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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
June 28, 2010 
And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night June 28, 2010. Can't get into the chat room tonight, so hopefully sometime after the show -- BlogTalkRadio for you...scripts never work [laughs].
Interesting day today. I had three helicopters flying over the house about five o'clock. Usually they wait till the show starts and then they do their flyovers or whatever to let me know they're present and obnoxious. Starting it earlier today.
"What's Going on in the Gulf Coast?"
Getting a lot of e-mails from folks wanting to know what's going on in the Gulf Coast. And, folks, I've told you what the Lord has said about it. You know, He's been saying for years to get away from the coastlines. How much more of a wakeup do you need? And not just the Gulf coastlines. ALL of our coastlines. Anywhere in the world, if you live near a coastline, you need to get off of the beach, get away from the coastline, and get inland. Because He is gonna shake this earth; and if not now, later. He's gonna shake the earth, and the people on the coastlines are gonna be destroyed.
And so, you know, I find it amusing that people who haven't been paying attention to the Bible, all of a sudden start running towards it to find where in prophecy the Gulf Coast fits. And, folks, we're gonna have a lot of disasters. This is not Wormwood. This is not where a third of the oceans are poisoned, although it could very well cause it itself. Probably more than a third. But the Gulf Coast is not Wormwood, and so. Interesting that everytime something happens, people run to the Bible to find the answers. They should be doing that with their daily lives. You know, instead of trying to make prophecy fit your theories, learn what Bible prophecy is to begin with so you can follow along with it. And you're gonna know that a lot of things are gonna be happening. A lot of disasters coming.
This Gulf Coast Disaster's Gonna Hurt "Them" More Than It Hurts Us
The Lord said this year was gonna be a year of fire. And now we have the Gulf Coast and, yes, a lot of states are gonna be destroyed by that. And much more than we every see right now. Wait till it starts navigating to Africa and Europe and the other countries, and so. I don't have a lot to say about it because there isn't much to say. This is in faction. They had some kind of a plan of what they were doing down there and the Lord's gonna throw a monkey wrench in it and change it and destroy it. Whatever they had planned isn't gonna happen. And so there's justice. There's justice in all this. The Lord's not gonna allow whatever they wanted, and so. In fact, much more destruction's gonna come than what they HAD planned.
You know, they're hurting themselves. They've got their own space program, NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command - United States/Canadian organization charged with the misson of aerospace warning and aerospace control for North America]. The mirror to NORAD in Tampa, and Tampa's gonna be a dead zone. Along with Pensacola and Miami and a lot of areas in Florida. And so, they're gonna be scrambling themselves. Why ship 4,000 vehicles into Florida (I was looking at a video a couple weeks ago...YouTube video about all these UN vehicles on an Air Force landing strip) cause it's gonna be destroyed? You know. So you think all that was in their plans? No! You know. So, interesting.
I've Seen a Wall of Fire Across Florida - Get Off the Coasts, Folks - Get Inland
I told you I've seen a wall of fire going from one end of Florida to the other. And you can bet a lot of these gases and fumes that are coming up from the Gulf are gonna become more prevalent. I'm no scientist, but it seems to me eventually something's going to ignite this whole area. And it's gonna be like a huge nuclear bomb going off. And so, if I lived anywhere near that area, I'd be getting out. Go inland. You know, it's almost silly when you hear people saying, "Oh, I'm gonna move to...," you know, they mention another coastline. Get off the coast, folks. Get inland. That's middle of the country. That's mountain areas. That's not go run to another beach. So, anyway, that's just my thoughts on that because a lot of people worried about the Gulf Coast. You just have to get out of there, folks.
Military Buildup - Distinguishing Between What's Normal, What's Paranoia, and What's Hype
I was looking in the Codes and July is always an interesting month. Simply because it always seems to be a time of military buildup in America. And the reason being is a lot of them are going through training exercises. A lot of them, you know, through no fault of their own, it's just the time, it's the summer. And a lot of our military bases go in what they call the "field" where they play soldier for a month. Sometimes they bring in other troops and other companies and they wage scenarios and things like that. And so I think a lot of what we hear from others on the Internet about, "Oh, there's military activity taking place," and blah-blah-blah, you know what? A lot of it's true, but a lot of it is just unnecessary hype, simply because the military does do a lot of training in the summertime. And so, you've gotta strike a balance, folks, of what's normal and what's just paranoia and what's hype. And trying to find what's real and what isn't.
The Antichrist Starts His War on the Saints Through the Vaccination Program
Now, we do know the UN is bringing in a lot of vehicles here. And next on the radar of Bible prophecy is the Antichrist war on the saints. And I've been warning that this vaccination program is exactly that. It's how they're starting it. It's their retaliation against the Lord's people. And it's how they're going to annihilate tens of millions of people on this planet, is by vaccinations. And so, that isn't going anywhere. In fact, the CDC now is calling for forced vaccinations on everyone, so that nobody no longer has state religious exemptions or any kind of exemption. You'd just be forced to get their flu shots and their flu vaccines or whatever, and so. That's the next thing on their radar. Attempting to force it on everybody and not give anybody an out on it. And so those are the things we need to be fighting. And they sneak this stuff through the back door while everybody else is paying attention to whatever false flag they have going at the time. Right now it's the Gulf Coast and they distract people's attention.
The Gog and Magog War Doesn't Happen Until After the Millenial (Thousand-Year) Reign
Another thing I found interesting is reading about America and Israel sending their ships toward Iran. And, you know, this war with Iran, I know a lot of people in Bible prophecy tend to put that passage of Ezekiel 37and 38 before the tribulation period starts. And, folks, that Russia war, Gog and Magog, that doesn't even happen until a thousand years after the millenial reign. Till after we have a thousand years of millenial reign on Earth. Then Gog and Magog come up on Israel then they're destroyed by the Lord. THAT'S when that happens. That doesn't happen before the tribulation period. So everytime Christians today around the country hear anything about Russia or China, they, you know, they automatically assume it's this Gog/Magog War. And it's not, and so.
There Are Different Routes That Maitreya Can Come to Earth - There's More Than One of Him
You know, I've been keeping an eyebrow up on this whole Iran issue because their [President] Ahmadinejad, he is like a mouthpiece for the arrival of Maitreya. You'll see the Muslims yelling about the coming of their 12th Imam, the final Imam to come, and he's always been in the forefront of Iran and this whole prophetic issue of their last Imam coming. And Maitreya always fulfilled (waiting in the wings to fulfill) that whole prophecy to the Muslims. But, what's interesting is that there's different routes that Maitreya can come to Earth. You know, some people touting him as coming as a world leader, world teacher. And I told you a couple shows ago, there's more than one Maitreya. Because if you look online there's several different people who call themselves prophets that also call themselves Maitreya. And interesting that I saw in the Bible Codes the term lottery in Iran. Because they're trying to figure out -- when there's a lottery being done, it's done in the background, Satan's running his own little lottery thing on who exactly is gonna step forward as this Maitreya, because there's several candidates. He never just counts on one route or one person. He simply has a position, and then he has a pool of candidates he can use, the person he can pick to fulfill that position, fill that position up. You know, it's almost like a script, we're in a play and all the characters have to have their positions filled in. That's exactly what's going on.
Baha'i Faith Is an Emerging New World Order Religion - A Sect of Islam
And so, last week I'd mentioned (said something on my list) about the Baha'i faith being an emerging New World Order religion. And, it's had my attention simply because of different aspects of it. This whole Baha'i faith, it's actually some kind of [audio skips] call it a sect of Islam. They have their main temple on Mt. Carmel in Haifa, Israel. And Haifa, Israel and Mt. Carmel -- Mt. Carmel, another name for Mt. Carmel is Mt. Zion. It's also the same mountain that the 200 Watchers descended on and decided to rebel from heaven, leave heaven to come to Earth to cohabitate with human women. And so, interesting this Baha'i faith has their temple there. They have obelisk on Mt. Carmel which, surprise, surprise...satanic symbol, Masonry symbol. And also has an international court of justice [Universal House of Justice] there. Now the international court of justice being built in 1982. And today this Baha'i faith has 5 million followers. So it's almost like they've been structuring and building this whole religion to come into play in the last days and getting everything in place that they need. You know, this huge temple, an obelisk (signifying it's satanic), and then their own international court of justice [Universal House of Justice]. All before they even have a worldwide following? Does that tell you this is like conspiring to build the last days religion? Because that's exactly what it does to me. It tells me that.
Obama Will Be Behind This Whole Baha'i Thing - It Promotes Unity of All Religions
And other this is that they're at odds with Iran. The Iranian President Ahmadinejad will never accept the Baha'i faith as legitimate. And that's what I think this whole coming war with Iran is about. Because if you look at it, Maitreya needs the world to accept him as a world teacher. He's coming as an Ascended Master, following the New Age crowd. Wants to be looked at as God. So he needs the acceptance of the Muslims because Maitreya IS Muslim; he's an Arab sheikh. And so, interesting that now Israel and the USA, which has been in bed with the New Age movement for years, especially with Obama as president because he's a Lizard Muslim. He's gonna be behind this whole Baha'i thing, this New Age one-world religion because it promotes a Unitarian world unity aspect for global acceptance of all religions. They teach that there's one god and so all of the religions come from this one god. And the one thing, you know, the Bible tells us is not to compromise our faith. Our faith is not the same as the ones of the pagans and the Satanists. We have nothing in common with the Satanists and the pagans.
Satan's New World Order and Global Community Is Trying to Undo the Tower of Babel Judgment
And what Satan's whole New World Order and global community is trying to do is undo the judgment that the Lord put on the earth at the tower of Babel when He separated mankind and separated religions. The New World Order's been trying to undo that since -- that's the whole plan; undoing the judgments of the tower of Babel. And so, Maitreya needs world acceptance. He knows he's not gonna get it from Christians, but he also knows Christians can be easily deceived and so he'll just deceive them. Look at how many are flocking to the megachurches today. Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Trinity Broadcasting Network. They're all Satanists. And if the sheep can be so misled and deceived so easily by just that, wait till all these megachurch pastors, these Joel Osteens and Benny Hinns and Kenneth Copelands start praising Maitreya. And then all the people are just gonna fall right in line with them. So sheep are sheep. They can be led. They can be deceived. That's why the Lord says to get out of the churches today. Get out of them. Sit at His feet. Ask HIM for the truth in all things. Learn from Him direct. And people refused to do that. They flock to these satan-centers that we call megachurches and they support them. And so, the church crowd won't be too hard to deceive by Maitreya.
The Muslims Who Don't Play Ball with Maitreya Will Be Destroyed
But he also needs the worldwide acceptance of the Muslims. And so the Muslims who aren't gonna play ball are gonna get destroyed. And so that's what you're gonna see with Israel and the USA who are both puppets and mouthpieces for Maitreya. He pulls both of their strings. They're all in bed with him. They'll go after Iran for not playing ball. So that's why they're gonna destroy Iran, go to war with Iran. This has nothing to do with a nuclear power program that Iran has. That's all front hogwash for public consumption garbage. And all these wars, they're always territorial over drugs or religion. That's basically what it comes down to. Drugs and religion. And whatever they tell the people is just front window dressing, and so.
Baha'i - New Look for New Age Religion
Anyway, I was looking at Baha'i and Islam because this coming New World Religion that they're pushing into the forefront --because the New Age has such a bad reputation now, everybody knows what flakes they are, and that isn't gonna wash worldwide anymore. It hasn't grown any. They've been losing followers. Because it's so easy to show the deceptions and the bull hockey of the whole thing. So now they're gonna step up with Baha'i, this Baha'i faith. And interestingly enough, the guy who started the whole Baha'i religion is from Tehran. He was born and raised in Iran in the late 1800s. He was an outcast and he was in Haifa, Israel. And then there's a city outside of it called [Acre (Akko)]. That whole area used to be under Palestine control. And so that's where, supposedly, this whole Baha'i faith comes from.
But anyway, what I think this whole Baha'i thing is, is I think it's the New Age answer to establishing their false fifth dimension here on Earth where they want to established heaven on Earth. Because the Baha'is are offering the same things as what the New Age teachings have been saying the years. If you follow and line them up, they'll line up perfectly. One of the things it wants to do is promote equality between men and women, and, where Islam is barbaric. Where women are treated worse than animals. And criminals have free claim to state that they're men. That's basically what Islam is. It's the cover of a boys club for men to be violent criminals. And so, you can see this Baha'i, this we-want-to-establish-heaven-on-Earth facade. Because they'll never be able to do that without the Lord. And they, obviously, are one of the Lord's.
Expect Maitreya to Rise Up Through Baha'i Religion
But it's interesting that you have these two satanic factions now. Baha'i fighting it out against Islam. Basically what this whole coming war's gonna be about in Iran. Because Maitreya -- you watch. Watch, he's gonna rise up through this Baha'i religion theme. These card-carrying members of the Baha'i religion. Yeah, you have to be accepted into the Baha'i organization. You don't just become a member. They interview you. And if they accept you, they give you a card with your membership number on it. You become a member of the Baha'i community. And so, just some stark contrast between what this Baha'i organization is and what Islam is. Because they're promising peace on Earth. This Baha'i faith, they want unity and peace and everybody to come in as one. All these religions uniting as one, in unity. Which Christians would never be able to do in a millions years because we can't compromise our faith with satan freaks. But right now it seems to be Baha'i versus Islam. And that seems to be the signal point right now.
Anyway, so I was just looking through a lot of the differences between Baha'i and Islam. And [laughs] it just makes you realize how lame even a satanic cult. This satanic we're-gonna-form-heaven-on-earth crap that the New Age has been stating all these years. And I've done shows...the fifth dimension lies and lies of the New Age that are now being covered up and umbrellaed under the Baha'i faith. It even sounds heavenly compared to what Islam is today. That's pretty bad. Because you have one, Islam, which has been Satan's best friend for years. And now you have where he has to change his image, stop being such an animal, and become a gentleman promoting peace and unity [laughs]. It's gonna be very hard for him because he's a scumbag animal, portrayed perfectly in Islam today by the very people that claim that they're Muslims.
Baha'i and Islam and Two Sides of the Same Satanic Coin
So it's interesting that you have just two sects that are so dark and light, I guess you could say, but they're both satanic groups. Remember I always told you that they give you two choices. It's almost like the Star Wars trilogy where you have the forces of light and the forces of darkness, and the whole Star Wars thing was based on that. But what satanism does and what the New World Order's doing is they present, "OK. These are two choices." But they don't tell you they're both evil. They're both dark. One portrays to be light, but it's darkness. It's like, you hear witches, how they claim white magic and black magic. Well, just because they claim it's white magic doesn't mean it's not evil, doesn't mean it's from God. And it's not. It's all evil. It's white evil and black evil. That's basically what you're having right now between the Baha'i and the Islam. You have Baha'i evil and Islam evil.
And, you know, you don't have to tell very many people how satanic Islam is. Because Islam has been Satan's best friend for years. And now Satan has to turn the tables because he needs the world to embrace him as God. And he's gotta get the whole world to like him to do that. So now he has to transform himself from an animal into a gentleman and appeal to the people around the world promising peace and equality and unity and, you know, heaven on Earth, basically. Because he wants to transform our third dimension world into some Disneyland fifth dimension. We all know it's lies and he can't do it. And especially without killing billions of people; what he calls a cleansing program. If you look at any of these New Age religions, they all call for a cleansing. That is, killing, of those who disagree with them. And so [laughs], you know [laughs], they all call for that, and so this is no different. The Baha'is will be no different.
As with Other Mind-Controlled Cults, Bahai's Will Excommunicate You for Questioning Them
And the Baha'i religion, if you question authority, you're banned from the community, you're excommunicated and no one's allowed to talk to you. It's almost like Mormons and probably many other religions out there. Mormons comes to mind first. How they ban people and they aren't allowed to talk to them. Excommunicated. That's how the Baha'is are. So you don't question authority. And there's a video YouTube that I posted last week on the emerging new world order religion Baha'i. The one way to stop people from arguing is to not even have conversations. So there's no talking about anything. There's no conversations about Baha'i faith, so there's no argument. Because that leads into starting to question and attacking authority. So, you just accept what's told to you. You just accept it and move on. There's no questioning it. If you're gonna be questioning it, you're gonna be seen as an attacker of the religion. And so, they just kick you out. So, very interesting that it's all neatly packaged as a nice little mind-controlled religion to where you just accept what you're told to accept, do your part, and not question anything. So, it's just another mind-controlled religion, folks.
The Lord Will Establish His Kingdom on Earth Himself - We Don't Do That for Him
And I find it amusing that people could fall in line with the rhetoric so easily. And that's why they join it. Because they want world unity and world peace. The Lord never brought peace to Earth, He brought a sword. And we will never have peace on Earth until He returns and establishes his one-thousand-year theological reign on Earth. And so all these other claims are just part of this satanic New World -- we even have that in a lot of the churches in America today where they claim we have to establish the kingdom of God on Earth. Pat Robertson used to be a big one on that. It's called Kingdom Theology. We don't establish anything on Earth. The Lord, when He returns, Yahushua, will establish His reign on Earth. We don't do that for Him. We're not here to establish a Disneyland on Earth. It's impossible. We live amongst probably 50 to 60 percent serpent seedline on Earth.
There's two seeds on Earth today; Yahushua's and Satan's. And so that's why you'll never have a society that's free of evil, of stealing and robbing and murdering. Because Satan's seed is prevalent amongst us and that's who and what they are. That's what they do. You have to get rid of all the evil before you can establish -- before He will even establish His kingdom on Earth. That's exactly what the Lord does. He gets rid of the evil off the Earth. So, it's gonna be a fight, I think. And that's why this whole Israel and Iran thing keeps coming up. Because it has nothing to do with nuclear weapons. But it has everything to do with this Baha'i faith because it stands in opposition to everything Islam is. Even though Baha'i faith is just another game of Satan's to establish a heaven on Earth Satan-style, it clashed with the Muslims who are anything but gentlemen.
Have You Ever Seen a Happy Muslim Woman? They Live in Fear
You know, the Baha'i faith wants peace and unity, the Muslims want rape and destruction. They're animals. There's nothing peaceful about a Muslim. They kill their women and children, the girls. There's no justice in Islam. There's no justice. If you want to rape a woman in the Muslim religion, you can go rape her and then claim it was her fault and they'll kill HER. [laughs] That's why it's a boys club. That's why the men love it. They can rape whoever they want, claim it's her fault, then they kill the girl. And where's this girl's protection? Where's her father and brothers? No. She has nothing. They would kill her because she was a victim of a rape. There's no justice in it. Have you ever seen a happy Muslim woman? I mean, seriously. Have you ever seen a happy Muslim woman? They live in fear, because the men are pigs.
Maitreya Needs the Baha'i in Israel So He Can Step in and Unite Us in the New World Religion
And so, interesting that you're gonna put Islam across from the Baha'is [laughs], let these two factions go at it [laughs], because that's basically what's gonna happen right now. Because Maitreya needs the Baha'i faith, the temple and all this stuff they have. The Haifa, Israel setup. He can step [audio skips] in as an Ascended Master and world teacher to unite all the world's religions under the Baha'i faith. And he no longer needs Iran to be his mouthpiece. They'll just get rid of those Muslims that aren't gonna go along with the charade. And so that's why they'll have a war with Iran. To get rid of them, get everybody playing ball together, everybody on the same script now, so that they can start pushing their Baha'i faith as a New World Order religion, and so.
Anyway, might want to spend some time at www.bahai.com and www.bahai.org  You'll probably hear me talking about this more and more because it just seems to be coming up and grabbing my attention. And usually when something grabs my attention, there's a good reason. And so, I think it has merit, and so. Anyway, that's why I'm mentioning it. [sighs] Yeah.
If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. I'm gonna take a few questions; see what's going on with callers.
How Many Neodymium Magnets Do You Put in One Orgone Puck?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hey, Sherry.
Sherry: Yeah!
Caller: How many neodymium magnets do you put in one orgone puck?
Sherry: You know what? You only need one, but if you wanna make it really powerful, like I had a 10-ounce mold and I put four of them in it, and anything metal would like, stick to it [laughs]. It was really amusing. Because they really do emanate magnetic energy once you put them in the orgone.
Does the Coil Help the Magnet Send Off Its Energy?
Caller: Yeah, yeah. They're strong magnets. But also, I was gonna ask, does the coil help it send off its energy? Or the magnetic thing?
Sherry: Yeah, you'll probably have to have the coil because what it does, it heats up the crystal. And so, I put my magnets inside the coil with the crystals. If I'm using magnets in my orgone, I put it inside and I just use one or however many you wanna put in there. Just throw it in there with the crystals.
Caller: And it sends off its frequency?
Sherry: Its ether energy. Yeah.
We Can Beat These Wicked People If We Pray Those Spiritual Warfare Prayers - Everyday
Caller: Oh, OK. And I wanted to say to all the people that are listening to your show that we can win and we can beat these people, the wicked ones, if we all pray everyday, saying those spiritual warfare prayers everyday. And that will make Satan's pawns or his kingdom worse for him to operate in. And so, that's all I wanted to say to everyone who's listening to your show. We've got to pray everyday. That's it.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: And thank you for answering my question. Bye.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
I Think People Are Waking Up, But They Don't Want to Admit It
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hi, Sherry!
Sherry: Hi!
Caller: The tornadoes are taking over Minneapolis and Iowa [laughs].
Sherry: Oh, they are?
Caller: Oh, horrible. Horrible. I think they're distracting from everything else. I've been trying to put out the word to people, you know. Just in the last, even, week because I've been kind of upset about all this stuff going on. Listening to so much. You wouldn't believe, when you start telling somebody -- usually I'm not that, you know, open to talk to people and I try to tell them, even just seeing them, just talking to them for a second -- you know what? I think there's a lot more people that are opening their eyes but they're just not admitting it till you start talking about it, then they're like, "Yeah, I kind of think that too, but I never talk about it to anybody."
Sherry: Right.
I Believe That's a Volcano Down There Off the Coast
Caller: So, I think they're starting to wake up. They just don't wanna -- because people think they're crazy -- they just don't wanna admit it. But, I seriously think that that's a volcano down there in Florida, or off the coast,...
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: ...and it's gonna blow, and then it's gonna -- they're covering it up. I watched that on YouTube. I know not to believe everything, but after what I've heard and seen, I truly believe that's a volcano. And that's gonna erupt. And that's what's gonna cause land mass to sink. And, I don't know why they just don't tell us to prepare. But that's all the beginning of all this big plan for chaos and starvation and, you know, that's just...probably --
Are They Trying to Make Atlantis Rise?
Sherry: You gotta wonder if it was their backwards way of trying to make Atlantis rise. Because it was always on a part of the New World Order script.
Caller: I think they drilled it and drilled INTO it. And --
Sherry: I think what they tried to do was they found the perfect space, perfect place in the Gulf Coast they can sink Florida and rise up with this ancient Atlantis.
Caller: Yep. And then Atlantiis is gonna rise.
Sherry: Right!
Caller: And this is all the beginning of their big plan...am I preparing myself that this is getting to be the end here. And I --
Sherry: Well, you know what? They're never gonna rise Atlantis. It's never gonna happen. Because the Lord said they had something planned, He didn't tell me what it was, but I have a feeling it's this whole Atlantis thing. I read about it years ago. It's not gonna happen. And so what's gonna happen is they're gonna sink Florida and Atlantis is not gonna rise. And we just end up without Florida.
Caller: And then we've got all these tsunamis and big waves and all that gas that's in the thing, you know, like you said it will start fire or it will kill people. It will come up to the air and it's gonna kill, you know --
Sherry: Can you imagine all this oil getting up on beaches and then the gases? I don't know how long it takes to disperse of gases or how deadly it could be, but it just seems like --
Caller: I just can't say another word. My husband's gonna admit me [laughs]. It's not even funny. He's threatened to take away my phone if I call you one more time.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: I have to sneak and call you, Sherry [laughs].
Sherry: [laughs]
Beginning of Their Big Plan to Cause Chaos
Caller: That's funny, but -- yeah, and I been watching, I think, the star, you know, to the left. You know, you never know. There's so much garbage out there and there's so much truth. But I really believe that's a volcano down there. And that's all the beginning of this big plan. And it is gonna sink, like you said, and, oh, I just don't even wanna think about it. I just need to take a couple sleeping pills before I go to bed [laughs].
Sherry: Yeah. I think that's the ultimate thing that's gonna happen to Florida. It's gonna catch on fire, but then it's gonna sink, and so. You know. And ALL the coastlines are in danger of this and so that's why the Lord's been saying for years to get away.
Caller: Oh, yeah. It's just going all around the world. And then we're gonna starve because we, you know, like you said, starvation because all the food, you know, we eat a lot of stuff in the ocean. We count on that.
Sherry: Right. The seafood and --
Caller: You see that one captain? Do you think that guy, that one captain that was in charge of one of the ships...did you see he committed suicide in his boat last week or this week?
Sherry: Oh, he was suicided.
Caller: He had a meeting with some bigwigs and he came out in his boat and shot himself in the head. And he had a nice family and everything. After the meeting, one of the guys that knows him said he had a real funny look his face. Maybe they told him the truth.
Sherry: Huh. Well, I don't believe anybody told him so that -- as much it's suicided by our own government.
Caller: But maybe he found out what the truth was about all this. That it wasn't gonna get any better. And decided, you know, "I can't take this truth," and all this and...that's terrible that it was in the news.
Sherry: Yeah, well. I feel sorry for his family.
Do You See Anything Happening in Nebraska?
Caller: Hey, I have a question.
Sherry: Yeah.
Caller: I try to hurry here for you, because I know I'm taking up your time, but, you remember we were talking about Shriners and Masons. And they showed a star over the United States, like a five-pointed one. And it all happened to be where disasters had been taking place. And one of the points was on the [Florida] Keys. And the other one was up by Louisiana where the Gulf spill supposedly is. And the other one was New York. So -- the star was kind of crooked and the top point was in the northeastern point, kind of more in the center, kind of, of Nebraska. Do you see anything happening there?
Sherry: In Nebraska?
Caller: Yeah!
Sherry: I don't know. Maybe it was a fault line.
Caller: It was the top point of Nebraska and I thought, "Hmm. There's gonna be something happening there then, huh?" Well, never know, I guess.
Sherry: [laughs] Maybe it's a ley line. One of their ley lines or something. Or there's a fault line, or...you never know. Ley lines run across all through this country.
Of Masons and Men
Caller: But you were talking about Masons and all that kind of stuff. And I remember when I was little that my dad would where this big hat. And after you talked to me, I called my mom and I said, "Was my dad ever...?" you know, that kind of scared me. I said, "Was he a Mason or a Shriner?" Mom says, "Yes." I remember him years ago going to meetings.
Sherry: Yeah. Well you have to be a --
Caller: He never talked about anything. And he was a Shriner and went to be a Mason. She said you had to be a Shriner to be a Mason.
Sherry: Usually it's the other way around because the Shriners are Muslim. They believe in Allah. And Masons believe in the god of light.
Caller: Pfft! Well, my dad was in that group but, he's from Iowa. But he was a one and then he was the other one. But he hasn't gone to meetings like, for 25 or 30 years. And I said, "Well, I just was curious." And I didn't want to tell her what was all I was thinking about that, and all that. And she said, "Well, he hasn't gone to meetings or been active in it for like, maybe 25, 30 years. That long. I said, "Well, is his name on the list? Or is he pay..." -- and she just happened to offer that information. I thought that was weird because she doesn't usually tell me a lot of stuff. But she said he still pays his dues. I said, "He hasn't gone to a meeting for 25, 30 years and..." -- "Yeah!" He doesn't go, but he pays his dues every month or year or whatever just to stay on the list.
Sherry: Yeah, you gotta pay those dues [laughs].
Caller: He just pays them so he can still stay on the list.
Sherry: Well, there's a lot of perks to being a Mason in a town.
Caller: But, he hasn't been active for 25 or 30 years --
Sherry: You know, the judges and the police are Masons. You know.
Caller: But, I called my grandma just to ask if -- my grandpa's been dead for a long time. About 20 years. But, I said, "Was he ever a Mason or a Shriner?" And she said no. He was never in that. So my grandpa wasn't.
Sherry: Yeah. I mean, people think that just because you have a "Shriner" last name I'm a Mason [laughs]. I just laugh [laughs].
Caller: Oh, I saw that on the Internet. Saw that on the Internet. And who in the world is that girl from Canada-something...Canada Skywatch?
Sherry: You know, uh, yeah. She's something else. My husband's last name is Shriner. That doesn't make us Shriners. And Shriners in an Arabic organization.
Caller: Now, women can be --
Sherry: And so, they worship Allah. Huh?
Caller: Women can be Masons, but they're called -- because my mom was asked to join, but she never did. They were called the Eastern Star. That was the group for the women.
Sherry: Yeah, some kind of satanic thing, for Hillary and all them witches.
Caller: But she never joined. But she said the women could be in the Eastern Star group. But she never joined.
Sherry: Yeah. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
If My Dad Was a Mason, That Doesn't Mean Anything Bad for Me, Does It?
Caller: [pauses] But that doesn't mean anything bad for me, does it? Do they have my name, or...?
Sherry: They put curses on you if they join it. Any kind of a Mason or, I don't know about the Eastern Star --
Caller: Even if we're adopted?
Sherry: Well, when you join the Masons, you have to give them all your family members' names.
Caller: I don't think...I think we were...I think we were adopted...
Sherry: They put curses on them. If your father was, then they have it. If your father was a Mason, then, you know --
Caller: I think he was before we were adopted though.
Sherry: Yeah. All right, well. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: OK. Well...OK. Thank you. God bless.
Sherry: All right. Bye-bye.
Caller: Bye.
Have You Heard about a Locust Invasion in California?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Hello?
Sherry: Hello!
Caller: Hey, Sherry, it's the first caller again. I forgot to mention...have you heard about a locust invasion in California?
Sherry: Uh, no.
Caller: On the Internet, you could search for it. It's in Waterford, California.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: Waterford. And on the news they show a bunch of locusts in a farm. And they're eating all the grass. And they're eating everything in the way. And there's so many locusts wandering around everywhere.
Sherry: Yeah. You get like, a locust invasion every seven years.
Caller: Is it?
Sherry: Yeah. Every seven years.
Caller: Because these people were acting like, well, it never happened before and everything. "Oh, locust invasion..." and said it was from the Bible Revelations.
Sherry: No...then we have locust invasions every like, seven years they come. And they're in different parts of the country. And so it's, pfft! You know. And the Bible in Revelations is symbolic. That's why he talks about the Giants acting LIKE a locust invasion. Because they eat everything in their path and they travel in a huge swarm. And so, that's why it's symbolic to a locust invasion. But locust invasions, we've had them before in the Midwest. And they are a pain. They eat everything and then they go [laughs].
Caller: OK, OK. I didn't know. All right.
Sherry: Nothing to freak out over yet. Wait till the real Giants come [laughs].
Caller: Hopefully they'll leave. Because then, if they don't, they'll eat everything.
Sherry: Yep. They're gonna eat a lot of people. And so, just gotta get that orgone out and start getting our defenses up and our walls of defense and get ready --
Caller: Yeah. I'm doing that. I've been doing that, actually, here in California. I'm in the northern part of California.
Sherry: Oh, yeah?
Caller: And..yeah...and I've been going on orgone missions.
A Lot of Russians Coming into California
Sherry: Good! You know, I've been sending a lot of orgone out to California, so I know the Lord's standing up the people out there because there's not a whole lot of time left for California. I mean, from one end of the state to the other, you've got foreign troops coming in.
Caller: Yeah, we do. Russians and, uh, there's a lot of Russians --
Sherry: Chinese have their own port in San Diego. And the Russians have a port. And you just don't stand much of a chance in California. You've gotta get out of California.
Caller: Yeah, I'm mean...yeah. Well, it doesn't seem like it, but you know, it's an outside-the-box kind of thing. So...and it might just creep up out of nowhere. So, --
Sherry: That's exactly what's gonna happen.
Caller: ...we gotta be prepared.
Sherry: Plus with the Mexicans and...well, I just hope the Mexicans go at it with the Chinese [laughs].
Caller: Oh, yeah, well, I mean...yeah, well, there's a lot of Mexicans here, of course. Yeah.
Sherry: Yeah! You know. You're probably a lot safer on the northern part of the state than you certainly are in the south. If I was anywhere near L.A. [Los Angeles], I'd be getting out of there.
Caller: Right, right. Well --
Sherry: L.A., San Diego...just get out.
Caller: Yeah. Um, yeah, well...yeah. Pretty much it...I wanted to mention.
Sherry: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
Caller: Bye.
How They Had Planned to Raise Atlantis
You have a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Oh, just so much coming in, folks, at one time. You know, not just the Gulf Coast disaster which is -- what I really think is happening is that the earlier scripts of the Illuminati for the New World Order. Well, this whole New Age, oh-we're-gonna-bring-heaven-to-earth crap. They plan to raise ancient Atlantis. And if you look at where the ancient Atlantis was, that was off the coast of Florida, over towards Cuba, you kind of think of the whole Bermuda Triangle area, the Bermuda Triangle. That's where I believe this whole ancient Atlantis sunk. And so, I think what their plans was to ignite this volcano in the Gulf Coast ocean there, sink Florida, and as a cause and effect, raise the old Atlantis. Because if you look at the islands we have in our oceans right now, folks, Hawaii and Bermuda and all these other...those used to be on the bottom of the ocean floor. And what happens, underground volcanoes from our oceans would cause those islands, land masses, to rise. And so, that's why we have islands today like Hawaii and Bermuda. I'm no geologist here or whatever, I'm just trying to relay what I know. And so that what I think that they're trying to do with this whole Gulf Coast thing.
The Result of the Lord's Monkey Wrench in Their Plans
But what they're going to do is sink Florida. And Atlantis is not gonna rise. It's not gonna rise. He's [the Lord's] gonna throw a monkey wrench in their whole plans, and out of the whole thing all they're gonna do is lose one of their top oil-producing areas (I think it's the seventh in the nation or world or whatever -- the Gulf Coast). They're gonna lose that whole area and they're gonna lose Florida. And they're gonna be scrambling to find a new space agency place because the whole space agency network, which is huge (people don't know how big it is, it's like secondary to NORAD), is located in Tampa. And so, all that's gonna be underwater. It's gonna be a dead zone first, it's gonna be on fire, gonna be flooded out, then it's just gonna sink, so. Yeah, and so, it's not gonna work. Atlantis isn't gonna rise. But Florida's going to fall.
The Jehovah's Witnesses and My Orgone
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Sherry.
Sherry: Yes!
Caller: Yeah, hi. Christine from Maryland.
Sherry: Hello.
Caller: I wanted to share something with you that I found very curious. And I was just kind of putting it together in my head about the orgone. Well, I did a Bible study with some Jehovah's Witnesses.
Sherry: [laughs]
Caller: Throughout the pro...[laughs]...throughout the process, they're trying to convert me, and I'm trying to bring them out of it. And we're having this theocratic warfare, if you will, tug-of-war going on. And throughout the course of our Bible study, there were times that we studied in my livingroom, there were times we studied on the porch. Whenever we were on the porch, they acted really squirrelly. I didn't know if it was because of whatever truths I was putting before them or whether, you know, or the weather or whatever, but the orgone is on my porch. I think they were affected by the orgone on my porch. What do you think about that?
Sherry: Well, you know, anybody who's possessed is gonna be affected by it. And Jehovah's Witnesses, no matter how nice they are as people, they still carry deceiving spirits. And that's what keeps them mind-controlled and in bondage of that whole cult religion. [inaudible] just another branch of satanism. Even the Mormons claim them as just another branch off of them. So you have the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons and the Satanists claiming all of them. They all just branch off of each other. And so, yeah. It was probably the demons that possessed these people.
Caller: You know, that never would've occurred to me. Because I wouldn't put them in the same category as the aliens --
Sherry: No. They're very nice.
Caller: ...or the government --
Sherry: Just because somebody's nice doesn't mean they're not possessed by a demonic spirit. I mean, demonic spirits are what enslave people into religious cults to begin with.
Caller: See, that's what's so deceptive about the whole thing. You know, the niceness. I tell ya, they really rocked me for a while.
Sherry: Hey! You know what? Mormon guys are really nice, too. But when you see them coming to your door, you don't wanna spent two seconds -- well, you obviously do, but I don't. I don't wanna spend five seconds with them.
Caller: Yeah, yeah. Well --
Sherry: [laughs] I'm not interested in hearing the garbage [laughs].
Caller: Well, it wasn't productive. I thought I was doing a good thing. I thought Yah had given me the privilege of trying to lead them out of it and all this.
Sherry: And they don't because the whole time they're just trying to lead you into theirs. You know what? The best thing I've found that works with Jehovah's Witnesses is -- I had a very good friend of mine who was a Jehovah's Witness. And I gave her a book written by ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who came out of the religion. Exposing Jehovah's Witnesses; the whole religion. And when I gave that book to her and she read it, that's what did it. That's what brought her out. I could have quoted scripture from the Bible to her till I turned blue, pink and red. But when I gave her that book written by ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, that's what turned the light bulb on and she realized what a cult it was. And the biggest thing is how they control. Because they control everythiing you read. You're only allowed to read literature that's handed down by the Watchtower society. And why do we have to have extra literature outside the Bible? Why can't you just have the Bible?
Caller: And they're not good Bereans at all.
Sherry: Yeah. They're not allowed to be. They're not allowed to investigate anything on their own. It's basically the same thing with this Baha'i thing I was talking about where you accept everything you're told and don't question anything or you're kicked out.
Caller: Right. Right. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you and hopefully it'll be of some benefit to the listeners. But, you know, a being or a person doesn't have to be outwardly nefarious to be affected by the orgone.
Sherry: [laughs] Right.
Caller: So...Yah bless and have a good week.
Sherry: All right. Thanks for calling in.
Caller: You bet. Bye-bye.
Sherry: Bye-bye.
Caller: Hello, Sherry?
How Do I Listen to You Live on My Cell Phone?
Sherry: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
Caller: Oh, hi. I'm calling from Canton, Ohio.
Sherry: OK. Not too far.
Caller: And the problem is I was trying to listen to you live on my cell phone. Like, I have the Internet on there. And it's not letting me listen to you live. It's letting me listen to you while I'm on the telephone. Do you know how I can, um, or are they just trying to block my signal?
Sherry: Well, I don't know. I don't like -- I'm not a big fan of cell phones because it's like satellite service. You never know when you're gonna get reception.
Caller: Right. Well, we listen to your archives everyday and we want to listen to you --
Sherry: You don't have problems, but then you try to listen live...
Caller: No, the archives I can listen to on the Media Player. I just can't listen to you live. I just found out I can call in right now. But we love you, and we're huge fans down here.
Sherry: Oh! That's good to hear.
Caller: More than fans. I'm also the guy who e-mailed you a while ago and asked you real humbly if, you know, if my [inaudible] if you thought he was a serpent-seeder. And I didn't really like what you said back to me, but I still am a fan and I love all the rest of everything. We can agree to disagree about certain things, I guess.
Sherry: All right. Sounds great.
Caller: All right. So, uh. Hold up. I don't even know how to, um...do you have any idea how to, on this BlogTalkRadio how to, uh, get...is there something where you push play like on a Media Player?
Sherry: Yeah, just hit the little arrow in the box.
Caller: The arrow in the box?
Sherry: Yeah...do you see the player box? Those little arrows on the left side.
Caller: See, I'm not -- besides your name it has like, a podcast symbol and then a thing with three lines on it. But I can't find anything else to click on. It's driving me crazy.
Sherry: Oh, let me see. You know, they did that to somebody else before.
Caller: Episode on the air.
Sherry: They were missing buttons on their -- try, you know, try a different browser. I thought that was crazy until a friend of mine actually took a picture of his website and BlogTalkRadio had buttons missing so he couldn't hear my show.
Caller: Right. That's what it seems is going on with mine, too. Yeah, there's buttons missing.
Sherry: That's weird! I don't why they do that. Or maybe it's your browser. Or maybe it's, you know, you're just being messed with. I don't know.
Caller: Well, I'm very glad I finally got to talk to you or hear your voice or anything.
Sherry: Did you go in the chat room?
Caller: No, because, my cell phone...the most I can do is look at the Media Player -- I've never been really too much into the Internet --
Sherry: OK, so if you look in the Media Player, you'll see a red circle at the top. You put your mouse on it. Underneath the date.
Caller: Oh, OK.
Sherry: You'll see a red circled arrow.
Caller: Yeah. Play/chat? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.
Sherry: Yeah. Just click that.
Caller: OK, cool. Yeah, I see it now. Episode on the air. Play/chat. Yeah, it might come on this time. It is coming on this time.
Sherry: All right.
We Want to Buy Super Soakers - I Feel It's Coming Real Soon
Caller: All right. Also, we wanted to buy one of the Super Soakers [water gun] for the orgone.
Sherry: OK.
Caller: And I wanted to know. How do we pay for that without a credit card. Do we send a money order or --
Sherry: Oh, I just have -- I don't sell those. I just have pictures of them up that you can buy. You can get them at Wal-Mart. You can get them at dollar store. You can get them at Dick's [Sporting Goods]. You can get any kind of Super Soaker anywhere.
Caller: Oh! OK. So we just get the orgone from you and you can put it in there?
Sherry: Yeah, you make orgone water. Throw it [the orgone] in water and let it saturate. And just use Super Soaker to dispense the water once it's already orgone water.
Caller: Oh, OK, cool.
Sherry: You can buy those anywhere.
Caller: Cool. Because I've been feeling the vibration all month long for the whole month of June like, I feel it's coming real soon. I don't --
Sherry: It IS coming to this area because I've been feeling it, too. And I'm not too far from Canton. And, yeah. I think we're gonna be one of the first areas to really have to use orgone water to protect ourselves. I've been feeling that for a while.
Caller: Yeah, I can feel it, too. And I've been telling my girl everyday. We play your archives and just listen to the information because a lot of the same things that you be saying, you know, I've read in my own studies and seen, too. Especially the circles in the sky and all of that. And I just think it's fascinating I've got Sherry Shriner on the phone with me.
Sherry: Oh, we got a lot of action out here. If you live in Canton, I know you can probably see all the UFO ships we have at night out here. This whole region is just saturated.
Caller: Yeah, I've been telling my mom it's not stars. Yeah. And you're only like, 20 minutes from here, huh?
Sherry: Yeah, it's about thirty. Yeah, twenty, thirty minutes. And I know you guys have to be able to see what I'm seeing here [laughs].
People Don't Believe We're Seeing UFOs Rather Than Stars or Satellites
Caller: Yeah, well, there's plenty of stuff that we've been seeing. I just haven't been really able to make everybody else believe what I call it. You know, they call it satellites and stars --
Sherry: Get a pair of binoculars and show, you know, look at these yellow stars at night and show your friends. You'll see them on fire. You'll see colors coming out of them...red, green, blue. Just get a pair of binoculars and start looking at the yellow stars at night.
Caller: Right. And in Ezekiel it says the same thing. It says that they'll be full of bright lights, and...you know, and --
Sherry: Yep. We just have so much activity out here.
Are the Cherubim in Ezekiel and the Anunnaki the Same People?
Caller: And another thing I want to ask you. Are the cherubim in Ezekiel the same as the Anunnaki? Are they the same people?
Sherry: Well the cherubim are a rank of angels. That's the branch -- Lucifer was a cherubim.
Caller: Oh, OK.
Sherry: It's a rank of angels, so. The fallen ones are the Anunnaki. But there's also standing ones, celestial beings are cherubims. They're a rank of angels. That's what Lucifer was before he fell.
Caller: Right, right. So when, His Majesty, when God comes out of the sky, He's gonna have His own angels that's still -- well, people will still call call them aliens, right? Am I saying that right? Will they still call them aliens?
Sherry: No! Aliens are terrestrial. Aliens are beings that were kicked out of heaven. And they're also the beings that now live in our aerospace, our second heavens. Those are terrestrials. Those are aliens. Celestial beings are heavenly beings. They're angels.
Caller: OK, so they shouldn't be mistaken.
Sherry: Right.
Caller: But they probably wouldn't even look alike, huh?
Sherry: No, they're not. But you know what? Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. He can morph into trying to look like an angel. There's always gonna be deceptions and so you have to be able to tell the two apart. Because they're gonna come acting like they're gods and angels from heaven.
Caller: Yeah, for sure. For sure. Because they've been doing that now, I mean, even yesterday, I seen this guy, we was having a conversation and just the way he was acting soulless and spiritless, he seemed like he wasn't even human to me then. And then when I seen the shape of his eyes, it didn't look right too much then either. And I was telling -- my mom said, "Well, you know, why would the Anunnaki or the aliens want to mess with you and ya'll both poor and live in the projects?" I'm saying you can't control who's living next door to you, but I don't think he's human.
Sherry: All right. Well, we've got plenty of those soul-scalped and serpent seeds living amongst us on the earth right now. Anyway, I've gotta go. I've got less than thirty seconds left of the show. Thanks for calling in.
Will I Be Able to Listen to This Show on the Archives?
Caller: Oh, I'm sorry. Am I gonna listen to this on the archives?
Sherry: Yep. You sure can.
Caller: OK, thank you.
Sherry: All right. Yah bless.
Caller: It was great talking to you. Yeah, you too. Bye.
Sherry: Mm-hmm. Bye-bye.
Yeah, it's gonna wrap it up, folks, for this week. I'll be on the air Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. And then next Monday at 10 o'clock, same time, same network.
Till then, everybody. Yah bless.
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