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<Music ‘Another one Bites The Dust’ Playing before Sherry comes on>

 And hello everybody you’re live.  It’s Thursday, Aliens In The News October 7th (2010) Sherry Talk Radio.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648.  It’s nice outside today.  It’s been nothing but rain and clouds for the last five days.  I’ll take the sun, a nice sunny day.

 Doing a lot of work.  Looks like there’s a lot of panic on the Internet.  A lot of those date setter mongers amongst us, pointing to the 13th for an alien invasion.  And so is it possible?  Yeah, it’s possible.  They have many dates but they also come and go.  So I wouldn’t get too hyped up over it and you know I’d keep one eye on the sky and as usual be alert, but, you know, don’t expect them to get off their butts any time soon, that’s the way I’m starting to look at it because they simply don’t.   

Every time they plan something, we’ve been able to throw a monkey wrench in their plans <laughs> and they just end up crashing all over the place instead.  And so, that seems to be how it seems to be going.  And so, I know they’ve been working on a reconstruction of Shema because we caught that on fire last year and still working on a reconstruction of Shema and it does look a lot better than it use to.  I saw it this morning in the eastern sky.   

It’s kind of stuck east on the border of Ohio and P.A.(Pennsylvania), and it is looking a lot better.  It must be getting a lot more G.E. light bulbs up there.  <laughing> Sometimes you see it and it looks like a pale yellow little marshmallow up in the sky and other times they turn the lights on and it looks a bit whiter and a bit more lively.


The sky is being ‘blocked out’ so you don’t see all the activity taking place.

A lot of activity in the sky if you’ve been noticing.  I know some of you never notice things, but you know, look at constellations because I was looking at Orion this morning and usually when it starts to get cold in Ohio around this time it pops up.  I know some people say you shouldn’t see Orion until January.  It’s not unusual to see Orion October, November here in Ohio.  I’ve been watching Orion probably  ten, fifteen years.  But if you notice off of Orion, a little ways away from the constellation, you’ll see a lot of star ships.  And you don’t even need binoculars, but if you want to amuse yourself, you can get them just to confirm your own eye sight.  

But you can see these stars that hang around the bottom of the constellation of Orion off of it’s left foot and they’re star ships, they’re….I don’t know a star that has red, yellow, well not yet…red, blue and green lights.  And just very obvious if you watch it for a while, get the binoculars out and check it out you can see the lights on it.  A lot of star ships hanging amongst the constellations trying to blend in as stars.  And the thing is there are so many of them now.  There’s just so many over the years that have slowly begun to fill our skies.  Now they’re just absolutely crowded with star ships.   

And if they hang over Orgone saturated area’s long enough, they’ll catch on fire.  And a lot of them will just crash to the earth and the media will call them meteorites.  But that’s one of the phenomenon’s that you’ll see; a lot of these what you thought were stars in the sky if you start paying more attention you’ll see red and yellow and green lights to them.   

Another thing is the white blinkers.  The white flashers.  I’ve been seeing a lot of those in this area.  And they just kind of zigzag and zoom around and they have a white light, that’s all you see.  You know, a white flashing light, like a blink.  And just one light blink and BOOM, it’s gone zigzagging every where.  I call them blinkers.  Just a lot more of those picking up and just a little bit of every thing in the skies, they are getting to be quite the zoo.   

So it seems…I don’t know how people don’t notice this stuff.  I know my skies; it’s going to be particularly crowded down here, because I’m down here.  I just don’t know how anybody else doesn’t see this stuff.  It’s just if I’m looking at Orion and I know you can see Orion from where you’re at because Orion is the largest constellation in the sky.  You should be able to see the same things I’m looking at.  

 And some of you can’t see constellations at all and I understand that one too because one minute I’m looking at a dark, clear sky with the usual action over my house and an hour later, the suns starting to rise and there’s not a thing in the sky, Nothing, zilch, nada.  You see a couple chem trail planes trying to lay trails, but they just look like planes with tails because they start to disappear as soon as they spray them and the whole sky just in a huge circumference area is just blue in the center with a white, and kind a like an orangish, pinkish area all the way around the horizon.  Just very odd.  It’s almost as if they are putting up holographs, so that we’re looking at a fake sky instead of the real one.  It just looks like a dome.  Some kind of dome, some kind of holograph.  Like, where’s the real sky at?  Where’d the real sky go?  I definitely think they’re trying to block things out so we don’t see what’s going on in the sky.   

They are blocking out the 2nd Sun

I know they’re working hard to block out the 2nd Sun so you can’t see the 2nd Sun coming up.  Because the first place they’ll hit, come start to be sunrise is the East.  They’re always hitting the East, they’re always trying to block anybody from actually seeing the Sun rise because they don’t want you to see the 2nd Sun.  And people have  already, in America have already been able to see it with the naked eye without a welder’s hat, without any kind of protection.  They just look up and seen it and so very interesting.  So many others can’t even see a sunrise because they’re putting up this fake hologram.  Our skies aren’t even real any more.   

Orgone puncturing partition

So maybe this is what I see in the Codes that we puncture.  Maybe it’s this hologram that we puncture.  Because I know the Orgone is puncturing the partition and I always considered, thought that to be the veil between the 3rd and the 4th dimensions.  And we know we’re doing that because Orgone is a dimensional weapon.  And it’s already getting into the 4th dimension and it’s destroying them in that dimension and it’s destroying them in this dimension.  But also perhaps this dome thing that they seem to be putting over the earth so we all get this fake sky.   

It’s hard to believe because I’ve heard from people in Texas that don’t see anything.  They don’t see constellations at night.  They’re not seeing anything at night.  And Texas is HUGE sky country. We’re not talking big sky, we’re talking HUGE skies and they’re not seeing ½ of what I can see at night?  Come on.  So there seems to be huge manipulation with our atmosphere not to mention the weather.


Boils on them for taking the Mark of the Beast

And I’ve told you Global Warming, it’s going to get very, very hot.  The Bible Codes, even the Bible talks about how hot the last days are that people are just gnawing in pain because it’s so hot and they’ve got these boils, there’s a judgment on them for taking the Mark of the Beast and on the other hand you got this Global freezing is taking place, which is artificially made.  This whole Global freezing thing is some kind of operation going on that’s chilling down the atmosphere.   

LHC causing Global Freezing

And I was reading an article on the Large Hadron Collider and that thing could very well be responsible for this ice age chilling that a lot of states have been experiencing.  And so not only do we have Global Warming, but, we have The Hadron Collider chilling our atmosphere.  They are trying to cool it down because the Orgone saturates it, heats it up.  It burns the aliens.  And perhaps this Hadron Collider thing is being used to cool it down so they don’t burn, I don’t know. 


Target Key Largo, Florida with Orgone

But anyway, I was looking at this thing I sent this notice to my lists today on targeting Key Largo, Florida with Orgone.  If you live in the area or you can get to the area.  If you can get down to Key Largo, that seems to be a gathering place of hybrids now.   

They’re opening up a school in Key Largo.  And sometime, I believe it’s in November they’re going to be having some kind of a conference.  And so, we need to be targeting Key Largo.  Because if that’s going to be a home spot of theirs, we need to be making them as comfortable as possible. <laughing>  

You know I was thinking about it today because a lot of these hybrids go by special names.  You’ll hear them, like Bill Deagle calls himself an indigo.  Hybrids are ½ fallen angel and ½ human.  They’re called, indigos, we call them star seeds, and they’re called crystal children, and whatever name I’m forgetting or have over looked.  But these are children who are born with special abilities because they’re hybrids.  Now think about this.  Back in the day these same children that are garnering pity because they’re different than us and so they want to build their own community to live amongst each other so they can share all their powers or whatever.   

If you’ve seen the movie X-Men, so here we go.  Because X-Men featured these people with special abilities these hybrid kids and they all shared a house or whatever.  And you know back in the day these same kids would be 15 to 35 feet tall and they would be called Nephilim.  They’d be giants.  But over time, they’ve perfected the giantinism DNA, that strand of the DNA that caused giantism, so now they look normal.  Now they can pass as normal humans.  But don’t be deceived on who or what they are, they’re still hybrids.  


Hybrid or Human, you need to decide who you’re going to serve

The thing with these hybrids is they’re just like us in the fact.  They need to decide, they need to choose who they’re going to serve, because the Lord’s redemption is available to them as well.   They’re ½ human.  So these hybrids, these indigo’s, and these star seeds, and these crystal children they need to renounce and rebuke their participation and involvement with the new age movement.  With the new age teachings, with satan in any form and in any way and accept The Lords redemption and salvation and follow Him.   

They have to make a choice just like we do, just like normal people do.  The thing that I always noticed with these hybrids is most of them don’t.  Most of them choose to stay in the new age teachings and garbage and junk that they’re in.  Now, there’s a few that will abandon that, turn their back on it and follow The Most High and accept His salvation.  There’s a few I’ve heard from who have, but for the most part they stay involved in that new age junk. 

They would run if…

And I think it’s important that these people realize if they could see it any plainer than I do they wouldn’t turn away from the new age movement, they would run, they would run. 

The Buffalo are laughing at deceiving New Agers

Because when you look at this stuff in The Bible Codes, no one thinks they’re bigger fools and no one is laughing more and enjoying themselves more about being able to deceive people than the buffalo are.   

And who are the buffalo?  The buffalo is the faction name for these ascended masters.  This whole Ashtar Command, this whole Galactic Federation all of these different Galactic Counsels and stuff, there’s many different factions of aliens and stuff.  The buffalo’s are the one’s you hear The Ashtar Command.  You hear and Maitreya and Sananda and all these different beings of the new age movement.  They’re buffalo, they are all buffalo.   

That’s the term the Bible gives them.  And they know they’re lying, they know they’re deceiving people with their new age bunk.  Because they’re not ascending, they’re descending.  Their decedents, they’re coming to earth they’re coming down to earth because they’ve been living above earth in these star ships and in the hollow moons and the hollow planets.  They’ve been living in these area’s all these years and want everybody else to believe what god’s they are, what ascended master’s they are.     

Buying it hook line and sinker

They have these huge stories and fables about the La-la dimension, we’re going to ascend into a new world, a new earth, that’s the buzz words now, is being citizens of the new earth.   

And you know, you go on face book and you get all these people and their new age garbage and you just want to slap them upside the head.  Because nobody enjoys all this more than the buffalo do, because they know they’re lying to people.  They know they’re lying and they’re enjoying it because so many are buying it.  So many are buying it hook line and sinker and as all of these new age goons, these gullible people await the return of their ascended masters and their teachers and guru’s and everything else…    


I have but one warning to them.  They are the ascendants, the people themselves.  The Ashtar Command and all the fallen angels, they’re descendents.  So what happens is all these new age idiots that are gullible enough to follow this garbage, if they get taken up into these new age UFO’s, that they think they will be taken off the earth and held in safety while the earth is cleansed and when all the wicked people will be removed then they’ll be brought back. 

You know what’s going to happen to you?

Yeah, well you know what’s going to happen to you?  You’re going to be killed, you’re not coming back.  So you better think twice before you think about ascending and going and catching a ride on one of these UFO’s that are coming for a ride off the earth because they’re going to give you a ride off earth alright; they’re going to take you straight to hell.  You’re going to end up in their food lockers, their meat lockers.  You’re going to end up in hell.   This is going to happen.  This isn’t an if this is a when and you are the puppets and the pawns gullible enough to be the first one’s to be their victims, their willing victims.  And they’re laughing.  They’re enjoying all this, because they have you so deceived.  

New Agers are nice people they’re not wicked, just disceived

And you know what?  I’ve never met anyone in the New Age that was a really wicked or evil person.  The human aspects of it, they’re just deceived.  They’re all so deceived.  They think that they can become better in themselves; they become god’s themselves.  It becomes humanism, how you can make yourself better, how you can ascend as a human and evolve.  It’s all evolving, its evolution and ascending and doing it all yourself with the help of channeling and all these new age masters.  Nothing about God and Him sanctifying you and helping you become the person He wants you to be. 

It’s all about you doing it yourself its humanism and they get stuck in this, its humanism.  And the Bible warned about in the last days many would come saying I AM.  Which means I AM god, I can become a god.  That’s the new thesis of this new age.  And it’s going to become very dominant, it already is.   

So much new age hogwash on the Internet you just want to puke.   

How much time do you have left on earth?

So many people getting sucked up into all this garbage and now is not the to be riding on the fence and being sucked up in the garbage and apostate doctrines and heresy’s because with so much going on and with so much of them targeting us to eliminate us on earth you never know day to day, and you never did before anyway, how much time you even have to live on this earth. 

But even now with them targeting everybody, hello, you don’t want to be caught riding on the fence.  You know, how many people, will be ashamed when they face Yah and they know in their own hearts that they were too much of a wimp on earth to be a front line warrior that you were always at the back of the line.  That you were always hiding in the back somewhere, because you were too much of a wimp on earth to be a front line warrior for The Most High.   Many.  Many, many people are going to be ashamed and embarrassed about what they did with their time on earth.    

They wasted it they piddled it they let everybody else take the attacks and ridicule because they didn’t want to deal with it.  And they were just going to watch and see; well we’ll see what happens.  We’ll see if she’s telling the truth, if they’re telling the truth. 

You know what?  You never learned to sit at the Lords feet His own feet.  My own enemies can’t quite stalking me.  I can be at total wits end with people, don’t want to be around them and they still can’t stop listening to my shows because they know I’m right. 

They know I’m right…but…they’ll still stalk me.  My enemies don’t go away, they never go away.   They always hang around, they always hang around and it’s been like that for 10 years.   I can’t have a good riddance with enemies.  You know people accuse you of being aliens and they accuse you of being liars and deceivers and then they can’t leave you alone, they just stalk you. 

Because they realize they were wrong.   

I can’t deal with people any more who just can’t see past their nose.  I don’t know it just gets aggravating folks because we don’t have much time left.  And if you sat in my shoes and if you looked up at the sky like I do, you’d realize an alien invasion is coming.  This can’t hold out much longer.  I have the Lord and I have His protection and I see it, when I have a clear sky.  I can see the angels just circle my area.  They don’t let anything, a certain perimeter; you’ll just see a shooting star.  So they have a whole area around my house, this perimeter, very protected.  While everything on the outside this perimeter is just filling up.  It’s filling up folks; we’re just getting all sorts of alien activity.   

I was amusing with a friend about the fake sky

And so I was amusing with a friend about the fake sky and what if they put this fake dome, this holograph over the earth, so they can practice their dissension to earth.   After all they want to come with angelic hosts they’ll need some practice, right?  So maybe they’re putting this fake holograph, I don’t know if you ever saw that wall in Mexico.  It’s a You Tube video and it was on my face book site. 

Somebody put it on there and it was the sky in Mexico.  Half of it was blue and half of it was white and there was a distinct dividing line separating the two. <Laughing> And it was just the strangest thing.  ½ of it was blue, ½ of it was white and looked like a huge wall put up. 

So go to my face book sight Sherry Talk Radio on Face Book and look for that video on Mexico.   The sky in Mexico, because I think we’re all getting…I think they just screwed that one up.  Practice on the holographs, practice on Mexico first then do it to the United States <Laughing> because it’s pretty much the same thing I saw this morning, except just not so obvious.  It wasn’t the huge wall, it was the sky itself because the center was blue and the outside edges were white and a little orangey because the sun was coming up, but very odd.  So maybe they’re blocking out the sky in every country so that they can practice above this fake hologram.   Practice getting the ships lined up and the angelic hosts in place lined up and everybody get on your marks, <Laughing> everybody learn your cues, learn the marks, get the practice drills down.    

So when they do arrive it will look like the second return of the Lord or something.   I don’t know, I think it’s funny because you hear that’s how they’re coming; they’re going to mimic the 2nd coming of Christ.  They have no idea what the second coming of Christ is because He’s not coming to help mankind, He’s coming to judge.  The second coming of Christ is a judgment, these apostates have it all wrong and they make it seem like the second coming of Christ He’s coming to build His Kingdom on earth and help mankind.   

Trust me, The Most High God and His Son Yahushua are not interested in revamping our economic programs and our governments and establishing a one world order. 

When they come They’re going to destroy the earth and remove the wicked off the earth and establish a theocracy.  And that’s what the new age droids are trying to do but in their own way.  They never get Bible prophecy right because no one notices because most Christians today have not even read the Bible, they don’t know what to expect.  They don’t know what the Bible says about Bible prophecy.  And so, that’s why they’re going to get away with so much.   

And by deception satan deceives the world, he’s good.  That’s why people are deceived by it.  If it was bad people wouldn’t be deceived.  So, while a minority doesn’t fall for it, most of your family and friends will.  That’s what it means about minority.  That means one person in an area will believe the truth and everyone else mocks you.  You’re the only one in your area that has the truth.  Because the majority your family and friends don’t believe you, they’re arguing with you, they believe the opposite.    

It’s not going to be easy for the people left here.  And in the Bible Codes I see them as coming very hostile.  I don’t know how they’re going to play off coming as God, Ascended Masters, Angelic Hosts from Heaven because what I see is they’re pissed off.  They’re angry.  And they are not nice and gentle cutesy beings folks, you don’t want to take them home to your kids.  You don’t want to introduce them to your kids <laughing> they’ll eat them.  They can’t handle being nice long, it’s an act.  And so these beings are very,  hot tempered.  They get angry very easy.  It’s not going to take long before the whole façade of we’re angels, we’re god’s, we’re this, we’re that wears off and you see who they really are.  It’s not going to take long.  Because satan just can’t do it, he can’t stay nice long, because he’s an evil, narcissistic being, just like his seed on earth.  

They live off wickedness, off evil, off violence, off death, off suffering; to them it’s funny, they think it’s a joke.  That’s how the illuminati people are today, because that’s how their dad is, that’s how their seed line is, it goes all the way back to satan because he’s the chief narcissist of them all.  And that’s how they all are folks.  Anyway, I’m going to answer some calls.   You guys have a question for the show you can call in at (877)245-5648.  

Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air. 

Caller:  Sherry I have a question about the China UFO’s lately. 

Sherry:  Yeah 

Caller:  Seen that yesterday and tried to tell my family.  Called some people saying, here’s proof, it’s on the news, go click on it and read it… 

Sherry:  <laughs> 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah right it would be on the news here why is it on the computer?  They said they saw read it and said, “They just saw something and closed it down.”  They just don’t close it down if they…  

Sherry:  This is the 3rd time in the last two months that China has closed down an airport. 

Caller: What do they want from them?  I just don’t know. 

Sherry:  There’s no orgone over there so UFO’s have free reign. 

Caller:  What, why are they hovering over the airport? 

Sherry:  Well, you know what, that’s where they like to hang out.  I don’t know. <laughing>…that’s where they like to hang out… 

Caller:  Everyone I tell just laughs about it, well what are you going to tell your people, “We can’t land, there’s a UFO in the way?  They’d probably think he was on drugs.” 

Sherry:  Yeah, well you know the United States is the only country that refuses to acknowledge them.  Everybody else calls a spade a spade.   

Caller:  Yeah!  China, my cousin says… 

Sherry:  It will be in the newspaper.  UFO blocks airport, China, Mexico, Brazil, they all admit, and acknowledge UFO’s.   

Caller:  There is nothing in our news here. 

Sherry:  No, they won’t acknowledge it.  They have a policy to deny.  They’ll lie to… 

Caller:  Why aren’t some of these UFO people going to the White House and showing signs let it be known, let the truth be out?  Rallying… 

Sherry:  Obama was supposed to be the one… 

Caller:  What? 

Sherry:  They’ve been screaming for disclosure for a long time.   And Obama was suppose to be the one, but Obama is in collusion with all this crap that’s coming with the buffalo and so when they arrive you’ll see a change in him because Obama is in collusion with them.  And so, people don’t understand that the new world order is about change a terrestrial order on earth.  It’s about bringing the aliens to earth and getting rid of the humans. 

Caller:  Have you heard anything more about the Gulf?  Anything new down there, about people dying? Or anything new there?   

Sherry:  Yeah, there are 40 million people just in the Gulf area.  Anyone who doesn’t leave is going to end up getting this, what they’re calling it Gulf War Syndrome II.  And people in Texas and even people in other states are starting to get Corexit symptoms.  And so, it’s eventually going to affect most of the United States, most of the country.  Because they’re still spraying the stuff.  They’re not just spraying it in the Gulf, they’re spraying it every where. 

Caller:  So have you been watching those FEMA vans near town?  Are they still there? 

Sherry:  They’re still there, but they’re just sitting there, so. 

Caller:  Huh. 

Sherry:  Yeah, they’re not doing anything, they’re just sitting there. 

Caller:  Ok, now I just wondered about that and why they let it be known and I’ve told some and how other governments acknowledge the UFO’s and then telling people, getting them to think, but, usually very religious people, they just laugh.  Today the sky is solid blue… 

Sherry:  Well, it’s government policy.  Government policy to not acknowledge them.  They’re the one’s who should know (the real religious people re:UFO’s) 

Caller:  Maybe three days this week.  Since the sun came up, Not a cloud.  The sun is the only thing out in the sky.  Nothing, not one little baby cloud, nothing.  

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller:  I don’t know what’s going on over Iowa, but where I’m at anyway, I can’t see anything, just all morning just plain blue. 

Sherry:  Well, that would be nice because all we’ve had is clouds for five days.  You can’t even see the sky. 

Caller:  Wow that’s weird isn’t it?  Well, I did see a little UFO activity when I looked up; I don’t stay up late at night or anything when I do but…   One little light way up high above me way high and it just went straight across, no blinking nothing, it wasn’t zigzagging or anything.  It just went clear across.  

Sherry:  A white light? 

Caller:  It looked like a star, you know, but it just kept going. 

Sherry:  Because you know what I heard from somebody else in Indiana and these white streaks are sylphs and I did a Bible Code on these sylphs a long time ago, these elementals, that clean the sky of toxins.  These white streaks are these sylphs.  And they like to go in orgoned areas and suck up the orgone energy.  And you’ll see them appearing as white streaks in your area, they’re sucking up the orgone energy in your area, it gives them strength.  They like the orgone energy.  

Caller:  Have you seen any activity like an extra star or extra anything by the Little Dipper or Big Dipper? 

Sherry:  I saw that, it was so huge, you know like the bottom of the tent string and it was practically touching the horizon that’s how low it was it was so low. 

Caller:  Have you heard anything more about these gas leaks?  They said there was another one somewhere this morning.  Because the earth is crumbling?   

Sherry:  The Hadron Collider may possibly be responsible you know how it says the underground bases will become their tombs?  Maybe that’s why, the H.C.. 

Caller:  Well, I just wondered if you had heard…why there isn’t more UFO activity like China…over here, in the United States, reports. 

Sherry:  Because they can’t handle it over here, they crash <laughing> 

Sherry:  Ok well thanks for calling in. 

Caller: Ok, bye


Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air. 

Caller:  Hello…hello? 

Sherry:  Hello…Yes? 

Caller:  Yeah, this is Ken from Missouri 

Sherry:  Hey Ken 

Caller:  Yeah, I was just reading on the other day on the Internet about Warren Buffet.  

Sherry:  Yeah 

Caller:  Yeah and I was reading about how he had bought that company that produced Corexit. 

Sherry:  Oh really! 

Caller: Yeah.  Malco I think they called it. 

Sherry:  Why am I not shocked.  I was just reading an article the other day about Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, what big buddies they’ve become.   

Caller:  They’ve always been buddies. 

Sherry:  He’s got that big vaccination program going on all over the 3rd world countries. 

Caller:  Yeah, depopulation is more like it. 

Sherry:  Yeah, exactly.  And now Warren Buffet’s got his hands on Corexit, I’m surprised Dick Cheney doesn’t. 

Caller:  Yeah.  Did you hear about Bernacke’s speech the other day?  Where he said the United States is on the verge of collapse? 

Sherry:  Yeah…. 

Caller:  Yeah…. 

Sherry:  That’s been a long time coming… 

Caller:  Yeah… 

Sherry:  Everyone knows it’s been coming. 

Caller:  But he, actually kind of admitted it, that it was close. 

Sherry:  I was reading an article, I read the title at least about how Obama is getting ready to flee the country because the dollar is getting ready to crash. 

Caller:  Yeah, two days after the election right? 

Sherry:  I don’t know when. 

Caller:  I seen where he’s going to take some extended vacation overseas somewhere. 

Sherry:  They’ll send his clone in.  He’ll run into his underground base under the White House. 

Caller:  Either that or go up. 

Sherry:  <laughing>  Go hang out with the buffalo for a while at Shema. 

Caller:  Yeah.  Hey I’ve got a question, I’ve been wondering about it for years and years, you know David and Solomon and all them.  Why did they have so many concubines? 

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller:  To pass the seed line along?  Like satan does? 

Sherry:  You know the one had 500?  Solomon? 

Caller:  700   

Sherry:  Alright, David had 500 and Solomon had 700?  I don’t know, David died of syphilis so your sins will find you out.  They catch up to you sooner or later, even if you call them concubines and everything else. 

Caller:  How’d you find that out? 

Sherry:  Research in the Old Hebrew Text. 

Caller:  Oh, really? 

Sherry:  Yeah, that’s just… 

Caller:  That’d be a hard language to learn, Hebrew. 

Sherry:  You know what?, you just learn it, when the Lord wants you to learn something, you just do it. 

Caller:  Well I know, but just the average Joe, you know trying...  

Sherry:  Yeah, that’s because it’s all backwards, it’s left to right.  It’s like you can hold it up to a mirror and read it better. <laughing>  Try taking a Hebrew text and holding up to a mirror…<laughing>. 

Caller:  Yeah, you know on my email, my computer I just, I probably got a hundred emails from this person named Mona? And…   

Sherry:  Mona?  No idea. 

Caller  …And I’m sure it’s probably Hebrew, it looks like Hebrew writing.  I just delete them when I get them.  I betcha I got over a 100 over the past three weeks. 

Sherry:  Oh I know, you know, I’m on everybody’s email lists and names every once in a while.  I don’t know what that is, they just target you and think you’d want all their emails every day.   

Caller:  Yep, yeah well, you can block those, but this one, well this one here I guess I could block it, but  I just wonder why this person keeps sending me, I never open them because you never know what’s going to be inside. 

Sherry: Yeah, yeah, I get that all the time, all the time. 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah. 

Sherry:  Saves me from having to do research on the Internet because I just read through my email box, see what’s going on <laughing>.  See what’s going on <laughing> 

Caller:  Yeah, I went out and spread some more orgone around my town here, last night. 

Sherry:  Good to hear. 

Caller:  Yeah, slowly, takes a while 

Sherry:  Yeah, it does,  I’m still working on my county.  But you put up a wall… 

Caller:  Yeah that’s what I’m doing… 

Sherry:  …and see how much it aggravates them. 

Caller:  Yeah, slowly but surely. 

Sherry:  What part of Missouri are you in? 

Caller:  It’s misery it’s not Missouri. 

Sherry:  Ok, <laughing at Ken’s mispronunciation of MO> I liked Missouri.  I like the Ozark area. 

Caller: Maybe it is, down there.  I live in Kansa City, I was the one who put that orgone in the Missouri River, downtown.  

Sherry:  Ok you’re up in the Kansas City area. 

Caller:  Yeah, I’m 65 miles northeast of it. 

Sherry:  Yeah 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah I put quite a bit in that Missouri River downtown, so… 

Sherry:  <laughing>  

Caller:  I don’t know if they liked that or not. 

Sherry:  <laughing> Get that underground base in Kansas City, there’s a HUGE underground base there. 

Caller:  Yeah, there was a guy a couple weeks ago, he’s got a book and he was talking about the subtropolis in Kansas City…  

Sherry:  Yep 

Caller:  and he was saying it was 30 miles in every direction… 

Sherry:  Yep, it’s HUGE, I heard there was a college down there. 

Caller:  Wow, so if we had an earth quake here, all of Kansas City would be gone.  It’d just sink, because of the underground, subtropolis, or whatever you want to call it. 

Sherry:  <laughing>  You got to wonder who’s filling these places up. 

Caller:  Who’s what?  Oh yeah… 

Sherry:  Because some of these places are as big as a borough in New York City and they have vehicles underground and who’s filling them up?  Where are these people coming from? 

Caller:  Just talked about them a while ago.  Key Largo indigos, they’re probably down in Kansas City. 

Sherry:  Key Largo’s an island, isn’t it, an island off Florida? 

Caller:  Yeah, I don’t know, it might be. 

Sherry:  Probably their best attempt to get away from orgone is to get on their own island somewhere. 

Caller:   Yep, or go underground.  Anyways, it’s a big one in Kansas City. 

Sherry:  Yeah, they built that back in the 80’s, the 90’s and gave ownership of it to the UN (United Nations).   

Caller:  Yeah 

Sherry:  Then they started on Denver and they gave ownership of that over to the Queen.  Yeah, they just build all this huge stuff and just hand it over. 

Caller:   Yeah, she just wanted to buy a bunch of land in Colorado here. 

Sherry:  She owns the whole area the Denver Airports on! 

Caller:  I heard she wants to buy some more.  

Sherry:  I heard she owns like1/6 of the earths land mass. 

Caller:  Yeah, she’s…<laughing> I bet she doesn’t pay any taxes

Sherry:  Yeah, that’s why she owns, so much. 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah, well I guess I ought to get off here… 

Sherry:  Alright, well thanks for calling in and keeping us informed on things out there. 

Caller:  Alrighty, take care, bye. 

Sherry:  Alright, bye. 

Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.  Hello caller you’re on the air.  Hello? 

Caller:  Hello Sherry?  Are you there?   

Sherry:  I can’t hear you. 

Caller:  Yeah, my computers freezing up on me, can you hold on one second?  It’s going to come back. 

Sherry:  Ok,  Alright…..Yep 

Caller:  Ok, Scott from Michigan here.  I called you a while back but my schedule with school is messed up and everything kind of prevented me from getting back on the air and listening, so….  I had a question about the Virus they sent to Iran and if you think it’s Israel or the U.S. and also what you see in the Codes for the coming year we’re getting towards the end of 2010 and what you might see for 2011 is almost upon us here. 

Sherry:  You know it’s jumping, it’s just so busy.  Because I warned about aliens and their agenda for September and it’s just getting more and more active for October, November, December because they really do want to arrive right now at this time but they can’t get their act together, because the UFO’s are crashing, <laughing> 

Caller:  <laughing> right 

Sherry:  But if they do arrive.  It’s going to be suddenly and unexpected.  Everyone’s going to be shocked.  Everyone will be taken by shock.  Everyone will be shocked.  They’ll be hostile.  It’s going to be suddenly, it’s going to be a sudden event.  When they do finally get here, when they pull it off, Yeah, it could be any day.  It could be next year.  Who knows?  We have months to play with, we don’t know what year.  And so, you know, keep one eye on that and with the other eye be preparing.  Because the one thing I see in the Codes about the Lords people are there is a percentage of a percentile that is prepared and that is the Orgone Warriors. 

Caller:  Have you seen anything about them shutting down the Internet next year?  Is that going to happen soon? 

Sherry:  They have a kill switch, but I think ultimately it will be up to I think the Lord Himself.  He will make them keep it open so people can get to the truth, so they can be held accountable for rejecting the truth. 

Caller:  Ok, do you have anything on that virus.  What have you heard about that computer attack? 

Sherry  Oh, I don’t pay any attention to computer attacks.  They have back door access into all our computers.  The aliens gave us this whole Internet thing.   

Caller:  <laughing>sorry I’m not going there 

Sherry:  The aliens can do whatever they want. 

Caller:  That virus in Iran’s nuclear facilities, their computers could make things pretty scary there.  But I don’t know if you heard about that or not. 

Sherry:  You know whenever I hear about computer stuff I don’t really pay attention to it, because it’s such a joke.   

Caller:  I hear ya. 

Sherry:  I don’t even bother locking my doors any more because I’m tired of them breaking in. 

Caller:  Yeah I hear ya.  My dog wants to say hi, she is sitting on my lap.  She’s 20 going on 21 if you can believe that.  She’s getting down and… 

Sherry:  Wow 

Caller:  Ok, well thanks again Sherry, I’m back listening to the show and I’m going to listen and call in all the time now. 

Sherry:  Alright, thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  Have a good day. 

Sherry:  Bye, bye 

Caller:  Bye 

Yep that’s Michigan and that’s one of the area’s we’ve been targeting a lot with orgone.  And I’ll tell you what, they hate this region.  Because we have each others backs all the way across.  It started from Missouri, and Iowa and Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana, Ohio and P.A. and New York, we have this line.      

And all of us warriors in these states from Missouri to New York have each others  backs, because when I get my state, that means somebody else’s east and west borders are covered.  And we all have each others backs, so when the wind blows, you can blow the orgoned air from Indiana over to Ohio, pick up speed and blow it from Ohio to P.A. and onto New York and this entire region here, it’s just really funny to see it in the codes.   

And they hate this region, they hate this region.  And so, this will be one of the first regions they target.  Other than the Gulf Coast.  I told you they’d target the Gulf Coast.  Because the Queen wants to get rid of the Bible Belt and she used her own company BP(British Petroleum)to do it.  And so, the next thing on their agenda is this region up here.  This whole Midwest, this entire area, going up into the East Coast.   And this area can expect the death chill.   

Because as we put more and more orgone out, they chill the air.  You know, we thought it was cold last year, where we got unexpected heaps of snow.  It’s going to be the same this year, probably, I believe, Maybe not the snow, I hope we don’t get a lot of snow.  I can’t deal with a lot of snow.   

But I see them chilling the air, so, It’s purposeful.  None of this ice age chill is normal.  Because they’re doing it on purpose.  And so that’s what we have to look forward to folks, a really cold winter.  So you need to get prepared and have a back up if your electric goes out or your gas furnace goes out or your gas runs out and you can’t pay the bill. 

Those gas tanks are so expensive to fill up.  $700 to $1000 to fill.  Get wood furnaces for back up. Start looking for alternate routes and don’t wait for the last minute.  It’s going to be a really cold winter.  Candles even give out heat.  So you could stock up on 24 hour candles, 5000 hours.  BePrepared.com  Just get prepared folks because it’s not going to get any better.  

When it starts getting bad, it’s not going back to normal.  It’s just going to keep getting worse and worse.  It’s not just going to stop and we’re going back to the days of normalcy.  What most of us remember as normal.  Not having to deal with an alien agenda and a government that want’s to kill you and vaccination shots and flu shots and constantly trying to change your DNA the food the air the water, I mean we are just under constant attack from every direction.   So it just takes discernment and being alert.  Watching, keeping an eye out. 

A lot of people are suffering from Corexit attacks, poisoning attacks already and they don’t realize it’s Corexit.   

And so I want to read off these symptoms of Corexit.  Because a lot of people just don’t recognize what they’re dealing with. 

When they start talking about getting headaches, getting rashes, sore throats, these are all symptoms of Corexit poisoning folks.    

Headaches, rashes, sore throat, fevers, rapid on set of fever, muscle pain, vomiting, bloody diarrhea.  Another symptom is scavies.  There are detox kits.  Basically it’s taking a bath in baking soda and Epsom salts.  I’ll find that link for you.  Let’s see:  GCBarefootDocs.org 

Get a pound of baking soda and a box of Epsom salt throw it in a bath tub and soak in it for ½ hour.  And don’t put it off.  Corexit attacks your organs.  If you see a white powder in your area, detox.  I see it in the Bible Codes all the time.   And get the orgone out.  Nuke 3 cities in America on the 10th which is Sunday and then boom, on the 13th I find it interesting October 10th always comes up as nuking 3 cities in America.  If this is the month or the year. 


 I’ll be back on Monday with Sherry Talk Radio.