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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
August 30, 2010

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night, August 30, 2010. If you have a question for the show -- the phone lines have been lighting up since before I had even started. You can call in at 877-245-5648. And those of you who are sitting on the lines, you can sit there a little bit, 'cause I'm not gonna answer questions right away. Few things to talk about I want to get out of the way.

Sherry's Been Busy - September's the Dominant Month for the False Messiah to Arrive

Been doing a lot of work in the Codes this week and people on the lists and on Facebook and everywhere wanting to know where I'm at, I'm quiet. Folks, I'm just overwhelmed. I have so much to do right now. And this is September (going to be). And typically one of the busiest months of the year. Not just because school's starting back, and when you have a herd of kids like I do, that tends to be overwhelming. But also in their plans. September plays a prominent month. And I've been warning you about that for years. That September is the dominant month for them to bring in their false Messiah. And if September comes and goes, that means we've got November, December. We've got the other four months, their play months. And we begin next year. March, May, July, September; always the most dominant months in the Bible Codes.

If You're Not One of the 144,000 and Taken, You'll Be on Earth for a Lot of Destruction

And I know a lot of you don't want to hear about next year 'cause you don't want to be here next year. And, truth of the matter is, if you're not one of the 144,000 and taken, then you're gonna be here on Earth for a lot of destruction. I've been shaking my head and warning people for years about Obama. Even back in the races. Oh, heck, I can remember back when Bush was running. And I was so new to the whole thing, just being able to be used by the Lord to stand up and speak for him. And I just wanted everybody to wake up and realize that Bush was a Satanist. And they didn't embrace that either. I was kicked out of every Chrisitian group I was on [laughs], because none of the Christians, none of these Christian lists on Yahoo! could even think of the idea that Bush was a Satanist, let alone look at the facts. Christians look at facts later. They always have their preformed opinions first, and then they have what their pastor says, and then they have what their husband says. [laughs] It's crazy. People just do not think for themselves. It boggles the mind. But we've come a long way since then. Because a lot of Christians have started to wake up since then.

And now, we have a cloned Lizard as president, and I still get the same humdrum. But not on my list, because what happened was, when all the Christians united against me and hated me, banned me off their lists ten years ago, I started my own. And those lists are my home, and they're the Lord's home, and that's where we speak the truth. And if people don't want to hear it, they're shown the door. They can leave. They don't have to listen to what I have to say. They can leave. They're shown the door if they're rude. That's just how it is.

Most People Are Here to Be Refined through the Fire

I have my own place, my own house, and hopefully it's pleasing to the Lord. I see it in the Codes all the time, the Internet and the orgone list, and my lists online, their groups online, and it's a forever-battle. It's a forever-battle. And don't think for one second that Satan doesn't know the power of the Internet, because he uses it every day. Who do you think we got the technology from? Al Gore...was he really just being arrogant in proclaiming, "I invented the Internet," or was he just channeling a demon that did? These are high, top politicians. They're gonna have the cream of the crop of Satan's possessing all of them, don't you think? And he does. He has his generals that possess these people. And now you just look at him and they're just beyond possessed. They're soul-scalped. They're not even there anymore. With some you can see the little transformation over the years. With others it just hits you right away.

You get over the shock value after a while. Especially if you've been spending a lot of time reading my websites, listening to this radio show. Nothing will shock you anymore. You just kind of get over it, because when you realize that everything that you've learned, everything that you see, is a lie, then it's much easier to keep on going and grasping what the truth is. And I'm not saying it's easy. It's not easy. But it's either that or keep your head stuck in the sand. That's where most people like to be and where most people are. And that's why there's only 144,000 taken off the earth. Because the others are put here to be refined. Refined through the fire.

Is Obama a Muslim or Not?

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research in the Codes this week. And when you see things a thousand times, does that mean it's not true, or you just need one more thousand to knock it it through your head and turn the light bulb on? I was on the right track years ago warning people that Obama was a Muslim. You can go on the Internet, and you can do a search on Obama as a Muslim. And you can get a lot of sites saying he is, and a lot of sites saying he isn't. And then you see the old Illuminati play-both-sides going on, because they play both sides, folks. Every war that's ever been fought on Earth, they've been involved on both sides. That way they can control the outcome depending on who wins. They don't care who wins, they just want to control the outcomes. They want to be the ones behind it. And they do control everything. If side A wins, this happens. If side B wins, this happens. You just go down different routes. That's the way they see it. But they're always ultimately in charge of all the routes being taken. They control everything.

Obama Is a CIA Creation with Multiple Names and Multiple Social Security Numbers

And so, if you try to piece Obama together, you're gonna run into one rabbit trail after the next, and one closed door after the next, because he's a CIA creation. How do you put together a cloned being that has over a hundred social security numbers, probably a hundred aliases. How many names does one person need? Usually when you have multiple names and aliases you're trying to hide something. You're usually just trying to hide something. Or maybe you just don't like your name and you want to use a different one, fine. But most people, one change of a name is suffice. Why does he have so many names? Why so many social security numbers, of dead people at that? Because he's a CIA creation. And who is the CIA? Is it the Central Intelligence Agency? That's the general thought. That they're America's intelligence agency. But I see something much different. When I look in the Bible Codes, I see the CIA and our entire government is nothing but a alien creation.

And so, very time-consuming to dig through all the puddles that are created by them. People can't grasp it, but our government, our churches, our entertainment is all controlled by outside entities. Satan never left the earth. His judgment, after the first rebellion against the Lord, was just set aside delayed. Because the Lord's using him now. He uses him to test people of the earth. Who will they follow? Because we're all given free will, and so you must make a choice who you will follow: God or Satan.

The Bible Tells Us that Angels Procreate, but the Churches Tell Us They Don't

But Satan's never left. He watches closely. And he rules over the earth through bureaucracies that he creates. And I'm not talking about our own bureaucracies, I'm talking about bureaucracies in factions. Within all these different alien factions, these fallen angels that have been created over the thousands of years. There's many of them. They don't die. How long does an alien live? Seven hundred, nine hundred years? They have offspring, and they have offspring, and they have offspring.

One of the biggest lies that the churches misunderstood and teach is that angels can't procreate. Because the Bible will tell you right there, Genesis 6:4, itself, that that's wrong. Angels fell before the flood and after the [flood] and what were they doing? What made them fall? They were procreating with human women. So, duh! Angels...they do have ability to procreate. And not just with human women, but with fellow angels.

Angels Have Free Will to Stay with God or to Reject Him and Leave

And so we have all these different factions of alien worlds around us. We have [Andromedans], the Arcturians, all these different factions you hear about. Because they're real. They exist. Maybe not in the ways we think they do. And they often lie to prop themselves up as beings they aren't. They all want you to think they're nice, they're good beings. They want to help earthlings. [laughs] They all have their own goals for Earth, folks. If they weren't fallen beings, then they wouldn't be terrestrial beings. They would be celestial beings. They would be angels in heaven. Not these terrestrial beings. And that's the big connotation. The celestial beings are angels in heaven in good standing with the Most High.

If you're a terrestrial being, you've been kicked out of heaven. That's the biggest difference right there. You've been kicked out. You've left heaven, you've been banned. Angels have free will, folks. They don't have to stay in heaven, they can leave. But when they do, they give up their celestial rank for a much lower terrestrial rank. And so those are the ones we're dealing with. We deal with the terrestrials. They want us to believe they're good angels, but they're not. They want us to believe that they have Earth's interests at their hearts. They don't. They all just want to push their agenda. Yeah, some of them hate the New World Order (so what?), because they want to implement their own agenda. [laughs]

The Lord Says These "Nice" Alien Beings Will Eventually Turn on Humans

Years ago I was approached -- there's this group Comm 3, I believe it was called, and it was half-human, half-nice-aliens [laughs] helping Earth. [laughs] I just have to laugh when I think about it. These nice aliens who want to help Earth, help mankind, help us destroy the New World Order. And so, they've aligned with patriots around America, possibly around the world. It's a huge group of them and they're all fighting to destroy the New World Order. And that sounds all good, but you know what the Lord said? He said no, because when the time comes, those very aliens (these aren't His exact words), these very beings will turn on the humans they're working with. They'll turn on them.

And so, it's just a controlled opposition, folks. And if you've been following the New World Order agenda long enough, you learn what these terms mean. You put people in positions, you raise up opposition so you can control it. That's the part a lot of these friendly aliens play. And then a lot of them just play the role because they really don't like the New World Order and they want to change Earth into their own place, their own agenda. They have their own plans for the earth.

There Are Lots of People Who Are Not Ready for the Meat of Truth

And so, if you seek the Lord on these things, He's gonna tell you to stay away, stay away from them. And He is the one I've gotten all my knowledge from over the years, dealing with humans, and subhumans, and soul-scalped humans, and possessed humans. I think my discernment's pretty good. And when I doubt it, I have a question, I just ask the Lord. It's very simple, folks. It's a journey. It's a process. But you learn so much. There's a lot of things that I'll take my time to speak about on the Internet. There's just a lot of things that I just deal with. And if the Lord wants me to speak about something, I will. And if He doesn't, I don't. And so, that's really, when it comes down to push being shoved to push -- is knowing when to speak and when to shut up. [laughs] Sometimes people just aren't ready for the meat.

I have a lot of people that are just sucking on milk and think they know it all. They're ready for the games. They're ripe to be played by the games. And I've seen so many people that jump into the truth and they want to learn the truth, and then Satan starts playing with them. He starts playing his games and they fall for his games. And they end up 100 feet backwards in the wrong direction than the one they were originally in. They were heading into the truth and ended up apostate and a hundred feet backwards. And I see that a lot.

As a CIA Creation, Obama's Job Is to Destroy America

Anyway, folks, back to what I was talking about. For all of you who've had questions and doubts about Obama, be comfortable in your cynicisms towards him. [laughs] Be very comfortable, because his job is to destroy America. That's his job. And he's a creation of the CIA.

Let me tell you the terms I see in the Bible Codes in regards to Obama. He's a Lizard. He's referred to as a Lizard. He's referred to as an Egyptian, a sheik, an animal, and a ally of the Buffalo. And he's all these things. I warned he was a Lizard, because he is. I warned that he's an Egyptian. It's because you have this -- I think it was an Alex Jones YouTube put out between Osama [Bin Laden] and Obama. Well, that's a different one. But Osama always comes up with him, too. [laughs] That one he can keep, too.

There's Seems to Be a DNA Connection Between Obama and Pharaoh Akhenaten

Talking about the Egyptian video, [Akhenaten], where some claimed that he had a lot of characteristics -- him and his wife and his two kids -- and a lot of symbolisms with this ancient pharaoh, [Akhenaten]. And I have that on my website www.thewatcherfiles.com. And, I'll tell you what. It's not going off. I'll never take it off, because I always see the term "Egyptian" in the Codes in regards to Obama. And it's not because there's a YouTube video about him. It's because there's a connection, there is a tie. And if that YouTube video is the truth, then there IS a DNA connection between Obama and [Akhenaten].

Obama - A Radical Muslim Who Won't Recite the Pledge of Allegiance?

See, he's just a body. I'm sure, 45 years ago a Barry Saetoro was born, but they've done away with him, wherever he is now. Probably changed his name and he's living somewhere else, doesn't even know who he is. But the person who's taken his place, this Barack Obama, he's not one of us. He's not one of us. You look at the websites on the Internet. Is Barack Obama -- is it true that he's a radical Muslim who won't recite the Pledge of Allegiance? Yeah, that's true. Now because of snopes[.com] and everyone else -- you go to these setup guru sites, where they want you to -- they set themselves up as the Internet police.

People Can Be Wrong, but You Can't Fool the Bible Codes

I wouldn't trust them anymore than I would spending my time writing to Dear Abby for an answer [Dear Abby - a syndicated newspaper advice column]. [laughs] I wouldn't trust them anymore, because websites can be wrong. People's opinions, and suppositions, and analyzings can be wrong. But the Bible Codes you can't fool. Can't fool the Bible Codes. And the Bible Codes will tell you he's a sheik. He's a Muslim.

Obama Hides and Displays His Muslim Faith at the Same Time

Now why does he play both sides? Because that's what they do. That's what they do. If you look at him, he doesn't make any sense. But I started noticing this back in the Bush administration...they do one thing, but go down the route of another. And nobody does this better than Obama. If you look at his cabinet, the first thing he wanted to do was make people comfortable with him because of all the rumors and conspiracy theories about him being a Muslim. He had to hide that. And so, he puts all these Jews in his cabinet. Meanwhile, the flag comes down during press conferences. And you have this Muslim gold background, this puke background. And you always have the symbols around him of Islam. But, you have a Jewish cabinet. Hello? [laughs] And that's why they do that. To keep people confused. So people can't peg which side he's on. So that people can't say, "No, he's a Christian. No, he's a Muslim."

Homosexuality Behind the Scenes in Obama's Chicago Church

We're looking at a guy who's lived in three Muslim-dominated countries, attended a Muslim seminary for four years, father was a Muslim, a mother and her family who had deep ties to the CIA. And he claims he attended a church in Chicago. We've all heard the stories. But it ends up that this church in Chicago has been nothing more than a matchmaking service for homosexuals. That Obama has ties to Chicago gay clubs through the church, and has relationships with gay men and gay liasons in Chicago.

Obama, like the False Apostle Paul, Is All Things to All People

The Muslims consider him secular. A secular Muslim. Because he drinks beer, which is forbidden in Sharia law, he eats pork, which is forbidden, and he doesn't observe Ramadan. And so, the Muslims don't take him seriously as a Muslim. But then you have Christians who can't take him seriously at all. He claims to attend church -- well, his attendance was sporadic. And the ties with the gay community and that church. I mean, come on. He had other reasons for going rather than being enlightened by the word of God. And so, we have a person who you can track on either side and say he's an Arab, he's a Christian, whatever. The Jews would never accept him. The Muslims don't accept him. The Christians don't accept him. He's somebody in the middle who just plays all sides.

This is the perfect, the PERFECT, hypocritical and apostate example of what Paul preached when he said be all things to all people. That's your Paul. Your perfect example of a Pauline doctrine. And what have I been saying for years? Stay away from Paul. He was implanted by the then Illuminati. They were known back then as Mithras, the Mithraism. Today we know it as Masons. To disrupt and destroy the teachings of Yah'shua and the 12 apostles. There were 12 apostles, folks. Not 13. Matthias replaced Judas. Not Paul. Paul was number 13. Paul was never accepted as an apostle. I've been warning, for years, to stay away from that.

And now we have the PERFECT example of a Pauline doctrine in Obama, being all things to all people. Nobody can accept you for that. You have no credibility in that. He's trying to be Jewish, he's trying to be Muslim, he's trying to be Christian. And everybody rejects him. Everybody. So, interesting. What do you do with a mess like that? [laughs] I never even thought about that about Paul before, but that's so true. So true. He's a perfect example. I have a whole website, www.justgivemethetruth.com. You think I'm crazy about Paul, spend five minutes on my website. Just five minutes.

If Obama's a Christian, Why Is He So Passionate about the Islam and the Muslims?

I was looking through some other things on Obama's background and it's just a zoo. [laughs] He went to this school, he went to that school, he was in this country, and he had to have been in this country at that time, but he lied there -- and that's how you run into all the walls, because of the lies. I find it more interesting about what his future plans are, what he's revealing in his own speech. You hear him say, in the YouTube [video], that he considers it his job as a president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear. And then claim the U.S. is no longer a Christian nation. And then enlighten us all with the fact there's over 1200 mosques in America. Over 1200 targets, folks. Over 1200 mosques in America.

Egyptian - Destruction - Earth - Savage - Conversion - Islam - Beast - Destination

You know what's eye-opening to me was when I saw in the Codes this week, it was talking about Obama, and it says "Eqyptian - destruction - Earth - savage - conversion - Islam - beast - destination." His destiny is to destroy America and conquer the earth for Islam, the beast. That's what he's put in office for. That's what he was created by the CIA to do. He is going to conquer the earth for Islam. So no matter what he says and how many counterattacks they want to put out to confuse the situation, so people won't believe he's a Muslim, so they'll accept him some weird way, that he's a Christian or a Jew or whatever they claim he is. [laughs] Because he has a Jewish cabinet after all. His goal and his outright plan is to conquer the earth for Islam. And so, this is something I was warning about years ago when I saw that Islam beast route rising up. Because Islam is a beast. It's an animal. It's savagery.

If Sanada Arrives, the Jews Will Accept Him as the Conquering Messiah They've Been Expecting

When Maitreya arrives and the 12th Imam leads it, that's a whole new set of problems for the world. And he could arrive at any time. If he doesn't arrive, and we have Jesus Sananda arriving, this Esu Immanuel, this New Age Ascended Master, then we have a problem because 1.5 billion Arabs aren't gonna accept a Jewish Messiah. And the thing is, the Jews won't accept him either because...well, they might. He's going to arrive, and he's going to fulfill the prophecies the way they expected them to be fulfilled when Yahushua arrived the first time.

Think about it. Back when He arrived, two thousand-some years ago, He was born, born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth, and fulfilled all the Old Testament prophecies about Him (over 500 in the Old Testament alone) prophesying the coming of Jesus/Yahushua. And the majority in that day rejected Him because they expected a warrior-leader to come and destroy all their enemies. And he came with a message of salvation and repentance and love. And they couldn't grasp that. He wasn't what they expected. They expected a warring and conquering Messiah. They confused the prophecies. Although there were 500 prophecies in regards to Him just within the Torah and the Old Testament prophets, there were two different sets. His first coming, His second coming. And so, they expected His second-coming arrival to be His first. They took the warring and conquering one who's gonna destroy evil and destroy all their enemies, and set up His kingdom on Earth. And so, when He came as the loving, repentant -- preaching repentance, and salvation, and forgiveness they couldn't grasp that. And so, they rejected that one. They rejected him. And to this day the majority have rejected Him.

But when Sananda comes as a warring and conquering Messiah in the name of the Jews for the New Age agenda -- and I'm talking about the fake Jesus, not the real one, folks. This Sanada that's coming that's going by the name of Jesus. Now when he comes, they'll accept him. They're gonna like him. He's gonna fulfill more of the role that they expected.

Clash of the Beasts = Clash of the Religions

And so, you could almost see, depending on which route he's taking, a total clash between Islam and Christianity. It would be the Christians and the Jews against Islam. And it would literally be a battle that would overtake this entire earth if it was to go full extreme. Think about it. Both these beasts on the earth [laughs] and just one huge battle. That's a route that could be taken, folks. Well, like I've always said, we have the good Antichrist and the bad Antichrist coming.

True Bible-Believing Christians Will Be Killed Off or Put in Martial Law Camps

But either way, folks, true Bible-believing Christians are in the way. They're in the way. They don't fit in anywhere. Because Bible-believing Christians won't buy Sananda's crap. They're gonna know he's the false Messiah and they're not gonna buy it. The Jews might, in Israel. But the Christians won't, in America. And so, there's gonna be a huge division there. And so, what happens? They just go to war against the Christians in America. But the ones they don't kill off by food contaminations, and cancers and tumors, and vaccinations, they'll just put in martial law. They'll put them in FEMA camps. They're fully prepared to take out 50 million, 100 million Americans who aren't gonna go along with the New World Order.

This New World Order is the general term that comprises for complete overthrow of what we have now to a total overtaking of the earth of a new concept, a new philosophy, a new leader. Yeah. Basically what it is. Because you're either gonna have Islam viciously attacking all over the English-speaking countries, or you have a total alien takeover and they'll take everybody. So these are just different routes, folks. I throw them out there so you can expect the expected. [laughs] I would rather expect the expected than be totally in the dark and something totally unexpected come out. But at least you know the routes. At least you know the different ways that they can implement their agenda. Because right now, the one they're going is to push the Islam agenda. To push the beast agenda, Islam.

Will Obama Become Indwelled by Maitreya?

And so, interesting that the more you see Obama taking control of pushing this Islam agenda, the less you see Maitreya in the Codes. So it makes you wonder, since Obama is just a Lizard clone, if he just doesn't become indwelled by this Maitreya. And then we'll have a clash between this Maitreya and the coming Jewish Messiah, which would be Sananda. Not the real Son of God, Yahushua, folks. It would be Sananda.

And you could see a modern-day clash and battle between Obama and this Sananda coming. So that would be, probably, the route that's going to be taken because from what I keep seeing in the Bible Codes, Maitreya is about destroyed. I mean, his home ship, Shema, is destroyed. You look up at the sky at nights and you see it, 30 degrees above horizon. It's yellow, it's in flames. Sometimes they get rid of that look and turn on the white G.E. [General Electric Company] lights so it looks like it's a white star. But most of the time it's just yellow and in flames. And it has to be this huge rock because it's been on fire since October and it's still hanging in the sky. Do you know how big that thing must be? And we know it's a literal municipality in the skies because Satan, himself, has a temple there. It's a city. Have no idea how many of them inhabit this starship above the earth. It has to be in the hundreds of thousands. And it has to be just a huge rock of a place to be on fire, be visible here on Earth on fire, and still be hanging in the sky.

When Maitreya's Ship, Shema, Crashes, Chicago Will Be Destroyed as Well

Eventually, it's going to crash to the earth. Eventually. We don't know when. That's up to the Lord. That's in His hands. But it's gonna crash. And I've always thrown out a guess. Because I don't have any concrete evidence. I don't have a "thus saith the Lord" on where it's gonna crash. But I've always had it that it would crash in Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes. Or is it four. I don't even know my geography. But it's like, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Superior. And cause the destruction of Chicago when it crashes. How fitting is that? How fitting is that? That's justice. That's justice. Getting rid of two beasts. Chicago, being Obama's hometown. Shema, being Maitreya and Satan's home planet, for now. And just both being destroyed in the same time, same day. [laughs]

If Just 500 People Send $100, Then $50,000 Would Help Sherry Afford Orgone for Targeting

Been doing a lot of orgone work in Chicago. Been doing a lot of orgone work everywhere. And, just need your donations, folks, to keep it going. Twelve hundred mosques in America? That means that's 1200 places we need to hit with orgone, folks. Twelve hundred places, alone, that we need to hit with orgone. If I had [500] people send $100 bucks, that would raise $50,000 to get us the supplies and equipment we need to do a lot of this targeting that needs done.

The Lord Uses People to Execute His Judgment, So Let's Band Together with the Orgone Funds

We are the only threat on Earth stopping Satan's madness. Everybody's waiting for the Lord, Himself. And you know what? The Lord uses people. The Lord stands up people to execute His judgment. But we can't do it without the funding and support of His people. We have to band together and get this done. And we've banded together the last six years, and we've made a huge amount of headway, of success, because we're the only threat to Him.

Sitting in a Megachurch, Like Osteen's or Copeland's, Is Absolutely Zero Threat to Satan

We're the only threat. A church full of believers -- and sitting in a Joel Osteen church is absolutely zero threat to him. Or Kenneth Copeland, or any one of these monster megapastor, giant churches. Absolute zero threat to Satan. Just gonna go home the other six days of the week, live their hypocritical apostate lives, then go back to Sunday and repent. And start the cycle all over again for another week. They don't do anything for the Lord. They're talkers, they're not doers. We need doers to stand up. We need doers, folks.

Bible Codes Reveal the Orgone Warriors as Precious to the Lord

You know, you're not turned into an army, when the Lord takes 144,000 off the earth. He doesn't turn us into an army then. He takes the existing army off the earth. That total of 144,000. Ever think of that? It's an existing army. People already working together to tear down the strongholds of Satan. And that's the one thing that keeps me going. I see in the Codes how precious we are to Him. Terms that He calls us, He refers to us: "precious - orgone warriors." I don't come up with this terminology. It's things I've seen in the Bible Codes, folks. He just uses me to be His mouthpiece. To make it known.

People Are Willing to Go Out and Orgone, but We Need to Be Able to Fund Them

So we've gotta stand up, we've gotta get more done. We need funding, we need equipment, we need supplies. We have people that are willing to go out and do things. But we need to be able to fund them so that they can do them. This radio show reaches almost 170 countries around the world. Almost 170 countries. And it's pitiful how low it's funded.

I Asked the Lord How There Could Possibly Be 144,000?

I do appreciate those who do fund it, who do send in monthly checks. I do appreciate you. I love you. I know who you are, I know your names, because there's so few of you. That's the shame in the whole thing. There's so few. Sometimes I ask the Lord, "How could there possibly be 144,000?" [laughs] He reminds me I don't see a lot of it, and I don't hear from these people because that's the way He has it. He has us separated, He has us scattered. And He does that for His purposes and His reasons. And I don't argue with that. I just gripe every once in a while. He knows. He knows. And I love the Warriors I don't hear from, but I know you're sitting in your islands and your countries. And you take a lot of mockery and criticism for even listening to my shows and going to my websites. The Lord knows who you are. He knows who you are.


Anyway, I'm gonna take some callers. See what's happening. I've only got about 15 minutes left of the show. See what's happening with some of these people.

What's Your View on Glenn Beck?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry!

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: I have a few questions. I'm trying to hurry 'cause I have like, four or five. So I'll just kind of speed it along here. You don't have to go on on it. Just give me a short answer. What about Glenn Beck and that big rally? And with all his followers and stuff. Is he a doer?

SHERRY: You know what? The Lord can use different people for different things --

CALLER: You know what? Then I see -- not to interrupt you, but Sarah Palin there, and who is she? Is he trying to be a leader of some sort? And then come out of the blue from somewhere and get a bunch of followers. He is good-looking, and he seems to be wanting to do good and tell us how to get back to our values. And trying to tell us what everybody in the government's doing...covering up or doing wrong --

SHERRY: You know what? Whenever one of them --

CALLER: What's your view on him?

SHERRY: Whenever one of them starts to go down, they raise up another. And "controlled oppposition" just comes to me. And we don't like Alex Jones either, but look how much good he's done waking people up, telling them about the destructions coming. And Glenn Beck does it, too. And he has his faults as well. I think he's one of these people that attacks 9/11 conspiracies. I don't follow him enough. I don't follow anybody enough.

CALLER: I don't really either, but I think, "Well, gosh. He's never got out in public and had a rally. And that many people came. Boy, he could really be somebody that's gonna be coming up doing something, or trying to --

SHERRY: Yeah, but, you know what? A lot of times it just serves to target the patriots. Use someone like him to put a rally up and then they know who all their opposition is. And they start targeting these people. Watch these people, when they go home, the next several months how their health is, how their jobs are. Increased surveillance and harassments against them that they don't even -- they don't know where it's coming from. I think it's just a big setup. The Lord's always told us to stay away from that stuff.

CALLER: You don't think he's a good person underneath, that these --

SHERRY: Oh, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. But, you know what? The two things that I think about are controlled opposition, and the second one being, the Lord warned us to stay away from these rallys and stuff because they just use them to target the people.

CALLER: Boy, he drew a crowd, didn't he?

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, I guess. I don't know.

Do You Think That Mosque Is Going to Be Built?

CALLER: Do you think that mosque is gonna be built?

SHERRY: Oh, I don't know. They're testing opinion right now. It wouldn't surprise me, because I just did a whole show on how Obama's big thing now is to conquer the earth for Islam. I think it's exactly what I read somewhere, it would be a victory building for the Muslims. It would be like their --

Are Obama's Wife and Children Human?

CALLER: So, if Obama's not one of us, he's an alien or whatever, is his wife and children also? Are they human, or...do they know what he is, or they --

SHERRY: I don't know. I don't know. I've never really done any work on them. But if you watch that video on my website about [Akhenaten] the pharaoh and his wife, and he had two kids. And it's just identical to Obama and Michelle.

CALLER: But you haven't seen her shape-shift or hear any -- never did them in the Codes to see if they're true --

SHERRY: I don't pay much attention to her at all. No.

Can We See Planet X from the United States?

CALLER: And also...what was I gonna say? Oh, the 400-year-old volcano's been picking up a little action here.

SHERRY: They're all going to. The earth's going through some travails right now. And [laughs] with Planet X coming in closer and closer. And they attribute to Planet X --

CALLER: Can we see that from the United States? Planet X, yet?

SHERRY: Nah. You know what? It's over in the Middle East. It's over there by Israel.

CALLER: We can't be able to see it here or anything.

SHERRY: Yeah. That's gonna stay over there.

Do You See Anything in the Codes about the Hurricane?

CALLER: What do you think about the hurricane for this weekend that might hit the east coast? Do you see anything in the Codes?

SHERRY: Well, you know, it's hurricane season. Buckle up's all I can say.

Have You Heard Anything about the Gulf?

CALLER: It's always been quiet about the Gulf. And you don't hear anything about the FEMA vans, or ANYTHING. Zilch.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, you know what? Just because it's quiet, doesn't mean that there's not much happening. I just can't devote a whole show to what's going on over there.

CALLER: Yeah, I know.

SHERRY: But there's other people that do. You need to stay up on top of --

CALLER: I haven't heard anything more on it, so I just wondered if you --

SHERRY: Oh, it's still as deadly as ever. And they haven't gotten anywhere with capping that thing. It's all a lie. And they're just -- yeah, we're gonna start seeing Gulf Syndrome now. Gulf of Mexico Syndrome because of all this Corexit and poisons being sprayed on the people over there.

CALLER: Yeah, you just haven't been hearing anything.

SHERRY: I just don't have time. I only have one or two --

Why Don't They Shut Down the Internet So People Can't Hear What They're Talking About?

CALLER: I know, I know. You've got so many things and...kids and everything. Why don't they shut down the Internet if all this stuff is coming out, so other people can't hear people...what they're talking about.

SHERRY: They'll shut it down when it matters the most to them.

CALLER: Why haven't they already?

SHERRY: Once they arrive, they'll shut it down. Once the real beasts arrive, the real action starts taking place, the info will be taken out of the hands of those who are searching for it. That's when they'll start taking control and using their bullying power.

You Don't Go by Dates?

CALLER: I'm gonna watch...see what happens on the 3rd. I'm kind of curious if that earthquake is gonna happen on the 3rd this week.

SHERRY: You know what? Don't go by dates. Lord's not a date-setter and doesn't live in our linear timezone. I ignore dates.

CALLER: You don't go by that or anything.

SHERRY: No. Uh-uh. If He gave me a month, I would believe that one but [laughs] --

CALLER: I tend to think something my happen on like, the 11th, something.

SHERRY: I would think -- September 10th and 11th, even as dates in the Bible Codes, can always be interesting.

Not Too Much Going on in the Skies Over Here [in Iowa]

CALLER: I've been watching the skies over here and just haven't seen too much going on. No HAARP -- a few chemtrails. Not very many lately this week. It's been kind of --

SHERRY: There was a lot of flyovers last night. My daughter saw one over our house at 5 a.m. And somebody else in Indiana saw some UFOs flying over. There was a lot of activity last night.

CALLER: Really?

SHERRY: Yeah. I guess it just depends on where you're at.

CALLER: We just live in a quiet state, I guess. Just where there's not much going on. Probably no bases or anything. Or anything important that there's not enough to hang around in Iowa.

SHERRY: You've just gotta tick them off some more. Get some orgone out. Make them stand up and take notice. I would be worried if it was quiet here. [laughs]

CALLER: Maybe we should be, huh?

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Granny needs a lot of help. [laughs]

SHERRY: I want to be his number one enemy on Earth. And so I expect their retaliation and I get plenty of it. It just goes with the territory. But that's the price you pay. The Lord never said our lives on Earth would be rose gardens. I don't expect it to be, and it hasn't been.

Is That Radiation That Comes Out of the Chemtrails?

CALLER: Do you think in the chemtrails...is that radiation that comes out of the chemtrails, do you think?

SHERRY: It's poisons, it's barium, it's fungus, and --

CALLER: Is barium like radiation?

SHERRY: I don't know if it's a radiation or not, but it's a poison.

CALLER: After a while -- it doesn't stay around for hours, but you could tell a regular chemtrail just disappears right away, but the other ones look like they're dripping something.

SHERRY: Yeah, I would stay away from those.

CALLER: Yeah. But they don't stay around for hours. Maybe an hour, maybe.

SHERRY: Because you've got orgone in your area. You've got orgone in your area.

CALLER: They don't stay around like, an hour or two, but they might stay for half an hour or something, or --

SHERRY: You've got somebody who's got orgone in your area, because when they pile those chemtrails on places that have no orgone, they stay for hours.

People Don't Believe the Low Stars Are UFOs

CALLER: How can people not know a trail that looks like it's dripping stuff out of it?

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, they don't notice anything. They can't even see Shema --

CALLER: I know. I can't believe it. They don't look out at night. People just go to bed and --

SHERRY: [laughs] They think it's a star or a planet. They don't have any other thoughts.

CALLER: Yeah. I tried to explain to somebody about some stuff and they just like, "Right." There's a lot of low stars, they say. [laughs]

SHERRY: A deer in the headlights look. Yeah.

CALLER: There's a lot of stars out here at 30 degrees. [laughs]


CALLER: Must be a lot of them then. [laughs]

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Well, thanks. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

Our Night Sky Has Been in Total Blackout Except for One Star

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air. [silence] Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello!

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Do you hear me?


CALLER: OK. I'm calling from southwestern Pennsylvania, Sherry. And I'm going to tell you that we can count the stars at night. This has gone on for three and a half weeks. We are like, in total blackout. Except for this one star that shines like a firecracker. And I don't know if it's the same one that you're talking about.

SHERRY: It is, it is. You're in PA [Pennsylvania]. Because it hangs right between [there] and Ohio.

CALLER: OK. Well, it is like, every night. The sun shines all day and at night we have no sky. It is like someone has taken a paint and just blacked out your sky except for the one star you're talking about. And maybe, MAYBE, if you're lucky, you can see three.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Now is that not weird? It's like something's hiding behind this sky in southwestern Pennsylvania. Not just me that's noticed it. My daughters, every neighbor. I mean, there is really a serious problem here in southwestern Pennsylvania. I look and I do see that Shema star. I have binoculars, and actually see it. It's different colors. Am I correct?

SHERRY: Yeah. Because most of the time it's on fire. Other times they try to hide the fire and then shoot up the white lights.


SHERRY: Because you're southwestern PA, where you're at, you can almost just probably draw a line straight to where my area is in Ohio. [laughs] We're very close to each other, and so --

Perry Stone Did a Whole Series on Obama and the Egyptian Tutankhamun

CALLER: Another thing I wanted to tell you. I watch Perry Stone. I know that you probably don't have time, but he did a whole series on Obama and the Egyptian Tutankhamun. And they brought back film when he was going into the -- with that doctor. I actually forgot his name, but he's even on TV, Sarkowi or whatever. And he looked at Tutankhamun's picture on the outside before you enter into the tomb and he said, "Gee, that looks like me." Now this is old file from when he was in Cairo. Now, Perry Stone did a whole thing, a whole series about Obama and the Egyptians. Yes. It is true.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: It is true.

SHERRY: Well, I know it's true. I can't always prove it. I can tell you what I see in the Bible Codes and they've never let me down.

CALLER: You're right on. You're right on.

SHERRY: Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

Obama's Turning Over 22 States to the U.N. for Closing Their Borders to Illegal Aliens

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, Sherry.

SHERRY: Hello.

CALLER: Yeah. Christine from Gaithersburg, Maryland. How're you doing tonight?

SHERRY: Good. How are you?

CALLER: I'll tell you, Sherry. I've gotta pray every day to contain my anger toward Obamanor [not sure if I heard her name for him correctly].

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Now that's a name with legs, isn't it?

SHERRY: [laughs] I understand the feeling.

CALLER: That piece of crap needs to hit the pasture.


CALLER: Obamanor. God, I hate him. With a passion. There isn't a day that goes by I don't see some usurpation or some abuse of the Constitution that he's done. What about this turning over 22 states to the United Nations for closing their borders to illegal immigrants? Get a load of THAT crap.

SHERRY: We just need to stand up and fight against him. You know what? That's the only thing we CAN do.

CALLER: What's the United Nations gonna do about it? He and his henchwoman, Hillary Clinton, gave a list of so-called human rights violations that these states have committed, just for closing their borders and protecting their states.

SHERRY: Well, she's total alien. She's been totally soul-scalped. And so, what we're looking at is a battle between an alien government and surviving humans in America. Because we're like, the last handful of surviving humans left. Because there's over 20 million, 25, probably even 50 million soul-scalped and possessed humans right now amongst us --

CALLER: Egads!

SHERRY: ...let alone our entire government being against us. And so, there's a handful, maybe 200 million Americans left that are pure human that can do anything to fight back about what's going on in this country.

CALLER: Oy vey.

SHERRY: That's how dismal it's getting.

CALLER: You just have to pray against it.

SHERRY: Yeah, and we know we've gotta get the orgone out. We've gotta get orgone out. It destroys them. It burns them. It causes chaos in the ranks, amongst the ranks. They can't breathe it, it gives them asphyxia. All these terms I've seen in the Codes, it's our weapon against them, is prayer and orgone. And so, that's what we've gotta do. And, you know what? I asked the Lord the other day, I just said, "You know what? It seems so hopeless, when we have vaccinations and [SoBe] Lifewater [and other bottled waters and energy drinks contaminated with monoatomic gold], contaminated meat, and milk and cereals. Everything is poisoned, contaminated. Out to get us, out to make us sick."
You know what he said? He said, "Just keep doing what I have you doing." And what he has me doing is orgone. And so, that's the only answer we have right now. Just keep doing what he has us doing. Because there's a lot going on that we don't see.

Are "The Powers That Be" Trying to Create a Civil War on American Soil?

CALLER: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, definitely. I have an idea and I just wanna share this with you. Or just get an idea of what you think about this. As far as the mosque, now I'll tell ya, as far as these mosques going up, and our tax money is going to fund these friggin' mosques, and I'll tell ya, --

SHERRY: Oh, all over the world.

CALLER: ...if that doesn't get you fired up, your wood is wet. I'm telling ya.

SHERRY: Louisana hasn't received any funding yet from the government that was half-promised to them, but we can build mosques all over the world.

CALLER: Oh, God. But I'll tell ya, the one thing that concerns me is, now with all this there is a lot of buzz on the Internet about Islam, and about Muslims, and about the culture, and about their hateful religion and how demonic it is, which it is, of course. And people were talking like, "Yeah, let's get out our guns and kill all the Muslims," and "Yeah, yeah!"

SHERRY: [laughs] Orgone will kill them. Orgone will get them.

CALLER: Right. But they're starting to be demonized.

SHERRY: And orgone destroys the demons. And that's the way to get them. That's the way to fight them.

CALLER: You think the powers that be are trying to create a civil war here on American soil?

SHERRY: Oh, that's the plan. That's the plan. We're gonna see a total war against Islam. If it comes down between Islam and the rest of the world, yes. There's gonna be a huge civil war here in America. All right. Well, I've gotta go. I've got about 60 seconds left of the show. But thanks for calling in.

CALLER: You bet.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: All right. Good night.

I gotta wrap it up for tonight, folks. This hour has gone really quick. One of the quickest hours I've ever had in the show. But I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News and Sherry Talk Radio and all. Kind of my sillier sideshow and more fun. [laughs] A little more laid back on Thursdays. Talking about what Beast Obama is up to. I think that's just my target rally right now, is just staying on his coattails because really not much time left.

Anyway, until Thursday, until next Monday night. Yah bless, everybody.


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