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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 14, 2010

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Codes Reveal Dominant Months for Arrival of Alien Armies

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner, June 14th. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Or send me an e-mail to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com.

I can't get in the chatroom tonight, folks. I've been trying for the last 20 minutes and so, it's not gonna happen. So if you have a question in the chat room, for those who have gotten in, you'll just have to send me an e-mail or send me an IM [Instant Message], Yahoo Messenger SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com. Lines are already lighting up tonight [laughs]. It's Monday night. And I'm gonna get to those in a minute.

Couple things I've been looking at in the Codes tonight, folks. And, it's always interesting now because there's a window of opportunity from July, August and September, from where these northern armies, these alien beings I've been talking about for years, these Giants, Shema, and Nibiru...that seems to be their window of when they're going to arrive on Earth. And so, I don't know if it's, you know, 2010, 2011, but that's their window. A dominant month for them arriving. Other than making their, you know, entrance in December that they often have planned. If this window (July, August and September) closes, then they have another one coming in December. Seems to be another hot time for them. And so, we just need to keep our eyes open. Keep your eyes on the skies.

I know we've had much more of a presence of them. I don't know about anybody else, but this extreme clouding is just getting ridiculous. It looks like the Rocky Mountains in the sky all the time. Well, today we had beautiful skies. White puffy clouds. And other times we just have mountainous clouds, the likes I've never seen. And it makes you wonder what's going on behind the clouds [laughs]. And so, just something to keep an eye out for. If you don't have your areas orgoned, you're gonna wanna do that because it's this ether energy that this orgone creates that is going to be able to protect you against the coming Giants.

The Locusts of Revelation, Chapter 9 Are Here - The Northern Army Joel Talks About

Bible talks about the Locust invasion in Revelation, chapter 9 and I've been screaming for years these Locusts are Giants, it's the northern army that Joel talks about, and a lot of them already in the skies of Israel. And so, also in our skies. But what I'm kind of seeing, more or less, is the different factions spreading out around the world although we do have flybys here of some of these Giants that are pretty much hanging out over Israel. We do have them here in this country. We also have Giants from Shema that are here kind of stuck in the Midwest region. If you'll notice the Shema star, it's been on fire since last October, it's not going anywhere but down. And so, interesting of when that will crash, housing a lot of these Giants as well.

A time coming when we need to be prepared. Orgone water. And I have videos on how to protect yourself, how to make orgone water, how to make orgone. If people aren't gonna arm and protect themselves, they're gonna become victims of these Giants. And, you know, a lot of people just say, "Well, I'll just call on the Lord and He'll protect me." Well the Lord IS trying to protect you. He's telling you how to protect yourselves. He's telling you to get orgone out. He speaks through me. And so, you know, if you're caught unprepared, it's your own fault.

Your Choice - Orgone Barrier to Keep the Giants Out, or Letting Them Have You For Breakfast

You know, this one passage in Micah just chills me everytime I read it. And I posted it on my blog several months ago about can bad things happen to a born-again believer. Most people believe that when the Giants come, when the alien invasions start to come, that the believers will be raptured and taken away and that's not true. Or they believe that, "Well, all I have to do is call on the Lord." Well, you know what? He's already telling you what to do. And so, if you're gonna wait until then, it's too late. And so, I would rather keep Giants out of my town totally, put a wall, an orgone barrier wall around my town, my areas, so they're not in my backyard, than waiting till I see one in my yard crashing his fist through my house and grabbing me out of bed, having me for breakfast. This is what these Giants are gonna do.

And they're pack animals. And the reason they're described as Locusts is because they act like locusts. If you look at a locust, they travel in swarms, and they eat everything in sight. And that's what the arrival of over 200 million Giants are gonna do when they land on Earth. They're gonna be hungry. They're gonna travel in packs. And they're gonna eat everything in sight. The Lord warned us, if you want to understand what's gonna happen in the last days, then you have to understand what happened in the beginning of days, in the days of Noah. And, very eye-opening. And you can read Micah, chapter 3, verses 2-4. And He's not talking about unbelievers, he's talking about believers in this passage. People who call themselves children of God. But yet the Lord says they are those who hate the good and love the evil -- well, he's talking about the others right now:

"Who hate the good and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them and their flesh from off their bones."

He's talking about what these Giants are doing to HIS people. People who call themselves children of God who are His people:

"Who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones; who also eat the flesh of MY people, and flay their skin from off of them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron."

They chop them up and boil them and eat them!

"Then shall they cry unto the LORD (this is HIS people), but he will not hear them: he will even hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings."

He's mad at them. Frustrated, aggravated with them. And He allow judgment to come on them. And, certainly, if you look at the churches today, He's not involved with them, standing on the outside door. We see the church of Laodicea in Revelation, chapter 3, the last of the seven churches, where He is depicted as standing on the outside of the door, and, basically where He is today. They're all apostate. They're all apostate and not one of them keeping His commandments to honor the Sabbath day, the seventh day of the week. And then the ones that do usually have apostate errors about them as well. People call this the church age, it's been nothing but the apostate age. Two thousand years of it. And so, He's going to allow judgment to come, folks.


Gonna take some callers. See what they have to say.

Since Cain Was Bred by Satan, Was He a Giant?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello!

Caller: Hello, is this Sherry?

Sherry: Yes, it is.

Caller: Sherry, this is Dana Haven. How ya doing?

Sherry: Hey, Dana! Good, how are you? An east-coaster.

Caller: Yes! You're right. I wanted to just say that it's been a joy hearing your teachings and getting to know the Lord better. And definitely you can take credit in that. You've helped me have that more personal relationship with Him and I do appreciate it.

Sherry: Oh, that's good to hear.

Caller: Hey, um, did have a couple questions. And one of the questions was -- you were talking about, uh, we know that Cain was bred by Satan [laughs], and in doing so, I'm wondering, was he a Giant?

Sherry: You know, I often wonder about that. About Cain AND Abel, if they're both taller than we normally are now, because, you know, of our heights and their heights. In the Bible Codes I see him as a "tall boy" so, yeah, I do see him as a Giant.

Caller: You think also Abel could've been or -- I was just thinking maybe Cain just because he was the one of Satan's seed, but...

Sherry: Yeah. Well, you know what? I see it with Cain. I haven't seen it with Abel, but some people say they were twins, or one was born first and then the other one was born, and whatever happened...

Caller: Fraternal [twins], right?

Sherry: Yeah. Whatever happened at that point. I can't say if Abel was. I can say that Cain was because I've seen it with Cain's name.

For Five Months Men Won't Die, but How Can They Not Die If They're Eaten?

Caller: I was just wondering about that. Hey, the other thing, um, you were just saying about the chopping up and boiling and eating them there in Micah, I think you said.

Sherry: Yeah. Micah, chapter 3.

Caller: Now in Revelations it also says five months they're to torment men and that men won't die. But, of course, if they're gonna eat them, how can they not die? Or is there a time when they can kill them and time when they can't or...

Sherry: I don't know. You know, they're here for five months.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And, during that time man can't kill himself. Perhaps they can die if they're eaten by a giant, but they can't commit suicide. They can't mutilate themselves. They can't die. Because people are gonna be dying of fear. The Bible says they're gonna be dying in fear, so how do they die in fear if they can't die? You know?

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And so, there's a lot of interpretation issues with that passage. And so perhaps they just can't kill themselves. But I know that the reason they're only here for five months is that because of the work the Orgone Warriors have done up until that time getting orgone out in the world. And the ether energy eventually kills them. Otherwise they'd be here much longer than five months. But the Lord grants them five months...

Caller: Thank God for that orgone [laughs].

Sherry: Yeah. He grants us the victory, but it's gonna take five months of their presence here on Earth before we get it. And so, it's like a tit-for-tat. You do this, we do that, this happens. You know? And, you know. It's coming. People don't realize it. I see things all the time I don't want to happen. I see my own home town involved with zombieism, and I live here. You know, a lot of things are just gonna start in my town. And, you know, things are coming, you just put your focus and strength in the Lord and just do the things he tells you to do. He'll protect those who are seeking Him. Who truly are His. Who have Him as their priority. Who seek Him every day. Those are His people. And He WILL protect those. And He's telling us how to protect ourselves. We're arming ourselves. He gives us simple little weapons. How hard is orgone?

Caller: Mm [laughs].

Sherry: How hard is orgone water? You know, simple little weapons to defeat these eon-tall Giants. And so, people just need to be listening.

Have You Read Enoch 3?

Caller: Have you read Enoch 3?

Sherry: Uh, which one is that?

Caller: That's actually when, um, I think it's Ismael or somebody like that goes and has a vision himself. And it actually explains that Enoch was converted, changed, into an angel...

Sherry: Well, Enoch never...

Caller: ...when he was taken home.

Sherry: Yeah. Well, you know, some of that you can...

Caller: I guess he was called Metron, or something like that...

Sherry: I've heard of that. Yeah. Metatron...

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Yeah. You know, I don't know what to think about that. I know he didn't die.

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And him and Elijah are the only two who have never died. They were taken up to heaven in chariots. And so, I don't know about this Metatron and all this other stuff...

Caller: I just thought it was interesting, the fact, like in your article the Angels in the Flesh, how you explained that some of us have been angels and then came here. And, do you think that those ones are gonna change back into angels when they go back or do you have any feel for that?

Sherry: We very well could, you know. We're here, we were born on Earth as humans. We were at the first rebellion when Satan rebelled against the Lord. We're here at the second one to do it all over again...fight against him and stop it. The numbers are a lot different this time [laughs]. I mean, the first rebellion only one third fell with him, and this rebellion he gets, what, two-thirds? And so, the numbers are reversed.

Caller: Do you think we're going backwards becoming angels -- if that was the scenario, would we be going backwards becoming angels or forwards or are both good [laughs], or...

Sherry: I have no idea. I imagine we're gonna have new ranks...

Caller: Yep.

Sherry: ...in heaven. We're gonna have a new rank. A whole new rank. Because we went through our time here on Earth. We're gonna be rewarded for the things we did here on Earth. And, I would imagine we're given new ranks. I would imagine. I'm not God, I don't know.

Caller: Right [laughs]. No, I just wondered if you had any feel...

Sherry: I know I talk about stuff like I know of, but the information I can get from Him on it, you know [laughs].

Caller: Right.

Sherry: And so, I'm always seeking information. You know how I am. And so, you know, my info's limited on exactly what happens in the future here.

Are You Queen Shazuraze?

Caller: Hey, one other question, putting you on the spot. And if you don't want to answer it -- I know before when I asked you through an e-mail, you said you didn't. Are you Queen Sharaza?

Sherry: Shazuraze.

Caller: Shara -- Shazuraze [laughs].

Sherry: [laughs] I'm still not gonna answer it, Dana [laughs].

Is Queen Rashayel a Person on Earth?

Caller: OK. OK. Do you know this one that's the other queen? The Rashayel who...

Sherry: Rashayel.

Caller: Is that a person on Earth...

Sherry: Yes.

Caller: ...giving lessons now?

Sherry: Uh...ON Earth...

Caller: Could you point me in that direction or not?

Sherry: No, I really can't.

Caller: OK. Well, Sherry, it is a pleasure. I do appreciate everything you do. And I'm hoping we can meet someday in person, spirit, whatever [laughs].

Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in...

Caller: Looking forward to it.

Sherry: All right.

Caller: God bless.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

Why Did They Target Me Directly?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry. This is Jonathan calling from southern Illionois. Can you hear me all right?

Sherry: Yeah! I can hear you good.

Caller: OK, good. I actually had a question for you. I think I might have been targeted about a year ago. Nobody really believes me, but I know what I saw, and... I'm being completely serious...

Sherry: [sarcastically] Oh, imagine that [laughs].

Caller: [laughs] Well, I was driving home from work one day, and an inner voice, it was female, it said, "Look out the window if you want to see us." So I bent down over the steering wheel, and I looked through the windshield, and I didn't see anything, and it said, "Keep looking." And I really looked, and I saw -- it was between 75 and 100 craft at very high altitude. I mean, you really had to squint to see them.

Sherry: Right.

Caller: They were silver. There's videos, actually, on YouTube of a sighting in Mexico, a mass sighting. It's the exact same thing that I saw. And I saw the video after I looked it up. But, I wanted to know -- I mean, I don't know if that's military or if it's fallen angels or what...

Sherry: The silver ones typically aren't military, although we do have some gray ones. Mostly triangles, different kind of ones, those are usually military. The singular round ones, the disk type, they look like muffins, upside-down saucers...

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: ...typically the alien vessels, and so.

Caller: Well, they would come together like in groups of three and four, and they would all move independently of each other in different directions...

Sherry: Sometimes you wonder if it's holograms.

Caller: Well, I just don't know how they put that thought into my head. I wouldn't think so much of it if that thought wasn't put in my head to look up.

Sherry: Right. Well, it's mental telepathy. They can speak to you through mental telepathy. Also these towers, ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] towers. They put thoughts in your head. One of the things you have to learn, to tell the difference these days is what is YOUR thought and what's put in your head by an outside source...

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: ...You know, it's hard -- it could be a REAL experience. You know what I'm saying? I'm not saying it's false. It could be real. Like if I was looking at a bunch of UFOs and they were telling me to look up here, I'd be saying, "OK." Then I'd be asking the Lord to make them all crash [laughs]. Yeah, I'm not gonna put up with their crap! You know?

Caller: Yeah. I just don't understand why they targeted me directly like that. And I've had experiences before. I lived in Hawaii like five years ago. And I had an experience -- I confronted what I believe to be a demonic entity, in Hawaii. I was into drugs at the time. I don't do that anymore, but, at all, but my roommate was upstairs and he heard whispering outside the window and he came down and caught me smoking marijuana. And he shut the door and slammed it and turned out the light. And it was like something was laughing right in my face. It was the most demonic-sounding laugh I ever heard.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: And it'd done it electronic. It sounded like it was coming out of another dimension. It was really creepy. And here the whispering, and then I have this. It's like. I feel like I've been targeted or something.

Sherry: Yeah, you're probably chip-implanted and they have access to you. And also not just chip implants, but generational curses work against us.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: And so, we typically have to go digging, "OK. Why is this happening to me?" And that's when you usually start to learn. You know. That's how I learned. "Why is this happening to me?" And it started with that. And, you know, you start asking the Lord. You learn about chip implants. You learn about electronic harassment. You learn about what the demons can do. What the invisible military can do. What the towers can do. You started learning -- you start going in every direction, a lot of different directions. And you realize there's just more, than the Lord Himself, who can have access to you at anytime. We get harassed by demons and by military technology. And by aliens.

Caller: All right. I just really feel like I'm targeted.

Sherry: You typically have to find out how they're accessing you and how to shut it down. If you're chip-implanted, try to find out where. If you've had vaccines and flu shots and typically that kind of thing that we all do or have had. Put neodymium magnets where they put the shots. Leave them on there for a day. You know, try to nip out any kind of chip implants. Stay away from future vaccinations and shots. If you feel an outside voice coming towards you, putting thoughts in your head, ask the Lord to destroy their equipment. Or ask Him how they have access. Generational curses...go through and break those. I mean, it's a process, but we have to get off our butts and do things, you know.

Caller: OK.

Sherry: We have to react to what they're doing to us, you know.

Caller: OK. Well, you answered my question. Well, you have a good night.

Sherry: All right.

Caller: Thank you for all the good work. I really appreciate it.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Yah bless. Have a good night.

Sherry: God bless. Good night.

Ways to Counteract What They're Doing to You

Yeah, folks. We're not bad people because we're being targeted. We're not crazy. We're not insane. We just have to figure out how they're doing it and then counter-react it. Typically, from the time you were born, no fault of your own, your parents gave you vaccinations. There was chip implants in those vaccinations. They were tracking chips. And from that point on, you've been followed and targeted by aliens and even demonic beings. And so, we can shut these areas down. You can put neodymium magnets on your arms and wherever you've had shots. Break all generational curses. I have spiritual warfare prayers on my website at TheWatcherFiles.com. Breaking generational curses. And if it's military, asking the Lord to just fry their equipment that's being used against you. Just go to Him and ask, "OK. Why is this happening to me. How do I stop it?" You know. Start asking Him that and get orgone in your rooms, in your homes, and around your yard because that will defeat a lot of the demonic and alien harassments and military harassments against you, just getting orgone around you.

See what this caller's up to.

If Zombies Are Demons, Couldn't We Just Cast the Demons Out of Those Bodies?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Hi, Sherry. This is Jose from California. How are you doing today?

Sherry: Who? Good. A west-coaster. OK.

Caller: Yeah, I'm from California. West coast. I just wanted to read something real quick. If you don't mind me reading it.

Sherry: What's it about?

Caller: It's about believers' scriptural authority against demonic spirit and warring against powers and principalities.

Sherry: Well, just give us, in a nutshell, what it's about because people fall asleep when you just read stuff word to word.

Caller: OK. Well, let me just read it. Just one little quick paragraph. In Luke 10:17-19 it says, "Then the seventy-two returned with joy saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in your name. And he said to them, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Behold I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by means hurt you." Mark 16:17-18,20: "And these signs will follow those who believe: In my name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover." Verse 20: And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them and confirming the word through the accompanying signs." Hello?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Oh. Um, and it says Psalm 149:5-9: "Let the saints be joy..."

Sherry: You know, what's your point? We could sit and read scripture all night...

Caller: OK. Well...

Sherry: I love scripture, but what's your point?

Caller: What I'm trying to say is, um, zombies are demons, right?

Sherry: They're reanimated. They've taken over a human body, and -- the soul's dead -- and they've taken over a human body.

Caller: And that's a demon, right?

Sherry: Right.

Caller: It's a demon soul, though, right? So, can we cast those demons out of those dead bodies?

Sherry: He didn't tell us to cast them out. He told us to make orgone water. You know? We're not smarter than He is. He didn't tell us to stand here and rebuke zombies. He told us to make orgone water. Shoot them with orgone water. So that's what we do. We listen to Him. We're not smarter than Him.

Caller: I'm not saying we're smarter than Him, but He also says that we can cast them out. I mean, I'm just saying...

Sherry: It's already a dead person. How're you gonna cast a demon out of a dead person? It's just a living thing that's any-- he's taking over a vessel.

Caller: I don't know.

Sherry: You gonna cast them out of a dead vessel? But He hasn't told us to do that. What He told us to do was make orgone water.

Caller: Yeah, I believe that.

Sherry: That's easier than just confronting one because I'd rather be a hundred feet away from these things, and shooting them with water, than yelling at them, rebuking them or whatever and screaming and losing my voice and by then 50 others are coming up from behind me. I'd go and just do what He says and get orgone water.

Caller: Yeah, OK then.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thanks for your time, Sherry. God bless.

You Don't Make the Rules, You Just Follow the Rules from the Boss

You know, that's the simple thing, folks. We could sit here and then quote scripture all day long about what the believers did back then and what we've been able to do in the last 1000, 2000 years. What we haven't been able to do, because I haven't seen anybody do half those signs in His name. I believe it ended with the last apostle. But the simple thing is, you do what He says to do. And if He tells us to make orgone water, it'll kill the zombies, then make orgone water. We're not smarter than he is. We can't tell Him, "Oh, excuse me. I'm not gonna do that, I'm just gonna do this." No, you don't change the rules. You don't make the rules. You just FOLLOW the rules from the Boss. And He's our Boss.

That's another thing. That's another reason why so many believers are left for judgment. Because they're so stubborn. [Caller says hello.] They just won't listen to Him.

Will You Know When They Start Going into the Underground Bunkers?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry.

Sherry: Hello.

Caller: How're you feeling?

Sherry: Good. A lot better.

Caller: Oh, good! We need you [laughs]. I'm gonna make it fast. I've just got a few questions because I try to talk to friends about this and sometimes they give me questions because they don't want to call in.

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: Underground bunkers...will you know when they start going in. You have people watching? Or are you gonna be able to let us know? And do you see that soon?

Sherry: What was that? The first part?

Caller: The bunkers.

Sherry: Oh.

Caller: The underground bunkers. Are you gonna know? Or do you have access to finding out when they're gonna start going in there? Or you know?

Sherry: You know what? I don't think any of us are gonna know until they're already way in them. Because right now what do we have? We have clones running around acting like politicians. Even newscasters are doing this. They're sending clones out to cover stories so they don't have to leave their offices.

Caller: I believe ya.

Do You See Glenn Beck as a Clone?

Sherry: And so, how're we gonna know? I mean, I can look at Hillary and tell if she's real or a clone and Obama's pretty hard. Hillary's easy because they always use these young ones with Hillary.

Caller: Do you see Glenn Beck as one? Tell everybody what's going on.

Sherry: You know what? The Lord doesn't have me listening to any of those people...anybody else...

Caller: Yes, I understand that. I understand.

Sherry: And some of them very well may be led by Him, but you know what? I have my own ministry and He has me focused on doing what I'm doing and nobody else is doing what I'm doing.

Caller: Well, that's good.

Sherry: And that's just why. And so...

Why Is the FAA Being Pressed into Allowing Unmanned Drones in U.S.A. Airspace?

Caller: Today I was watching TV and did you see about the FAA's [Federal Aviation Administration] being pressed into allowing unmanned drones in U.S.A. to fly in our airspace?

Sherry: Yeah, could you imagine that?

Caller: No!

Sherry: I mean, just drones everywhere. Does that mean we can just shoot them out of the sky?

Caller: What's up with that? What's the meaning of that? Why are they being pressed? What're they gonna do?

Sherry: They're gonna hook up bombs to them. And they're gonna come after all their little target list and bomb their houses. That's exactly what they're gonna do.

Caller: That was on the headline news today.

Sherry: That won't be on the news, but that's what they're gonna do [laughs].

Caller: No, no. But they were just saying that -- it was just on there and all they said was the FAA was being pressed to allow unmanned drones in U.S.A. airspace.

Sherry: Yeah. From small enough to where they could fit in your bedroom window and large enough to where they look like small aircrafts.

Caller: But won't they hit our airplanes? Or our airplanes hit them...

Sherry: And that's what they're worried about.

Caller: Yeah!

Sherry: So what do we do now? Have highways in the sky for unmanned drones [laughs]? We have jet pass and airplane pass. And even UFOs have their own highway. What do we do? Make one now for unmanned drones? And the thing is...they're not gonna be that high up. They're gonna be in your neighborhoods. They're gonna be treetop levels.

Caller: Oh, my God!

Sherry: They're gonna be shooting at people. They're gonna be dropping bombs on people's houses.

Caller: I just wanna hide in my basement [laughs].

Sherry: Yeah. You know.

Do You Still See Miami or Tampa in the Codes?

Caller: Hey, I liked the guys on the show tonight. Especially that Dana guy [laughs].

Sherry: He's a sweetheart.

Caller: Yeah. He sounds like it. And I also -- do you still see Miami in the Codes or Tennessee, you said that one time?

Sherry: Tampa. Miami and Tampa. Yeah.

Caller: Oh. I thought you said Tennessee.

Sherry: Uh, Miami and Tampa. And people just need to get out of Florida. They need to get out of Florida. I've been saying that for years.

Caller: Is it a hurricane, or you don't know?

Sherry: It's gonna be under the water. That's all I can tell you.

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: I mean, this oil stuff, whatever's going on now might be enough to kill them, enough to call marial law and everything else.

Caller: Oh, and Obama was there today, yeah, like he ate from a restaurant there. Like I believe that one [laughs].

Sherry: You know what? Eventually it's gonna be underwater. And so, you know. And Japan, I've been telling people for years to get off that island and...

Caller: Oh, yeah.

Sherry: I don't always know why. I just say what the Lord has me say.

Caller: You don't know why it's gonna be underwater, huh? But doesn't it show it like soon?

Sherry: I don't know.

Caller: Oh, you don't know. You don't have all -- you just get little pieces or...

Sherry: Yeah, I just, you know...

Caller: ...info?

Sherry: ...tell them to get out. And that's what I do. Especially the east coastland. You know, any kind of coastland. Head inland. People ask me, "Where should I go? Should I go..." And then they mention a different coastland. I'm like, "Get off the coast! Get away. Get in the mountains."

Caller: Yeah, telling them to go to the caves and that it's OK. Yeah, right!

If Anything Happens, You'd Never Get Out of the Cities

Sherry: Eventually people in New York City are gonna have to flee. Because when martial law hits New York City, they're gonna have to flee. And so, you know. People in cities need to get out of cities. Go find...

Caller: I told you before, I'm moving my daughter -- for other reasons, too, but out of the cities. Because I said if anything happens, you'd never get out.

Sherry: No. Because, you know what? They're gonna block you in. They have...

Caller: And she's up there alone, and so I said, you know, if it is the end times like I believe (you and I believe), I want her here with me, and my granddaughter.

Sherry: Yeah. And you know what? People don't understand that because these cities, these police departments, are practicing to just totally cordon off roads, blow up roads that lead out that are workable. They're gonna blow them up. And anybody in the cities are gonna be held in. It isn't like you're gonna be able to walk up to these checkpoints and say, "I'm OK. Let me out." No. They're gonna make you stay in that city. You become prisoners. They're not gonna let you out. And when they start cordoning off cities, then it's gonna be too late to get out.

Caller: Yeah. And you'd never get out with all the people in the cities. You don't even have a chance.

Sherry: Yeah, you don't. Yeah, it's gonna be chaos.

Have You Ever Heard of October 19th as a Catastrophe?

Caller: Have you ever heard of October 19th as a catastrophe?

Sherry: No, it's usually the 10th [laughs].

Caller: What?

Sherry: Usually it's the 10th. October 10th.

Caller: But you have seen October, huh? Maybe they're fooling us with December 21st, or maybe it can be an October date?

Sherry: You know, there's so many dates floating around. And the Lord doesn't live in linear time, so I usually don't give dates attention because...

Caller: I was just wondering if you ever heard...

Sherry: Usually it's the military and the Church of Norad trying to get people hyped up on a specific date. Because usually when you hear dates, it has something to do with Masonic numbers, or occultic numbers and stuff.

Caller: So just ignore that October 19th. It was in a movie, so I wondered, you know [laughs]...

Sherry: [laughs] Hey, they could be saying something. 1 plus 9 equals 10. And then you've got -- you know, who knows? I don't chase it.

Caller: I just wondered.

Sherry: I don't chase dates.

Do You Think the 144,000 Will Have Signs That They're About to Go?

Caller: Also, the 144,000, do you think they'll know in a day or two before -- they'll have signs that they're going?

Sherry: No. Because most of the ones that I hear from that I know are, don't even have a clue that they are.

Caller: Really?

Sherry: Yeah. They're just like, "I'm not sure I am and I don't think I am, but this and this and this."

Caller: You know if they'll have the people that are coming down to get them watching them and watching where they're at, so when it's time to take them quick, they'd know where they're at? Like the Watchers or anybody?

Sherry: Oh, the Lord knows where they're at. Unlike Satan, He's omniscient and omnipresent and He knows where all of His people are. He doesn't need technology.

Caller: They don't know till the last second they go, you don't think?

Sherry: I don't think they will. No. Because so many people doubt who they are. But they stay focused on the Lord which is the main thing. We can be wrong, up to the hilt, in doctrinal errors. He doesn't care. What He cares about is our hearts in seeking Him and following Him on a daily basis.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: Our relationships with Him. Whether we have one or not. He doesn't care if we've got it all right. Because we'll get it all right in heaven when we're with Him.

Do You Know Where the Money Goes or What They're Talking About in Church Half the Time?

Caller: I don't go to church because I believe what you say and I pray at home everyday and do the best I can to be getting the word out.

Sherry: And you know what? That's more than 95% of the people that do go to church that call themselves Christians. How could you be in a relationship with the Lord and be in a church knowing it's apostate?

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: Because when you're in a relationship with the Lord, He starts teaching you His truths.

Caller: Churches are all about money. Money for the church. And who you are and what you're wearing.

Sherry: Yeah, it's all status...

Caller: And how much money you wanna give. And you don't know where that money's going and you don't even know half the time what they're talking about.

Sherry: Yeah, it's a gossip club. Let's quote Paul for an hour. Blah, blah, blah. You know, and meet on the Sun-god-day.

Caller: So I just stay at home...

I Hadn't Heard that the Sabbath Is Saturday

Sherry: ... [inaudible] stop being hypocrites. Quit telling us to follow the ten commandments and you can't follow them yourself. You're meeting on the first day of the week. What did the Lord say? Honor the Sabbath day.

Caller: Yes. On a Sunday, not a Saturday. Like you said, maybe the Antichrist will say to have church on Saturday or...?

Sherry: Yeah. Seventh day of the week is Sabbath. That's Saturday.

Caller: Oh... You think it's supposed to be a Sunday?

Sherry: Oh, no. Sunday is the first day of the week.

Caller: OK.

Sherry: That's why the Protestants all celebrate Sunday, because it's the first day of the week. And Satan laughs every Sunday. He's got all the Lord's people celebrating Sun-god-day...

Caller: I guess I hadn't heard that. Glad I know that.

Sherry: It's ten commandments! Honor the Sabbath day. Keep it holy. The seventh day of the week. Most people, they'll figure it out. They can't see the numbers..."OK, wait a minute. Saturday is seventh day. Sunday is the first day of the week." Everyone thinks Monday's the first day of the week. It's Sunday.

Caller: Hmm!

Sherry: You know, it's really just a numbers thing that people just are blinded to. They don't realize it.

Caller: Yeah, yeah.

Sherry: So, uh, yeah.

Have You Found Anything More about That Star in the Northwest?

Caller: Well, I won't take up anymore time. I just like to listen. Like to hear it. You haven't found anything more about that star in the northwest, have you? That bright one. It looks like it's in a field across from my house.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: It's that bright, that low.

Sherry: That Shema one [laughs].

Caller: You figured that out yet?

Sherry: Oh, it's Shema. But, there's a new one in the south and so that's even more interesting.

Caller: I thought Shema was in -- to me -- in Iowa. It was to the northeast. Now it's in the northwest.

Sherry: It moves [laughs].

Caller: Oh, it can move?

Sherry: Oh, yeah. It can move around.

Caller: Oh, didn't know that. But that Shema, it looked like that same one, but I thought, "Well, how can it move the whole different direction?"

Sherry: Yeah. And they're trying to restore it and they're trying to rebuild it and blah, blah, blah.

Caller: Boy, it's getting bright, and you're right, it IS getting lower.

Sherry: Yeah. But they can't because it's still a mess. Everything on the outside's a total facade. It's like GE [General Electric Company] light bulbs turning on [laughs].

Caller: Aw.

Sherry: But the inside's destroyed.

Caller: Well, my backyard looks like a jungle. We've had storm after storm after storm in Iowa.

Sherry: Oh, I know. We've had lightning strikes after lightning after lightning here in Ohio so.

Did You See All the Floodings?

Caller: And all these floodings. Oh, my gosh. Did you kind of see that at all or no?

Sherry: Not on the TV, but I mean, that's all we've had is storms, and so. I could imagine anybody else -- I live on a hill so I don't have to worry about flooding.

Caller: Kansas City, what was on the news today. Did you hear about that?

Sherry: No, I haven't had the TV on today. So, it's Monday, I don't watch TV. I don't have time. I've got baseball games and everything else [laughs].

Caller: Well, Yah bless. And I'll be listening. Thank you.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Bye.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

The Sabbath Day Is a Memorial Back to Creation

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hi, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Hi! This is Sharon from Upstate New York. How're you doing?

Sherry: Good. How are you?

Caller: Good. I wanted to reiterate about the Sabbath day. You're correct. It is in the ten commandments and it's a memorial back to creation. When God made the heavens and the earth in six days, and on the seventh day He rested [laughs].

Sherry: Right.

Caller: I agree with you there.

Sherry: It's so simple.

Caller: Yeah, I know. And it's a blessing too because I've never honored the Sabbath, and the past five years I have and it's made a big, big difference in my life. In worship time and everything. It puts everything back into perspective.

Sherry: Yeah, you need that one day a week. To do nothing but meditate on Him.

What's the Radius of the Bucket Blasters?

Caller: Yep, yep. Exactly. But anyway, getting on, I wanted to ask you a question about the orgone. The pipe blasters...

Sherry: Mm-hmm.

Caller: ...what's the radius of that? I was reading on a site, at one of the crystal sites where we get the crystals. They said if you use the pipe blaster that he had, it was like seven pipes in a big bucket. And he said it woud be good for a radius of about like 48 miles. Is that true?

Sherry: I really don't know what the radius is on these things. We make various size bucket blasters.

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: We use one-pipe or three-pipe. I've never had one bucket with seven pipes. And so, it very well could, if you had seven pipes made correctly, go 50 miles. I mean, yeah.

Caller: OK. Because I was just wondering if it would be better to do, like spend the bucks and do real good strategic spots. We can cover a bigger area that you wouldn't get with the little orgone pucks.

Sherry: Well, the problem is though, is you need to follow OUR instructions and not the pagans'.

Caller: Yeah. OK. Got that.

Sherry: You need to get copper coil wound around the crystals...

Caller: Right.

Sherry: ...and get the shavings in there and then...very simple.

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: We don't use anything voodoo. We don't put mystery water in it.

Caller: No, no, no, no.

Sherry: Just pure and simple instructions. And, yeah, they're very powerful. Even just one pipe. You can go a lot further making one pipe in one bucket blaster, or two pipes, than you can with seven pipes in one bucket.

Caller: OK. All right. Because, you know, I wanna use my money as wisely as I can. And I've suffered with a lot of pucks, but like if I wanna get a park area I should probably try to stick a pipe in there somewheres where nobody sees it.

Sherry: You know what? Stick it right down the middle of a bush.

Caller: That's a good idea.

Sherry: Pound it down. Take a board and a hammer and a shovel, because you'll have to shovel out some of the dirt.

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Sherry: But right in the middle of a bush. It might be aggravating to you, trying to get it in because the bush is in your way, but it'll be less conspicous. People won't see it.

Caller: Yeah, because I don't want somebody yanking it out [laughs] after all that.

Sherry: Yeah. And you know, you can put vines around it and stuff to camouflage it and eventually the pipes gonna get condensation on them and they turn like a blackish color anyway...

Caller: Yeah, yeah.

Sherry: ...so that helps hide the copper.

Caller: OK. That sounds good. All right. I'll let you go back to your callers. Thank you very much and have a great one.

Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.

Caller: OK, all right. Bye-bye.

Sherry: Bye-bye.

Callers There, but Not Responding

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. Uh, huh. All right.

If you have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 1-877-245-5648.

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] I don't know who these people are. They just cost me money wanting to come and sit on my lines. So, I'm going to ignore them [laughs] if they don't want to talk to me [laughs]. That's OK. Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. All right, we'll just jump down here.

Put an Orgone Puck in Your Bathroom As Well As Your Closet

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: How are you!?

Sherry: Good, how are you?

Caller: OK. I got...

Sherry: This is Joan from New York, isn't it?

Caller: Yeah...who?

Sherry: Oh, look how good I am.

Caller: No, I'm not Joan from New York. I'm sorry, I'm not her [laughs].

Sherry: I'm not good. All right [laughs].

Caller: No, but she's a pretty good caller, you know.

Sherry: Which one is this? Who are you?

Caller: Down towards Pennsylvania.

Sherry: OK.

Caller: Down, down, down, down, down New York. Anyways, I just wanted to say there was a caller a couple weeks ago that called in from Michigan. And she had said something to you about as you put -- you told her to put it in the closet, the puck.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Orgone puck. So she did and it worked really well and, you know, I just thank Yahuah, I swear to God, because, oh, I've been praying so hard. And you know what? I put one in my closet because He said every room and I did know where. I put some under the bed and everything and I put it in the closet and it worked so well, because they cloak. And also, if the woman is listening, I wish you would hear this because -- also put it in your bathroom. It might sound weird, but it's something with the water. It's just...

Sherry: It's the mirrors.

Caller: Yeah!

Sherry: That's where the mirrors are.

Caller: Oh! That's right.

Sherry: I don't have mirrors in my house.

Caller: Ooh. I didn't think of that.

Sherry: It's where the mirrors are. Yeah. Mirrors and appliances...

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: ...and closets because they hide in the closets at night.

Caller: Oh, yeaah.

Sherry: They just sit there. Spy on you. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Caller: [laughs]

Sherry: People think I'm crazy? Yeah, well, OK.

Caller: Noo. Oh, noo. I'm glad there's somebody out there that thinks...

Sherry: You know what? When I had mirrors I started having problems with the entities coming through them. I'd just anoint them. I'd take oil and anoint them. That was before I got the orgone. Now I just keep orgone everywhere. Nobody wants in my house [laughs]. They don't want in here [laughs].

Caller: That's great. I mean, I don't know what I would've done without your show.

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: And without your pucks and, you know, making orgone. And wanna get some more from you. As my husband said that's the only place I'm getting it from is you because they're so powerful [laughs].

Sherry: Yeah. Well, I'm the only one that makes the Lord's orgone. Everybody else makes voodoo New Age crap.

Caller: No. No way. Not me. Mm-mmm.

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: Going with you all the way [laughs]. They're very strong and, oh, I've been so blessed. I've been so blessed. It's so wonderful and strong. I mean, if just people would do believe in the Lord, you know, and everything and, uh...

Sherry: People think I'm crazy.

Caller: No!

Sherry: If they could just ask Him themselves. Just ask Him

Caller: You're not crazy. No, you're not.

Sherry: Ask Him [laughs].

Alien Calling in on Last Thursday Show

Caller: And, you know, there's so much to do. Like you said, there is a lot to do and I just got -- caught the last 20 minutes of your show. And it's really good to hear a lot of people calling in and stuff. I tried listening to your show Thursday and it was awful.

Sherry: Oh...awful [laughs]?

Caller: I don't know what happened. In other words, some guy kind of calling in and just kind of being who he was...

Sherry: Oh the alien butthead?

Caller: Yeah [laughs].

Sherry: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caller: I guess you gotta have them in your show sometime.

Sherry: Oh, it keeps the humor going, you know?

Caller: Oh, it was funny [laughs].

Sherry: [laughs]

Caller: Really weird. But anyway, keep up the good work. And, just doing great.

Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller: Yeah, it's good listening to your show.

Sherry: All right. Thanks. Bye-bye.

Caller: God bless. Bye-bye.

Is the Statement I Made Considered Blasphemy?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hel-lo, caller.

Caller: I have two questions.

Sherry: Hello, caller. You there?

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Can you hear me?

Sherry: Yeah!

Caller: I have two questions. One is about blasphemy. Is blasphemy -- for example, I said something stupid the other night when I was watching the Lakers game. I said, "Jesus Christ and Michael the archangel's gonna be at the Staples Center." Is that considered blasphemy?

Sherry: Well, it's considered, you know, it's a really stupid statement. You know, it's mocking the Lord. So that could be considered blasphemy because it's mocking Him. But all blasphemies can be forgiven except blasphemy against the Holy Spirit which cannot be forgiven, and so. I wouldn't worry about that. I've never known anybody to have done that, and so.

Was Solomon Telling a Story of What Happened in the Garden of Eden?

Caller: I don't know why I said it. I was just caught up in the moment. I'm real scared and, um, another question I have, I read somewhere that...

Sherry: Hmm?

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Was Solomon telling a story of what happened in the Garden of Eden?

Sherry: Uh...uh...did you send me an IM [Instant Message] about that? Are you the one that sent me an IM?

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: Oh, that's you? OK.

Caller: Yes.

Sherry: Uh...uh, the first two...what is it? Yeah...uh, who wrote that out. Somebody wrote that out into an article form. I know somebody wrote it out.

Caller: I read it somewhere. I can't remember the -- I think it was one of your sites.

Sherry: I think it was Fossilized Customs maybe or somebody like that who wrote that out. Detailing Solomon and how he was wording, talking about the Garden of Eden, masking it in different languages and stuff. Yeah. I read that. It was a great article.

Caller: And he said, um, Lucifer used a dark-skin person to seduce Eve?

Sherry: Oh, I don't know about that. I don't know anything about that [laughs]. I hadn't heard anything about skin color.

Caller: All right, well, thank you for your time. And I appreciate your answers to my questions. God bless.

Sherry: All right. Have a good night.

Do You Know What's Going on with the Second Sun?

Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller.

Caller: Hello?

Sherry: Hello?

Caller: Hello? Can you hear me?

Sherry: Hi! Yes!

Caller: Hi! How are you?

Sherry: Good, how are you?

Caller: Good. I'm calling from Canada.

Sherry: Hello, Canada.

Caller: Question for you. Second sun. Anything happening with that? Do you know what's going on with it?

Sherry: I haven't seen the sun in a month.

Caller: I know. Nor have I [laughs].

Sherry: [laughs] Ever since I made the video, I haven't seen the sun. Maybe I just cursed myself. I don't know.

Caller: As soon as your show started today, there's a thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, and we haven't seen thunder and lightning. And, I'm not kidding, like the minute you came on, it was great.

Sherry: They usually do that to me about 20 minutes before the show starts.

Caller: Yeah, it's great. Yeah?

Sherry: Yeah, or just lightning out of nowhere. And you know what? They were trying to kill me about three weeks ago with lightning strikes and it hit this huge tree in front of my house. And this tree is like a hundred-foot high Maple, Oak tree, whatever.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: Really old tree. And just from the bottom to the top, the bark was flying off that thing, it was a huge strike. And I didn't think anything of it because we've had so many storms come through here, but I'd seen in the Bible Codes where they were just shocked and amazed that the tree didn't fall over on the house. Because they were trying to make this tree fall on my house while I was in here.

Caller: The Lord had His invisible shield around you.

Sherry: Oh, yeah! And last Saturday when I was sick in bed with that chip implant attack in my leg, and I couldn't get out of bed all day because of high temperatures, they were trying to start a tornado here in my county. Actually touched ground. Which is the nerve because I have orgone everywhere, so it didn't last very long. But that was another attempt to try to get me with a tornado. You know, the Lord just has my back. And He does with all of His people.

When Bad Things Happen, Are You Going Right into Prayer?

Caller: As soon as things like that happen, are you rebuking and doing all -- like are you going right into the prayer...

Sherry: Oh, no. I was half dead Saturday. I wouldn't have known if a tornado hit me or not. I would have cared less.

Caller: Mm.

Sherry: I mean, I was half dead. I was so sick on Saturday.

Caller: Mm.

Sherry: I didn't even know it was raining outside [laughs].

Caller: Wow.

Sherry: And there was all these tornadoes and, you know, thunderstorms all over the place. And, I slept through it all. Or suffered through it all, I should say. I wasn't doing very well. The Lord has my back. And that's why I'm saying the next desperate thing is gonna be to attach bombs to these drones so they can just fly over our homes and drop bombs on us. That's the next thing.

Caller: Well, the good thing is you don't have to worry.

Sherry: [laughs]

If You See Orbs in the Air, in Real Time, Does That Mean Anything?

Caller: [laughs] Another question for you. Seeing orbs. Like you see orbs in the air, as opposed to -- like I know people see them in actual pictures and film. If you see them in the air, like in real time, does that mean anything?

Sherry: Well, they're demonic. It's safe to say the military also has orbs, OK. So it's one or the other. But either way, it's demonic power that's giving our military half the technology that they have. And so, I've heard of demonic beings just stepping out of these orbs. Like the orbs just stopping in midair and a huge demon steps out of it.

Caller: Yeah. They're in the form of worms as well?

Sherry: Worms?

Caller: Worm next to the orbs? The same type of graph -- it's like a graphic.

Sherry: I don't know. I haven't seen that one.

Have You Heard of People Seeing Things as If Looking at a Negative Film?

Caller: Another question. If you see something all of a sudden in negative, as if you're looking at a negative film, if everything like literally turns into like a negative. As if you're a negative -- like seeing it with your own eyes that way. Have you heard of that? And it happens like maybe three seconds.

Sherry: You mean being able to see into the other dimension?

Caller: Is that what that is? If everything all of a sudden -- you see everything as if it's a negative?

Sherry: She -- who is this? Your sister, daughter?

Caller: No, you...

Sherry: They could be seeing into another dimension.

Caller: OK. And what do you recommend doing at that time when that happens?


Sherry: You know, uh, pfft. You know. Just because you can see into the spirit dimension, hear things other people don't, doesn't mean it's a bad thing. It's basically what you do with that kind -- some of the gifts are not from the Lord, their from Satan. Like these clairvoyants and mystics and mediums...
Caller: Right.
Sherry: ...who see into that other realm. And it's all Satan's glory crap and...
Caller: Yeah, I know. It's like, for example, the sun. It's like the daylight, right? The sun. But everything turns into like a negative. So you're looking at it. Everything dark would be light and light dark.
Sherry: I don't know. That's weird. I've never heard of that before.
Have You Heard of Anyone Seeing a Matrix Grid in Front of a Person?
Caller: I know, so. One other thing that started happening, too. Seeing a grid in front of certain people. Like...a grid. Like a black type of grid.
Sherry: You mean, like an aura? But it's black?
Caller: No, an actual like...like a matrix grid in front of a person.
Sherry: I've never heard of that one.
Caller: Yeah, I know. Me neither. And it just started happening. So I was just wondering if, like -- get away from that person, obviously, right? I've got the orgone on me all the time so it's all good, but, um, yeah, I was just wondering if you heard about any of this stuff.
Sherry: You know what? I haven't heard any of it. It's kind of different. Just ask the Lord what it is. And if it's not of Him, to shut it down. Because they could be messing with you.
Caller: Yeah, yeah. It's getting stronger.
Sherry: You know, just ask. If it's from Him, then fine! He's trying to teach you something.
Caller: Right.
Sherry: But if it's not, ask Him to shut it down.
The Second Sun Is Still Here?
Caller: And second sun, you don't know -- it's obviously still here?
Sherry: It's still here. Uh, not going anywhere. His presence and His wrath is coming. I can see that more and more.
Caller: He's not changing His mind or anything.
Sherry: Huh?
Caller: He's not changing His mind or anything, huh [laughs]?
Sherry: No, He's not changing His mind [laughs]. We're buying time, as it is.
Caller: Yeah, I know. We're on borrowed time.
Sherry: Yeah, we really are.
Caller: Yeah. OK, great. Thanks for your help.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Thanks. We'll talk to you soon.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye-bye.
Are You Seeing an Influx of Russian Soldiers in Florida?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Hi, I'm calling from south Florida.
Sherry: Oh! What are you doing in south Florida?
Caller: Trying to get the heck out of here [laughs].
Sherry: [laughs] So have you seen Russian soldiers down there?
Caller: Have I seen what?
Sherry: Russian shold --Russian soldiers. Try saying that real fast.
Caller: Russian soldiers.
Sherry: Are you seeing an influx of young Russians in Florida?
Caller: Oh, yeah. Well, there's such an influx of all different type of people, it'd be hard to notice, but some friends of mine who know to look out for these things, they've been telling me about it, so. Also, I've heard about other troops coming in other parts of the country.
Sherry: Right. Uh, Alabama and, uh, Louisiana.
Caller: Yep.
Sherry: Gulf coast states.
Caller: Up in the northwest, too. A lot of Chinese soldiers coming in from there.
Sherry: San Diego and Seattle.
Caller: Yep.
Sherry: Yeah.
Blinking Lights Following a Rocket Launched from Cape Canaveral
Caller: Yep. It's not good. I mean, I remember, years ago, I was just looking, I guess five or six years ago, looking for UFOs on the Web. That's when I found your site. I didn't really know too much about any of this stuff and I've been all around checking, you know, cross-referencing information, stuff like that. I keep coming back to yours, you know. I wanted to ask you, there was a rocket launched down here, I guess from Canaveral. It happened maybe like a month and a half ago. Up to two months ago. Some kind of a -- they were launching some kind of equipment in space. I didn't really catch too much of it, but I watched it, I caught it. I walked outside, it was probably about 20 minutes before dark. Actually, it was just like twilight. And I could see the rocket going up, and it looked like a booster had separated or something like that. And there was these two blinking lights behind it and it kept following it up until it just went -- as I watched it looking to the east, because it came from Canaveral which is north of me so it was passing from left to the right, and I watched it till it went out of sight. But there was two blinking lights moving all around, you know, unless they defied the laws of physics. And I was just wondering if you heard anything about that from anybody.
Sherry: Oh, yeah. There's gonna be a lot of UFO activity in southern Florida because it's a underwater base off of Miami. And so, you're gonna see it. There's a underwater base off the tip of Florida. Underground UFO water base.
Caller: It gets very deep here [inaudible] offshore.
Sherry: Get some orgone and start tossing it in the ocean down there.
Caller: I have got some covered around the house here, but, uh, I haven't been able to do too much with the work situation. It's really just, you know, pssh -- I'm a carpenter and, uh, there's just not much going on with that at all. You know, a lot of people...
Sherry: Yeah. Especially in an economy that's bust. Down in Florida, pretty much real estate's just busted down there.
Caller: Yep.
Sherry: But you would be able to find work in other states. And so, I really encourage you just to get out of Florida. I've been telling people for years to get out of Florida. And now there's no better time with all the oil catastrophes that are coming. Martial law is coming to the Gulf states. You need to get out of there.
Caller: I've been thinking that. And [inaudible] trying to do and a couple of friends of mine, Christian Patriot friends, we want to leave here. Because it seems like everytime, something, um, just bad things keep happening to keep us from...
Sherry: Uh, you know what? I've gotta get going. I've got about a minute left of the show.
Caller: OK, Sherry. Take care.
Sherry: All right. But thanks for calling in.
Caller: Yeah.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Get Out of the South and West Coast States
I ought to wrap it up for this week, folks. You know what? If you're in the south coast states, you need to get out of there. Gulf Coast states. Martial law. It's inevitable. It's gonna be declared sooner than later. They're moving in a lot of troops. And so, you need to be paying attention to what the Lord tells you about the west coast, California, Seattle areas, also the Gulf Coast states. Just getting out of Florida. Getting out of the coastal regions. Listen for the Lord because we've got, you know, one disaster after the next coming here for a while, folks.
Anyway, I'll be on Thursdays, 1 o'clock, with Aliens in the News. I'll be talking about the coming Nibiru Giants and the Shema Giants and just coming Giants in general, and so get more involved with that on Thursday. Be back next Monday night, folks, at 10 o'clock.
Until then, Yah bless, everybody.