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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 19, 2010

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night; Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. July 19th. You have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

Poliomyelitus in the Chemtrails Will Cause Paralysis and Difficulty Breathing

Been busy this week. Just going through, making sense out of a lot of Codes. You know, I sent some warnings out to my list earlier in the week, yesterday, because I've been seeing -- I talked about Operation Deep Sleep a couple weeks ago. Because they had this operation planned of spraying a chemical over all these Gulf Coast residents in Florida and then inciting this tsunami, this wall of flame, to hit Florida. And meanwhile the people are incapacitated. They can't move to run and leave and they end up dying in the ensuing flames, and so. They delayed it; I'm not saying they cancelled it because eventually Florida IS going under. The Lord's already given warnings to people for years to get out of Florida and the warning still stands.

But what I found interesting was when I was working in the Codes THIS week, something totally unrelated. I came upon poliomyelitus. And this is what they're putting in chemtrails. And they were gonna start ramping up attacks of poliomyelitus in the chemtrails. I had no idea what it was. I thought that was ancient disease polio where you always see people crippled and can't walk or whatever, need a cane to walk or whatever. But it actually is one of these diseases where it creates a permanent weakness in your muscles and impairs people from being able to walk; almost a complete paralysis. And also causes difficulty for a person to breathe, might require a respirator to breathe.

Obama Planned a Poliomyelitus Attack on America for Next Three Weeks

And this is what Obama has planned for America for the next three weeks. He is putting this virus, that causes this debilitating muscle and respiratory illness, in chemtrails and spraying them over our communities. Isn't that just lovely of him? Such a Christian, godly, Muslim man, isn't he? That's almost crazy to hear: godly and Muslim in the same sentence. Ick! And I was kidding, for those of you that can't get it. I was being sarcastic. [sigh] No wonder he took off to an island off the coast of Maine. He doesn't want to be in the country right now.

And what I have found common with him, is whenever he OK's -- has planned going on here in America, against America, he takes off. He takes off. Remember last fall when he issued that whole thing on mandatory vaccines for the H1N1 virus and everybody threw a fit, he took off. He took off to Israel at that time. I think it was in the Middle East. He takes off. He issues something, a commandment, and then he leaves. Especially now because he doesn't want to be breathing air that has polio in it; chemtrails.

Sherry Spots Black Death Clouds in Her Town

And so, interestingly enough that when I got up this morning, I look outside, it looks like it's gonna rain. It was like 8 o'clock in the morning and it was dark outside. Sun never came up so I'm thinking, "Oh, we're gonna have a rainy day." It never rained. It was just dismal all day. And I'm thinking, "You know what? If I go into town (which is about five miles from here), I'll probably see the sun." And eight hours later when I went into town, that was exactly right. The sun was out, it was shiny. And the thing is, that you don't see until I leave my house because I have hundred-year-old trees that surround my property, and totally shaded here anyway, but you could see this HUGE cloudy mountain range of clouds. I mean, unlike ANYTHING I've ever seen before. Just clouds, piled on top of clouds, piled on top of clouds that it looked like an entire mountain range over my area [laughs] blocking the sun from hitting it because of all this whole huge mountain range of clouds.

I'm not talking about the little cute white fluffy clouds we all like to see with the blue sky, it was an ASSAULT of clouds just over my area. And then as you go into town you can see the same mountain range type of clouds, but black lining in them. There's BLACK in them. And I didn't notice it in the clouds above my house; they were gray. When I got into town, they were black. And they weren't storm clouds. And so I knew these were these DEATH clouds that I've been seeing in the Codes that Obama's targeting on Americans. Especially my town and in Ohio. And it was just amazing to me.

If You See These Death Clouds, Asked the Lord to Move Them Over the Lizards in DC

So, you know what? Folks, you see these death clouds, ask the Lord to move them over to sit above the White House. Ask Him to move them over to sit above Congress. As Him to target the families of the Lizards and congressmen in DC and set them over THEIR homes. Because you know what? In five, ten minutes they were all cleared out of my area. And you know where they went? I have no doubt they're on their way to DC. And so that's what we need to do. When you see these death clouds, direct them to Obama's family, HIS home, HIS White House, the Congress of America, THEIR families, THEIR homes. Direct them where they belong. To those most deserving.

You know, we have to do things, folks. We can't just sit back, sit on our butts and do nothing. They've figured out that our orgone dissolves their chemtrails. And so now they just use huge puffy clouds to carry their poisons. And so now if you see these outrageous-looking clouds, you'll know what to do with them. Just have the Lord direct them to DC. And so, I'm having fun with that one. You know? I had a nice, clear area after that.

They're Retaliating, Punishing Us for What the Orgone's Done to Them

But the assaults are on. And that's what I've been warning about. Because it's in retaliation. They're retaliating. They're punishing us. And one thing I'll never do is accuse any of them of being smart. You'll never hear me say they're smart. And this is a huge instance and example of why they're not smart. OK? First of all, they're punishing us for saturating the altitude and the atmosphere, upper space, with orgone because what this has done is we've permeated space. And this orgone melts their craft, it burns their ships, it burns them, it kills them. And it's a dimensional weapon. It also goes into the dimensions that they reside, that they live in.

Well, to punish us for doing that -- you saw the article circulating the Internet this week about scientists are shocked and dismayed about what's happening to the atmosphere [laughs]. Folks, they had some kind of canopy that they put over the earth. And this was before any of us were created. Well, no, no, I take that back. I don't know when it was put up there. I don't think the Lord did it. It think it was something the aliens did. And so it's something that's occurred...I don't know. I don't know when. But the Bible Codes calls it a fishing net; and for lack of better term, or one I could find. And somehow it entraps souls. Some kind of soul catcher. I don't understand it. I can't even being to tell you anything about it. I can tell you what the New Agers say about it. And the New Agers claim that this is a soul trapper and prevents souls from going to heaven or hell. It just traps them in the atmosphere, in the astral plane, I guess you could say.

May be Some Truth to the Purgatory Thing

And I always had a hard time with that one because when Christians die, we've always been under the impression they are escorted to heaven by angels, they appear instantly in heaven with the Lord. I know when my grandma died she was talking to angels before she left. But I've had to realize that, OK, so maybe not all Christians who die get that escorted entrance to heaven. You know? Because I do see in the Codes where people are escorted and watched over. I see that with my name all the time. I have a contingency of angels I don't see that are watching over me all the time. And "escort" is one of the names that they're given. And you don't see that all the time with everybody's names in the Codes.

And so, you know, maybe this whole thing about purgatory, there was some kind of truth to that. But the thing is, they milked it for every dime they could make. Because like, the Catholic church taught this whole doctrine that everybody who died went to purgatory and you had to pay them money to get your loved one out of purgatory so they could go straight to heaven. And, of course, the Catholic church made millions off of that. You know, stealing people's money and scamming and defrauding them. That's how they've built so much wealth. But maybe there's some kind of truth to that.

There Are Different Ranks of Angels and Different Ranks of Believers

Maybe there are believers who got trapped after death; they weren't escorted by angels, they weren't in a rank to be escorted. There's different ranks of people, of believers. And if you don't want to believe that, that's...you know...tough. You know, truth hurts. What rank are you in? Because we are ranked and we do have different status levels in heaven. And that's why I've always told you to build treasures in HEAVEN; fruits that will earn you rewards in heaven. Because you have those for eternity.

So many people just focus on their earthly lives. They have the beautiful house, the fancy car, the fancy clothes. And then when they die and go to heaven, they may just get trapped in the fishing net. They may not even get there yet, till the Lord somehow releases them from the fishing net, being trapped in the astral plane. You know? Who knows? And then when you do get to heaven, since you built all your treasures on Earth, He really doesn't have very much to award you with in heaven. And so you're one of the lesser-ranked beings in heaven, and so.

I do know this much. I know there's a ranking. I know that there's levels of angels in heaven. There's rankings of angels; you better believe there's gonna be rankings of believers and everybody else. There's twelve levels of floors in the New Jerusalem that's coming, that the Lord's built. You can read about it in the last couple chapters of the book of Revelation. Not this fake cube that's coming (I'll talk about that later in the show) that Satan's built. But your rank will establish what floor of this New Jerusalem you have a home on. And so, interesting. There's always a reason for everything the Lord does, folks. There's always a reason. That's why He said store up your treasures in heaven and not on Earth. Focus on heaven! Focus on building rewards in heaven because those are the ones you keep for eternity. Everything on Earth Goldman Sachs [global investment banking firm] is gonna take it away, Obama's gonna take it away, everybody's gonna take it away and the Lord warned you of that. Moth and rust destroys it. Debt destroys it. Inflation, deflation, everything destroys it. It ain't worth nothing. Don't focus on this life, focus on eternity.

Orgone Destroyed Their Fishing Net/Soul Trapper and They're Mad

And so, anyway, this fishing net...back to the fishing net. It has been there. And it was entrapping souls, I guess. I can't really get much information out of the Bible Codes on it. I'm not even sure anything I've said on it is, you know -- I'm grasping at straws trying to describe what this thing does and is. But it's been destroyed, which is the good part. Which we've managed, with this orgone, to destroy the fishing net. And all those souls that were caught up in this fishing net have been released. And so the thing that has me thinking that this affects believers moreso than anybody else, because what would be the glory if sinners were released and just sent on to hell where they were going anyway? I mean, they would be better off in the fishing net, in the astral plane, living life in that dimension than going to hell. And they're all very mad that we've destroyed -- we've ruptured this fishing net. And so it has to be that these were believers that got loose and have since been released on to heaven, and so. Because they're mad.

Office Workers in Illinois Watch a UFO Dismantle in the Middle of the Day

They're mad. And so, in retaliation -- and not only for that, but also because we're melting and crashing so many of their UFOs. I mean, there was an article, I'll get to it later today during the show, office workers in Illinois (I think you can go to www.ufoexaminer.com and read it). Office workers sat there on their breaks outside their building and watched a UFO dismantle. I mean, just tear apart literally in the sky. In the middle of the day. Because that's what the orgone does to them. That's what the orgone does to UFOs. And we've been seeing them crash for years. And you've been hearing me play my song, It's Raining UFOs. Because the orgone in the air saturates the air and melt the UFOs, causes them to crash. And not only melts the metal, it messes also with the guidance systems. I does something with the guidance systems. And so, basically just causes the whole things to malfunction. And they crash to Earth. And the media gets busy and calls them meteors, because they're not allowed, because of disclosure policy that the United States government has, they're not allowed to claim, "Hey, that's a UFO. Hey, Sherry's Orgone Warriors just crashed another UFO. It's over at the Chinese airport. [laughs] Sherry and the Orgone Warriors melted another UFO. You can see it in Chicago."

They'll never tell you the truth. But so far, in retaliation against our work against them, in the secret war behind the scenes, Obama's decided, he's given the green light, for them to put poliomyelitus in the chemtrails. And they're emptying out the barnhouse of biowarfare chemical weapons. And over the next couple weeks, several weeks, they're going to be unleashing them from one end of the country to the other and probably in other countries as well. And they're doing it because of what our war's accomplished against them.

Don't They Get It? The More Chemtrails They Spray, the More Orgone We'll Put Out.

Now the thing -- go back to why they're not so smart -- is because they're using chemtrails as a weapon, as their vehicle to unleash all these chemicals, biowarfares, against us. Well, folks, orgone is the only thing that will deflect chemtrails out of your area. If you have orgone saturated in your area, chemtrails can't stick. The chemtrail planes come, they spray, nothing sticks, they leave. Because the orgone keeps chemtrails from staying in your area. And so, what they're gonna do is unleash their chemtrails. And what WE'RE gonna do is keep pounding the orgone out there, getting it out there more and more, to fight against their chemtrails. And what this does is put more orgone into the atmosphere [laughs]. More and more orgone in the atmosphere crashes more and more UFOs. They don't get it. They're so stupid. Anyway, this is how it is. This is the war. This is the war. And, you know, they started this war a long time ago.

First Casualty of Orgone: Project Blue Beam

Chemtrails aren't new. Chemtrails -- they've been soaking our atmosphere with barium [soft, silvery-white metallic alkaline earth metal], some people say for thirty years now. I mean, it really started getting noticed in the 80s, and then the 90s, and, obviously, now. Thirty years, maybe even the 70s. No one's really for sure. I can't remember when exactly anyone has tried to pinpoint exactly when the chemtrail war started against mankind, and we started being used as guinea pigs for biowar chemical weapons.

Uh...yeah. I lost my train of thought [laughs]. But, uh, oh, yeah. Another thing, uh, because when they started the chemtrail thing, the whole thing was using bariums and aerosols. Because what they wanted to do, they were gearing up for the Blue Beam project. And you go to www.thewatcherfiles.com or go to www.google.com and just Google "Blue Beam project." They were going to use holographs to depict this whole return of the second coming of Christ in the sky. They were gonna have Jesus and all His angels [laughs], His heavenly host with holographs [laughs]. And you need aerosols to pull that off for holographs, to hold the holographs in the air. And so that was one of the main purposes for barium. Also they were using it to test, you know, new mind control technologies, nanochips, things like that. But barium is the main ingredient in chemtrails. And you can go to my website www.chemtrailagenda.com and read about these chemtrails. I have a website on everything.

And so, what's funny is that, you know, they've been doing this chemtrail thing now, planning this Blue Beam project for thirty years now, perhaps forty, and so they can't do that anymore. They can't depend on that route anymore to bring in "Jesus" and the "angels" versus holographs, when they were actually just bringing in the Antichrist and False Prophet and their Ascended Masters and everything to Earth. Were gonna use a huge Hollywood production via holographs and Blue Beam technology and all this stuff. Would've been a totally joint effort between NASA and Hollywood. But they can't do it anymore and that was their number one route and they spent billions of dollars developing it and getting it ready. Because what the orgone has done is it's ruptured the atmosphere. And so you can't have, you know, "Jesus" coming in the clouds and half the population can't see him and other people can see parts or blurbs of it [laughs]. Because the aerosol has to be uniform across the sky [laughs] for these holographs to work. And the orgone punctures through the chemtrails so the aerosols can't stick.

Multi-Billion-Dollar Damage to Satan's Strongholds Despite Limited Orgone Funds

And so we've totally been able to knock out their entire plans of using Blue Beam technology and the whole Blue Beam project. Scrapped. Thrown out the window. They can't do it. They could find maybe Easter Island out in the Pacific and do it over Easter Island. Who are they gonna deceive? They want to deceive the whole world. But in the six short years that we launched this orgone war against Satan's strongholds on Earth, we've defeated all of their major plans, all of their major routes in just six years. Six years. And it's cost them billions of dollars, has cost Satan thousands of years of planning, and in six years we've been able to wipe it out. So, you can take Blue Beam project off the list because it no longer can be effective.

We have orgone all over the world. We've been in Israel. They can't even just say, "Well, OK. We won't do it in the United States. Too much orgone there. We can't pull off the holographics. So, we'll go to Israel and do it." Well, guess what? We've got orgone in Israel. They'll say, "OK. We'll go to Egypt and do it." Well, we've got orgone in Egypt. "Well, we'll go to Africa. We'll go to Kenya and Ethiopia." We've got orgone there [laughs]. "We're gonna go to Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia." We've got orgone there, too. We've got it everywhere. And so [laughs] it won't work. It won't work. We're defeating them. We're defeating them.

We asked the Lord for a way to tear down Satan's strongholds and He gave us a way and a weapon to do it with. And we've been busy with very limited, limited funds. Limited. Pennies. You know? We haven't had huge support from the Christian community. We've had barely any support. All we've been is ridiculed. Ridiculed, mocked, they make up lies, they spread lies, they try to discredit you. I've seen the lies they've created about me on the Internet. And when you confront them on them, they just make up more. And so, I just stay home. I stay home on my own lists, my own boards.

I don't even read the lies anymore. Because that's the only thing they have. Because they're useless. They're low-ranking, first-level -- you know, they might be my brethren, and the Lord gets onto me about this because -- Don't be so tough on them. They've just been...you know. They're just whatever. They're still your brethren. You still need to love them. Stuff like that. I get angry. I get angry. Why shouldn't I? I've been homeless! While they're driving Mercedes and living in vacation homes. The wolves, they're leading the majority of believers on this earth. I'm sent to Earth to have a last days mission to tear down Satan's strongholds, and I've done it with about 1,000 other Warriors, and it's taken us six years to do it. But look what we've accomplished on a shoestring.

Second Casualty of Orgone: Maitreya's Star of Bethlehem - Shema

Another thing we've been able to knock out. OK, so we have the Blue Beam operation that the government planned, struck up, started. We knocked that out. They no longer can use the Blue Beam. That whole thing's been knocked out. It's now...the New Age comes up with this whole charade that they're gonna mimic the Star of Bethlehem. Pfft. You know, when Yahushua was born, and there was a great star in the sky, and you know the whole story. Well, they decided they're gonna mimic that great star in the sky to announce their Imam's arrival; this Maitreya. They're gonna announce his arrival with this huge Bethlehem star in the sky. They're gonna mimic the star of Bethlehem. And so they come up with this satellite, this star, this...I don't know what you want to call it. It's huge. But they come up with this star called Shema. And Shema is like a huge rock. And in the center of it -- hollow rock, like everything is (comets, asteroids, planets, stars...everything's hollow) -- they had Satan's palace. They have Satan's temple, was inside this Shema. One of his actual residing places was inside Shema. It's one of their main strongholds and habitations that Satan has.

And so they were gonna -- you know, I always call it the10,000-watt light bulb contraption in the sky, because it sits very low to the earth at about 30 degrees at horizon level. And it's just so noticeable. And yet people don't notice it. Look up in the sky and you see this huge brilliant white star. They don't notice that it's about umpteen degrees lower than most stars are supposed to be. And it's way much bigger and brighter than most stars are. And this is the Shema star that they created to pull off this whole facade of the Bethlehem star announcing Maitreya's arrival to Earth. And I've told you who Maitreya is. He's a clone of Cain. And he's coming as the Ascended Masters, the god of the New Age and world teacher and blah-blah-blah. I've got tons of info on my site, tons of archives, audios on him. Just go to my website www.sherrytalkradio.com and start listening to my archives.

"I Wonder What Happens If I Point a [Orgone] Pipe at It."

Anyway, so where they screwed up was they set the Shema star -- he was using it to troll the skies at night and he'd spy on areas -- set it above my house. And so I'm out in my garage working on orgone, and every night as I would leave my garage to go back to the house I'd look up and see this really white obnoxious brilliant star. And I knew it wasn't normal. And so I started asking the Lord, "What is that thing? What is it? Is it You or is it them?" And He led me, on the Internet, to these New Age crap about the Shema star.

And so, I decided, "Well, I wonder what happens if I point a pipe at it." [laughs] An orgone pipe [laughs]. And so I made this orgone pipe about 6-feet long, 2-inches wide, filled this thing up with crystals and coil and shavings and resin, and I started pointing it at this star every night. And then I made another one. Said two would do. So I had two of them going. And I started to notice, about a month or two later, Shema was still there, but wasn't quite as bright. It looked like it was trying to move away from my house. But there were other starships in the area. They look like white stars, but they're not, they're just starships, UFO starships, whatever. Started turning yellow. And this is several years ago when all this started. And then that's when you started noticing that all these yellow starships were on fire! They were yellow because they were on fire. You could take a good pair of binoculars and look at them and see the flames shooting out of them. And it was these starships that were falling out of the sky that the media was calling meteors. And so then I knew we were onto something. "Hey, these orgone pipes are causing these fake stars, these UFO starships, to crash out of the sky." And sure enough, the next couple years following this, the last few years, they're falling out of the sky like popcorn.

And so what happened with Shema, Shema lost its brilliance. It went from a brilliant white to on fire [laughs]. It got caught on fire. And not only that, but it got stuck in this region because it was trying to get away from my house, get away from this area, but it got stuck here because whatever they used to guide this thing, you know, mechanic system, whatever, mechanical systems, malfunctioned and froze it. And basically, been stuck over the Ohio/Pennsylvania border for the last several years now. And they've been trying to mask the fact that it's on fire. Sometimes they'll bring the white lights back out and try to overshine the yellow flames shooting out of it so that they can continue to fool the New Agers that Shema's here [laughs]. And other times you'll just see it on a regular night when the lights aren't working or when they don't have them turned on, you'll just see the Shema on fire, and so. It's a huge planet because it's been on fire since last October. And if you go back and listen to my archives in October of 2009, you'll hear me talking about Shema being on fire. And so, scrap THAT plan.

Nibiru/Planet X Next to Go Down from Orgone, Possibly in September

So we've taken the Blue Beam project plan away from them. We've taken the whole Shema facade away from them. They can't use that one because it's gonna crash. It's gonna crash. And this whole thing with Nibiru, Planet X...IT'S gonna crash. And the Giants that inhabit Nibiru have already been leaving it en masse via UFOs. There's some people that say they're hovering over Israel right now, they're staying over there. And that's pretty much where I see them in the Codes because I see the Buffalo and the Bison over here. Shema's stuck here. And the two factions that are synonymous with inhabiting Shema are the Bison and the Buffalo. And the Buffalo are just another term for the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command, Satan's ruling council over the earth. Yeah, all this stuff, the council that rules the Illuminati is ruling over them in a planet that's on fire [laughs]. I don't know when they'll have to abandon it to when then can no longer contain the fire and live there. This thing must be huge is all I can say. And so [laughs] they'll have to leave it en masse. I predict by September of this year they'll be here. Because Shema's gonna crash when it's too unlivable for them. And so they'll be coming to Earth at that time. And I predict it'll be September 10th or 11th this year. If I had to put a date on it, I would go with that.

Satan Using Blue Star from Orion to Mimic the New Jerusalem

But anyway, so Nibiru's over in Israel. And Nibiru itself is gonna crash because the orgone is going to cause it to melt and burn and crash. And so we've got Nibiru that's gonna crash. And then, we have the blue star coming out of Orion. And I've talked about this for a couple years kind of off and on. You can go to my website www.crystalcityfraud.com, and I talk about how they plan on coming up with some kind of mimicry of the New Jerusalem. Satan can't create anything. All he does is mimic everything the Lord has. He tries to create everything on his own. And what he's managed to do is create this cube. And he's going to lower it to Earth. It's gonna descend out of Orion. And lower it to Earth to try to mimic the New Jerusalem, to claim that this is the New Jerusalem. Because he's trying to make everybody believe that he's God. And so he knows what the Bible says. He knows the Christians are expecting the New Jerusalem. And so he's going to lower this cube, what they call the New Jerusalem, down to Earth.

Another One Bites the Dust...

Well, the cube's gonna crash, too. Once that hits that orgoned atmosphere [laughs]. And so, strike another one up for the Warriors. Because not only knocking out the Blue Beam project, Shema, Nibiru, now we've got the cube, the New Jeru, that the orgone's going to knock out. And so Satan is pissed off, folks. He's pissed. And I always said when he comes to Earth, he's going to be angry. Always saw it in the Codes, when he arrives, he's angry. Angry. He's not coming as some...I-LOVE-you crap. He comes angry. And the reason he's angry is because this little ragtag band of Warriors that the Bible Codes calls a fraction of a faction of the Bride [laughs], we're that small, I believe we're about a thousand, a thousand forty-four big, has literally destroyed all of his strongholds. And they have these huge plans. All these billions they've spent building underground bases so that when they came to Earth -- because they know the war of Revelation 12 is coming up. Michael's gonna kick them out of heaven. They're gonna be cast to Earth.

What Satan and His Forces Wanted, and What They're Gonna Get, Are Two Different Things

They wanted to have luxury. They wanted luxury. They want the best of the best. They want to buy ready the best of the best. They want to be pampered. They want to be the elite and pampered. Well, [laughs] we also would like to give them their own arrival and welcome party. But we have different plans. We're gonna welcome them with fire and boils and burning and discomfort. And orgone to them is a hideous odor Bible Codes calls necrosis. It's a smelling of the dead. Necrosis is rotting flesh. And that's what they smell. When these Lizards hit orgoned areas, you'll see Obama grab his nose sometimes, and try to hide his discomfort when he's giving public speeches because they always have orgone at them. And so he smells that odor.

He would still smell it because orgone, the kind we make, is a living energy. It's alive, it's a living energy. It's what the Lord used to create the earth and so it's just an extension of who He is. It's His energy. Alive, living, pure energy. And so only the things that hate it are negative and evil beings and things. And so they can smell it. To them it's a hideous odor. And it's what we've been targeting. The underground kingdoms they've been building. The underground bases.

They Need Water, So Put Orgone Pipes and Pucks in Every Water Source You See

And it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to take about, you know, 400 dollars worth of orgone and demolish a 10-billion dollar underground base. That's about what it takes. Because you can target their water sources. They have to have water sources. And so whenever they have an underground base, you'll see above-ground vents -- maybe you won't see them because they don't let you on the property, but you know they're there. They'll have above-ground vents because they have to breathe. They have to have air. And they have to have water. And so you'll find -- you'll run into them because they won't have them on maps so the public can find them and see them. They'll have ponds and lakes and rivers that they use as their water sources. And so you just orgone their water sources, folks.

Put orgone pipes, orgone pucks, in every water source you see. Whether it's a river, a lake, a pond. Wherever it is, put it in it, because it poisons the water for them. To them orgoned water is toxic. It's the total opposite of everything that we humans are -- becomes toxic to them. It doesn't bother us. We love orgoned water; it's healing. To them it's toxic. And so, you know, we've been able to knock out these bases just by putting orgone in the area because the orgone blows, it's blown underneath the ground. Because they have to have oxygen they get orgoned air. They get orgoned water. And it destroys them. And so we've been able to clear out many, many alien bases under the earth just indirectly with getting the orgone in those areas where the bases are.

They'll End Up in the Deserts and Places We Haven't Gotten to Yet

And so, what are they gonna do now? They're getting chased out of space, they're getting chased out of America, they can't even go to Israel because we've got that heavily orgoned pretty well, too. They're gonna be out in the deserts. Places we haven't been. Places we haven't gotten to yet, you know. And that's where they'll end up being because all these other places have been orgoned. And I always see Greece come up in the Codes, and Rome. And I know we have orgone in those two cities. Island and city, I should say. So, very interesting. Our Australia Warriors getting busy with Australia. Our Central American and South American Warriors getting busy with orgone in those countries. If you don't want the aliens making your country home then you better be putting orgone in it. Because they're going to be looking for places that don't have orgone in it to reside when they all get here. [laughs] They'll be flybys. And they're gonna be mad. But they're not gonna be able to stay here because they're not gonna be able to breathe here because orgone suffocates them. Bible Codes says it asphyxiates them. And so they'll have to have oxygen masks to breathe because the orgone asphyxiates them.

And so they know what all we've accomplished against them. Even though they won't admit it. They dispute it to everybody else, but they're gonna be admitting it sooner or later. In the meantime, Obama, hearing all their tirades and anger over everything that we've been able to accomplish to tear down their strongholds, has been working hand-in-hand with them and planning ways of retaliation. And so all of these biochemical warfare attacks that are coming through the chemtrails have been well-approved by Obama. He's with them on it.

Obama Is Working with the Chinese on Some Kind of New Deadly Vaccine

Another thing I've been seeing is Obama working with the Chinese on some kind of bacillus [rod-shaped bacteria]. When I see that in the Codes, it's some kind of vaccine. And so, not just working with the Buffalo and the New Age -- these Bison and Buffalos (alien factions) and Shema in the chemtrail war against us, now he's working with -- at the same time -- working with the Chinese increasing the vaccine war against us. We weathered through this last year with the H1N1 hoax that was a total farce. To fight through that one. They were trying to make it mandatory. Professionals stood up and fought against it. People around the country stood up and fought against it. And eventually, they had to back down.

But now they're coming out with a new, more deadly vaccine. And he's working with the Chinese on it which means, uh, you know, I don't know exactly what that means. Because it doesn't take whole armies to work on vaccines. Usually just put a couple scientists together, you end up with something really toxic, and then you tell people how good it is for them. Then you coerce them into taking it. You bully them and intimidate it knowing it's going to maim and kill and destroy them down the road after having taken it. And so he may be working with the Army on this one. That's why they're moving in all these Chinese equipment for the last twenty years. And having soldiers here to help enforce the taking of these vaccines. Because that's -- he's working with them, folks. They're gonna have to be coming to America is what I see, is what I think, is that they will be coming to America to help enforce and intimidate Americans into lining up to take these vaccine shots, these deadly toxins that Obama's been concocting for them to take. And so we're fighting a two-sided war right now. One with the chemtrails. And the other with the coming vaccine pandemics.

Pandemic of Ebola Has Hit - Corexit Chemical Produces Same Symptoms

And interesting that, you know, last year I kept seeing Ebola in the Codes and I mentioned it maybe once or twice during the show. Kept seeing a pandemic of Ebola coming. And the light bulb didn't go off until a couple days ago when I was reading a headline on the Internet and it said, "Is Corexit a Masked Bioweapon? Shrimpers Exposed to Corexit Bleeding from the Rectum." And if you go through this article and read, it talks about how Corexit [oil spill dispersant] has the same symptoms as if you were describing somebody that was suffering from Ebola. And so they're the same thing. This Corexit is producing the same symptoms if you had Ebola. And oftentimes, you know, when you see a term in the Bible Codes it's almost like prophecy, trying to describe something, you know, because they don't have a better term for it. They don't have another word for it. And with Ebola you see a rapid onset of fever, malaise, muscle pain, headache, inflammation of the throat. And then, six days following after that, the initial symptoms, you'll get vomiting, bloody diarrhea, and then rashes, and bleeding out of bodily orifices. Just a real nasty plague that hits people. And that's what Corexit is causing down in the Gulf.

And so you can't tell me that that wasn't a planned disaster, a whole planned event, when last year I was actually looking at the symptoms of what their solution, this Corexit, this biowar against Gulf residents would be doing. Because I saw it last year. Just didn't realize what I was seeing. And so they'd been planning that one for quite a while, the whole oil spill in the Gulf. It's just an excuse. Number one, to get sulfur in the water and in the air. And number two, to bring in their big solution which is Ebola effects on people; this Corexit. And they're spraying it over the water, they're spraying it over the crops, they're spraying it over the population centers down there, to get people sick and to die of these Ebola symptoms.

Operation Deep Sleep - Poliomyelitus to Paralyze People

And so, the war's on, folks. They're using chemtrails in various ways. This whole Operation Deep Sleep, the chemical that they were going to use was this poliomyelitus. Because this polio chemical, this virus is exactly what causes that temporary -- not even a temporary, but a permanent paralysis and malaise in that you just can't really move to run, to get away. They're spraying it down there, too.

How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Vaccinations - They CANNOT Enforce You to Take Them

And so, these are the two types of attacks we're looking at with the chemtrails right now; Corexit and poliomyelitus. And then, not only that, but the coming vaccine war Obama has planned again because H1N1 was a huge failure. So he'll just repackage it, make it more toxic, and call it something else. And start a propaganda campaign on why we all need it, why it's good for all of us. It's his war against us, folks. It's his war against America. His war against mankind.

And I have on my website www.theywantyoudead.com, from Mercola I have up there their How to Legally Avoid Unwanted Vaccines and Vaccinations. It's a nine-page reference material. How to legally avoid it. Because they CANNOT enforce you to take vaccinations. They're already trying with the schools. The schools will tell you you're gonna go to jail, your kid can't enter school without vaccinations. And if you read this document, this PDF, it tells you exactly how to deal with the bullies at the schools, because they can't enforce it. Every state has waivers and exemptions and religious exemptions and even conscientious exemptions. If you show them that you've done your due diligence and you've studied the vaccine and you refuse your child to take it, they can't enforce it. They can't enforce it.

They Want Our Deaths to Be Slow - They Feed Off the Energy of Pain and Suffering

And so, the fight's on, folks. And getting kids ready for school you're gonna need to know what your rights are because they're gonna try to enforce these Obama vaccines on them. Specifically and creatively designed to kill you over a matter of a few years. These aren't quick deaths, folks. They're not looking for a quick death overnight until they start their arsenic campaigns which are coming; the white powder their gonna spray over the populations and kill them instantly. Right now they're looking for slow deaths. Things that debilitate and kill you slowly. Because they like the pain and suffering. They feed off of it. It's a negative energy.

Expect Chemtrail Assaults Over Next Several Weeks - Protect Yourself, Pray, Get Orgone Out

And so, the next several weeks we're gonna be seeing these chemtrail assaults, black clouds, gray clouds. Wear masks, stay home, get orgone out in abundance so that the chemtrails can't even stick in your area. Get pipes out. Orgone pipes are very powerful. It's like a quick punch, a knockout punch. Put the quick punch of orgone in the sky. Knocks holes right through the chemtrails.

And just ask the Lord to direct them towards DC and the home states, their home communities, homes of these politicians and military officials that are behind -- all these Satan freaks. They're all behind planning the destruction of the Lord's people in America and the patriots here in America. Just have the Lord direct all these chemtrails and these clouds to their homes. Otherwise, get the orgone out. Wear masks. Stay home. Wait till the clouds are gone. If you see the black clouds in the air, wait till they move out of your area. And just generally be on alert for bad storms also coming into your areas.

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Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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