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Monday Nights with Sherry Shriner
April 19, 2010
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Great Time on TheEdgeAM During Interview with Daniel Ott
Saturday night, I had an interview with Daniel Ott on TheEdgeAM.com. I had a really good time with Daniel. I always do. And you can hear that archive being replayed at his website TheEdgeAM.com. I also have links to it on all of my websites.
[laughs]. Here we go. Itís Monday night, and everything starts going kaputt here. I canít get into the chat room. So if youíre in the chat, you know, hopefully, by the end of the show Iíll be able to get in. But as usual, my computer starts doing really strange things when the showís gonna start. And tonight's no different. I have 1-1-1's, straight ones for a phone call, interesting. Even that starts to harass me. [laughs]
Obama's Main Purpose Is to Plunder and Pillage America
This week, Iíve been in the Codes and trying to figure out the direct things that are coming ahead. And one of the things Iíve been seeing is that the news of the gold being gone is more or less gonna come out. And you have to figure, theyíve already wiped out the lower-class. Itís pretty much gone through the middle-class until the second wave hits this summer to boomerang the middle-class ones again. And now we even have the rich people that are gonna get slam-dunked when they find out that all their paper of gold and silver and precious metals are worthless. You know, when you buy gold, you go through one of these stockbroker companies, you donít get the actual gold in your hands. They give you a piece of paper that says, "You own this much gold thatís being held at this vault," or whatever. And the people are gonna find out that all the paper their holding's worthless, because the gold vaults are empty. I declared back in September of 2008 that they were empty. And so, interesting, thatís gonna start coming out now. And thatís surely gonna boomerang all of the people that have gold and silver stock and have invested a lot of money. If you donít have it in your hands, you donít have it. Thatís gonna come out. Obama continuing to plunder the wealth of America, seeing that in the Bible Codes. And thatís what his main purpose is, folks, to plunder and pillage America. And heís been doing it since he was elected in office, started off with his bailouts, his enforced vaccines, and heís continuing with the economy, just spending money we donít have, spending us into oblivion. And all of this will be coming out that the gold and silver are gone, everything is gone. And so, amazing who takes credit for all of this. And Iíve told you from the start, that Obama and Maitreya canít be separated. These two are two peas in a pod, because Obama is working with Maitreya and the whole New Age Raelean agenda.
Aliens Throwing the Political Agenda Under the Bus to Bring in Religious Agenda
And - so interesting that itís them, the New Agers. Perusing their websites - my radio show on Thursdays, "Aliens in the News," now. Iíll be keeping you up to date on what the aliens are doing, the soul-scalped, and those who claim that theyíre Ascended Masters and gods and creators of our universe. And we all know thatís a bunch of hogwash. But they claim to be the ones that have all the money, that they have taken, theyíve emptied the Federal Reserve, that they were the beneficiaries of all this bailout money. Because even our own government wonít tell you where all the money went. But itís these Ascended Masters, this Ashtar Command, that is claiming to have all the money. And I wouldnít doubt it, because this is the Council of Nine that rules above the Earth, and theyíve been pulling the strings from day one.
The political aspect of the New World Order that weíre going through with the world governments forming into a global one-world government, a global economy, theyíve been the political aspects of this whole New World Order. And the religious aspect is the one that the alien agenda is gonna be bringing in. And so now theyíre ready to throw the entire political agenda under the bus. And so thatís why youíre gonna see more and more news reports coming out that the Federal Reserve is a scam, not even an American entity, that the Queen of England runs our IRS, that are a corporate, basically a board of elitist, globalists, who run the Federal Reserve. And all this stuff is gonna come out. And the reason itís gonna come out is because theyíre allowing it to just dissolve.
And so, what they expect to do -- and I donít know why -- but this is their thinking -- theyíre gonna make arrests, kind of make it look like theyíre legitimate, they wanna come in as our gods and help Earth. And so, theyíre gonna arrest all the bad guys. So all the people [laughs] -- and remember what I said years ago. What I said, when this stuff really starts to hit the fan, the first ones on the train will be the red list. And the red list is everyone who helps to bring it about. And sure enough, thatís exactly -- theyíre not coming out and saying it -- but I already know what theyíre gonna do. All these politicians who have been part of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, all these one-world globalist secret societies are gonna be the first ones on those trains, and the first ones killed. And so now -- if you go to their websites, they kind of boo-hoo about -- or rah-rah, because theyíre cheering it on, about all of these criminals getting arrested, and making it look like theyíre trying to make things right now. And so itís kind of amusing. You know, there's no love lost in that faction. Satanists all hate each other, they all compete against each other and fight against each other. And so, interesting, they claim that theyíre the ones who have the money. All of these things are coming out about the Vatican and the Pope and all the pedophilia that takes place. Soon enough, probably the drug-running of all of our governments, and the prostitution rings, the pedophile rings -- all this stuffís gonna come out, because theyíre gonna throw it under the bus and allow these people to take the heat for it, and be arrested and jailed for it.
If You Join Our Kingdom on Earth, We'll Give You Ten Million Dollars
And so, interesting, because theyíre ready to move on with their religious agenda, which is this whole Age of Aquarius, where theyíre gonna bring Heaven on Earth and establish Heaven on Earth. And their plans, according to their double-speak, is to give every family in America, and around the world -- I believe, itís around the world -- ten million dollars. And so, they're gonna be like waving the carrots in front of the rabbits, saying, "If you join our kingdom on Earth and become a part of this New World Order weíre creating, weíre gonna give you ten million dollars, so you never have to worry about money again, to show you how legitimate we are." [laughs] And basically people selling their souls for this money. And the reason Iím laughing is, because we know what the Bible says about that. We know how the Bible describes the last days. And the last days is under these godsí rule. They claim theyíre Ascended Masters or whatever.. advanced spiritual beings, blah-blah-blah. But we know what the Bible says about it.
Main Characteristic of Last Days Is Lawlessness - No Law, No Justice
The thing I wanna talk about tonight is: One of the main characteristics of the last days is lawlessness. And if you look at what lawlessness really is, itís a lack of justice. Thereís no law, thereís no justice. And one of the tenants of this Age of Aquarius coming upon us is: Thereís no absolutes. Thereís no wrongs. And so you could be living next door to rapists and pedophiles, and murderers, and thieves. And as far as theyíre concerned, itís just that personís bad karma working its way out. [laughs] And so all the criminals get a free pass to be criminals, and all of the good people become victims of this entire lack-of-justice system that they plan on implementing here. And thatís why the Bible says itís complete lawlessness in these last days. Thereís no absolutes. Thereís no justice. Youíre gonna be -- your child -- you know, youíre gonna be living next door with pedophiles and rapists and murderers. No one wants their kids around that. And thereís gonna be no justice. Thereís just no justice. And so, one of the first things that always comes to my mind when I think about this fake Heaven-on-Earth faÁade that theyíre trying to create.
Got a caller on the line. Iím gonna see whatís on their mind for tonight.
What Is the Correct Direction to Wind the Copper Coil When Making Orgone?
Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.
Caller: Hello.
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Sherry?
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: Hi. I have a question about the orgone.
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: On the coils, you have a picture of an example on your website, right, that coil?
Sherry: Right. Mm-hmm.
Caller: Um, the point -- the point is going to a clockwise direction, right?
Sherry: Yeah, it looks like -- If you look at it -- people look at it and go, "That looks like itís going in a counterclockwise direction." But the motion is moving forward.
Caller: And in order to get that motion, you have to wind it counterclockwise, right?
Sherry: Right. If you make it exactly like it is on the website, youíre doing it right.
Caller: Yeah, Ďcause I noticed how -- you said to wind it clockwise. And then when I wind it clockwise, the point, the motion is going in a counterclockwise direction. And when I - excuse me?
Sherry: The best thing I can suggest is just to look at that coil on my website and copy that exactly. When you try to explain it, itís crazy. Because it looks like itís going counterclockwise, but the wire itself looks like itís going counterclockwise, but the motion moves forward. The motion is moving forward.
Caller: Right, the point, right, the end of the wire, right...
Sherry: Right.
Caller: ...is going in a clockwise direction, like it going upwards?
Sherry: Right.
Caller: Okay, so in order to get that -- I just trying to make it clear, because I made like 30 orgone pucks and it cost me a lot of time and money to make these. And to top it off, I donít wanna make the dead orgone. You understand that.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: And I know that's a main factor on the wire. Thatís why I wanna make sure I did it right.
Sherry: Yeah, true. As long as you made it the way that looks, youíre okay.
Caller: Okay. Iím just gonna make this clear one more time. In order to get that motion and make it look the way it does on your website, you wind it in a counterclockwise direction?
Sherry: Right, and then snip it. And youíll see the wire is -- you know, if you had an invisible pen from the tip of that wire, you would be going, in drawing, that youíd be going in a clockwise direction.
Caller: Right, okay.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: Okay, so in order to do that, you have to wind it counterclockwise.
Sherry: Wind it counterclockwise, and then snip it, and youíll see that the point actually...
Caller: And then itís gonna go in that direction.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: Okay. I was really confused on that. I was like, "Man!" I donít get it, like I donít know if I did it right or wrong.
Sherry: [laughs] Thatís the one thing that gets a lot of people, is the coil itself.
How Do You Know That Orgone Works If You Can't Feel the Energy?
Caller: And I started worrying. Iíll be sitting there and staring at that orgone puck, just thinking, "Oh, what if I did negative energy orgone and I'll start seeing more things coming at me, tracking evil!" And also: How do you know these things work? I had these for a while and I donít -- they just seem like -- they donít seem like -- I donít know, I donít feel any energy coming out of them or anything like that. How do you know?
Sherry: You know, most people who arenít spiritually sensitive arenít gonna pick up on orgone energy, orgone puck and say, "Wow, I feel that!" And so a lot of people do, some people do, because theyíre more spiritually sensitive. But obviously, like most people, they could just pick up a puck and think, "I donít feel anything off that."
Caller: Right.
Sherry: But Iíll tell you what youíll notice: If you saturate your yard and neighborhood with it, itíll knock the chemtrails out. And one of the things I noticed is, almost everybody who puts orgone out, ends up getting military helicopters in their area, because it puts out some kind of an aura that they can see.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: I wish I could see it. But it puts out some kind of an aura. And everybody who gets into the orgone, eventually talks about seeing military helicopters in their area, but they stay way back. And I think thatís because they detect some kind of an aura.
Caller: Okay. So I guess I made them correctly. And I made like 30 of them. So...
Sherry: Good! You know what? Put íem under your bed, put íem in front of your computer monitor.
Caller: ...Yeah, I put one on my -- yeah, exactly, thatís where I put íem. And I put them around my house.
Sherry: Put íem in the gutters of your house.
Caller: Gutter? I don't have no gutters. I live like in a closed-community kind of place.
Sherry: Oh, put íem up on the roofs if you can. Roofs are great places.
Caller: Because I donít want people to find them. Theyíll be like, "Wow, what the hell this?" you know.
Sherry: Yeah, thatís why I put íem up in gutters so people wonít find íem. [laughs]
Caller: Yeah, gutters, gutters too, yeah.
Sherry: Yeah, just get íem out there and go like a mile outside of where you live and throw íem in that area. And then go two miles out -- and youíll start to notice, you know, the chemtrails just wonít stick.
Caller: Right. Mainly the chemtrails, right?
Sherry: Right. You know, thatís part of our battle against them. Mostly, what you wanna do is get your area saturated with that aura of the orgone, because it burns alien beings, itís gonna burn the giants when they come. The fourth-dimension beings donít like it.
You Can't Stop the Chinese That Are Coming with Orgone?
Sherry (continued): Now, if you wanna attack Chinese that are coming youíre gonna need a 12-gauge [shotgun] or something, you know how that goes.
Caller: Really?
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: You canít stop the Chinese with the orgone?
Sherry: [laughs] No, not unless theyíre soul-scalped beings.
Caller: I live in California.
Sherry: Orgone doesnít affect humans unless theyíre soul-scalped.
Caller: Right. And these Chinese that are coming -- theyíre not soul-scalped, are regular humans like us, but brainwashed?
Sherry: You know what? I donít know if theyíre human or not, because Beijingís got the largest cloning facility in the world. How do we know theyíre human?
Caller: All right, I heard about that. And you say theyíre gonna come from San Francisco, right?
Sherry: Oh, I donít know where theyíre gonna come. I would imagine Florida and California will be the first two states that go down. California and Florida both being a myriad of bad weather, natural disasters.
Caller: Right. Here the weather is really crazy. It was never like this. Itís more rainy, more cloudy, looks depressing. It was never like this.
Sherry: Yeah, hey have a port. Clinton gave the Chinese a port in California when he was president. So they have their own port. And theyíve been shipping in equipment since then.
Caller: Yeah, right. Well, I didnít know that one.
Sherry: All these Cosco containers on trains, theyíre shipping in a lot of Chinese equipment that way.
Caller: Yeah, yeah, Iíve seen those, yeah. That sounds true. Um, yeah. I've been listening to your website for like the longest time already. You know, I experienced some crazy things along the way, and Iíve been getting closer to Yah. Thanks to you, because I believe He led me to your website for a reason. And, I mean...
Have You Heard of a Lady Called Anna Hayes?
Caller (continued): Have you heard of a lady called Anna Hayes?
Sherry: No, I donít think so. Anna Hayes?
Caller: No? Yeah, she talks about the Galactic Alliance.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: Yeah, I mean, sounds New Age, right?
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: New Age stuff.
Sherry: As soon as you mention anything galactic, yeah.
Caller: Yeah, Ďcause the story is about good aliens that were under the control of bad aliens, and then they couldn't take it no more, so they left the bad aliens and then they formed their own alliance against the bad aliens.
Sherry: The truth is, theyíre all bad. They just get in fights and arguments, and break off into different sections and factions.
Caller: By the way, they're still kind of lying to us, right?
Sherry: That's what truth is. Huh?
Caller: Then theyíre lying to us, you know. They lie to us to make it seem like theyíre friendly, but really theyíre not.
Sherry: Right, exactly. And Anna is playing it perfectly on the "V" series, because, you know -- have you been watching the "V" series?
Caller: Iíve seen a couple -- I havenít been really seeing them, Iíve seen a couple of shows, I mean, itís really boring to me, you know, like...
Sherry: Well, the last show -- not last week, but the week before -- at the very end she shape-shifted into a reptilian and started showing her true colors.
Caller: Right. The lady?
Sherry: And thatís how they are. Yeah. Thatís how they are. They come in, "Oh, we wanna help, we wanna help", and then you see their real side.
Caller: Right, right.
Sherry: Thatís how they all are.
Keep an Eye on Troop Movements and Anything Weird in California
Caller: OK. And -- I guess, thatís it. I mean, I have so much more I could ask you, but I mean, I donít wanna take up your time.
Sherry: You know what? Since youíre out there in California, keep an eye on troop movements and anything weird, because I think thatís gonna be the first state that goes down.
Caller: I mean, Iíve been seeing a lot of - actually, Iíve been seeing a lot of convoys, like military convoys.
Sherry: Yeah, thatís been going on for years. Two years now I've been hearing about convoys.
Caller: I mean, yeah, I used to see 'em a lot too. They would do like regular routine exercises or something like that, but... Been seeing a lot of those lately, and -- I mean, yeah, Iím gonna keep listening to you, and Iím gonna keep trying to get closer to Yah, our Father, and try to always stay away from sin, and just start to prepare.
Sherry: Yeah, thatís the thing. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him.
What It's Like When Yah Is Trying to Get Your Attention
Caller: I mean, I do that. I ask Him. But itís really hard to tell. I mean, you know how life is, in your daily life, when you meet with other people you donít even know, you donít know who is who, what's of Him, what's not, our true purposes. I don't know. I canít really find the answer yet. But hopefully I will some day. I mean, I know Heís there.
Sherry: All right. Heís always there. We just have to learn how to...
Caller: I know, Heís always there.
Sherry: ...how to hear Him. And so, if you keep asking Him every day, itís like a journey, a process youíll go on. And youíll start learning that nagging that youíre always feeling, it tells in your spirit itís Him trying to talk to you, to get ahold of you, to get your attention...
Caller: What do you mean? Like, is it like a feeling of joy, like in your heart or your soul, like you start feeling that sense of joyness inside you?
Sherry: Well, when Heís trying to get your attention, youíll feel an urging to do something. And then...
Caller: Urging to do something?
Sherry: Yeah, an urging to do something. And then you donít do it, and the voice goes away for a while, the nagging goes away. And then it comes back, and you start feeling that urging again, that same urging that you had before.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: Youíll start to recognize how He works and how He tries to get your attention.
Caller: Thatís how Iím trying to... I guess I need to ask Him more, because I mean, I donít ask Him enough. I procrastinate...
Sherry: Yeah, you got to...
Caller: I keep Him in my mind, Heís like the main priority, almost, in a way.
Sherry: Right. He should become who you are. You should be inseparable. Itís like everything about you is who He is. Thatís the way to start living. And then you become so entwined with Him, you become one with Him. Because who you are is who He is. And youíre always trying to be more like Him.
Caller: Right. All right, Sherry, I appreciate your help.
Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you for everything.
Verifying How to Wind Copper Coil for Orgone
I got another caller. Theyíve been waiting a while. Iím gonna bring them on.
Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.
Caller: Well, hi Sherry. Um, Iím calling from Vancouver, Canada. And I was just listening to the fellow you were just talking to about how he makes his orgone and the coil, the copper coil...did he say he does it counterclockwise?
Sherry: Yeah, you can do it either way. Some people do it counterclockwise, some people do it clockwise. But you usually end up with the same result, as long as you look at that coil, and it looks exactly like the one on my website, youíre okay.
Caller: Okay.
[both laugh]
Sherry: ...as long as it looks like the one on my website -- because the motion wants to move forward. It looks like the wire itself is going counterclockwise, but itís actually the motion's moving forward.
Caller: It looks like youíre going up a spiral stair case, up-up-up, right?
Sherry: Right. It looks like youíre walking around a spiral stair case, up a spiral staircase.
Caller: Okay. Well, I know the one batch I made, it did work on chemtrails. So I know one batch worked.
[both laugh]
Sherry: Once you got it down, I mean, the thing I mess up on the most is resin, just getting enough glue in all of it, and, you know, thatís the biggest thing with me.
Caller: Oh, okay. Well, thanks, Sherry. I wonít keep you. Thanks so much!
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Okay, God bless, bye-bye.
Sherry: All right, God bless.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Christians Seem to Be More Strange, Manifesting Darkness, Confused.
Letís see -- If you have a question for this show, folks. you can call in at 877-245-5648.
Letís see if I can bring some of these other people in.
Sherry: Hello? Caller, youíre on the air. -- Hello? Caller, youíre on the air. -- Hello? -- Try this one. Hello, caller, youíre on the air.
Caller: Hi, Sherry.
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: How are you doing? Iím calling from Canada.
Sherry: Hello, Canada!
Caller: I just want to get your comments on the spirits that are coming upon Earth. [unclear] speaks about a deep darkness coming upon Earth. I just see people, Christians just seem to be acting stranger and just manifesting darkness, and people seem more confused. Is this something thatís actually coming corporately on the Earth, or is it just individual?
Sherry: Well, you know what? Weíre under such an assault, an attack, by the tech towers that theyíve erected everywhere -- you've got the ELF weapons pounding Christians and people, patriots across this country. Youíve got the chemtrails, youíve got dreamscape technology, you canít even sleep without being harassed. You know, the literal darkness is both symbolic and literal, because weíre gonna have a time of -- a period of darkness, I believe when the locusts descend on the Earth, and you know, as far as spiritual darkness, creating an unholy union, an alliance with these alien beings that are coming to Earth, itís gonna put us on the end of Godís wrath, and so...
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: Itís coming from every direction.
Comments About Word Translations in the Bible Relating to Locusts, Giants, Snakes
Caller: OK. I just had a couple of gems for you in the Hebrew to the English. So in Joel 2:25, itís speaking about the swarming locusts, the creeping locusts, stripping locusts, [unclear] locusts. And it says , "My great army which I sent among you". That word "great" is a word called "gadol", and it means "a great, powerful, proud, large, tall men of the Anakin."
Sherry: ...that entire chapter, all of the words...used, "strong," "great," "mighty," those are all terms in relations to giants.
Caller: Yeah, well.
Sherry: And people always thing Iím crazy, but itís like: Why donít you just do five minutes of research and look up these terms? Because how many times -- I donít know about you, but Iíve sat in the Baptist church for thirty years. Iím no longer part of it. But they always refer to Joel 2 as the Russians.
Caller: Yeah, Iíve heard even it used to be good men speaking out. But if you actually look into it, itís not what it says. You know, the more I look at the KJV, the more I see that the text, the Hebrew, and the Greek, the original, but they seem to have almost an illusion. Theyíre decode -- you know the way to say something that itís not really saying...
Sherry: ...It changes words, changes meanings, and people donít do research because they just put everything at face value of what theyíre reading.
Caller: Yeah, the more I read the Bible, the more I donít want to read the English version of it. Or I need to take it to the Greek, because itís almost like, whoever deciphered it wasnít just off, itís like theyíre actually trying to blind you to the supernatural elements that are actually coming on the Earth. And they add in half sentences and words, and theyíre just making suppositions, theyíre just assuming that what theyíre saying is right. And thereís all kinds of things in the KJV that are just not there in the Greek.
Sherry: Exactly. And going from Hebrew to Greek, thereís missing verses, thereís missing chapters.
Caller: Wow!
Sherry: They didnít put, you know, the books that should have been in there werenít put in. They were Jasher, Jubilees, Enoch. Those books were left out. I have a real problem with a lot of the translation problems, and thatís why I just, you know, "Okay, Lord, what do you want me to read?" I only go where He wants me to read, because I don't even want to fool with the stuff, itís just confusing.
Caller: What do you think about Blue Letter Bible?
Sherry: Iím there all the time.
Caller: I live on that thing also, yeah.
[both laugh]
Sherry: Iím there all the time.
Caller: Okay, so and also...
Sherry: I like to look up the Strongís words.
Caller: Yeah, me too. I also wanna tell you this too. I kind of - when I started to look into Genesis 3, I was kind of like, "I donít know about this. And it doesnít really matter, because thatís what happened in Genesis 6 anyways, or it's hybrids." So I went to the Hebrew, and then I found in 4:12 -- and 12 is totally distorted. Itís not saying anything about a fugitive or a vagabond. The word "strength" there is "koach", and it actually means, it can mean "strength or power," but it means "a large, powerful reptile," and in Leviticus 12, that word there is used as reptile or chameleon, the same word, when itís talking about unclean animals.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: So it's saying he became a reptile or a chameleon It speaks about causing people to wander and go off and surround him and all this, so... I just keep seeing the serpent seedline come on more and more.
Sherry: Exactly. If you look in Genesis, "nachash" Hebrew term for snake, it's a adjective. It's just like saying, "Oh, he's a snake."
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: It wasn't literal. It wasn't literal.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: It's an adjective. He's subtle. He's sneaky. It wasn't a literal snake.
Caller: Yeah. A figure of speech, right?
Sherry: Right. And so, when you really start to get into studying these words that are used, then all of a sudden, I'm not the crazy one on the Internet anymore. Sherry Shriner starts to make sense.
What Is the Elect and What Do You See Them Doing in Their Last Seven Years of Existence?
Caller: [laughs] What is the Elect - most people are going to be anointed by [unclear] to do exploits - what do you see them doing in their last seven years of existence on Earth? Is it possible that we could have power to slay giants, to actually bind things? Or is it just gonna be us running, kind of, things?
Sherry: Well, I believe that there's two groups of 144,000 taught in the Book of Revelation. Of course, the churches just combine it all group. But if you read the chapters, they're two different groups with two different responsibilities.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: And so, the first group that's taken, the Elect - the Elect and the Bride are not the same things. They're two different groups. The Elect are part of the Bride. But not all of the Bride are part of the Elect because there's only 144,000 Elect. The Elect are like a faction of the Bride, OK? And this Elect - another Hebrew term for that is "firstborn." And I've actually written articles about this; about how angels were sent in the last days born as humans...
Caller: [laughs] OK. Yeah.
Sherry: ...to be here in the last days. Those are the firstborn. Those are the Elect.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: OK. And these are the ones that are taken; they never see death. And they'll be doing - before they're taken, they'll be doing exploits and stuff. But the second group; 12,000 from each tribe. They'll be the ones that are here on Earth, protected during the tribulation period for a while. The nations who protect them will be blessed. And you know the sheep and goat judgment and all at the end.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: But they'll be here to preach the word. They'll be evangelists.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: And part of the job of the Elect, the first group, will be to battle against Satan's forces and also to help the second group get around.
Caller: [laughs] OK.
Sherry: And so, we're really gonna be like the helpers and assistants to the second group. It's gonna be a lot of fun. I can't wait.
Do You Think That Being Part of The Elect Is Something That's Predestined?
Caller: OK. You think that that's something that's predestined? Or something that can shift due to qualifications or somebody rolling over to the enemy kind of thing? Do you think it's already set or...?
Sherry: You know what? Over the years, I've heard from so many people. That they knew they were put here for some reason, they're different. They've been harassed by demons from the time they were born. They've just always been a target. They don't know why they're different from everybody else. And these are the very ones I'm saying read my article on the angels. [laughs]
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Because we all have the same story. We all have the same story. We were different from everybody else. We see things, we hear things that nobody else does. We do things. We feel led 'cause it's the Spirit of the Lord waking us up.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: Most of them, He'll lead them to my websites and all of a sudden everything starts clicking.
Caller: Yeah. [laughs]
Sherry: He's waking them up in these last days. And I always said I'm not here to build an army, I'm here to wake one up.
Do You Think the Date Has Passed That These People Are Recoverable?
Caller: I don't know. When I talk to other people that call themselves by Yah's name, I'm always pleading and speaking from Jeremiah and saying the word of the Lord's coming forth from here, the church gets crushed, this is insane, you people are just living an alternate reality. And the more I speak truth and the more I try to talk with people, the more they just sever themselves from me. [laughs]
Sherry: Because crazy. You don't make sense to them. But you know...
Caller: Yeah, they don't...
Sherry: Just because we're part of the Bride, and we're all brethren, doesn't mean they like us, and they don't. Most of hate me.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: But I know their ears are blocked, they can't see, they can't hear. And that's because I'm only here for the first group. I'm only here to wake them up and lead them.
Caller: Do you think the date has passed that these people are recoverable? Do you think that God has sort of already - I'm around people and I can't - it's like deer in the headlights...
Sherry: No, they're so stubborn. But the thing is, most of them will die for their faith, and they're the souls under the altar of the fifth seal in Revelation, chapter 6. They're gonna die for their faith.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: But they'll die for their faith. They'll die for Him.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: They might think you're a nutcase. And won't believe you, but they'll die faith because they love the Lord and that's just how it is.
Did You Notice the Vast Gulf Between Those with Their Eyes Closed and Those with Their Eyes Opened?
Caller: Wow! It's such a profound difference. I think maybe a couple years ago there was a sort of a mixture and people were getting thoughts and hearing from the Lord. But I think that God is actually sending that sword down to divide people - from Matthew 10. I think that actually some people are getting turned over to blindness, and the others, their eyes are being opened. I'm just feeling a greater, vast gulf between those two groups. Do you notice that at all?
Sherry: Oh, I've always had to experience it [laughs]
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: I've been experiencing it for quite a long time. You know, some people just cannot - they're just so stubborn. And that's why the one thing I'm always saying is ask the Lord for the truth in all things, so people can learn to go to Him direct and sit at His feet, because then He can reach them. Then we're all on the same page. I'm not on some mystery page that everybody else isn't on. We're all on the same page.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: If you go, if you ask the Lord for the truth in all things, and ask Him to teach you, then He can lead you, and we're all on the same page.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And that's why it's so important to make Him your priority.
Caller: No mediator, right?
Sherry: Right. And the thing is, the church can't get that through their heads. They think by going to church and doing the right things, being that Sunday Christian, is pleasing Him and they're doing the right thing and that's the end. Don't wake them out of their stupor. They don't want to hear it. [laughs] And those are the ones that'll be in martial law. Those will be the ones in the FEMA camps.
Caller: I try to say to everybody I come across, I said, "You've been mind-controlled by religion. That's why you're not moving in the anointing. That's now why you're not seeing the hidden manna. You haven't been in church for 20 years. You don't understand the future. You're not ready for this. Your pastor's talking about the same thing week after week after week. Can't you see this?" And it's almost like a jealousy thing. They'll become mad because I've only been saved for like 3 or 4 years, and I move in like the gifts and the word, and I unravel it like by God. And It's almost kind of like they won't give it up. Because they put so much time into it, they won't admit they're wrong. But I say, you know, you're in a mechanism that's designed to pull you outside of covenant with God and get you just out of one side of a commandment, of His ten, that still exists. And you're operating in a persistence of unfaithfulness and you're just holding on to Paul and grace. And I'm like take a look at where you're at. I think it's something that can't be corrected because I've come across a lot of good people and they just can't get it.
Sherry: It's fear. It's fear. Because they'll think they'll lose their salvation. They think they're not being loyal if they leave the church and go to Him direct. And, it's fear that keeps them that way.
Caller: But the reverse is true because the ten commandments still stand, right?
Sherry: Right! Of course. And the first thing they say is, if you say you don't honor the church on Sun-god-day, you the seventh day, you get the, "You're a Seventh-Day Adventist, aren't you?" [laughs]
Caller: Yeah. [laughs]
Sherry: No! I don't belong to any church. I just follow the commandments. Everybody on the planet's the church. They preach to follow the ten commandments and they break them themselves They don't keep them themselves.
Caller: The whole thing is designed to pull people out of covenant and just get mind-controlled, right?
Sherry: Right! Exactly. And then who do you have as your leaders? Benny Hinn, [Kenneth] Copeland, Joel Osteen, Jesse Duplantis? The biggest Masons on the planet!
Could You Comment on the False Anointing?
Caller: I wanted to ask you what's your opinion on Todd Bentley?
Sherry: Ew! [laughs]
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: Do I have to have one on Todd Bentley?
Caller: Let's say, not even his character...but what do you think - could you comment on the false anointing. On how that works. Or why people believe it's the Holy Spirit. Is the Spirit still there. What is that?
Sherry: Because it's a joyous feeling. They're filled with love, joy, and peace. But what they don't understand is it's a fake light. And Satan can transform to a minister of righteousness. He can transform into that fake light, that fake Holy Spirit feeling. And his ministers can do so as well. And they do. And they pass on - if you have eyes to see...you know, I don't know. Most people don't. But if you've ever been in a Pentecostal service, you'll actually see demons jump into people and knock them over and here they sit there on the floor. And they think they're filled with the Holy Spirit and they're slain in the spirit, when actually a demon's sitting on top of 'em. And then when that demon leaves, then they can get up
Caller: So is that actually like a lustful spirit; a kundalini spirit? Like it's actually making them feel good but it's not holy.
Sherry: Well I don't know about a kundalini. I don't know anything about that stuff. But, yeah. They actually feel like they have the presence of God, like they have the presence of the Holy Spirit in them. It's a good, good feeling. And you can see this haze over people that are in churches. Like Mormons. I see it all the time. It's just this haze. This aura over them. And they're just happy and they look like great people! But it's just this fake haze that's over them. They feel like they're truly one of God's, or whatever. A holier-than-thou or Spirit-filled person. When it's just this fake aura, this fake haze that makes feel that way.
How Did You Get into the Seer Realm?
Caller: Were you able to get into the seer realm from the time of a youth, or was it something you pressed in for, or fasted for, or...?
Sherry: I just started praying for the truth in all things and He took me on a journey, and I'm still on it to this day. You know, I was mad, for a whole year, when told me Paul wasn't His. Because Paul was the only one I ever read. I memorized practically all of his books. I was mad for a year.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And I practically walked away from everything.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And so He knew I was just having a temper tantrum. And then when I finally came back, after that, nothing has shocked me.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: Nothing has. And I've been able to go from one truth to the next. Because after that initial shock, that just did it.
Caller: I've had some encounters in the seer realm where God would show me demons or colors emanating from people, lights coming off people, birds in the heavens and stuff like that. But it's a rare thing. It's not something I can turn on and off. Is it something that you can see all the time, or...?
Sherry: [unclear] wants me to see things. He allows it. Some people are born...
Caller: It's up to Him, right?
Sherry: Huh?
Caller: It's up to Him, right?
Sherry: Right, it's up to Him. He allows you to experience things, to see things or hear things. It's not something you can turn on and turn off.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: It's just something He allows.
God's Starting to Pull the Remnant Out from the People?
Caller: OK. I'll leave you on this. What do - you know, God showed me Micah 7:5-7. It says, Do not trust a friend or do not trust a companion. Guard the door to your mouth. And daughter will rise against mother and whatnot. That's starting to fall, kind of thing, eh? God's pulling the remnant out from the people and just kind of saying - you know, I feel it's almost too late, you know.
Sherry: Oh, certainly. And just wait until the real Bride starts to refuse vaccines, starts to refuse the chip implants. And, they're waving money, "We'll give you $100,000 that refuses this stuff, you know?
Caller: Hmm.
Sherry: [laughs] That'll really kick in then. [laughs]
Has God Told You What Martyrdom Would Be Like?
Caller: I wanna ask you, too, has God told you anything about what martyrdom would be like? Will the anointing come upon you so that...
Sherry: We have nothing to fear. We have nothing to fear from death. Because the sting of death, He conquered at the cross.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: We won't feel the sting of death. And you know what?
Caller: You think He'll get us through it - supernaturally get us through it?
Sherry: He just takes us! At the point where they're gonna lay you down at a guillotine or whatever, He'll just take you. Before that knife even hits your body.
Caller: I've been reading about the Inquisition and some of the stuff that they went through extended periods of time. 'Cause I'm like, you know what? God must have showed up to get 'em through that.
Sherry: Yeah, well, He'll allow you to get through a lot of - up until the point where they kill you. Christians are gonna be tortured and stuff. He's gonna test His people. He's gonna test 'em. But, He'll, you know - like I said, when it comes time for death - He already conquered the sting of death - you won't feel it.
Caller: OK. I see a lot of people and they're kind of cowering in this hour, and what God's told me is that he that seeks to save his life will lose it, he who seeks to lose his life will save it. So I think God's gonna anoint those people that are actually gonna go do this stuff and He's gonna protect the ones that are fearless. 'Cause it's all opposite, hey?
Sherry: Right! You know, fearless is just like, "I don't care if I die." I don't care. I'll go home. I wanna die. [laughs] You know. Everybody just wants to go home. And then there's others who are just in so much fear that it enables them to do nothing. They do nothing for Him. They just wanna sit at home and cower and hide. And, then there's those of us who are on the frontlines 24/7. We fear nothing. Not saying we don't get attacked, but we don't fear it, we just combat it.
Sherry: Anyway, looks like we were cut off.
When Can I Expect My Order of Orgone to Arrive?
If you have a question for the show... There's some people that have been hanging online and I...
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
For some reason it says "Callers Muted." And I don't know why that is.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello. How can I help you tonight?
Caller: Hi. I don't know if I'm on.
Sherry: Yeah, you're on the air with Sherry Shriner.
Caller: Oh! Hi Sherry. How are you?
Sherry: How are you?
Caller: Good, good, good. I'm calling because about two weeks ago, I put in an order for orgone. I sent a check by mail. Do you think - when can I expect that, more or less, because I've been anxiously waiting for it...
Sherry: What's the last name? Can I have a name or...
Caller: It's Gomez. G-o-m-e-z.
Sherry: That went out. So you should be getting it.
Caller: Oh, great! I live in Brooklyn and I've noticed they've been chemtrailing every day. Heavy, heavy. I mean there was a grid in the sky today. It was crazy.
Sherry: You know, I've just been bombarded with orgone orders.
Caller: I'm sure and I'm happy to hear that. I'm so happy to hear that.
Sherry: I'm running about two weeks.
Caller: Oh!
Sherry: It's taking about two weeks to get these larger orders out. The smaller ones I can get out before then, but, yeah, it's taking about two weeks. And I say that on the order form: Allow about 10 days.
What Are the Best Places to Put Orgone So That It Won't Be Found?
Caller: Oh, OK, I missed that, but I have a question though. I live a urban area. A lot of buildings. I know you say roofs are the best places to target - to place them.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: Besides that, I have a huge park close to me, but I'm afraid of just spreading it in the field because I know someone will take them and move them.
Sherry: They'll find it. You know what? Is there any rivers or ditches? There's an ocean. Well, yeah. You're near the ocean?
Caller: I live - unfortunately, I live in a coastal area.
Sherry: OK. So you can hit the ocean bury it, literally, in the ground. In flower...
Caller: How deep?
Sherry: In flower areas, whatever. You know, just so it won't get found.
Caller: Right. But will it still...will it be as potent if it's underground?
Sherry: Yeah. You know what? When you do underground it, it'll get the underground AND above the earth, so...
Caller: OK. And about how deep should I go with that?
Sherry: Just enough to bury it so people won't dig it up and find it.
Caller: Just to cover it up.
Sherry: Yeah.
Everyone Seems to Be So Dumbed Down. Is That a Side Effect from Chemtrails?
Caller: OK, OK. I wish I could order more. Really wish I could. Also, I had a question. One of the other callers mentioned how everyone seems to be so dumbed down. I noticed that a lot of people seem to be really dumb lately and angry. Do you think that's a side effect from the chemtrails?
Sherry: It's a side effect from this vaccine. That's why I'm asking people, this person, did they get the vaccine shot?
Caller: Honestly, it's like - I don't know. There's a lot of youth in my area and they seem be so lost, so - I don't know. Disrespectful, no regard life, so negative all the time. And I'm wondering if I put orgone, will that help bring out positive energy, maybe? Will that kind of counter it?
Sherry: I've heard from people that live in intercity areas, that when they put orgone out on their porch, people just stay away from their house. [laughs]
Caller: Oh, boy.
Sherry: The kids stop hanging on the street and they just kind of go.
Caller: You think it's safe? Should I put one in my daughter's backpack?
Sherry: Oh, sure!
What Does "Abomination That Causes Desolation" Mean?
Caller: Yeah. OK, also I had a question about a verse in the Bible. I saw this a few times. The abomination that causes desolation.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: What does that mean?
Sherry: At lot of people refer to that as - back when the Assyrians defiled the Jewish temple, the king of Assyria slaughtered a pig.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: And so, they refer to it as the Antichrist going into this rebuilt temple in Jerusalem declaring he's God.
Caller: Got it.
Sherry: But you know what? When I see abomination that causes desolation, I see Obama destroying Israel, which is America. When it talks about Israel the people and Judah. And so, you know, what the Bible says and what I'm seeing in the Codes don't always match up. I don't see a Jewish temple in the Codes. I see us as the temple. His people.
How Soon Do You See the Major Flooding and Catastrophe of the Coastal Areas Happening?
Caller: OK. And I have a question. Being I know you were urging people who live in the coastal areas to get out, get out. How - do you see - I mean, I know there's gonna be major flooding and major catastrophe, but how soon do you see that happening?
Sherry: You know, everything's gonna happen so quickly once it does start happening.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: But, you know, I think everything's gonna start on the west coast first and work its way east so.
When a Reptilian Posing As a Human Dies, Do They Go Back to Their Normal Form?
Caller: Yeah, a lot of things coming. One final question. I could ask you a million questions, but I don't want to hog up the line. When a reptilian is posing as a human, and that reptilian-human passes away, dies, do they go back to their normal form? Or, you wouldn't - you don't know anything about that?
Sherry: They're spirit beings. They just disappear back into their dimension.
I Noticed That Alex Jones' Eyes Seem to Shift from Time to Time
Caller: Yeah, I was wondering that. OK, Sherry. Oh, oh, also...one last thing. On Henry Makow's website, he somehow linked Alex Jones to the Raeleans movement?
Sherry: Yep. I talked about that last week.
Caller: I was very upset by that because I listen to Alex Jones, I like his information, but I have noticed that his eyes seem to shift from time to time.
Sherry: I've never really watched him.
Caller: Oh! Well, I've caught it. And there's a few YouTube videos on it. I've caught it, so I've always been a little skeptical of his intentions, but his information is almost always right.
Sherry: That's because their throwing the New World Order (the political part) under the bus. So, that's why they have such great information exposing it, because they want people to get outraged and mad and angry and wanna do something. Because they wanna get rid of that part. They wanna set up the religious agenda now.
Caller: Oh, boy. We're in for something, huh?
Sherry: Oh, yeah. It's gonna be a ride. Just stay focused on the Lord.
Caller: I will. Thank you, Sherry.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: All right. God bless.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Do You Have the Timing of the 144,000 Caught Up to the Mount?
Well, let's see where we are.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hi, Sherry. It's the caller from Canada. Got cut off before.
Sherry: Oh, OK.
Caller: I was wondering...sorry?
Sherry: I noticed we got cut off. [laughs] Go ahead.
Caller: I just want to comment, or ask you a few more questions. Do you have the timing of the 144,000 caught up to the mount. And is that sort of like a literal thing, like a translation or transportation to heaven?
Sherry: I really don't - it's soon. [laughs]
Caller: Soon, eh?
Sherry: Soon. That's all I'm gonna say, because that's all He ever says to me.
Caller: Wow.
Sherry: And so you can just join me with banging your head on the wall because He doesn't live in linear time like we do. [laughs]
Do You Think That God's Gonna Release Prophets to Go Rebuke the Church?
Caller: [laughs] OK. And do you think that God's gonna release prophets to go rebuke the church or to go cry out in the foyers of them?
Sherry: Well, He's gonna have 144,000.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Because they're gonna be sealed on Earth while we're gone. And so, you've got two groups, you've got 144,000 people to do that.
Caller: Yeah. That's interesting. It's almost perfect. I used to think it was a symbolic number, but if you think about it it's 700 people per country. 500 would be about just enough to actually that imprint, to make that change.
Sherry: You know what? I'm just like no way it could be all Orgone Warriors because there's not 144,000 of us. And so, and I'll see in the Bible Codes where we're just a faction of a faction [laughs]. A fraction, actually. We're a small number. But the most effective on Earth for Him because we're going war and tearing down Satan's strongholds, and so...
Do You Think That The Two Groups of 144,000 Will Be Anoint to the Point That They're Indestructible?
Caller: Do you think that these two groups will be anointed to the point where they're indestructible at all, or...?
Sherry: No. Beause the second group will die on Earth. And so, eventually, they will die. The first group - there's only one group of 144,000 - the first group, the Elect - that never see death.
What Do You Make of the Book of Nahum?
Caller: Wow. [laughs] OK, I was just wondering - one more question, if you could comment on the Book of Nahum. It's just reading chariots and torches, jostling in the streets and all this stuff. What do you make of that book?
Sherry: Oh...I remember Jack Van Impe reading that and talking the fast race sportscars we have.
Caller: [laughs] I don't think so, Jack.
Sherry: [laughs] So I really don't have a comment on it, you know. When you think of chariots, I think of UFOs and things that fly and not things that drive and on wheels, so...
Looking at Politics and the New World Order Is a Big Waste of Time, Right?
Caller: Yeah. All the men on Earth that speak about prophecy, they try to hold everybody into the temporal realm. They were talking about Egypt. And they're talking about Edom. And they're talking about the Ezekiel war and stuff like that. And they're trying to pull everybody out of the paradigm that's true. The things that are coming on the Earth. They're trying to keep them looking at politics. And looking at New World Order. Actually I looked at it for a while. Now I just think it's a big waste of time. Who really even cares, right?
Sherry: I just look up, you know. I just ask Him. I keep my eyes focused on Him instead of on all the problems around me.
Caller: Yeah, I never understood how to hear from God before. But now I've been able to be in communion with Him, and sort of walk around with Him all day, I'm looking up in the sky and I'm seeing things like giants. I'm not actually seeing in the physical realm, but in my mind I can actually just - all these things are mounting on the Earth and I can just see it - I don't even know how to explain it, but it's just part of my heart, it's part of my like spiritual-mental makeup. I just know all these - I was waiting for God to come down and say like, "Hey." It doesn't work that way, eh?
Sherry: All right. Well, I'm gonna get to this last caller here before I have to end the show.
Caller: Thank you very much.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.
Caller from Shema?
I'm gonna see if I can get this last caller on the air.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
And, see, I can't get him on.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. Hello, caller.
He's just gonna sit there.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. Hello!
A little bit of static. Maybe they're calling from Shema. [laughs] "Quit setting our star on fire!" [laughs]
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Yeah, he's been sittin' here the whole show.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
And then, I can't bring him on, and so...
All right, now I'm just kind of... Yeah, see he hung up. All right.
Well, I'm gonna wrap up this week 'cause it seems like... I don't want to take anymore callers just have to hurry up and rush 'em off the air.
Rich Brown Will Be Producing "Aliens in the News"
But Thursday at 1 o'clock, I'll be hosting "Aliens in the News." And, Rich Brown is gonna be producing the show on Thursday from now on, and so, looking forward to that. He's gonna find a bunch of interesting stuff for me to talk about on the air and exposing all the aliens and what they're doing and how they're doing, and how they plan on revealing - going into disclosure. So Thursdays, 1 o'clock, "Aliens in the News." Same place. SherryTalkRadio.com or BlogTalkRadio.com/sherrytalkradio.
Till next week, everybody. Yah bless. And, I'll see you Thursday at 1 o'clock.