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The Gulf Oil Leak, Coming Events, Getting Prepared


Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
May 24, 2010
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Oil Leak Affecting Miami and Tampa
And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. May 24th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com. I'll be checking those throughout the show. Or you can call 1-877-245-5648. I can't get in the chat room tonight, so I'm not gonna be able to catch any questions that are coming from there. You guys will just have to send me an e-mail or call into the show. Seems like that's pretty usual, not being able to get into the chat room during the showtimes. I don't know why that is. I know Thursday I got in after the show. More aggravations, I guess. You learn to deal with them.
A lot of interesting things going on. I'm not very surprised, you know, I always see the term "oil" in the Bible Codes. And so this whole oil leak on the Gulf Coast, especially in the areas -- because I always see Tampa and Miami in the Codes. Because I know several years ago I was warning people to get out of Florida. And so they've had at least two-years time, if not three. I mean, it's just always been one of those states I've warned about to get out of, other than California and Japan. And whatever's happening in Japan still remains to be seen. And I suppose they still have time. Or maybe their whole government's been taken over by the Anuk like Syria's is, I don't know. And so just those three states I've always warned about.
Pure Chaos Coming to California When Entitlement Checks Are Stopped
You know, California's gonna be the first one to go down and I've been warning about California. And talked about last year how the entitlement checks would be stopped. Pure chaos and anarchy in California. And interesting that Schwartzenegger, Governor Schwartzenegger, has just announced that there's going to be a cut in entitlement checks. Wait till they eliminate them [laughs]. I'm sure the cuts aren't even gonna make a lot of people that happy. And when they eliminate them totally, there's just gonna be pure chaos. There's gonna be pure chaos just from the cuts. You know, the state's bankrupt. And so kind of going along the lines of what I've been seeing in the Codes, you know, with California, Miami and Tampa now under threat of evacuation because of the oil spill down by the Gulf states.
If You Hear of FEMA Coming In, Just Get Out
And, folks, you don't wanna get involved with FEMA. You don't want the government helping you relocate. You don't want them coming in and supposedly rescuing you and piling you on a bus and taking you to an internment camp. You don't want it happening and so just -- if you hear of FEMA coming in, just get out. Most people are just already trying to find ways of getting out. And the same way with California, you know, there's just some parts of California -- I just feel it's totally unsafe. I feel invasions are coming to those areas. And the people just getting caught up in that, and unprepared. And so, the three areas to watch out for, folks.
Everything I'm Seeing Goes Along with What I See in the Bible Codes
Interesting that despite all the distractions of what everybody else talks about online and warns about and spends all their time doing, that everything I'm seeing is going along with the lines of the things I see in the Bible Codes. And so I'm glad I stick with those. The Lord just kind of keeps me focused on my own stuff. I don't wander around the Internet to see what everybody else is talking about or doing. And neither do I try to mimic them. I find it amusing when people send me links, "Oh they're talking about this and they're warning about that." I don't care [laughs]. You know? I speak what the Lord has me to speak and so why would I just want to be a mimic of what somebody else is saying. You know, let them copy me. They've been doing that for years [laughs]. You know, they can copy me.
Now That The Second Sun Is Here, When Is Yah Taking the Elect Home?
A couple of the things that people are always asking me. OK, the second sun is here. We know that's our home that Enoch talked about. So when's He gonna take us home? And, folks, I just really don't have an answer for that. It can be anytime from now until whenever [laughs]. So, nice to know He's still right above our heads, physically here in our new home, waiting for us. The Buffalo frantically still trying to paint the skies with their chemtrails to hide people from seeing the second sun, and so it's interesting. They haven't given up on that. Although it seems at times the chemtrail war seems to be lessening because the more orgone we get out, the more of the chemtrails it destroys and they aren't effective. They spray and the chemtrails don't stick. And so, very interesting.
Monday Night Show Moved from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time
Summer's coming up. I had to push the time of the radio show back to 10 o'clock to make it easier for me. I have to be out on Monday nights. And so I'll literally just be flying in the door and having a little bit of time to relax before doing a radio show at 10 o'clock. There's no way I could make it at 8 o'clock. Just through the summer hours pushing it back to ten, and then when school starts again in the Fall, if we're still here, I'll push it back up to 8 o'clock [laughs]. I truly hope we're not here [laughs].
Whooping Cough Vaccination Not Too Bad? The Chip and Alien Chemicals in Them Are!
I can see a lot of chaos now with these enforced vaccinations. Obama's trying to enforce whooping cough and DPT and all these other vaccinations on school kids this year. You know what? You know, people say, "Well, whooping cough vaccination's not too bad and whatever DPT is (measles or something) isn't too bad. You know what? I'd rather have a cough than a chip and alien terrestrial chemicals in my body because that's what they're putting in those vaccinations. And the Lord Himself says to begin with to stay away from vaccinations. We're admonished against putting any kind of live viruses in our bodies. If you listen to the Lord, you're gonna be OK. But a lot of these people that are getting vaccinations are coming down with weird diseases, weird plagues. Older people, bodies just giving out and dying. And, you know, they're trying to change our DNA and they're doing it through these vaccinations and so just stay away from the, folks.
Take a caller, see what they're up to. Lines are lighting up. Typical for Monday night.
I Don't Worry about This Preparation Stuff Because the Lord Will Protect Me
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: [talking to someone else in the background]
Sherry: Hello?
Caller: Hello.
Sherry: How you doing? Where're you calling from?
Caller: From Iowa.
Sherry: Oh, hey Iowa. How you doing?
Caller: Not too bad. I have a friend that likes to listen to you a lot and she's got me on tonight. Just kind of surprised to get on this early. Anyways, I guess I always give her a bad time because I'm always saying, "I'm not worried about all this stuff." I figure that if you believe in the Lord, He's gonna take care of you, and not to worry about all this preparation stuff. You're of Christian faith, right?
Sherry: Yeah. But you know what? The Lord always says to use wisdom in all things. And if He's telling us to prepare, which He is, and you're not listening, then you're tempting Him. And it also says don't tempt the Lord your God. You know, we get that attitude from the church crowd a lot that, "I don't have to do anything. The Lord's gonna protect me." And the Lord's telling you to get busy. And you're not doing anything. You're tempting Him.
Caller: Mm-hmm. Well, that's a point I guess I hadn't thought about. When I was thinking about my question, I was thinking, "Well, geez. You know, what would happen to people that didn't follow Moses when he separated the sea." You know? That was God's way of protecting everybody [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah. They all had to get off their couches and leave Egypt. Can you imagine just trying to get Americans off their couches?
Caller: Well, my mind's kind of thinking, while I'm waiting to ask that question, "Maybe it's a dumb question."
Sherry: [laughs] You know, we overlook a lot because -- I grew up in the churches and -- for thirty years -- and they just use so much pounding and conditioning to get people to be so apathetic that when it comes time to act, they don't know how. They don't know what to do.
Caller: Mm-hmm. So, what are we just supposed to do? Just, like you're saying, get prepared and...
Sherry: Get prepared for any kind of shortages; water, food, medicine. If the stores are closed, you can't get to the stores, or they're just closed, the electric's out. We've got, you know, natural disasters coming. We've got man-made disasters. We've got alien invasions coming; locusts coming, giants coming. We've got everything. People think that, you know, the church is gonna be raptured and won't be here for any of this. And, surprise [laughs]! And so they need to be prepared. Because there's not gonna be some -- the Bible talks about the persecution of the saints. He doesn't talk about removing them. He talks about persecuting them and testing them to their faith.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: And so Christians aren't prepared for that. What if He tells you to stay
in your home for the next three months? You prepared to stay in your home for three months?
Caller: No [laughs].
Sherry: You know...
Caller: I wouldn't have enough food and stuff.
Sherry: Right. You know what? The best thing to do is just ask Him to reveal the truth to you in all things. And ask Him to tell you what to do. To reveal to you what it is you need to do. Go to Him direct. And start asking Him.
I Could See Myself Helping People in a Disaster for the Red Cross
Caller: Tonight you were talking about the FEMA things...Gosh, I'm a nurse. I could just see myself helping people in a disaster or something. Helping all this stuff go on. Being one of those sheep doing that.
Sherry: That's television. That's Hollywood. They don't want to help you. If you're in a FEMA camp, you're gonna die. They don't want to help you. That's Hollywood.
Caller: But I'm saying, you know what, you're already at the first stage, you know, helping in a disaster, like for the Red Cross or whatever. And that sort of thing. You know?
Sherry: Well, medical people are always gonna be a plus. But the problem is they're killing them off by making them take these vaccines and it affects them as much as it does everybody else. So who's gonna be here to take care of the hurt and the sick and the dying when our medical staff's dead from the same vaccines they've forced on everybody else?
They're Writing a Policy to Fire Those Who Don't Get Vaccines This Fall
Caller: Now where I work, this Fall, if you didn't take the vaccine, they were trying to write a policy where they could fire you.
Sherry: Right. And you know what? The New York nurses fought against that and won.
Caller: Who did?
Sherry: New York. The nurses in New York fought against it.
Caller: And then the same thing came up with the H1N1, too. Same thing.
Sherry: Yeah, you just gotta figure who you're gonna listen to; God or man. When man's laws conflict with God's laws, we have to listen to God.
Caller: And so, like the nurses that didn't take it, they had to wear, like masks all the time in front of patients. I mean, that's a pain in the...you know, patoot, to do something like that. I mean, continuously, even though you're probably well.
Sherry: Right. They don't have alien chips in them. They're not gonna be controlled by them. They don't have terrestrial DNA shot in their bloodstream. I mean, the Lord has good reasons for His admonitions.
My Friend Is Always Telling Me We Have to Be Ready by 2012
Caller: The 2012 thing...my friend is always telling me that we have to be ready by 2012. Is that kind of a earmark date?
Sherry: I think that's generous time. I think you should be ready by summer of 2010! I think it's been distracting everybody. I think it's too much time away! I think everybody thinks they've got till 2012, and they don't.
Caller: So, is there any specifics that you can think of that actually is gonna be the disaster? Is it gonna be more in the natural fight?
Sherry: Well, we're looking at the plagues that are coming. The pandemics to enforce vaccinations on people. And that is their genocide against the Christians and the people on this planet, is through the vaccinations. And so that's the one thing we're looking at right now other than just outward natural disasters hitting the coastlines.
I'm Kind of Worried Now about How to Get Prepared
Caller: Well, I'm glad that you took my call. I don't know, I guess I'm just kind of worried now how to get prepared, I guess.
Sherry: You know what? Just seek Him. Go to Him direct. Ask Him to teach you how to prepare. He knows how much short time we have. He knows how much low funds we have. He knows what to do to make our pennies stretch. He's the one you need to go to. And then try to get together with others and, you know, build with them. It's always better in numbers than by yourself. But I understand that most Warriors around this country are isolated, living by themselves and so they have to do it by themselves. All right, caller. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you, very much. Bye.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Does the Rh Blood Factor Have Anything to Do with the Nephilim?
Sherry: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence] [Sherry pushes buttons on phone line.] Hello? All right, here we go.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Hello! Caller, you're on the air.
Caller: Hi, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Oh good. How's it going?
Sherry: Good...
Caller: I'm from Wisconsin...
Sherry: OK. The cheese state [laughs].
Caller: Land of the frozen chosen.
Sherry: [laughs] That's a good one [laughs].
Caller: Yeah. I sent a couple messages on Facebook to you and enjoy your programs. I've been listening to you for probably the last six months. And found that I'm not whacked. That there's other believers like me.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: You know we're on the fringe.
Sherry: The chosen minority.
Caller: Yeah, that's right. Got a few questions though.
Sherry: All right.
Caller: You talked about the Nephilim the last couple times and I've had this question and nobody can answer it. Does the Rh blood factor have anything to do with that?
Sherry: Not that I know of.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: I mean, even if it was whatever bloodline at one time, it's so mixed and mingled right now that blood has nothing to do with anything.
Caller: Yeah. Well, it's just a question I had, you know, because every once in a while you run into that and I thought, "Is there a correlation...?"
Sherry: I've seen people saying that that's a reptilian bloodline. I've heard people say that that's an Israelite bloodline. To me, whenever people ask me a bloodline question, my eyes just roll in the back of my head because 2000 years later of mixed DNA and generational hybridizations and everything else, nobody knows what blood they have.
Caller: Well, yeah. And I agree. But it was just a question I had and, you know, was like, "Hmm." Just food for thought.
Sherry: Yeah. It's just one of those things that -- really just a distraction [laughs].
Caller: Everything is nowadays, right?
Sherry: Because everything with the Lord is a heart thing. It's not a bloodline thing. It's not whose family are you born in or if you're of Israelite blood. It's not a bloodline thing anymore. It's a heart thing. Anybody who calls in the name of Him can be saved. And so, regardless of blood, race, color, creed. I mean, you know?
Caller: Like I said, it was just a question that I pondered for...well, a couple years. And I just wondered, you know, so...
Sherry: Well, you're not the first. I've heard it from others [laughs].
Interesting Effects When I Took a Picture of the Sun
Caller: All right. I took my camera today. Took a picture of the sun. Interesting effects at the end.
Sherry: Did you catch anything?
Caller: Yeah! And then I thought, "Well, let's try it in another location just in case." I did a few of them like that and it still shows up. It's like "OK, this is, you know. This is strange." Got a nice little dot there right by the sun.
Sherry: Wow. Wow. Yeah. My son got a really good picture of it from down in Alabama.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: And we've gotten them from New York. And we've seen them from Michigan. Up in Wisconsin -- see I can't see anything in Ohio here. Well, I'd have to leave my house because there's so many trees that when the sun comes up, instead of rising east where I'd be able to see it, it's been rising over northeast where all my trees are [laughs]. So I never get a chance to see it.
I Made My Collection of Pucks
Caller: Yeah. I made my collection of pucks. Gonna start another collection of them.
Sherry: Awesome.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: It's so much water in Wisconsin and Minnesota, you guys should be tossing away in all those lakes and ponds.
Caller: Well, people are just looking at me like, "All right..." It's like, "It's all right. Everything's good [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah. They want somebody else to do all the work and [laughs]...
Caller: Yeah, I think it's a little bit more than they can grasp at this time, but, you know...
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: ...it's all right. God will work with them too.
Sherry: It only takes one person. The Lord always tells me Noah was the only one.
Caller: That's true. Well, again, I want to thank you. And be blessed.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in. Keep us informed on what's going on in Wisconsin.
Caller: Well, there's a lot of stuff going on. And we probably have the same number of chemtrails as everybody else has. And no airplane makes hughbangers in the sky.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: All right. You take care, and blessing to everybody.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.
Why Do You Say Joseph Marciani Is a Name Collector?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: How are you doing?
Sherry: Good. How are you? Who is this? Where are you calling from?
Caller: My name is John. I'm calling from California.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: Please forgive me, Sherry, for asking you this question again, but I really, really need to know. About Joseph Marciani.
Sherry: Who?
Caller: Joseph Marciani.
Sherry: Oh, would you stop?
Caller: No, no, Sherry, please!
Sherry: Stop!
Caller: No, no. Why do you -- why do you say he's a name collector? I really want to know though. I don't mean to...
Sherry: All right. Jerk's off the air.
I Finally Got My Pucks
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hey, how ya doing?
Sherry: Good, how are you?
Caller: All right. I finally got your -- well, not finally, you sent them pretty fast -- the pucks.
Sherry: Where're you calling from?
Caller: New York.
Sherry: OK. You're Brooklyn or Bronx?
Caller: No, um...
Sherry: Jersey?
Caller: No. More towards Pennsylvania borderlines. Southern.
Sherry: Oh, OK. Now I remember [laughs]. A lot of Warriors up there, I'm just getting my areas straightened out.
You Can Breathe a Little Better?
Caller: Yeah. How ya doing? How's your children and everything?
Sherry: Oh, we're fine.
Caller: Great! Always good to hear.
Sherry: My broken nose is all better now [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] Good. That helps.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: And you can breathe a little better, huh?
Sherry: Yeah, yeah. I can actually see. I can open both eyes [laughs].
Caller: That's good. You can see the Bible too and stuff and read.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: Yeah. [laughs] I hope so.
Sherry: Yeah, reading is able to help. Yeah. This would be the first time. Last week I did a show where I couldn't hardly see and...
Caller: Yeah!
Sherry: Seems like I've done a couple shows -- I remember getting Lasik eye surgery and doing a show that same night [laughs]. I couldn't see anything.
Seeing Lights in the Sky and Triangle-Shaped Cloud Near My House
Caller: You know, I was calling about the man, the gentleman, that called in Thursday. I was listening to your show. I listen to all your shows. And he was talking about how -- it just sounded so familiar. I was just really [laughs]...and the skies...and you said that he's got visitors. He was talking about three lights. I've been seeing for the past two months enjoined three lights in the sky. And I said, "Nah. No way." You know, it was north, west, south. And then it got closer to my house [laughs]. It was like right almost above it, but not quite. Well, anyways, I saw it and saw it and then, it just was really strange, at night. And then during the day I took a trip (I had to go to the store). I came back and my driveway's all the ways back inward, more into the wooded area. And I said, "This is really weird." Because I look at the sky all the time. I really do. And there was this cloud shaped of a triangle. And I was like, "What is this [laughs]?" You know, I'm like, "Are they cloaking, or what? [laughs]"
Sherry: You know, the triangle craft are military craft.
Caller: Yeah, well that's what I'm trying to figure out. Is it military or is it what you said...are they...the triangle would be reptilian, or...I didn't know.
Sherry: Yeah, they're military.
Caller: Military. Yeah, well. See? See what happened when I started listening to your show [laughs]?
Sherry: [laughs] Now you can look at it and go, "That's an E.T. No, that's an NSA." [laughs]
Caller: No, but I do watch the skies a lot and I'll tell ya, it is so filled in, like tonight. I'm going out there to check it out really good because...
Sherry: Oh, yeah, look over to the northeast.
Caller: Yeah!
Sherry: That's usually where I'm at from you, probably. And that's where all the action is.
Caller: You're not too far.
Sherry: Look over towards Ohio [laughs].
Caller: OK. Yeah, there's a lot of lights out there...
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Yeah. And Yah bless.
Sherry: OK, God bless you.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
If God Made the Aliens, Are They Good?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, hello?
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Caller: Yes, I have a question. My girlfriend is wondering, if God made the aliens, are they [inaudible].
Sherry: I can barely hear you.
Caller: If God made the aliens, are they good?
Sherry: Well, the aliens are aliens because they rebelled against God and were kicked out of heaven. God created angels. And the angels that rebelled became fallen angels and that's what we call aliens.
Caller: But the aliens that are above us right now are good or bad?
Sherry: I can hardly hear you.
(Second) Caller (on the same line): She's on speaker that's why she can't hear us. [to the first caller] Can you take your speaker off?
Sherry: That's better. Whoever's speaking, I can hear you fine [laughs].
Caller: Can you hear me?
Sherry: Yeah, I can hear you fine.
Caller: Did you hear that?
Sherry: No, but I can hear you.
Caller: [to first caller] She can hear me, so talk on my phone...We was wondering about the aliens.
Sherry: OK.
Weren't the Aliens Created by God?
Caller: Are they all considered bad? I mean, weren't they created by God?
Sherry: Well, you know what? There's two different types of beings. There's celestial and terrestrial. And the celestial beings reign in heaven with the Lord. And the terrestrial reign in the second heavens, which we know is Satan's rule. And so, you know, if you're not an angel ranking in heaven with the Lord, and a celestial being, you're terrestrial, then you're not one of the Lord's. You're a fallen angel. We call them aliens. And there's different factiions, different groups, different reasons why. We have Satan's branch which is the Dragons, the Lizards...lost their looks. All of the aliens that we see...the tall Greys...there's over two hundred different kinds of ugly-looking types. Those are all aliens that have lost their looks, were judged by that. Giants were fallen, rebelled against the Lord, cast out of heaven. But they were from a different rebellion and they didn't lose their looks and so it's all part of their judgment whether they lost their looks as angelic humanoid beings or not. And so, no, terrestrial aliens are in rebellion against the Most High God.
Isn't God's Power Stronger Than the Aliens'?
Caller: Yeah, but isn't God still all-powerful? I mean, isn't His power stronger than what they can ever...
Sherry: Oh, He allows Satan to rule in the heavenlies right now. He's giving Satan time to rule. And by allowing Satan, it includes his forces as well. Eventually they'll all be judged and cast into the lake of fire. But they're given a time of rule and reign. I mean, he gets to come to Earth and rule for 42 months as the king honcho here. We all know it as the Antichrist and so everything's been foretold. Everything he does is...
Caller: Because of the plan.
Sherry: Yes. It's all scripted. It's in the Bible. You know what's gonna happen. People get caught up in how it happens. The details become more interesting. But everything's been foretold.
There Are Some People on Earth Who Are on Not Aliens, but on That Side?
Caller: There's some people that are on Earth now that you call them already, kind of, not really aliens, but already on that side, or...
Sherry: Well, I have an article I wrote called Angels in the Flesh where there are humans born on Earth today sent from heaven to work for the Lord here in the last days. And so they're angels incarnate as humans...
Caller: I get this impression though, especially from my friend, that like Oprah and President Obama are a certain...
Sherry: Oh, they're just...they're soul-scalped humans. They're possessed by aliens. They work the alien agenda. They're not of the Lord, they're of Satan.
Caller: Geez.
Sherry: You look at their eyes, look at their fruits. You know, the Lord always says don't listen to what...someone says, watch the things that they do. And they're all satan freaks, they belong to New Age and Satanism groups. They're working a global New World Order agenda which is Satan's. Most of the politicians, the religious figures, media and entertainment, they're all sold out to this New World Order and Satan's agenda on Earth.
Caller: Geez. Well, now you've got me more curious. I'm gonna have to start researching more...
Sherry: You know what? If you wanna have an eye-opener and a lot of fun, go to YouTube.com, put in "humans shape-shifting" or "human reptilians" and there's just thousands of videos.
Caller: Oh, my gosh! OK, well, I thank you for answering my question, Sherry.
Sherry: All right.
Caller: Bye.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Yeah, that's gonna be eye-opening for a lot of people. Just waking up to what's going on around us, folks.
I Think I Found Some Scriptures That Denote the Approach of the Sun
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air. Oh, did I lose somebody? [pressing different button] I'll try this one. Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller.
Caller: [talking to someone else in background]
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Caller: [still talking to someone else in background]
Sherry: I can hear you. [laughs] [silence] Hello, caller. I don't think they can hear me. Hello, caller. [background noises] Hello? I know they're there. I can hear you. Hello, caller. [silence] They're gonna be all mad because they've been sitting on here for a while. [laughs] Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hi, it's Alan calling from Canada.
Sherry: Hey, Alan. How ya doing?
Caller: I think I found some scriptures that denote the approach of the sun. It's in Psalms 19:4,5 and 6. And it says, "Their line is gone out through all the earth, and their utterances to the end of the world. In them he has placed a tent (which is the same word for tabernacle; what they had in the wilderness) for the sun (but there's no for there, so it's a tabernacle and then sun), Which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber...
Sherry: Oh that's a good one...
Caller: ... it rejoices as a strong man to run his course. (So it's bridegroom and sun and tabernacle. And then...there's a word in there, too, that means covering, nuptual, canopy, bed, chamber...)
Sherry: All words for like a habitation and a home and a residence. They mask words. I know in the Bible Codes I'll see the term ark a lot. And that signifies a habitation or residence. It's exciting! [silence] Do you have a question for the show? Did he hang up? Did I lose him? [silence] I think we got disconnected. I didn't touch it. It wasn't me [laughs].
Generally, You Don't See Real Stars While It's Still Twilight
(New) Caller: [laughs along with Sherry]
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hey, Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Am I here? Is this Sherry?
Sherry: Is this still Alan?
Caller: No, this is Rob.
Sherry: OK. Yeah, I thought I lost Alan. All right [laughs].
Caller: I think you probably lost Alan. It sounded like Alan just went away.
Sherry: Yeah, he just disappeared. And I didn't touch anything. It wasn't me [laughs].
Caller: I believe you [laughs]. Hey, I'm calling from northeast Pennsylvania. I've never spoken to you before, but my brother and I have contacted you in the past. You may know us as the Hockey Puck Brothers.
Sherry: Hockey Puck...[laughs] I like the ring of that.
Caller: Yeah, Hockey Puck. I made a little bit of an observation over a week ago, for the folks out there who've been looking into the skies at night and wonder what they may be seeing, and how to tell the difference between regular stars and what are these orbs. I've noticed, since the nights have gotten a little bit lighter here, that generally you don't see stars while it's still twilight.
Sherry: Right. And that's when they start moving into position.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: The alien starships start moving in right at dusk.
Caller: Right, it's dusk and the sky is still twilight. You generally do not see stars, especially tonight. It's basically a full moon...close to it. That moon is so bright -- and that's another comment I'd like to make about the brightness of the moon, but it's so bright that there are no other stars out there. It's like it's twilight and there are a couple of these orbs out there.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: This is easy for people to see if they would just take a few moments if they chose to.
Sherry: Yeah, if they bothered to look up and figure out that's not a real star. It's too low to the earth. It's too close. It's out too early. And what's that one that's turning yellow and red [laughs]?
Caller: Yeah. And doing the little blinkie-blink thing.
Sherry: Yeah [laughs].
Caller: It's very strange. I've been seeing this for a couple years now. This is nothing new to me. I'm not amazed by it anymore, but I know there are folks out there who would really like to be able to see these things. And they're not that difficult to discern.
Sherry: Right. I mean, the novelty wears off real quick. My kids even get bored by it. "Oh, there's another UFO. There's a starship, Mom." [laughs]
The Moon Seems Very Bright and the Sun Seems Whiter
Caller: Something that really catches your eye. The other thing about the moon. I've noticed this for about two years. And with you sharing the idea and the understanding that there is a second sun, I've noticed for two years that the sun and the way it rises and sets and shines on things is different, to my perception, not necessarily to others. But I've noticed in the last year, that even when the moon is only partially present...coming to full moon, it's very bright if the sky is clear.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: Very bright. And I would probably think that that's a reflection of this extra light from this other shining sun.
Sherry: That's an idea. What do you think about this white sun instead of a yellow one?
Caller: Uh...I don't know...
Sherry: Doesn't it seem like a white to you at times? Have you noticed that?
Caller: Well, there is a difference, completely, from me. Since last summer and this summer is...this summer is coming on, the light from the sun is different to me.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: It's much whiter or shimmering light when I look at things. It's a bit of a spiritual brightness to things. It's sometimes a little too much for my eyes to take, but it's not uncomfortable.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: But there is a difference. There is a difference. And I do believe that Yahweh is coming. So, I just wanted to share those couple ideas with you and check in as one of the Hockey Puck Brothers. I've been waiting to talk to you for a while...
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: ...and it's been difficult, on my computer, to do this. And since you switched to BlogTalkRadio it's, uh, I got through tonight [laughs]. So, God bless you and your family.
Sherry: Yeah, it's moody, isn't it?
Caller: Huh?
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Have a good night, Sherry.
Sherry: You too.
Caller: Bless you.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.
Do You Have Any Insight on the Annunaki That Other People May Not Have?
Sherry: I think I found Alan again. Hello, Alan.
Caller: Hey. Yeah, I got cut off a cell phone, sorry.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: Is there any way you can tell me about the return of the Annunaki, specifically? Or about the Annunaki...if you have any insight on it that other people may not.
Sherry: Well, I find it interesting that they -- I'm seeing in the Bible Codes that they're kind of over by Israel right now. And people are waiting for Nibiru to come. Nibiru's here. Maybe not the literally planet itself, but all of the pods have left it -- the inhabitants -- and they're circulating above the Middle East right now. They're over there. They're dominating the skies of Israel. Where we have the Buffalo and Bison over here, even probably the Bears, all the Giants seem to be over in Israel right now. So, very interesting.
Do You Feel That Nibiru Is Wormwood?
Caller: OK. Do you feel that Nibiru's an actual planet that's gonna be inbound? Like it -- that it's Wormwood or something like that?
Sherry: I think it could be Wormwood. I think we're looking at the same kind of object. Because I see Nibiru crashing and, well, we know Wormwood crashes. Because it crashes into the water, under the earth and a third of the waters become poison.
Caller: Yes.
Sherry: And so they very well could be the same object, and comets are just -- they're like airplanes. They're like habitations. They're carriers. That's what I see in the Bible Codes; they're carriers. They carry these fallen angels around. And so, very well could be the same thing as Wormwood. But a lot of them have left. You know, they have their little escape pods, their little UFOs which are just pods, if you wanna call them that. And they're circling around Israel right now. They're up in the skies. There's a YouTube video showing about 55,000 of them.
Caller: Yeah, I saw that one. That's...that's pretty intense [laughs].
Sherry: And it's real. I don't know if the video itself is real, but the fact that they're over there is real.
Caller: So you feel that Wormwood's coming. We haven't seen it yet, but they're already here. The actually beings have arrived.
Sherry: Yeah, the actual beings from Nibiru are here. And so, you know, whatever else they wanna do. If there's still more on there that have to be let out, or whatever, so be it, but they're here. There was one, uh, that guy on Daniel Ott's show a couple weeks ago, a Lieutenant Colonel, said that the one landed in the desert and met with the Israeli military and he was 19-feet tall.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And I've warned they're big, and, you know what? You've just gotta get some Super Soakers [water guns] that can [laughs] shoot that far. And [laughs] I've been telling army people, telling them how to make orgone water, how to protect themselves against the coming Giants and alien invasions and stuff. And so, people have gotta get that orgone water made and get ready.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Because they're not our friends. They're not coming as friendly beings. They wanna eat humans. They wanna destroy.
What Do You Make of Phobos and Deimos?
Caller: Yeah. You've got in the Book of Enoch and all throughout the word, if you understand the next level of Jeremiah and Nahum and stuff like that that they come to maul and destroy and eat and do more even horrific things to certain people. Yeah, they're nothing but pure wickedness. What do you make of Phobos and Deimos [the moons of Mars]?
Sherry: The moons?
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: That the moons of Saturn?
Caller: Jupiter, I think.
Sherry: Jupiter?
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Uh, I don't really have any thoughts on them.
Caller: OK. Buzz Aldrin was on television saying that there's a monolith that they found. So he's the second guy on the moon, the astronaut, and he said that (on TV) that there's a monolith they found that God put there [laughs].
Sherry: Well, you know what? They inhabit the heavenlies. And the Bible says they inhabit the first and second heavens. So all these moons and planets and stars, they live on them.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And so, that's their habitations. That's where they live. All of them are hollow.
What Do You Think Our First Tactic Should Be When The Aliens Arrive?
Caller: When this thing actually goes down, you think the orgone will work? What do you think the first tactic should be? That you should just flee from them, or... When they actually arrive.
Sherry: Well, where you gonna go? I mean, they're just gonna be everywhere. They're gonna find you. You're gonna leave. If you're stacking up and stockpiling food and water, and you're leaving, you gonna take that with you? So you're just gonna starve on the run. I say just dig in and get ready to defend your property that you have. Unless you're in the city. If you're in the city, you gotta get out. Gotta get out of the cities, folks.
Caller: Hmm.
Sherry: And so I would be planning on it, if I lived in the city to be able to take backpacks and run to the mountains.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: Well, you've gotta -- you know what? Orgone water. You don't need physical guns with bullets because they don't kill fourth-dimension beings. Orgone water will. It's a dimensional weapon. And so something very basic and simple. And you can take an orgone puck and stick it in a bucket of water for a day and let it saturate good, and you've got orgone water. And THAT'S what will destroy them. And so, very simple weapons the Lord's given us in these last days.
Do You Believe That Cain Was the First Reptilian?
Caller: Do you believe that Cain was the first Reptilian?
Sherry: Uh, [sighs] well... I don't know what he...
Caller: Sort of earthly one.
Sherry: Well, Satan was the one that was cursed. I mean...
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: He was the Snake. He was the Reptilian. And so Cain was basically a hybrid.
Caller: Yeah, the first hybrid Reptilian. So do you think that those are like hyperdimensional beings? Like because we know that they're spirits. I'm sure of that because he died and spirits are eternal. But can they manifest in the physical as well?
Can the Reptilians Manifest In the Physical?
Sherry: They will be because when the curtain's lifted, we're gonna see them all as they are.
Caller: [laughs]
Sherry: The partition between the third and fourth dimensions is gonna be lifted.
Caller: Do you see that from the Codes?
Sherry: That's in the Bible.
Caller: I was gonna comment, it seems that that's the only way the everything kind of really makes sense. This war and everything's happening. Seems like everything has to be in the physical.
Sherry: Well, I certainly see it in the Codes.
Caller: OK.
Sherry: Yeah. I see it in the Codes and I think you're gonna see it in this Midwestern region first. This area over Ohio and PA and Indiana. Right over through here. Because we've done so much work with the orgone here that it's just blasted the atmosphere so much that it's ripping the partition above us. And so, I think it's gonna happen here first.
Caller: Well, OK, thank you.
Sherry: All right.
Caller: OK, bye.
Sherry: Thanks for calling in. All right. Bye-bye.
Yeah. You know what, folks? The Annunaki, Bears, the Buffalos. So many different factions that are coming. And it'll be interesting to see what the Annunaki are gonna appear as because we know them as the former long-neck Egyptians. And so it'll be interesting to see if they come as Egyptian-looking beings or more like the Philistine types. I've seen that in the Bible Codes as well, the Philistines, where you would just have these huge Goliaths coming to the earth. And so it's all gonna be very interesting.
Now the Bears...I think that's pretty self-explanatory. We're gonna have a bunch of Bigfoots, Chewies (if you watch the Star Wars series). Have a bunch of Chewies flying around. The Buffalo and Bison, not literally buffalo. They're tall Greys, but they manufacture human bodies so that they can look like humanoids. And so, when they finally do get here, I would expect the ones who claim to be Ascended Masters, I would expect them to look like humanoid-type beings. Like Maitreya passes himself off as and Sananda and this whole Ashtar Command. Because they are Buffalo. This Ashtar Command. But those are manufactured bodies. And they admit to them being manufactured bodies. And when they don't have a humanoid body, they look like tall Greys. And so, very interesting.
Is the First Group of 144,000 Going to Consist of Kids or of the Spiritually Mature?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Well, we could do this all night [laughs].
Caller: Hello? You hear me?
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: Hello, do you hear me?
Sherry: [laughs] Where you calling from?
Caller: I'm calling from Brooklyn, New York.
Sherry: All right! Brooklyn.
Caller: I believe last week you said that you seen Yahushua holding some device waiting to write His name in the 144,000's heads?
Sherry: Right.
Caller: I was wondering, is this group gonna consist of like young people, like kids, or have to be spiritually mature?
Sherry: You know what? What he considers His own, isn't what we consider. I think we'll be surprised at some of the people that He marks as His own as the first 144,000. And so, you know, it's gonna be old people, it's gonna be young people, it's gonna be kids, men, women. I would think kids of a mature age which is what? In the Bible...14 and up? And so, you know what? I, I -- you know. It's up to Him.
Has Yahushua Already Written His Name on Them, or Is He about To?
Caller: You said He already written them, or He about to?
Sherry: I said He's about to. I see it coming up in the Codes. I see it coming up as an event that'll be happening. So, something to look forward to.
Caller: OK. That's all I want to know. Thank you and Yah bless.
Sherry: OK. Yah bless.
I know the Pentecostals have been going around for years preaching that people have already been marked and blah, blah, blah. That just isn't true.
I Want to Know Why You're Saying Joseph Marciani Is a Name Collector
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence] Well, let's see if I can try this again...
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello, caller.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hey!
Caller: Hey, Sherry. It's John, again, from California.
Sherry: Hey, John.
Caller: I was asking you about Joseph Marciani. You told me he was a name collector and I wanna know why you're saying that because I talked to him and...I don't know.
Sherry: I told you not to talk to people that're just government people. And I'm not giving you anymore info because I'm not giving up sources and names and things. And so you're just becoming a real pain in the butt.
Caller: I'm sorry, Sherry. I mean...
Sherry: So just stop it because I'm not gonna tell you anything else. [Sherry disconnects from the caller.]
He's probably...the person himself.
I Found You Three Weeks Ago and I'm Really Excited about All This
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence]
[caller says hello the same moment as Sherry]
Sherry: I don't know. This person doesn't want on...hello? Keeps hanging up on... Some people just like to sit on [the phone] line and catch the show. And then it just messes up...me [laughs]. Don't know if they're doing it to me on purpose or what...hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello...Sherry...
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hey, Sherry, it's Charlie in Secane, Pennsylvania.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: Oh, yeah, Sherry, I've been listening to you. I found you three weeks ago. I downloaded your archives. I've been listening to your callers. I joined Faction 4 [Orgone Warriors]. Sorry, I'm really excited about this. You know?
Sherry: [laughs]
How Much Time Do We Have Left?
Caller: I got some pendants off of Anne. I ordered a couple of Liberty Blasters [orgone with a gold Liberty coin inside for more power]. You know? They're on their way. Sherry, how much time do we have left!? I feel like, um, geez...I wish I had known about this at least months ago! Maybe a couple of weeks at least!
Sherry: We could have one day, we could have four months, you know?
Caller: [sighs] Yeah...
Sherry: So, we don't know. He's above our heads. He's ready to roll. We're all wanting Him to, very much so. Especially us that have been sitting here waiting for years and just...the endless war...
Caller: Oh, man [sighs]...you know...
Sherry: ...and now we can see the light, you know. And it's like, "Oh, I just wanna go home." You know.
Caller: Yeah...oh, man [sighs]...
I'm Feel Like I'm One of the People Waking Up Late
Sherry: So just do what you can with the time you've got left, you know. People are waking up late.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: A lot of people waking up late.
Caller: Yeah, yeah. I feel like I'm one of the late ones. I just wish I knew about this a long time ago, you know. But, you know, Yahweh, you know, seems to, you know...for some reason He works always in the nick of time, at the last minute in my life, you know what I'm sayiing? And I try to wake up people, you know, and the look at me like I got three heads.
Sherry: Yeah, well, I've been dealing with that for about twenty years, so [laughs].
Caller: Yeah. So now I'm trying to, you know, say what I can to my family...
Sherry: When you've got twenty years under your belt, you can complain [laughs].
Caller: Yeah [laughs]. Yeah. I just hope we have at least -- it would be great if we got to the end of June. You know, because...
I Didn't Even Know about the Vaccines
Sherry: Oh, I 'm sure -- you know, I'm hoping just to be gone by September so I don't have to deal with this vaccination school thing with my kids.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Pulling my kids out of school, you know, and all that and having to go through that. Because there's no way I can get those satanic vaccines, and so.
Caller: No, no, no...you know...oh, my...
Sherry: I would just pull my kids out of school.
Caller: You know, I didn't even know about the vaccines. Let me tell you something, you know. My son developed a...well...oh, God, this is such a bizarre story. I, you know, I might take up a lot of radio time if I tell you what's going on.
Sherry: I've got about four minutes.
Caller: Oh! All right...well...then you better move on to the next caller because...
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: ...all right. Thank you so much, you know. And Yah bless, you know, Faction 4 and Orgone Warriors, you know?
Sherry: All right. Well, good to see another Warrior standing up even though, you know -- hey, it's never too late...till He takes us home.
Caller: Oh, OK. Yeah. All right.
Sherry: All right.
Caller: All right. Thank you, Sherry.
Sherry: All right, thanks for calling in. Yah bless.
Caller: All right.
What the Hell Is Going on with the Zombies?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello?
Caller: Sherry!
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Oh, what's up, what's up? I'm [name inaudible] from Jersey. I'm just calling. I've have a question about zombies and NOBODY'S answering any of my questions. I just want to know what the hell's going on.
Sherry: Well [sighs], apparently, some of these H1N1 virus -- the vaccinations...were tainted with the zombie virus, and so...
Caller: Oh...
Sherry: Yeah. And so, people CAN die and be reanimated -- it's a virus, it's in these vaccines -- and come back as zombies. And so, the government keeps quiet. Any kind of attacks, or reanimations (what they call them). Something I've been seeing in the Codes that raised MY eyebrows was the whole thing about zombieism and reanimation. And so, the Lord had me make that video How to Kill Zombies. And how to make orgone water. And this is stuff that's coming up. People don't want to have to deal with it, but it's coming up.
Caller: Yeah. It works hand-in-hand with the vaccine program they got going on, right?
Sherry: Yep! And you know what's interesting is Russia's answer to zombies was to nuke whole towns and villages. And, you know what? The Lord's answer is just orgone water, and so [laughs].
Caller: All right.
Sherry: Apparently, this whole zombie thing has never been dead, has never just been Hollywood fiction like we've all assumed it was. It's been going on throughout time. There has been periods where people have come back to life as zombies. And that there has been zombie attacks.
Are They Trying to Break Our DNA Down to Cause De-Evolution?
Caller: It's like a demise...like de-evolution, right?
Sherry: What's that?
Caller: It's like a demise. Like, they're trying to break the DNA down so they can, like, de-evolution, you know?
Sherry: Yeah. Well, you know what? Zombieism is just a possession. It's like the person's soul is gone, its spirit's gone, they're dead, and a demon just reanimates that body and brings it back to life...
Caller: Uh-huh. Oh, all right. All right, that's all. Thank you.
Sherry: All right. Have a good night.
Caller: Bye.
Sherry: Thanks for calling in. All right, bye-bye.
The Zombie Pandemic Is Still Looming Ahead for the Fall Months
Yeah, folks. We've got a whole zombie pandemic that's still looming ahead. And so, I see that more for the Fall months, but you know what? Things get delayed. Things get accelerated. And so, really, time is irrelevant. Like when I try to pinpoint times for when the Lord might be taking home His elect, I get every month up till September and so [laughs]. I can see May...June...July...August...September [laughs]. It's almost like time is irrelevant and everything is just, you know, can happen at anytime based on actions and reactions and then what the Lord Himself wants to do. You know, He's always acted against, and reacted against, Satan's plans on Earth and so.
The Lord May Have the Elect Sit Here Until They Get Enough Orgone Out
Interesting that part of the things that I've seen that were required to happen before the elect were taken off the earth was, you see "prescript" and "preplanned." Some of these event being that the Orgone Warriors would have the country and the earth saturated with orgone. We've done a lot of work over the last six, seven years. We need support in being able to continue. Especially in the next few months, just -- you know what? The summer...it's time to get busy. We need a lot of funding to be able to buy pipes and the supplies we need. We need vehicles. Plenty of people not working, so people that are willing to go out and do missions. But we need to be able to fund them and get the supplies that they need to go on their missions. We need money, folks. We need huge donations. Really only up until September probably we'll have the time. Because we're gonna be facing FEMA. We're gonna be facing marial law, internment camps, all that kind of thing.
We need to get orgone out right now. NOW. And it's the one thing that aggravates and kills and destroys these fourth dimension beings, these giants that are coming. And we need to get FEMA camps saturated with the orgone. We need to get railroads saturated with orgone. Internment camps. Facilities of all kinds, everywhere. Our water supplies with orgone because fourth-dimensional beings have to survive off water as well. And if it's orgoned water it destroys them, it hurts them, it kills them. And so, we just need a lot of funding right now, folks, so we can get busy with the few months we have left on this earth, and go out with a literal bang knowing we've done everything that the Lord asked us to do. Or He may just have us sit here for a while longer and we all have to go through all this because we don't have our work done. And so, let's get our work done. Let's get the orgone out there. And, I need your funding and your help so that we can get this done.
Please Send Funding for Orgone Supplies and Missions
And you can send donations to my -- address is on the radio site SherryTalkRadio.com or you can go to OrgoneBlasters.com. But we just need a lot of funding right now, your donations, so we can get the last bit of our exploits on Earth done before He takes the elect off of the earth.
Anyway, I'll be back on Thursday 1 o'clock for Aliens in the News. I'll see you then, folks.