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<Music Playing before Sherry comes on>


And hello everybody, you’re live, it’s Thursday October 14th  (2010).  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648. 


So the big one three, the big 13th the day the aliens were suppose to show themselves.  Well, I was shocked and impressed, NOT.  <Laughing>  I mean come on!  Show yourselves already, do something exciting.  Flashing a few silvery lights over New York City and catching the attention of a bunch of sheeple, isn’t that exciting.   I mean you do that on a rainy night here in Ohio.  You usually fly more UFO’s over New York City than  a few silvery ones during the day so people can actually see something.  And a couple other areas in the country claiming they saw UFO’s.  But it wasn’t the big ballsy event we all had expected.


I mean what they show in the day is child’s play, it’s child’s play.  So what was the big event?  Come on!  You disappointed, you really, really disappointed me.  The only thing I saw was HAARP being busy and I think HAARP was more busy than the aliens were.  Just tons of HAARP blankets from here all the way to Cleveland.  That’s probably 100, 200 miles maybe 100, maybe about 100 miles.  But either way HAARP much more busy than the aliens obviously and October 13th ending up to be more a laughter than anything of significance I can see, which I would expect.


I mean I would like to see some of your big ships hovering over major cities like in the V series.  You know, do something impressive.  And so, obviously a failure. 


But you know folks that brings us to the point number 3 on the three fold invasion plan.  Because number 2 now, they can technically say, number two has been fulfilled and number 2 was the overt invasion, more visible with their UFO’s and fly overs.  To condition and intimidate mankind with their presence here on earth.  And so what you saw was suppose to scare you and intimidate you.  Try to be intimidated folks.  <laughing>  That’s the whole number 2 where they fly over and everybodies like Ohhhh  aliens, we’re really scared.  Well everybody believes it.  I mean, just because our government keeps coming up with balloon stories, no one believes the government.  Most people already believe in the presence of UFO’s.  I mean, look at all my mocker’s on line.  Jeff Rense.  I mean he didn’t even want me on his show several years ago because of  UFO’s and aliens  and now he has all these articles on his web site, but still no acknowledgement of me in any way over there and then a lot of mockers on line.  People I’ve done radio interviews with over the years where people mocked and laughed about UFO’s and aliens and NOW they’re the biggest proponents they have all these articles, people on their shows talking about UFO’s and aliens. 


And so which leads to point #3 on the aliens folks.   Elimination of dissenters  If you’re not with us, you’re against us.  Eliminating all who oppose them and so this goes along with the whole new world order mentality of global government and bringing in a whole new world order and eliminating the dissenters and so I think what we’ll be looking at is Martial Law.  And just a lot, much more of their vaccination programs, propaganda and poison; because if they can get their chips in you then they can destroy you. 


The Lord has warned us to stay away from their chips and vaccines.  He’s told us to stay away and for a reason; because if they get their chip in you they can destroy you.  It’s live access to them.  It’s like a GPS, you become a human GPS.  Oh, there’s a human with one of our chips and they have the right to use you as a doorway.  They can jump in, they can take over you, you know?  And I’ve been talking about this stuff for so long I’m like oh my gosh this again? Really, when it comes down to the wire and you’re so tired of repeating the same stuff over and over again.  But I wanted to remind you of something.  I wrote this article on the invasion back in 2005, 2006, 2005 and this is what the Lord told me directly back in 2005, remember this is 5 years later.  So imagine everything’s that’s been happening since then.  The Most High told me this:


Yes child, they are here in many numbers.  A world wide invasion has begun. 

It has been going for some time.  But it was a select targeting of those who were already theirs.  Now it’s reaching out to mankind and affecting the populations in every country.   This has been going on for quite some time in a limited amount.  But now it’s time to sound the alarms and warn My people.   They have targeted their own before and I allowed it.  Now they are targeting Mine and I am warning them.


And this is back in 2005 folks. 


Those who are not with Me and have their spirits prepared and strengthened in Me will be over come by them.  And I will allow it.  I will allow it because I have reached out to those who call Me by My Name to lead them into the truth of their errors and deceptions and they have refused to listen to Me or those who I have sent to them.  They have refused to listen to My instruction or My warning and I will no longer strive for them.  I will give them over to their own ways.  I have much patience.  And if they repent of their ways and return to Me I will and heal them.  But they must repent and seek Me.  There has always been a silent invasion of their own.  But it will increase now and engulf many people of many countries and nations.  prepare for their coming literal presence on earth.


Alright, I’ll stop it there, I’ll just add this…


Prepare My people to flee to the mountains and flee the cities.  The time will come when it will no longer be safe for any of My people.   They will be hunted by those who are here and coming to target and destroy them.  Yes they will be looking for My people.  My people must flee to the mountains where I will protect them.  Now is the time to prepare.  Tell them and warn them of the time that’s coming.


So here its saying a time is coming believers of The Most High will no longer be safe from the alien and demon dominated people around them.  People who do not love the Lord are prime candidates to be soul scalped and processed so these alien and demonic beings can inhabit a body. 


And many are being clobbered, even back in 2005.  Now notice up until that time He says…up until that point they were only targeting their own people.  But now it switches.  Now those who call Him by His Name and follow Him, lip service for the most part, but they’re living in sin, they’re in sin they’re not seeking Him, they’re not following Him, they’re fence riders, they’re alcoholics, they’re drug addicts, they’re living in sin, guess what?  He’s allowing you to be taken over.


And so this is why He warns.  Prepare My people to flee to the mountains.   Flee to the mountains because He will protect you in the mountains.  And so over the years people have slowly been stocking up and preparing.  And so one of these days, you’re going to have to grab every thing you own, everything you can and flee to the mountains, just to survive, with the Lord’s protection.   You know and He warned us of this back in 2005 and if the recent events haven’t raised you eyebrows, I don’t know what will. 


Because how many times on the News lately have we been watching and seeing people just for no reason killing themselves, killing their families.  It happened recently here in Carrollton, Ohio a few weeks ago.  A 24 year old girl, full of life, loved her kids just up and kills her babies and kills herself.  I mean, come on.  And it’s all over the country. 


Murder/suicides.  People say, well, it’s the drugs, it’s the Prozac’s.  It very well could be the pharmaceutical drugs or a combination of just chip implantation, you know.  It could be chip implanted.  If these people are chip implanted, their chips can be turned on and they can be messed with.  They can hear voices and I’ve heard from some people it’s a pounding in your head, to shoot yourself in the head.  It’s just a pounding yelling to these people to just shoot themselves in the head.  And this is why it’s going to get dangerous to live around all of these people that have gotten vaccinated.  Because even kids have been given these chip implants.  Now they become radio transceivers for the wicked.  You know these people pushing the buttons are in underground bases somewhere and I’ve warned before these chips have numbers on them and recorded.  They know exactly who has what chip.  They can hunt you down on their data base.  They can open you up like a window.  They can have immediate access to you through this chip that you have.  And they can target you.  They can make you do things you wouldn’t normally do. 

So, we could have 200 million assassins walking around America at the disposal of the wicked scumbags. 


Our satanic and military and government, who all of the sudden become pawns for their bidding.  Go shoot your neighbor.  And what if you’re the neighbor?  What if you’re the neighbor being targeted now?  Just shoot your neighbor. 


So that’s why the Lords telling people, the times going to come when you’re going to have to flee to the mountains, for your own safety.  Not just from aliens and our satanic government/military, but from people in general.  People who have taken these chips, these vaccines and are chip implanted.  People addicted to these pharmaceutical drugs, these anti depressants.  They change your DNA, the cellular structure of your DNA and not just through the drugs we take but the food we eat, the water we drink.  Everything’s working to change who you are.


So they can change you from the person you are to a controlled pawn of theirs. 


200 Million Manchurian Candidates

They want to control you.  They want to use you for evil; to go commit some atrocity.   And how many people if they said I did it because I was chip implanted would be believed?  Isn’t that what Tim McVeigh said? The Oklahoma City bomber, nobody believed him.  He said I’m chip implanted.  He was a typical Manchurian candidate.  And now we’re going to have about 200 million of them walking around America waiting to be told what their orders are, having no will of their own to ignore or refuse the orders they’re given.  So that’s the kind, that’s what we’re looking forward to folks.  That’s the kind of things we’re going to be facing.


That’s why I’m liking my seclusion here, more and more and more and more.

Anyway I’m taking phone calls and seeing what’s up with people.


Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.


Caller:  Hi Sherry.


Sherry:  Hello


Caller:  Well, I was a little surprised something actually did happen, I couldn’t believe it, but it really did happen, but, they didn’t try to make it off as a balloon.  Yeah that was…


Sherry:  <laughing>


Caller: …a tiny little show wasn’t it?


Sherry:  You can’t even get a good picture of it anywhere.  Not even peoples video’s didn’t get the skies, so you can’t even see it. 


Caller:  Oh, but still they think it’s a balloon, but whatever.  Yeah that was not a very good show or whatever what they were trying to do, but…


Sherry:  No all the (inaudible), you know.


Caller:  Yeah.  Hey I tried to tell my girl friend about the chem trails and she keeps saying, “That’s not it because it’s been so dry and hot and it’s doing things to the jet streams and stuff, because it’s so dry and hot.”


Sherry:  <laughs>


Caller:  I thought I’ll tell her (Sherry) that you’ll laugh.


Sherry:  You know, tell her to enjoy the sand.  Move on. 


Caller:  Yeah, I know.


Sherry:  How’s the temperature in the sand, you enjoying it in the sand?


Caller:  That’s what I told her.  I laughed at her.  It’s not due to the weather, the dry heat.  The canopy can’t be affected way up there can it?  Or can it?


Sherry:  No, it’s too high.


Caller:  I know.  I tried to explain, she just thinks it’s just the weather and the dryness, the heat.


Sherry:  Well, just walk away.  Why waste your time on stupid people?  I refuse to waste my time on stupidity any more.


Caller:  I know, I know I had her believing a little bit, then she talked to her cousin and then she so, you know, so whatever.


Sherry:  Either way, you plant seeds, because they’ll always remember what you say and as much as they want to doubt things they’ll always remember.


Caller:  Yeah, if something really big happens they’ll remember, “Oh gosh, that’s right.”


Sherry: Yep


Caller:  Ok, I just wanted to, do you see anything in the Codes coming up for the end of this month or anything?


Sherry:  You know, I’m just seeing more and more of them showing up, more and more their arrivals, you know, so basically.  Just more and more of the war we’re in right now.  It’s the same war.   


Caller:  We’ll just have to keep watch, yeah that was a tiny little show over New York didn’t fly twice.  I didn’t hear that but…


Sherry:  They said that there were silvery objects in the sky.  Shiny objects in the sky…


Caller:  Weather balloons? <laughs>


Sherry:  And so, they shut down the airports.  They shut down all the air space in New York City.


Caller:  I also wondered if you heard anything about this sludge that’s coming?  Do you think that’s going to be some kind of cancer cloud going to spread through the world?  No?


Sherry:  The what?


Caller:  That sludge that’s going through that other county, that poisonous sludge.


Sherry:  Oh, I don’t know.


Caller:  Could it be cancerous clouds spreading around the world?…I don’t know.


Sherry:  I have no idea.  They had some kind of a dam break, I don’t know.


Caller:  Yeah, ok, well thanks for your time.


Sherry:  Alright, thanks for calling in.


Caller:  Bye


Sherry:  Bye


Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.


Sherry:  Hello caller?


Sherry:  Let’s see if (111) 111-1111 wants to answer.  Who is behind (111) 111-1111 and what exactly, what kind of phone call is that?  (111) 111-1111 Is it government?  Is this   Nibiru calling?  Ok somebody from Shema?  Come on answer the phone.  Give me a tweet or something.  Do you speak English?  Come on, is this a space call?  Ok, is this an underground base?  Come on, say something.  You sat and listened to my last show.  I never got to you.  And so, now I am.  You’ve got my attention.  Hello?  I can hear somebody over there.  Is this Dulce Base calling?  NASA?  Well I get it, this is an astronaut on one of the latest shuttles, right, stuck in a portal.  Come on, reveal who you are.  I can hear the breathing.  Come on.  I’m going to hang up in 2 seconds although it’s been fun toying with you.  Well, I guess you can sit on my line and listen to my show.   It might be Nibiru trying to make a collect call and just can’t get patched in….Goodbye!!!  They’re no fun, bunch of losers.


Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.


Caller:  Hey sis


Sherry:  Hey, Hey


Caller:  Hey, let me tell you something.  That was me calling you and them messing with my land line to get through.


Sherry:  What?  That 1111111111?


Caller:  Yeah.  They was messing with me when I was calling you from my land line…


Sherry:  Yeah? 


Caller:  And I was sitting up there like, because all of the sudden I heard this like grrrrchrrrgrrrrchutgrrrrrrr trying to stop me from calling in here, but yeah, I was just wondering if you saw what I’d seen yesterday.


Sherry:  Yeah, you know what?   I sure did.  I would have called you but I knew you were at work.   Oh, their back on, 1111111 all the way across the board.  Yeah, from here because you described the same clouds that I was seeing out here. 


Caller:  Sherry, it was ridiculous.


Sherry:  It was from here, all the way to Cleveland, so that was 100 miles…and it stopped right here.  It stopped Right Here!!!  Right here above my head.  It went no further.  My head all the way to Cleveland.  


Caller:  It was a trip Sher, I mean as soon as I got out of the car, because they changed my shift, right?  So, I guess Yah changed my shift so I could see, because I was not going to be able to see anything if I worked a normal shift.  Sherry, they had bombarded the sky.   I mean…


Sherry:  Oh I know.


Caller:  …it was totally ridiculous. 


Sherry:  It looked like a quilt of puffy clouds, just all HAARP, it’s HAARP and orgone doesn’t affect HAARP.


Caller:  Did you see how orange the clouds were?


Sherry:  No they were white, why?   I’d have to say they were white here, I would have noticed if they were orange.


Caller:  They were orange in Cleveland.  They were orange.  I mean, I was sitting up there, soon as I got out of my car, I was like, let me call Sherry.  And I called you and I got your machine and I left you that message, like this is ridiculous and the funny thing about it is yesterday, while they were rescuing all the demons from down below, they had the free vaccination program at the hospital. 


Sherry:  They’re having it everywhere, everywhere!


Caller:  Everybody there looked like they were just out to lunch.


Sherry:  I’ll have to ask my husband, because he was actually up there yesterday.


Caller:  Was he?


Sherry:  Yeah, he had to take his dad up there.  And I haven’t talked to him about it.  The Lord happened to get me out of the house yesterday afternoon, just so I could catch a view of the sky because you know how it is here.


Caller:  Ah hah <agreeing with Sherry> I know


Sherry:  Out being out, going to town and back is when I noticed all the HAARP activity going on.  And when I got back I got your message but I didn’t want to return your call I knew you were at work.  But, yeah, I was like what is this? It was more than amazing!  I was amazed more at that than all their UFO activity I’ve seen in 14 years. <laughing>


Caller:  I have never seen the skies like that!  I mean they put a complete grid, it was like, Ok, while everyone’s watching these Chilean miners, we’re going to blast everybody.  We’re going to get everybody sick.  There were people coughing all around me.  I was the only one there and I was like, “I’m not getting it, I’m not getting it.  I’m not getting sick, I’m not coughing.”   Everybody else was coughing their brains out!  I was like wow.


Sherry:  Yeah, you can’t leave the house without a gas mask any more.  A facial mask.


Caller:  When I walked back into the hospital, everybody’s eyes were buff, like they were smoking crack and in this trance.  I was like Oh My God, these are the zombies!  This is what they’re doing.  They’re sitting up here, trying to turn everybody sick, so that they can go inside and get this flu shot man and I was like, Oh Wow!  Blowing my mind and I was like, I can’t wait to talk to Sherry about this.  You know and I thought I got furlough yesterday, today and tomorrow.  It was ridiculous.    


Sherry:  You want to reveal to people where you work?


Caller:  I work at V.A. hospital.


Sherry:  In Cleveland and that’s attached to Cleveland Clinic, isn’t that right?


Caller:  Yes they do all the experimental surgeries at V.A. hospitals before they reveal to the public all the new technologies that they have.  All the different new surgeries like for instance now they have just come up with a way to reverse paralyzation in the spine.


Sherry:  Oh really?


Caller:  They’re experimenting on all the veterans.  There was a vet that was there and he was looking up in the sky and I walked over to him, I was talking to my wife and I was like, I told her I got to call you back and I went over and talked to him like, “What are you looking at?”  He said, “Don’t you see what they’re doing?”  I’m like, “What?” He said, “Look up in the sky!” and I’m like, “So you do know.”  You know there’s so many people don’t even look in the sky they don’t even realize…    


Sherry:  Your wife noticed that?


Caller:  She called me!...


Sherry:  <laughing with delight>


Caller:  …at work…


Sherry:  I’m impressed now.  I’m really impressed now.  So she’s come a long way.


Caller:  She has come a very long way.  And I have to thank your right hand for the package I received because she immediately put it on and you know what I’m talking about.  She gave me, so, you know.  It was like, all of a sudden all the positive energy just came out of her.  You know?  She’s like, “I’m seeing this, I’m seeing…”  I’m like, “I told you, this is what’s going on, and this is no game.”  They’re trying to kill people and there are so many people who don’t even realize what they’re doing.  They are trying to kill people and there are so many people don’t even realize what they are doing.  They are trying to kill people.


Sherry:  Yeah


Caller:  They don’t realize this chem. trail plan is to get these people to take these vaccinations.  As soon as it hits the atmosphere people get sick.  I was a witness to them coughing their brains out yesterday. 


Sherry:  Well also these vaccinations they lower everyone’s immune system so when they do start their spraying they are the first one’s susceptible to it.


Caller:  Yeah, yes.


Sherry:  It’s like a magnet.


Caller:  And I’m sitting there and this one guy he had this package and he had just got his flu shot.  “Oh, I got the flu shot, I’ve been getting it since 1991.”  I’m like, man don’t take that H1N1 shot, I said you shouldn’t have took that.  He’s like I’ve been well, I’ve had pneumonia, and I’ve taken the pneumonia shot.   I’m like man they got chips in all these vaccinations.  I said you need to watch out.


Sherry:  And I’ve just heard from somebody in a northern, a northeastern state on the east coast somewhere.  That all her friends who have taken the flu shot, now have the flu.


Caller:  They’re all getting it!


Sherry:  <laughing in disbelief>


Caller:  They are all getting it.  You know, my other sister, she was telling me that her friend took it, you know just to spite her and I felt so bad for her because she loves her so much, you know, it’s as if people are going against what we say!  It’s like we’re jokes!


Sherry:  It’s like they want to prove you wrong all the way to their graves.


Caller:  And they’re going to their graves.  They’re going…


Sherry: yeah


Caller:  They’re going and that’s flat out all it is and it just pains me to see how most of these people have no discernment.  They don’t even ask Yah before they even decide to go get the shot.  What should they do?


Sherry:  That’s why He says I’m going to allow My people to be judged.  Go through the judgments that are coming.  They don’t listen to Him.  He’s allowing it.  They’re going to get soul scalped, we’re going to be dealing with believers who are completely soul scalped and alien and demonically possessed.   And the sad part is one or two people will realize what’s going on and the others will still think they’re a believer.


Caller:  And you want to know something Sherry, everybody doesn’t even understand that Chilean mine rescue, that wasn’t even suppose to happen until next month.  They moved it up as part of their plan while everyone is sitting there watching these men who have been processed and taken over while down there for 69 days.  How can you be 2000 feet down and not see anything?  Anything.


Sherry:  I watched zero seconds of it on tv.  I didn’t want to see any of it.


Caller:  I saw the first guy come out Sherry and his eyes were black.


Sherry:  You know I was walking by my tv and it is a 47 inch screen and I’m walking towards my computer and I happen to glance at the tv and I saw one of the miners and the first thing I noticed were slits in his eyes, vertical slits.  Snake slits.


Caller:  Black eye’s and yellow slits.  What does that tell you? 


Sherry:  Yep


Caller:  What does that tell you?  I mean people need to realize they’re trying to divert attention away from what their real agenda is and magnify this thing on the boob tube so people will get trapped in the boob tube and not pay attention to what their real agenda is. 


Sherry: Yep


Caller:  It’s funny, so…


Sherry:  Why was this suppose to happen next month instead of this month.


Caller:  Well what they said is they weren’t going to have the equipment ready.  Ok?  And they were pressing for November 2nd to the 4th, right around election time.


Sherry: Yeah


Caller:  And they could go on and get everything going and start bringing these miners up.  Now the funny thing is and people didn’t even notice, the name of the capsule:  The Phoenix 2.  Phoenix, the Phoenix man, what does that represent?


Sherry:  Yep


Caller:  The illuminati, it represents everything ugly against these people.  And I just really couldn’t believe, I’m just sitting here and I told you all of this yesterday and I’m just sitting here like wow, blowing my mind.


Sherry:  Yeah, I was looking at pictures of their eyes and pictures of them in general and the first thing that struck me was just the evil energy from their eyes.  All of them.  Every one of them.


Caller:  You could feel the ugliness!


Sherry:  Yeah, you could feel it.  Just pictures of them over the Internet, forget about pictures seeing them live or anything like that and these people probably didn’t recognize anything going on there.


Caller:  My wife was like, it was Tuesday night and she said, “Ok, don’t cut the tv off, I want to see the first rescuer.  And I was like, nah I don’t want to see that.  And so there they are bringing the first capsule up and I look.  OMG this guys coming out and he’s got a blue helmet on and his eyes are completely black and she’s like do you see? And I’m like Oh I see!  But I didn’t want to see it, because I felt it


Sherry:  <laughing>


Caller:  The whole time.  While they were down there, they were going to get transformed and you’d think anyone 2000 feet below the earth isn’t going to get transformed? and isn’t going to see anything?….there was this one guy he said he saw God and satan himself.  


Sherry:  Yep.  Well, didn’t he say he thought he saw God and it ended up being the devil. 


Caller:  Ah ha (agreeing with Sherry)


Sherry:  <laughing>


Caller:   Hey I just wanted to call in and let you know I checked everything out yesterday and it was a real revelation and I’ll let other people call in.


Sherry:  Who’s this 111 who likes my phone line?  Do you know who it is?


Caller:  You know who it is.  <laughing>


Sherry:  Huh?  Government?  Oh come on.  I want to get a call from Nibiru?


Caller:  We’re watching you Sherry, that’s who it is.  We’re watching you.


Sherry: As I sit here and blah…I’m so intimidated,<sarcasm> the 111 systems here on my phone line.   


Caller:  They tried to filter it through me when I called you.  As soon as I called you I was listening to you and I was like oh god Sherry’s going to think that’s me 111…I’m like Ok…


Sherry: I saw you, I saw you…I see both of you right now.  I mean you were just both there.  I just wanted to talk to you I knew it was you.  They called last show and they just sat on the line the entire show, I never got to them and so now that I have time, it’s a Thurday show, it’s laid back and silly, I tried to get them to talk, But they won’t talk they just sit there and breathe.   


Caller:  Can I say one thing?


Sherry:  Yeah


Caller:  satan you always imitate Yahuah but you could never duplicate Him and you’re going to burn buddy and we are going to see to it and with that I’m out I love you…


Sherry:  I love you too…


Caller:  and I’ll see you on the list, take care, bye.


Sherry:  <laughing>bye.


If you have a question folks you can call in at (877) 245-5648.  It doesn’t look like this one-one-one number wants to be sociable, talk to me.  I want to know where they’re from, come on, come on…you know, Nibiru, Shema, The Department of Energy, oh wait, let me guess, this is the direct line from the White House, 111-111-1111 or some type of satellite number.  Ah Shema, are you calling from some kind of satellite?, UFO?   They’re hijacking a UFO up there, that’s it.


Has anyone noticed the weather outside?  Because as I sit here doing the show, the sun was out and 36 minutes into the show, it has turned really dreary, it was really windy and it’s starting to rain.  I expected the rain today, but they finally just got over their wind attack, their acorn attack.  I have these huge trees around here and the branches are really high and so…when the leaves start to fall and it goes through the change of seasons the acorns just pounds this place.  It sounds like missiles hitting my house.  So, squirrels if you want acorns, they are all on my roof.  Alright <laughs> I’m going to see what this caller has to say.


Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.


Caller:  Sherry, I just had a question I forgot to ask you about the miners.  You say they were transformed while they were down there?  Those aren’t the real miners that went down?


Sherry: Yeah, the real miners wherever they are now it’s not them.  Because when they came back up they were soul scalped.  They were totally possessed.    


Caller:  Yeah some of them were pretty quiet…


Sherry: Just watch within the year all of them will be divorced.  Watch that one…


Caller:  Ok, I will


Sherry: Yeah, they’ll all be divorced, you know they try to push the more amusing story about how the one’s mistress is there with his wife waiting for him <laughing> you know?  You got to wonder, there have been so many mining accidents and they make a big deal out of this one?  What is it about this one?  It’s totally an occult ritual and I have to totally agree with everyone.


Caller:  Ok, you answered my question I won’t take any more of your time, thank you.


Sherry:  Alright





Sherry:   I’m going to pick on Mr. Nibiru here.  See if they want to talk. 


Caller:  (will not respond)


Sherry:  Hello Obama you’re on the air.  <laughing> 


Caller:  (you can hear someone breathing but no response)


Sherry:  Come on, are you going to say something?  Hmmm?  Who is this? 


Caller:  (no answer)


Sherry:  Just tell me what agency you’re from, or star ship or planet or UFO.  Is this the Enterprise?  Come on, you don’t have to be such a sore sport.    


Caller:  (no answer from the sore sport)


Sherry:  Come on….say some thing…other wise I will kick you off my line, I won’t even allow you to sit on it.  You know because my listener’s pay for you sitting on my line.


Caller: (no answer from the free loader)


Sherry:…listeners are paying for this so if you’re not going to talk you’re not going to sit on the line.  Alright you’ve had your chance, good bye.


<The (111-111-1111) call is ended by Sherry.>


Why should I let them squawk on my line, they’re not paying for the time.   You government, you aliens, you military satan freaks, you want to sit on my phone lines, you start paying for it.  My listener’s pay for it and then you won’t even speak.  What good is that? 


If you have a question for the show you can call in at: (877) 245-5648.  If you have a question and you’re in the chat room.  I’m in the chat room right now.  Got 37 people in here; if anyone has a question, and you can ask it, I’m paying attention.   And so, let’s see, thirty seven people, let’s see does anyone have a question?  I know there is like a two minute delay, a one minute delay.  Ok,


Chat Room:  “Sherry I have traveled to blank, blank, blank to put orgone…is there any where specific that needs to be orgoned?”      


Sherry:  You know what, have you tried just putting a barrier around the entire city; just one (muffin) every mile around the city.  That would be a good thing, because it puts up like a wall a barrier all the way around a city.  And then later or if you have time that day, you can go in and get key points within the city and that way you know it kind of makes like a spin wheel.


 Where you get the center of the city and other key parts but you’ve already got the key parts all the way around it.  Sometimes that’s the easiest way to get cities, especially when you look at cities the size of New York.  The size of Chicago.  Just drive, get a map, just drive every ½ mile and place the orgone where it won’t be found.  That puts an orgone barrier, a wall all around that city.  And try to get water sources inside the city. 


Question from chat room:  Should we move to the mountains now?


Sherry:  You know the Lord said there would be a time when you would have to flee to the mountains to be safe.  So be preparing now, because everybody lives in different area’s and my space may become more unsafe before yours does and people may just have to pack up and move to mountains.  So everybody in cities and I really think this is more for people in cities, to be prepared to have to flee the cities and head to the mountains. 


Because I live in a cow town as it is and technically I’m on a baby mountain.  <laughing>  You know, I kind of live on a hill.  And if anybody comes, I’m going to see them.  So, I think I’m pretty safe where I’m at.  But I know people living in cities and suburbs.  You just don’t want to be that close to insane people.  Especially if the zombie virus is let loose, Black oil virus, I posted info on my web site last week.  Just be prepared to leave when you have to. 


Question from chat room:  I plan on traveling back to the East Coast from Los Angeles.  Is there anything you see that could affect my travel?


Sherry:  Well stay away from body scanners.  <Laughing> Just radiate the public with radiation bombs and put them through body scanners.  I wouldn’t even get on a plane these days.  I don’t know.  The last time I flew on a plane was a few years ago and other than the knife I had in my purse I didn’t have any problems getting on the plane.  <laughing>  I totally forgot I had a knife in my purse.  I normally just do, I have kids and I usually carry a knife or scissors.  I have a lot of junk in my purse or whatever, so it was rather amusing.  They are just, you know, you would have thought you were taking down bin ladin in a little regional airport and so it was really funny.     


(cont.) Chat:  I’m going by car.


Sherry:  Oh, you know what do not leave home without a mylar blanket because what happens to me when I travel to the West and back is I get bombed with their microwave tech weapons and they just fry you, you feel like you are being fried from the inside out.  You feel like you’re in a microwave and so, if you get mylar blankets you can wrap yourself up in them or put them on your windows to block out their microwave tech weapons the government uses against you.  They target you when you’re on the road like no other and so it’s something you can do to help prepare.  Do not want to leave home without a mylar blanket.   


Chat room:  Sherry, does orgone affect all alien races?


Sherry:  Anything evil, anything not of the Lord, anything wicked, you know look at orgone like a light energy and anything darkness, it just, anything dark it repels and so, anything darks not going to like orgone. 


Chat room:  I came out to orgone (_______)…(Sherry will not reveal the local on air)


Sherry:  Yeah, good job, because you know they need it…a tornado coming in…<laughs> yeah you know because they didn’t want you in their city, saying get out, get out…Oh, yeah…and California is a mess and the Lord has His people standing up and they’re every where and we need funding. 


We need the big guys, with the big money to start funding this war we’re in.  I’m so sick of piddling for nickels and dimes.  We need some big financial backing for this ministry and this war we’re in and not much time left folks.  Not much time to stand up and really be a help and a blessing to us in this ministry and this war we’re in.   Really think about that folks.  We need your big donations here. 


Question from chat room:  Sherry, have you seen anything about Australia in the Codes lately?


Sherry:  No.  I see Quebec, Canada every once in a while, Peru and Greece but nothing about Australia.  Not even Adelaide, I know I got a kick out of that when I saw it that one time, because only if you live in Australia would you recognize it.  I had to look it up, so.  You know, don’t think you’re safe in Australia.  Don’t get too comfy in Australia, because Pine Gap is down there don’t forget.  And Pine Gap is their real space program on earth.  Forget NASA that’s just window dressing.  That’s nothing compared to what goes on at Pine Gap. 


And so, yeah, Australia needs a lot of orgone.  And there’s like one or two or three warriors even doing anything down there.  So people really need to step up in Australia and start getting your areas. 


Any other questions folks, just call in or OK, here they are, they’re back…111-111-1111, they won’t talk again, taking up listener payer money sitting on my line.  <laughs>  You know I would fall off my chair if they actually said they were from Nibiru.  Something amusing. 


Well you know what folks?  We don’t have a lot of time left here on earth and these UFO’s that are coming.  They’re just fallen angels.  They’ve never gone any where.  They’ve been here since the dawn of time.  They rebelled against the Lord and they were kicked out of heaven and over that time there were many more rebellions.  Angels can rebel every day, they are not held in prison in heaven and we just group them up into one general term and call them aliens.  It’s just all these fallen angels who rebelled, over thousands of years.  And they have all these cities and habitations on our moons, on our star systems, our planets, under our earth, they’re every where.  They’re not coming far away from Galaxies and Systems. 


You know the Lord told me they were moving huge ships off the moon lately.  And a big reason a lot of the moon had been blocked out is because we were also going through some kind of phase is also why they were moving huge ships off of it.  But these are the same ships that they’re going to claim came in from oh so and so Galaxy <laughing> millions of miles away when they just lifted off the moon.  <Laughing>


They’ve been building these huge ships on the moon for many, many, years and of course they won’t tell you they’re on the moon, they want you to believe they’re from universes far, far away.   That’s what’s coming, these huge ships, 150 miles long, 150 miles wide.  Huge ships folks, huge.  And you know what?  They’re just as easily going to crash as the little pods that we see crashing every night.  The media calls meteorites.  They’re going to crash just like they do.  We are going to take them down.  We are going to be victorious against all this whole sky fleet.  We’re going to be victorious against them.  Just watch.  Watch.  And when they start coming and arriving by the ten’s of thousands, which I would call a real alien invasion and not a couple blinkers in New York City.   You’ll see a lot of them crash.  We’re going to take out his entire brigand.  You know, mark it down; I’m telling you right now, we’re going to take them out. 


Even when I ask the Lord what I should be doing.  He says stay focused.  Stay focused on what you’re already doing.   What are we already doing?  Getting the orgone out, get pipes out folks, let’s get them pointed to the East.  So they stop harassing the sunrises so we can actually see one.  And at night out in the West at sunset, so if you have pipes get them pointed East and West.  It would be nice to get four and have them pointed in each direction.


That’s it for now, I’ll talk about the rest on Monday.  <Choking> What now they’re going to start choking me?  <More choking> They are coming, they are here and whatever lights they got showing in the sky doesn’t even begin to show the truth.  That’s how bad they’ve invaded our earth while we weren’t even looking.  Soul scalping people, that’s where the real invasion is folks, with the soul jumping and soul scalping. 


All this UFO stuff it’s just a distraction.  That’s all it is.  I see a better show just sitting on my driveway at night, than what they’re trying to reveal as a massive UFO disclosure.  I mean, give me a break.  Anyway, be back Monday night, 10 o’clock, and same place, same channel.  Ten o’clock at night Eastern Standard Time.   Until then everybody, Yah bless.