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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

May 10, 2010
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They are trying to hide the second sun, twin sun, via extreme clouding, chemtrails, and even volcanic ash!! What IS the Second Sun?


Sherry Posted a New Video on the Second Sun
Hello, folks, this is Sherry Shriner, it's Monday night. Typical technical problems galore, and soÖIím trying to work through some of this. I got a live chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio. I canít get in the chat room tonight, I really canít get to my e-mails either, and so the only way youíre really going to be able to get a question to me tonight is to give me a call at 1-877-245-5648. And Iím just going to see how this computer thing is going to work tonight. Itís typical, folks, itís very typical.




I posted a new video todayÖ Iím gonna try to get this bumper going here. If you have a question for the show call 1-877-245-5648. A couple of things I want to talk about. If you havenít seen my new video, you can go to www.sherrytalkradio.com or go to www.youtube.com and look for Sherry Shriner, my channel there. Just posted a new video on the second sun, and this whole topic on the second sun, is one that has caused a lot of technical difficulties the last couple of weeks. They have not wanted me talking about it. Every time I have show thereís problems, and so tonight is no different. Everything is going black, taking 45 minutes to load 2 pages, theyíre really hitting my satellite service. I had better service during the storms on Saturday. [laughs] So, I guess Iím just going to goÖ I canít even see if thereís callers right now. I canít see anything. My entire computer screen is black. All I can do is wait and see if itís going to do something else. Wait until they cut my phone line or something and just cut me off the air completely.
If You Take a Picture of the Sun, You'll See the Second Sun in It Too
But a couple of things I want to talk about other than the video being posted on the second sun, and what it is. A lot of people being curious. People in the south saying they canít see it down there. You know what? You canít see it here either. But if you point your camera to the sun and take a picture, youíll see it on your picture. Just a heads up advice. You can also do that during the day and catch cloaked UFOs in the sky. Just point your camera at the air and take a picture, and see what shows up on your picture.
And so, I had somebody do that in Alabama. I got a good shot of the second sun. I posted a picture of them on my list last week. And, also of the video of one that was taken in southern New York. Of course, pictures coming in from all around the world. And almost in every country. People seeing the arrival of the second sun. So, interesting. I pretty much lay it out in my video, what the second sun is.
Some People Existed As Angels Before They Were Born As Humans
All goes back to Enoch, folks. Enoch talks about a planet that is a habitation for the people of the Lord's. Where all the forefathers live, the elect, and the righteous. A home built. And this is what the Lord is calling forth now. He is calling forth this planet because He is ready to take the firstborn off the earth. Who are the firstborn? The firstborn are the elect, and there is a difference between different groups of believers, folks. The elect and the bride are two different things, just as much as Enoch talks about the elect and the righteous. In the New Testament it's talked about as being the elect and the bride. It's just two different groups of people, folks. The elect, the 144,000 that will never see death on Earth are incarnated people. Iím not talking about reincarnation. That was Satanís twist on it. Put simply, incarnated. We even see that throughout the Old Testament times. And I talk about this in my article Angels in the Flesh, angels born as humans, itís on all of my websites.
I just want to go through this because a lot of people always assume everything is to them. Just because it was mentioned in the Bible people assume it includes them, and it doesnít necessarily. You know, Solomon said in Proverbs 8:22, "The Lord possessed me in the beginning of His way, before His works of old." What were His works of old, folks? Before He created the heavens and the earth. And in Proverbs 8:23 Solomon says, "I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was." Before the earth was created, Solomon existed. As a human? No. He was an angel, before he was sent to earth to fulfill a role he was to play as a human on Earth. Of course, we know Solomon became king and built the Lordís temple.
Before Earth even existed, Solomon said he existed before the earth was created, and thatís what most of us just donít understand. Jeremiah even states, in Jeremiah 1:5 the Lord says to Jeremiah, "Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations." Before Jeremiah was even born, the Lord knew who he was. Not only did He anoint him for a calling of the nations, but He knew who he was, literally. Jeremiah had existed in the heavens with Him before he was to be born on Earth as a human.
Isaiah, another one. It says the same thing. Isaiah 49:1, "Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name." And he says [in 49:5], "And now, saith the LORD that formed me from the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the LORD, and my God shall be my strength." Isaiah knew it wasnít just a calling. That there are many that are born this way. In Psalm 58:3 David says, "The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they are born, speaking lies." Not only is there righteous incarnation of angels that are born on Earth as humans to fulfill the calling that the Lord has for them, and you're going to see this a lot with the Lord's prophets, in people who play a specific part in the history of mankind, but Satan also puts his own to Earth.
Satan Targets the Lord's Incarnated People for Destruction
Some people are evil from the time theyíre born. Theyíre just not like everybody else. Why? Because theyíre satanís angels, theyíre his fallen angels. He does the same thing, just as the Lord incarnates righteous angels into humans to be born as humans on Earth, satan does the same things. He can take his minions from hell and have them born on Earth as humans.
Very interesting. Itís an old war, itís been going on forever, and so, this is what I talk about a lot with Angels in the Flesh. This is who the elect are, folks. The elect, the 144,000. Not all of them knowing who they are, and exactly why were they were born, but over time the Lord wakes them up. And it's not like HeÖHe doesnít just come down with a loud voice and yell at you to wake up because youíre sleeping and you donít know who you are. You have to seek Him for the truth, you have to go to Him for the truth in all things. And as you seek Him for the truth, He will reveal it to you. Itís almost like you have to do the action, which is seek Him for the truth, and Heíll do the reaction, which is reveal who or what you are. Most people Iíve talked to that are part of this elect, their stories are similar, because satan knows who they are before theyíre born on Earth.
We donít remember who we are. Weíre not born with a conscious memory of being in heaven. Maybe many years later. Maybe some do as children -- can remember being in heaven spending that time in the past with the Lord, The Most High, as an angel in heaven. But, most of us are just born without any kind of memory of it, any kind of consciousness. And as we get older, and seek the Lord for the truth in all things, He will reveal more and more and more of that to us, open more of that to us. But one of the biggest traits that I find is that these angels that are incarnated, that are born as humans on Earth, over time theyíre targeted by satan for destruction. Theyíre targeted from the time theyíre born. Many of them will have eyes and ears open to the spiritual realm. Theyíll see and hear things that other people donít. And satan will target them. Heíll use sexual abuse, heíll use drug abuse, heíll use physical abuse, he will try to attack and destroy that child before they even grow up into an adult. And if he doesnít have you by then, he works at you the whole time youíre and adult. He tries to distract you away from whatever calling it is that the Lord has on their lives. So, a lot of these people, that are the elect, theyíll have similar stories of having drug abuse in the past, alcohol abuse, being sexually abused as children, just horrible stories!
You just hear this all the time from the elect. What theyíve gone through, the adversity theyíve had to go through just to where they could wake up and be where they are today, and some kind of knowledge of who and they were in the past, and be fulfilling the Fatherís business on Earth with what time is left.
Someone let me know if Iím coming up loud and clear because I have no idea. I have no idea. Iím just sitting here speaking to the wind as far as any kind of acknowledgment here. [laughs] Because all of my screens are black, nothing is working. Iím just going to speak. So, thereís some feedback from a listener like they can hear me loud and clear.
Just never ends, folks.
Not All People Are Born As Part of the Elect
And are all people born this way? No. Not all people are born as part of the elect, as one of the elect. And that is why I think thereís so much animosity between different groups of believers. Because if you could taste an ounce of the animosity that Iíve gone through the last ten years, trying to wake up the church crowd, trying to wake up the believers, itís been a war. The majority hate me, the majority online, offline, they hate me. And Iíve been sent here with a purpose, to speak for the Most High, to wage war against satanís strongholds on Earth in these last days. And Iíve done that the best I can, with the limited amount of resources that Iíve had. Trying to wake up these last days elect army of 144,000. I donít think I've got anywhere near those numbers, but the numbers are up to the Lord. I just do the work. The results are up to Him.
Weíve been getting the orgone out to destroy satanís strongholds. The Lord led us to orgone because thatís the one thing that does tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and satan. You can go to my website www.orgoneblasters.com. And, you know what, folks? Just because weíre different than everybody else, you can also hear the same stories from satanís people. It really becomes a heart issue in how to determine who is the Lordís and who isnít. Because the Bible says the wheat and the tares grow together until the judgment day and the angels go through and separate them. So, you canít know who they are, you donít know who they are. And the angels will just go through in the very end and separate the wheat from the tares. Because you canít tell just by looking at them, that theyíre wheat or a tare.
So, interesting that the war is on every battlefront being waged. The second sun is here, the Lord is getting ready to call home his elect. Some people, still doubting who they are. They canít just embrace who they are, they just doubt it, to their own detriment, because it just makes you more ineffective in confidence, and knowing who you are in The Most High. And all you have to do is just ask Him. Ask Him, "Was I angel from the past? Did I exist in the past?" Most of the people I work with today, I've probably worked with in the past. Because I do know that we were all there when the Lord created the earth. We were all there when Lucifer formed his first rebellion, all the elect. We were all there. And then we were allowed to come back to Earth in these last days, born as humans, to fulfill roles here on Earth. These are the ones the Lord is going to take back home very shortly, the firstfruits, the elect. People ask me for a time, and I donít have a time, folks. I can see in the Bible Codes that in May He would stand me up as a mouthpiece to announce his arrival. And thatís all Iím seeing right now, is the fact that I am working to announce His arrival, and that the 144,000 will be going home soon, and as far as a timeline after that, I donít have one right now.
Thousands and Thousands of Starships Are Out Because They Know the Lord Is Here
Very interesting that just so much seems to be going on right now, all at one time. Thousands and thousands of UFOs littering our skies right now, because they know Heís here. Theyíre trying to hide His arrival; chemtrails, extreme clouding. The orgone is saturating the atmosphere burning the aliens, so theyíre chilling it, so that their butts donít fry as bad. So we end up with atrocious weather. Youíre going to see it for the most part concentrated on the Midwest to east region of the United Sates. I donít know how else the worldís going to be affected, but I do know that this region, around Ohio, is definitely being affected and definitely one of their target areas.
I can go out at night and I just see UFO's everywhere. Starships are everywhere. My son, just the other day, pointed his camera up the sky and took a picture and there was a whole line, a straight line of about 10 UFO-type starships all in a straight line, just above my house, cloaked, invisible, during the day. And so they were invisible, they were cloaked. But at night a lot of times you can see them turn the lights on. And you can see them. Because thatís literally what they do, folks. Because I donít know how many times Iíve seen these stars, Iíll just be looking at one and the lights will flash off. And then a couple seconds later it will flash on. Or theyíll hit the red light, let me see a red light, and then shut the red light off and then hit -- like theyíre messing with me. Theyíre just playing with me, "Yeah, weíre here. So what?" And they flip the lights on and off.
I Have a Hunch That If Shema Crashes, It May Be in the Great Lakes
A real star doesnít do that, folks. A real star illuminates light, just because of its very being it's a star. But UFO starships, they mimic being stars in our skies. Shema, in the northeast part of the sky right now. Some nights it's very brilliant. They turn all the lights on so it looks really white and bright, and looks like a huge star, which is very very low in the horizon, in the atmosphere. And then other nights when they just donít even bother with the lights, itís a dismal yellow. You can see the orange and red flames coming out of it. I told you back in October of last year that it was on fire. It seems like half of it is on fire, and the other half, where satanís temple is, seems to have been preserved so far, but eventually this whole thing is going to crash. When I see in the Codes and I look at Shema, is that it's full of dead bodies. Because theyíve all been burned by the orgone, and no doubt by the very fire, because Shema is on fire, that it's just full of dead bodies. Interesting that if it does crash, probably just full of dead bodies, if it was to be found somewhere, I about half have a hunch that if Shema does crash it would be found -- it may crash in the Great Lakes, I guess is what I'm saying. Because, like I said, it seems to be targeted in this region. Itís been stuck here.
You know, In 2008, Maitreya and his little Shema star decided to post itself above my house. And I didnít know what it was at first. And I hit some New Age sites and found out what it was, and after that the war was on. I started making orgone pipes and bucket blasters and just getting more orgone pucks out everywhere, and somehow that seemed to cause Shema to malfunction to where it couldnít move. So, itís kinda been stuck in this region for two years, itís been stuck in this region. Itís been amusing, just watching it chip away, and burn more and more and more everyday. And, like I say, they've got the lights on because they want everybody to think everything's OK.
The Second Sun Is NOT Nibiru, but Nibiru Could Be the Comet Wormwood
One of their biggest things right now is that they want to dispute everything I say. Theyíre gonna dispute that Shema is in trouble, that it's malfunctioning, itís on fire, itís burning. Theyíre gonna dispute what the second sun is. They want you to think itís Nibiru. And itís not Nibiru. Nibiru is red. Nibiru is a red planet, and it's full of Philistines, and itís got a red tail. I even have pictures of that in the video I posted on exactly why the second sun in NOT Nibiru. It's not a white light star, itís a red planet. It looks more like Mars. It looks more like a twin of Mars with a tail [laughs]. And it very well could be Wormwood, that the Bible describes, because Iíve often seen that this Nibiru will crash. And what do we know about Wormwood? Wormwood crashes and poisons a quarter of the waters, the rivers on Earth.
Interesting that not only does that crash, but Nibiru does as well, so, very interesting. Not only seeing Shema crash, but weíre going to see Nibiru crash, and everything else that these satanic alien beings want to bring into our atmosphere. Eventually the veil is going to be lifted, thereís going to be no more cloaking, thereís going to be no more hiding. Everyone is going to see who and what they are. And especially on Earth, we have all these humans that have been soul-scalped by these alien beings. I know Iíve talked about that for years, our politicians our religious leaders, the veil being lifted and everybody being able to see the losers that they are. Because people think that theyíre humans, they think everything is OK. They go about their business without thinking that, "Hey, the president of the United States? He's not even human." When the veil is lifted people are going to see him as the Lizard he is. Hillary, Cheney, Al Gore, the Joel Osteens and Kenneth Copelands, everybody in a position of rank and power, so itís going to shock a lot of people.
Iím going to try to bring on this caller and see what they have to say. I donít know if this equipment is going to work. I finally did get a [inaudible].
I Have No Internet, So I Can Only Listen to the Show by Calling In
Sherry: Hello, listener. Youíre on the air.
Caller: Yeah, I'm sorry. This is the same person from last week. I donít got no Internet right now, or no connection to my computer, so the only way I can listen is just by call in. So I apologize for that. I donít want to run up your phone bill or nothing.
Sherry: All right, all right. If I start getting busy, Iím gonna have to hang up on you, Ďcause I need the lines.
Caller: Oh, OK.
Sherry: If youíre sitting on the line, youíre taking up my lines.
Caller: Oh, Iím sorry, Iím sorry.
Sherry: Yeah, itís Monday night, so it's a really busy night [laughs].
Caller: All right, my bad, my bad. All right, Iíll just listen later then.
Sherry: All right, you take care.
Caller: All right, you too.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Letís see, I donít want to sit on the lines. Sometimes itís OK on Thursdayís shows because it's laid back. But Mondays, I typically have a LOT of callers for Monday nights. So, Iím typically not going to allow that on Monday nights, folks. Letís see if I can get this other caller on the air, and there goes my whole screen going black.
Did You See Larry King Live Last Night about the Aliens?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Hello!? Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Hey! This is Michelle from Iowa.
Sherry: Hello, Michelle.
Caller: And I have a question. Um, did you see Larry King Live last night? About the aliens? And they said if they -- did you even see that on there?
Sherry: Did I see what?
Caller: Larry King Live last night. About the aliens. With Dan Akroyd on there.
Sherry: No. No. That would be a good one. A Lizard talking about aliens [laughs].
Did You Hear About the Big Meteorite That Went Over Iowa and Landed in Wisconsin?
Caller: Yeah! I know! I was talking about that. Oh, gosh! I'm just a new listener so I'm just taking this all in, and half my friends think I'm crazy. But, you know, I believe and I'm just watching for -- and listening to what you're saying. And I don't get on the Internet that much, but somehow I found you. So, I just wondered, did you hear about that big meteorite last month that went over Iowa and kind of landed in Wisconsin? They just said it was a little tiny piece of something. And it looked like have the size of Iowa going across the sky.
Sherry: I was reading reports that that was actually a missile that was blown up.
Caller: What is? Really -- oh, it was huge! People panicked. They were calling... The scanners were going off. It was crazy! I thought it was the end of the world!
Sherry: Yeah. It's...it's interesting...
Caller: I swear to God!
Sherry: 'Cause I talked about the war between the two factions. We have two different New World Order factions here in America. And so, you have the Bush faction against the Obama faction.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: And it was the Bush faction that tried to hit the Air Force base...Minot Air Force Base last month. That was the missile that was blown up. And now we've got a attack on a oil tanker in Louisiana down in the South. And they're trying to say, "Well, that's North Korea." But, you know what I think? That's Obama. I think he's...retaliation...
Caller: Ah! Well, I just wondered. I never heard you talk about that -- over Iowa -- that... I'm in Iowa and I look up all the time. And I don't see anything. I look and I look and, maybe it's just...
Sherry: Look for yellow stars.
Caller: What?
Sherry: Look for yellow stars.
Caller: I do! Low at night. And I look during the day. I walk a lot and I look. And I think, you know. I look at the cloud shapes all the time. I look. And maybe it just... They don't wanna come by... I don't know.
Sherry: You know what? Well, just ask the Lord to show it -- to reveal it to you.
Do You See Anything About the Earthquakes in California Coming Up?
Caller: And I know -- I just have a quick question, but do you see California -- anything about the earthquakes coming soon or anything?
Sherry: I have a really foreboding feeling of California. I think people should just be getting out of there. A lot of danger coming to California.
Question About the White House
Caller: I have earthquakes [audio skips] up there, but, you know, that -- you know, I just didn't know. And you said something about seeing somebody coming to the steps of the White House in June. I mean, this was last Fall. Claiming to be somebody. And I couldn't remember that. You still see that?
Sherry: No...Maitreya?
Caller: Was that who you said would come to the White House steps and claim to be...was it?
Sherry: I don't remember. I don't remember half -- I wouldn't remember tomorrow what I say on the show today...
Caller: Oh, OK. I just wondered if you'd seen anything like that when...
Sherry: [laughs]. He's still here. I mean, Maitreya -- Obama is his puppet. Obama is doing everything that this Maitreya wants him to do. He's leading the alien agenda ahead for them. 'Cause when we leave -- when the Lord takes the Elect off the earth, immediately, you're going to see this whole New Age/Age of Aquarius Ascended Master facade. And the first thing they're gonna start doing is pushing vaccinations.
Caller: Oh, I believe it. And I told them, to warn them. And they think I'm crazy and they went ahead a got them. But I haven't. And I don't plan on it either. I'm listening to you. But everyone thinks I'm crazy. I think -- I have to kind of cool it; I think they're gonna put me in the nut ward [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah [laughs]. You know what? Just plant seeds and move on. That's what I do. I don't deal with people that are doubters, unbelievers...
Is It Mostly People in High Positions Who Are Aliens?
Caller: Yeah, I know. I figure, well, I'll just listen to myself and watch your productions and, you know. Just people don't wanna think that and see that. And I look at people and I think, "Gosh. Are they an alien now?" I kind of stare at them [laughs]. You know, I don't know how to tell. But I can't believe all these movie stars. Like Larry King is one. You know, I just kinda...
Sherry: You can go to YouTube and look up Larry King. And you'll see videos of a lizard's tongue slithering in and out of his mouth. And...
Caller: I try to watch for that on TV, but I never seem to see anything.
Sherry: Yeah. And if you look at their eyes, they'll have the slit eyes. The horizontal slit eyes.
Caller: Is it mostly in governments, though, or high people, or...?
Sherry: They're everywhere. They're everywhere.
Caller: Everywhere. Anybody.
Sherry: They're in all positions of authority and rank...
Caller: Kind of scary. That makes you wanna stay inside, doesn't it?
Sherry: Yeah. But even if it's just people living amongst us. They're everywhere.
Did You See That Oil Spill?
Caller: I know it. But I just -- I'm a new listener and so I just kinda take in and listen to your show. And I'm glad I get to talk to you. But I had one more question. And, um, did you see that oil spill...
Sherry: Yeah...
Caller: ...coming? You did?
Sherry: Oh! No. That was retaliation. That's what I just said. That was Obama's retaliation against the Bush faction for last month's missile being flown out to...
Do You See Anything Big Coming to Iowa?
Caller: You see anything big coming to Iowa? Anything tragic?
Sherry: They're just fighting over the New World Order; who gets to control it. And you know what? It's gonna get even worse because all the factions in the world are gonna start fighting. All of the Satanist groups. 'Cause they all wanna be considered Satan's right hand men when he arrives. He takes over the reins of world government. They all wanna be the ones that he's working with. And so they're all trying to see who gets to be, I guess you could say, in the bridal party [laughs].
I Started Seeing 1111 or 111 Around. Do You Know Anything About That?
Caller: OK. Well, I'm a Scorpio sign. So I'm a little bit -- have a mystery side anyway. But, I don't know if has anything -- to you, but I started seeing, a couple years ago, like 1111 or 111 in documents, in door numbers, and on the clocks and stuff. But I don't know if that has anything to do with the end times, or what they're trying to...
Sherry: I hear that a lot from people. People seeing the numbers 11. And, you know what? Just as the occult has perverted all the numbers that the Lord gave us, they also have religious and spiritual significance. And so you have to think, "Am I being warned for religious reasons, or am I being warned because something bad in the New World Order is coming up?"
Caller: Yeah! I don't know! I'm scared that I don't know much. I don't get on the Internet. And I don't know what to believe. I don't stare at the clock. And it just started happening. And sometimes I get woken up by it. Or some people call me right at that time...
Sherry: Well, you know what? Just say to the Lord, "OK. What is it -- just ask the Lord, "What is it You're trying to show me? Otherwise I'm ignoring it."
Caller: Yeah! I know! I do!
Sherry: That's what I tell Him. I ignore it. It's like, "You're gonna either have to tell me straight out if You're trying to show me something. 'Cause if You're not, I'm just ignoring it." [laughs]
Caller: 'Cause it keeps happening and it kind of scares me.
Sherry: Yeah. Just ask the Lord what it is.
Caller: And I've been woken up at night during that time. And really strange, 'cause I keep a clock right next to my bed. Now I kinda turn it backwards so I don't have to look at it. 'Cause I'm so scared 'cause it happens so much. So, I just wondered if you knew anything about that. But not much, huh?
Sherry: No, I just hear about it all the time, but, you know, people just need to ask the Lord Himself. "OK. What are You trying to show me? What's this number? What is this? Is this You or them?" [laughs]
Caller: What?
Sherry: Because they can intimidate you with that number, you know. And use ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] technology. And get you all paranoid about it...
Caller: So, it can be 1010, too, or, you know, it's -- it's little odd times. Maybe they know that I kind of pay attention now since -- to the clock just a hair more 'cause it happens to me. So I don't know, but... I haven't even seen anything or heard anything, so. But I do watch the skies and I've been trying to pay attention at night. But I haven't seen anything in my skies.
Sherry: You know, just ask the Lord to reveal it because your eyes are just closed. I mean, I can go out, any state, and not just because they follow me from one end of the country to the other [laughs].
Caller: Yeah, they like you [laughs].
Sherry: But I can go anywhere and look up in the sky and pick them out. And so..
Caller: Wow!
Sherry: ...to me it's just shocking that anybody could go out and not see them. And so I have to look at, OK, some people just can't see them. I have to accept that.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Because to me, it's just normal.
Caller: But I want to! And, you know, I think, you know, with the sign I am, a Scorpio, that I'm a little bit more -- have a little more intuition or something. And I always, you know...
Sherry: Well, you know what? Just ask the Lord to reveal it to you. That's it. Because I've heard people do that, and five minutes later they start seeing them in the skies.
Caller: Really?
Sherry: I mean, they're there. Some people can see them and some can't.
How Come We Don't Hear About the Second Sun in the News?
Caller: But you have no idea, one more time, about the second sun. I've tried to see it. It normally comes up in the east, right? And sets in the west, right?
Sherry: Just take a picture.
Caller: I will.
Sherry: Just take a picture of the sun. And you'll see it on your picture. Because it's too bright to look at.
Caller: How come we don't hear it in the news then? How come they aren't bringing it on headline news or, you know...
Sherry: Well, they aren't gonna bring anything of news value in the news. You get that at this show.
Caller: Well, if enough people see it, they're gonna panic. You know.
Sherry: You get that on this show. They ARE in a panic. That's why Obama was at the Observatory. That's why the Vatican and, uh...
Caller: Oh, I didn't see that I guess.
Sherry: Yeah, he was at the Observatory -- I saw it in the Bible Codes, I don't know if it was on the news. And also the Pope. They're all in a panic. They've been trying to hide this thing, if you've noticed the last couple months the heavy chemtrail spraying every morning in the east, trying to hide the sun.
Caller: Oh! I know that. I told my husband. He said, "Oh, you're nuts!" [laughs]
Sherry: Yeah, they've been trying to hide it. The volcano in Iceland? What more do people want? What is it they're trying to hide? Hello!?
Caller: Why can they only see it over there -- I mean, if they're hiding it, other people can see it.
Sherry: It was coming through at that time. And now it's here in America. Now we can see it here in America.
Caller: In the east. When it comes up.
Sherry: Yeah. In the east and in the west. They say when the sun rises and when the sun sets.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: And so, you know, just take a camera and take a picture. And see if it shows up on...
Caller: So are the UFOs up there more at night, or day, or they -- towards the east or the west looking or...?
Sherry: Uh, the UFOs are, um, a lot east to west. They're invisible during the day. Very visible at night.
Caller: Uh-huh. But are they trying to look at it when it sets or look at it when it rises, or appear all the -- any time?
Sherry: Well, their presence is becoming more and more here because also at the same time that the second sun arrival is here, uh, the veil's going to be lifted. And they're going to be crashed to Earth. They only have -- they know by His arrival that their time is now short.
Caller: Now see, over Iowa, the last, probably, week, I haven't even seen hardly the sun. It's been all cloudy and rainy and dark. And...
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: ...we haven't even had the sun out, literally.
Sherry: Oh, I know. We've had snow and hail and [laughs]...
Caller: Is that what they're trying to do? They can only make it for so long. It's gonna get sunny like hopefully next week they said. Then we'll be...
Sherry: We're going from this to rain. And so, another reason to keep the sun hidden. Bring in the rain. And you know what? I told everybody a couple months ago, it's gonna be a cold summer and it's standing true so far.
Caller: Well I keep watching and listening to you show and looking on your site for new pictures, on your site. For anything new that's come up. All the time.
Sherry: I'm on Facebook. You can find me at Facebook and, uh...
Caller: I don't get on very much. I don't know how I just happened to find you. I really don't. 'Cause I hardly get on at all.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: So it was a miracle.
Sherry: I just posted a video on the second sun at the website...
When Is the Second Sun Going to Start Taking the Elect?
Caller: OK. You have no idea when it's gonna be here or...?
Sherry: It is here. It is here.
Caller: But when it's gonna start taking...where's it gonna go when it, you know, it's here?
Sherry: When it's gonna redeem the 144[,000]? I don't know. I don't have a timeline on that. I just know that, uh, He's here. And I'm preparing everybody for that.
Did You See the Big Comet That's Supposed to Hit?
Caller: Did you see the -- that big comet that's supposed to hit, you said, in the west?
Sherry: Uh...
Caller: Do you still see that?
Sherry: Uh...
Caller: You said it would take out England and...
Sherry: There were several comets that were supposed to hit last year. So we're on a delay.
Caller: You don't see anything big hitting this Fall or anything...
Sherry: It could get cancelled or get delayed. And so...you know.
Caller: 'Cause you did say that last year. You'd seen something hitting the earth -- in the...
Sherry: Oh! 2009 I saw 3 to 4 hitting the earth.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: And so that can be delayed until this year. That could be cancelled. You just don't know. Because all I can do is give a heads up, "OK, this is what I see." I don't know if it's gonna happen. It's not a "thus saith the Lord."
Caller: Uh-huh.
Sherry: If He told me something direct, I would have something direct to work with [laughs].
Caller: OK. But you -- Well, I won't take -- I'm sorry to take up so much time. [audio skips]...I believe and I'm just watching and paying attention. So, God bless you and...
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: OK. Thank you.
Sherry: All right.
Caller: Bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Is It Normal to Experience Attacks After You've Covered Your City with Orgone?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hi. Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Hi, it's Derrick. I'm calling you from Omaha, Nebraska. And I was just, uh, listening to what the lady was saying before. I actually have a picture from a hotel of the big fireball or missile or whatever that was over Iowa.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: And it's showing like a slow beam. When it goes through, this white light's moving in the sky. And before like the big flash happened, it illuminates two chemtrails going down. I have to post it on your Facebook. But what I was gonna call and ask you about -- is it normal after -- I've covered just about all of my city with orgone. Is it normal to experience attacks...
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: On my birthday last week, my face got busted into -- like bashed -- like literally, it's my mom's car side door...
Sherry: Oh, you mean like anger and retaliation [laughs]?
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: I stepped out of my orgone barrier. I haven't got my job [with the orgone]. They keep picking up the orgone that I have around my job and throwing it in the trash and it goes out with the dumpster. Well, they had thrown it out and I had came to work one morning. And I was leaning down to tie my shoe by my mom's car door and I stood up. Next thing I know, I'm waking up on the floor with blood coming out of my forehead.
Sherry: Oh.
Caller: And, uh, my fiancee's had a dream when we put orgone in the house, right? The day of it. She had a dream there was a black figure that was choking her. And she said it was the most vivid dream she's ever had. And it was like telling her it wants to stay and all this crazy stuff. Well, another day...
Sherry: They get very angry.
Caller: Yeah. Something's going on because this has been the second time this week that my face has been busted open. I have like four scars on my head from running into objects, that just appear out of nowhere, with extreme force. Um, I -- it...
Sherry: I took a baseball in the face tonight, so yeah, I know [laughs]. I know [laughs]. They just come out of nowhere [laughs].
Caller: So you understand where I'm coming from. Yeah.
Sherry: Yeah. You know what? It just happens. It's a war. You know what?
Caller: OK.
Sherry: And you can always tell we're winning by how angry they are.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And I just laugh. I mean, you know, it's -- yeah, it sucks getting hit in the face with a baseball.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: I had a bag of broccoli on my face five minutes before I was supposed to be on the air [laughs].
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: But, you know what? We take these things for the Lord, you know.
Caller: Right. Right.
Sherry: And we just take persecution. We're persecuted all the time. And we just get up and dust off our shoes and keep going.
Comments About the Name of Yahushua vs. the Name of Jesus
Caller: You know, I had remembered, uh, it was about like a week ago, you had posted on my Facebook -- I had posted a link about like -- it was Yeshua, like the real name of the Messiah. You know, like what you had posted like...
Sherry: Yahushua.
Caller: Yeah. Yahushua! So, I was talking to a pastor. And he was arguing with me and I didn't really want to hear it. But I just told him, basically, about the one name that you could be saved by. That's what he was going by. 'Cause I work at a hotel. And we get a lot of people who come in here and give me their little pamphlets saying, "Oh, you know..."
Sherry: The Gideon Bibles.
Caller: Yeah. Stuff like that. And I -- one day, you know, I just kinda shot back at the guy, "Well, you know, I serve Yahushua and Yah." And he was like, "Well, what kind of pagan deity is that?" And it kind of really made me mad.
Sherry: And, see, that's the real big difference. People wanna know what the big differences are between the Elect and everybody else. The Elect know His real name.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: And they call Him by it.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: The Bride and the righteous will be tested and tried on Earth. That's part of the reason they're left here.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: Because they say they love Him, but they haven't even bothered to ask Him what His name is. They go by the name "Jesus" which they all will admit is translated. They all know it's a translated name.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: But they really don't care to find out what His real name is. And that's the big difference in the church and the Elect.
Caller: That's where our beef was. Like -- kind of like where he had a problem with me was is like -- he was like, "No. Jesus is the Son of God." And I was like, "Well, I refuse to bow to somebody with a Latin name who's supposedly a Jewish person, who's supposedly done this and done that. And I'm like, "Can you give me a real name here." I'm like, "Why would I just submit myself to that." And he's like, "Well, you really need Jesus in your heart." And I was like, "You ain't nothin' but the devil [laughs]."
Sherry: You just love Him and you know His real name. Because you've taken the time to find out.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: And you've sat at His feet. And you've learned His truths. And that's the difference between the Elect and the church.
Caller: All right. Cool. All right. I don't wanna take up no more time. I'll be on your Facebook all day, everyday. So, have a good one. Yah bless.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: Thanks for everything.
Sherry: All right. You take care.
Caller: You too. Bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Who Was Behind the Plane Crashing in Russia That Was Carrying the Polish Elite?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: And everything goes black. Hello, caller.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: We'll try somebody else...
Caller: Hello, hello!?
Sherry: Hello!
Caller: Hello? Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Yes! This is Eva from Las Vegas, Nevada.
Sherry: Hey! Las Vegas, OK.
Caller: Yes. I have a question. There was a plane crash in, uh, in Russia with all Polish elite officials on the board. What do you think who was behind that?
Sherry: They -- you know what? They typically do that when people are already dead. And so they put them on a plane so they have one excuse and then just say the plane crashed, they all died in the plane crash. I don't buy -- you know what? Unless it's like a political reason where you have a bunch of politicians or somebody and they just wanna kill one politician...
Caller: I think it's political because I am Polish, but, you know...I was born there. But I think was a political reason. Because they would inconvenience people for them.
Sherry: Yeah. I mean, it goes both ways. They target them for assassination. Or they have a lot of dead people, like military soldiers -- they don't know what to do with them do them, so they put them on a helicopter and crash the helicopter, and say, "Oh, look. The helicopter crash killed everybody." You know.
Caller: Uh-huh.
Sherry: And so, I really don't know. I haven't studied -- I haven't read anything on it. But that's just my thoughts.
Caller: It was tragedy. A horrible tragedy. You know, the best elite. Yeah.
Sherry: Yeah. Well I'm sorry to hear about it.
Caller: It's sad, yeah. Poland really suffered a lot throughout the generations because -- I grew up there.
[pause in conversation]
Caller: OK.
Sherry: All right, well. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you and bye.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Do You Take PayPal? I Want to Get Your Orgone Pucks.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: Hello.
Sherry: Hello, caller. See, sometimes they hit that "flash" button and go to a different call while I'm sitting there waiting [laughs]. Then when they do that I'll be like, "Hello, caller. You're on the air," [laughs]. Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: I'll try to get them back. Oh, here's somebody else. Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hey! How ya doin'?
Sherry: Good. How are you?
Caller: OK. Uh, I've been listening to your show for a while and I had called recently. I'm on the borderline of New York/Pennsylvania?
Sherry: OK. Are you the one that sent the photo in?
Caller: Uh, no [laughs]. Actually, I'm not. That's kind of weird, how that happened. But, um...
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: I was telling you about the scam, or whatever, they were doing, or whatever.
Sherry: Oh, OK.
Caller: Yeah, yeah. Oh, I wanted to ask you, do you take PenPal?
Sherry: PayPal?
Caller: Or...I'm sorry [laughs]. PayPal [laughs].
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: OK, so, it's either just, uh, check or cash. And I don't like to send checks because it takes like two weeks before it clears and all that you know...
Sherry: Well, buy a t-shirt. Buy a t-shirt.
Caller: Ohhhhh! I wanna get your puuucks! I wanna get your stuff! Come on, now! A t-shirt?...
Sherry: I have t-shirts on my website you can buy.
Caller: [laughs] Yeah, and I know. I can [inaudible] too. But I wanted to get some of your pucks. And...
Sherry: Well, there you go. Go to the website.
Caller: Yeah. Keep you busy, too.
Sherry: Oh, I'm -- yes! Yes, I need help staying busy [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] Well, I just wanted to call you and say God bless and keep up the good work and, um... You know, I just wanted to say Yah loves everyone. And, you know, so...everybody is loved. Right?
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Hey! God bless.
Sherry: God bless you, too. Bye-bye.
Caller: OK. Bye-bye.
Do You Think Satan Is Going to Get a Big Can of Whoop-Arse Soon?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Sherry: Hel-lo!
Sherry: [laughs] See, if I had a producer here to handle all this for me, so they could just patch it straight through. Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Here we go in Wonderland here. Uh... Just because of the technical difficulties I've been having all night... [laughs] Here's a question from a listener. Sherry, do you think Satan is gonna get a big can of whoop-arse soon [laughs]? He's already seen it coming. He's already seen it. You know, interesting that I was seeing in the Bible Codes that Obama was running to the Observatory. Um, the only observatory I'm aware of is the one in Arizona that the Vatican owns. Uh, but apparently, perhaps NASA has one as well because he was down in Florida, I think it was. He was down in NASA about the same time I was seeing that he was at an observatory. Watching the second sun come in. Watching the arrival. And so... Very interesting they're all in a panic. They're scared. They're angry. Everything all rolled into one. Because they know who and what this twin sun is. It's Yahushua coming in. It's His habitation for His people. And, so they're getting ready for the Lord to start, uh, doing things on Earth.
You Can Tell Satan Is Subservient to the Most High God Just from His Reaction to the Second Sun
They're so used to thinking they're the ones in control because there's a lot of times where the Lord'll just give Satan free reign on Earth and allow him to implement his agenda and implement things he wants to do. But he's always on a leash, folks. He's always on a leash. He doesn't own anything. He hasn't created anything to own anything. He's not a creator. He's a created being. And subservient to the Most High. And just by their reactions -- seeing their reactions in the Bible Codes of the twin suns coming in, makes it very clear. And so they're in a panic. And, trying to figure out how to manipulate this arrival of the twin suns to benefit them. To take the glory away from the Most High and His Son, Yahushua, and to use it to benefit themselves. And so, at the same time, not only do we have the twin sun arrival, we have tens and thousands of starships and UFOs. All these fallen angels gathering around now to see this twin sun for themselves. And to just sit back and watch the show and see what he's going to do, so that they can plan their counter-reactions to the things that the Lord's going to do. So, very interesting times we're in.
May Is Dominant for the Lord's Arrival As Well As the Aliens' Arrival
Now I don't know exactly when He'll take His 144[,000] off the earth; what He calls the Elect. I don't know when. I do know that May is dominant for His arrival. And they're just everywhere. It's their arrival, too. I mean, they're just everywhere. Bison and Buffalo and -- interesting I was seeing in the Codes that Nibiru is over in Jerusalem above Israel. And so, while we have, the second sun over here and the Shema star that we see over here in the northeast sky every night, Israel and Jerusalem have Nibiru. And so they have the giants, the Philistines. I told you these Philistines are giants and, I predicted, well maybe 12 to 15 feet tall. And here, one of them that supposedly landed in Israel met with the Israeli military was 19 feet tall. So, much bigger than I even thought they would be. Of course, I've known they can be up to 33 feet tall. And so, no idea the average height of what they're going to be. But the same time where we seem to be dominated on this side of the hemisphere with the Buffalo and the Bears, they've got the giants, the Philistines, over in Israel. So, interesting.
Could You Have Some Kind of Convention Where the Warriors Could All Meet?
Bring this caller in...
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Sherry: Could be no fault of their own. They can't hear me because of all the technical problems I seem to be having. Which tend to be so typical on Monday nights. Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello!
Caller: Hello!?
Sherry: Hey!
Caller: Hi, Sherry! How ya doin'?
Sherry: Good, how are you?
Caller: Oh, pretty good. Scott here. I'm a long-time listener and I've been calling your show a few times here. I was just wondering if, uh -- you know, I know you always say you don't want the Warriors to meet and all that. But I was wondering if you could somehow have some kind of convention in a hotel somewhere. And, you know, we can all meet there...
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: ...and have a big thing going on there or something like that. I'm in Michigan. I know you're from Ohio. So...
Will the Person Who Sent Sherry an Orgone Order from Michigan Please Contact Her?
Sherry: Are you the one that sent me that order?
Caller: What's that?
Sherry: Did you send me an orgone order?
Caller: No. No I didn't, Sherry.
Sherry: Somebody from Michigan did and I don't have their address and I'm sitting here waiting for them to contact me and say, "Where's my stuff!?"
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: [laughs] Because they didn't put their address with the order like I always insist and so, their address is long gone and I have their letter and order and so... Yeah. Somebody in Michigan's been waiting [laughs].
Caller: Oh. OK.
Wouldn't a Warrior Convention Be Awesome?
Sherry: So, uh, you know what? I would dread to think...the field day our government would have. I was in a hotel in Taos, New Mexico a couple years ago. And within 30 minutes, the entire place was a zoo of federal agencies. And they had every microwave weapon you could imagine going [laughs].
Caller: I've heard a lot about that. I don't know if you've heard of someone named Tim -- I think his name is Tim Rifat.
Sherry: No, I've never heard of him.
Caller: He talked -- he was actually on this one show I was listening to about how some of the governments can microwave people to death, uh, with uh...
Sherry: Oh, yeah! I woke up when I felt like I'd been in a tanning bed all night.
Caller: Yeah, and I guess they can do that, so...
Sherry: Yeah. Oh, yeah. And so, I would be putting a lot of people in harm's way by saying I'm gonna be here a certain time...
Caller: Yeah, I understand. It'd be awesome though, you know [laughs]? If we could get you there and all the fans can come out, but...
Sherry: You know, I just worry about people. And I know I've taken a lot of hits and it's not fun. It's very painful when you get targeted and hit by their weapons. And, you know, I just worry about putting a lot of other people in harm's way. Because they're just targeting me.
Do You Think They're Getting Pretty Close to Attacking Iran?
Caller: Now do you think -- my other question was, do you think they're getting pretty close to attacking Iran?
Sherry: I think all that's a distraction right now [laughs]. They just wanna give people some distractions out there to worry about. I don't see anything with Iran in the Codes. You know, in fact, the only thing I see with Iran in the Codes was with Russia and, uh, hitting us with their missiles. And so, I don't think we'll attack them first. I would be surprised. Maybe it's a Israel and Iran war. But right now, America right now is just fighting amongst themselves; two factions. And the people are caught in the middle...don't even know what's going on. And with the twin sun's arrival, and Obama in a panic, and waiting on this whole New Age Ascended Master Islam thing to start, you know, they're occupied. And so they just wanna throw out distractions for public consumption.
Caller: Uh-huh.
Sherry: That's the way I see it.
Caller: Yeah, I was, uh, you know, just laughing, because when I -- right when I was like waiting on hold there, to talk to you, this car drove by. You know, they had like the really loud speakers and they were, uh -- I'm like in the up, upper, uh, like of a duplex, right? I don't even know what they call that, right? I'm like the upper flat of a house. And, I had this guitar sitting behind me, you know. It's on the floor, but it's like upright and the speakers actually knocked my guitar down to the floor [laughs].
Sherry: Wow.
Caller: Just like...I don't know.
Sherry: It's quieter than a military flyover [laughs].
Caller: Yeah. Right [laughs].
Sherry: Those are really loud and obnoxious. You get one of those double-heli things...
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: ...transporter things coming over your house...oh, man!
Caller: Well, thanks a lot for your time, Sherry. I'm gonna get going. I'm about to eat some dinner, so, uh...
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: ...I'm gonna finish listening to the show, though. And have a good night.
Sherry: All right. You too. Bye.
Caller: Yah bless.
Do You Think the National I.D. Card Is the Mark of the Beast?
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
Sherry: Yeah. Oh, I feel sorry for these people, but there's nothing I can do. They're just kind of hanging in oblivion 'cause I can't get them in here. And...you know [laughs]. What can I do? Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
Caller: Hi, I've got a quick question for you.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: Um, my question is, do you think the National I.D. Card is the mark of the Beast? Or is the National Worker I.D. Card -- could that be the mark of the Beast?
Sherry: Well, I think that's a precursor because the Bible says there would be his name, number or symbol in or on the right hand or forehead. Not on a plastic credit card.
Caller: Oh. So it would be more like the implantable RFID chip?
Sherry: Right. Right. And that's mandatory in the health-care bill, where everybody gets this, uh, what is that? A type II implantable chip, which is the RFID. And, uh, in or on the right hand or forehead. And so, you know, the whole thing with the National I.D. Card is just to get everybody conditioned to having, you know, everything in one spot. And so, eventually they'll make it so, "Oh, you could lose your card. It can be stolen. So we're just gonna put it on you instead."
Caller: OK. 'Cause I was just wondering about that 'cause I don't want to have to quit my job if it's not the mark, but...
Sherry: Right. Now just stay away from vaccinations. Stay away from shots. Those are things they're gonna enforce the most. It all comes down to the chip. This chip. And they put them in all the shots and all the vaccinations. And when they go to do this implantable chip device -- exactly what that is it's the chip. The Bible Codes calls it a "beast chip." They're beast chips. And so, that's what his mark, name, symbol -- uh, they can even put chip in tatoos, and so.
Caller: OK, well, thanks a lot for answering my question and thanks for all you do.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: No problem. Bye.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Watch Sherry's Video on the Second Sun and Read Her Angels in the Flesh Article
And, folks, I've got about two minutes left. I'm not gonna be able to take anymore callers. So if you're hanging on the lines, you'll have to call back on Thursday. Got a show at 1 o'clock on Thursday. Aliens in the News. And I don't know what Rich [the Producer] has is mind for this Thursday's show. But it always seems to be a fun type of show. And, until then, folks...got the video posted on my site for the second sun. You can go to my Facebook site. Look for Sherry Shriner or Sherry Talk Radio. And you can go to sherrytalkradio.com, sherryshriner.com, and look at the video for the second sun. And so, until then, folks, I encourage you to read this article, Angels in the Flesh. It's at my website, sherrytalkradio.com. Just look at the articles section.
[laughs] Hopefully we won't have any problems. To get stuff cleared up for Thursday's show, folks.
Anyway, till next well, everybody. Yah bless.