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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 4, 2010

Autumn Kicks Off with Increased UFO Crashes and Toxic Clouds Hiding the Second Sun

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. October 4th. Going into another month. So, very interesting. You know, I have a couple things to talk about tonight so if you're hanging on the phone lines, you can sit there for a while, or just hang up and call back later.

Couple things I wanted to mention tonight. And, it gets interesting in the Codes, because the Fall is always interesting. October, November, December, which pass over the bumps of July and September. And, interesting that September seems to have really started the ball rolling skywise, because there's been tons...a great increase of UFOs crashing all over the earth. And, now, at the same time, you start to see a lot of clouding. And I'm not talking regular clouds that we're familiar with, but just a lot of the gray, icky clouds, and these are what I'm calling toxic clouds.

And, I sat and watched them this morning just coming from the east and then blowing on south. And so, it's very interesting that they're already starting to not only cover the sky -- we've talked about this on the show before -- but they're trying to mask the sky. And I got an e-mail from somebody who doesn't really live too far away from here [Ohio]. I think it's the next state over. Albany, New York, I think it was. And they said as soon as the clouds parted for about two seconds, that they got a clear shot, with their own visible eyes, of the second sun. And, I thought that was really interesting, because, you know, you think of all these nefarious purposes for the clouds, and one of them being that they're just hiding people being able to see the second sun. And so, very well could be one of them.

I know I've seen a lot of toxic rain in the Codes, and I'm gonna talk about that a little later. I've been talking about that for weeks, how they're raining down poisons and chemicals on us to get us sick. And, I'm starting to see a correlation in the Bible Codes, so it really just kind of floored me that when I look at different type of ambush Codes for October and November -- because our October and November, if you look at it in the Codes, it's -- you know, Hebrew October is from mid-September to our mid-October. And then, their November starts our mid-October to our mid-November. They run their months earlier than we do. And so, that's why trying to nail time is just so crazy. You can't do it because of the different calendars between Hebrew and English.

Targeting Young Girls with Possible Sterilization Substance in Mandatory Vaccines

But, one of the things I've been talking about is the forced vaccinations, the increased vaccinations. And, I put up a website, theywantyoudead.com to warn everybody about vaccinations, stay away from vaccinations, stay away from flu shots. So it kind of took me by surprise this year. I don't know about other states, but in the state of Ohio, tried to mandate that every seventh-grader had to have whooping cough vaccine, and, there was two others. And, at first, it was only required for the girls. And when people started to notice, "Well, if whooping cough and these other two are so dangerous, why just the girls?" [coughs] And, of course, they start their choking. Then, why were'nt the boys required to take it. And so, it clearly became obvious that they were targeting the girls, probably had some kind of sterilization in the vaccination. Also stuff that gives them cancer. They always do the opposite of what they claim.

School Officials Threatening Parents for Refusing Vaccinations - If Your State Has Exemption Laws, Use Your Rights

And so, now the boys being forced to take it. And, the school officials were really adamant and really nasty about the whole thing, saying that you couldn't come to school without those vaccines. That your parents would be thrown in jail if you didn't get the vaccines. And just really bullying and intimidating people into getting the vaccines. Now, if you go on line and look at Ohio's exemption laws, Ohio has religious and psychological and medical exemption laws. And so, I simply sent in a letter stating I was using my right under Ohio exemption laws to refuse the vaccinations of my child.

Possible Zombie Bible Codes?: Ohio - Smitten - Schoolroom - State Snared - Parents Terrified - Suddenly

And so, interesting that I'm seeing this in the Codes. Because, when the whole thing started, I just had a feeling...they're targeting my daughter. They're targeting my daughter, she's going in seventh grade. Why didn't they do this last year, or any other year? Why this year? So, interesting that -- what I'm seeing in the Codes is that there's
"a great significance - a significance - a panic - state - Ohio - smitten - schoolroom - structural - terrified - suddenly - state snared." And so, I look at these terms, and the overall context I find them in the Codes, and it makes me realize that these kids -- because there's another part, it's the same matrix, it says "Ohio - parents - perforated." And, how do you break into something or perforate something? Use the kids.

And so, these satanic freak morons are using our own kids to perforate our families. Because, every night they come home, they're with their families. And, no telling what they're putting in these vaccinations. I've warned and warned about the chemicals they're putting in the vaccines. And, you know, when you see "state snared - parents terrified (suddenly terrified)," there's gonna be some kind of a reaction to these vaccinations that all of these kids are going to be affected by.

Vaccinated Kids Dying and Coming Back as Zombies?

And, I've always had that sickening feeling that the whole zombie plague would start right here in Ohio. I can see it associated with some kind of chemical that they were gonna inflict Ohio with. And, I've never really gotten strong confirmations in the Codes on that, but that doesn't mean it's not coming. Because, I never got strong confirmations about this Ohio vaccination program until recently. Usually the Lord will lead me into something, and then once I start grasping it then the confirmations come and then I'm just sick. You know, sometimes I would rather just be proven wrong and told I'm wrong than be proven right, because the stuff I'm being proven right on isn't something you want to be right on at all. You don't want to be right on this stuff. It's -- it IS terrifying.

Now, imagine if all these kids that have these vaccines get sick, die, come back as zombies, they've got the whole -- their families. They're imbedded within families. Those families are gonna be immediately affected. If you think you can hold off a demonic being even though it's in a 13-year-old kid, you're crazy. They're supernaturally strong. Parents, siblings, everybody would be at their mercy. And so -- I'm not saying it's a zombie plague, but I'm saying that there's something that's suddenly gonna happen that's going to terrify the parents in Ohio that their kids got these vaccines.

Sherry's Vaccination Exemption Letter Made "Them" Angry - Punched a Hole in Their Plans

And, not only that, I found it interesting that they were pissed off that I sent in that letter. Because, it punched a hole in their whole structured requirement thing. Because, they set it all up as a political event that, you know, the state of Ohio requires and mandates all seventh-graders to get vaccines. You know, it was a whole structured thing that they'd set up to intimidate and bully people into getting the vaccines. Instead of doing five minutes of research online and learning, "No, you could take a state exemption." You know?

And so, they're pissed off at that. But they're still gonna go ahead -- they've already gone ahead -- and they've even started their flu vaccine push for the Fall. And, of course, the flu vaccines are just revived H1N1 scam. And so, they're putting the H1N1 vaccine in the flu vaccinations. And, oh, you can sign up, call in for an appointment, and go to your local Drug Mart [store], and they have flu shots from 1 [p.m.] to 4 [p.m.]. It's just despicable, the way they push this stuff.

But that's some stuff coming up over the horizon. And, everything tied into vaccinations. And then, you have what it leads into, which is Corexit [a dispersant for breaking up oil spills]poisoning. Now, how do they relate? I don't know how, you know? I know how they relate, but I have a lot of unanswered questions as well. And sometimes it's hard to explain. But, it's almost like they have this vaccination push. They get everybody vaccinated or within range of somebody who could cause you harm, who has been vaccinated. Because, it's not the people that haven't been vaccinated that's dangerous, it's the ones who have been. It's the ones who have been.

The Gulf Oil Spill Was the Queen's Attack on the Bible Belt Region

And, then you have Corexit poisoning. And, I told you years ago when I did a show. And somebody pointed this out because I done forgot. I did a show on a call to arms and I'd warned everybody then (I think it was last year's show some time), that there was gonna be attack on the Gulf states. That the Queen wanted to attack the Bible Belt of the United States. And, interesting that this year, or two years later (I don't know when I did that show) that -- who is BP owned by? It's owned by the Queen. And the Queen's using her own company, BP, as a cause-effect. Cause an oil spill, and then we'll use the Corexit to poison all the people in the region. And, Louisiana, Mississippi, those southern Gulf states all being affected by Corexit poisoning.

And a lot of it not being broadcast on TV. And I'm gonna read something that was posted in a online forum about just, people dying everywhere and not being reported by the media. But I wanted to mention that this Corexit poison has now reached Texas. It's now in Texas. Northern Texas has oil in their swimming pools. And they have the white powder, this white powder poison which is killing their leaves. Killing them. And I guess you could see the white powder on the leaves...on the dead area of these leaves. And so, it's now over -- just right above Dallas, Texas is where the Corexit poisoning is showing up. This is how far over now.

And, this doesn't have to be from Gulf breezes, because our government -- what I've seen in the Codes recently -- which always brings me back to Corexit, because I wasn't even planning on talking about Corexit till I saw this in the Codes -- because Obama's behind it. Obama is behind it. The king is behind this poisoning. And who is he targeting? Non-Arabs. So, if you're not Arab in the United States, you're gonna be a target for poisoning and death by our government. He is targeting the non-Arabs, and the entire region (Bible Belt).

But, we're not just gonna see it in Texas. We're already seeing it in Florida. Already seeing it in Louisiana and Mississippi. We're gonna see it in Ohio. As far up as Ohio. Because, if these are the same terms which I've discovered that relate to Corexit, I'm seeing the same terms in Ohio. And these terms "scabies - powder - sulfurate - phosphate," these are all terms that relate to this Corexit poisoning. Because, when I see the term "powder" in the Codes -- there's only four powders that, you know, I can usually try to associate with that term and try to dig it out. And that's usually the white monoatomic gold, which is a white powder. You have cocaine, which comes up a lot in the Codes because they're all cocaine freaks anyway; they all abuse cocaine. And you'll notice every one of our presidents has been accused of being cocaine abusers. That's because they are. And then you'll see anthrax. And, now we've got Corexit. But the interesting thing is when you see the term "powder" and then you start seeing these other terms, "sulfurate" and "scabies." Scabies came up and I was doing just one Code; one small Code for the month of October/November. And, scabies came up three times just in that one Code. And so, I had to remember. I knew I had seen scabies before. I knew I had talked about Corexit and that that was as result of Corexit. And so, I took this snippet off of one of my past transcripts. I've been talking about this since July, so it's one of these shows:

Censored Gulf Eyewitness Testimonies of Coughing Up Blood and Other Horror Stories

You know, it was interesting, I was reading an e-mail earlier, Censored Gulf Eyewitness Testimonies of Coughing Up Blood and Other Horror Stories. And, finally, I see where scabies is coming in because I kept seeing it in the Bible Codes for the last several months, way before this even started. And trying to figure out what this scabies was. And, here it is. It's a result of Corexit being sprayed on us in the Gulf area. "Coughing up blood is among horros that eyewitnesses are reporting in south Louisiana where BP medics diagnose sudden widespread, burning, itching skin, lesions and marks as "scabies" or staph and government health focus on "stress" and mental condition of millions of people poisoned with what scientists report is 11 times more lethal than crude oil toxins now in Gulf and coastal water and air." In the meantime, however, "Americans are still encouraged to eat Gulf seafood."

Does it get anymore convincing than that of what I've been warning you? That they are trying to kill us. This whole Corexit, folks, is a bioattack. And several months ago, many months ago, I told I kept seeing a pandemic coming. And, I still do. But this is definitely one of their core attacks. I've seen this in the Codes. For a long time coming they've been planning this. And it is nothing short of a bioattack against our southern states.

And I stated that in an earlier show, and here it is. It keeps coming back; in particular, for the state of Ohio in the fall months. And, picked this up off of a forum. And Corexit -- they stated it the same way I felt it when I saw it:

stuff that exits the core of the earth, and "stuff" that will affect the core of a body to exit...

And so, they're using crude oil (something that comes up out of the earth) as a excuse, to cause and effect. Which is affecting the core of a body to exit (which is the leaving of your spirit from your body). Which means they're killing you. And so, this is one of their sick things that they do. Probably had it planned by calling it Cor-exit. And I think another nickname for Corexit is top-killer, because it will kill everything on top of the earth, because most of these freaks have their underground hideouts to hide in. And so, interesting that we just have not seen the end of it.

Another thing that's associated with scabies other than Corexit, the lesions of the skin, is Morgellons. And, of course, Morgellons is a nanoattack also caused by chemtrails. And, it looks like a red blister. Like a mosquito bite with a black dot in the center. That's what Morgellons looks like. Definitely, I've seen that in the Codes. They use the term "fibers" to describe Morgellons. And I haven't seen the term "fibers" described for these next couple months. But, I've seen "scabies." And, scabies now being associated with Corexit. And so, definitely see a correlation coming.

Vaccinations and Corexit Go Hand in Hand - All Tied in to Agenda 21

First we have this stage; we have vaccinations, we have the flu shots. And then, boom! We get hit with chemical attack, which is Corexit. And so, probably a big push on the southern states as well for vaccinations. These just seem to go hand in hand. Perhaps because vaccinations weaken the immune system, which is the whole overall plan; weaken the immune system and attack them with the Corexit.

If you have a upper respiratory problem or any kind of hepatitis -- I don't know if you heard that story in the news last week about that child, the little boy, who went walking at the edge of the beach down in Lousiana, just walking through it and died. Because, he had some kind of a open sore on his foot, that toxic water got in and killed him, because of that Corexit and the oil and the poison down there. And it killed the little boy because of the hepatitis. His system was susceptible to being attacked. And so, you know, you really gotta wonder how much for brains people have that would even go near that water. Florida...Louisiana...Mississippi. Come on, guys! Come on, folks. The water's pure poison and you're letting your kids walk through it. You're swimming in it. You're taking them to the beach and having a family vacation? I mean, come on. And so, there's just a lot of sheeple that could easily just be killed from their own stupidity.

Yeah. And they're still encouraging people to eat the Gulf seafood down there. And so, I can imagine how many people still are just because the government said it's okay. Do people still have that kind of blind trust in the government? Are they that stupid? Can't people realize yet that the government is designed to kill you? Every person in charge belongs to this Lizard faction that wants to destroy humans on Earth. It's all tied in to Agenda 21, the depopulation agenda.

Using Rain as a Weapon to Depopulate the Earth

Also, along with everything else, we have benzene which is a dominating factor of Corexit. And exposure to high levels of benzene can also cause leukemia. People can fall with leukemia within nine months of being exposed to Corexit. And so, just a lot of diseases associated with it. And, not only that, but our government's continued plan, Obama's continued plan, to spray Corexit in all of the other states as well. And, also, raining down methylene, benzene, methane and other poisonings associated with this Corexit. Because I keep seeing the term "rain" in the Bible Codes. And so, they're using rain as a weapon to depopulate and sicken the population.

Media Blackout in Gulf Area - Testimony of "So Many Dead People" from Oil-Related Illness

I wanted to read something that I'd seen off of a forum. And, this was a quote from somebody that lives down there, in regards to Louisiana, that you won't hear on mainstream media. And, it says:

Yes they are dropping like flies around here. So many dead people. Too many to move. Have to just drive over them to get anywhere. I would say that at least 85% of the population is already dead.

I don't know what area he's talking about, but this is somewhere in Louisiana.

And they didn't go peacefully. This is a truly horrible way to die. I saw people coughing up oil! Some had oil coming out of their ears and other orifices. I didn't mean to look but I saw one man urinating behind a tree and the stream was jet black. I walked over after he finished and was actually able to manage to ignite it with my bic lighter. The real story isn't getting out!

And somebody else agreed that they, too, had seen many dead people. And so, it's pure death in the air, folks. And, now hitting its way over to Texas. And, eventually, going to be up here in Ohio. And so, truly just a bioattack.

And, you know what, folks? The Lord is allowing this. He is allowing this. And, the reason He allows it (and this might be a bit of a surprise to most of you), but it's actually a preliminary event that's been prophesied. Because, when the Antichrist begins his reign on Earth, the first thing he does is come after the saints. He begins his war on the saints. And, that's exactly what Obama is doing by targeting every non-Arab in America. And, if Arabs do get in the way it's, you know, collateral damage, whatever.

But, they are coming after the saints. And, pretty much most of this country, especially in the Bible Belt -- and it doesn't matter if you're black or white, just the Bible Belt, the believers in the Most High...they're coming after the believers. They're not targeting any particular race. They're just coming after Americans, because Americans have a long history of being believers in the Most High. And so, that's why they're targeting all of these states. And it's also gonna be coming up into the Ohio region.

And so, interesting correlations that this whole thing in the Gulf oil, a preliminary act, it's a scripted act. It was planned for a long time, and not stopping anytime soon, folks. And, I know a lot of people -- I know people in Indiana, in that part of the region have been affected by the toxic rain. And, people saying you could almost smell it when you've been hit. Now, I haven't experienced any kind of rain that I could smell that had a odor to it. And I haven't seen any white powder on the trees. Our trees right now naturally are turning colors anyway, because it's falltime. But this is definitely on the horizon. Things that are definitely around the corner. Just this whole vaccination thing. And, now we move into the attacks coming. The chemical biowarfare attacks.

And, I told you last week on the show about seeing Disaster Services vehicles in Carrollton, and bracing for whatever attack they have planned here, targeting my hometown, my home area. And that's one of these interesting for-your-information type things that I thought was funny, because I've told you how orgone is apocalyptic. The Lord has us here for a purpose doing it. And, I just thought it was funny that not only, you know, is the school name around here called Warriors, for the kids, the moniker, team names, are called Warriors; the Carrollton Warriors, that the Lord has me here in. I actually often wear my Warriors jacket. [laughs] Says "Warriors" on the back of it, which is fun.

But, if you look at Carroll Country, in a map of Ohio, and if you look at a state outline map, where they outline all the counties, Carroll County is outlined in the shape of a spark plug. It's the only one in the state and it looks like a spark plug. And, if you want to know where exactly we are, Carroll County is right below Youngstown. We're south of Youngstown. And, it's in the shape of a sparkplug. And, interesting that it's the orgone that seems to be the ignition, the spark, of the entire Tribulation period. It's the White Horse [of the book of Revelation]. The Lord leading us into this. You know, it's just more confirmation. It's really amusing. And, this is exactly where it's all started. Started the orgone war here, back in 2004. And, it's what's destroying them. It's crashing their UFOs. And, this is why they're retaliating so much. This is why we get all the retaliation.

That Old Serpent Thinks of Sherry as a Worthy Opponent

They have finally figured out that I'm not just some crazy woman. [laughs] That what everything I've said is true. I find it amazing that, you know, I always have so many people hating on me. And, in the Bible Codes, "serpent revered servant." Even Satan knows to back off away from me. He revers me. He knows who I am. He knows I'm a prophet of the Most High's. He knows I'm here to lead an army in the last days. And, even he has a certain amount of respect. He revers. And so, goes to show you how asleep and just how ignorant most of the church crowd is, and everybody else who just spend all their time hating me instead of just getting busy. Instead of just asking the Lord direct if anything I'm saying is of Him. If it's true.

"I'm Not Here for the Majority. I'm Here to Wake Up an Army"

And, you know what? I'm just not here for the majority of people. I'm not here for the majority. I'm here to wake up an army. I'm not here to build one, I'm here to wake one up. We are a fraction, a segment, of the 144,000 army. And, there are two groups of 144,000. I know most Protestants only teach one group. The book of Revelation clearly outlines that there's two groups. One is sealed here on Earth, while one is sealed in heaven learning the song of Moses. Two different groups, folks.

And, this whole orgone army of Warriors in the last days being a section of the first group of 144,000. And so, you know, I can see the writing very clearly. We're a fragment. We're a faction. We're an army within an army. And so, obviously, that means the whole majority will never get it. They'll never get it. They'll never wake up. And so, I'm not here for all them who can't see or hear the truth, but those who can. And, for some of you, you have no idea why you keep being drawn to my radio show, my websites. You ask the Lord for truth and He keeps drawing you towards my things. That's why. Because he's trying to wake you up and get you involved with the work that we're already doing. You know, it takes more than a handful of people even though we've done a majority, a lot, of the work around here across this country getting orgone out, but it takes a lot more.

Is Orgone Going to Protect Us from Corexit and These Toxic Chemicals?

You know, people ask me is orgone gonna protect us from Corexit and these toxic chemicals. Orgone will prevent chemtrails, but when they directly spray overhead and dump chemicals on your area, it's not gonna protect that, because those are man-made. And, specifically, when you look at chemtrails themselves, they'll keep chemtrails over your skies from sticking over your skies. If your area is not covered by orgone, it's going to get chemtrailed, and you're gonna suffer from those toxins from the chemtrails.

Orgone is a supernatural weapon. The Lord uses it how He wants to use it. And, we've seen it work in amazing ways against the fourth dimension. It attacks and destroys the fourth dimension. This Corexit is obviously a third-dimension chemical, poison, and so, it's going to be less effective against things from humans. Because, I've told you, the whole chemtrail operation, part of it is human, most of it is alien. The Bisons are in control of that; the Buffalo. And so, one of the dominant things you see in the Codes is the Buffalo being behind the vaccinations, and being behind chemtrails.

The Signature of the So-Called Friendly Aliens Is Their Use of Chemicals on Humans

And so, anything chemical-related and biowar-related has come from the friendly aliens. It just makes you want to barf. I mean, so many people think they're friendly and coming to help Earth, and here they're the ones behind our sufferings, our deaths, our cancers, our destruction. Targeting humanity to destroy them. And they do it through chemical warfare. It's almost like their signature, their imprint, on everything THEY do, is with the use of chemicals. It's chemicals.

Stay Away from Products with White Monoatomic Gold in Them

And, even white monoatomic gold and anything with alchemy, it's all them. It's them. And they use it to destroy people. I now I got an e-mail several months ago from somebody who had ingested white monoatomic gold, and ended up in the hospital for months, because it affected his brain. And, now he's warning me, "Tell people to stay away from monoatomic gold!" It's like, well, I've got articles out. I've been warning people. And, the warnings are out there, folks. Stay away from the life water drinks, the fountain of youth garbage. All this stuff has white monoatomic gold in it. It will destroy your health. It will kill you. And it's hard to say even the ones who have been killed by this stuff, how many have been soul-scalped and just, you know, had a walk-in happen? Their spirit's gone and they get possessed by an alien being, a walk-in. And so, this stuff's happening. And the warnings are out there. People just need to wake up and pay attention.

Satan Will Access Us Through Pharmaceutical Drugs in These Last Days

Another thing I wanted to mention, folks, is it's not the time to be drowning in sin. Stay away from the drugs. Stay away from the alcohol. Get off the pharmaceutical drugs. Satan will use any access he can to get to you. I've seen simple things as pride destroying a lot of believers in these last days. Pride alone. Where they start to feel good about themselves, they're prideful, they're boastful about who they are, who they think they are. Or the Lord's given them some type of special gifts and abilities and they become proud in it. And Satan uses it to destroy them. Pharmaceutical drugs. Gonna be a BIG issue in the last days. The Bible refers to it as pharmakeia, in the book of Revelation. And, all of those who are abusing it are cast into the lake of fire. And so, you really need to be paying attention to things the Lord hates and be abandoning them.

Look at what's going on with pharmaceuticals. Look how many shootings lately. How many more times in the news do we have to hear about somebody's husband or wife or mother freaking out, killing their families, and then killing themselves? I mean, there have been multiple stories just the last month of murder-suicides. And you have to wonder what prescription drug were they on, you know? Or are they just chip-implanted from a vaccine, and they're testing it out and having these people commit these atrocious murders because they want to see how much control they have via the chip that that person was implanted with? Because, they can force you to do these things. They can force you to do them. And then have you kill yourself so you aren't alive to refute or testify to anything, you know? That's why they always have the murder-suicides. But that one's always, ALWAYS, a signature, an imprint, of a government event. Because, they always have the murderer kill themselves. It's always a suicide. That's another signature, CIA, psyop. Another one, murder. A notch on their belts, because they're dominant in the drug industry.


Anyway, I'm gonna take some callers and see what's going on. People have been sitting on there for a while.


SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello?

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Hi, Sherry. Can you hear me?


CALLER: This is Floyd from New Phil. Remember me?

SHERRY: Yep. How ya doing?

CALLER: OK. Just gonna trouble you with some more questions.


CALLER: OK. I got a message. You know, I've been meditating a lot as you know. And, you know...they always say hallelu-jah, right?

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: But, this is interesting. Hallelu...what does that mean?

SHERRY: Praises to [someone].

CALLER: OK, then they stop it at -jah.

SHERRY: Hallelujah. Praises to the Lord. Praises to Yah.

CALLER: But, then...when I was in the forest, it came out like halleluyahushua. Is that wrong?

SHERRY: No. I mean, it's the same thing. Yah is just Hebrew for God.

Yahushua ben Joseph, ben David, and ben Yahuah

CALLER: OK. So...and I got a lot of vibrations from that. And they said something else and it was like halleluyahushua. Then they came out with ben Yahuah. Does that make sense?

SHERRY: Son of God.

CALLER: Right. Son of God. Yahuah. Right? And that's what I got and just like, my whole life slipped. And, you know, I was unemployed coming here to meet you. And then all of a sudden, after I did that, I got a job the next day. You know, and I'm, you know, they've been calling me in and the money's coming. Everything's like, flip-flop, you know. It's like, a positive kick, you know?

CALLER: One other thing. I noticed that it's like, Yahushua ben David on your website.


CALLER: There's a second name. I'm not sure if it's Josef, which means Joseph. You've got Josef, I think means Joseph, but it's confusing. Why David?

SHERRY: Well, He's the Son of David. He comes through David's line.


SHERRY: And also Joseph. Joseph, His earthly father also comes through [David's] line. So does His mother. They both came through David's line.

CALLER: So what does Joseph have to do with it?

SHERRY: Joseph was the earthly...I don't know. Um --

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] Earthly father.

CALLER: I'm gonna be nice. I promise.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: You do your thing.

SHERRY: I mean, I'm not saying I totally believe in the whole emancipation...what was it called?

CALLER: Proclamation of emancipation...no, that's slavery thing. I'm sorry.

SHERRY: No, I know. I know. I totally believe in that. But, also Joseph was His earthly father. It was Mary's husband. And so, that would be as an adopted father. And so, He would have his name, ben Joseph. But also ben David, because He came through David's line. Ben Yahuah, because He's the Son of God.

Want to Let You Know That I Know That You Know What You Know

CALLER: Another thing -- I'm with you. And, I love you very much. And, don't you ever forget, I respect you from the bottom of my heart.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I would kill anybody that I thought would disrespect you and make you feel bad. I mean, that's how much, you know -- it's not only me. It's a lot of other people out there. But, just -- like you was saying, you know, Yahushua, if you don't dig in deep and search -- I mean, he who seeks shall find. You have to really ask questions and you have to really, really, really go for it. And that's what I've been doing. That's why I'm attacking you -- not you, per se, but just on your air.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: You know --

SHERRY: You said attack me. I mean, I know what I know, and I know what I don't know --

CALLER: Exactly. That's why I corrected you to let you know that I know that you know what you know.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] Be cool.

SHERRY: [laughs]

They Don't Know Why the Protestants Chose the First Day of the Week as Sabbath

CALLER: OK. About, you know, the Sabbath days. It's actually supposed to be Saturday, right?


CALLER: And, I did a little research on that one. Based on my research, it was a council. I forgot the name of the council. But, then, it was based on the Catholics. And they knew what they were doing was wrong, but they were in so much power that they deliberately switched the day from Sunday to Saturday, because that's just what they wanted to do.

SHERRY: No, no. It's the other way around, actually, because they even acknowledge Saturday as the real Sabbath. And they don't know why the Protestants chose the first day of the week.


SHERRY: So, even they knew, because the days were never named, back in the day. It was the first day of the week, the second, the third, the fourth. The seventh day was the Sabbath. And on our calendar the seventh day is Saturday. But, Sunday's the first day of the week. And so, you know, they even have quotes from the Pope saying he doesn't know why the Protestants chose Sunday. But, they didn't step in the way either. And, as you'll see, most Catholics celebrate mass on Saturdays.


SHERRY: Not that that isn't [inaudible] and totally worthless.

They Say the Son of God Is Actually S-u-n and not S-o-n

CALLER: Are you familiar with the word "saturnalia"? You know, In relation to Christmas Day?

SHERRY: Saturn?

CALLER: Saturnalia. Saturn. You know, the planet Saturn. Then you've got Saturn-alia.


CALLER: How did Saturnalia become a part of Christmas, which was December the 25th, which was supposed to be, you know, the birth of the Son. Or, they say -- this is really interesting. It's so confusing, because they say the Son of God of actually s-u-n and not s-o-n.

SHERRY: [laughs] Well, I could believe that, because the Son of God -- we have our home planet right behind Him, coming right there. Second sun, our home. As told us by Enoch


SHERRY: So, interesting...

CALLER: It really is.

SHERRY: If you look at the pagan sun worshipers, they were worshiping Venus. And -- the star of the morning, which was Venus. And was the first, brightest star, and that was the one that Satan was mimicking as making himself be worshiped as the Son. And so, it's all very interesting how it all started. Even Amon-Ra was the Egyptian sun god. And so, they've all had sun worship, but they do so in this dimension, which makes it idolatry. If that makes any sense. 'Cause you don't worship a physical sun.

Could Using the Word "Lord" Set You Up for Baal Worship?

CALLER: OK. Moving on to the next thing. How much time do I got. I got five minutes? Four? Three, two, one?

SHERRY: [coughs] Well, I have to get going 'cause I got other callers here to take.

CALLER: Yeah, so, how much time we got. One more question, or --

SHERRY: Yeah, one more question.

CALLER: OK. I notice you say the Lord, the word "Lord" a lot, right?


CALLER: And you do that and one of the last conversations you mentioned, you told me, you know, it's very important to just go straight to His name. But, based on my research, every time you say "Lord," what you're doing is you're setting yourself up for what they call B-a...I don't know how to pronounce it. B-a-a-l?

SHERRY: Ba-al. You know what? It's just a general -- it used to be a general term. Now, in our society, in our culture, Lord means the Most High. And so, you can get into semantic arguments all you want. But, I'm not gonna go call my mayor of the city, lord. I don't call the judges, lord. I don't call anybody, Lord, but the Most High. Nobody does in this country. That's been a name set aside and significant to Him. Back in the day, lord was an everyday name for your landlord, the tax [collector]. Everybody was a lord. If they were a master and overseer they were called lord. And so, you can see how the cultures have changed. How the definitions of our languages have changed. So, I don't get into semantic arguments. Everybody knows, when you say the name, Lord, in our country, you're referring to Yahushua the Son of God.

CALLER: But, when you say it in another country, what does it mean? I don't know. I've never been to another country. So, I'm not worried about it. I don't think they use the term today either, to signify anybody around them as being a lord. I don't think the term is in use today like it used to be.

Is the Lord Gonna Punish Everybody Until They Learn How to Understand His Name?

CALLER: Mm. So, how does this all end? What's the positivity? Is it just gonna be sho'nuf [sure enough] suffering, and the Lord is gonna punish everybody until they learn how to understand His name, and to do what He want them to do.

SHERRY: He doesn't punish everybody to learn His name, but, I mean, do you think the significance is kind of funny, and He gets His point across when He writes it on their foreheads? They don't forget it?

CALLER: That's not the Lord doing that.

SHERRY: [laughs] Look at the 144,000. The two groups of 144,000. One's sealed on Earth, one's sealed on heaven. The one on Earth, His seal being put on their forehead. And the ones in heaven, He writes His name on their forehead. There is very powerful significance in using His name, but He doesn't beat up people who haven't reached that level of truth yet; who haven't realized. There's so many people just waking up and there's babies, and He has much patience with them. The same patience I have to have with people who don't understand and aren't at the level of truth that I am. You have to have patience. You bring them along into the truth.

CALLER: That's true. And, I think you're pretty much down to Earth. And, I'm gonna respect your time and get off the line. I'm sure you've got other people you want to get your message across to. I'm just a seeker just like everybody else, trying to get close to what you already have.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in, Floyd.

CALLER: God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.


Did You Hear Anything About That U.N. Conference That Just Happened?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry, I have a question. Did you hear anything about that conference that just happened? Was that today or yesterday, about -- they were electing somebody to represent, to talk to the U.N.

SHERRY: The U.N. Space thing with the --

CALLER: Yeah! Did you hear anything more about that?

SHERRY: I should be it. It should be me.

CALLER: I know! [laughs]

SHERRY: I should be the official alien welcomer to Earth. I worked hard for this.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: And they go and elect some woman no one's ever heard of to be the official alien welcomer to Earth.

CALLER: I just wondered if you heard anything, or had the conference been yet, or --

SHERRY: I haven't been watching TV, so I have no idea what's going on.

CALLER: No, I haven't heard anything about it. What do you --

SHERRY: Somebody asked me if I heard about the east coast flooding. And I hadn't heard a thing about east coast flooding --

CALLER: No. I haven't been watching much TV lately. And, I just wondered -- they were talking about the UFOs over the...is it the nuclear reactors or the nuclear sites or something? What do they do -- that they're trying to protect us. So, it's something that --

SHERRY: They've been doing that for years. Because, when they try to -- you know, they wanna unleash one or whatever, and the aliens, for whatever reason cause them to malfunction and they won't work. And so, they've been messing with their nuclear sites for years, and finally, you know --

CALLER: They act like they're protect -- that their UFOs, you know -- they're the good people -- you know, the good ones and they're protecting us.

SHERRY: Well, they're not actually, you know, protecting us. They're protecting themselves. You know, they could care less about us. They dump their chemicals and poisons to destroy us. They want to protect the land, because the nuclear weapons destroy the land.

I Don't Hear Anything About Florida

CALLER: I just wondered about that. And, Florida, you don't hear anything. Zilch. Nothing since they said it was sealed. Not a thing. And, if all those people were dying, wouldn't you hear those people saying, "Oh, my gosh." Or, you know, people with Facebook telling people -- or just be panic all over. And, I haven't heard a thing about it.

SHERRY: I haven't either. That was the first I've heard about it. But there's always a lot, even with Hurricane Katrina, that you don't hear on the news that never makes the Internet [inaudible] families.

CALLER: A large amount of people would die. Especially the area and what they're coughing up. You know, that would certainly get the attention and start a huge panic.

SHERRY: Attention somewhere. But, like I've said, when they start the roundups -- how much panic was there when 2,000 people were rounded up and killed after 9/11? How much did you hear about that? Nothing.

CALLER: No, no.

SHERRY: You didn't hear anything. And, that was 2,000.

CALLER: And now they said they're giving money to help -- I thought they wouldn't give the money to the people, the workers of 9/11. Now they've got that money for health care for them. I thought they'd denying so they'd, you know, get sick and die. But, they're giving them money for health care; the people that helped at 9/11 now, I guess.

SHERRY: Well, 'cause they're all dying off. They're all dying.

How Long Would It Take Chemtrails to Affect You If They're Out?

CALLER: Well, it's crazy. But I just wondered, and -- the chemtrails and stuff, when they go through your area and stuff, how long does it take -- would they affect -- anything affect you that day if they're out, if there's a bunch, or --

SHERRY: Well, if they stick, you've got poisons hanging above your head --

CALLER: Oh, I'd maybe go twenty minutes or half an hour or less.

SHERRY: You know, you've got orgone in your area?

CALLER: Don't know.

SHERRY: What part are you in?

CALLER: Central.

SHERRY: Where?

CALLER: Well, kind of northeast.

SHERRY: What state?



CALLER: We've got the granny. Remember? [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs] You've got a couple of them out there, so --


SHERRY: Well, one got busy a long time ago, and I haven't heard from her since. And, another one's busy now. And so --

CALLER: Oh, we've got beautiful blue skies here. With not even -- it's weird, it's like it's fake. 'Cause there's no clouds. Nothing. It's just like, blue. Not a cloud in the sky the last two days. Weird.

SHERRY: You're probably seeing a lot of alien or UFO activity at night then. Get out at night and watch the skies. All right. Well, I've gotta go.


SHERRY: I've gotta answer some other calls. But, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: All right. Thank you. Bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

I Saw a Sign That Said That Monday Was the Sabbath

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response, but radio playing in background]

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: [no response, but radio playing in background]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: Hear me?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Yeah. Hello?

CALLER: Yes. I'm calling about the first caller. He was talking about, something about the Sabbath. I seen, a while ago, someplace, some guy holding up a sign talking about Monday was the Sabbath.

SHERRY: [laughs] So now it's the second day of the week.

CALLER: I don't get it. I mean --

SHERRY: Just because he's holding up a sign doesn't mean it's true.

CALLER: Yeah, I know it -- I'm just saying to myself like, "Wow. First it's Saturday, now it's Sunday, then it's Monday."

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: That's all I wanted to say. Thank you, and have a great night. And God bless.

SHERRY: All right. Thanks a lot. Bye-bye.

Hello, Caller. Goodbye, Caller.

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Well, I guess they don't want to speak. Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Goodbye, caller. [laughs]

Watch Out for the Signs of Corexit Attacks in Your Area

I guess I'm gonna wrap it up for the night, folks. Just a few things to wrap up. Watch out for Corexit attacks in your area. You'll find oil in your pool. White powder around. And just inhaling the stuff's extremely deadly. 'Causes all kinds of cancers and upper respiratory problems. The symptoms of Corexit exposure is the same symptoms for Ebola. Blood coming out of your orifices. And, high temperatures, nauseousness. And so, this is what they're doing, folks. This is what they have planned.

They're gonna continue the forced vaccinations and then come behind it with Corexit attacks. And so, both working hand in hand. And so, this is what I'm looking at for the next two months. And, I'm not really sure how to stop the dumping of powder, of Corexit...how to protect you from that, because, like I said, this is a human biowarfare attack, and the Lord is allowing it. And so, one thing to just be cautious of.

Might wanna get some gas masks. Might wanna get some gloves. Don't touch anything that has a white powdery substance on it. If you smell an odor outside after it's been raining, wear a mask. Cover your mouth up so you're not inhaling it. Again, it's inhaling all of these fumes from these chemicals that are going to make you very, very sick, and possibly kill you. Just a direct attack.

Obama Sends His Clones All Over the Country to Act Like He's Giving Speeches

Obama behind it and allowing all of these things to take place. Don't think he's quiet for a minute, as he sends his clone all over the country to act like he's giving speeches in all these small towns and everywhere else, like he does, while he sits in a underground base. Yeah, folks, don't even bother going to his live appearances, because they're not him, they're just his clones. I don't know why anybody would go anyway.

Expect an Early and Heavy Snowfall This Year - Get Prepared Now

Watch for the midwest and northeast regions to have a lot of snow this year. Get prepared now. Stock up on canned foods and water, things that you need if you can't get out of the house for a couple of days. If the heat should go out, have a backup source for heat. Start preparing now, because they're gonna hit early with snow, in places that don't expect it. The entire region, I half suspect, because, they really hate this 10-state region through here, from Idaho on towards New York. This whole region in through here that's just saturated with orgone. And, keep getting the orgone out, folks.

Anyway, I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.

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