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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 11, 2010

Want to Start Transcribing Aliens in the News Show

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. Monday, October 11, 2010.

And so, it's been a really interesting last couple of weeks. And I was talking Thursday. And I wanted to reiterate what I said on Thursday, since I don't get transcriptions done on the Thursday show. If anybody wants to volunteer to transcribe Thursday's show. Let me know, you can send me an e-mail, sherryshriner@aol.com. Having some kind of difficulties with my Sherry Talk Radio address. I cannot reply to e-mails there. I can read them, but I can't reply to them. [laughs] So, you can just contact my sherryshriner@aol.com address.

Noticing an Unusual Blackening in the Skies at Night

If you've noticed lately the skies, we're kind of in some kind of a dark phase with the moon. But, here lately it's been disappearing all together. It shows up, disappears. [laughs] Some of you have noticed an unusual blackening in the skies. I find that interesting, because I was reading an e-mail earlier today about the guy who developed the blackening technology, and how he had committed suicide.

I'm like, "Oh, please!" I've heard enough about suicides till I just want to vomit like everybody else. It's just another term for CIA assassination. NSA, government, they steal your technology. One of the worst professions you could be in is a scientist today, or an inventor. Because they no longer believe in buying patents, buying a license. They just kill the inventor and take their technology. And that's happened to quite a few of them. And so, of course, they always call it suicides.

Interesting that, you know, it kind of confirms what we've already seen. You know, I've heard from quite a few people, I've seen it myself, this unusual blackening of the sky to where it's just a painting black, a picture black. Not a normal evening black. And here this guy had developed technology that can blacken the sky. And so, I just thought that was interesting. One of those FYI's [For Your Information]. Because the technology does exist for those who might have thought they were crazy, thinking, "Why is this part of the sky darker and blacker than the other part? And why does it look artificial; where the other part looks normal?"

And so, you have to think about why would they want to blacken the sky? Why? To make something else look brighter, perhaps? [laughs] Because if you'll notice, a lot of their ships, a lot of their stars, aren't as bright as they once were, because the orgone has a lot of them on fire, has them dimmed a lot of them down. So, perhaps they're trying to rejuvenate their own starships by blackening the sky around them so that they come through brighter. I don't know. That is the thought off the top of my head. I just find it amusing that they actually do have that technology, and so, people aren't crazy.

Introducing...The Black Oil Virus

I posted something to my websites today and also to my lists. And, it has to do with something I've been seeing in the Codes for a while. And, the thing about seeing it in the Codes is that I had correlated it, the terms I was seeing, to Corexit poisoning. And for the most part, it still appears to be that way. We are going to experience Corexit poisoning. Obama is using that as an attack on the Lord's people.

But there's something else that's been brought to my attention and very well also correlates to terms I've been seeing, only much more hideous. And it's called the Black Oil Virus. And it was the first I'd heard of it. When I first heard of Black Oil Virus, I thought, well, it's just probably this Corexit virus, this Gulf 2 syndrome, that they're gonna call it, because of all the poisonings and the sickness coming out of those who are affected by Corexit.

Interestingly enough, the effects of Corexit are Ebola symptoms. Rashes, fevers, nauseous, headaches, and blood spewing out of the person's orifices. With the Black Oil Virus, you don't have blood, you have black oil coming out of a person's orifices. Their eyes, comes out of their mouths, and then, they turn into zombies.

X-Files Show Terms Match Bible Code Terms Relating to Black Oil Virus

And so, I posted some links because, apparently, and I don't know what year, what the date on these X-Files shows. But the X-Files had already done segments about this. And so, I thought that was interesting, because, first of all, the X-Files is a show that's written and produced by Masons. They own the show. And so, they typically put in their information that they want to reveal. And so, it's kind of alarming that they would reveal this Black Oil Virus. And this is probably a year or two ago. I don't know when these segments were aired, but I have the the video trailers, the links, on my website, sherrytalkradio.com.

And the reason I went through them was because of the terms I had seen in the Codes that matched what they were saying. So, very interesting. Kind of has my eyebrows perched here for a little while. In the X-Files, The End Plague, Volume 1, it's called Black Oil. And in the beginning of this show it shows an oil rig explosion. Doesn't tell you where it is. Maybe the whole show does, I don't know. But in the trailer you see a oil rig explosion. And, then we have -- it shows you aliens under the water and that there're UFOs under the water, because there's people under the water, I don't know...inspecting it or something.

But what they reveal is that this Black Oil Virus lays underground as an evolved pathogen, and that's basically a biological warfare virus. And in this trailer it reveals that the aliens -- and they tell you it's a terrestrial virus, it's an alien virus -- they use it to body jump. And so, the only thing I could think of as body-jumping is the thing we associate with soul-scalping. Because soul-scalping is when the aliens take a person's soul, and they can either kill the person and take over their body, or the person's already dead and they reanimate the body. Now the Bible Codes calls it reanimation. And that's what this whole zombie virus thing is. It's a reanimation where the person dies, and then their body's reanimated by a demonic being which allows that person to then just become a zombie. Now the real person's already dead. The real person's gone and a demon or alien just takes over that person's body, and they don't function above a level of zombies. They're basically just zombies.

Connection Between Black Oil Virus, Worms, and Vaccinations

And if you look at this other link I put on the website with it, another X-Files trailer link called Fatal Infection, they start out with a UFO invasion. You can see all these starships coming towards the earth. They look like orbs. Pretty much if you look up in the sky at night you see those round white balls and that's what they look like. They just look like tons of them coming towards the earth, but it's actually just a bottom of huge ship.

And, they call it the Fatal Infection and what you see is -- throughout the trailers, they show people going through forced vaccinations. And so, it just seemed that these pathogens that this Black Oil Virus comes from, they look like small black worms. Real skinny, little black worms. And somehow they get into people. And interesting that they show these vaccines, because I think that's how they're doing it is the vaccines. They show the black worms. Perhaps they got the vaccines from worms. I don't know. I don't always believe they show you everything up front. I think they give you everything in pieces. It's kind of like put the riddle together. They usually give you some true with disinfo. And so, I find it interesting that the vaccinations and the worms are related with this whole Black Oil Virus.

X-Files Episode Warnings: Trust No One. Resist or Serve.

And, interesting that the whole reason for spreading those Black Oil Virus is the colonization of our planet by aliens. And they kind of give warnings out in the trailer: "Trust no one." "Resist or serve." Well, obviously we're gonna resist. I'd rather be dead than serve one day in Satan's control on Earth. But trust no one. Why is that? Why do they say that? I mean, it's like this warning, trust no one. Is it because people you do trust can stick you with this vaccine and give you this virus? I mean, it's really kind of interesting that they -- you know, trust no one like anybody could be dangerous. I don't know. I don't know when those segments were aired. And so, maybe they were movies, I don't know.

The Date of the Final Alien Invasion According to the Mayans - December 21, 2012

But they also have another one, The Date Is Set. Colonization 2012. And, according to the X-Files Masons, December 21, 2012. According to the Mayan calendar is the date of the final alien invasion. Now that's not the date that we're all ascending and going into la-la land fifth dimension with the New Agers. [laughs] But the final alien invasion. And so, that according to the Mayan calendar. What the Mayan calendar really says. 'Cause you know that they're gonna hide the truth from the public. And so, I just wanted to bring that up because it hits a little too close to home when I see these same terms in the Bible Codes.

Black Oil Virus Seems Like a Judgment from the Lord on Hybrids

But something that strikes me as well, someone I was talking to who was stating that the Black Oil Virus isn't effective against good energy. And so, those with good energy and pure hearts, it doesn't affect. And so, makes you think that it's more of a judgment from the Lord. I mean, everything with Satan is opposites. What's truth is fiction, what's fiction is truth. What's white is black. What's black is white. Everything's opposites. Satanists all work in that realm of the law of opposites. And so, I mean, their whole satanic bible is completely opposite anything the word of God says.

And so, makes you wonder because holy oil anointing is -- you usually use olive oil, or some kind of vegetable oil, or some kind of oil. Then you have this black oil. It's kind of like, a total opposite. Total opposites. You have black oil coming out of the orifices of these people. That just seems like it would be a judgment of God; something of His. I'm not bringing this up to freak people out. I don't think it's going to affect regular people. I think it's going to affect hybrids. I think it's going to affect all those who have been invading our earth.

Back in 2005 I wrote an article, Silent Invasion, 'cause even back then in 2005 the Lord had told me the silent invasion had already begun. And, that's why I think this is going to affect all these beings, all these people that have been taken over. Just wicked, evil people. Unrepentant. Children of the serpent seedline; and there's billions of those. And so, I just think it's gonna hit all those who are not one of the Lord's people. If you're not the Lord's, you don't have His Holy Spirit within you, then you could become a victim to this Black Oil Virus. The Lord said that the plagues and the things that the people are gonna experience during the Tribulation period are things that have never been seen before, things we've never experienced before. And I've spent time on this show talking about some of the ten worst plagues in our history. Death Plague, Bubonic Plague. We have all these plagues, and mind you, they were all man-made and terrestrial-made. And the end times will be no different.

Behold Death on a Pale Horse and the Whole Host of Hell with Him

But these plagues we have coming upon us are gonna be things that we've never experienced before. And, certainly, something like Black Oil Virus would qualify for that, definitely. You know, I was looking tonight again at the horses. And the Pale Horse kept coming to mind. And I'm gonna read this in Revelation, chapter 6, verse 7 and 8:

And when he had opened the first seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

And so, hell follows with him; with the rider. He has the whole host of hell with him. Has the whole...Satan's forces with him. And power's given unto them to kill a quarter of the earth's population. Now, we have approximately seven billion people on the planet, and they get to kill a fourth? That's a lot of people, folks. By the time it happens, it can be anywhere from one and a half to two billion people. So, yeah. And this is the first part. This is before the Antichrist even arrives and takes over power. [laughs]

But notice the kings of the earth. They're all hiding in their caves; in the rocks of the caves. And so, they're all hiding. Why are they hiding? Because of these UFO and alien invasions. How do you think the third rider, the rider of black horse who brings famine -- and that pretty much signifies a famine and probably an economic crash with it since the price of bread is so high. And so, total inflation at the time, a total famine. And these horses ride worldwide. Not just in any one area. And then, right after the inflation and famine hits, then you have the riding of the pale horse; UFO and alien invasions. Now I know that the one trailer had 1013 on a door. Do I think it's this year on 10/13? No. Next year? Probably. But I don't think it's this year. I don't think it's ready. I don't think it's time for a Black Oil Virus right now.

Indigo, Star Seed, and Crystal Children Are Nephilim - Giants Minus the Giantism Gene

And so, if you'll notice on some of these trailers, shows it as a terrestrial virus, but I think this virus occurs before the UFO invasion. And so, depending. I mean, it's all for them. They're already here. They have a threefold plan to their invasion to begin with. And the Lord told me back in 2005 the silent invasion had already begun. The first act was a covert silent invasion where they soul-scalp, or replace, or possess the bodies of humans with alien and demonic beings. They mix-breed, crossbreed. It's like I said Thursday, back in the day the hybrids were called Nephilim; they were giants. And today, we call them Indigos, and Star children, and Crystal children. And setting up special schools for them and special homes so they can live together because they just don't fit in with regular society. They have supernatural powers that just don't fit in with everybody else.

And, you know, I just found it amusing that, you know, today people just accept them as Indigos, Star kids, Crystals. But if they didn't get rid of that giant gene, we'd be looking at 15- to 20-, 30-foot giants. These kids would be giants. They would be giants, and these adults, too. They would be giants. And so, interesting how the terminology changes, and how getting rid of that giantism DNA anomaly. Because when fell and procreated with human women, it created a giantism gene in the DNA pool. And over the years, somehow they've been able to perfect that and get rid of that giantism gene. And so, now they can have kids that can assimilate into our societies that from the outset you'd never suspect as being a hybrid. These kids don't look any different from us. All of the ones with the all black eyes do. I don't know if you've seen any of those, but I've seen one kid myself, just pure black eyes. They had no white in their eyes. It was all black.

Elimination of Dissenters - If You're Not with Us, You're Against Us

And so you have the covert invasion where they just come in and crossbreed, mix, and hybridize, take over people's bodies even. You have the overt invasion where they become more visible with the UFOs and flyovers. To condition and intimidate mankind with their presence here on Earth. To let us know that they're here, that we're not the only ones in the universe, that we're being visited by others. And the last step part of their plan was the elimination of dissenters. If-you're-not-with-us-you're-against-us mentality in eliminating all who oppose them. And so, that's the threefold plan of this whole invasion scenario.

Hybrids Are Drawn to the Dark Side, but Can Choose Yahushua and Accept His Salvation

And so, they've been here amongst us for years. Not just since 2005. They've been doing this for the past hundred, two hundred years. We've got Satan's seedline on Earth since Satan and Eve created one in the Garden of Eden. And so, Satan's always had a seedline on Earth. And over all these years, these massive alien abductions where they've impregnated women with Indigos -- if you talk to these hybrids today, Indigos, Star Seeds, Crystal children, they don't know who their fathers are. A lot of them don't even know who their mothers are. A lot of them are just adopted children. And so, it's very interesting, because in order to be an Indigo, you're half-alien. So you'd have to have an alien father. You have a human mother, but you'd have an alien father. And that's why most of them don't know who their fathers are. And a lot of women that get pregnant just assume it's their husband's child. They would never think in a million years that they were abducted and impregnated, sent back home and then have an alien baby. They would just assume it's their husband's.

And so, this has been going on for a long time. And they've assimilated into our societies. And, this is what we're dealing with now. And this is what I think this Black Oil Virus is going to affect; is all these hybrid and crossbred people, the serpent seedline. And, of course, you can prevent any of that from happening, if you've repented, and have chosen to follow the Most High like everybody else has to. It doesn't matter if you're hybrid, if you're Indigo, you're a Star Seed, [or] a Crystal child. You must choose whom you follow just like we do. Just like we do. You have to make a choice. The problem with it is most of them will choose whichever path they're being led on at the time because they're drawn to it because of the powers that they already have. So they're always kind of drawn to the dark side, the New Age side. But there are very few that will choose Yahushua and -- to accept His salvation.

For Those Who Want to Revolt against Satan, Revolt

And so, I think as time goes by, as we get even just one more day at a time, that there is a revolt going on in Satan's kingdom. And that there's a lot of the offspring of the fallen angels who fell, back in the first rebellion, who have had children over the years. I think they're sick of them. I think they hate him. I hear it all the time. They hate him. They don't love Satan. They don't stay with him because they love him. They stay with him because they're afraid of him. Because he hunts them down and he tortures and torments them. And that's the only reason they stay with him. And so, I see as we get more time, that more and more and more are just going to revolt and rebel against his leadership because they hate him. And a lot of them are just willing to serve the Lord if given a second chance, given a chance at all. So, I just throw that out there. But that's something I see. Just a heads up. Because, for those who do want to revolt against him, revolt against him. Walk away, stop doing wicked things, stop serving evil, and start living righteously for the Lord.

Probably Will Be in Second Half of Tribulation Period in 2012

Not much time left, folks. I mean, I always figured in 2012 we'd be looking at probably the beginning of the second half of the tribulation period, the great day of the Lord, the great wrath. And so, the great day of the Lord is actually a period of time of three and a half years. The day of the Lord; 42 months. It's three and a half years. So it's not just one day, it's a period of time. And I think that's when you're gonna start to see all of these judgments. You have the bowl judgments, the trumpet judgments. And here before that even starts, you're going to see the four horsemen of the apocalypse riding. And a great assault on the Christians, themselves, that's already underway by Obama. This whole Corexit poisoning thing in the Gulf States and what we're experiencing now, that's a whole attack on the saints. People don't see it for what it is, but I do. And not only that, but now we've got this Black Oil Virus coming. I think that will wait until next year. And so, I could be wrong. I don't see any dates in the Codes on this. But I just think, timingwise it might be a little early. But remember, when things do start to happen, they're gonna happen very quickly. And so, you know, they've been trying to come to Earth. They've been trying. And they're crashing. Their UFOs are crashing. The orgone is saturating the atmosphere and they're crashing.

Seeing "Reddening" in the Codes - Could Be Orgone

And so, I found it interesting that I keep seeing the term "reddening" in the Codes. I'm like, OK, what's reddening? [laughs] Is that the moon? We see a red moon at night? That's from the orgone. That's from the orgone saturating the air. We assume it's from chemtrails. It very well could be the orgone, because it's killing them, and it's destroying them. And that's why they want to come to Earth. That's why they come angry. You always see them as aggressors. When they come, they're angry. They're retaliating against mankind. They're angry because they've lost so many of their forces because of the war front we've put up, which is with the orgone, to resist them with. Yeah, we're not gonna serve you. We're gonna resist you. And we're resisting really hard. We're working every day. It's the one weapon the Lord's given us and that's the orgone blasters.

Creating Holograms of the Sky to Hide the Huge Ships They're Lifting from the Moon?

So, just something I see, you know, if you've noticed the anomalies just the last month with the sky, and, you know, the division; one half white, one half blue. You can see the YouTube videos; Mexico, how they really messed up that video of that sky. You can tell they're almost playing with their holographs. So they can put up fake pictures of the sky, for whatever reason. Whether they're lifting huge shipsputting up fake skies so they can practice their arrival to Earth behind that holograph. [laughs] Or they don't want you to see something. I mean, I know they're huge ships off of the back of the moon. The Lord told me that the other day; that they're lifting huge ships off the back of the moon. And, of course, this would be a really good time because the planets are all going through some kind of a phase. And the moon's going through phases, and they're taking advantage of it, that's for sure. And even blackening out, on nights it should show up, blackening it out so you can't see it.

These Huge UFO Ships Are Literal Cities in the Sky, Like Shema

And so, they want you to think that all these huge UFO ships -- and some of them are 150 miles by 150 miles. They're huge ships, folks, because they're literal cities in the sky. They're literal cities. And that's what Shema's described as. Shema's described as being in two parts; one half is a city, and the other half is where the Ashtar Command is and Satan has a temple there and stuff. While the other half is just a huge city, itself. It's a metropolis. That's why Shema looks like it's almost two different parts, because it is. It's two separate pieces attached somehow. I don't know. But they can actually detach one piece from the another. It's just that they, you know, don't want to, and haven't. It's just on fire. I don't know which half is on fire. I would die laughing if it was Satan's temple. But some of these ships are really big.

Don't Be Fooled - They're Not from Some "Other" Galaxy, but Right Here in Ours

And they want you to think they're coming from other galaxies, other universes, blah-blah-blah. It's where you just chew out and spit it out and gag on the disinfo. Because, they're right in our own galaxy here, folks. They're right here. They're on our moons. They're on our planets. Our moons, themselves, are hollow as all of our planets are hollow. Our earth is hollow. They come in and out of the North [and South] Poles. They have bases. You've heard about the inner earth. You've probably heard stories about civilizations in the inner earth. They exist! Alien bases, Mount Shasta in California, that exists. These homes and places exist. Because Satan's forces, I just call them forces, but they're very spread out. I mean, consider for thousands of years that these angels just sit around and procreate. And on down the line, generations of them since the rebellion. And they need places to live. They build places to live. They used to mine the earth for its gold and silver and its precious jewels just for their bases, for their homes, for their cities, for their temples. I mean it's just -- they're all over the place.

The Churches Want You to Think Angels Don't Procreate - The Bible Proves Otherwise

Of course, the churches want you to go to sleep and think, "Oh, angels don't procreate." That's wrong. Certain angels don't. Certain ranks of angels don't procreate, but that does not mean all of them don't. And, certainly, the Bible, itself, proves that lie. Because it says the angels came down to Earth and procreated with human women. And that's how we have the Nephilim. And so, yes, they do procreate.

Prepare for Their Arrival by "Putting Up Your City Walls" of Orgone

And interesting that, you know, if all this comes to a head, and it just seems like so much has been going on increasing the fact that, hey, they might very well show up at the end of the year here. November, December, they might very well show up and get the ball rolling for 2011. And so, you never know. You never know when they're gonna show up. But just be prepared.

You know, I've been busy. And I look at it as putting up the city walls. I'm putting up my city walls. [laughs] I go through, going around my county I live in, and I'm putting an orgone puck about every half mile to mile around my entire county. Just get a map and then go through your county and get main routes, get, you know, any kind of water sources. Whatever the Lord leads you to get. And that literally just puts a wall of orgone up around your county. I see that in the Bible Codes every once in a while. It cracks me up. I'll see "city wall." Because we don't live in walled cities anymore like the ancient races did. But it could be very well their way of trying to describe an orgone wall of protection all the way around somebody. I mean, I've already got it in my own home here, you know. And, by doing the entire county, protects everybody else in this county.

Will Orgone Protect People from the Black Oil Virus? We'll Find Out

And if this Black Oil Virus doesn't like holy and righteousness and good people, then it's certainly not gonna like orgoned areas. One way of keeping it out of your area. Is that a foolproof way? I don't know. I don't know. But look at all the things that orgone has accomplished, ended up doing since we started making it that we've just learned along the way that orgone would do. And so, protecting people from these alien viruses that are coming, is possibly just another thing that this orgone will do. I don't know if it will. I can't say it will. We'll find out.

But, you know what? When I asked the Lord what should I do, what good is putting orgone out if this oil virus is just gonna knock everybody out? They can't contain the virus. Are they telling us that with this recent Gulf rig explosion a couple months back in the summer in the Gulf that now some virus is being released, and it can't be contained now, and it's gonna run loose on everybody. You know? We're all gonna start bleeding oil out of our eyes, turning into zombies? You know?

I mean, what are they trying to tell us? What is it I'm seeing in the Bible Codes? I see the term "powder" in the Codes. I don't see "worm." When I start seeing "worm," then I'll [laughs], then I'll know what I'm looking at. But as long as I keep seeing "powder," I'm looking at a Corexit attack. So that's why I think if this Black Oil Virus thing is gonna become more prevalent, it will probably be in another year or so. Or just later because usually the Lord, Himself, will start confirming it in the Codes. And so, He just hasn't really confirmed that aspect for me yet in the Codes. All I'm seeing is powder. And when I see powder, I think of Corexit.

They're Coming After the Bigmouths - Especially the One in Carrollton, Ohio : )

And, yeah, they're coming after states and people. And they want to take the bigmouths out and shut them up. And so, you know, I gave a heads up a couple weeks ago. They're getting ready to attack Carrollton. They want to shut the bigmouth up here. [laughs] Disaster Service vehicle still sitting in the parking lot. They haven't been moved. Although, I think it's funny that they really want me to make sure I know that they're there, because all the others are situated so you can't read the sides of them, but they have that one up by the front of the building so that anybody could see it. They want everybody to see that that side of that big EMT [Emergency Medical Technician] transport vehicle says "Disaster Services." And nobody's asking questions but me? I mean, come on, folks. This is a cow town. This is a cow town. What are they doing with disaster service vehicles in a cow town? You gonna attack the cows? You're gonna hurt a lot of people's livelihoods. I'm protecting them, too.

Don't Put Orgone Where Cows Graze - They'll Swallow Them

Gotta be careful with cows, though. You don't want to put orgone where cows graze 'cause they'll eat them. They swallow them. Cows are...pigs. [laughs] They just eat everything. And so, you don't want to put orgone blasters inside fields or anything where cows graze 'cause they'll just swallow them. Put them outside. Keep chemtrails away from them so they can eat healthy grass and, hopefully, produce healthy milk and healthy meat instead of all this contamination from chemtrails.

Everybody Start Pointing Your Pipe Blasters East or Orgone the East of Your Areas

Chemtrails don't stick here, but you know where they do. And they work hard every morning to hit the east. And so, I think everybody that was pointing their pipes at the moon should now just point them at the sun. Point them east. You're not gonna bother the sun with orgone. I mean, those two go hand in hand. Those two are like peanut butter and jelly. And so, everybody should just point their pipe blasters at the east and, hopefully, we'll take out those chemtrail planes that keep spraying the sun hard every morning. That's what I'd like to do is take those planes out. Or just everybody get the east of your areas with orgone good. And, hopefully, that'll just all blow east. I just want to get those planes out. They annoy the crap out of me. Look out in the morning and you see it way, way east. Those chemtrail planes trying to hide the sunrise.

Grave Word of WARNING to the REMOTE VIEWERS and WACKENHUT People Harassing Sherry

Word of warning to remote viewers and Wackenhut freaks who like to cloak themselves and come on my property. I'm gonna give all of you just a word of warning, because I'm really just fed up with it. This place is becoming a zoo. Got invisible military people here. Got remote viewers here who don't think I can see them, but I can. I'm just very patient. I'm very, very patient. Well, my patience is drawn out, it's done, it's over.

And, I've had some peace this week. I started asking the Lord to just chase them out with flames of fire. So I've had some peace, and I enjoy the peace. So I'm gonna tell you what. If I see anymore of remote viewers in my home, you better make sure that you have a will of testament, and someone to take care of your kids, because you're not going back home. And that's a word of warning to all you freaks who like to remote view in my house, because you will not go back home. You will be dead. My patience is through. I'm not gonna ask the Lord to chase you out with flames of fire. I'm gonna ask Him to destroy you with flames of fire, and then cast your soul into hell. And so, that's your word of warning. I'm not playing with you anymore. My patience is through. I want my peace.

And that goes with Wackenhut freaks, too, who think that they can just do what they want because they're invisible. You will not make it back home. None of you will. And don't take it lightly. You'll go join the many others I've already cast into the abyss over the years who have tried to mess with me, and who my patience has run out on. And so, word of warning, my patience is done. That's it. I don't care how much of a nice remote viewer you are. You're really the most annoying. Because, the Wackenhut guys, they don't care if you know they're around. They laugh, they talk, they walk around.

Remote viewers just -- they stand around and stare all day long. And they go to different parts of your room or your house and hide in your closets and bathrooms. And then, come up behind you and stand there and stare. That's all they do is stare. I don't know if they're trying to psychically assassinate you or what. Nothing's ever worked. I'm still here. [laughs] I just get tired of it. And so, word of warning to everybody. Can't say I didn't warn you. Can't say you weren't warned.


So anyway, I'm gonna take a couple questions here from listeners. See what's happening.

In a Hospital Study of the Power of Prayer, the Prayed-Over Food Tested Purified

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry?


CALLER: Hi. This is Kentucky Sis. Can you hear me?

SHERRY: Hey! Yeah! Yeah, I can hear you.

CALLER: Yeah. Listen, I got back from a trip last week. And I went and [inaudible] all your things. I don't have Internet. I think I said that in that letter to you.


CALLER: But, anyway, I got to the point where you said about...what was it? Oh, they got poison in our food and poison in our water, and so on. And at that moment, the Lord put into my heart what I had heard years and years ago about a study some scientist did in a hospital. This is very important about the power of prayer. Now, they took the food that was being served to the people in the hospital. And they took samples. Then they had the people pray over their dinners, their food. And they took samples of that before they ate it. And the result of that was that the food before had like, microbes and junk in it. And then, after the people -- they tested -- I'm not very good at speaking. Anyway, the prayed-over food tested purified.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, He actually told me.

CALLER: Now -- huh?

SHERRY: Pray over the food.

CALLER: Yeah. Now, what I did was I supposed to have called you Thursday and I missed it. And Friday He socked it to me about that.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: And I said, "Oh, my God. This is very important."


I Wondered If Our Water Would Be Purified If We Prayed Over It

CALLER: Now, I just wondered, if we prayed over our water, if it would purify our water. Now I'm not good on prayers like, "Bless this food, O, my Lord." It's one of the old ones. [laughs]

SHERRY: Well, it doesn't have to be formal. If you can think it, you can ask Him.

CALLER: Well, I'm still having trouble trying to figure out a prayer. And then I thank Him for the food.

SHERRY: No. You just say, "Dear heavenly Father, I ask that you just purify this water, remove all toxins and impurities, and make it safe to drink."

CALLER: And here is the power of prayer. You had said one time in one of your -- I've got a whole stack of stuff. It took me three days to get through it. But anyway, you said that our weapons was orgone and prayer.


CALLER: Yeah. He let me know -- He reminded me about that hospital and that scientist's experiment and that was way back when. And I would not never have thought of it, you know.

SHERRY: That's just a reminder. 'Cause that's what He had told me when I kept getting poisoned with food. "Make sure you pray over it." 'Cause everything I ate I was getting poisoned. Especially when I'm on the road, on missions. It seems like everywhere I stopped to eat I would just get sick. It was like they were just there to poison it.


SHERRY: And, definitely, just have to pray over your food, and it removes the poisons.

CALLER: So then, this is a weapon we have against the poisoning and the water being poisoned. I mean, we have more weapons than they can ever think of, don't we? [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah, but not the most effective. They keep trying to counterattack ours.


SHERRY: And we keep trying to counterattack theirs. And that's why it's a war. It's why it's a war. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Yeah and Yah bless. OK?

SHERRY: Yah bless, Sis. All right. Bye-bye.


I Kept Seeing a Black Line Going Across the Center of the Moon

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hey, sis. How you doing?

SHERRY: [laughs] I'm good. How are you doing?

CALLER: Oh, I'm better. I'm better.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I was just sitting up here in the chat room. And I see they done sent some more of his freaks in to cause chaos and loosh again.

SHERRY: Probably, because I haven't been able to get in all night.

CALLER: You know, I gotta tell you. You were right about them darkening out the sky and not being able to see the moon. And it made sense about on the dark side of the moon and you were mentioning about V [TV show], the V series and how they showed how the ships were on the backside of the moon.


CALLER: Well, now, all of a sudden, did you notice the moon appeared again?

SHERRY: Well, I'd seen a sliver yesterday.

CALLER: Tonight was the first time I've seen it. And, it was just west of the complex and it was lower than what Shema normally is, you know.

SHERRY: Oh, it was really low last night when I saw it.

CALLER: You could just see a corner of it. You know, like you said, a sliver, or like it was trying to be a crescent moon.


CALLER: Funny thing about it is I kept seeing this black line, through my binos [binoculars], going across it.

SHERRY: Oh, really!?

CALLER: I kept seeing this black line. I thought I was tripping when I saw it, you know. But, I put the binoculars back up and saw this little black line just going across the center of it.


CALLER: I was like, "What is this?"

SHERRY: So you think it's beyond the whole the moon's going through a dark phase, or whatever? That they're really manipulating it?

CALLER: I know they're manipulating. They've been manipulating the skies since --

SHERRY: Oh, I know.

CALLER: Well, I mean -- now look. Two weeks ago, I saw everything.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I saw everything. I felt everything.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: And now, all of a sudden, boom! Back again. The sky is black.


People Don't Realize the X-Files Show Has Been Revealing So Many Plans

CALLER: Completely black. But, I just wanted to call and just say hi to you, that's all.

SHERRY: Well, I love it when you call in and say hello.

CALLER: You know, I don't get a chance to talk to you too much. I was off today because of the alien hybrid's holiday they're celebrating today [Columbus Day], you know. But --

SHERRY: Oh. You know, I've had my nose deep in this Black Oil Virus thing and...it's just nasty.

CALLER: Well, I saw the videos.


CALLER: Very nasty.

SHERRY: Trying to correlate that with what I'm seeing in the Codes. And, you know. So far it's so-so. The Lord just has a long way to go to show me stuff yet. So, it's just a heads up.

CALLER: Well, you know, a lot of people don't realize, just like the X-Files. X-Files have been revealing so many plans for the longest time. And, you know, people just look at it as just entertainment, but it's not entertainment.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: It's letting you know what they're getting ready to do.

How Many Times Have They Shifted Their Plans Because We've Done So Much Orgone Work?

CALLER: And then, people talk about how the orgone doesn't work. Well, how many times have they shifted their plans because we've done much work out here?

SHERRY: I couldn't even begin to tell you how effective the orgone is in the Bible Codes and how much it's destroyed them already, and going to when they all arrive. Can you imagine them all trying to come as gods, singing in a convertible-type vehicle --

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: -- coming to Earth as a angelic host, and then, everything just catches on fire and they crash? [laughs]

CALLER: I can't wait.

SHERRY: I mean, this is gonna be a show. Not just for them, but for us. We're gonna be clapping and celebrating and laughing. Because, all of their plans are gonna come crashing on Earth, literally.

CALLER: They're already crashing.

SHERRY: Yeah. And so, it's just we have to keep going. 'Cause, when you ask the Lord what should I do? He just -- "Keep doing what you're doing."

CALLER: Yep. I saw six crash two weeks ago, so... [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: I thought it was funny.

SHERRY: Yeah, I know you did. You know, it's been doing that for three years now. Three years they've been crashing.

They Don't Realize That the Only Way Sherry Is Going Home Is Through Yahuah
CALLER: I'm gonna tell you this. I like the warning that you put out. I'm glad you said that.

SHERRY: You know, I've had enough.

CALLER: I don't blame you.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: It's stupid. It's stupid, what they do.


CALLER: It's stupid. And they don't realize that the only way you [Sherry's] goin' home, Yahuah's taking you home.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Not Satan. Not them. The only way you goin' home is through Yahuah.

SHERRY: [laughs]

Ascendants and Descendants - Are You Going Up or Going Down?

CALLER: And they're too stupid to realize that, you know. And those who are doing like you say, those of God's children, Yahuah's children will be there after you. And if you do leave before us, it's up to us to continue on and to keep doing it. And to make sure that those that really love the Lord, but have been deceived through these churches, and don't know His name because they refuse to reveal His name. At least they'll be protected until it's time for Him to bring them up in front of His throne and say, "OK, --


CALLER: -- what did you do for Me?"

SHERRY: Yep. There's just two Codes I see that I like when I see them now. One says "descendant," another one say "ascendant." Ascendant. They're coming down, we're going up. [laughs]

CALLER: And I do want to say one more thing, and then I'm gonna let you continue on and take more calls.

SHERRY: I've got about thirty seconds. So, yeah. Hurry up.

Ask Not What Yah Can Do for You, Ask What You Can Do for Yah

CALLER: Quit asking Yah to help you. Ask Yah what you can do for Him. And then He will fulfill everything that you need.

SHERRY: Exactly.

CALLER: Just ask Yah what it is you can do for Him. Good night, hon. Love you. Talk to you, sweetie.

SHERRY: Good night, love you, thanks for calling in!

CALLER: Bye-bye.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.

"I'm Going Up"

And that's so true, folks. And that is interesting when I see in the Codes, when I look at them now. You know, a lot of these fallen angel scumbags, they're descendants, they're coming to Earth. And, I'll tell you what. What I see with my name: ascendant. [laughs] Ascendant. I'm going up. I don't know when, but I'm going up. And that's certainly one thing every believer in the Most High wants to see by their name is ascendant. Going up. Especially with the stuff that's coming when they come down.

Black Oil Virus Is Their Retaliation Against Mankind

Anyway, folks, I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. Hope I'll have some more on this Black Oil Virus. As freaky as it seems and looks and is, I just want to get some more confirmations on the Codes on what we're dealing with Black Oil Virus. It's a terrestrial virus. It's an alien virus. It's their retaliation against mankind because they're scumbags. The New Agers want to think they're coming to help us on Earth and they love us. And, reality's gonna hit them real hard when they realize how evil these beings are.

Anyway, until Thursday, folks. Yah bless.


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