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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
July 26, 2010
And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner.
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If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Or you can join the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio. Or you can send an e-mail to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. A couple ways to get a hold of me during the show.
We're Under Biowarfare Attack by Obama and the Bison and Buffalo
Whew! Been doing a lot of Code work lately. Been too hot to go outside. I don't know about you guys, but it's just boiling outside. And basically it's the same thing I've been talking about, folks. We're under biowarfare attack by Obama and the Bison and the Buffalo. All three of them. And so, as I've said, the Lord always refers to the different factions in Satan's kingdom as animals. Calls them beasts because to Him that's exactly what they are.
Dealing with Bison, Buffalo, and Philistines Right Now
And, particularly, we're dealing with three different factions right now. The Bison, and the Bison are basically located from the moon. The moon base of aliens. And they're not the little green men, the Greys. They are more like the Bigfoots that we've seen. Bearlike beings. That's how the Bible Codes describes them. That they're bearlike.
And then we have the Buffalo. And the Buffalo are what the New Age refers to as Ascended Masters. And these guys are the ones that rebelled with Satan during his first rebellion against the Most High. When he got prideful and decided he wanted to be worshiped like the Most High, and he deceived a third of the angels into rebelling against Him. They were all kicked out of heaven. And these Buffalo, these Ascended Masters, are the ones who were with him, his top leaders, during that time of rebellion. And they're with him again for this second rebellion coming against the earth under the guise of the New World Order.
And, so that's what we're dealing up with against. Also right now with the Philistines, what the Bible calls the Philistines, the Giants, coming from Nibiru. And those seem to be pretty dominant over the land of Israel right now. Where[as] our territory, our country, our land here in America seems to be dominated by the Bison and the Buffalo right now. And so, we've got three different ones we're dealing with right now.
About the Small and Tall Greys
The Greys, they're mechanical robots, chip-implanted. And they do the work that the Buffalo what them to do. I really think it's the Buffalo that control them. Because the Buffalo are more associated with tall Greys. If you look at the writings of the New Age, this Hatonn, the leader of the Ashtar Command, this council that rules above the earth, he admits, himself, to being a Grey, a tall Grey. And gives an image of who he is and then his real image. And so, the humanoid aspect of the Ashtar Command, they admit that those bodies are manufactured, that they made those bodies so they could have humanlike bodies, but that they're actually tall Greys.
And I've always known it's the tall Greys that control and rule over and manipulate the small Greys. To do the work on Earth that they need done. That's why they have a hive-mind mentality. Those little grey aliens, people that have had abduction experiences by them, they all say the same things. That they can't think for themselves. They all think in like, a hive-mind mentality. And that's because they're ruled over -- whoever has control over those chip implants that are inside the Grey aliens is the one that really controls and tells them what to do, tells them how to behave, and basically rules and controls over their movements and everything that they're doing while they're on Earth going about their duties of whatever it is they're sent here to do.
Usually they're the ones that are sent here to conduct abductions on humans and spread this whole false theory facade that they're trying to breed with humans and crossbreed. I don't doubt that at all, but really what they want to do is collect human DNA. And that's basically what they're doing is collecting human DNA and then interbreeding aliens with human beings in that way.
Another thing they do is food collection. You'll see a lot of UFOs in war zones and in areas where there's a lot of death and destruction because they do a lot of harvesting in that way. They harvest souls that are leaving the bodies of these dead humans. And also the bodies themselves, they'll put them in freezers in storage containers on their starships. Because if you haven't figured it out yet, folks, we are their food.
On the Food Chain List, We Are the Food for Aliens
On the food chain list, we are the food for aliens. You know, it really is remarkable when you can just finally [audio skips] peace. Genesis 3:15 and when the Lord cursed Satan, the snake, the serpent, in the Garden. He told him he would crawl on his belly and eat of the dust of the ground. Well, who is the dust of the earth, folks? The Bible numerously talks about how WE, the humans, how mankind, are the dust of the earth. From dust we were created, [to] dust we will return. And it is us, humans.
And that's why they can't leave. That's why they can't go find different solar systems. Because they don't exist. If there were a hundred, or even a thousand, different planets just like earth in our universe, then they'd go to them. But they're stuck here patrolling Earth and being in OUR solar system. Because we're their food source. So that alone ought to tell you that there are no other planets like Earth anywhere in our atmosphere, anywhere in the solar system, because they [the aliens] are all here. They're all here because we're their food source. If there was other food sources, they'd be gone, so. Anyway, just interesting tidbits.
Obama's "Death Cloud" Biowarfare Attack Is Going to Last a Couple of Weeks
Other things I've been seeing is that this biowarfare that they have going against us right now, it's gonna last for the next couple of weeks, folks. And so what I suggest people do is just, when you see these Rocky Mountain cloud ranges coming into your area, and they look black/dark gray, and I'm not talking about storm clouds, I'm just talking about weird-looking clouds. Because they do produce these, what we call "death clouds," these clouds that carry a lot of toxins in them, and they want to rain them down on mankind, dump them on mankind. And Obama's very much behind this operation of death clouds. And they're everywhere.
And so, what we've been doing is just asking the Lord to take all the toxins out of these clouds and dump them over [Washington] D.C. or wherever you feel like having the Lord -- asking Him where to dump them. You know, I look at it eye for eye. I ask the Lord to take these toxins and dump them over the families of the Air Force pilots that are dumping them on us. Or over Congress and their homes and their families, so that they'll experience what we're going through. You know, they have no problem targeting and attacking OUR kids. Let the Lord dump all these toxins over their own.
Bible Codes Refers to White House as "Scalped Administration" and Us as "Prisoners"
So it really just ticks me off, the level of destruction. Obama has no limits. He has no limits. He wants to destroy America, every person in it. And he has no limits that he'll lean to. And so one of the interesting things -- I'm working on a Code, last night, and it said "scalped - administration." And it was referring to the White House. And it talked about -- it mentioned Hillary's name and "showering -affliction." And so, just confirms things I've been saying over the years, folks. That our entire government has been soul-scalped. It's a scalped administration. Obama is just a Lizard.
If people would wake up and realize that we're being ruled over and turned into slaves by the very aliens that hover above our Earth and our atmosphere, then we wouldn't keep going slowly into the captivity and slavery that we are. You know, the Bible Codes refers to us as prisoners and captives. You know, that just ticks me off. That ticks me off. You know, we think we're born in a free country, but we're not. We're just slaves. And they're cranking up their legislations and their controls over mankind so that you barely have any room to breathe in anymore. And so, interesting that everything, EVERYTHING, just confirms itself over time.
Biowarfare Bible Codes: Death - Obama - Buffalo - Avalanche
One of the things that I thought was interesting, as far as their biowarfare attacks against us, is that it said they would try to consume the nation. They would shower toxicosis. Death - Obama - Buffalo - avalanche. And so they're using extreme clouding and even our rain to shower toxins and poisons over the nation.
Orgone Warrior Bible Codes: David - Action - Anger - Coach - Community
But what made me smile -- and I had to laugh, because whenever I see the term "David community," I know He's talking about the Orgone Warriors because he'll always refer to me as David's granddaughter. Or you'll see my name, Sherry, right beside David. But it says "David - Sherry - action - anger - coach - community," and then "block - avalanche." You know, what this is saying is that we're getting mad. We're mad at their biowarfare attacks against us, and we take action against [them], and we block their avalanches. And that's exactly what we've been doing. You know, I've told folks, the one way you can block chemtrails from even sticking over your area is saturating it with orgone.
And this whole David community is the Orgone Warriors. This Davidic community. It's always referring to that small number, that fraction of a faction of the Bride that's placing orgone around the world and fighting back with the orgone against Satan and his kingdom, in the background. And we're always considered an army in the background. And that's what I've said we are. It's a background war. It's, for the most part, an invisible war. Most of the public doesn't even know what's going on.
You're not gonna hear about us in mainstream media, but they spend a lot of nights worrying about us. Obama's furious. He's furious at all the success we've had with killing the Buffalo and the Bison. And bringing down the Shema starship, their made capital in the atmosphere. Satan has a temple in Shema. And it's just hanging by a thread in the atmosphere. It's been on fire since last October. And this orgone, as it saturates the atmosphere, it just sets their starships and their habitations on fire in space. And they crash to the earth. And the news media just refers to it as meteors. But it's their UFOs and their starships that are crashing.
Robotoid Column Coming Towards Earth - Possible Arrival in September
Another interesting thing that I've been seeing is a robotoid column coming towards the earth. And I'm seeing their physical arrival getting a lot more closer now. And I've always suspected, if they're going to arrive, it's going to be in September. A physical manifestation. Because they've always been here, they're just working covertly. They're working in the background, invisible, you might want to say. And, if they're gonna have a physical manifestation, finally surface as who and what they really are, maybe even a fake Blue Beam type arrival that they have planned -- that we've pretty much been able to knock out because there's no way that they can use the barium and the chemtrails. One of their biggest plans was to use these aerosols to pull of this huge holographic program to -- what we call the Blue Beam project, coming to Earth as the Messiah and His angels, second coming of Christ.
So I don't know how they're gonna do it now, but guess is it will be in the month of September. Probably around September 11th. Around that date somewhere. But that would be my best guess on when they would arrive. I know they have a backup date for December 25th as an arrival date, as to when they would arrive.
Call the Son of God by His Real Name, Not by the Name of Satan's General
But I would always just watch the September dates the most because that's the one I see the most. And that's the one where I see Sananda the most. And Sananda is the one that goes by the name Jesus. The Ascended Master Jesus. And he looks like the Jesus of the New Testament Bible. He looks like the Messiah that the churches put his picture, his portrait up, in their churches. And that's why the Lord always tells me, "The churches aren't Mine." He doesn't look like that. That's not Yahushua, the Son of God that these churches have up as pictures of Him. That's Sananda! That's one of Satan's generals.
And so, they put his picture up in the churches and they go, "Oh, look. Here's a picture of what we think Jesus might look like." [laughs] And it's this picture of Sananda. Michelangelo painted a portrait of one of Satan's generals called Jesus and the churches use it today as the picture of the Son of God. Does it get anymore stupid? And so, that's why it's just important, folks, to use His real name. His real name is Yahushua. And how hard is it to say His real name?
Why did we have to go through, let's see, the Latin translation, and then you go through the Greek translation. Then you finally get to the KJV [King James Version] and you gotta wade through all of, uh, what was his name? Uuuhh, not Sherlock [laughs]. His name just escapes me. But his whole writing rhetoric, "thou" this and "thou" that. The Lord doesn't talk like that. And through all that they never could just keep His name Yahushua the same. They had to change it so that everybody's calling Him Jesus instead of Yahushua. So just start using His real name. The Lord says His people know His name. HIS people know His real name. And so, if you're not calling Him by His real name, you're just revealing yourself for the amateur -- Shakespeare; yeah that's it, thank you [laughs] -- the amateur that you are.
Read the Bible Despite the Shakespearian Dialect - That's Where the Understanding and Learning Are
You try to read the KJV and it's all in Shakespearian dialect and it's [sigh] it's hard to get through. I mean, it's hard for adults, let alone kids. Kids sit and try to read the Bible -- remember when you were a kid and gotta sit there and wade through all that. Thou this and thou that. And, Yahuah doesn't talk like that, neither does Yahushua, so [sigh]. Read it anyway. Because that's where His message is. That's where the understanding and learning is. And so, it's still worth learning even though it's the Shakespearian dialect, and so.
Think I'll go take some calls from listeners and see what's happening from your end.
Is That a Star or a UFO in the West After the Sun Goes Down?
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Sherry?
CALLER: I have a question. Have you ever figured out yet what's that star, or is that a UFO, or what's in the west there after the sun goes down? Because it's like, thirty degrees and it is there. And there's no other stars out. Nothing. Zilch. That's the only thing and it's right after the sun goes down it's there. And it never moves really. It's not round, but it looks winged, kind of. But it's there every night.
SHERRY: I'm wondering if that's just not Venus. You know, I'm just wondering if we're not in a place of our rotation, because the constellations change every season. Because it's just appeared out of nowhere. It's not Shema, because Shema's in the north.
CALLER: Well, it's about thirty degrees and it's bright.
SHERRY: Yeah, I've seen it. I see it every night. It's off my left shoulder as I sit here at night, so. I see it. I don't know what it is. I wonder if they're trying to rebuild another Shema and then say, "Hey! This is us. This is our second Shema now." [laughs]
CALLER: It's not like, an asteroid or anything other thing that they call it. Is it Planet X, or...?
SHERRY: No. No, Nibiru's over -- it's mostly unleashing all its inhabitants over at the land of Israel right now. I'm not even sure if we could see Nibiru from here. It's over in the Middle East. They might be able to see it over there.
CALLER: I live in the middle of the country, but I haven't been able to see anything around the moon at night. You know, but sometimes they say there's a little...something next to the moon. A star or...think that's a planet?
SHERRY: That's Jupiter. That's Jupiter. It's gotten a little farther away from the moon than it normally is, but it's still there because I see it at night.
CALLER: Is that normal?
SHERRY: Yeah. Jupiter always hangs by the moon.
CALLER: Oh, OK. I guess I --
SHERRY: Yeah, that's totally normal. [laughs]
What's Going on With All the Earthquakes, Power Outages, and Storms Around Washington?
CALLER: What's going on with all the earthquakes and the power outages and storms around Washington lately?
SHERRY: [laughs]
SHERRY: [laughs] You know what? I don't know for sure, but I know what I've seen in the Codes is that our repertoire is really pissing them off and angering them. And our repertoire being a combination of our orgone weapons and our prayers against them. And it's just really, really angering them. So they have to be effective. And so, a lot of this stuff that's happening has to be from the Warriors' prayers. And so, I find that very funny and amusing.
Do You Think Cheney's Digging a 2012 Place?
CALLER: They said Cheney's house has been put up, um, like, a big fence, or covered, and they're hauling in machinery. You think that's like, a little gateway or something, or he's digging a 2012 place or...?
SHERRY: He's already got one. He's got a huge underground base there. He's probably making it bigger. [laughs]
CALLER: Yeah, because they've got machinery and you can hear it, I guess. And you can see big loads of trucks coming, so...
SHERRY: Oh, really? Over at Cheney's? Where's he live? Nebraska or Montana?
CALLER: No, this is...oh, it was on...[you] never listen to the Internet, huh, [laughs] [to] what's going on? But I think it was on Yahoo! or something.
SHERRY: No, I mean, what state does he live in?
CALLER: I think -- wasn't it out by New York or Washington or something out there? Does he have a place out there?
SHERRY: No, he lives out somewhere in Nebraska or Montana. Somewhere over there.
CALLER: His neighbors were complaining of big booms and a lot of noise and...
SHERRY: They were doing that when he was vice president. He lived in the Navy's mansion there in D.C. And they were complaining then because his was having them dig an underground base under the vice president's mansion.
CALLER: That what was going on?
SHERRY: Yeah. And so, I haven't heard about anymore ruckus from him for a long time because he's just barely dead, hanging on, and so.
The President and His Family Will Be Vacationing on the Florida Coast in Mid August
CALLER: I saw, they said next, on CNN, that the president and his family are going to be vacationing on the Florida coast in the middle of August.
SHERRY: Oh, well, let's hope the tsunami hits then. [laughs]
CALLER: [laughs] Yeah. I thought, "Well, that's kind of weird that they said..." because before it was like, oh, why don't they go down there. They go up north, but now they said that they're gonna be going on vacation in the middle of August on the coast of Florida.
SHERRY: Yeah, let's see if they really do it. They're really trying to give people a sense of peace and ease about the Gulf Coast nations while they can.
CALLER: Oh, it's a cap now?
SHERRY: Well, I doubt it. I mean, the whole thing down there isn't whether there's an oil well that's actually leaking or not, but it's the whole thing -- that I'm seeing -- is the Corexit. The solution to the problem down there is going to kill millions. This Corexit. This chemical dissolvent. And it's gonna kill millions of people whether they're in the Gulf or not because it's gonna get into our rain and they're raining it around the country on people. And so, that's the whole thing with that, is the Corexit.
CALLER: I just wondered what was going on. It's been pretty quiet about down there and that's it's all done and...
Corexit Is Going to Kill Millions of People - Symptoms Are Same as Ebola
SHERRY: No, it's still leaking. It's still leaking. They haven't solved anything. You'll hear reports talking about how it's still leaking, and then you'll hear the real news about how they never even cap the real one. And so, you know, it justs goes on and on and on. And meanwhile, they just keep dumping this Corexit on people. And this was something I was seeing in the Codes years ago about a comeback of Ebola. And if you look at the symptoms of Corexit, what it causes is the same things as Ebola. It's unnatural rupturing of the red blood cells and organs and people are just gonna start bleeding out of every orifice. And that's what Ebola is and that's what Corexit causes.
CALLER: Because it sounds like it's over, people can start heading back, and...
SHERRY: Yeah. It's just gonna kill them. It's a huge biowarfare attack against the citizens of this country.
Have You Heard If They've Still Got Those Vans on the Tarmacs Waiting?
CALLER: Have you heard if they've still got those vans on the tarmacs or whatever, waiting? On Google?
SHERRY: Uh, as far as I know, they're still there. I haven't heard from anybody saying they've taken them anywhere. They've got them loaded on Air Force bases and midwest to northern Florida, and so. You know, the southern half is still gonna go down eventually whether it's, you know, a tsunami of fire that takes it down or it just sinks. It's going down, and so. Just a matter of time.
You Said Around the End of July It Would Get More Stuff Would Happen, but It's Been Quiet
CALLER: Before, you said towards the end of July we'd get more active with stuff going on because usually it's the end of July things will start happening, but...kind of quiet. Pretty quiet.
SHERRY: Oh, it's not quiet. It's not quiet. Everything's behind the scenes. And so, that's why I have to stay so much in the Codes because that's where I'll see what's happening. Because they wanna act like everything's fine, they're going on vacations, blah-blah-blah. But I've heard from many people that a lot of the elite are already leaving the country, they're heading for their bunkers. You'll hear a lot of stuff like that, and so. Right now it's just a huge biowarfare --
If the Movie Stars Know All This, Why Aren't They Quitting and Leaving?
CALLER: If the movie stars know all this, why aren't they quitting and leaving?
SHERRY: I don't think the movie stars know anything. I mean, I don't know. They're just pawns. They're just pawns. You know.
CALLER: You don't think they know that --
CALLER: If people leaving their positions and stuff, if they knew this was all coming, it's time to leaving and --
SHERRY: I mean, was looking at a huge list of CEOs that have quit their jobs in the last year. And politicians and leaders and everybody that are just leaving. And those are the ones to watch is the people behind the scenes because they're the real power. You'll never see the real powerful aliens' seed that rules on Earth being in the front and limelight in religion and entertainment, and stuff like that. They rule behind the scenes. And so that's why it'll be hard to catch when they all start leaving because they'll leave their pawns in place so everything looks fine while they take off running. And their pawns are just entertainers and the politicians that we see on television.
Why Do They Think Their Places Are Deep Enough Down That They Won't Get Flooded?
CALLER: Why do they think these places deep down, that they're deep enough down that they think that they won't get flooded or shaken when the earth breaks open or...?
SHERRY: Oh, well, they're trying to head off the planet. They're trying to head OFF the planet. And so, they're trying to get, you know, get on their little starships or whatever and get out of here, and so, very interesting. Yeah, the underground bases aren't gonna hold. They've spent billions on building them and they're just gonna become tombs. They're gonna become submerged in water.
CALLER: Because won't it be flooded after the tsunami. That they can't open up their...
SHERRY: Oh, yeah. Any kind of man-made -- these underground bases are gonna be flooded, and so. Yep.
CALLER: They're just gonna die in them...
SHERRY: They're gonna die. That's what the Lord's told me. They're gonna die in them. They're gonna become tombs.
CALLER: That's what they get then, huh?
CALLER: Trying to hide.
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: [laughs]
SHERRY: They're on the wrong side.
Could You Check with Somebody to See What They Say This "Star" Is?
CALLER: Well, now I've just been watching. I haven't seen any chemtrails lately, but I've been watching that one star. I thought, "Gosh. If it was a UFO, it would move around. But it really doesn't move." It gets bright and it dims. And I thought, "Well, maybe it is a UFO."
SHERRY: Yeah, it's either a starship or a planet of some kind. I haven't figured out what it is.
CALLER: If you get time sometime soon, kind of, maybe check with somebody or see what they say about it? An astronomer or...they tell you the truth?
SHERRY: Well, everyone's just been quiet about it, so one really knows. Everybody's been quiet, even New Agers.
CALLER: People don't notice that? Because sometimes it's the only thing out for a while.
SHERRY: Nooo. Shema was that bright for years and nobody noticed anything. And when we caught it on fire in October, then people started looking up in the skies and noticing yellow ships.
CALLER: Now I haven't seen Shema. Now Shema is...is it still in the northeast, but it's not as bright?
SHERRY: Yeah, it's just -- sometimes it's as bright as the one in the west when they turn the lights on. But most of the time it just a dismal yellow. Sometimes it'll be really white.
CALLER: I saw it more in the Spring. It was really bright.
SHERRY: But, you know what? That thing was as bright as the thing that's in the west, for years, and people didn't notice it. So don't expect people to notice this one. [laughs]
CALLER: People don't look up.
SHERRY: No. And they just think it's a star. In the Bible Codes they're called "skylights." Because they're just lights. I call them G.E. [General Electric Company] creations. Ten thousand light bulbs. They're skylights. They can turn them on, they can turn them off, they can dim them. You know, it's almost like they've got one of those dimmer switches on them where you could make it really bright or they could turn it down.
Have You Seen Anything More in the Codes about St. Louis or the Earthquake?
CALLER: Ever see anything more in the Codes about St. Louis or anything, or the earthquake or anything?
SHERRY: I see great shakings coming. I see earthquakes coming. Chile being mentioned in the Codes. They're still angry over Tampa, and so. Yeah, I see earthquakes coming, but, I mean, you know, even the Bible, Matthew 24, said there'd be an increase in earthquakes, so.
CALLER: But, yeah, I just wondered what was going on around Washington. I've heard, you know, more earthquakes around there and they've had these storms and power outages.
SHERRY: Is this [Washington] D.C. or [Washington] state?
CALLER: [seems not to have heard the question] I guess that's all I wanted to ask you for tonight. But thank you. God bless.
SHERRY: All right. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.
I Want to Share a Story I Had about Aliens in My Room
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hello, Sherry?
CALLER: Yeah, I'm calling from California. And I just wanted to share a story with you that I had. I see three different kind of aliens in my room late at night. At three different times, though. They're real because I've seen them and two of them were Greys. One had like, brownish-orange, kind of, color skin. It was like, around four feet tall with the big bug eyes. While the first one, he looked like, kind of like a ghost, because he was like, transparent. So I believe it was like, from a different dimension or frequency. And the third one just appeared out of nowhere and he was walking in my room like he didn't know he was there. And then when I acknowledge that, you know, he was there, that I was actually seeing this, I got this sense of fear in me. That like my heart just dropped like, automatically, just by looking at this. It stunned me. As soon as I sent out that sense of fear, it turned toward me. Like, it's head turned towards me, and started walking towards me. And I just jumped out of my bed.
SHERRY: Do you have orgone in your room?
CALLER: No, at that time, I didn't. But now I do. I make orgone.
SHERRY: Yeah, you need to get orgone in your room. Because that'll keep alien and demonic beings out of there. A lot of people suffer from night terrors. This is exactly, you know, even just the presence of aliens and demonic beings in the rooms at night, the orgone will keep them out of their house and rooms. Another thing is, when you see these things, you need to just ask the Lord to send His warrior angels and chain them up and cast them in the abyss.
You Need to Rebuke These Aliens, Don't Entertain Them, Make Them Fear You
CALLER: Yeah. I do that, too. I just wanted to share that with you. But I want to describe this alien. He was like, about six feet tall. He had like a huge freaking chest. Like a huge chest, like, muscular. And he looked like half human, half alien. He had a big round head. But he had like, a human face. He had a nose, two eyes, and a mouth, but it was more squished together. And it was just like, it wouldn't leave. I was trying to pray it away and it still wouldn't leave. But it was like see-through. It looked like a ghost. And I went down on my knees to pray and then freaking he was standing right over me. And he kneeled down with his face. And I was like, face to face with it. And I just grabbed my guitar and I started playing the guitar. I didn't even look at it.
SHERRY: You know what? You need to just rebuke them in the name of the Lord. Don't entertain these things. If you see them in your room, make them FEAR you. If you think an alien's gonna show up in MY room where I could see it...but you make them become afraid of you because you're gonna use the power you have through Yahushua's name as a child of His. Make them fear you. Cast them in the abyss. They'll stop coming in your room. Because right now, the thing is, with so many believers, they don't use the power that they have in the Lord's name, and so demons and aliens just dance on their heads. Because they know they're not gonna use the power that they have. You know? Don't entertain these beings. Don't let them allowed in your room.
CALLER: I know that now. I know that now. I mean, I have orgone all over me, but, man, they were --
SHERRY: I mean, they're ugly. You won't find two that look the same unless they're manufactured like little Greys. Because most aliens and demons, they're different. They look different. They have different characteristics, different aspects to them.
I Never Felt This Kind of Fear Before
CALLER: Right. But I never felt this sense of fear. My heart just dropped. It just got stunned and I never felt this kind of fear before.
SHERRY: Yeah, you know, it's almost like a startling thing. And then you should just get plain angry. That's what I always do. I just get pure angry. And --
CALLER: Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah.
SHERRY: And just go after them. Have the Lord send His angels and chain them up.
CALLER: Righteous anger. Right, right.
SHERRY: Right. You just get very angry that they're even messing with you. Like, "How dare you!" [laughs]
CALLER: Yeah, yeah. Exactly, exactly.
SHERRY: "How dare you!"
CALLER: I'll always just feel like, right when I'm going to go to sleep, I feel like, a presence like, around me, like a deep presence. And I just wake up and I look. And then I just pray it away. And once I pray, I just feel everything's back to normal.
Make Sure You Confess All Sins Before You Go to Sleep and Ask the Lord to Protect You
SHERRY: You know what? When you go to sleep at night, make sure that you don't have any unconfessed sin, because that gives them entrance and access to you while you're sleeping. So make sure that you confess all sins. And then ask the Lord to put up a, you know, a barrier, a wall around you to protect you while you're sleeping. Or ask Him to send His angels to stand guard and protect you while you're sleeping.
CALLER: Right.
SHERRY: Because, you know, this is when Satan attacks. From 2 to 6 a.m., basically, is his stomping ground time of attacks. And that's when they come at you. And most people just don't realize -- most people are sleeping. And so, [laughs] you know, that's when most people start experiencing sleep paralysis and other things that they do to them. And this happens to believers, this happens to Christians, it happens to atheists, it happens to everybody. But we have tools to where we can fight back and stop it. And mostly just through His name and the weapons He gives us, and so. We just need to, you know. Going to sleep isn't just a, you know, a natural phenomena for most people. You wouldn't know how many kids I know today that won't sleep without a light on.
CALLER: Yeah, that's me. I'm one of those people. [laughs]
SHERRY: Yeah, and most adults, too. They have a light on in the hallway. Because most people are just becoming more acclimated, I think, to being able to see in the spiritual realm. And they can see these night beings that are roaming their houses at night.
CALLER: Yeah, they're like shadows.
SHERRY: Yeah, the black shadows, the black phantoms. Even the demonic beings, alien beings. People are starting to see this stuff more and more as the veil becomes lifted. And most people just don't get a good night sleep anymore, if you can get sleep at all. And what I have found is that by having orgone under your bed, you can sleep like a baby for once in a long time. [laughs] You can start getting to sleep. Because you don't have to be on guard. You know, so many Christians are just, you know, they're Prayer Warriors, and when they see a demonic or alien being, they'll have it chained and cast into the abyss. But the thing is, you gotta be awake! They're bothering you while you're asleep! And you don't see it coming. And so, the orgone will keep it from happening, keep them from coming to begin with, and so. It's kind of like a double-sword weapon that we have; prayer and the weapons He's given us.
CALLER: Right. Right. Yeah, Sherry, I just wanted to share that with you.
SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.
CALLER: It's crazy how like, you'll start feeling that fear. Like they try to work your fear. And once you to start developing more of that fear, you've gotta realize like, you know, you've gotta, like you say, get mad and that fear will go away.
SHERRY: Yeah, just turn it to anger.
CALLER: Yeah. All right, Sherry.
SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.
CALLER: All right. You're welcome.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
I Want to Ask Some Questions to Try to Get Some Potential Warriors in the Right Direction
SHERRY: Hello, caller. Welcome to the show.
CALLER: Hello?
SHERRY: Hello.
CALLER: Hello, Sherry?
CALLER: How you doing, Sherry? This is New Phil[adelphia] connection again.
SHERRY: Hey, how you doing down there?
CALLER: Uh, it's OK. It's just hot. You know? [laughs]
SHERRY: Oh it's -- yeah, it's been really hot.
CALLER: It's scary, too. Are you OK?
SHERRY: Yeah, I'm good.
CALLER: All right then. You know, I don't mean to change the subject, you know, change the flow. But I've got some people from Mayan. People that I know that want to connect with you. But, you know, when you get to the orgones, you know, things like orgones, things like, that they never heard of before. Uh, things like Blue Beam projects and, you know, HAARP. They think HAARP, they think it's something that you play. A musical instrument. [laughs]
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: They just don't know what's going on. You know, so if it's OK with you, I want to ask some questions to try to get them in the right direction, so maybe we can get some more Warriors out there that can relate to what you're talking about. Because, you know, I know where you're coming from and I know what you're trying to say, because I've been there. You're way ahead of me. But let me just bring it down a little bit and ask you a few questions so that they can kind of catch up.
SHERRY: All right.
Did Yahuah Approve or Disapprove of Slavery?
CALLER: All right, the first question is, this is one that they're really concerned about: I'm glad that Jesus actually isn't the name of our, you know, the Holy One. His name is Yahuah or Yahushua. But in terms of slavery, what was His stance on slavery? Was this something that He approved of or disapproved of?
SHERRY: You know what? It seems like it was something that He allowed Israel to be punished by.
CALLER: Because?
SHERRY: He used it as a form of punishment because of their rebelliousness against Him. Israel, everytime they became rebellious and apostate against Him and they started following after pagan gods, He would allow them to be taken into captivity and slavery. And so, it seems like a form of punishment that was being used.
CALLER: So how does that punishment relate to what happened with Noah after the flood, you know, when he got drunk? And Ham was there, but the other two sons, it was OK with them, but for some reason, Ham turned out to be the dark-skinned one. And he, you know, all the curses went upon him and his tribes.
SHERRY: Well, it wasn't him, it was his son Canaan that all the curses were put on. And so, he had several sons, and it was his son, Canaan, that ended up receiving the curses that the Lord put on Ham for his sin against Noah, and so.
Do You Know the Name of the First Slave Ship That Ever Came to America?
CALLER: OK, off the record, I don't know, you probably already noticed, but I want this -- you don't have to answer if you don't want to. The first slave ship that ever came to America, do you know what the name of it was?
SHERRY: No, I have no idea.
CALLER: OK. And you want to write this down. If you don't have a pen, I want you to get it now, OK?
SHERRY: Oh, I don't have a pen. [laughs]
CALLER: The first -- I'm serious. This is big stuff. Big-time stuff. Your ratings should really soar after this day.
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: The first -- I'm serious! OK, the first slave ship that ever came to America was called The Good Ship Jesus.
SHERRY: The Good Ship Jesus?
CALLER: Right.
CALLER: OK, now. You can go Google that. Then you can go back and ask Google's...what's the first slave ship to ever arrive in America? And it'll come back and return this same information: The first slave ship to ever arrive in America was called Jesus by the Queen in England. And that was the first ship. It was The Good Ship Jesus.
CALLER: OK, now, just, you know -- and, on your next talk show, if it turns out the way I -- because I've already confirmed it [laughs], He might want to elaborate that because I've got some people that want to be Orgone Warriors, but they're not really, you know, into you yet because they can't relate to, you know, the stuff that's going on in, you know, the state zone, you know?
CALLER: They want to know what's going on in their home first before they, you know, go out there. You know. I love you, you know. Because I know where you're coming from, but I'm trying to connect --
SHERRY: But what's that have to do with The Good Ship Jesus and being an Orgone Warrior?
CALLER: Well, the [laughs]...
SHERRY: [laughs]
Why Do Blacks Have to Be Oppressed Just Like the Jews?
CALLER: Well, the connection is, is that, you know, it was the same time -- like I was listening to your show before. A guy from Canton, he called you. OK. Now, you know, what you probably told him about Martin Luther King was correct. OK. There are...[paused for a moment] I'm sorry, I've gotta get off the phone. I can't say...one more question. What you said was probably correct, but, you know, just need to know, um, you know, some people don't understand why, you know, that they have to be, you know, oppressed just like the Jews were oppressed. And, you know, the, um, you know, Blacks were oppressed, and certain people. They don't understand it, but they want to fight --
SHERRY: We're ALL oppressed! We're all oppressed.
CALLER: Well, why are we oppressed?
SHERRY: Every race, every nation has been oppressed at some time in their history! Israelites were oppressed more than any other race!
SHERRY: They were always taken into and held as slaves. Because the Lord allows it as judgment against them. He allows it! And so that's just a form of punishment and judgment against apostate and rebellious nations. And every race and every nation has gone through it, back in their histories.
Romans 13 Says That the Powers to Be Are Ordained Of God, But...
CALLER: So the last question -- and I've gotta go because I'm gonna get in trouble if I don't get out of here -- Roman 13, it says the powers to be are ordained OF God.
SHERRY: And if they're not OF God, then you are to follow God. You're not to follow a rebellious government, you're to turn away from that government and follow GOD. Nobody, nobody, takes the power and replaces God Himself. And if an apostate government starts issuing commandments that are contrary to the word of God, then you have to leave your government and obey God. We ALWAYS obey God and not man.
CALLER: You know, seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.
SHERRY: Yes. And there will come a time when people in this country have to abandon the government because they're going to start issuing very apostate and rebellious commands. Blasphemies against the Most High. And people are going to have to decide, "Am I going to receive that mark of the Beast or am I gonna follow God and reject it?" Because that's coming, too.
Is the Ultimate Goal, When This Is All Over With, for God and Everyone to Be Happy?
CALLER: So the ultimate -- when this is all over with, what would be the final thing? Would it be everybody would be happy, and everybody will be at peace in their heart and soul? And God will be happy, and the people will be happy and be worshiping --
SHERRY: When we're all together.
CALLER: We're all one family, and --
SHERRY: It won't happen until then.
CALLER: But that is the ultimate goal, right?
SHERRY: That's -- yeah, eventually we'll all be with Him. Either through death or through life, going through the 7-year tribulation time, and making it into His millenial reign with Him. Either way, none of that is ever gonna happen until HE establishes His theocratic rule here on Earth during the millenial reign. And David is reestablished as king of Israel. And so, when you see those things happening, and all the wicked are destroyed or moved off the earth, until those things happen, there's never gonna be peace on Earth. There can't be, when you have two seedlines living, coexisting, with each other. You have a righteous seedline and a serpent seedline. And that's what we have today, and that's why it's a constant war and battle.
CALLER: But the victory is ours?
SHERRY: Oh, the victory is the Lord's. The war is the Lord's. We'll lose battles, as people, as a nation. Up until then, many of us will lose our lives. But the war is the Lord's. You can read the last pages in the book of Revelation to find out how it all ends. The Lord wins. All the wicked will be removed off this earth.
God Said, "If I Have Not Love, Then I Have Nothing." But...
CALLER: You know what my favorite scripture was? When God said, He says, "If I have not love, then I have nothing."
SHERRY: Well, you have to remember, too, that you cannot have love without justice. And, there's a lot of ways in which this whole New Age facade tries to eliminate justice and accountability and sweep it under the rug and say let's just love everybody. You cannot have love, if you have not justice. And so you have to have both. It has to be a balance.
CALLER: You know, like nature because there's certain laws that have to be respected for nature to hold itself together.
SHERRY: Exactly. It has to be a balance. There has to be a balance.
CALLER: All right then. I'm attracting an extremely amount of attention suddenly with the low voice. And I'm not even gonna ask you why. But anyway, I love you very much. I've gotta make a move. I don't know, I won't be in New Phil much longer. Um, I gotta get out of here it seems like. But I love you very much. You've been very influencial for me. And keep up the good work.
SHERRY: All right. Take care, bro.
SHERRY: All right. I love you, too. Bye-bye.
The New Age Concept Is to Love, But They Don't Give You the Context in Which Anything's Written
Yeah, folks. You know, the whole New Age thing and concept is they love to love your enemies and love everybody to death and they don't give you the context in which anything is written. They just want to sweep one thing under the rug. I always know where that argument's going. Even though he wasn't presenting it, I just want to bring it up. It is the fact that you can't have love without justice and accountability. People have to be accountable for their actions, and so. Otherwise you just end up in some disastrous society where you have child rapists and murderers living next to you just trying to work out their bad karma [laughs] and there's no justice, so there's no fear of retaliation of wrongdoing.
You cannot have a heavenly kingdom on Earth, this whole fake fifth dimension thing that Satan wants to create, without getting rid of the evil first. And that's the first thing that the Lord does when He returns with ten thousands of His saints and has the angels go through and remove the wicked off of the earth. Then He sets up His kingdom on Earth. His angels remove the wicked. Because right now we are coexisting. We are living side by side with serpent seedline. And so, you have the righteous Seth seedline from Adam and through Noah, and you have the serpent seedline, through the same; through Even and through Noah. And so, we coexist with the serpent seed.
Satan Doesn't Want Anyone to Know That Yah's Angels Will Remove All Evil Off Earth
Matthew talks about the wheat and the chaff, coexisting, living side by side, and then the angels come through and they'll terminate all the evil off of the earth. And so, you know. Satan doesn't want people to know that part. But he does talk about a cleansing program coming along with his New Age religion and his one-world government and his one-world religion. And his cleansing program isn't removing the evil off the earth, it's removing all of God's people off the earth. Because as far as he's concerned, they're the evil ones.
Anyway, I want to see what this caller has to say.
Comment about Putting Loving Words in Orgone on the Aluminum Strips
SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.
CALLER: Hello?
SHERRY: Hello.
CALLER: Sherry!
CALLER: Oh, wow! OK. See, you'd never know who's actually up.
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: But anyway, this is K925 from the board.
CALLER: Yeah, and my name is Peggy and I'm fem [not sure if I heard correctly]. [laughs]
SHERRY: [laughs]
CALLER: Anyway, I don't know why, but Phil and I kind of seem to get mixed up. But anyway, love what you do, I'm with you all the way, and I'm doing everything that I can, you know, to be a Warrior and get out there and do, you know, Yah's work. But I do have a couple of comments. One, I had mentioned on the board about putting loving words in the orgone. And a lot of the aluminum, because I ordered it, it comes in strips. And why not put loving words, you know, just writing it and throw it in the orgone. I'm sure that you know about magic water. [Referring to Dr. Esaru Emoto's findings on how positive and negative words and thoughts affect the crystalline structure of water.] I'm not sure if that's the write term, but there's a big difference when you give water positive -- same thing with plants, they respond. And the same thing if you do hateful words.
SHERRY: Right. Well, you know what? If the Lord leads you to do it, do it. Otherwise, He hasn't told any of us to do it, so that's why we don't. We just follow what He says. And so, you know, when He told me how to make orgone, He didn't say write a nice little word and throw it in there. I'm just a stickler to the rules.
CALLER: Well, I'm still sticking with the recipe now. [laughs] I'm not --
SHERRY: I'm just a stickler for the rules. And those were the rules He gave me, and that's why I stick by it. Now if the Lord tells you to do it, do it. Go ahead! But, you know what? When you're writing different words on pieces of paper, you're also putting different kinds of chemicals inside that orgone mixture.
CALLER: I'm not putting paper in there.
CALLER: Well, that's what I'm trying to tell you, is I'm not deviating from the recipe.
SHERRY: You're just gonna write it on the aluminum or what? [laughs]
CALLER: Yes! Yes! [laughs]
SHERRY: You know what? Why don't you just pray over it? I pray over orgone.
CALLER: I was. I'm doing that, too. I'm doing that, too. I'm like, hey, I'm doing EVERYTHING because that's where we are. Every little bit.
SHERRY: Yeah. You know what? If He leads you to, then go ahead, go ahead! But, you know?
CALLER: Well, I feel like I was being mocked. But then it was like, I'm really being pulled to do this. [laughs]
SHERRY: Well, you know what? We're just Warriors that see black and white. He said to do this and do that, and we stick to that. And, you know, if somebody wants to change it...
CALLER: But life isn't black and white though.
SHERRY: What's that?
CALLER: I said I really don't think life is really black and white. I mean, there's right...and there's wrong...but there's not...
SHERRY: Well, you know, just do what you feel led to do.
I Think the Scabies You Mentioned from the Bible Codes Is Bedbugs
CALLER: ...there's not -- well, anyway, I really feel strongly with that. The other thing that I wanted to mention, last week you mentioned you kept seeing scabies...
CALLER: ...in the Bible Code. And I had a brain fart, and I think it's bedbugs.
SHERRY: Bedbugs!?
CALLER: Bedbugs. It's everywhere in the news. They're everywhere. Even Victoria's Secret [women's lingerie store] is having a little problem with bedbugs, um, I mean scabies...sorry.
SHERRY: Hmm. Have to get that diometrious earth out, folks. And spray it over your mattresses. I have some of that stuff.
CALLER: Do what?
SHERRY: That diometrious earth.
CALLER: Uh, diatomaceous.
SHERRY: OK, whatever. I can't speak or spell English. [laughs]
CALLER: Yes, you can.
SHERRY: [laughs] But I've heard that will work, and so.
CALLER: Uh, that and shell fossil flour.
SHERRY: Huh. So you think scabies --
CALLER: It's really the same thing. And it's also food grade so you can consume it.
CALLER: And it's real good for you to consume.
SHERRY: So scabies is bedbugs. So I'll have to look at that and see if I can --
CALLER: Well, no, no, no. Bedbugs are one thing and scabies are another, and I really think what you keep seeing as scabies, is really bedbugs.
CALLER: Because it's prolific. It's everywhere.
SHERRY: Well, I'll pay attention to it. Because if we're hearing a lot more of it now, then it probably is, because they're trying to -- like Ebola, they couldn't tell me it was Corexit, but they give me a word that we could relate, and so. Anyway, I gotta go I've got thirty seconds left. But thanks for calling into the show.
CALLER: All right. Love ya, gal. I'm gonna let you go and glad I got in.
SHERRY: All right. Love you, too.
CALLER: [laughs] Bye.
SHERRY: Bye-bye.
And that's it for the show this week, folks. Gotta wrap it up. I'll be back on Thursday, 1 o'clock, Aliens in the News.
And I'll see you then, everybody. Yah bless.
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