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January 4, 2010

Transcribed by Liz Patton


Yah's Coming Judgment on Mankind - 2010 A Year of Fire

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night January 4th, 2010. First show of 2010. If you have a question for the show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I might get into those later.

Yeah, itís going to be an interesting year. Things I want to talk about tonight. I found it interesting that the Lord said to me this week, He said, ďTalk about what I am going to do.Ē I always talk about what the New World Order is going to do. Just always kindof focused on that. Tonight He wants me to talk about what He is going to do. SoÖindeed, one of the best shows Iíll ever do. I would rather spend my time talking about Him than them on any day.

What Iím going to do tonight is, I am going to give you a chronology of events that are coming, so you can get some kind of an idea; a picture and a timeline. It just floors me. I guess I just assume that people read the book of Revelation and Joel and Zechariah and Ezekiel and get a grasp of prophecy. Iíve just always been so in tune with prophecy; itís been the love of my life since I was a small kid. So it just floors me that most people today have no idea and no grasp of timeline events. They listen to Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey and they think they know it all. I was in the same kindof boat. The Lord grabbed me and pulled me away from them. So tonight I want to give you a timeline of events to watch for.

The problem with the churches today is they give you a particular picture. Everybody gets that same prophetic picture in their minds that things are going to happen ďlike this and like this and then like thisĒ. They canít get past the colorÖthe symbolisms. When you watch sport on TV they always have color commentators. What they do is just kindof color everything thatís going on and make it interesting. Thatís like what John was doing. He was using symbolism so that people could understand or maybe in 2000 years, because he didnít even understand what he was saying. He just tried to help us understand by using symbolism. Thereís not going to be seven angels in Heaven. Weíre not going to see seven angels line up with trumpets and blow them. Things arenít literal like that. So what I want to do is break it down tonight and give you an idea.

We started seeing it back in 2008 Ė 2009. The white horse of Revelation started running back in 2005. So things could happen that you donít expect; that you donít see coming or already happening. I get asked all the time by people, ďWhere are we in prophecy?Ē And Iíll tell you. Weíre just waiting for the pale horse and the black horse. The black horse will arrive and that signifies famine. A great famine. The pale horse signifying plagues and the horsemen arriving and Hell following with him. Some kind of an ascended master invasion, maybe? An alien invasion and Hell following with them.

Anyway I wanted to give a timeline tonight. Starting with Revelation chapter 6. Like I said, we are watching for the arrival of the black horse. This will be a huge famine. I would suspect this is a global famine, because when the horses ride, it effects globally. I remember being asked on Daniel Ottís show a few years ago by someone, ďHow will we know when we are in the Tribulation period?Ē At that time I said, ďWatch for a global famine. Famine will indicate for most people it has started.Ē It hasnít changed today. This black horse thatís coming. I find it interesting; Iíve always refereed to this black horse rider as this Maitreya. Iíve said that this Maitreya coming could signify several different characters on the prophetic stage as the last days. Trust me, these characters can change. They arenít set in stone. I see Maitreya as the black horse rider. Iíve seen as playing the character of Abadu/Abbadon the destroyer in Revelation chapter 9. And Iíve seen character positions switch.

I just saw the other day a card with Obama being the false prophet. Heís going to helping this ďrighteousĒ man that comes with his enforcing these vaccinations and chip implants on the world. Obama would be helping him by instituting curfews. What that does is allow them to know where people are. If you are confined to your homes in curfew, martial law would probably be announced. And of course in martial law there are curfews. You would have to be at home past a certain time. I think its 6 or 7 oíclock at night everyone is confined to their homes. Theyíd know exactly where to find you! So theyíll just come looking. And who are they looking for? The believers. The Christians are the ones who are being targeted right now (indiscreetly) for these vaccines. They are coming after the Christians with them. They want to eliminate Yahís bride on Earth. When the Antichrist arrives, this ďholy manĒ, this ďrighteous manĒ, Obama could play his false prophet; his assistant. Iím seeing that as a code thatís coming up. Iíve seen Obama as the Antichrist himself, playing that one, and Iíve warned about it. Obama dying, coming back and having the nails of the cross in his hands and this huge faÁade about how he is the messiah. Thatís a card. Heís got the messiah card. And heís got the False Prophet card. They really donít knowÖIíll tell you right now...they really donít know if Maitreya is going to live or die. I see his death all the time in the codes.

Iíve seen a new Pope coming for this spring. Possibly May...or a little bit earlier. A new Pope being played by this ďrighteous manĒ which is usually Maitreya. What Iím thinking is, if Maitreya dies, Sananda will step in as Maitreya and play his role. Or if Sananda dies, Maitreya will just take on Sanandaís role. They can be a two in one. ďYou can call me Maitreya or Sananda/Jesus.Ē Jesus is the one that is Sananda. So weíll find out soon enough. Maitreya is a sheik. So theyíve covered their bases. In the Bible codes, the Antichrist is a sheik. You always see that heís a sheik. Heís a Muslim. Maitreya is a Muslim and Obama is a Muslim. Obama comes up as a sheik. So it could be either one of them. So very interesting. Things are changing. Characters are getting kindof shuffled around. We could possibly get a new Pope in this spring and it could be Maitreya or Sananda taking the role of Pope and Obama becoming the Popes little puppet man. So we could have a Pope and the President of the U.S.A. type card, where the Pope is the Antichrist and the President of the U.S.A. becomes the False Prophet. So interesting. It will be interesting. I kindof see that one a little bit more, but we canít get rid of the Maitreya and Sananda card until its totally gone.

We have to watch events, that way when they happen; we know exactly which routes they are going down, because there are so many different routes and character change. I call them cards because this is like a card game. Characters on the end time stage. Thereís a script and all these different characters. Itís like a play. Thatís why I just sit and announce. The Bible codes describe me as an analyst and a commentator because I just sit and watch things and analyze as they are happening. Very fitting. And thatís all we can continue doing until they actually start doing things. Okay?

But anyway, I want to give a timeline on I think on what YAHís judgment is thatís coming to Earth because we focus on the New World Order and Maitreya and Sananda and what these aliens and this whole New Age agenda and what their plans are. Iím going to tell you whose plans never change, and they are the Most Highís. His plans will not change. They are written in stone. He doesnít have a million different routes He is going to us. His plans are written in stone and Iím going to tell you what those plans are. The judgments that He has that are coming to Earth to destroy this New World Order; to destroy the whole New Age/alien agenda. They think theyíre going to come to Earth and put up this fake heaven on Earth. This fifth dimension. Itís never going to happen. I mean, theyíre going to try, but they are not going to fulfill their dreams. They are not going to see a full implementation of what they wanted, because He is going to destroy them all and make Earth a living Hell the entire time they are here.

What you are going to see is when they arrive, first of all. Well, they're already here. Face it. Theyíre in the background playing, controlling Congress and Obama and the Supreme Court. All the important places. Important offices Ė the control. Okay? They soul-scalp humans and take over their bodies and they operate as humans on Earth. I find it interesting that when they make a physical appearance on Earth, itís almost like at the same time the Earth rebels. The Earth itself rebels. So what you see is like an action- reaction type of thing.

Some of you just lost audio. You can pick this up on the recording when it comes out and see what you missed. Iíll have it up on the website tomorrow on the archives. Theyíre not going to like this show. They donít want to hear about the coming destruction that theyíre going to be suffering.

But anyway, itís almost like when their physical arrival comes and they start playing for the world to see who and what they areÖwell, you know; they're going to come as ascended masters, gods and things like that, Itís like the Earth itself rebels and the Lord allows judgments to happen on Earth.

Itís also significant that a lot of these are caused by them themselves so that they can gain control of the Earth. The black horse rider when he arrives, there is a huge famine. Itís almost like he is the one thatís instigating the huge famine. And we know thatís true because the governments of the world have been emptying out their storehouses, literally destroying food, paying farmers everywhere not to plant food, making it impossible, taxing them to death. Coming up with these mysterious fluís. The pig fluís and bird fluís and poultryÖall these plagues so that people have to kill their animals so they donít have anything to eat. Itís all instigated by them! Itís all instigated by them.

So when he arrives there will be famine so they will start reigning in control of the masses. Control of the people through famine. Then youíve got the pale horse rider thatís coming which signifies plagues, vaccines. That should be the first thing that comes to your mind Ė enforcement of vaccine shots, because they can chip implant you through the vaccines. Theyíve been busy for umpteen years; 20 Ė 30 years, coming up with plagues and new virus strains to unleash on the people so they can turn around and say, ďOh, we have the solution. Get this vaccine.Ē And they have all these vaccines that are preloaded with chips. Like Iíve said, their whole core plan is to get you chip implanted. They want to get these chips in people. This is where we are at now. This is basically where weíre at now. Theyíve already started doing this stuff behind the scenes with the chip implants. This chip implant program, like Iíve said is the Antichristís/Satanís war on the Saints. Theyíre targeting believers. They donít care if they take out their own in the process. They donít care. Death and suffering and torment and torture; thatís all part of their playground. Thatís basically where we are at now with prophecy is the black and the pale horse riders working together behind the scenes. Weíre going to start seeing more and more famine and more and more plagues.

Another thing next on the horizon during this, is the great earthquake. Revelation chapter 6. The sixth seal talks about a great earthquake the stars falling from heaven. So who are the stars? The fallen angels. Stars are often symbolic for angels. Fallen or righteous. In this instance itís fallen. The stars fall from Heaven. At this time every government everywhere global Ė America, Europe, Australia, Canada. All the governments of the world are hiding in their underground bases and their mountain bunkers. There must be some really huge significant event thatís coming that causes all of our governments to run and hide in their prepared shelters. This is going to be kicked off by a great earthquake (a shaking of the Earth) and then an alien invasion. So they know whatís coming. They know whatís coming. Theyíve been tipped off because they are all in their bunkers. So something has happened to where they have been tipped off. Thatís where I want to pick this up pretty much.

At this point the sixth seal you have the white horse rider who is already riding. The red horse rider who is already riding. The pale and black who are riding now. Then you have the souls under the altar. It shows a scene in Heaven. The fifth seal Ė souls under the altar. Millions of people have been killed and probably the people I am warning about now to stay away from these vaccines. They are under the altar. They died from plagues, wars and famines. It shows you a short glimpse in Heaven at that point.

Then shortly after that a huge earthquake on Earth. I see this all the time in the Bible Codes. Iíll see ďfire great noise in the morningĒ. Some kind of huge fire. Great noise would be the earthquake. All the governments hiding in their bunkers under the ground and in the mountains.

And Satan coming to Earth. Stars - angels falling from Heaven. Weíre going to see some kind of alien invasion. At this point, the Lord Himself will seal 144, 000 people on the Earth. His Name will be written in their foreheads. I donít know if this is going to be a physical thing that everybody can see, or just Satan. One of these supernatural spiritual things.

You know how I try and teach you guys to pray over the years. One of the things that Iíve always prayed for is that I would have the Fatherís eyes and ears so I could see things the way that He sees them and hear things the way that He hears them. Itís my understanding that He is going to crank up some kind, I donít know, a gift I guess you could say to where that Satan can see the Lordís people through their eyes. That he can just look at them and know, because heís going to see God Himself through their eyes. Interesting not only that, but there will also be some kind of marking and engravement, particularly on the 144,000 people. This protects them from the falling wrath and judgments that are coming for a short while, because they're going to be protected.

For right now this is where we are at. The governments of the world go into hiding. There is an alien invasion. At this point there are 144,000 people sealed. No one is going to see that. No one is going to know thatís going on. Thatís going to happen quietly in the background. No one will know itís going on.

The next thing you know is you are going to see hail of fire. Interesting that the Bible describes it as ďfire mingled with blood.Ē Blood signifies humanity. Aliens donít have human blood. They donít have blood. I think with this kind of a tip off and that humans are helping aliens destroy the Earth with fire. Interesting that one vision/dream I had a couple of times that was really just wild. I kept seeing both alien and military craft together in the skies. I think thatís what this is. I think thatís what this is because you have fire mingled with blood signifying war or humans helping the aliens destroy the Earth with fire. In that vision Iíve had, Iíve seen mixed craft - military and alien. It was all of a sudden. It was all over the skies. The skies were filled with aircraft and theyíre shooting beams on Earth. And theyíre firing. A third part of the trees according to the Bible will be burnt up and a third of the green grass was burnt up on the Earth. This also coincides with something else. What is that smart bomb/dirty bomb that one thatís released in the atmosphere. Itís like a bomb and blows up and sucks all the oxygen out of the air. This is pretty wild.

Iíve been warning this year and I posted it to my lists that this was going to be a year of fire. ďFire from the sky, to the sky, in the sky.Ē Itís a year of fire from the skies. The Lord has warned us to watch fire from the skies. Iíve warned about our entire invisible canopy over the Earth. Itís not the ozone layer. Itís a different type of canopy. This thing is going to blow up. All these chemtrails that theyíve been soaking our atmosphere with all of these years are going to catch our atmosphere on fire. That could be the fire and great noise as well; our canopy just blowing up. This canopy over the Earth. So interesting because all the grass is burnt up. So there is great heat. There is great heat. This doesnít say all the grass in Israel or all the grass in Babylon, which is America or all the grass in Europe or Canada. This the grass on the Earth. A third of the grass. Interesting that they say it could either be selective. A third of the grass, some grass here and there affecting the whole Earth that way or a concentrated zone in a region in all the Earth and all the grass in that one region being burned. So that remains to be seen. My choice would be it would be America.  My choice would be America that all the grass is burnt up here and everybody else is spared. But thatís just mineÖ

I see a lot of destruction coming to America and it is well deserved. Itís Satanís home base. Weíve got a lot of things coming here because this was meant to be his home base. Theyíve been setting America up from its inception to be Satanís home base when he comes to rule on the Earth. Weíve been fighting to take it back from him. And weíre going to win that war. Heís going to have to go to Jerusalem. Heís going to have to go elsewhere because heís not going to be able to have America. When he goes to Jerusalem heís not going to have that either. But heís not going to have America. Itís interesting. And thatís why he destroys it with fire. Heís like one of these psychopaths where if he canít have it, no one else is going to.

This is whatís coming next. Iím not talking in the way future; Iím talking about now! These are events that are going to be happening within the next year or two, okay? I canít give dates. All I can do is watch. They are always delaying things. You know how they are. These are the things that are coming.

We need to watch for the alien arrival. I call it an invasion. Theyíre going to come shooting with fire; with beams. A third of trees burn up and green grass, because of the aliens coming firing their beams on Earth at us. Interesting that after this assault from aliens, an asteroid is going to hit the ocean. I believe itís this one that theyíve been waiting for every spring for I donít know how many years. I think since back since 2004, is when I started noticing that every spring around May or June the Navy totally pulls out of the Atlantic Ocean and everybody disappears. They pull everybody out because theyíve been waiting for this asteroid to hit the Atlantic Ocean and donít know exactly when itís going to hit and they wonít tell anybody its coming. This is the one that theyíve all been fearing. This is the one theyíve all been waiting for. This is the why the Queen of England bought up all those acres of land in Denver, because when this asteroid hits it would destroy parts of Europe. It would put her under the water (Buckingham Palace). So it was their escape route to have land in Denver. She owns all that land where the airport is. This is coming. This asteroid hitting the AtlanticÖIím going to say the Atlantic. Iím going to go along because of watching them freak out every year when it comes to the Atlantic Ocean. Iíll go ahead and go with that one that itís going to hit the Atlantic. Other than that I have no idea. Iím just watching what their actions are. An asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean - coming up this year possibly. 

Then after the asteroid hits the Atlantic Ocean, a comet is going to hit the Earth. Wormwood is going to hit the Earth and itís going to poison one-third of the water from rivers and fountains of water. A third of people will die from drinking the poison water. So Wormwood is coming and a comet. Watch for the asteroid to hit first, then Wormwood the comet is going to hit.

At that point a third of daylight is going to be diminished. Itís almost likeÖI donít think that anybody at night notices that one third of the stars wouldnít be shining, because half the time you can see them and half the time you canít. What will be noticeable is during the day it will be like an overcast day every day. Weíre going to lose a third part of the brightness from the sun. Overall brightness. So it probably will look like 5 oíclock 4 oíclock every day. I donít know. Itís a guess. Iím not a scientist. From that point on we would lose a third part of the natural light we get from the sun.

These are things that are coming, and Iím not talking about 5 years or 10 years down the road. These are the immediate events coming up for this year. So Iím going to go through this one again:

Weíre going to have a huge earthquake. Fire. Great noise. Iím also coinciding with the things I am seeing in the Bible codes and how it describes them. As a fire and great noise. That could be the earthquake, the stars falling from heaven onto the Earth. Thatís Satan and his forces.

The world governments are in hiding.

Then weíre going to have an invasion where a third of the Earths green grass is burnt up from the fire from their crafts. Shooting beams. Shooting fire on the Earth; come firing.

Then after this an asteroid is going to hit the Atlantic.

Then Wormwood the comet is going to hit the Earth.

This stuff was supposed to happen last year in 2009. So, talk about delays.

Either way, a comet is going to hit the Earth. Then from that point on, our daylight time is diminished by a third. That could also mean that we just have shorter days, but it also talks about the night. Only a third of the night stars are showing. I guess that one remains to be seen. Weíll understand it when it happens. You have been forewarned that weíre going to lose a lot of sunlight. So for people who are dependent on the sun, start working now for some options around that. If you are totally solar, get some wind energy going. If you are totally garden oriented, you might want to think about greenhouses. Turn your garage into a greenhouse. I donít know. Alternate sources; maybe some sunlamps. Artificial lamps. The drug users use them. You could probably use them to grow tomatoes or something, donít you think? I donít know. Artificial lights because the sun is going to be diminished by a third. That could affect growing crops as well. Thatís all Iím warning about.

These are the immediate things to watch for. It almost makes everything else pale in significance.

Whatís interesting that coincides with this; Iíve been warning about the locust invasion. The 200 million locust that are coming. This could very well coincide with the huge earthquake, Satan getting kicked out of heaven, the fire, the great noise and the stars of heaven falling to the Earth. And weíve got fire and a third of the green grass being burnt. An asteroid hitting, a comet hitting and somewhere right after that we have the locust invasion. These are 200 million demonic beings. This is not the Chinese army. These are demonic beings. They are going to go after every person that does not have the seal of God in their foreheads. ďAnd they torment mankind for five months with the sting in their tails. And their king is Abbadon.Ē What Iíve been warning you about is the sting in their tails. These very well could be the enforcers of their vaccination program. Actually the sting of their tails is the sting of these vaccine shots. Iím going out on a limb with that, but I feel comfortable going out on a limb with that, because Iím seeing that theyíre going to have this huge chipping program when they come. This is going to be one of these things the ďrighteous manĒ is going to be behind. This false fraud. This man that plays like he is a righteous man. Possibly this new Pope thatís coming and Obama is right behind him enforcing it.  This vaccine program. And people canít die. Only 144,000 people are going to be spared from this.

Weíve got a waysÖmy show next weekÖI think it will knock a lot of people out. I was going to do next weekís show tonight and the Lord said, ďNo I want you to talk about this.Ē So I had to change my plans.  He has had several different things on my mind lately, so He is going to put them in order and tell me what He wants to say. Anyway next week Iím going to talk about zombies. Iím going to talk about zombie-ism. I was going to do that tonight, but the Lord said ďNo, talk about what I am going to do on Earth.Ē

Anyway, we have the locust invasion. This is going to happen boom, boom, boom. A third of daylight is diminished. And it talks about how in Revelation 9 when the locusts are unleashed, the smoke of the abyss; that would be a cause of the suns light being diminished, because of all the smoke from the abyss. And Iím not talking about Hell under the Earth or in the middle of the Earth. Space is the abyss. The Hebrews used different word for abyss there and its space. Itís not Hell under the Earth; its space. Anyway, weíre going to have 200 million of these demonic beings running around jabbing people with needles. Chasing them down, jabbing them with needles because they want to get these chips in them. Can you imagine the chaos on Earth?

This isnít coming in 10 years, folks; this is coming up now! These are things coming up within the next year or so. Itís going to happen abruptly. People arenít going to expect it. Really shocked. Iím always shocked, so if Iím shocked, can you imagine what youíre going to be? We tend to think weíve got timeÖweíve got time. But then itís just going to up and happen and shock us all, so be prepared. Especially for five months. These 200 million demonic beings are going to be everywhere. Nobody can die at this time. There will be no death. You donít want to leave your home because you might run into one of these demonic horsemen things. Be prepared to hold up in your houses for five months. Have food, water, medicine and have some kind of entertainment for your kids, or else youíll be bald because you pulled your hair out of your head. Be prepared to just lockdown for five months. Even if you are one of these 144,000 who have the seal of God on your forehead and they canít get to you. I donít think you are going to be going anywhere. The Lord may just buckle His people down and keep them home. Be prepared to be locked in your homes for five months.

Then even after this, there are seven thunder judgments that were hidden. We have seven more judgments that the Lord said to seal up. ďIím not going to divulge them right now.Ē So John never wrote what those were. He may have; we donít have it. So either way, weíve got a lull between the arrival of the two witnesses, which would already be here. They could arrive at any time. And these seven thunder judgments.

Interesting. Iíve been hearing from men for the last five years who are ďone of the two witnesses.Ē I think thatís up to like 2,000 now that are claiming to be one of the two witnesses. Seriously, I do not believe that these men would have websites online or ministries on Earth. I really believe that if this is literal, that it will be something so supernatural that it would be a return of Enoch and Elijah. I mean, I know how the Lord says like when John the Baptist was the spirit of Elijah and it born in John the Baptist who operated in the spirit of Elijah and said people wouldnít understand it, and people donít. He hit the nail on that one. Iím not talking about reincarnation; I just am talking about someone acting in the spirit that I had operated and someone before them.

In my codes youíll see Enoch and Moses. Typically when you see the terms Moses in anybodyís codes itís because they are some kind of a leader. Itís almost Moses becomes a moniker for a leader, the name of a leader. And Enoch because I deal with this whole alien agenda and know a lot of the same things that he did. Iíll have their names in my codes for various reasons. Enoch never died. Elijah never died. So they would be the ones to return. People say, ďOh, its Moses!Ē Itís not Moses. Moses died. God buried him on the mountain. Get over the Moses one. Enoch and Elijah would be the ones to return. They are here for 3 Ĺ years. 42 months or whatever it is. Then when they die, there is a huge earthquake in Jerusalem killing over 7,000 people.

Interesting that after they die and the earthquake in Jerusalem that the Temple of God is opened in Heaven and seen in Heaven is the Ark of the Testament. He opens up Heaven. This is going to be a huge supernatural event for the people on Earth to see, where the Lord opens up Heaven and they are going to see the Ark of the Covenant there in Heaven. Now what does that mean about the one on Earth? All you hear about is the Ark of the Covenant and all the ascended masters bringing in the Ark of the Covenant. ďOh we found it in Jerusalem.Ē This Ron Wyatt thing, I donít buy it for a minute. And this Ethiopia thing where, ďWe found it. Jeremiah brought it over here.Ē Europe has this thing. ďOh no, he brought it over here,Ē this Ark of the Covenant that the Antichrist is going to pull out; these ascended masters. Theyíre all working the same agenda and pull it out and say itís the original Jewish Ark of the Covenant and now they can rebuild their third temple on Earth. Itís a fraud. Itís a fake and the Lord is going to show it, because He has it in Heaven with Him. When He opens up the Heavens, people are going to see the Ark of the Testament in Heaven at that point and realize that this one on Earth masquerading as the Ark is a fraud. You know what? By the time we get to that point, billions are going to be dead. Most people are just going to die in their ignorance and their deceptions.

Now guess what happens. Now the beasts arrive. See how much of this stuff happens before the Antichrist arrives on Earth? Itís going to happen very quickly Ė boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. These things are going to happen very quickly. Iíve always said itís the bathtub effect. The whirlpool effect. One of the things that Iíve always said; most Christians just fear to death the whole mark of the beast thing, because they are so afraid something will happen and they will end up taking it and they donít want to and are afraid of it. And they want to die first. They donít want to be here on Earth. They want the rapture to come. You know what? America is destroyed before any of that even happen. Before it is totally enforced on the Earth to worship the image of the beast, America is destroyed. So you donít have to worry. Those in America donít have to worry about it.

So everybody that needs stuff from America, you need to be getting it now. If you live in other countries and there are things from America that you need, you better be getting it now, because America is going to be destroyed. And then the worship of the beast is enforced upon the rest of the world.

Interesting that the Bible says ďBlessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.Ē Obviously these are believers in the Most High. These are people that are standing up and fighting against the New World Order. I would venture to sayÖI would go on a limb and say these are Orgone Warriors that fill the ranks and are still here on Earth because I donít know anybody else doing labors for the Lord. Do you? I mean, there are evangelists out there, but they are preaching the name of Jesus. They donít even preach the Name of Yahushua, so how much do they really know Him? If they knew Him they would know His real Name. They wouldnít be using the name of Jesus, because thatís the name that Satan uses. The Lord is tolerant of people that call Him by that name, but it also shows their immaturity in their relationship with Him, because any mature believer who had a walking, talking, living, breathing, alive relationship with the Most High would know His real Name, because thatís the first thing He teaches you. So it shows your immaturity or your maturity in the Lord based on what you call Him; based on just what you call Him. At this point Christians arenít being spared from death. They will not be spared from death. They will die. Just as in the fifth seal people will be killed by the pale horse, the black horse, because John sees the altar in Heaven and he sees all the souls under the altar from those who have been killed by the red, black and pale horsemen. Wars, famines and plagues.

The white horsemen is the only horsemen that doesnít destroy mankind; because the white horsemen destroys Satanís kind. And whatís the only thing on Earth destroying Satanís kind? The Orgone. The weapons the Lord has given us.

These are the judgments that are coming, folks.

Then we have the reaping of the Earth begins. So right after America is destroyed, the Antichrist and False Prophet are in full operation now. They are on the Earth. The two characters on the last dayís scene. They are passing legislations, enforcing worship of the beast. The False Prophet is like a legislative/political leader, because he has power over the U.N. He can enforce legislations being passed. Thatís his job. He is the political liaison of the Antichrist. The Antichrist walks around like he is some righteous dude and his False Prophet is like his political liaison.

America is destroyed. Legislations are passed enforced the world worship this image of the beast. It could be a little idols or statues they put up. I donít know what the image is going to be. I talked about it before. Iíve surmised and guessed. It could be a computer image or a TV image. They flash this image around in a hologram and everybody is supposed to bow down and worship it when they see it. Either way, that begins after America is destroyed.

Then the Lord begins His reaping program on Earth. So this one is really good. Itís the seven last plagues on the Earth. The seven last judgments on the Earth. You can read about it in Revelation chapter 15. You are going to see grievesome sores and boils upon all those who have the mark of the beast and worshiped his image. They enforce it, people do it, and then the Lord punishes them by causing all of these people to get boils on their bodies, on their skin.

Then thereís a plague in the sea where every living soul in the sea dies. Now what interests me is it says every living soul dies in the sea. How? Huh? If man is a soul, beasts donít have souls; exactly how many people are living in the sea? I donít get it. But either way, every living soul in the sea dies. Maybe itís all these underground bases that they have in the oceans. Iíve always said what the Lord told me about underground bases is that they are going to become the tombs of people. They are going to become their tombs. And these Christians that have spent His money building hideouts under the ground thinking they are going to protect themselves and their ministries, misappropriating and misusing the funds He gave them, assuming that He would want them to do that. Assuming that He is giving them permission to do that. They are going to die in it. Iíll tell you that right now. He is pissed. He is mad. And even Christians, believers, anybody, they are going to die in these stupid underground bases. They are going to become their tombs. And the reason that Christians are going to is they were not given permission to do so, but did it anyway without His permission and with His money. His judgment is on them.

And then all rivers become contaminated. Fountains of water. So there is no fresh water on Earth at this point anymore.

The sun is scorching mankind with fire and great heat.

Jerusalem is thrown into darkness causing great pain for the beast.

Everybody is suffering with these boils. In the cold, they become really, really painful.

At this point the Euphrates River is dried up, preparing the way for the kings of the East. The kings of China. The kings of the East. You are going to see the beginning of the march to Israel which will begin the battle of Armageddon. Very interesting.

Thatís a little bit down the road, but like I said all this stuff can happen boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. It could be no long lulls. So everybody can get their thoughts in order, I guess at this point, because everyone is going to be in torment of some kind. Chaos and destruction coming. A lot of sidenotes and sidebars coming that I havenít even gone into that I will next week.

I find it interesting that the things that we need to be watching for are some of the most devastating things you can imagine that are just around the corner. A comet is going to hit the Earth. An asteroid is going to hit the Atlantic. These are the two things that I consider that are the most dominant that people will watch for. Theyíll remember that. That weíve got an asteroid coming. Weíve got a comet coming.

Donít believe NASA. Donít believe these fools that run these agencies because they are dead beings. Theyíre dead souls. They are damnable. There is no redemption for them. All these soul-scalped people playing humans on Earth. These demons and aliens. Donít believe what they say. Russia had a mention of how they are getting ready for an asteroid hitting in 20 or 50 years. They probably said 100. No, they know this thing is coming now! They will never give you the truth about time. Theyíll tell you, ďthereís a comet in the air, but donít worry. Itís not coming near Earth.Ē Let me tell you, there are a comet and asteroid that are coming to Earth and they are going to hit. Get prepared. Get prepared now! This stuff could happen in the spring, and spring could come really quick. Iím not saying when. I donít see it happening right now with snow. They're trying to hang on to their stupid little lives and ships in the atmosphere right now chilling the air effect, because the Orgone is burning them. So another judgment from Yah.

He will crank this Orgone up. Itís His weapon. He will crank it up and He will use the Orgone to be the thing that casts these creatures out of the abyss and cause the earth to shake. The fire. The great noise. Then we have aliens coming to the Earth. This is next! These things are next! They come firing shooting beams burning up the green grass. Then weíve got an asteroid hitting. A comet hitting. Then from that point on, daylight/sunlight it diminished.

These are coming. These are the next things on the horizon, folks. As I have more shows and after these things start to happen, if we still have the internet and if we still have radio shows, then Iíll worry about all these other little things to warn you about.

If you live on the coastline, get away. I told you years ago to get off the coastlines. Just because you think this thing is going to hit the Atlantic, what if the plans change and it hits the Pacific? It doesnít say which sea itís going to hit, it just says itís going to hit the sea. Maybe it will hit the Red Sea or the Baltic or some sea on the other side of the hemisphere. Maybe it doesnít hit the Atlantic at all. I canít tell you where it hits. I can just tell you our government freaks out every year because they donít know where itís going to hit either I assume, because they clear the Navy off of both coasts and have them head out to sea.

Iím getting a lot of question for the show and itís also about 9 oíclock. So I think Iíll answer those next week. Any questions that have been sent in folks, I will answer next week.

Also I want to take a little jump over, I guess a sidebar, a rabbit trail, because these beings that are coming, this locust invasion, the 200 million Iíve been warning about and this whole chipping/vaccine program that theyíre on. One of the results from this are zombies. Weíre going to have this. Theyíre trying to warn you via Hollywood movies about zombies. Itís not fiction. Itís not pure entertainment. They are literally trying to warn you of whatís coming. They donít tell you what causes it. ďOh itís a virus strain.Ē Yeah, one caused by their vaccines. These people who have been injected with these vaccines the government has been giving out; these are the candidates for zombies. They are going to die and their bodies will be reanimated by demons. This is a real thing thatís coming. This is something the Lord has had me on.

I was going to talk about that tonight, but will do it next week because He wants you to know about His judgments that are coming. His judgments that are coming to the Earth. He will destroy the New World Order. We work on their strongholds; He works on their entire foundations. You better believe wherever this asteroid hits that it will probably destroy a huge part of Satanís base on Earth. Also the comet hitting the sea. Wormwood. Coming very soon. Be stocking up on water. A third of the water will be poisoned, but millions are going to die from drinking this poisoned water because they donít know itís poisoned. Interesting. Once you see a comet does hit one of our rivers or something, donít drink the water. Stay away from it. Start stocking up on water now.

We donít have to fear these things, folks. The Lord will take care of His people. He is leading people. Youíll know when to stay home. Youíll be prepared, because if you are listening to the warnings, youíll be stocked up and ready to stay home. Youíll be getting away from the coastlines. Youíll be getting away. Youíll know not to drink the poisoned water. The locust invasion. The war on the Saints with their vaccines. Just look to the Lord. I have no fear of any of this stuff. In fact, I can sit here and laugh. You think, ďHow can you laugh?Ē I just donít fear it. Perfect loves casts out fear, folks. So if you are afraid, itís not the information, itís your faith thatís the problem.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.