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Aliens In The News


Thursday with Sherry Shriner
April 15, 2010
It's Raining UFOs
And hello, everybody. Today is Thursday, April 15. Youíre live with Sherry Shriner. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. And today, weíre doing "Aliens in the News" [laughs]. And they're all over the place.
Being alerted to a meteor shower last night. Fireballs streaking across the sky, seen in five different states. In Idaho theyíre calling it a meteor shower, or is that Iowa they're calling it a meteor shower? And a video put on YouTube today from Wisconsin about this fireball. And from what I know about it, it starts out as a round object and then just blows up [laughs]. Streak across the sky. And Iím telling you, the yellow stars are crashing. And theyíre all over the Midwest. Iím just surrounded by them at night. I look up at the sky at night, and theyíre all just yellow and red and ready to crash. And so, interesting, how many of these are gonna be coming down soon. The Lord is cranking up the orgone. And you can always tell when He's cranking it up, because He alone has the power to crank up this orgone. Itís His. We put it out there for Him. And He could use it as He wants. And when He cranks it up, you almost always start getting a "Itís raining UFOs." I should probably play my song, "Itís raining UFOs." So, interesting.
Shema May Fall in the Great Lakes Area This Year
And you know what? Itís just so obvious. I donít know how people can live under the sky and never notice whatís going on in it. The Lord told us to watch for signs in the skies. And this started a year ago with the yellow stars crashing. And, of course, we know itís the orgone thatís saturating the atmosphere, thatís causing these alien starships to turn yellow, theyíre on fire. And they must be huge, because they just -- they stay yellow for a long time before they crash. And normally theyíre just white, they just blend in with our starry skies at night. Well, no more, because the orgone catches them on fire, and they linger up there for months before they finally crash. And this is a testament to the Shema star that Iíve been talking about, that the New Agers have been heralding it as Maitreyaís star. This thing must be huge, because it has been on fire since October of last year. And itís still hanging in our space. And so, eventually, itís going to piece off in half and crash to the Earth. And thatís what Iíve been warning about. And thatís what I think is this asteroid that hits the Earth. You know, if I had to go out on a ledge and predict where I think itís gonna fall, I would say, the Great Lakes area. And so, thatís just a prediction of mine. I donít have a "thus saith the Lord" on where itís gonna crash. But I think it will be the lake, Lake Huron and the Great Lakes. Interesting to watch that unfold. I canít see it standing up in the air, staying up in the air too much longer this year, folks. Some time this spring, this summer, that thing is gonna crash. Some people predict September, October of this year. So I guess weíll just have to wait and see.
A High-Sacrifice Satanic Holiday
Today, the Tea Parties are in Washington. And interestingly enough, this is the time of preparations for sacrifices - the satanic groups across the nation. You know, the churches have their pagan Easter that they celebrate, the goddess of Ishtar, and Judaism we just celebrate the Passover. Everybody's celebrating different times, depending on which calendar youíre following. And so ... October the Satanists have their holidays, and itís a whole week in April. It starts at the 15th, starts today. And so keep an eye on your animals, because the lower amateur groups will sacrifice animals. Your kids, missing people, because it's a very high-sacrifice holiday. Several sacrifices have to be done during this week. And so, and thereís a lot of groups throughout the country. And so, keep your eye on missing people, missing kids. And keep your kids where you know where theyíre at. Keep them under your eyes at all times, especially this week. Donít let them wander off. And already in Ohio, about two weeks ago, they were getting in preparation for the satanic holiday youíre hearing about. High-school kidsí attempted abductions while theyíre waiting for school or walking home from school. And so, just keep an eye on your kids, folks, especially this week.
What The Chief Aliens Are Up To
I donít know why they would meet in Washington today on the 15th. Maybe 'cause itís tax day. Taxes are due today, and so. Anyway, just doing the spin around the Internet on what our chief aliens are up to [laughs]. Obama as the Chief-Alien-in-Residence, traveling around the world for global reduction arms treaties and, as usual, everything else. You know, heís not gonna be in D.C. this weekend, not with the Tea Parties.
Hillary Clinton going around, giving speeches on nuclear arms reduction speech. This month, just the other day, at the University of Kentucky, also last month, she was speaking at the World Water Day discussing global warming climate change. Interestingly enough, when lizard Al Gore was approached by a FOXNews reporter, asking him if heíll appear on the OíReilly show, the reporter asking him if he was embarrassed about the Climategate scandal, if he'll benefit from the cap-and-trade. Of course, he does. Heís the one behind it. And because the arctic levels are increasing. Theyíre not diminishing, theyíre increasing. And Al Gore simply running away, stating that heís not doing interviews right now [laughs]. Dick Cheney, the old lizard in office, but still very powerful and seriously not forgotten, did a surprise visit at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, where he stated he will never run for office again. He also said that 2010 would be a phenomenal year for Americans and conservatives. And his last statement before leaving the stage was that lizard Obama will be a one-term president. And so, interesting, because you have the Zionists against the Muslims right there between those two.
Seeing Unusual Things
Anyway, I wanna answer questions for the show. I'll bring this listener on and Iíll try to get back to some of this information I have.
Sherry: Hello, listener, youíre on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry, this is Linda calling from New Jersey.
Sherry: Hey.
Caller: Hi. I live in Jersey City, right across from Manhattan.
Sherry: Okay.
Caller: And I seen your building and I can see it, but Iím really, you know, your last program from last Thursday said to watch for unusual things. Well, ever since Iíve been here now, two years, Iíve been listening to you. Iíve been looking at the skies. I donít have binoculars, and Iím not able to go on the roof of this building. They wonít let you do that. Um, so, but I can look out my window on the west side, and for the last week or so, all of a sudden I look out and I see this bright sparkling...looked like a bar in the sky, stabilized, it wasnít moving. And it looked like it was a bright star, white, and it looked like it would turn from -- looked like a cylinder bar, bright. And it stayed there for ever and ever. And of course itís very close to the Newark airport. The airplanes are flying all around, much lower, it looked like it was like 30 degrees up or 33 degrees up in the eastern sky.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: And Iím thinking it was like all week itís been this way. And I thought last night for the first time, and it looked likeÖ I didnít see how it moved. It just suddenly appeared in another place.
Sherry: Right. They just kind of stroll around.
Caller: Well, Iíve never noticed that ...
Sherry: At night, theyíll stroll up into position right at sunset.
Caller: Exactly. It was right at dark around - well, of course, now it gets dark about 8 oíclock or 8:15.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: Yeah, and thatís when it shows up, like around that time. And it's like, wow! Iím going, Iím really seeing something, like bars, you know, seeing chemtrails around here. You donít because of the city, the smog comes and goes, you know, the clouds, it gets cloudy and heavy, so it's real hard to see them.
Sherry: Right.
How Close Are You to West Carrollton?
Caller: And the other thing is, I hope that you received my... I put in an order for some pucks. You should be receiving it soon. And -- oh, I wanted to ask you one thing about -- how you feel about -- by way, Iíll tell you, I lived in Dayton, Ohio, and Iím a graduate of West Carrollton. How close are you to West Carrollton?
Sherry: Uh, West Carrolton, isnít that southern Ohio somewhere?
Caller: Yeah, youíre in Carrollton, Ohio.
Sherry: Right, Iím up, outside of Youngstown. About 30 minutes outside Youngstown, 30 minutes outside Canton.
Caller: Uh, I thought West Carrollton and Carrollton were together, but I guess not, huh?
Sherry: No, theyíre different areas.
Comments About the Two Witnesses
Caller: A lot of years since I lived there, so, you know. Well, the question I wanted to ask you: Last week, you talked about -- or someone called in and asked you about the Two Witnesses. You were describing, you know, The Witnesses Elijah and Enoch, and how they, you know, and that John the Baptist actually was considered Elijah, right?
Sherry: Right.
Caller: ...was the former Elijah. Well, I wanted to bring up the hatred and the [unclear] Baptist church that goes around and preaches the Scripture of a imminent doom which is coming.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: ...in a way, and theyíre still hated. And all they do, basically, what theyíre doing is preaching the word. And they quote the Scripture as to the times of what we really are. And they're so hated. And I wanted to know how you feel about them, if you've considered them maybe -- they are former witnesses like a whole church, that stepped away from all the perversion and sin, and lived according to the Scriptures, raise your children up in the way they should go, you know. So how do you feel about them? I think theyíre wonderful. I get excited every time I read how they're hated and they keep trying and preaching to these people, 'cause theyíre ears are stopped up with sin, you know, huh?
Sherry: Itís like you're speaking to a blank wall.
Caller: Thatís exactly what they say. You knowÖ
Sherry: You know, the Lordís people, weíre a varied bunch, different groups amongst us andÖ
Caller: Yeah. You know, they... Go on.
Sherry: Many hated by the others. Most of the problem with the Lordís people is that they spend most of the time in-fighting and hating everybody else while they preach love to everybody else.
Caller: Well they're not preaching love, theyíre preaching Godís hatred against mankind for not obeying.
Sherry: Well, then you know theyíre not the Lordís people, because Yahushua was the biggest hellfire preacher there was.
Caller: Absolutely! And He also, you know, went into the shul, the synagoge, you know, and whipped the heck out of the money changers, turned the tables over and let all these animals go, and said to them, You make My house a den of thieves."
Sherry: Right, thatís what they're doing today. They commercialized His name. Everything is, "Buy my book. Buy my video. Join our conference,"Öyeah, Heís pulled me away from all that, has never let me go speak at a conference or anything, and, you know, they just commercialize His name. Itís how much money they can make off of Him. Theyíll get their just rewards from Him. I think they think theyíre gonna get big rewards, but theyíre gonna get just rewards.
Something's Not Right with Religions
Caller: Yeah, well, itís called eternal Hell [laughs]. Burning and, you know, forever, with fire and brimstone, you know, thatís whatís happening. But, I was raised in the Midwest, not very far from where you are, in Indiana near Chicago. And I was born and raised there. Raised in a Baptist Church with a Southern Baptist minister. So I was raised with the hellfire-and-brimstone preaching. And all of my life though Iíve always been pulled away, and different from everyone. And I lived on top a big Catholic neighborhood and I one time went into the Catholic church when I was 11-years-old with one of my Polish friends, who said, " I have to go to, you know, pray." I was always terrified of this church. To me it was like a big spook chapel of Satan.
Sherry: You just feel the demons.
Caller: I was only like 10 and a half or 11, and she had to go and say her rosary, and I was kinda scared, so I said, "OK, Iíll go in with you." And I sat with her, and I went totally blind the whole time I was there. My eyes were wide open, I could not see anything. It scared me to death. So the Lord was protecting me. But then He didn't protect me enough because it ended up - at a very young age I got married to an Orthodox Jew, Russian Orthodox Jew [laughs]. And I, you know, raised a family, married for a lot of years, practiced Judaism for all those years, never really converted 'cause I would never denounce Yahushua, never would. So and then Iíve been through, since then, maybe something similar to what youíve gone through. I decided to embrace Jesus Christ back, got baptized 3 times, been through all the Pentecostal churches. And I kept thinking, well, something is not all right here either, in my spirit. So Iíve come across you. Youíve been very informative and Iíve been reading your literature. I'm looking forward to getting my pucks, so, and God bless. Bye.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.
Sherry: Yeah, thatís the thing, folks. Most people think that if you're not in the Protestant denominations, and youíre celebrating the appointed times and feasts that you have gone to the Messianic Jews, and thatís not right either. Most Judaism today, especially orthodox, they donít believe in Yahushua the Son of God. Get out of religion. Religion's religion is religion. So, just get out of religion and go sit at the Lordís feet and ask Him to reveal the truth in all things to you. Because youíre not gonna find the truth in religions. As much as I was growing up, too, in the Baptist religion for 30 years of my life, never liked Easter, hated Easter, could never get along with that rapture theory of theirs, pre-trib rapture dogma, and so. Itís just the Lord tugging you at your heart saying somethingís not right and you need to go ask Him and find out.
Which Is the Correct Way to Spin the Coil for Orgone?
Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. Iíll try to bring some of these callers that have been sitting there and for some reason they just wonít patch in. Hello, caller, youíre on the air. Hello caller. I think they go to sleep. Hello, caller. See, I donít know what happens to them. SomethingísÖ Hello, caller, youíre on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Can you hear me?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Oh! Hey, Sherry... I'm calling from North Carolina. There was a guy who was from California, he had a question about the way that the coil was in the orgone. And you said that the way it was picturedÖ I think a couple of months ago I sent you an e-mail and asked you the same question. You said that it was clockwise; the way that you had to spin the coil, and theyíre pretty much opposite. On the picture is counterclockwise, and then in the instructions itís clockwise, so which way is the correct way?
Sherry: Go by the picture.
Caller: OK, so itís definitely the picture.
Sherry: Yeah, itís definitely the picture, because when you start talking about clockwise and counterclockwise, it gets very confusing. Go by the picture.
Caller: All right, thank you, thatís it!
That ought to clear that up, folks. When you make coils for the orgone pucks, folks, just imagine yourself walking up a rounding staircase. Youíre walking up it, and then it just stops. Thatís how your coil, if youíre making your own orgone at home, should look like. Like youíre walking up a staircase. Pictures on the website orgoneblasters.com, look for the make your own page. Because I do teach people how to make their own. Thereís also a video, two videos on there now, how to make your orgone blaster, how to make your bucket blaster. If all else fails, just watch the videos and look at the pictures on the website.
Technical Difficulties with the BlogTalkRadio Call-In Phone Lines
Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air. Hello, caller. Hello, caller, youíre on the air. I can hear them. I don't know why they can't hear me. Hello, caller. Hello, caller, you're on the air. Hello, caller. See, I could sit here all night and for some reason they just canít hear me. Hello, caller. Yeah, see. And they probably can hear me and they're probably answering me and I canít hear them. Hello, caller. I donít know if it's this phone system, or whatís going on. But this seems to happen every week, at every show, that...literally can only speak to about half the people that call in, because I simply canít patch the others through. Hello, caller. Itís one of these hang-ups with this radio network. I'm gonna have to talk to their support staff because...happens every week. I do 2 shows a week, and with every show it's the same story, I can only talk to about half the people that call in, soÖ
If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I also have a chat room going on. If you go to my main page at www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio, youíll see a chat button there at the top right-hand side of the page, right underneath the player box and you can go there and chat with other listeners. Kind of a neat place to hang out.
Montreal, Canada a Strange and Satanic Area
I know somebody had sent in questions before the show started, asking me about Quebec and making a couple comments about Montreal. And in a nutshell, talking about how deranged the people of Montreal, Canada are - 'cause I donít really know a whole lot about Canada either, but I do know that the French province is different from the rest of the country, and they like to stay to themselves, they speak French, they donít speak English, and they donít like English people around there. So, interesting that this person was stating that it's a high sexual-perversion area. I guess a lot of people there related through incestuous relationships. And just a very strange and satanic area. And just seems like a lot of, you know, the-lights-are-on-but-no-oneís-home type people [laughs]. So, they're basically asking me if the whole area was just this whole certain seed, offspring-seed that area is, or soul-scalped people, or whatever. I donít know. Iíve never been past Toronto. Never been west of Toronto, never been east of Toronto, never been north of Toronto. Toronto is the only place Iíve ever been. So I'm not familiar with Montreal. Interestingly enough, Quebec is one of the cities that I'll usually see in the Bible Codes. And itís usually in relation to the Buffalo that are coming. And already setting up places all over the world, different branches and groups, and building up their light workers. Seems to be one of the places, safe havens, they can run to. When we chase them out of America, theyíll run to Quebec.
You know, they travel our night skies. They travel our day skies, we just donít see them very well during the day, they mask themselves by clouds. And when I found out where their hangouts are, I like to go and saturate, with orgone, the city or town they like hanging above. A couple of years ago, I did a lot of work in Salt Lake City, Utah, because that was the favorite hang out of Sananda, who also goes by the name Jesus. Since we chased them out of Salt Lake, they've headed to Quebec, and they've headed to the Vatican. Interesting, that this person - just a lot of comments about Montreal.
Experiencing FBI Gang Stalking
Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello!
Caller: Can you hear me?
Sherry: Yeah, how are you?
Caller: My name is Latisha. I am NOT doing anything. Somebody is transferring me through. I donít know why. I dialed - I found you on SherryShriner.com, and it has the 800 number. First, last week I called in the 800 number. It doesnít have the 646 number. Someone keeps putting me through, I'm notÖI'm listening to your call. I said, "I think sheÖ" I said, "Iíve been disconnected three times, somebody don't want me to listen."
Sherry: Yeah, I've been yelling at you since...I canít hear you. Theyíre not patching you through.
Caller: No, they are passing. But people donít know theyíre being passed through. Thatís whatís happening. Iím standing here listening. I didn't touch a button. Somebody's passing me through. After the third hang - I said, "She must be talking to me!" I said, "What is going on here?" Somebody is pressing buttons to make me go through to you. I dialed that 846 number. Also, somebody changed the times thatís on your website. They had the incorrect times on your website.
Sherry: Which website?
Caller: SherryShriner.com.
Sherry: Well, that would be me [laughs].
Caller: Yeah, so when, I mean, they can do that. I have had that happen to me. They changed the times. They only had your 877 number, your 646-929-2343 is not listed at all.
Sherry: Well, I donít usually list that, because it's not a free call. So, I just list the 877 number.
Caller: But, thatís your call-in number, right? So people are calling in. How can they listen?
Sherry: They can go to the BlogTalkRadio station.
Caller: Oh. See, but a lot of people donít know that. 'Cause I donít have access to a computer.
Sherry: Oh, OK. Yeah, see that's the biggest problem for me is 90 percent of the people that listen to my show, theyíre not on my list, they donít get my announcements, they donít get my e-mails. They just listen on a whim, and so...or how you listen, and so.
Caller: Yeah, I just have to find your website. I mean, I'm just learning a lot about a lot of stuff, so. I'm just listening. I'm enjoying - some things Iím kinda fuzzy on, but - the aliens, I donít know about all of that, but the other stuff I enjoy listening to. What Iíve been going through, I'm going through the gang stalking. Now they haveÖfirst it started out just with me being sprayed with pesticides and insecticides.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: Yeah, which is really, really bad. I was a activist, and I think my activism work was getting...making some people upset, like the pharmaceutical companies or the insurance companies. So, they decided that they're going to spray, after I went to file a cybercrime report. Thatís when they started spraying me more with insecticides, pesticides, alcohols, and now I am going through gas fumes, and now the radiation. And people should know that theyíre going through different stages. Now they have hyped up the gang stalking. I mean now everywhere where I go I just see them. They even came into "Borders" [book store] just last week, and now...they never came into the store...and it was a shame. It was a woman with her child. And what they did, they put some type of stuff on flowers, plastic flowers. And I'm thinking, I 'm getting sick and sick, so I moved. And then her and her child left, and left those flowers there, so I know it came from those flowers.
Sherry: Right. And for those of you who donít know what gang stalking is, it's a tactic the FBI uses to annoy and harass people they donít like, theyíre targeting. They just try to make your life complicated. Itís a psychological warfare game of theirs against their targets. And they do all kinds of silly stuff. Theyíll park behind you in a parking spot so you canít pull out. What sheís describing, they stalk you and harass you in the most unbelievable silly, childish ways you can imagine.
Caller: Yeah, and I have written down tag numbers. I mean, itís so obvious they all have tinted windows, so they're shooting the radiation, or now the gas fumes or insecticides, through these windows. They're using the same technology like a farmer does, you know, when there's insecticides. But they are putting it, Iím imagining, in a gun. ĎCause I actually got them on tape going back and forth past my car spraying it. Really dark tinted windows. And one time, just last week, I saw the guy sitting on the side of the road. It was just so obvious. He was getting ready to spray me. I pulled to the other side and came around in the parking lot and followed him, he got so scared. ...If they want to do this, scare them.
Sherry: You should get a water gun. An orgone water gun [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] No, Iím getting a stun gun. I would like to talk to you some more, so can I send this e-mail, and I'll send you my phone number so we can talk some more? ĎCause I donít like talkingÖ
Sherry: I don't do phone numbers, all my phone calls are tape recorded. You know, they listen to everything I say. So what works for me is e-mails. As far as e-mails, maybe I get some hit-skips when I donít read every single one of my e-mails, Ďcause I get so many of them. But all my phone conversations are recorded by the NSA so I donít do a lot of phone work.
Caller: Oh, ok. No, I just wanted to talk to you offline.
Sherry: Right. And thatís the thing, all my lines are recorded, so [laughs]. Thereís no peace for me, believe me.
Caller: Oh, thereís no peace for me, I donít care. But I just donít want to talk on this call. Thatís it. Trying to cut down some ways. They donít want me to do anything. What weíre trying to doÖweíre trying to gather people who want to stop this. And I know you said you want to do this. And people need a safe haven. Right now they areÖwhat theyíre doing, they just making peopleís lives hell.
Sherry: Where are you calling from?
Caller: Iím in New Jersey.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: But this started in Maryland actually, so between Maryland and New Jersey I have been stalked. They donít want you to make a living. I was an electrical engineer for the government, I meanÖ
Sherry: Youíre lucky if you can get a job as a taxi driver half the time. I mean, so many people are just so harassed by this FBI gang-stalking thing, Terrorist Task Force, whatever they call it. They canít get jobs. You can't live just a normal life. One of the things I found just to amuse yourself with as theyíre stalking you is ask the Lord to break their cars down, give them flat tires, cause them to overheat. I mean, you can just go on the offensive and have some fun.
Caller: Oh, I laugh when I make a u-turn and theyíre scared and donít know what do [laughs]. Or I pull on the side, they do not know what to do. ĎCause I wonít use a signal, Ďcause I know theyíre following me, so I like make a quick right, or shoot from the right lane to the left lane...
Sherry: You know just ask the Lord to give them flat tires.
Caller: OK [laughs].
Sherry: And just go on the offensive. You know, Tell Him to cause them to run out of gas, or have their cars overheat and, you know, just pester them.
Caller: Well, another thing we have to say is that God is breaking...is demolishing their plans, I meanÖ
Sherry: Oh yeah, He is.
Caller: And we have to stand on Godís word and thatís something which I like - what you're talking about, because a lot of people are not standing on Godís word. And thatís whatís keeping me through, and this other lady through. And we want to make people to have a safe haven. A place were they can rest. Some people are being sleep-deprived. And people are being controlled, controlled by the implants. And you know, itís never going to stop unless we all come together, we all try to do things at the same time. It canít just be one person, one person. Do you know of anybody whoís been successful in going to court to fight this?
Sherry: No. I have known people who have gone to court to fight this, but I donít know how successful theyíve been. Supposedly, somebody, I think it was from Canada, won a lawsuit against the CIA in the ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] harassment. Very hard to prove. Very hard to prove.
Natural Remedies for Health Problems - Ways to Detoxify
Caller: Yeah, in the United States people have proof. I mean I went to the police. I even called the FBI. And then, another thing theyíre doingÖtheyíre not giving people proper testing. I mean, I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield [health insurance] and when I went to the hospital they wanted to cover up the fact that they were giving me pesticides because I know the test that needs to be done, and they did not want to do that test. They did not want to run my blood work. They tried to give me saline Ďcause salineÖ if anybody is listening and they're being sprayed with insecticides, pesticides, if they give you saline, it will purify your blood, and you will not have anything that will show that youíre being sprayed with insecticides, pesticides. The first time I went to the hospital, they did not realize I knew the test. So I got the results to show that it was negative. But ever since, theyíve been covering up. And I'm not paying their bills. I'm like, if the hospital is not going to give me the proper medication and proper testing to show that I'm being tested... They tried to have me go to...tried to have me see a psychiatrist. Iím in the emergency room, they carry me by ambulance, the woman says it was a crisis. But she could not read my blood pressure. It was that off. She could read the top number, but the bottom number... I said, "Iím being affected by something." And my hands were so jittery. And the reason why I know the results is one of my naturopaths [a person who treats health conditions using natural remedies], it's called...she has a copy of my DNA. I sent in my saliva and my hair samples. And she could run it through this little machine and it could tell you what youíre being exposed to. But the test is not recognized in the United States. But they gave me a clear picture of what I was exposed to. And she was able to flush the stuff out of my system. So if youíre going through this stuff, this, even radiation, if youíre being exposed to radiation, it affects your thyroid. So you should be taking some type of thyroid medication and thyroid test. Anything that has iodine, potassium iodine, that's what people should be taking. And that's what, myself and this other lady, we wanna educate people because there...you have to get well, you can get well. But you have to allow your body...if your body is not allowed a chance to heal, you will never recover. Unfortunately, you start getting diseases and eventually you may end up dying a early death...
Sherry: ...MMS that I have on my protection page. Learning how to protect yourself. Have that MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement, because that will keep your immune system built up. They try to beat us down and deplete us with chemicals everyday. And it will keep your immune system built up. And that's something the Lord led ME to. And so, I'll just pass that on to everybody else out there. It's on my web page, "Learning How to Protect Yourself." I have MMS and Thieves Oil listed on there, and so...
Caller: And I also..if I could tell people...that there's a detox bath you could take. It's magnet detox bath. And there's one especially for chemicals and also for radiation.
Sherry: Right. And people also need it for metals, because they're being inundated with metals. And so people need to detox from all the metals that they've been ingesting. It's like osmosis. You just ingest the stuff through your skin. Through breathing and just through your skin. And so...
Caller: Yeah. I was a mole. I was a toxic mole activist. I got sick from the government as...engineer. And I started complaining. I mean, it almost cost my life. I actually - my lungs started closing up in the building. And thank God there was a ambulance right down the street. I felt myself going to a different world. I really did. It was peaceful, calm. And then when I got to the ambulance, I heard this voice saying, "If you go to the hospital, you're gonna die." I heard it twice. So, I know there's a God. And this just allowed me to rely on God more. If you never believed in God before, start praying and you will see changes. And you will see a difference. Because, I'm praying so hard because now they're trying to get to my family since they can't get to me. They're not breaking me down. They're not stopping me. Because God is in me. And we need to preach it. I used to do conference calls and God is also leading me to do another prayer conference call. And bringing people together 'cause that's what we have to...we have to live for God's name in order...because Jesus is above all of this stuff. His name is greater than any other name. And by just staying to the word and standing on the word, I mean, we will conquer evil. Good will eventually conquer evil. But we have to get the information out there and do things to just get people to know that knowledge is power. And the Bible says lack of knowledge, My people will perish. And that's what's happening. 'Cause people don't have the knowledge. And if we could find a way to get the word out, that's what we should do. And things like this, doing a conference call, is great. If we could find places, like you talk about, finding, doing a safe haven. That's what I'm doing. That's what I'm doing. But the place...I don't want to say anything yet, but that's something that's in my heart as well.
Sherry: Yeah. Well, you better have it wire-caged and...[laughs]. What show was that with Will Smith and somebody, and they had their computer in their offfice and everything in mesh into a wire cage. Because that keeps the ELF high-tech equipment off of you, and so. Yeah. You know, there's just so many attacks, from so many different avenues. You might stop one, and they find a different way to come at you.
Caller: Right. And that's what I said, they went through changes with me. And this all happened since September 2009. Another thing I'd like to tell people...you need to take electrolytes. Electrolytes would help. I go to "Trader Joe's" [health food store] and get their electrolyte-enhanced water. But drinking a lot of water is gonna...
Sherry: Yeah. A lot of water, because what the problem is, people are drinking all these lizard monster drinks [laughs]. And that's what they want you to do. Run to these monster drinks and these lizards drinks, and that's how they get...they affect...your DNA changes and... ...just water, folks. I don't think Gatorade is bad either. I think that's still Gatorade. It might be, but I haven't heard anything bad about Gatorade. But all these "Life Water" drinks that are coming out, they tell you who and what they are. They've got lizards on the bottles and Monster 666 numbers on the cans. You've really gotta stay away from the new stuff they're coming out with.
Caller: Yes. Especially sodas. Sodas are definitely... You have to alkaline your body as much as possible. If you don't know anything about akaline and acid, please look...Google, and there's a lot of foods that's out there that will get your body alkaline. That's the key to being disease-free.
Sherry: Or eating organic vegetables... We're getting GMO foods and poison foods, poison water. Try to grow your own vegetables...
Caller: Yes! That's what we're gonna have to do. When I was growing up, my parents, we had a garden. And I am grateful because I think because we had this garden, this has helped my immune system. Because we were not grown up...my parents, my mother wasn't...she grew up on a farm, too, so. By having gardens I think that's the way. You're gonna have to raise your own foods that you wanna have. We had chickens as well, so. I think that really helped our immune system as a child.
Sherry: Yeah. And that should keep you healthy now because everything we're eating...everytime I turn around it's poison from a different direction. They're poisoning the barley, so that affects all of our cereals. And then, yeah. It just goes from one thing to the next. And so people really need to just take control over what you're eating and stay out of the grocery stores as much as possible [laughs]...
Caller: Like right now I'm doing The Master Cleanse. I don't know if you know about The Master Cleanse. Just organic lemons, cayenne pepper, and water.
Sherry: Yeah. I just got a bread machine. And so I'm gonna start making my own bread. By the time you get the bread from the store it's so poisoned. It's processed over and over and over again. It's almost like the milk. By the time you get milk from a grocery store, there's no value in it whatsoever.
Caller: I don't even drink milk [laughs].
Sherry: I like milk!
Caller: Oh!!!
Sherry: I like to have it when I'm eating food, and so... But lucky for me there's a lot of farmers; I live in a cow town, and so... But the problem is is, when they homogenize it, they boil it twice and at the second time, they kill any nutritional value in it whatsoever.
Caller: There's no enzymes.
Sherry: And so, grocery-store-bought milk is worthless.
Caller: That's why I take kefir and almond milk.
Sherry: That's what I'm hearing a lot of people doing. They're doing that almond milk thing.
Caller: It's good! If you like almonds.
Sherry: Oh, I love almonds.
Caller: Oh, yes! You would like it.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: I don't know if you've got a "Trader Joe's" or "Whole Foods," but you will definitely...oh, my goodness...I love it [laughs].
Sherry: I'll have to try some of it then because I've been hearing people talk about that a lot lately. Almond milk.
Caller: Oh, yes! But stay away from soy...soy is not good. It's the way they process soy.
Sherry: Even canned soups, they put so much salt in it.
Caller: And MSG [monosodium glutamate]! MSG! There's a lot of foods with MS...soups...I was just looking at it. I'm like, soup with MSG?
Sherry: Yeah. Chicken noodle can kill you, folks [laughs].
Caller: Make your own... And that's the good thing about this Master Cleanse. At the end of whenever you want to stop detoxifying, you make your own homemade chicken soup.
Sherry: Oh, there you go. It's not that hard to make your own soups if people would just, you know...
Caller: Take the time. You have to take the time. Get a cooker, or whatever it's called, and put it in, and let it cook all day. That's all. But people don't want to do that. And stay away from microwaves. That kills your foods.
Sherry: Yeah, that's like the double whammy. To totally knock out anything nutritious of anything you made [laughs].
Caller: Because, what we wanna do now, since we've been attacked...it's like poison. And if you keep eating all these other foods, you're putting more poisons in your body. And, when you get to a point, this is why you should tell my mole buddies...that's what I call us; mole buddies...that when you get to a point when your kidneys and your liver and stuff...your body is overloaded, that's when you start getting all these diseases...
Sherry: Oh you now what the Lord's told me is there's been times when I've had enough poison in me to kill ten men. And He's put me on oatmeal diets. Eat nothing but oatmeal or eggs for three days.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: And so those seem to be the natural cleansing agents that people can eat to detoxify their bodies. Natural detoxicant is oatmeal. And also the vitamin K in eggs will repair cellular damage caused by their tech weapons, their microwave tech weapons.
Caller: And lemons. Even though it's acid, but when it goes through your body it's alkaline...by doing lemons after...hot lemons...drink something hot after every meal, that will help you go to the bathroom.
Sherry: ...They said don't drink anything while you're eating, and drink something hot afterwards.
Caller: Every meal. And that's what I'm finding out. And also the Epsom salt. You can do that at night. So there's a lot of information on the website. If you can't get to it, I'm sure Sherry could tell you. But there's a lot of information. I think a lot of people don't take the time to the research.
Sherry: Do you have a website?
Caller: They don't do the research. Because some of the things like the lemons, you could get a bag...I know at "Trader Joe's" a bag of ten lemons for two dollars. And that could last you...that will purify your body, help you feel better. And that's the key, making yourself feel better. I feel great! And even though I'm going through all this poison and stuff. But I'm in the Bible every day. I'm in the word every day. And when they come against me, I say, "Satan, I resist you in the name of Jesus."
Sherry: [laughs}
Caller: They just hit me. I just went out for a hour, I come back. They sprayed so much stuff in my parents' house. I'm just praying, I got...that's what you heard before...I've got the gospel channel on. So I'm just praising God. Just say, you know, it's a blessing when you wake up everyday, so just count it as a blessing.
Sherry: All right, caller. Well, thank you for calling in.
Caller: You're welcome. Have a great day!
Sherry: You, too. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.
Orgone - Don't Leave Home without It
You know what, folks? You do not wanna leave your house without a pendant on, orgone in your pocket and an orgone pendant on because it'll stop a lot of those poison attacks that you get on the street that you don't even realize you're getting. You know, I've gone to hardware stores two different occasions and both times I've come home with a chip implant in my leg. And so, you know? You just become a target when you're out. They get these chip-implant guns. They can shoot you with chip implants. You can feel the sting. You can deactivate them with neodymium magnets. Sometimes even just pull them out of your leg if you see the black dot part. That's what it looks like. It looks like a black dot. And you just start pulling it out of your leg and it's a chip implant. And so, they're always at war against the Lord's people. And especially if you've been asleep for so long, and all of a sudden you start waking up, and you start doing research, and you start building a relationship with the Lord a lot better than what it's been, and you start focusing on that, you become a target. Instant target, in Satan's kingdom.
And none of this stuff's crazy. It's all true. The FBI has this gang stalking whole task force thing where they harass people to make them look like they're crazy, sound like they're crazy. They do crazy stuff. There's websites on this stuff, and so [laughs]. Because it exists! People go through the stalking and harassment from FBI agents. When you're online, you get stalked and harassed by the NSA. From one end to the other. I don't know how many lies I've read that they've put out about me on the Internet. And I always just joke and say it's bored NSA interns. But they really do start targeting particular campaigns against people to discredit them, to keep other people from listening to them or taking them seriously. It's all campaigns worked under from Satan's forces to attack the Lord's people.
If You're Going to Washington, D.C. This Week, Take Your Orgone with You
Any questions for the show, folks, I only have about four minutes left. Not sure I'll take an
y questions. About three minutes down, so Monday night have our regular show. Monday night a 8 o'clock. Yeah, so give a glance around and see what our targeted aliens [laughs] are up to and it seems to be that the action this week is going to be the Tea Parties in Washington. I do hope people there have got orgone on them to protect themselves and the people around them because you know they're gonna be heavily chemtrail-spraying that whole area. So if you're heading out to Washington, for the rest of this week, take orgone with you, folks. Get the orgone with you. Because that'll be some kind of protection against all the assaults. They're gonna be ELFing you. They're gonna be chemtrailing you. And just a time for them to get all their enemies in one spot and then have a field day with various tech weapons and bioweapons against them. And so, you know, what can you do? You will protest against this government and show your support against the satanic freaks that are running it, and at the same time you become an open target so that they can attack you with every high-tech weapon that they have, that most people still don't even know exists, that they have, and so. Anyway...
A Lot of Buffalo Activity in the Midwest
Had a lot of info to get through today which I don't normally do anyway [laughs]. A little tidbits here and there. But we'll get to it next week. And a lot of action around here in the Midwest regions. Look up at the sky at night. A lot of Buffalo activity. And so, fitting, that there was UFOs crashing yesterday because we have so much activity in the skies out here right now in the Midwest region.
Anyway, folks. Until next week. Yah bless.