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 Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 9, 2010

And hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, Sherry Talk Radio.

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They're Using Extreme Clouding as a Weapon

A lot of interesting things going on. Extreme clouding still going on, folks. And I'm finding that a lot of it's purposeful. They're putting toxins in the air to make you sick. To attack your immune system. And a lot of it just purposeful. And so we've been on a war, kind of, the last several weeks. And I warned you their avalanche was coming. And this is how they're working it on this part of the country, especially over my state, is through the extreme clouding. Because the chemtrail thing just wasn't working here. [laughs] Apparently, they must be having some kind of limited success with the cloud thing. Just poisoning clouds and setting them over your areas, and so.

How Do You Fight Being Zapped with Tesla Technology from Space?

You know, as we come up with ways to combat them, they come up with new ways. And then we have to come up counterattack, and so. There's a lot of things we just don't have [counter]attacks for, folks. A lot of this Tesla technology that I deal with, I just don't even have the answers for. I mean, you tell me how to stop a weapon that can originate from space, a satellite about 20,000 feet up, pinpoint you in your house and zap you. How do you fight that one? Wear a mirror suit? Start putting mirrors all over the place, so maybe they'll bounce off the mirror and head straight back at them? I've often thought of that. Putting magnets behind mirrors, powerful magnets, and then position them behind mirrors and point the mirrors up [laughs] like you would a solar panel. [laughs] Instead of lining our homes with solar panels, we need to line them with mirrors. Because a lot of it is just very high tech that we're dealing with. And, you know, the apostles: John and James and Peter, even some of the older prophets: Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah, they all failed to mention, "Hey, the last days believers are gonna get pummeled with high tech weapons.

Bible Codes Reveal that Our Prayers and Orgone Are Very Effective Against Them

And so, something new, something we've had to deal with and crawl our way around. The Lord's given us a very effective weapon against a lot of the things they do, their mere presence. Otherwise they'd be in all of our homes every night harassing, intimidating, bullying. And if they're doing that to you, and mainstream media attempts to call it "night terrors," then orgone will stop it. Because orgone repels negative energy and they can't stand it. And so, they'll leave. They won't stay in areas where there's orgone. And that seems to cut down on a lot of the demonic harassment a lot of Christians get. And so, we do have a good weapon with the orgone. It's just not always the one and end-all.

Certainly need to be seeking Him on more things we can do. Our prayers are very effective. And the one thing I've always seen in the Bible Codes is how we have a repertoire of things against them, that we're not just stuck on any one thing. And we're very, very effective against them. There are tens of thousands of them perishing in space. We don't see it here. We don't see it with our visible eyes, but it's an unseen war. It goes on behind the scenes and I often see the effects of it in the Bible Codes. And that's why they strike out in retaliation against us so much more.

We Are Food for Lilith's Children

You know, Lilith's [allegedly Adam's first wife] angry. A lot of the factions in space are her offspring. And she's the one that they inadvertently worship as the Queen of Heaven. This whole Isis and, I don't know, Ishtar. All this previous goddess worship is usually towards Lilith, herself.

And so, interesting that the war -- the times change, terminology changes, beliefs in paganism change, but the principal characters never change. You know, we're not just warring against Satan, but also his entire kingdom, and that includes Lilith and these fallen Watchers, and angels who rebelled from heaven before the flood, fell from heaven after the flood, can fall from heaven today. They have free will. They can leave heaven whenever they want. And so, we're dealing with all of this that all falls under Satan's kingdom. And it's just much more of a war that's in our face moreso that people realize. I know it's a lot more comfy to just keep your head under the sand and think that the government's gonna take care of us. And if they knew the truth [laughs] maybe they would just keep their head in the sand because it's easier than having to deal with what the truth is. You know, I'm looking at the truth everyday and it's always something.

You know, I wasn't kidding when I told you that these aliens, these children of Lilith and Satan, what we call aliens, simply just offspring of theirs, really do rule the world behind the scenes, and they really do rule over these secret societies, and they really do rule our governments and corporations, and the federal agencies, and all of the court systems, and anything to rule over their cattle on Earth. Because we're their food source. To them we're just cattle. We're their food source. And they rule over us in every aspect. And people are really starting to open up their eyes in these last days and finally see it for what it is, because so many of us are getting sick and dying from their outright assaults and assassinations on mankind. Cancers...those are assassinations. Those are slow deaths. They just bleed you for every dime they can before they kill you, before you eventually succumb to their poisons and die. Their whole kingdom, pretty much, is based on poisons. They poison mankind in the air they breathe, the water they drink, and the food they eat.

Salmonella Threat in Fast Food Restaurants This Week

You know, there was -- I put out a warning on my Facebook last week about a coming Salmonella food poisoning attack. Want people to stay away from restaurants this week on the 10th and the 11th, to just stay out of fast food restaurants. And interesting that on Saturday it was posted online about one million pounds of tainted ground beef recalled. Interesting that it was the United States Department of Agricultural Food Safety Inspection Service sent out the alert about the one million pounds of contaminated beef. And that was right -- the day after, probably, that I posted that alert on my Facebook. Because I knew there was food attacks coming.

And it makes me wonder -- you know, sometimes you feel like you're alone in this war. That there's no other -- how many other patriots are there really standing up to fight against the alien dominance here on Earth, and the fact that they all just want to kill us off one by one. With diseases and tumors and poisons and toxins. There must be some good guys somewhere because they stopped a million pounds of contaminated beef from being consumed this week. And so, there's a hidden aspect, hidden faction of people that will try to stop the evil being perpetrated on us by this Illuminati, this New World Order. It's exactly what all this ties into. Just another aspect of Satan's kingdom is the Illuminati and the New World Order. And very possible still, this week, a Salmonella attack somewhere. Saw that in the Bible Codes and I had to say something because sometimes it's just amazing how in real time the Codes are.

We're at War to Balance the Energies of This Earth

I was looking at a news report earlier this week, the Worst Smog Yet Hits Moscow. Planes are diverted. So, interesting. "A dense smog from raging wildfires shrouded Moscow on Friday, grounding flights at the city's airports, plunging its iconic Red Square into a sea of dirty mist and stinging eyes and throats across the city." Raging wildfires. You know, that's always good for when Satan needs loosh, needs energy. And that's the quickest way to put it in the air, is in fires. I remember when I went on a mission, couple years ago, out west, and I no sooner got home and the fires started up out west. [laughs] Everybody was laughing, kidding me around, saying, "What'd you do? Go out west to start fires?" It's the quickest way for them to put negative loosh in the air because that's what they feed off of, folks. And loosh, to them, is an energy. Anything dead is an energy to them. And positive energy defeats their negative energy.

And so, we're at a war to balance the energies of this earth. And it started a long time ago, probably before I was even born, when they started their chemtrail operations on Earth. And they were using the aerosols and the poisons and toxins in the chemtrails to try to suppress the living energy of the earth. Because the earth automatically produces living energy. We get living energy from vitamin D from the sun, itself. And it produces living energy. It's why we have sunlight. It's why we have flowers, vegetables, fruits, trees, grass, green anything, oxygen to be able to breathe.

Living in a World in Which the Sun Barely Shines, Under Satan's Rule

Can you imagine living in a world -- and this is exactly what's gonna happen for Satan to be able to rule here and live here, for the short amount of time he's coming. Of course, he doesn't think it's short and alloted, but it is. The Lord gives him 42 months. They can only subsist on dust, let's say. The sun burns them. It's a living energy. They don't like the living energies, folks. And so, imagine Earth being turned into an astral plane, basically. The mentality, the atmosphere of an astral plane. Where it's bright, but you don't see sunlight. And isn't that one of the judgments of a trumpet or bowl, where the sun is dimmed down to where we only have maybe a quarter or third of its brightness? And that's because, that could be brought about by all of these altitudinal changes that they're making, creating through these chemtrails.

And another thing is, just everything that's living...dying. Because without the sun, mankind can't survive. Our Earth can't survive. And that's why you'll notice that in all the places that fallen angels live, and Satan dominates, they're dead places. They're dead. There's no living energies there. Because they can't feed off and subsist off living energies. They feed off of negative and dead energies. And so, they want to take our Earth and turn it into a dismal plane where you don't have much sunlight. And so, what's that gonna do -- is an effect of that -- cause and effect. Most people are gonna die. Most animals are gonna die. Famine's gonna be rampant. It would cause great famine throughout the land. Because we need the sunlight to survive. They don't care about us. They don't care about the humans on the earth.

You know, Satan gets the green light and all of a sudden, everything he's been working for all these past two, three thousand, four thousand years gets to come to fruition. He gets to come rule on Earth. He gets to have his little pawns; the Antichrist and the False Prophet, known as the two Beasts of Revelation, chapter 13. Rule over Earth. And I've been warning you throughout the years on exactly who these Beasts, these contenders can be. Because there's many different routes. There's different Beasts. There's different ways that they can pull off. Because Satan never counts on just one route. I've warned you about that that's why it seems like so many people are right in what THEY say. Because there's several different routes that can be taken. And that's why nobody can ever agree just on one. Because he's got several. And we won't know what he's doing until he picks one. But what we CAN be is aware of what his plans are. And so, that's all I do, is I make people alert to what their plans are.

Once they actually step forward and do something, then we'll know exactly what they're doing. We'll be alert. We're aware. We're not taken off guard. We're not taken by surprise. Although, I do think their final entrance to the earth will be a surprise to everybody. Because all of a sudden it's like, "Wow. It's here. It's happening. It's finally happening." I think we'll all be shocked by that. And, you know, get ready for the dismal, because he's gonna take Earth and turn it into hell. Because that's what it's gonna -- that'll just be like. That's what it's gonna look like living here. Not much sunlight. Dismal and dreary all the time. And you know what that does to the psyche of humans. You know, a lot of countries that, during the wintertime, a lot of people suffer depression because of a lack of vitamin D during that time. And it just seems to be a real -- can turn healthy people into really depressed people. Just even being in Seattle. [laughs] The only two places I can think of as an example...Seattle, Germany, and London where it rains all the time. You can take totally normal, healthy people, put them in these cities, and they become depressed because of the change of hormones, and the lack of vitamin D, and the lack of sunlight. And so, I'm not putting anybody in those places down. We have Warriors everywhere and I love them to death in those areas. It's just an example. I'm not so brilliant sometimes with my examples. [laughs]

The Spraying of Chemtrails Is an Alien Operation

You know what? It's gonna be a lot of weather changes coming. And that's what affects a lot of these prophecies of the last days to happen. We're always looking at how things happen in the background and these are causes and effects, folks. These are how these things can come about. And so, who's causing it? Well, Satan is. You know, he's got his operations going. You know, and don't give the governments of the earth so much credit all the time either because -- now we know the Department of Navy funds the chemtrail program. It looks like the Air Force does because it's the Air Force planes that are being used, but the Department of Navy funds it. That's how they hide the money so you can't follow the money trail. You can accuse the Air Force of being involved, but you can't prove it, because it's not on their books. It's on the Navy's books. And it's approved by the White House.

And you know what? Even if you wanted to stop it on a human level -- we resurrected William Cooper back to life, nominated him president, or Sheriff Arpaio in Arizona, get a real patriot in office -- and we were gonna undo everything that the satan freaks have done over the last 40, 50 years, there's some things us humans have no control over and the chemtrails is one of them. Because...I'll tell you why. As much as they want you to think it's Air Force pilots -- and some of them do, they do their share in spraying chemicals across our skies, but for the biggest part, it's an alien operation. And that's why you see these holographs.

And our government doesn't have anything to do with it. They couldn't stop those if they wanted to, because they don't operate in this dimension. Aliens can come in and out of dimensions. When's the last time you ever really saw an Air Force jet shoot down a UFO? Come on. They can zap in and out of dimensions. UFOs crash, but not because they've been shot down. They crash because they malfunction. They crash because they hit orgoned walled areas. And the orgone malfunctions their craft and they crash. We were seeing a lot of that.

But it's the aliens, themselves, that produce these holographs of airplanes. Because if you take that airplane out, all you're gonna see is a line of two to four drones in front of each line spraying the chemicals that are going across the sky. And so, you have -- usually, it's four lines of chemtrails you see coming out of the plane. And then you have the plane up front. It looks like it's coming out of the wings. Two on each side. Well, if you take that plane, just take it out of there just for the sake of it, just ignore the plane, you'll see the four drones that are leading the chemtrail lines. Because the plane isn't even there. The plane's just a holograph. Now on the smaller ones, there are actual white planes being used. I don't know if those are just a distraction, just part of the coverup.

Testing Pharmaceuticals on People Through Chemtrails

Or maybe, let's say Obama wants to practice or test -- the pharmaceutical industry wants to test some kind of new chemicals on people. Like Obama hates Christians and so he's always targeting where they live. And so, they'll use Air Force craft specifically -- target the areas that our government wants to target. You know? Because overall, I mean, you can look in [Washington] D.C. and watch chemtrails go over D.C. [laughs] And I doubt those are the aircraft planes. Those would be the alien ones. And so, it's quite amusing because they just crisscross the whole earth, and every morning, sure enough, when the sun's starting to rise, you'll see chemtrail planes out. All night long sometimes, in the east, chemtrailing the airways. And you'll see them by the red lights. You'll see a red light in their chemtrails, they blink red lights. Those are chemtrail planes operating at night. And what they're doing is seeding the altitude in the east to cover up, sabotage, the sun from rising. And the sun's gonna rise regardless, but how much of it we get is another thing. And so, what they try to do is chemtrail and seed...cloud up the areas.

I used to think maybe they're trying to hide the second sun. And that could be it. But also affecting the amount of sunlight different areas get. Because you're seeing the sun rise. You can tell it's rising, the earth's getting light. But you're not actually seeing the sun a lot of times. I know a lot of, a good part of the summer's been really dismal, rainy. It seems to be usually rainy, cloudy. Hiding the clouds. Hiding the sun. You don't know if they're hiding the sun or they're just extremely packing your area with clouds because they've poured toxins and chemicals in them. And they're setting them over your area. I know I can leave my area, driving 5, 10 miles away, and it's clear skies because all the clouds are here. [laughs] All the clouds are being over my hometown. If you get out of my hometown, it's clear skies. And so, the weather isn't always exactly what I think it is either. Because when I look outside, I won't see the sun. But go 5 miles down the road into town, you'll see the sun. [laughs]

Obama Won't Be Happy Until Every Christian Is Dead, or Lobotomized

Obama's not gonna be happy until every Christian is dead. He hates us. He hates Warriors. They hate the Orgone Warriors. They hate believers. They hate bigmouths. They just want to usher in their cloned technology, clone everybody, chip implant everybody, and get rid of anybody who has a real soul or real thought in their head. Becaues they don't want you to be able to think. Freedom of expression, freedom of thought, independent thought. No, no. That's all gonna be outlawed under Satan's rule. And we're starting to see bits and pieces of it through all of this forced chip implants and his vaccinations.

Well, if you keep taking these vaccinations, you just lobotomize yourself [cause yourself to behave in a machinelike way as without vitality, emotion, or independent thought -- definition from yourdictionary.com]. And it's very true. They want to knock out your humanity. The fact that you can see things, feel things. You can think. We don't have a hive-mind mentality like the aliens do. That's what they want. They want us to have a hive-mind mentality where we don't think at all, we just do what we're told. And now, they even claim to have a shot that can reduce stress in the workplace. Because you no longer get angry, because you no longer feel. You don't get stressed out because you no longer feel anything. You can't feel anything.

And, you know, I was watching this show, it was one of these stupid things on cable late-night, some kind of series. But it was about this kid, and his dad had had him on antidepressants since the time he was a kid. And there was just one scene where he's laying in bed just staring up at the sky, and he's talking to somebody..."I just want to feel something. Anything. I haven't felt anything in fifteen years. I just want to feel something." Alluding to the fact that these antidepressants -- if you're on Zoloft and Xanax, whatever they're called, all these antidepressant, mood-altering drugs, where they make it so you can't feel anything. Or they...I don't know, I've never been on them, and so I can't relate. But I know a lot of people that say doctors will prescribe them like candy. You say you're depressed, they'll write you out a prescription in a heartbeat of these antidepressant drugs, because they want everybody on them. And so, that's what they want, folks. They don't want you to think. They don't want you to feel. You're not gonna get angry. You're not gonna get stressed out. You're really not gonna have the energy to rise up and fight against them and that's what it all boils down to, isn't it? They don't want you rising up and fighting against THEM. You know?

You're Changing Your Kids' DNA Through Vaccinations - Mixing Animal with Human

All these vaccines that you're pumping into your kids, you're changing their DNA. Have you thought about it? Did your parents think about it before they pumped you with vaccinations, that they were putting animal DNA into your body? You're mixing animal DNA into your human DNA. And, you know, something struck me about this last night about the animal and the human DNA and this whole intelligent design argument. Because it's coming back. It hasn't gone anywhere. Just because a group of people have had enough sense to expose it for the fraud it is, and laugh it off, doesn't mean it's going away.

We Can't Stop Anything - Eventually, Everything They Want Will Come to Pass

[Elena] Kagan never went away. Everyone thought, "Oh, she can't be a Supreme Court judge. She's just too whack, she's too evil, she's too in the conspiracy with Obama and his birth certificate, and blah-blah-blah," and, you know. Guess what? She was approved by the Senate. And so, we can't stop anything. We're not stopping anything. We're just preventing the inevitable, is basically what we're all doing. Preventing the inevitable. We delay it. That's about it, we delay. And whatever they want, ends up coming to happen anyway. It's gonna take a real stand of taking arms and fighting against it. Because the only thing they're gonna listen to is guns and bullets. They don't listen to polls. They don't care what you think. They don't care about your tea parties. They don't care about your oppositions. It delays them. It stalls it, but that's all it does. Eventuallly everything they want's gonna come to pass. We're not stopping anything. We haven't stopped anything.

You know, tea parties...probably run by them anyway. Especially with Sarah Palin, the sex slave of the GOP party [Grand Old Party - nickname for the Republican party]. What a joke. To push her out in front as a spokesperson? No wonder they all laugh. They're all the big smiles and the big teeth everytime they see Sarah Palin, because she's nothing but a sex slave puppet for them. They don't take it seriously. It's like the biggest slap in the face to anything credible or trying to get something done and get something taken seriously. You want a distraction, well, let's talk Bristol Palin or something stupid, Britney Spears.

They Want to Find Out Who's Opposing Them So They Can Target Them for Destruction

You know, they don't think about the important stuff. They don't want you thinking about the real important stuff and being able to do anything about it to stop them. You know, tea parties is just a database gatherer. They get pictures and locations and names of everybody who's a known enemy and a opposition of theirs. That's why they run opposition parties. That's why they run opposition groups. So that they can find out exactly who's opposing them, so they can target them with flu shots, cancers, vaccines, toxic clouds, poison foods in their area, poison the water. They know where you're at, they get you. They just put you on a list and they target you. And if one area doesn't get you, another one -- well, they'll keep going until they -- like cats do. You know, cat and mouse. They just exhaust you to death. You know, that's all a cat does. He never just picks up a mouse and chews on it till the thing dies, or breaks it's neck. It plays with them for three days before the thing just gives up in exhaustion and dies. That's basically what they're doing to humanity now, they're just toying with us. They're toying with us. Some of us are so exhausted, you just don't think you can go on another day. They toy with you.

At the Same Time They're Toying with Us, We're Killing Them...with Orgone

And the real joy in all this, is to know, the same time they think how they're toying with us and winding us down and exhausting us, that we're killing them. We're killing them, and we're getting our work done so that when they do arrive -- and they're coming, the Giants are coming, the Locusts are definitely coming...soon -- they'll only last five months. You know why? Because all of the POE, the positive orgone energy we've put in the air, trying to balance out their suppressing of it, and we're putting it back in the air with POE, with the orgone pucks, will kill them. It will kill them.

And that was my whole point about the chemtrails earlier. While they spend billions in technology to suppress the living energies of the earth to keep the sun dim, to make our air denser, take the oxygen out, more of a carbon-based air or whatever, I don't know what it is they live off of. It's not pure oxygen, I don't think. But anyway, that's what they're trying to do to Earth. Trying to transform Earth into some kind of astral plane hell. By the time they think they're going to accomplish all of this, and they're killing us in the process, by the time they get to Earth, they won't be able to live here. Because the orgone can produce this aether energy, this positive, living energy. Whether the sun is shining or not, it keeps producing. And so, while you can't see it, and while it's not a visible energy, it's working in the background as a living energy. And it's invisible.

We've asked the Lord to make it invisible so they can't target it, they can't see it. And it'll always be producing, no matter what they think they can do to the sun. And it's going to kill them all. It's going to destroy them all. And isn't that what the Lord said the last days were? A time of affliction? It's removal of the wicked off the earth. Not the righteous, folks. Removal of the wicked. And that's how it's gonna be done. Because the Lord is working through His agents on Earth to bring that about. To bring it about. To make it happen. And this is the only war I know of, I'm not saying it's the only one, but it's the only one I know of that's going on right now, is the Orgone Warriors and getting this orgone out. Because if Satan thinks he can beat us -- He can't win the war, he can win battles against War-riors. The Lord might stand aside, let him take out Warriors, make them sick, kill them, whatever. Might do that to me. But the war still stands. And the end result still stands. He's gonna lose. They're all gonna lose.

The Battle of Armageddon Is Just Satan's Arrival to Die

We know Satan's ultimate defeat is at the battle of Armageddon. When he REALLY loses his mind, and tries to gather up all the armies of the earth to the valley of Meggido in Israel to fight against the return of the second coming of Christ, Yahushua. He thinks he can fight against them. [laughs] Just read the chapter and figure out what happens. The Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints and with the words of His lips destroys the entire army. There's not gonna be a battle. What battle!? [laughs] Satan just showed up so he could die. That's the kind of battle it is. All the Lord has to say is, "Die, scumbags," and they're dead. That's all He has to say. Issue the command, "Die, you scumbags." [laughs] It's not a battle. They call it the battle of Armageddon, but actually it's just Satan's arrival to die, basically.

And, you know what? Just because Satan is alloted 42 months to rule on Earth, when he does arrive, through his pawns -- and I've been warning it's the Antichrist and Jesus Sananda of the New Age, this whole Ashtar Command thing, the two characters out of that whole command, that are coming. They'll be picked up by angels, chained, and cast into the lake, lake of fire. Satan will be tied up, bound, and thrown into the bottomless pit for a thousand years. And so, that's their end result. You know?

Possible Battle of the Beasts: Maitreya against Sananda, Islam Against Christianity

New Agers always buy their lies that they're gonna cleanse the earth, remove all opposition, everybody who doesn't go along with their agenda, and establish their heaven on Earth, which is their fifth dimension. [laughs] That's their whole lie and shebang.

And then you have Islam. To rule the world. Put the world under Sharia law. It really could end up being a religious battle between the two Beasts: Maitreya and Sananda. Islam against Christianity. That would be interesting. Because Christians aren't gonna accept a Muslim Maitreya. And the Muslims aren't gonna accept the Christian's Jesus. So we're really gonna have this two-Beast-prong thing going. The good Beast and the bad Beast. And somehow they both get along and try to unite into some kind of one-world religion. I have a feeling there's gonna be a lot of bloodbath before that happens, just between the religions. And that's what Matthew 24 says. Nation against nation, kingdom against kingdom. Basically gonna have religious wars.


Anyway, just talked about some of the things I've been seeing. Gonna take some calls from listeners and see what's happening with you guys out there. If they're gonna let me. [laughs] They'll mess with my equipment.

Is the Earthquake in Louisiana a Precusor to a Big One There?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello!

CALLER: I'm sorry, I'm losing my voice. I thought you'd say something about the earthquake in Lousiana.

SHERRY: Well, they've been in like, fifty states this week, haven't they? [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah, but down there, right on...Louisiana, is that a precursor to a big one there? They're getting ready...something going on with the sea floor down there?

SHERRY: I don't know, you know. I've been looking at the USGS [United States Geological Survey] and they've been all over the country this week. There's been earthquakes everywhere. All over the world. And so, there's a shaking of the whole earth going on. I don't think it's particularly being targeted for Louisiana. It might be, but if you look at the maps, they've been everywhere. Earthquakes have been everywhere. And they're under 5.0, so they won't always register for alerts, to alert people about them, but there's been little tremors everywhere all over the world.

Probably Not a Solar Thing, but a Hadron Collider Thing

CALLER: Is that because the -- what happened with the -- was that the moon or the [inaudible] or something, or sunrays, or...?

SHERRY: It could be. And what I think is just this Hadron Collider's gonna just implode the earth, destroy the whole thing, so. If you're looking for cause and effect, things that are gonna end up being the cause of our destruction, you wanna believe them.

CALLER: I thought maybe we'd have interruption with our cell phones and our computers or TVs or something due to that, but we didn't, did we?

SHERRY: I haven't. You know, I get more interruptions if there's a storm coming in. If you have satellite service.

CALLER: No. I thought maybe we'd lose something, or whatever. But we've had a lot of storms here. I have been seeing a few chemtrails at night.

SHERRY: I don't think it's a solar thing. I think it's a Hadron Collider thing, is what I think. And so, you know, imagine that. Me on the opposite side of scientists. [laughs] I usually am.

Evacuation Signs Going Up in Florida Overnight

CALLER: What about the people around Florida claiming that people, just overnight in the last few days, just overnight have been putting up signs in the middle of the night about evacuation signs?

SHERRY: I haven't heard anything about it.

CALLER: On the interstate. It was on the Internet and said they drive by there all the time. And I guess they were put up in the middle of the night. Like, tons of them.

SHERRY: Really?

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: Well, I think I read back when it started that like, what was it, 60 or 90 days after the oil spill, that evacuation would be enforced. So they're on a schedule. So it seems to me that everything is still on some kind of a --

CALLER: Did you find out where those FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] vans are at yet?

SHERRY: They're on YouTube. They're all over the place. They'll tell you where they're at in Florida. They're at those Air Force bases. I think they're somewhere in central Florida.

CALLER: They're still there? They're just hiding, covering it up and covering the pictures up? Can they do that?

SHERRY: I don't know if they're still there, but they were all there, so why move them now? You know, I don't know. I haven't kept up on it.

Evacuating People from Louisiana to California?

CALLER: They heard somebody say they might be evacuating the people, which doesn't make sense, to California. Why would they do that?

SHERRY: California. [laughs]

CALLER: Crazy. [laughs] California.

SHERRY: It's already 20 billion dollars in debt. [laughs]

CALLER: You put any more people on there, it will sink. [laughs]

SHERRY: You know, I think for [inaudible] sake they'll evacuate. I think it's gonna eliminate most of them, and so.

Shutting Down People's Credit Cards So They Can't Get Out

CALLER: Why are they gonna try to evacuate them if they're just gonna kill them and, like they said, they're gonna, um, make sure that people's credit cards don't work, so they can't get out. Because most people that travel or leave have to use a credit card.

SHERRY: Right. They've shut down all their credit cards so they won't work. Yeah.


SHERRY: Yeah, we'll just have to keep an eye on it. I'll talk about it next week if it's still going on. But, you know what? We warned people. We told them to get out of there. We warned them.

CALLER: You hear more people talking about it coming on. Telling their stories. And people getting sick and stuff. And the oil that's really under the land, so.

SHERRY: Yeah. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. All right. Thank you.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm. Bye-bye.

We Appreciate All You Do, Sherry. And We Love You.

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: This me?

SHERRY: Yes, hello.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry! This is Sherry...in California.

SHERRY: Hey, girl! [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] How are you?

SHERRY: We were just talking about California. We're gonna take everybody from Louisiana and put them over in California. [laughs]

CALLER: Well, I'm late. I'm late, I'm late. And I just wanted to give you a call and say hello.

SHERRY: Oh, it's always good to hear from Warriors.

CALLER: Well, I just wanted to tell you how much -- you know, I appreciate all that you've done and all that you do. And I just wanted to chime in and say hi and, you know, let you know that I'm thinking about you a lot, and I appreciate it all. OK?

SHERRY: Ah. Well, I love you, girl.

CALLER: I love you, too. I really do.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right, hon. Talk to you soon. Love ya. OK, bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Yeah. It's one of our Warriors down in California. Uh, if you're in California, you really need to think about getting out of there. I know a lot of people are.

How Can Freemasons Call Themselves Christians While Being Part of a Masonic Organization?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry, how are you?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: Just fine. I was calling in -- could you speak briefly about your viewpoint on how Freemasons profess themselves to be Christians and, you know, say Jesus is their Lord and Savior and how they're tied into --

SHERRY: Freemasonry never acknowledges Jesus as Christ. What they do acknowledge is the god of light. They worship the god of light. And so, that is whoever you interpret it to be. However, you know the god of light is Satan, himself.


SHERRY: They don't come out and say it, in Freemasonry, "Satan is the god of light," until you get, you know, to the older levels.


SHERRY: But when you're the first degree, the first level, the first oath you take, you're acknowledging that you were in darkness and now you have found the light. And the thing with that is, the Bible talks about taking no oaths. And when you have some 60,000, alone, Southern Baptist ministers saying, "I was in darkness," because they were Christians, but now they found the light, which is Satan. I have a real problem with just getting past the first level in Masonry.

CALLER: Yes. Well, I appreciate your answer on that because there's a lot of people that are involved that, you know, I know about that DO go to church and, you know, say Jesus, IN CHURCH, but they're also part of a Masonic organization.

There's Nothing in Writing Anywhere That Jesus Is the Light That Freemasonry's Talking About

SHERRY: But there's nowhere in writing, anywhere in any of the levels of the oaths, that Jesus is the light that Masonry's talking about.


SHERRY: Because he's not. They leave it open to your own interpretation.

CALLER: Mm-hmm. I totally agree with you, totally. It's just that I don't understand how they can be confused and saying themselves to be a Christian.

SHERRY: Because they're interpreting the god of light as God.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, to them, they're worshiping God of the church.

CALLER: Got it.

SHERRY: They're not realizing that in Masonry, it's really Satan. It's Lucifer. And they learn that at the higher levels.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: But, you know what? The Bible says let your yay be yay, your nay be nay. Take no oaths.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, they're violating the Bible just by taking their oaths just to get past the first level of Masonry. At that point, Satan has access to them. And he can manipulate and deceive them. His demons can start harassing and possessing them. When you go against the Bible, and you're unprotected, you're in open sin rebellion against the Bible, Satan has access to you from that point on.

CALLER: Yes. OK, Sherry. I appreciate all the answers.

SHERRY: All right. You take care.

CALLER: Thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Bye-bye.

Sherry, We Love You, and You're Doing a Great Job

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry!

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Wow! [laughs] Look, I don't have a question. I don't have anything other than to tell you that you're doing a great job. Keep on doing what you're doing. We need you. And --

SHERRY: Is this Giggles in Nashville again?

CALLER: Pardon me?

SHERRY: [laughs] Is this Giggles in Nashville?

CALLER: Nooo. This is K925.

SHERRY: K925. Why does that sound familiar?

CALLER: You know, the board.


CALLER: Yeah. From the board. The chat.

SHERRY: Oh, OK! OK, OK. My Orgone Warrior's list.

CALLER: Yes! Yes!

SHERRY: I thought you were giving me call letters of a radio station.

CALLER: Gosh, not so. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: We love you and you're doing a great job. You sounded so down the last couple episodes. You got some rest. You're sounding chipper tonight, and wonderful, and just keep on. We need you.

SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: We're with you 100%, but we need you too. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] All right. Well, thanks for calling in and thanks for the encouragement.

CALLER: All right. Love you and we'll talk to you on the flip side.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in. All right.


SHERRY: Bye-bye.

I don't know what it is, but when I talk about Satan's deception that always cheers me up. [laughs]

What Method Do You Use to "See in the Codes"?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello!

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?


CALLER: Oh, hi! I have a couple questions for you.

SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: One is your methodology. You use the words, what you say you "see in the Codes."


CALLER: And I was just wondering how that operated. Like, do you like, go through the Torah readings like with the Jews and the Holy Spirit leads you through the books that way or like, particular words. Or is it like, ELS [Equidistant Letter Sequence]. And then, how you like, associate a timeframe with things when you say you're seeing them in the Codes.

SHERRY: Well, everything is ELS. That's the whole thing Codes are based on, is the letter distancing between the letters and the words, and so. I run very tight Codes. I have a very small margin for error as far as how tight the words can be in proximity to each other, for relevance.


SHERRY: And they're the tightest of anybody I know. It's not just finding them in the Codes, words. It's knowing what they mean, because a lot of it is symbolic. Like, if you read --there's terms in the KJV [King James Version of the Bible], a lot of things are symbolic. People are trees, we're dust, we're called many different things, but it always refers to people.


SHERRY: It's the same thing in Codes. Terms are symbolic. And until you've been in them for a long time, you won't realize it until you've been in it for a long time.

CALLER: I got you.

SHERRY: Because a lot of people will take things as literal when it's a symbolism behind it. Like, if I'm reading, "Joe was amputated," you know, you're gonna think, "Wow. What limb did he lose?" You know?


SHERRY: But it's actually just a term for "cut off." He was cut off from something.


SHERRY: It's just another way of saying it. And so, it's just a lot of analyzing, a lot of interpreting, and a lot of banging your head on the wall saying, "Lord, please explain this to me. What am I seeing." [laughs]


SHERRY: And just having Him lead you through it.

When You Do ELS, Are You Led to Seeking Something Specific?

CALLER: So when you do ELS, is there something in your mind that the Holy Spirit's leading you to like, to seek, to go after something, or how does that work? I mean, there's gotta be some kind of methodology --

SHERRY: I usually want to dig into something. Like whatever it is I feel led to look at. You know, otherwise I --

CALLER: OK, here we go. OK.

SHERRY: You know, whatever you feel led. Like a lot of people, the first thing they want to do is find their name. And learn how to decode their own name and people you know. That's how I started. Because I could gage -- once I knew how to read myself, because I knew what was accurate and what wasn't. So I would learn what terms were symbolic and what weren't.


SHERRY: Because you have to learn it, and the best way to do that is by doing your own Codes. Because you know yourself better than anybody. Like, if I see my name and I see "alcoholism," I'm gonna go, "I don't even drink, so what does that mean?" You know?


SHERRY: Because things aren't always at face value.

CALLER: So you start with a small circle and you kind of ripple out, kind of thing.

SHERRY: Yeah. And the best thing to start out with is yourself, because you know yourself. And, you know.

CALLER: I see.

SHERRY: The best way to learn.

Do You Endorse the Whole Apocrypha or Just Certain Books in It?

CALLER: OK. That's so interesting. One other question I had was do you pretty much endorse the Apocrypha point blank, or is there just like certain books that you endorse?

SHERRY: I love -- well, you know what? I see Maimonides and Maccabees, I see those names in the Codes all the time and I've never read those books. Enoch. I love Enoch. I'll endorse Enoch every minute of the day. And I see his name. And so, I'm really impartial to books I see listed in the Codes all the time. I've never read Maimonides even though it's in the Codes all the time.

Strange Things the Lord Has People Do to Keep Evil Spirits Away, Like Orgone

CALLER: Ah, I got you. Now Tobit. I don't know if you're familiar with this or not, but there's possibly an orgone connection there. Where it talks about this wife -- everyone she married died. But seven of them did. But then Raphael, the angel, spoke to Tobit and said, "Here's what you need to do. You need to take a gall and the heart and the liver of a fish., and then put some perfume, and then light a fire, and then the evil spirit will be driven away." I don't know if you've ever seen that or not.

SHERRY: I don't know. I know there's a lot of things that Raphael has been involved with that we don't know about, that really do happen.

CALLER: Yeah. After Raphael said -- he says, "I'm touching the heart and liver. If a devil or an evil spirit trouble any, we must make smoke thereof before the man or the woman. And the party shall be no more vexed."

Didn't They Have a Ritual to Keep Lilith Away from Their Male Children?

SHERRY: Yeah. And didn't they have a ritual to keep Lilith away from their uncircumcised male children, because she would kill them before they got circumcised?

CALLER: Really!?

SHERRY: Yeah. And so, the Israelites would do a ritual to keep Lilith away from their children.


SHERRY: There's a lot things, a lot of truths, a lot of hidden mysteries that the churches are just dead to because a lot of this information is kept out.

CALLER: So, you would recommend circumcision to drive away Lilith.

SHERRY: Well, circumcision is a sign between the Lord and His people. So, of course. You know, I had all three of my boys circumcised.


SHERRY: But, with Lilith and stuff, you know, she's the queen demoness of the night.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: Not only attacking men in their sleep, but also killing children. Night deaths, crib deaths were always attributed to Lilith, and so -- and her people, those that follow her. And so, yeah. There's a lot of things attributed to her. And so, you know. I don't throw anything out, certainly because it's not in the KJV, because they kept a lot of truths out. I like the Nag Hammadi books. I like Jasher and Jubilees. And a lot of it --

CALLER: Oh, yeah!

SHERRY: There's a lot of really good books, and a lot of these books were found in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

CALLER: Exactly. Yeah.

The "Excommunication of Paul" Was Found in the Dead Sea Scrolls

SHERRY: And you know what's interesting is the Excommunication of Paul was also found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. And that's why the Vatican won't release a lot of them. Because it backs up everything that I've been saying for years as dead truth.

CALLER: And then the Bible Codes verify the books, themselves.

SHERRY: Yeah, yeah. It really does. Everything just confirms everything else.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, like that thing I just read you, that was like, one of the strangest things I've ever read in the Bible. But, you know, when you were talking about the orgone, it seemed to just line right up with that, so.

People Ask Me Why the Lord Would Lead Me to Orgone

SHERRY: Yeah, you know what? People ask me, "Why would He lead you to orgone, when we can sit on our couches and do nothing?" You know, today's mentality. And it's because that's what He led me to. It may or may not make sense, using fiberglass resin, crystals and coils, but look at the results. [laughs]

CALLER: Right. The results speak for themselves.

SHERRY: It's killing Satan's kingdom. Tens of thousands. Bringing them out of the skies. Crashing them out of the skies. And so, it's the only thing that's been effective against fighting back, and it's what's gonna kill all these millions of giants that are coming.


SHERRY: All these Locusts that are coming? Orgone is what kills them all.

CALLER: We've already got locusts around the area. I mean, in especially the Ohio area we've got them showing up.

SHERRY: Oh, I'm talking about literal -- Giants. Not the little bugs.

CALLER: Yeah, but you know what I'm saying. Like it's a sign what's to come.

SHERRY: Yeah. Yeah. All right. Well, I've got about a minute left of the show. I'm gonna have to say goodbye.

CALLER: OK. Thanks a lot, Sherry. Appreciate it. God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in. Bye-bye.


That's gonna wrap up the show tonight, folks. Be back Thursday at 1 o'clock for Aliens in the News. Gotta find out what all these little maggots are up to [laughs] over my area, so they're not over anybody else's, I guess. I don't know.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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