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Monday with Sherry Shriner
May 17, 2010
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The Bible Codes Show Yahushua As "Chauffer" in Removing the Elect from the Earth
And hello, everybody. You’re live. It's Monday night with Sherry Shriner, May 17th. It’s going to be an interesting week. I like these kinds of weeks when we have a festival in line with everything else that is going on. So, it’s very interesting…If you’ve noticed, I know a lot of people now are starting to go outside and actually just grab pictures of the sun and posting them all over YouTube, and our list [Yahoo! groups: orgoneblasters & NWOvsChristians], and it shows the second sun. So, I’ve been telling you about what exactly the second sun is. It should be interesting. I know the aliens are lining up to watch the show, whatever the Lord is going to do. You know, I’m seeing codes were Yahushua is our chauffer, is He going to take us off the earth? And I’ve told you that the second sun is here. The purpose being is He is going to remove His elect off the earth. So, it really looks like that could be anytime. Looks like they’re all lining up for the show, to watch it happen, see if it does happen. They know what he is going to do, so, it seems to me like they’re just getting ready for it.
This week is the festival of the first fruits, on the 19th, in 2 days, and so, it makes it even more interesting, since He’s here, to pick up the first fruits elect, and we have a festival in two days. So, is He going to come? I don’t know. I can’t tell you when He’s going to come. He could delay. We’ve gone through millions of delays over the last several years. But I just find it interesting, I just find it interesting that the 19th is the festival of the first fruits and we’ve got our home in the skies. It makes it even all the more interesting.
Faction 4 Orgone Warriors Busy Burning Bison Army
Busy in the codes this week, and one of the things I’m seeing, very much, as I always see in the codes, is that the orgone warriors, the faction 4, is all busy burning up the Bison army. And I’ve told you that Bison and Buffalo are interchangeable terms, it means the same thing. There’s a whole army of them in our skies right now, and we’re burning them up, we’re burning them out of our skies, and that’s why you’re going to see chilling in the air, they’re chilling the atmosphere. Supposedly, chilling the atmosphere is helping them not burn as bad in our atmosphere, because the orgone saturates our atmosphere and it burns them. I’ve told you one of the effects of this positive orgone energy is that it burns evil beings, it burns out negative energy.
So, I find it amusing that those who seek to attack me, all over the Internet, will claim that our orgone attracts aliens and blah, blah, blah. This is all the stuff that I’ve warned you their orgone does, because dead orgone energy attracts aliens and demons to you, not positive. Positive orgone energy repels it, it repels it. They don’t go near it. The only thing you’re going to get is an initial welcome party when you bring orgone into your home and area where they’re angry, they get angry that it's there, but eventually they leave. So, anybody that tries to tell you that our orgone attracts evil energy is lying. It’s just lame attempts to try to discredit our work, because we are so effective. We’re dominant in the bible codes.
We’re the only group out there that I’ve seen in the bible codes that’s been effective against satan and his kingdom on earth. Do you think that church groups are a threat to them? They’re not a threat to them; most of them are gonna go through persecution. They’re apostate, they’re in errors. And they've really got to laugh when all these churches across the country, the pastors have graduated from one of satan’s seminaries. Oh, yeah, they seem like such good places, they’re quoting the bible. Really? So does satan. So does Hitler, so did Bush. The only one that's not hypocritical is Obama, he just tells you straight out he don't believe in the bible, he’s Islam.
So it’s really just lame attempts to try to stop our work because we’re the only effective tool against satan right now, and it’s getting the orgone out and burning and destroying his kingdom, not only in the air, in the heavenlies, in the atmosphere where he resides, but also under the earth, and also on the earth. They’re trying to assimilate into our society as human beings. They get cloned bodies, the soul-scalp humans, trying to assimilate and live in our society as human beings and the orgone burns them. And so if they're in an areas where there's orgone, orgone has a terrible stench to them, it has terrible odor. So, they’ll be holding their noses, and gagging. You’ll see that if you smell terrible, the kind of reactions you have towards that, that’s what you can look towards them when they are in an orgoned area, they’ll have those reactions, and also that they’re burning, because orgone burns chip implants. So, a lot of these beings are all chip-implanted because satan’s kingdom is run on technology. He is not omnipresent, he is not omniscient, he’s is none of the things the Most High is.
Satan Has to Count on Technology to Keep His Kingdom in Line, Especially Chip-Implants
He has to count on technology to keep his kingdom in line. That’s how we see all of these technology we have today, are actually from satan’s kingdom. We have joint underground bases, our military with aliens, where they exchange technology the aliens give our government and our militaries. Technology, surveillance-type technology, because that is what satan is king of, surveillance, watching every little being and thing so he can control his kingdom. And that is what he’s trying to implement here on earth, he wants to control earth. So they only way he can do that is by plugging them into the surveillance Big Brother type system, not only with surveillance cameras, but the most effective thing for his kingdom is chip implants.
That’s why you’re seeing such a push on vaccinations, because they put chips in all these different types of vaccinations that they have coming out. It doesn’t matter if it's a little seasonal flu shot, or a tetanus vaccine, or anything, all of these medications are pre-loaded with chips. So it’s not like your doctors are sitting in their offices just putting chip-implants -- putting chips in medications, it comes pre-loaded that way from the pharmaceutical companies that supply doctor offices. So, that’s why the Lord has mandated us to stay away from any type of vaccine or shot. What this means, folks, is any kind of needle that is going to enter your arm, don’t do it, stay away from all needles, because all of the vaccinations, all of the medicines coming from big pharma, Big Brother, have chips in them.
One of the biggest things going on right now that I see, other than the faction 4, orgone warrior faction destroying satan’s kingdom right now, in the air and on the ground, is their push for vaccinations, because they’re getting more and more desperate, they’re running out of time. The clock is ticking, Yahushua is here ready to take His elect off the earth and begin his wrath and judgment on the earth and that includes them. Most people keep thinking that satan is going to have control of the earth, he’s going to have rule of the earth, but during a time when the Lord unleashes his wrath and judgment on the earth. He can’t control the Lord, he’s a subservient being, he’s a created being, he wants everybody to think he’s God, but look who he’s subservient to, he has no power, control and authority over The Most High God.
Parents May Have to Take Their Children Out of School to Avoid Jail for Refusing to Vaccinate Their Kids
So, his time is running short, and in desperation they’re hurrying around and trying to gain control, monetary control of all the governments of the world and the countries of the world, and they want to implement vaccination programs, they’re going to start with more pandemic scares, and more enforced vaccinations. My daughter, they have this vaccination requirement at school, that all 7th graders have to have vaccinations in Ohio, or they can’t begin school in September, and if the parents refuse the vaccinations they’re going to send them to jail. So, we’ve got a huge fight here in Ohio. I don’t know if it’s in any other state. I’ve been battling with my daughter’s school, may have to take her out of school, may have to move out of state. I mean, Ohio has always had a religious exemption from vaccinations, so now they’re going to say all of the sudden that nobody has a religious exemption, that everybody has to get this vaccination?
Only Muslims Will Be Exempt from Vaccinations
What do we have to do, do we have to switch on a form and say, "OK. I'm a Muslim."? Because you know they’re going to be exempt. Obama is going to give all his buddies the breaks. What's Americans have to do today to live freely in America? Do we have to apply as illegal status just so we can get health and medical care? Because they’re the only ones really getting it, nobody else has health insurance and all these illegal Mexicans go into our hospitals and get free medical care. Is that what we have to do? Is apply as an illegal immigrant? Or do we have to apply as a Muslim or an Amish person just so they'll leave us alone? With their tyrannical legislations? I mean, isn’t it ironic that our military spread out all over the world supposedly to enforce the civil rights and human rights of people around the world in their own countries, but in America you don’t even have the right to say no? What’s that? What's that? So the fight's on, not just against Obama’s tyrannical rule, and throwing out our Constitution, which he calls change, but the fact that Americans rights are being taken away in just saying no on the very smallest and basic, simplest of things. We can’t say no to a vaccination, excuse me?
So, it’s going to be a fight, folks. I don’t know if anybody else’s states are mandating vaccinations for their seven graders this Fall. I know Ohio is. So it very well, come to that time, if we’re still here, that a lot of us are going to need legal help to fight this whole thing with vaccinations. Nobody wants to kill their kids. If you loved your kids, you would tell them "no way they’re getting a vaccination." And that is how stupid and asleep most people are today. They think because the government says they need a vaccination it is for they’re own good, so they hurry up and take their kids to get them. And they’re killing their kids. They’re putting these alien terrestrial chemicals in their children’s bodies thinking that is medicine they’re putting in there.
The Chemicals They're Putting in the Vaccines Will Change the DNA of Who You and Your Child Are
If people could see what I see in the bible codes, you would just gag, you would gag. Because these vaccinations are straight from the aliens themselves, they’re some kind of terrestrial -- they are terrestrial vaccines, extraterrestrial vaccines, they’re putting chemicals in these vaccines that are going to change the DNA of who you are, even your children’s, it’s going to change their human DNA into more of an alien DNA, and they’re going to end up being controlled, and transformed into beings and people you don’t even know. And it is all from these vaccinations, and not just the chemicals they’re putting in your body, but also the chips, the chip-implants. So it is a very dangerous two-sided attack, and I am sure there is much more going on with these vaccines than I even know. What I do know scares me to death, and gags me to death, because they’re targeting mankind for destruction and instead of outright assault with bombs, and missiles and guns, they come in with shots, with vaccines, and slowly just going to deteriorate mankind and totally destroy them.
If you listen to the New Age hob, hob, hob all over the Internet, now they talk about transforming your DNA into a fifth-dimension person. Show me one person who’s been following this New Age garbage that has transformed into anything better than they ever were. They’re worst, they’re soul-scalped. You can’t produce anybody in the New Age movement today who has gone through all these supposed transformations that’s been better off than they were before. In fact, they get much worse, their health deteriorates, they get plagues, diseases, the end up dying of cancers and tumors. I mean, come on, folks, this is a silent assassination against mankind, and you always have the gullible and the dumb that go along with it because they believe the lies that all these supposedly Ascended Masters/beings/fallen angels/aliens tell the people. They buy it hook, line, and sinker because they want to believe that there’s something better. Folks, if it is too good to be true, it is. If people can’t follow the bible and just believe in Yahushua, the Son of God, and what He has to say, then they deserve what they get, and they do, they’re getting it big time. But, the problem is they can’t their cults in their own little circles, in their own brainwashed circles, they’re trying to enforce their beliefs on the entire world.
New Age Newsletter Mentioned That Maitreya Would Be in Atlanta at a Public Library
I got a heads up earlier yesterday that Maitreya was going to be in Atlanta, at a public library there in Atlanta. They don’t even mention it under their main site, so I really don’t know if he’s there or not, one of the warriors was going to go. He’s not even listed on the official Share International site or any of the New Age websites online that he was going to have an appearance there. It was listed in their Aquarius newsletter, one of the different routes of the New Age that they use. So, it being in their newsletter that he was going to be in Atlanta today, it will be interesting to find out if it is the real Maitreya or just one of their pawns, this Raj Patel, or one of their other pawns that they are throwing out there to get people conditioned into believing that Maitreya is here. I'll believe it when I see it. I think that he’s still going to try to come as some kind of God descending on earth, some kind of Glory façade, some kind of light show, that’s what they’ve been planning.
Sananda Is Still Shown, on New Age Sites, As Subservient to Maitreya
Interesting that even on the New Age websites they still portray Sananda, who is, who looks identical to the Jesus of the churches, the painting of Jesus they put in the churches that Michelangelo painted, and that was Sananda, that wasn’t even Jesus the Son of God. But they’ve hung pictures of Sananda in their churches, one of satan’s Ascended Masters, I call him one of satan’s generals, and even still on the New Age sites, they show him as subservient to Maitreya. Maitreya is coming as a world teacher, but he preaches the same socialistic agenda that Obama’s teaching because Obama's just a pawn of Maitreya. The bible codes calls him a sheik, he’s going to be Islamic, they’re going to recognize him as the twelve Imam, he’s going to push Sharia law and worldwide communism and socialism, and those ‘isms’ that are of satan. He’s going to be pushing that agenda.
Interesting that Sananda will preach it; it almost looks like they’re going to have the good Antichrist and the bad Antichrist together. Have to watch Maitreya and see if this agenda really plays out because we could go through a spiel of Maitreya trying to take over the world with his Islam and Sharia law, and all the civil war that’s going to cause, and then get rid of him and Jesus, this Sananda, rises up to institute Talmudic law. We could just be seeing back to back beasts here. But it really depends on what route they’re going to play because they change them all the time, they change their plans, they’re unsteady, they’re in derision all the time, because if they plan one route, things happen and they get shut down and they have to change routes. They’re not stuck to any one way to come and rule the world.
Very interesting exactly what they’ll take, and that is why we just sit and watch, watch everything they’re doing, just so we can analyze what their next steps are going to be, and we really can’t do that until they finally get here and start implementing what their agenda is going to be. But still showing Sananda with Maitreya. I know September is a dominant month for Sananda to arrive, I don’t know when Maitreya is going to arrive and perhaps he waits to arrive with Sananda in September. I don't know. I always expected Maitreya to arrive first and then Sananda to arrive several months later, but that could change. So always just watching to see what they’re going to do.
I know they’re having a hard time, their ships are crashing, they’re malfunctioning, they’re crashing. Orgone is a dimensional weapon. It gets them not only in the third dimension, but in the fourth. Permeates the dimensions and it destroys them, it burns them, it melts their stuff, melts their ships.
So, very interesting what’s going on in the background that people don’t see, what I do see is that everybody is pretty much anxious. The elect are anxious because we know Yahushua is here. Our habitation behind the sun He has brought forth is here to redeem His elect, and at the same time Obama and all of them are very anxious to see what’s going to happen with that.
When Yahushua Takes His Elect Off the Earth, Will It Be Showy, or Will He Do It Silently?
When He takes us is it going to be a show on earth? Is it going to be very showy, or is He just going to silently take us off the earth? And I’m not talking about a rapture of the church. I'm not talking about that at all because what the Lord told me is that most of them are just so apostate, they’re not worthy to escape, and they’re going to go through persecution to have to prove their loyalty and love for the Lord. Because they don’t seek Him, they seek man. People think sitting in religion week after week after week is something He wants you to do. He doesn’t want to sit in religion, He wants you to sit at His feet. And you're not sitting at His feet if you’re sitting in religion. Pastors are good to teach you and lead you towards Him, but today’s Pastors They lead you to them, it’s all about them and the church, it’s not about the Most High, it’s not about growing in the truth and knowledge that only He can give people as you learn to seek Him. These churches become all about themselves, so a lot of them are going to be thrown in persecution in a time of testing, and that’s what’s coming around the corner, that’s what the Lord told me months ago, to warn His people that a time of testing and persecution was coming upon them, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen, and Obama is going to be the one to lead it against them.
People always ask me when, when, when? There’s always months that are more dominant than others. July is always an interesting month for things happening with our own government, with the New World Order, with martial law, with things in space, July is always a dominant month. September, May, March, you know, these are always the trigger months of any year. The months coming up, other than the 19th, which is the festival of first fruits, for the Lord’s people, then we have July and then September.
The Giants Have Been Doing Flyovers Over Israel and Over Ohio
So, interesting that what I am seeing for Israel is Nibiru over there, the Philistines are over there, and over here we have been dominated by the Buffalo and the Bison agenda, where they have giants over in Israel. The giants are doing flyovers here, I can see them caravanning over Ohio, doing flyovers here. They've got some kind of announcement coming up, I don’t know if that's the Faction 4 making some kind of announcement, or the Buffalo's making an announcement. Somebody’s got an announcement coming up, I don’t know what it is. The Lord hasn’t given me anything to announce lately, except for the second sun arrival, and of course, that could be what that announcement was about, because He was standing me up to announce the arrival of the second sun that He has brought forth. It IS here, and everybody’s seeing it.
Satan Will Try to Claim the Second Sun As His Own Habitation
Interesting that satan will try to claim that as his own habitation, and it’s not. All they do is hang out in front of it, they have their starships around it, they followed it into our solar system here, and followed it up from behind the sun, they were following it in. Those are the Buffalo ships. So, interesting. Different factions here doing different things. You have the Philistines, the giants, over in the Middle East right now, and the Buffalo over here by America. Their chemtrail program is trying to hide the second sun so people can’t see it, but the more and more we get our orgone out, it destroys the chemtrails, so that they can't be effective in hiding the second sun. That’s why so many people are starting to be able to catch it with their cameras and post it online, because the chemtrails aren’t effective because of all the orgone we have out in the atmosphere, it destroys chemtrails.
I Don't Know How People Don't Notice This Stuff
Just a lot of back and forth fighting going on. It’s actually one of the most suspenseful times in the history of mankind if people were really paying attention. Because it really is just a war right now, between the Lord’s people who are doing exploits against satan and his forces, and satan and his forces trying to come into our realm here on earth. They’re here, the skies are full. I can go out at night and they're just everywhere. I’ve seen a new starship pull up in the west, northwest, just the other day as I was coming home and being followed by this thing, then it just kind of parked west of my driveway. And I was like, wow, we got a new starship here, and it was almost as bright as the old Shema. They really turn the lights on some of these things. And the reason I say ‘they just turned the lights on’ is because that is exactly what it’s like because they can dim the lights, they can make them brighter, they can dim them, they can be nonchalant in the sky or they can be very obnoxious and noticeable.
I don’t know how people don’t notice this stuff, I just don’t -- it just floors me, that people don’t notice this stuff, they don’t bother to look up in the sky. I know last Monday night after the show, I went outside and down the driveway and there was a whole line of about 10-15 starships right across this entire region, this area, where I live, 10-15 in a straight line. Not to mention the ones that were everywhere else. Interesting that I’ve seen in the codes where they’ve been caravanning, not just the Bisons, but the Philistines as well. They leave an area in Israel and then come over here to see what all the fuss is, and then go back home. I don’t know if they’re breaking up areas of authority or whatever, like the Buffalo will claim America, and the Philistines claim the Middle East, I don’t know how they’re doing it. I just know it's very obvious that something is definitely brewing, something is definitely getting ready to happen and everybody is just kind of waiting around to see what it is, what that huge spark is going to be. Is it the elect taken off the earth, or are they finally going to descend to earth and announce their arrival?
Obama Took a Head Count of How Many in the Black Community Had Taken the Vaccination
You know it’s going to be one or the other, folks, but in the meantime, on the forefront is they’re fighting against us with chilling the air, chilling the atmosphere region, so that they're not burning as bad, and they’re pushing their vaccination program so that they can continue destroying America and the world. You know, one of the things that raised my eyebrows the other day, was the fact that Obama was taking a head count, a count of how many in the black community had taken the vaccination so far. Now why would he care? Why is he taking our numbers, specifically targeting the black community to see how many have taken the vaccinations? You think he really wants to help anybody? So, why is he targeting certain races to see how many have taken the vaccinations? Does he get a go after that? Like if, he’s got so many millions, then he can implement something else after that? I mean, that just raised my eyebrows, because you can see all the planning and all the strategy behind the scenes going on, and then the sheeple, just being stupid enough to go in and actually volunteer to take these vaccinations and shots and go along with their programs on earth to destroy mankind. So it's really disheartening, it's really sickening. And all we can do is sit and warn people and hope they're listening and take our words of warning. Because the war is on. It's definitely a war against mankind right now.
Anyway, I'm gonna take some questions, see what's happening with the listeners. Try to stay on topic tonight, folks. Nothing too off the wall. I don't want to hear about medications unless it's got chips in it.
Why Are the UFOs Coming Now?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Caller: Hello, this is Robin, from West Virginia.
Sherry: Hey, Robin!
Caller: I was wanting to ask a question. I was wondering about, um, I was wondering why the UFOs want to come now. I mean, why didn't they come before?
Sherry: Well, they've been here.
Caller: They've been here?
Sherry: They're just getting more and more and more in number that I don't know how people can't see them. 'Cause they've always been here.
Caller: [laughs] Yeah, 'cause I was wondering, 'cause I look up in the sky all the time. Like outside and anywhere I go, I look up in the sky and see if I see anything. 'Cause I remember when I was younger, about fifteen-years-old, my mom was outside, and when she was outside, she saw this big, red ball of fire...
Sherry: Right.
Caller: ...outside. It just was just sitting there. It looked like the sun. You know, it was late at nighttime, about 1 o'clock in the morning time, and we all saw it. Then all of a sudden, it just moved, just went fast...
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: ...out of the sky. So that probably was a UFO or something.
Why Do Some People See UFOs While Other People Don't?
Sherry: Well, you know what? They've always been here. And the thing is, now, that they're just flooding the skies. The Lord says the skies are full. There's just so many descending on Earth a this time because this is the appointed time now, and so, just so many of them...
Caller: I was wondering why some people...some people see them and some people don't.
Sherry: You know what? I have no answer for that. I don't know. I've just resigned to the fact that some people just cannot see them [laughs]. While the rest of us are like, "What are you talking about. It's right there."
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: When I'm with people, and I point them out, then they see them.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: I just don't think people pay attention up until that point. They just assume what they're looking at is stars. They just assume that's what it is. Because when you sit and point it out to them, then they see it.
Caller: Yeah, that's true.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: All right, then. Thank you.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Why Aren't You in Hiding?
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show. [silence] Hello, caller. Welcome to the show. Can you hear me? I think I've got a kind of hang-up here on the board, and so... [laughs] A lot of callers been sitting on the line, for a while, and the reason being is I'm just gonna say the things I need to say first before I start answering calls. Looks like a lot of them got hung-up on at the same time. Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Yeah, I have a question.
Sherry: OK. Where're you calling from?
Caller: Iowa.
Sherry: Iowa, OK.
Caller: I have a question. Yeah. Why aren't you in hiding, or aren't you underground, or do you do normal activities during the day, or...?
Sherry: Oh, yeah. I have four kids [laughs]. I stay quite busy [laughs].
Do You Think You'll Move?
Caller: Yeah, but don't they -- nothing's happened to you? They aren't attacking you or anything bad?
Sherry: You know what? I just leave it in the Lord's hands. I've been under surveillance for years. And, I just leave it all in the Lord's hands. I don't worry about them. I don't worry about them. They wanna come sit in a baseball field or a football field and watch me? Fine!
Caller: Sit with you, huh [laughs]?
Sherry: Yeah. Go get a hot dog and make yourself comfortable, you know. I'm nothing to watch. I don't know what they're watching. I'm just a mom with four kids, you know.
Caller: You think you'll move? Do you move a lot?
Sherry: No!
Caller: No.
Sherry: I don't see me moving. I don't have two quarters to rub together half the time, you know. I'm pretty set where I'm at, and so. They know where I'm at.
How Can We Go On with Our Normal Lives When We Hear All This?
Caller: Yeah. For us people that don't have a lot of finances to help you, or otherwise I'd be buying orgone or whatever and all that. But I don't have -- my husband's off work and -- what can we do? How can we go on our normal lives when we hear all this? It's just crazy that -- how can you be normal [laughs]?
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: And go to work and go to school?
Sherry: [laughs] I've been doing it for ten years. It's part of my life.
Caller: What do we do? We just gotta sit and wait, or...
Sherry: You know what?
Caller: ...for this all to happen? There's nothing we can do, huh?
Sherry: Yeah, but we just fight against it. I'm not one of these Christians that's gonna sit on a pew and sing about being a warrior every week. I'm gonna get out there and do exploits for Him, and actually be a warrior instead of singing about being one.
Caller: Well, I've been telling people about it.
Sherry: There's things we can do. We can fight back. Until the Lord tells us to do anything different, we just keep on doing what He's told us to do.
Caller: Oh.
Sherry: You know?
You Don't See Wormwood Coming This Year, Do You?
Caller: You don't see Wormwood coming this year or anything anymore, do you?
Sherry: Wormwood's not till down the road a little bit.
Caller: Oh. That's down the road.
Sherry: We've got a while. That's down the road.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: Yeah...
Do You See Any Big Terror Attacks Coming in the United States This Year?
Caller: OK. Do you see any big terror attacks coming in the United States this year?
Sherry: Well, you know what? Most of the terror attacks is just the faction fighting against each other. The oil spill was a terror attack, and so, you know...
Caller: But nothing like 9/11 then, huh?
Sherry: Well, you know, it just depends. A lot of things they plan like blowing up the Sears Tower and stuff like that gets delayed, or cancelled, so they have to go on to plan B, C and D, so. They're always planning something. It's not like they're not...they're gonna leave us alone... They're ALWAYS planning something. Their biggest terror attacks right now are the ones silently behind closed doors and no one's paying attention...
Caller: Yeah, nobody does.
Sherry: ...And it's the vaccines against mankind.
Caller: They're just too busy with their everyday working and school and family...
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: ...just not even looking at anything in the news. Half the people don't even listen to the news anymore. Don't have time.
Sherry: The biggest terror attacks going on is forcing vaccinations on people. Because that's gonna kill and hurt people more than blowing up the Sears Tower or another 9/11.
What Happens with Regard to Chips If We Have to Go to the Dentist?
Caller: What happens if you have to go to the dentist, and you didn't know that, you know? Can they put chips in you at the dentist? You have to go, you know.
Sherry: Yeah. You know, a lot of times with those kind of chip-implants, you can put magnets on them and deactivate them. So just put a magnet...
Caller: How do you know if you have them, though?
Sherry: Well, you just assume you do.
Caller: Oh.
Sherry: Because they have it preloaded in all the medications.
Caller: They've been doing this for years, then, huh?
Sherry: Oh, yeah. They've been doing it for years. Anybody can put up like a scanner against their body and notice multiple chips all over their bodies. They've been doing it for years. And when you can walk into a store like I did, and get shot in the leg with a chip gun, and get a chip in your leg just from a chip gun, and so.
Do You Think People in Big Crowds Can Just Bump into You and Shoot You with Chips?
Caller: Do you think people in big crowds can just bump into you and shoot you?
Sherry: They can shoot you. They have these chip guns, yeah. They don't have to be anywhere close to you. They can be umpteen feet away from you, whatever. Yeah, they do it in the chemtrails. I wouldn't be surprised if there were nanochips in the air we breathe. And so, let's just try to stay aware, and especially not doing it voluntarily like going ahead and getting chemicals and chips put in your body through these vaccinations and flu shots.
Are We Supposed to See Any Signs in the Clouds?
Caller: Uh-huh. I sure wish they'd just -- I've been watching the skies and the clouds. Are we supposed to see any signs with the clouds that are, you know...?
Sherry: Well, all I see here is extreme clouding because they're trying to hide...
Caller: Yeah, but I haven't seen any strange faces in the clouds or any odd clouds that look like something, or...
Sherry: Well, those are sylphs. They're always here. They've always been here. That's part of their judgment. Those are just called sylphs, and so. Ugly-looking clouds is old. It's nothing new. Those are called sylphs.
Caller: Uh-huh.
Sherry: [laughs]
When Jesus Comes He Won't Look Like the Pictures in the Church?
Caller: But when Jesus comes He won't look like the Jesus, like you said, in the church that they've told us that He looks like?
Sherry: Right. He won't look anything like that.
Caller: He won't look like that. Wow!
Sherry: Sananda will. New Age Sananda will, that goes by the name of Immanuel and Jesus and Sananda. He'll look exactly like that. But the Jesus/Yahushua the Son of God doesn't look anything like that.
Caller: OK. Well, God bless. And I keep listening every week, so, thank you.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in. All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.
What Is Going on Over Here in Idaho with the Weather and the People?
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
Caller: Hi. Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hi! This is Louis. I'm calling from Idaho.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: And I'm just wondering what is going on over here in Idaho. I mean, we're close to the HAARP field and stuff over here in Alaska and I know that when there was a lot of talk about the second sun, all of a sudden, we clouded up really bad and didn't see the sun for days...
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: ...and days. And I could just feel it, you know, I could just feel it. I'd go outside and I could just -- I could almost sense like things were being covered up.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: That somebody didn't want me seeing anything. And I've been listening to you now, probably for just a few weeks. And actually, you know, through your ministry I've come back to the Lord 'cause I know that things just aren't right. And I'm just wondering what's going on over here in Idaho. It seems like...there's not a lot of information, there's not a lot of news, there's not a lot of interest over here in Potato Land. And yet, you know, I wonder, you know -- in the town I live in the people are really odd. They're really strange. And I feel very unwelcome [laughs]. VERY unwelcome. I can't find a job. Places that I've worked for before in the past, you know, like temp agencies and stuff now are requiring all this information from me and stuff. And this has all just started happening in this last few weeks, as I've gotten closer and closer to God, you know. I've been praying more and talking with Him. I'd go out and pray over my yard. I just openly talk to God while I'm walking around in my yard watering and gardening and stuff. And I'm just wondering what's going on, if you know anything?
Sherry: Well, you know what? We're children of the light. And the people of the darkness can see the light.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: And I don't know if you've every looked at somebody and they just get a startled expression looking at you...
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: ...because they see the light of the Lord in your eyes?
Caller: It happens a lot lately [laughs].
Sherry: You know, that's just what you're dealing with. You're dealing with a lot of the people of the darkness. And they've assimilated so much into our society, even with the chip implants and the vaccinations changing people's DNA, so they can become more controlled and possessed by demonic and alien beings.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: We're just living in very interesting times where we're gonna be outnumbered. Humans are gonna be outnumbered on this planet.
I Feel Like I've Been Fried in a Microwave Oven All Night
Caller: OK. And I know there's, like, in the last three years, several towers have gone up around our neighborhood.
Sherry: Yeah. And they have the subliminal messages to them. People who are chip-implanted can easily be brainwashed by what's being said by the towers and controlled by them.
Caller: I get these like -- sometimes when I'm sitting in front of my bedroom window -- I get these hot...like my face gets really hot.
Sherry: Well you're being probably targeted by satellite weapons and what you need to do is put Mylar blankets on your windows.
Caller: Mylar blankets?
Sherry: Yeah. You can get them at Amazon.com. Another name is space blankets. They're like a dozen for $6 or something. And you just tape them over your windows, your bedroom windows at night. Otherwise you're gonna wake up every morning and just feel fried like you were in a microwave oven all night.
Caller: I do, I do. In the last three or four months, I've been having these really bizarre dizzy episodes. Like vertigo. Like everything rushes in and out away from me.
Sherry: Yeah. Those are ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] attacks. And so, you're being attacked by Extreme Low Frequency waves. Also they're satellite tech attacks or microwave weapons.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: So you need to put orgone in and around your home. And you need to get Mylar blankets up on your windows.
Caller: I'm working on that...
Sherry: Sometimes I put mirrors in the windows just to tick them off, so that when they beam their weapons to my windows, they just bounce back at them [laughs].
Caller: That's a good idea [laughs]. I've got a few spare mirrors out in the garage that can come in handy. I've been cleaning out my garage wondering what I'm gonna do with all this stuff [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah [laughs]. You know, there's ways of fighting back...
I Pray Over My Yard and Over My Place, and I Talk to God All the Time Now
Caller: So they are here. They are paying attention to us here in Idaho and...
Sherry: They're not paying attention to YOU. To the children of God.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: They know who they are. They can see the light of God in you. And so you become a target.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: But you have to learn how to fight against them and how to stand up against them. And the Lord gives us simple weapons to use.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: You could even just ask the Lord to break their equipment.
Caller: And I have. After listening to you, I'm on an extremely limited income on unemployment right now, so I just decided, you know, the word of God is good enough for me. So I've gone out and I pray over the yard, I walk around the house praying and talking to God all the time, and ask Him to protect this place and make it a place for the other children to come if there's not a safe place for them to go, and I ask Him to make "them" blind to this place so that it can be a safe place for His children if they need a safe place to go to.
Sherry: Right, and you can even, you know, anoint oil and put it on your windows.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: But, you know what? It wears off and that's why I like the orgone because orgone never wears off. If you anoint with oil, you have to keep doing it. It wears off.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: And so, the Lord's giving us some other things to use, 'cause you're not always gonna be in a defensive spiritual warfare mode when you're sleeping. You don't know you're being attacked when you're sleeping.
Caller: No. I mean, I wake up from bizarre dreams and stuff. Weird things that don't have any meaning.
Sherry: Yeah, and so the way to protect yourself while you're sleeping is have orgone under your bed, have the Mylar on your windows, and just go to sleep and enjoy yourself. You don't have to worry about being attacked while you're sleeping.
Caller: Yeah. 'Cause I don't sleep much lately [laughs]. I'm losing a lot of sleep.
Sherry: Yeah. I don't know many Warriors that do. I mean, midnight to 4 a.m. is when the demonic world and the military world's the most active, and so.
Caller: Yeah, I wake up regularly. I wake up at 3 and at 4 a.m. every single night.
Sherry: Yeah, that's probably when they're HAARPing it up.
Caller: Yeah. And usually I just get up and start praying. You know, there's nothing better to do at that hour anyway [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah. Yeah [laughs], basically.
Caller: Well, Sherry, thanks so much. I greatly enjoy your show. And God bless you. Thanks for the information that you brought into my life. And thank you for being a light for me to come back to the Lord. 'Cause I was very far away for a long time, but He's been calling me and I'm home again.
Sherry: Good. Good to hear it.
Caller: So, thank you very much for that.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: Have a good night.
Sherry: You too. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
How Do You Know You're One of the Elect?
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
Caller: Yeah, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: How you doing? This is Dwayne Brown from Pennsylvania.
Sherry: Oh, hey, Dwayne!
Caller: All right. Now I got a question to ask you. How do you know you're one of the elect?
Sherry: Well, [laughs]... Have you read my articles at all, Angels in the Flesh?
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: OK. Does that strike home with you?
Caller: Yes, because -- there's one thing though, that be bugging me out. It seems like I be remembering picking my parents out when I was born. Like being around God talking about how I want to go next to Earth. And He showed me my mother who I was supposed to be born from.
Sherry: OK. Well...
Caller: And I'm starting to remember little things like that.
Sherry: Yeah. The best thing I could tell you to do is to sit at the Lord's feet and ask Him to reveal the truth in all things to you.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: And ask Him if you have a specific purpose for these last days and start doing it. Because every one of the elect -- most of them, have come from just tortuous and terrible childhoods because Satan's tried to kill them from the time they were born.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: Most of them can hear and see things other people don't.
Caller: I hear things. Yes.
Sherry: They're born with their spiritual eyes and ears open. We have a lot of things that just relate to one another. But the most important thing is that the Lord can bring us all back together and wake us all up in the last days because we were put here on Earth in the last days to fulfill callings for Him.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: And so we have certain jobs that need to be done. Most of us just found that the orgone war was what we're supposed to be involved in and that's what we're doing.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: And so, it's just sitting as His feet and asking Him to reveal what it is you need to be doing. To reveal the truth in all things to you. That way you can just get busy. 'Cause I can't tell you who you are or what you're supposed to be doing. You need to sit at His feet and ask Him that and ask Him to teach you how to hear His voice.
How Do You Go Into Your Bible Codes?
Caller: OK...OK. Now how do you do your Bible -- you go into your Bible Codes?
Sherry: Oh, that's very technical. It's taken years to learn.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: I just use that because the Lord taught me them years ago because nobody would be able to confirm the things that He's been teaching me. There's nobody else at my level of knowledge. And so I've been able to use the Codes to confirm things with Him and be led by Him to learn things because there's nobody else at my level of knowledge here on Earth. I don't have anybody else but Him direct.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: And so we're all at different stages of levels of our knowledge.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: And so, you know, everybody has to have somebody to talk to and He's been my source because, you know, where was everybody else 10 years ago when they pretty much swept Enoch aside. Weren't even paying attention to Enoch. One of the greatest prophets we've ever had. And so I've only had the Lord to learn these things with over the years, and so, having a key to the Codes was one of those routes where I was able to learn the knowledge he wanted me to have for these last days.
Caller: Yes. OK, Sherry.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
What About the DNA?
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello?
Caller: You there?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Yes. This is Ricky from Virginia.
Sherry: OK, hey, Ricky.
Caller: I got a question for you. A couple anyway. What about the DNA? What do you mean about the New World Order's doing it with the aliens?
Sherry: Yes. They want to tweak our DNA. They want to turn codons on that the Lord turned off in judgment. And, they just have all these nefarious plans in changing humans, what we are today, into something we're not. Into some kind of created being that they're doing by turning on codons and all this voodoo stuff.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: I'll just call it voodoo.
Are These Aliens Demons or Reptiles?
Caller: Now, these aliens, are they demons or are they reptiles?
Sherry: Well, demons are spirits of the Nephilim. They're just spirits. They don't leave the earth, they're confined to the earth. Aliens are fallen angels. And so, fallen angels and demons are two different things. Fallen angels still have bodies even though they're ugly like reptiles. Lucifer is a reptile. He's a lizard. He's a snake.
There Used to Be People Living on Mars and They Came to Earth?
Caller: Well I think I heard on your show before -- it's been a while, but some guy was talking, I believe, something about Mars. The Nephilims or something. There used to be people living on Mars and they came to Earth or something?
Sherry: Right. The original Martians are our Egyptians. What we know as Egyptians.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: Those are Martians. And so, you not only have them on Mars, but you also have, uh, the Bears are on the Moon and so, yeah. You typically have these long-necked Egyptian-type beings that are from Mars.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: Not the little green men that Hollywood wants you to think.
Caller: Yeah. I've read a lot about the second sun where it said something about Cassini [orbiter spacecraft] was going around Jupiter, and Cassini was a Freemason which I read about a lot. You know. They were supposed to blow Jupiter up and the New World Order was going to blame it on God...said He's angry at the earth for sin and bad things that's happening.
Sherry: Well, they were gonna use it to say, "Oh, look! There's a new star in the sky." Like the star of Bethlehem, they were gonna mimic that, to announce their arrival, Maitreya's arrival on Earth. And it didn't quite pan out. Seventy-two pounds of plutonium wasn't enough.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: And so, now they've got the other one, Galileo [orbiter spacecraft], up there with 172 pounds and they're going to try to crash it into Saturn.
Is It True That the Black Pope Runs Everything with the Government?
Caller: Yeah. 'Cause I know they was gonna say the virgin Mary -- it was a sign from the virgin Mary, one of her prophecies or whatever it was supposed to be, like foretold. You know what I'm saying? Like I said, I read up a lot about the, you know -- but I've got a question about the Black pope. You heard about the Black pope?
Sherry: Oh, yeah.
Caller: OK, you know, like he runs everything. I mean, is that true? He runs everything with the government. He tells the government what to do?
Sherry: Well, he's just Satan's right hand man on Earth, is the Black pope, supposedly. And so, he runs it out of the...
Caller: So he's really right -- have you heard? I mean, I've heard -- this one guy came -- 'cause he stopped me in this kind of, you know, um, stuff. He came to my sister's house and he started talking to me. And he said the new pope would be in Jerusalem, you know, in Israel or whatever. He was gonna set his kingdom up there, the new pope, this Bened -- well, not Benedict, it would be the next new pope.
Sherry: Well, then whoever's the next new pope is going to be chased out of Italy because that volcano there, that Etna, it's gonna blow. And he's gonna be runniing out of Italy. So he's gonna be looking for a new place to live.
Caller: Right. 'Cause have you seen the movie, 2012?
Sherry: No.
Caller: OK, it's really a good movie. And it shows a lot of stuff that the earth is gonna do, but it's not gonna be the earth, it's -- which I understand it's gonna blow up Jupiter and blame that the earth is doing it. But people don't realize what's really gonna happen. They're being deceived that the earth is gonna change, but it's not gonna be the earth.
Sherry: Yeah. I don't really pay attention to the pope anymore because I find it's just a huge distraction. He's viable now. He's a huge source of satanic power right now. But when everything comes to push comes to shove and the Antichrist is here, they don't need the pope anymore. Black or the white one; they don't need either one because, you know, they're gonna be ruling from Jerusalem and all the power is gonna be theirs. They don't need that position to get them where they need to be anymore. So it's gonna be like something that uses its usefulness up and whatever.
Do You Really Think That Eve Had Sex with the Devil and the Churches Don't Want to Tell Us?
Caller: Yeah. I got one more question for you, real quick, before I get off here. I read an article in your site, something about the serpent seed about Adam and Eve, and Eve had sex with the Devil. Do you really think that really happened that way and the churches don't want to tell you what really happened in the Garden of Eden?
Sherry: Well, do you really think that the Lord's judgment came on Earth over her taking a bite of a red apple?
Caller: No. Because, this is what...OK...
Sherry: [laughs] I mean, come on. It's all imagery.
Caller: Yeah. Because, I mean, why would God get mad at Cain and not mad at Abel, right? Because...you know, the way I think, because he was a bad seed. You know what I'm saying? And the good seed was Abel, right?
Sherry: Right. It was jealousy, it was rage, and it ended up being murder. And you know what? Since then, it's been the same thing between the two seeds; the two seedlines on Earth. It's war. It's been war since the Garden of Eden.
Caller: So why is the church not telling you this stuff that really happened? Why all do they say about the apple?
Sherry: Because, you know what? Most of them just have no idea. They're graduated from the seminaries. They're not given the truth. They think the seminaries are teaching them exactly what the Bible says, and...you know, all it says. They think they know everything. So instead of going to the Lord direct for truth in all things, pastors are being graduated out of these seminaries run by the Satanists who don't give them the real truth.
Caller: From the Bible. Right.
Sherry: So that's why when you start asking the Lord for truth in all things, and He starts opening your eyes to the truth, that's the difference between you and the megapastors of today leading the churches. Because they don't bother. They think they know everything already. They don't even bother asking the Lord for the truth. And the reason your eyes are being opened to truth is because you're asking the Lord direct for the truth.
Caller: Yeah. Because, you know, I see things which other people don't. Since I was little I knew things, you know. Just like you go to church, you see these steeples on a church. You can go to a pastor and they don't even know what that means. But what it means is Nimrod, you know, because Nimrod was a Freemason hisself. He was a the first Freemason.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: And they worship the sun, the steeples. And that's what -- it's a memory of Nimrod.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: A lot of people doesn't know this. And they don't want to know it and a lot of people are scared or they don't care. And the people that I do tell, they just act like you're crazy or something about this New World Order. They just don't want to know, you know.
Sherry: Yeah, they don't question why is there a steeple on the church? And why does it look like a witch's hat? And why is there a picture of Sananda in the church [laughs]? They don't ask questions. They just blindly go, week after week, and listen to what their pastor has to say. They think that's what they're supposed to do!
Caller: Right.
Sherry: They're never taught anything else. You may, literally, have to walk away from religion to where you're on the outside looking in before you start finally seeing the truth for what it is.
Caller: Right. But I appreciate your time. And I'd like to say I don't go to church anymore because of what they're taught, you know, what they believe in. You could have church at home. You know, that's how church started before anyway.
Sherry: Exactly. Exactly.
Caller: You know, because the people had church at home. You know what I'm saying? You get 2 to 3 people, that's your church, you know what I'm saying?
Sherry: That's the truth. Where two or more are gathered in His name, He's in the midst of them.
Caller: But, anyway, God bless you, and that God is also showing you the things that's gonna happen, and I'm glad I know the truth. And I just want to say thank you very much for having a show like this, and open people's eyes.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: You too. Thanks.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
A Lot of People Anxious, but Stay Focused on the Skies
A lot of interesting callers tonight, folks.
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Probably I'm gonna end up hanging up on this one person [laughs].
I've only got about three minutes left and all the phone lines are just lighting up tonight, folks. A lot of people anxious. Wanna know what's going on. And, you know what? I'm just looking at keeping focused on the skies. 'Cause you never know when you're gonna see Yahushua come through the clouds to escort His elect home, so, it's exciting. Just keep your eyes on the skies. That's what He always said. Yah always said to watch for signs in the skies, and so look up at the skies, pay attention to the skies. You never know when you're gonna see Him coming right through them. I can't think of any more interesting times than we're living in right now.
Anyway, folks. I'm gonna have to end this show for this week. I'll be on live Thursday at 1 o'clock. Aliens in the News show. Got a lot of good things planned for Thursday. Kind of just more of a laid back show; what's going on with the aliens in the news. So that'll be Thursday 1 o'clock right here at the same website, Sherrytalkradio.com or Blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio, and so.
See you Monday, everybody. Until next week, everybody. Yah bless.