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Monday with Sherry Shriner
July 12, 2010
And hello, everybody, it's Monday night, July 12th.
It's Raining UFOs
It's raining UFOs. News article this week about a UFO crashing over a Chinese airport. So in honor I play our theme song [laughs] It's Raining UFOs [laughs]. Gotta love the orgone. You know, it was Wilhelm Reich who discovered that orgone energy would crash UFOs. Of course, I didn't read that until years after I'd already started the orgone war against tech weapons and found out it would defeat chemtrails. And, not only that, but stop night terrors and keep all the ugly things away from you. So it's amazing what I learned years after I'd already began the war with orgone. And so, interesting that for two years now the increase of UFOs crashing has been inumerable. It's been all over the world. And, of course, the media hides it and calls it meteors. But we know what it is. We know what's causing it. So, just gotta keep getting out more and more orgone.
Is the Attack on Florida Still On?
A lot of people wanting to know, you know, if the attack on Florida is still on because July 11th came and passed. And, of course, it's still on. The only reason they delayed it is because it was so well exposed. And what they'll do is once something gets heavily exposed, they'll cancel it. And you know what? There was a lot of watchmen standing up, shouting, sounding the alarms, and people say, "Oh, they're full of garbage. They were lying," and blah-blah-blah. No, they had a job to do from the Lord, and because they did their job, tens of millions of lives were saved. And so you can thank the watchmen. Yeah, we look like idiots. They look like idiots. But you know what? Millions of lives were saved; given a little bit more time.
9th of Av Is Usually When Disasters Happen, but in Paleo-Hebrew, that's July 20th, Not 11th
Have they cancelled their plans on Florida? Oh, no. Oh, no. They just delay it. And so, what I find interesting is that -- there was an article going around the Internet and I'm trying to re-locate it because I...I don't know what I did with it. Anyway, it was stating how the 9th of Av, which is on the Jewish calendar, was actually the first of -- or July 11th...that they were the same dates; that July 11th was the 9th of Av. And so another reason they expected something horrible to happen in the Gulf was because it was the 9th of Av on the Jewish calendar and something always disastrous happens on that date on the Jewish calendar.
Well, folks, there's two different types of Hebrew writing. There's Paleo and Masoretic. And in the Paleo version, which is what most people go by, the 9th of Av is not until July 20th. It's not July 11th, it's July 20th. And so that kind of struck my eyebrows when I realized last night, that July 11th itself was just the first of Av and that the 20th is actually the 9th. Knowing how they like to go by numbers, I started looking in the Codes for the 20th of July because, you know what? I always see, for the month of July, it's always much more interesting and action-packed towards the end of the month. You get towards the 22nd, 23rd, 27th, 30th, 31st. And those dates are always dominant in the Codes for things that are happening. And not always bad things like, my radio shows will be in there, the dates of my radio shows and stuff I've said on radio shows. So it's not always bad things, it just things that are happening. Things that make the Codes, I guess you could say, which is the real news [laughs].
Every Year in July the Military Moves Its Ships Off the Coastline
And so I'm looking -- as usual I've always warned about the end of July. Because it always seems like a time when the military is most on it's alert. You know what? Every year in July the military removes its ships off the coastline. And so I know a lot of people were freaking, "Oh, the NATO's moving the ships out of the Gulf, 100 miles away, moving them to Costa Rica. Yeah, they do suspect -- there is gonna be an earthquake in the area because the Lord's already said there's gonna be a great shaking there. But also because they do it every year. Especially in the Atlantic because the Illuminati have always suspected that a comet would crash in the Atlantic Ocean. And they're just waiting for it. And they're pinpointing the month of July for it to happen. And, you know, so far it hasn't. But every year, they move all the ships away from there. And so, they don't even know exact timing. And even when they do make plans, the Lord can always throw monkey wrenches in them and defeat their plans, or change their plans, or delay their plans. You know, it's just that time of year. And so you never know is this the year it's going to happen.
Every Year Certain Events Happen Around the Same Month
Every year certain events happen around the same month, and people just waiting and watching. And that's what we're supposed to be doing. We're supposed to be on alert. We're supposed to be watching. And so, if things come and go, then we've got more time. Things are gonna get really bad soon enough. You know, I've already warned about the economy, that it would never bounce back to normal status. And interesting you're not hearing a lot about the increase in home foreclosures, the loss of unemployment checks. Obama had signed in that 30-day delay so it'd give everybody an extra month. We're gonna have like, 10, 20 million people lose their unemployment checks come the end of this month. Gonna be a lot of chaos coming up, especially this fall because of the effects of what's been going on this summer.
Anyway, I'm gonna take questions; phone lines are lighting up. See what people have to say.
To whom should I pray?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hello?
SHERRY: Hello?
CALLER: Is this Sherry?
CALLER: Hi, Sherry! This is, uh, calling from New Phil.
SHERRY: All right.
CALLER: New Philadelphia.
SHERRY: Not too far.
CALLER: Yeah. We're kind of neighbors. How you been doing?
SHERRY: Good [laughs].
CALLER: Anyways, I haven't seen you in a long time. We ran into each other once before up there in Carrollton.
SHERRY: OK. I know who this is [laughs].
CALLER: Yeah. We're not going to go no further there. But anyway, the question for the show is, I need to know, when I pray, do I pray to Jesus Yahshua, or do I pray to just Yahshua, or is it Yahweh, or just --
SHERRY: You pray to Yahuah.
CALLER: Yahu --
SHERRY: You pray to the Most High direct. YA-hu-ah.
SHERRY: You just pray in Yahushua's name.
CALLER: What about the name Jesus?
SHERRY: Jesus is a pagan name. What does Jesus have to do with the name of Yahushua? And how hard was it to just keep His real name in the Bible instead of changing it to a Greek translation of the god Zeus? You know? It's all been a manipulation if you ask me. Terrible translation problems. It wouldn't have been too hard to keep His original name.
SHERRY: And it's not hard to say it either.
CALLER: You know, I got the take where it went from...started in Hebrew and it went to Greek, and from Greek to Latin, and from Latin it went on to English.
SHERRY: Yeah. So why all the channels of translations? Because everytime we translate something, you lose stuff in the translations, in the meanings.
Is Yahushua the Son of God or Is He the Son of Man?
CALLER: Just a couple more. They're real short ones, and I'm going to get off the phone. And the other one is, um, so now that I know that, it says in 1 Timothy's, the second chapter, verse 5, it says that -- well my question is, is Yahushua, is He the Son of God or is He the Son of Man?
SHERRY: Well, He was the Son of Man because He was Redeemer. And He's called both. He's referred to as both. He became man in the flesh. He became human in the flesh. And He's the Son of God. He's the Son of Adam. He was born of a woman, that's why He's called Son of Man.
CALLER: Mm. I don't know. It's like I thought, you know, the church itself, all up until I met you and your radio show, it's nothing but confusion.
SHERRY: Yeah, well, just throw everything out you've ever learned --
CALLER: [laughs]
SHERRY: I don't care how brilliant and what you've learned, and just throw it all out and ask the Lord to reteach you everything. I had to do it, and it's the best thing I ever did. You know, thirty years of Baptist teachings and reading the Bible on my own, and being in conflict with what the Baptist teaches after reading the Bible front to cover a hundred times myself...you know how much confusion that is? And you just have to throw it all out and ask Him to reteach you the truth in all things.
CALLER: Yeah. It seems that way because, uh, and they've got 28 different versions of the Bible, not only the King James version?
SHERRY: Oh, yes. There's many [laughs].
Certain Bible Verses Make Yahushua Sound Like a Demon Wanting to Separate Everybody
CALLER: One more thing, and I know I'm gonna get of the phone before I start getting rude; I don't want to do that. You know, we talked about this before,
Luke 14:26, Luke 12:51, and then Matthew 10:35,36. It makes Yahushua (I'm sorry if I'm not pronouncing it right), makes Him sound like a demon or something. Like He came here to make trouble, divide families, and separate everybody --
SHERRY: He's just warning that...you know what? Truth divides. And you can see it now when people try to wake up their family members and loved ones with the truth, they don't want to hear it.
SHERRY: And spouses. You always have unmatched spouses. One spouse believes this, another spouse believes something else. Because of people's beliefs. Truth divides.
CALLER: Truth divides.
SHERRY: Some people are on a path to truth, and other ones just want to keep their heads in the sand and stick with their erroneous beliefs that they have.
SHERRY: That's basically what He's saying.
CALLER: Yeah, so, I've got you. You've been real clear. Let me get off the line. Anyway, it's good to hear from you and keep up the good work, OK?
SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.
CALLER: Bye-bye.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
What Part of the Sky Is the Shema Ship In?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hello?
SHERRY: Hello?
CALLER: Yeah, I wanted to know what part of the sky that Shema ship's supposed to be in. This is Doug from Virginia.
SHERRY: It's usually in the northeast sky. It's usually in Pennsylvania and Ohio there.
CALLER: Northeast?
SHERRY: Yeah. It's usually in the northeast area right above Pennsylvania and Ohio.
CALLER: OK, thanks. I was wondering. I always see a bright star over there. I don't know if that's something...
SHERRY: Yeah, you know, Venus has been really bright lately. And Shema's bright when it turns the lights on, otherwise it looks a pale yellow. It kind of plays games. The Bible Codes calls it a sky light [laughs].
CALLER: [inaudible] pretty bright.
SHERRY: Yeah. Sometimes it's very, very bright and obnoxious-looking. Either way, you can always tell them because they're different from regular stars and planets since they're very low to the earth. They're like 30 degrees at horizon level.
CALLER: How bright is the Shema ship?
SHERRY: Sometimes it's very, very bright. And other times it's just a dull yellow. And so it just depends on what they're doing for the day, I guess. I don't know. It's on fire, so it's gonna fall eventually. It's gonna crash to Earth.
We're Not Supposed to Ask for Times, Right?
CALLER: I would ask for a time on that. We're not supposed to ask for times, right?
SHERRY: Right. You can't figure them out anyway. I mean, the Lord delays things and does things when He wants to.
CALLER: Yeah, I've noticed from those Ashtar Command sites, they've been delayed.
SHERRY: [laughs] Everything's always in a delay. Good for us though, because it buys people time, but at the same time everybody's just kind of tired, wants to get the ball rolling and...I don't know. I think the Lord knows how bad it's going to be that he's just giving people time and He has mercy and much grace because He knows how bad it's gonna get. And they're telling us on television. Have you noticed the increase in all the vampire and werewolf and rabies and zombie movies coming out?
CALLER: Yeah, I have.
SHERRY: Because it will be reality soon enough. It's just conditioning people.
CALLER: My kid watches cartoons and they have all these aliens on the cartoons now. It's like they're preparing them.
SHERRY: Oh, yeah. And with the morphing and Transformers and stuff like that.
SHERRY: They've been conditioning the kids for a long time. And the adults are just catching up on what the kids are already conditioned for [laughs]. So, yeah. You know, you've got that trilogy coming out. The werewolves, wolves with the vampires. You know, it's affecting kids. There was some article on CNN [Cable News Network] about kid's biting other kids because of this trilogy thing out. You know, eventually, all these bad things are gonna be on our Earth in reality. It's not gonna be on TV anymore. It's gonna be reality. I mean, hundreds of millions of people are gonna be dying from this very stuff. And it's all in the saliva of these beings. You get bit and it's the viruses are in the saliva. You can get rabies, become a zombie. You can become a werewolf. You can become a vampire just from the bite of the saliva of an infected person. And it's gonna become reality.
CALLER: I told my kid not to bite anybody anymore. He's eight-years-old.
SHERRY: Yeah. They don't realize it. And it's a bad one where he can transmit from just saliva.
Is There A Safe Place in the World?
CALLER: OK. And about the [inaudible] where a third of the world's gonna get eaten up, is there a safe place besides -- with the orgone it helps, but is there a safe place in the world to be or...
SHERRY: The safest place to be is in the arms of Yahushua and just being led by Him because He'll protect you if you've done what you can to stand and protect yourself. And so you just need to ask Him and follow what He leads your heart to do. Making orgone water. And we've got orgone and...you know, we've done what He's told us to do. And in the Bible Codes I can always see that there's a percentile of people that are prepared. And how are we prepared? Because this is the only thing He's led us to do, is get orgone in our areas and get orgone water made, and we're protected. So that's obviously enough to protect us. But you know what? Always just be led by Him. Be able to listen to Him. Stay home when He tells you to stay home. And, you know, just be able to be guided by Him.
CALLER: OK. All right, well, thank you.
SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.
CALLER: Bye. All right. God be with you. All right, bye.
If You Encounter a Demonic Spirit, and You Call on Yahushua, Will He Hear and Help in an Instant?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hello?
SHERRY: Hello?
CALLER: Hey, Sherry.
CALLER: I have a question to ask you. If you encounter like, a demonic spirit, like, you know, in the moment, or someone who's a demonic, uh, possessed, or alien-like, um, can you, in that same moment, can you call on Yahushua and nullify them?
SHERRY: Well, of course --
CALLER: And He will hear you in an instant?
SHERRY: If you've one of His, He'll listen to -- you know, He'll hear you. He hears those who are His. And so, if you're a believer in His, you've accepted His salvation and redemption, and you call on His name in a time of need, He will hear you.
SHERRY: If you're confronted by something ugly, rebuke it in His name, ask Him to send His angels for protection, and, you know, just call on Him immediately.
CALLER: And immediately He'll hear you and He'll help you?
CALLER: OK. That's all I have then. That's all the questions I have.
SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
CALLER: And I pray to Yahushua that He show you many more things and...that's all.
SHERRY: All right. It was great. Thanks for calling in.
CALLER: All right, bye.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
Exactly How Do You Do Your Sabbath?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Yeah, Sherry?
CALLER: How you doing? This is Dwayne Brown...from Philly...Pennsylvania. What I wanted to know was exactly how do you do your Sabbath?
SHERRY: How do you do what?
CALLER: Your Sabbath. The Sabbath.
SHERRY: The Sabbath?
SHERRY: You know what? A lot of people have different, you know, views on legalism and stuff on Sabbath, but to me, it's my day of rest.
SHERRY: It's a day of rest. It's the seventh day of the week which is Saturday.
SHERRY: You're to do no work. And meditate on Him. And from sunup to sundown. Most will consider it just a lazy day. But I find it one of the best days to write when He anoints me to write things. And just learning and seeking knowledge. You know, sometimes you'll just sit at a ballfield and just meditate on Him, or whatever it is you have -- you know, don't do anything that is money-oriented, or like real work-oriented. I do my housework Friday night. I do all my shopping on Sunday. And so Saturday is just a day of rest. And if I have to go do something, I'll go do it.
CALLER: Yeah. But, like the sundown from Friday night to Saturday night.
SHERRY: No. From sunup Saturday morning to sundown Saturday night.
CALLER: OK. OK. Thank you. That's all I really needed to know.
SHERRY: OK. Thanks for calling in.
CALLER: All right. Yah bless.
SHERRY: Yah bless. Bye-bye.
Did You See That Giant Sinkhole in Tampa?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hello, Sherry?
CALLER: Well, we're still alive [laughs].
SHERRY: Yeaaah!
CALLER: It was kind of scary the other night. I was kind of scared to go to bed. Yeah, I've been watching earthquakes and stuff online, but nothing big is happening; watch around St. Louis area. But California has quite a few, but not too many. Did you see that giant sinkhole that was on Yahoo today in, what was it, Tampa?
CALLER: Yeah, it swallowed -- something about a condo and it's growing. It was in Tampa.
SHERRY: It's doing what?
CALLER: There was a car dropped in it. They showed it on the news. And it's growing. And it's next to a condo.
CALLER: Yeah. Yeah, it's in Tampa. It was on Yahoo today.
SHERRY: I was on a mission all day yesterday, so I was pooped. I slept all day [laughs].
CALLER: Yeah, a giant sinkhole. And it's growing.
SHERRY: What is it that's growing?
CALLER: The sinkhole.
SHERRY: Oh, a sinkhole in Tampa!
CALLER: The sinkhole in Tampa, yeah.
SHERRY: Oh! So we've got a Guatemala disaster here, huh.
CALLER: Yeah! But this one's growing, it says.
SHERRY: Those are scary, aren't they? It's just unexpected...
CALLER: Yeah. I thought, "Well, down there? Down there?" Especially what you said about Florida, so --
SHERRY: Yeah, I always see Tampa and Miami in the Codes. And I've warned about Miami before because they always have, you know, plans of terrorizing the place. And then Tampa would show up and...[sighs]. You know, you just never know what's gonna happen when you see something showing up in the Codes all the time.
CALLER: Did you see anything specific in the Codes for this...
SHERRY: You know what? I didn't see anything for the 11th of July in the Codes. And so, I half expected it not to happen, but we had to do our work of warning people anyway. Because if we had set on our butts and did nothing, it would have happened. That's just the way it is. And so you have to do your work.
CALLER: And I'm sure they're listening, so --
SHERRY: Yeah. I expect it at the end of the month if anything. Or just delayed until another month. But, you know. It's how it rolls.
CALLER: Yeah. I just wanted to know if you heard about that sinkhole.
SHERRY: No, I hadn't heard anything about it. I haven't even read anything online about it. So nobody's even sent anything around on any of the lists I'm on about it. Because I haven't heard a thing about it.
China Government Announced Unidentified Flying Object in Airspace
CALLER: And the UFO above the airspace now, the airport, somewhere in China. Yeah, it did show a picture of the UFO and --
SHERRY: Yeah, I think there's a video, YouTube video out.
CALLER: The government told them it was a UFO.
CALLER: And they had to evacuate the airspace and make the planes go somewhere else because it was affecting the airspace, so. But it was real quiet. Wasn't a big deal on Yahoo about it. It was just a small little article and kind of quiet, so...
SHERRY: That's how it usually is [laughs]. They usually hush everything up.
Black Chemtrails Are Death Clouds - Stay Indoors If You See Them
CALLER: Yeah. And Iowa's been just rainy and...actually no chemtrails or nothing. It's been pretty quiet here in Iowa.
SHERRY: Yeah. We're gonna be getting another avalanche of them soon enough. And some states are. I know Michigan had some death trails the other day. And, you've gotta watch out when the black clouds are out. Wear a face mask. Stay in the house. Because when you look up in the sky and you see black chemtrails, those are death clouds.
CALLER: Oh, I've never seen those.
SHERRY: A lot of people have. I haven't either. But a lot of people have report them. There's pictures of them. There's videos of these black death clouds. And that's exactly what they are. They're carrying very dangerous chemicals to kill and harm people and animals. They're gonna start getting more prevalent. That's why I keep warning people. They're gonna start coming out a lot more.
Have You Seen More UFOs Than Usual Around Your House?
CALLER: Geez, Louise! Have you seen more UFOs or anything around your house?
SHERRY: I see them all the time. I mean, they don't hide around me.
CALLER: Just not anymore than usual?
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: [laughs]
SHERRY: You know what? You know, I see it all the time.
CALLER: They're waiting for you to come out, huh?
SHERRY: Yeah. It's not even a deal. My kids are even bored with them. And so [laughs] it's when you go to other states and you don't see a lot of -- you look up in the skies and [inaudible] like, "What? What, are they just hanging in my area all the time?" [laughs] But, yeah, you know.
Do "They" Really Listen to Your Show?
CALLER: That's all I had to say today... Do they really listen to your show?
SHERRY: Oh, yeah.
CALLER: From space and --
SHERRY: From one end of the spectrum to the other. From one government agency to the other. From the military; the Air Force, the Navy, uh, you know. This show beams everywhere. They listen to it in starships, spaceships, and so, yeah.
CALLER: [laughs] Oh, geez.
SHERRY: I mean, it's everywhere. Beams everywhere.
CALLER: Huh. That's odd. We must be entertaining to them, or something, huh [laughs]?
SHERRY: Well, you know, who created the Internet? They're the ones who created it. They gave it to us. Talk about backdoor access into your computer. They know it.
CALLER: Oh, geez! Crazy.
SHERRY: We just use it against them. Thanks for giving us such a great tool to use for the Most High [laughs]. Regardless of all the hassles we put up with because it's actually their stuff, we get a lot of work done for the Lord on it.
CALLER: That was just interesting that they're listening to us. Yeah, I've been a new listener probably about three months and I guess I'm glad I haven't seen or been followed. And I don't see anything above my house like black helicopters --
SHERRY: No helicopters!?
CALLER: Uh-uh.
SHERRY: [laughs]
SHERRY: Oh, you know what? Go to the Watcher Files website. Because they seem to target everybody who goes to that website.
CALLER: Oh, well, I don't want them to.
SHERRY: Oh, OK [laughs]. You want to see some action, go to my websites.
CALLER: I want that granny to keep going [laughs]. [The granny who does a lot of orgone work.]
SHERRY: [laughs] I figure if you're not pissing Satan off, you're doing something wrong.
CALLER: Get going, granny [laughs]!
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: She better get her friends and pack them in the car [laughs].
SHERRY: There's nothing to fear. You know, the Lord protects His own. And He has our backs. And when you put that full faith and confidence in Him, you'll see it firsthand. Just have, you know, full love in Him to where there's no fear. Perfect love casts out fear.
How Come You Don't Hear Much About the Men in Black Anymore?
CALLER: How come you don't hear much about the Men in Black anymore?
SHERRY: I don't know. Maybe because they look more human now. They're just soul-scalped human bodies and --
CALLER: You used to say they used to drive black vehicles and have dark sunglasses on and --
SHERRY: Yeah, all the fun's gone now.
CALLER: Really pale...what? Yeah [laughs].
SHERRY: I've never seen any. And so...
CALLER: Well, I don't want to, but...
SHERRY: Yeah. You know?
You Don't Have to Fear Them - Just Throw Some Orgone Outside
CALLER: I haven't heard too much about anything. I was pretty quiet, so. Didn't hear about too many abductions or anything like that or anything. I haven't seen anything. I've been watching the skies, but I don't hang out all night watching the skies.
SHERRY: Well, you know what? Just look for yellow stars.
CALLER: I do. Low. There are low ones, but you say those are UFOs, right?
SHERRY: The starships are real low. Yeah. But also just look for yellow ones because sometimes they'll go up real high in the sky to mimic other stars, to mimic constellations, but they're on fire, so they're yellow. So it's kind of amusing, they'll --
CALLER: I'm glad it hasn't been very active though here. I'm not complaining [laughs].
SHERRY: They'll try to blend in with constellations. Yeah, you know, they're trying to dim the atmosphere as much as possible, keep the cool, because they're burning in the atmosphere, so.
CALLER: Well, it has been cool here in Iowa. And it's been raining and cooler.
SHERRY: Yeah. You can always tell when they're in your area because they cool the area down [laughs].
CALLER: Oh, great. Shut my curtains, lock my doors, so...
SHERRY: Oh, you don't have to fear them. Just throw some orgone outside.
CALLER: Yep. But, yeah, I've been trying to pay attention around me, but it's pretty quiet. And just listen to what you have to say. And just glad when stuff doesn't happen.
SHERRY: Well, if you're really bored, just ask the Lord to open your eyes so you can see things [laughs]. You know?
CALLER: Well, thank you for listening to me again tonight.
SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
Technical Difficulties with the Switchboard - Other Ways to Contact Sherry with a Question
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence]
Oh, my whole thing just -- boom -- messed up. All right. [laughs] I don't know what's going on. Everything's getting tongue-tied here. And so -- here we go.
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Caller? I don't know what they're doing. They're not answering. Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. [silence]
Yeah...some weird stuff happening now. People getting hung up on off the switchboard. If you've got a question for the show, folks, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Or 646-929-2343; that's the direct line, or you could call the 800 number. You could also see the numbers at www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio. If you have a question, I'm looking at the chatroom right now. A lot of people in the chat room, and so. If you want to join the chat room, folks, you can go to www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio and click on that green button that says chat now. And you can join the chat room. Anybody has a question, you can post it in the chat room. When I'm looking at it, I can see it and I can just answer the questions from the chat room. Or you can send an e-mail to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.
So What Kind of Week Are We Gonna Have?
[laughs] Hello, dimwit [laughs]. People in the chat room. I like that. Dimwit computer show, and so. Yeah. So what kind of a week are we gonna have? You know what? It looks quiet until the end of the months, folks. And so to make me look like an idiot, they'll probably pull something off. But that's what I see. I just see peace, quiet things until the end of the month, and then you start seeing all these dates coming up for anything bad that's gonna happen those certain July dates will come out. And so that's why I'm always skeptical and watchful for the last two weeks of July and then going on into the first week of August. And like I said, they always state the 9th of Av, the Jewish date, the date for all these disasters to happen or whatever. And the 9th Av does not hit until July 20th of our time. And so now you can see why I always have such a hard time with dates and trying to pinpoint things, because everybody's got a different calendar. And [laughs], and so it's always your best guess around a certain date. Because everything being off a day or two depending on people's calendars.
Blogtalkradio Charges Sherry for the Callers Who Sit on the Phone Line to Listen
Anyway, I'm gonna see what's going on with the switchboard now.
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence]
It goes hanging up on people again. That's not nice. That's pretty rude. [laughs] Don't be hanging up on my listeners! People are calling in with questions. It's so rude. Sits and hangs up on them, and so. Not me! [laughs] I want to talk to people. I don't want to hang up on people. Sometimes I do by accident.
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller.
CALLER: Hello?
SHERRY: Hello!
CALLER: Sherry?
SHERRY: You got a question -- yeah!
CALLER: Oh, I didn't -- you know what? I didn't even -- this is the, like the second time, the third time this has happened. But I never hit the "1" and, uh. Well, I was just listening in is all. I didn't have no question.
SHERRY: Well if I see people sitting, I go ahead and acknowledge them because I don't want people to sit. I have to pay for that, and so. Anytime people are sitting on the lines I gotta pay for it. And so they charge me by the minute.
CALLER: Oh, I see. OK, I was just listening in is what I was doing. I didn't have no question.
SHERRY: Yeah. Yeah, that's a problem. That's how they soak the broadcasters blogtalkradio, because they start the clock over for each caller that calls in, and sits on the lines. They charge you for all that. That's how they make their money.
CALLER: Oh, sorry about that. I guess I probably shouldn't be sitting on the line then.
SHERRY: Yeah, you know what? Just listen to the show or catch the archives.
SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
CALLER: Thank you.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
Florida Sinkhole Not as Deep as Guatemala Sinkhole
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hey, Sherry. This is Ed...all the way from Maine.
SHERRY: All the way from Maine.
CALLER: I just was looking up that article about the sinkhole down there in Tampa, Florida. Looks like it's that one over by one of the universities at a condo site. There's a car stuck down inside there.
SHERRY: Oh, so this is basically one of those street sinkholes. Not a Guatemala one where it goes a mile into the earth [laughs].
CALLER: Exactly. That's right.
SHERRY: Oh, OK [laughs].
CALLER: So I was just thinking to call and give you a heads up.
SHERRY: Well, thanks for that. Because I hadn't heard a thing about it, so.
CALLER: [laughs] All right. Well, talk to you later. Thanks.
SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
A Whole Lotta Shakin' (of the Earth) Going On
Sinkhole in Tampa. You know what? You know, as many earthquakes as are going on, I think last month's over five in the Great Lakes region. I mean, they're minimal, so you don't really hear about them out here. It's not really normal to have earthquakes in the Midwest region, and so. But they're everywhere. The whole earth is shaking, folks. And that's what the Lord has warned. He is going to shake the earth. There's going to be a great shaking coming. And the coastlines are going to be, everywhere, I would say a disaster. But we have coastlines coming in fifty to a hundred miles ruining everything in its path. You know, you think pole flip at that point. And Isaiah said the earth was going to rock to and fro like a drunkard. That's back and forth like a drunkard. And if you look outside, the sun's in the south [laughs]. It's supposed to be over in the west somewhere and it's in the south at night, at midnight. We're off our rocker, folks. And, you know, other days the earth will reposition itself and look more normal. But these things are gonna be happening. Tons of earthquakes coming. The Lord said He was going to shake the land. And when He says He's going to shake the land, you can believe it's not going to be a little 3 or 5 earthquake on the earthquake scale. It's going to be huge, and so. You know, people ask me why He's delaying everything and why events are delayed. And you know what? My only answer to that is He sees ahead and He sees how bad it's going to really be and perhaps just waiting, giving mankind more and more time. Because He knows how bad it's coming. Tens of millions are going to DIE, and so. You know, He's not in a rush to see that happening.
Do You Think Shema's Going to Make a Splash in October?
Question from a chat room. Do you think Shema's going to make a splash in October? [laughs] I would laugh if it's the splash they're expecting in July [laughs]. I was just reading that NASA (always nauseating, NASA) spotted an incoming asteroid. And I didn't even bother to read the article because I figured it's just a front to get people conditioned to the splash Shema's gonna make [laughs]. That's the only thing I see crashing coming to Earth anytime soon is Shema. And it's amazing it's been hanging out in space still as long as it has.
Have You Heard Anything about the Blacks in America Being the True Jews of the Bible?
Question from a listener. Have you heard anything about the Blacks in America being the true Jews of the Bible? No. True Jews of the Bible are 12 tribes. And they're all colors, all races. And even that doesn't even matter because the new covenant that the Lord made with people (regardless of race, color, nationality) is that you accept His redemption. And so you can jump up and down all you want and say, "Hey, I'm a true bloodline Jew." But you know what? Doesn't make a difference because if you're not one of His -- He doesn't go by bloodlines, they mean nothing to Him. I know we've got this whole group online that is just, "We're the true Israelites!" And, really? [laughs] There's a lot of true Israelites. There's millions. Because true Israelites are the ones who follow Him and keep His commandments. Doesn't matter what color you are or what nation you're from. You know, you wanna go that far, there were 12 sons and 14 tribes because Joseph's tribe was divided between Manassah and Ephraim and -- they're everywhere! And so, how any one race can claim they're all of Israel, they're all of that, is totally wrong and hogwash.
And these people are so racist it just makes me sick. It drives me nuts. [sigh] And so they just go on hating about me all over the Internet because I don't agree with them and poke holes in everything that they want to believe. I don't mean to poke holes in anything, I just preach the truth, folks. So, the Lord isn't about a bloodline anymore; that's old testament. He's about those who worship and follow Him, and so. You know, Esau had red hair. David had red hair. David intermarried with Ethopians. And so did Solomon; his wife was from Sheba. And, you know, everything's mixed. So how can we say only one race is all of Israel when we have mixed marriages and mixed kindreds all over the place. Bloodlines don't mean squat. It's where your heart is with the Lord, and so. You know, and they do so much hating, like that's of the Lord, pfft. You know, don't tell me what a great believer in Yah you are and be someone who does nothing but spit venom and hate. That's not of the Lord. You know? That's not of Him. You can always tell people that are really Yahushua's by the warmness of their own hearts, and so. They're not bullies. They're not spitting venom and hate. And most are just busy doing.
Where the Bible Says "Love Your Enemies," It's Not Talking about Loving Satan's Seed.
If you really love the Lord, then you should really hate His enemies. You know, the KJV [King James Version of the Bible] puts people to sleep, "Oh, love your enemies." He ain't talking about loving the serpent-seed! The Lord hated them. David prayed for their deaths. They went to war against them. And that's what we should be doing now. Going to war against them; that's what we're doing, orgone war. Orgone defeats them, destroys them, tears up their plans, burns them, knocking them out of the skies. How much more proof do you need? Look up at the sky. Watch the raining UFOs. They're falling to the earth like popcorn. And that's exactly what Wilhelm Reich said orgone would do. And that's exactly what it does; one of the benefits, and so.
You know what? I was out yesterday. A couple people out yesterday around the country doing missions for the Most High. And just getting orgone out. Putting up walls of protection for people. And I was in central Ohio, just below Columbus, and getting a whole wall of protection so that when the weather comes up from the south, it'll hit this wall and move elsewhere, staying away from my area [laughs] or coming up any further north. That's what you need to think of it, folks. When you're out on the road, and you're putting orgone pucks every mile, every two miles, however the Lord leads you to do it, you're putting up an invisible shield of defense. It's an invisible orgone shield. And it not only affects weather patterns, but also how they travel in the other dimension around our Earth. Because orgone is dimensional. And it attacks not only them from coming into our dimension, it goes into their own and can burn them there, and so.
Have You Seen Anything about the Dragon in the Codes These Days?
Question from a listener. Have you seen anything about the Dragon in the Codes these days? Oh, he's usually just [laughs] -- I was seeing serpent come up a lot. And I know why I was seeing that. The Serpent Mound in southern Ohio [laughs], they've been well-gifted and [laughs] I love it when I see them all pissed off and mad because we've attacked their strongholds. [coughs] And so, you know, they're just mad. And they're in retaliation mode. And usually when they get into retaliation mode [coughs], you'll start seeing avalanches of chemtrails because that's how they retaliate. And not only through chemtrails, but also through vaccinations. And so, that's why I'm always warning, because that's how they work to retaliate against us [coughs], so.
Let's see what's going on here. [coughs] They're closing up my throat, I can't even speak. [coughs] They don't like it when I speak. They try to shut me up.
Are You Going to Be on Any Talk Shows Anytime Soon?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Sherry, I have one more question. Are you going to be going to any talk shows, like, um, what was that one you were just on? Um, gosh, I just lost it, what...you were on a talk show.
SHERRY: The Edge?
CALLER: Yeah, yeah! Are you going on, back on anything coming up again, or...
SHERRY: You know what? I haven't had any invitations, and so. I only go when they invite me.
CALLER: Huh! He's interesting. He's kind of funny [laughs].
SHERRY: Daniel Ott?
SHERRY: Yeah, he's a nut. You know, I do his show about once a year. And so, always have fun with Daniel Ott.
How Come You Don't Show Your Face?
CALLER: How come you don't show your face?
SHERRY: I just don't want it to be about me. I want everything I do to be about the Lord.
CALLER: Well, that's OK. That's OK. I just wondered on some of them why, you know.
SHERRY: Essentially why I don't. Because I don't want it to be about me. I don't wanna be about -- you know, when you look at these people, they're selling themselves, they're promoting themselves, commercialize themselves. I don't want anything to do with any of that. I just want to work in the background and let it all be about Him. And --
CALLER: Well, there's nothing wrong with that.
SHERRY: You know what? And I passed this billboard yesterday, and it was so true, it said, "Can you imagine what we could accomplish for God if nobody cared who got the credit?" And that's so true. And you know what? We are accomplishing a lot and we're doing it anonymously, and so.
CALLER: Well, I'd never seen, on someone's house window before, because it's not a big city or anything, but it's a town and, you know, not too big, but we were going by and it was something about the end is coming, you better...you know, judgment's coming. And it was a big sign on their big window. And I'm like, "Wow." I've never seen a big sign like that on a big picture window of their house in the smaller town.
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: I should have taken a picture of it.
SHERRY: Yeah, these people are bold. They're standing up for the Lord. They'll do it anyway they can. He doesn't call everybody to start a radio show or write a book or be a television guest or whatever, run a network -- you know? Everybody has their own stand.
CALLER: No one wants to be the first person to stand up, hold a sign and say, you know, what's happening.
SHERRY: That's harder work. You know, sitting on a city corner, yelling about His judgment coming --
CALLER: No. They're gonna think you're crazy.
SHERRY: That's the hard work [laughs].
CALLER: You don't hear any groups around here, or, you know, just -- I don't get on the computer because we have slow dial-up and it doesn't work, and it cuts me off all the time, so I can't get on there.
SHERRY: Right.
Just Wondering If You Had Any Shows Coming Up
CALLER: I don't know what's going on. But I was just wondering...if you had any shows coming up or anything, you know.
SHERRY: No I don't have any coming up. And, frankly, a lot of these paranormal radio stations, I've just been saying, "No, thanks," to and stuff. Um, you know, if they're typically just totally New Age.
CALLER: They tend to make fun of you or something? Do they tend to make fun of you or something, or...
SHERRY: I just -- I'm not into the arguing mode. They don't want to listen --
CALLER: No. You don't have to argue. You don't have to argue. You keep telling them --
SHERRY: I say what I have to say and that's it, you know, and --
CALLER: You're not getting paid to tell us, you know.
SHERRY: Yeah. I mean, I have a good time with people like Daniel Ott [host of The Edge Internet talk show] and Joyce Riley [host of The Power Hour Internet talk show] and some of the paranormal shows I've done. But, you know what? I'd like to do Coast to Coast [AM radio talk show with host George Noory]; they'll never have me in a million years, and so --
CALLER: [laughs]
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: [laughs] Oh, well. They'll be the first one to go if they're on the coast [laughs].
SHERRY: Yeah. Coast to coast. You know. A lot of these shows really don't want "the truth" from people who know. They just want to, you know, banter back and forth and try to control information. And, you know...whatever.
Is There Still a Media Blackout in Florida?
CALLER: I saw pictures on the Internet today. Pictures that you aren't supposed to see about the Gulf spill. And, oh, it was horrible pictures. But, you know, yeah. How do we ever see any pictures? They aren't showing them. Some photographer went down there and he dove in the oil and showed him in there. I'm like, "My gosh. Is he that stupid to get in the oil and dive underneath there? He's gonna die."
SHERRY: Well, you know what? Um, we never knew the truth about things. We'll never know the real truth down there now. We'll never know it.
CALLER: Have you heard anymore -- I'd like someone to call in that's from Florida.
SHERRY: Oh, I've got somebody from Florida.
CALLER: From your show, or...
SHERRY: Yeah. We've got a Warrior down in Miami who's keeping me abreast on things going on.
CALLER: Have they heard anything? Is there still blackout?
SHERRY: They're leaving. You know, Jews are packing up, closing their businesses, and leaving. And so when you see Jews leaving an area. When you see Jews leaving, you know they're gonna be up to something, because they're closing their businesses and just leaving. And so, they're preparing. They're getting ready.
BlogTalkRadio Gives People the Option to Sit on the Line and Listen But Charges Sherry
CALLER: Hey, I was gonna tell you, when you call in for your show, did you know what it says on your -- not to get off the subject of what we're talking about, but, when you call in to dial your number, it gives you the option to sit on the -- it says please push '1' if you want to talk to the host otherwise stay on the line and you can listen to the show. Do you know it says that?
SHERRY: Yeah, and then I have to pay for that.
SHERRY: People will do that...sit on the show and listen and meanwhile BlogTalkRadio is charging me.
CALLER: You should change that...because I don't think people know that.
SHERRY: I can't change it.
CALLER: Oh, you can't change that?
SHERRY: No. It's BlogTalkRadio. That's how they soak you of money because these shows will start racking me up. Just from the 800 number costs.
CALLER: OK. It's too bad you can't change that, but you can't. But just telling people, I guess, makes it...but...
CALLER: OK. You gonna be changing, updating some new pictures on your website pretty soon?
SHERRY: [laughs] Yeah, you know, I've gotta get to the website.
Have You Seen Anymore of That Star-Opening Stuff Again Anywhere?
CALLER: I always look for new and just...newer stuff coming up there. And all this stuff's been on there for a while. I just wondered... You haven't seen more of that star-opening stuff again, any new things coming...have happened like that, have you? Was that Norway or something? Nothing else has happened with that, or anywhere else?
SHERRY: No, the most exciting thing's been the UFO crashing in the Chinese airport [laughs].
CALLER: I didn't know it crashed, but how come they aren't making a bigger deal about it? Because it just said that -- I didn't see it crash, I said it was hovering --
SHERRY: Well, they do. They have the YouTube videos on it. Our news isn't gonna say anything.
CALLER: I didn't get that deep into it. But I'm like, "Wow. Why aren't they making this..." I bet those people were frightened.
SHERRY: You know what? It's by an airport. I don't know, you know. I really don't know what's going on over there because our government doesn't say anything. And...you know.
CALLER: Like I said, the skies around here been pretty quiet.
SHERRY: Oh, yeah, I know. I've had these beautiful fluffy clouds. And, you know, it's been really hot, so I know they're not around. And [laughs] usually when your air starts to cool down they're in the area because they like it cool [laughs]. So you can tell when they've left an area, because it'll start getting really hot.
CALLER: It's cooler, but it's been rainy and cloudy, and so we can't see anything.
SHERRY: Right, right. You know, I kept waiting for something to happen on the eclipse day and -- 4 o'clock in the morning --
CALLER: I know! You think all the people on Easter Island -- I thought, oh, something...a big earthquake or something would happen on that day and it was pretty quiet.
SHERRY: Yep, and, um...we'll take it. We'll take it.
CALLER: Yeah. We'll take it.
SHERRY: Give people some time.
CALLER: OK. Well, thank you. God bless.
SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.
Codes Relevant for the Times We're In Found in Jeremiah 50:12-15
It's raining UFOs [laughs]. Yeah, let them all crash. Let them all crash. Let's see. I was gonna read something I -- a lot of Codes I've been working in lately have been found right out of the book of Jeremiah. And so, sometimes I'll just stick to just torah Codes, which is the first five books of Moses and sometimes I'll look at the prophet books in the old testament because they're mentioned a lot in the Codes. You'll see Samuel, you'll see Hosea. And you'll start seeing some of the minor prophets listed, and so you know it's stuff in their books, that relevance for that particular date or event that you're looking at in the Codes.
And so I want to read something that I've been finding lately that describes the times we're in. And it's Jeremiah 50:12-15. And it says,
"Your mother shall be sore confounded; she that bear you shall be ashamed: behold, the hindermost of the nations shall be a wilderness, a dry land, and a desert. Because of the wrath of the LORD it shall not be inhabited, but it shall be wholly desolate: every one that goeth by Babylon shall be astonished, and hiss at all her plagues. Put yourselves in array against Babylon round about: all ye that bend the bow, shoot at her, spare no arrows: for she hath sinned against the LORD. Shout against her round about: she hath given her hand: her foundations are fallen, her walls are thrown down: for it is the vengeance of the LORD: take vengeance upon her; as she hath done, do unto her."
And, folks, America IS Babylon. Her mother is Britain. And interesting she shall be sore confounded, she that bear you shall be ashamed, when she's the one, the Queen, who owns BP that's destroying the Gulf Coast. And, then again, it talks about the astonishment of the plagues that are coming and happening. And in verse 14, "Put yourself in array against Babylon round about. And all those that shoot the bow, shoot at her, spare no [arrows]," the military troops that are surrounding us and coming in, getting ready to war against us. And the Lord is just opening the doors, basically. And so all of our walls of protection, our foundations are fallen, the walls are thrown down, our protections are thrown down. For it is the vengeance of the Lord, He is the one that is allowing all of this to happen because His judgment is on this country. And so, that's where we're at, folks.
You might want to read it yourself, Jeremiah 50:12-15, because we ARE being surrounded round about. You can hear about the FEMA camps, the FEMA trains, the foreign soldiers, Chinese in Texas, Chinese mounting up at the borders of Mexico. And they've been there for years and getting ready, sooner or later, to invade the U.S. I've heard from people who live in Sonora, in other border countries in Mexico, and they've told me about the Chinese that are there. And nobody likes them. But they're there. And I've seen them in Texas. And we've got German soldiers and Russian soldiers, blending in as citizens and also being held in underground bases to stay out of the public view. And all of these UN...equipment coming in and the soldiers coming in, and it's just going to be a massive holocaust here in America. And the Lord allows it.
The Gulf Coast Disaster is Just the Beginning of Obama's War on Americans
And in Revelation 13, you can see how it's the Antichrist war on the saints. And if you look at the Gulf disaster, that's basically an attack on our Bible Belt and just the beginning of Obama's outright war on Americans. He hates America. It's his job to destroy it And he's doing. And, you know what? He's going to accomplish at what he sets out because nobody can stop him. Nobody's figured out what his real agenda is. They can't just see that he's not -- his idea of change is from taking the most prosperous nation in the world and relegating it to a third-world country and destroyed. As he laughs his butt off because his biggest handlers are our biggest enemies; the Arabs. And so, you know what? You go to war against Arabs and then elect one of your own enemy as president? Come on, folks. People have no brains.
Anyway, I'll be on the air Thursday [afternoon] at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News and then back here again on Monday [evening] at 10 o'clock Eastern Time. 1 o'clock Eastern Time as well. 10 o'clock Pacific on Thursday.
Until then, everybody. Yah bless.
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