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Monday with Sherry Shriner
August 16, 2010

And, hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. It's Monday night. I'm Sherry Shriner.

If you have a question, you can call in at 877-245-5648. And everything's acting a little funny tonight, but that's pretty usual. [laughs] The Monday night glitches. And then everything's fine every other day. Just letting me know they're listening and paying attention, and...who cares? They wanna listen they can listen, just behave.

Bible Codes Reveal Things That Make Them Angry

I find it amusing that one of the things I often see in the bible Codes when I'm working in the Bible Codes is the many things that anger them. And one of the things that always gets mentioned because it's such a point of contention with them, they get very angry, is the fact that -- a couple terms that come up to describe it which is "audience ejector" is two terms that will come up amongst others. Basically, what it means is that I run various lists. I have two lists, discussion lists, on Yahoo! Groups, and I have my chat room during the show. Well, my chat room during the show, I'm usually not hands-on in there during the show 'cause I'm busy with the show. But with my orgone list and my other list, if people start to get obnoxious, I just get rid of them. I view those lists as my home, Yah's home, and if someone wears out their welcome, I show them the door. And usually this is the New Agers that come in and you can usually discern the spirits of people that are coming in.

And, the fact is, that I'm just very straightforward, folks. The Lord's given me a huge assignment in these last days to tear down the strongholds of Satan. To protect our air, to rebalance the energies of the earth that they're trying to suppress with their chemtrail program. I have a huge responsibility. And I don't take kindly when I can see that Satan wants to attack and have people doing things his way, because his way is ineffective. His way doesn't accomplish anything. His suits him. And we're here for the Most High, for the Lord. And so, I don't allow directions for orgone to be changed or messed with in any way. Can usually get pretty much into a fit if someone tries to change it, attempts to change it, influence people to change it. I stay strictly with what Yah has given us and told us to do. And it ticks Satan off to no end because it's usually him that's sending the people in to try to disrupt. And, I know that there's some people that take issue with that and think I'm too rough with people.

If You Could See What Sherry Sees, You'd Understand Why She Does What She Does

Folks, if you could see what I see, you'd just quit the Monday-morning quarterbacking. I don't know anybody that could be on the front lines as long as I've been and not see, and already been there and done that, with the things I have and do. And so, you just have to deal with everybody. Deal with everything all the time. And, you know what? I find that when it comes to people, the biggest ones that any ministry's gonna have a problem dealing with is the ones that are on drugs, alcohol, any kind of pharmaceutical antidepressants, mind-altering antidepressants. Because these people just don't get it. And these people are open access to Satan to use. Sometimes you'll have people that are just totally most days of the week, but they're just open access to Satan, and he can use them, to manipulate them, to say things to you, and do things, and they think they're doing it on their own, and they're not. Satan's accessing them. He's using them.

And that's one of the things I see in the Codes all the time is people that Satan has access to. And so you might think, "Well Satan has access to everybody." That's not so. If you keep sin out of your life, and you confess your sins. He has no access to you. If you don't have open doors in your life, he has no access to you. And open doors are open sins that you allow daily...drinking, alcohol, the abuse of alcohol. I'm not talking about having a glass of wine. It's when you can't stop and that one glass becomes two, three, four, five, six. Beers...I don't know how many times, you know, a guy will have six beers and tell you he had one. Or they insist they're not drunk when every night they're drinking. People that do drugs, whether it's weed, which is the most prominent one, I guess. I really have never met anybody, I don't think, that does the harder stuff...the methamphetamines, and the crack, and the cocaine, and all that stuff. But those are certainly -- even the weed -- certainly open doorways to Satan. They're Satan's playground, folks. And if you're gonna play on his playground, you'll get bitten. Which means you have an open door and he's gonna be able to access you.

It's these people that are open access, that Satan can use to come up against you. The ones that will give you the most problems. The one that are vicious. The ones that are hateful. The ones who try to disrupt. You know, it's always so easy to tell who the Lord's people are. His real people. I'm not saying believers that are drinking and weed and all that aren't believers, but they're accessed believers. They're open doorways for Satan to manipulate. And then there's the ones that aren't. And, they just love the Lord. It's the one trait that they have that stands out amongst anything else is that you can just tell that they have a real love, a sincere love, for the Lord. And you feel at home with them. You feel comfortable around them. It's just such a big difference between them and others that are just always on the attack, always looking for faults, always looking for something they can disrupt you with, or by. Just a real difference.

Death Will Become Very Common with the Coming Plagues, Poisons, and Toxins

Anyway, I just thought I'd mention that because [sigh] so much going on, just with people. Not only going to see a rise in people dying. Death is gonna become very common, folks. I mean, it's always been a part of life, you were born to die. But with the onslaught of plagues that are coming, and the onslaught of poisons and toxins, people are gonna be dying and it's going to look like natural death. It's gonna look like, "Oh, their kidneys gave out. Oh, their pancreas gave out." Or you start having chemical sensitivity problems where you can't digest food. Or your feet are constantly swelling. Toxicosis is something I see in the Bible Codes a lot in. And I can relate to that when sometimes I feel like I'm just so full of poison and toxin I could just blow up. And a lot times the Lord will just lead me to eat eggs and oatmeal. Those are natural antioxidants.

But it's just so common anymore. Everybody, different states, different parts of the country. And this is all part of the chemical plagues that the toxins are affecting us by. And you kind of wonder, "OK, how are they getting to me?" If it's not the air, it's not the water, they'll get you by the food. They'll get you by buying water at the store. They're hitting us on every side. And so, don't think just because you can close one down, that you're closed on all of them, because you're gonna be open on the others. It's just that prevalent, folks. I mean, when the Bible talks about a third of mankind dying of plagues and diseases and wars, this is how it happens. It's not just gonna be one bomb -- boom, ten million are dead. It's just gonna be a slow, gradual thing of people dying of plagues and diseases.

They're Altering People's DNA and Giving Them Cancers through Vaccines

And not to mention what all these vaccines are gonna be causing. Because I was screaming about chips in the vaccines all last year. About the Swine Flu hoax. And now more and more information coming out about how they're putting nanotechnology, these chips, in vaccines. They're changing people's DNA by that. They're altering DNA. They're giving you cancers. They're giving you flus and tumors and things, and so.

Malachi Mentioned in the Bible Codes the Fate of the Wicked

We're just surrounded by those who want to destroy us. We're surrounded by it. And so, I wanted to read something tonight because I usually like to pay attention to who I'm seeing in the Bible Codes when I see names. And just because you see a name in a Code, it usually means there's something about that person or something that has to do with that Code. It's like, a lot of times I'll be looking at months and I'll see Malachi come up. Malachi's the last book in the Old Testament and he was considered a minor prophet in Israel. But I wanna read this short little chapter in Malachi, chapter 4 [verses 1-6]. It says:

For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the LORD of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.

And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.

Remember ye the law of Moses my servant, which I commanded unto him in Horeb for all Israel, with the statutes and judgments.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

And so, I thought this was interesting because, in verse 1 he describes "the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven." It's been incredibly hot. And incredible heat. And they that do wicked shall be burnt up, and the Lord will leave them neither root nor branch. Now "root nor branch" is talking about leaders and followers. What happened here is the Lord referring to Himself as the tree with many branches. And it also symbolizes Satan's own kingdom. He has his own leaders, his own followers, his own nations, his own kings. And none of them will be left standing. The Lord's going to destroy them ALL.

And in verse 3 it talks about "and YOU," "and YE shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this." He's talking about us. That WE will tread down the wicked. You know, so many times in the churches, you kind of get put into a box. And you tend to view prophecy in one particular way, one certain way. And John talks about, in the book of Revelation, how the angels will go forth and separate the wheat and the chaff. And everybody just assumes, "Oh, there's gonna be angels from heaven, and He's gonna send them forth..." You get these pictures in your mind of how things are gonna happen. And the Lord's always told me things are gonna happen in ways you don't expect. I was probably one of those ones that had all these pictures drawn, new prophecies, so I thought, from front to back, side to side. Timetables, timelines, exactly how everything was gonna happen. Oh, I grew up on Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey and the great Protestant last-days preachers. Thought I knew it all. And the Lord said, "Things are gonna happen the way you don't expect." That surprised me.

"Angels" in Prophecy and Other Terms That Change with Context

You know what, folks? I wrote an article on Angels in the Flesh. And I was gonna talk about that a little bit tonight, too, because often the very angels the Lord refers to and He's talking about is us, His people. Angels, spirits, and souls, can all be terms that intertwine with each other. And are used to describe people, or they can be used to describe little... angels. You have to look at the context of whatever it is you're reading. Because one term isn't always used the same everytime you see it. The meaning can change. The term can change. And I've learned that just digging in the Bible Codes because you can't always take a term for granted. It changes. It changes all the time.

And the same thing with the Bible, with these translations. A term can change. It can mean one thing in one passage, and totally another thing in another. And so, you always have to look at things -- is it literal, is it symbolic? And what term, and how is it being used? Especially when it comes to the Hebrew language. And you have to remember the KJV [King James version of the Bible] was translated, not from the Hebrew, but from the Greek, which was translated from the Hebrew. So you're talking about several translations by the time we're reading it. And, unfortunately, we're reading it in Sherlock [Shakespeare] language. The Lord doesn't even speak in Sherlock [Shakespeare] language. One of those things you have to get over as you're reading the KJV. People often ask me what Bible do I read. And, folks, I read the KJV. That's the one I read. I also have the Restoration Scriptures where they've restored his real name. I have the Restoration Scriptures as well.

September 10th Could Be an Interesting Day

But back to what, uh -- I know, I go on rabbit trails. [laughs] Back to something I wanted to talk about is that -- couple things coming up for September 10th. And, September 10th seems to be, like it could be an interesting day. Now I don't know if that's going to be a newsworthy day on the front where we see it. Or just stuff happening in the background and nothing's every brought on the news so we never really hear about it. It could be one of those days. I have no idea what kind of a day it's going to be. Seems like mostly everything I deal with is behind-the-scene stuff, and, eventually, everything from behind the scenes is just going to pull up front-stage here to where everything's in front, so people can see it. And so, until that happens, I don't know the difference when I see it, once when I see things happening, if it's gonna stay something behind the scenes or come out into the open and be witnessed by all. I just don't know.

Who Will it Be? Raj Patel as Maitreya, or the Original Egghead Maitreya?

But anyway, I thought it was interesting that they keep pushing this Raj Patel. And I did a Bible Code on him. You could see it at hiddencodes.com. Where they're proclaiming him as Maitreya. And this Raj Patel is an autocrat pawn. And, you know, they're trying to set him up as the coming Maitreya. Now whether Benjamin Creme accepts this guy or not, I don't know. Because the original Maitreya, I have pictures of on my websites: www.sherryshriner.com, www.sherrytalkradio.com, www.thewatcherfiles.com. He's an egghead. The orginal Maitreya, they have pictures of him in Kenya, when he visited Kenya in 1976, and he wears one of those turbans on his head. He's a sheik. The original Maitreya is a sheik. He's Arab, he's Muslim. He's going to come as the great world teacher. The Muslims will embrace him as their 12th Imam. And he wants the Christians to embrace him as Jesus, which is never gonna happen, which is why they're gonna have to bring in Sananda for that.

But anyway, he's the original. And the way I can tell them apart in the Bible Codes is because Raj Patel is always considered like, the autocrat, and the original Maitreya is considered the egghead. [laughs] Because he has the long, elongated head. If you look at previous Egyptians that used to live here, they were very tall, very skinny, had the big eggheads, the elongated heads. And that's pretty much what Maitreya has. He has this egghead. And so, if he doesn't arrrive, it's not him, then he's not the original, because the egghead Maitreya is the original. He's the original. He's the one who's having all these problems because of all the orgone we have out.

His ship is the one we've caught on fire with the orgone. If you look up at the sky at night, 30 degrees above horizon you'll see Shema. And it's yellow. Sometimes they turn on all the lights and it looks white, but they can't hold that facade for very long. And then other nights when you see it, it's very yellow, it's on fire, it's red. And the orgone has been able to rupture it and set it on fire. And it's not just a metallic ship to where it would burn in a day and fall. This Shema, this actual starship, is a huge moon. It literally is just a huge rock. It's not just a metal ship. It's a huge rock, it's a moon. And it's on fire. And eventually it's going to crash to Earth. And we've been trying to figure out when it would crash to Earth. I've told you I think it will crash and hit the Great Lakes I don't know when. I know we caught it on fire in October of last year.

This is the one with the egghead. This is Maitreya the Egghead's starship. And this was the star that the New Agers were going to use to announce his arrival. They were trying to mimic the Star of Bethlehem and use this star to announce his arrival. Kind of taken that route away from them. So it'll be interesting to see which route that they use. I've always told you that they plan different routes. And if Plan A doesn't work, then they'll jump to Plan B. And Plan A is the egghead Maitreya. But if he is seriously as impaled as I think he is, because of a lot of the orgone burning and killing a lot of his forces, could be affecting him as well, then they would have to go to the backup plan which would be someone like a Raj Patel. Now there's also other people in the background ready to step up and claim that they're Maitreya because they've been training, they've been holding New Age classes [laughs], they have New Age followings. There's other Maitreyas in the background. You know, people claiming they're Maitreya. But I think the forefront here, if the egghead can't arrive, it's going to be Raj Patel. Just a heads up really. I mean, they're both beasts as far as I'm concerned. But just keeping you up to date on what their plans are.

Antidepressants Formulated to Alter Your Mind and Your DNA

Another thought about a lot of these antidepressants they're pushing. Stay away from them, folks. I never even thought about it, but these mind-altering drugs: Paxil and Xanax and all them that just put you to basic zombieland, when you don't think and feel about anything, you're just kind of passive-aggressive, I don't know how you would describe it. But people that are on these antidepressants to calm them down and basically numb them. Very well could be used to actually, not just alter their mind, but change their DNAs. Because we know that's the main goal in vaccinations besides killing people, and making them sick, and giving them time-delayed cancers and tumors, so they'll be sure to die before they hit 60 and collect social security. It's called the government's early retirement program, and it starts when you're born. You don't leave the hospital without your first vaccination of some kind. That's the government's retirement program. But they want to tweak your DNA. They want to change your DNA.

The Lord Shut of 10 or 12 Strands of Human DNA for a Reason

Another dangerous aspect of it is because your human DNA is what you're born with. And these fallen angels that seek to destroy mankind, they want to change your DNA. And they're trying to undo what the Lord did at the garden of Eden, just as they're trying to undo the tower of Babel judgments with the New World Order. They're trying to undo the garden of Eden with vaccinations and tweaking your DNA. They say we were born with 12 or 14, or however many it is, codons of DNA [a character, or group of characters, in the genetic code carried by the living cell, which directs the formation of a particular amino-acid -- definition from Dictionary of Difficult Words]. And when Adam and Eve fell, the Lord shut off 10 or 12 strands of the DNA. There's only 2 left. Basically what we work with now is 2. Everybody has 2 strands of DNA. And what they want to do is turn those other ones on that the Lord turned off. Trying to undo what He did.

He did it for a reason. Adam and Eve's bodies had to be changed, after the fall, to be able to survive on this Earth. They didn't necessarily need food for survival before then. After the fall, they did. I would love to have experienced the garden of Eden before because some of the earlier Jewish writings kind of hint that Adam could talk to the animals. That they all talked. Animals talk to each other. They didn't have telepathy that they have now. They could just talk to each other. And also that Adam could fly. Wouldn't you love that? Wouldn't you love just to be able to fly? He had direct communication with the Most High. He could pronounce a word (I don't know what it is) and -- it wouldn't be any good now because that access door would be closed, but he could say a word and be in heaven with the Lord. Some of this stuff's very fascinating...the things he was capable of doing before he fell then kind of got stuck in a human body because all that ability was taken away from him. Those parts of his DNA were shut off and he literally became a captive to Earth.

We're Prisoners on Earth, Cattle for Satan, Food for the Locusts

And I often see in the Bible Codes how we're termed as captives, as prisoners. I've often wondered what that means because being born on Earth's the only thing I know. Some prisoner because I'm stuck to Earth? So that's interesting. Why am I a prisoner because I'm on Earth? Because at one point we weren't stuck here, we were able to leave. But know we're stuck here. And, unfortunately, we've become cattle for Satan. They view us as cattle because we're their food source. When man fell, Satan was also cursed. And I know the churches go on this rampage about him being turned into a snake and having to live on the dust of the ground. They have such imagery, but they can't figure out that it's all symbolic and really has deeper meanings to it. You know what? The dust of the ground is people. We're ofen referred to as the dust of the ground. Basically, in a sense, Satan, part of his judgment in Genesis 3:15 was that he would be dependent on the dust of the ground for survival. Which means we're his food source, in a nutshell. That's why they can't leave Earth or go too far away. They have to have access to Earth because we're their food source.

And, what do you think's gonna happen when the Locusts are unleashed, Revelation chapter 9, and they come to Earth? It's Giants. They're gonna act like locusts. They're gonna behave like locusts. They're going to come in swarms, and behave like a huge swarm, and eat everything in their grasp. That's what locusts do. And that's what these packs of Giants are going to do. And they're coming. Because one of the things that interested me when I was looking at September, was I saw the term "swarming." And, swarming can be literal. Like something is "swarming" us. Or it can also be symbolic for like, a swarm, which is another term for community. And so you always have to pick apart and analyze everything you see in the Codes. And so, I don't know if they're swarming us in September, or it's talking about their communities. Their own communities. Something to do with their own communities. But it seems to be talking about poison.

It's a Dual War: Poison - Plague - Killing - Termination

Just some of the dominant terms I see coming: "poison - plague - killing - termination." And it's a dual-sided war. We're killing and poisoning them with the orgone because positive energy burns them. It's like they're vampires. You know how vampires, they can't take the sun, it burns them. Well, when aliens come into contact with orgone energy, positive energy, it burns them. It's kind of like the same reactions vampires get when they hit the sunlight. At the same time, they're poisoning us. They're filling our clouds with toxins and poisons. And also using chemtrails to poison our air. And they're poisoning our water. And they're poisoning our foods. And so, it's a dual war, folks. It's a dual war. We're poisoning them. They're poisoning us. It's a dual war. And so, I have to take these into account when I try to see what's coming up in the Bible Codes, because there's a lot of victories on both sides. There's a lot of us dying. And there's a lot of them dying. It's just always a war, folks. It's always a war.


Gonna take some calls. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648. Let's see what's going on in listenerland.

Do You Have Anymore Insight on the Robotoid Force Coming?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, Sherry, how you doing?

SHERRY: Good, how are you?

CALLER: Oh, I'm OK. It's Ron L. from Pittsburgh.

SHERRY: Oh, hey, Pittsburgh. OK.

CALLER: [laughs] I had a question to ask last time. It was about three or four shows ago. You talked about a reptoid [robotoid] type of force in the Bible Codes and stuff. And since you did that, I started researching on them. And I just start seeing different robots that the government has. Robot dogs and all types of crazy stuff.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: And, I make my own little comic books and stuff. I try to find a way to put this out, so I was calling to see if you had anymore insight on that. Because that's about as far as I got with the 50-foot robots in the exoskeleton suits.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: The robotoids? You know what? The best one who depicts all this stuff -- people think I'm crazy, but George Lucas made billions off of it...the Star Wars series.

CALLER: Yeah, I've been hearing a lot, like Masonic type of stuff is in there.

SHERRY: Yeah, well, there is. Yeah, but his Return of the Robotoids...he has some kind of -- one of them, Star Wars whatever, whatever number it is, has an army of robotoids.

CALLER: Oh, Attack of the Clones. I know what you're talking about. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. And that's what it basically is. That's what they're doing. They're making these clones. And, that way demonic and alien beings can have bodies. They take these bodies of these clones and use them. Or they can be controlled by chip implants.

Nanobots That Take Out All the Parts of Your Brain That Make You Human

CALLER: Yeah, I've also heard a little bit about the chip implants. I remember one time you were talking about zombies. And it was actually like, I heard what you were saying about these nanobots inside of the shots and stuff. They were talking about this one where it would like, take out all of the parts of your brain that makes you human, and you'll be some sort of type of like hive-type mind drone type of person.

SHERRY: Right, they're giving you lobotomies. You're self-lobotomizing yourself by taking vaccines. Because they're taking out the very essence of what humanity is...your emotions. And they're taking those and just kind of like, just tying them up and chaining them so you no longer have anymore emotions, you're just a zombie. You're just lobotomizing yourself. You ever see these guys walking around in mental institutions on TV and movies? Where they're just blank face, lights are on no one's home.

CALLER: [laughs] Yeah.

SHERRY: That's basically what they're trying to do to humanity.

CALLER: Oh, wow! All right. I think that's it for my question. You kind of summed it up there. I'm good now. [laughs]

SHERRY: All right, well, good luck with the comic books. [laughs]

CALLER: Oh, thank you!

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Catch you later. Bye!

The Lord uses many people in various ways. If you have a question for the show, folks, just call in at 877-245-5648. Be here for another fifteen minutes. Yeah. Star Wars series. One of the best info-tellers there was. And is. And, can learn a lot just by watching it.

FDA Approved Cloned Meat from the DNA in Dead Cows

Another thing I stumbled on today. And if this doesn't make you gag, I don't know what will. But they are going to use the DNA from dead cows to produce cloned cows. So they can use their meat. And this isn't something that they're gonna do. They're already doing it. And it makes you wonder if it wasn't this type of beef that was recalled last week. Remember I warned there was a Salmonella outbreak coming out. And shortly before the Salmonella outbreak last month, they recalled a million and a half pounds of beef because it was contaminated. Folks, it's already entering the food supply in this country and in Britain. Cloned beef. From dead cows. And this is what the FDA has already approved to be sold in our grocery stores. If that isn't enough to make everybody stop buying beef [laughs] I don't know what is.

Something Sinister Going on in McDonald's Meat?

It's like now you have to second guess everytime you're eating fast food. Something very hideous about McDonald's fast food and I think the Lord's been trying to grab my attention to it for MONTHS. And somebody actually posted a YouTube video on my site where they admit it. This Jewish rabbi working for the Illuminati branch. Where McDonald's is feeding you human beef. In other words, they're cannibalizing, chopping up human beef and putting it in their hamburger meat in the McDonald's chains. And, just something that makes you go, "What? Are they really doing that?" I would love for somebody just to take that hamburger meat and have it tested and see if it's human meat. It definitely has my interest and curiousity. I can't say, "Hey, this is what they're doing." The rabbi said it was what they were doing. But, we need some proof. We need some evidence that, "Hey, this was tested. And they are chopping up human meat and putting it in McDonald's food and McDonald's beef."

Frankenfood: Another Way They're Contaminating Our Food Supply

But here we have their own admission that they're cloning dead cows and using it to create beef. Supposedly the thinking goes like this: OK, you have a large number of cows. And you slaughter them and you chop them into steaks. And then these steaks are tested for flavors, textures, and other qualities that are important to make them taste good. And then the source of each animal, of the steak, is recorded. And cells from that cow that the good steaks came from are preserved for possible cloning. So if the steak from that dead cow ends up being really good, then they can take the cells from that dead cow that they preserved and clone another cow just like him, so that they have the similar steak from the real cow had. [laughs] I mean, it's just sick. That's just sick.

So cloned cows, pigs, chickens...they're already doing it, folks. They're already doing it. We're eating cloned beef. They're calling it Frankenfood. And this is going on in the USA and the UK. Frankenfoods. That's just nasty. Anyway, another reason to just be careful. Because they don't have to label it. They don't have to label that the meat you're buying was cloned. You just buy the meat. You think it's OK, it's FDA [US Food and Drug Administration] approved. And who have I been telling you for years is the FDA? A bunch of Lizard freaks. Just another way they're contaminating our food supply so we're gonna have nothing to eat but the very food we grow ourselves.

Hearing Air Raids in Their Spirits and a UFO Dream

SHERRY: Hello, listener. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response, but hear radio in background]

SHERRY: Hello, listener. Hello?

CALLER: [no response, but hear noises in background]

SHERRY: I hear you. [laughs] You have a question for the show?

CALLER: [no response, but hear radio and noises in background]

SHERRY: I'm gonna hang up.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?



SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: I wanted to share something with you -- hello?


CALLER: I wanted to share something with you. At church...at church -- hello?

SHERRY: You want to turn your computer down?

CALLER: Yeah, that's what's causing the confusion. [turns volume down] Sorry about that. Our pastor said something about hearing of air raids going on. And there's like several people, several prophets and things like that have heard these air raids. And they thought that they were actually happening. But they found out it was just going on in the spirit. And just wanted to share that with you. And the other thing was, in connection with that, I had a dream about -- I don't know what this first part means. There was this park and then there was this stickball game. And then it ended. And as we were walking back, all of a sudden, this UFO broke out of this lake. I don't know if it hit something, or something it was covered in and it broke out of. And then it was hidden, and then all of a sudden you could see all the lights. And all the people that were there, that were walking back were completely captivated by it. And knowing what I knew about UFOs, I just kept on walking. [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. Run.

CALLER: [laughs] What's that?

SHERRY: Said, run.

Could There Be an Air Raid That Comes from Under the Earth?

CALLER: Yeah. So my question is something happening under the earth in regards to these UFOs. Could there be an air raid that comes from under the earth. Trying to put this all together of what might be happening there.

SHERRY: Well, they're under our Earth, they're above our Earth. They have water bases. They have bases under the water. They have bases in our mountains. They have bases in both poles [North and South Poles]. They're everywhere.

CALLER: I didn't know that.

SHERRY: They're everywhere. And then, they have bases on planets and moons and stars. They have bases everywhere. That's one thing most people don't get is they're as much in our Earth as they are above.

CALLER: That's what I got in the dream. This wasn't night and everything where you can just see the lights and stuff. But it just seemed like maybe there was a connection with the Gulf and how that there's something that opened up, and then through that opening that these UFOs were able to now break out, so to say.

BP Actually Creating Biogenetically Engineered Creatures in the Gulf?

SHERRY: They've always been able to break out. People are trying to put connections of creatures in the Gulf coming out now. There's photographed creatures inside the Gulf. That BP was actually working on some kind of biogenetic engineering under the water. And they have these creatures ready to be birthed out of the artificial wombs that they were in on the ocean floor.

CALLER: Man! [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. Some really freaky stuff going on. But that's what they've always done. Satan's been working alongside our government and militaries for years bioengineering and using space stations and our ocean floors and joint human and alien bases, for all this stuff.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And so, eventually, like I've said, the invasions are coming. They're coming. Not just from space.

CALLER: That's what I got from that dream. That there was gonna be a UF emergence from under the sea. Like how the Beast rising up out of the sea in Revelation 13.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: Behind the scenes is about to break forth into the scenes.

SHERRY: Yeah and beast rising out of the sea, the churches teach you that it's symbolic, that it just means a man rising up out of the populations, the Gentile nations, but it can also be used as literal in some ways as well. If often see "sailor" in the Bible Codes in relation to one of the Beasts and so I find that amusing, because John refers to him as the Beast rising up out of the sea and then you see terms relating to a sailor.

Could the Air Raids They're Hearing Be Associated with UFOs?

CALLER: That is interesting. This whole thing about these air raids that they're listening to, it sounds like very well could be associated with UFOs versus a military attack.

SHERRY: We're not like some of these countries -- like when Israel booms an air raid, the entire country hears it. Our country is so huge that if an air raid goes off 50 miles from here, I'm not gonna hear it.


SHERRY: Do you hear air raids? If you have a volunteer fire department like we do, and the air noise alert goes off for the firemen to come up to the station or whatever, it only lasts for a few seconds. People 20 miles away aren't gonna hear it. 30 miles away. And our country doesn't have a system set up to where they can alert everybody that bombs are coming in or whatever. We don't have that kind of a system here. America doesn't have it.

CALLER: 'Cause we think we're untouchable type of thing.

SHERRY: Well, they don't care. All the elite has their bases under -- and they're gonna be all protected. They don't care about everybody else. Duke it out on your own. There's some countries that do have air raid systems, so all the citizens can find shelter and hide, but America's not one of them.

CALLER: Wooow! That's really interesting. Huh! OK. Well, I thought I'd just share that with you and see what your thoughts were on it. It just seemed to line up with the dream that I had. Now you're confirming what I was interpreting...that these things were coming up out of the ocean.

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs] Yeah. Somethings you can't explain, but you can try.


SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right. God bless.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.


Why Would This Nation Elect an Arab President When We Been at War with Arabs?

Yeah. America doesn't want to be too known for caring anything about its people. Especially when you've got a Muslim murderer president ready to just destroy America. And that's exactly what he's doing. Doing his job. I mean, what do you expect, folks? When you go to war -- we been at war since '91 with the Arabs and then you elect an Arab, who's loyal to the Arabs, as your president? How stupid are you? You deserve everything you get. And so, everything [laughs] he's doing to America, how can you say you didn't ask for it? You don't deserve it? How can you say, when you elect the enemy as your president? I mean, how stupid are we as a nation? Give me a break. We've been at war with the Arabs for 20 years, and then you elect an Arab as your president. What ever happened to the good ole USA flag during press conferences? He doesn't even stand in front of the flag. He stands in front of a Middle Eastern yellow background. On the other side of it is probably a moon, the crescent...the whole Islam symbol. Kind of sickening. Know it makes ME gag.

Quebec in Bible Codes - A Satanic Stronghold That Needs Orgone

If you have a question for the chat room, I'll jump in for a second. See what's going on in the chat room. It's hopping. Got about 54 people in here right now. Someone mentioning Quebec. Interesting I saw Quebec in the Bible Codes. Just the one I'm working on, started earlier today, mentioned Quebec. And seems like one of the strongholds in Canada. We need to get the orgone out around Quebec, because it's one of their strongholds is Quebec. We chased them out of Salt Lake City and they went to Quebec. I do apologize for that. [laughs] I can't control where they go [laughs], but I had to chase them out of Salt Lake City. The Capricorn, that huge cigar ship people saw down in Texas last year? That used to be the one, probably the one, I'm gonna say, because I know there's probably more than one. But it's about a mile long, mile wide, whatever. Looks like a cigar. That used to hover above Salt Lake City. It was like its permanent place to live. And so, I went on a mission to Salt Lake City and orgoned that whole place and it drove it out of there because they can't coexist in areas with orgone, because the orgone eats away the metal of their ships and it burns them and causes them to crash. And so, they have to leave orgoned areas. And so, it's been over to Rome since then. Took a little tour down to Texas last year and got seen by a lot of people.

What Was Obama Doing in Los Angeles Today?

[Question from the chat room] Obama was here in Los Angeles today. What do you think he's doing here? [Sherry] He's there for a fundraiser. What'll be fun is he comes to Columbus in a week or two. We'll certainly be ready for him. We already are. [laughs] Come on to Columbus, Ohio. I want him to feel welcome whenever he comes to any part of Ohio. [laughs] Get the orgone out, folks. Let's see how bad he squirms. How tight he can hold his nose because the odor of orgone -- for some reason it has an odor to evil beings. It's like a really nauseating stench to them and they can't handle it. And it also gets them very aggravated, aggitated. It makes them burn, sweat. Interesting to watch their reactions around orgone-saturated areas.

September 10th and 11th Something Prophetic Could Finally Happen

Next week I'll just be talking about more of what I see in the Codes for the coming month of September. But like I've said, September 10th and 11th looks like it could be interesting. Like something could finally happen. We could finally get going on the prophetic timeline here with things happening.

A Lot of Plagues Coming - Build Up Your Immune System

At the same time, folks, build your immune systems up. I like MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement. Go to www.mmsdr.com. And one thing we need to be doing especially right now is building up your immune systems. A lot of plagues coming. Don't relax for a minute thinking that everything's gonna be fine, the Swine Flu just proved to be a hoax, it was everything we said it was, and now you can go to sleep. Because they're coming back with more stuff, and we're gonna have a really toxic winter.

Somebody Go Get a McDonald's Burger Lab-Tested for Human DNA

They're not gonna let up on their poisons, so you need to build up your immune system so you can stay healthy. Especially with cloned beef and chicken that we're eating. Might want to consider lining up with farmers who can sell you fresh meat, or just not even eating meat, because it's getting so bad. Anyway, somebody out there get access to a McDonald's Big Mac and send it to a lab for me and tell me if that's real meat. [laughs] Let me know if that's real hamburger meat McDonald's is selling. I'd really like to know. So, if somebody wants to do that, Lord leads you to do that, that'd be interesting.

Anyway, be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Whatever else the Lord has me talk about.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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