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Hello everybody you're live, it's Aliens in the News, Thursday October 21st (2010) I’m Sherry Shriner. 


Sherry had two recent radio interviews

Had a great time this morning.  I did a morning radio show that's very large in this area, Akron and Canton, Ohio area, parts of West Virginia and Pennsylvania.  Just a huge show, 92 FM and I had a great time.  The hosts were very courteous.  Hosts I’ve had on the Internet were just very rude.  I expected to be chewed up on this radio show because they like to stir up the pot and get things going, but, they were very courteous and I was pleasantly surprised.  Got a lot of information out in just a short amount of time.  I think it's the fastest interview I've ever done.  And on Tuesday, I did an interview with Ray lean over at RumorMillNews.com, you might want to go over to her web site at Rumor Mill and check out her radio show and her archives, I'm sure it's posted by now.  It was a two hour interview, I had a great time.  Just a very courteous woman, we've been friends for a long time. 

And just getting a lot of information out and that's my kind of radio.  I really don't like doing shows that are hostile, just want to bring you on because they're amateur hosts and they think they have to play the role of antagonist.  And that is just not my style of show.  I like to teach.  And that's the kind of format I prefer.   

Years ago the Lord stood Sherry up

Years ago when the Lord stood me up, He told me I would teach His prophets and His shepherds.  And that's what I've been doing for years now, teaching, what I know.  Whatever He reveals to me, whatever He teaches to me, I teach to others and I promised Him I would do that, years ago when I started praying for the truth in all things.  "Whatever You teach me I will teach to others."  And of course, He stood that up, to a whole higher level of web sites and radio shows and books and just everything.   

All Sherry & Yahs' info is free

And you don't have to buy my books or anything; it's all free on my web site.  If you go to the articles page on my web site basically all the chapters of my books are listed in article form, so I don't charge for anything, but, I do need support.  I'm listener supported 100%.  Listener supported.  I couldn't do this without listener support and so I always need your support to keep things going.   


I want to talk a little bit <chuckles> about ghosts today and Halloween is coming and a lot of these radio stations every where are talking about the paranormal;  and it's always so big around Halloween time.  So I wanted to talk about that before I take callers, I can see the lines are already lighting up.  So just hang in there on the lines, I'll be with you in a few minutes.   

The churches will not talk about this...

But I just wanted to bring this up because you're not going to hear the churches talk about this, they have no idea what it is.  They'd just as soon ignore it and tell everybody you're crazy because they don't have answers for it and so that's why sometimes it takes some digging and finding answers for the things.  Going to the Lord, seeking Him and He might guide you to something’s, someplace to learn from.  That's how He works.   

Definition of a ghost

To describe ghost's in a nut shell, they're souls trapped on the earth plane waiting to be freed.  And many are stuck there because they don't know they've died or another one is there weren't enough guides to show them to the other side.  The portals to the other side closes and traps them in between dimensions and so that's what I've heard, I know I lived in a haunted house years ago and someone told me to just tell them to go to the light.  Because that light is a portal.  Maybe some of them are afraid to.  Maybe some of them don't know if they'll go to heaven or hell and they're afraid to go through that portal. 

Net covering this earth

Another thing is there has been this net covering the earth the reptilians have put there and they trap souls.  You've also heard of the soul catcher that's on the moon.  All of this stuff is real folks.  I'm not the genius, I can't always explain it, but it's real, I know it exists.   

One of the things in the Bible Codes

One of the things I was seeing in the Bible Codes was that we'd punctured a hole in the canopy.  Now if this is the same thing as the term net and I see the term fishing net in the Bible Codes that would release a lot of souls to go onto heaven or hell or where ever their destination is.   

Can Christians be trapped?

And most people say "Oh, Christians can't be trapped, Christians go straight to heaven."  Yeah, most, the ideal thing is to be escorted by angels to heaven when you die.  But, what if you're, I don't know one of these mediocre believers and there's not going to be a lot of fan fair when you enter heaven?  I don't know I don't have all the answers for this. 

My grandmother was talking with angels before she died

I just know when my grandmother died she was talking to angels before she died and she was escorted to heaven.  And she loved the Lord.  She lived her life singing and praising Him.  She loved Him very much.  So maybe it's different with someone like her and someone else who loves the Lord but have no works, they have no fruit.  They just kind of sit on the fence and go through the motions.  I don't know, but seems to make the most sense in handling that question.   

Sudden death & why some souls stick around

Some people who die, they die suddenly.  They're murdered, they're in a car accident and they don't realize they're dead.  And so they just keep living and not leaving.  Some of them have a mission to do and won't leave, because they have messages they want to convey before they move on.   

Some unfinished business.  Maybe concerns surrounding their death and they want someone to find out and they want someone to discover who killed them, who murdered them so justice is being done.   

Didn't the Lord quote in the KJV that Ables blood was shouting out to Him from the earth because he had been murdered?  And so, interesting because He didn't say, "Able standing next to me here in heaven in glory."   He said Ables blood was shouting out to Him from earth.  So that's interesting, don't you think? 

Another reason some people even though they're dead, choose to stay, they choose to stay here and stay around their families.  They don't want to leave their families.  And some don't understand the other realms and how to move on, so there's various reasons a ghost would refuse to move on for the simple reason of being trapped for some reason, there's no portal opening, the portal closed they missed it, they are waiting for a guide to come because they're not sure how to proceed.  So all those things are interesting.  Couple more pointers about ghosts.  When they come into manifestation they're in an ectoplasm form.  This is what you catch, some people catch ghosts in pictures and this ectoplasm is what would be caught in a photo.   

Ghost digs

Animals normally more in tune with them than humans are because they can see and hear in a higher dimension, a higher frequency than we can.  Interesting thing about ghosts is they've all been a spirit; they've all been a human at one time.  A human and then died for some reason and a lot of them just stick around to haunt places and some of the most famous places they haunt; burial grounds, sacred ritual sites for pagan's, Indian reservations, places where there are strong magnetic fields, caves, places where violent activity’s occurred maybe a battlefield a Warfield somewhere, taverns in theatre's, they're like bar's in theatre's, castle's, ancient ruins and so they hang around in various places.   

So if you happen to encounter a ghost just tell it to leave, not that it is going to listen, but...tell it to "Go to the light."  But, they try to make it seem like ghosts are friendly, but they're hostile.   

I remember when I was little I use to watch this Casper the friendly ghost for some reason, I mean I was really little and I don't remember what it was about but it was one of my favorite shows, wanting to watch it every day.  Casper the friendly ghost and wow, it wasn't too long, I was like 5,6,7 years old and I thought there's something wrong, there's nothing friendly about these creepy things.   You get night terrors as a kid and all that starts.  Boy if you're born with your eye's open, your spiritual, eyes or ears open, it's just so different for you than it is every body else.  And then every body just makes fun of you because you see and hear things that are not of this dimension that they don't.  And so you learn to clam up and just keep things to yourself. 

That's what my ministry is all about; we just bring all these things to the light.  It's a place for everyone to just come and talk because I'd be the last one to laugh at anybody.  Every time I think I've heard it all there's a ton I haven't heard.  <Phone begins ringing> There goes my cell phone.   Anyway I'm going to take questions, if you have a question you can call in at (877)245-5648.   

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air. 

Caller:  Sherry I have a question. 

Sherry:  Yes 

Caller:  A ghost hunter came to our town Monday night and we went and listened to him about how he travels around the Midwest from Wisconsin and he said in our town we have a cemetery and sometimes if you go there that there are orbs in the baby's section and just explained the orb's and ghost.  But I wanted your opinion on ghost’s guides.  Do you think there’s a left door and a right door and if you see a light that there's a tunnel?  Or is that just, what do you think happens when we die?  

Sherry:  I've seen two different circumstances in my own personal life.  My grandmother talked with angels before her soul left her body.  So they were there to escort her.  My cousin saw the tunnel, was in the tunnel and I heard that's the bad one, you don't want to be in the tunnel with the light at the end of the tunnel because you never reach that light.  You hit hell before you reach that light.  So you don't want to be in that tunnel.   

Caller:  So people saying they've seen heaven, they've walked in that tunnel and people either told them to go back or you know you hear all different kinds of things.   

Sherry:  Yeah, you do. 

Caller:  I just wondered what you thought.  I guess we don't know until the end do we?   

Sherry:  No, but I think a lot of the near death experiences I've heard are false.  I think Sananda is having a field day on Venus recreating them for people because they all say the same things.  It's almost as if... 

Caller:  Yeah, a lot of them say the same things. 

Sherry:  And it's like you ask them to describe what Jesus looked like and they describe the picture all the churches have or they describe someone like the apostle Paul, a picture on line I've seen of him and someone described is what Jesus looked like...<laughs> 

Caller:  Do they watch their life, reviewed back on a screen? 

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah <laughs> then they come back down very new agey and no accountability of sin and just love everybody and you know what, yeah, we should love everybody, but we're going to be very accountable for the things we do here and they push no accountability.     

Caller:  Oh I'm sure we will be. 

Sherry:  And that's the biggest thing and why there's a judgmency.  The biggest thing in the new age is there is no accountability.  You always have to discern from your near death experience and ask who is it from. 

Caller:  Yeah.  I've never had one and also, have you heard the rumors or seen anything in the Bible Codes about WW III on November 4th? 

Sherry:  No, I've been hearing from people that there's a really black energy over our county right now and they've never seen it this dark, a huge darkness coming over America.  And so I really don't know, I don't see anything in the Codes about a war.  I know all the Christians getting hyped about Russia and China invading Israel before the Tribulation starts and they just can't interpret prophecy, that doesn't happen first!  And so who knows, you know? 

Caller:  Ok, I just wondered what you thought, or whatever, I just listen to a lot of different views on that.  You never know as they say, you never know.   

Sherry:  Yeah you never know.  The Lord wants me to focus on something else, to stand someone else up to speak on, I don't know.  But He hasn't told me about getting hit with bombs on November 3rd.  

Caller:  Ok, well thanks for listening. 

Sherry:  Alright thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  Bye 

Sherry:  Bye 

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air. 

Caller:  Hello? 

Sherry:  Yes? 

Caller:  Hello Sherry?  Hi how are you? 

Sherry:  Good how are you?  

Caller:  (now another person pipes up) Hello Sherry, this is Steve by the way.  (1st lady caller says) That's my boyfriend Steve Sherry. 

Sherry:  Oh, ok. 

Caller:  Last night I sent you a very long email me and Kim are in desperate need of help and feel like we are being attacked I'd say...now we just read about your orgone and me and Kim have been following you and as a matter of fact what we are going to tell you is going to blow you away.  If you ever get a chance to call us off the air, we sent you that long email, if you ever get a chance and I feel like I am one of God's messengers and had so many of the same similar experiences you had.  And I need your advice on a couple of things. 

First of all me and Kim call ourselves warriors.  We started off with Tower Climbing Warriors.  We don't do drugs and we don't drink.  Ok, we climb pylon towers not the cell towers the new evil ones going up by the government.  The American towers we know about, we're seeing new triangular towers, this and that.  I believe from what we've heard from you that they're all mind control towers.  And we don't climb them; we climb the old pylon ones.   

At first it was for an adrenalin rush, now we sit up there for hours.  Just looking, looking for UFO's and we've seen things that are just amazing.  We've seen the orange fire balls.  We see these planes, probably our own government morphing from planes into UFO's back into planes.  And just the other day, here's the most amazing thing we've seen.  (Talking to his girlfriend)  Kim hold on.   

Now I'm seeing UFO's.  I'm not just seeing one, we saw disc's, black round spheres, we saw spherical UFO's, ok? where three of them formed a triangle.  It just sat there and hovered for 30 minutes and this is in the middle of broad day light approximately a mile or two away from us.  And then we saw in the clouds a mother ship what appeared to be spitting out a bunch of babies, like smaller ships.  Then there were two hot air balloons that came very close to us, within 100 to 200 feet.   

They were just checking us out.  And they were sent to check us out I believe.  And then Kim who was just a little too scared started praying...I don't know if these are good aliens, bad aliens, if it is good for us to be climbing these pylon towers.  Also, me and Kim have been fighting a lot and I understand these bad demons can come through the computer and every thing else.  We've been fighting like hell over the computer and every thing else and I believe I'm one of the higher powers, not nearly as what you have.  I see a lot of things.  I get a lot of subtle messages from God not as powerful as you do... (Talking now to his girlfriend) what'd you say Kim?   Hold on just a minute (talking to Sherry) we are just so excited we got a hold of you and Kim was praying to get a hold of you. 

We want to keep you abreast up to speed.  Me and Kim have been fighting constantly lately and the things you were just talking about this morning, we had been talking about today. 

Me and Kim were fighting and I was like you know what Kim?, if you keep fighting me I don’t want to die before this all goes down because I'm trapped to my house right now and that and these ghosts and I feel like my house is the only thing that loves me and I don't want to die and to be trapped to the only attachment in my life of love because Kim was abused by her parents.  I was abused by my parents, no love growing up and I don't want to be trapped in the dimension of a ghost and guess what we were just talking about ghosts today and this and that.  And it's all coming together.  We see it all, we've seen it all, ok, I'm going to give you a chance to speak, I'm really sorry, just so excited to be in touch with you.  What do you think of what I told you so far?          

Sherry:  Well you know what?  Only the Lord could open up your eyes because so many people have them shut they can't see a thing.  And when people begin to pray and ask "Ok, show me what's there, if there's anything there."  Then they start to see and you know some people have seen these things all along and have no problem I go out at night and the entire area above my house is a total zoo.  It's a total literal zoo and nobody else here see's that?  Come on!  You know, we just know what we see is real. 

Caller:  Do you think it's smart to climb these pylon towers Sherry? 

Sherry:  Well I'm not a big fan of heights, so I think you're nuts, so... 

Caller:  Well Sherry look at it like this, you could say sky divers are nuts... 

Sherry:  They are <laughing> 

Caller:  You can look me up on face book my name is Steven Paul McClain and that's how you can look me up on my face book and check me out with these pylon towers and...  

Sherry:  Ok, great... 

Caller:  I have the first girl as far as I know to climb one of these towers.   And me and Kim that's why we call ourselves the tower climbing warriors.   

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller:  Then all the sudden, here comes Sherry Shriner calling herself a warrior of the Highest God.  Which is incredible to me.  And another thing that you'll find incredible is how I found the Lord.  I'll tell you; this will be a real quick story.   

Three years ago a friend told me all about this stuff and tried to get me to believe in God for years and finally he said, "You have to know God."  I said "What do you mean I have to know God?"   And he said "Trust me, you have to know God."  And it's like when God wants you to know; He will start showing you the signs.  I said, "Ok, whatever...."   

We were going to AC.  Yeah, he'd been talking to me for two years and finally he said "Truly, you have to know God."  I said, whatever, whatever.  Ok, so we get to Atlantic City we get to the casinos.  I run the boardwalk and this lady comes up to me and she goes Hi and I go Hi how are you today! And she says very good and hands me a pamphlet and says you need this son. 

I said thank you very much I was getting ready to give her a couple dollars, I thought she was homeless, that's just the kind of person I am.  And guess what? I looked down at this pamphlet expecting to see Jehovah or this or that or the Prophets Tower of blah blah blah.  I look down at this pamphlet, what does this pamphlet say? It says literally:  HOW TO KNOW GOD  

I got this feeling over my body and I just looked up at the sky and I said, Ok Lord, I guess that's enough of a sign for me.  And ever since, I've been following almost everything that's been going on.  And I found, of course my Lord and Savior is Jesus Christ, but after Him I can bow down to you, you're like my idol, my prophet and right now, you are truly, the only one who understands all this stuff.  You are one of the only one's I know.  I mean there's a couple one's out there Billy Meier who's supposedly in touch with Palladian’s and stuff like that, but we listen to you all the time. 

Prayed we'd get in touch with you today.  Here you are and I would love for you to call us off the air because Kim is a lot like you too it's amazing.  We feel we are of the higher power.  Just, you know, what are we, like 1% of the population that actually sees this? what's going on?       

Sherry:  Right.  Yeah 1% would probably be saying a lot. 

Caller:  Right, right and I'm so sorry I'm speaking, I know you have a show to do and maybe I'll let Kim say her final goodbyes, you could go on face book and we're definitely pleased.  Yeah, Kim hopes you go on face book and check us out you could give Kim your number and see I'm not afraid either.  I'm not afraid of the beast and you know what? I listen to you.  One final piece of advice I need from you, this orgone stuff, is it for real?  Because I'm going out picking up this stuff last night and I got the copper wire.  I got the tin cans.  I got the water pistols and stuff like that I did get the aluminum shavings.  Do you know a good place to get the quartz crystals?  And does this orgone work?  Can it actually defeat these evil beings?   

Sherry:  That's what He's given us as a last day’s weapon.  It does a number of things besides defeat evil beings.  It defeats chem trails, it's like a constant presence of His Holy Spirit around you.  It's a living energy and so it's what we have.  It's what He's given to us.  You can get crystals, I have a make your own page on my web site make your own orgone.  JimColeman.com crystals, that's where I get my crystals.  Go to the bulk crystals page section.  There's quartz crystals and get as clear as you can.  I usually pay around $10 to $15 a pound and so...  

Caller:  I got a pendant around the neck, what do you think about the pendants? 

Sherry:  I love the pendants.  I love the pendants.  I actually have pictures of how a blue aura emits off of the pendants.  Just a very calming effect.  I love the pendants.   

Caller:  Awesome, ok you know what I'm not going to take up your whole talk show.  Kim wants to say a few things and maybe goodbye to you and... 

Sherry:  Alright, real quick, I got people sitting on the line. <Laughing> 

Caller:  (Kim comes on and Steve is talking in the background asking Sherry to call them)  Hi Sherry, we love you so much for letting us get through today and I, there's so much I share in common with you, I'll go real quick and just sum it up for you in 10 seconds. 

I'm going through a divorce.  I'm 31 years old and my boyfriend Steve is 44 and right now I feel like he is my saviour, he has opened my mind up to so many things that I'm so grateful for that but it seems somebody is trying to keep us apart and Sherry I love Steve with all my heart and I want him to know that and everybody can hear me say that on air right now that I love Steve so much and I want whatever is trying to keep us apart will leave us alone and how do I do that? 

Sherry:  Just pray and ask the Lord for peace and to bind and chain anything that's oppressing you.  Just go into spiritual warfare. 

Caller:  Ok Sherry, thank you so much and if you could, we sent you an email you'll see it's from Steve and... 

Sherry:  Alright, Ok, well thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  We love you and thank you so much, bye honey. 

Sherry:  Bye love you too. 

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air. 

Caller:  Hi Sherry 

Sherry:  Hi 

Caller:  First of all God Bless you. 

Caller:  Hello? 

Sherry:  Hello, Yes, God Bless you too. 

Caller:  The other day the Lord pressed on my heart to tell you something.... 

Sherry:  Ok... 

Caller:  ...more like tell everybody out there something...I remember reading one of your transcripts about helicopters when they fly above to ask the Lord to crash them.   

Sherry:  <laughing>  Yeah, one hasn't landed in my yard yet, but I ask. 

Caller:  Oh, that's something I've been doing and when the Lord pressed on my heart to tell everybody if they have helicopters and planes and stuff flying over to just ask the Lord to crash them.   

Sherry:  <laughing>  You know it's up to Him if we ask Him to crash them in His Name, to do something, He ultimately knows, you know  crashing or leave them alone.  I've never seen a plane crash when I've asked Him to. 

But when I see chem trail planes I ask that they malfunction.  I ask now that they malfunction and have to return to the airport or base where they've come from and then they just disappear and that seems better, more effective than just asking for them to crash, to return from where they came from.   

Caller:  Ok, well thanks for telling me that. 

Sherry:  Yeah, you just kind of learn as you go. <Laughing> 

Caller:  Yeah, that's pretty much what He wanted me to tell you. 

Sherry:  Oh really? 

Caller:  Yeah, He pressed to my heart to call the show today and let you know.  When stuffs coming by like that…that you ask Him to crash it. 

Sherry:  Yeah, because I don't necessarily want to be hitting kids who are flying planes for the military.  I want the aliens, the scumbags; the one's who aren't redeemable to crash.  You know what I mean?   

That's why I have so much patience for what goes on around my home.  Wackenhut and you don't know who they are.  You don't know if they are redeemable or maybe they'd come to know the Lord by sitting there watching me doing things and you just never know and so I'm just very patient before I start attacking people and going on the defensive. 

Caller:  Oh, ok.  Well, thanks for letting me know. 

Sherry:  Alright <chuckling> 

Caller:  Alrighty then. 

Sherry:  Well thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  You're welcome.  Bye, bye. 

If you have a question for the show folks you can call in at 877 245-5648.  Now I have some people sitting around. 

Sherry:  Hello caller, you're on the air. 


Sherry:  Hello caller. 


Sherry:  Hello caller, you're on the air.  I guess it would help if I turned him on. 


Sherry:  Hello caller, you're on the air. 

Caller:  Hello, are you there?  

Sherry:  Yes 

Caller:  Hello, this is Ken from Missouri. 

Sherry:  Hey, Missouri Ken, how ya doing? 

Caller:  Yeah, Kansas City. 

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller:  I got a question.  You were talking Monday I guess about orgone and you talked about Wilhelm Reich.    

Sherry:  Yeah, Wilhelm Reich.    

Caller:  Yeah, now when we make this orgone, can, is there a scope we can put to see the blue light come off it? Or is that possible?  

Sherry:  I've got pictures from somebody who can catch pictures that can catch aura's and it's got blue aura's coming off of it and I've talked to others they see a rainbow aura's coming off of it.  I don't know if it's a camera with special lenses, I don't know what it is. 

Caller:  Yeah, I can't think of the name of it, but they use it, the Russians had something it was done with the finger tips, you know you could see the blue.  Or around finger tips or around peoples bodies. 

Sherry:  Blue is the ether energy.  It's the color of life, its ether energy.  That's the color of ether energy.   

Caller:  Yeah, it was blue, but I was just wondering about the aura of orgone pucks.  If there was some how you could capture that.  If it was blue. 

Sherry:  Yeah I was told it is.  I was told it's blue.  I was told its rainbow.  I have no way of capturing that... 

Caller:  same here... 

Sherry:  I'm not a genius. 

Caller:  I'm not either. 

Sherry:  <hahaha> 

Caller:  Same here.  But I thought if it puts out a blue light then you's in trouble <ha-ha> right? 

Sherry:  Well not necessarily and I'll tell you what.  When I started this 7 years ago I didn't even know what orgone was and the proof was in the pudding from that point on.  I'd put it out in my yard.  When chem trails would come I'd have a hole directly over my house and every where else was covered with chem trails. 

So, I started putting it out in further area's and I saw, hey the further I go, chem trails can't reach here.  I've learned as I've gone and I've walked on faith every step of the way.    

Caller:  Well I knew about orgone, probably about that long, but, I just never…I bought some from somebody and I just didn't think it was cracked up to what it's suppose to be, so I forgot about it.  

Sherry:  Well, that's how I was at first but... 

Caller:...but, but I heard you on Joyce Riley you know about a year ago wasn't it?  

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah.  Love her, love her.  Great woman,  Joyce Riley. 

Caller:  Yeah hour of power, Power Hour something like that. 

Sherry:  Yeah the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. 

Caller:  When are you going to go back on there? 

Sherry:  I don't know, you know, whenever I get invited I guess. 

Caller:  So I went to your web site and started making the orgone you know...but the stuff before, something kept telling me, don’t mess with it, don’t mess with it.  So it must have been the negative orgone.  

Sherry:  Yeah, 99% on the Internet IS!!!  And you know they all hate me and they all gang up on me and claim she says "Oh she says her orgone is the only good stuff on the Internet."  AND IT IS! <laughing> You go to eBay it's all junk, it's garbage and all the stuff they make produces D.O.E. (Dead Orgone Energy)  They think it's positive orgone, you know?  And you don't have to buy my stuff because all the directions are there and IT IS THE BEST because it is given to us by the Lord Himself so just go make it yourself.    

Caller:  Well anyway, I bought some and then I burned it up because I didn't think it was the right stuff... 

Sherry:  Yep. 

Caller:...so I put it in the fire and then started making my own made from your directions, you know. 

Sherry:  Put some under your bed to stop the night terrors? 

Caller:  I got it all over. 

Sherry:  <laughing with delight> 

Caller:  I'm the one who put it in the Missouri River by Kansas City. 

Sherry:  Yeah 

Caller:  yeah 

Sherry:  Yeah the good orgone works. 

Caller:  Yeah, I put some all over my town; I still got some I have to put out.   

Sherry:  You know it's never ending, but you're doing so much more than 98% of the sleeping public.  Who won't do anything. 

Caller:  yep 

Sherry:  And look at the ones you're protecting.  You're protecting a lot of people in your area. 

Caller:  Yeah I hope so; I know I am, so...my wife tells me, "You got to quite making that stuff, what is it anyway?" <Laughs> 

Sherry:  Yeah, <laughs> 

Caller:  I tried to explain it to her but; I think it's a closed type loop there. 

Sherry:  Is she a flowery person?  Does she like to grow gardens and plant trees? 

Caller:  Oh yeah 

Sherry:  Because if you put that orgone in gardens, they love it, they just soak it up. 

Caller:  Yeah well this year, this year was a bad year because we had so much rain the gardens had a lot of weeds in there, I guess the weeds like orgone too <chuckles> 

Sherry:  <laughing with delight> everything thrives. 

Caller:  Huh? 

Sherry:  It thrives, it grows. 

Caller:  Yeah it does. 

Sherry:  Yeah.  We put it in our garden, we had a small garden, but we had some really good stuff, food coming out of that this year....so...better than the stuff across the street. 

Caller:  yeahup, This year my garden didn't hardly, didn't do good at all, I guess it was too much rain, sometimes.  The green beans I guess got flooded, washed away, I planted them 3 different times.  The third time they grew but then it got real hot and they didn't do very good.

Sherry:  Well, you know it seemed like we had a lot of rain this summer and I talked to a lot of people who live in the same state I do and they didn't get rain that week and here we got pounded and I don't know if they're just pounding Carrollton or what, but we seemed to get a lot of rain here this summer. 

Caller:  Yeah, we got some hail here and beat my tomatos into the ground... 

Sherry:  yeah well... 

Caller:...took about three weeks.  Yeah, this year’s garden hasn't been as good as past years, so.  

Sherry:  Yeah well there's been a lot this spring and the earth is stressed and we're going to see a lot of activity. 

Caller:  I was on your Watcher file and I pulled up that book about hell. 

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah what's that called, "Divine Revelation of Hell"? 

Caller:  Yeah "Divine Revelation of Hell" by Mary Kay Baxter.  That book has been out a while, huh? 

Sherry:  Yeah, I read that book years ago and wow, I don't know if that book is right but its eye opening. <Laughs> 

Caller:  Yeah, it makes you think.   

Sherry:  Yeah, it sure does. 

Caller:  It makes you want to repent every day, doesn’t it? 

Sherry:  Yeah <laughs> yeah you know even... 

Caller:  Yeah...you know before you go to bed you should ask Yahushua to forgive you and any sins you committed right?  

Sherry:  Oh sure you should never go to bed with sin because they can use that to access you in your sleep.   

Caller:  Right 

Sherry:  And they can use that as an access point for night terrors and everything else, so, never go to bed with un-confessed sin.  Always talk to The Father before you go to sleep. 

Caller:  Ah ha, yeah I try to do that every night, forgive me if I have sinned. <Softly chuckles>  

Sherry:  Always ask first because I fall asleep talking to Him.  He's always the last person I talk to every day.  I fall asleep talking to Him, so.     

Caller:  It sounds like you have peace with yourself huh?  And you just fall asleep huh? 

Sherry:  Oh yeah, we talk, I talk, I just start talking, you know?  He's my Father and then He's my best friend and so it's like we go from one to the next in the same conversation.   

Caller:  Right 

Sherry:  You know I just start talking to Him. 

Caller:  Umhm (agreeing with Sherry) 

Sherry:  And that's what He likes, He likes His people to be real with Him.  Everybody thinks they have to be so formal.  And you should be and show Him respect, that's one half of our relationship with Him and also letting your hair down and just talking with Him. 

Caller:  Right 

Sherry:  And that's where the real relationship building comes in, that's my favorite part of it....so... 

Caller:  Well, I guess I'll get off and let someone else come in and talk.  I just wondered about the aura on that orgone, you know. 

Sherry:  Right yeah, I've heard two different things you know.  If I can ever get someone to take a picture I'll let you know, we'll be posting it. 

Caller:  Right.  Alrighty, take care...I won't be able to call you next week huh? 

Sherry:  I haven't cancelled it yet, so we'll see.  I was going to cancel callers as I announced Monday night because it's a dollar a minute.  I'm getting all these callers and it's soaking me dry.   

Caller:  I'm going to have to send you a donation for the phone bill huh? 

Sherry:  <laughing> Well I'm 100% listener supported, so.  

Caller:  I've sent you money before. 

Sherry:  Oh yeah, it goes to the orgone war it goes to expenses, it just goes to the Lord, you know? 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah it's no problem, that's what it's there for, so.   

Sherry:  (inaudible) 

Caller:  You can't take it with you, right? 

Sherry:  huh? 

Caller:  I said you can't take it with you. 

Sherry: Oh I know, you can't. 

Caller:  Oh here's one thing I forgot to tell you.   You know a hearse has no racks on top? 

Sherry:  A what? 

Caller:  You know a hearse? 

Sherry:  Yeah 

Caller:  Has no luggage racks? 

Sherry:  Right.  Because you can't take it with you? 

Caller:  Yeah, it was just a joke, ok? 

Sherry:  <laughing> ok 

Caller:  Yeah, there's no luggage racks, ok, talk to you later.   

Sherry:  Alright <laughing> goodbye Ken. 

Caller:  Alright. 

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air. 


Sherry:  Hello caller. 


Sherry:  Hello.  Are you from Shema?  Nibiru?   


Sherry:  Hello, they don't want to speak to me.  I have them on the line but they won't speak to me.  What's that? <Laughing> 

If you have questions for the show folks you can call in at 877 245-5648.  And what Ken was talking about is Monday I announced I would stop the call in features of these shows because they're just soaking me dry, they're just costing me so much money.   

And I can't pay the bills as it is and I'm going to give it another week or two and if donations stay low then I'm going to have to drop it.  Somebody's got to pay for it and I can't.   

We're 100% listener supported to stay on the air, putting up the web sites, keep this orgone war going.  You know it's so many things, just so many things, so if the Lord leads you, just donate to this ministry monthly.   

How many people have spent their lives supporting the wolves?  Who are leading you to hell with apostasies and false doctrines?  And then you have somebody willing to stand up and speak the truth and spend their life out running assassination attempts and putting up with the hassles I put up with, invisible military soldiers in my house, around my yard constantly being harassed, so it's a battle folks.   

It's not easy but it's a choice I've made to stand up and speak for the Lord, so I need your support.  Anyway, caller number 877 245-5648.  If you're in the chat room I'm going to head over to the chat room, see what's happening over here.  About 23 people in the chat room right now.   

And so if you have a question and you're in the chat room you can post it, I'm looking at the chat room right now.  Let's see, not real chatty today, only about three people chatting out of the 23 that's in there so, what is this?  Everybody sleeping?  Wake up!  <laughing>   

Hello everybody, my Australian buddies, that's one of the reason's I started a Thursday show.  So my Australian crowd could actually listen to me live, because they can never catch the Monday night shows, because it's too late.  Australia is what, 8 hours difference from here?

From us, the U.K., is about 5 hours from here.  And so by having a Thursday afternoon show it allowed all these other countries to listen to me live.  And that is why I do it.  Everything is for Yahuah and His warriors.   

And so...oh, thank you Styles <laughing> you know folks we don't have a whole lot of time left.  If there is a huge blackness around our country, then we need to be preparing.  And Monday night I'm going to be talking a little bit about what's going on; on the moon. 


Really Hairy times coming

And I think you're going to be a little shocked.  It kind of ties in everything I've been warning about.  And I think people are going to start seeing the whole picture.  The whole picture I've been talking about the bits and pieces over the years and you're going to start seeing it come together.  And really some hairy times we're heading into.       

Sherry:  Question from a listener:  Is it possible for aliens to follow you?  Sure, people have seen and heard and talked about the men in black.  I can hear the walking around at night.  People talk about the weird chirping; they have this chirp the insectoid greys or the regular greys.  It's this chirp they communicate with each other.  They try to mimic a grass hopper.  You can hear them scurrying around and you don't see anything and they're invisible.   

Now the Wackenhut forces you'll hear foot steps.  They'll crunch branches, just as you would if you were physical, in physical form.  You can hear them.  You can hear them.  A little bit of a difference.  The aliens scurry, while the invisible soldiers walk, you just can't see them.   

They usually target where you live.  It's one of these things, I know where you live.  I know where you sleep and they surround you at night, that's what they do to me.  So, carry orgone with you, the aliens hate it, not going to affect the Wack soldiers, the Wackenhut soldiers though.  I haven't really figured out yet what will affect them.  So, I heard magnetite would.  I heard magnetite would really mess up their abilities to cloak and operate in semi dimensions.  Partly in this one and partly in the 4th, so, yeah, check out the magnetite folks. 

What got me started with the web sites and the orgone I was constantly getting attacked by elf attacks, satellite weapon attacks.  I would sit in front of my computer there and feel like I was going to have a heart attack.  Then I would get up and leave my house and I would feel just fine.  And so that's when I started learning about E.L.F attacks.  Electronic Low Frequency weapons.  Asked the Lord what I could do to stop it and He led me to orgone, so.  That's just brief, in a nut shell, but I've talked about this before.  But for those of you new to the show and want to hear it that's fine as well.   

And then we found out along the way all the things that orgone would do, so.  So I have a big 10oz in front of my monitor today.  And every where.  I just have orgone every where.  My appliances, my TV, my yard and serves different purposes in whatever room you have it in.  And just 101 uses.  You can read all about it at Orgoneblasters.com and share quite a bit there on the web sites.   

For all the newbie’s waking up and the people the Lord led you here years ago and you walked away because you thought it was crazy and He keeps leading them right back, so, hey it sounded crazy to me too!  But I stayed faithful and just kept seeking the Lord on it. 


Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air. 

Caller:  Hello 

Sherry:  Hello 

Caller:  Sherry? 

Sherry:  Yes? 

Caller:  This is Giggles. 

Sherry:  Heyyy Giggles!   

Caller:  <laughing> Hey sweetheart how are you? 

Sherry:  How's my little Tennessee buddy? 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah, it's beautiful down here today. 

Sherry:  (inaudible) 

Caller:  There's not much time.  I ended up in the hospital with a really bad bout of pneumonia.  And I felt like I'd probably been attacked.   

Sherry:  Wow 

Caller:  Because I'd said, "Oh I'm a child of The Most High you can't mess with me."  Anyway, here's my question.  They gave me some kind of pain reliever through an IV (intravenous feed tube) and I went out for about 30 minutes.  And the next day when I woke up I had bruises on my arm that looked like I had been strapped down.   

Sherry:  Wow 

Caller:  Yeah and I know not to take the flu shot and you said the syringes are pre loaded.  What's in all the IV stuff? 

Sherry:  You know what if their medicine is prepackaged coming from the AMA and those major pharmaceutical companies you know you're going to get chip implanted.   

Caller:  Yeah 

Sherry:  You know they just put it in everything.  The AMA (American Medical Association) and pharmaceutical companies.  Just go home and ask the Lord what you can do to deactivate any particular chips that you need to put magnets on them. 

Caller:  That's what I did.  I bought a bunch of the Rare Earth Neo dyne magnets I don't know if I'm saying it right. 

Sherry:  Yeah, Neodyme

Caller:  Yeah and I just asked the Lord where to put them and I've been wearing them and of course it's also been helping with the arthritis, so...now...ok, if I put them in orgone;  what polarity? the north side down? 

Sherry:  You know what?  I heard north.  I heard south, so I do both.  I put the magnet on the spot, tape it over leave it there for a day, then flipped it over leave it on for another day that solves the problem. 

Caller:  Oh, ok. 

Sherry:  Because some people say north, some people say south. 

Caller:  Well, I've still been gifting, giggling and gifting. 

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller:  Yeah, I've got this one tree I really really love and I thought I'm going to stick one in there.  And it's so funny this cat that was born on the property, she loves that tree.   

Sherry:  Oh yeah. 

Caller:  She hangs out in that tree.  I made a batch the other day and she and her little sister came around and just sat there as it was curing.  It was really wild to watch.  But it's been beautiful over here, so I think its working.  But they're not sticking, the chem trail doo doo.  And it's really amazing to see and I really believe in it, I really believe that it does work.    

Sherry:  Awesome and you know what?  Just ask the Lord to keep cranking it up.  If He could increase the power on them. 

Caller:  Yeah, that's what I do, that's what I do, but real quick, I was listening to this Galactic Federation of Light something blah blah blah...   

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller:  on You Tube they're a trip... 

Sherry:  <laughing> 

Caller...they are tripping and they say "Yeah, Now don't be throwing those little crystals out." <Laughing> You know?  So they're really trying to discourage people from that... 

Sherry:  (inaudible)   

Caller:  Well you know the bad boys too that don't want you to grow or receive love from the Lord so...but I thought that was funny...boy, those crystals must really be working if you're trying to tell everybody not to do it. 

Sherry:  <laughing with delight> they’re getting beyond desperate. 

Caller:  I listen to most of everything they say and you know, I found that amusing, and I thought Hey well that just inspired me to make another batch.   

Sherry:  <laughing> they inspire me all the time, that's why I have 15 web sites.  When they use to hound me, attack me, I'd get so mad I'd just put up another web site.    

Caller:  Yeah, yeah.   

Sherry:  It never stopped me, it just motivated me. 

Caller:  Yeah, yeah, hey listen I don't want to take up any more, oh listen.  I tried to call in Monday and I could not get through.  So they were attacking the site, I mean I couldn't get through on the telephone.  When you were getting the 1111 call.  I mean I couldn't even get on waiting, it just kept bumping me out. 

Sherry:  oh, oh they were just sitting there doing that to people, now I know. 

Caller:  But anyway it's good to touch base with you again doll face and I wish you a blessed day and to all those orgone warriors out there, "Keep making that orgone baby!" 

Sherry:  <laughing> Alright much love to you thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  Ok sweetness have a great day. 

Sherry:  You too bye bye 

Caller:  bye bye 

And that's going to wrap up the show folks.  I'll be back Monday night at ten o'clock SherryTalkRadio.com and I'm going to talk a little bit about the moon and what's going on, I'll leave it at that.  What's going on with the moon.  Anyway, till then everybody, Yah bless.