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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 18, 2010

"Hey, There's Something in the Sky."

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. If you have a question for the show, you can call in at 877-245-5648.

It's been a busy week. I've been really swamped with a lot of different things. And it just makes you realize how much time is crunching in. We're on a time crunch. And I know a lot of you out there want to know what my opinions are on all these little UFO sightings lately. And you know what? I'm not seeing anything more than what's already been. It's just that a lot more people now are looking up. They're starting to realize, "Hey, there's something in the sky." They've been there all along. People just won't look up. And so, I find it amusing. But a lot more people getting it on videos, which is good. Just paying more attention to notice things in the skies. 'Cause this stuff's been going on an awful long time, folks. I mean, you can't tell me that my little cow town...that this is the only place UFOs are. [laughs] I know they're everywhere else. And I know people don't look up in the sky. And when they look up in the sky they think, "Oh, it's just a star."

You know, last year, when we caught Shema on fire, when it went from its brilliant white light, to it's pale yellow I'm-on-fire look, that's when I started to notice all those other stars turning yellow. It wasn't just Shema. It started with Shema 'cause that was my first target. But as we started getting more and more pipes out and bucket blasters out, and just getting more and more orgone blasters out, other "stars" --- "stars"...I put those in parentheses, but you can't see my hands -- started catching on fire. Started turning yellow. 'Cause what they do is they turn yellow and then they catch on fire and they crash. Only, Shema's so huge, a literal metropolis in the sky, and it's also divided into two separate sections. And so, we may have one on fire, where, the other one isn't yet. And so, eventually, the whole thing (according to Revelation, chapter 8; described as a lamp) is going to crash to the earth.

And so, waiting for that one to happen. It's not gonna happen next week, next month. We'll probably see Maitreya and the aliens here before Shema crashes. Because it's the lamp in chapter 8. I'm trying to put things in a timeline, in an order. And so, it wouldn't happen till after they're here, which is fitting. "Here, have your city." [laughs] "You're stuck on Earth. Now have your cities, too." And then crash them to Earth. That would be so funny. I like the Most High's sense of humor when you always start to think about it. [laughs]

But, yes. Eventually, we're going to have a massive invasion here, folks. And with more and more people expecting it now, then it will come. It's going to be hostile. I expect it to be hostile. They may come shooting their beams, blowing things up. I don't know. But I do know that when they come en masse that a lot of them are gonna crash to the earth. A lot of them are gonna catch on fire and crash to the earth.

A Brigand's Coming, and Enough Orgone Is Out That We Could Crash This Entire Group of Bandits

And so, this brings me to something else that I've been seeing for a while and haven't known what to do with. [laughs] But I keep seeing the term "ashes" in the Codes. And, you know, it has something to do, I believe -- I'm gonna go out on a limb tonight, one of my limbs, and just tell you what I think. And usually what I think is closer to being right than 99 percent of other people I know.

But with all these ships coming -- I'm telling you they're coming. There's a whole brigand coming. I don't know how many is in a brigand, but it's big. A brigand could be thousands. Tens of thousands, maybe. I don't know. I don't know how big a brigand is. I just know the "term" brigand. And so, a brigand is coming, and a brigand is gonna crash here to Earth. I'm confident of that. I'm confident that we've got enough orgone out around the world that we could crash this entire brigand that's coming to Earth.

Toxic Ashes from Crashing UFOs May Result in Us Being Locked Up in Our Homes, So Prepare for That

And what's gonna happen is a lot of these ships have a lot of radiation to them, and a lot of the ashes from their destruction is going to envelop the earth. We're going to see ashes coming out of the skies. People are gonna think, "Well, maybe a volcano went off." I don't know how they can mistake it, because we're all gonna see it; these ships crashing. But we're gonna see ashes. And these ashes are very, very toxic. And if you can remember me earlier, last year, year before, whatever, and I've talked about a time when we would probably be locked up in our homes, and not be able to leave our homes. So you might want to prepare for that. Yeah, this is the time you would be locked up in your homes, because you don't want these ashes getting on your body. And so, that's just something that we're gonna have to look out for. I'm going out on a limb here even mentioning that, because I don't know that I know that I'm right on that. And, usually, I only speak on the things that I do know. If I go out on a limb, I tell you that, too.

But this is one of those limb things. This is one of those things...because I keep seeing it in the Codes. I know, from talking to others, that these ashes will be toxic. And so, if you have to go outside during that time, when you go back in your house, the suggestions are to take a shower immediately and then wash your clothes. Otherwise, for the most part, stay in your homes because these ashes are gonna be toxic.

Could See Some Action by Christmastime, but Zombie Pandemic Not Expected Till Next Spring

And this invasion is going to come sooner than later. I really believe that we could have some action by Christmastime, although I don't know for sure. What I am look at -- you know how I try to put everything in a timeline from what I see. And, you know, I don't see zombies anytime soon, although I'm prepared. Because with so many people getting vaccinations and flu shots, it's the chemicals in the vaccines, it's not the chips, it's the chemicals. It's a chemical attack. And it's these chemicals that make people that have these vaccines and shots very dangerous.

Also, not only that, but they could put these in chemtrails. They could put it in our water supply. What it does is it kills people, then it turns them into zombies. And these attacks could happen at any time. What I've been seeing is possibly Spring of next year. Sometime around May, June, maybe even April. I think it's going to be shortly after Maitreya and all of these...whatever forces he has left after they're crashing to Earth -- I think it's going to be after they arrive that we're going to see a zombie attack.

And so, that's why I've been trying to keep my stuff out there. How to Kill a Zombie, how to make orgone water, and how to protect yourselves. Because, there's gonna be a lot of judgments coming to Earth after they come. Because the earth's being judged, and all these judgments are coming from God because they're here. Because they're here. And the earth cries out in pain and turmoil. And the Bible talks about how the earth will cry out in pain and turmoil. And that's why the Lord's judgments hit.

And also, these beings -- and I've warned the New Agers, they speak out of both sides of their mouth, they say they want to help mankind. Oh, they want to, you know, heal us of our sicknesses and diseases, while they kill us. You know, it almost reminds me of Melinda Gates over in India. I saw this news show last week, a couple weeks ago, and it showed Melinda Gates over there. And she's working with expectant mothers and mothers who have had small children. And they're trying to improve the health of these children, so they feed them, they give them clothes, and proper medical care. And then the next thing they do is give them vaccines. And so, it's almost like, act like you love them and care about them, and then kill them. Kill them slowly, kill them softly, kill them with a loving smile. That's almost what it is. Kill them with a smile. Let them think you care about them while you're killing them to death.

Obama Is In Cahoots with These Aliens and Gets Shipments of Deadly Chemicals from Them

And so, that's what exactly the things we're gonna be experiencing with these aliens. They come and they talk about how they want to help humanity, and, "Oh. By the way, stop by one of their health shops, one of their health benefit places. You saw this with the V series. It was really kind of funny. 'Cause they actually showed this during that series last. People would go to them for healing and health and their medical care, and...you know. And these very same beings that are gonna be responsible for the chemical that they -- 'cause we already get it from them. Obama is in cahoots with them. He gets shipments directly from them that have these chemicals that they put in our vaccines, that are toxic and killing people now, and laying dormant for now. He gets them straight from them.

When they arrive here, they're gonna be talking about how they want to help mankind, while they're actually spraying mankind with these same chemicals that will turn people into zombies. That's why we're seeing a lot of these Hollywood movies coming out; whole cities being quarantined, and anybody who tries to leave them, shot down and killed by the military or whatever. That's because this chemicals that they're spraying, they can spray them, they can put them in vaccines, they can put them in the water system. They get on everything. And if something from a contaminated area goes into another area.... Let's say somebody get's out of a contaminated city, and they drive into a small town for safety and refuge, and they've got those chemicals, or that spray, or that mist still on their car, and somebody else touches their car and gets it on their hand, it goes into their skin, all of a sudden it kills them, and they come back as a zombie. You've got a whole outbreak somewhere new now, in another town. And that's how it spreads because it's by chemicals. And these chemicals can get on anything. On anything.

Pay Attention to What They're Revealing in the Movies - It's Much More Than "Entertainment"

And so, this is what we're looking at. This isn't fiction. This isn't Hollywood. But they've been trying to warn you. They've been trying to warn you through their movies. I wish I'd seen a lot more of them. I seem to be one of these people that's always playing catch up on Hollywood years later, after the fact. I still haven't seen a lot of movies that I would like to see, simply because it's such a hike for me. They're not just down around the corner, they're like, forty miles away, to go see a movie. I live in a cow town. And so, I don't get out that much. And I don't do the Pay-Per-View thing. I don't watch a lot of TV. I usually have it on for noise and that's about it.

But you guys should be paying attention to what they're revealing, and prepare. Prepare. Know that they're speaking truths, amongst all the entertainment. Some of it's rather dramatic, entertainment value, but some of it's true. So chew the grass, spit out the hay, and just prepare. You know, if you get into an area where there's a zombie outbreak, get out of the area. I'm not saying kill a few zombies and try to survive it. Get out. Get out of the area. Because those chemicals just get on everything. And that's what it's coming from. It's coming from chemicals.

Get All Your Knowledge Now - Obama Can Turn Off the Internet Switch at Any Time

And so this is coming after -- I'm telling you this now because I don't know if we're gonna be around and have Internet access once they arrive. So get all your knowledge now, because they may shut down the Internet. Obama has the switch. He could just switch you off. He's gonna round up the loudmouths, before they arrive or shortly after, so they can't speak out or warn people what's going on. And so, it's gonna be a war. But you may be on your own, so get all the knowledge you can now.

And I expect a lot of these judgments will come after they arrive. And so, basically the next thing, you know, to be watching for is their arrival. Is there arrival. You know? And they're telling you, "Hey, we're here. We're here above Manhattan. We're here down in El Paso We're here over in Ohio. Hello?" Of course, they live in Ohio. [laughs] I can attest to that one. And, they're here. And so, whenever they decide to do their massive invasion, then so be it. So be it. Bring it on. I'm just tired of it.

You know, I've been warning about this for ten years. Ten years. And do you know how many haters I have accumulated over those years? And now you look on the Internet and they're all starting to talk about it. Stuff I've been talking about for ten years. Have I had one apology from any of them? No. Not one apology. It gets aggravating, folks. But you know what? You've just gotta keep moving on. Keep moving on, because there's so much we need to learn and so much we need to do to prepare ourselves and protect the sleeping, protect the sheeple. They may not believe you now, but, unfortunately, most of them will when it's too late. And if you've already had their backs, and you've already protected their neighborhoods and their towns with some orgone, then at least they'll have a safe place to be. At least they'll be safe. You know? And that's a big part of our orgone mission around the world is just protecting others because they're asleep and not doing anything themselves.


Sherry's Show (and Ministry) Is 100% Listener-Supported, but Not Enough to Cover Call-In Fees

Anyway, I'm gonna take a few callers. And, you know what? Tonight I was gonna announce that this will probably be the last week I even take call-ins. Because I simply don't have the donations to cover the cost. These call-in fees are outrageous. They soak me on them, blogtalkradio. That's probably how they make all their money. And so, I'm probably gonna disable the whole feature of call-in shows because I just don't have listener support to cover the bills.

You know, this show, my entire ministry, is 100% listener-supported. And if I don't have support, I can't keep going. I'm gonna have to start axing things. You know, this week it'll be listener call-ins, next week might be one of my two shows. I do shows on Thursday afternoons and Monday nights. I might have to ax one of them. I just can't cover the bills.

And those who do donate, I do appreciate you. And I know who you are, 'cause it's always the same people. And I love you to death. But we've got so much to do, and we've got so many bills, and we've got a orgone war to do. And it just seems like we never have enough to go around.

And we really need -- I know the Lord sent people on Earth with a lot of money that could support us, that are, instead, supporting wolves, supporting the wrong ministries, supporting the wrong people. And that's what gets aggravating. That's what gets aggravating. That we have to suffer because they're supporting the wolves instead of the Lord's shepherds on Earth; His real ones.

Anyway, I'm gonna take some calls and see what's happening.

Wilhelm Reich Mentioned That the Earth Has a Glowing Blue Aura from the Orgone Energy

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: Hello? This Sherry?


CALLER: How ya doin'?

SHERRY: Good. How are you?

CALLER: Fine. Sorry I missed your birthday. I think you had a birthday last week?

SHERRY: No, my birthday's in December.

CALLER: Oh! So the guy was talking about October 11th. He had me confused. Oh. I was just worried because I wanted to get you if I could. Anyway, I've got questions. I'm sorry, you know, you won't be able to take questions anymore?

SHERRY: No. I'm gonna have to ax this. I might keep it going for one more week, but I just don't have the support to pay the bills. So, this is one of the biggest soakers and I just have to ax it.

CALLER: OK. Let me get going with my questions. I've been doing a little research on this guy Wilhelm Reich, I think it is.

SHERRY: Reich.

CALLER: He created -- well, he didn't create the orgone, he just sort of brought it back. Right?

SHERRY: Right. It's an ancient energy. He just rediscovered it. It's been around for a long time.

CALLER: Yeah. I got it here like, 2,000 years. It blew me away. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Anyway, he mentioned something -- he said like, the earth, when you see it from the Apollo, or one of the spacecrafts or satellite -- you look at the earth, the color is a kind of a glowish-blue, right?


CALLER: And according to him (I don't know if it's true or not), he said that that is actually the orgone.

SHERRY: Yep. Orgone emits a blue aura.

CALLER: Yeah, makes that blue aura, right?

SHERRY: And that's what makes Earth look blue. And it's a aether energy. It's Yah's energy. People need to understand this. It's Yah's energy.

CALLER: It's Yah's energy. It's beautiful.

SHERRY: It's His pure energy. And that's why it doesn't affect us, but it affects evil beings. They hate it, not us. We love it. It's a living energy. Plants love it, gardens love it. Trees --nature loves orgone.

CALLER: Mm. So this is why the devil keeps coming in with these chemtrails and things to try to take away that energy and that aura.

SHERRY: Yes. To suppress it. Yep.

CALLER: That's horrible.

SHERRY: They're trying to put a canopy over the earth with all of these aerosols and poisons to suppress the orgone, the living energy from the earth. And so, what we're doing is trying to put it back in with the orgone to help the earth, and put it back in, try to balance it out. Because they're trying to destroy it.

Wilhelm Reich Wanted to Heal People with Orgone Energy, but They Killed Him

CALLER: Mm. That's horrible. You know, I was reading about Mr. Wilhelm Reich, his history. And almost made me cry because it he was really reaching out to people. He was trying to use this orgone energy; he thought it was mandatory for people's health and it should be a part of the medical practice. But once the doctors got a hold of what he was onto, they put him in prison?

SHERRY: Yeah, and they killed him. Because he was discovering the healing abilities of orgone. And he had some kind of a orgone box (this was his death sentence). He created an orgone box and people could sit in it and be healed of whatever was ailing them. And that's why they killed him; because our health profession isn't into healing people, it's into killing people. They make money off death, not the living.

CALLER: Oh, my God. That's so backwards. He died in --

SHERRY: And so, that's why they killed him.

CALLER: He died in --

SHERRY: And he was the one that said, "Hey. Guess what else this stuff will do. It'll crash UFOs. And I didn't realize that until years later, after I'd already started orgone (the Lord led me into it), that I even start reading Wilhelm Reich. And just another testament to orgone and all the abilities it has.

CALLER: That's horrible. It just -- I mean, someone who gave so much and meant so well, but then they kill him?

SHERRY: They always do that. They kill the good people so the evil could thrive. You know, that's gonna come to a stop one day, when all the wicked will be killed and then thrust off the earth, you know.

CALLER: Mm. This is depressing. And here the partner's name was Dr. Silvers, and he was released, but then after he was released he committed suicide.

SHERRY: Well, that's what they say. They suicide everybody.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

They Burned Reich's Books and Want to Shut Down the Internet to Keep the Truth from People

CALLER: Oh, that's horrible. And they said Mr. Reich (Wilhelm), he had books and they were burned in New York City.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, I doubt they burned all of his books. You know the government has them. And [laughs] just as much as they did [Nikola] Tesla and his weaponry that they use today. It's a high tech -- everything that they use today, high tech beam weapons, is Tesla. So it's almost like a war between Tesla and Reich. Healing and destroying. Because Reich was all for healing and healing the earth, and Tesla was creating weapons to destroy it.

CALLER: Mm. I know he came up with the thing that had something to do with HAARP, because he was creating earthquakes back before the second world war.

SHERRY: Mm-hmm.

CALLER: It's just all bizarre, you know. I just don't understand. You know, I'm just new. I'm a baby in this. But you're --

SHERRY: Well, you know what? You're along with everybody else, because they don't teach us in our history books.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: They don't teach it to you in the churches. The only place you're gonna hear about it is on Internet radio.


SHERRY: Truth-tellers.

CALLER: Truth-tellers.

SHERRY: 'Cause they're the ones who reveal the truth. And, you know, you've got this radio station. And there's others who talk about Reich and Tesla and everybody else. And, you're just not gonna get it off mainstream news.

CALLER: Mm. And that's why they want to shut down the Internet, so that they don't get to too many people, huh?

SHERRY: Exactly. You know, when people need info the most, when all the aliens are invading and everything else, they won't be able to find it. You'll have to listen to what they're saying. They want to control the info so you believe what they're saying, not what everybody else is telling you.

I Want to Help Orgone Become Popular in Japan

CALLER: Before I let you go, I know this is a talk show and it's not designed to discuss business or anything, but I've been trying to contact you on the e-mail. I'm working on a, kind of like a health food store. And they, basically, you know, they do aromatherapy items and things. And I gave the owner and her sister two of your orgones. And they're kind of like, really impressed with it. And they were asking me like, "How much do these things cost?" And I didn't -- I went on your website and it teaches you how to make them, but I couldn't track down the pricing and I don't want to have to ask you over the air because --

SHERRY: There's an order form on the bottom of the page. Just scroll all the way down.

CALLER: Just go all the way to the bottom.

SHERRY: Yeah, there's a order form on the bottom. And they can even learn how to make their own, they can buy it off of me, whatever. Just get it out there, you know. But, yeah, I'm gonna make a whole new order form site for that. I've been meaning to, but I've just been busy lately. Yeah, just scroll all the way down the page and there's a order form.

CALLER: You know, but all things working well. Like I say, you know, these people, they like, got megacustomers coming in. They're all healthy things, spiritual things. And so, they really like the orgone and they're kind of checking it out. And, next year I'm going to be going back to Japan. Later on, probably summer. But I'm trying to promote it from this end now, so that when I get over there maybe I can order a great deal of them. I don't know what your capacity is. You know, like, a thousand or so. But I'm trying to get it popular in Japan, because I think they really need it over there.

SHERRY: Yeah. Well, that'll be awesome for Japan. Some of these Asian nations, it's really hard to get into. Sometimes the customs will just send me orders back. They won't let them through. Sometimes they can be a hassle. Other times we can get it in.

CALLER: Yeah. I had problems when I was getting some sacred herbs -- the suppliers were saying how they would send them back, because they, you know, it's a demonic country, I hate to say it, you know. Lizards --

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] -- galore.

SHERRY: Yeah, well, they're dragon races. That's why. They're dragon races. They worship the dragon.

CALLER: They do.

SHERRY: Anyway, all right. Well, thanks for calling in, Floyd. And when you want to e-mail me, e-mail me at sherry_shriner -- 'cause my Sherry Talk Radio address, I can't reply to it. It's really just messed up over there.

CALLER: Just sherry_shriner?

SHERRY: @yahoo.com.

CALLER: OK, @yahoo --

SHERRY: Yeah, use that e-mail address.

CALLER: OK, hold -- .com. OK, I'll do that. Just let me know what the pricing is on it and that way I can let them know. I can maybe mark it up a little bit or something, you know, or maybe just leave it where it is. But anyway, I'm trying to support you as best I can, you know. And God bless you.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks, Floyd. All right.

CALLER: Good luck.

SHERRY: Bye-bye.


We Had Our First Earthquake in Oklahoma

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry?


CALLER: Hi! This is Taffy from Oklahoma.

SHERRY: Hello!

CALLER: Hi! I was just calling...we had --

SHERRY: You don't have a Oklahoma accent.

CALLER: Oh, I don't? [laughs]

SHERRY: OK, keep talking. [laughs]

CALLER: We had -- I know, it'll probably come out in a minute. I was calling...we had an earthquake here on October 13th. And we've never had an earthquake here in Oklahoma. And it was a 5.1 earthquake and it was felt from Norman all the way up past Polson. That's like a 90-mile area.


CALLER: And, I thought that was pretty strange.

Lieutenant Colonel S.C. Was Sent to Attack Sherry by Spreading Disinformation

CALLER: So, also, I listen to The Edge with Daniel Ott [Internet radio show]. And they had this guy on. Lieutenant Colonel S.C.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: And, I don't know if you have heard about him or know him.

SHERRY: I know him. I know him.

CALLER: Yeah. He seemed to have a lot of information or insider info that he's been a firsthand party to or something.

SHERRY: Oh. Blah-blah, play the harp. Yeah.

CALLER: Yeah. Well, that leads me to my second question. He was saying that the orgone has no effect on the Anunnaki or the zombies.

SHERRY: Well, it's 'cause that's his job.


SHERRY: [laughs] This guy is a MPD [multiple personality disorder] pawn from the military. He's from one of their programs. You can look at his eyes and see he's not there. He's been sent to attack me.


SHERRY: And that's been his job. He's been begging Daniel Ott every month to get on the show, especially if I'm gonna be on. He has to be on right before or after. His whole mission is to attack me. What he's doing is giving out pseudo-info on what's going on with the giants, so it interests everybody and they think he has insider info. But he's really just one of them. He's one of their pawns right now.

CALLER: Yeah. See, I was kind of wondering that. He seems to really push for the sword of the spirit thing...that's the only protection that you can have and there's no way to prepare for what's coming other than --

SHERRY: Well, that's what orgone is. It's the Lord's -- it's His Spirit.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: It's His living energy.

CALLER: Right. Well, that's --

SHERRY: And so, they want people to go back to sleep and just pray to the Lord for protection, instead of getting off their butts and putting orgone out. Because that's what the Lord has us doing, because it has your back at all times. It's like anointing your house with holy oil is what it's like.

CALLER: Right. Right. And that's exactly --

SHERRY: And going into towns and cities and anointing it with holy oil by putting this orgone out. It's a constant presence of the Lord's living energy. And it's destroying them and they want to stop it. They can't acknowledge orgone. Because if they acknowledge it, then everybody's gonna want it.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: And it's destroying them.

CALLER: Right. Well, that's kind of the feeling that I had --

SHERRY: And so, what they do is they send their pawns out on the Internet to attack me. They talk about, "Oh, she's just peddling poison."

CALLER: Yeah. And that's the --

SHERRY: And trying to make it look like I'm in it for the money, which I'm not.

CALLER: That's exactly what he said, is that if there was a buck to be made, then there was somebody trying to sell it. And it's not the feeling that I had at all. And it was kind of this thing that in my spirit when I felt it I was like, no. You know? That's not...that's not it at all. Because, obviously, the information is there for you to make it yourself. And it's not --

SHERRY: Exactly.

CALLER: -- to make a buck at all.

SHERRY: What'd Daniel say to it? What was Daniel's reaction?

CALLER: Uh...none at all. I mean, he just laughed it off. He was a very good host. What the lieutenant said was, um, what Daniel's response was, "Oh, we'll throw some orgonite blasters at them. The [lieutenant] colonel said, "Yeah, well, they just threw them back at us." And he kind of laughed. And it just was kind of one of those things that you were like, "Whaaat?" You know, and I just kind of -- that's why I called in is to ask you, uh, he said that --

SHERRY: Yeah, cause I could tell you right now that most of Daniel Ott's -- the people that work around him, his radio producers and everybody else, they all have orgone. [laughs]

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: They all have it. They love it. And I don't know about Daniel, himself.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: But I know the people around him. Because I've talked with them, I've worked with them. This whole thing, it's just an attack against me. And they're coming out -- I could see the arguments in the Bible Codes.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: They come straight from the Ashtar Command.


SHERRY: And then, when you see them sending people down to attack. "Oh, it's just a money gimmick." And they know it doesn't go anywhere, because the directions are on my website. People can make it themselves.

CALLER: Right. And you're not, you know, you're not peddling it. You're not making a fortune off of this. And, obviously, you're having to cut corners to keep getting information out there, so it isn't anything like that at all.

SHERRY: Yeah. You know what? I don't live in a mansion. I live in a double-wide trailer.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: If I was into materialism, I would be in something else. Trust me.

CALLER: Right, right.

SHERRY: I would go in something else.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: I'm a survivalist, not a materialist. Every dime I've ever made, I put into this orgone war.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: And I put into this ministry. That the information I give out, my websites, my free radio show, --

CALLER: It's free to everybody.

SHERRY: -- free archives. Everything I do. But I still have to pay bills.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: You know? But they're minimal, compared to as much as I've been able to help people.

CALLER: Right.

Zombie Virus Created and Will Be Used to Attack America

CALLER: Well, one thing, you know, that he just did confirm was that they do have zombies and they were confirmed in Russia. And the Osiris program that they had was creating these zombies. And they were real, you know.

SHERRY: Oh, they've got it down to a science now. They've got it down to a chemical, where they can put this virus in a chemical.


SHERRY: And that's what they're gonna attack America with.


SHERRY: Oh, it's very real.

CALLER: OK. Well, I just wanted to call and get that out there in case somebody heard that interview and maybe was kind of scratching their head wondering the same thing. And just ask you your opinion on it.

SHERRY: Yep. Yeah. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: Awesome. OK, Sherry. Well, you take care.

SHERRY: You, too. Bye-bye.


Why Does the Moon Seem Closer and Brighter?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hi, Sherry, I have one quick question here. Is there something going on with the moon right now? 'Cause it seems to be moving closer or brighter. Or is it nothing right now with the moon.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: My mom called me all in a panic, and, she's, sorry to say, not a believer.

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: And she called me panicking the other night. And left me a voicemail, and said, "Did you see the moon? It seems like it's getting closer and bigger and brighter."


CALLER: Do you see something with that right now?

SHERRY: That's 'cause we're out of alignment. Earth's out of alignment.

CALLER: Is it closer?

SHERRY: We are out of alignment. We haven't just flipped our axis. We're out of alignment! And so, a lot of things are gonna start looking closer because they are. And you're not gonna hear about this from NASA. And if you look at our moon -- last week I was looking at it --

CALLER: Yeah. It was Friday night when she called me --

SHERRY: One of those nights it was practically falling off the horizon. [laughs]

CALLER: Yeah. That's exactly the word she said. It was very low on the horizon.

SHERRY: Yeah, it was practically falling off the horizon. I saw it. And then, yesterday, it was way high up. [laughs] Did you see it yester --

CALLER: So we could be paying attention to how low the moon is, and one night it could be higher?

SHERRY: Yeah. Uh-huh. That's what a contrast it is.

CALLER: But is it actually -- is a lot closer?

SHERRY: Yeah. I believe so, because I believe we're out of alignment and that's why a lot of these constellations -- I know astronomy. I'm not a genius by any amount, OK?

CALLER: No, me either. [laughs]

SHERRY: But I know that they have the stars ranked. Like, a rank number one is very bright and low to the earth. And that's mostly planets.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: They rank a one. And stars rank a two in brightness (this is brightness levels) because they're so far away. There's like, a three.

CALLER: But it's coming closer. Is it gonna keep moving closer?

SHERRY: Right. The closest to Earth, it gets a one ranking. And then the farther away and the dimmer you are, you get a four. Well, look at all the stars now that are at a one ranking, that used to be at twos and threes.

CALLER: They're getting bigger and brighter.

SHERRY: We're getting closer to THEM. You know, that's what I believe.

CALLER: Oh, we're moving closer to them.

SHERRY: They're not moving towards us, we're moving towards them.

CALLER: We're out of alignment.

SHERRY: Yes! Because that's one of the things -- when I was praying years ago (and I still pray the same prayer all the time; don't get me wrong), but years ago when I kept praying and I was saying, "What is it that makes men's hearts fail with fear?" The Bible talks about that.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: And He told me in so many words about the earth being pulled toward the sun.

CALLER: Well, my mom freaked out last week. It was two nights she called me about that moon. And she usually doesn't pay too much attention, but, boy, she really called me about that.

SHERRY: [laughs] Well, now's the time to waken her up to everything else; all the other truths. Aliens, UFOs, orgone --

Do You Think the Dollar Is Gonna Crash in the Stock Market This Year?

CALLER: You think the dollar's gonna crash?


CALLER: Do you think the dollar is gonna crash in the stock market this year though, or next year?

SHERRY: You know what? It's hanging by a hair. It's hanging by imagination. I mean, it's gonna crash anytime. Eventually, they're gonna be able to stop lying and propping it up and it's gonna crash. Yes.

CALLER: Do you see it happening this year really? I know you're not --

SHERRY: I saw it happening last year. I saw it happening last year. And so, if it happens this year, so be it. I mean, it was really dominant last year because the vaults had no gold in them. We were empty. And all this stuff I was seeing in the Codes --

CALLER: 'Cause they still try to sell gold, don't they?


CALLER: They still try to sell gold, don't they?

SHERRY: Oh, yeah. And then there'll come a time when they try to steal everybody's and confiscate it and, you know what? People just need to be buying supplies. Get out of the stock market. Start buying supplies to survive. Buy a place to live.

Are You Still Up in the Air About Who the Antichrist Might Be?

CALLER: Do you have (just your opinion), do you -- I believe the Antichrist is here, but do you have an idea, kind of thinking yet who he might be? Or are you still up in the air? You haven't seen him in the Codes or...

SHERRY: Maitreya. It's this Persian, this Iranian leader that's coming. Maitreya.

CALLER: Do you think he's here?

SHERRY: I think he's under the earth, you know, soaking it up in a jacuzzi in Shambala right now. And then he's gonna --

CALLER: So you don't think it's Obama then, huh?

SHERRY: Obama's his pawn. If they need Obama, they can use him and stand him up. 'Cause he's not human either, he's just a clone.

CALLER: I thought maybe they'd fool us and come as a woman.

SHERRY: Well, hey, you never know. But is Lucifer a Lucy? He's both. That's why, you know -- look at the Buddhist statue; Buddha. That's a woman. This big male face with these big boobs.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: It's so sick. I hate that Buddha statue.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: Yeah. I mean, that's how they are. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] I'm just thinking of that image.

SHERRY: [laughs]

What Was the Name of the Capsule They Used to Bring the Chilean Miners Up?

CALLER: Hey, what about you talking about that capsule up in Chile, with the miners and stuff.


CALLER: What was the name of that capsule that they --

SHERRY: Phoenix.

CALLER: -- made to bring them up? What was it?

SHERRY: Phoenix.

CALLER: Phoenix?

SHERRY: The Phoenix.

CALLER: Well, what's that stand for with Illuminati?

SHERRY: The Phoenix represents out of the ashes. Rebirth, rejuvenation, out of the ashes comes life. It's a rebirth.

CALLER: So, yeah. Actually, they are not the guys that went down there.


CALLER: When they went down in that hole.

SHERRY: No, they went down there and the guys we see now are not even human.

CALLER: We'll see more or hear more about them, or maybe not. Maybe not.

SHERRY: I don't know. For some reason, they're distracting everybody with this big Masonic ritual in Chile. I don't know why. It's just a huge Masonic ritual over there.

They Brought the Miners Up the Same Day the UFO Was Over Manhattan

CALLER: Yeah, they made that happen the day that the UFO was over Manhattan.

SHERRY: That's probably why. Because they needed a distraction. They couldn't pull out Lindsay [Lohan] or Paris Hilton, and so they have Chile miners. You know, they couldn't --

CALLER: Now they're coming out with balloons. How long did that thing hover over Manhattan? I didn't see the time.

SHERRY: I don't think it was a hovering UFO, I think it was just blinking lights. [speaking sarcastically] Shiny objects blinking in the sky. Woohoo! Yeah. I'm real excited.

CALLER: It was more than one UFO?

SHERRY: If was supposedly several shiny objects. That's all I read. And it wasn't like a big UFO hovering over Manhattan; something exciting.


SHERRY: It was little, shiny blinking objects. Like, "Oh, yea."

CALLER: But it wasn't balloons.

SHERRY: Yeah. They're not weather balloons, no.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: But you know what? Were they alien, or were they military? Because our military can mimic a lot of the alien technology.

CALLER: Yeah, you said that. A lot of it is military, too. But, you think that was?

SHERRY: Some of it is alien and some of it's military.


SHERRY: I didn't see it. If I had been able to see it myself. [laughs]

CALLER: Well, I guess I don't know 'cause I've never seen a UFO. I mean, I don't think they hang around Iowa too much. [laughs]

SHERRY: Oh, they're in Iowa, too. They're everywhere. They're everywhere. You just gotta pay more attention.

CALLER: Boring state, I guess, for them.

SHERRY: Yeah. You just gotta pay more attention, 'cause they're everywhere. They're everywhere.

CALLER: Oh, I try to. But at night, you know, I'm tired and, you know. Standing outside after a while, you know, it gets cooler out. You tend to --

SHERRY: I was followed from Ohio all the way to Utah by a UFO.

Chemtrails Aren't Related to Anything Happening on the Ground, Are They?

CALLER: And my friend asked about chemtrails. And I told her, you know, that those aren't anything related to anything that's happening with the weather on the ground.

SHERRY: Some people mistake HAARP clouds for chemtrails, when they're HAARP clouds.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

SHERRY: And the HAARP clouds are weather-controlled. Part of the weather-control weapons.

CALLER: Through HAARP. Yeah. They can control -- that's when you get the weird, funky little clouds that are just like -- tons of them.

SHERRY: Yeah, they're like quilt blankets.

CALLER: Yeah! Looks like a blanket up there.


CALLER: Those are man-made HAARP clouds, right?

SHERRY: Those are HAARP, yeah.

CALLER: But the chemtrails have nothing to do with the atmosphere here on Earth. If it's dry or hot out.

SHERRY: Oh, they do. They use chemtrails to spread poisons, to suppress the light --

CALLER: 'Cause we've had quite a few here in Iowa. I mean, they don't stay for hours and hours, but, you know, they stay for a while.

SHERRY: [after having a coughing fit] They're trying to kill me here. I can't even talk. Uh, yeah. I mean, chemtrails can affect the weather, but not like HAARP does.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

Something Crazy Going On with People Everytime You Turn on the News

CALLER: OK. Well, I'm sorry to hear that you're not gonna be able to take callers and stuff. At least we'll get to -- can we listen to your show and stuff, too, though?

SHERRY: People will be able to listen to my show and go in the chat room and stuff. I'm gonna give it another week and see how it goes. But, you know, it's -- I realize people are hurting and --

CALLER: Oh, yeah. It's gonna get worse. You see all the things today on the news about that football player driving over the cliff and --

SHERRY: Oh, the one that got paralyzed on the field.

CALLER: Yeah. You see how far he went --

SHERRY: That one makes my heart stop because I've got boys in football.

CALLER: Everytime there's a shooting or a suicide or something crazy going on. You turn on the news.

SHERRY: Another one of these drive-your-car-off-the-cliff. You know, you have to wonder how much is being chip-implanted-enforced.


SHERRY: A lot of these murder-suicides. How much are caused by these chip implants. Because they can use them to speak to people and speak things to people. And --

My Granddaughter Got the Nasal Spray Today

CALLER: I have a very sad thing to tell you today. And I tried and tried, but she didn't listen to me, and I didn't to go with her, but I tried to get her, but my daughter got my [grand]daughter -- she's in preschool -- my granddaughter got the nasal spray today.

SHERRY: Uck! The first thing at the top of those nasal sprays is a chip.

CALLER: I tried to tell her, but... I said don't touch them. And I tried to explain everything, and what's in them.

SHERRY: Oh, parents are something else.

CALLER: Yeah. I'm really upset. I'm very upset. I'm very upset.

SHERRY: Yeah. Parents are something. They don't do five minutes of research. They just believe what the government tells them. "Oh, we want to help your child." "Oh, this is for their good, their benefit."

CALLER: Well, Sherry, I guess all I can do is spread the word and tell and, like, spread seed or whatever, and plant seed, but...

SHERRY: I know.

CALLER: What can I do but so much?

SHERRY: I know. Yep. All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Well, thank you. And God bless.

SHERRY: All right. God bless. Bye-bye.

Hellooo? Caller, Are You There?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response, but voices in background]

SHERRY: Hello? Hellooo?

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Anybody there?

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: [laughs] Bye.

Somebody Told Me It Was Maitreya on the Phone Last Week with Me

Oh, I can see I'm not gonna get my call from Nibiru tonight. No 11111. [laughs] "Nibiru calling in." You gonna call in tonight? Somebody interesting? Shema? Huh? You guys gonna call in? You called in last week.

I actually was told by somebody that that was Maitreya on the phone last week, that I was messing with. [laughs] Yeah. Like I care. Bunch of scumbags. Anybody who doesn't love the Lord and follow Him, and just has no inclination to do so. I mean, these fallen beings are not gonna be redeemed by Him, but there's many people on Earth who are falling for their charades, who can be. And just falling more and more and more away from the truths of the Bible.

I Encourage You to Read My Articles - Everything I Teach Is Free

Anyway, folks. I encourage you to read my articles on my website, sherrytalkradio.com. Click on my article section because I have about forty articles that I've written over the years. Everything from aliens overthrowing America to speaking in tongues to whatever, you know, the Lord has led me to. You know, when I began my journey many years ago, fifteen years ago, twenty years ago, I started praying for the truth in all things. I told the Lord, "Whatever you teach me, I'll teach Your people." And so, I have over the years. I have fifteen websites. And I'm on the radio twice a week. And have written many articles, have written two books, but you can actually just read my articles 'cause it's the same info that's in the books. Some people just don't like reading on the Internet, and so they wanted it in book form, and so I put them in book form. And, you know what? All that information that's in those books is on my websites in my articles, folks. And so, you can get everything I've ever said, for free. For free. You don't have to pay a dime.

Transcripts Are an Effective Ministry According to the Bible Codes - Started to Help the Deaf Crowd

Anyway, let's see. What's up? Tuesday I'm on the air at 1 o'clock. It isn't Tuesday, it's Thursday. [laughs] Thursday at 1 o'clock with Aliens in the News. And started getting into some really good stuff last week during the show on Aliens in the News. And I know we've got some of those shows transcribed now, so that you can go to my transcribe page and read what was said if you weren't able to catch the show. And that's truly a ministry we have for the deaf crowd, basically. We started that for the deaf people because they're not privy to online radio like we are. And they feel left out because they can't be a part of listening to what's going on with alternative news media and online radio. And so, I started that transcribing several years ago for them. And we've always had some gracious Warriors stand up and be a part of the transcribing team and just transcribe the shows so they can listen to what's being said. And if people just think that's tedious work and whatever. It's hard work. Yeah.

But let me tell you how effective it is. Because when you see this stuff in the Bible Codes, the Lord has records of this. That's how effective it is, folks. That's how meaningful it is, to Him. That's how meaningful all of this is to have these shows recorded, to have them in the archives, to have them transcribed. You can read what I say, you can hear what I say, because all of this is noted in the Codes. Very, very wild. Whole new different aspect. And I've often said, I wish you could see what I see in the Codes, because it would change your perspective on the things that are important to Him, and what's important to us. Not always the same. Hardly ever the same.

Some People Still Calling in to Just Listen, Not Speak

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Some people just calling back in. Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: These people just sit and they don't want to speak. Or they hang up.

Summary of Show Topics - Crashing UFOs, Brigand, Vaccine Programs, Chemtrails

Anyway, that's just what I wanted to do tonight is give you a heads up on the ashes, the crashing UFOs, the brigand, and the vaccine programs. Stay away from the vaccines, the shots. Chemtrails...I don't know if anybody else has noticed this, but if you smell a burning in the air -- or is it just me? When I go outside in the mornings or sometimes in the afternoons or even at nights, and I didn't pay much attention to it because I figured somebody was burning leaves, or somewhere. I doubt they'd be doing it four or five days in a row. Just seems like everyday I'm going outside I'm smelling a burning in the air. But nobody else is noticing though. Give me a heads up. And I don't have chemtrail planes over my head, so I know it's not from chemtrails. But it could be one of these hit-and-run things. Where they fly over your area and dump poisons over you and hurry up and get out of the area. You know, one of these hit-and-run type things.

Still Seeing the Term "Powder" in the Codes - Corexit or White Monoatomic Gold?

Still seeing the term "powder" in the Codes. And so, what that reminds me of is Corexit; the Corexit poisoning. Also, white monoatomic gold. Watch for them, when they arrive, to be pushing white monoatomic gold. They maybe won't tell you it's white monoatomic gold. They may try to tell you it's the drink of life. Never grow old. Never age. Or look younger. You know, feel better. You know, all these gimmicks that they're gonna attribute to this white monoatomic gold, which is so dangerous that just drinking it straight could put you in a mental hospital for a month. I know I heard from somebody who drank a teaspoon of white monoatomic gold and ended up in the hospital for several months; it attacked his brain.

And so, need to be very, very careful, folks. But that's exactly what they're gonna be pushing when they're here; longevity of life stuff. And their health remedies. Oh, they want to help you. They want to kill you with a smile. Sure, come to their clinics, get some medical help. [laughs] They just want to kill you, people. They just want to kill you, folks. So don't be persuaded and stupid enough to think that just because they arrive and they claim they're Ascended Masters and they want to help humanity, that that's what they want to do. Because they don't they want to destroy it. They're gonna be Melinda Gates' all over the place. "Oh, let me give your child some medical help." And then, feed them, give them clothes, give them some medical care, and then shoot them with a vaccine and kill them. That's exactly what they're gonna be doing. Same concepts, folks.

Anyway, I'll be back Thursday at 1 o'clock in the afternoon with Aliens in the News.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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