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The Second Sun Is Here...What Exactly Is It?


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No Attacks on Sherry or the Radio Show Tonight
Tonight's gonna be an interesting show. You know, Thursday night's show was sabotaged, and they tried really hard to sabotage last Mondayís. And it's just always something. So, pleasantly surprised there's no thunderstorms, rainstorms, my phone cord isnít out in the yard somewhere, [laughs], my health isnít being attacked, I can actually sit in a chair. It was on Thursday, they got me pretty good on Thursday.
Exciting Times for the Believers (Doers) in The Most High God
So, you know, so just so many phenomenal things going on right now, and the Lord standing me up now to speak about it, and, itís exciting! If youíre a believer in the Most High, itís exciting. And Iím not just talking about a believer, Iím talking about a doer. Iím not talking about one who hasnít been tested and gone through the trials of hell already on Earth, and youíve proved your loyalty to the Most High, because thereís plenty of those that will be here, to go through the fires of hell, to be tried for their faith. But, itís exciting because Iíve talked about the firstfruits and the Elect, and how they are different from the Bride.
The First Group of 144,000 - Angels in the Flesh
Thereís two different groups of believers, and the firstfruit/the Elect are the first group of 144,000 Iíve talked about. And, Iíve always told you that, if you read my articles on the two groups or the angels in the flesh, exactly who the Elect are. The Elect were angels in heaven, sent on Earth to be alive in these last days. Born as humans, to fulfill Fatherís will on Earth, in these last days. And so many people are finally waking up to who they are.
I know so many people donít think they qualify because they had these terrible childhoods, or they got mixed up into drugs and alcohol, have not lived holy lives, holy and righteous lives. And thatís pretty much the story of most of the Elect Iíve heard, not even realizing they are the Elect, because Satan has just tried to destroy them from the time they were born. He knew who they were. They didnít know who they were, but he knew. And he has systematically tried to destroy them as children, kill them throughout their lives, lead them into these insane paths of self-destruction, so they can just destroy themselves and never find out who they were in the Most High. And itís these very people that the Lord has been reaching out to, and waking up, the last several years. And itís the very ones who have been standing up and getting busy and doing the Fatherís business on Earth.
The Lord's Ready to Take His Elect Off the Earth
And, so, itís exciting because I told you how, before everything would hit -- Iíve talked about the fallen angels, the aliens, and how theyíre coming, and the alien agenda, expecting the New World Order. Before that hits, before that begins, the Lordís going to take his Elect off the Earth. And that might just seem like words, and weíre always waiting, and weíre always hearing soon, soon, because the Lord doesnít live in linear time, but Heís told us to watch for signs in the sky. And so, you know, one of the mantras we have is "keep your eyes on the sky." And Iíll tell you what, it's exciting now. It's really exciting now, because it always seem like when youíre keeping an eye on the sky, all you see are the scumbag's UFOs. You see all these alien and extraterrestrial UFOs, the government mimicking and putting their's out. I havenít been too excited to keep your eye in the skies because all you see itís satanís forces and his minions, but let me tell you, itís here!
The Second Sun Is Not Nibiru - It's the Lord's Planet
Our ride home is here. It is already arriving. And what I mean by "our ride home," it's our ticket home. It's our ticket home. This second sun that has been seen, is not Nibiru. It is the Lordís planet that Enoch talked about that is coming towards the Earth to pick up the Elect off of the Earth.
And so, itís very exciting times we live in right now, folks, because this second sun, is exactly the same thing Enoch mentions, and we're trying to find that passage. I know I read it so I know itís there. But I have to go through the entire book to find it again, and I havenít had time. And my producer, Rich (guy who produces my Thursdayís show), he went through trying to find it. Itís like finding a needle in a haystack right now, going through this book to find it. I know itís there. And it talks about how Enoch was taken to another planet, in the northwest part of space (it doesn't really give exact details; he says northwest), what weíve come to know as the twin star right behind the sun. And thatís were he and others were taken. Everybody thinks they all went to sheol, Abrahamís bosom, the upper level of what we consider hell.
They're Trying to Hide the Second Sun with Volcanic Ashes
But Enoch talks about this planet. And itís this planet, this twin star, because the Bible Codes talks about it being the star. And itís this twin star, this planet, that is coming closer to the Earth right now. The same one that theyíre calling Nibiru, theyíre calling Planet X (it's not that). It's this twin star. And it's the same one theyíre trying to hide with volcanic ashes. They are so desperate to hide this presence of this incoming twin sun that they would blow a volcano and try to hide it, try to hide itís radiance with volcanic ashes. And another thing theyíre doing is dimming the atmosphere with their chemtrails. Another reason you are seeing just an avalanche of chemtrails and extreme clouding everywhere, because theyíre trying to hide the arrival of this twin sun. And itís here, folks!
Enoch and the Believers of The Most High Live on the Twin Sun
Somebody posted a video on YouTube and they called it Nibiru! They called it, the second sun Nibiru is here. They posted it, and Iím looking at this video and thinking thatís not Nibiru. Nibiru is a red planet. Nibiru has a red tail. Nibiru can almost be confused as a huge comet. People call it a planet with a tail itís so big. And this twin sun is not Nibiru. And so Iím looking at this video, and I put on my website, so you guys can see it, too. And, thatís the twin Sun. Thatís where Enoch lives. Thatís where the believers of the Most High live. So, itís very exciting because most people think, OK theyíre all in heaven, talks about heaven.
Well, thereís the temple and thereís heaven. And theyíre two different places. The temple, and IĎve talked about this before, the irony of the whole thing, is that when you look up in the sun, the physical sun, that is were the temple of the Lord is. He is, I've told you, in different dimensions. The sun is a dimensional object. And in our third dimension, the sun is hot, it's a lake of fire, itís everything science and astronomy and everybody tells you it is. But in the fourth dimension and fifth dimension and all the other different dimensions, the sun is not a hot, obnoxious object that they canít get near, itís a very calm light, although itís brilliant. And inside the sun is where the Lord has His temple. And His people that reside in heaven with Him (the twin Sun is part of that)reside on the other planet.
I donít know if itís just a temporary place that Enoch and all of the earlier believers went to, or if it's -- they're all, you know, believers today, would just go to the main heaven which itís the sun, and be with the Lord. That remains to be seen.
The Arrival of the Twin Sun Signals Satan's Demise
But what I find interesting is that it is coming closer, it is coming to take the Elect off of the Earth, and they are furious. They are furious. They want to hide the presence, because they know what it signals. And Iím going to tell you what it signals. It signals satanís demise on Earth. Interesting that Iíve been finding a lot of Codes, this week and last week, on it. Lately, since the Lord has gone ahead and let me speak about it. Itís hard to put everything in words, basically.
Satan Had People Worshiping the Sun, but Directed Those Praises to Himself on Venus
Because, well, when you look at today, you look at the pagan religions and they worship the sun. Sun worshipers today, and even demons that are named after it, and gods that they had on Earth named after worshiping the sun, the sun god, you have Mithra and Baal, and all them. Theyíre worshiping the physical aspect of the sun. And if you look at Venus, the closest planet to the sun, itís also called/referred to as the morning star. Satan dominates Venus. Interesting, exactly how Iíve warned you how he steals praises from the Lord. He would have people worshiping the sun and then he would be on Venus directing all that worship towards himself. Because he dominates the planet of Venus.
What he doesnít dominate is the sun, Earth's dark twin, because theyíre companions, theyíre a dual heavenly system that the Father has. I donít know how much He uses the other companion, but I do know that Enoch talks about it, Enoch lives on it, and it is coming towards the Earth to pick up the Elect.
Once This Sun Leaves, a Comet Cluster, Including Nibiru, Is Going to Hit the Earth
So, very exciting, because it signals not only that these 2 phenomenal events about to happen and occur on Earth. One is that when this sun arrives, and itís already here, people have been seeing it, and thatís why our weather itís so crazy, because theyíre trying to block itís radiance so other people donít recognize it. Once it leaves, this comet cluster is going to hit the Earth. This coming cluster which will come into our orbiting path, I guess you could say, on a trajectory path of Earth or whatever, includes Nibiru. And Nibiru is basically already here. But what happens is thereís some kind of magnetic/geomagnetic interference in our atmosphere, and this is what Iíve been talking about when the veil is going to be lifted, it's going to happen almost simultaneously.
Once Nibiru Arrives, the Alien Agenda Will Be Implemented
Once the sun leaves, this Niburu is going to be here, the veil is going to be lifted, and everything that Iíve told you about this whole Ascended Masters plan of ruling over the Earth, and implementing this alien agenda on Earth, this whole New Age faÁade, all of that is going to begin. Itís going to come out from the background, where itís been, and it's going to come into the forefront.
Maitreya Will Have to Put Up or Shut Up
And so, this is the time now that Maitreya either has to put up or shut up. Come as himself or just, heís going to have to use somebody else; Obama or somebody. People think it's this Raj Patel. I donít think itís him. Heís too much of a pawn...if he gets desperate. The Bible talks about how the last days Antichrist would be the king of Babylon. And so, what happens is when Maitreya comes to Earth as this world teacher, he's gonna come as the world teacher because he wants everybody else to call him god. [laughs] And so what happens is he will take over the rule of the United States, he will take over the rule of all the countries and he would become the king of Babylon, he would become the Antichrist.
Firstfruits Rapture and Maitreya's Arrival Take Place Almost Simultaneously
We have two different plays as to whom the Antichrist is going to be; Obama himself, or Maitreya, this Maitreya thatís coming. So itís going to be one or the other. You just have to watch their plans. But what happens is, once the firstfruits are gone- the firstfruit rapture takes place of 144,000, immediately, and they may not even wait until the planet itself is gone before they arrive. And so, very interesting that in the Codes themselves, both events are taking place almost at the same time.
Another Reason They're Using Volcanic Ashes Is to Hide the Alien Caravan Arriving
And another reason theyíre using ashes, volcanic ashes, is to block the arrival and the beginning swarming of Earth. And Iíve told you theyíre here. I posted a video on my website, a video about 55,000 UFO starships in Israel alone because theyíre here. But they're also, weíre seeing, an avalanche of the Buffalo coming from Shema, and weíre seeing the Bears coming from the moon, and theyíre caravanning. Theyíre coming in caravans. And so, theyíre trying to hide them coming, because theyíre swarming Earth.
The Aliens Want People to Think the Second Sun Signals Something in Their Own Plans
What I think's going on is theyíre in a panic, they seeing the second sun arriving, and they donít want to be upped one by the Most High. So they want people to think the second sun signals something for their agenda, like it signals their arrival. [laughs] They want it to be seen as something in their plans, to make them look good, when actually it signals their demise on Earth.
Some of the Bible Code Matrixes Regarding the Second Sun
Talk about some of the matrixes that Iíve seen this week: dimensional - bosom - ark - splendor, regarding the second sun. Itís dimensional, meaning we can see it in this dimension. And it can also be seen in other the other dimensions, because it is a spiritual object, it is the Lordís, it is part of His heavenly system there.
You'll Never See Satan's Planets Referred to As Bosoms - Only the Lord's
It is a ark, a bosom, and thatís something youíll never see in regards to satanís planets, his stars, his comets, his moon. Theyíll tell you they have habitations on there, theyíre all hollow, they live on and in them. Youíll never see them referred to as bosoms. Because it's always just a term, a biblical term that you've seen in relation to the things of the Lord. And the second sun is referred to as a bosom. And ark is just another term for habitation. Itís not the Ark of the Covenant. Itís just a ark. Itís a home. Itís a home. And, also splendor, which is radiance.
They Will Be Pushing the Vaccination Program for Nefarious Reasons
And in the same matrix you see the terms sign - adversary - satan - desolation, because this is going to kick off his last years, his last remaining time on Earth. Which means he has got to get the ball rolling, and he already is. They are going to arrive en masse.
They are going to be pushing this vaccination program, because they want everybody vaccined. They donít care about your health, folks. They want to tweak your DNA. They want to get their DNA in you, to destroy your human DNA, and they also want to get you chip-implanted.
The Lord Has Said Not to Take These Vaccines, These Shots
And so, thereís very nefarious reasons why theyíre going to be pushing these vaccines. Theyíre bringing them with them. Theyíre gonna be the enforcers of them. They are going to be attacking this entire Earth with their vaccination program. And it will destroy you. The Lord has said do not take these vaccines, do not take the shots. And eventually it's going to lead into that final mark of the Beast that the Bible talks about.
They Are Badgering Sherry to Keep This Information from Being Exposed
Some more of the matrixes Iíve seen are: suspensory - scales - panic (the Lizards are panicking) - badger - audible pest - Sherry - swarming - sun remnant. They refer to us as the sun remnant, the Most High God's remnant. Theyíre badgering me, and theyíve been for a couple weeks now. Trying to take my health, trying to induce strokes and heart attacks, trying to keep me off the air. A lot of stuff going on in the background, folks, but they are in a panic. Theyíre in a panic.
They donít want this information out, and they donít want it exposed because they're not, they have no control over the second sun. Itís the Lordís. And it kind of pre-emanates them. They want all the limelight just for them. And the Lord has arrived, and once again, kicks their butt very efficiently. [laughs]
Maitreya and His Forces Are Leaving the Shema Star and Coming to Earth
But what they want to do, because what they wanted to do with the Shema star was mimic Yahuahís star, this twin star. They wanted to mimic it. And so, what we did was implemented a war against all of them, and the Shema star, by getting the orgone out. And by getting the orgone out it saturated the atmosphere and it destroyed the Shema star. And Iíve just seen in a matrix where Maitreya is leaving the Shema star. So they are all leaving now. Theyíre getting in the starship UFOs or whatever, and theyíre coming to Earth. Interesting, because itís been on fire.
This thing must be huge, a huge star. Because itís been on fire since October of last year. And chunks of it have fallen. Weíve seen it as meteors. Theyíve been quoted as meteors by the media, because they donít know what else to call it. Also, UFOs themselves crashing, and they have to scramble. Theyíre in a panic.
There Was a New World Order Plan to Ignite a Korean Holocaust
And, whatís interesting is that this whole talk now of North Korea, because the whole plan of the New World Order, one of their main plans was to ignite a Korean holocaust, have the entire peninsula on fire, and then bring in through their Blue Beam project their messiah. So, interesting that they don't know which route they wanna go, because the second sun is here, itís upstaging all of them, and theyíve got to try to finagle this to make it look like itís one of theirs. One of their own planets, one of their own objects.
The Precious Are Awaiting the Stylus
So, interesting, other terms in matrixes, "the precious are awaiting the stylus," and the stylus is a writing utensil, and we know that from the Bible, that the Lord writes His name in our foreheads and the Elect are waiting for that.
The Congress Chief Is in Shock
"The second sun is a burden," theyíre trying to dim it, theyíre being silent about it. "Congress chief shock," the congress chief is in shock. I donít know if this would be Nancy Pelosi or Obama. Either one of them, whichever one, theyíre in shock.
Obama himself was in a matrix. Iíve seen him at the observatory (the Vatican owns an observatory) watching the star come in. And this is why thereís so much interest, because they know itís something thatís not theirs. They know itís the Lord Himself . Theyíre in a panic, theyíre fearful, and theyíre not sure whatís gonna happen when it comes and how long itís gonna stay.
The Second Sun Will Be Noticeable in Ohio
So, itís going to be some phenomenal things coming up when it does arrive. Iím looking for it to arrive here in Ohio. Itíll be noticeable here in Ohio. I donít know if the entire world is going to see it, if the other states. All I know is I see it in Ohio. I know itís coming here. [laughs]
They're Trying to Use Chemtrails and Cloud Cover to Block the Second Sun from View
And how effective their clouding will be because chemtrails arenít gonna work because of our orgone operations over the years to knock chemtrails out, to dissolve them. But, extreme clouding, if, you know, weíve always had a lot of the big white puffy clouds. Weíve got skies full of them today. If they manage to get all these big white puffy clouds where the sun is, to block the radiance, then, thatís another thing, if they can even do that. If they can manipulate cloud cover, actual real cloud cover, because that is the only way theyíre going to be able toÖ Yeah, I see them clouding, I see them busy trying to do that. And so, theyíre just trying to hide this second sun, the presence of this.
The Buffalo Confirm That the Second Sun Is Visible
Uh, closeness - buffalo - affirmation - ashes - visibility. Uh, what that means is it's visible, and the Buffalo are confirming that. The avalanche with the bears - moon - buffalo - caravan - adversary. They're hitting Earth. Were gonna see a lot more things happening in the sky with satanís forces. Just imagine, Ďcause the Buffalo, Iíve told you, theyíre just giants. Theyíre Philistines. Theyíre giants. And the Buffalo will come from Shema.
The Bears Look Like Bigfoots and Like "Chewbacca" from Star Wars
But then you have the Bears coming from the moon. Imagine an invasion of Bigfoots, because that's what these Bears look like. They look like the Bigfoots. So, we have Bigfoots like "Chewie," from Star Wars. The big hairy thing. Thatís what they look like from the moon.
And so, weíve got the Buffalo, which areÖthey look human, they take on human bodies. Theyíve all cloned human bodies they take, otherwise theyíre pretty much just like tall greys. You have tall greys, and after they enter a human body they look humanoid, they can shape-shift to different things, or obtain human bodies by cloning.
One of the Philistines That Landed in Israel Is 17 Feet Tall
Then you have the Bigfoots, the Bears, and then you have, right around the corner of the arrival of the second sun, is the Philistines, leaving from Nibiru and coming to Earth. And the Philistines have already left Nibiru and come to Earth, because theyíre in Israel, thereís 55,000 UFOs and theyíre talking about how some of them have already landed in Israel, and the one was 17 feet tall, was what they said. So, these Philistines, these huge beings, humanly beings, coming from Nibiru.
If Nibiru Is Really Wormwood, It Will Eventually Crash to the Earth
Eventually Nibiru itself is going to crash. That could be literal or symbolic. But if Nibiru is Wormwood, if itís the same object and we just keep calling it Planet X and Nibiru, and it's Wormwood, then it makes sense why I keep seeing the term crash, crashing in the Bible Codes. Because it will eventually crash and hit the Earth. I think that the Bible talks about a quarter of the Earthís rivers being poisoned by Wormwood because of the crashing.
We're Starting to See Prophecy Come Alive - Besieging the Offspring
And so, everything's starting to play out, folks. Weíre starting to see prophecy come alive here. Cain - permission -sheik - bison - recourse - besieging - offspring. And Iíve told you that Cain is just another name that Maitreya takes for himself. Sheik refers to Maitreya, but it also refers to Obama. Obama comes up as a sheik in the Codes. Theyíre changing their route. And theyíre besieging the offspring. And what this is talking about, theyíre coming after the Lordís saints.
And so, you know, one of the first things they do is start implementing this vaccine, push program. Start enforcing it bigger. And theyíve already been using Obama to do that. But they themselves, when they arrive, they really start it, because they want everybody destroyed. And thatís what these vaccines do, they destroy you as a human. They destroy you. And so, they really start pushing this.
When They See the Elect Are Gone, They'll Go After the Rest of the Bride on Earth
And also, the Bible talks about the war on the saints. The first thing the Antichrist does when he arrives, is begin his war on the saints. And so thatís what this is, besieging offspring. Theyíre so mad that the Elect are taken off of the Earth that they come after the rest of the Bride thatís here on Earth, pretty much the ones drowning in church errors today, the ones who sit in these churches week after week after week, and never just go to the Father Himself and ask Him for the truth in all things, and never start seeking Him directly. They seek their pastors, they seek their priests, they seek everybody and everything else but going to the Lord Himself and seeking Him for the truth in all things. And so, Satan has permission, he comes after the church, and thatís what we see with martial law and FEMA camps.
The World's Going to Be in a Panic When They See That the Second Sun Is Here

Another interesting thing is that with the arrival of the second sun, and the Nibiru closely behind it, coming into the Earthís trajectory. And what also happens is with the evermore presence of Nibiru, more comets could be pushed towards hitting the Earth as well. Sometime through all of this, and the veil being lifted, caused by some kind of magnetic interference in our atmosphere, martial law could be declared, because the worldís gonna be in a panic. Everybody is gonna be in a panic. Theyíre, the governments of the earth are already in a panic, because they know the second sun is here. Theyíre already in a panic.
The UFOs in the Sky Have Nothing to Do with the Second Sun
And just imagine, when the people start seeing it, and at the same time not only seeing the second sun but literally just start seeing whatís already there in the skies, which is tens of thousands of UFOs, because itís almost like a simultaneous appearance, folks. And so, people may associate these UFOs with the second sun, which would be a false association, because they have nothing to do with the second sun. Theyíre not a part of the second sun. But people may associate it as some kind of huge alien invasion from this sun, but itís not.
But anyway, whatís gonna happen is worldwide panic, and they could declare martial law, and they will use martial law as an impetus to start picking up their lists of Christians and believers of the Lord, the Most High, known resistors of the New World Order, people they know that are gonna give them a hard time, and not follow this Age-of-Aquarius agenda theyíre gonna establish on Earth, this New-World-Orderís alien agenda, New World Order.
They'll Be Able Pick Out the Saints from the Lists That They've Built on Them
Theyíre gonna start their pickups. Theyíre coming after the saints. And so the way theyíve done that is try to build up their lists over the years. Every church thatís a 501(c)(3) church, has to turn in all the names of its members, has to turn in all tithers. If you have ever given your name to the church for any reason, become a member, or put it on a piece of paper for a visitation, you know how they always do for new people, they want you to fill out a little card and drop it at the offering plate. They build their lists off of all of these things, because all of those things have to be turned in to government, state government. Church doesnít tell you that, but it does. And so thatís how they build lists. And they go to the Internet, they go to the libraries, they see who is checking out what books, whoís visiting what websites, whoís saying what on Internet forum boards. The government owns most of them. And whoís listening to what radio shows, and who has what website, and this is how they build their lists. Because theyíre trying to find and target church believers, the church crowd. And these are the ones that theyíre going to be coming after.
They're Working on Their Depopulation Agenda
And if they mix up patriots and everybody else in the process, they donít care. Collateral cross fire, whatever; because their main agenda is just: Destroy people off of this planet. Anyway they have a depopulation agenda. They wanna eliminate 500 billion or million people. What is is? 5.5 - thereís 7 billion people on the Earth today, and they want to eliminate almost 6 billion people. I think it was 500 million they only wanted left. [laughs] So thereís gonna be a lot, a lot of persecution and death coming.
Their Plans Will Not Work Out in the Way They Want - Resistance Is Fertile
But, what we can take heart in is that the plans that they had are gonna come to naught because theyíre not gonna be able to fulfill them and implement them the way they wanted to. Thereís going to be a lot of resistance, a lot of resistors. The way they wanted to come to Earth as gods and Ascended Masters, wait till all their UFOs crash. Because when the Lord cranks up all this orgone that weíve put out there over the last 6 / 7 years, when He cranks it up, these star ships are gonna go crashing to the Earth. Theyíre gonna be crashing. And Satanís gonna lose tens of thousands of his own forces, his own ships, his own habitations. And he not only has, you know, his forces above the Earth, in the second heaven, but under the Earth. [coughing] Theyíre trying to suffocate my breathing here. I can barely breathe. Itís like youíre feeling your neck just tightening up.
It Will Become Obvious That These Beings Are Not Mankind's Creators
But itís literally going to be a war. And itís right around the corner, folks. One thing it does to anybody with eyes that can see, is it clearly shows that these beings are not the creators of mankind, that there is a higher force who we know is the Most High God, that controls and rules over them. And so, theyíre going to lose a lot of faith, and theyíre going to be very, very angry. And, you know, thatís one thing Iíve always laughed about, Iíve always talked about, is that when they do arrive here, you know, they want people to believe that theyíre gonna come on the worldís scene, you know, big smiles and hugs, and weíre just big lovable figures here - theyíre gonna be angry [laughs].
Satan Will Be Even More Furious When He Comes for the Elect and They're Not Here
Satanís furious. And thatís because NOTHING that they had imagined happening when they arrive, and what theyíre gonna do when they get here, when they get control and stuff like that, is gonna happen the way they wanted it to, because the Warriors have done so many exploits over the years to help thwart and destroy their plans. Now theyíre just gonna be thrown into derision, especially when their ships just start crashing everywhere.
And then the very ones they wanted to come after are gone. The very ones they wanted to come after, because the Lordís gonna take us off the Earth, He will take His Elect off the Earth. And itís the Elect that have been the Warriors. Itís the Elect that have been doing the exploits the last several years just to take it to Satanís kingdom and ruin his plans, tear down his strongholds here on Earth. And so, heís furious when he arrives and weíre not here. And heís going to take out his anger on the rest of the church crowd, on the rest of Christianity, and so, a lot of the Bride then going through persecution.
Most Christians Think They'll Be Raptured, but the Lord Will Be Testing Their Faith Here
I know the churches - theyíre really pumping it up on The History Channel, the whole rapture theory, and how theyíre... [laughs] All these Christians think theyíre gonna be raptured. And the whole thing was a faÁade to put all of them to sleep, so that they thought all they had to do is keep going to church every Sunday, and then wait for their ticket off the Earth before the tribulation period started, before Satan implemented his plans here on Earth. And theyíre gonna find out real quick that theyíre part of those plans on Earth, that thatís exactly where theyíre going to be, is on Earth. Theyíre the souls under the Altar in the 5th seal. It talks about it in Revelation chapter 6. Because they were persecuted for their faith, because he comes after them. And the Lord allows it.
The Lord allows them to be tested, because so many of them have not been tested. Theyíve been in errors, theyíve been apostasies, and theyíre only gonna have a very short time, maybe three or four months at the most, once all of this starts to kick off, because thatís when Satan will start implementing his agenda here on Earth. And they can either qualify as the second group of 144,000 and have the Seal of God imprinted on their foreheads, or theyíre going to go through the tribulation period and end up being martyrs for their faith. And so, just a lot of things coming up, and not a whole lot of time.
Ashes from the Iceland Volcano to Hide the Second Sun?
Interesting, this whole -- I told you, I kept seeing "ashes" in the Codes, and you have the Iceland volcano. Itís hard to say whether or not theyíll start igniting other volcanoes, kick those off, so that they can keep the atmosphere dimmed, so people wonít see the second sun thatís here. And so, also the impending avalanche and arrival of the Buffalo and the Bears together in the air, swarming our atmosphere, and the veil being lifted so that people can actually see these things going on.
Some people look up at the sky and never see anything, and then other people look up at the same sky and see stuff. And so, some people have eyes to see, and some donít. Some have spiritual eyes to see, and some donít. And so, eventually, all thatís gonna be taken care of, so everybody is seeing the same things, because the veil is going to be lifted.
When Satan Gets Here, He's Going to Be Stuck on Earth, Unable to Leave Again
Itís going to be one huge circus on Earth, one huge zoo, with all these different factions of aliens and fallen-angel beings and things here on Earth, and Satan being cast out of Heaven and coming to Earth to rule. Heís not gonna be able to leave Earth. He thinks heís gonna be able to leave Earth, heís not gonna be able to. Heís gonna be stuck here, and so all this getting ready to kick off.
Possibly the Second or Third Week in May Before Something Happens with the First Group of 144,000
And Iím not talking about months, Iím talking maybe a week or two. [laughs] Iím talking maybe a week or two. I donít know if the first group goes at one time, or if some are taken first, and then over several months theyíre taken off the Earth. I donít know exactly how itís going to work. But keep your eyes on the skies, and on Ohio. And everything else comes after that. And so [laughs] very, very phenomenal.
The Governments and Aliens Are in a Panic Because the Most High God Is Near
And if you look at some of these -- I was looking at -- just some of the views from science and astronomy on the second sun. The second sun is not the death star. The death star as we know it is a star thatís in the Pleiades constellation, and itís also the one that was depicted in the Star Wars series. They have the death star. That one was always -- it's the same one that's in the Pleiades constellation. The dark star, what they call the dark star, the sunís companion, is the one thatís causing all of the panic amongst the worlds governments, because they know itís the Lordís, itís not something that they can control.
Think about it, folks. Who controls our governments now anyway? Itís the lizards, itís the reptiles, itís the lizard faction. And so, why would they be in a panic if some other factions are coming to Earth, because theyíve already got the Buffalos, and the Philistines, and the Bears. [laughs] And we have all these different other factions coming. Those are all of Satanís forces to begin with. What theyíre panicking about is, because itís the one being that Satan knows he has no control over. And thatís the Most High God Himself. Satan knows he has no control over Him. And everything he does and gets to do, is by permission, because the Lord uses him as a vehicle to test mankind.

And so, I'm gonna -- Yeah, I know, people got tired of waiting and hung up, and... [laughs] Sorry about that, folks. I just have a lot to talk about tonight.
Nibiru Could Arrive and End Up Crashing to Earth

The two things that theyíre watching for now is this brown star, this is what they call the brown star, the dark star, and then the arrival of Nibiru and the comet clusters, because Nibiru itself, they can leave it. They have the starships. They have UFO pods, and they can leave Nibiru and come to Earth and stuff. Thatís what they have been doing.
But eventually, its physical object itself, Nibiru, is going to be seen, and itís red. And when you see that, the red planet, and it has a red tail, coming towards the Earth, itís going to cause a lot of upheaval. And, if itís Wormwood, it will literally crash on the Earth. And even if itís not Wormwood, the Bible term, the Bible Code "crashing" is associated with it. So it could be a literal crashing where it hits the Earth, or it could just be that it generates a lot of talk and fuss and excitement among people, noise referred to that, great noise, great discussions, whatever. It can be symbolic or it can be literal. But either way, it could crash to the Earth.
And you know that theyíre preparing for different things to hit the Earth. And so, we just -- you know, the Lord says, there will be great signs in the skies. And we have all these different objects, and, you know, and people confusing what is what, you know. People do that all the time. And thatís why you can be looking for one thing on YouTube videos and find something totally different, even though they have it titled wrong. [laughs] So very interesting.

If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.
Get Off the Fence, Folks - The Lord's Planet Is Here

But now is not the time to be on the fence, folks. Now is not the time to be on the fence. The Lordís planet is here, itís arrived, itís the same bosom, the same ark, habitation, that Enoch was taken to, to live on. Itís the same one he talked about, referred to. Iím gonna find that passage and be able to have it either for Thursday or next weekís show. Iím gonna have to read it from beginning to end again to find it 'cause I have no idea where it is in the Book of Enoch. If somebody else does, it could save me a lot of time, and just send it to me. [laughs] That would save me a lot of time. But I really do enjoy reading Enoch anyway. So itís just a matter of having time for me, because I have so much going on right now myself.
Is There Anything Going on With the Time?

Question from a listener -- Iím gonna go ahead and take this call.

Sherry: Hello, listener, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry. Itís Dotty. Howíre you doing today?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Oh, good. Um, listen, Iím praying for you. I know that youíre going through your trials like everybody else is, and I do keep you on my prayers, because I know itís not easy. ... Um, listen, I was curious: Is there anything going on with the time -- because -- Iíll tell you what: It seems like somethingís really weird with the time. Um, the days are going by like a flash. And Iíve heard other people say the same thing. Are you picking up anything on that at all?

Sherry: Well, you know what? Our whole -- everything is going to change. If you read Enoch, you know, everything is gonna change. Seasons are gonna change, weather patterns change, food growing in and out of the seasons theyíre not supposed to be. Everything is gonna change, our whole time structure as we know it is going to change.

Caller: But it seems like everything is just going by. You know, people used to say, "Oh, you know what? Time flies when you get older." But for me it just seems so totally different from how it used to be. Itís a weird feeling. Itís like, you know, like watching the minutes on the hands just going by, you know.

Sherry: Well, weíre on the 59th and a half minute. I mean ...

[both laugh]

Sherry: Weíve got about a half minute left. [laughs]
The Clouds Are Really Dark Around Here - Something Weird Is Happening

Caller: Um, you know, and I did notice that the clouds around here are really dark. I thought, something is really weird happening. Something's up...

Sherry: Theyíre dimming them, theyíre darkening the atmosphere.

Caller: Yeah. Theyíre really dark. Because I pay close attention, you know.

Sherry: Yeah, theyíre trying to hide the second sun coming in and so...
They're Keeping a Military Troop from Going Out - Something Is Definitely Going On

Caller: I knew somethingís up. And then there was a troop that was supposed to go out to Afghanistan last week. And they've got them on hold for another week, because some area, at last minute, was put out as a no-fly zone. So something is definitely going on this month. Big time.

Sherry: Yeah, well, theyíre following the path, the trajectory path of the sun. And theyíre trying to dim it, so people canít see it.

Caller: So maybe thatís why theyíre not letting these people take off?

Sherry: Yeah, theyíre blocking the whole aerospace areas. I mean, they had no reason to block Europe's as much as, as long as they did. And so, theyíre using volcanoes, the ashes in the air, darkening the atmosphere, the sun, the clouds, and using them to hide the entrance of the second sun, the arrival. And itís not Nibiru. Itís not Planet X. Itís the Lordís. And so, very excited about that.

Caller: Wow. Well, this is definitely good news, you know, the show has really helped me out a lot tonight. Thank you very much! Iíll let you go - and say hi to Jessica. "Hi Jessica!!" [laughs]

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in.

Caller: All right, take care, bye-bye.

Sherry: All right, you too, bye-bye.

Can You Put a Pipe Blaster in Water?

Sherry: Hello, caller, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: Um, Iím calling from Minnesota, and I just wanted to know about the pipe blasters, because Iím gonna be making one pretty soon. I just want to know like how do you -- can you put it in water?

Sherry: Pipe blaster? Sure. I put íem in water all the time.

Caller: Oh, okay.

Sherry: Yeah, thatís the best thing, because itís, you canít erode those copper pipes. I mean, theyíll sink to the river bed, lake bed, wherever bed you put it, and just release tons of orgone.
Do You Keep the Pipe Blaster in the Metal Pail When You Put It in the Water?

Caller: Okay, and the metal -- you just keep it in the metal pail?

Sherry: Uh, yeah, you donít even have to put it in a pail. If youíre gonna throw it out in the water, just put the pipe in it. Just make the pipe blaster, and throw the pipe in the water.
Caller: Okay.
Sherry: The ones with the bucket, the bucket blasters, I set those around, amongst trees, or beside my house, or anyways, those have huge power. And theyíre just very powerful when they hit the atmosphere.

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: The extra energy from the buckets, extra supplies you have in the buckets and so. Yeah, if youíre gonna throw it in water, just make pipes, just make regular pipes, the two-inch pipes.
If I Don't Put the Pipe Blasters in Water, Can I Paint Them So They Don't Stand Out?

Caller: Okay. What if I donít put it in water? Can you paint the pipe with like paint to make it not stand out?

Sherry: Well, you know what? Over time, these pipesí condensation turns them from copper to a dingy brown color.

Caller: Oh, okay.

Sherry: And so, itís just a matter of a couple of weeks before condensation starts hitting that pipe and it changes its color and hides it anyway, and so, I wouldnít paint it. You can cover it up with vine, with, like, plants, or fake trees, of fake greenery and stuff. You can hide íem that way until the condensation takes over.
In the Ghostbusters Movie, They Referenced Orgone Energy

Caller: All right. Oh, also one more thing, I mean, I kind of canít believe I'm actually talking to you, but I was watching the clip on YouTube where it showed like Ghostbusters, the movie, and they were fighting some sort of like entity, but like they referenced, basically, orgone energy.

Sherry: Oh really?

Caller: 'Cause they said - yeah, they said, "Weíre gonna need a heck of a lot of positive energy to defeat this," or whatever the quote was.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: But I thought that was pretty interesting.

Sherry: Ether energy orgone, you know. Itís always the Lord knew in the last days, this is exactly what weíd be doing. And you know, so few have stood up to answer that call. You know, Heís led so many people to learn about it, to turn to my websites and they turn into mockers instead. And that wasnít the point. That wasnít why He led them to the site. It was to wake them up and get them busy.
Christian People Get So Mad At Me When I Tell Them the Truth About Paul

Caller: Right. Yeah, I appreciate all your information. I tried to tell a couple of Christian people about Paul, and they get so mad at me.

Sherry: Yeah, they think itís blasphemous. And they think youíre being disloyal and all that. I know it. Itís fear, itís fear. Theyíre afraid. ...

Caller: I mean, I read your thing, and me and a friend, we looked through the Bible, and weíve seen that what youíre saying was true about him. So, I definitely believe all youíre talking about.

Sherry: All right, well thanks for calling in, appreciate it.

Caller: Okay, yeah, thanks a lot! Bye.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

People That Can't See That Something Is Going on Right Now Are Truly Blind

Sherry: Hello, listener, youíre on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry. How are you?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Good. Thank you. I just wanted to thank you for all the things youíre doing, and I really appreciate it.

Sherry: Well thank you.

Caller: Youíre welcome. And people that canít see that something is going on right now are truly blind.

Sherry: Oh, I know, Iím just amazed. Iím just so excited. [laughs]

Caller: Even if they donít believe in God, they gotta see whatís going on, you know.

Sherry: They just donít look up. They just -- they donít watch the skies.

Caller: No, they sure donít. Well, thanks a lot.

Sherry: All right, well thanks for calling in.

Caller: And I was calling from Illinois.

Sherry: Illinois -- all right, you guys should be seeing it out there, because there was -- somebody took a camera footage of what they thought was Planet X in Indiana, and itís the second sun. It looks like itís the second sun theyíre trying to hide, and so, Iím excited.

Caller: I have to go check that out then.

[both laugh]

Sherry: All right, well thanks for calling in.

Caller: Youíre welcome. Thank you.

Sherry: All right, bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.

I Heard About the Cassini Project, to Blow Up Jupiter

Sherry: Hello, caller, welcome to the show.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Are you there?

Sherry: Yep, howíre you doing?

Caller: Iím doing good.

Sherry: Where are you calling from?

Caller: West Virginia.

Sherry: All right.

Caller: Hey, this second sun, um, I donít know a lot about it, but you know, I heard about the, you know, Cassini Project. Itís supposed to blow up, you know, Jupiter, you know, with the government.

Sherry: Yeah, theyíre trying to...thatís how they were gonna mimic their Bethlehem Star. That was the backup plan; blow up Jupiter. And they brought Shema in, they always have more than one route.

Caller: Oh really?

Sherry: Yeah, they may even try to blow up Jupiter again, since Shema is pretty much on fire and destroyed.
Remember the V Miniseries? I Always Told My Family There's a Reason They're Showing Us This.

Caller: All right. I know that, you know, what you think -- something about the UFO, you know, itís -- 'cause I always watched, you know, the miniseries called V. Remember that, back in the 80s?

Sherry: What was it called?

Caller: V -- V, the movie.

Sherry: Oh, yeah -- yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caller: Okay, you know, they was lizard people. You know what Iím saying? Iíve always told, you know, my family, you know, itís for a reason theyíre showing this, to get your mind on whatís going to happen, you know, get you mind set. You know what Iím saying, about these lizard people?

Sherry: They tell everything they do ahead of time. And so people have no recourse to say, "We werenít told, they took us...," you know. Theyíre showing you what theyíre gonna do.

Caller: All right. Because, you know, like Iím saying, itís all of these movies they're making, you know, like, you know, invasions coming, you know, like Will Smith plays in, um -- shoot -- that big old movie came out with Will Smith. Independence Day.

Sherry: Men in Black.

Caller: Yeah, Men in Black, Independence Day, and you know, theyíre putting your mind, you know, whatís going on, you know, to get you ready for it.

Sherry: Right, theyíre conditioning people.

Caller: Right. But -- well, all right then, you know. Iím glad to hear your voice. And, you know, like I said, I read your site a lot, so...
What Do You Mean "The Second Sun"?

Sherry: Iíve got that video on my website, I put it on today, of the second sun. You can go on there and watch it.

Caller: So what do you mean, "the second sun"? It's already out, or have they done it yet, or is it gonna be coming, the second sun, yet?

Sherry: Oh, itís already here. Itís already here. Theyíre trying to hide it with the ashes of the Iceland volcano. And theyíre trying to hide it with darker clouds, trying to hide its radiance. But itís on its way here. I think itís on its way to Ohio. And so,... [laughs]
You Can See the Second Sun from Ohio?

Caller: What do you mean, Ohio? You can see it from Ohio?

Sherry: Weíre gonna see it in this region. And so, yeah, itís on its way here.

Caller: Okay. Okay, well, all right. Thanks a lot then. Appreciate your time.

Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in. All right, bye-bye.

When Is Now!
I've only got about a couple minutes left, folks. And so, just interesting, folks. Keep your eyes on the sky. A lot of different disasters going on to keep people distracted and not focused on the things that are going on. A lot of mockers are gonna be standing up; they already are. Tons of videos being put out by the Buffalo themselves; fallen angels. They use their little pawns here on Earth as acting as agents through them, to attack and come against this ether-energy orgone, because itís this very exploit of putting this orgone out throughout the years that is destroying them, that the Lord is using as the agent for their destruction. And so, very interesting, all this just playing out. Always waiting for when, when, when, when. And now itís actually here. [laughs] Itís here.

Anyway. Iíll be on the air Thursday at 1 oíclock with Aliens in the News and any more information I have and didnít cover tonight, Iíll cover on Thursdayís show.
And so, until Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.