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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 21, 2010

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This Wacky Weather Is Nothing Compared to How Enoch Described the Last Days
And hello, everybody.  You're live.  It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio.  If you have a question for the show you can send it in to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com or you can call 1-877-245-5648.  Today's the first day of summer, June 21st, and coming in with a hot bang.  I think this is really the warmest time we've had all year so far.  It's been rainy.  It's been, uncharacteristically, a dreary Spring [laughs].  And I'm sure everybody across the country has one story or another to tell of the wacky weather in their areas.  And this is nothing compared to what Enoch described the last days would be.  So, if we were gonna go by what Enoch's description of when we're gonna be in the last days, then we wouldn't even be in the last days right now [laughs].  That's how whacked out the weather's gonna be.  And so hopefully that's a little bit farther down the line.  A couple years down the road.  Just gradually take us to seasons completely switching.  And it almost sounds like what Enoch is describing is a complete pole shift.  He talks about fruit trees not producing their fruit in the right season, and everything changing.  And it sounds like a pole shift, you know.  I'm no expert.  But Enoch talks about everything happening not in their seasons and in different seasons, just kind of like changing, and so.
Yah's Giving His Last Warning to Those in Florida - Get Out, Get Out, Get Out
Interesting, earlier this week, I sent out a warning to all those in Florida to get out.  Get out, get out, get out.  You know I've been saying that for years about Florida.  And now Yah has said it's the last warning for Florida.  And all day long, I believe it was Saturday during Sabbath, all day long just in my spirit seeing a huge wall of fire just encompassing Florida from one side to the other.  And I don't know exactly how much of the state.  But I pretty much do know that most of the state will be destroyed.  Perhaps those on the extreme northern part would be safe, but if the Lord tells you to leave, then leave, you know. 
Underground Bunkers and Bases Will Become Tombs
I know a lot of people just wasting their time and money in underground bunkers.  And, folks, they're gonna become tombs.  Underground bases are not going to be safe.  In fact, everytime I hear that the elite are heading for their underground bunkers, I laugh.  And it's like, "Hey, let's give them all free bus rides there [laughs]."  Let's just pile them all up in these underground bases.  They've spent billions on them, they can have them.  Because the Lord's going to drown them, a lot of them.  And so, there's no safety.  They think they can escape Yah's judgment.  They can't.  And, you know, nobody can.  None of us can.  But the thing is, you can be on the good side of His judgment or the bad side of His judgment.  I certainly don't want to be on his bad side. 
Walls of Fire Along the Coasts
And so, today, the Lord telling me He's going to shake the earth.  And, you know, that can get pretty horrific-looking.  If you can imagine walls of fire and then all of a sudden, the earth starts shaking, the waves are roaring, the coasts are getting pounded, and not just with water, but with walls of fire.  And so this could get pretty horrific for a while, folks. 
The Lord's Going to Destroy the Plans That the Aliens Had for the Gulf Coast
Hurricane season has started.  And we know that there's a lot of gases being released in the Gulf of Mexico.  A lot of methane, a lot of other gases.  And all that's just getting ready to ignite.  And not just the Gulf, but as it travels around Florida, on up the east coast, and then out through the Atlantic towards Africa.  So this could get really horrific and so.  And it's just starting.  And the thing of it is, whatever they were planning by this whole thing -- because it was all started and instigated by them.  Either the New World Order crowd itself or the aliens themselves, the Ascended Masters themselves.  It was started by them.  But what the Lord has told me is He is going to destroy their plans, and things are going to happen they weren't expecting.  And so, they're gonna be thrown for a total loop because, not only are their plans not going to happen, it's going to cause much more destruction to themselves on their end than they expected, that they were prepared for, that they thought would happen.  And so, interesting that He's allowing this to happen, and with it, just going to throw them all in complete derision, and throw some judgment on them. 
How Do You Know When You're Reading Something That's of the Lord?
And so, you know, people ask me, "How much time.  How much time."  You know, the Lord doesn't live in linear time.  He says soon or He says that's the last warning.  And He's always been of few words.  And so, that's how, when I read these Pentecostals' garbage that they send out all over the place, of these prophecies that the Lord has given them, it's always such garbage.  It's always so wordy and you always know it's channelled messages from aliens and demons.  And that it's not from the Most High Himself.  And, you know, people always want to know how do you know for sure when you're reading something [audio skips] isn't.  And, you know what, folks?  When you sit at the Lord's feet long enough to hear Him speak, and you've done it enough, you know [audio skips] Him, and you know what's not of Him.
So, anyway, I'm gonna take a few of these callers.  They have been on the line forever and a day [laughs].  Probably at least a half hour.  They must really have something important to say because they take up double lines.  I don't know what this double line deal is.  But, folks, the show starts at 10 o'clock, so don't even start calling in until at least five after 10.  Otherwise, you're just gonna be hung up constantly, so.  Let's see what's going on here.
Monitoring Aerosol Operations
Sherry:  Hello.  You're on the air.
Caller:  Hi, Sherry?  You there?
Sherry:  Yeah.
Caller:  I am someone who works on New York Skywatch in Brooklyn...[pauses]
Sherry:  Go ahead.  OK.
Caller:  Yeah.  And I just thought, hey, you're doing a great job and I think there is some orgone getting out here because they're trying to spray and it disseminates in the sky...
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  ...and that hasn't happened for a while.
Sherry:  [laughs]  But what exactly is New York Skywatch?
Caller:  It's a website that monitors, you know, I guess the aerosol operations, uh, over...
Sherry:  Chemtrails?
Caller:  Yeah.
Sherry:  OK.
Caller:  Yeah.  I mean, but, you know, I don't really want to call it that all the time because that goes back to what the Air Force said, you know, they sort of coined that term, making it something else.  Making it, um, you know, um...
Sherry:  Well, they're poisoning our skies either way.
Caller:  Either way.  That's true.  And it's worldwide.  You're right, you're right.
Sherry:  So the orgone's eating it up in Brooklyn now.
Caller:  A little bit.  I've noticed a difference.  And it was really bad here for a while and I think you've had an impact here.
Sherry:  [laughs]  That's good to hear.
Caller:  Yeah.
Sherry:  That's good to hear.
Do Occultic Rituals Affect the Ley Lines Across the Planet?
Caller:  Yeah.  And I had another question for you about, um, maybe some of these rituals that occur like at Bohemian Grove.  And maybe get your thoughts on -- does that affect ley lines across the planet?  Do they have that awareness and does it affect ley lines which...
Sherry:  Well, the occultists all have that awareness.  The problem is, we don't because we don't really study that stuff.  But they do, and so [laughs], you know, they know all the occultic, satanic things to do.  Evil power and stuff.  And where all these ley lines are.  And so everything they do is by numbers and ley lines and coordinates.
Caller:  It is.  Right, right.  Sacred geometry, numerology and astrology.
Sherry:  Yeah, you know.  And even through Arkansas, all those crystal mines and areas, lots of ley lines in through there.  The Pacific Triangle and all that stuff.  I mean, it's just -- it's all connected.
Caller:  And the Bermuda Triangle as well.  And, you know, it's interesting, David Wilcock, I think his name is, and he's been on Project Camelot on YouTube and other sources.  And he had been like one of the only people to make those connections of sort of the overlay template of the icosahedron of the planet.  And then when you look at the patterns, geometric patterns, sacred geometry, in the areas that are around the Bermuda Triangle, you know, it does sort of like -- it's an area, it's a weird triangle and it's part of that area where a lot of anomalies have occurred.
Sherry:  Well, that's where Atlantis was.  You know, that whole Bermuda Triangle area, Florida and, off the coast of Florida and Key...they believe that's where Atlantis was.  It's where I think it was, too.
French Archaeologists Found Submerged Mayan Civilization
Caller:  Well, going on that tangent, I might add, and I've just recently heard this, that there are French archaeologists that recently found a submerged Mayan civilization off the coast of Mexico near -- I mean, off the Gulf of Mexico side.  And it's near the BP oil disaster.
Sherry:  Oh.  Really?
Caller:  Yes.
Sherry:  [laughs]  Interesting.
Caller:  So, it's like, what's going on there?  Is that underwater chemtrails or something?  You know, they're trying to cover up something?
Sherry:  Yeah, are they trying to destroy them or let them loose or, you know, what exactly are they trying to do, you know?
Caller:  Yes.  Right.  We don't know. 
Sherry:  Whatever they're trying to do, the Lord's going to destroy, so.  I have comfort in that.
What Are Your Thoughts on This Oil Disaster?
Caller:  Well, what are your thoughts on this oil disaster?
Sherry:  Well, you know, there's gonna be a lot of disasters coming.  And the Lord told me at the beginning of this year, it was gonna be a year of fire.  And so, here we go, you know.  And not just from the skies, but, you know, on Earth as well, and so.  I just, really -- since the whole thing has started, I've had no thoughts on it because I've known it's something that they're playing out between themselves, the factions.  It's like a retaliation of a retaliation or whatever, you know.  It's one of their group things, and so.  But whatever it is, the Lord's gonna destroy the whole thing.  The problem is, is that a lot of innocent people get caught up if they don't listen and get out of those areas and...
Caller:  Whew!
Sherry:  ...could be, you know, a lot of destruction.
Caller:  You know, I sort of sense that as well because the media coverage was so bizarre and didn't make any sense.
Sherry:  Yeah.  You know right away it's -- whenever they start trying to push something really lame, you know it's, you know it's...they're hiding something, and so.
Caller:  It's infighting with the global elite or something.
Sherry:  Yeah.  It's infighting, amongst themselves.
Caller:  Yeah.
Sherry:  And so, that's why the Lord just kept me out of it.  But He did tell me He's gonna step in, and what He's gonna do about it, and so that's all we need to know, you know.
Caller:  Yes.  Well, I was curious if you thought it was a, you know, more of a seismic volcanic event than merely piercing a reservoir.
Sherry:  Well, I think whatever it is is explosive enough to cause a huge wall of fire.  Imagine a 100-foot tsunami wave just all on fire, you know, and landing on Florida.  And so, this is what it's gonna create, you know.  This is the cause and the effect, and so, you know.  Other than that I really don't know what their whole purpose, reasoning, was.  Obviously, it was planned.  This has been a staged-out, planned-out attack.  Everything was thought of ahead of time.  It was carefully, you know, played out.  Obviously this was a plan.  This was a, another 9/11, but under the Gulf, and so.
Knowing Disasters Are Coming by the TV Shows or Stock Trades That Precede Them
Caller:  Oh.  And I've guess you've heard that when you look at the 9/11 issue and preemption with some of their television shows, with The Lone Gunman preempting the World Trade Center attack.  And then you look at Knowing...
Sherry:  Oh, you look at all the stock trades.  Follow the money.  You know, you look at the stock trades before.  They all knew it was coming down.  They all knew it was happening.  They all made their money before it started.  You know, they had all the BP execs and everybody in Washington two weeks before it happened.  They let them all know what was going on, closed-door meetings.  And then two weeks later the Gulf's on fire.  So, you know what?  It's just like put two and two and two together, and you get, you know, you get six, but our media and government get seven, and so.
Caller:  Indeed.  Well, Sherry, great, uh, good to chat.
Sherry:  All right.  Thanks for calling in.
Caller:  Sure thing.
Sherry:  Bye-bye.
Caller:  Bye.
No Vaccination and I Still Have My Job
Sherry: Hello caller, you’re on the air.
Caller: Hi Sherry, is Dotty, how’re you doing?
Sherry: Good, how about you?
Caller: I’m very good, I still have my job, so, I guess that’s a good thing. They haven’t moved on me not getting the vaccination.
Sherry: Oh, good. Yeah, I’m going to be in a fight of my own.
Caller: I know about that, I’ve been listening to you talk about that. I’m praying for you on that. Keep fighting. But, it paid off, the fight paid off, they were kind of surprised and they said “well, we’ll have to talk to our legal people on this issue and we’ll get back to you”. Well, it’s been 3 and half weeks and they haven’t gotten back to me, so…
Sherry: Yeah it’s all bullying, it’s bullying, they just try to bully and intimidate you.
Starting to See into Another Dimension
Caller: It didn’t work. I do have a weird question for you. I’ve been seeing a lot of weird things, and I think I finally put my finger in what it could be. I think I’m starting to see into another dimension. It kind of freaked me out the first time it happened, and then something in me said “no, this is what it is." But, the thing I’m concerned about is when you see things like that, are you breaking a command, is that something you shouldn’t be seeing? I am wondering.
Sherry: Well, we can’t help what we see. We see what we see. If it’s not of Him ask Him to shut it off. You know, tell Him if something is not of Him then ask Him to stop it. If it is of Him ask Him to explain it.
Caller: Yeah, I don’t understand what it is. I'll wake up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep and it’s in my room. I have a lot of orgone in my room, and I turned my mirrors around, ‘cause I woke up, and I had a dream that they were actually staring at me, ‘cause it freaked me out. They used to give me night terrors since I was a child, all they way up until this year, in December, it finally stopped and every once in a while it would start back up again. So I covered all the mirrors in my room.
Sherry: Well, you know what, you just got take in control. You know what, people, if you’re being harassed by night terrors, even if you think it's a dream, start casting them in the abyss, start breaking their equipment.
Caller: I’ve been reading those prayers, I’ll get up in the middle of the night and I’ll start reading them off and it’ll stop them.
Sherry: You don’t have to read it word by word, just start casting, and commanding and throwing in Yah’s name, you know, just take charge.
Do You Think They're Giving Me a Hard Time Because I'm Fighting Back?
Caller: You think they’re giving me a hard time because I’m fighting back?
Sherry: <laughs> They’re probably shocked, they want to see if you’re really serious. They don’t mess with me, they’ve learned not to.
Caller: Well, I don’t know…I didn’t understand any of this, you know? This was shocking, it went on for all these years and I didn’t know what it was. I just thought, oh dreams, everybody has those. I didn’t understand, I didn’t know. But now it all makes sense.
Sherry: You got to take control.
Caller: I am, and it’s just weird. It’s not like it used to, it only happens occasionally. But they use to happen all night long.
Sherry: You know what? Don’t go to sleep with unconfessed sin, and soon as you realize they’ve yanked your -- they may have you on an astral plane somewhere and they're doing something weird, start taking control.
Caller: I read those prayers and I’ll tell you, it’s helped me a lot. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t understand what was going on. I had no clue.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: They were attacking me that way.
Do You Think It's Generational?
Sherry: A lot of it’s generational.
Caller: You think it’s generational?
Sherry: Yeah, a lot of it is, because there’s things our parents and grandparents have done, that have given them access to their children. Yeah, a lot of it is generational. Specially, if you have family members involved with the Masons or any kind of secret societies. They target children.
Caller: I’m like…yeah, when I hear someone’s a Mason, I’m like yeah, ok, you have a good day. <laughs>
Sherry: Yeah, they give out all the names of their family members, and so…you know, that’s why those family members are cursed and have more night terrors.
Caller: Hey, I read article and somebody was slamming you left and right because…and I thought, this person was a complete idiot, you know…
Sherry: Slamming me?
Caller: Yeah, slamming you. Oh my God, you got to be doing something right if people are slamming you this bad.
Sherry: Oh, I’ve got so many crowds out there, it’s ridiculous.
Caller: It was ridiculous, it was about ‘cause you’re name ‘Shriner’. I mean if he had any intelligence, he could pick a better subject than that, c’mon!
Sherry: That’s all they’ve got. They’ve got nothing on me so they pick my married name.
Caller: If my last name is apple you’re going to pick on me for that, that’s ridiculous! You know, grow a brain!
Sherry: <laughs> If I get divorced they’ll be happy?
Caller: I have no idea, but it was insane.
Sherry: They're ignorant. You know what, the Masons are a boys club, women can’t even be Masons, it’s just straw-grabbing.
Caller: I thought Madonna was a high priestess in it.
Sherry: Who?
Caller: Madonna.
Sherry: Not, the Masons, women can’t be Masons. She’s in a different cult. She’s probably in the Eastern Star branch or something weirder than that. She’s in some kind of British branch.
Caller: Ah, alright.
Sherry: Alright, well thanks for calling in.
Caller: Alright, Sherry, have a good night.
Sherry: Bye, bye.
Caller:  Bye.
Kentucky Sis Wants All the Warriors to Know She Loves Them
Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: Hello caller
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: Hello caller, they just sit there.
Caller: [Silence]
Sherry: Hello caller you’re on the air.
Caller: Hi Sherry.
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Hi Sherry, you there?
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: Hi, this is your Kentucky sis.
Sherry: Hey!
Caller: How’re you doing?
Sherry: Great, how are you?
Caller: Ah?
Sherry: How are you doing?
Caller: Oh, fine now. I want to apologize…I hung up the phone the last time we talked and I realized I didn’t tell you that I love you, too. I love all the warriors, and the new warriors, thank God for them, and I want you to know, that… How do you say Jesus Christ’s name? Yashua? Is that right?
Sherry: Yahushua.
Expanding the Territory for Yahushua
Caller: I have hearing problem, anyway, He was in charge of the whole mess with the groupie, and Yah said to me real small “they are bullying the people in the town”, then I got with Yahshua, and we figured out how to…well, it kept coming to my head about how something put on a Christian would automatically go back on the sender, so then I got with Him about that, ‘cause not everybody in town is a Christian, so we’ve worked that out. A little later Yah says “I want to expand the territory for Yahshua, so we did that. It took the whole thing down, it took it down, they went out to do their little thingamajiggy with the moon and all that and they come back early all madder than all get-out, so anyway, I’m on the hit list again.
Sherry: <laughs>
The Hurricane Katrina Disaster Was a Food Fest
Caller: I know I’m doing something right when they try to kill me. But anyway, I want you to know, isn’t Yah wonderful? And Yashua. Oh yeah, so any way, you know what you said about that food fest, I was reading your 46-page one on a [inaudible] thing…I thought that…what was the name of that? New Orleans ? … I thought that was a judgmental thing from Yah against New Orleans . And you said it was the food fest, and I go…Oh my God... I don’t know what it is, was it…?
Sherry: Katrina?
Caller: Huh?
Sherry: Katrina? Hurricane Katrina?
Caller: Yeah!
Sherry: That was a strike from the Russians. That was just factional fighting, that was actually from the weather up until the Russians, that caused that.
Caller: Yeah, I was always wondering why the battlegrounds were always so clean afterwards.
Sherry: Oh well, the churches jumped in and said “it’s all the sin and blah blah blah” and whatever. Whatever happens, ultimately Yah allows it, right? So He has His reasons for allowing it. I mean they can’t do even with as much fighting as they do amongst themselves, these satan factions, even what they do Yah has to allow. You know? They don’t control anything, they think they do.
Caller: You mean the churches.
Sherry: No, the satan groups. All the new world order factions fighting it out for control, but they really don’t control anything because ultimately Yah has control over everything.
Caller: Yeah, really.
Sherry: But He’s using them because He is going to bring the sword to His churches and those who call Him by His name and the judgment is coming to the churches and Christians of America. So, it’s not going to be pretty.
I Heard the Gulf Disaster Was Man-Made and a Conspiracy
Caller: I heard that the only ones that could do the Gulf thing would be the Russians, because they know about how that goes, you know…about it can’t be stopped and all that. So I only got the tail end of your conversation about the fire in the Gulf and all this, so…I, well obviously, it was man-made and it was against the United States , and what'd they call it? That guy that owns that..what’s the name of that company that has that…BP? He said it was a…oh God, I can’t think of the name, anyway, he said it was conspiracy.
Sherry: Are you talking about Cheney’s company, Halliburton?
Caller: I think so, I don’t know who they are, I don’t pay attention to names, I can’t remember names anyway.
Sherry: Yeah, so, you know what? That’s all going to go up in flames anyway, so whoever wanted it isn’t going have much left. It’s all going up in the flames down there. Anyway, thanks for calling in.
Caller: I’m sorry, yeah, I didn’t mean to tie you up. Tell the warriors that I love them and thank you.
Sherry: Alright, well, we love you. Bye-bye.
Caller:  Bye.
Congratulations on Busting Your Nemesis Down on BlogTalkRadio
Sherry:  Hello Caller you’re on the air.
Caller: Hello
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: Hello.
Sherry: Hello.  You’re on the air, what’s up?
Caller: How are you doing?
Sherry: Good how are you?
Caller: It’s the first time calling in, I notice you’ve been on Blogtalk for a few months.
Sherry: Oh yeah, ok. Do you have a question for the show?
Caller:  I've been on BlogTalk for about two years.  And I saw your sites since it went up on the Internet originally.
Sherry:  Oh, OK.  Yeah.  A couple months now.
Caller:  No, I'm also talking about your websites.  I saw that for years.  Congratulations.
Sherry:  Congratulations...for being on BlogTalkRadio?
Caller:  No, congratulations because you came on a few months ago and you busted your nemesis down to nobody wants to listen to his show anymore.
Sherry:  Oh, OK.  Why do I get all these crabapples lately?  What group are you a part of?
Caller:  Group?
Sherry:  Yeah.
Caller:  I have a BlogTalk group.  I had my own show.  I broadcast about maybe once a month or once every three months.  But I'm more of a listener although I am a broadcaster.
Sherry:  So why you dogging my show?
Caller:  I've been following you since you first was on the Internet.
Sherry:  Really?  Who was I with?
Caller:  Uh, way back in the mid-90s.
Sherry:  Really?  I haven't been on the air that long.
Caller:  Uh, you were between...[Sherry disconnects call]
Sherry:  Nice try [laughs. 
I didn't get on the air till 2004, folks.  It's amazing all these people coming on just being a bunch of crabapples.
What Do You Know about July 11th and the Planetary Alineation?
Sherry:  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.
Caller:  Hello?
Sherry:  Hello.
Caller:  Hi.  How are you doing, Sherry?
Sherry:  Good.  How are you?  You got something nice to say or are you just gonna spout bad things at me?
Caller:  What?
Sherry:  [laughs]  I said do you have nice things to say?
Caller:  I'm going to ask you about July 11th.  The day there's going to be a solar eclipse and also planetary alineation.  You know about that?  What you see coming with that?
Sherry:  On July 11th there's an eclipse?  OK.  [inaudible] getting in time with all these dates.  You know, and the Lord doesn't live in linear time.  And so every time I hear somebody calling in with dates it's like, the church of NORAD firing it up again.  They get everybody in a panic on dates.
Caller:  But, Sherry, also it's going to be a planetary alineation on the same day.
Sherry:  Planetary annihilation?
Caller:  No, I mean alineation. 
Sherry:  Alienation.
Caller:  All the planets going to be the same line.
Sherry:  Oh, OK.  Alignment.  Yeah, OK.  There's a lot of interesting stuff going on in the next two months with the planets aligning and all that.  I've been reading some of it.  I'm no astronomer, but...I'd much rather see planets than a bunch of UFO ships [laughs].
Caller:  I came late to the show, actually, so I don't know if you already talk about Florida.
Sherry:  So that's when you think the tsunami will hit?  July 11th?
Caller:  No, I'm not saying that -- well it might be an option.  But I'm just saying I don't know if you already talk about what you saw coming to Florida.  Because I saw the post in the Facebook.  But I just make it late to the show and I don't know if you already talk about that.
Sherry:  Oh, yeah.  I mentioned at the beginning of the show.  You'll just have to go through it and listen to the first five or ten minutes of the show.  But, yeah.  Definitely seeing a wall of fire coming over Florida.  People need to get out of there.  It's Yah's last warning.  I don't know when.  When I first started warning people to get out of Florida...
Caller:  Is it going to be actually the last warning?
Sherry:  The last warning to get out.  Yeah.
Caller:  Oh.  Well, I'm not going to use your time, and thank you very much.  God bless.
Sherry:  All right.  Thanks for calling in.
Caller:  Bye.
Sherry:  Bye-bye.
Please Listen to the Archives of Sherry's Radio Shows To Leave Her Phone Lines Open for Callers
What are all these people that come on the air and they go muted.  They mute their phones.  I've got their phone number, folks.  You're not gonna come in and trump my lines by sitting on them and muting your phones so you can listen to them, because you're gonna end up getting big phone bills from my attorneys because I'm not gonna put up with this crap.  People can listen to the archives after the show, and not just sit on my phone lines and hit the mute and sit there and listen to my show while I'm sitting here paying all these fees for you to do that.  And so, it's not gonna happen.
When You Came On BlogTalkRadio, You Blew "Pastor" Harry Walther Right Out of the Water
Sherry:  Hello, caller:  You're on the air.  [silence]  Hello, caller.  You're on the air. 
And it's not like I can't find out who you are either because I could trace your phone numbers.  Pfft...now they just jump and disappear, and so.
Sherry:  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.  [silence]  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.
Caller:  Hello?
Sherry:  Hello.
Caller:  Hello?
Sherry:  Yes.
Caller:  I didn't intend to insult you on the phone, or insult your show.  I just wanted to acknowledge the fact that I've been following you for a long time.
Sherry:  Well, I haven't been on the air since the mid-90s.  So I'm not sure...you know...you're talking to me.
Caller:  You have a website called Hidden Codes.
Sherry:  Called what?
Caller:  You have a website called Hidden Codes.
Sherry:  Yes.  That's me.
Caller:  It's been out since the late 90's and, uh...
Sherry:  My website has, but not my talk show.
Caller:  I've been checking out your mp3's for years off your website.
Sherry:  OK.  Yeah.  I have like a hundred or two [laughs].
Caller:  What I wanted to say was when you came on BlogTalk you blew Harry Walther right out of the water.
Sherry:  Why is that?
Caller:  Because as soon as you came on -- because he's been slamming you for years.
Sherry:  Oh, well.  I don't pay attention to Richard Landes [laughs].
Caller:  Well, the thing about it is, I've done the research the last few years.  He didn't want to admit to anybody that Pastor Harry Walther is a white fat guy on YouTube and the other Harry Walter he claims to be is a guy that died a hundred years ago.
Sherry:  Well, it's not even his real name.  Richard Landes is his real name.
Caller:  Actually, Richard Landes, Jr.
Sherry:  Yeah.  Oh...yeah.  So you know.  It's all a charade.  He's not a pastor.  His name isn't Harry.
Caller:  He's a doper who has a [college professor for a father].
Sherry:  Oh, that's his father!  OK.  Because I knew one of them was a professor.  I didn't know if it was him or...
Caller:  I have about ten hours of his father on YouTube, on video.  His father's a bald-headed guy who has a similar voice to him.  His website's registered under his wife's name.
Sherry:  Mm-hmm.  OK.  She's just as crazy as he is.
Caller:  Yeah, they're both crazy.  They like to spend the holiday season slamming Santa Claus.
Sherry:  So how is me coming to BlogTalkRadio -- how did that blow him out of the water?
Caller:  Because every so often when somebody he's been following their site, like this show, and he said what if he threw stones.  And he starts slamming it, and then the next thing, he starts slamming you.  He calls you Sherry Shrieker.  And I says, well, uh, "Richard."  Everytime I call him Richard, he hangs up on me.
Sherry:  [laughs]  He doesn't want anybody finding his police record.
Caller:  Richard Landes, Jr.
Sherry:  Yeah.
Caller:  His dad's a college professor in Massachusetts and he does his entire show based on his daddy's works.
Sherry:  Well, you know what?  He's just a hateful man.  He's a bully.  I haven't listened to him since he left years ago and I wouldn't waste my time.
Caller:  The fact is, when I tried to tell my story in private message, he called me crazy.
Sherry:  OK.
I was in Crane, Indiana the Year the true Close Encounters of the Third Kind UFO Event Happened
Caller:  One of the researchers that George Lucas picked up back in the 70s called Close Encounters of the Third Kind was based on the UFO incident in 1969 Halloween night in Crane, Indiana.
Sherry:  Oh, OK.
Caller:  I noticed you've got a pretty picture of White House with the alien's face above it.
Sherry:  [laughs]  You like that [laughs]?
Caller:  Sherry, their faces are not blue.
Sherry:  Oh, well, it's supposed to be green, but you know how it is with color.

Caller:  Yeah.  They're more of a darkish, sweaty grey.
Sherry:  Well, I get my point across.
Caller:  I'm a Class 3 encounteree, and that was when I was six years old.
Sherry:  Oh.
Caller:  I was IN Crane, Indiana in 1969.  I was six years old when it happened.
Sherry:  Oh, so you're about my age.
Caller:  [laughs]  I know how old you are and the picture you put on your website -- you were about, what?  25 when that picture was taken?
Sherry:  Are you kidding?  I'm younger than that in that picture [laughs].
Caller:  I mean, uh, at least you put your real picture on the Internet.  Richard Landes, Jr. ain't got the gonads of, uh, say, a rat, to put his real picture on the Internet.
Sherry:  I like the anonymity.  There's already people trying to kill me and find me and hunt me down.  I don't need to be well-known.  I don't need my face well-known.  They could know my name.
Caller:  Well, 47 users on BlogTalk at 10:42 at night on a Monday.  That's high rating.
My Brother Saw the Guillotines on the Trains about Six Months Ago
Sherry:  [laughs]  Ah, well, you know.  I love my Warriors.  I love my audience.  And I'm just here to help people prepare for what's coming because it's very horrific...
Caller:  Oh, boy!  Oh, boy, it's bad.  It's really huge bad.
Sherry:  And you know what?  It's very humbling tonight because I didn't even want to do a radio show.  I was just in such a, kind of like a, not a depression, but a deep sadness, you know.  And...
Caller:  Well, I'll tell ya, Sherry.  I've got a brother who works in ordnance and security for the government...you still there?
Sherry:  Yep.
Caller:  And when all these other Internet journalists talked about all the guillotines they were bringing into the United States.  I got a phone call about six months ago.  My brother saw them on the trains.
Sherry:  Yep.  Well, you know what?  They've been having them years here, and so, they've been coming in for years.
Caller:  It's like the old story in Europe during, right before World War II broke out.  When they come for the Jews.  And they round up the Jews.  The next thing you know, they round up the Poles.  Then they round up the Czechs.  And who's left?  Who's left in the German empire except Germans?
Sherry:  Right.  People gotta fight back.  Now we can't just roll over dead and walk on the trains like the Jews did in the Holocaust.  People need to fight back.  Self-defense is of the Lord.  Protect yourselves, protect your family.  Because they are going to kill you.  Their intent is to kill you.  You have every right to try to preserve your life.  And people just need to fight back.
Caller:  Your nemesis sells a book called Two Raptures which is a bunch of bunk.
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  Because I got in private chat with him one time, and I says, "How can you prove two raptures?  The word "rapture" is not in the Bible."  And he says, "Well, we're gonna get out of here before it all happens."  I says, "No, we ain't."
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  Revelation says, "Before all flesh is gone, I will come."
Sherry:  Yep.  Well, thanks for calling in.  I've got a ton of calls here.  I've gotta jump around.
Caller:  I know you got a ton of calls because you're getting REALLY popular on BlogTalk.
Sherry:  [laughs]  That's good to hear.
Caller:  I can't wait till I go on Richard's show and put a little pull in his rubberband.
Sherry:  [laughs]  All right.  Well, thanks for calling in.  I'll see you next Monday night.
I Don't Have Orgone and I Don't Need It Because I Just Call the Aliens Off
Caller:  Hey, uh, the true believers don't need stones.
Sherry:  [pausing to think about that]  What are you talking about?  Orgone?
Caller:  Uh, I don't have no orgone and I don't need one.  That's because I live in a city of two million people near a military base and I don't need them because everytime those individuals that they use the orgones for come close to me, I'll call them off.
Sherry:  Well, that's good because you're aware.  But what happens when you're sleeping?  I'll talk to you [inaudible], caller.
You know, I find that amusing.
I'm Fascinated with the Orgone and Believe It, No Matter What the Other Guy Said
Sherry:  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.
Caller:  Hello?
Sherry:  Hello?
Caller:  Hello?  Sherry?
Sherry:  Yes.
Caller:  Sherry?
Sherry:  Yeah.
Caller:  Can you hear me, really?
Sherry:  Yeah.  Who's this?
Caller:  Oh, this is so cool.  This Giggles.  I'm calling from the Musical City.
Sherry:  Giggles from Musical City?  What's that?
Caller:  Nashville, Tennessee.
Sherry:  Oh, OK [laughs].
Caller:  [laughs]  Musical City.  And the music will play on.  I've been helping with the cleanup down at the Symphony.  But, look!  OK, I've got a ton of questions, but I don't want to take up a lot of time so I gotta talk real fast.  My mom said I invented verbal diarrhea, so here I go.
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  I found your site a couple months ago and I've been very intrigued ever since.  I've been listening to all your shows.  And fascinated with the orgone.  I believe it.  You know, I don't care what that guy said prior.
Sherry:  Well, you know what?  It's fine, if you want to be awake 24/7 to rebuke demons, go ahead.  But if you wanna get some sleep and not be attacked and tired of fighting all the time, get orgone.  It's like anointing your house.
Is It Important to Have Aluminum in the Orgone?
Caller:  Thank you.  Thank you.  Well, and I have!  OK, here's my problem.  I think I made -- I don't think I made any bad orgone because I made it with good intentions, with love.
Sherry:  I don't think anyone named Giggles can make bad orgone, can they [laughs]?
Caller:  Right!  Right!  [laughs]  Yeah.  Right.  I mean, basically, I'm a happy person, you know.  And I love gifting.  And the first time I made it, you know, I asked the Lord, like you said, "Yah, please remove any curses or anything on my crystals and stuff."  And they were beautiful.  Anyway, it was so cool when I went out gifting.  It was pooring down rain.  I didn't care.  But I was just gifting.  And it felt great.  It felt real.  This is the first time in my life that -- this feel real to me.  I understand this.  I do.  And maybe this is my calling.
Sherry:  You know what?  There's nothing like being out there and just feeling the Lord with you and His energy, and...it gets fun!  You know?
Caller:  It is because, look, I was having some problems with my ankles and my feet and I prayed on it.  And then I got promoted, and the next thing you know I was walking uphill and I was like, "Hey, my feet don't hurt.  My ankles aren't swollen."  And all you have to do is believe.
Sherry:  Yeah.
Caller:  And that is the coolest thing.  And once you get to that level, everything else, you know, it doesn't matter.  I'm not afraid anymore.  But anyway, OK, back to the metal mix.  Now, I cut up some little -- now I know some people say no steel, no aluminum,  blah-blah-blah, so I cut up some little steel scrubbies and some copper scrubbies and I went and got some BB's from Wal-Mart...most of this stuff -- isnt' that great?  That we can buy it from Wal-Mart to defeat them?
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  So, OK.  And then, I made some the other night and I was sitting here and I was itching like crazy.  Of course, I am in a hotel room and I think there were some bedbugs.  But what do you think?  Am I OK if I don't put any aluminum in it, I guess is what I'm asking?
Sherry:  Well, if you're using the scrubbies instead of the aluminum, you know what...
Caller:  Metal scrubbies, copper scrubbies, and BB's.
Sherry:  All right.  Yeah, it's just kind of a mixture of weird man-made metals.  Just ask the Lord to bless it until you can get some real supplies.  Because we've got some good metal-shaving supplier now or you can cut up those foil pans, you know, like lasagna pans...
Caller:  Yeah.  Are we talking about Dennis?
Sherry:  ...and roll them up...huh?
Caller:  Are we talking about Dennis...at [OrgoneCrystals].
Sherry:  No...Dennis?  Who's Dennis?
Caller:  I don't know, but...
Sherry:  Well, no, I've got a new shaving supplier.  And he's awesome.  He's awesome...
Caller:  OK.  OK, great.  All right...all right...so it is important to have aluminum?
Sherry:  Yeah it is.  But you know what?  Until you can get aluminum -- because I started out, and I was using the scrubbies and I was using the foil pans.  And I finally found a shaving supplier.  And it does make a bit of difference in the orgone.
Caller:  OK.  All right.  So we need that in there to kind of kick it up a notch like Emeril [American celebrity chef] would say.
Sherry:  You know what?  Just send me out your address to SherryTalkRadio and I'll send you out some free shavings.
I Have Two Genotypes.  What If I'm a Hybrid?
Caller:  OK, I don't want to keep you too long, but I have another question.  I know this one's probably gonna blow you away.  But I'm really, really serious about this.  I come from German and Scott descent.  My momma always stressed the importance of, you know, not inbreeding and blah-blah-blah-blah-blah.  Then I found out, and I had this, uh, virus.  And so I go to get this research stuff done for a research project.  Medicine and stuff.  Anyway, I come back a genotype -- I have two genotypes.  And I asked for a copy of the blood results.  And in there it said hybridization.  What if I'm a damn hybrid...that went ROGUE!  Could that be possible?
Sherry:  What was that?
Caller:  Huh?
Sherry:  What did you say?
Caller:  Did you catch that?  What if I'm a hybrid?
Sherry:  Oh, I wouldn't -- you know what?  A hybrid wouldn't be calling on the name of the Lord and wanting to please the Lord and...  Don't get caught up in that bloodline stuff because, you know what?  It's not about bloodlines, it's a heart thing with the Lord.  It's those who have accepted His redemption and live for Him.  Don't get caught up in that blood contamination thing.
Caller:  But you know, then I'm reading all this stuff where like, "Don't take the vaccine because they're trying to change our DNA."
Sherry:  Well, they are.
Caller:  I know that.  I'm aware -- yeah.  And I know.  But you know, you kind of read this stuff and you're like, "Oh, damn it!"  You know.  And I don't feel like a Reptilian, you know.  Because I know I have a good heart.
Sherry:  Well, you know what?  A Reptilian wouldn't.
Caller:  I know that I'm a child of the Most High.
Sherry:  Don't let Satan get inside your head.
Caller:  And when I say my prayers, I say, "I just wanna be your little God-like child.  I don't want to be your problem child..."
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  "...But guide me in making this orgone..."  Who wants to be His problem child?  Don't we have enough of that going on?
Sherry:  Yeah, we do.
Caller:  But then that goes back to mind control.  So I just want to make sure -- and look, this is what I've been doing.  I'm a little foot soldier.  Because I was homeless for a while there.  And that's OK. 
Sherry:  Yeah, I've been there.
Putting Orgone in the Water Is Not Going to Hurt Us, Is It?
Caller:  When you started talking about -- I've been gifting the legislative plaza and [laughs], you know, all those places.  Then when you talked about -- Thursday, you know, gifting the waterways.  But, you said, "Well, you know, because of the toxins from the resin..."  It's not gonna hurt us though, right?  No, it's not gonna hurt us.  OK, because I've been fooling around like, "Yeah, we gonna put them down the gutters."
Sherry:  We've been yelling for years to get it in the water.  It'll purify the water.  But the thing is, it makes it toxic to them.  So if they drink our water they're gonna get sick and die.  And they'll leave our water alone because they're stealing all of our water and creating all of these droughts.
Caller:  I understand that, but it's not gonna hurt us?
Sherry:  No, it's not gonna hurt us.  It doesn't hurt humans, period.
Caller:  OK.  I just think you're neater than grits!
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  I think we've known each other in another life.
Sherry:  We probably have.  Read my article Angels in the Flesh.
Caller:  I have!  I have!
Sherry:  Most of us do go way, way back.  We just haven't figured it all out yet.  One day we will.
What Are the Akashic Records?
Caller:  One more question, then I'm gonna let you guys go.  I know you've got tons of people wanna get on here.  What is it -- and I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly -- the Akasic Records?  The records of all our...
Sherry:  Akashic Records?
Caller:  How do you pronounce it?
Sherry:  The Akashic Records.  That's what Edgar Cayce talks about.  The Hall of Akashic Records.
Caller:  Yeah.  Where they try to erase our past lives, so we keep paying our karmic debt.
Sherry:  No!  That's where they store everything about your life.  It's a records book.
Caller:  Well, I know I'm quite interesting.  And guess what?  I'm back!
Sherry:  [laughs]
Caller:  I'm back!  And I have found you.  And just think you're neater than grits.  And, uh...OK.  I gotta let you go.  But we love you, from the Musical City, and Yah bless.
Sherry:  Yah bless you, too.  Bye-bye.
Caller:  Thank you, Sherry.  Bye-bye.
Some Christians Say Orgone Sounds Very New-Age
Sherry:  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.
Caller:  Yeah.  Hi.  Sherry?
Sherry:  Yes.
Caller:  Yes, hi.  Christine from Bethesda, Maryland.  How are you?
Sherry:  Good.  How are you?
Caller:  Pretty good.  I've really enjoyed being on your Facebook and meeting other Christian friends in Facebook.  Especially since I had a friend who, of 20 years, behind her back she was calling me a Bible-thumping Christian redneck.
Sherry: [laughs]  It's like, "Oh, praise the Lord."  OK.
Caller:  [laughs]  Anyway, I want to ask you, now I've been reading up on the orgone and studying it.  And I've made some batches.  And, of course, my husband tells me I'm crazy [laughs].
Sherry:  Of course.  Yeah.
Caller:  I need some help with this, Sherry.  I've heard some Christians say, "Oh, this sounds very New-Age."
Sherry:  It's because you mentioned crystals.  That was my impression, too.  But the problem is, if you have a problem with crystals, you're gonna have a real problem with heaven, aren't you.  Because heaven's just full of crystals.  The stones themselves aren't bad.  It's Satan takes everything the Lord has and mimics it and mocks it and turns around and makes it occultic.  And so, there's nothing wrong with the crystals themselves.  I had to get over that hump, too, in my head.
Is There Anything in Scripture That Tells Us Well Need to Be Making Orgone?
Caller:  Now is there anything specific in scripture that tells us that we need to do this?  I know it does say somewhere -- I don't remember where in scripture it says we'll do exploits.
Sherry:  David said we'll do exploits in the last days for the Lord.  And this is certainly one of them.  Maybe not the only thing going on, but the only thing I know of.  And certainly dominant in the Bible Codes as far as tearing down Satan's strongholds, and so.  You know what?  When you ask the Lord for ways to protect yourself in these last days, don't be surprised where he leads you.  You know, John and Peter and James, they didn't know what tech weapons were.  How were they gonna know how to warn people to protect themselves in the year 2010 or you're gonna get fried and microwaved to death in bed while you're sleeping.  How were they gonna know.  You know.  And we've had to deal with all this stuff.  You know?  Getting fried just laying in bed.  Seeing white beams coming through your windows at night.  I've had to deal with so much that that's what it's all led to.  Finding ways to protect ourselves against their tech weapons.  And orgone has just been one of them.
Caller:  Well, I was under demonic attack all of my life, before I gave my life to the Lord.  I mean, they just had it in for me.
Sherry:  It usually gets worse.  They usually amp it up after you become saved.  And after you start living for the Lord.  And, boom, here they come [laughs].  Trying to take that joy away.  Trying to make you doubt your salvation in the Lord.  You know, it's just a war from that point on.
Do You Think the Oil Spill Is the Fulfillment of Revelation 8:8,9?
Caller:  Absolutely.  Yeah.  Another question.  Now, do you think the oil spill is a fulfillment of Revelation, chapter 8, verse 8 and 9?
Sherry:  It could possibly become it later, but right now I'm just seeing, you know, they're going down different routes because we keep exposing the ones they come up with.  And they always want to take the public by surprise.  And so, now we're looking at the let's destroy all the water with the oil and fire, and so.  You know, I'm gonna watch and see how far it goes.  The Lord hasn't really said anything to me about it except the fact He's going to shake the earth.  And this oil's gonna travel around the globe.  I don't know who they think they're kidding.  It's not gonna sit between Alabama and Florida.  It's gonna go around the globe.
Caller:  Absolutely.  If fact, I asked you a question on Facebook about Mexico.  Because I have some friends who live in Mexico near the coast and I guess they'll be affected, too.
Sherry:  Everybody's gonna be.  Everybody.  It's just a matter of time because the water will take longer to travel.  Whatever they had planned isn't gonna be half as horrific and destructive as what's gonna happen.  Because the Lord's gonna shake the earth and they weren't expecting this...
Caller:  He's gonna whoop up on the planet big time.  I'm sure.
Sherry:  It's gonna be interesting to see.  When He gets involved, aah, it's gonna be good.  You know it is.
Caller:  Well, it's amazing what He's been restraining so far.
Sherry:  Yeah.  Well, He has.  Anyway, thanks for calling in.  I've got about two minutes left of the show.
Caller:  OK, dear.  All right.  Yah bless.
Sherry:  Yah bless.
Caller:  Bye-bye.
Sherry:  Bye-bye.
Do You Have Any Input on the Green Comet Coming Our Way?
Sherry:  Hello, caller.  You're on the air.  [silence]  Hello, caller.
Caller:  Can you hear me, Sherry?
Sherry:  Hello, caller.
Caller:  Can you hear me?
Sherry:  Yeah, barely.
Caller:  Yeah, I was wondering if you had any input on the comet that was coming our way.
Sherry:  On what?
Caller:  On the comet.
Sherry:  Uh, the green comet coming now?
Caller:  I'm sorry.  [inaudible]
Sherry:  What are you talking about?
Caller:  I heard about a comet, a little more than a week ago that was heading our way.
Sherry:  OK, yeah, the green one.
Caller:  Yeah.  Did you have any input on it?
Sherry:  Not yet.  Comets typically are just carriers.  And so, you know, they're coming to Earth or they're picking people up and leaving.  One of the two.  It's coming or going.  Picking up or dropping off.  And so, they're just alien carriers is all they are.
Caller:  OK.  I thought it might have been something that might have been...
Sherry:  It could be.  I haven't been paying much attention to it lately, so.  Anyway, thanks for calling in.
Caller:  OK.
Sherry:  Bye.
It's gonna wrap it up for the show this week, folks.  I don't have a lot of info on the green comet coming in.  If I see it in the Codes, I'll let you know.  I've definitely seen the comet coming in, but typically all those are usually alien carriers.  Bringing people in or dropping people off.  Picking people up [laughs].  They're carriers.  They're like what we would think of as a space rocket or something, I don't know.  An interdimensional airplane or something.  I don't know how to explain it.  They're just hollow carriers.
Last Warning from the Lord, Folks.  Get Out of Florida!
Anyway, so you've got your warnings to get out of Florida.  Wall of fire gonna be hitting the coastline in Florida.  I don't know when.  The Lord has just said it's the last warning, and so, pay attention, folks, and get out of there.
I'll be on Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock.  So, see you at Thursday at 1 o'clock and then next Monday night at 10 o'clock.
Yah bless, everybody.