Assistant]. And, you know, itís sort of like a fine line I cross. I canít tell people, you know, because Iím a
CNA, I canít tell them what to do, but I can give them the information, you know. And itís hard because I see these people,
they take the doctorsí word over information thatís out there. Well, my doctor told me I really should get it. So these elderly
people who donít have good health to begin with, you know, they go out there, they get these shots, and like the next day
theyíre sick as a dog. I watched their health go down hill steadily, you know. And itís hard because, you know, inside youíre
attached to these people and you donít wanna see them going through this.

Sherry: Right, and so many people just blindly trust their doctors and will do anything they tell them to do.

Caller: "My doctor told me", well geez. My mom used to say, if I told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it? You know?

Sherry: Yeah, and thatís the thing. Have you heard of normal middle-aged people, healthy people taking this shot and then
becoming weaker and weaker to where they feel like they're dying? There may not be anything wrong with them, physically
wrong, but inside of them just feel like theyíre decaying and dying. Have you heard of that one?

Caller: I havenít seen that with like the middle age but Iíve seen it with the older, because I take care of people whoíre in
their seventies and above.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: Yeah, itís very noticeable when they come home, even with just a regular flu shot. Theyíre as sick as a dog, theyíre
coughing. And they were reasonably healthy before that point. And even this one person I know had their daughter get a
Swine Flu shot. Now the school recommended they get two, a series.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: Two! And I tried to persuade her not to do it. But she went ahead and did it. This little girl has been sick repetitively. I
mean, every time you turn around, sheís got stomach pain, sheís, you know, off the wall some days, sheís just [unclear] and,
I mean, ...

Sherry: ... I know some kids, two weeks after they had chicken pocks.

Caller: Really? Iíve not seen that yet.

Sherry: Yeah, and the turnout here in this town was very low. I went car to car, put leaflets out. And even when they had a
meeting at the high school about the Swine Flu vaccination clinic they were gonna have there, I was there that night,
Homeland Security was there, I didnít care.

Caller: Oh, ... oh!

Sherry: I was getting leaflets out.

Caller: You got some big ones!

[both laugh]

Sherry: You know, this is just a cow town, and Homeland Security was here. They must have expected me to be coming into
the gym to verbally confront them with something. I stayed out in the parking lot. You know, thatís how the Lord works. He
always has me off in the sides somewhere.

Caller: You got big ones, girl.

Sherry: Yeah, so, anyway, but thanks for calling in. If you hear anything ...

Have You Ever Heard of a Religious Exemption for Health-Care Workers?

Caller: One more question before I forget. This is really important. I didnít have all this information available to me before I hit
your website, before I went for my license, my certified nursing assistantís license. And I got shot up with a lot of
vaccinations. Um, Iíve been doing it for eleven months. Iím due for a shot, and Iím gonna have to decline it. So Iím gonna
probably be out of a job in another couple of weeks.

Sherry: Better than being out of a life.

Caller: Yea, yea, right. And you know what? I wonít betray Yahweh. Heís done so much for me. When He says: "Donít get
this for a good reason," I believe Him. I believe Him, you know. So I would rather give up the job than, you know, spit in His
face, you know. And thatís how I look at it. But itís hard. Have you ever heard of a religious exemption for health-care
workers, because I spend a lot of time reading.

Sherry: I know in Ohio we have religious exemption for every person here.

Caller: I might try that, you know, because the people that I take care of, theyíre very attached to me. And I know, a lot of
them would be heartbroken when they canít see me any more.

Sherry: I canít think of the name of the website, but itís a website that has every state, the exemptions and stuff that you can

Caller: I might try that, just for the heck of it. You know what I mean?

Sherry: Yeah, I'd take a religious exemption, because in Leviticus it prohibits us from putting anything live into our bodies.
And you know, vaccines are nothing but one live virus after the next.

Caller: Yeah, oh - see I didnít know of this.

Sherry: Yes, and so you just take a religious ...

Caller: I didnít get it, but now I do. You know what I mean?

Sherry: They try to bully you, they try to say: Oh, your kids canít come to school unless they have the vaccines...I'm like, no, I
had them take a religious exemption, based on this Scripture, and thatís that. And they canít do anything else. They just try
to bully and intimidate you. You just have to stand your ground.

Caller: Oh well, Iím gonna do what I gotta do. Thatís the way I figure it. You know?

Sherry: Yeah, and you know what? They tried that out on the New York nurses, and they fought it, and they won.

Caller: [Gasp] did they, really!?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Oh, thatís encouraging! All right. I know my company loves me. They will do - I know they will stand on their heads to
keep me.

Sherry: There's nowhere in the Constitution where you can be forced to take a vaccine to get a job. Even in the military
where they try to bully and intimidate soldiers, they donít have to take those vaccines. I know soldiers who donít.

Caller: Really?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Well, maybe I won't lose my job. [laughs]

Sherry: You know, itís really a bully and intimidation technique, because they have no constitutional authority to stand on to
enforce it.

Caller: Well, Iím gonna try. And please, pray for me, please.

Sherry: Oh, I sure will!

Caller: I know these people would be upset, very upset. Thank you so much for your show.
Thank you so much.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Youíre welcome! Bye, bye.

Sherry: Bye, bye.

All right, Iím gonna bring another caller in.

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Are You Seeing Anything in Your Codes about Androids?

Sherry: Hello, caller! Youíre on the air.

Caller: Uh, yes, Sherry. Do you hear me?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: I was having just one question. Are you seeing anything in your codes about androids?

Sherry: Androids?

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Um, elaborate on that, because I could see different terms relating to...whatever - ...
Caller: Well, like artificial intelligence.

Sherry: Robotons, robotoids?

Caller: Yeah, but they have this technology that they can ...

Sherry: Yeah, I see robots. I see automatons. Yeah, I do. Basically chip-implanted clones, whatevers, robots. [laughs] Yeah, I
see Ďem.

Caller: And also, another thing, the old "V" series, the movie series, they both show that, you know, they have these "good
alien lizards."

Sherry: And they donít.

Caller: I donít think thereís such a thing. Once a lizard, always a lizard. Ainít it?

Sherry: Well, you know what? Thereís two beings. Thereís celestial beings and terrestrial. And the Bible says the glory of
the celestials is one, the glory of the terrestrials, another. The glory of the celestials, those are angelic beings, they are in
Heaven with the Most High. They live in the Highest Heaven with the Lord. Terrestrial beings were cast out of Heaven. They
live on our Moon, and our planets, in our first and second heavens, and they have had offspring of offspring of offspring,
these fallen angels had kids, and over the last several thousand years, to what weíre dealing with now is generation-long of
offspring of angels. They donít know who they are, you know. And they donít know the truth that their parents were kicked out
of Heaven and theyíre just the offspring of fallen angels. And so they donít know the truth. And so you have all these different
factions of what we call aliens in the space, because some are judged more harsh than others, some lost their looks where
others didnít, and theyíre all living together in what we call Satanís kingdom, the first and second heavens. And so they try to
act like, yeah, weíre friends, some of them will try to act like they're friends of Earth. But the problem with that, what the Lord
told me, they all have different agendas. And just because one alien faction hates the New World Order doesnít mean they
wouldnít come here to get rid of the New World Order just so they can implement their own agenda over Earth.

Caller: Okay, thank you from Texas.

Sherry: Okay, thanks a lot for calling in.

Uh, I probably blew him away. But [laughs] thatís really how Satanís kingdom runs. I could probably talk for an hour just on

What Do You Think about Poland? Is It a Safe Place?

Sherry: Hello, caller! Youíre on the air. - Hello! Hello, caller! - I can hear them on. [laughs] Hello, caller! - Hello, caller! - Yeah,
they probably hung their phone up, and "Iím gonna do something real quick."

Hello, caller!

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello!

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hi, youíre on the air with Sherry Shriner.

Caller: Yes, my name is Eva. And Iím native European, and I have a question.

Sherry: Okay.

Caller: Would it be - I am planning back to Europe, I am Polish, because what is going on here I am really scared with whatí
s going to be here. I am living in Las Vegas right now.

Sherry: Youíre from Poland?

Caller: What do you think about Poland? Is it a safe place?

Sherry: Well, I donít know what the Hebrew name for Poland is. I guess I'd have to look that up. Nothing directly, because I
really donít know what the name of the place is. If I had a name.

Caller: Name like town?

Sherry: No, the Hebrew name for Poland.

Caller: Oh, yes.

Sherry: I would be able to tell...'cause Greece is pretty straightforward, and not so much other countries. And so ...

Caller: But Europe doesnít look good either, right?

Sherry: You know what? Everything is gonna hit here first. So, whenever you see the USA go down. Prepare.

Caller: I'd rather die in my native country than here. [laughs]

Sherry: I think everything is gonna hit the US pretty bad first, and so I think everybody is gonna watch our demise and then it
will hit there. But I could be out on a limb saying that, but thatís what I believe. I believe we'll go down first.

Caller: So itís coming soon, right?

Sherry: Yeah. Just stay away from the vaccines.

Caller: Oh, definitely! Oh yes!

Sherry: You know, it doesnít matter what country youíre in, because I can see like Cuba and Panama getting these vaccines
in and being affected by them.

Caller: Poland is not communist anymore. So ...

Sherry: We are! [laughs]

Caller: Oh yeah, definitely! I came from communist to free country, and I have to go back now.

Sherry: Weíre fast becoming communist, weíre all gonna be heading to communist countries, because we would have more
freedom in communist countries than America does right now.

Caller: Okay, Sherry, thank you so much. I love you ...

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling. Iíll try to find out what the country name is for that and keep an eye on for you.

Caller: Oh, good! So I would call maybe next week or so ...or you will mention on the radio.

Sherry: Yeah. All right, well thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thank you so much! I love you so! And keep up with the good work. I love the orgone. I love it. I got it from you. They
are nice for protecting me. I can drive them, too, right, in my car?

Sherry: Oh, good! Oh, yeah, yeah. My sister swears by it. She says she gets out of tickets Ďcause she has orgone in her car.
Like: How does that happen? How do you get out of tickets just because you have orgone in your car? [laughs]

Caller: Iím going to fly with them, too. [laughs]

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: Sherry, thank you so much! I love you! Take care. Bye, bye.

Sherry: All right, thank you for calling in. Bye, bye.

[laughs] My friends in Canada always want me to keep an eye on Canada. And I often see Quebec in the codes. You know
what? Quebec is probably the main city in Canada thatís alien-infested, and so ...

Anyway, if you have a question for the show, folks, Iíve got just about five minutes remaining, at 245-5648 - thatís 877-245-
5648. You can also go to the main site at sherrytalkradio.com or blogtalkrado.com/sherrytalkradio. Iíll have to put that down
on my list to watch for Poland, because Iíve never really noticed it or paid attention. I see some of the other countries up that
I know.

The Codes Show that We Blocked Their Chemtrail Avalanche for the Month of March

One of the things I thought was interesting was seeing how we blocked their avalanche for the month of March. And
interesting, "preservation" comes up, and so - weíre preserving ourselves for a little while longer. Otherwise we probably
could have been completely wiped out. Interesting that we succeeded on blocking an avalanche. And more terms coming
up. Thereís "creature," and "pentagon." Iím gonna get into the - more talk about that next week.

Keep an Eye Out for Any Kind of Plagues and Outbreaks They're Not Reporting in the News

Sherry: Hello, caller! Youíre on the air. - Hello? - Hello, caller!
Sometimes I just donít think thereís connection at all.

Caller: Hello!

Sherry: Hello!

Caller: Hello! Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Itís Dottie again!

Sherry: Hey, Dottie!

Caller: Hi, I just hung up I figured I'd try back again. Itís free! Um, listen, you wanted me to look for something, keep my eye
open for something? You were getting to something but I cut you off. Iím sorry.

Sherry: Oh, just keep your eye open for zombies and vampires, and let us know.

Caller: Oh, definitely!

Sherry: Anything strange.

Caller: Anything strange, huh? ...

Sherry: Yeah, any kind of plagues and outbreaks that theyíre not reporting in the news media.

Caller: Oh, definitely! Yeah, because some of these people - I tell you this. One woman, sheís been in bed for two weeks
now. Two weeks!

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And before, she was getting around fine. I mean, even though she was old.

Sherry: Did she get the shot?

Caller: Yeah. I told her not to, you know.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: I mean, I canít say: You better not, but I can say: "Well, I read this, and I read that, and you know ..." Itís just they take
their doctorís word on it. You know what, the funny thought is, the doctors arenít even getting the shots.

Sherry: Yeah, theyíre not getting it, but they canít tell their patients not to, because they can get in trouble.

Caller: I know.

Sherry: They can lose their licenses, and so theyíre afraid to speak out.

Caller: They are. Theyíre really afraid. But you know what? Iím not. And it was really devastating to see these people get
these shots after I told them not to. I really felt bad, because - Iím thinking, oh my God, now I gotta watch these people get
sick, you know. And thatís the last thing I wanted to see. I feel like theyíre almost like my family, you know, my mom and my
dad. Oh, God, itís terrible to see this...

Sherry: All right, well, thanks for calling in. And like I said, let us know if you hear anything strange out there.

Caller: Oh, I will. Iíll probably see some weird things. Iím sure. - All right, you take care.

Sherry: All right, you too. Bye, bye.

Caller: Bye, bye.

Caller Sharing a Song?

Letís see, Iíve got this last caller on the air.

Sherry: Hello, caller!

[music playing]

Sherry: What is that? [laughs] - Hello? - Hello, caller! Youíre on the air.
I donít know what song that was, but apparently that was the point. [laughs] Call in and share a song with all of us. Some of
that's...some really good anti-New-World-Order songs out there.

Summary of Things Mentioned in Tonight's Show

Anyway, before the show ends - I just wanted to give you a heads up that, again, reiterating that we were successful in
blocking the avalanche for March, and self-preservation here. Also, phase six of public health level expected between thirty
and sixty days. And thatís basically from the Swine Flu, this HVV and HVZ, the vampire and zombie viruses, a phase six
expected within thirty to sixty days. And so weíre gonna start hearing a lot more about it. If anybody out there starts hearing
a lot of strange things, or seeing things thatís not on the news: Let me know. Send me an e-mail at sherrytalkradio@yahoo.
com, because this is just something that the Most High has just been hitting me with weeks to watch out for. And so now
some little pieces fitting the puzzle. And I tell you, we just got some scary stuff coming up, with the vampire and zombie virus.
We got Ebola, and we got leprosy. And these are all gonna be viral strains that no vaccine is just gonna take out. You can
bet, even with that upcoming ones, with the vampire and the zombies. The vaccines we have now will be ineffective. These
will be new viral mutated strands that nobody can knock out. And thatís why theyíre just gonna contain cities, once they hit
and start quarantining places and areas. And so youíre gonna see a lot of quarantines coming up. And the way to take them
out, folks: orgone water. Youíre not gonna kill them with a gun. You might get them with a machete, cut their heads off, but
the easiest way to kill them is with orgone water, making orgone water. Just get a bucket of water, soak an orgone muffin it
for about a day or two, and then use that water as protection.

Anyway, weíve got about a minute left of this show, yeah, 90 seconds, and so - thatís how you make orgone water. Go to my
website, sherryshriner.com or sherrytalkradio.com, and look at that page I have up on how to protect yourself in these and
the coming days. Iíve got medicines on there. Iíve got how to make orgone water on there. Iíve got the orgone on there,
Mylar blankets. Anything that the Lord leads me to, Iím putting on that page, and Iím gonna be keeping it updated as time

Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.