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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 2, 2010

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Or join us in the chat room at www.blogtalkradio.com/sherrytalkradio. Or send an e-mail to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

Censored Gulf Eyewitness Testimonies of Coughing Up Blood and Other Horror Stories

You know, it was interesting, I was reading an e-mail earlier, Censored Gulf Eyewitness Testimonies of Coughing Up Blood and Other Horror Stories. And, finally, I see where scabies is coming in because I kept seeing it in the Bible Codes for the last several months, way before this even started. And trying to figure out what this scabies was. And, here it is. It's a result of Corexit being sprayed on us in the Gulf area. "Coughing up blood is among horrors that eyewitnesses are reporting in south Louisiana where BP medics diagnose sudden widespread, burning, itching skin, lesions and marks as "scabies" or staph and government health focus on "stress" and mental condition of millions of people poisoned with what scientists report is 11 times more lethal than crude oil toxins now in Gulf and coastal water and air." In the meantime, however, "Americans are still encouraged to eat Gulf seafood."

Does it get anymore convincing than that of what I've been warning you? That they are trying to kill us. This whole Corexit, folks, is a bioattack. And several months ago, many months ago, I told I kept seeing a pandemic coming. And, I still do. But this is definitely one of their core attacks. I've seen this in the Codes. For a long time coming they've been planning this And it is nothing short of a bioattack against our southern states.

They're Trying to Fool Us into Thinking That the Oil Well's Been Sealed - It Hasn't

I think the whole well blowing -- and it's still leaking oil, folks, it's never been sealed, it's still leaking. The only thing they want you to do is go back to your sports, go back to your TVs, your movies, your Jonas Brothers, your Lindsay Lohans. Go back to distractions, go back to everyday life. Forget about the Gulf area, because they're pounding us, and they want everyone to forget about what they're doing. Certainly part of their depopulation agenda, Obama's war against America. I told you when he took office, he was going to destroy America. And, slowly, piece by piece, that's what he is trying to do. Dismantle America and destroy Americans. A war against the saints, the patriots of this country. They hate them. They want them to die. And how convenient than to mask a huge chemical bioattack on its population in the disguise of an oil leak, and so. You know, and even before this, you know, for years I've been warning about Florida. To get out of Florida. That that state would simply be going under the water. And, before it does, folks, still seeing a flame of water going over -- tsunami of fire going over that state destroying many.

Ether Keeps Coming Up in the Bible Codes for the Gulf Codes

And I've been pinpointing a lot more of the Gulf illnesses. Operation Deep Sleep, I talked about that several weeks ago, where they were planning on dumping this chemical on people that would make them lethargic, halfway paralyzed to where they couldn't move. So they couldn't escape their coming destruction. So they would die in it. And I've pinpointed -- terms I'm seeing in the Codes, trying to make sense of them. And one of the things that keeps coming up is ether. Now NOT aether energy. Not a-e-t-h-e-r, aether, energy. That is the positive energy that our orgone pucks produce. That destroys THEM.

And so, what they're doing is retaliating and counterattacking with their own ether poison, e-t-h-e-r. And, if you look online at what ether poison is, it's sort of what they used to use in operating rooms as a anesthesia. And they've since gone to chloroform and other types of anesthesia. But when it first came out, it was ether. And what this does is pretty much it just knocks you out and makes you very lethargic. If you've ever had surgery, you know, they just put you to sleep. And it's a slow process, you start inhaling these fumes. And that's exactly what they're dumping. Part of the chemicals they're dumping on the Gulf Coast residents. And this is gonna get in our airstream our windstream. This is gonna affect our land, our crops, our animals. And not to mention the millions of people that live in the Gulf Coast states.

Some of the things being associated with Corexit is the rupturing of red blood cells, liver and kidney damage, workers bleeding out of every orifice of their bodies. And this is another descriptive way of seeing the term that I've been seeing in the Bible Codes...Ebola. A reemergence of Ebola. And if you look at the symptoms of Ebola, it's the same symptoms of Corexit. This toxic chemical compound that they're dumping on civilians. And so, folks, we need to be aware of their attacks against us so we could fight back. If you're in the Gulf states, you simply just need to leave because they're really just out to destroy the people that live in that area.

Possible Association Between Scabies and Morgellons?

I'm sitting here looking at a picture of a lady with scabies all over her legs. And, when I first saw scabies in the Bible Codes, I was wondering if that was another term to describe Morgellons. If that was like, an ancient way of trying to describe future-day Morgellons. What we're experiencing today. I've never seen somebody with either one; Morgellons or scabies. But I'm looking at a picture of scabies and it looks like a red blister like a mosquito bite with a black dot in the center of it. And so, I think it's the Morgellons itself is black dots, and when you start pulling them out of your skin, you see fibers. And I've DEFINITELY seen the term "fibers" in the Codes, many times.

And so, just trying to piece what I see in the Codes to what it becomes because I can't always do that ahead of time. I have to kind of wait and analyze the events as to how I'm seeing them being displayed in the Codes. Have seen "fibers" for a long time. Have seen "scabies." Have seen the blisters and the boils that are coming. And the Bible talks about the boils as a judgment against the wicked for taking the mark of the Beast in Revelation, chapter 13. So that...the boils plague is a little far off yet. No one's being demanded, bullied, and intimidated into accepting the mark of the Beast yet, or the number of his name, in or on your right hand or forehead. But certainly, some of these other terms being a part of the bioattacks.

Orgone Is the Only Thing That's Gonna Stop This Madness Other Than Yah Himself

And, you know, I've warned you for years, they're not our friends. Aliens are not our friends, folks. And so, we need to get more and more busy as a community of Warriors for the Most High God, and get orgone out. Because it's the only thing that's gonna stop this madness other than the Most High Himself. And He's the one leading this war against them, with the orgone that we have. He told us how to make it. He's cranking it up. And I've been seeing in the Codes that He was going to start cranking it up. And it's already August 2nd and I was seeing it for August on through the next several months, where He's cranking it up. And even when it's not as cranked up as when He really starts cranking it, you'll see the UFOs crashing. And that's exactly what Wilhelm Reich said would happen. That this aether energy, a-e-t-h-e-r, positive energy, would cause UFOs to crash. And that's what we're seeing every other day, in every country, folks. You watch the media, you're seeing them dismantle in the air, you're seeing them crash over airports, crash to the earth. The media doesn't know what to call them. They call them meteors. [laughs] But we know what they are. They're UFOs. And it's our way to fight back and knock every one of their beastly UFOs out of the sky.

The Middle of August On Is an Arrival Time of the Aliens

Because I'm telling you what, in the middle of August on, from like, August 20th on, the could arrive here on Earth. It is an arrival time of theirs. And I've told you about the arrival of Sananda and Maitreya and these New Age Ascended idiots (they like to call themselves Masters) and their arrival to Earth as Gods. You have Sananda mimicking Jesus Christ of the churches. You have Maitreya, who was a clone of Cain, coming as the Islam Mahdi. And you're almost gonna see a battle. A battle of the Beasts. Because, first of all, what's rather amusing is they don't get along. And I've told you Satan's kingdom's very divided, full of divisions and hating and all that. Exactly what we have on Earth, he has in his own kingdom.

And Sananda and Maitreya are very separate beings. They don't live in the same places. Sananda had a spaceship, Capricorn. We crashed it. He's been rebuilding it. He aquired another one, Capricorn II.

And we also destroyed Shema which was Maitreya's big star. Now if you listen to the New Age rhetoric, they had it all set up to where they would have this big, bright star in the sky mimicking the star of Bethlehem to herald their messiah's arrival. And they call it the Shema star. And so, this thing happened to be stupid enough to ascend above my house and stay there for a very long time until I was curious as to what it was. And I figured out it was Shema and I asked the Lord how can I tear that thing out of the sky and destroy it. And I started making orgone pipe blasters and pointing it at the thing, and it caught on fire. And this was last year. It's been on fire since last year. And this is a huge rock in the sky, folks. A moon is another name for it, it's so huge. And inside is a literal metropolis, a literal city. And Satan himself has a temple and habitation inside this huge Shema. And so, this thing's been stuck because they can't leave the area. It's malfunctioned. What ever the fire has done, it's caused it so it can't move. It's been stuck over here on the Pennsylvania/Ohio border for the past -- since October.

New Alien Star in the West?

And so, interestingly enough, now we see a new star arise in the west. And people are wondering, what is it. You know, I've heard everything from the International Space Station to Venus to Mercury. But this isn't a normal planet. I'm usually pretty good at being able to pick out planets in the sky. This isn't a normal planet. And, got an e-mail from somebody who lives out Midwest talking about how on The History Channel they had something on there about how the space station was replacing new panels. And shortly after they watched the show, watching the space station with binoculars, telescopes, whatever...they noticed it became much brighter, which we have now in the West. And they've been able to see ships docking. Coming in and out of the thing. Which is exactly what that television news program had been talking about. How they were taking supplies and things up to the space station. Now, folks, the space station isn't two hundred million miles up in our atmosphere and it takes our astronauts days and days and days to get there. It think the farthest they can even go is 20 miles above the earth, and so, until they run into that belt, photon belt, whatever it's called. I'm no scientist. But it's about 20 miles above the Earth.

And so, I'm starting to really think -- and I've been quiet about it because I really don't know what it is. I figured, well, if it's human, it'll be there. If it's alien, it's gonna turn yellow and crash. And I think I got a confirmation yesterday because when I was out driving at night, happened to look over at the thing, and it's already turning yellow. [laughs] And so, what I find amusing is -- I don't know if it's the vehicle itself or the fact that the aliens, these evil beings, are inhabiting it. It's gonna catch on fire either way, and so. I'm gonna keep my eyes on it.

If Maitreya Can't Get His Act Together, Sananda's Gonna Come by Himself

But I think what they're trying to do is rebuild and take over themselves a new Shema because we've burned out their old one. And we've pretty much had pretty well destroyed their plans, using the whole Blue Beam project coming to Earth and having it announced through a microphone on the space station, "Look, Jesus is arriving." Or Maitreya or whoever they were gonna use. And announce through the space station, because they have a huge microphone set up to make it sound like it's a voice from heaven. [laughs] Satan only has technology, folks. He's not that brilliant. He's not God. All he can do is mimic and copy God. Usually just a very poor imitation. But it's gonna be enough to fool people anyway. Because most of the world's deceived, or intimidated or bullied, to follow and worship him. That's how easy it is to intimidate humans, I guess you could say. Because, you know, if they used their brains, they could see that this guy isn't God. That these Ascended Masters aren't masters at all. They're just idiots from hell.

And so, this is what's happening, folks, because now, if we have the old Shema inhabitants, which many had already left because the thing's on fire. The temple's already destroyed. What it did was it split it in half. And so half of it -- they're probably all living in the inhabitable areas. They've pretty much been able to leave Shema. I think what they're doing is going towards the space station now and taking over the space station for themselves so they can try to pull of this whole Shema facade in September. Because if Maitreya can't get his act together, Sananda's gonna come by himself as Jesus the Son of God. He's gonna come, himself, and play the role of Jesus the Son of God. And so I think that's why Maitreya's scurrying to get a backup. And that's why they've taken over the ISS [International Space Station]. Because they're still battling back and forth. And I see more and more the emergence of this Sananda and less and less of Maitreya.

And so it's almost like it's a -- not just a battle between Beasts. This Sananda who's gonna take over the Judaism and Christianity religions, then you also have Maitreya who's supposed to come and take over Islam and Buddha and Hinduism and all the -indisms. They're battling it out. And eventually they'll both be on Earth together. And I don't know if they're gonna battle it out on Earth or play -- fulfill both roles...Antichrist, False Prophet...become buddies. Whatever. I guess whichever one wins, the other one has to be the secondary False Prophet. [laughs] Because either one of them could play that role. They're both false prophets.

And I'm talking about the fake Son of God, not the real one, because the real Son of God's name's Yahushua. The fake one is Sananda, and he looks like the Jesus of the churches; that's his picture. You want to know what he looks like, look at the Jesus...pictures that the churches have hanging up today and say, "Oh, that's Jesus. Well, we really don't know what he looks like, but this is the picture that everybody, you know, relates to him as." And it's Satan's general, Sananda. It's enough to make you sick. And any church out there, you need to take those pictures down and take them out of there and quit using them.

Expect Blue Beam Charade Sometime Between Mid-August and Mid-September

But anyway, September, middle of August on to middle of September is a dominant time for this whole Blue Beam charade to come about. And so, we're looking at the arrival of these Beasts and their forces. Because their forces are coming with them, folks. The pale horse rider, it says hell and death follow after him. And these are the forces of hell that are coming with him, and so. This is some of these invasions that I've been talking about over the years. I have articles on my websites you can read. Definitely a time opening right now.

There's A Jumpgate in Chicago That Gets to You to Mars

And another thing that I was gonna correlate with this star in the west now because this star in the west is over there by Michigan and Indiana, you can kind of see it. It's kind of like, hanging above the Great Lakes. Over by Lake Michigan, Lake Erie. Over on the Indiana and Michigan side. Just a huge very, very low star. Something that struck me about it today was because I know that there's a portal, some kind of jumpgate, in Chicago. Michael Relfe talks about it in www.themarsrecords.com. They use this jumpgate, this portal, to go to Mars. You know, the Navy's very dominant on Mars. There's a naval base in Chicago that has control of this jumpgate technology. So, interesting that the ISS would be right over there above Chicago and where this jumpgate portal is.

Vision of Tsunami Waves Overtaking Chicago

But also puts it right over there by the Great Lakes. And I've told you throughout the years about a vision I had back in 2004/2005 where I saw Chicago going underneath the water. The waves just overtaking Chicago and drowning and sinking Chicago. And unlike L.A. [Los Angeles], when I saw L.A. going in the water, it's like it slid right into it. Like an earthquake just roared and then the whole city just slid in the water. In Chicago, it's like tsunami waves taking over the city.

And so, interesting if the ISS, this new Shema, Shema II, I guess you could call it since Sananda has his Capricorn II and now we have Shema II, crashes. It would crash right in the Great Lakes. And that would pretty much cause these tsunami waves that take down Chicago, and so. And I didn't really see it getting all of the metropolitan areas that surround Chicago. I just saw it getting the buildings of the city itself. The big, tall buildings, Sears Tower, all of them, just being knocked over, and so. The city itself being affected by that. It all comes into play. It all starts to make sense. You start to see pieces of the puzzle being put together.

Because I know the original Shema's still stuck on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. And it's on fire. And now they've got this new one in the west hovering above Michigan/Indiana. It was for me, anyway. It might be east for a lot of you. But hovering over Michigan and Indiana, Chicago, in that area over there. And it very well could be this Shema that crashes into the Great Lakes. I didn't know if it was a comet or an asteroid or whatever it was that would strike the Great Lakes. Very well could be the ISS. And, kind of like a time stamp on that -- and I can't time-stamp years, folks, but I can give you months -- would be the middle of September to the middle of October at some time; when the ISS would crash. I think it was Lake Huron. Lake Huron or Lake Michigan that it would hit.

Putting Up an Invisible Wall of Orgone Along the Ohio Coast

But either way it would also affect the coastline of Ohio from east to west, all the way up...Ohio. And the Lord's had us putting up an orgone wall. And what we've done is -- if you put a orgone puck every mile or every two miles, however the Lord directs you, around a particular area, you're almost putting up this invisible wall of orgone. And it will help affect and protect an area. It'll keep the bad wind, the bad weather down and away, shift it towards different directions. I really don't know if it would stop tsunami-type waves hitting an area. I don't know. But we're gonna find out. Because we've done a lot of work to try to prevent loss and destruction and death from it by putting up a wall of orgone from one end of Ohio's coast to the other.

And we've also used bucket blasters and pipe blasters; getting them into Lake Erie. And just doing as the Lord directs, folks. Because, you know, we're walking on new ground here. When we asked the Lord for a weapon to tear down Satan's New World Order, this is what He gave us.

You know, when John looked in the future from where he was being exiled on the island of Patmos at approximately, you know, 60/70 A.D. I think they believe his last book written. And it was written in 75 A.D. So as long as he was living on that island, and we know he was taking care of Yahushua's mother Mary on the island with him, when he penned the book of Revelation he didn't know it was gonna be called the New World Order, but he knew it would be a one-world government. And, you know, they certainly weren't aware then of satellite tech and then the high, very high technology that we're dealing with now.

Stop ELF and Satellite Beam Attacks with Orgone and Mylar Blankets

And so, you know, when I prayed and asked the Lord, years ago, how can we tear down the strongholds of the New World Order, how can we stop the high-tech weapon attacks against us, and I had these various prayers, He led me to one weapon that took care of everything I was praying about. It tears down Satan's strongholds and also defeats their high-tech weapon attacks. And so, there's various things we can do. Orgone doesn't always stop satellite beam attacks, but Mylar will. And so you can put these cheap old Mylar blankets -- you can get them for like, eight bucks a dozen at www.amazon.com. These Mylar blankets are space blankets. You tape them over your windows and it'll stop satellite beams from coming through your windows at night while you're sleeping. If you're ever sleeping at night, and you see a white beam of light hitting your bedrooms, hitting your walls, hitting you, coming towards you [laughs], that's when you know you're being hit by satellite tech. Or if you wake up and you feel like you've been sitting in the sun all day, you're burned, and you feel like you're burning from the inside out, those are microwaves, those are high-tech weapons. This is the stuff we deal with.

And, you know, they've been trying to assassinate me while I'm sleeping for years. And using various tech weapons and ways to do it. And I've always just fought back at them and said, "OK, Yah. How can I stop that one? How can I stop that one?" And I know He's protecting me and He always has. He's always had my back. But He's also given me some kind of a physical means instead of just saying, "OK, surround me with Your angels," which He would and does all the time. That's the spiritual protection and it's for the spiritual realm. He'll give me a physical weapon in THIS realm to work with. You know? I could ask Him to stand an angel in front of the window and absorb all the chemtrail...satellite attacks...whatever. Or I could just put up Mylar and leave the angels alone. [laughs] I put up Mylar.

Or you put orgone pucks in front of your computer monitor. You sit in front of your monitor. Oh, they've got this new thing where they just attack you with the drowsies. You just start going to sleep, when you're sitting in front of your computer monitor. And then when you get away from your computer, you feel fine. Yeah, they hit you with this new sleep tech. It's affected a lot of us that spend a lot of time on the computer. And so, I put a 10-ounce orgone blaster -- one of these 10-ounce molds I have -- in front of it and it's totally stopped that. You'll also, if you're experiencing chest pains, migraine headaches, dizziness. Those are all symptoms of ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] attacks that the government can shoot at you through your computer monitor. And so, put orgone in front of your monitors. I like the 10-ounce ones. Also in front of your TV. These new plasma TVs, the LCDs, LEDs, they're instruments of ELF attacks because they can shoot them through TVs as well as your computer monitors.

I've Seen Demons Come Through the TV and Then Leave Because of the Orgone

And so, what you want to do is put orgone in front of any type of technology, whether it's, you know, TVs, radios, computers, appliances, because they could get into other kinds of attacks against you. Demonic beings travel by wires, electrical wires. And so, that's why you always hear creeping noises in your kitchen at night. It's a portal for them. Everybody's kitchen's a portal for demons because they travel through electrical lines, and so. You can put orgone in and on your fridge. Put it around your electrical appliances. Because I've literally have been able to see demons come through the TV and jump right back in and leave. They'll jump out, they'll cringe because they sense the orgone right away, and they'll go back in the TV and leave. And, for those of you who are sensitive to the fourth dimension, and you can see, get some sight or hearing from that dimension -- sometimes the Lord just heightens it for me so I can see or hear particular things -- and you can ask Him to do the same thing for you. But these are just some of the ways we can defend ourselves against these attacks, folks. Because they're coming at us. They're coming at us.

Most Churches Don't Teach That Satan Has Literal Offspring on Earth

And I've warned you about the last several weeks of July, the first week of August, their chemtrail attacks, they're dumping their toxins and poisons on us. And I asked you, as a collective group of Warriors and believers, to pray and ask the Lord to send the toxins -- take the toxins out of the clouds and go dump them on [Washington] D.C. and Congress. And go dump them on Obama and his family and on all these politicians and their families.

You know, in Genesis 3:15, a war was started between the serpent seed and the Lord's seed and it hasn't stopped since then. I know most people in the church that don't teach it, they're in denial that Satan has his own offspring on Earth even though Yahushua and His disciples talk about it in the book of John. Where He tells Judas and these Pharisees and these scribes that they're of the father, their devil. Literal father, literal offspring. They're literal. Their offspring. It's a seedline. And that's what we're dealing with today with the New World Order and these Illuminati families. We're dealing with a literal seedline. And the seedline hates Yah's line. And so, then we have all these other hybrid nations kind of caught in the middle. And they'll be judged at the sheep and goat judgment after the war of Armageddon, which isn't much of a war, it's a battle. The Lord comes down, says two words, "You're dead," and they all fall over dead. [laughs] I don't know exactly what He says, but it says with the breath of His mouth He destroys all of Satan's armies that gathered to fight against His second coming. And so, a literal war, folks, up into this point.

And we're the ones that always get trampled on because we're in denial. We're in denial they exist, we're in denial aliens and UFOs exist. The church is in total denial while there is a fragment of the Bride, a section, a Warrior community that's actually standing up and doing something. We're not in denial, we're in fight mode. We're in defense mode and we're offense mode. And we're just trying to do it all with the little time we have left. Trying to protect people that are sleeping. Trying to protect people from being killed by all these tech weapons and bioattack weapons they have coming against us, [from] being victims of demonic and alien abductions because the orgone burns them and they won't come in your areas.

The Locusts of Revelation Are the Giants That Are Coming

We have the Locusts coming, who are Giants. Fifteen-, thirty-feet tall. A bunch of naked Giants coming your way. If you don't have orgone in your areas, they're gonna feast on your areas. They're gonna feast on you because that's what locusts do. That's why these Giants and called Locusts. Little bugs. Because they come in a huge swarm and they just clear out whatever area they hit. They act like locusts. They just eat it out, clean it out, and move on to the next area. And that's exactly how they're gonna act. And so, that's why they're called Locusts, folks. And they're coming.

Still Planning Project Blue Beam by Way of the International Space Station [ISS]

When you see Sananda and Maitreya arrive, if this is the year, this is the time that they arrive -- because, you know, if they're not here by the end of September, don't breathe too much of a collective sigh of relief because November to December is another one. You'll have a month's reprieve in October and then come November and December comes another opening time for them to arrive. And so, you know. It's not that it gets cancelled, it just gets delayed. Their plans get delayed. They'd planned on arriving last year. And with the downing of Shema, we caught it on fire with the orgone, it threw a monkey wrench in all their plans.

And so, now, they're overtaking and moving in to the ISS. And gonna try to pull off, using the ISS as their new Shema star, to herald Maitreya's huge arrival. And then at the same time, you have the ISS and this whole Hollywood production being used to bring in "Jesus," this Sananda and Mary and this whole host of angels [laughs], these fallen angels, these humanoid aliens coming as angels. Bringing in this whole charade. You can Google Blue Beam project. I even have it at my website www.thewatcherfiles.com. You can go there in the search box and put in Blue Beam project. Or just go through at my show archives page at www.sherrytalkradio.com and type in Blue Beam project because I've talked about it before in shows.

Satan's Forces Don't Realize That Time for Him to Rule Is Running Out

And so [sighs], a lot coming up. Could possibly happen. I'm not saying this is the year. I don't years. I can't pen years. But I can give you approximate months that things could happen in. Because they have several months available for one event. And so, if it doesn't happen this one, they take that one. What I don't think they realize is that time is running out. They have no clue. Because they actually -- they don't believe any of that stuff. They're so busy telling US it's a lie, the Bible's a lie, that prophecy's a lie, that they're not paying attention. And, Satan only has 42 months to rule, once the time he does arrive. And when Maitreya arrives, then you'll know, "OK, 42 months." Because Maitreya...I believe he is the one -- he's always called Cain and I always see him associated with Hallel [pronounced Hallayel], Satan. But Jesus is, too, he's just not the main focus one. He's the secondary one. They're REALLY trying to push this Maitreya. And so -- no, us, in particular, are pushing Maitreya. Satan wants him. And so, if he can't get his number one man here, Maitreya, he'll go with his number two man, Sananda. And so, it's really just a battle between the Beasts, folks.

And, of course, timelines. And so, we're looking at mid-August to mid-September. And interestingly enough, this year, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are in the same months. And Yom Kippur is the Jewish New Year. So, Yom Kippur, I think it's somewhere around the 20th of September this year, that would start 2011, the way they look at time. This is another reason I can't peg times and months in the Codes, because there's their calendar, there's our calendar, and delays. Because I believe -- I've always believed that we're a year off. Some people say we're two years off. I've always believed, based on the Codes, we're one year off. And so, that's why you can't do years. You just can't, because of, you know, discrepancies and calendars and clocks. And who's keeping time? The Satanists are. And so, if they want to hide or bury a year or two, they can, back when. You know? They've been at this a lot longer than we have. So we just have to watch events. You know? Keep one eye on the calendar, but keep your eye on the skies, because that's the real telling. The telltale of where we are is by things happening in the skies.

Some Kind of Ancient Relationship Between Solomon and Lilith

And another thing that I was looking at, and I might talk about it next week during the show, is a relationship that -- I've never heard from the churches, I can guarantee you haven't either, but I do believe that there was some kind of ancient relationship between Solomon and Lilith [allegedly Adam's first wife]. And, if the Lord, you know, wants me to speak on that next week, I will. But I think it's very interesting because, you know, so many pieces of the puzzle just coming together now on who and what creatures are, aliens are, factions are, sections are.

Bible Codes Reveal That Yah Holds the Warriors on Sherry's Internet Groups in High Regard

I'm just proud as all get out, that according to the Bible Codes, our faction, the Orgone Warriors, this community of believers in the last days that are fighting against Satan and his forces and their attempts to arrive on Earth, are just held in such high esteem by the Most High God. He loves this Warrior faction. You can see in the Codes, it talks about the "auditorium - pavilion - forum." Talks about, you know, other terms relating to the chat room that I have during the radio show. My Warriors' Yahoo! list where we all meet to talk and gather as Warriors. And, just held in very high regard and esteem by the Most High Himself. To [Him] we're "precious" and He loves us very much. And so, very proud as all-get-out that in the last days I'm being able to do something for Him. And not just sitting around hoping somebody else is doing something. [laughs]

You know what, folks? You gotta get off your butts. Just get off your butts and do something for Him. Don't tell people how much you love the Lord. SHOW them how much you love the Lord. Tear down the strongholds of His enemies. Seek Him, and ask Him what you can do for Him instead of giving Him your laundry list every night of things you want from Him. Ask Him what you can do for Him. You know? I can't even think of a life worth living without Him. I can't think of a time when I haven't known that He existed.

Help Fund This Ministry So We Can Go Out and Protect the People of This Nation

In the meantime, watch out for the onslaught of plagues and diseases that are coming. Because we're so shorthanded, we're so underfunded. Half the time we don't have quarters to rub together to do much of the work we need to be done. We know what needs to be done, we don't have the funds to do it or the ways to do it, because we're not funded. People are so busy giving Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland their third and fourth beach houses and houses around the world that they support the wolves. But when shepherds rise to lead the land in the last days battle against Satan, they don't support them at all. Very few do anyway. And so, that's why we're always suffering and hurting so much.

And so, folks, you need to support and fund this ministry. You need to support and fund it so we can go out and protect the people of this nation who are sleeping and give them extra time to survive the onslaught of these plagues that are coming, chemical biowars, the Giants that are coming. And I'm telling you they're coming. I see it in the Codes all the time. They're coming. And it's not gonna be pretty. "Terror" is what you see. Terror. People are in pure terror at these things that are coming. And so, we need funding and support so we can get out and prevent as much of it from happening as possible. At least in your areas. At least in the area you live in. The town, city, state you live in.

You know, if the roads are covered with Giants and walking around freely roaming the planet, you better believe truckers are gonna be staying home. So the grocery stores are gonna be empty. The store shelves are gonna be empty. People aren't gonna be going to work. We're gonna have a bunch of these T. Rex's [Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaurs] walking around. And they eat humans, folks. And so, yeah, that's what's coming.

Ask the Lord to Dump the Chemtrail Toxins on Those Leading Us into a New World Order

Protect yourselves from the chemical bioattacks. When you see chemtrails being poured in your area, ask the Lord to turn them to water. Ask Him to take the toxins and dump them on the politicians and religious leaders who have led us into the mess we're in and are leading us into a New World Order. And all these satanic freaks that worship and honor Satan, let them deal with it. Let them see how Satan plans to protect them. He doesn't. He doesn't have to protect them at all. You know, we've been able to block a lot of their avalanches against us. But we need to arm ourselves in doing more. You know, they can't spray chemtrails in a lot of areas because of the orgone.

And so, their genius way of thinking is to move clouds laden with poisonous toxins into those areas. [laughs] And so, that's why a lot of these clouds are black or they look a dark gray. And so, when you see those kinds of clouds -- I'm not talking storm clouds, I'm talking about clouds that just don't seem right. They're not storm clouds, they're just hanging around. It's not storming, but you see these gray and black clouds. Bible Codes calls them "death clouds." And that's when you have to get busy praying and ask the Lord to remove the toxins and send them to D.C. Send them to the politicians. Target all of His enemies and dump them over their heads. And so, there's a lot of warfare prayers you could say. There's a lot of warfare prayers listed on my orgone list. If you go to www.orgoneblasters.com and click on the Yahoo! link on the left side, you can join the Yahoo! group and there's a lot of prayers that have been sent out by Warriors in regards to these chemtrails and these toxic attacks against us. And specific warfare prayers that you could say and pray about to fight against these attacks coming against us.


And so, I'm gonna answer a couple questions of listeners on the show. And we've got about ten minutes left of the show.

Is It a Rumor About the Gulf Oil Disappearing?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Hey, Sherry! Hi! How's it going?


CALLER: I have two quick -- because I know time is short and stuff like that. And I just wanted to talk to you because I never actually, physically, talked to you in real time. But, yes, I have two quick questions. Have your heard about how -- I don't know if it's a rumor or whatever, but about the Gulf oil disappearing?

SHERRY: It hasn't disappeared.

CALLER: I wouldn't have thought so.

SHERRY: They say they disappear, and then eyewitness accounts say it's still there. So they're lying.

CALLER: Yeah. Absolutely.

SHERRY: They're lying.

CALLER: I mean, how could -- exactly. How could it just disappear, you know, overnight or whatever? You know.

SHERRY: [laughs] They want people to think the problem's over, when it's not. It's still as dangerous today as it was last month.

I Think the Shema Star is More Than Likely a Mothership of Sananda

CALLER: Exactly. Exactly. Oh, my goodness. My second comment, just real quick, is about the Shema star and how it's more than likely a mothership of Sananda. And I'm of the theology that a star is a person's soul, perhaps. And that this Shema star is actually Sananda's soul being, if you will. And he's on fire right now and he's ready to crash down onto Earth as a falling star.

SHERRY: Well, that's kind of a little bit of Greek mythology. You get into the soul stuff where a person's placed in the skies.

CALLER: Yeah, you know. I know.

SHERRY: It's a literal place. It's a habitation. And there's millions of them that reside there. It's a huge city, a metropolis, inside of it.

CALLER: Absolutely, absolutely. It's lovely. I just wanted to say those two things. Thank you, Sherry.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye.

CALLER: You're welcome. Bye-bye.

How Come the Oil's Not Washing Up on the Beaches If It's Still There?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.


CALLER: I wanted to ask you, then how come the oil's not washing up on the beaches anymore if it's still there?

SHERRY: Because it's going out of the Gulf. I would assume by now it's heading out of the Gulf. But the people in Louisiana say it's still there, so. You know, many it is washing on the beaches, they're just not letting us know. I mean, why would they need cleanup crews if it wasn't. It's a LOT that the media's blocking from us.

CALLER: Oh, I'm sure there is.

SHERRY: I don't have to be down there to know what's going on because I can see it in the Bible Codes, you know? I can just read it. And, you know, you have the eyewitness accounts from people that live down there that say it's still bad. And then you've got the government trying to put you to sleep and say --

CALLER: Oh, they say it's all fine and come back and start vacation again. Yeah.

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. Eat the seafood. Have a nice seafood meal.

CALLER: It's gone. It's not on our beaches anymore.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: It's safe to get in.

SHERRY: [laughs] I don't believe it for a minute.

CALLER: Do you think we're gonna see a lot more of this in the news though?


CALLER: I haven't seen anything about anyone getting those scabies or --

SHERRY: Because I'm convinced once even FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] trains start and they start hauling people, it won't be on the news. And something disturbing I was seeing in the Codes is that when all this stuff starts to hit, when the alien invasions start, we're not gonna have Internet service. We're gonna be blocked.

CALLER: Oh, I believe that. I believe that.

SHERRY: And so, yeah. And so --

Do You Think They Might Turn Off Service to Blackberrys Here as They Have in Another Country?

CALLER: Is that what they're doing with the Blackberrys [personal communication devices], you think, or that is just a government thing? I mean, where they're just starting -- in another country they just are gonna stop, turn off service to people with Blackberrys. They think it's a security threat. But that's in another country. Could that be here, too?

SHERRY: Oh, they practice everything.

CALLER: Is that part of this? Or that's nothing to do with this?

SHERRY: Yeah! They practice everything over there before they bring it over here. Like if you go over to Dubai and places like that where people already have the chips in their hands. So instead of having a security cards to get in the city and get to work, they just wave their hands at these machines.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: They're practicing everything first over there, then they'll bring it over here.

You Need to Get Orgone in Chicago Because Obama's Supposed to Be There for His Birthday

CALLER: Hmm. And then, President Obama -- you need to get some orgone out in Chicago. They said he's supposed to be there on Wednesday celebrating his 49th birthday.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: We do. I mean, UFOs have been crashing. They've been crashing over Chicago. And so --

CALLER: He's supposed to be there Wednesday, they said.

SHERRY: Really?

CALLER: To celebrate his 49th birthday.

SHERRY: Well, I hope some of these Warriors out there can get his areas since they probably know where he lives out there.

CALLER: Unless they're lying to us where he's gonna be all the time, or different -- because they all said some other different places he plans on visiting --

SHERRY: And they do. Because, you know, he spends a lot of time in the air. He spends a lot of time in these UFO ships.

CALLER: [pauses for long moment] That's crazy.

I Think the Star in the West Is the ISS

CALLER: Oh, about that star in the west...it just looks like it's getting closer and brighter. And it just looks like it's gonna land right on my road and --

SHERRY: Well, you know what? I always laugh about it. Because even when the regular Shema looked like a G.E. [General Electric Company] light bulb creation, and now this ISS, this star in the west, we know it's some kind of panels that they use. And so I wasn't too far off by making fun of it, calling it a 10,000 light bulb creation [laughs]. Because they're some kind of panels.

CALLER: It is. It just acts like it's coming down my road. It's like it's a plane getting ready to land.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Looks like it's that close and that low. And I just --

SHERRY: And it's not a planet because it moves around too much.

CALLER: I think it's a UFO. Do you think it's a mothership?

SHERRY: Yeah, well, I think it's the ISS. I think it's exactly what that lady saw on that was on The History Channel and went out that night and saw it. I think it's the Iss and their trying to make Shema II out of it.

CALLER: You think it's a space station?

SHERRY: Yeah, the International Space Station [ISS]. Yeah, I think it's one of them. Yep.

CALLER: Yeah. Somebody said that's not what it's supposed to be. The space station.

SHERRY: Well, they have 20 of them, so, I mean, exactly which one isn't where it's supposed to be [laughs]? They have 20 of them.

CALLER: Oh, I'm sure.

SHERRY: We only know of one of them. A joint Russian-American --

CALLER: But you don't think it's a planet. Like Planet X or anything coming this -- getting closer and they aren't telling us.

SHERRY: No, that's over in the Middle East. That's over by Israel.

CALLER: OK. Yeah, I think I asked you that about that before, but --

SHERRY: We have ISS and Shema over here.

CALLER: I think it's something, so.

They're Spraying Corexit Over the Land Right Now

CALLER: Oh, the spraying. They're spraying over the land right now...those, um, for the oil.

SHERRY: Corexit.

CALLER: Yeah. Or they're in the water yet.

SHERRY: Yep. And you know what? It's gonna go beyond the Gulf. They're gonna be getting people across the country with it.

Hardly Any Chemtrails Over Iowa Thanks to a Granny and Other Orgone Warriors

CALLER: Where I live, I haven't seen any chemtrails hardly at all since June. Haven't picked up lately nothing.

SHERRY: Oh, that's good. Mm. Have some Warriors in your area. [laughs]

CALLER: Must have. Must have. I hope -- because I haven't seen anything.

SHERRY: What part are you calling from?


SHERRY: Iowa. Well, you've got a granny out there who kick some butt!

CALLER: Maybe she can get a carload. She's got a lot of friends.

SHERRY: I know someone did a truckload. This was up and down the state. And it's inspired other people to get up and get busy covering Iowa. And so, yeah.

CALLER: It's been pretty clear at night and stuff. It's been blue sky during the day.

SHERRY: Not here. I've seen nothing but clouds. We have every cloud in the nation over here [laughs] just piled on top of each other because they're trying to buffer the orgone with layers of clouds. [laughs]

Is the Earth-Shift and Everything Gonna Happen Before 2012?

CALLER: But is all this gonna happen with, you know, the Lord coming, or everything before 2012? Because I kind of believe that is happening with the Earth and the Earth-shift is gonna happen 2012.

SHERRY: It's already shifting.

CALLER: Oh, yeah. That's why the, you know, big holes and the oil, you know, leakage, and all the --

SHERRY: We've got the earth shifting and we've also got the Hadron Collider just making it go whack, and so.

Has There Been Anything in the Sky Like That Big Show Over by Norway?

CALLER: Has there been anything in the sky like over by Norway? Has there been any big show like that since then around here?

SHERRY: Not really. There was one down in Australia a couple months ago after Norway's thing. There was one in Australia.

CALLER: Yeah, I guess I did see that. I guess I did hear about that one.

SHERRY: But I haven't heard anything since of anything like that in the skies again.

Do Obama and Clinton Like Each Other?

CALLER: Now Obama and Clinton, do they like each other or no?

SHERRY: You know, they probably don't because they all hate each other.

CALLER: Because he didn't get invited to the wedding, I thought, well, maybe they're not friends --

SHERRY: [laughs] Interesting she's getting married during a time where they're all at Bohemian Grove, and so. That's another thing because he's probably been hanging out there at Bohemian Grove with all the other pedophiles. [sighs] So, you know, they all hate each other. You know, it's no different. Satan's kingdom is very heavy with hatred and division. And look how the church is today. Not much different. Everybody hates each other. Backbiting --

Do You Think the Chemtrails Are Gonna Come Back, or That's Done Now?

CALLER: Do you think the chemtrails are gonna come back, or that's done now? They're kind just getting over that plan and --

SHERRY: They're gonna taper off for a little bit now because it's already August 2nd and I warned from mid-July to like, the first week of August, so. They should be tapering off with that and they'll just hit us with something new. [laughs] So they're always hitting us with something --

I Still Watch for Some Kind of Big Earthquake Down in the Gulf

CALLER: I still keep watching for this thing where some kind of big earthquake down in the Gulf, but nothing -- like, you know, you said, something's gonna go on if they got their vans there on the tarmac. So whatever it -- they can't be waiting forever, can they? They can't sit them there for a year or two.

SHERRY: Well the whole thing is just a distraction. Meanwhile, they're pumping out all that Corexit and that's what's getting in the windstream and infecting people, and so. That's the whole thing is the Corexit. That's the biowar right there. That's the false flag attack right there.

CALLER: Is that a spreadable disease to someone? Like, if you had sex with them or --

SHERRY: No. No, you breathe it -- I don't think it's spreadable, contagious. It's something you have to breathe in with your lungs.

CALLER: That's what I meant.

SHERRY: OK, well I have to go. I've got about sixty seconds left.

CALLER: OK, well, thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.


SHERRY: Goodbye.

Get Some Breathing Masks to Protect Yourself from Airborne Poisons

That'll wrap it up for the show today, folks. You know, get some oxygen masks, breathing masks. You can't always smell chemical poisons. A lot of them are odorless. And if you can smell it, certainly don't breathe it in because it's going to make you very sick.

I'll be back on Thursday, 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Thursdays with Sherry Shriner. And, we'll go from there.

Till then. Next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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