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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 6, 2010

And, hello, everybody. It's Monday night, September 6, 2010. Listening to Monday Night with Sherry Shriner.

Heading Into the Hot Days of the Book of Revelation - Literally Hot

[sighs] A lot to go through tonight, so I'm just gonna [laughs] watch my screen flash [laughs] before my eyes. You know what, folks? It's one of those months. One of those weeks...days. I don't know about you but I thought September coming would make things easier. Instead it's just always one thing after the next.

Couple things I wanted to mention tonight. Browsing through e-mails, and it seems like there's a huge rabbit trail. One going towards global warming, and one going towards the ice age is imminent. And I have to think, what Bible are those people reading? Ice age? The Bible talks about having to reduce the time in the day because it's so hot. If He didn't, nobody on Earth would survive. So what does that tell you? Does that tell you people are freezing? They're burning, folks. Burning up. Hot. Heat. Not brrrr. Not cold. You know? Maybe a quick skim, if you want to call it that, to the book of Revelation, the bowl and trumpet judgments, ought to kind of be a signal to people to what kind of days we're heading into. So don't get caught up on a lot of different rabbit trails, folks.

People Have the Truth, but They Can't Grasp It

It's always nice to have the book of Revelation and the word of God, itself, as a foundation on which to base your beliefs on what future events are going to be. People want to talk about the alien, Reptilian, shape-shifting theory as just crazy and from a bunch of kooks. And they don't realize how prophetic it is. They've had the truth all along, they just couldn't grasp it. And that's the problem with a lot of people. The truth is there, they just can't grasp it. And then, when they finally do grasp it, everybody else it just way ahead of them, prepared, either psychologically, or mentally, or physically. And so, it's just taking baby steps into the big journey of truth, folks. And knowing what it is. Ask the Lord to reveal all things to you. To reveal the truth in all things to you. And always ask for discernment, 'cause always gives in measure, and so, always ask for discernment. And that way, you can gauge what the truth is and what it isn't, and have Him leading and guiding you into what the truth is in all things. Now I know some people do that and they end up off the deep end. Because you have to be careful, folks. If you start heading into a deep end, the Lord isn't gonna stick His foot out and trip you so you hit the ground and wake up. He doesn't do that. He just lets you go. He just lets you go. He lets you be in errors. He lets you go into apostasy. Why? So you'll learn. Because somewhere on your little trip towards the deep end, off the edge, you're gonna wake up and learn that you're on the wrong rabbit trail. If you keep seeking Him for the truth, He can lead you back. And He does that so we'll learn. It's just part of the growing process and the learning process.

Start Stocking Up on Water, It's Going to Disappear

[sighs] Anyway, somebody's already calling in. I'm not gonna take questions right away so might just wanna hang up and call back later. I sent a article out this week to my list on water. Kind of a subtle hint, don't you think? Water. Water, water, water. [laughs] And if you ask a lot of people what the Lord's been telling them to stock up on, He'll tell you water. He's been telling them to stock up on water. Where, others, He hasn't necessarily gotten into the water thing. I don't know. Maybe it's because I live in Carrollton, Ohio. Carrollton is situated right on top of a underground lake. Maybe I'm gonna be OK a lot longer than most people will. But the truth of the matter is, is our water is going to disappear. The Bible talks about it becoming poisoned. And if you look at the bowl and trumpet judgments, a third of what's left becomes poisoned. And that's not saying much because there's not gonna be a lot left. [sighs]

Earth Is Out of Alignment

If you look out at the night sky, folks, we have, probably a hundred planets. But in our astronomy books, in order, we have: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. And we used to have Pluto, but I think they downgraded it. They no longer call it a planet. And there's several others that they're listing now. Like a planet called Ceres, in between Mars and Jupiter. But what I want to bring your attention to on Mercury and Venus, Mars and Jupiter, and Saturn, because it's these planets that are becoming closer to the Earth. And we've always been able to see Jupiter. Every night if you look out at the moon, Jupiter's off to the right of the moon. Now if the moon isn't out, Jupiter's still there. And Venus, you'll see it right at horizon level. About 30 degrees at horizon level about 8 o'clock at night on the eastern coast. And it starts to resemble a huge orange star in the sky because it's reflecting the sun as it's setting. Venus is always right next to the sun. And so, when that one goes down, then you'll notice Jupiter in the west (or the east, I don't know), becoming much more dominant. It's usually on the opposite side of the sky as Venus.

But if you've noticed one thing, you've noticed that, "Wow. These planets are getting really low." I remember watching Jupiter about six years ago wondering what is that thing. I didn't know what it was. And it used to always be by the moon every night. And I found out years later it was Jupiter. But it used to be really high up in the sky. I can remember that. It used to be way up there. But now it seems so much lower, and so much bigger. Something's moving. Something's changing. I don't think the sky is changing, I think the Earth is. In fact, that's one of the thing's the Lord's been bringing to my mind all week. It's kind of shocking because it's one of these things that it really puts things in perspective. And how little the things of this earth, what we consider our treasures on Earth -- it puts into perspective on how little those things really mean in the scheme of things.

Our Earth is out of alignment. We're not wobbling on our axis, we're out of alignment. And this isn't something that just started happening. It's been going on for a while now. And they knew about it. And they've been preparing for it in every frantic way that they can think of. But that's man's way. That's their way. They don't have hope. They don't have Him, the Most High. They don't have redemption in Yahushua. They've never accepted His redemption. And they have no security. All they have are lies. Satan's lies of protection in the coming days. And you have to wonder if every once in a while they think, "What if Satan's lying to me?" [laughs] And then they just brush that off, and they go about their wickedness and sin. But I think deep down they know that they've put their hope in the wrong things. They just hope to have more time. More time, more time. They don't have to think about accountability and judgment coming any time soon as they enjoy all their riches and abundance on Earth.

We have hope. Hope is in Him. He is our redemption. So nothing of this earth should matter to us or take our focus off Him. Because He said to keep our thoughts on Him and build our treasures in heaven. Because He knew they would all just burn and be destroyed here on Earth. And He's told us we're not in the dark. People just brush it off and live their lives and focus on Earth. And now it's time for a reality check, folks. The moon's not in the wrong place every night. We are. The planets are right at our horizon and looking like huge stars every night. Have they moved, or have we moved? The Earth is out of alignment, folks. And that's why they're freaking out and looking for ways to get off the planet. They're building shelters on other planets and frantically looking for other places that humans can live on. It's probably been this way for the past two years, maybe longer, and many are just now taking notice something isn't quite right. You'll hear it mentioned that the Earth is wobbling and being tilting off its axis. What they're not telling us is why. Because we're moving, we've already been knocked out of our alignment.

The Earth Is Being Pushed Closer to the Sun!?

Eventually the electrical grid will crash, because everyone's using the heat or AC (air conditioning). The temperatures are gonna be extreme. And that's why you'll also see the subtle pushing for solar panels now, trying to get everyone to switch to solar panels, because it's not if, but when our electrical grid crashes. The electrical grid. Not just ours, but everyone's around the world. We're gonna go back to ancient 1800 [19th century] days.

I was reading articles this week just happened to be sent to my e-mail box about Korea contemplating underground cities and -- who else was it? Japan? Underground cities, underground roadways. Everybody's going underground. Why? Because it's gonna get really hot on the surface of the earth. Because we're not just knocked out of alignment, I believe we're being pushed closer to the sun. And I'm not a scientist. I can't prove, scientifically, anything in what I'm saying. Anything of value the scientists today on the earth aren't going to tell you. They're not allowed. They're not allowed to tell you anything. But consider the fact that water is going to become our most precious resource. Because a lot of our surface lakes are gonna dry up. You've already seen it in the west. The West of the United States, has been on a dry out for years. Look at the huge lakes that once were. Even Salt Lake City, that salt lake, even it's only half of what it once was. You can go to all these lakes. Page, Arizona, that huge lake there, lakes all over the west, and they're half the size they used to be. And it's gonna keep shrinking and keep shrinking. Because as the earth heats up it's going to use up our water, evaporate our water.

And so, that's why you might want to start thinking about backup sources for water. But don't plan on any one thing. People with swimming pools, you're gonna become a target. You better want your water. Backup plans, barrels and drink packets. You can go to www.beprepared.com or any one of those preparedness sights and type in "water." And start looking at ways you can stock up on water. You can even buy water barrels, water bags, things like that. Start filling them now. Many years ago, I had this soul vision, heart vision. I don't know what you call -- it was a open-eye vision. And I saw the Earth being pulled closer towards the sun. Happened to be a particular time when I was praying and asking the Lord what is it that's going to be so scary that men's hearts are going to fail with fear. And, boy, you better be prepared when you ask something from the Lord. [laughs] He might just answer it. And He gave me a vision of that and I haven't been able to shake it since. And it's been ten years now. It was scary then. And now you think of it, wow, it's starting, because there's something just not right. When you look out at the skies -- and that's one of the things the Lord admonished us to do in the last days, was not only to keep our eyes on Israel, but to watch for the signs in the skies. And, yeah. OK, we see a lot of satellites up there every night. We see a lot of chemtrail planes up there at night. [laughs] It's a lot of UFOs up there at night. Oh, wait a minute. Why does everything look so different? Why does everything look like it's right in our face? These alignments. Stuff looks closer to the Earth than they're supposed to be. Planets, practically on a horizon level at all times. We're moving, folks. And as we move, the earth is going to heat up. Just a heads up.

Don't go out and start loading up on sunscreen, because that stuff is so toxic-chemical laden, it'll GIVE you skin cancer. So find a different alternative besides sunscreen if you're gonna be out in the sun. And another part is the Earth is wobbling off its axis. We are a couple degrees off. And so temperatures are leading up. Different countries suffering extreme temperatures. I know I put up with it last winter. We had more snow in this area than the snowbelt part of Ohio does. We had more snow than them and that's one of the reasons I moved down here was to get away from all the snow. Then it was all pounded on me all winter long. Seems like everything -- the weater temperatures going haywire. And that's also an effect of them heating up the ionosphere with their weather weapons, their HAARP weapons. They heat up the ionosphere. And when you mess with the earth's balance, the earth's going to have to rebalance itself. The Chinese call it the yin-yang concept. We simply call it the good and evil, light and dark. But it's opposites. The one balance that our Lord always operates in is, for every action there's a reaction. [laughs] His reaction. For everything we do we have His reaction. That's the one I'm most interested in.

The Preliminaries for Nibiru's Arrival Have Been Accomplished

And so, when you look at it, either scientifically or astronomically, or biblically, we're in some apocalyptic times. No one can control the direction the earth heads into. No one can control what happens if the Earth gets knocked out of alignment and starts moving, because it is. They're just not telling you. Now what's caused it? Well, Nibiru coming in...is that a story, a myth, or is it true? I happen to believe it's true. Maybe not the way they say it. Maybe not all the things they associate it with. There's a planet out there, it's true. I call it Rahab. I think that was the original name of it; Rahab. And I did Codes and research on this planet years ago. It's been a long time. Probably about ten years. And so, I know it exists. I know it's coming. I know, that when I started looking at it again, I was really interested in some of the things it was saying. Because when I started looking at it ten years ago, and looking at it today, and looking at all the work that I've done in between then and now.... I've said before, everything has to be legitimate. Everything has to be legal. And that's why you'll see in the Codes "qualified - legal." I'm a qualified messenger. I'm qualified to do this, I'm qualified to do that. And so, you'll see the term "qualified" and other confirming terms that the i's are dotted, t's are crossed and it's ready to go.

One of the things that had to be done before Nibiru could even start coming towards Earth and affecting Earth the way it is now -- probably one of the things knocking us out of our alignment is -- I saw this matrix; I'm gonna talk about it here. It says "heaven - messenger - preliminary - video." This has to be talking about the YouTube video that I put out on the second sun where I do mention Nibiru in relation to the second sun. So that was preliminary. That had to be put out. How did He know 2000 years ago that a mom from South Canton, Ohio put out a YouTube video on the Internet. Literally just amazing, folks. Another thing is that this messenger, who's also considered a minister, would "pound - protection." Would "regulate" and be a "regulator." And that that was a precondition for Nibiru's arrival. In other words, they would be pounding the protection. Talks about a product. Producing a product. Directing the Bride, the Warriors. And using and distributing this product. Getting it out for protection. All of these things were qualifications to happen before Nibiru could even arrive. So isn't that interesting. Because we've been pounding orgone now for six years. We're ready to go. We need it a lot more places and we need a lot more funding to do it. But, if the Lord so chose to stop everything now, today, and, boom, we'd have Nibiru right here at our backyards, we could do that, because all the preliminaries have been completed, accomplished. And so, interesting.

A Black Race of Giants from Nibiru?

I find it interesting that the term "parole" comes up for Nibiru. Parole. And I remember ten years ago talking about it that it was a prison, a habitation, for the angels who had rebelled with Lucifer back in the first rebellion, when he got a third of the angels to rebel against the Most High. A third of the angels sided with him. Some were judged immediately. And others, like Satan, their judgment was delayed. And so, his judgment's set, but it's been delayed because the Lord needed him to do what he's doing now, and that's test mankind. You always have the balances. Good and evil. God and Satan. And he tests mankind. He tests them. Who are you gonna serve? Who are you gonna choose? God or Satan? Make your choice. It you don't you're default, you belong to Satan. Heaven and hell. Righteousness, wickedness. There's always balance, folks. And you have to choose which side you're on. And that's why Satan has always been a formidable adversary, because the Lord doesn't want mind-controlled sheep. He wants people who love Him to follow Him. Everybody else, Satan gets.

And so, we're heading into the last days here, folks. We've done the preliminaries. The preliminary work has been done. I've pounded the pavement for six years on protecting your homes, your areas, your cities, your towns. Because when these Nibiru Giants arrive -- these things are huge. And don't be surprised if it's a black army. A black army of Giants. I've talked about the Bison and the Bears, and these different alien factions. Don't be too surprised about the Nibiruans. I think they might be a black race of Giants. But one of their prophets is going to come here on Earth. Heck, Maitreya might even have caught a ride with Nibiru by now. [laughs] I don't know where he is. Hiding somewhere 'cause Shema's blown up or is he still sitting on that miserable rock on fire? Seeing in Bible Codes where they're trying to restore Shema and rebuild it because it's been burning. The orgone caught it on fire, saturating it and burning it. It's been on fire since October of last year. But either way, we've got the Ascended Masters, the whole Ashtar Command, which is what they call the prophets of Shema. And then you have some prophet from Nibiru that could come. That's a different route.

Fallen-Angel Giants from Nibiru Already in the Middle East

And people have talked about seeing Nibiru. That they could see it out over in the Middle East. You can't see it here in America. It's a red planet. It's not Mars. It's a red planet. But eventually, I believe we'll see it here. When it starts coming closer and closer to Earth and knocking us further and further out of alignment as it does. And these are, like I said, a lot of these angels from back in the first rebellion that were judged and locked up and cast into this planet, and cast out of our solar system, and put on their own orbit. And Zechariah Sitchin states that through reading Sumerian archaeology, the hieroglyphics, that this planet returns every 3600 years in its solar orbit. And this is the time when Nibiru would return, between now and the next several years, that 3600 years comes up.

In this planet is angels that have been locked up in captivity. I don't know how big it is. Must be one huge planet. But it's coming. There was a UFO YouTube video put out stating that there's 55 thousand UFOs from Nibiru skirting the Middle East skies at night. I would imagine perhaps they can fly. I consider Nibiru a home starship and then these aircrafts just fly out of it at night or day, or whatever, and fly towards the earth. I don't know. I'm just surmising here. Always reminds me of Star Wars where you have the mother ship and then Luke Skywalker and all them could get in their little pods and leave, and go fight or whatever. Go tour, scout, defend. Whatever it is they're doing. Then they go back to the mother ship. Could be what these UFOs are doing. Supposedly one landed in the Sinai desert. And the military talked with this Giant and he was 20-foot tall. And interestingly enough, in the Bible Codes I see the Sinai desert associated with them. And according to intelligence in the military they're already here. And so, puts us quite ahead of the last days in Bible prophecy. They're already here and ready to go.

In Spiritual Dimensions, the Sun Is the Light and Glory of the Most High

The planet, itself, will keep moving in. And as the planet, itself, keeps moving in, it's going to keep knocking the Earth out of alignment, and pushing us towards the sun. We're not gonna go towards Pluto and freeze and go into an ice age. We're gonna go towards the sun, folks. And it's going to get very hot. And if you think of what the sun is, the sun is a lake of fire. It is a lake of fire. In this dimension, in our third dimension, the sun is a lake of fire. In the heavenly, spiritual dimensions, it's the light of the Most High. It's His light. It's His glory. It's His Shekinah glory. It's the sun. It's different depending on which dimension you're in. If you tried to approach the sun in our dimension, you'd be blinded and burned. You can't go near it. But in the fourth dimension and in the higher dimensions that He resides in (fifth and above), it's a portal. That's how you'll always see a lot of activity taking place. You'll see UFOs. You'll see starships, Satan's starships hanging out around the sun. Because he wants to be like the Most High who inhabits the sun because He's the light of it. It's His light. Of course, in our dimension it's fire, but in other dimensions it's light.

Venus, the Stage of Sananda's Near-Death Experience Charades

Satan wants to mimic Him, and that's why you see Venus. And Venus is different above all planets, because Venus rotates in a retrograde motion. Venus has a counterclockwise motion to it. Everybody else kind of rotates clockwise direction. And Venus rotates counterclockwise. And there's a lot of interesting facts about Venus. I have articles on Venus and how the New Agers use Venus as a planet where they stage near-death experiences. You can read it at my article site, www.sherryshriner.com. Just look for my articles and check out my article on Venus. [sigh]

And then you have this Sananda. Sananda who's one of Satan's generals. He's one of these Ascended Masters, although lower-ranking one. Because Maitreya and a couple others, they outrank Sananda on the Ashtar rank list. [laughs] And his name is -- he goes by Sananda Jesus Immanuel. And he's the Jesus everyone thinks is Jesus Christ the Son of God, of the Christian faith. "Oh, that looks like Jesus." How do you know what Jesus looks like? Because Michelangelo took a photo of this Sananda, this Jesus, this Ascended Master, and said, "Oh, look, church. This is your Jesus the Son of God." And everybody accepted it. And they put it on their church bulletins, you see pictures in people's homes of this Sananda. And it's really this fake Jesus. And he's been having a ball. He mimics Jesus. And what he does is he has all these little near-death experiences where they take somebody's soul out of their body, cllose to death or just died. Take them to Venus and pull out this charade of being in heaven. And then they send them back and they wake up on the operating table or whatever. They've been playing with mankind for years. And it's always this Sananda behind it. This Jesus. So that when he arrives on Earth, people'll be like, "Oh, that's the one I saw when I died and went to heaven." I just want to tell them they died and went to Venus and were approached by one of Satan's generals mimicking the Son of God.

That's why it's so important to call Him by His real name, folks. Yahushua. That's why it's so important. This makes it a real hard because people say, "Honk if you love Jesus." Uh...[laughs]...I love Yahushua. That's the Son of God. That's His real name. Jesus is nothing but one of Satan's generals. One of his Ashtar Command freaks. So it puts you in a real dilemma because the majority of churchdom doesn't bother to learn what the real names are. Yahuah, the name of the Father. And Yahushua, the name of the Son. They don't bother to learn the real names. And they think people are just going overboard by preaching the real names. That's why it's important. Because when Jesus does arrive, that IS his name. His name's Jesus. The church adopted "Jesus." The church adopted the name. It wasn't the Son of God's name.

People Say You Can't Prove Jesus Ever Existed

People say you can't prove Jesus ever existed. That's exactly right. Because "Jesus" didn't. Yahushua ben David did. So if you tried to look for His real name back in archaeology history records you'd probably find Him. You're trying to find "Jesus Christ." Yeah, you're right. He didn't exist 2000 years ago. That's a creation of the Christian church who changed His name. So stop changing names, folks. Let's get back to the truth. Keep His original name. It isn't hard to say. [laughs] What was so hard to say? Why did they have to change it from the Hebrew to the Greek to English? Instead of just going from Hebrew to English. Why do we need the Greeks? You know why? Because you can always count on screwups when it comes to translations. And that's exactly what happened. Because His name changed in translation from the Greek translation. A lot of other meanings and things were changed and hidden. And allowed Satan to hide a lot of truths that would give us truth seekers today a run for it in figuring out what is the truth and what are the deceptions and apostasies being taught today. That's why you have to ask the Lord for the truth in all things.

Ask the Lord to Show You How to Prepare for What's Coming

So anyway [sighs], that's where we are, folks. Nibiru's on its way in. Pretty much the inhabitants already having access to Earth. The planet, itself, is moving in. We have our atmosphere, itself, ready to blow up because of all the aerosols from the chemtrails. All the chemicals they're putting in the air to operate their high-tech beam weapons and their weather weapons. And, not if, but when our whole electrical grid system goes down, I don't know if it fries. Because as we get closer to the sun, everything's run by chips and technology and they could just fry from solar bursts from the sun. We're closer to the sun, we're gonna be impacted more by effects from the sun. You'll notice they're pushing solar panels, solarizing your home, getting off the grid. It's not because they care about you, it's because now they want to make the last money that they can, and the last push. And going solar is about the only thing that's going to work. And so, we're gonna lose the Internet. It's not a if, but a when. Because that's going to go down with all of technology. These are the kinds of things that are coming, folks. So you need to start preparing now, asking the Lord to show you how to prepare. Just when you thought you were halfway prepared for one disaster, another one comes up over your shoulders. Our understanding gets deeper, it gets more opened and we start to see things more clearly. Just have to do what He leads us to do. We knew these days were coming.

Even the dark side, even the side of the wicked, is saying that all of God's people that are supposed to be here for the last days are already here. And all of their people, all of Satan's people are here. And so, everybody that was supposed to be here, to be here in the last days, for both sides, are here. And I was thinking, they must have read my article on Angels in the Flesh. [laughs] They must have read my article. They're speaking Sherryspeak. You know? That's just the way it is, folks. The Lord has His people here. Satan has his people here. And it's a war. And the problem is, there's a lot of the Lord's people that are still sleeping. And that's why we see delays. Delays, delays, delays. Because we have to wake them up. And they're slow. Wake up and get busy. Because a lot of things can't commence until a lot of preliminaries are accomplished. I've already seen the ones for Nibiru and they've been accomplished.

Aliens and Rabies, Vampires and Zombies

You've been taught how to prepare yourselves from the Giants, with the orgone. You've been taught how to prepare yourself from the zombieism that's coming. I've seen the term rabies in the Codes the other day, and I was like, OK, is this rabies, is this -- this is from them. And you have to think. What have we got now? An alien invasion that's coming, and they're gonna bite humans, and they have rabies and they're giving it to humans now? We've got a different disaster coming now, or is this one and the same and group it with one of the others that's coming? I don't know what to do with it. Rabies. These aliens have rabies and when they bite humans, they're gonna give them rabies. Gotta wonder if that's the same thing as zombiism. Because everything's a virus and saliva-related. Vampirism and zombiism is all saliva-related, getting bit.

And it's also chemical-related. You can see how they're focusing vaccinations on putting these chemicals in people that can turn them into zombies. Literally just from the chemicals. So that when that person dies, they just come back to life because they have that reanimating virus in them. I don't know if you think you know you're carrying it. You know? I don't know how you would know. It's a virus. A lot of us carry viruses. We carry cold viruses, flu viruses. At the time we carry a virus we don't get it ourselves. We just pass it on to other people by the things we touch or whatever. And so, the point is, how do you know if you're carrying it or not until after you're dead and all of a sudden your body's revived, reanimated. And then, you won't even know 'cause you'll be dead. A demon just takes over your body. And that's what happens with these zombies and vampires. Demons take over their bodies. The soul goes on for judgment. Either heaven or hell, but the body can be reanimated and brought back to life. And that's when a demon steps in and walks in on it, and takes control over it, and reanimates it. [sighs]

Sherry Shriner's Ministry Is the One Satan Fears Most

And so, yeah, you've been told how to prepare for this stuff. How to protect yourselves. And it's noted, duly noted in the ancient record books for 2010. It would have been recorded and written on how to protect yourselves. You've already been told. Because you better believe the Bible Codes detail everything I've ever recorded. Calls me a "archivist." Talks about what I've recorded...audible. Talks about what's been written and recorded. We have transcribes, we have articles. I told you this ministry is huge. It's apocalyptic. It's an end-days ministry. It's the one Satan fears the most. And now you can see why. Because it's the one that's preparing people. The one that's getting people ready for what's coming. And not only that, but teaching people how to fight back against his kingdom. How to tear down the strongholds of Satan and all these New World Order freaks. And if you want to chase them out of the underground bases, just get orgone in them. Put orgone in them. They still have to get their air from above. Saturate the air so much with orgone that it seeps down into the center of the earth. We have a lot of work to do yet. And it's very little funding to do so. A lot of Warriors who would step up and work full time if we could keep them busy full time. Just making orgone and distributing it. And traveling the world, traveling the country. We have no funding for any of this. We've been doing it all on a shoestring. And don't think that isn't noted in the Codes either. Everything is. It's just amazing that 2000 years ago when the Lord was even walking the earth, that all this stuff would already be written.

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapons and Solar Blasts Can Knock Us into the 1800s

Anyway...I don't know what else to say, except to stop following the rabbit trails. They talk about Iran has an EMP [Electromagnetic Pulse] weapon that could knock us into the 1800s. Well, maybe so, but solar blasts can do that as well too, but the whole world. Don't worry about stuff you can't control, folks. Just prepare for the things that you can control. Just prepare while you can. If you're in cities, get out of them. Get out of the cities. They're gonna become just places of the bitten, the infected, the infested. Rabies. Zombies. Vampires. All this stuff's coming. No electric. And the things you do have, you're gonna have to protect from others from stealing from you. Boy, hasn't Hollywood been trying to warn people for years? They've been making a ton of money off playing off people's fears of the things that could come and happen. Don't be fearful because we have Him. He always has our backs. Maybe all the stuff He has you preparing for right now will be what other people find. When He has your back and He's protecting you, and other people will find the stuff that's you've prepared and stocked up on and it'll help keep them alive. You know? Just do as He leads.

Alien-Created Pandemics Coming - And Stop Drinking the Vitamin Waters and Energy Drinks

"Rabies - butchery - shocking - pandemic." Matrix I found in a Code I was working on for Nibiru. And this is ahead. Coming ahead. "Rabies - butchery - shocking - pan...demic." And every one of these pandemics that I see are always from the aliens. They're always extraterrestrial. Viruses, pandemics, flus, vaccines. Everything that's from them. Because we are under an alien dictatorship. People don't see it. Been warning about Obama for years. The entire Reptilian Illuminati of the New World Order. That's who rules over us, folks. And the one thing they want to do is change your DNA, tweak your DNA, or just destroy you. They wanna cleanse all the real humans off the earth, and destroy everyone else, real humans. Would that be like, the seed of Seth against the seed of Cain? You better believe it, it's a war. Seedline war. And Noah was spared, and his sons. Not because he was a goody-two-shoes religious guy. Yeah, he loved the Lord, and that's why he was considered upright and just. But he was spared because him and his sons were the only ones left with human DNA. Think about it. And that's how bad it's getting now. How many people are drinking Lifewater vitamins crap? And all these feel-good vitamin drinks now? These Red Bulls and Monsters and all this other crap that grocery stores are full of, that have all these chemicals in them to tweak and change human DNA.


Anyway, I want to take a question for the show. Caller's been hanging on forever. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [silence]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

I've lost the callers. If you were sitting on the line and you just got disconnected, you might want to just call back in. 877-245-5648.

Chipping the Entire Earth Is Obama's Number One Agenda

I've seen another matrix with Obama associated with it in this Nibiru Code I was working on. "Chip - Earth - closeness." He doesn't plan on just chipping all Americans in this mandatory health bill. He plans on chipping the entire earth, folks. Chip-implanting, huge, the number one agenda besides changing your DNA, destroying it, is to have you chipped and controlled. Says Obama will char the earth. I find that very interesting. "Chip - Earth - charred - closeness (that means near)." "Slaughterer - carnage - spiritualization." How do you spiritualize chip-implanting people? That's what he's gonna do. "Oh, here. Get a chip implant and it will give you immortality." Great. Our Earth's about a hundred million miles away from being burned literally by the sun and we want immortality. [laughs] I want his. [laughs]

The Lord Uses Events and People to Fulfill Prophecy, So How Will the Earth Be Destroyed by Fire?

But you know what the Bible says at the end of Revelation. It talks about how the earth is destroyed by fire. How do you think that's gonna happen? You think it's because we're so close to the sun by then that the earth just blows up? I mean, I know people in the churches, when they get involved with prophecy, expect things to happen a certain way. Angels flying in the sky. Pronouncements just being made from heaven out of nowhere. Yeah, I know. And you have to realize the Lord uses events and people to fulfill prophecy and fulfill things that He says. I think Earth being dragged towards the sun and being hit by sunbursts would be one way of completely destroying the earth. Because He also says He then rebuilds the earth and that's how we have the 1000-year millenial reign here. Or it's after the 1000-year millenial reign when He does that. Very interesting, folks, to step back a look at how things are actually going to happen. How they happen, how they're brought about.

7.0 Earthquake, Man with Vial of Plague, Second Oil Rig Explosion

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry. I have three things to ask you real quick here. Did you see on the 3rd [of September] -- they didn't have the California earthquake, but they had the 7.0 that day at some other country [New Zealand], and the town was called Christchurch. Did you see that?

SHERRY: No, I haven't paid attention.

CALLER: Name of the town was Christchurch. Thought that was kind of odd. It was 7.0. And also, a couple days ago, they shut down the Miami airport because a man -- he was found with a vial of the plague. Do you believe that!?

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: He had a vial of the plague on him. And they closed down the airport. And then, what about that other oil rig explosion?

SHERRY: Yeah. That's another one. I haven't even touched that one. [laughs]

CALLER: Maybe you could on your next show...something about that, what's going on down there. Because it really hasn't been much.

SHERRY: Well, they're totally -- the Corexit, the whole thing is to get Corexit out and poison the people. They're in retaliation mode. We've been effectively destroying them with the orgone getting saturated in the air. And so, this whole Corexit attack is retaliation.

Are Any Near-Death Experiences True?

CALLER: Like you said, when people have near-death experiences and they say they saw the other side, or some people, or a man, or an angel, that's not true, that's not what they're seeing?

SHERRY: No. You can even ask them what did Jesus look like when you met him. "Oh, he looks like Jesus of the church. The picture I saw in the church." That's Sananda! That's not Jesus.

CALLER: So nobody is...ever seen...none of these people that say they seen, um. Like, my friend had an operation. She was in the hospital --

SHERRY: Well, you know, they're taken to NORAD, given this paranormal view, dimensional view thing of their past lifes and all that.

CALLER: That's not true...any of that?

SHERRY: No, I don't buy any of it. Not after I've seen what Sananda's doing on Venus. [laughs]

CALLER: [continuing about what her friend said] "Oh, there was a man in a white coat at the end of my bed and said it wasn't my time yet." And that's all she seen. But she couldn't really -- guy looked familiar. Somebody she saw in white jacket in the hospital and said it wasn't her time yet. So she was figuring that was a -- well that could be a guardian angel, or somebody, huh?

SHERRY: [laughs] Nobody wants to hear my points on any of that. [laughs]

CALLER: OK. Yeah, I just wondered what you thought. There is no...

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: ...glimpse of it beforehand, huh?

SHERRY: You know, if you were gonna see an angel from the Lord, it would either be another human you wouldn't recognize as an angel, or something so powerful you couldn't comprehend with just looking at it. He uses very simple --
If You're in a Tunnel, and You See Light at the End of It, You're in Hell

CALLER: Like when they see the light, that's not true, there is no light or tunnel or anything when you pass --

SHERRY: There's a light at the end of the tunnel I believe, myself. I'll believe that one because that's the most dominant. But the thing is, if you're in a tunnel and you see light at the end of it, you're in hell. Because you never get to the light.

CALLER: If you see what at the end of it?

SHERRY: You never get to the light. You just keep walking and walking and you never get to the light. That's the whole point. And at that point, the Lord allows them to -- gives them a second chance. There's a lot of them I can believe. There's a lot of them I can't. The heavenly ones I have a hard time grasping.

CALLER: Hmm. I just wondered about that. What you --

SHERRY: All right. Well, I've gotta go. I've got about a minute left.

CALLER: OK. All right. Thank you.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks for calling in.

A Lot of Near-Death Experiencers Are Only Seeing Sananda, Not Yahushua

And I'm gonna wrap up the show, folks. Yes. A lot of the death ones that people are brought back, I can grasp those. A lot of these near-death experiences where people say they saw Jesus, and you ask them to describe him, and they describe Sananda. Come on, folks. Come on.

Anyway, I'll be back Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock. Olizard back in Ohio this week. And so, be talking about that and whatever else the Lord wants me to bring up. Until then, next week Monday night. Same place, same time.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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