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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
September 27, 2010

A Lot of Delays

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. Monday, September 27, 2010.

Well, this year's just kind of snuck by. You know, it's one of those years where you just keep waiting for the bomb to drop. You're getting little pieces and fragments and still waiting for the big show. A lot of delays. And benefits both sides, I guess. Shows the derision on theirs and lack of preparation on ours. And so, everybody needs more time. Kind of just plays to both.

October Ambush - UFOs to Hover Over Principal Cities October 13

Interesting that I was thinking about the show earlier today when I was out in the garage, and the Lord just said, "Talk about the Code you're working on. Tell them what you're seeing in the Code you've been working on." And so, I thought that was interesting because I usually take bits and pieces of info I see in Codes and elaborate on those, but this one particular Code I've been working on is under October ambush. And I started looking for October surprise...OK, October ambush, anything that would try to give me information on anything they have planned for October.

And I know there's an article going out and around about...let me see if I can find it. Here it is. "Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010." And the description: A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer -- of course, they're always ex or retired or former...you know how it is -- by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Authors says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe -- [coughs] and so they start the choking games. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."

And I thought this was just so amusing, because carbonic and carbon, carbon dioxide, dangerous levels, global warming...these are buzzwords for our aether energy orgone that has been saturating the air. And, you know, for two to three years now, I've been telling you that just as Wilhelm Reich discovered, was that orgone energy, positive aether-energy orgone would mess with the systems of UFOs and causes them to crash. And, of course, I never even knew he had already done work on this aspect until two years after I'd started the orgone war. That's just how the Lord is, to want to see if I'd started just on faith because He asked me to, and I did. And then later you know exactly what you're doing. I had no idea orgone could do all this when I started this two years ago.

And so, we've been watching the UFOs crash from the skies. And anyone who can deny they're UFOs simply just has their heads stuck in the sand and they prefer the sand. They prefer it that way. And you can't deal with these kinds of people. And you can't wake them up, because they don't want to hear the truth. And so, you just walk away from them and prepare, and deal with the people that are open to the truth; do want to hear it, do want to prepare. You know, we've been seeing UFOs crashing for three years. The media calls them meteorites. And even they're getting old of that one. You can go to YouTube videos. Watch upteen videos of UFOs crashing. When do police, and military, and our government get involved with just gas line explosions or meteors that crash, anywhere? They don't. And yet, a lot of these stories, where the government was there first, cordoning off areas, usually if it just hits in a populated area -- usually UFOs...there's nothing left of them by the time they hit Earth. They burn up in the atmosphere. And even the bigger ones, the starships that are crashing will leave craters. You're not gonna find bits and pieces. Whatever there is, the government's gonna have. If it's accessible to the public, they're gonna grab it first.

If Your Area Is Safe for Them to Hover Over, Shame on You

I would love for one to just crash in my front yard. You know, I'd sell it on eBay. That would fund our entire war for the next upteen years if we're here that long (which I doubt). But it would give us plenty of money to where we could go out and do the things we need to do. You know, I've got Warriors that would drop everything they're doing now and just hit the roads full-time, getting orgone out, getting pipes out, getting landmarks in areas that -- target areas that we need to get targeted, and we need to get done. And we can't do it because there's no money. There's no funding. We've done all this on a shoestring budget, folks. So we need your help for this war. We need your help. If there was gonna be a supposedly V-Day type contact in less than two weeks, or approximately two weeks, how prepared would you be? Do you want to sit and look at some fallen angel alien demonic UFOs sitting above your town? Do you really? Or do you wanna see this thing break up and crash?

They're so terrified, I can't ever see them doing it. They would send out scout ships to scout areas that are safe for them to sit in, and hover in, and arrive in. And so, if your area is safe for them, shame on you. You haven't been listening to a word I've been saying for five, ten years. I would be insulted if a UFO just hovered unmolested above my town. I would be completely insulted. I'd be insulted if chemtrails were able to stick and hover in my area. And that's how every one of you should be. Be protecting your own areas and then getting other areas as well. Because, if your town, your city is saturated with orgone, these UFOs are gonna come over and hover, turn yellow, catch on fire and crash. And the media's gonna call it a meteorite. That's the way it should be. That's the way it's been. That would be amusing. I don't call it a meteorite, "Oh, that wasn't a real UFO. That was a meteorite." [laughs]

But they're gonna scout out principal cities would be what? Like, Washington, D.C., L.A. [Los Angeles] and New York, Chicago. Maybe Dallas or Houston. You know, these big, big, big towns. I don't think they'd consider Cleveland [Ohio] worthy. I don't know. Maybe they would. Maybe I need to get up to Cleveland and do some more work. I know I've got Warriors up there already, and so, fully confident in their abilities to cover Cleveland. Fully confident that any UFO that comes near our areas stays way out of the orgoned areas. And you'll watch them. In Cleveland they hang all the way out in Lake Erie. They don't even come near the town. And the same with my area. You have to look way out. You can see them hovering. There're probably at least 10 or 15 above my house right now, but they stay way up and they stay way out. Because, when they get too close, it's almost like they get sucked in. It's like a vacuum and they can't get out. They malfunction and they catch on fire, and you'll see what most people refer to as falling stars. Yeah, you'll just see falling and crashing UFOs, [laughs] burning up on their way out of the atmosphere.

Satan's Having a Hard Time Getting Humans to Accept Certain Things

And so, it's a war, folks. It's a war. And, you know, the buzzwords, "carbon - carbonic," I see it in the Bible Codes, and I just have to laugh. I just laugh. Because, that's just what they're saying. And what's even more amusing is Satan doesn't have all the power. He has to have humans that will readily accept him and their plans. Part of the universal laws, biblical laws, I don't know. But there's some kind of laws. So there has to be an acceptance on his part. And, what I'm seeing in the Codes is as much as they're afraid of the orgone and how it's saturating the atmosphere, they're having a hard time getting the humans on Earth to believe it. And, you have to laugh, because, you know, you can go into any forum on the Internet, any discussion list and it's always gonna be divided. You're gonna have 50% of the people on one side, and 50% on an opposing side. We never agree on anything. Everybody always has their opinions, whether it's educated or not, whether they've done 5 minutes of research or not. Most are just Monday morning quarterbacks. Draw an opinion and haven't done any research on anything. And those are the kind of people that drive me absolutely ballistic.

But this is what we deal with on a regular basis. Where people never agree, a majority, agree on anything. And this is what Satan has to deal with when dealing the humans on Earth. No matter how possessed they are, no matter how much he controls them, they still make final decisions here. And it was the humans that made contracts with them; signed contracts with fallen angels. They could have just forced us. They could have been here thousands of years ago and just taken over the earth, if it wasn't any other way than the fact that they have to be allowed and accepted. We wouldn't need contracts with them if they just forced their will on us. So, apparently, they can't. That's why Satan uses deception. And that's why the Bible says, by deception he deceives the world. Not by force. By deception. Because, people invite him. He deceives them.

If Government's Finally Revealing Possibility of Alien Life, Then Their Arrival Is Imminent

And so, interesting that I kept seeing the term "conference" coming up for October. And, I hadn't heard anything about it here, about a conference coming. Oh, no, no. I had to go read some New Age garbage somewhere. And I'll tell you what I was reading. The latest article by the top alien cheerleader and promoter on the Internet, Michael Salla. And he has this article, "United Nations to Appoint Official for First Contact with Extraterrestrial Life." Now isn't that a joke, because the United Nation's full of aliens already. Full of soul-scalped humans. Our own government's full of soul-scalped humans. They're just aliens in human form, or they just take over the bodies of humans. Get rid of that person, they took over their body. And that's why you see so many discrepancies in their skin and details, and their ears are weird, and their jawlines are weird. No, it's not plastic surgery, folks. A lot of it just is putting human skin over alien scaly skin. And they don't work so well. Sometimes it's not a perfect art.

But, anyway. It says in this article: "The United Nations is set to appoint the head of its Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) as the first official responsible for representing humanity in the case of contact with extraterrestrial life." So, you better believe, if they're finally revealing this kind of info, that there's a lot more going behind the scenes that you aren't aware of. And they are pretty much expecting that at any imminent time and moment, we could be faced with a extraterrestrial presence here on Earth.

Bible Codes Reveal Aliens Are Embarrassed by Fact That Orgone's Crashing Their Ships

And, I had told you to watch out for September. It was a dominant month for arrival, as it is with every year. Because, I can't peg a certain year, but I can tell you the month to watch out for. And, interestingly enough, look at how many UFOs were crashing this month, September. Look how many UFOs have crashed. They're everywhere crashing. And so, they're in a panic. They're in a panic. They can't implement their plans, because the front men, the scouters, they're all crashing. So how can they bring in the big guns when their foot soldiers can't even get here without crashing? So, every interesting.

And what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes is they're very embarassed by the whole thing. They're very angry. And they can't get past the stupid humans on Earth who won't agree with them, cannot see that it's the orgone energy that's causing this carbonic problem, that's causing their global warming, and also causing them to crash. So, interesting that there's a huge fight going on. And, not only that, there is a conference in London. It's a upcoming Royal Society of London conference, scheduled from October 4-5. And this woman that they're puttiing in charge of their Outer Space Affairs, Dr. Mazlan Othman, supposedly will explain to the U.N....or explain how the U.N. plans to implement changes that result in her being given responsibility as part of her current position as director of UNOOSA, blah, blah, blah. But, interesting that there's a conference October 4-5. And this is the conference I'm seeing in the Codes, I bet.

So, they're acting like, "OK. We're gonna appoint a director for Outer Space Affairs. It's gonna be this woman, Mazlan Othman, who's already director of the U.N. Office of Outdoor -- of Outer Space Affairs. Obviously, it's outdoor. [laughs] Not her office, but what she focuses on. So, interesting this is on October 4-5. So that's next week. This is like, what? Monday and Tuesday? So that kind of puts you in a timeline. But the very essence of this conference isn't exactly what they're telling you it's going to be. People are gonna go for two days and hear about, "Oh, this is our new director, and we've opened up a new position," and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They're way beyond that, folks. They're way beyond introductions and appointing people and trying to get ready for this extraterrestrial invasion that's coming.

The Real Agenda for the Coming Conference Is to Discuss the Orgone Warriors

Because, I can see in the Codes what the real agendas gonna be. And they're going to be talking about the Orgone Warriors. They're angry about this group of Warriors in Babylon, which is the USA. Talks about their Internet panel, which is their Internet chat list, their auditorium, their pavilion. Pavilion typically being Internet. Auditorium typically being a chat list group. And they hate us. They hate our orgone list. They hate the Orgone Warriors. And, while they sit and twiddle their thumbs over arguing whether orgone is indeed as dangerous as the aliens are claiming it is, in the meantime, the Orgone Warriors just go out and quadruple their efforts. [laughs] Not double, not triple. They quadruple the amount of orgone that's out there. So, while they're sitting their discussing us, we're just out there doing. And that's what I've talked about so much that the Lord, Himself, gets such a big kick out of. And that's why you'll see terms like "precious" and thing he tells me. It's the doers, not just the talkers. Nobody's interested in people who blab their mouth and run their mouth. Of anybody, you want to see action. Don't show me with your words, show me with your actions. And that's what the Lord's always said about faith. That's what He's always said. Be a doer. Be ye doers of the word and not just talkers only.

Satan's Kingdom Needs Negative Energy to Survive, but the Science of Orgone Defeats It

And so, very interesting that those are the ones the Lord just loves the most are the ones who do...go out and do. And in particular this little ragtag band of Orgone Warriors that's just come out of nowhere, and seeming out of nowhere has dominated our space. Aerospace, outer space, multidimensions. Because, the orgone is a weapon that will permeate dimensions, and not only affects our third dimension, but it affects the fourth dimension. It doesn't hurt humans. It's a living positive energy. It's a lifeforce. And the same thing they've been trying to suppress is the lifeforce of Earth with their chemtrails and their fires and their wars. Because, they need negative energy to survive. It provides them with what I've termed "loosh." I have an article on loosh. It's an energy source that they feed off of. And, one of the biggest obstacles, if you've been a church-going Christian all your life, is embracing the terminology, because sometimes you just get so turned off like, "Oh, that's so New Age. That's so New Age." Well, it's not New Age. Just because the New Age uses it, perverts it for their own purposes, doesn't mean the concepts themselves are New Age. I mean, the Lord talks about evil and righteousness. He talks about light and dark. And light and dark are energies. They produce energies. You can feel an evil energy when someone evil walks into the room, just as much as you can feel the love of the Lord or His Holy Spirit in someone when they walk into a room. And those are energies, folks. They're energies. Everything's breaking down, can be broken down, into energies.

And so, Satan's kingdom, they thrive, they survive off negative, evil energy. The kind of energy that's produced by fear, by pain, by sickness and death. That gives them strength. That's their Kryptonite. That's their spinach. That's what they live off of. On the other hand, that kind of thing just repulses those who love the Lord and those who walk in the light, those who walk in Him. It repulses them. And we tend to surround ourselves with good things, like who He is. Focusing on things above. And, His light, His energy, His love for mankind. We focus on the good things, not evil, wicked things that Satan's kingdom does. And so, that's why it's such a huge contrast between the light and the darkness, between good and evil.

Anyway, once you get over the terminology barriers and you can start to see, "Hey, it's not New Age. It's just a concept. It's science," kind of explains how we adapt to the spiritual realms around us. Whether they be the righteous realm, which is the Lord's, or the evil, demonic realm which is Satan's. And so, anyway, just wanted to clarify that, because I know a lot of people get hung up on terminology and, "Oh, crystals are bad." Really? [laughs] "Gemstones are bad. All that's New Age." I mean, you read the Old Testament and the Lord talks about how He's decking out the Levites with all these gemstones and stuff. Their uniforms, the outfits for the Levites. [laughs] How heaven's full of crystals and gold and gemstones. Every floor has a different gemstone. They're gonna have a real problem with heaven, aren't they? It's just the mind-control that, "All that's New Age terminiology. Stay away from it." People need to jump over that hurdle. And then you'll be OK. Because, crystals are very powerful. And, the bad side uses them, the good side uses them. The good side uses them to destroy the bad side.

There Are No Gray Areas with the Lord

And so, that's basically everything just a war between the two sides. And that's the way it is now. That's the way it's always been. And anyone in that little -- anyone likes to say, "Oh, that's a gray area," there's no gray areas with the Lord, folks. There's no gray areas. You're either His or you're not. He doesn't have a gray area box where He's gonna put people and say, "Oh, they can just go in the gray area. They love me, but they did this and that." No, no. You're either His or you're not. It's clearly black and white. So there's no gray areas. Usually pastors say it's a gray area when they don't have an answer for something. They don't want to answer something because they don't want to offend someone, or they just clearly don't have an answer. And they'll cover issues up by saying, "That's a gray area." [laughs] "Nobody knows but the Lord." In other words, you don't want to make a judgment. You don't want to pronounce what the truth is, because you don't want to offend somebody. So you say it's a gray area.

Orgone Target for U.K. Warriors - Royal Society Conference, October 4 Thru 5

Anyway, back to this article I was reading. So the Royal Society Conference is coming up in October. If there's any Warriors in the U.K. and you need something to do, looking for something to do, there you go. Target this conference, get some orgone around the area. It's where all the Lizards are gonna be. [laughs] The likelihood of contact...there's no likelihood about it. They've already been here. They dominate behind the scenes. What they want to do is bring it up in front of the scenes. They want to come from hiding behind the couch and reveal to mankind who they are. And so, they're looking to make headway in doing that. I know a lot of people said 2010 is the year for disclosure and Obama was gonna be the man to do it. And so, they send out all this stuff on, "Oh, Obama's gonna be the one to finally reveal the aliens and disclose it. The mere psyops of the whole thing is amusing. Because, when you have all these groups and all these people expecting disclosure, that alone is just a psyop. Because, if you can get everybody to expect something, they've already accepted the fact that it exists. They're just waiting for someone to give final confirmation. It's merely just a wakeup psyop.

Bible Codes Reveal Coming Attack on Sherry's Hometown in Ohio

Whether Obama ever gets out and says, "I'm a Lizard and my family's coming from space," [laughs] whether we ever get him to admit it or not, I don't know. He's clearly a pawn of Maitreya's. I see his name and Maitreya's all over the Codes. I was looking at a Code for attack on Carrollton, Ohio, because I happened to notice last week that there were a bunch of transit vans sitting in a parking lot. And they're just little transportation vans. They probably hold 15-20 people. And, something just struck my curiosity on that. "Why are all those vans all of a sudden there?" And then, a couple days later I was driving by, happened to see on the side of one and it said "Disaster Services." And so, I'm thinking, "OK, here we go. Here we go. They're gonna come for Carrollton. They're gonna try something here." I've always seen them trying to attack Carrollton. This is nothing new, folks. They've been after me -- I've gone through eons of assassination attempts in the last ten years. And, I usually don't so much as raise an eyebrow or fuss over them, because they come and go. The Lord hasn't allowed anything.

And so, interestingly enough, when I started warning about zombies, it was almost like I could see Ohio becoming the breeding ground for this. The whole -- maybe not the breeding ground, but the beginning because of some kind of chemical attack. And so, you know, as much as they're always trying to attack my area, it looks like the government, itself, is going to be doing something. Trying to because the aliens can't. They can't get in here. They have to stay way off, way out, or they're going to burn and crash from the orgone. And, almost looked like some kind of chemical attack. And, usually when it's a chemical attack, you're thinking chemtrails or forced vaccinations, because that's usually how the alien agenda is working now. It's with biowarfare. The whole biowarfare agenda is an alien agenda. And, the whole attack on our civilizations is through biowarfare, because they attack through chemicals. You know, our government think of attacks as with bombs and war. The aliens think of it as biowarfare. Chemicals. They're always the ones behind that. And so, I'm seeing some kind of chemical biowar attack against Carrollton, Ohio. And so, I'm watching to see if anything else of significance happens here. Have not seen any kind of military here increased. You know, anything here, any kind of people that shouldn't be aren't here. I just see, you know, vehicles sitting in a parking lot.

Get a Map and Look for Any Open, Unorgoned Places in Your Areas, Then Orgone Them

Until they make their move, and I actually start seeing something else, in the meantime, I'm just getting busy. I've got a map. I've orgoned this area very well over the years. And I'm just looking and scrounging for any kind of a doorway that's been left open, anything else I need to do. And so, that's what I suggest for all of you. Because, if they plan on having some kind of V-Day on October 13, you certainly don't want a UFO hovering above your town. And so, get out there and get the orgone out around your towns, your cities. New York City, Chicago, L.A. And these are all places we have a lot of orgone in, but you need a lot more. And the best thing to do is to get a map of your area and find out which routes -- circle the entire border area. You know, which roads, which highways circle your city? And then, get orgone on all these highways that circle your city. Drop a orgone puck every half mile or a mile around your city. And then get points of interest inside of it. Same thing with your towns, your homes, your neighborhoods. You know, I hear from a lot of people, they don't have chemtrails directly above their homes because they have orgone, but when they look up in the sky they can still see them off in the distance and over other areas. Well, you need to get those areas, too, with orgone. You need to saturate your areas with orgone. And not just your own yard, but getting out and getting other roads, getting woods, getting water sources.

You know, I watch TV and you see these shows, and you see a river or a lake and the first thing you want to do is, "Oh, I wish I could throw an orgone pipe in that thing." It's all you think about. It becomes who you are. Becoming a Warrior. It just becomes who you are. Because, that's your mission in these last days. It's our only weapon that the Lord's given us. When I ask Him what else do we need, what else should we be doing, He tells me just keep doing what you're doing. Because, what we're doing is tearing down the strongholds of the New World Order. What we're doing is destroying Satan's kingdom. And that's very simple. We're just getting orgone out. Not saying it's not getting pricey. The price of resin went up to $42 a gallon here in Ohio, so it's very expensive. I'm paying almost $170 just for a case now, and I need about 100 cases. And I need about 2,000 more pounds of crystals. And so, you just never have enough supplies, folks. You never have enough supplies. And, you know, it's a thankless job. People in communities 20, 50, 100 miles aren't gonna be thanking you for protecting them, because they don't even know you're out in the middle of the night doing it. You know? We don't seek fame and fortune for this. We just get out and do. And so, that's what we need to be doing and just being out and being doers. And protecting our homes and our countries from this coming alien invasion. Doesn't matter which country you're in, doesn't matter what island you're on, every place needs this orgone.

The Aliens Hate Sherry's Pound-the-Orgone Message, So Get More and More Out

And it ticks them off to no end that my message is to pound the orgone, to just promote this orgone, because it's the one thing that's destroying them. And so, this is one of the thing's that's dominantly being discussed at the real conference behind the conference. Behind closed doors when the media's not allowed in. And they show themselves for what they really are behind the scenes of this conference, because I can see it in the Bible Codes the things they're really gonna be talking about. And they're talking about the orgone, the Orgone Warriors, how it's destroying their plans, how it's destroying their kingdom, how it's crashing their UFOs, and how it's plaguing the Beast, himself, and the aerospace. And, interestingly, that someone has even written a disquisition on this. It's gonna take place during the conference. I'd love to be a fly on the wall. Bible Codes says "disquisition" and I looked that up wondering what the heck is a disquisition. And it's the same thing as a oral or written dissertation. Where someone is actually going to stand up and give an entire dissertation, speech, on just the Orgone Warriors, and the orgone war we've implemented against them. So, very interesting.

And don't think they haven't located where it's all started. That's why I'm starting to see action here with disaster service vehicles. Because, they've pinpointed Carrollton, Ohio and where I'm at as the beginning of this war against them. So, they'll come for me. They'll come after me in some way. I don't know if it'll be, you know, how small or big of an event they're gonna make of it. But, I'm ready, and I'm waiting, and I'm preparing. [laughs]

They're Furious That Sherry Revealed the Second Sun to the World in Her Video

You know, as amusing as it all is, one of the other things that really ticks them off is my YouTube video on the second sun. Because, I just revealed it for what it is. You know? It's like, "Hello! This is the place Enoch talked about. And this is where the Lord's believers are." And they're furious. They're furious! And they're hiding it from view. For some reason, extreme clouding here in Ohio. They don't want us to see it. We probably would be able to see it right now. If we had on those welder masks and things like that, we'd probably be able to see the second sun, but they're hiding it with extreme clouding.

And also using the extreme clouding as a means to pour out toxic chemicals on us through the rain. And, it's always raining here. It's always sprinkling. Always doing something. All I can pray and hope is that the orgone -- by the time it touches the orgoned areas, that the rain is purifed. And all of their chemicals and toxins that they had intended on hitting us with have been removed by the time it reaches the ground. Because, there's no outbreaks here. No sicknesses, no diseases. And yet, in the Codes I can see chemical attacks. I know they're using the rain. Rain comes up. Clouding comes up. They're using clouds as a vehicle, a means, to dump toxic chemicals on us. And so, there has to be another thing that we can chock up orgone for doing is removing the toxins out of rain before it hits the ground. So, just praise the Lord for that one.

While They're Busy Plotting Against and Attacking Sherry, She's Just Busy Getting the Orgone Out

Noticeable in the Code is that while they're planning my demise, they're attacking me in my hometown, I'm just out covering Ohio. [laughs] "Continuance - covering - Ohio." [laughs] "Anger - animal." And animals always refer to them, whether it be Obama or one of the Beasts in charge. They're always referred to as animals, because that's what they are. They're beasts. And the Lord doesn't -- when He talks about them, He talks about them in animal terms. You have the Buffalo, the Bison, the Bears. You know, they're always referred to as animals. And that's what they are. Lizards.

Sing Along with Sherry, "It's Raining UFOs"

And so, another thing angering them is we cheer on their destruction of UFOs crashing. I don't know if they've heard my song, yet, "It's Raining UFOs." [laughs] Maybe I should start playing that a little bit more before the shows. [laughs] It's raining UFOs.

They Would Have Arrived in September, but Their UFOs Are Crashing

But, eventually, I don't know, based on just this Code if they actually plan on arriving October 13th as this retired NORAD officer claims is a target date. Because, that's basically all they do is they give dates. They give times to do things. And then, when they can't do them, they just get pushed back and delayed or cancelled. They would have arrived in September when I warned you. Back in September 10th and 11th they would have been here. But, their UFOs are crashing. They're in a panic. And so, you see that all the time...anger and panic. Two words that describe Satan's kingdom; anger and panic.

Two Bible Code Words That Describe the Lord's People: Enjoyment and Precious

And the two words that I could see describing the Lord's Warriors...enjoyment and precious. We enjoy what we're doing, we're tearing down Satan's strongholds. And we're precious to the Most High God. Those are just two terms you always see. It just puts a smile on your face when you see that stuff.

You know, sometimes I just wish people could see the things that I see in the Bible Codes. But I know the Lord stood me up in these last days and taught me these Codes as a confirmation, because there's no one else on Earth who could confirm the things He is showing me, the things He is telling me, revealing to Me. I have no one to confirm these things with. Now, there's people that He'll confirm things to when they ask Him about me. But He, alone, is my confirmation. And, often, if He tells me something and I want to see if it's confirmed, I'll find it in the Bible Codes. And just talking with other Warriors and other people that really love the Lord, have discernment, and you just get confirmations all over the place after you reveal things.

Satan's Highly Disturbed That Sherry's an Accurate Bible Codes Decoder

And so, a definite interesting tool. Another that completely ticks off Satan...the fact that I am a decoder; a Bible Codes decoder. That I can accurately decode them, because there's just so many who can't. And, so many that just cannot understand the symbolisms and the levels that are used in deciphering Bible Codes. You know what? It's not just finding words in the Codes. There's symbolic terms. There's levels to them. There's all kinds of things in regards to Codes that the Lord has to teach, Himself. And so, I know a lot of people get angry, "Oh, she won't teach me how to do the Codes." I couldn't even begin. All my knowledge has been given to me by the Lord. And, I couldn't give that to somebody else. It's an anointing that the Lord has to give you. And so, we just keep going, folks.

They've flubbed up September, so now they're working on October. It sounds like, as far as they're concerned, as far as that retired NORAD officer's concerned, that they'll be here sometime in October. A V-Day arrival.

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking Says Extraterrestrials Likely to Be Predatory in Nature

So, interestingly, that one of the people they consider a naysayer, someone who isn't going along with the facade and the huge lie that our first contact will bring about friendly relations with aliens...I think it's really funny...I think his name's Hawk. Hawking, Hawks or something. I can't find his name. I'll sit here and try to browse through this really quick. But there is a man who was warning that, "Hey...," -- Hawking is his name. H-a-w-k-i-n-g -- warning that they should -- Stephen Hawking. Steven Hawking [astrophysicist] causing a furor when he said that extraterrestrial life is almost certain to exist so we should be careful because they are likely to be predatory in nature. And there's your warnings. Predatory in nature.

Now how many times have I been warning you that's exactly what they are. That the whole we're-coming-to-help-mankind is a lie and a facade. They don't want to help mankind, they want to eat mankind, they want to destroy mankind. They're very predatory. And yet, you have your New-Age blah-blah sites that want everybody to think they're coming to establish heaven on Earth. They want to help us all ascend to higher levels.

They just want to change your DNA, get rid of your soul, and soul-scalp your body. That's their big agenda with that. I mean, they'll use life water, life vitamins, anything that appeals to people -- look younger longer, the fountain of youth. Anything to get you to take their chemicals that will change your DNA so that they can just take over your body. You look at a lot of these people that have been in the New Age Movement for a while, when they start out they're normal. And then, after a while, as they progress into the garbage and the apostasies that's given them, after a while, you look at their eyes and it's just like nobody there anymore. They're totally possessed. And that's what happens. It made their bodies more easily possessible by aliens. They end up being soul-scalped. They end up being walked in. End up becoming victims of the New Age Movement. They don't produce followers, they produce victims.

Trying to Resurrect the Shema Star to Its Former Greatness

Anyway, interestingly enough, in the same Code, talking about Shema. And, I've told you over the years what this Shema star -- it was their big starship. Satan has a palace there. Huge rock, huge city, huge temple. Everything about this Shema star was big. And we caught it on fire last year. Interesting, about a year ago from today. And, it's been on fire since then, and I told you it's been stuck on the border of Ohio and Pa. [Pennsylvania] border. It went the most bright, brilliant -- looked like a planet in the sky, it looked bigger than Jupiter -- to a dismal yellow marshmallow in the sky. And in the Codes they're trying to -- the terminology used: "resusitate - satellite - moon." Satellite and moon are same things for these starships. Same terms used for these starships in the skies. Because they're huge rocks, folks. They're huge starships and they're not made of metal. They're actual some kind of planet.

And so, they're trying to resurrect this moon, this satellite. "Resurrect - position - elevation - glory -sedentariness." And sedentariness means it's abiding in one place. Because it's stuck. It's malfunctioned, and stuck on the border of Ohio and Pa. And so, what they're trying to do is resusitate, and revive, and restore Shema to its once greatness. And, I told you a long time ago they're trying to restore it. They're still trying to restore it. I don't know if they're trying to build another one somewhere. Take over a space station and outfit it and claim its the Shema star. You know, it's always available, these kind of different avenues [coughs] they can use. They don't like me talking about it. But, that's what they're trying to do. They're trying to resusitate it.

The Fall Pandemic Is...An Orgone Pandemic!

Interestingly enough, I told you a pandemic was coming in the Fall. And, this was back early Spring. I told you around September, October there'd be a pandemic. Guess what the pandemic is. Orgone! An orgone pandemic. [laughs] I can handle this kind of a pandemic. [laughs] It's not the H1N1 of last year, because that was exposed for the facade and lie that it is. But, very interesting that, to them, orgone is a pandemic, because they're in a panic, they're in alert state. They're alarmed, they're shocked, they're surprised. They're seeing the effects. The UFOs are crashing. We've been very effective. And so, as far as they're concerned, right now this carbon global warming [laughs] is an orgone pandemic. And, that one made me smile. I could laugh at that one all day. Just shows you what a handful of Warriors can do. What a handful of people that have truly woken up, and understand the war that's going on between the aliens and the humans on Earth, and have gotten busy to fight against them with this orgone. And, you can go to my website at www.orgoneblasters.com. It's the only kind of orgone that has them in a panic.

They're not worried about New Age orgone, folks. That stuff's useless, it's garbage, it's junk, it helps them rather than hurts them. The only orgone that hurts them is ours, is mine. So go to www.orgoneblasters.com. There's a make-your-own page where I have directions on it. You can learn how to make your own. And get busy, because if they're gonna be here on October 13th for V-Day, then we'd want to be prepared for that. Because, they're not just gonna hover above cities. They're gonna get hungry and they're gonna be down in your neighborhoods abducting people. And so, you don't want them looking in your yard for food. Looking in your home, coming after your kids, your families.

Protect yourselves, folks. They're not friendly. They're very predatory. And predatory people eat. And that's why they've been stuck to Earth's atmosphere for thousands of years, because we're their food source. They can't just travel off in the universe and leave their food source. And so, that's why we've been -- they're stuck in our solar system. They're stuck here.

Earth Is Out of Alignment - We're Going into Uncharted Territory

Anyway, I've given you the buzzwords for orgone. So when you hear carbon - carbonic - global warming...simple buzzwords for the orgone. Also the fact that the Earth is still out of alignment. And they still don't know what to expect, because we're still going into uncharted territory. And so, global warming having a dualism to it. A dual symbolism, because not only is the aerospace and space being warmed by orgone, heated up by the orgone being saturated, but also because, with the Earth being knocked out of alignment -- and I'm not talking about the axis shifting. Oh, yeah. We've shifted axis, but we're also completely out of our solar alignment. And so, we're going into uncharted territory. We're leaving the protections we've had, and they really don't know what to expect now from the sun. What kind of a beating are we gonna take from solar flares? Are we gonna have the same protections we've had when we were in our original alignment? Because, right now we're out of alignment, folks. Earth's out of alignment.

And you'll notice it -- I mean, the other morning, waiting for the bus with my son, and the moon was still out. The moon was still high up in the sky, and here comes the sun. The sun was up, the moon was up. Huh? [laughs] The axis. Yeah, my butt. You know? Because if that was the case, it would've been likely somewhere on the planet. That would've been a regular occurrence to see both stars up at the same time...the moon and the sun. Yeah, we're out of alignment, folks. And so, traveling in uncharted territory, with exactly what kind of effects we're gonna be taking, what kind of a hit we're gonna get from the sun with solar flares.

Why the Bible Talks about People Coming Out of the Rocks and Caves

And they fully expect our electrical grid to go to mush, to be hammered. And so, that's why they're pushing solar so much. And, you know, that's why the Bible talks about the people coming out of their caves and the rocks. He wasn't talking about them coming out of their estates, their flats, their apartments, their penthouses, their homes, their trailers, their townhomes. He's talking about people coming out of the rocks. Why? Because it's the only protection we're gonna have from the heat. Everybody else that's left to the elements will probably be dead or be half dead. Sunstrokes. Just all the effects of being overheated. Dehydrated, because water sources are gonna dry up. You're gonna be looking for places to be cool and to be able to survive the intense heat that's coming. And so, you know, basements work. Finding caves, rocks. You know, you're gonna need extreme measures to survive in the coming heat. And, it's going to get very hot. Very hot. So don't even give these ice age people the time of day. Don't even waste your energy on the coming ice age stuff. Doesn't hold a drop of water to what the word of God says. And the word of God talks about extreme heat that's coming.

London Warriors, Give the Lizards a Nice Welcome Party

Anyway, folks. Be back Thursday, 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Might be able to pick up some more information on the coming conference in London. [laughs] Get any London Warriors out there. Find out where that conference is going to be, and get some orgone. Welcome the Lizards to London. Give them a nice welcome party out there. [laughs] It would be insulting for them to enjoy themselves. And, I know there's been a lot of work done in London, but we could use a lot more. Especially if we could just target the facility, itself, that they're gonna be in. And, we'll give them a nice welcome like we did in Pittsburgh [Pennsylvania] when they had the Bilderberger meeting or whatever it was in Pittsburgh last year. That was a hoot.

Anyway, Thursday at 1 o'clock. And then, next Monday night back here at 10.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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