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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 20, 2010

Sherry's Ministry - The Biggest Threat to Satan on a Shoestring Budget

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. Monday, September 20th.

And, if you're trying to figure out the Bible Codes, it's already October. [laughs] Yeah. Been spending a lot of time in the Codes, as usual. Boy, one of the biggest tasks assigned to me is the Codes, other than the orgone and archiving the radio shows and the websites. Somebody else is doing the transcripts for me. And, just a ton of work to do in the last days, because those who were sent to be helpers have abandoned ship or never showed up to begin with. And, that's the biggest part. The ones with the money that were supposed to finance this never showed up. They used their money to fund other ministries that the Lord didn't authorize them to do. That's why we've been able to still be quite successful. The biggest threat to Satan on this earth, on a shoestring. Literally, on a shoestring budget. And we've done it. We're doing it. And with what time we have left, we're gonna continue to do it.

I don't see anybody stopping any time soon. The job is just too big. Our assignments just too large to ignore. And the reward's too great to pass up, if you're paying attention, and most don't. Most think that when the Lord's going to bless them, He's talking about here on Earth. And, you know what? Eternity is so much longer than Earth, folks. Earth is, what? An average of 70 years of life, where eternity is forever. And so, that's why so many people get pulled in to the feel-good psychology churches of today that tell them, "Oh, send us your money and bless our ministry. And the Lord will return your income tenfold." That's the stuff they want to hear. That's the sales pitches that cause people to send them the money. Because, they're greedy to begin with, they want to increase their own money tenfold. They want their blessings here on Earth, in the here and now. And the Lord doesn't operate that way all the time. And not even half the time. And so, very amusing that even with all the no-shows, and the abandonments we've gone through, we still remain the one little community on this planet that Satan fears the most. Tonight I want to talk about a few things as to why he SHOULD fear us. Why he should. So, I'm gonna jump right into it.

The Lord Reveals a Few Pieces of the End-Times Puzzle a Few Pieces at a Time

The Lord's been leading me into a lot of things lately that -- He shows me bits and pieces. He'd shown me bits years ago. Then He'll bring me back to something. And that's how He is. When He gives you something, He gives it in measure. A little here, a little there, a little here. And I've always said it's almost like a big puzzle you have to put together. And you get the pieces a little bit here at a time. And, I've talked about these things before, but the Lord's bringing me back to them. Always have a little bit more information to reveal when He brings me back to something. And, of course, naturally I have to go back an read my own material all the time because I don't even remember what I say on these shows. You know, I just pray before every show that the Lord uses me as His mouthpiece and that I'm a blessing to Him. And that He just has me say what He wants me to say. And there's just so many times, almost every time I do a show, that five minutes after the show, I can't even remember what I talked about. I gotta go back and read the transcript, once it's ready. That's just how it is, folks.

I Like to Learn from God Direct, Not from Man

So, He's had me back on Nibiru. And there's a lot of disinfo out there. I'm not gonna get into [Zechariah] Sitchin and all that. That's, you know, for people who like to learn from man. Me, myself, I like to learn from God direct. So, I don't get pulled over into everybody else's theories, everybody else's...whatevers. I don't go to their websites. I don't listen to their radio shows. I don't read their books. I simply sit at the feet of the Lord's and wait for Him to reveal to me what it is I need to know. And he also uses the Bible Codes to confirm things to me, to show me things. And so, it's basically just me and Him, because I don't want any others to influence me. I just wanna hear it from Him. That way I know it's correct.

The Missing Link - Mankind Didn't Evolve from Apes, Satan's Hybrid Creations, the Cavemen, Did

Interestingly, that the hype on the Internet is that these Nibiruans -- that they're our creators, and that they -- or, initially -- this is Sitchin's garbage -- had come to Earth to mine for gold, and then created mankind and left. And now they're gonna come back and check up on their creations some 3600 years later. Well, you know what? Their creation never amounted to a hill of beans. Because, if you look -- and I've told you about this missing link before. That, before Adam, before the garden of Eden, maybe even during the time of [inaudible], someplace out in the mountains somewhere, Satan had been trying to create mankind. And so, probably through his children, the Nibiruans, or whoever, we have the cavemen, the Neanderthal man. We have all these beings without souls that our scientists have always declared were the chain of evolution of mankind. That we evolved from apes.

But, we didn't evolve from apes. Satan's hybrids, his attempt at creating mankind, evolved from apes. And it pretty much stopped somewhere down the line. You can go through and look at evolution, and look at all the cavemen and the Neanderthals, and all these different types of beings that they had created, attempting to create mankind. And, interestingly enough, that the evolutionists, the scientists, could never find that one -- what they call the missing link. That what made the difference between who WE are as a mankind, and who these cavemen types were. And the missing link is a soul. Because there is no soul in those beings. And the Bible also talks about how the Lord, the Most High, Himself, breathes into the nostrils of Adam and man became a living soul. And so, those other beings didn't have that either. They don't have the breath of the Most High God in them. They're not living souls. And so, that's the missing link. That's the missing link to Satan's poor attempts at trying to create mankind in the Lord's perfect creation of creating man and woman.

We Choose God Because We Love Him, but Satanists Worship Satan Out of Fear

Now we've had our ups and downs as a race of people because along with being created by Him, we were given free will. And we've been free to destroy ourselves, to make the wrong decisions, to make the wrong choices, to believe in Him or reject Him. All of these things. No one forces us to believe in God. We choose to believe in God, because we love Him. You look at Satanists today, and they worship Satan because they fear him. They hate him, they fear him. Then you have the others that want you to think, "Oh, he's just the greatest. I love him." And they have this thing where they call represent the devil, because if you don't, your money's gonna get cut off, your fame's gonna get cut off, you're gonna lose your fortunes. And so, that's why you see all these Hollywood stars always flashing the Satanic signals...the hand signs and everything else. Because they gotta represent. You gotta represent Satan. If you don't represent him, you're gonna lose your fame and fortune. And so, that's why they keep representing him. Of course, a lot of them will start just so they can start to begin. The path of fame and fortune is through representing Satan. That's how they do it, and that's why they do it. And not even what I was gonna talk about tonight. And so, I wanna get back on track of what I was gonna talk about.

Am I Being Clear Enough? Do You Understand What I'm Saying?

Stuart Harrison, a buddy of mine over at The Egde [Internet radio show], sent me an article recently on Wormwood. He has a unique ability to take everything I've been saying and then align it with biblical support, and put it in words that are easy to understand. And that's something I've always, you know, have been in trepidation about. I'm not being clear enough, people aren't getting what I'm saying. Am I saying it so they can understand it? [laughs] I always second-guess myself as a speaker because when you do a radio show live, you don't rewind and do it over if it's wrong. You just have one shot. Everything you say goes out live. There's no taking it back. There's no hearing again to make sure you said it right, or you remembered something or you said something wrong. I read the transcripts every week, when they're put out, and I just have to shake my head and laugh at some of the -- I've never seen anyone speak with such worse English in my life. I mean, I just -- you speak in incomplete sentences, you don't finish words you start saying. It's really kind of amusing.

What Sherry's Said about Wormwood, and How It Relates to Scripture

But, I've been on this trail of Shema and Nibiru for a long time. And have been warning about Shema forever, and also Nibiru. It's interesting that Stuart sent me his article. I'm gonna post it on my websites probably tomorrow, or later during the week, about Wormwood. Very short article, but sums it up very nicely just using Revelation, chapter 8. I'm gonna talk about that tonight. Because, like I've said in my past shows, everyone's talking about Wormwood and a comet. And, you know what, folks? Wormwood's not a comet, it's a huge chunk of rock. Pretty much the same thing we have with Shema star. And almost resembles more of an asteroid. And I've always said an asteroid is gonna hit the earth before any kind of a comet hits the earth. Revelation, chapter 8, lines it up very nicely.

Hailstones: A Sign to Watch for Signaling That an Asteroid Is about to Hit the Earth

And so, I'm gonna give you a signal tonight, a sign, that you can watch for. Because when you see this happen, this particular sign happen, then you know an asteroid -- a huge chunk, if not Nibiru, itself -- is gonna crash to the earth, and then Shema will hit. Because we've been waiting forever for Shema to hit. Shema's on fire. You can see it in the northeast of the United States. It's on the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. It's on fire. It's been on fire since October of last year. And, interestingly enough, it was the orgone that destroyed it. And, from what I've been seeing in the Codes for the past year is that the orgone would destroy Nibiru as well. It would catch it on fire and it's going to crash it.

And so, interestingly enough, when, in Revelation, chapter 8, in verse 7 -- and this is the beginning of the trumpet judgments on Earth, and it says:

The first angel sounded, and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

And, whenever you see the term "blood" in the Bible, it's typically referring to death by violence. Death...shed blood by violence. Either by war, or some kind of violent act. Or it can be like a poison or a toxin. Typically, it's a symbolic term when you see it. This pretty much kicks it off. Hailstones. Hailstones of fire hitting the earth. And all of the green grass will be burnt up. And a third of the trees will be burnt up. And so, there's your sign, folks. Because when you see this happen, when you see these hailstones of fire hitting the earth, which would very well be caused by Nibiru's little system coming closer to the earth, because -- I think it's NASA or somebody, had posted a picture of Nibiru. And I don't know if they're still calling it a red blob or if they're actually admitting it's Nibiru. I don't know. Somebody had posted a picture of Nibiru, and it travels with its own little system. There's like, seven planets with it. There's like a whole entourage that comes with Nibiru. And so, when you see the hailstones of fire, or experience this, then the next thing you can watch out for is what's described in Revelation, [verses] 8 and 9:

And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

And, again, this is death. This a third part of the sea dying caused by violence. Violent deaths.

And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

A great mountain burning with fire. Something as big as a mountain, on fire, falls into the sea. Now typically when...back in the day...back in the day of Yahushua and the apostles and the Israelites, when they're referring to the sea, they were always refering to the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea. So, this huge rock of Nibiru, or a huge chunk that falls off of Nibiru, comes crashing into the sea. Could be the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea, or just typically somewhere else. It doesn't say specifically. It just says it crashes into the sea. Now we know it's probably not going to crash in the Mediterranean Sea, because something this huge falling into the Mediterranean Sea would pretty much wipe out Egypt and Israel and all of those nations over there on the coast. And we know that these nations still have prophetic significance to fulfill at this time. So they can't be destroyed. So I don't believe it's gonna fall into the Mediterranean Sea.

Where it could fall is the Red Sea, or, simply, one of the other seas. There's no real specifics here. Just because John sees it falling into the sea, could be...well, he sees it falling into water. And what's he familiar with? He's familiar with the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. He's not familiar with the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, any of these other oceans at that time. And so, I'm leaving a doorway open on that one on where it could fall, what sea it could fall in, what water base it's gonna fall in. Certainly gonna hit water. [I] don't believe it's gonna be the Mediterranean Sea.

And so, then we move on in Revelation, chapter 8, verse 10. And this is where it gets fun, because I've always told you the Shema star is going to crash and fall, and Revelation 8:10 perfectly talks about it.

And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Wormwood's Association with Nibiru - The Giants as Worms and Locusts

Wormwood's mentioned 8 times in the Bible. And what I find interesting is that either the first -- Revelation [verses] 8 and 9 -- could be talking about Shema, or the second one -- 10 and 11 -- could be talking about Shema. I believe the first one, actually is talking about Shema. Because if you look at Wormwood, Wormwood's always been associated with Nibiru. There's nowhere in the Bible Codes where I see Wormwood being Shema. But, interestingly enough, Stuart Harrison has been able to tie in, not just Wormwood with Nibiru, but he was also the one that wrote that article on the shared vision. Shared visions article that I have posted on my website, where he breaks down the different terms of locusts. And if you've listened to my show for a while, you'll know I always refer to the Giants as locusts because it's one of the names the Bible Codes gives the Giants, is locusts. And so, he describes different types of locusts. The locust, itself, was an adult locust. Then you have a cankerworm, which is a young locust. A caterpillar, which is a locust that hasn't developed its wings yet. And then the palmerworm is a creeping locust without wings. And so, worms and locusts often being associated with Giants. You have your adult Giants. You have your youth Giants. Your teenage Giants. Your baby Giants. At all different stages and levels. Just like humans...us...we have our children, two adults. You have toddlers. Then you have your preteens. Then your teenagers. Then your twenty-somethings. And then your adults. We come in different stages, and so do locusts. So will the Giants, when they come. They're in different stages of development.

Nibiru's Army Is Joel's Army

And so, interesting that the Lord had been telling me, the last couple of weeks, that Nibiru is indeed the army, the same army, that Joel talks about in chapter 1 and chapter 2. And so, when you tie in Nibiru with Wormwood, then everything starts to make sense. Wormwood, itself, could be a big chunk that falls off of Nibiru. Or Nibiru, itself, just crashes. It's on fire, and boom! Or a huge chunk of it falls off and crashes to the earth. As locusts and worms have always been nicknames for the various types of Giants, the term "Wormwood," itself, is also a nickname for this massive asteroid or chunk off of Nibiru that separates off of the main planet and falls to the earth.

Now if you look at Wormwood in the Bible Codes, it's a ark, it's a habitation, it's a dwelling place. And, interestingly enough, if you look at comets today, starships often use comets. They hitch rides on them. I don't know how they do this. They use the momentum of a comet that's being hurled toward the earth and they'll hitch a ride with it. They'll jump on the back of it and they'll hitch a ride to earth. And then they'll break off of it when they get in the aerospace, the area they need to be in. And that's exactly what's gonna happen with this Wormwood. It could be just a huge chunk that hitches a ride with Nibiru, then when it gets here it will break off and come crashing to the earth or something. But either way, they're associated together. They're together.

And so, not only having locusts associated with Shema, but also with Nibiru, also with Wormwood. And it being the same army that Joel talks about in chapters 1 and 2. And so, very enlightening, I think.

They've Been Trying to Dim the Atmosphere

Verse 12, in chapter 8 [of Revelation] says:

And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

In other words, the light they give off is affected. It's reduced. And it makes it dimmer. And a more favorable atmosphere for the Giants from the abyss to come here on Earth. And I told you how they've been trying to dim the atmosphere, because the sun is just too bright for them. It's just too bright. And Satan can't handle light. They know where the light comes from. The light comes from the sun. And they know who and what the sun is. They're night animals. If you've ever been, or read about anything on the astral plane or any other dimensions, they're very dim. There's no huge sunlight like here on Earth. They're very dim. It's almost like dusk constantly. And dusk, of course, is right when the sun is setting and the darkness is just getting ready to creep in. And that's how the astral planes are, the other dimensions. They're very dim. And so, that's what they're gonna do here on Earth. And what's gonna happen here on Earth is described in verse 12. And, interestingly enough, when you look at Joel, chapter 2, verse 2:

A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be anymore after it, even to the years of many generations.

Now whenever you see the terms "great" and "strong" in the Bible, they're always referring to Giants. It's almost always referring. A strong people, a great people. Because this is the only terms in English that they could -- they translated from those words that were being described in Hebrew. And so, just other descriptive terms for Giants. And here it says, it's a gloomy day. It's a gloomy day. And here we have, in verse 12 [of Revelation] -- because a third of all light has been diminished. This is a result of Wormwood hitting the earth.

First we have Shema hitting the earth, then we have Wormwood hitting the earth. And so, it's almost gonna come back to back. Because, in chapter 8 [of Revelation], you have Shema hitting the earth, then you have Wormwood hitting the earth. Then, all of a sudden, the light is dim. And then, boom! Joel, chapter 2 jumps into place. The Giants are here. And the Bible warns, in Joel [1:6]:

For a nation...

A huge tribe of people, a huge grouping of people, a nation.

...is come upon my land, strong and without number, whose teeth are the teeth of a lion. And he hath the cheek teeth of a great lion.

They're maneaters. They're carnivores, people. They have huge teeth. They have huge teeth. They eat people. And in verse 15 [of Joel, chapter 1]:

Alas, for the day! for the day of the LORD is at hand, and as a destruction from the Almighty shall it come.

The Lord's judgment is now hitting the earth. What do you think about Bible prophecy? The trumpet judgments start immediately after a silence in heaven. After the seven seal judgments. The first seven seal judgments indicate Satan's wrath on mankind. And then there's silence. There's a lull. And then, boom! All of a sudden, we begin the Lord's wrath. The Lord's time of wrath. HIS judgment on mankind. And that will equal the last three and a half years of the tribulation period of seven-year time. Some people look at the tribulation period as just three and a half years to begin with. The Lord's time of affliction, tribulation on mankind. Another word for tribulation is affliction. His time of afflicting mankind.

Hailstones - The Lord's Judgment on Lucifer Then, The Lord's Judgment on Mankind Now

And this is how it starts. First, we're gonna get hailstones of fire that are gonna pound the earth. And, yeah, there'll be deaths from that. People will die from getting hit by these hailstones of fire. I'm sure they're gonna cause fires everywhere. If you ever wondered what happened to the planets, look at the moon, the pockmarks on the moon, all the various planets, how Earth was before the Lord recreated it in Genesis, chapter 1. He didn't create the earth, He recreated it. You can't replenish something that's never been plenished before, because the word used in Genesis, chapter 1 was that He replenished the earth. It had already been created once and then it was thrown into a dark void. And the Lord's judgment on Satan's first rebellion -- go back to his first rebellion when he led a third of the angels against the Most High -- the Lord destroyed the habitations of all of those who rebelled against the Most High. Now remember I told you a lot of angels, the other two-thirds had left. They left the planets. They knew His judgment was coming because of Satan. Lucifer's pride and his ego. And they left. They left the planets and the Lord gave them a new home to go to. His judgment sure enough came after a long time of patience with Lucifer to see if he would repent of his sins, and his greed, and his rebellion. And Lucifer never repented. And we're talking about a long time of patience. We're talking maybe a thousand...fifteen hundred years long. So no one could ever claim, "The Lord's not patient." Very patient.

And it was during this time that the Lord was waiting for Lucifer to repent that he began his crossbreeding and hybridization programs through his people, his factions. And they were trying to create mankind and their own animals. Trying to be God. And it just never works for him...only half-do things. And so, it was during that time that eventually the time ended and his judgment came. And all of these planets that were involved -- because these were all -- back in the day, back before Adam was created, when Lucifer was the reigning Cherub on Earth and other planets, they were all in a system, I guess you could say, where they could travel back and forth. You could travel to the moon. You could travel to Jupiter, and Mars, and Venus, and all these other planets that weren't exactly how they are now. You could travel to them. There were angelic civilizations on these planets. They were involved with trade, with economics. Pretty much like we are here on Earth today. They had societies. People think it's because they're called angelic civilizations that they all dressed in white and, playing harps on clouds. And that's not how it was.

They had all these different planets in our solar system you could fly to them. You could have homes on them. Satan had palaces on every planet. That's why every planet, the main god of that planet has some kind of moniker name for Satan. He had a temple, his own palace on every one of these planets. And that's why today's scientists will find artifacts of ancient civilizations on the planets. Because they lived on them. And then the Lord, in His anger and judgment for Satan's rebellion, He destroyed them with hailstones of fire. And what's the first judgment of Revelation, chapter 8, to kick off the Lord's judgment on Earth to mankind? Hailstones of fire. Here we go again. Except He's not gonna totally destroy the earth this time. He's just gonna destroy a third of the trees, and all of the green grass will be eaten up. And so, as soon as you see that, you know Shema's coming. Shema's gonna be a-coming. It's gonna fall. And it's gonna hit the sea. Whether it be the Mediterranean Sea or the Red Sea, or just a body of water somewhere. It's just gonna hit the sea. And then, shortly afterward, Nibiru, Wormwood, will hit. Wormwood will hit. And so, that's kind of like, the timeline of events, folks.

How the Use of Negative Orgone Backfired on the Aliens

And, like I've said, it's the orgone saturating the air that has caused both Shema and Nibiru to catch on fire and fall. Interestingly enough, that -- I wasn't gonna talk about the Bible Codes right now, on Wormwood. But I wanted to highlight something that Stuart had stated in his article. Think of wood worm and how the worms live within the wood, itself, and you could see how the name Wormwood came about. With Nibiru being the wood and the Giants being the worms. Because we know Wormwood is just a symbolic term. It means bitterness. And what I find very funny is I see the term "bitter" in the Codes all the time, because Satan and his forces are so angry. Angry. So, it's appropriate. It's just appropriate that Wormwood means bitterness, because they're very, very angry. The associates, the inhabitants of Wormwood, the inhabitants of Nibiru, the inhabitants of Shema, have been destroyed by weapons that they initiated and started to begin with.

The two biggest things that have backfired on them (and I just think this is so funny), the two biggest things -- they've destroyed themselves. Their destruction comes at their own hands, when you think about it. Sure, it's the Lord, and His ultimate judgment against them, but they've pretty much destroyed themselves. They were the ones who stood up the New Age movement, because they wanted the New Agers to produce DOE, dead orgone energy, and get it produced all over the planet, to produce dead orgone energy, because it gives them loosh to live off of. But what the Lord did was He took me aside and showed me the proper way to make orgone to produce positive living energy orgone, positive orgone energy [POE]. The same energy that Wilhelm Reich had rediscovered that was a ancient energy that had been used in the ancient days.

And so, that backfired on them, because we stood up an army of people and we've been getting the positive orgone energy all over the earth and the planet. And it's turned around and bit them in the butt, because it not only dominates any kind of orgone they put out, but it burns and destroys and kills them, on top of it. On top of the aliens, themselves. It doesn't bother humans, but it will bother, and kill, and destroy aliens and wicked beings.

How the Use of the Hadron Collider Backfired on the Aliens

And another thing that's backfired on them in a huge way is the Hadron Collider. Because, they had this huge thing, where they wanted to open portals, open stargates, so that all of these different alien races could enter our atmosphere. Or they could use them to time travel or whatever their big agendas were, because aliens can get here with or without stargates, because they don't live that far away from us. You don't travel too far from your food source, folks. And we're their food source. And so, they're not too far to begin with. They're in our earth, they're in bases in our earth, they're in the hollow center part of the earth. They're on our moons. Our planets and stars are hollow. They have their own starships. They're all over the place. And they're not very far. You don't need all these different portals, and stargates, and blah-blah-blah for them to get here.

Now for us to get there, they might be necessary. I mean, they've been using stargates forever. Colonized the moon and colonized Mars because it just takes too much work with shuttles. The whole space program at NASA's a farce. They don't use those little shuttles to have the moon and Mars and stuff. They just use stargates. But either way, by opening up -- using the Hadron Collider to open up all of these portals and stargates has allowed the dimensional orgone, which I've told you is a dimensional weapon -- it can transcend dimensions. It can go into the third dimension, the fourth, the fifth. It transcends -- it's a dimensional weapon. The energy it produces here on Earth continues on, and on, and on, and on. You can't stop it. And it can transcend into other dimensions. And so, when they open up all these portals and stargates with this Hadron Collider, the orgone goes right in. [laughs] The orgone goes right in. And what does orgone do to them? It kills them, because it kills anything negative, and dark and wicked.

The Orgone Warrior Movement Is Biblical and Apocalyptical

And so, pretty much at their own hands and their own stupidity have they allowed themselves to be destroyed. And so, all we have to do is keep doing what the Lord tells us to do. How difficult is it to just make a little pan of muffins of orgone and get it out there? I mean, yeah, It has its expenses involved. You know? When you're making the stuff all the time, like some Warriors are, you're buying the cases of resin, you're buying the crystals, you know, the supplies to keep making it. But look what it's doing. It's completely destroying Satan's kingdom. You know, when I was praying six years ago, the Lord -- "How do we tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and Satan's kingdom?" I never imagined, never imagined, that the orgone He led me to then would be the one apocalyptic weapon that would be the one single thing that would destroy, literally destroy -- do exactly as I prayed for -- and destroy his strongholds.

Now when you look at Nibiru and Shema crashing to the earth, and their forces, in Revelation, chapter 9, the locusts are on Earth for five months. What happens? Do they just come, the Giants come feast on mankind, kill a third, and then, what? They just decide to leave? No! They're killed. It might take a while because there's so many of them, but the orgone will kill the Giants. The orgone kills them. It just keeps doing what it's doing now. And when the Lord cranks up the power and the energy of this orgone, and we're gonna see Him crank it up, it kills them. And so, how apocalyptic, huh? I mean, I've said from the start that this whole orgone weapon we have and this whole Orgone Warrior movement that we've started was biblical, apocalyptical, and now you see why Satan fears it so much, because his own destruction comes by the hand of it. I won't say our hands, but the Lord's hands, because He's the one who's guided us into this. He's the one who has stood up His people to arm and defend themselves with orgone. Because, if you're not protecting yourselves, you're gonna become victims of these Giants that are coming. Many, many people are gonna become victims of the Giants.

Giant Iraqi Spiders and the Lucy Spider Program

And not only that, but I've been sent info on Lucifer's super spider program. I might talk about it more next week. But you remember back in the Gulf War I [Desert Storm], back in 1991, and even in the second Gulf War, and they talk about these...can't remember the name of it right now, but it's the Iraqi spiders. They talk about these Iraqi spiders. And I'm not talking about these little wood spiders or tarantula-size spiders. I'm talking about Hollywood spiders that are skyscrapers tall. And I remember talking about this years ago because they had run into these skyscraper-tall spiders that Saddam [Hussein] had used as his security force. He had a palace in the desert. He was supposedly building his own UFO at this palace. And so, he had these hybrid spiders. These gene-manipulated hybridization things. And they were his security force to keep people away from this palace he had in the desert. And I remember seeing a movie a couple months ago ( I don't know how long ago), but it was a silly movie and it was based on these people somewhere in the Middle East, Afghanistan or Iraq, and they were being chased by these huge spiders. And they're trying to get away from them. You know, you never know what you know until you see it. I mean, who would have thought? You know? I knew that they probably got the whole idea for that storyline from the whole thing about Saddam and his spiders in Iraq. But who would've thought that they would have been, in the past twenty years, stocking up on these spider eggs in underground bases and in space stations, and everywhere else that they can store them. And that the Illuminati throughout the earth are planning to unleash these millions of spider eggs, and these huge skyscraper-tall spiders, on Americans. They're planning to unleash them on Americans.

No New Weapon Needed - Just Keep Getting the Orgone Out

And that's what they've been doing. These super-secret black op projects and programs. It's called the Lucy Spider Program and it's supposed to be just some very top secret stuff. And, I'll tell you what. They're hybrids. They're genetic-manipulation crossbreds. Which means...orgone's gonna kill them, too. [laughs] Orgone will kill them. And orgone water would kill them, just as much as orgone water would kill the vampires and the zombies that we're gonna be dealing with later. And so, anything that they can come up with, our little orgone pucks can kill. Because, anything moving on this earth has to breathe. It has to breathe. And this orgone that gets into the air, saturates the air, is what kills them. And so, you know, when sometimes it just gets overwhelming, and you're like, "Uh-oh. We need a new weapon. We're gonna need a new weapon. We're need something new." And the Lord just, you know. You just feel Him shaking His head, "No. No. Just keep doing what you're doing. Just keep doing what you're doing." And what are we doing? We're making orgone. And we're getting orgone out. And that's what He says to keep doing. Get the orgone out. Because, the orgone's not only gonna kill the Giants in five months, tens of millions of Giants, mind you, that are 20- to 30-foot tall, it's also gonna kill these 2-, 3-story skycraper spiders that they have planned to unleashed on mankind, who also eat humans, folks. If I gave you the specs [specifications] on these spiders and what they do, you'd be agast. And, I'll probably do that next week.

No Spider in the Codes Yet, but It's in Their Plans to Unleash Them on America

But I find it interesting that it goes along with a dream I'd had sometime last year. I just thought it was out there somewhere in left field somewhere like I usually do. But, I filed it away for later reference. And here, yeah, yeah, it fits right along with the dream I had. And so, interesting how the Lord does that. He always gives you something a little bit at a time, and then later He'll bring you back to it and say, "Ha! Remember that. Well, yeah. Now here's more to go with it." So, very interesting. Some of you might be thinking about Tom Cruise's movie [War of the Worlds] where they had these big spiders and...I don't know what they were. These machines that were stomping the earth, collecting people up off of the earth, and had these makeshift imprisonment containers inside the belly of these spiders. Yeah, we're gonna see that. That's almost like what this super-spider Lucy program thing is. Because, these spiders will wrap people up in webs, and then the baby ones will come behind and eat them, because the mommas are the big ones. The mommas are the 2-story ones, and then the babies come behind them and eat what they've webbed for them. Yeah. This stuff's coming. That's what they planned on America, but I have not seen spiders in the Codes yet. I don't know if the Lord's gonna show me this one or not. But that's what they have planned. It's in their plans.

If You're Not Making Orgone the Lord's Way, You're Not Making It Right

But, I'm telling you right now, they can unleash their Giants, their spiders, their whatevers all they want, because most of us, first of all, will be locked in our homes and not going anywhere. So you better have food and supplies to be in your homes. If we were gonna be here. I really don't think the Warriors will be here. I think the Lord's gonna move the 144,000 off the earth by then. But either way, either way, it's the orgone water, and the orgone pipes and the bucket blasters, and little orgone muffins...the POE, the positive orgone energy that we make that will destroy them. And so, if you're fooling around with different types of pendants, different types of orgone, throw it out, it's not the Lord's. I have the directions on my website at www.orgoneblasters.com. You can go there and learn how to make this positive orgone energy that the Lord showed us how to make. The last days weapon. And THAT is the orgone that's going -- and IS destroying Satan's kingdom. That alone. That orgone right there.

They're Really Angry about the Orgone Pendants, So Wear Them or Carry Orgone with You

Don't buy the crap off of eBay. There's a bunch of orgone sites off the Internet. If you want to destroy Satan's kingdom, then you need the orgone that's gonna do it. And that's the one the Lord showed us how to make. I find it interesting that they get really mad that we have it in pendant form. That we can make it in pendants and wear it out. I know a lot of guys who will just throw a puck in their pocket, and just keep a puck in their pockets and aren't really into the pendant thing, wearing some jewelry on their neck or whatever. And a lot of people do like the jewelry. I just found it was amusing that they would get so angry that we have it in jewelry form, in pendant form. We've had it in pendant form forever. I don't know why I was just seeing it recently. It's just that they're waking up more and more and more to the fact that we've switched the recipe of orgone. We're not making theirs, we're making the Lord's. And they're seeing the effects of it. Shema's on fire. Nibiru's on fire. They're both gonna crash pretty much in the same amount of time. Some people think this is gonna hold off until 2012. It could be anytime, folks. And I've given you a sign to watch for.

They're Very Angry about Our Interference with Their Vaccination Program, So Keep Getting the Word Out

Even before then, we do have some things that willl happen here on Earth. We're gonna have the war on the saints which is coming. Martial law in America. We have some things coming up before then. But like I said, once things start heating up, events can happen and come very quickly. Very quickly. They're very angry that we've been able to put a huge dent, like we've been able to put, in their vaccine program. Just getting the warnings out about the vaccination programs. They're very angry about that, because that was Shema's baby. Shema's baby was -- their whole kingdom is based on chip-implanting and vaccinating people. So now that we've put a huge dent in it, and people are thinking about it twice, of getting flu shots and vaccines, they retaliated by the Corexit poison in the South, in the Gulf states. That's a retaliation of theirs. And everytime we do something, they retaliate back. And so, that's pretty much just part of the war. I give you behind-the-scenes look at what's going on behind the scenes, and just what the Lord gives me to reveal to His people. And a look ahead, so you know what's coming ahead.

Keep Stocking Survival Supplies, for Yourself and Those Who'll Be Here When You're Gone

You have to remember that the war on the saints -- with that coming and with the Lord removing His 144,000 off the earth (you read that in Revelation, chapter 7 and 14, I think it is). You know, everything that we do now will be here, left behind for people to come behind us and find. And so, not only being blessed for the things we're doing on Earth now, but even while we're in heaven because of the things we were able to leave here for other people to find, so that they could protect themselves and defend themselves against the things that are coming. This orgone's gonna be gold. They're gonna know what orgone is by then. We may not be here to hand-hold people, to guide them into it. And so, they'll just be stumbling onto things that we've left. And so, that's what we need to be thinking about, folks. Not just what we're doing now, but what we're leaving.

Help Create Orgone-Saturated Areas for People to Run to for Safety

Anyway, just a heads up on some interesting news on Nibiru and the great lamp in the sky. I find that funny, because I often see that in the Codes. And I often laugh about Shema being the lamp. [laughs] Ten thousand G.E. [General Electric Company] solar light bulbs that they turn on and turn off. And just everything so neat, and just right in Revelation, chapter 8. And then, tying into Revelation, chapter 9, and the invasion of the locust and, you know, the Giants arriving. And, I've told you they're going to be on a feast of mankind during that time. And not going to be a pretty picture here on Earth. And the only way you're going to be able to protect yourselves from them is to stay in saturated orgoned areas when they're here. When they're coming, you can run into saturated areas. Places that you know have orgone in them. And it'll keep them out, because the more they come in contact with orgone, which weaken and destroy them and kill them, and within five months, they'll be dead. But gonna be a lot of casualties on both sides. They're dead, and a lot of people dead. You know? And so, we're talking about huge, huge deaths on our side. Especially if they eat a third of mankind which is two billion people, folks. And there's only 248 million in the United States. Three hundred million? And so, that's almost like saying they could eat every single person in America alone, and then some. Your country, too. Europe, Canada, Australia. So, time to get busy protecting ourselves, folks. And spreading them to the other nations.

Anyway, till next week, everybody. Same time, Monday night, 10 o'clock. Also have my show on Thursdays at 1 o'clock, Aliens in the News.

I'll see you then. Yah bless.


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