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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 5, 2010
And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner.
Various Ways to Contact Sherry During Her Radio Show
If you have a question for the show, call in a little bit later. I have some things to say first. Phone number's 877-245-5648. And I also have a direct line 646-929-2343. Or you can go into the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio. You can join the chat there. Or you can send me an e-mail at sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com, although a lot of times I don't get questions through that until after the show. They finally start coming into the box. If you send them before the show sometimes I get them. And so, just various ways you can get a hold of me, folks.
After Analyzing the Bible Codes, It Looks Like We're at the Road
Been doing a lot of work in the Codes. And some of the stuff I've been seeing for a long time and I've just never put it all together. I just kind of store things in my little box, in my little brain [laughs], and wait and see how it develops further down the road. And, you know, for all intents and purposes, it looks like we're at the road. And, you know, a lot of times I just don't put things together the way we expect them to because the Most High always shows me things happening in the background. And you never know when something that's working in the background is gonna come to the forefront and we're actually gonna see it and hear about it. And, you know, I always have to balance everything I do and everything I see and everything He tells me. I'm not always the best at it, but I give it a lot of effort and a lot of work.
And, you know what? It's just not real cheery, folks. It's really hard to sound cheery when things aren't cheery. And so, I've never been one to sugarcoat things. And so I'm just gonna talk about the things I've been seeing tonight. And [sigh] you know what? Most people expect this stuff coming anyway because I've been talking about it. It always helps when something I talk about is way into the future; you have time to prepare. And, you know what? Time is running out. And we all know. I've been warning for years that the bathtub effect, the whirlwind some people call it, how everything just starts happening at once. And once that hits, you know, things are just never gonna be the same.
Lizards Using Legislations to Systematically Destroy America
I talked last year about how once the housing market started to go boom and we were getting bailed out, that things were never gonna return to normal. And there's simply no way you can return to normal when you ship all your major businesses oversees. You get it out of the country. And people blame that on Cap and Trade and everything else. And that's true. A lot of those legislations were designed to do that, but they don't see the real reason. And the real reason is, when you plan to destroy something, before you're gonna do it you move your most valuable assets out so they're not affected by it. And that's what our government's been doing. Especially when you plan to destroy your own country. Of course, it's not THEIR country. They really could care less about America. The Lizards running our government today. They don't care about America. And so they've been planning to destroy it, systematically destroy it. And they've been doing that through various legislations over the years. Moving all of our jobs overseas.
Umployment Situation Critical
Unemployment -- [coughs] now they're gonna start attacking me -- unemployment is very high. I think they call it 10 percent when it's actually about 30 percent, if not 40 percent. Very high in America. And you know when you look at these low numbers, they're lying, because everybody can look around -- I mean, you know people that are unemployed and gonna be losing their unemployment this summer. In fact, these next two months are gonna be critical for the numbers of people losing their unemployment checks. You know, it couldn't come at a most pristine time. We've got the disaster in the Gulf. And [sighs], you know, the Lord's been talking to me about that. I mentioned it last week on the show. And, well, some of the stuff I've been seeing in the Codes in regards to the things that are coming up -- somebody posted something on my Facebook site. And it talks about Operation Deep Sleep. And this really raised my eyebrows because this is what I've been seeing in the Codes. And, you know, the Lord has a way of confirming things to me like, "OK. Wake up. Here it is," [laughs]. And that's what it usually takes because otherwise I just store it and file it for later.
Extreme Clouding to Block Punch of Orgone Energy from Bucket Blasters
But these things are coming up, folks. And, you know, I've been talking about the extreme clouding. And I even have confirmation on that. I had somebody visiting me a month or so ago and every cloud in the state was over my area. You know, they drove through from one end of the state to the other to visit me. They didn't see a cloud until they got to my town [laughs]. Like I said, we've got every cloud in the state here, there's just extreme clouding here in my area all the time. Sometimes it's just really pretty white fluffy clouds, and other times you get these huge Rocky Mountain clouds. And you're wondering, "What's going on? Why is...these weird clouds here?"
I know a lot of people think, you know, UFOs are masquerading in the clouds, and that's true. But what I think they're also doing is because they're so unsuccessful with their chemtrail program, that somehow they're using the clouds to disperse chemicals. Just big clouds. And somehow through these clouds, trying to disperse chemicals over an area even though, you know, they're not gonna have much success either because of chemtrails not sticking because of all the orgone in the area. Neither are whatever they're trying to accomplish with these clouds is going to do.
Another thought I had was they were using these clouds to block the saturation of orgone that comes from this area because I have just so many pipes and bucket blasters and they really just hit the atmosphere like nothing else can. Orgone pucks and smaller molds, they take a while, and, although they saturate your area, they don't have that huge punch like a bucket blaster does. And I think that's what they're trying to do is block the punch from my bucket blasters from hitting the atmosphere, because it's what's destroying them. And not just mine. There's other people in this region that have them up. And the bucket blasters and pipe blasters and orgone just -- everything that we do -- just having an extreme effect against them.
Operation Deep Sleep Will Put Paralyzing Agents in the Chemtrails -- Get Orgone Out Now Gulf Coasters!
But anyway, back to the Gulf Coast for now. Somebody posting Operation Deep Sleep. And what this is is that our government is planning on attacking the population at 4:17 in the morning. This is a targeted time. It might be earlier in some areas. We all have different time zones. Down in the Gulf Coast they'll all be on the same time zone there, I believe. And what they want to do is use chemtrails, and I've seen another avalanche of chemtrails coming and I always warn you of that. We saw it in the month of June, May and June, and it kind of tapered off. And we haven't been seeing a lot of chemtrails lately. Well, the avalanche of chemtrails is going to come back; these planes. And so, if you don't have orgone in your area, you might want to hurry up and do that. Because orgone is the only thing that blocks chemtrails from saturating an area. They don't stick.
What they're gonna do is start putting some kind of...I don't know what you want to call it...just some kind of almost like a paralyzing thing in chemtrails. To where when they hit people they just, you know, become convalescent. They can't really move, they're lethargic, they don't have any energy, it kind of paralyzes them. And these are the types of poisons that they're gonna be hitting the Gulf Coast with. And we've already seen the effects of benzene and methane and all these other gases, and plus that Core Exit, that chemical they're trying to use to stabilize the oil spill down there. And just hurting the populations down there with headaches and sore throats. And now just imagine more attacks from chemicals you can't even explain because they're coming from the chemtrails. And literally just debilitating people. And the purpose for this is to kill people.
Lunar and Solar Eclipses Coming
There's a solar eclipse coming up on July 11th. And I've been looking at this particularly in the Codes because that one raised my eyebrow as well when I heard that on July 11th there was a moon eclipse. And then several days later, an eclipse of the sun takes place. And so, that raised my eyebrows because, you know, I've always seen in the Codes where the Lord's people -- you know, it's been very hard to interpret because what you don't see, on the one hand, is the huge war behind the scenes between the Orgone Warriors and the aliens in our government. And the Orgone Warriors cover the entire world. We have a least one in every country. And, you know what? Sometimes that's all it takes, sometimes that's all there is. And that one person having the weight of their country on their shoulders to protect as many people there as possible. And it's a huge amount of work, and it's expensive, and over the years I've tried to help as much as I can --
Radio Broadcast Interrupted by Jamming Signal
[radio broadcast interrupted by some kind of continuous high-frequency signal for nearly two and a half minutesl]
Okay, folks. I'm back. I tried to reboot; get rid of that high-pitched sound everyone's talking about. They're hearing a high-pitched sound blocking my voice. And so, let me know if you can hear this. Can you hear me now? We'll find out from the folks in the chat room. And I'll try to pick up where I've left off. Hopefully, the archives are still picking this up. Nobody's picking me up yet...okay, I'm on.
Uh...yeah. They don't want [you] hearing what I have to say, folks. And so, pfft, you know, I'm gonna get hassled. It's just the way it is. And I'll just make it up in the archives, hopefully. Okay, you CAN hear me. All right, so I'm just gonna pick up where I've left off. I don't know how much you've heard.
Gulf Coasters Will Be, in a Sense, Murdered by the People Running HAARP
But what I've been talking about is Operation Deep Sleep that they have planned for July 11th. This is a tentative date moved up from July 17th they had set. And, allegedly, what they planned to do is just target the entire Gulf Coast region at night with chemtrails that would debilitate the people that live there, so that when the tsunami (I've warned about this 100-, 200-foot wall of flame) hits Florida -- and some people even talking about a tsunami hitting it 400-600 miles an hour. I don't know how fast it's gonna go, I'm not a scientist. But I knew though it's going to be very high and it's gonna be fast enough to cover one end of that state to the other.
And, allegedly, somewhere, this Operation Deep Sleep has come about to where many of these people that are in the way of this coming wall of flames (tsunami) won't be able to move to get out of the way. And so, in a sense, murdered by the people running HAARP [High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program] and the chemtrail program which we already know is run by the Lizards and our government in cahoots with each other. But also HAARP itself being set up to be the ones to cause this earthquake in the Gulf.
Now, remember when I told you that the Lord had warned that He was going to shake the earth? He was gonna shake the land. Folks, He uses people to fulfill His will and if He wants to use HAARP and our government to do that then so be it. But they are gonna cause an earthquake and cause a tsunami and debilitate millions of people so that they can't move to even get out of the way. And all of these supposed UN [United Nations] -- well, not supposed, they're there. We've seen pictures of them. All of these UN vehicles down there, they're not there to help you, folks. They're down there to remove all the bodies. They don't want you to live. They're not really into evacuating 20-30 million people, unless it's directly to a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] camp and an internment facility. They want to kill you. They just want to remove your dead bodies.
You're Not Targeted for Evacuation, You're Targeted for Death
If you look at the Gulf now, they're not doing any work to stop the oil spill. What they're doing is showing skimming boats. And they're skimming all the dead fish and dead animals that are floating on the water off of it. They want to remove the dead but they don't want to keep anybody from dying. That's not in their plans right now. It's not in their sights. And so, don't look for them to really start massive evacuations to help people out of the areas because they'd rather be moving dead bodies than live ones. And so, probably after a huge tsunami there, an earthquake devastating the area, and these chemtrails, all working in cahoots together to kill and destroy tens of millions of people, then they'll decide, "Oh, we better evacuate." And then they'll just move these people to FEMA internment camps where they will then be, uh, you'll never see them again. They'll be put on white trains and yellow trains and they keep changing the colors as they keep being exposed as human cattle carriers. And taken to...I don't know what you call it...incinerator. Incinerators. These are facilities that will just burn people. An American holocaust here on American soil. Just like the ones the Jews suffered in Germany.
And they've been setting this up for years, folks. People have been warning for years. Watchmen have been shouting for years about the coming martial law. We'll be in martial law before you even know it. They're not gonna announce it. They're just gonna do it. And, you know, just the same way they never announced Hurricane Andrew back in the 90s. Debilitating effects and how that was a practice-run hurricane. We never really heard the truth of Hurricane Andrew unless you heard from people that actually lived there. And the same way is gonna be with the Gulf Coast.
And so, interesting that this Operation Deep Sleep being revealed now because it's exactly what I've been seeing in the Codes, folks. So, certainly, if you live in the Gulf Coast area you want to get out because you're not targeted for evacuation, you're targeted for death. They want to kill you. They don't want to help you if they can kill you first. And you know what? I've been seeing this in the Codes. Interesting they're all working in cahoots together. You've got chemtrail operations to hurt people. To harm them so they can't move. They're just stuck. You know. I don't know how it's gonna affect -- somehow it affects the neural systems of people's bodies and they just can't move. And they just get stuck and end up dying in the coming wall of flame that's gonna be hitting Florida. And so, just a lot of death that's coming there, folks. And being allowed. It is being allowed.
Don't Expect Mercy and Grace When You're in Direct Rebellion for Staying in Florida
The Lord has warned people to get out of Florida. And so anyone who has stayed is in rebellion against Him. So don't expect mercy and grace when you're in direct rebellion against Him. And also in the other affected areas, all of the Gulf Coast states, you've had plenty of time, plenty of years we've started this orgone war to get orgone in your areas.
And though the one redeeming thing I can see in all this that's coming, the destruction, is that the areas that have orgone in them are protected and somehow they're going to be able to deflect -- I'm not talking about Florida, I was talking about the other states because Florida's already under judgment by the Most High. I'm not sure an orgoned area in Florida is going to save it. It's just going to go under and burn. But the other states that have orgone in them, orgoned areas Warriors have been working, will be able to deflect the chemtrails away from them so that the poison in these chemtrails is not going to affect them. It's not going to hurt them like it will unorgoned areas.
This Is an Attack on the Bible Belt
Even outside of Florida in the other Gulf Coast states, the whole Bible Belt, folks, this is an attack on the Bible Belt. And I can't believe that anybody else has even been talking about it. They've been talking about the, you know, "The oil...the oil...the oil..." That's all you hear. No, let's hear about the Bride. Let's hear about the believers in the Most High because this is a Bible Belt attack. They just used oil to do it. But this is an attack. A war on the saints, folks. Call it for what it is. And the saints in those states that have orgone in their areas will be able to survive better than the ones...people living in unorgoned areas.
New Age Rapture = Direct Transport Route to Hell by Way of Lightship
And so, not a whole lot of time left. If they want to move this up to July 11th, that's just a couple days away. And we have the eclipse of the moon, then we have the eclipse of the sun. And the eclipse of the moon just makes my stomach sink because, you know, you also have, on the other hand, the New Age garbage that one million Merkaba lightships are coming to rapture them off the earth and save them from the coming destruction. And, folks, all I see is people being beamed up by UFOs. Bible Codes calls them aerodromes, and calls them ambushers and creatures. It doesn't call them saviors and messiahs or friendly aliens coming to help the earth. It calls them creatures - ambushers. And they're coming to beam up people to kill them. They're not coming to beam them up and rapture them off the earth and keep them in safety, keep them away from harm's way, and blah-blah-blah-blah like they tell them. The real truth is, millions of people are gonna be beamed up into these ships. You're never gonna hear from them again because they're gonna be dead. They're gonna take them to hell. Direct transport route to the abyss, to hell.
Satan's Curse Was That He Would Survive Off the Dust of the Earth...Us!
They're also going to be used as food to stuff their freezers and refrigerators because I've warned you Satan's curse was that he would survive off the dust of the ground. Who's the dust of the ground? Humans are the dust of the earth. We were made from dust, return to dust, we are the dust, he eats us...hello! And so they are going to be -- all of these people that are going to be taken, they've given them permission to take them. They've given them permission.
You know, when you follow after these New Age teachings and these New Age websites, they track you. And, you know, when you go to my websites, you get tracked by the government, "Oh, this person was at her site. And this person." Then you get black helicopters over your house and they start spying on you and stuff. It happens. Heard about it for years. They do it to me all the time. I had three over here the other day. They track you; who you are and what your beliefs are. It becomes a file in a federal agency computer system. And just the same way as the New Agers track all those who are listening to them and suggestive of their doctrines and teachings. They know who they are.
And they're gonna be targeting those exact same people who go around the Internet and tout what friendly, nice Ascended Masters they are and [laughs] how Satan's gonna establish -- well, they don't call him Satan. They call him Sanat Kumara or Michael or, uh, different names that they have for all of them. Michael the Archangel's a big one and...what is it, Habadon [Hatonn?] or whatever? They call them Ascended Masters and, you know, how they're gonna come to Earth and destroy the wicked, cleanse the wicked from off the earth and save and protect them [the New Agers] while they're doing that. So they're all conditioned into believing that they're gonna be taken off the earth. They don't call it a rapture. They just refer to it as being taken off the earth while the cleansing takes place, because the cleansing is going to remove all the wicked. And, of course, if you really get into Satan's head on this one (it doesn't take much digging), who's wicked to him? The Christians. They're coming after the Christians.
Are You Satan's By Default? If So, The UFOs Are Coming to Take You Too.
And so [laughs], you've got one million Merkaba lightships, UFOs, blasting the New Agers off, taking them off Earth. But they're lying to them, they're not gonna protect them, they're going to kill them. They're the first ones that die because they've giving them permission to kill them by falling for this New Age bs. And then they have to deal with the Bride on Earth. They will come after the Bride, get all the ones who have given them access, all the ones who have given them permission on default. You don't have to say, "I give you permission." But if you're one of these people that have fallen into the garbage of the New Age movement and these Ascended Masters, and all these religions that are touting the coming New World Government, New World Order, because this is all part of the New World Order, this fifth dimension on Earth Satan's trying to build all falls under the same umbrella. If you're a proponent of that, if you're a cheerleader of that, one-world religion where we all become one, you've given them access to you, on default. On default.
The Time Is Now to Take a Stand for Your Faith in Yahushua
So you either take a stand now for your faith in Yahushua (Jesus Christ), the Most High God, or on default Satan owns you. He controls you. He owns you on default. You either have to take a stand, or you're wishy-washy. And if you're wishy-washy, the Bible calls that lukewarm, and the Lord says He will spit you out of His mouth. And so this is the time, folks, to be -- it's always time to get off the fence and start taking a stand in Yahushua and your faith in the Son of God, but I'll tell you what, not like right now. [laughs] If this date, if this moves forward for this month, on July 11th, where they use the eclipse of the moon to bring in all of their lightships and physically invade Earth, which is coming sooner or later, even if it doesn't happen this week it's coming sooner or later, so now it's a good time to prepare either way.
They Want to Wipe America Off the Map - Many of the 12 Tribes of Israel Here
Because, see, a massive disappearance of millions, you know, and on top of the destruction caused by the Gulf, and we'll never, ever hear the true numbers of people that were really destroyed in the Gulf Coast, we'll never hear the true numbers. And they're using that, too, to just kill and destroy as many people in this country as possible. They are out to, literally, wipe America off the map because America doesn't know who she is. We have many, many of the original twelve tribes of Israel here in America. Western European nations, America, all from the former tribes of the original twelve tribes of Israel. And the number one on Satan's target list right now before he just goes on and gets rid of us. Attacks the European nations and America. And then he'll go after the others.
It's really not a tribal thing right now. It's just...we have huge Bible Belt here in America and he wants to eliminate that. His biggest adversaries right now in controlling the world under a New World Order has turned out to be the Americans because of our orgone war against him. I've always told you, we're the only ones effectively destroying him with our actions. You can sit and sing about how you want to be a soldier all day long in the churches, folks. But the thing that's destroying them is the weapons the Lord's given us in these last days to fight against him with. And you can go to www.orgoneblasters.com and learn how to make this ether energy orgone as the weapon the Lord's given us. David had stones to kill the Giants, he had stones to kill Goliath and these are the weapons the Lord's given us to fight the Giants and these aliens in the last days. You know, when David needed a way to kill Goliath, He just went to the Lord and was directed by the Lord how to defeat Goliath, and that's exactly what we did, what I did six, seven years ago. Go to the Lord asking Him how to tear down the strongholds of Satan, how to defeat the New World Order.
I don't want to just sing about being a warrior. I want to actually do something that would destroy the strongholds of the New World Order. And it's not just going out and picketing against legislation. He led us to variable weapons we could use. And so we've been doing that with the orgone. And Warriors have stood up all over the world He's been able to stand up. Like I said, some countries only have one or two. And others have a handful. And it's just, you know, a lot of work, but remnants in every country will be saved from the coming destruction that pretty much is going to wipe out and destroy the entire world. There will always be a remnant saved. And the work that these Warriors have done everywhere that's going to be able to be the ones that will save this remnant, keep a remnant alive through their efforts. So, you know, I've always said I've seen this remnant leaving and, you know, at the same time we see the Buffalo and the Bison arriving, and the Bears, the Ascended Masters.
And the Bears from the moon; I've talked about that. We call them Bigfoots here in America. Actually a very intelligent race of beings, aliens. Not too intelligent because they're adversaries of the Most High. So just totally stupid scumbags. But they can fly craft and they can run their own society and kingdoms, and that's what they do. And they're going to work alongside the Buffalo, these Ascended Masters, to establish a New World Order here on Earth for Satan. They all work under the guise of Satan. They all work under the same umbrella, folks.
Interesting If One Eclipse Is for Their Arrival and Other Is for Remnant's Departure
And so it would be interesting to use those two eclipses; a moon eclipse, an eclipse of the moon and then a solar eclipse. One for their arrival and one for the remnant's departure off of the earth. And I've told you the Lord's -- the second sun is here. The ark where His remnant will be taken. The home place, the habitation Enoch talked about, for His people. Have a video about that at YouTube. You can go to YouTube and punch in Sherry Shriner. I've got a couple of videos. And watch my video on the second sun. And I talk about how the second sun is here and exactly what it is and what Enoch said about it. You know, this could be a time it all comes into play. It could be a huge wakeup call for a lot of people. And then it's delayed. But either way, folks, these things are being planned. While you're sleeping at night, they're planning on ways to destroy you.
Look for Announcements Coming from White House on Forced Vaccinations
Other things I've seen...there's announcements coming and legislations from Obama. Of course the Codes doesn't have such nice words to say about him as calling him Obama. It calls him a Lizard, creature, and everything else. But his whole war against the saints through vaccinations, still very much alive. He's looking to enforce vaccinations on every person so that there's no more religious exemptions or conscientious objections to them. He's looking to eliminate choice and therefore forcing vaccines on every soul in the country. And so look for announcements coming from the White House on vaccinations. Our war with that isn't over. Fighting that as much as possible because they are changing your DNA by getting vaccines in you, folks. And it just makes me want to puke anymore when I see vaccines and have to deal with them and see them in the Codes.
The Fallen Angels Are at It Again, Corrupting the DNA of Every Human on Earth
I put up a website, www.theywantyoudead.com. And [sigh], you know, they put things in the vaccinations that will cause tumors, that will cause cancers, that will put you on the road to death, to cancers, to getting cancers. And also, you know, animal DNA. You're putting animal DNA in your body. And not just animal DNA, what if these aliens were cloning themselves or just putting their own DNA in these vaccinations, and then you're putting it in your body, folks? You're putting fallen angel DNA in your body through these vaccinations. And, you know, it's just an all-out war against mankind. They want to destroy mankind.
And so they did this before. And that's how we had the Flood, because Noah and his sons, the Bible says they were righteous, they were the only righteous left on Earth. If you really want to translate what that's truly saying, they were the only true humans left on Earth, they were the only ones left with untainted human DNA. Because the Giants had come to Earth (the Watchers' rebellion...I've talked about that many times) and raped and procreated with human women. Created an entire race on this earth called the Nephilim, of Giants. And the only ones left uncorrupted was Noah and his sons. And they're doing it again, folks. They're corrupting the entire DNA of every human on this earth again. And how they're doing it is through vaccines. They're doing it through vaccines.
And, yes, they are crossbreeding again. They're doing everything that they did in the days of Noah where they crossbreeded humans with animals, and animals with animals, and, you know, cloned animals, created new animals, new breeds. They're doing this now. It's prevalent in underground bases. They're doing it in space stations. They do it away to hide it from people. But you've seen some of these monstrosities coming up on shore. And people can't even explain what they are. And women giving birth to creatures. You know what? It's much more prevalent than you think it is; what's going on, folks. It's GOING on.
McDonald's and Other Corporations Putting Human Flesh in Their Meat
And, you know what? More wake-up calls. And the fact that some of these corporations that are just top Satanist corporations, like McDonald's, all Fortune 500 companies, they're all Satan worshipers. If you look at all of them, Proctor & Gamble, all of them, you have to be a Satanist to make it. You know, most inventors and scientists are killed and their products stolen by the government. And the corporations take over, because it's the corporations and military that run the government.
But if you look at companies like McDonald's, a lot of accusations lately and probably right on. And I'd love to see people take some of their food to labs and get verifications and confirmations. But people should be aware that there's accusations that (from the Serpents themselves) that they're putting human flesh in McDonald's hamburger meat. And so, you're eating humans. You're not just eating cows anymore. And this isn't from conspiracy theorists making accusations, this is from the serpent-seed Jews who are behind these corporations that are making these assertions. And so, you know, what are you really eating?
I've warned they're poisoning food. We know they're poisoning the water. We know they're poisoning the air. And they're poisoning the food we eat. And it's not just GMO [genetically modified organisms] food that's contaminated, they're destroying our real food. We're not gonna have, you know, much left to eat anymore unless you're gardening your own food, you're raising your own animals, you're knowing exactly that you're eating a cow and not somebody's relatives in another state. Now this is just nasty, folks. And, you know, it would be about the time now where all truth would start coming out because what are we gonna do? What can you really do about it? We're slaves. Wake up. Hello! They have us where they want us, so they think. Under their control. And they're surrounding us. They run our government, our religions, our entertainment.
"We're Not Who You Think We Are."
You know, stars aren't who you think they are. They're not who you think they are. And, you know, I was watching TV and I heard this blurb. I think it was Angelina Jolie saying, "We're not who you think we are." And it was so true. And I think she's promoting some upcoming movie or something she's doing. Or it was somebody. They said, "We're not who you think we are." Because they're not. They're not. We've got Lizards who have taken over human bodies and most of the world worships them as superstars. Pop stars, actors, they've all been taken over, soul-scalped. And people that they're not who you think they are.
And I've been warning for years on the silent invasion had already begun. And the whole part of the silent invasion was to take over human bodies on Earth. And once they'd already had everything under control here on Earth that they would make a physical showing of their arrival. That's really in the last stages, folks. And that simply means that they're so confident that there's nothing we can do to stop it, that we're already slaves to them. And that's why they'll show up in their physical forms because if we can't stop them, there's nothing we can do.
And I'll tell you there's something we can do. We can always fight them with the orgone because the orgone kills them. It's the only thing that inhibits them and debilitates THEM. And everything they're doing to us is in retaliation because of what we're doing to them and it goes back and forth. It's an ongoing war. [sighs] So just some things coming up, folks.
If You're Stuck in the Gulf States, Get Some Orgone In and Outside of Your Home
You know, I've heard some people claim that there's gonna be three days of darkness with the coming eclipse and that's when they'll make their arrival on Earth. That they'll show up as beings of light. And the UFOs will be everywhere and just beaming people up. You know, I'm gonna be talking about this on Thursday and probably next week as well because we're so used to them delaying their plans that it's almost like saying that they're going to do something on a particular day, it's like, "Yeah, make me laugh," if they do because they always delay everything.
But, eventually, like I've said, you know, enough is enough. Sometimes time just runs out and that's going to be it. No more delays. Time's OUT. And so all we can do is wait. So if you're stuck in the Gulf states, you have a few days, folks, to get some orgone in your home, outside your homes, get it in the air, get it outside so it can be saturated in the air, so when they start pumping these chemtrails to paralyze you, that they don't hit your area. Protect yourselves. That's all you can do. You know, that's all any of us can do. At this point, refusal to listen, people who have been mocking me for years, you think the Lord's gonna honor your request to save you and spare you and your family? We've been telling you how to protect yourself.
Will Wearing a Gas Mask During Sleep Keep People Safe?
Question from a listener. Will wearing a gas mask during sleep keep people safe? Well, I don't know if you want to sleep in a gas mask. It wouldn't hurt to try, you know. Wearing a gas mask so you don't have to breathe their chemtrails. Be easier just to get orgone out, don't you think? So, either way, folks, not much time left. Time's ticking. It gives new meaning to the thought that they're not they're to help you, they're there to collect your dead bodies, don't it? That's why they have paddy wagons instead of buses. So they can just throw dead bodies. Paddy wagons. So just watch the skies, folks. Chemtrails.
What Could Happen to You When You Sleep? Do They Take You?
Question from a listener. Sherry, what could happen to you when you sleep? Do they take you? They can. Generational curses...it doesn't matter how big of a Christian you are, follks. You could have curses on your generational line that you know nothing about. And because of the sins of your fathers, and the curses placed in your generational lines that they can have access to you and abduct you and take you to UFOs. And I've talked to plenty of pastors themselves who have suffered this phenomena. And it's not something that one pastor has gone through, but many, and from no fault of your own. It just happens to people. It happens to believers. And, you know, you could learn to fight it by getting the orgone in your homes and in your areas.
People have become victims of Satan. And it's of no fault of their own, you know, because of generational curses, or the Lord allows it. The Lord always has to allow everything inevitably and He does for certain particular reasons. Some people will learn. Some people will know something is true so that people can see that, yes, this is a war, this IS a war. He doesn't leave me alone. He doesn't allow me to be left alone. He allows my show to be attacked. Why? So people will see what I have to go through to get truth broadcast over the airwaves. What I have to go through as a messenger of Him, to warn His people, and wake His people up, and lead His people in these last days. It's a war, folks! It's a war. It's always been a war.
Help Us Protect People of America - Send Your Financial Contributions for Supplies
Anyway, folks, I've only got about, uh, so many minutes left of this show. I need your support, folks. I need financial contributions and donations to get the supplies we need. We need pipes. We need bucket blasters. We need vehicles to get these dispersed across the country from one end to the other. You know, the vehicle I've been using to go on missions across this country isn't gonna do it anymore. She's just dead on her wheels. And, you know, the only way to continue doing the work we need to be doing is to be on the road. And we need to be able to buy supplies to make bucket blasters, get them in people's communities, get them in forest areas, in places that people can run to, in populated areas, in unpopulated areas. Our work just can't end right now. And for all intents and purposes, it's getting very little done right now because our finances are so dried up. And so, address is on the website. You can send donations to:
Sherry Shriner
PO Box 531
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Help us protect people of America. And people around the world, folks. You've got your own countries. You know, I've been sending orgone for years to countries like Africa and Israel and other nations that you would not think that the orgone is in, but it is. Because we've been working quietly. And we need more funds to be able to do that. We have the workers who will spend their time making it and shipping it out, but we need the funds to be able to ship it out. You know, it can cost $100 to send a small box of anything to Africa or Israel. It's just very expensive, folks, and so we need your help because we don't have much time left.
I Worry about the Millions of People Who Don't Hear the Show, or Won't Listen to the Warnings
Once these one million Merkaba lightships, what they call them, start coming up and beaming people aboard, hauling them off to hell, it's basically going to be crunch time at that time, don't you think? I don't think a lot of people are gonna be venturing out when there's UFOs crisscrossing our skies, zapping people off the earth. And so, most people will be hiding. Most people will be staying home. And so, we need to get work done now, while we can. I'm not trying to scare anybody. But, like I said, I just call it like I see it, call it like it is. And instead of this being one of these broadcasts where all this is what I see down the road, just kind of changes to, "Yeah, this is around the corner, folks." These things are gonna be happening. They're next. They're around the corner.
You know, I haven't even begun to talk about how they plan on targeting me in Ohio [laughs]. I'm not worried about me. I'm trying to protect you. Trying to protect the Warriors across this country. The Lord has my back here in Ohio. They want to come target me with their ships, so be it. I'll be out there with my pipes waving it at them. I don't care. They don't scare me. Satan's a scumbag. But what I do worry about is so many millions of sleeping Americans who don't listen to this show, who won't listen to people's warnings, who won't listen at all, and are gonna become victims of the crossfire and the things that are coming up. The wall of flame, the earthquakes, the massive UFO abductions that are coming. A lot of innocent people are gonna be caught in the crossfires. I'd like to minimize that as much as possible with the work we can do and get done with the orgone.
Don't Send International Cash Please - Few Banks Exchange It for American Currency
Anyway, and, folks, if you're in an international country, don't send me your international money. I can't do a thing with it. I can't do a thing with international cash. There's just, you know, very few banks in America anymore that will even transfer your country's currency into English currency, and so don't send me international cash. Send Western Union; that's fine. Or direct deposit is fine. Or just money orders or cashiers checks. Whatever way you want to support the war that's going on. Because it's not much of a war right now, when you can't afford supplies even to start to fight it, continue fighting it.
There Will Always Be the Bold Ones Who Will Stand and Fight
Anyway, there'll always be the bold ones here who will stand and fight while everybody else sleeps, and so we've got to get busy, folks. We've gotta get busy. We're a remnant. We're very small. Few in number. And we don't even have much time left.
Transfusion - People - Perish - Permitted
Anyway [sighs], I'm gonna close the show for now. Just wanted to get some things said tonight, folks, because it's crunch, time crunch. Transfusion - people - perish - permitted. You know. These are the kinds of matrixes I'm seeing in the Codes. The Lord's allowing it. He's allowing it. And so don't expect Him to show mercy and grace when He's already warned you to prepare and get ready.
If They Do Attack on July 11th, Stay Indoors
Anyway, I'll be live on Thursday at 1 o'clock. Aliens in the News. We talked about anything more that the Lord wants me to have to say. And then next Monday at 10 o'clock back here, if all is well and still normal and I can get back on the air [laughs]. So, by the way, folks, if they do attack on the 11th and there was three days of darkness, stay in the house. Stay indoors. Don't be going out. Because they're going to be hovering everywhere to abduct people off the earth during that three days of darkness. And so, just a heads up, a warning.
Until Thursday, everybody. Yah bless.
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