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And hello, folks, weíre live. Itís Monday night with Sherry Shriner, April 5th. So, if you have a question for the show, you can call in at

Going Back to "Aliens in the News" Radio Show on Thursday Afternoons

I spent a lot of time this week just going over various things. As far as Thursday nights go Iím thinking of going back to my - a
couple years ago, several years ago, I had a show called "Aliens in the News", I started doing in the afternoons, and I did it for a
couple of weeks, and just had a fallout with the people that were producing the show, that were holding the network. And so - I think
Iím gonna resurrect that show and start doing "Aliens in the News" on Thursday afternoons. I no longer have that website. I wish I
did. <laughs> But Iím gonna go back to that. Itís been on my mind lately, and so I think thatís really what Iím gonna do, go back to
"Aliens in the News". So you can catch it on Thursdays at 1 oíclock Eastern time, 10:00 a.m. Pacific, and whatever country youíre
in, you have to go to Time Zone [WorldTimeZone.com] or somewhere and figure out what time that comes on for you, depending
on what country youíre in.

Bible Codes Reveal that Alex Jones Is Helping the New Age Alien Agenda

I spent some time on Alex Jonesís code this week because I stumbled on that picture - Iím sure I didn't stumble on it - I am sure the
Lord brought my attention to it - of Alex Jones giving the Satan sign with his hands. I always get questions about Alex Jones. And
you know what? I never have much to say about it. I have two things to say about him. One: He does have a lot of good New World
Order info, and Two: William Cooper warned about him before he died, said he was a snake. And so - now that Iíve seen it myself
with his own hand gestures, we know which agenda heís serving. And I find it interesting that one of the things I always see in his
codes is the term co-agitator which also means he is a helper, an aide, an assistant. Heís an instrumentalist, heís a helper, heís a
cooperative. And exactly what is he helping and assisting? Itís the New Age alien agenda, folks. Because not far from him, youíll
always see Maitreya and that whole alien agenda Iíve been warning about for years now. And heís simply one of them, heís just
another White Knight journalist. Of course, heís gonna reveal info about the New World Order. Thatís what they do. They stand up
as their great opponents like Ron Paul did. And everybody thought Ron Paul was gonna be a real instrument for change in this
country and get us back to the Constitution. And he just works the same alien agenda as all these others. And so, not much of a
surprise, but better for people to know ahead of time, so that when the alien agenda does start ruling about in full force, theyíll
understand why heís promoting it and why they should stay away from Alex Jones. <laughs>


Iíve got a - questions calling in, my switchboard already lighting up. Letís see what some of these listeners have on their minds.

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Just Called to Hear Your Voice - You're a Blessing

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. - Hello, caller! - All right, theyíre gone. - Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Yeah. Is this Sherry?

Sherry: Yes, it is.

Caller: What's up? This is Eric. Nice to meet you. Hey, don't even trip. God bless you. You spoke from the Lord, dude. Got nothin' to
say, just called to hear your voice. Youíre a blessing. Peace out.

Sherry: Where are you calling from?

Caller: This is Eric Chapman, just so everybody knows.

Ready to Destroy the Enemy

Sherry: Where are you calling from?

Caller: Oh, Ohio.

Sherry: Oh, youíre from Ohio. Okay.

Caller: Yeah, I was chased out here from California. Iíve got - Illuminati's all over me. But it's all good.

Sherry: Oh, they're all over the place.

Caller: All right. Yeah... Had night terrors since I was born. Iím about to go in every room, you know what I mean, and just destroy
them all. So donít trip.

Sherry: Right, you know, just orgone your house or anoint your house with oils.

Caller: Thatís right. ...I am orgoned, donít trip.

Sherry: <laughs>

Caller: Going down. Weíre done with it. You don't even have to worry about it. Everybody is gonna see real soon. But I gotta go.

Sherry: <laughs> All right, you take care and thanks for calling in.

Caller: God bless you. All right, peace.

Sherry: Bye.

<laughs> Letís see if weíve got another caller on air.

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. - Heís gone.

I donít know where half of them go. They just disappear, and so ... <laughs>

If you have a question for the show: 877-245-5648. I get that all the time: "Is this really Sherry?" I get that in chat rooms or - even
when Iím on the air. And so, yes, this is really Sherry Shriner. And itís Monday night live.

Iíve been doing the - been on the air now since 2004, Started towards the - I think September some time in 2004 was my first
show. And then in 2005 I was off the air for a little while because I was homeless and going through numerous attacks. And so, it's
been on since then, folks.

Having Fun with Orgone

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry. Itís Dotty.

Sherry: Hey, Dotty!

Caller: How are you doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Oh, good! You know, this week, my orgone that I ordered from you had come in. And I really appreciate you slipped me an
extra one. Thank you very much for that.

<both laugh>

Caller: I noticed that. Hey, but the fun part was... <laughs> Oh, I got the biggest kick. I put it all in the yard. And usually my backyard
looks like a fish net, you know, they use off the boats. Well, I got there and I watched them just slowly disappear. They must have
been scratching their heads saying, What, I just did that! What happened? It was great! I love this. It was wonderful. So, I just
wanted to let you know about that.

They're Creating Clones from the Bones of Giants

And also, I was watching a program about the the giants. There was - I think his name was Quayle - He had mentioned that he
spoke with people that had found the bones of the giants in the cave. And they were soldiers. And what happened was they took
the bones, and they took the DNA from the bones, and they started creating these clones. Apparently thatís gonna start coming up,

Sherry: Oh yeah, they clone everything they find. Even Adam prophesied that they would find his body in the last days and plunder
it. And, of course, you canít plunder, literally plunder bones, but what he meant was take his DNA. And so, very interesting.

Do You Know Anything about the Tzit-Tzit?

Caller: Yeah, Iím starting to put some pieces together, you know. I wanted to ask you a question about tzit-tzit, because tomorrow is
Passover. And this will be the first Passover that Iím actually doing. And Iím really grateful that you put the right date on there
because I had all these dates rolling around from different websites.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: And if you talk to Jewish people, they have a different day, you know.

Sherry: Yeah. <laughs>

Caller: So, it gets a little confusing, especially when you do want to do the right thing. Iím thankful that you put that up there. Do you
know anything about the tzit-tzit because I was reading - Is it the Shema where youíre supposed to say this special prayer? Do you
know anything about that?

Sherry: No, not the Shema prayer. Most people, for Passover - Youíre talking about celebrating Passover?

Caller: Well, no, this is a different topic. They put the tzit-tzits on the corners of their garments. Did you ever read anything about

Sherry: The ancient priests? They had the breastplates, they had the jewels, they had everything. I mean, thatís a lot of studying - it's
a lot of the past of what Israel - the Levites - actually wear in their role in the Temples.

Caller: Oh. I thought it was a command, what I had read. I thought it was in Numbers 47 or something like that, saying that He gave
a command for the people to wear tzit-tzits, because some Jewish people do wear that, and Messianics. I've gone into a couple of
places, and they actually did have them on. I was just wondering if that really applies to us today.

Sherry: I donít wear it. I live on a hill. <both laugh> I live on a hill. Pretty much isolated. I'm not anywhere near a Jewish temple. The
only one out this way, said I wouldnít be welcome there. Uh, yeah, I wouldnít know.

Caller: Okay. And what about head coverings? Do you hear a lot about head coverings, too?

Sherry: Uh, no. ... this ancient ...

Caller: ... the things, you know.

Sherry: Itís ancient practices and rituals. I mean, if you wanna go into temples and churches and go into legalism. When you live like
most of the Warriors do today, and youíre just surrounded by serpent seed, or youíre isolated somewhere, you just go by the Spirit
of the law and not the letter of the law.

I Was Upset to Find Out that I Hadn't Been Using God's Real Name

Caller: Okay. Could I, you know, when I first found out about the Name. I was really upset about it. I mean, I cried for three days,
because all the time Iím thinking Iím worshiping the true God and Iím using His name. And all the while, I thought, oh my God, all
these years, you know. I felt - I was really upset about it.

Sherry: Yeah, you know, He knows your heart, and He knows that youíre calling Him. When youíre a child or a young Christian, you
called out to Jesus, He answered you, He was listening to your prayers. But now that you know His real name, thatís the one we
should be using.

Caller: Yeah, and I warn people about that, too.

Sherry: Yeah, because these same die-hard legalists...

Caller: I'd say, Now that you know the name...Iím telling you the name,...

Sherry: Yeah, these same legalists will say Acts 4:12, they'll quote Acts 4:12, "Neither is there salvation in any other..." And they
quote his name, Jesus Christ. ...no salvation in any other name but Jesus Christ. Thatís not even His real name! So what about
these legalist protestants who are claiming we canít be saved by any other name than Jesus Christ, because thatís not His real
name. His real name is Yahushua.

I Thought Sabbath Started on a Friday Night

Caller: Thatís right. And I try to tell them. Like thereís a friend Iíve been trying to tell her, you know, we are commanded. It's a
COMMAND, we are told to we are not to work on the Sabbath. Now, I didnít -- the Sabbath was like a gray, fuzzy area. I thought it
started on a Friday night. But everywhere I went there was different information. Now, I didnít get the real story 'til I stumbled on
YOUR site, okay.

Sherry: Yeah, Ďcause Iíve been there, done that. I was going by the night thing to the night thing, and the Lord pulled me out of it,
because He is a God of the day, and not the God of the night. And day starts at the day, at the sunrise. It doesnít start at night. And
so, everything has been so misconstrued amongst the Jews themselves, because theyíve been in so many captivities, theyíve lost
a lot of their earlier teachings they had. And thatís why I go back to the Qumran calendar. It just feels right to me. It was the original
calendar God gave to Enoch. Because when they were in Babylonian captivity, they changed their own calendar times. And so, I go
way before, because - you know what Yahushua has told me: "If you want to know the truth, youíve got to go back to the beginning."
And thatís where itís been.

Caller: For me, or someone whoís not all that intelligent, it takes a lot of hours of reading and, you know - when I found your website,
I was like: "Really? All this time!", you know.
Sherry: <laughs> Yeah, Iíve spent all that hours and research already.

Did You Say You Can Use Orgone to Change and Purify Large Bodies of Water?

Caller: Oh, God! And then when you really find the truth, youíre like: "Finally I can do the right thing!", you know. -- Oh, the other thing
with the orgone: I am sleeping better at night now. I'm sleeping much better.

Sherry: Yeah, youíll sleep like a baby. Just put it under your bed. I like having it outside my bedroom windows, and I just like having
it everywhere.

Caller: And you know what? Iím wondering: You said you can put them in huge bodies of water to change the water, to purify the
water. Is that what you said? When you throw them into the lakes and stuff like that?

Sherry: The reason I like putting it in water is because the clouds draw up the moisture, and then they rain it back down on Earth.
So itís raining orgone. <laughs> As far as making holy water, or this orgone water, you just put it in a bucket or a barrel or whatever
you have and let it saturate for a couple of days in that, and youíve got orgone water. Orgone itself doesnít necessarily purify water.
Itís not gonna purify enough for you to drink it. Otherwise I would through a whole ton of it in my well.

< both laugh>

Sherry: But those are the reasons I use orgone in water, simply to make orgone water, because then it will burn fourth-dimensional
beings, because bullets arenít gonna kill Ďem, but orgone water will. And also so the clouds draw up the moisture and rain orgone
back down onto Earth.

Caller: Well, I better let you go. Iím talking up the whole show. But thank you so much.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in, Dotty. Bye.

Caller: All right, ..., bye-bye.

The Orgone You Sent Makes Me Feel Great, Very Positive and Clean

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello! Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Hi, Sherry! Itís Jessica.

Sherry: Hello, Jessica!

Caller: Hi, how are you?

Sherry: Good.

Caller: Yeah, Iím calling, you know, from Rhode Island, just like Dotty.

<both laugh> Iím so happy that I got the orgone today. It works amazing. Iím wearing the pendant right now. I feel great. I feel very
positive. I feel clean, you know.

Sherry: Yeah, I love pendants.

Caller: Yeah, Itís amazing, you know. You know, today, I walked around my bag, you know, to try to keep it from my mom. I didn't
want her to see this, you know, walking around the city, throwing the orgone everywhere. I just feel like - wow, I canít wait to see the
results. I donít know it itís working right now, or if itís going to take a while, you know. What do you think, Sherry?

Sherry: Oh, I figured - for me, it normally takes a couple of days, and other people it works instantly. And so it really just depends on
how Yah cranks it up.

Caller: Wow! Yeah, Iím just so happy that you gave me that extra orgone today, you know. It was just laying there on my desk, and I
just opened it up and it was like: "Oh, my God, thereís more orgone!" <both laugh> I was so happy. You know, ... Thank you so
much, Sherry, because previously, I mean a couple of minutes before I came into the house I just started crying. I was just thinking
about everything that was going on. And it just all got to me. I just was thinking: "Oh my gosh, whatís going to happen with this
planet? Whatís going to happen with the giants, the greys, everything." I just get so scared sometimes of the future, and I just -
everything just came out. And I just came inside the house, and I saw the package...I was like "Oh yes, it made it!" I was so happy.
That frown turned upside down, you know. < both laugh> I was so happy.

Sherry: Yeah, it does get overwhelming, everything thatís coming up. But we have no fear, you know. Just stay faithful in the Lord,
and let Him lead and guide us, and He will take care of us.

Why Have So Many Chemtrail Planes Passed over My House Since I Put Orgone Around Today?

Caller: Yes, thanks. You know what also? I have a question about the chemtrail airplanes. Ever since I put orgone around today,
there's been so many that have passed over my house. And I donít know if itís because - if they know who I am, like - or they know
that Iím putting orgone - It's just Iíve never seen so many airplanes flying over my house, spreading these chemicals around. Iíve just
seen at least thirty today. Iím not even exaggerating.

Sherry: They just appear out of thin air, because theyíre fourth-dimensional drones. Thatís what they are.

Caller: Okay, yeah.

Sherry: Theyíre not literally from the -- some are, some are Air Force and Navy planes, but a lot of what we deal with are just
drones, theyíre alien drones. When I see Ďem, I ask the Lord to crash Ďem.

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: Or I ask Him to make them lose their cloaking so people can see what it actually is, because theyíre cloaked as white
airplanes. And I just have some fun. I usually just ask the Lord to crash them, and burn them, and, you know, whatever comes to
mind, you know. Itís definitely a war, because weíve found the one thing that can defeat chemtrails, and thatís these little orgone
pucks. So itís a war, and theyíre trying to poison the people that are placing the pucks out there. Theyíre trying to make them sick.
But the Lord protects us from that.

When I Wore My Pendant, People That Were Around Me Didn't Want to Be Around Me Anymore

Caller: Yes. I noticed that ever since I wore my pendant, when I went to school, so many people that were around me - they didnít
want to be around me anymore. All this negativity - it just went away. Everybody was like: Wow, I donít wanna be near her. They
were talking so much junk about me. And I was just like: Hey!, you know.

Sherry: That's because the spirits in them recognize who and what it is.

Caller: And you know, itís so hilarious, too. There was some girl that made fun of me today. And as soon as I looked at her with
those eyes, she tripped on the street. I was like: Wow, this thing really works! <laughs> I was like: Wow, see! Youíre gonna talk
about me, saying all this mean stuff, and I was gonna come all back to you, you know. It was hilarious. I donít know, I just love the
orgone. I canít wait to buy more. Can't wait to buy.
Sherry: You know, Iíd send it out. Iím just so afraid youíre not gonna get it, you know. Last time I sent you some, you didnít get it. You

My Mom Said the Orgone Was Making Her Cry and Making Her Burn

Caller: It was horrible. The experience I had last time, when my mom looked at the package. She was like: "This is poison. Get this
out of the house. If you donít get this out of the house, Iím gonna call the cops. I bet thereís a bomb in here." I was like: Oh, my gosh!
Whyíre you so against this? And she was like: "This is making my cry. This is making me burn." And I was like: This isn't her, this is
like the demon talking inside of her. And you know, ever since I noticed -- when my mom became a CNA [Certified Nursing
Assistant], she like her eyes - um, they kind of changed now. They look like reptilian eyes like this - I donít know how to call that little
black thing in the middle. What is it called?

Sherry: The pupil.

Caller: Yeah, the pupil. <laughs> It changes now. Itís very tiny like a catís pupil. But ever since I brought the orgone today, it went
away, completely. My parents havenít argued today. My dad actually took me out shopping for the first time in years, you know. Me
and my dad donít really talk that much. It was just amazing what happened today. My parents didnít even argue once today.

Sherry: Right. You know, it just gets rid of all the evil entities that hang out in your homes. And evil does not like being where itís at,
and so ...

Caller: Yeah, and - I donít know, itís just like my house feels so clean, I just...you know. It's just so much better in here. You know.

Sherry: Thatís good to hear, and thanks for calling in.

Caller: Youíre welcome, Sherry. You know, I donít wanna hog the line, like Dotty, you know. Both of us, we're probably hogging the
line. Other callers wanna hear.

Sherry: Oh, I've got room on the...

<both laugh>

Sherry: All right, love you, and thank you for calling in.

Caller: Youíre welcome, Sherry. Bye-bye

Sherry: Bye-bye.

We've Got Plagues and All Kinds of Things Coming

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. -- Hello, caller! -- Hello, caller! -- And heís not there. Let's try somebody else. -- Hello, caller,
youíre on the air. -- Hello? -- All right, letís...

If you have a question for the show, folks, call in at 877-245-5648.

Hello caller, youíre on the air. -- Hello? -- I think people get tired of waiting, and they answered the other lines or something.
<laughs> And then by the time I get to them, theyíre no longer there. -- Hello? -- Yes, see I donít know what happens to them. I think
we have a civilization thatís just all ADD [Attention Deficit Disorder] <laughs> If you don't answer right when they call, they just go do
something else, go fix them a sandwich, a cup of coffee. Iím not gonna wait around that long, folks.

Anyway, if you have a question: 877-245-5648.

Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Hey, howíre you doing? Um, Been really interesting. I was turned onto your show by the Most High and been working at it
ever since, making orgone and -- I just wanted to give you a heads up: I made seven giant golden bowls, and this was just recently. I
didnít really realize what I was doing at the time. I prayed for gold, and somebody got me powdered gold, and delivered it to my
house in two days after I prayed for it. And after I poured the last bowl, very big mixing bowls, my spirit went off and said something
about Revelation 16. And I went and read it. We got plagues coming.

Sherry: Oh, I know. Iíve been warning about íem.

Caller: And things really changed in the sky above me when I poured the seventh bowl.

Sherry: <laughs> Yeah.

Caller: I just wanted to give you a heads up, because we got all kinds of things coming.

Sherry: I know. And theyíre not good.

Caller: Well, they are. I mean, thereís nothing to be afraid of. Thatís one of the things...

Sherry: We donít have anything to be afraid of. But when you work in this stuff day and night, day and night, itís sometimes -- all I
can do to just, you know, ...

Caller: ... Theyíve sent everything at me. I mean, and when they realized they couldnít get to me, they sent guys after my wife. Itís
been a nightmare.

In the Sky Above My House, All the Ships Are Turning Orange from the Orgone

Sherry: Whereíre you calling from?

Caller: Out in California .

Sherry: Yeah. -- You donít feel the Lord leading you to get out of that state yet? <laughs>

Caller: You know what? He wants me exactly where I am.

Sherry: All right.

Caller: I mean, I know that Iím gonna be okay. But most of the state isnít. Iím in a really good spot.

Sherry: Yeah. I know thereís a lot of Warriors out there, and a lot of orgone Warriors out there. And theyíre there for a reason, and
so - others the Lord told to leave the state, and others He has sitting there and to do His work.

Caller: Well, yeah, Iíve gotten a huge area here, and theyíre pretty mad right now, because...

Sherry: <laughs>

Caller: I mean, actually, theyíre really mad. Itís funny. They...

Sherry: I canít think of any bad place to get in California , they'll all be good. Even with getting up in the mountains and tossing it,
because thereíre so many bases in those mountains all over California.

Caller: Oh, no doubt. I mean, when you look up in the sky above my house, itís just incredible. Theyíre all turning orange and thereís
hundreds of mother ships over this area where Iím at.

Sherry: Oh yeah. My kids point them out at night. My kids. And adults donít see this stuff?

Caller: You know, one night, I was talking to my wife, and I walk outside, because - tragically - everybody things Iím nuts, you know,
and theyíre all nuts.

Sherry: [unclear], yeah.

Caller: Yeah, exactly. And I go outside and look up -- and you know how they blink. Thereís three different colors lights, they got the
red, the green, and the blue. And thatís what makes the color spectrum. So thatís what makes them look like stars. Well, they lost
their function on two of the lights. So one star is up in the sky, bright red! I call her up, I'm all, Look up in the sky! Right after Iím
talking to her, she sees it and then it just turns its light off. I started laughing. But hey, you have a great...

Sherry: They used to flash me all the time like that. I used to walk outside and they'd flash their red light and then turn it off, and...

Caller: Yeah. Theyíre jokers. Theyíre all going down. And itís going down very soon.

Sherry: Oh yeah!

I Changed My Prayers - Praying for Father's Wrath on the Wicked

Caller: I know Father, Heís been really coming into my spirit lately, telling me: Hey, you know, because I changed my prayers. And I
hate to do that, but I mean, Iíve been praying for His wrath on the wicked it lately. And, you know, they deserve it.

Sherry: They do. And itís very biblical.

Caller: You know, and when I changed my prayers, I mean, He started showing me that itís -- letís put it this way: I actually prayed for
Yellowstone to go off. Next thing you know there were a couple of big earthquakes up there. And there was 3.0s, two of them in two
days. So, you know what? Iím done. I donít wanna play around any more. I want this to get going.

Sherry: <laughs>

Caller: You know, so - hey, thanks for everything. You know, you have been a Godsend, and youíre the one He led me to that put me
on the right path. And I just wanted to say thanks. God bless.

Sherry: Oh, youíre welcome. Praise the Lord, you know. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Youíre welcome, Maíam. Bye-bye.

Sherry: All right, bye-bye.

How Wide of an Area Will the Orgone Pucks Cover?

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Hi, okay, I didnít.... Yeah, this is Sharon. I just got through making some bucket blasters today, and Iím getting ready to
put íem out, because Iíve been seeing a lot of the -- it seems like you look up the night sky, and Iím just totally ringed by these idiots.
And I just wanna see them turn orange and crash.

Sherry: <laughs>

Caller: The question I do have is: From my home base -- Whatís the radius, frequencies, to put the pucks out? Whatís the area that
theyíre good to cover? I mean, I donít...

Sherry: If youíre in open air, one puck should cover a mile. When weíre talking our own areas, I get them everywhere. You know, I
just -- When Iím out doing missions, if Iím out driving across state [unclear] Iím gonna throw one every mile. But if Iím out covering a
city, Iím gonna throw one every other block, you know. It really depends on the area. And just ask the Lord to guide you to where to
put them. Even in my own house, my place here on top of the hill, I got six bucket blasters here.

Caller: Yeah, Iím gonna put one at least here, because I noticed when I finished making them, you know, they were still -- you know,
finished cooking, a lot of the trails were starting to disappear.

Sherry: Oh, they wonít even come over my house. They will not fly over my house. They stay way off in the distances, away from me.
I donít know if itís the bucket blasters or what, but they wonít fly directly over my house.

Caller: Okay. Now, now close do I have to be to a radio tower? You know, the ELF towers.

Sherry: You know what? Even if you get it within 500 feet of the thing, because I donít advocate walking up to the things unless
thereís nobody there. Most of them are fenced in or theyíre behind buildings, and things like that.

Caller: I throw a lot over the fence.

Sherry: And you donít want people finding them, workers finding them and getting rid of them. Just toss them to where theyíre in
proximity of the tower. You know, a hundred feet is fine.

Caller: Yeah, these are in the fields. So I could just like pull over to the side and lob it in like a grenade.

Sherry: Yeah, just throw it in. Yeah. Because, you know what? When theyíre in the field, that bucket, that puck is gonna have a half
mile to a mile radius.

Caller: Good, good. All right.

Sherry: And you know what? I just bombard them with a couple of pucks and go, you know.

Caller: Yeah, okay. Because I just didnít know how far out to go and I got a lot area to cover. So I gotta get makin' more. Okay, Iím
gonna let you go, let other callers come in. God bless you. And keep up the good work.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Okay, thank you. Bye-bye.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

Wondering About the Sequence of the Seals, Trumps and Bowls in the Book of Revelation

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. -- Hello.

Caller: Hello.

Sherry: Hey, whereíre you calling from?

Caller: Canada.

Sherry: Canada! Howíre you doing out there today?

Caller: Iím really good. Howíre you?

Sherry: Iím doing good. Whatís on your mind?

Caller: I was just wondering -- the sequence of the Book of Revelation. Did you feel that itís the seals first, and then the trumps, and
then the bowls? Or do you think theyíre sort of like a consecutive with one another?

Sherry: Well, you know what? Thatís what they say. But if you look at the writing, if weíre supposed to take the writing as real, as
legit, then the 6th seal thereís silence, and then the opening of the tru - the next judgment - the trumpets, and then the 7th one
signifies the opening of the bowls. So they all kind of lead into each other like consecutives, like first the seals, and then the
trumpets, and then the bowls. Other people look at it as, they just all overlap the entire period.

Caller: Yeah, it just seems such a devastating affect all of them, it just seems like they were kind of one after the other. Itís almost
incomprehensible that would happen on Earth. I just see a lot of similarities between the 6th seal, the 7th trump, the 7th bowl. They
seem to be, you know, hail and earthquakes, and the nations falling. They all seem to be very similar. Have you ever noticed that at
all? Or...

Sherry: Well, we've even got -- What are they called? -- the Revelation chapter 6 or 7, the trumpets, er, no, uh. One of these -- the
whole slew of judgments that John wasnít even allowed to write down.

Caller: Yeah, yeah.

Sherry: And so you know which ones Iím talking about. You know, I think that they go in succession, because if you look at the
trumpets and the bowls, those are judgments on the wicked. Those are purely on the wicked where the first six seals are kind of
like the introduction to the whole seven-year period, the whole affliction time. And so weíve got the four horsemen in the
apocalypse, and then youíve got the...martial law, the souls of the martyrs under the Altar, and you have this huge earthquake. And
then from that point on, itís literally just Godís judgment and wrath on Earth. And so He doesnít have His wrath on Earth the first six.

Caller: And the bride will be protected at that time, the true bride.

It's Depressing and Overwhelming to Be Around Deluded Christians

Sherry: I do believe - well, the true bride - you wonder where mostly everybody is. Itís under the Altar, souls under the Altar, 5th seal.
They all think theyíre gonna be raptured, and here there are: martyrs. Theyíre dead.

Caller: Yeah. You know, when Iím around Christians in the church and whatnot - I pulled out of that, because I just feel that itís
desecrating God's Sabbath. Iím looking - Iím just seeing like atrocities and Iím seeing things I wouldnít even wanna reiterate out of
the Book of Lamentations. Iím like - the majority of this group, Iíd say 90% plus, are headed towards the great tribulation, and they
actually believe -- well, they actually donít even know what they believe, because they donít understand the Bible. But itís like, you
know, when I read the Book of Lamentations, it appears to be the church in the tribulation. You know, itís too much to get into now
over the phone, but itís like - the delusion, that the body of Christ - itís just so depressing and overwhelming. I canít even be around
those Christians. Itís so scary. Unless you're giving your whole life to the Lord. Youíre not gonna make it through this. Itís so ...

Sherry: Youíre gonna go through the testing. And thatís exactly what it is. The Lord allows it to test our faith. And those who are His
now, and being able to hear Him now, are already being tested. So weíve already been tested. Weíve already been brought to the
fire in test, you know. And so Iíd rather be tested now - with all these attacks and everything I go through constantly, on a daily basis
- than be tested later. Because He already knows where my faith is; rock solid in Him. And so itís these, the ones thatíve already
been tested, that Heíll take before all that happens. Thereís only a 144,000 He finds on the Earth. And the others, the church, will go
through the martial law and the persecutions that are coming, because they werenít listening to Him and preparing ahead of time.
They were following the false shepherds. And the false shepherds are Satan freaks, there to put the church people asleep, so they
have no idea whatís coming. Theyíre all waiting for a rapture right out of here.

Caller: Iíve one more question for you: You know, I see pastors, and theyíre just so lost, and theyíre so blind. Do you think that
theyíre under spirits, or theyíre just being not educated, theyíre in the wrong place at the wrong time, like they canít all be evil. Like
is it a spiritual...

Sherry: I think thereís a mixture everywhere. I see some good men that are just ignorant, and some that are just outright deceived,
plain deceived, put their faith in seminaries they taught them. And then you just have your outright wolves who purposely lead
people astray, which are the ones leading the megachurches today.

What the Lord's Showing Me About How to Catch People's Attention

Caller: Wow! So, if I was just to leave with one comment. This is what the Lordís showing me about how to catch peopleís attention,
or if youíve only got a few minutes with somebody that is a churchgoer, I say: "Read the Book of Songs, and you have to admit,
youíre not a Shulamite, youíre not out in the middle of the night searching Him, youíre not lovesick, so then you must be a daughter
of Jerusalem." So then I take them to the Book of Lamentations, or to the beginning of Isaiah, and say: "If you want to understand
what happens to the daughters of Zion and the daughters of Jerusalem, well, you know, go to Songs, you believe thatís about the
bride, thatís us. So if you donít get your head right and soldier for the Lord, Heís not gonna protect you. And this is where youíre
gonna end up. Youíre gonna end up in Isaiah 3, 4, 5, as a daughter, and youíre gonna end up in the Book of Lamentations." What
do you think about that statement?

Sherry: I think you just need to make it simple for people, because most people will probably be looking at you: What is
Lamentations? Whoís Isaiah?

Caller: Oh, my God!! <laughs>

Sherry: <laughs> They donít know the Bible. People today do not know the Bible. And so, you just make it simple for them. Just
make it simple. And you sound like you have. You sound like somebody itís really easy to listen to.

Caller: Do you think that itís a spiritual thing that people canít get woken up like theyíre actually under spirits, or do you think that
they just donít love the Lord like Iím desperate to try to understand how...

Sherry: Some people really do love the Lord, and theyíre still in deceptions. And what the Lord told me about that is that - if we
donít go to Him direct and ask Him for the truth in all things, He allows us to fall into deceptions. So even in my days where Iíve
gone in and out of churches and in and out of wrong beliefs and deceptions, it wasnít because I didnít love the Lord, it was because
I wasnít seeking Him direct. And so He allowed me to get pulled into the wrong things. And so thatís why my mantra, if I had any on
this show or my entire ministry, has always been to seek the Lord for the truth in all things. Seek Him direct.

Caller: Yeah, you know, what I donít really stand by any prophet or their words or anything like that - One thing Iíll stand by, when it
comes to someone speaking for the Lord, if theyíre turning me back to the Bible, and if theyíre telling me to go to the Lord, instead
of trying to say: Listen to me or whatever. So I verify you on that fact. You're constantly putting, you know people towards the word,
and youíre saying, you know, like pull out of all this, and actually seek Him in the wilderness, because thatís what did it for me. I
started thinking, you know, people always try to put this on me. Youíre backslidden, youíre not going to church, youíre not part of the
body of Christ, you donít understand unity, youíre not better than us, and all this. And I fought with it for like a year and the Lord
actually ended up chastising me in a physical realm. I wonít get into it now, but it caused me to be bedridden for a year, and I saw
Him for that year, in suffering and pain and just cried out for more revelation. And when I got outside of the church, I finally started to
see all these crazy things that the Bible actually was saying, and I just wasn't listening to this mantra and it lulled me to sleep, and so
amen for you. I just stand in agreement with you to seek Yah as the only way, than to be caught up in this box, youíre under spirits
and youíre control and youíre on the way to the tribulation. So bless you, Sherry, and you confirm lots of things I was seeing about
locusts and many, many other things, and opened my mind for some things that happened to me. So bless you.

Sherry: Well, thank you. Praise the Lord, and thanks for calling in.

Caller: Okay, thank you.

Sherry: All right, bye-bye.

The Lord Told Me to Lead His People Back to HIM, Not to My Books, Websites, or Radio Shows

If you have a question for the show, folks, 877-245-5648. You know, the Lord told me: "You lead my people back to me." He
doesnít say to lead them to one of my books, or one of my websites, or one of my radio shows. He said: "Lead my people back to
me." And thatís what Iíve been doing for years, and anybody who says that theyíre a mouthpiece or a follower of the Most High
would lead you to Him, and not the book of the month, not the video of the month. <laughs> Thatís a surefire way of separating the
wheat and the chaff. And I have many websites that I put up, and I donít personally advertise them. The Lord just takes people to
them. He uses them as instruments of Him. And so to teach and lead people what He wants them to learn and hear and see. To
me, those are just His instruments to use for people.

You know, I donít take any kind of glory or anything on myself. Thereís nothing about me thatís special. Thereís nothing about me at
all. Itís all about Him, itís Him. And you know what? No matter how much you love the Lord, if you donít seek Him for the truth in all
things and ask Him direct - because He is the door, and weíre supposed to knock on the door, knock on Him - then He allows us to
fall into deceptions and errors. And youíll see it with the best of those who call themselves worshippers and believers and
Christians of the Most High falling into the biggest deceptions, because theyíre seeking man, theyíre seeking religion, theyíre
seeking their own interpretation and understandings. Theyíre not asking Him.

Churches Don't Teach People How to Have a One-on-One Relationship with the Most High God

And one of the biggest hang-ups at our churches today is they donít teach people how to hear the Most High. They donít teach
people how to hear the voice of the Lord. They donít teach you how to build that one-on-one and personal relationship with Him.
They donít teach you that. You know, you go and you learn how put on a whole armor of warfare, yeah and they quote Ephesians up
and down. And you know what? Theyíre always singing about being warriors for the Lord, but they donít teach you how to really
become one. And especially how to build just a one-on-one relationship with the Most High. They just sit at His feet. And what He
does is, Heís gonna take you out of the religions youíre in, out of the churches youíre in, and put you in the proverbial wilderness
with Him to where youíre just learning from Him direct, where you just sit at His feet and learn the ways He works, and learn the way
He speaks, and Heíll teach you direct.

Ask Yah Every Day for the Truth in All Things and to Teach You How to Hear Him

And so, you know, just every day, every day ask Him for the truth in all things. Ask Him to reveal that to you. And ask Him to teach
you how to hear Him, how to understand when itís Him. I often describe one of the ways He gets your attention, is it'll be a nagging
for you to do something. Itís almost like a nagging, something thatís hit your spirit: Oh, I should put that website up, I should do this, I
should do that. And that nagging comes for a long time for you to do something, and you donít do it, and then the nagging goes
away. It stops. And then, later, it comes back. <laughs> Because Heís trying to get your attention. And thatís Him. Thatís His
nagging, thatís His Spirit leading you to do something that He wants you to do. And so you'll recognize that because itíll be almost
like a nagging, and then it goes away, and you have nothing but peace. And then that certain thing comes right back at you a little
while later. Or you understand, you learn how to hear His small voice in your spirit.

Do I Have Network Spies Sitting In, Listening to the Show?

I donít know if these people have questions for the show or if theyíre just people on the network that are sitting in, listening to the
show. <laughs>

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. -- Yeah, see, they sit there. So I donít know if theyíre network spies. <laughs> Or if theyíre
gonna call in for a question. I donít mind... <laughs>

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

I just find it amusing that these ... - Hello! - ... these people just sit on the air and they just sit there. I donít know. Theyíre not patched
in to talk to me. So, interesting - I just hang up on them. <laughs>

Black Plague's Been Coming Up in the Codes a Lot Lately So Be Prepared

Another thing, folks, what Iíve seen coming up a lot in the codes lately: Black Plague. Iíve been warning about that. And I got
confirmation of it in codes that the Black Plague is coming. I was doing Alex Jonesís code, and I saw it in Alex Jonesís code, and I
was like, ugh. I hate it when Iím right, so I havenít been too wrong either, and so - Black Plague is coming up. Especially in the
Midwest region you need to get prepared, folks. Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, this whole region, we need to
be prepared for Black Blague. And the way you do that is start loading up on the MMS [Miracle Mineral Supplement] and thievesí
oil, the medieval oil, thievesí oil. And so I have that on my website, sherryshriner.com/protection.htm, that one web page that I put
up running on different ways to protect yourself. And so, you need to be going to that page and finding out, because itís this thievesí
oil and MMS that will protect you from the plagues that are coming.

What Is Your Outlook for the Next Presidential Race?

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Hello, my name is Robert, Iím from Brooklyn, New York.

Sherry: Hey, New York.

Caller: Yes. I would like to know: What is your outlook for like the next presidential race? Do you think we might go to a next
presidential race?

Sherry: No, I really donít think so. I would be surprised if Obama gets out of this. But Iím still seeing Hillary. You know, in 2000, I said
Hillary Clinton would be the president, our last president. And even though it is Obama right now, Iím still seeing her. They even
have their own plans of replacing Obama with her, even his own little circle of Satan freaks he hangs out with. One of their plans is
to replace him with her, and so, very interesting. I donít think weíre gonna have another -- I donít think weíve had a free election in
20 years, I still donít think weíre gonna have one in 2012 now.

Was Everyone Wrong Who Celebrated Passover on a Date That Was Different from the Qumran Calendar?

Caller: I have another question. I was looking at your site, and was reading about you said Passover started on the 6th, based on
the Qumran calendar.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: And I was wondering about: Is everyone wrong when they were celebrating it like during the last week?

Sherry: You know what? I donít think thereís a wrong or a right, because of so many calendar discrepancies, interpretations and
things like that. I just go with what feels right to me. And what feels right to me is the Qumran calendar. And so, I'm not gonna be a
legalist and say all these people were wrong. Iím just saying: This feels right for me. This is what I feel led to do, and I what I feel led
to follow, and so thatís what Iím doing for me.
Caller: Okay, thank you for your time.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.

If you have a question for the show, folks, call in at 877-245-5648.

You know, I follow the Qumran calendar. It was the calendar that the Lord gave Enoch. And the Jews, over the years, and over the
centuries have found masterful ways to screw up their own calendars. And so thatís why I follow the Qumran. It's the original. Itís the
one that hasnít been tainted by the snakes and serpent seeds that infest the Jewish religion and temples today. And that just feels

You can go to my website, backtoyahweh.com, and I have tips on how to celebrate the festivals, and recipes, food you can make.
The 6th tomorrow being the first day, and then you go seven days of unleavened bread, and it could be a fun time with the kids. You
go to the kitchen and throw out anything with flour or leaven in it or yeast in it. Throw it all out, you go a week without eating bread.
And so, thatís what my kids remember the most, the week without bread. So they pick up little bits of it every year as they get older,
and so - and thereís just a lot more at the website, backtoyahweh.com. And, of course, thereís other websites that can teach you
how to celebrate the Holiday, even though they have the wrong times listed on their sites.

Would an Orgone Puck Be Effective on a Tower That's Three-Fourths of a Mile Away?

Sherry: Welcome, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: This is Debbie from the [unclear] area. And this is rapture77. Iíve got two questions.
Sherry: Okay.

Caller: I live close to a tower that they put in our neighborhood. And as the crow flies, it's about 3/4 of a mile. Would a puck - Iíve got
pucks in my yard - would that take effect on it, or would it require a bucket blaster?

Sherry: No, the pucks should protect you. But the thing is, while youíre out driving around, youíre gonna be out of orgoned areas,
youíre not gonna be protected. So the best thing to do is try to get up close to that tower as you can, 50 to 100 feet, and get pucks
on that tower.

Questions About the Two Groups of 144,000

Caller: Okay. And Iíve got another question. Are there two sets of 144,000 that will be raptured first because it seems like children
would take up a huge amount of the amount of people?

Sherry: Well, actually, 144,000 will be taken off the Earth. Theyíll never see death. The other 144,000 is sealed on the Earth, and so
they never leave Earth. Theyíre sealed ON the Earth. And so if 144,000 people went missing, trust me, nobody would miss them.
Itís not enough to [unclear].

Caller: Youíre breaking up on me, the voice is not coming through. The 144,000 will be sealed on Earth, and they wonít be

Sherry: One group will, one group isnít. One groupís raptured, one groupís left on the Earth.

Caller: Oh, really?

Sherry: Yes, if you read the Book of Revelations, theyíre sealed on the head by angels, in their foreheads. And thatís 12,000 from
each tribe. Thatís 144,000 that are just sealed on Earth. The first group is taken off of the Earth. And so they never see death.
Thereís 144,000 that never see death while the second group will see death. And so, itís very - Iíve got an article on it. You know,
where all my articles are, at sherrytalkradio.com. Just go to my articles page. And Iíve got articles on the two groups. I think itís
under "666 and the Phony Seal-of-God Club" or something like that. And you can read about the two groups of the different

Caller: Okay. But basically, the rapture is a one time event or several events?

Sherry: I see one time event of 144,000 are taken off the Earth, because they never see death. And all of those who return to Earth
with Christ at the war of Armageddon, theyíre the souls under the Altar. Theyíre the ones who died for their faith here on Earth. And
so, theyíve been killed. They werenít raptured, they were killed. And so, big difference, folks, thereís only - in the entire Bible will you
see a 144,000 that donít see death on Earth, they never died. Thatís only 144,000, thatís no million-man, ten-million, hundred-
million rapture that the churches teach. That doesnít have anything to do with church theology. They donít even know what theyíre
talking about half the time.

Caller: Yeah, thatís true. Okay, it was good talking to you.

Sherry: All right, good talking to you. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Bye-bye.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

Prepare for the Coming Black Plague with Thieves Oil and MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement)

If you have a question for the show, folks, Iíve only got about seven minutes left: 877-245-5648.

Like I was warning about before the last caller, Black Plague is coming to the Midwestern region. So everybody needs to prepare
with thievesí oil, they also call it medieval oil. You put that on your chest and your throat, and back behind your ears, and thatís
supposed to protect you from Black Plague. Also MMS start getting on that to build your immune system up. They are going to try
spreading this by chemtrails, by the air we breathe. Iím seeing air strains in the Bible codes. Theyíre trying to unleash a lot of these
plagues through the chemtrails that theyíre spewing on Earth, what makes it even more of a push for people to get out there and
get orgone in your areas so that the chemtrails donít stick over your areas. Because, eventually the planes will stop coming; they'll
come, they'll go, they'll come, they'll go. But they know the places that wonít allow chemtrails to stick. So I find that interesting.

The Ones Who Have Prepared Themselves Are the Ones the Lord Will Choose to Protect

Got a lot of different strains coming out, a lot of plagues coming, folks, millions - millions, millions, millions, tens of millions,
hundreds of millions are gonna die. And so you need to prepare, because itís one thing that I keep seeing is that the Lordís people
are prepared. Who are the Lordís people? Those who listen to Him, those who can hear Him, or those whoíve listened to Him and
theyíve prepared. The big difference, the one thing that I always see is those who are prepared and those who arenít. And those
who arenít are gonna fall victim to these plagues that are coming. Find it interesting that everybody always calls it the tribulation
period. They donít even understand their own term that theyíre talking about. Tribulation is just another word for affliction. And so
this is one period of affliction, and weíre going to be afflicted with everything Satan can throw at us. And the only hope and
deliverance we have from this is through the Lord Himself. And I want to read Psalm 91:

1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

2 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.
3 Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.

This is a raging pandemics and epidemics that are coming our way.

4 He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

9 Because thou hast made the LORD, which is my refuge, even the most High, thy habitation;

10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.

11 For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.

12 They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.

13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.

Find it interesting, young lion and the dragon thou shalt trample under feet. Because dragon is always a symbolic term for Satan,
and lion symbolic term for Maitreya.

14 Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my

15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honor him.

16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

And folks, these are the ones that have prepared themselves. Theyíve listened to the Lord. They prepared for whatís ahead. And
itís these very ones who are prepared, are the ones that Heíll choose to protect. Why? Because they did something. They listened
to Him. And by doing so they showed their faith and obedience to Him. And what does He do in return? He protects them. He tells
us to prepare. He doesnít say weíll need it. He doesnít say weíll use it. He just tells us to get it. So I find that interesting that just by
doing we show our obedience and the fact that weíre obedient to Him. He has told us to do this, weíre doing it, weíre being


Anyway, Iím not gonna take any more calls. I only got about two minutes left for this week. But I just want to prepare you, shout a
warning out, to get prepared for the Black Plague, also a zombie apocalypse coming up. Iíve been talking about that where Iíve
been seeing zombies and also seeing that as an effect of some of these H1N1 vaccines. Watch for enforcement by the
government, to try and force people to take these vaccinations that are coming up.

Like Iíve always said:
DO NOT TAKE THESE VACCINATIONS. DO NOT TAKE THE SHOTS. A lot of them carrying the zombie
virus that will set this off. It only takes one zombie, folks. One person, one zombie, to start an entire epidemic, to cause every city in
this nation to go under a quarantine, because they multiply and multiply like rabbits.

Anyway, until next week, everybody.

Yah bless.