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Aliens in the News with Sherry Shriner
Thursday, May 20th, 2010
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Seen Politicians Shape-Shifting? Been a Victim of Military or Alien Abductions? Then Give Me a Call.

And hello, everybody you're live, it's Thursday, May 20th, it's time for Aliens In The News. If you a question you can call me at 877-245-5648. If you've seen aliens or UFOS give me a call. If you've seen politicians shape-shifting, or you want to, give me a call. If you've been a victim of alien or military abductions, give me a call.
Obama Was Back in Youngstown, Ohio

So, we'll [laughs] see what's going on with all the aliens in the news. This week O'Lizard was in Youngstown, Ohio. And you gotta wonder if they keep trying to flush me out of my area, because they kinda flaunt him in Youngstown. Then they'll bring him out to Canton, Ohio and then in areas up by Cleveland.

He's probably visited this state more than any other presidential candidate, in the history of candidates, [laughs] and presidents. And so interesting that he keeps showing up back here there's nothing to see.

Youngstown is an out-of-work ghetto, now. All the business....there's nothing there. It's a shell of what it use to be. They must come to admire their work. Because there's nobody working in Canton either. I don't think there's anybody working in Ohio. If you're not working in a strip mall, there's no work and so. They must come to admire all the unemployment here because they love suffering. They love the unemployment type thing. And they love to come and say how the economy is on the rise, when they know it's going to get worse and worse.
Beyonce a Bad Influence on Mothers

Sexy Beyonce back in the news this week. They had a group of girls, scantily dressed, dancing to one of her songs. And all the kids' mothers saying they didn't have a problem dressing their daughters that way.
Nicolas Cage's Strange Eating Habit
Nicolas Cage in the news today, or the other day, saying he doesn't eat pork, but the way he chooses the meat he eats, which is primarily beef and chicken, is that he says he picks his meat according to how the animal has had sex. So I guess he stands there and watches the animals engage in sex and then has them butchered to be eaten. That's pretty sick. Then again that's what they are, these lizards are sick.
Airport body scans: An Illuminati-Reptilian Device to Sabotage Human DNA???

I was looking at a video today, the other day actually. Sent it to Rich [the Producer] and had him break it down for me. And it's basically the assault of the body scanners. Name of the video at YouTube "An Illuminati-Reptilian Device to sabotage human DNA."

And it's basically what these body scans are doing. And if you really want to break it down, it's what all these x-ray machines probably do. These x-ray machines produce what is called a Terra hertz radiation. It's called the T-ray. And they can modify any molecular structure. The T-ray can unzip the strands, interfering with gene replication. In short the body scans can bust human DNA. Also sets the stage for expanding a world wide cancer epidemic. Because any radiation's cumulative, and poses a serious threat to all living cells through which it passes, leaving behind a trail of destruction and genetic mutations. And so basically if it's destroying cell replication you can't pass your genes onto your children if they're destroyed. And so, what is it people are passing onto their children, probably all of this 'junk' DNA.
It's Important as a Believer in the Most High That You Break Generational Curses

They say 90% of our DNA is 'junk' DNA and you gotta wonder what that 'junk' DNA is. It's probably fallen angel contamination DNA. You kinda accumulate throughout the generations. Throughout your family history, your family lines.

I find it amusing when you hear people talk about their past lives, reincarnations. And you know, that's called 'junk' DNA. [laughs] Also generational curses. Carrying on the family generational demons that cursed and possessed that family line. That's why it's important as a believer in The Most High that you break generational curses. You don't want the same demons following you and your children as that followed the generations before you, so. Always important to break generational curses.

If you have a question for the show, call in at (877)245-5648. Also, got into the chat room today, so if you got a question in the chat room, you can post it in the chat room. I might catch it and I'll answer it on the air. You can send an email to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com I'm actually in the chat room today, also able to access my Yahoo, so. They're leaving me alone. Leaving my computer alone. Which is unusual. [laughs]
The Buffalo Are Causing Extreme Clouding

I don't know about you guys, but extreme clouding here. Just the last two weeks, and so I find it interesting that in the Bible Codes you'll see extreme clouding and it's the Buffalo that are doing it and so they're trying to hide the Ark of The Lord's. This dwarf planet of the suns. They're trying to hide it so people don't see it. And also trying to hide probably poisons in the air. Their presence in the air. I don't know why, they must be losing their cloaking ability.
Shema Isn't Doing So Well

I was listening to reverse speech. Some prime minister, what was his name. I can't even remember it. And he was -- in his reverse speech was talking about how the ashes were hiding them. Also how the Shema is not doing so well. I always enjoy hearing that. It just confirms what I've been saying. Shema is just about ready to bust and hit the earth. If you look at it now, it looks like it is in 3 or 4 different parts in the sky. It hangs in the Northeast part of the sky, every night. And there's a new ship in the Northwest. So interesting. Kinda followed me home one night and then just kinda hung in the Northwest and this thing's as big as Shema, it's just huge. What's this? Shema 2? [laughing] And so the original Shema where satan has a temple, just huge, just has to be totally huge, like a planet of its own. It's some kind of huge rock. They've hollowed it out. They've turned the lights on so it looks like a huge white star. But these things don't glow on their own. They don't have any light of their own. Unless they turn their lights on. A lot of people come and watch them dim, dim the lights, turn on the lights. So very amusing how more correct I am than anything else. I talk about them turning their lights on. So anyway.
Any questions, (877)245-5648. It's gonna be one of those days. I can tell already. People doing their own things this week. But we've had nothing but rain and I think this is the first sunny day we've had out of the last seven.
According to Qumran Calendar, Festival of First Fruits Is on May 30th This Year

So, people wanting to know about The Festival of First Fruits. And I know a lot of the churches are celebrating it the 19th, which was yesterday. But according to the Qumran Calendar it's the 30th. People wanting to know if The Lord was coming to pick up His Elect during The First Fruits. I have no idea, folks. I have no idea when He's coming. But, at least we know He's there. At least we can look up in the sky and know He's there. That's how close it is. That's how fun it is. Kinda makes everything a lot easier here on earth knowing He's directly above our heads right now. To pick up the Elect, so.
Maitreya and Company Stepping Up Attacks to Discredit Sherry

A lot of attacks, stepping up against me online. A lot of videos coming out. I haven't bothered watching them. I haven't even bothered. And just coming out against me, so it's usual. I see it in the Bible Codes when Maitreya and them start want to start discrediting me and my work. And they have nothing to go on. [laughing] They just don't have anything. And so they'll attack me as making a profit off of the orgone. And which I'm not. But even if I was. Big deal. Big deal.

They make $1000 per person per lecture to go hear their garbage. And they want to talk about a $10 profit on orgone? Give me a break. [laughing] You collect all the supplies to make orgone and ship it around the world. It's very expensive. And so, it's very interesting, very amusing what they try to come up with to come against me on. They just don't have anything on me to come against me on. If you haven't seen my latest videos, you can go to YouTube and check out the Sherry Shriner Channel.
Bible Codes Reveal That May Is Dominant Month for Arrival of Second Sun

It's been busy. I've been looking at just a lot of codes for the month of May. I've just started looking at codes for our home planet which is directly behind the sun. And of course that's been popping up in the codes, anyway. Especially May being the dominant month it arrives. It's arrival here in Babylon which is America. And The Lord standing me up to be His mouthpiece about His arrival here and so. Very, very interesting.
Buffalo in America, Philistines in Israel

Singled out of the Philistines in the Codes. Something going on over in Damacus. There is a whole community of them they're pretty much running the government over in Damascus. But I've been noticing in the codes that Damascus coming up more and more in the codes. And right now, what we do know is that Nibiru and the Philistines are over there, by Israel.

We're pretty much being saturated with the Buffalo over here in America and the Buffalo faction is also considered what we call Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation and all them. The new agers always referring to them as Maitreya, Sananda, Saint Germaine, and all that's the Ashtar Command. Have it on my web site SherryTalkRadio.com.

And they are the ones over here pretty much dominating the skies of America right now. While you have the Giants over in Israel and so. Interesting. Just seeing a lot in the Bible Codes.
If It's Recorded, the Elect Can Leave

A lot of confirmations of The Most High, assigning the message of His arrival to me. And it's been recorded. The fact that it's been recorded is good for us. Because any time something is recorded and written and set somewhere, means we can leave. [laughing] OK, that's done, it's recorded, take us home now. [laughing] All of our works done. Everything's on paper or on record somewhere. So it's done. People can find it when we're gone. We're ready to go. [laughing]
Orgone Warriors Busy Pounding Bison Army

Also, talks about the orgone warriors are busy. Small percentile. A Fraction. Bustling. Just pounding the Bison army. And doing that by getting the orgone out and the more and more we get out, the more and more it saturates the air and it burns them. Literally burns them. They're hiding a lot by doing all this chilling.

Haven't always figured it out. Always see the term ashes in the codes. And I don't think it's always referring to volcanic activity.

I think it refers to other things perhaps that we can't see here. As we look up in the sky.

A lot of ships burning on fire. A lot of these aliens already dead in these ships that are crashing to the earth. Already dead inside them. And people who don't think you can kill a spiritual being, a fourth-dimension being. Well orgone is a dimensional weapon. It's the one thing that can go into their dimension and kill them. The one thing that we found that works. Gotta keep getting it out. Just gotta keep getting it out.
Vaccines Are More or Less a Terrestrial Assassination
Something's looming in the summer. What I keep seeing, folks, is more and more of the Draconian vaccines. Just more and more pushing the vaccines, stay away from the vaccines. It's more or less a terrestial assassination. Their war against mankind to kill humans via damaging their DNA via the vaccines.

I have a caller on the air. I'm gonna bring him on, see what they have to say.
When Making Orgone, Is It Dangerous If the Copper Wire Protrudes Out of the Resin?

Sherry:Hello caller your on the air.



Caller:Hello Sherry?


Caller:Hi, this is Jim up in British Columbia, Canada

Sherry:Oh wow, ok.

Caller:How ya doin?

Sherry:Good, how are you? How's Canada?

Caller:Canada's cloudy.

Sherry:Cloudy? Now you got it. 'Cause I got some sun today. [laughing]

Caller:Yeah, we've had some sun in the past, it's been scattered. We've got our chemtrails and stuff happening here. I just recently bought orgone. And I just recently made some orgone. This is a question I have for you -- is what I did, when I curled my copper wire. I had all the ingredients together. I made it a little bit too long. But I like tried to stretch it out and put it in. And when I put the resin in, I found that I didn't quite have enough resin, so a few of the blasters, the pucks, were protruding a little bit of copper wire. So, I was just wondering. What I did, I waited for it to dry and then I tried to clip off...lift up and clip off the protruding copper wire.


Caller:But I noticed that you said if it's not made exactly correctly it may be dangerous. So I wasn't sure if I could put those ones out.

Sherry:No those are fine. You know what, if I have something protruding out of the end. I try to take snips and snip it off if I can. Otherwise just throw it out there. It's fine.

Caller:As long as you have all the ingredients....

Sherry:As long as you have the wire going the correct way.

Caller:Yeah, as long as you have the right ingredients and follow the procedure correctly.


Caller:I liked to use the pans because I couldn't find aluminum shavings. So I liked to use the pan and what I did was put it into 2" pieces and folded it up, to where it went into 1/2" pieces and pounded it down with a hammer to where it was really really tight and down half again.

Sherry:Right. That's a lot of work.

Caller:Yeah it was quite a bit of work but it felt good doing it. It, it felt good doing...

Sherry:If you could find aluminum nails, or paper clips, or you know anything that'll help. Tacks...anything that's aluminum.


Sherry:You can go to a hardware store and look for aluminum stuff. If you can't find shavings, because it's a lot easier than tearing up pans and tearing up your hands. That's a lot of work when you gotta start attacking aluminum pans.

Caller:Yeah, I just thought, especially with that copper there...I did read it afterwards, it didn't sink in until afterwards where you said two or three wraps and then like, about six inches long, but I had it longer than that and thought well...

Sherry:I usually do it longer than that. That's just something to go by. What you want is at least 3 strands of copper around.

Caller:Right, OK, that's...I think I got...the next ones I make, I'll make, you know, really good. But I want to talk about a couple other things here too. That was my first batch by the way and I'm going to keep making some orgone here...

Sherry:They get easier after the first one.

Caller:Yeah. But it does work really well, like they're powerful. Yeah, the first ones I put out in the yard, the chemtrails come over and they're immediately dissipated.


I Took Pictures of the Sun and Got E.T.'s in the Pictures

Caller:It's amazing. But, I took your suggestion about taking pictures of the sun, and I took pictures of the sun and got these E.T.'s in the pictures.


Caller:Yeah. I got these hexagonal E.T.'s and cigar-shaped. I even got orbs in the pictures. Like orbs in front of the trees.

Sherry:....yeah I was amazed...

Caller:Yeah, there's all kinds of stuff up there. I even told my friend about it. Yesterday...

Sherry:I was shocked the cameras could pick it up because even simple cell phone cameras can pick it up.

Caller:Yeah, it's amazing and I got my zoom on my camera, and I zoomed in on these things. You can see it's a shape at first, hexagonal shape, this one is. A perfect hexagonal. I went into the town here, we live in. Talked to my friend and I took a picture out there. And another...some E.T.'s were out there, it even amazed him. What is all this stuff? I got some people who are open minded but I'm basically doing my own thing here, standing on my own because my wife doesn't really believe in what I have to say. She doesn't really believe in the Bible. I've been praying for her.

What's a Good Bible Translation That's Fairly Accurate to the Original Scrolls?

Caller:She believes some things are true, some things aren't. I was explaining some of these different translations. I wanted to ask. What's a good, a good translation that is fairly accurate to the original manuscript? To the original scrolls.

Sherry:[laughing] Well...

Caller:What would be a really good one?

Sherry:Some people like the restoration scriptures where they at least restore the names Yaweh and Yahushua.

Caller:The restoration scriptures.

Sherry:Yeah, some people like those. I just stick with the KJV. I just don't read Paul's books. I just read where the Lord leads me to read.

Caller:OK, great. It was amazing, I just found your sites, it was like a miracle. I was reading some stuff on new age and I was kinda sucked into the new age thing...it said Maitreya was the Anti Christ or something like that and when I was on the Internet and I thought this sounds like, kinda crazy but I remained really opened-minded and I looked at it and I started reading everything that you'd written. And I read just about everything...keep going through it and all the dots connect and there's a lot of people that are really deceived out there right now...and I don't know it's just trying to tell people what the truth is and there's so much to it. So much to the deception like a big rabbit hole just keeps going further and further down. Anyway, I'll just let the next caller get in I guess. I wanted to talk about a couple more things but maybe I'll leave it for another time.

Sherry:Alright, well...

Caller:I appreciate everything you've done. It's just amazing I've found it and I'm really, really grateful that you've put yourself out there and you're doing this for all the people.

Sherry:Alright, well thanks for calling in. I always like to hear from Canada.
Ewwww, there's a spider in here.[laughs]

Caller:We're doing it... [laughing along with Sherry] ...up here in Canada. Yah Bless Sherry.

Sherry:What's that?

Caller:Yah Bless.

Sherry:OK, Yah Bless. Thanks for calling in, bye.

If Chemtrails in Your Area Are Not Dissipating Within 5 to 10 Minutes, Get Orgone Out

Eww [laughing]...a spider that just comes shooting across here, ew...[laughing]... Ah, [sighs]...[laughs]...I don't like spiders. Alright, good to hear from Canada. You know what, folks, you see chemtrails in your area, if they're not dissipating within 5 to 10 minutes. You need to get orgone out. And that's a good way to gage your area. When the chemtrail planes come in and where the chemtrails are sticking. And it's a no-brainer that they're gonna show up and start spraying. But watch and see how long it takes for the trails to disappear. And if you see the trails disappearing right away, then you know you've got enough orgone in the area. If they're not, and you see it in a particular area, then get some orgone there. You gotta be careful, because sometimes I'll look up in the sky and I'll think, "That trail's a little close to home. What the heck's it doing sticking in the air around here?" And then you get in your car to go find it to get underneath and it's way a different state over. And so, be careful. [laughing] It's not always in your backyard even though it looks really close. One thing I've learned. I've learned that if you, look on a map at the cities and towns that are closest to you.

I know orgoning Youngstown did wonders for me just here in Carrollton, Ohio. And I'm about, you know, 30 miles or so away from Youngstown, but it took all the chemtrails off of my east end of my yard, I guess you could say. I don't know if you've noticed, every morning they come out full blown in the mornings and start chemtrailing the sun. Because they don't want you to see the second sun coming up behind it, and that's just a major project every morning they'll start chemtrailing the East and then working their way to the West. And so it's like a chemtrail highway anymore. East to West. And so, those are the areas you want to focus on. Maybe that's why now starting to see more starships showing up in the South and in the Northwest areas so.
Even Cell Phones Cameras Can Pick Up Starships

Interesting that even cell phones can pick up starships. During the day, I know my son just happened to look at the sky and take a picture, nothing in particular going on. Just a nice sunny day. It was a clear day. Took a picture of the sky and then looked at it and you could see UFOs in the camera picture and so all in a line. And this is what I've been seeing in the codes as well. Is they're caravaning over Ohio. This caravan of UFO ships just a line over Ohio. Sure enough, they've been there for awhile. They're not moving that just sit there as well. So interesting.

I know after the last few Monday night shows I'll go out afterwards and see a line of about 10 of them. Just in a straight line. Barely spaced out. And so they just sit there. So interesting.

But the thing is, when you try to upload cell phone pictures, it doen't always translate very well. So for some reason you can see it on your phones really well. And then when you try to upload it through the computer, it doesn't translate very well and so of course that could just be certain phones. If you got a really good camera on your phone. Just using a better camera. Get a better camera out. So, I have one of those digital cameras, I just hardly ever use it. Never have it with me when I need it, it seems. That's the way it always goes. You never have something with you when you need it.
If you have a question for the show, call in at: (877)245-5648. You know you always get these people, " Well, why don't you have a camera with you on your way to the grocery store." I really don't care, folks, if I catch UFOs. When you've seen one you've seen 'em all. But a lot of people get fascinated by that. And a lot of people are the type that one of them is going to have to land on their head before they even believe they exist. And so if you want proof that they exist, some more proof, get your cameras out and start hitting the daytime skies. The nighttime skies are a zoo. I don't know how anybody can't look up at the nighttime skies and not see all the starships with the red, green, yellow, blue lights going off. Especially the red ones. And you know, you'd have to be a real dingbat, what I think, just total in denial.
Should I Tell My Kids about the Presence of Aliens?
And so, a lot of people wanting to know if they should be telling their kids about the presence of aliens. You know what, late is gonna be too late. My kids know all about aliens and ufos and they're not any worse off. And so, why shouldn't you tell your kids. Get 'em prepared for the things that are coming. You want your friends prepared and your family prepared. Don't you want your children prepared? They're more prepared than you are. They've been getting our kids ready since they were two-years-old watching Disney cartoons. They know all about morphing and shape-shifting. And things you'd be amazed they know about. So, they're more prepared than you are. They condition our kids from the time they're born, through the tv. If you let 'em sit and watch Disney Channel, which I'd be very particular in what my kids watch on that Disney Channel. You got to be careful. They condition people that evil is fun. That being a wizard or a witch is fun and harmless, and you really have to watch what the kids are watching and explain to them why you don't want them watching particular shows. Why it's not harmless or fun to be practicing witchcraft. There's so much junk which Disney has on its network.
Yahushua Is Armed with a Stylus to Write His Name on the First 144,000

Looking at these codes. Trying to see what else I can dig out for you, a lot of suspensory terms. Also seeing Yahushua armed with a stylus. So that's very exciting because the first 144,000 that are taken off the earth, He writes His name in their forehead. And of course a stylus is a writing utensil. And even more exciting that it's already recorded. Seeing in the codes that I talked about not only is our home here this planet of the sun, the second sun, Enoch talks about it. A habitation for the righteous the Elect. But also that He is here with a stylus. He is armed and He is ready to write His name on His people. And so, it's getting there, folks. We're getting closer and closer and closer. [laughing] So He will take His Elect off of the earth. That's gonna leave a lot of church people here. A lot of church people thinking, well, where's the rapture? They're gonna be tossed and thrown into persecution. And they're all unprepared, waiting for a rapture that isn't going to come. Because they will all be tested for their faith here on earth. And so, a lot of chaos that can cause and a lot in doubt. And disputing that the Elect are even taken off the earth.
I Love My Orgone

Sherry:Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller:Hi Sherry


Caller:Hi Sherry, this is Linda up in New Jersey. Jersey City.

Sherry:Heyyyy, Joisey [laughing]

Caller:Hi how are you?.......can you hear me?


Caller:Oh, OK, I hear some static I don't know what... I received, I received my package about two weeks ago. I thank you so much. I love it. I love the pucks and I have them all over my apartment. And I love 'em because I think they're really creative.

Sherry:[laughing the Sherry Shriner contagious laugh]

Caller:You know. Like sculpture and then...I've been, I think, I talked, the last time I talked to you I told you I have a daughter into... She teaches Tai Chi and all the oriental arts. She's a licensed masseuse and all the reflexology and she is, anyway, she is...She finally gives me a call and takes me out for Mother's Day. I gave her one of the pucks. She looked at me. She says: "What is this?"


Caller:And the man she's living with. You know, she's living...According to scripture she's living in sin. She's living with a man whose been married twice. She's never married. She's just living with him. He has a business where he makes natural medications. And dispensary stuff for hospitals. But they, I know when I was at her house that he is into Maitreya. You know, they got pyramids all over...they had...just love Obama. [laughing] So, I don't know what to do. I tried to introduce her to, to what it was, I just explained it real general. Well I said, "It's actually positive orgone. What it does, if you have this around you it, you know, the negative energy and beings that are not holy will not come around because they don't like the orgone.


Caller: And she's like "OK." The next day she calls me. And told me she and her friend went somewhere, 5 people fell down. They took the puck with them.


Caller:I know she was joking. Well, I said "THEY'RE LIZARDS!!!" And she goes "Lizards? Haha." Anyway I tried to make her start a thing. They think it's a joke and yet she's active in, working with these demonic beings, with these lizards and these reptilian beings. That's what all of reflexology and the martial arts is all about.


Caller:You know? So, I'm concerned. And anyway I just wanted to let you know I love my stuff and I haven't gone and put them in the water yet because I like them too much.

Sherry:[laughing her contagious laugh]

Caller:I might have to get 'em some more, oh that's not good is it? Oh, I'm idolizing them, huh?

Sherry:No, you know what? I like the peace. I certainly have them all over my house and yard. I like the peace.


Sherry:You can always tell when you're in an orgoned area. You can tell when you leave and you're in an unorgoned area. There's a huge difference.

Caller:So, I mean, I don't feel like any -- nobody sort of bothers me. I dunno. I like, have lost like all my friends because I really don't go along with their lifestyles.


Caller:You know, so if you start speaking and talking about Yahushua they look at you like you're out of your mind.

Sherry:Yeah that's too bad.

Caller:Who's this? But, I have them in my window boxes. I have window boxes with plants. In my living room and in my bedroom. I got pucks in every one of them. I got a puck on my bed. You know. I have been sleeping really well. [laughing]


Caller:I'm probably going to get more in the future and really start putting them outside.

Sherry:Definitely need to get them outside. Especially if you live in an apartment building. Get 'em up on the roof, if you can.
Giants in Jersey City

Caller:Yeah, I live 2 blocks from the pier, that's across from the Statue of Liberty. In Jersey City...


Caller:So, and when you're talking about giants and people don't believe they exist. Two years ago I was down at the pier at this little place. There's this little club, bar on the pier. And all these giant -- I mean MEGA wealthy people, from worldwide, pulled their little boats up there and...I mean yachts and I mean huge yachts that sleep 200 people and [laughing] This is not a small little port, you know. It's across from Manhattan. And I stayed there for the evening because all the young people they have a dance club and they come in and played music. So I went in and mingled for a while. As I was leaving, I walked out and you know, opened up a door and walked right into a man that, just blew me away. I bumped into...I'm 5 foot 5 and I stumbled over this man that was in front of me and it was crowded, you know people were all around me. And he turned around and my head was just right above his waist. He had to be 7 foot to 8 feet tall.


Caller:Now, that's a giant.


Caller:Yeah, they're here. [laughing]


Caller:OK, now I wanted to relate that and I haven't seen...one of the...that orb that was there. I saw it for a short time after I talked to you, about three weeks ago. Since then we've also had the clouds. I mean grey, thick, sooty-looking clouds. For days.

Sherry:yeah, yeah

Caller:Today's the first time the sun's out, but still there's no white clouds. Like a milky blue. You know, misty blue with a...usually when it's clear you see beautiful, white puffy, cottony-looking clouds.


Caller:You don't see...anyway, thank you for taking my time. I wanted to share those things with you, and have a good day. Keep up the good...

Sherry:OK, thanks for calling in.

Caller:Yah Bless...Bye-bye.

Sherry:Yah Bless.

Always interesting to hear from Jersey City.
The Lord Writes on the Forehead of the First 144,000 - An Angel Does the Second Group
Need to get orgone out, folks. And...not a whole lot of time left. Obviously the clock is ticking, when Yahushua's home for the Elect and the righteous is here. [laughing] He's armed with a styllus ready to write His name on His peoples' foreheads.

And if you look in the book of Revelation, the first group is taken to heaven. Where, which is going to be this habitation, because this second sun also inhabits the altar of The Lord, is on this sun, second sun. And that's where He's going to write His name on His peoples foreheads.

Then there is a second group of 144,000 that the Bible talks about. Kinda takes them out of order. Because the first group it talks about in Revelation talks about where an angel goes and writes the seal of the Lord or stamps their foreheads. Twelve thousand from each tribe of Israel. Those are left on earth. And if you go a couple chapters back, I believe it's chapter 9. Eight or 9. And it talks about the group that is in heaven and He writes His name on their forehead and He does it Himself.

And so the difference between the two groups being: One's taken to heaven and He writes His name on each person's forehead. There are 144,000 people and He does it Himself. And then you have the ones who are left on earth and an angel does it. So, interesting if you don't make the first group, you can still qualify to make the second group. And so, the only rapture the Bible talks about is taking the 144,000, the Elect off of the earth. The rest go through tribulation.
The Persecution of the Saints Is All Set Up through FEMA Camps
So, interesting all that set up...that's one thing the Lord said to me, talking about, for months, the coming of the persecution of the saints. And they have that all set up through FEMA camps. And somebody was talking the other day about how they were amazed that the military would be under FEMA rule. That there's actually already legislation that our military would be under the rule of FEMA.

And, folks, that's something I said 8 years ago. [laughing] I think when I first started even doing Bible Codes, one of the first things I found was FEMA would be replaced by the giants. The Philistines, these giants. Even probably other forces of satan, would replace the human aspect of FEMA and they'll be operating this FEMA agency and anybody else is gonna be under their rule. And so it will be a lot of these giants herding people up and putting them on these trains and running these FEMA...these internment camps.

You know, for the most part they won't be run by humans. And so, very, very, you know...you want to ask the Lord about what are the things He's talking about that make people so fearful that they die of fear? You know, imagine seeing about 100 giants running a FEMA camp. Fifteen foot, nineteen feet tall. You think 7 feet is tall. Wait till you see 19 foot giants. Not going to be a time of joy on earth, folks. It's going to be sheer panic, terror. And just gruesome. Every kind of gruesome thing you could imagine.
The Church Will Not Be Found Worthy to Escape - They're Supporting the Beast Prophets

And So now it's time to prepare. You know why the church is apostate. They will not be found worthy to escape. And they'll be tested for their faith on earth. And most of them supporting the beast prophets. Not supporting the Lord's real people on earth; His real shepherds that He's put here on Earth in these last days. They're supporting the Benny Hinns and the prosperity gospels because they all promise you something in the here and now. They all promise you that if you give them $1 you're gonna get a hundredfold back. So people treat religion like it's Las Vegas. And you know what? The best rewards are not the ones we get here on earth and you know the people who support my ministry I know the Lord's gonna bless and for eternity. And, and the rewards we get in heaven and for eternity will far outweigh anything we'll get here on earth.

But people are using religion as a Vegas. As their own gambling system. And they're losing because when have any of these people become prosperous by following the garbage that's being taught by the beast prophets today?
Did I Wrap the Copper Coils Around the Crystals Correctly?

Sherry:Hello caller you're on the air.



Caller:Yeah, hello...hello.

Sherry:Where are you calling from?

Caller:This is Ken I'm calling from Kansas City, Missouri

Sherry:Alright, I've been there

Caller:Hey on those orgone. I make about, a 14 oz, it's not a puck, I guess it's like a glass size.


Caller:But I wrapped a crystal, like seven wraps. Is that too many?

Sherry:That's fine

Caller:And I don't make 'em loose, I wrap them as tight to the crystal as I can.

Sherry:Right. Tight or loose around the crystal, either way is fine.

Caller:Yeah, I figure it's like a rifle barrel. You know, rifling?


Caller:I've been putting them out. I ordered some from you and then I started making them. But I got the big crystals instead of the small ones, so I had to go bigger with the orgone.


Caller:But it does clear the skies up.
Would It Help to Throw Orgone in the Missouri River?

Sherry:[laughs] Which, are you in Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri? Which side of the river you on?

Caller:I'm on the misery side.

Sherry:The misery side? Have you gotten that river at all, between the two?

Caller:...it's misery all right...huh?

Sherry:Have you gotten that river at all? The river.

Caller:No. That's a pretty good-sized river. The Missouri River.

Sherry:Yeah. You gotta throw some of those 14 oz things in there.

Caller:Would that help any?

Sherry:Oh yeah, definitely. It would saturate through the water. It would also be drawn up through the air because the moisture of the clouds would draw it up into the air and it would also...I'm sure they use that as a water source for their underground base there.

Caller:Yeah. I can...probably -- 10 to 12 miles from the Missouri River so -- I might make a trip one of these days over there.

Sherry:Yeah, I've targeted...had...we've got the Ohio going through 3, 4 states, you know. Different parts of the river we got with pipe blasters and different types of orgone-sized blasters. Just targeting the river in different areas. Different parts of the river.

Caller:Yeah, I made a small blaster. It's 1-1/2" copper pipe.

Sherry:Yeah, it's hard to find the bigger ones. Very hard to find a 2" pipe here in Ohio. I don't know about your state, but...

Caller:You can, I can find it, but, it's really expensive for a 10-foot length.

Sherry:Oh yeah, you gotta cut 'em down. You gotta cut 'em down.

Caller:I know, I'm just saying they're not cheap when you go buy 'em.

Sherry:Oh, I know. They're like $70 for a 10 foot pipe.

Caller:For what? ...a 2"?


Caller:I was at Lowes and it was like $105, I think.

Sherry:Is it? So it's gone up. [laughing]

Caller:Yeah and I was like, wow. So, I went to this other place and bought an inch and a half 10-foot piece. No, a 5-foot piece. Then I had to buy a coupling. That was like $5 just for a coupling. I had the crystal above the bondo. So, I got another coupling and put an extension on it so it would be a foot and a half. Two foot more past the crystal.

Sherry:I don't use any kind of caps on the ends.

Caller:I don't either but, the crystal was sticking out about half inch.

Sherry:Yeah, you know when you do pipes you want to leave about 2" empty.

Caller:Yeah, that's why I went and got another piece and I had enough of the copper sticking out...


Caller:...where I put a coupling on it it added another two foot to it...So, I thought I'd give it a little more boost.

Sherry:Right. Gotta love the pipes though. Stick 'em in your yard and those things just have so much power that come off of them.
Pennies in the Orgone - In God We Trust

Caller:Yeah I've been putting pennies on the top like you've been talking about...

Sherry:Haha, yeah

Caller:...On the 14oz

Sherry:Yeah, I use to do that with all the orders and then it just got to be too much. I had to make too much of it at a time.

Caller:Yeah, when I put the penny, I make sure it says "In God We Trust" sticking up.


Caller:[laughing] Right? [laughing]

Sherry:[laughing] You know it's kinda like sticking it back to them. Stick it with their own money. And "In God We Trust, by the way." You know, it's funny. I love that part.

Caller:Yeah, all the '82 and below pennies I find, I keep. Because they're all copper.


Caller:Anything above 1982 is junk.


Caller:Or pot metal, whatever you want to call it.

Sherry:Yeah some kinda junk metal.

Caller:Yeah, everything is junk anymore.

Sherry:Yeah, people...

Caller:Anyway I'll drop a few of those into the Missouri River and see what happens.

Sherry:Yeah, you need to hit the river because it's a real powerful place. Because the clouds draw up the moisture and keep drawing it up all day long


Sherry:Moisture out of the water, moisture out of the rivers and lakes. Puts more orgone into your atmosphere.

Caller:In my yard I got my water meter that's underground. It's about two foot...it's about a foot and a half down. But, I stuck one of them in there.


Caller:So, it's go back to the tower or wherever it's coming from.
Setting Up to Make Orgone Water

Sherry:Did you make some orgone water yet?

Caller:No, I got two 55 gallon barrels but I haven't done that yet.

Sherry:Yeah, I have my collapsable containers now. I'm still seeing a push for zombie pandemics coming. So, I'm definitely going to get that done this week. Getting the water out and getting the orgone water ready.

Caller:Yeah, I'm making a spot in my tool shed for two of those 55 gallon barrels. Those are plastic but the lids come off, you know.


Caller:So, I thought I'd put a couple in there, fill full of water and drop one of those 14's in each one and cover it up, you know, put the lid back on it.

Sherry:Yep. Let it saturate for a couple days.

Caller:Yeah. I've got a above ground pool. I don't know if I should put one in there or not.

Sherry:[laughing] That's a nice orgone source.

Caller:Yeah, that's [laughing] 13,000 gallons.


Caller:Just get a submersible pump that'll shoot about 60 feet and just get in the pool and start shooting, right?

Sherry:Yeah, you know, I got these submersible water guns and I was like I don't want this kind, but I ended up with 'em anyway. You know the kind you put underneath the water to fill them up.

Caller:Oh yeah

Sherry:That's the kind you need for a pool.


Sherry:So I got those and went to the dollar store and Wal-Mart and got these Super Soakers which are easier to use.

Caller:That one you were talking about. It's got an attachment you can...

Sherry:That's what I'm talking about, that submersible that goes into a pool. The picture on my website, of that water gun.

Caller:No, I'm talking about it has a hose you can just put it in like a barrel of water and it will constantly fill the gun up with water.



Sherry:It comes with that attachment, that water attachment.
Making Orgone Is Expensive, but It's Wiping Out Their Billion-Dollar Technologies

Caller:Right....right. Yeah, it's...it get's pretty expensive making this orgone like you said.

Sherry:It is. It is expensive. It's cheaper than loading up on guns and bullets and stuff like that. But considering for 100 bucks you can secure your whole area, your yard and neighborhood.

Caller:Oh yeah. Right.

Sherry:In some ways it's really the cheapest thing you can think of, a little $3, $5, $10 orgone puck is wiping out their billion-dollar technologies. [laughs] But when you're not working and everybody's limited with income and stuff, then you think of it as, wow it's expensive.

Caller:Yeah, the other night I was looking up at the sky and I saw three stars that looked like a "V." Well, I'd never seen that before. A "V" or an upside down pyramid, you know.


Caller:And I thought, 'That wasn't there last week.'

Sherry:[laughing] Look what's visiting.


Sherry:Look what's visiting, you know?


Sherry:People don't pay attention to the skies...and there's always something going on.

Caller:Oh I know. Yeah, I tell people about chemtrails and they just look at me as if to say, "Are you stupid or what?"


Caller:I'll say, "Well don't you ever look up?" Then they look up and there's nothing there then, but I've told hundreds of people about that and I probably got the attention of probably 10.

Sherry:Yeah, just plant seeds and leave it because the results aren't up to you. Just doing the work is yours. Drop seed and let the Lord water them. Just doing the work is you. Because later people are going to remember things that you've said. He'll be able to use things you've said and bring it back to their attention.
Why Don't People Say Yahweh Bless You Instead of God Bless You?

Caller:Mm-hmm. Well, another thing. I got one more question and I'll let you go. You know how people say God Bless You? Why don't they say Yahweh Bless You?

Sherry:Yah Bless, you know. I think it's habit to say the term God because it's english and Yah means God in Hebrew.

Caller:Yeah and I always tell them, I ask them, "What's God's real name?" And that really floors 'em.


Caller:And they don't know.

Sherry:Most don't know and they wonder why they're not part of the Elect because the elect knows His name.

Caller:Yeah and Yahushua, you know. I mention that and they say, "Who's that?"


Caller:You don't know? [speaking about people he's asked] I never heard of that one, so.

Sherry:Alright. Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller:Alright, you have a good day then.

Sherry:Alright, you too.

Caller:Alright, bye, bye.

Sherry:Bye, bye.

You know what, folks, that's the big difference. The Elect know His name. They know His name. They don't call Him by this Jesus, Zeus, Sananda. They know His name.

Anyway, be back Monday night with a live show. See what the Lord has to say as I dig into more codes about this sun dwarf...is the second sun, trying to find it in various terms. Until then just pretty much more of the assault of the Buffalo on earth with the extreme clouding. Trying to cloud up the skies. Trying to chill our atmosphere. I really don't think we're going to have a physical arrival of them until September. What's interesting is just having the physical escape of us until then, before then, and so, I'm excited, I can't wait.
Anyway, folks, I'll see you Monday night.Yah Bless.