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Monday with Sherry Shriner
May 31st, 2010

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Wet Weather These Days
And hello everybody welcome to the show, you're live, it's Monday night with Sherry Shriner. May 31st 2010. If you have a question for the show you can call in 877-245-5648.
Iíve been busy this week, just getting into the codes and getting stuff done. I think this is the first week weíve had without rain. And now Iím looking at another week, all this week, with rain. So, I donít know about you, weíre getting drenched here in Ohio , with all this rain. A lot of other states looking at other catastrophes, and I think Monday, today starts the hurricane season. So, it should be interesting.
Every Day Past July 1st That's Normal Is a Blessing from The Most High
I sent out a couple of warnings that I read, that kind ofÖ I always send out things that kind of make my eyebrows curl, like things Iíve seen in the codes, things that go along with -- along the lines of things that Iíve seen myself. You know, I warned last year that every day past July 1st, that was normal, would be a blessing from The Most High. Really looking significant for this year, I know last year we were looking at delays, and even this year so far Iíve seen delays already. Just with the second sun arrival, events that were to happen shortly after it arrived have been delayed. One of the things that cracked me up seeing was "Shriner, unconcerned", totally unconcerned about delays, because just getting work done, just getting these last-minute things done, the HE wants us to do on earth.
When We're Slow in Getting the Lord's Work Done, We Delay Things Ourselves
I find it interesting that in June and July, those particular months that we're just seeing "completed, accomplished." So, whatever work weíve had to do to get done, and we can blame ourselves most of the time probably, because, the Lord needs work done and when we donít do it, and weíre slow, we delay things ourselves. So, not only just derision in the enemyís camps, Satanís forces always in derision, but the Lordís people just not getting things done quick enough.
National Guard Units Being Activated and Foreign Troops and Equipment Coming In
One of the things that I sent out was a warning that was sent out that the government had started activating National Guard units in Georgia , Minnesota , Kansas , Alabama , and Texas . Also, that boat loads of Russians have been arriving in San Diego , the naval base in San Diego . Weíve been looking at them bringing in Chinese and Russian equipment for years, since the 1990ís, almost 20 years. Theyíve been bringing in Russian and Chinese equipment over the borders, being dispersed throughout our government, military camps, and facilities across the United States . But the one thing that makes your eyebrows rise is the fact that they arenít bringing in troops to man all this equipment theyíve been bringing in.
Interesting that kind of goes along with the timeline of what Iíve always seen as July for any kind of real military action here in America . Interesting that I was reading somewhere that they were going to have foreign troops stationed every 500 miles across our country. You wonder if thatís going along with our government and Barack Obama agreeing to a timetable for a UN gun ban.
They're Going to Outlaw Guns in America
We know that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been working with the United Nations on other agreements to take and steal your guns away. So, theyíre supposed to be meetingÖIf I was reading right, the Illuminati is going to be meeting again this summer, and I havenít seen them announce exactly where that is going to be. I know last year it was in Pittsburg , and we got there ahead of time and just loaded that place with orgone. So what we need to do again is find out exactly where this next alien Illuminati meeting is going to be so we can load it up with orgone and give them a nice welcome party. Because theyíre going to have more arms trade treaty conferences.
Basically what this means is itís going to happen, is not an if, but when. You can fight this with petitions and politics all you want to, but itís going to happen. Theyíre going to outlaw small guns in America . Your rifles, your handguns, any kinds of means of protecting yourself, theyíre going to outlaw it. Thatís exactly where weíre headed. They could be using these foreign troops to come confiscate your guns. In fact, Obama had agreed with Interpol, to bring in Interpol troops who wouldnít answer to the United States Government, and probably one of the things that they would be doing is go house to house for gun confiscations. You canít show anywhere in the Constitution of America where it authorizes foreign troops to have authority over you as an American citizen. So we are at war folks, they are declaring war on the American public and against our constitution by these illegal and treasonous legislative acts.
Time to Hit the Road, Go Hide, and We'll Have 200 Million Snipers to Take Out Foreign Troops
Our government, Obama, bringing in all these military troops. Itís not time to hand in your guns, itís time to just hit the road, go hide and weíll have 200 million snipers across the United States taking out these foreign troops, thatís exactly what needs to happen. Do not give up your guns, when you give up your guns, it just makes them easier to finish their enslavement and conquest of America . Thatís exactly what theyíre going to do. Theyíve already proven that taking people's guns doesnít lower crime rate. Then all the criminals have guns and all the decent people donít have a way of protecting themselves against the criminals. It doesnít lower crime rates, in fact, crime rates go up. If you want to look at an example, look at Australia and England , theyíve been de-armed, and now theyíre just sitting ducks as victims to the animals and criminals that are running those countries.
Bearing arms is a God given right, a right to protect yourself. You know, if that doesnít wake people up, I donít know what will. Certainly nothing else has worked. Maybe this will be it, maybe this will be the impetus that wakes up the American public, when they start coming for your guns, because theyíre going to ban the trade and sale and private ownership, not of just semiautomatic weapons, but everything, full-scale gun confiscation folks. Itís exactly whatís coming.
Most of the Military, Except for the Higher-Ups, Don't Even Know What's Going On
We got UN troops, the Russian troops arriving. French and British arriving. I think I read that up in Fort Louis, Washington British SAS troops and French troops being seen there. Chinese troops will be arriving. This is going to be a whole consortium of foreign troops on American soil and right now hiding on American bases. I find it interesting, that most of the military, except for the higher-ups, donít even know whatís going on. They donít know why the troops are here, they donít know what theyíre doing, theyíre not being told anything. This ought to raise red flags, your government is working in secret. Because what exactly they intend to do, is to subdue our own military so they can take over our own country. Weíre at war folks, theyíre attacking us. They do it in subtle ways so people donít know, people stay asleep to whatís going on.
Anyway, let me take a question from a caller to see whatís going on. Been sitting in the line for a long time.
Caller on Line, but No Response
Sherry: Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: [Silence in the line]
Sherry: Hello caller.
Caller: [Silence in the line]
Sherry: Alright, Iím not hearing anything. Whatís going on, hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: [Silence in the line]
Sherry: Well, then. Am I being messed with tonight? Címon, not already! Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: [Silence in the line]
Sherry: Hello caller.
Caller: [Silence in the line]
[laughs] Yeah, itís going to be one of those nights, I can tell. If you have a question for the show 1-877-245-5648. If I canít get you through, just call back, and Iíll try to patch you through to the main board, because sometimes everything just goes in limbo, which is pretty typical [laughs] for one of my radio shows. You know, they donít want to let anybody wake up, you know, they donít want people getting info.
The Lucifer Project and the Ascended Masters
Some people try to discredit the second sun and talking about the Lucifer Project and the sun dogs. Folks, the Lucifer Project is to blow up Saturn or Jupiter, and theyíve already tried Jupiter. Now their thing again is to blow up Saturn, and create a second star or second sun as you might say, to mimic the star of Bethlehem . Kind of getting all ready for the show of the arrival of the Ascended Masters to earth, and Iíve been telling you for 10 years when they arrive it will most likely be the month of September, that Maitreya could arrive before then. But that the big show, the dominant month in the codes, and always has been is September of whatever year, this year, next year, I canít even begin to pin a year, of this year or next year. I can just tell you that September is dominant, and a lot of things are going to be happening all at once when they do happen. But what we can pretty much see in America is Obama finishing off destroying the economy, thatís on the agenda. So the dollar is going to tank, also, confiscating arms in America . These are things just around the corner, and forced vaccinations.
How Do I Wake Up My Family and Friends?
Sherry: Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: Sherry.
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: [laughs] Hello caller.
Caller: Yes ma'am.
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: Yes maíam. Iíve been listening to you for a long while and I have a question. How do I wake up my family and my friends? ĎCause no one believes me, everyone thinks Iím crazy about this Maitreya stuff. I'm into the economics of it all. Not many people want to store food or medicine and everyone thinks Iím crazy. What do I do? Iím basically getting ready to just give up on my family and just try to do it alone.
Sherry: You know, thatís just what a lot of people have to do. Because so many people prefer to just keep their head stuck in the sand, they believe the rapture is going to come, or they think Godís going to take care of us, when He's telling them to stock up and store and they are not listening. So theyíre not listening to Him as Heís trying to take care of them, they just ignore Him. They just think all these supernatural things are going to happen and theyíre not going to have a worry in the world, and thatís not what the Lord tells us. You know what, just send them emails, try to drop seeds here and there, but just get busy for yourself, protect yourself, protect your immediate loved ones, your kids, your wife, whatever. All you can do is just plant seeds, thatís how Iíve done it for years. You can't fight with them, you canít argue it, youíd just go nowhere with that part.
Caller: OK, itís just that I feel that about doing that because itís like, these are my friends, these are my people that are under my protection.
Sherry: Yeah, you know what, we all do, we all do, we all can name a whole list of family and friends that wonít listen to what weíre saying and think weíre crazy. So, you know what, you just got to get busy and start stocking up and preparing and ask the Lord to remove the blinders off their eyes so they can see whatís going on. You know, just put it in His hands.
Caller: OK, thank you very much maíam. God bless.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
What Insight Do You Have on the Reptilians?
Sherry: Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: Hi, this is Alan calling from Canada . I was wondering if you could comment on the reptilians, their return, their weapons, spiritual weapons, crafts, just stuff like that, what insight you have on that?
Sherry: Well, basically thereís two different types of giants that weíre going to be dealing with, let alone the ascended masters. You have the annunaki and the nephillim. The Nephillim are Philistines, theyíre huge humanoids, 15, 19-feet tall, 20-feet tall, and then you have the ascended master branch, the Buffalo who have these elongated old Egyptian-style heads. Do you remember seeing pictures of those with the eggheads? I often see in the bible codes Maitreya referred to as an egghead, and he wears a turban to hide his egghead. So, yes, different types of beings that are coming.
I think I just lost him, are you still on the air?
Caller: [Silence]
Switchboard Goes Dead
Sherry: Yeah, I just lost everybody. So typical. Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: Hello caller.
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: Yeah, you know what? [laughs] Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: My entire switchboard just went dead. You know all these callers, just call back guys. Hello caller youíre on the air.
Caller: [Scrambled almost inaudible signal]
Sherry: Hello caller.
Caller: [Scrambled almost inaudible signal]
Sherry: You guys just want to call in and sit on the lines, thatís not going to happen, Iím just going to boot you off the line. Hello caller youíre on the air.
Is Cain an Actual Reptilian?
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: yes.
Caller: Yes, Alan calling back. Bizarre, I never get cut off my cell phone, but whenever I call your show [laughs] I get cut off.
Sherry: My whole switchboard just went blank. Everybody got booted off at the same time.
Caller: Wow, I just wanted to see if you could comment, do you believe in reptilians like Cainís seed, was heÖ Is he an actual reptilian now?
Sherry: Oh, the Cainite seed, because of the hybrids? You know what? Thatís really good info, the Canaanites, the Cainites all being Cain's seed. You know what, it's probably closer to the truth than anything we've been told in the churches today.
Caller: This used to be like out of Genesis 3, it seems to be different than the nephillim, it seems to be like a, maybe like some type of a reptilian or something.
Sherry: Well, you know what, he was still born from Eve, so he was a hybrid line, he was a hybrid.
Do You Think the Nephilim Are Returning?
Caller: Do you think that theyíre returning, in all this? orÖ.
Sherry: What happened is that when these children, these hybrids died, their spirits became what we know as demons.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: So, theyíre the demons that roam the earth today. Thereís a difference between demons and fallen angels, demons and aliens, theyíre not the same things. If you read the first 10 chapters of Enoch, it will tell you more than the churches ever have about exactly how satanís rank and order/file, is in his kingdom.
Do You Believe in a Physical Return of the Nephilim?
Caller: But you believe in a physical return of the nephillim, right?
Sherry: Oh, yes. Theyíre already here.
Caller: Do you think the reptilians could come back physically or...?
Sherry: Oh, yeah. Theyíre already here, theyíre soul-scalping our politicians and working as humans on earth. In the bible codes you see them as domesticating all the time, thatís exactly whatís happening, theyíre becoming humans, theyíre becoming as us, and [inaudible] in society.
Caller: That seed, that hybrid seed is already half the earth, yeah?
Sherry: Oh, you know what? Theyíve been abducting pregnant women for years and impregnating them with hybrids. I heard that people with Rh negative blood donít even know who theyíre fathers are because a lot of people, a lot of adopted kids who donít know who their parents are, are actually hybrid experiments between those abducted women.
If Cain Was 50/50, What Do You Think the People Are Now?
Caller: You think that if Cain was 50/50, what to do you think the people are now?
Sherry: I would hate toÖYou know, weíve had how many years now? Six thousand years of blood contamination. You know? And itís not a blood thing, itís a heart thing. Anybody who loves the Lord is His, regardless of what kind of blood you have, regardless what kind of skin color you have. Itís a heart thing, itís not a legalistic Jewish Israelite thing as it was in the Old Testament times, is not a tribe thing, or a blood thing. It's just a heart thing. So people would always freak out about their generational lines and what kind of blood they have. It doesnít matter.
You Say That You Can Tell Them by Their Eyes Mostly?
Caller: You say that you can tell them by their eyes mostly, eh?
Sherry: Yeah, you know what, if you look at their eyes, some of them have that wide awake look, that Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi look, where it looks like their eyes are going to pop out of their heads?
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: Other times they have the snake slit eyes, look at their pupils and they turn into snake slits. Look at how they act around you, if they look at you and they all of the sudden look completely agitated and annoyed because they see the Lordís light in your eyes, or you have an orgone pendant on and it repulses them.
Caller: Mm-hmm.
Sherry: So itís very interesting how they relate to you. When theyíre around the Lordís people.
Have You Seen Anything in the Bible Codes about Hybrid Super Soldiers?
Caller: Yeah, the Holy Spirit. Have you seen anything in the bible codes about hybrid super soldiers in America in the near future at all?
Sherry: Well, theyíve been doing that in Fort Bragg, in North Carolina for a long time, trying to create the super soldiers, where half-man, half-machine, the chip-implanted and controlled. Or building these cyborg things and then trying to put a human soul inside of them, a trapped human soul inside of them and stuff. You read about different experiments. Theyíre just running loose and rampant with their technology right now, they just donít stop at anything right now. Theyíre trying to play God, create all different types of beings, so itís just getting more rampant now.
Caller: Yeah, the more I look at this thing the more I see that even no matter how many science fiction movies youíve seen, or how great your imagination is, youíre still not going to be able to comprehend it when it all shows up.
Sherry: Yeah. [laughs] Whatís fiction about fiction?
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Itís always just truth in a fiction format. And another thing they do is just throw in some drama with love story garbage lines and stuff like that, and everything else is just the real deal. Theyíre revealing a lot of truth in a lot of these movies theyíre showing.
Do You Think Yahushua Forces Them to Show What They're Doing?
Caller: Do you think that they have to show it, you think Yahushua forces them to show what theyíre going to do first, or do you think they just get off on it like some type of sadistic joke? They're trying to acclimatize us?
Sherry: Itís both, because they have to reveal their plans. And another thing with the secret societies is that they believe if they reveal their plans they get extra strength from that, extra loosh. So mankind isnít innocent, because they can always say "Hey, we showed you what our plans were, we told you what we were doing, how many videos, how many movies did we come out with revealing our plans and you wouldnít believe us?"
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: The Lordís people, too. We havenít done anything in secret from them, our war against them has been out in the open and wide open, so we can always say "hey, youíre the one who thought it was a joke". We were been busy getting orgone around the world. We donít do anything in secret either, so.
I Saw a Bionic Hornet with a Little Syringe for a Nose
Caller: Yeah, Iíve seen a pretty interesting thing on the internet, itís called a bionic hornet, and Israel made it, and it's an actual, like functioning, recreated being. Itís the size of a hornet, itís bionic, itís got a little syringe for its nose, looks exactly like a syringeÖ
Sherry: Yeah. [laughs].
Caller: Oh,man! This little like, bionic thing that can fly around and inject everybody with stuff, itís freaky. Itís called a bionic hornet on the internet.
Sherry: Huh! I wouldnít doubt it.
Caller: Ok, Iíll let you go, thank you very much.
Sherry: Alright, thanks for calling in.
Caller: All right.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
I Think You've Got Probably a Month or Two to Prepare
If you have a question for the show you can call in at 1-877-245-5648 or send an email to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I canít get in to the chat room tonight, so I canít jump in and see whatís going on. Itís always typical, canít get in the chat rooms Ďtil after the show. Maybe about a half hour after the show I can get into the chat room of blogtalkradio and itís kind of aggravating. So you can just send a question to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com or call in. Seems to be pretty quiet tonight, I know everybody is out celebrating Memorial Day. I know I had a very busy day just with the kids.
You know a lot of interesting stuff coming up folks, but I think you got probably a month to two months. Get some last-minute preparations in, food, medicine, things like that. Because if theyíre bringing in foreign troops now, itís going to take them a month or two just to process all these troops, get them where they want. Theyíre not going to bring in boat loads of Russian and Chinese troops and then have them on the streets the next day. The military doesnít work that quick, itís going to take them at least a month or two to get them activated to do what theyíre supposed to be doing while theyíre here, so, you may have about another month.
Have You Heard of Anything Going on in Rhode Island?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hi, Sherry. It's Dottie. How ya doing?
Sherry: Good. How are you?
Caller: Oh, not bad. Listen, there's some crazy stuff going on in our skies over here in Rhode Island. I don't know if you've heard of anything going on lately. Have you heard of anything?
Sherry: You know what? My skies have been blue with big white puffy clouds. And so [laughs]. I've been amazed at how quiet it's been because there have been no chemtrail planes.
Caller: The other night, they warned us about thunderstorms and lightning. I didn't think anything of it. I had to go out really late. And along the highway, 95, all I could see were these clouds. Deep, deep gray clouds. Not normal-looking clouds. They've been doing that a lot around this area so we can't see the sun and so we can't see anything going on.
Sherry: Right. They do that here. They hide the sun with extreme clouding.
What's That Smell?
Caller: Constantly. So, all I could see was this light. And the light stayed on for a really long period of time. I've never seen lightning react this way. There was some kind of electrical discharge. But I don't believe that it was lightning because it stayed on for a really long period of time. And this went on for a half hour before you could even hear any thunder and lightning. It was really strange. Makes me wonder what they were up to. And then today we have this really strong chemical smell throughout Rhode Island and into Massachusetts. And everybody kept saying to me, "What's that smell. What's that smell?" I pulled the kids in. I wouldn't let them even go out because it was so bad. I have no idea what that is either.
Sherry: Yeah, I've seen the state of Maine coming up in the Codes. Something's gonna be coming up with Maine, but I haven't been able to peg exactly what yet.
Caller: Hmm.
Sherry: ...targeting the upper east coast.
I Haven't Been Able to See the Second Sun at All
Caller: Yeah, there's a lot of weird stuff. I haven't been able to see the second sun at all. At all. Not at all.
Sherry: Well, nobody can see it. But what you can do is just point a camera at it and take a picture of the sun and it'll show up on the picture.
Caller: I haven't even been able to get that to show either.
Sherry: Oh, really?
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: Yeah. Because I don't even get to see the sunrise. It's rising more northeast now, and so it's back behind trees and I can't see it. Maybe on a sunset [laughs].
I Might Be Losing My Job This Week for Refuse Vaccinations at Work
Caller: Oh! I might be losing my job this week, too. I put that religious exemption in that's still on the books in the state of Rhode Island, and they told me last week that they weren't gonna accept it because it's the company's policy that you have to get the vaccinations. And I explained to them. I did all the research on the computer. I gave them all the information. So, I have a feeling I will get the ax this week. It's coming. It's coming.
Sherry: Let them fire you, because you collect unemployment.
Caller: Yeah, that's true, huh?
Sherry: You know, if you quit...
Caller: Well, I'm not gonna...
Sherry: ...you can't collect. But if they fire you, you can collect. And you know what? Almost, uh, what is it? Almost 21 million people are gonna lose their unemployment within the next month or two.
Caller: Yeah, that's scary too. You know, I've been seeing, on other sources, information on the Internet, that the month of June, the government, all of the banks, everything -- not just your information. I do check out other sources too and they're saying the same thing. Really bad. Really bad. Now I've warned people, you know, if you have stocks, you know, dump them, get rid of them because they said the stock market is doing so bad. If that's not a indicator, what is?
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: You know what I mean? What is?
They'll Probably Try to Prop the Economy Up Right Before It Bottoms Out
Sherry: They'll probably try to prop it up. They'll prop it up right before it bottoms out. That's usually what they end up doing. They'll try to make it look like it's coming back to life so they can dump all their stocks and the gullible buy up all their stocks, then they dump it, and so, they crash the market.
Caller: Over here in Rhode Island, the gas prices have gone down like 20 cents, 30 cents. And I'm saying to myself, "Whoa. Something's really up with that." I don't know. I guess I'm really suspicious [laughs].
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: [laughs] I don't trust anything anymore. But it's weird. I'm like, "OK. What are they gonna pull next? What's up?" You know?
Sherry: Yeah. You know, you just keep your eyes out for foreign vehicles and, you know, the silent invasion of the UN troops here in America. These things are coming and they're not gonna be stopped. It's not if, it's when. But anyway, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Yeah, you have a good night.
Sherry: All right. You too.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
I Can't Keep My Food Down
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Can you hear me, Sherry?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Oh! Hi! How you doing?
Sherry: Good. How are you?
Caller: Hi, I'm up in Michigan. I was calling concerning something that I'm seeing in your chat room. The first part of your show when you first came on. Someone in your chat room was talking about growing up having the urge to throw up their food, and, someone was saying, for maybe about a week or two or maybe even a month. I want you to let them know that I'm having that same problem. I don't know exactly what's going on, but that's happening to me too, where I can't keep my food down.
Sherry: You know what? You're eating poison! I've noticed that everytime I eat Pringles potato chips, I just want to throw up.
Caller: Yeah. Wow.
Sherry: It's not the flu -- I finally pinpointed it, everytime I eat Pringles, I don't care where I get it, I just want to throw up. And so, they're putting poisons in our food. And so, just pinpoint what it is you're eating that's making you sick. Because if you're not eating that and finally when it goes through your system and you feel fine again, then you know it's this food you're eating, you're ingesting, that's making you sick.
Caller: Yeah. I know it's something because I know I am very sensitive and I get sick real fast. They were talking about that.
Sherry: Yeah, I'm sensitive to poisons.
"Pastor Pat" Causing Derision in the Chat Room
Caller: Yeah. They're talking about that here in the chat room. And there's also another thing that I want to be brought over the radio. It's somebody in there named Pastor Pat. Let Pastor Pat know something here. He's saying that your show is a farce. Let this man know that if he claims -- he claims that he has the love of God in him. If he has the love of God in him, then he does not have any business on this chat room saying the things that he's saying right. And he needs to stop it!
Sherry: They're just enemies. Yeah. They just act like they're people of God when they're just government agents and New Age idiots. And they go in there to disrupt the chat room during the show. And then BlogTalkRadio blocks me out so I can't get in the chat room and kick these people out.
Caller: Well, I haven't been able to get in the chat room at all. I'm the one called Peace and I've got a percentage sign behind my name. I haven't been able to get in there at all...
Sherry: Right.
Caller: ...since I had my log-in or whatever. But I'm just looking and I'm seeing some stuff. And they're being harassed by this one guy named Pat.
Sherry: And it's probably the same people I kick out and they just get new names and go back in.
Caller: Humph! I believe it [laughs].
Sherry: That's how it is. You know, it's the same people. It's the same idiots. And I really get aggravated with BlogTalkRadio because, you know, this whole chat room thing is supposed to be part of what I'm paying for and I can't get in it, I can never get in it during shows.
Caller: Yeah, yeah. OK, well, let me let you go so you can go ahead on and speak. Because I definitely want you to speak about whatever it is that Yahweh wants you to talk about...
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: You have a good night.
Sherry: You too.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Thanks for Using My Videos on Your Site - I'm Honored
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello!
Caller: Hello! Sherry, can you hear me?
Sherry: Yeah! Pretty good.
Caller: Hey, how ya doing?
Sherry: Good. How are you?
Caller: I'm doing great. Hey I just want to thank you for the three videos that I made that's on your site. I really appreciate that.
Sherry: What's that?
Caller: The three videos -- I think it's the Watcher Files one. I really, really appreciate that. I'm honored. I think the three videos I'm talking about are the Concentration Camps in America Exposed, uh, one. The other one is Beware of the Deceiver Maitreya and Sananda. The other one is Maitreya's Miracle Star's Going to Crash.
Sherry: OK. I know who you are now [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] I'm a little nervous. Forgive me.
Sherry: That's OK.
Don't Give Up Trying to Wake Up Family and Friends
Caller: Yeah. And I just want to talk about something we're all going through; trying to wake up friends and family. For years I've been trying to wake up friends and family. I mean, with my own family, yeah, yeah. Like my own family, I'm still trying to talk to them. But my friends -- they used to say things like, "Oh!" They used to laugh about it. They used to say, "Oh, don't you think you're taking it a little bit too far?" But now they're the ones waking up people, warning people, stocking up. Me and my friend, Anthony, we've been getting flyers out for the last four days. They're helping me out with the orgone. It's amazing, so people, don't give up. Keep getting the info out there. You will be surprised who you wake up.
Sherry: Oh, yeah! Like I've said for years, just drop seeds and leave it in the Lord's hands. Because, eventually, they'll get it.
Caller: Oh...I've seen it with my own eyes.
Sherry: They'll remember something you've said. They'll remember something and it'll spark an awakening in them. So yeah, you know, I did that with my own family and friends. They know where my websites are. I'm not gonna argue what I believe. I've got twenty websites to show them what I believe [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] It's amazing!
Sherry: And so, you just trust the Lord. Put it in the Lord's hands and just drop seeds. Send them e-mails, even if they read them or not. And over time you'll just see, you know. The Lord'll reach them.
Caller: Yeah. I've seen that. It's amazing.
Sherry: I doubt we have a lot of time right now...
Caller: No, I don't think so either.
Sherry: ...but I think things are gonna happen to where people are gonna wake up real quick, and then they're gonna be in a scramble to hurry up and prepare and play catch up. People are doing that now.
Caller: And some people are like, "Oh, I'll prepare when it happens." It may be too late by then [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah. It will be.
Caller: Yeah, I know.
Sherry: You know, there's gonna be Chinese coming into your local towns and taking over your police departments. And you know what? Police departments are not going to be involved with what's coming down. They're gonna be replaced.
Caller: Exactly.
Sherry: And so, you know, just a lot of things happening that a LOT of people don't see coming. And it's gonna happen quickly.
People Have Got to Stop Watching Mainstream Media
Caller: I know. And the economy -- I'd like to comment on real quick. For years, yourself, I, many people been warning about the economy and now we are in the greatest economy crisis since the Great Depression. For example, I remember back in 2008, I had a gut feeling something was gonna happen with the economy in September of 2008. Check this out: There was a guy on YouTube -- and the intel...the intel on the Internet was showing it too -- there was a guy on YouTube. He was saying that there was people that were -- he didn't say who, but he said there was certain people warning him about something was gonna happen with the World Trade Center. And he's warning people, and they're, you know, they're laughing at him. And then 9/11 happens.
And he said the same people that were warning him about that, they told him that on September 15th of 2008 the economy was gonna crash. So now -- and what happened on September 15th? Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, and then, if you go onto YouTube and type in "how close we came to Great Depression II," a video's gonna come up with a guy that's on C-Span talking about how the whole economy almost completely collapsed and within 24 hours the world economies would've collapsed.
And one more thing, you know how we had a 1000-point drop? I mean, forever I'm telling people -- they're going, "Hey! The economy, it's going up. It's recoverying!" No, it's not. I mean, I've been telling people, "Don't be fooled by the Dow Jones." And then the economy drops a thousand points. It's unbelievable. People gotta stop watching the mainstream media.
Sherry: Well, you know, I was warning people back in September last year, that we're out of gold. There's no gold in any of our vaults.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: And so, the economy being propped up now, it's just imagination.
Caller: Yeah. They're holding up a sinking ship.
Sherry: Yeah. There's no gold. In any of the vaults. And I restrained by saying it last October, September because I knew people still needed time to prepare. But now it's just like, let's throw the cards on the table. Let's get it on.
Caller: Yeah, I know. I know.
Sherry: You know, let's just go. Let's get it on. They're bringing in the troops in now...
Caller: Yeah. Let them come [laughs]!
Sherry: You know? I mean...
You ARE The Resistance
Caller: Yeah. I'm gonna keep doing the best I can for the Most High God and Yahushua. And I just wanna say one thing out there to all the Warriors and everybody that's standing up: You ARE the Resistance. All right, Sherry. I'm gonna hang up and give somebody else a turn.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thank you. Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Yes. We ARE the Resistance. And if you're not getting orgone in your areas, then your areas are not gonna be protected from the coming onslaught of chip-implanted soul-scalped soldiers. And so, folks, you need to get your areas orgoned. It's the one thing we have found that destroys and actually harms fourth-dimension beings. And that's what these 20-foot, 19-foot, 15-foot giants are. They're fourth-dimensional beings, folks. And shooting them with our conventional weapons isn't going to kill them, isn't going to hurt them. You need to get orgone in your areas because it burns them. It's an interdimensional weapon. Something very easy that the Lord has shown us and given us to do in these last days. And also orgone water will burn them the same as holy water does. And you can use that against the coming zombie pandemic, the coming giants...the giants that are coming, the Buffalos, you know. There's all these different factions of aliens that are coming. And it's the one thing that's effective.
I've got YouTube videos out. Learn How to Protect Yourself. You can see it at my website SherryTalkRadio.com. Bring in a caller...
Sherry: Hello, caller. [silence] Yeah, you know what? They...[laughs]. As typical, uh, the switchboard is just -- call back in.
Blog Talk Radio Blocks Me Out of the Chat Rooms
You know what? If you're trying to get in and you get hung up on, just call back in because I seem to get messed with a lot during the show. And, I apologize to people who are in the chat room trying to have conversations and you have to deal with idiots that go in the chat room. I have to believe it's one of their reasons why BlogTalkRadio blocks me out of the chat rooms on Monday nights; so I can't get in and keep disrupters out. And so, you know [laughs]. You know, if it really was a script problem or something, uh, it's just too obvious because before the show or after the show, during the show, it would be the same thing. Instead of a half hour after the show and all of a sudden, voila, you can get in the chat room. Or even before the show when I get on air, I should be able to get in the chat room. It's just always one hassle after the next with them trying to block this show. And you know, I've been going through it for years. Nothing new. Especially with the time crunch we're on now, folks.
Friends Don't Eat You and Abduct You
You know, a lot of different starships coming in our skies at night. I've seen more and more people start paying attention to all of the UFOs and starships we have because eventually there's just gonna be such a huge avalanche and invasion of them. They're just going to be everywhere. And they're going to be invading our Earth and coming to attack our Earth. I know the New Age has everybody asleep thinking they're our friends. They're not our friends. Friends don't eat you and abduct you.
Video of UFO Flying By During Obama Inauguration
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Yes, I don't know if you've seen the YouTube video of the Obama inauguration when they was saying they supposedly caught a UFO flying by.
Sherry: Yeah, I've seen those [laughs].
Caller: And it was funny, I was just -- a couple of days ago -- just searching through YouTube videos and I seen one that's titled Obama UFO Document Request.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: And the reporter is saying that the government wanted to declassify UFOs. And at the end of the video they was saying something about they found another planet. And it was hot. And I was thinking that they was talking about the second sun, but they don't say the date for this video.
Sherry: Well, I remember seeing that footage. It was from CNN. Obama's inauguration and you caught a UFO in the background. Yeah.
Caller: Yeah. They tried to say it was a bird. But I don't think it was a bird because it flew past too quick to be a bird.
Sherry: Yeah [laughs]. Yeah. That was pretty dumb and I don't know if I have it on my website or not.
Video about Obama Declassifying UFOs and also of Finding Another Hot Planet
Caller: Yeah and then this other one with the Obama UFO Document Request was another YouTube video. And they was saying something about a classification they want Obama to do about UFOs. And at the end of the video, they was showing something about they found another planet and it was extremely hot. So I was figuring it was the second sun. But I was trying to find a date of this video, but they don't have no date. I wanted to know if you seen that one.
Sherry: Uh, I don't know. I don't know. It doesn't sound familiar.
Caller: OK, that's all I wanted to let you know.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: Yah bless.
Sherry: Yah bless. Bye-bye.
A Smell Like Cat Litter on Beach of Mississippi River
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry.
Sherry: Hello?
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello?
Caller: Can you hear me?
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: Oh, OK. We were in Minneapolis this weekend for three days, and not a chemtrail...nothing. Clear blue sky. We were on the Mississippi [River]. Is there a smell to the orgone or whatever they're putting in the Mississippi.
Sherry: No, only to them [aliens].
Caller: Oh! Not to anyone else. But the water there at the beach was kind of an orangy rust, kind of an orangy color. I noticed that. Maybe that's normal or just because other chemicals are in the water?
Sherry: You know what? Someone just called in from Rhode Island and said that there was a wicked smell all over Rhode Island and Massachusetts...
Caller: It was a smell like, uh, cat litter. Like a litter box smell. Isn't that weird? I don't know where it came -- and it was down by the river. Everybody noticed it.
Sherry: Some kind of chemicals. I don't know what that is. Because she was saying the same thing. I haven't smelled -- you know, and I live in Ohio -- and I haven't smelled anything weird here.
Why Are Chemtrails Disappearing through Iowa and Minnesota Lately?
Caller: How come the chemtrails have been disappearing through Iowa and Minnesota and stuff lately in the last week or so?
Sherry: Well, you know. We've got a lot of orgone out. And orgone dissipates chemtrails. And they actually just get tired of wasting their money and pumping it all over the places they know it's gonna just disappear and dissipate. It's a war. Us against them, against their chemtrails. So if people want to keep chemtrails out of their areas, they need to get orgone in them.
Why Don't I See the Shema Star Anymore?
Caller: What about the Shema star? How come I haven't seen it a lot. Before I've noticed it and it's been real bright and I just don't see it anymore.
Sherry: It's on fire. You know, that thing's getting ready to crash, and so [laughs]...
Caller: How come I can't see it though where I thought I could always see it.
Sherry: You can see it. I can still see it at night, but the thing is, it's not as brilliant as it used to be so it's kind of blending in with the other starships right now.
Caller: Because it was really bright like early Spring or through the Winter.
Sherry: Yeah. Well we caught it on fire back in October. And so chunks of it have been falling to Earth and they've been calling it meteors. And eventually the whole thing is just going to crash. Every once in a while, if you watch it, they will turn the lights on and so it looks like it's brilliantly white again, but then that fades after a while. It goes back to its usual yellow look where it's on fire.
Caller: Uh-huh. I have noticed some lower stars that look like stars, but they're low in the atmosphere around me. But there's one that's really -- like to the north or northwest -- really, really bright.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: But it doesn't really, you know, move or, you know, really do anything. But then there's little ones that just -- stars don't flash like...do they? Or flick real fast? Or do they?
Sherry: Stars have a white twinkle to them. Twinkle, twinkle, little star [laughs].
Caller: But not a fast twinkle.
Sherry: Right. Right. And starships are more or less blue. You'll see the blue lights...red...green. They flash, they move, they, you know. They do weird things. They move into position at night. I've seen that one in the northwest.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: That's a newer one.
Caller: It almost looks like -- because I thought maybe it was the north star or something, you know?
Sherry: You know, it moved into position about two weeks ago...that I noticed it. And that looks like the original Shema at one time did.
Caller: Yeah! It does, doesn't it? It's to the northwest.
Sherry: Yeah. It looks exactly like Shema used to, except this one's in the northwest and Shema's in the northeast.
Caller: And it just hovers there. It really doesn't move any odd movements, you know, but it's really bright.
Sherry: And it's really low. About 30...
Caller: It almost looks like right in the next town. Kind of not too far away.
Sherry: Yeah. I'm sure we can only see it in this region here because I doubt anybody in the south can see it.
Caller: You know that it is then?
Sherry: You know it just moved into position two weeks ago and so. I don't know what it is. No, I really don't. I'm just like, "What the heck's that?" And I saw it move into position, so I know it's a starship [laughs], not just a regular star. And then it leaves. At daybreak, it leaves. They try to blend in with constellations so people won't notice them. If you get a pair of binoculars...
Do You Think They Know Who We Are When We Call In?
Caller: Do they know when we call? Do they listen to your show? A lot of them?
Sherry: Yes.
Caller: They know who we are when we call in, do you think?
Sherry: Oh, I don't know. But they know who I am and they listen to my show. And usually above my house on a Monday it's a sky zoo [laughs].
Do Your Neighbors Know Who You Are or Not?
Caller: Do your neighbors know who you are, or not?
Sherry: No idea.
Caller: Or they'd be stampeding you. You'd have so many questions all the time that it'd be crazy. But just wondered if people that you live by know who you really are.
Sherry: Well, you know what? I live in a farm. I live in a three-horse town and so they don't care. Everybody just does their own thing. We're farmers and stuff like that out here.
Caller: Ah. But I'm just trying to get my seeds out. Just talking to people. Like everyone says, they think you're crazy, but I believe and I just try, so that's all I can do. But I just wondered about the water -- I was up at Minneapolis. And the chemtrails, I haven't been seeing a lot lately...or any.
Sherry: Yeah. We haven't been as much under attack. Usually I'll see in the Codes we're under attack and avalanche. And so lately it's been quiet. It's been quiet here. It's smelly in the northeast and I don't know what's going on out west. I haven't heard from anybody out there yet...
What Do You Think's Gonna Happen with the Oil Spill?
Caller: What do you think's gonna happen with the oil spill? Do you think that's gonna get plugged?
Sherry: I really don't know. I really don't know what's going on. That's kind of like some kind of agenda setting-up thing for them. And it's infighting and setting up their own agendas. It doesn't really come up in the Codes. And that's how I know it's just one of those agenda things.
Caller: I was on Yahoo...and some scientist or something, it was on a headline on Yahoo, but I'm like, I couldn't believe it. It said the only way we could stop it is to nuke it. I'm like, "What?"
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: That wouldn't be good.
Sherry: I see Tampa and Miami coming up in the Codes and so I know things are going on with Florida. And Maine's coming up.
Do You See Anything Coming Up in Texas in the Codes?
Caller: You see anything in Texas? Coming up in Texas?
Sherry: No, I don't see anything coming up in Texas right now.
Caller: OK. Well, the earthquakes, too, been quiet. Normal ones, but nothing too huge lately either.
Sherry: Right. It's kind of quiet before the storm [laughs].
Caller: Yeah, not like it was. Well, I won't take up anymore of your time. But, God bless you.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: I'll keep getting the word out. Thank you.
Sherry: All right. Thanks.
Caller: Bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Thanks for the Heads Up about Putting Orgone in the Closet
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hi, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hi. This is Marian from Michigan. How you doing?
Sherry: Good, how are you?
Caller: Good, thanks. I just wanna say thank you for the heads up about putting orgone in the closet. Made a huge difference.
Sherry: [laughs] Sleeping better now, huh [laughs]?
Caller: Yes! I mean, it made all the difference in the world.
Sherry: You know, a lot of people can't sleep at night and I tell them put it under your bed, put it in your closets, because that's where they all hide.
Caller: Yeah, it's just wild. I had a couple pipe blasters, you know, under the mattress and alongside the bed. But the one in the closet did the trick. And I'm gonna get off the air so somebody else can call in, but I wanna say thank you for being Yah's mouthpiece on Earth.
Sherry: Oh, you're welcome.
Caller: OK. Thank you.
Sherry: All right. Thank YOU.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Caller: OK.
It's not easy, folks, but it's worth it. Always worth it.
I Asked Yah to Remove the Hook Out of My Heart and Woke Up Sick
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hi. This is Louis again, from Idaho.
Sherry: Oh, hello!
Caller: How are ya?
Sherry: Good! I haven't heard from out west tonight. So what's going on out west?
Caller: Well, our weather's all kinds of freaky, of course. We've got tons of cloud cover. Our cell towers are blinking day and night. I personally have been having some wild dreams of troops and stuff walking down our -- [clears throat] excuse me, I got a cold. I asked Yah yesterday to remove the hook out of my heart and I woke up sick this morning, so I think He's hard at work [laughs].
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: You gotta be careful what you ask for [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] I'm thankful it's all right. If it doesn't kill me, I'm sure I'll be better for it. But, our cell towers are out of control. Our rains out of control. Our gardens don't want to grow. Things aren't blooming very well. I think we're under pretty heavy attack over here. You know, every week they've been saying in the weather that next Monday it'll be the right temperature. That Monday never comes. We've been in the 50s and 60s of just the temperature -- and we're usually in the mid-70s by this time of year.
Sherry: Right. We've had nothing but rain here. And then we've just had a week of 80s.
Caller: Uh-huh.
Sherry: And now we're gonna pay for it with a week of lightning and thunderstorms. And, you know, we paid for it the next week. You can't get gardens in because it's raining all the time.
Is There Anybody in Idaho Putting Orgone Out?
Caller: Yeah, well, I got my garden in, but it just died. But I won't give up. I keep planting and keep planting. And I just go back to the store and buy more. And plant more. And I'm not gonna give up. But, you know, I was listening to you on the radio and I heard you say that you don't hear a lot much from out here, out west. Is there anybody out here putting orgone out?
Sherry: We've got Warriors all over the west coast. Yeah. We do.
Caller: OK. Well, I'm not on the west coast, I'm in the northwest.
Sherry: Yeah. You're kind of like Idaho [laughs].
Caller: Yeah. Potato Land. Yeah.
Sherry: We had a granny -- let me tell you something. Several years ago, a granny stood up and just did a ton of work in Idaho.
Caller: Really?
Sherry: Yeah. And so everybody else just used to stand up and reinforce what she's already done there.
Caller: OK, OK.
Sherry: And so, you know what? Everybody just needs to get their areas and branch out a little bit and get farther out.
Caller: Yeah, I'm gonna start this Thursday. I'm on unemployment, and so I have to wait every Thursday to get a check, but , you know, I figure that's a good way to use government money.
Sherry: Yeah. Exactly [laughs].
Caller: [laughs] Yeah, you know. Yeah, I wanna share with them [laughs]. So -- [coughs] excuse me. Boy, these colds are really bad. As far as our property goes, now...
Sherry: Hey, you know, I've got one minute left so I'm gonna have to get going.
Caller: OK. I'll let you go. Thanks, Sherry.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: Yep. Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Once the Aliens Do Arrive, I'll Go to a Two-Hour Radio Show Format
Yeah. You know what, folks? Time just flys on this show. And, you know, once the aliens do arrive, full invasion, whatever, if I'm still here I will go to a two-hour format and give people more time. But until that happens, just watching things, playing it by ear. Got a show Thursday at 1 o'clock. Aliens in the News. So you can catch it right here, same place: BlogTalkRadio.com/sherrytalkradio or just go to SherryTalkRadio.com.
Anyway, until Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.