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Aliens in the News with Sherry Shriner
Thursday, May 6, 2010

Governments and Aliens are in Terror over Twin Sun's Arrival

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Seen Politicians Shape-Shifting? Been a Victim of Military or Alien Abductions? Then Give Me a Call.
Hello everybody, itfs Thursday, May 6th, Aliens In The News. Doesn't look like this is gonna... I don't know [laughs] if this is going to be a normal day. I'm kinda whacked out here with the Internet service so I don't know if you're going to be able to hear me or not. Things just kinda going hay wire here. So I can't get in the chat room. And I can't really -- here we go -- [music begins to play] Be right back in a minute, folks. [music continues to play for a few minutes]

And hello, everybody, you're live, it's Thursday afternoon with Aliens In The News. Having a few technical difficulties today, so just hang in there, folks [laughs]. Just the normal around here. If you have a question for the show you can call in at 877-245-5648. I'll be taking those here in a little bit. All those hanging out in the chat room, I cannot get in the chat room, so. Chalk it up for the satellite service. I've been having problems with it since last night, so. It was working fine an hour ago and now I'm back to one thing after the next where it just does not want to work, so. A couple things I want to talk about today. And, by the way, if you've seen aliens or UFOs, give me a call. This is the alien show on Thursdays. If you've seen politicians shape-shifting, give me a call. If you've been a victim of military or alien abductions, give me a call. If you've seen politicians shape-shift, or you want to, give me a call. [laughs]
You Can See a Second Sun Literally Behind the Original Sun

They're all around us. I don't know about where you live, but I've heard that in the southern part of the United States they don't see half as much as what we're seeing here in the Ohio region. But our skies are full at night. Um, Monday night after the show I went out to see the show in the sky after my radio show. And there must have been about 12 to 20 of them in some kind of grid pattern in the air space above my home. And so, they're just everywhere, folks. They're here to see the show. and I'll tell you what, they're in a panic, and so. I talked about, Monday, how the second sun has arrived and how it's arrived here in the United States and you can actually see it. I've posted a picture of it, Sherrytalkradio.com. It was taken in southern New York, posted it at Sherrytalkradio.com website and you can see a second sun literally behind the original sun, and so. They're in a panic. I know I've seen Obama at the Observatory in the Codes. I don't know if that was the one of NASA or the one in Arizona. And they've been anxiously waiting for it to arrive and it's here. So, they're in a panic.
The Second Sun Is Not Nibiru
This is not Nibiru, folks. Everybody wants you to think Nibiru is the second sun, but Nibiru is not. Nibiru is a red planet. And if you go back and read the original descriptions of Nibiru from all of the space websites, they'll tell you that this Nibiru is a red planet and has a red tail. That it often resembles a comet more so than a planet even though it's very huge. And so the second sun is not a red planet, folks. And so it is not Nibiru. And so I started digging in the Bible Codes about it and what I found was pretty interesting, uh. I was finding that, I was wondering actually, because I even posted this on my site.
Could This Second Sun Be the Planet That Enoch Refers To?
Enoch talks about a planet and interestingly enough it makes you wonder if this isn't the same place that Enoch refers to.
Enoch - Book II (The Parables) Chapter 70:1-4

1. And it came to pass after this that his name during his lifetime was raised aloft to that Son of Man and to the Lord of Spirits from amongst those who dwell on the Earth.
2. And He was raised aloft on the chariots of the spirit and His name vanished among them.
3. And from that day I was no longer numbered amongst them; and he set me between the two winds, between the north and the west, where the angels took the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous.
4. And there I saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place.

And this is Enoch talking, OK. And he describes a place between the north and the west where there's a habitation for the elect and the righteous. Where he saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place.

Now, Enoch was the 7th from Adam. There's two Enochs. You don't want to confuse the one Enos with Cain's. Cain's line. A lot of times Cain named his offspring the same names as Seth would name his. And so that's why there seems to be a lot of similarities. There's only similarities in names only.
The Book of Enoch Was Originally in the King James Version of the Bible

But Enoch was a great patriarch. One of the greatest patriarchs of the Bible. His book was originally in the KJV. It was in the Ethiopian version. It's in the Catholic book, The Apocrypha. The KJV kept it out even though it's referred to several times. The Bible says Enoch walked with God, he was a great patriarch, he never died. Just like Elijah, he was taken up in a chariot, into the heavens and never saw physical death here on earth.

And so people always wonder if the two witnesses mentioned in Revelation Chapter 11 are literal? If they are, the only two prophets I can think of that never died on this earth are Enoch and Elijah. Because it says both of them were taken up in chariots and never saw physical death here on Earth. And so, that would be Enoch and Elijah. So, interesting. People say it's Moses, but Moses died. Moses had a physical burial. God buried [Moses] Himself on the mountain. People just get everything confused and so...

Question from a listener. I'm going to see what they're up to, hang on.
Questions About the New World Order and Freemasonry

Sherry: Hello, listener, you're on the air...Hello, listener.

Listener: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Listener: Yeah, can you hear me?

Sherry: Yeah. Where you calling from?

Listener: Hawaii.

Sherry: Hawaii [laughing].

Listener: Yeah. I know it's not going to be too safe over here in the future. Definitely not. Yeah, but bless you, definitely, 'cause you do open a lot of people's eyes up. You send them back to Yahuah. That they start seeking God personally, and that's real good...but, um, I was just wondering, I know it's kinda irrelevant because you're talking about aliens in the news, but I've been looking at the New Age 'cause I know New Age is somehow tied in with the New World Order, but...

Sherry: Well they are about aliens [laughs].

Listener: Yeah. But, uh, how is the New Age -- who started it and made it come a part of the New World Order though, back then. That's my question [voice trailing off]

Sherry: Benjamin Creme's always been the largest cheerleader of the New Age movement and, uh, they tie in with everything that Alice Bailey and all of the Freemasons -- if you look at the Freemasons, if you get to the highest levels in Freemasonry, it's all about the alien agenda.

Listener: Oh.

Sherry: The biggest secret of Freemasonry that's supposed to be so secret you have to climb through umpteen levels to get to it to learn it, is that an alien runs the entire thing. [laughs] That their big boss is an alien.

Listener: OK, uh...

Sherry: It's all tied in.

Listener: So is the Freemasons...and they, uh -- 'cause I heard about this one lady or, I don't know what it was, Lucis Trust or somebody, or the, uh...
Sherry: Yeah.
Listener: ...what was it? The, the, uh...where's is that at...The Theosophical Society?

Sherry: Yeah. The Theosophical Society.

Listener: So they, um, they were infiltrated, probably, by Masons, and, and...I don't know, but...

Sherry: They're all intertwined.

Listener: OK. All right.

Sherry: The New World Order has a religious aspect and a political aspect. And what you'll see most of the time is the political. What we see now are governments going into a global one-world government and they want a global one-world religion which is this religious aspect of the New World Order, that's the alien half of the agenda. So you have your political and then you have your alien, which is the New Age/religious aspect. They're all intertwined. They're not separate. They act like they are, but they're not. They're all just one big conglomerate all working together.

Listener: OK, well. Hey, bless you, sister.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Listener: All right.
The Lord Showed Me the Real Agenda Behind the Agenda - It's the Alien Agenda

Yeah, you know, folks, years ago when I got into the New World Order agenda, The Lord kinda pulled me aside and basically showed me the real agenda behind the agenda. And it was this whole alien agenda. And so, uh, that's basically where He's had me since. And for all the information, all the articles, everything you need to know, TheWatcherFiles.com. Just go to that website. TheWatcherFiles.com, uhhh, and learn about underground bases and how they've been operating getting ready for these last days. Because they're all tied in together, folks. Uh, I look at politicians today. I look at Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Dick Cheney. All just very high ranking humans amongst the aliens factions here on Earth. And for some people that seems kinda funny and outrageous, but it's very true. These politicians -- when you serve satan, eventually they're just going to soul-scalp you and that's what they've done to these politicians. And then you end up with all these anomalies about them. Their skin's wrinkled, they start shape-shifting on TV, they get angry, you start to see their eyes turn into slits...lizard eyes, and just all this infos on my websites, TheWatcherFiles.com, folks. And so, and that's the big secret out of all these secret societies is that they're run by an alien. They're run by aliens. [laughs]
The Sun's Been Rising in the Northwest - It's Some Kind of Sign

I want to talk about this second sun that's coming in. Um, because I do believe that this is the planet, the place that Enoch was talking about. If you've noticed the last several days, maybe even the last several weeks. The sun's been rising in the northwest. And so I don't know what significance that is, but I know it's a sign. I know it's a sign of some sort. Because the sun's rising in the northwest, the moon's in the south and...so just a lot of significance. And someone taking a picture yesterday of the sun and catching the second sun behind it. And, uh, everything I'm seeing in the Bible Codes regarding this twin sun, this second sun, is that it's an ancillary sun, the second sun of The Most High God. It has nothing to do with Nibiru, has nothing to do with being an alien habitat. In fact, the Bible Codes calls it a bosom. And when you see a bosom you know that's something of The Most High God's and so. I'll bring in this caller and see what they have to say.
We Shall Surely Shine As the Light of Heaven

Sherry: Hello, caller, you're on the air.

Listener: Hi Sherry? [she sounds surprised]

Sherry: Yes.

Listener: Hi, um, I just sent you an e-mail. I don't know if you received it. But my name is Joan Matthews. I'm actually calling from New York. Actually on my job, I'm stealing this call, but....

Sherry: [laughs]

Listener: [laughs] I, um, I heard you mention that you're looking for, uh, you're looking for information on the two suns.

Sherry: The twin sun. Yes.

Listener: Right.

Sherry: That's what we were talking about today.

Listener: Oh, really? Um, did you find anything?

Sherry: Yeah, I'm talking about it now, I mean...

Listener: Oh! I just actually called in, so I didn't know. Um, yeah, I sent you something that I found. I didn't hear the rest of the show. I'm going to go in after and listen to the whole thing. But, um, I was reading something. I was actually continuing reading The Book of Enoch and I happened to come upon the page where Enoch was talking about -- I'm just gonna read a little excerpt from it.
Book of Enoch, Epistle of Enoch, Book 5, Chapter 96: 1-3
1. I swear unto you, that in heaven the angels remember you for good before the glory of the Great
2. One: and your names are written before the glory of the Great One. Be hopeful; for aforetime ye were put to shame through ill and affliction; but now ye shall shine as the lights of heaven,
3. ye shall shine and ye shall be seen, and the portals of heaven shall be opened to you...

When I read this I said, "Oh, my gosh! Sherry's so...is so correct!" I mean, you are truly, truly, truly a child of God herald from The Most High. Everything that you have said before, I always said, "Oh, my God. She's so right!" When I heard that, what you said about the twin suns, and read this, I said, "We shall surely shine as the light of heaven." It makes good sense that you say that the sun, that sun that is now seen, the second sun, is coming for the Bride. I said to myself, "It makes sense." Because if you said -- you said that the original sun, that's where The Most High dwells, within the sun. And I said, "That makes so much sense because God is a consuming fire." And it makes sense that He would do everything the sun, to deter, actually, humans, actually, from getting close to His habitation.

Sherry: Right. We never figured -- we never put two and two together. It's so simple.
Listener: I know.
Sherry: It's right there in front of us.
Listener: Right there.
Sherry: All of our lives. [laughs]

Listener: But you had, you -- you know, with that key. That Father give you about the sun and that He dwells within the sun. That's just a key that opened so much to us, because no one can put one and one make two, and two and two make four, because of the key; that really important information that you receive from Him. And I said, "Oh, my God. He's a consuming fire. You know, He do everything the sun because it deter mankind from getting -- moving close to Him.
Sherry: Right.
The S-u-n Is Coming for the Bride Because the S-o-n Is Coming for the Bride
Listener: And it makes sense that the second sun is coming for the Bride because, guess what? The Son of God. The Son of God is coming for the Bride. It makes sense that the sun, s-u-n [she spells it out] would be the one, you know, in correlation with the S-o-n [she spells it out].
Sherry: It is.
Listener: Would be coming for the Bride, right?

Sherry: [Sherry says "Yeah." as she laughs]
Listener: Right?
Sherry: Exactly. The sun of God...the sun of God of the twin suns, coming for -- yeah, that's exactly right. You put it together very well.

Listener: The Son. Yeah! The Son is coming for us. The Son and the Father. They're coming.

Sherry: Right.

Listener: And the Son is coming and it makes sense that we're gonna shine. As the star of the light of heaven because, guess what? We are within Him and He's within us. So we're gonna be with Him within that second sun which is within the Son of God.

Sherry: [laughing]

Listener: God's words, Sherry. When you said it and I was reading this, I said, "Oh my god. His ways is so much higher than our ways."

Sherry: Right.

Listener: I mean He...

Sherry: We complicate everything. He's very simple.

Listener: Yes!

Sherry: We complicate everything.

Listener: Yes! Yes, we do. And because a lot of times we don't look at Him as the all-knowing God. We don't look at Him as the God who created all things. You know, sometimes we just look at Him from our fleshly eyes and we shortchange ourselves. We have to let go of ourselves. Let go of the flesh. Let go of our own carnal understanding, and wisdom. And just let Him.

Sherry: Right.
"Oh, My God! He's Coming Back for Real."

Listener: Let Him. And you said so much things, Sherry. I'm telling you right now. When after you said it, and I read this, and the Lord was just open up my understanding even moreso, I was singing all night, all this morning.

Sherry: [laughing]

Listener: My kids were like, "Mommy, would you just stop!" I was singing because I said my Lord is coming back for me. Sherry, you put, put a joy in my heart, in my soul. I was singing. I was like, "Oh, my God! He's coming back for real."

Sherry: It changes things.
Listener: It changes...
Sherry: You know, nothing's normal. Nothing's normal from now on. Nothing's normal.

Listener: No. It's not. It's not.

Sherry: Because when you look up in the sky, and we know that the second sun is here, and it is arrived, and He has crushed them with the brightness of His coming, with His arrival. They're all in a panic, they're hiding. They're trying to look through observatories. Uh, they're in great fear. And if it was one of their plans, why would they be in fear, because all of the alien factions satan controls?

Listener: Exactly. Exactly.

Sherry: They're in sheer terror right now. And so they're all just waiting to see what happens. And they're filling up the skies because everybody wants to see the show. Uh, if you live in the Midwest region this place is a zoo at night. It's just so many starships now.

Listener: I know. I have my kid's going crazy, too. Because they would go out at night like, "Mommy. That not a star. That's a UFO."

Sherry: [laughing]

Listener: And my husband be like, "What did you get the kids into? Now they're thinking like you."

Sherry: Yeah, well, you know what? It's kinda hard to ignore.

Listener: There is this huge star for days over my house, Sherry.

Sherry: Right. And they're coming in, they're coming in, they're gonna be here by the thousands because they want to see what's happening. They know that the Lord is going to take His Elect off the earth and they want to see the show. And so they're coming in by the thousands. To see the show.

Listener: Sherry, it's huge, it's huge over my house. And it's been there for like days. I'm telling you, that is not a star. And it's blinking. I can see it blinking.

Sherry: And they're way too low. They're the first ones you see at night. They're way too low.

Listener: Yes! It's really, really, really low. Last night I'm looking out the window and I'm telling my husband, "Come and see this. This is not a star." He's like, "Leave me alone. You read too much. I said. "OK. Fine."

Sherry: [laughing]
Lord, I Don't Know Who I Am - Show Me the Truth

Listener: I'm telling you, Sherry, all the things that you've been saying. All the things about angels... By the way, when I read that story, the article you put out about angels, thank God that God always give us revelations first and then He confirm it with someone. I'm telling you for years I pray, "Lord, tell me who I am. Show me who I am, because I look in the mirror and I can't -- I don't know who I am. I don't know who I am. I don't know who You are. I need for You to reveal Yourself to me." And that's way before I even listen to your show. And then, "Show me the truth." And when the Lord -- I don't remember what I typed in, but He brought me to your website. And the things that I heard you said...I almost fell off my chair. I said, "Oh, my God. Sherry is the confirmation." And I'm telling you, people are listening. People are...there are lots and lots of people out there who believe. I believe with all my heart what you've been saying, "Seek the Lord for the truth in all things." That's one of my daily word. When I meet people I tell them exactly what you say.

Sherry: Right.

Listener: And that's what I've been doing. And I'm telling you, what you said about angels? I am a witness to that. Because I was -- I don't want to take up too much of your time because I know there are other people, but I have to tell you this. I was praying, oh, for years, "Lord, I don't know who I am. I need to -- take me back to the place before I came here in the flesh." And these are just prayers that I didn't know where they come from, and I know that the Holy Spirit is the One who teaches and show us what to pray. And I find myself praying this prayer, "Bring me back to the place before I was in the flesh."

And I was taken aback, and the Holy Spirit just descended upon me. And I started prophesying. Words were coming out of my mouth that I've never heard uttered in my entire life.

And these are the words I said. I said, "Lord, before You placed me in my mother's womb I knew You. I stood before You. While You told me all the mysteries of the universe. I sat before you and ministered. You ministered to me while I praised Your Holy Name." And I said, "Lord, You told me that You were gonna send me on a journey. And when I get there, I will not remember my former estate. But You have placed a light inside of me. And If I followed the light I would find my way back to You." And I fall on my knees naked in the shower. Fall on my knees crying. And I said, "Lord, I have found the light. And I realize that the light is Jesus Christ. And I remember Jesus Christ said we are the light of the world and He said the light is within us." And I said, "Father, I have found the light, but I need help in finding my way back to You." And I said, "I'm on my way, but I need You to direct me." And I cried and I cried and I cried, and I said -- after the whole ordeal was over I said, "What was this? I've never heard such a thing in my entire life. I was somebody before I was in the flesh?" And then, I remember going on the Internet and searching about angels and stuff and He brought me to your website, Sherry. And I had to tell you this. And I've read...I've read these Angels in the Flesh all the time. When I feel sad, I go back and I read Angels in the Flesh. Because it give me hope.

Sherry: [laughs] Yeah, and now we can just look outside.
Listener: Yes!
Sherry: It's like light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. ...You see this planet, the sun, and you know that our ride home is here.
Listener: It's here.
Sherry: It just changes everything. It changes everything.

Listener: Sherry, thank you so much. Thank you so much. Because I didn't -- I wouldn't ever even know. I wouldn't ever even put one and one make two like that about the sun. It makes so much sense. It make perfect sense. It's like right all there.

Sherry: Yep. All right. Well, thank you for calling in. I'm going to get to this next caller. They've been sitting on the line for a while.

Listener: Thank you. Thank you, Sherry. [said with heartfelt gratitude]

Sherry: Thank you for calling in.

Listener: You're welcome. Bye-bye.

Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Technical Difficulties with Call-In Line

Uh-oh, I think I hung up on the guy instead.
Sherry: Hello, caller, you're on the air. Hello, caller. I think I hung up on him. Hello, caller. That's how technical genius I am. He might want to call back. Accidentally hung up on him I believe. Hello, caller, you're on the air...well he's still sitting there. [laughs]
They All Want to See the Show of the Elect Being Redeemed by God
Yeah, it changes things, folks. When you look up at the sky and you may not be able to see it with the naked eye because the sun is too bright. But the second sun is here. And just as it was a habitation for Enoch and the earlier fathers and the righteous that were born here on Earth, it is our habitation as well. As the Father told me, they all wanted to come. He is going to redeem the firstfruits, the Elect off of the earth. And they all wanted to come and see it. And so, it's a huge -- every night now. Nightly show every night in the skies. And so.
Is This Free, or Does It Cost to Call Back and Listen to Your Show by Phone?

Sherry: Hello, caller, you're on the air. Hello, caller. Hello. Hello caller. I can hear him. Hello, caller.

Listener: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Listener: Yeah, um. I'm sorry, I didn't really mean to call back, but I was just wondering if, uh, is this free or does it cost minutely to call back to listen to your show on the phone?

Sherry: What's that?

Listener: Uh, hold on. [he's talking to someone else in Hawaii] When you call in right? On the 1-877, does that cost money, do you get billed or something?

Sherry: I pay for the call.

Listener: Oh, so you can just listen freely? Right?

Sherry: I pay for the call. So you don't have to worry about it. [laughs]

Listener: Oh, OK. Well, sorry about that. Bless you, though. I mean, I already called in. Sorry. Peace.

Sherry: That's all right. What did you want...? You have a comment or a question?

Listener: Uh, no. Bless you. I was just listening because I can't, uh, I can't go to the Internet without...using my father's phone. Just to look around and stuff. YouTube or whatever. But I can't listen to the media player on here, so I just called in so I could listen. You can listen and stuff?

Sherry: Oh, you can listen in the background? I didn't know that.

Listener: Yeah.

Sherry: That why I guess so many people that are calling in just sit there? [laughing] Is that what you guys have been doing? Just listening in the background?

Listener: Yeah.

Sherry: All right. All right. Well then I'll just, uh -- you can call back in. I'm gonna hang up so I'm not connected to your line. And you can call back in and I'll just let you sit there and I'll ignore your -- I'll ignore you.

Listener: All right. [laughs]

Sherry: [laughing]
Listener: All right.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in, bye.
So that's what they're doing. I often see that a lot of times. People will just be sitting there. And they don't come up as...anything, but just sitting there. And I could never figure it out. So. So they're just sitting there listening. [laughs]
If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648. Yeah, if I know you just want to park on a line you can just let me know and I'll let you sit there. And I'll just ignore ya. And so, that'll work. Sometimes I get some really weird numbers like 1-1...all ones.
The Removal of the Elect from Earth and the Arrival of the Pale Horse Are Almost Back-to-Back
Anyway, where was I? Um... [chuckling softly]...talking about the second sun and so. Two phenomenal events coming up, folks. One's already starting right now. The arrival of the second sun and what's going to be soon the removal of the Elect off the earth. And the Elect are 144,000. The Elect and the Bride are not the same groups. They are two different groups. The Elect and the Bride. And so the removal of the Elect is coming soon. And also, uh, right after -- they are almost back to back events, you're going to see the arrival of The Pale Horse and -- which has been operating in the background, but you're going to see full throttle. Um, The Black and The Pale Horse coming up. And so, you could look at Revelation Chapter 6. Talks about The Pale Horse, which brings diseases and plagues. And then you can see The Black Horse arrival and that brings much death. And so both of those coming through the vaccination programs that they are going to be pushing here in the states.
Stay Away from All Vaccines and Shots - Pull Your Kids Out of School If You Have To

One of the things that I've found. Rich got me a lot of info on the vaccine program. I talked about it last week and just got attacked really bad before the show and never had the show, had to cancel the show. Uh, but they're various ways, the various dangers of these vaccines, and the Lord's warned us to stay away from all vaccines, all flu shots, because this whole vaccination program has beast chips. Bible Codes call them beast chips in the vaccines themselves. And either from H1N1, and they're gonna revive all of these mystery plagues and diseases, this Fall. You're going to see a revival. You're going to see school enforcements saying your kid's can't come back to school unless they're updated on their tetanus shot, and whooping cough shot, and some of the others. And you know what? I'll just pull my kid's out of school, they're not getting these shots. What seem like harmless shots are full with these alien E.T. viruses and nanochips. And then that's the one way, the back door way that satan will come after your kids is through the vaccine programs they have for the kids. Also you as adults. And, exactly as the V series shows it, I don't know if you've been watching it on ABC. I've missed the last several weeks. Uh, but these are E.T. vaccines, they have viruses in them that will change your DNA and they're showing it to the T in the V series. And so interesting the stuff I've been talking about for years and now you're seeing it come to light. And so, uh...

Stay away from the vaccines, the huge push coming this Fall, um...and and what's really ironic about this whole thing is if you look even on the "aging" websites...
NaturalNews.com has an analysis from the Aging, the Senate government hearing. Their website and what all these chips can do.
Once You're Implanted with These Nanochips, You Become Transmitters

Uh, but once you're implanted with these nanochips you become transmitters, to whoever is on the other end controlling the transmitter. So, uh, these chips can be used. They can be turned on and used as transmitters, and to whoever's reading the data being sent, they can monitor your blood pressure, your blood sugar levels. Uhh, they can tell what you've been eating, the kind of food you've been eating. These things can tell them how much vitamin D you've had, if you've been in the sun or not. They can tell if you're walking, driving, uhh sitting in a car. They can tell where you're at at all times, they follow your every movement. They can monitor your circulation, your bloodstreams. And if you have a special wristband on, I guess through a special wrist band they can even remotely administer drugs to you. And so, what prevents them from putting this wristband on your wrist and locking it out, almost like those foot bracelets that prisoners wear, that have home detention? What prevents them from administering drugs to you against your will? And so I've heard of these R.F.I.D. wristbands and they cannot be taken off once they are put on. They cannot be taken off. And they can just keep you in a continual drug state. And all of this allowed to you by your Obama health-care plan. And so at the same time we can get excited over seeing the arrival of the second sun and how He's going to crush and defeat our enemies. Uh, they still have prophetic events. Prophecy is still going to be fulfilled and it's going to be fulfilled through The Pale and The Black Horse Riders. This is what we're facing next. The coming onslaught of satan's war against the saints. Through vaccination programs and, uh, through his general war on the saints.
Looks Like Maitreya Will Make an Appearance
Now another thing that I've been seeing that's quite interesting is Maitreya, the New Age Ascended Master. I've been talking about him for years. He's the Islam's Mahdi. He will, uh, looks to me like he is going to make a physical appearance, uh, sometime shortly, right after the Elect are taken off of the earth.
What Satan's Factions Look Like

And I'm just trying to put two and two together. I know I've talked about how there's different factions of them in satan's kingdom, throughout the skies. There's the Egyptians, the Bears, the Philistines. And, uhh, this Maitreya the Buffalo. I've talked about the Shema star and the Buffalo...these are the Egyptians. Remember the ancient Egyptians with the elevated eggheads? Very tall, very skinny, and they have these big eggheads-type qualities about them. That's what these Buffalo are coming up as. 'Cause he always comes up as an egghead. And so if you take off that turban of his that he wears, uhh, he's got this huge egghead. And so that's pretty much what I'm seeing in regards to this Maitreya and also Sananda that comes, uh, will -- they'll call him Jesus, the church will call him Jesus because he looks like the Jesus in churches today, the picture, the portrait painting. So we know that's really Sananda. Michelangelo drew a picture, painted a picture of Sananda and the church adopted him as Jesus. And that's not Him, and it's not what He looks like, but the church thinks it is. And I haven't seen him come up as an egghead, so I'm not sure exactly what faction he's going to come from and what he's going to look like. But all these beings are going to be very tall, folks. And right now we have the Philistines who have been leaving Nibiru. And they've been leaving Nibiru in their little pods and so they look like little UFOs and starships and things like that. And they're giants. They're giants. They've been relating that, uh, there's over 55,000 starships over Israel right now. 55,000 UFOs and that they have had physical contact with the Israeli military over there. And, um, saying that some of these beings are 17 to 30 feet tall. 17 to 20 foot tall. So going to be very interesting, folks.
A Warrior in Australia in the Bible Codes

Oh, and guess what? I'm in the chat room. I could have been in here for a while, I didn't even know it. [laughing] So let's see what's going on in the chat room today. It looks, uh, it looks pretty full. Uhh, it's a lot of people just finally waking up and realizing that, hey, if 10% of the things I've been talking about over the last 10 years are true, then you know things are about to change on Earth and never be the same again. And of course I know I'm 100% right...so [laughing]. Yeah, nice to see the chat room full. And, uh, hello, folks. Australia in the Codes...Down Under is in the Codes. But a particular warrior in Australia I'll see in the Codes all the time and he's going to get a lot of work done, down there in Australia...so uh. Specifics I have none, just generalizations.
Quebec Will Have to Chase the Aliens Out With Orgone

Quebec comes up. I've told you Quebec will come up for the Canadians. Just because it's one of their bases, I guess you could say. When we chased them out of Salt Lake City in Utah, they went to Quebec. [laughing] Sorry. So you guys out there in Quebec will just have to get busy and chase them out of Quebec like we chased them out of Salt Lake and so.
Make Sure You Get Orgone in the Water Supplies - They Have to Have Water
And you know what, folks? When you get orgone, get it in the water supplies. Don't just get in the air, targeting certain places. Make sure you get it in the water supplies. Because all of these beings, whether they're soul-scalped humans or they're aliens in human form, they have to drink water and they have to breath air. And so, if we get the orgone out there. It will destroy them. It doesn't matter how far deep they want to go hide. Because no matter how far deep they are in our earth and underground bases, they have to have water and they have to have air. So just target their nests, their nesting places with orgone. And especially the water supplies.
The Zombie Pandemic Still Stands, but Orgone Will Destroy It

And another thing is that this zombie pandemic I was warning about, that everybody's laughing about. Still stands. It still stands and it's still going to come and the orgone will destroy it. The same way it's destroying the aliens today. So if we get it saturated in our atmospheres and we get it in the water, should also be able to kill these zombies with it. Keep it out of your areas. Keep them out of your areas because they won't like the orgoned areas and so...
The Elect Are About Their Father's Business and Seeking Him Daily

Yeah. OK. So any other questions from the chat room because I'm here, um. [laughs] Should check the phone lines. You know, it's exciting times, folks. They might be in a terror and in a panic and freaking out over the second sun, but I'm ecstatic. I'm just completely ecstatic. And another thing interesting is that -- interesting the sun is rising in the northwest and Enoch talks about this place this habitation of the Elect. For the Elect and the righteous. And when the angels measured it out, they measured a place between the north and the west and, uh, that's gotta be some kind of a sign, with the sun now rising in the northwest. And so interesting. I'm just ecstatic.

And, uh, you know what, folks? You want to make sure you're one of the Elect, the 144,000, then, you'll be about doing your Father's business on Earth. You know, you're going to be seeking Him for the truth in all things. You're going to be seeking Him is the number one thing. It doesn't matter how perfect you are, because none of us are. It doesn't matter how messed up you think you are. How bad you think you are. If you are seeking Him with your your lips and with your heart daily, then you are His. It's all the bottom line is seeking Him. Seeking Him.
That's why there's gonna be so many people -- and you hear pastors say it all the time that -- like they would know, but...[laughs] but that there would be a lot of people in heaven, you wouldn't imagine being in heaven. And it's one thing the Lord straightened me out on many years ago. Several years ago. Because it's not the holier-than-thous and the holy Joes that are necessarily going to be in heaven because they're the ones that necessarily aren't going to be. They're going to be left on Earth to go through the testing of the tribulation period. Because although they follow the Lord with their lips they don't follow Him with their hearts. And it's a heart thing, folks. Meanwhile you'll have the drug addicts, drug abusers, alchoholics. The people that you just seemingly think of they're bottom end of society, who are just so drowning in addictions that they'll be seeking Him. They'll still seek Him. And it's those He'll take. Because it's not who you are or what you're doing. Or how sinful you are, or what kind of sin you're in.
If you're seeking Him with your heart daily you're one of His. Because He's going to take you and He's going to take those that are seeking Him and transform them. And when He transforms us, it's a process. It doesn't happen overnight. But as long as we stay in love with Him and seeking Him daily so that He can transform us, it makes Him as our number one priority. And it all come's down to a heart issue, folks. It's not how well you talk about Him, how great you can analyze Him or speak about Him. It's a heart thing. And so that's what, uh, that's what it's gonna come down to. And so that's why it's always gonna be those, those that you're gonna be surprised to see. Because they loved the Lord. Regardless of what mankind thought of them, uh, they loved the Lord. They followed Him. They were about doing their Father's business on Earth. Interesting. [laughing]
Anyway, if you have a question for the show, please call in at 877-245-5648. I'm only gonna have a few minutes left here. About ten minutes left in the show, and...

I'm not saying anything that I really had planned to say. That's typically how this show goes. [laughing] This show...Thursdays I wanted just a laid back show and it is. [laughing] I don't know if it's much more than for Mondays. But, you know, it's hard to do anything apart from Him because I'm just entwined with Him. And so, even if I have a silly, laid back show on Mondays -- on Thursdays for aliens it's still gonna be about Him, because that's just who I am. Everything I am is Him, and so. If that makes sense [laughing].
They're Angry Because the Warriors Are Tearing Down the Strongholds of Satan

I'm just ecstatic. You know, I was looking at the Codes and, uh, this whole second sun, twin sun, ancillary sun. And just watching the sheer anger of the Bufflo and the Philistines and Obama. Even Dick Cheney comes up. They're angry. They're angry. And, uh, particularly angry at the Orgone Warriors, at the Orgone Faction, and people around the world. And I've always said, we're the most powerful faction on Earth today -- are the Orgone Warriors doing the Father's business on Earth, getting the Orgone out. Because it's destroying satan's kingdom; his New World Order.

Years ago when I was praying to the Lord and how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order, how to tear down the strongholds of satan, He led me to Orgone. He showed me how to make Ether Energy. And that's what Orgone is, it's ether energy. And so, uh, it's the one thing that's been destroying them. And, uh, this Orgone Faction will be taken off the Earth. And so...and we'll be leaving all of our fruit here. Everything that we've done the last several years. No matter where you are, no matter where you've put it, the Orgone will STAY when we leave. It's an effective weapon for the Lord to use against satan. It causes the UFO ships to crash. It tears them down. It destroys them. It burns them. And so it's been, definitly, uh, one of the biggest weapons we've had. To tear down the strongholds of satan and this New World Order.

And people are gonna witness it firsthand. We've been seeing UFOs crashing for the last two years and the media calls them meteorites. And the military's classifying these meteorites [laughs], but we know they're UFOs.
The Elect Are Angels Born As Humans to Fulfill Last Days Callings on Earth

And eventually, when the firstfruits are gone (the Elect are gone) -- and another term for the Elect, folks, is oldest. It's firstborn. And so, and I've explained who the elect are. The Elect are former angels sent here on Earth, in the last days, born as angels here on earth with specific callings on their lives to fullfill for the Lord in the last days. And these are the Elect, these are the firstborn. It's not the ones who were first saved. That the church will have you think.

It's the ones who were first created because we stood with the Lord back when. Back when He created Earth. We stood with Him. We were with Him when He created the earth. And we went through satan's first rebellion. We rebelled against him [satan] then. And now, all those Warriors back then, who rebelled against satan, are back to rebel against him and lead the rebellion now. We're back for try number two. Lucifer's attempt number two. 'Cause the third one's after the millenium reign. He'll have a third attempt.

But we all know each other from the past. The Elect. 144,000. We'll know -- we'll probably recognize each other. The Lord removes the blinders from our eyes and we'll be able to remember more. But that's who the Elect are. They're the firstborn. We were with the Lord when He created the earth. And we rebelled against satan's rule, and his rebellion. And when he rebelled and wanted to be worshipped as God, and he led a third of angels in rebellion against The Most High. We were the two-third that didn't go along with it. We were the two-third fighting against him back then. And so what's now is a percentage of those angels that rebelled against him. A percentage of those two-thirds from the past are here now. And we're rebelling against him again.
"Angels In the Flesh" Articles

Interesting, you can read my article Angels In The Flesh. It's at SherryShriner.com, SherryTalkRadio.com, TheWatcherFiles.com...on all my websites. Find my articles, Angels in the Flesh.
Angels in the Flesh, Part 1  http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/angels.htm
Angels in the Flesh, Part 2  http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/angels2.htm

And Angels in the Flesh, Part 1 talks about the incarnation, where angels are born here on earth as humans. That's incarnation. And, then you have -- don't ask me about reincarnation, folks. It's nothing but a mockery of incarnation. And satan just takes it and runs with it for a mile and comes up with reincarnation. 'Cause he has to mimic and mock everything that the Lord does. And so the best thing he came up with was reincarnation. And then you have Angels in the Flesh 2, where it talks about parts of the rebellion. Something you might be able to relate to. Very interesting. A lot of info, folks, and now the time to start soaking it in like a sponge because the last days are definitely upon us.

And the alien's are here. They're coming in full force. The veil is going to be lifted soon and you're going to see them here on Earth as the curtain is lifted, and so. It's all coming soon, folks, just a matter of time now. You can look up in the skies and know that.

The Lord just crushed them all with the arrival of the brightness of His coming and it's getting exciting now, folks. [laughing] Anyway, I'm gonna end this show and I'll be back on Monday night, 8 o'clock [EDT] same place.

Yah bless, everybody.