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Monday with Sherry Shriner
June 7, 2010

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Sherry Experiencing Chip Attacks Again

And hello, everybody, you're live. It's Monday night, June 7th, 2010. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Having some technical difficulties on this end and it's no big surprise. Whew! Kind of exhausted tonight. Going through a lot of chip attacks over the weekend and just don't have a lot of energy for this stuff tonight so. I have a lot of energy for the Most High. Just physical energy is really [laughs] sinking to an all-time low right now [laughs]. When you got temperatures going from 101 down a roller coaster all weekend, it really gets to you.

You know, I found it interesting too, I was looking in the Codes for a little bit off and on. Haven't been able to do a whole lot of work. Haven't been able to get out of bed very much. And one of the phrases I saw was syringe - blowfly - armies - plague - acceleration. And, you know, that pretty much just says it to me. Last November somehow got a chip implant to the back of my leg and only got half of it out. My husband happened to see a black dot like a blackhead on the back of my leg. Went to pull it out and this chip antenna part came out. And we didn't get the whole thing out and ever since then, whenever they want to activate it, turn it on and make me really sick for a couple days, and blow up my leg, that's what they do. It's almost like they have a remote control to it and they can just activate it when they want.

I have a feeling that this syringe blowfly thing is pretty much the same thing where they have a shooter and they can shoot chips into you. And I've warned about that for years. In fact, on TheWatcherFiles.com website many years ago, probably about five years ago, I posted a pick of a chip gun on the website. It's still there. You just probably have to scroll down to find it. But it's actually a chip gun, and they can just sit and shoot chips into people. I never felt it go in. Interesting, I noticed with the chip gun they say you'll feel a sting like you just got bit by a mosquito or something. And you'll feel a sting like you got bit by an insect. And I've tried deactivating it with magnets. Some of these newer chips you just can't deactivate; not with magnets. Haven't really found the answer to those yet. I know a lot of tracking chips, the older ones, you can deactivate with neodymium magnets. And you can go to my website at TheWatcherFiles.com and look for "detecting chips." I have a whole page on detecting chips and deactivating them.

The Locusts (the Giants) Are Going to Go Around Chipping People

And, you know what? It kind of keeps boosting my beliefs that this Locust invasion that's coming, that I've been talking about, these Giants, the Locusts are Giants. The Bible Codes calls them Giants; always refers to them as Giants. And one other thing that's interesting is the sting in their tail and I would love to have the original translation to that entire passage because from what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes and what I read is these Giants are gonna go around chipping people. And now I'm seeing they have this blowfly thing on -- it reminds me of those things the Indian native used to shoot poison out of. They look like long straws. And they would shoot poison darts. That's almost what it reminds me of, a blowfly.

Sherry's New Website on Vaccinations: TheyWantYouDead.com

I'm not sure what that is. Unless they infect these nanorobots with vaccinations and try to infect people. And, of course, we know that's coming, too, because -- I know as much as everybody else wants to get on the we're-going-to-war-with-Iran bandwagon and the economy's crashing, and, yeah, all those things could happen, but the things that the Lord keeps me focused on is the coming enforcement of vaccinations. Had me put up a new website, TheyWantYouDead.com. Put that up a week or two ago. And He wanted me to focus on, in particular, how it damages human DNA. And so I tried to do that in my website and just try to stay focused. Of course I go on little rabbit trails and give you some other info on the vaccines. But I pretty much do stay focused on the damaging aspects of human DNA because that's what they're after. That's what their whole focus of vaccinations are. And I'm trying to wake people up to the fact that vaccinations are taken from aborted fetal tissue and they're also taken from animals.

If We're Not Supposed to Eat Unclean Animals, Why Put Animal DNA into Your Body?

I don't think people realize that sheep blood cells in vaccines, and monkeys and all this other animals they use for vaccines -- do you not realize that you're putting animal DNA into your body? I mean, I certainly don't think my parents had that kind of info when they had me vaccinated when I was a child. But certainly I have that info and I refuse to vaccinate my kids, and, for that very reason, because the Bible teaches against vaccinations. The Bible always talks about the clean and unclean animals and that we're not to eat the unclean. And what makes people think that gives them a free ride into putting unclean body parts, or anything, into their bodies? If we're not supposed to eat unclean animals, why would you put animal DNA into your body...any kind of live virus. And, you know, it says very strongly in Acts, chapter 5, that when man's law contradicts God's law, His people must obey Him over man. And He has already told us not to take vaccines or shots.

When They Enforce School Vaccinations, Take Your Kids Out and Homeschool Them

And so I find it interesting that it's all gonna become such an issue, especially when they start making it mandatory for kids to go to school. They have to have these vaccinations. I guess that's just when you start taking your kids out of school and homeschool them. I know a lot of states have some kind of computer programs where you can homeschool your kids at home and they can go on the computer online and go to the state's program. So you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on material to homeschool your kids anymore. It can just be done on computers. You can go to the state's program or whatever. You know, at that point there's not much time left anyway, folks. I mean, really. This is one of the things they've been doing. They're gonna keep doing. Enforcing vaccinations because they know it kills people and it harms people, changes their DNA. And eventually, anytime you get a chip implant in you, these newer chips, they can operate them almost remote-controlling, like they did to me.

Your Vaccination/Shot Chip Has a Number

A couple weeks ago, can't remember where it was at, three or four weeks ago, right before the Aliens in the News show on Thursdays that I do, they activated that chip in my leg and got me extremely sick so I couldn't even go on the air. And so, doing it again this week. It's like they just do it at will now. Yeah, unless we find a way to deactivate these things, they're just gonna be tormenting people with them. Especially all these people now, that are getting the H1N1 Swine Flu shot and all these other shots, you're just giving them control. Your chip has a number, it's attached to a computer somewhere, and whoever has access to your chip can pretty much destroy your health. Probably kill you as well. And I've always thought, well, now they've got this chip in me, they could kill me anytime they want to. I don't think the Lord's going to allow it. But that's the kind of access they have now. If it's voluntary or involuntary, either one, because -- you know, I'm not held responsible because I was sabotaged and shot with a chip in the back of my leg, you know. But look at all the people that are willingly going and getting these shots and vaccinations, and they're gonna reap what they sow. You're gonna reap what you sow.

Zombie Attacks Seen in the Codes for the State of Ohio

Very dangerous because, I know when I see them happy about something that it only can mean death to people on this planet. Because that's the only thing that makes them happy is death. And a lot of death coming. Another thing that raises my eyebrow is zombie attacks. Made a video on it last month or so. YouTube video, How to Kill a Zombie, and definitely coming back in the Codes. And I see it for the state of Ohio. I don't know about other states. I'm assuming it would hit this region here. And interestingly enough, it's the same region (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and part of New York) that seem to be getting struck with constant rain and extreme cloud covering. You know, I was noticing (and it was confirmed a couple weeks ago), had a friend drive from out of state to Ohio said she didn't see a cloud until she came to my area. Ohio was just clear skies all the way here. Clear blue skies. No chemtrails. Clear blue skies. And then when she got towards my area, she just saw mountains of clouds. So all the clouds in the state were in my area. And I noticed that today, just huge Rocky-Mountain-size clouds as far as you could see. North, south, east to west. Just these huge clouds.

And I've seen in the Codes where it talks about this extreme clouding that's going on. I don't know why they're clouding. I could only assume that it's to hide something. To chill the atmosphere. It wasn't really dim. It was a beautiful sunny day today. Just humongous clouds everywhere. Some reason for all this clouding that they're doing. And so, they have an agenda behind it. It says I'm oblivious and blind to it [laughs]. Apparently, because I have no idea why it's being done [laughs]. Until I'm not oblivious anymore, I really, I don't know. It has something to do with poison. And they're all about poisoning people. But what turns my stomach is to see that in my own area we could be having some kind of zombie attack here. And I don't know when. You know, this could be something that comes next year. This could be something that comes this year.

The only thing we could do is prepare for it. And our videos, Learn How to Protect Yourself and How to Kill a Zombie, and how to make orgone water because orgone water will destroy zombies. You're not gonna kill a zombie with a gun, folks. You know, the reason why David chopped off Goliath's head was to make sure he wasn't reanimated and coming back to life. What happens is, a person dies, and in these vaccinations that they're giving people, they have the zombie virus in them. And what happens is it reanimates their dead tissue and, you know, a demonic entity enters that person and reanimates their body, brings it back to life. And that person is now a zombie. And so, interesting. You know, people say, "Oh, that's Hollywood." Oh, yeah, I wish it was just Hollywood, but, unfortunately, it's gonna be reality. Not only seeing pandemics coming, but also seeing famine. I've been warning about famine for years.

The Bisons Are Waiting for Their Cubic Palace - Could Be the Blue Star from Orion

And interesting that the Bison, the Buffalo I've been telling you about, the aliens who are part of the Ashtar Command and Shema. They own Shema. Have abandoned Shema. It's on fire, they're trying to restore it, but it ain't gonna happen. They're waiting for their cubic palace. This cubic palace - bison - await. And, I'm on it. I'm on it, folks. I made a website about this cubic palace years ago. You can go to CrystalCityFraud.com. And they have what they built, this mockery, mimickry, of the New Jerusalem. And that's what they're waiting for. Now I didn't know if it was going to be in the form of, you know, some big UFO or a cubic, a cube. But from what I'm seeing in the Codes, it's a cube. And I know the New Agers talk about a blue star coming out of Orion, and I really think that this blue star is this cube that they're waiting on. I think we can still destroy that. I think the orgone that we've been getting out will destroy it as much as it has already with many, many of their UFO ships, their starships. It's destroyed Shema and I think it'll get this cube, too.

Warriors, Stay Focused on Tearing Down the Strongholds of Satan

And so, you know, folks, we can't stop fighting as the days get closer to the big bang, their arrival. We just have to keep busy with the few days we have left and fight back so that we can ensure that all the strongholds are torn down and broken. I mean, I'm not, you know, thinking ahead about a retirement plan [laughs], you know, retirement anytime soon. And what I'm gonna do in the future, the only thing on my mind, the only thing I'm focused on as Warrior for the Most High, is how to tear down the strongholds of Satan. Because when these beings arrive, there's not gonna be life as you know it left on this earth. And when they arrive, it's going to pretty much signal the Lord's day, the Lord's time, His great wrath on this earth. What most people will correlate to the last half of the tribulation period. Because even the earth will rebel when they arrive. And I know His judgment and wrath is going to be on Earth when they arrive.

And the first thing they're going to be doing is continuing what they're already doing, and that's implementing their war on the saints. Probably take it to a higher level of martial law roundups and FEMA camps, and those are already ready to go. They've been bringing in equipment for years. People now getting on to that. It's hard to hide anything on the Internet, especially with satellite imagery. And so you can see the equipment they're bringing in; trucks and vehicles. And this has been going on for 20 years, folks. What you really need to watch out for is the arrival of the troops that is going to man them [laughs], which will be Russian and Chinese troops.

Just interesting that everything's going to start to come to a head a once, I think. You know, I've always said to watch out for the bathtub effect. That things would come to a head at once. And so, just giving a shout on a few things.


Gonna take some callers and see what's up with some people.

Where Are We At in Revelation?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Hi. How are you today?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: This is southern New York.

Sherry: Southern New York?

Caller: Yeah, I just -- I have a really fast question for you, because I really like to hear you talk and listening to people calling in. But, you know, it's your show and people have questions. So, I do, too. [laughs] I have one fast question for you.

Sherry: OK.

Caller: My husband and I want to know what revelation -- we got into your show too late. It was thirteen minutes in, so I don't know if you talked about what revelation we're in.

Sherry: No, I just started talking. I was having technical difficulties at the beginning of the show.

Caller: Yeah, so was I.

Sherry: Ten minutes I just played some music trying to get stuff situated here.

Caller: We were just wondering what revelation we were in.

Sherry: What do you mean "what revelation we're in"?

Caller: Um, right now.

Sherry: Where we're at -- where are we?

Caller: Yes. Where we're at.

Sherry: Well, we're at, uh, I think we're this we're seeing the third horse riding. The pale horse.

Caller: OK.

Sherry: And that's pretty much what I'm seeing in the Codes. And, of course, the third horse is the pale horse and he brings death and hell with him.

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: And, of course, bringing hell with him, he's going to bring the forces of Satan here on Earth. Different factions of angels, invasions coming with them. And, of course, these vaccinations. All this poison they're putting in the vaccination to kill people with plagues and pandemics. And, of course, their cures are what's basically going to kill everybody. They just scare everybody with the pandemics.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: That's pretty much what we're heading into.

Caller: All right. We were just curious about that part. This show is very interesting and keep up the good work. And you're doing really great and we love listening to you.

Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Yah bless.

Sherry: All right. Yah bless. Goodbye.

Caller: Bye-bye.

"Tell Them to Prepare to Go Through the Tribulation"

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hey, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: How are you?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: I'm good. This is Joan. I know you said you're tired. I feel for you, Sherry. I know how it is when a person's sick and you have children... Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes! I'm here.

Caller: Oh. I actually were listening to you as you were struggling to connect to your show. I was holding on the whole time. According to what that caller just asked, where we're at this moment. I would just like to comment on that a little. Something the Lord was showing me with the dream I had. I actually saw the Lord step onto a sea. Very calm blue sea. And the sea solidified. It turned to crystal. Like glass. In correlation with Revelation in chapter 15 and [verse] 4. And there's something the Lord was revealing to me about that. The crystal sea is where the saints, who got the victory over the mark of the beast, stood before the throne of God. But to make a long story short because the dream that I had is long, the Lord was showing me that this is the time of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. You know in the story of Daniel when Nebuchadnezzar told the men to heat the furnace seven times hotter?

Sherry: Right.

Caller: The Lord actually opened my understanding to that, showing me that the tribulation is about to heat up seven times worse than it is actually at right now. So He said, "Tell them, prepare themselves to go through the tribulation." And like you were saying, Sherry, the whole time you were telling us, over and over, that we are going to go through the tribulation. And the Lord said, "Tell them to prepare themselves to go through the tribulation." Those of us who are actually ready. Those of us who are actually following after Christ and just doing what He asks us to do and keeping the faith. We're already overcomers. He, you know, Jesus Christ, Yahshua overcame all of these things for us. But there was still some, He said...there are still some who are His but haven't made up there mind, haven't prepared their hearts for the tribulation. They think...like you always say, they think they are just gonna be whisked off the earth and that's it. But He said the reason for all of the delay -- this is a direct message from the Lord -- the reason for the delay, the reason why he hasn't speed up the tribulation and He's coming back is because of us. It's not because of Him. It's because -- some of us are ready. I know I am, and from what I can tell, I know you are. But He said many of His people are not ready to face what is coming...

Sherry: You know, that's why most of them die.

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: Most of them are under the altar.

Caller: Exactly.

Sherry: Most of them are gonna die.

Caller: You're right. You're right.

"Lord, You Kept Saying You're Coming. Why Are You Not Here?"

Sherry: And so, you know, the reason He does wait is to just get those last few people...

Caller: Yes!

Sherry: ...to wake up. I know a lot of things should have been happening last year.

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: Delayed a whole year.

Caller: I believe you. Mm-hmm.

Sherry: And, you know what? There's just so many people that -- "Why do WE have to keep waiting?"...

Caller: I know. Oh, God!

Sherry: "We've been ready. Why do WE have to keep waiting?" And so, sometimes it kind of gets, uh, we get impatient...

Caller: It is. Because I was very impatient when I asked Him that. When He revealed the dream to me, I said, "Lord, why You're not coming? You kept saying that You're coming, You're coming. Why You're not here?" He said, "I'm not slacking some in My promise. I'm not slacking some in My return. It's not I who is delayed." He said, "Everything is ready to go." But it is some...some of us, He said. And like I said, I know that I've been ready for a long time, but He said, "Some of My people, they're Mine, but they're not ready to face the tribulation." And that is why people don't realize...

Sherry: Right.

Caller: ...that have, they need -- He said, "Tell them, prepare themselves."

Sherry: People are waking up in droves now.

Caller: Oh, my God, I know you've been pounding it. I know that you've been pounding it, Sherry.

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: I know you've been pounding the head for years and years. But He said the furnace that -- when Nebuchadnezzar said heat the furnace seven times hotter, that's actually the tribulation that is about to heat up. He said it's about to heat up seven times hotter, seven times worse...

Sherry: Yeah, and people can't handle things NOW. Wait till everything hits at once.

Connection Between Music and Worshiping the Image of the Beast

Caller: Exactly. And that's why He was showing me -- and I'm gonna touch on something. You have some images of Beyonce and all the other demonic singers. I was actually clicking into those and looking, and when I read with this thing with Daniel, when he said -- Daniel chapter 3 [verse 5] -- now if ye be ready, that at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet, flute, sackbut -- all the different kind of musical instruments and all kind of music -- ye fall down and worship the image I have made. And what the Lord was showing me that that at the sound of all kind of music -- back in the day, if they don't fall down and worship the image, they shall be placed in the fiery furnace. The Lord actually opened my understanding to this. Look at what all the music that's out there today, Sherry. Many of these music are demonic in nature. Look at the Beyonce video with Sasha Fierce where she...

Sherry: They're all a bunch of lizard freaks.

Caller: Yes! Where she was blown up in the car, and then she emerged a new person. These are the people that are bowing down to the image already. It started out like this. They're bowing down to the image of the beast because they're selling their soul. At the sound of all kind of music, all sort of demonic music are hitting the airwaves. And it's about to heat up seven -- and I'm not just talking about them bowing down. I'm talking about the entire humanity bowing down to the image of the beast that is coming.

Sherry: Yep. Then they'll be goaded and prodded. Encouraged by their Miley Cyruses and Jonas Brothers and Beyonces and Lebron Jameses and, you know, entertainment figures and Hollywood figures and political and religious figures and Joel Osteens.

Caller: And they're capturing the children's heart. That's the worse.

Sherry: Yeah. And you know what? We've all just been set up. The Lizards have taken charge of everything and everyone. And, you know, by the time Satan comes, it's gonna be a big cheerleading bowl for him on one hand, and on the other hand pure anarchy because it's going to be millions that won't go along with it. And the ones who don't go along with it, they're ready to deal with with high tech weapon attacks, which are debilitating. I've been putting up with high tech weapon attacks for ten years now. And everything else you can think of. And FEMA camps and roundups and soldiers. And we just have to get ready. And the Lord's ways aren't man's ways. When He tells us to arm ourselves, we're arming ourselves with water pistols, with orgone.

Caller: [laughs]

Sherry: I mean, His ways are not man ways.

Caller: It's true.

We Have a Lot of Victories Coming

Sherry: And they're much more effective. You know, I see a big onslaught coming, of Giants, but you know what? They're only gonna live for five months. And why is that? Because the Orgone Warriors destroy every one of them with the orgone they have out.

Caller: I believe you. I believe you 100 percent.

Sherry: And so, we do have a lot of victories coming. It's been a lot of work.

Caller: I know.

Sherry: It's been painstakingly hard. But we do have a lot of victories coming, so. Anyway, I thank you for calling in.

Caller: I believe that. Yes, Sherry. Thank you.

Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.

Caller: OK. Take care, Sherry. Bye-bye.

And, folks, we do have a lot of victories coming, because I see it in the Codes. These Locusts think they're only gonna come to Earth and last five months? No. They're gonna come to Earth -- they're only gonna live five months because WE get the victory over them. The orgone that we have been putting out there for years destroys all of them.

Weather Roller Coaster in Ohio

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Sorry you're not feeling very well. I'll try to make this short. I thought you'd say something about the tornadoes in Ohio.

Sherry: [laughs] You know what?...

Caller: Because they kept saying, "I'm OK. I'm OK." I thought, "Oh, God. What? Is she now gonna be online? Oh, my gosh. Did something happen to her?"

Sherry: I've been hearing about the tornadoes in Ohio from everybody else. Because, you know what? My services-- the weather here has been so wacky...one storm leaves, the other one comes, one storm leaves -- in a row. Like twenty in one day. And so, my Internet service and TV service and electric and everything has been out, like a roller coaster.

Caller: That was Saturday.

Sherry: Yeah! I mean...

Caller: That they went through. Yeah.

Sherry: And I was really sick Saturday, so I wasn't even out of bed.

Caller: [laughs] You could've just blown away, huh?

Sherry: I could've been blown away and wouldn't have cared.

Caller: [laughs]

Sherry: And so [laughs].

Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Upper New York Causing Them Grief

Caller: Oh, that's not funny, but you were saying you saw Ohio in the Codes a little bit. I was wondering maybe, you know, that was it.

Sherry: They're really just targeting this whole region, I think. Not just Ohio...

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: But this whole region itself that's really just pissed them off. Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and the upper parts of New York. And we just did a lot of orgone work here. We've got great Warriors up here.

Caller: Are there Warriors in Iowa? I hope so.

Sherry: Yeah, we've got Warriors...

Caller: Tell them to get the orgone out! I never hear anybody from Iowa call in. I wish they would.

Sherry: We have an Orgone Warrior, I'll say at least one, in every state. Now, I know we have a lot more in some states...

Caller: Is it some -- not very many. But we need to get more out.

Sherry: Oh, we definitely need more out because people -- what happens is they'll get their areas and then quit. You know? And then we have the grannies who will just get in their car and drive from one end of the state to the other [laughs].

Caller: Oh.

Sherry: You know, we need people that will go out and just cover everybody else's areas that are asleep and not paying attention and just go out and get areas where the Lord leads them to get. But that's pretty much the typical part of [caller speaking while Sherry's talking] people will get it out just in their areas...

Your Talk About the Russians on the West Coast Scares Me

Caller: Your show scares me tonight. You're scaring me tonight [laughs].

Sherry: I'm scaring you tonight?

Caller: Well, a little bit, with all your talk about the Russians and all the other people coming in on the west coast to run these machines and, you know...

Sherry: Well, you know it's happening, and so...

Caller: I know.

Sherry: It shouldn't happen, but you know what? The Lord's ways aren't ours.

Caller: People aren't noticing this? What do they think, they're just here on vacation? I don't know, but...

Sherry: Yeah. Well, you know, they keep them on their military bases, so.

Caller: They hide them.

Sherry: Yeah. They hide them. And looks like all these...

Caller: I talked to you...yeah...go ahead.

Sherry: ...all these military equipment, four thousand on the runway one day and all gone the next. Where'd they go? You know, they hide them. They take them to bases, they disperse them. I know for a fact that they've been bringing them over the Canadian border for ten years and they've been taking them down to Kentucky. And so, where's all the equipment over ten years, you know?

Symmetrical Sinkhole Not Likely

Caller: Yeah. And that hole that came up that you were talking about on your website, geez, you know, that wasn't a sinkhole. Yeah, you could clearly see that.

Sherry: I wasn't a sinkhole.

Caller: Are there more of those?

Sherry: Supposedly, there has been more.

Caller: Oh, really?

Sherry: And so, I don't think they're just sinkholes. They're too symmetrical.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: It almost looks like some kind of a nuclear blast.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Like a tunnel-boring machine. Like the kind we use to build the tunnels for underground bases. That super subway system we have underneath this country.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: That's what it looks like.

Caller: Or they had one and it caved in or something.

Sherry: And so, they used some kind of nuclear energy to do that. So that had to have been some kind of a blast of heat to create that symmetrical hole, and so.

Getting Daughter Out of City to a Safe Place

Caller: Well I did something. I'm moving my daughter from Minneapolis and my granddaughter home. Listen to this, people. From a $15 a hour job plus benefits. So I'm moving her clear to another state, home with me, to get her out the cities.

Sherry: Where do you live? Oh, in Iowa?

Caller: She's in Minneapolis and I'm in Iowa.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: So she's moving here at the end of the month. She quit her job.

Sherry: Well, 'cause there's not that many jobs to have.

Caller: I know.

Sherry: So if she's quitting her job, it's...

Caller: Well, she did. I think I got her thinking if something ever happened in the cities, you know, you'd never get out.

Sherry: Yeah, you're not safe in the cities. Gotta get out of the cities.

Caller: No, no. And, I told her that. Plus, she had no family up there. So she's quitting her job, and moving home, and be close to us and...no matter what happens or whatever. But she is moving home out of the big cities, so.

Sherry: Yeah.

Seeing 1111 Everywhere

Caller: But, I also talked to you about that 1111 phenomenon, you know, that I was having. And it's really been picking up lately. And I kind of looked online and there was a guy on there that said that people who see that -- it was under the 2012 headline, but...under 1111...I just put that in there and it came up. But they said they I could be -- that somebody's trying to give me a sign that I could be a firstborn or starborn child.

Sherry: Well...I don't know.

Caller: And they're trying to get my attention.

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: If 1111 phenomenon -- or do I not believe in any of that? It happens. People call me. I get woken up on that time. I see license plates pass me that say 1111. It's constant. I was watching, um, I can't think of her name, a talk show, and she said she's making a new album out with somebody and it's gonna be called 1111. See I was watching that.

Sherry: Yeah. You could be just getting a hit with ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] technology, you know. They have these ELF programs to hit everybody with...

Caller: You don't believe any of that? You don't think it's anything, or...?

Sherry: I know what they're capable of. And so I don't know if it's of the Lord. And if it's not, I ignore it.

Caller: Well, I am. I'm trying to, but it just keeps happening.

Sherry: You know, if the Lord wanted to get my attention -- like last night I happened to look at the clock and it was 1:44 and I was like, "Oh, I like that number." [laughs]

Caller: [laughs] Play the lottery, huh? No...

Sherry: 1:44. 144,000.

Caller: Oh, yeah!

Sherry: And so, I ignore it. Because...

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: ...they...

Caller: Because I don't know what it means and I don't see anything or hear anything or...

Sherry: They wanna tell you what it means. "Oh, you're a starchild. You're an indigo." [speaking sarcastically]...

Caller: That's what it said on the Internet. And I'm like, "Oh, that's weird." You know?

Sherry: Just ignore it. Because there's so much...

Caller: I try not to get on the Internet too much...

Sherry: If the Lord wants to get your attention, eventually He'll get it and He'll tell you what it is and why you're seeing it...

Caller: It's 111 or 1111 or, you know, just really weird things. My friends even notice it. I can pull up to a corner, a stoplight, and there's a big clock in the corner. And just as we stopped, on that clock it said 11:11.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: So, you know, it's just really...nothing planned or... I'm not trying to pay attention. I'm trying to ignore the clock. Just catches me off guard. So I don't know what...

Sherry: You know what? Just ask the Lord what it's all about, and if He doesn't give you an answer, then just ignore it.

Caller: I've tried, I have, so...maybe someday I'll -- but for now I'm just kind of trying just to ignore it.

Sherry: Yeah.

Scientists Think They May Have Found Atlantis

Caller: And I also thought -- did you see -- I was on my Yahoo page today and under 2012, or something came up -- scientists think they may have found Atlantis. Did you see that?

Sherry: Well, it's never been anywhere but underwater [laughs].

Caller: Yeah, but -- I know, but we're we supposed to find that in the end times?

Sherry: Well, I think it was supposed to rise to the surface...

Caller: Surface in the end times.

Sherry: Yeah...

Caller: But they're trying to verify it, but they think they have maybe found it.

Sherry: According to their plans, they were going to have Atlantis rise out of the ocean. And however they manage that one...

Caller: Well, that's the first time I've seen it. And it was on...

Sherry: That would sink both Cuba and Florida.

Caller: Maybe that's why you see Miami in the Codes, huh?

Sherry: Well, you know, I've been warning people to get out of Florida for years. So, you know, that's their plans. Their plans mean nothing to me because the only ones I'm interested in are the Lord's, and anything I find out about theirs I just work to see how I can destroy them.

Do You Have a Shelter for When It Gets Bad?

Caller: You don't plan to go underground or anything when it gets bad. Or have a shelter or anything?

Sherry: Yeah...I mean, if the Lord wanted me to have a shelter, He would have provided for one, and so [laughs]. And He hasn't, so.

Caller: You have no plans for one right now or...

Sherry: No, I've got no plans. He has my back. He's always had my back.

Caller: Well, that's good. Hope He does mine, too!

Sherry: If He doesn't want to have my back, then that's fine. I'll just be home with Him one way or another [laughs].

Why Do You Say Look in the Sky for Signs?

Caller: You always say we're supposed to be watching in the sky. What's the first sign that we could possibly see? Why do you say look in the sky for signs?

Sherry: Because that's what He says. And, you know...

Caller: What sign?

Sherry: ...the second sun, some people can see it. Some people -- we can't even see the sun here in Ohio

Caller: Oh, we can't -- I can't see it in Iowa. It's been cloudy and...

Sherry: Yeah, I...

Caller: They always put a big cloud in front when it's [the sun] going down.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: I mean, there's one [sun] around, there's this huge one [cloud] in front of it.

Sherry: Yeah...it looks like a beautiful sunny day, but you can't find the sun anywhere [laughs].

Caller: [laughs] Yeah. Isn't that funny?

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: I never see anything in Iowa and I've tried pictures on my camera and it doesn't work. And I've tried when I've been up in Minneapolis and that just...

Sherry: You know, I've had pictures from people in Alabama and in New York and so, people have seen it and with their own eyes as well other than just cameras. And so, you know, I don't know what their games are. I assume the next thing I'm probably going to see is a lot more of their ships invading our earth. Maybe a moon blown up. Mars being blown up.

Caller: Hmm.

Sherry: Because as much as they start playing with this Lucifer Project, trying to blow up...[Sherry pauses]... Wow, that's really loud. I'm getting a really low military flyover here [laughs].

Caller: [laughs] They don't want us to talk anymore, do they? [laughs]

Sherry: [laughs] It's just loud and obnoxious. I like the Air Force planes because they're not as loud and obnoxious as the Army ones are.

Caller: It's been pretty quiet around here in Iowa with the chemtrails lately.

Sherry: Oh, yeah. Chemtrails they've kind of just given up on, I think, because they can't get anywhere. But as I was saying, with the Lucifer Project, blowing up Saturn and Jupiter to mimic the star of Bethlehem,...

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: ...they're gonna end up causing an adverse reaction and they're going to literally blow up either a moon or Mars. They're gonna blow something up in three chunks.

Will They Go Forward with the Lucifer Project Soon?

Caller: Do you think it's soon, or...? Have you seen it in the Codes?

Sherry: Oh, I don't know. Everything's just dependent on what they do. It's a reaction to their actions. And so, you know.

Caller: You think they'd be tired of sitting up there watching and waiting and just come down and just land their...

Sherry: Well, they're down. They're trying to restore their stuff that's burnt because the orgone saturates the air and burns their stuff. And they can't breathe and they're losing millions of their forces. The orgone causes asphyxia to them.

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: And so, they're trying to regroup and come down here and act like they're gods when they're really on fire and miserable [laughs]. And so [laughs], it's just whenever they can get their act together they'll be here.

Trying to Get Ready and Get the Word Out

Caller: But I've been changing my way of life and thinking about things and trying to get ready and trying to get the word out, even though they think I'm crazy, but whatever [laughs].

Sherry: Yeah. You know, I've been hearing -- I've been listening to that...

Caller: I don't care anymore [laughs].

Sherry: I never have.

Caller: When the time comes, you know, they'll say, "Michelle was right." So, you know...

Sherry: Yeah, yeah. Just get your barrels of orgone water ready and some water guns and wait for the [inaudible]...

Caller: When our finances -- if they ever turn around here, I plan on that.

Sherry: Well, it's really simple. Just stock up on some water, throw an orgone puck in it, let it saturate in the water...

Caller: Or maybe go to [inaudible] with someone to buy some. I was thinking of that. Stock up on what?

Sherry: Water.

Caller: OK.

Sherry: Orgone water. And get some water guns and that's protecting yourself that way against the zombies and the Giants. And, you know, just simple things the Lord has us, uh, given us simple ways to protect ourselves.

People on Long-Term Unemployment About to Lose Benefit Checks

Caller: They say the economy, it was on the news today, all these people with benefit checks and all that, you know. The most you can be on unemployment's two years. By now, most of the people, it's just coming to be two years.

Sherry: Yep.

Caller: You start taking away their checks and, yeah, it won't be good.

Sherry: I've always said July would be...

Caller: I can see that happening. A lot of checks start to run out here now.

Sherry: Yeah, in July. I think that's when. July when like 18, 20 million lose their unemployment checks.

Caller: Yep. You can see what's coming then.

Sherry: And not to mention states are already, you know, just really cutting people's welfare food checks. And so, people that were getting 90 [dollars] a month are now getting 10 dollars a month in some states. It's just really bad. I mean as it is in Ohio, which is one of the highest tax states in the Union, you get barely two weeks worth of food if you're on food assistance...

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: ...as it is, and so...

Caller: You can have world chaos or whatever, you know, and that'll...

Sherry: Yeah. A lot of these people on unemployment are also getting Social Services assistance and...

Caller: They'll lose houses, cars, you know, no food. The crime will...

Sherry: ...it's just not enough to live on. It's not enough to survive.

Caller: No. The crime will be really -- I mean it's bad enough already.

Sherry: Yeah. And that's why they're bringing in all these extra soldiers to come in and help with the pure chaos because they see it coming. They see it coming here in America. You know, like I've always said, you cut the entitlement checks and there's gonna be chaos. And that's exactly what's gonna happen. And plus people losing their unemployment, losing their homes...

Caller: Yep.

Sherry: ...losing their food assistance, losing everything they've had and, you know, it's just gonna be chaos.

Was Worried About 2012, But Something May Happen This Year

Caller: I do. You know, I was more worried about 2012, but now I hear with all this other stuff and what's going on, I think you might be right sometime this summer or this year something could happen.

Sherry: 2012 was a total distraction. It makes everybody think they have time [laughs].

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: They don't see what's coming right around the corner.

If There Are Any Iowa Listeners, Call In Sometime

Caller: No. No. But I won't take anymore time. I like to listen to you, too, but I would like to hear some Iowa callers sometime, too, if anyone's listening.

Sherry: Well, if anyone's listening from Iowa, call in.

Caller: OK. Well, yeah. Take care. Yah bless.

Sherry: All right, you too.

Caller: Thank you.

Sherry: Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Bye.

Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.

Are All the Anunnaki Evil?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hi. Cliff wants to know if all the Anunnaki are evil.

Sherry: Yep!

Caller: Or they're demons.

Sherry: The Anunnaki are all fallen angels from the same fallen ranks. Fallen Watchers. And I know a lot of them play games, "Oh we're nice ones. We're the nice aliens. And we're here to help mankind." They play good cop, bad cop scenarios. But they're all fallen. They're all from fallen parents. Fallen offspring. And so, you know, if you're not a celestial being in heaven with the Most High, you're a terrestrial. And they're all terrestrials. And so, they're at odds with the Most High. They've been kicked out of heaven.

Caller: He wants to know whether they're good aliens.

Sherry: There are no good aliens. You're either terrestrial or celestial. And celestial beings are angels from the Most High, from heaven. Terrestrials are all those who are being kicked out. And so, they all have different agendas. They all want to control Earth. There's different factions. And there's some who hate the New World Order because they want to bring in their own agenda to control Earth. You know, it doesn't make them any better than the evil ones who want the New World Order. They all have their own agendas.

Who Are the Celestial Beings?

Caller: He wants to know who the celestials are.

Sherry: The angels.

Caller: The angels.

Sherry: The angels in heaven with the Lord.

If Someone Was Possessed Unknowingly, What Would Orgone Do to Them?

Caller: And if someone was possessed unknowingly, what would orgone do to them?

Sherry: It burns them. Actually, what it does, it will...yeah, I've seen it actually burn people with possession, demon possession.

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: Where the skin kind of breaks out in hives. And they get real agitated and real, just, you know, hateful, angry. That seems to be how it affects people who are possessed with devils, with demons. And so I tell them, "Just keep it in your house, because eventually that demon might just leave [laugh] because they have nowhere else to go." They have to leave. They can't just sit in that person and die because the orgone burns them.

Caller: It burns the actual spirit?

Sherry: Yeah. It burns the demon. And that's why it starts affecting the human that's possessed with that demon. Eventually the demon will leave. It will cause discomfort to the human, but -- until the demon leaves, but that's how orgone usually affects them.

Caller (another from same number): Yes, ma'am, I got a question.

Sherry: Yes.

How Long Has Our Government Been in Cahoots with the Fallen Angels?

Caller: I want to know if, um, how long has our government been in cahoots with the bad extraterrestrials, the bad fallen angels. Because I heard that they're giving this technology and in return, our government is actually letting them abduct American people. Is that correct?

Sherry: That's correct. It's probably since Eisenhower.

Is Orgone the Only Way a Human Can Battle a Bad Angel?

Caller: That's what I heard. The only way that we can fight the bad angels is with the orgonite? That's the only possible way a human can battle one?

Sherry: That's the only way the Lord has shown ME.

Caller: Well, God! I hope He sends me and my friend some because when I first read a book a long time ago, I was almost deceived. I thought that the Anunnaki were good angels until I found these pamplets on your show. Then I found out they're actually bad. So they even deceived me.

Sherry: Right. They've got the whole New Age movement deceived.

They Were Making Me Think They Were the Good Angels

Caller: See, now I'm glad I found out, because I know the truth. Because they were making me think that they were the good angels, and it turned out they're the fallen angels.

Sherry: Right. Mm-hmm. They play good cop, bad cop.

Caller: Yeah! And so, in other words, when they made that deal with Eisenhower, they didn't realize that they made the deal with the fallen angels instead of the celestial angels.

Sherry: They were -- yeah, they were looking for -- they had a chance to make a deal with the Greys or the humanoids at that time, I believe.

Caller: Yeah

Sherry: And he chose to make one with the Greys. Because they were gonna give them technology. The humanoids, the Anunnakis, whatever branch it was they were dealing with...

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: ...wanted to have them lay down their arms...

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: ...and they would help them with technology, and Eisenhower was like, "No. We're not laying down our arms." Then they found the Grey branch who said, "Hey, we'll give you technology if you just let us abduct some animals and people here and there." And so, that's where they went.

Caller: And you know what's really strange? Only very few people believe what -- a lot of people think we're off our rocker. But you know what? If you read the Bible and read certain passages, and then if you try to go -- if the people try to go up against it, they're gonna hit a wall. They can't refute it. It's true.

Sherry: Right. They can't. I mean, I've been talking for ten years, people think I'm crazy. But if I cared what people thought, I wouldn't have had one website put up, so.

Caller: I know! God, that's amazing! But how many people -- do you think there's more people like us that actually believe and know what's going on? Or are there more nonbelievers that think that we're all whack and crazy?

Sherry: There's more of them [laughs].

Caller: Gosh, I hope so, because...

Sherry: Unfortunately, but...

Caller: I mean, that's a scary feeling to think that our government made a deal with those people and those gangs and they're bad.

Sherry: Well, you know what? Look at Revelation, chapter 6. It talks about the fifth [seal] and all the souls under the altar. These are people who die for their faith in the last days because they weren't aware of what was going on. So they ended up having to give their lives just to prove their loyalty to the Most High. So we're a minority. We're always gonna be a minority. Those who are waking up, you know, are just a minority. It's the way it's gonna be.

Caller: Well, I look at it this way. If Jesus gave His life for me, I will gladly give my life for Jesus.

Sherry: Yeah, that's exactly what I would do.

I'd Rather Be the Lowest Server in Heaven Than the Highest Server in Hell

Caller: But I'm not a perfect person. We're all sinners. But I tell you what. I'd rather be the lowest server in heaven than the highest server in hell. I would NEVER serve Satan. I would only serve the Most High and nobody else.

Sherry: Amen.

Caller: I know. But I'm so glad I found your show because I read these books, and I saw this thing on The Discovery Channel and they were making out that the Anunnaki extraterrestrials, but they don't have it down as angels or demons. They just have them down as extraterrestrial beings.

Sherry: Right. Well, those people just smooth everything over and hide everything. And the reason the government always controls these kinds of channels is so they control the kind of information that goes out.

Caller: I know...

Sherry: But anyway, I've got about two minutes left of the show...

Firemen Are Officially Taught What to Do in Case of an Extraterrestrial Crash

Caller: OK, just let me just say something real quick. Now this is really weird. Now they tell the American people there's no such thing as UFOs, but you can go to every firehouse in America, in the very last page of the logbook, guess what it'll say.

Sherry: Hmm.

Caller: What to do in case of an extraterrestrial or UFO crash. I think it says something like call the Air Force and the state police. Now if they're denying that there's no such thing as UFOs, why is that in every firehouse book in America?

Sherry: Yeah, well, they know they exist. They have a Blue Book and they have a Yellow Book. And the Blue Book was for public consumption. The Yellow Book's the true case files, and so, you know. They know they exist.

The Government's Been Spraying Our Cigarettes with Poisons

Caller: I just found out the other day that the government's been spraying American people's cigarettes with strychnine, embalming fluid, and [inaudible] lead.

Sherry: Yeah, they are. The butane fluid.

Caller: Gosh! I mean, that's like...

Sherry: Well, I gotta get going...

Caller: Nice talking to you, ma'am. God bless you. My name's Cliff and maybe we'll talk again. Here's my friend, Doug. He told me about your show, ma'am.

Sherry: OK. Yeah, you guys...

Caller (first one same line): Bye. God be with you.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in. I'm on every Monday night. You can call next Monday night.

Caller: OK.

Sherry: All right. Yah bless.

A Lot of People Just Waking Up and Wondering What to Do With the Time That's Left

Yeah, interesting show tonight, folks. A lot of people just waking up and, uh, fitting because we have so little time left. And people wondering what to do with the little time you do have left. Get orgone out. Collect the supplies. Start making it yourself. The instructions are at my website at OrgoneBlasters.com. You can learn how to make your own very easy and I have "how to make your own [orgone]" videos there. I'll show you step-by-step how to make it. You need to get it in your areas, your towns, your cities. You need to get it in the cow towns, cow fields. Protect our pastures. Protect our food baskets. Protect our water supplies. Get it in lakes, ponds, rivers. Just everywhere and anywhere, we need orgone. Because whatever area that orgone is, they won't be. Because they hate the orgone, it burns them. And so we can make safe areas and protect our country from their inhabiting us, overtaking us, because they can't stand the orgone.

Anyway, folks, I'll be on Thursday at 1 o'clock, Aliens in the News. And then next Monday night again at 10.

See you then. Yah bless.