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Aliens in the News
April 8, 2010

Thursday's Show Will Be "Aliens in the News"

And hello, everybody. Welcome to the show, it's Thursday, April 8th. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at
877-245-5648. And I've decided to go ahead and do Thursdays; go back to my original "Aliens in the News" format. And so
Thursday's shows will be "Aliens in the News" and then Monday's shows will just be my usual show "Monday Night with
Sherry Shriner." And so I'll just try to split them up that way.

Raj Patel - A Pawn Taking the Focus Off of Maitreya

A couple things to talk about today. Raj Patel on the news still. And, this is kind of the pawn that they're sending out. To kind
of take Maitreya's place. To put the focus on him while Maitreya tries to get his act together and get here on Earth because
he's stuck on Shema. And so, interesting that I was hearing news about Obama heading to the space station. A lot of
people thinking Obama would actually, I believe, that Obama's actually heading up to Shema himself. And so, it'll be
interesting to see if it comes out to play like I think it's going to. That he's actually going up to the space station. To not only
spend some time with these so-called ascended masters, what the Bible Codes refer to as "buffalo," but that he's helping
them in some way come to Earth. Because they're trapped on Shema, as so I find that interesting.

This Raj Patel is kind of like a John the Baptist, I think. The Bible Codes says he's a localizer and that his whole ministry is
this Maitreya. It never calls him Maitreya himself. And so, interesting that they put him out there like he's - kind of like playing
the role of John the Baptist. Also describes him as "the victim" he's a "unclean hybrid." He's a victim of the Cain
serpent-seed agenda and being used as a mouthpiece, an operative for them. "Cain - operative - mouthpiece - aristocratic
- illlusion." So he kind of plays the part of aristocratic, royalty and the whole thing is an illusion. So, basically what I've been
saying, he's a pawn. So, interesting to watch that and see what happens with Bush, er, not with Bush, but with Obama up

Interesting I was looking at the Codes and George W. Bush was coming up as being "above" in aerospace. I often see this
with politicians. I really think it's interesting, especially with Bush, because terms with "aerospace" and "above" always
come up. And it makes you wonder if they're not really spending a whole lot more time in space than they are on Earth. So,

The Serpent Cult Was the Most Dominating Cult/Religion on Earth in Early Babylonian Times

I was looking at the serpent, reptile cults that they've established on Earth. And if you look back in early ancient Babylonian
times, the serpent cult was the most dominating cult, religion here on Earth at that time. And this is some periods right after
the tower of Babel, when everybody had been split apart because of language problems. Interesting that's always been
dominating. The underlying theme on our Earth has always been Adam & Eve, they're progression from the Garden of
Eden, to Noah, to the Flood, to the rebuilding of Earth. And almost immediately after Noah's ark landed and they started
repopulating the Earth, you see the introduction of Satan's seed on Earth, fallen angels on Earth, and all these wicked cults
springing up to worship and honor Satan. And just as in the Garden of Eden, when the serpent tempted Eve, he was there.
He was there when Noah landed. He's always been in the background of Earth.

Presidents Knew That the Shadow/Phantom Government Behind the Scene Holds the Power

And there is a certain aura, a certain power, connected with him that people feel. They can't put their finger on it. Presidents,
of the United States, have stated that there's an unknown mystery source of power, behind the scenes, that controls
everyone, and that they were afraid to speak the name. So presidents knew that even though they were elected to the
highest office in the land, they didn't have the real power here. That somebody else always held the power. And we refer to
it, for lack of better terms, as the shadow government. That it's the shadow government running the Earth. But if you really
want to look at it, the shadow government would be the human side of it, more like the phantom government. "Phantom" is a
term the Bible Codes gives these evil spirits, these fallen angels, this whole Satan's kingdom. Phantom is just another term,
and so, to me it's more or less a phantom government that is running everything behind the scenes.

And interesting that over the years they have spent billions and trillions of dollars. Not just on Projects like Iron Mountain,
where they had this secretive shadow government facility based in Virginia, and to be able to run our government side by
side. But they call it, in the event of a nuclear attack on America, that it would establish them and give them continuity of
government. But, basically, they have different agendas than the regular government. The real power behind the scenes is
this phantom government.

Alternative 2 Is the Phantom Government's Agenda for Building Escape Sites Off-Planet

But also their other agenda, I think they call it Alternative 2. And they've been doing this for a long time in that building
off-planet civilizations. And so, interesting that, you know, as taxpayers, and especially with the latest stimulus packages
and the bailouts, just over the years trillions of dollars just seemingly have disappeared. And so, makes you wonder where
all the money's going. And, I know a lot of people thinking that it's going to their off-planet-building. They do have bases on
Mars and the moon and Lord knows where else. I remember doing a Code on Mars years ago. And Mars was very
dominant for Babylon in the Codes. But many bases there. And so they've been trying to build, have already been building,
some off-planet civilizations so that when this planet starts going through the upheaval that's coming - the Bible calls it the
tribulation period; it's the "affliction" period - that they can survive and then come back to Earth. They head to these
off-planet civilizations they've been building, and then after the pole shift here on Earth, they would simply come back, and of
course they're expecting that to happen in 2012.

2012 Could Start As Early As This September

My biggest thing with the year 2012 is, you know, Isaiah talks about a pole slip. So there's a lot of truth. Maybe not the exact
interpretation's always correct, but the way they interpret things...I look at it from a biblical standpoint, not what they see in
remote viewing or time-jumping or whatever you want to call it. 2012 could start as early as this September. We think we
have another year. And that's what I've always stated, I believe our calendars are a year off, there's a year difference, and so
not to be surprised if things are pushed up a lot earlier than what people expect. And so is it really gonna happen in 2012? I
don't think so. I think what happens in 2012 is we're basically full-blown in the last half, last three and a half period of the
tribulation period in 2012. And so, that's why they want to flee earth because, if you read what happens on Earth during the
last part of the afflication period, it's the Lord's judgment and wrath on the wicked on this Earth. And so they want to flee His
wrath that's coming. So, interesting.

The Codes Reveal That the Shema Council Is Retaliating Against the Lord's People Through Chemtrails

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Spent a lot of time in Codes this week. And, usually, it hasn't changed any, the dominant thing going on is the chemtrail
attack. You know, I've talked about, before on this show many times, about this Shema Council. And not only is this star
above Earth this Shema star - the New Agers call it Shema - hangs above the Earth at about 33 degrees parallel,
yellowish-orangish. It used to be a brilliant white light, but it's been on fire for so long now, just waiting for it to crash. But they
have - they're retaliating. They're counterattacking against the Lord's people here on Earth for all the orgone we've put out,
because it's this orgone that saturates the atmosphere and crashes their UFO ships. And it also causes their starships to
burn on fire. And so, just watching that every night. And they are retaliating with chemtrails and trying to attack,
counterattack, Yah's bride on Earth with these particularly poisonous chemtrails. Now we've had chemtrail operations on
Earth for the last, probably, 20-30 years.

And just recently coming out more and more and more and more because people are finally looking up and just
questioning, "What are all these grids?" These aren't contrails, these are chemtrails. And, they're specifically targeting to
attack and destroy mankind right now. So we've been in a counterattack against them with the orgone. It's like I've said,
some of it is military, but a lot of it, especially the attacks we've experienced the entire month of March and still experiencing
here in April, is the alien aspect because these little white planes are just holographs. They're not real airplanes. And so you
could see them lose their cloaking at times. Or you'll just see them...maybe you'll be looking in the sky and you could see
them just appear or disappear at will. They don't just fly away like a regular plane. They'll just appear somewhere in the sky
and start spreading chemtrails and then, on the other hand, just totally disappear. And some of the words I've seen lately in
the Codes in regarding to them - and I have Codes on chemtrails at hiddencodes.com - is "stream - dung spreader - hazy -
plunder - automate - labored - buffalo - mechanize." And so these are assaults by this Buffalo brand of fallen angels we
called aliens (the New Agers call them Ascended Masters) from Shema. And so, interesting. Still being under full-blown
attack from them. And so, something to watch out for.

The Ascended Masters Are Going to Push Their H1N1 Vaccine with More of a Vengeance

And what I've been warning about is a return to enforced vaccinations here in America. They started it with their H1N1
vaccine. And it's going to return with more of a vengeance. It hasn't gone anywhere. Just because the hype has died down
and they're not talking about it, look for the sneak attack because they're coming back with enforced vaccinations. And this
time they're gonna make them more enforceable. And so, they haven't given up on the vaccinations. And what I've warned
about is - and "V" [television show] showed it, which was amazing, "V" even confirmed it (not confirmed but revealed) - how
last year when this whole H1N1 thing started I warned about how Obama was behind this and Maitreya was behind this.
And that these vaccines were actually coming from Shema. And the whole reason there was such a delay...and you'll
remember they had started out with this whole H1N1 hype, and then, all of a sudden, the H1N1 vaccines were delayed, they
couldn't get them out to people? Because they didn't have them because the shipments that were supposed to be coming
from Shema were delayed because of the issues they were having of being on fire up there.

And this isn't just some UFO ship. Shema is, literally, some kind of huge planet. Some kind of huge star. The Bible Codes
calls it a "star - satellite - moon - planet." This is some huge inhabited rock above our atmosphere that looks brillantly lit like
a star. And they were having issues of getting the vaccine here to Earth. Then we announced it last October that that thing
was on fire, and it's, literally, split in half. And half of it is on fire, while the other half of it, more described as where Satan's
temple is, is still intact. Of course, it might be on fire by now, but I don't think so. I think that's where Obama's going to go
meet up with these Ascended Masters. And so, interesting.

But anyway, the whole vaccine push, coming from these Ascended Masters who want everybody to believe that they're
coming to Earth as gods. And so, you're going to see an ending. You've already been seeing it, most people just haven't
been paying attention, that the 2000-year Piscean Age is over, and that what we're seeing now is an ever-increasing
emergence of this Age of Aquarius. And, you know, singers and muscians have been singing about this Age of Aquarius
coming. And I call it the fifth-dimension lie, the lies of the fifth dimension, because that's exactly what this whole Age of
Aquarius thing is, is where Satan is gonna come to Earth and rule as god. The Bible calls him - that time of period - the
tribulation period - refers to him as the Antichrist and his helper, the False Prophet. And they're gonna try to implement a
heavenly kingdom here on Earth. And, what we call Jacob's Trouble, they call Age of Aquarius. And so, interesting all this
coming about. And gonna come with a lot more vengeance in the coming months as we see enforced vaccinations coming
and a push on this health-care bill.

The Bible Codes Call the RFID-Chip-Implanting the "Beast Chip"

I was looking at (oh, where'd it go?) this thing I sent out to my lists earlier. I remember, somebody sent me an article and, it
was from Rense[.com], and Ted Twietmeyer [a writer Rense] stating that the health-care bill didn't require people to get a
chip implant. That he didn't see it anywhere in the health bill. And, folks, it's right there plain as day. That this health-care bill
that Obama and the House passed requires RFID chip-implanting. And the Bible Codes calls this RFID-chip-implanting the
"beast chip." They're chips straight from Satan himself. And, in this health-care bill, it requires that everybody receives a
phase II [class II] medical device implanted. And so, this all coming, also, from this whole Council above the Earth; it's this
Ascended Master group. They're really the ones pushing the strings and working behind the scenes.

Ways to Recognize Soul-Scalped Humans

Everybody keeps waiting for an outward assault, outward alien invasion...folks, it's coming from within. They're here. They've
already taken over America through our politics, our politicians, and they dominate Washington, D.C. When I put up
TheWatcherFiles.com about ten years ago, people just laughed and thought it was one of the craziest sites on the Internet
talking about aliens posing as humans on Earth. And, I remember back in 2004 or 2005, you know, Yah kind of admonished
me to stop looking for them as to arrive and not realizing they're already here. Because their advance team was already
here. And they're working through our politicians. That's why I've been spending a lot of time lately at TheWatcherFiles.com
posting pictures so that people can see the difference between regular humans and what a soul-scalped human looks like.
And what they do is, they take over human bodies.

In many instances it's much just like a demonic possession where they can just step in like a demon would with someone
who's demon-possessed. And inhabit that person's body, share that person's body, and work through them like a demon
works through people. But in other instances, the person themselves are killed. And the alien, literally, just takes over the
body and what they do is, that person's likeness - their skin, their hair, everything about them - it's almost just like a
holograph put over that alien. And it's not a perfect fit or match or however you want to explain it because, if you look at the
picture of Beyonce [singer] that I put on my website, YouTube videos of Obama and others, you'll see that the human skin is
imperfect. You'll see bubbles and scales underneath the skin, protruding from their skin, to where you can see they're not
fully human. They're not what they're portraying to be. It's really just an alien with human skin trying to pose as that person.
Kind of hard to explain. But once you know what to look for, folks, usually you can tell through the cheekbones and the very
tops of the forehead above the eyes. Another one video of Obama, you can see the scale bubbles at the tops of his eyelids,
also underneath.

Another way of telling them is slit eyes. There's another type that's coming out as well. If you're talking to somebody,
especially if you get a picture of these politicians on the TV or in person, look at the pupils of their eyes. Now, most pupils of
people's eyes is just a round, black pupil. But what you'll find with those amongst us who are not real humans is their eyes
will turn into snake slits. These little lizard, reptilian snake slits. Lateral, they're up and down, snake slits. And so, they're not
round, but they're lateral. So, interesting.

Another thing that's coming I've noticed - I've talked about the wide-awake look before. Hillary Clinton gives it, Nancy Pelosi
gives it. Where they just look like, you know, their eyes are so open, they're gonna pop out of their head? You have that
wide-awake look. And another one coming out is - and this one's relatively new to me, I don't know if it's always been there, I
just kind of been noticing myself lately - is the pupil eyes become very small, very tiny. Not anything near the slit that we've
been trained now to watch for. But a very, very small and round, and even bright, sometimes, pupil. And so, anything that's
just abnormal, folks. You know what your pupils look like. The black pupil of your eye looks like. If you're looking at people,
and they don't have those exact same eyes, they're scalped individuals. And so, interesting. But you can start seeing that
more and more.

People Have Been Desensitized to the Animalistic Nature of Aliens

And, you know, when the Lord told me back in 2005, He said the alien invasion had already begun here on Earth. And I
talked about it in one of my shows about how the advance team of Chameleons, which is these shapeshifters had come to
Earth to start saturating Earth more and more and more with their kind here on Earth. It's almost to the point now where
people can't tell regular humans from who these hybrid invaders are, these alien invaders are. They live amongst us, they
work amongst us. Corporations of America have been conditioning people to get used to the fact; had to desensitize them
to the animalistic nature of aliens. You look at these Geico [insurance] commercials, "Oh, a little cute reptile!" You know, I
just want to step on the thing. And if you look at American Express, they had a series of commercials with Ellen Degeneres
about all these animals. And that's pretty much what they are. When they're not cloaking, and not soul-scalping humans (to
look like humans), they pretty much come in various animal shapes and forms. Not too much different from demonic beings.

And so, interesting that over the years, especially since the early 2000s, how much they've been working to acclimate
mankind to the arrival of these alien beings. And I say arrival, because everyone's just kind of waiting for the veil to be lifted,
which is gonna happen soon. And then what happens is, we're gonna start seeing all these different alien fallen angel
beings for who and what they really are. So instead of looking human, we're gonna see them in their animalistic fallen-nature
type. It'll almost be like going back to the Garden of Eden where animals could talk. We'll see a bunch of these fallen angels,
these aliens on Earth, living amongst us, working amongst us, in all positions of our societies of the world, almost the entire
government, especially in D.C. Then you have the religious leaders, the megachurches today. Media celebrities. A lot of
them, most of them. If their a pop star, superstar, movie star in America today, I venture to say 98 percent are sold-out to the
Illuminati, New World Order agenda, or they've been taken over, they've been soul-scalped to further this agenda. And so
everyone that we know, in every facet of our society is working and preparing the world for this coming Age of Aquarian
(what they call it) agenda on Earth.

When You Expose All of Their Secret Plans, They Lose Power

And, you know, I was putting together a YouTube video of all the blatant Satanism around us. And you see it in their
corporate logos. You see it in the hand signs and the signals they use to represent Satan and his New World Order. It's just
all around us. We're surrounded by this outright worship of Satan in our society. And so, the only way to really defeat this is
to not give it the kind of power they want it to be; to expose it, to expose it. When you expose all of their little secret plans,
they lose power. And so, by exposing it - and I'm talking to the choir. Most of my audience, been with me for years and
already quite awake on everything that's going on.

Learn How They Signal and Pass Messages to Each Other

But as more and more people wake up and learn how they operate on Earth and how they signal each other and pass
messages to each other. And that's one aspect of their agenda I still don't, you know, get very much. You'd have to be one of
their insiders really to know what all the different...colors...just the color of ties they wear, the colors they wear, the kind of
pins they wear, let alone hand signals. The things that they say - Daniel calls them dark sentences it's an occultic language.
They tip each other off and speak to each other in numbers and symbolic language through the television, through news
reports. So very interesting in how they operate on Earth that we don't pay any attention to as normal human beings, simply
because we don't think like they do, we don't operate in secret like they do. Have no need to like they do.

Their Invasion on Earth Has Been Threefold: Covert, Overt, and the Illumination of Dissenters

And so, one of the things that the Lord had revealed to me years ago is that their invasion on Earth has been threefold. They
have the covert, silent invasion where they soul-scalp and replace or possess the bodies of humans with these alien beings.
The overt invasion, where it's more visible with UFOs and flyovers to desensitize and condition mankind of their presence
here on Earth. And then you have what every agenda has, no matter if it's the New World Order or a different faction of the
New World Order, but you always have the illumination of dissenters; if-you're-not-with-us-you're-against-us mentality. And
they will illuminate all who oppose them. And that's exactly where we're at now. People don't see it because it's working
behind the scenes. But they're working it through the poisoning of our air, the poisoning of our foods, our medicines. We're
surrounded by everything that can poison...that can hurt and destroy mankind. And so, it's not an outward assault yet, but it's
going to get there. And that's where we're heading. That's what I've been warning about, folks.

People wanna talk about FEMA camps, internment camps, martial law. Look for outright...just, both covert and overt attacks
on mankind through enforced vaccinations that are designed to destroy and kill you, and then the very air we breathe with
the chemtrails. And if you're not keeping chemtrails out of your area, you're gonna be an easy prey, an easy target, easy
victim of these coming, much more poisonous chemtrails that they're spraying. I've taught you how to do that, how to keep
chemtrails out of your area by making Orgone Blasters. We make positive orgone energy [P.O.E.] blasters. And if you
saturate your area, then chemtrails won't be able to stick in your area. And so, I have directions on my website where you
can learn to make it yourself. OrgoneBlasters.com, just go there. And that's one way of us counterattacking their chemtrail
assaults here on Earth.

Another thing is through the chip-implanting, the operation they have going through the vaccines. And the Lord has warned
us not to take vaccines, not to take shots, not to take any kind of vaccines. And so, that's the other way that they're coming.
Tried to come to the back door on the health-care bill and enforce the implantation of this, what they call a class II medical
device, this RFID chip. And so, watch for that to come up more and more.

The Gold Vaults Are Empty - People Holding Gold and Silver Certificates Are Actually Holding Worthless Paper

I noticed lately, in the news around the Internet, it being more and more information coming out about the gold vaults being
empty. I was reading about a shipment that, a payment they were sending to China. And all of the gold bars they were
sending to China were just gold-plated; they weren't real gold. And so, China very angry that we were, basically, giving them
fool's gold; by America. And if you remember September, October of last year, maybe even the year before, I already
announced the vaults were empty; that America was broke. I saw this a long time ago. And so, coming out more and more
now that the vaults are empty. And so, all of these people that are holding gold and silver certificates...see what happens is
people buy gold and they go to stockbrokers. They buy - what you end up with is shares with these pieces of paper that
declare you own so much gold, this much gold. You don't actually get the gold in your hand. You get a piece of paper stating
you own this much gold. And the problem being is, it's a ton of paper out there, where people believe that they own silver
and gold, but it's worthless because there's no gold in our vaults. Vaults are empty. And so, more and more realization
starting to come up now...the vaults were looted under Bush and he just plundered them. They took all the gold out of the
vaults. And so, yeah, just coming out more and more now things I warned about years ago.

So interesting that they've pillaged the middle-class, and we're gonna see, this summer, part 2 of that being implemented,
of further, more and more, unemployment, homelessness, hyperinflation is gonna hit. And so, I'm gonna talk about more of
that Monday night, during "Monday Night with Sherry Shriner." But what we're gonna see is just more and more of everything
I've been talking about hitting ahead this summer. But interesting now, they've plundered the middle-class, and continue to
do so. Now, they're starting on their own wealthy/elite-class. There's no love lost amongst Satanists, folks. They all hate
each other. And so, everybody who thinks you're in the Brotherhood...one of them...celebrities are promised a lot of money
and protection if they join and represent Satan's kingdom on Earth. You're gonna see, it's a lot of these people and people
who are under the illusion that they have wealth on Earth...when it comes out more and more that the precious metals
market is a facade, an illusion...because none of these metals, unless you have it in your hand, they don't exist. It's all these
people who believe that they own gold, and they own pieces of paper that they own gold, are gonna become worthless.

Portfolios of Investments, Worthless - 401K's, Stock Options, Retirement; Gone - Social Security and Medicare,
Cut Off

And we're gonna see a Great Depression here. It's gonna make the first one look like it was an amateur practice session.
Millions and millions of Americans realizing that all of the wealth they had, they thought they had set aside - portfolios of
investments - are gonna be worth nothing. You know, so many people, right now, their 401K's are empty, they're gone. If
you've worked the corporation for the last 20, 30, 40 years, you've put your entire life into it, you're getting ready to retire in a
year or two, and you've just realized that all the stock that you had built up over the years...perhaps stock options were part
of your salary as being an employee of a company, and all that stock's gone now, it's worth nothing. Your 401K is worth
nothing. Your stock's worth nothing. You realize that in a year or two, you're getting set to retire and your retirement is gone.
It's gone. It's been plundered. And we're gonna see more and more of that coming up as well. Social security...the
government's broke. The government doesn't have any money. And so, the things they're going to start attacking next IS
Social Security and Medicaid. And when they start eliminating that even more, start clamping down, you're gonna see just
social chaos in the streets. I'm not talking about the elderly taking anarchy in the streets. They won't really have the energy.
But cut off all this aid to 50 million illegal aliens here in America, and you're gonna see some chaos. Inner-city people who
have make a lifetime living off Medicare, and losing that, having that cut off, and double that, triple that with hyperinflation,
with the lack of food in our stores that's coming...

Famine Could Strike America This September - Get Back to Primitive Ways of Making Food and Surviving

And I talked about, last year - I try to talk about it every year at the beginning, at springtime because it's something I've
always seen towards the middle of the year around September is a time of famine and hunger here in America. And so,
interesting that, again, [dog barks] I have to come out with these warnings for America. [dog barks] My dog, he's in the
office with me today. [dog barks] [laughs] But this springtime again I have to warn because this could be the year that all of
this comes about. I would know months and time periods, but I don't always know years, folks. And so, definitely could be
the time this year. And so we need to prepare for coming famine here in America. Spend time this Spring getting gardens
in, getting back to the primitive tools and methods of being able to make food and survive in society.

Massive Geomagnetic Storms Coming Later, but Focus on Preparing for What's Coming Up Now

We do have these massive sun...coronal sunspots. I don't see them coming this year, so you can relax. I know a lot of
people freaking out, the government freaking out wanting to leave the planet already and go to their Alternative 2
civilizations off-planet that have been built. A lot of them just jumping the gun, getting a little scared because they don't know
when it's going to hit. I don't believe it'll be this year. And I could be wrong. Like I said, I don't have years. I look at time
frames. But I believe that the sun - these massive geomagnetic storms that are coming, that're gonna disrupt Earth, are a
little bit later. I believe they're part of the bowl and trumpet judgments of the Most High, and so they're a little bit later. But
until that time period happens, folks, we've got a huge attack, an assault on the Believers of this nation. By the very ones
that most of them trust, working hard behind the scenes to kill and destroy them. And they're doing it through the
vaccinations, and the chemtrail attacks. And so, these are the kinds of things that we need to be focusing on now.

Don't get so distracted about the things that are coming later. It's good to know, but don't get tunnel vision on that because
you're not paying attention to the things you need to be paying attention now. And that's the coming food shortages, and the
coming assaults that are already underway against mankind... Get a garden going. There's going to be food shortages.
This could be the year where America's dying in the streets in September because they're hungry. Be prepared for that. We
could have such outrageous weather this year that crops are never planted, farmers can't get their crops in, because of
outrageous weather. Or even in the fact of harvest time, they can't get harvested because throughout the summertime, their
crops were destroyed by freakish weather.

Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Food Shortages, Skyrocketing Food Prices, Lost Jobs, Hunger and Death - At Same

Another one of those things I've noticed, it's much more windy than it's ever been; much more windy. You guys notice that?
It's almost like every day, some kind of a steady wind in the air. And so, interesting. I think we're gonna have a lot more very
vicious hurricane season. We have more earthquakes coming to deal with. And sooner or later these earthquakes are
gonna stop being rumbles everywhere and really start to destroy our infrastructure. And those are higher, more hard-hitting
earthquakes coming. And so, get prepared for that. A failure of either getting food planted or food harvested, one or the
other, because there's going to be shortages of food around the world. And usually when I warn about that, Americans just
go to sleep. We've never had a shortage here. And so usually preparing other Believers around the world for the shortages
that have hit their countries over the years. Well Americans better be standing up and taking notice now because they ARE
gonna start hitting our country. You're gonna pay, you know, 4 or 5 bucks, 6 bucks for a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk. And
so you need to start becoming more self-sufficient. Start stocking up and preparing ahead of time. And when you don't have
money as it is, and then all of a sudden the little money that you have is worth little, or less, 'cause the food is so outrageous
and expensive, you know, it's like how're you gonna pay bills and eat at the same time. Because while hyperinflation and the
devaluing of our dollar occur, nobody's paychecks are going up to help cover this, help offset this. People are losing their

Ask the Lord to Lead and Guide You on How to Prepare for the Coming Days and Times

Like I've said, I've always warned about the whirlpool effect. How everything will hit at one time. That's exactly how they've
been working all of this behind the scenes. And then when turmoil is at its greatest, THEN we'll see the overt arrival of this
whole alien agenda on Earth. I mean, when they work behind the scenes now, they push the button of our government, the
run the government, they pose as humans, take over human bodies. And when they've got us where they want us, then they'll
arrive as who and what they are. And so, and by then it's too late to do anything about them, folks. So we need to be
working behind the scenes. Ask the Lord Himself - seek Him daily. Ask Him for the truth in all things. Ask Him to lead and
guide your thoughts on how to prepare for the coming days and times that are ahead. Everybody lives in a different region.
And so when you speak to Israel, symbolically speaking to Isreal, not everything that I say to the Israelites today would refer
to one community. I could say something that affects Believers in one region and not the other region. And so, you have to
be able to pick and choose and feel the Holy Spirit hit you, when I say something, if it pertains to you or not. And so, very
interesting the types of society we live in today.

Israel always lived as a community. They always lived together, in communities. And so, very different how it was to how we
perceive things. You know, I'm always arguing with people. You know, the Bible talks about loving your neighbor. That's
because all the Israelites were neighbors. They all lived together. It wasn't talking about loving Satan's seed next to you that
we have today that hates the Lord. Love your enemies, pray for them that persecute you, these were just fellow Israelites.
David spent - and David had a heart closest to the Most High God - King David - praying for the destruction of those who
hated the Most High. He wasn't praying for lovey-dovey goodwill toward them. He prayed for their death and destruction;
remove the wicked off the Earth. And the churches have gone so to sleep because they misinterpret the things of what the
Bible actually taught. And so, they have no grasp because they don't understand how societies worked back then.

As in the Days of Noah, Crossbreeding Between Aliens, Animals and Humans Has Become Prevalent

Another interesting aspect of this whole "as in the days of Noah" warning from the Lord is the crossbreeding aspect. And
we're gonna start, and we're already seeing, freakish things showing up on our shoreline, in the newspaper, things being
born that are half whatever and half human. You know, you've got these alien or animal type beings and humans
crossbreeding. And the reason the lid's coming off on that is because it's so prevalent. We have underground bases around
the world, we have space stations above the Earth, that do nothing but focus on breeding. Interbreeding aliens with humans.
And also trying to come up with their own animals as in the days of Noah, where they were creating their own crossbreds,
their own animals. That's coming out more and more now. Prevalent. So, interesting.


Got a caller and we'll take him and see what's on their minds today.

Why Have I Been Getting Nightmares Ever Since I Put Orgone Around My House?

Sherry: Welcome, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: Hey, how you doin'?
Sherry: Good, how are you?
Caller: I'm Bob from Palm Coast, Florida. And, I've been out of work now for a couple years. And, spending a lot of time on
the Internet and investigating the whole New World Order thing. And as I get more and more awake, shall we say, I get more
and more frustrated on which direction to go in.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: You know, it seems as if everytime you turn on the news or whatever it just gets more and more frustrating. And, you
know, my wife doesn't really - she listens to me to a point, you know.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: And, so, at any rate, a couple weeks ago I decided to go make some Orgone Blasters. And I had to go out of town
and buy some crystals and stuff like that, and I made 'em. And I put 'em around my house. And, I was getting nightmares,
starting the day that I put them in. And every night I was getting nightmares and they've at least settled down a little bit, but I
just need to know what's going on.
Sherry: Now you're talking about you made orgone, or you just put crystals around?
Caller: No, no, no. I made orgone.
Sherry: OK. According to our directions?
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: OK
Caller: And I double-, triple-checked them, and I'm sure they're all correct. And these were just absolute nightmares that I
have never had before, you know.
Sherry: You have to realize that crystals are like a conduit of energy as well. And, not only does it create energy, but crystals
have always been used also as a means of being in contact with those in the spiritual realm. And for a Christian it means
that it would make us easier to hear and see the things of the Lord, but also that the demonic realm uses that as well.
Caller: OK
Sherry: OK? And when you first start putting orgone in a home, one of the things most people experience - not everybody -
but a lot of people will experience their anger, and their hatred towards you for putting that orgone in there because they
can't stay where there's orgone, they hate it. It's a positive energy...
Caller: OK
Sherry: ...and so they have to leave. Another thing you could experience is that you start becoming a more, uh - I don't like
using terms from the New Age - but it's almost like you just become...start becoming more spiritual. More acclimated
toward the things of the Lord, where you start being able to enter into a level of relationship with Him to where you become
closer to Him...
Caller: Uh-huh.
Sherry: ...and He can reach you in various ways.
Caller: OK
Sherry: He can remove the blinders and actually just start - maybe you're seeing them through nightmares, but trying to show
you things or teach you things of what's coming...
Caller: Right.
Sherry: ...or where you've been in the past.
Caller: You know, I've always - and it's strange because I've always felt that, you know, as you're a child and you're growing
up, and, you know, people say, "Oh, yeah, I've had some really nasty dreams" and stuff like that. When I was a child I had
one dream, and I swear, it's the only dream that I can actually remember from my childhood, but I swear that actually
something entered me. And, as I look back through my life, and I say, "Well, you know, is this really possible?" you know, I
don't know. 'Cause it was such a strange dream and it's still the only dream that I actually remember, and it had to do with
lightning striking a spot on my foot. And as it struck my foot, a serpent or snake came out of my foot probably 20 or 30 feet
into the air. And then it backed into my foot. And I would say five years later after that, I started getting a,...
Sherry: You know what, I have to go...
Caller: ...I wanna call it a hot spot.
Sherry: All right, I'm down to less than a minute on this show...
Caller: Oh. I'm sorry.
Sherry: ...if you wanna wrap it up.
Caller: At any rate, what I was wondering...is this something that is actually possible?...Um...
Sherry: You know what, as a child of God, they have no access to you.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: So if you're a child of God, just rebuke and renounce anything evil that's not of the Lord that's affecting you...
Caller: OK
Sherry: ...and ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit and remove anything that's evil and to just fill you with His Holy Spirit.
And rebuke and renounce anything that IS evil and command it to leave in His name.
Caller: Good. Thank you, Sherry.
Sherry: OK. Thanks for calling in...
Caller: Sorry I took so much time from you, babe. Bye-bye.
Sherry: All right, bye-bye.

Believers Can Be Harassed, Intimidated and Possessed by Alien and Demonic Entities - Use Spiritual Warfare
on Them

Basic spiritual warfare, folks. People believe they can't be possessed or harassed by demon and demonic entities? You
CAN be. And I have spiritual warfare prayers on my website at TheWatcherFiles.com. Just go there and search in the
search box: "spiritual warfare prayers." They try to harass and intimidate and possess Believers. But you have power over
them in the name of Yahushua. And so, if you feel like you're being harassed or possessed, by demonic or alien entities,
rebuke or renounce them in the name of Yahushua and ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit and remove anything that's not
of Him from you. Just basic 101 Spiritual Warfare, folks. And sometimes you just have to go to extreme lengths to reveal
what kind of problems you're dealing with.

Anyway, my time's running out. I'll be back "Monday Night with Sherry Shriner" 8 o'clock here at BlogTalkRadio.com or