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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
October 25, 2010

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And, hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. This is Sherry Talk Radio -- what is wrong with this thing? You are live with Sherry Shriner on Sherry Talk Radio tonight. It's Monday night. If you keep calling in, I'm gonna keep hanging up on you, folks. You're eating up my expenses. So these same people keep calling in. I keep hanging up. Don't call in until I invite you to call in. When I invite listener call-ins, then you can call in. Until then I'm just gonna keep hanging up on people. It really is just eating up my expenses by people doing that and just sitting on my lines. I have to pay for every minute for each caller. And so, yeah, it gets ridiculous. A lot to talk about tonight, so I probably won't even get to call-ins until later. Just wait until I invite you to call in. That way it keeps expenses down.

The Sun Is Morphing

Whew! A lot to talk about tonight. A lot going on, folks. And not much time. Everything I've been warning you about is happening. You know, tonight, earlier tonight, I sat and watched the sun morph. And I'm looking at it [laughs], and I'm thinking, "Am I seeing that?" And I asked my kids and they all saw the same thing I was watching. And it's really odd because a couple days ago I had a vision, and I saw this brilliant white light. It was a white ball and it was breaking through the clouds. And the clouds were a brilliant white. And so, I'm looking at it, it would break through the clouds, and you'd see this huge white ball. And, just a brilliant white light. It was not yellow. It did not look like the sun. It just looked like a huge white ball.

And so, I was out earlier today and I had to stop somewhere with my kids. And so, I was sitting in the parking lot, and I happened to look up at the sky, and I saw the exact same thing I had just seen a couple days earlier in a vision. I saw the clouds -- and it's been really cloudy here all day. And I saw brilliant white light behind the clouds, and then the clouds parted, and I saw a brilliant white ball. And it was the sun, but it was white. And I'm watching it, and it starts getting this morphing effect over it. And you could actually see what looked like white lightning streaks crossing the sun. And I'm looking at it and I go, "Do you guys see that?" I'm talking to my kids. And they looked for a minute and said, "Yeah." And then it went away, and then it came back again a couple seconds later.

Like, "Well, that's it." We've had the sky morphing, and people seeing UFOs coming through morphs. You look up in the sky and all of a sudden it starts looking like it's materializing into something, or some kind of underwater effect, or warped effect, like it's pulsing or something. That's what I'm referring to as morphing. And people have seen UFOs coming through it when it morphs like that, because these are portals opening, folks. And there was an article last week on www.ufoexaminer.com, and it was talking about southeastern Ohio, where I live. Somebody had reported it to MUFON [Mutual UFO Network]. I don't report anything. I could keep them busy for a year. And they saw the sky morphing and they saw four huge UFO ships come through the sky, that portal opening. And this has been going on across the country. I'm talking to people up in Washington and Oregon who are seeing the same thing. They're seeing the sky morph. They're seeing the moon morphing. It beats it all, for me to see the sun today morphing. I'm telling you, folks. And all this morphing is portals opening up. And there's many, many UFO ships on the way to Earth.

We May Be Seeing a Merging of Dimensions

Now remember a couple weeks ago the Lord was blocking the moon so we couldn't even see it, because -- He wasn't blocking it, but the Reptiles and NASA were blocking it, because they were moving huge ships off of the moon. And then later on that week, boom! Portals opening around our country. And UFO ships coming through them. And so, it's all tying together. It's all tying together. And, what I believe is happening is there's a merging of the dimensions. And I've warned you about that. When the veil is lifted and the dimensions merge, the fourth dimension merging with our dimension, which means literal hell on Earth. Literal hell on Earth. A time the Bible refers to as the time of Jacob's trouble. The churches call it the Great Tribulation period. And we're just heading into this phase. And it's coming a lot faster than most people realize. I think if we have 90 more days without a UFO and alien invasion, then that would be a grace period from God, Himself. Because I really think that any day now, that things are gonna start changing drastically. Especially over the next three, four weeks, to our Earth.

Web Bot Predicts Our Country Will Be Ruled by the Pentagon in 90 Days

And so, interestingly enough, someone had posted something about a Web Bot prediction that our country would be ruled by the Pentagon withing 90 days. A Web Bot prediction. And the reason being, because it's totally unconstitutional, but let's not live under the charade that we actually have a Constitution anymore, folks. Let's get beyond that one. Because they've totally demolished it. They do what they want. Nobody can stop them. Because there're Reptilians ruling this country.

People get all excited, "Oh, look. There's gonna be an Obama, you know, investigation." Get over it, folks. Get on to what's really important because they're not gonna remove him. They're not gonna do a thing about it. It's just distractions. What's gonna happen is they're going to invade the earth. They're gonna invade our country. And that's why the military takes over. Because it's going to be total chaos here. And we're going to need some kind of defense against them. Now what's that tell you? They're not coming here to be our friends. [laughs] They're very hostile beings. They're angry. They're ANGRY.

Certain Publicized Events Are Actually Ritualistic and Symbolic Events

And some amusing things I want to tell you tonight. And the whole fact that the VMAs, the Video Music Awards, which I don't watch, but somebody else sent me some info on it, and they were stating that the whole thing was, basically, a ritualistic or symbolic scenario, staged. And that Anubis, the dog of Sirius [jackal-headed or dog-headed god]. Anubis being a ruler of the underworld. The dog days are over. That their days of ruling on the earth are over. And the whole occultic miner incident over the last couple weeks, symbolizing the rise of Lucifer. And this is exactly what we're looking at, folks. We're looking at an end of an era, and a beginning of a new one. And, if you didn't like the last one, you're really not gonna like this one. Because we certainly have some catastrophes lying ahead of us.

Movie Trailers A Like News Briefs to All Those in the Know

A lot of movie trailers. And what I'm learning about movie trailers is that they're like a news brief to all those in the know. I've never really been one in the know, so I have to learn these things from other people that are. I learn everything from the Lord, Himself, and what I learn in the Codes, and He confirms. But movie trailers are briefings to anybody who understands the language. And it's mostly gonna be the serpent seed and the hybrid seeds, and all those who are interlinked together on Earth, living on our earth right now. And they're message briefs. They're news briefs. They watch movie trailers to know what's going on; what message is being sent out to everybody. And I've told you, they all have their own codes, they all speak in symbols. And they do. Just from the ties they wear, to the commercials on TV, to movie trailers, to ragtag headlines. They speak to each other in all these different ways.

And "The Day the Earth Stood Still" (and it was posted on my Facebook site), you'll see where the UFOs are arriving, the invasions are coming, and all of the electricity goes out. All the electricity in the cities. And that's how we're gonna have total riots and pandemonium. Because with all of these energy vehicles -- 'cause they're all energy -- hitting our earth's atmosphere, talk about a huge shockwave. And so, it could knock out our electricity for a while. And so, this is why we'd be heading into martial law. The military would become dominant. They'd take control of the cities.

Get Your Bug-Out Bags Ready and Prepare to Get Out of the Cities

And, if you haven't been listening to the Lord, now would be a good time to do so, and get out of the cities. Because it's going to be pure pandemonium. I mean, you're not gonna be able to go to the stores, you're not gonna get money out of the bank. Get your money out of the banks now, folks, if you have any. Always have a stash on hand. Always have food on hand. Water, anything you might need, have it on hand. Get your bug-out bags ready. Have a plan to get out in total darkness, and know where you're going. If main roads are shut off, know your sides roads. Have a Plan B, a Plan C, of getting to where you need to be. Because these things are coming, folks. It's not if, it's when. It's when. And so, just thought I'd warn you that, you know, I'm not just sitting here every night anymore rehashing old reels, rehashing old info I've given you years ago. This stuff's coming to play now. This stuff's coming into our reality. And so, we need to start paying attention more and more and more.

The Moon's Out of Alignment

Another thing that the Lord wanted me to talk about tonight (He was leading me all week into this), we'll talk about it tonight during the show. And you know what I said, if I never do another show, I at least want to do one tonight. If this was my last show ever, I could walk away knowing I've given you all the info you've ever needed. It's all recorded. It's all in archives. It's all on transcribes. It's all on my websites.

But this latest bit of information I've never really talked about. And it's just something He's standing me up to speak about tonight. And this is about what they're doing with the moon. It's just time to let you know. And so, this is where I'm gonna give you some heads up for the rest of the night, probably. OK, a lot of people have noticed that the moon is not in alignment. It's not doing what it's supposed to be. Sometimes it looks oval. Sometimes it looks like it's gonna drop over the horizon. Sometimes, like all last week whenever I looked at it it had a glow around it, a blue glow, and sometimes it even looked purple. And people have really had no idea what's going on with the moon. Well, let me tell you something. I'm not the smartest person in the world. In fact, I'm no genius at all. And let me tell you how stupid I am. [laughs] One of the main things I've always been is humble. And this is no different.

A couple weeks ago I announced, and I told you guys, and I felt really proud about this, something I'd learned and I'd come on, and I wanted to share with everybody; that the earth, itself, had been knocked out of alignment. And this is something the Lord, Himself, had told me years ago that was gonna happen. I just didn't realize that it was right then and there. [laughs] But it is, it's out of alignment. It's kind of doing its own thing, whatever that is, whatever that means. But, in all my stupidity, it's not a recent thing, folks. The earth's been out of alignment for ten years now. Ten years. The earth has been knocked out of alignment. We're out of alignment and no one's noticed. I didn't notice. I mean, I started noticing things years ago where, hey, you know, those -- sun looks a little low, clouds look a little lower than normal, constellations look a little low. And you start to notice things, but it's not like the scientists or the people in the know are telling us anything. They're all too afraid to speak. Well, I'm not. I'm not afraid to speak. If I know it, I say it. And so, I'm telling you. The earth's knocked out of alignment. And not only that...the moon's out of alignment. Oh, I know. Big shock. Because we've all noticed nothing's happening right.

So not only do we have the earth knocked out of alignment, we have our moon that's been knocked out of alignment. And one of the things that I have found that can knock planets and moons out of alignment is energy. And so, Big Brother, trying to play God on Earth, is actually destroying Earth with other energy HAARP weapons, and electomagnetic weapons. All of the things that they've been doing on the moon, and I'm gonna get into that tonight. All of this energy that they have been building up and sucking up and using, and weather weapons and everything else is what's moved us, it's what's knocked us out of alignment, it's what's knocked the moon out of alignment. And so, this is why nothing's the same anymore. That's why we don't have a basis anymore to base things on. Where, you know, the sun and the moon will be on opposite sides of the sky. No. That's not gonna happen anymore because they're both out of alignment. They're both gonna do what they want to do. We don't have anything to base on what's normal now, because we can't even begin to imagine what's going to happen because it hasn't been charted before.

Things are gonna happen during the time of Jacob's trouble that have never happened before on Earth. So we have nothing to base anything on. We have nothing to base anything on. This hasn't happened before. This is the first time it's ever happened, so we're gonna be dealing with a lot of new things. Not to mention, new realms on our Earth. A merging of the fourth and third dimensions. Where we're literally gonna have Satan's beings and all these aliens here on Earth.

There's a Huge Tower on the Moon That Sends Beam, Shockwaves, to Earth

Now let's talk about the moon. The reason why the glow is around it, the weird shapes of it, the morphing of it (some people have seen the moon morph), is because the moon is being used. There is a tower on the moon. There is a huge tower, probably 50 miles high. I remember hearing about this tower a long time ago, along with the soul catcher that you guys think is fiction, but it's not, it's really there. But these things are miles high. We're not talking about, you know, little ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] towers on the moon. We're talking about structures that are 10, 20 miles high. OK? And what this tower is...it sends beams to Earth, and we call them shockwaves or a Tesla beam. Because [Nikola]Tesla based his technology off of the stuff he had learned from the Anuks, who are controlling this stuff on the moon. Yes, the Anunnaki. The Anuks, the Watchers, who rebelled against the Lord, are the ones behind this technology on the moon.

And they're sending beams to Earth. And to do so, they need to collect a lot of energy. So what the moon is doing is it's going around and sucking up all this energy that it can. It's like a vacuum. And I don't know it anymore than to explain it like that. It's like a vacuum. And it has this big generator on the moon. And they started building this generator back in the early 1980s. I think around 1980, 1982. And they've been done with it now. And now they can use it to suck up energy in it to power this tower that sends these beams down to Earth. And so what they're doing is when you see a glow around the moon, it's because they're sucking up energy and it causes a glow effect. It causes that glowing effect. They're sucking up energy. And the reason it's being knocked around is because of all the energy it's sucking up. And so, these beams are being used to blast shockwaves to the earth.

These Moon Beams Are Sucking the Souls, Etheric Spirits, Out of People

And many people have experienced some of these minor shockwaves. 3 o'clock in the morning is dominant for -- Central Time, so that would be about 3 or 4 in Eastern Time as well, and wherever you are, 3 o'clock, 3 a.m. is usually pretty dominant for people to feel the effects of shockwaves. And some people refer to this -- the New Age refers to this as a time of raising the vibrational frequency of the people on Earth. [laughs] Others refer to it as lighting up the Reptilian DNA in people. But either way, however you want to refer to this, the effects are this. They're basically sucking the souls, the etheric spirits, out of people. And it's like a -- you know, think about who you are...your soul, your personality. They're sucking all that out. And that's why so many people are talking about going into the cities, going into hospitals and they're seeing people that are just blank. They're zombies. They give you the look, like, you know, the lights aren't even on and nobody's even home. Just a dead stare, dead glaze. People not acting like themselves. They're going crazy. And this chip-implanting enforcement through vaccinations and flu shots that I've been warning about forever, all plays a part. Because this tower on the moon beams these shockwaves to Earth, and HAARP and all these ELF towers play together to distribute the energy from these beams. And, eventually, it goes to the people who are the receivers who get their effects of these shockwaves. And these are the people that have chip implants in them. That have these chip implants.

The Chip-Implant Push Is to Put Everybody into A Hive Mind - Make a Zombie Out of You

And so, now you see why there's been such a chip-implant push over the years. Because they want everybody to -- they call it a hive-mind collective. You know, maybe a dragon frequency...I don't know. The New Age has all this garbage-talk for it. But what it does, it can put everybody into a hive mind, which is a nice way of saying you're gonna be a zombie. You're not gonna be able to think for yourself. You're not gonna function as yourselves. You're just gonna be a zombie. You're gonna be zombified. You're not gonna have a mind of your own anymore. And this is exactly what's happening to people. And it's slowing coming about because they send these shockwaves to Earth slowly. And we're supposed to have another one, a huge one, tonight or tomorrow night. And then, in a couple weeks comes the granddaddy of them all, I've been told. We're gonna have a really huge shockwave hit the earth in a couple weeks. And so, they're preparing to arrive by zombifying everybody that they possibly can through these shockwaves and people who have these chip implants.

The Ascended Masters Are Expected to Arrive in Damascus, Syria

Another thing I've seen is that Obama, and the Buffalo, and the Bison -- and I told you the Buffalo and the Bison, the Ascended Masters...they call themselves the Ascended Masters, the gurus, world teachers, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. Maitreya, Sananda, Lady Nada, all these Ashtar Command people. They are coming up as arriving in Damascus. There's gonna be some kind of an arrival. I don't know if it'll be a public event or they're just gonna stroll in. I don't know what's gonna happen. But they're coming up in the Codes as arriving in Damascus, and that's Syria. Damascus and Syria.

These Alien-Enforced Vaccinations Will Cause Sarcomatosis - Various Cancers

And, also coming up as the very ones behind this enforced vaccination that Obama's behind right now. Trying to promote the flu shots, the whooping cough, the [pertussis] vaccinations, whatever they're called. I don't know the exact language. But these vaccinations are gonna be worldwide. They may be called something else. I'm seeing it's a planetary thing right now. They hit every country. And in these shots and vaccinations that your governments are pushing, are various, uh, what's the Bible Codes call it? Sarcomatosis. Sarcomatosis. And if you look that up, that's various cancers. And that affect various areas of the body. And so, these vaccines and flu shots they're pushing have various cancers in them. And they're very eager and anxious to get this going. And so, they're very eager to get all these cancers into people so that they become sick and die. And they're very eager.

This is a total depopulation program, folks. You know of Agenda 21, the U.N.'s depopulation program. If you've never heard of it, just Google it and start learning, reading up on it. It's called Agenda 21. And these vaccinations and flu shots all play into that. And also, the more people who get chips in them, the more affected by these shockwaves from the moon tower that they are.

Remember, When You Listen to Them...To Them, Fiction is Fact, and Fact Is Fiction

Now let's talk about another thing that's on the moon. This soul catcher. And this soul catcher I find very interesting. I've had to do a lot of learning this week about astral realms and things like that. And that's just a whole different world out there that they don't tell you about in the churches, that exists. They'll tell you in the movies. And to them, fiction is fact. Everything's opposite. So to us, fiction's fiction, fact's fact, black's black, white's white. Not to them. To them, fiction is fact and fact is fiction. That's how they lie all the time. And then we're like, "Oh, he's telling the truth. Must be a nice guy." [sarcastically] Yeah, right. And to them, everything plays in opposites. It's occult speech. It's opposite-speak. And so, you always have to remember that when you watch these fools, because they always give things away if you exactly know how to read them and know how to listen to what they're saying. Take the opposite effects.

And how many times has Obama been to Ohio? And I'm telling you, he's coming again this Sunday. This must be the fifth time in two months that that Lizard's come to Ohio. And what's he talk about? Bringing jobs and healthcare to Ohio. What's the effect we see? More and more jobs leaving Ohio. And more and more people becoming sick. [laughs] Know how to read what they're saying. If people knew that's how they operate, they would chase him out of this state. He wouldn't be welcome here. Go to some other state. Go like, to hell. But that's how they work. And it's almost like a in your face kind of thing. Because he loves to come and see all the people he's gonna be hurting and destroying through his policies and plans. They get energy off that. It's like a kick to them. It's a energy to them.

Those Without the Spirit of God Use Pharmaceuticals to Raise Their Vibrational Levels

But, besides that...I don't want to talk about Obama. He's just a pawn. He does everything they tell him to do. And it could not be more obvious in the Codes other than Obama is just a pawn of theirs, and he can't work fast enough for them. They are so anxious. These very beings that the New Age calls gods, and light beings, and Ascended Masters...very busy planning your destruction. Very busy. And the New Agers just can't see it. They're so stupid and blinded by the pure rhetoric and dumbness. And you know what's really funny, is that they have to have tech, and they have to have pharmaceuticals (pills and ointments and oils) to raise their vibrational levels. Because if you were a born-again Christian, filled with the Spirit of the Most High, Himself, you already have a high vibration. And so, the only way the wicked can get this same vibration is try to mimic it through pumping pills and potions through their bodies to become what we already are.

Even If You're a Spirit-Filled Believer, Run if You See White Beams Shot from the Moon

We're Spirit-filled beings, the New Age mimics it, and they call it light-filled beings. Because it's these people that are filled with the Spirit of God that become what they refer to as light beings, won't be affected, so I'm told, by these beams that are coming from the tower on the moon. Because these beams, not only sending shockwaves to Earth, but they are going to also be able to abduct souls off the earth. They're gonna abduct souls. It's like a vacuum sweep. And so, if you see white beams being shot from the moon, run. Don't be hit by them. Because, even if you are a Spirit-filled believer, run. Use wisdom in all things. Because it can also be used as a opposite effect of abducting humans off of the earth, because the soul catcher, itself, emits a light, like a light tower, and it sweeps the astral realms. And, any spirit, souls, in the astral realm that get hit by that light will be sucked up into the soul catcher machine.

They're Destroying Other Realms and Preparing to Invade Earth

And so, that's what they've been busy doing. They've been busy destroying these other realms with these generator type machines. They're going through and destroying all the realms and the different levels of realities that are around us. And in doing so, opening many portals into our own world, our own third-dimension reality, entering them and getting ready to attack us, in this reality, on this dimension. And so, right now they're just all in a preparation phase, and have been, and getting ready to make their grand invasion at any time. It could come at any time, folks.

If Our Government Was Smart, They'd Use Sherry's Orgone to Make Massive Anti-UFO Weapons

And that's why you're seeing the government preparing for the military and Pentagon to take over, because they're gonna have to try to put up some kind of defense against this hostile invasion that's coming. Now if they were smart, they'd take my orgone and make some really massive weapons with it, so that they could shoot orgone energy at these crafts, and at these portals, and get them closed. [after several coughs] They're starting to choke me. [coughing more] They don't want me speaking about this. But what they would want to do is make orgone weapons. [coughing heavily] Can't even breathe. But that's what they'd want to do. Huge pipes. Mimic our pipe blasters. Mimic our pipes. Use the same prescription of orgone energy that I have on my website at www.orgoneblasters.com, where I teach people how to make their own. And they could come up with their own power weapons that could blast at these UFOs.

Flee the Cities, with Your Orgone, Because People in the Cities Will Become Violent

Now, if they come over my area, they're gonna crash. I've got orgone here. But I'm a little patch. And your yards are a little patch, and areas we've done are very small compared to the huge scheme of things. We certainly don't have it over the entire country. Not every neighborhood is covered with orgone. Not every city is covered with orgone. And it's these places that are gonna become points of attack, and successful attacks, by UFOs and aliens. Because any place that has orgone will become a protection place. You'll be protected there. You'll be safe there. And so, people that are in cities, you need to have orgone in your bug-out bags, so that when you have to leave your cities, you'll have orgone to take with you and put in the mountains or wherever it is you go to protect you where you run to. Because, even if you do have orgone in your cities, you'll be successful in crashing some UFOs from your area that go in there.

Make Orgone Wands to Point and Wave at UFOs

But orgone doesn't affect humans, and what's gonna happen is people in the cities are gonna riot and go chaotic and loot and hurt and kill. And that's why you're gonna have to flee the cities, because they're gonna become very violent. They're gonna become lawless and violent. And so, you'll want to protect your families by getting out of that area, those cities. Take orgone with you. Be ready to take it with you, you know. Orgone wands...you know, you could take a pipe and wave it around in the air, and you can see UFOs get affected by it. They shut their lights off, they try to cloak, they try to run away from you if they see you with a pipe and you're waving it in the air. Because, they feel that instant energy. Because, pipes are powerful. Pipes are very powerful. And so, what you'd want to do is make something easier to handle. Make orgone pipes out of 1-inch pipes, and that way you could use it as almost like a wand. And just use it as a wand, and wave it at the UFOs in the sky, and things like that. Use it as a wand. Much easier to hold than a 2-inch pipe because those are heavy. 2 inches doesn't sound very big, but it is. It's 2-inches in [diameter]. Most of us have smaller hands than that, and they can be very heavy and cumbersome to hold. So I would suggest making 1-inch pipes and about 2-foot-long, 3-foot-, 4-foot-long, and using them as wands for energy. And just pointing them and waving them at these UFOs.

Two Types of Zombies Here - Those Soul-Scalped from Shockwaves, and Those from the Chemical Virus

Yeah. It's coming, folks. It's coming. Everything I've talked about. And, you know what? This whole hive mind, dragon collective...nothing you can do about it, because those people are just gone. I mean, they're zombified. And I don't know a way of undoing that once somebody becomes so affected by all these shockwaves that are coming to Earth, that they become caught up in the whole dragon hive-mind collective thing and just become part of a zombie group. And not to mention that, but shortly even after a UFO and alien invasion on this earth, you're gonna see that these vaccinations and flu shots also had that chemical in it, that virus in it, for real zombiism.

We're gonna have an effect of two different types of zombies on this planet. Those who are just gone; lights are out, no one's home. Living through the motions of being alive. And the real zombies. Zombies that eat and attack and bite people. And that's gonna come shortly after. And I'm being told that could happen in as little as six months here. We could start having those kind of zombie attacks in six months. And those are violent zombies. The hive-minded zombies are very docile. They can't think, so they just don't do anything. Kind of go through the motions of living every day. Kind of emotionless people, you know? And you're gonna start seeing that more and more and more in the cities, especially. Because, you know, I live in a cow town. And, you know, I haven't noticed anything strange here with the people here. But you're gonna see a lot of it in the cities. I'm hearing from people who do live in cities or work in cities, and they're talking about just seeing that dead asleep look eyes in people. Just gone. Just dead.

The Large Hadron Collider Will Open Up Deep-Space Portal to UFOs

We're gonna see more with the moon moving around, glowing, looking strange. And, you know, that's effect of the generator. They've got a generator working, pumping energy into it, opening portals. A lot of this morphing effect in our skies because they're opening these portals. And, I've been told that this Large Hadron Collider being built up to where it will open many, even more portals so that starships from the other ends of the galaxy will be able to come into our atmosphere here on the earth. Right now they're blocked out. They don't have an entrance in, a gateway in, a portal way in. And, that's what the purpose of this Large Hadron Collider is is to open up these deep-space portals so that UFO ships from galaxies away can come in. And so, it's gonna be a zoo. We're gonna have UFO ships here from very many different galaxies. Gonna be dealing with very many different types of Satan's forces, his kingdom. Because all that is part of Satan's kingdom, folks. The second heavens is his kindgom. And that includes our galaxies and anything in space. That's the second heavens. That's Lucifer's foothold. And when he comes to begin his rule and reign on Earth, they're all gonna be with him.

Direct Quote from Lucifer: "There's Too Much Light Here"

And so, I do see victories in the fact that we're going to be able to destroy a lot of them because of the orgone war. And, I have heard that Lucifer, himself -- and I see this in the Bible Codes and it makes me laugh, because I wish they would do it publicly. I wish, just for once, some veneration in all the hard work that we've done over the years. They've conceded, they've acknowledged, that the orgone has beat them. They've acknowledged it already. That's why they're saying the dog days are over, because Lucifer can't control the planet the way he wanted to because there's too much light here. And what he means by that is there's too much orgone here. There's too much living energy. They don't have Plan A anymore. They have to go to Plan B and Plan C because we've taken Plan A away from them. There's too much light here. That's a direct quote from him to some people (I'm not gonna get into that). But where he's admitted, himself, that there's too much light here. And so, we've won a huge victory over that.

We've taken Plan A away from him. But he's got Plan B and Plan C. that's why they're going to arrive very angry and retaliatory. Because the whole charade that they were planning -- this whole Blue Beam project...I don't think they're going to be able to pull that off because of the orgone. And so, probably why I'm seeing that these Ascended Masters, this Maitreya and all them are going to arrive in Damascus, Syria. And I don't even think they arrive from space in a huge progression, the huge Blue Beam show where they arrive as angelic hosts and all that. I don't think they're gonna be able to pull that off. Because we've pretty much dominated our atmosphere, the first heaven, with our orgone. Saturating the air with our orgone. And so, I think they'll probably just arrive...I don't know... make some kind of show out of it. But it says "Damascus, Syria." And I know we don't have a whole lot of orgone there. I know we do Israel. Hey, why don't they try Israel. [laughs] I know we have orgone in Israel. And so, Damascus, Syria I can't speak for. And so, probably why they're heading there. Because they won't be bothered and annoyed by the orgone 'cause there's no orgone there. I don't know.

But we still need to stand up, folks, and get this everywhere. Otherwise, they're just going to ruin and control our entire country. They're gonna have their own way with it. And right now, we know it's a war. It's a one-on-one war between us and them. And, the only way we can defeat them is with the weapons the Lord's given us.

Protect Yourself from the Moon Beams - Stay Hidden and Use Mylar Blankets Over Your Windows

Another way to protect yourself from these white beams, this moon-beam weapon (the Bible Codes calls it a moon beam), is putting Mylar blankets on your windows and just staying in the house when you see the moon beam fired up and sweeping the earth. When you see it coming from the moon...these white beams, the moon beam, stay hidden. Don't be out in the open. It will still affect those with chip implants because it hits an electromagnetic level and these chips that they've placed in people are like receivers. It's like the moon beam...the tower is the giver, and the chip-implanted are the receivers.

It's like radio communications or something, and so, you know, now would be a good time to start deactivating chips, folks. And I've told you how to deactivate chips, with neodymium magnets. And just ask the Lord where it is you need to put neodymium magnets. Leave them on all day. Put them over on the other side, leave it on for another day. And, that should deactivate the chip. Now this, in no way, will affect the Beast chip -- these are Beast chips, but when you join, literally, voluntarily join his new kingdom on Earth after he arrives, you'll have to take a new different type of chip. Probably will be a tattoo or something with his name or number on you to signify your allegiance to him. That one you can't deactivate. That one...you literally lose your soul. The second you give it to Satan, you literally join his new kingdom on Earth. And that's coming up a little down the road, so you don't have to worry about it.

The RFID [Radio Frequency Identification]...all of these other chips are Beast chips because they're from the Beast. They're from the aliens, the animals. They're from Satan. But the chip referred to in Revelation, chapter 13, [verse] 18, where no man can buy or sell without his name, number, or symbol in or on their right hand or forehead...this is still down the road a little bit. And so, that's the one that will damn your soul.

There Are New Vaccine Nanochips Out That Work in Conjunction with the Moon Beams and HAARP

Right now there's a lot of people who are chip-implanted unbeknownst to them. You know, their parents gave them -- I don't even think, you know, those chips you got as a baby are gonna bother you because those are tracking chips. We have a whole new level of nanotechnology right now. And that's why they're pushing these nanochips. [in response to herself coughing] They don't want me talking about it. Because these nanochips, these new ones they have out now...the new and improved and upgraded chips are the ones that work in conjunction with the moon-beam tower and HAARP and everything else, and shockwaves, and electromagnetics, and blah-blah-blah. And so, these nanochips are the ones that are destroying people. And it's these nanochips that they have put in the swine flu vaccine last year. Started it last year. Probably the year before as well. All of these lastest plague scares, flu scares, anything type of scare just to get you in there to get a shot or a vaccine. That's why it's such a push by them.

And not only that, but because of the chemicals that are being carried in these vaccines that can lay dormant in your body, and then be lit up and activated by the moon beam to start activating. And so, you could have cancers within you that all of a sudden, boom, overnight you've got cancers. The sarcomatosis program that's going on...end up with various cancers and diseases. And, it's all just coming to a head, folks. It's all coming to a head.

A Word of Warning to Those Who Travel in the Astral Realm - Stay Out or You'll Be Trapped and Destroyed

A word of warning to people who go out into the astral realm. I know Christians...very little knowledge of this whole area. I've just had to learn it myself. But a word of warning because I have a lot of people listening to this show. Stay out. Stay out, because I'm seeing that those in the astral realms are going to be burnt by these beams, and many will be destroyed. And you won't get back to your bodies. You won't get back to Earth. And so, you're gonna be trapped and destroyed and stuck in these astral realms. And they're closing them anyway. They're invading them all. They're sucking them of all the energies out of them. All the people out of them, spirits out of them, destroying them. And that's going on now. That's not gonna happen down the road. That's going on right now. That's going on right now. And then when they're done with all that, they'll come for Earth, itself. They'll come for the last great [bastion] which is Earth.

Having 3 Months Before Full Invasions Would Be a Grace Period from God, Himself

And so, that's where we're at. And if we had 3 months, 90 days before full out invasions all came, that would, like I said, be a period of grace from the Most High, Himself. Because how many more days can we have where our literal sun just starts morphing. [laughs] Come on, folks. That is so not normal. I'm a little freaked out. Something so stable in our lives has always been the rising and the setting of the sun, and now we have a sun that morphs and turns into a huge portal, and has white lightning streaks across it, and is no longer yellow, but a brilliant white light. Because of electromagnetism, I believe, is why it's so white. Some kind of electromagnetism. And like I said, I'm no genius, I just try to put all the pieces together here. And so, we'll probablly see spaceships coming through the sun, because the sun acts, in this dimension, as a portal. And that's what it is in this dimension; a portal. And it doesn't burn and destroy other dimensional crafts unless they're operating in this dimension. And so, they can use it as a portal to come through, and then when they materialize and come available in our dimension, that's when the heat of the sun can become dangerous to them, because it's very dangerous to us; the heat of the sun. And so, just a way of seeing things.

Surround Your Properties With Magnetite (Lodestone) to Disrupt Invisibility and Cloaking Technology

Another thing, a lot of people being outright harassed. Harassed to the max by invisible people, invisible Wackenhut soldiers around their properties and their homes. And you know what? Orgone doesn't bother them because they're human. Well, you know...and especially after this week, because I have these NASA assassins that like to come in my house. And I actually had Christians...hybrids who know how to RV [remote view], who have chosen the side of the Lord, RV my home and property, and tell me exactly that these are NASA assassins. And, they've been coming around harassing me here, sneaking around my house, getting into fights with my protectors that have been coming here.

And so, I've been asking the Lord, "How can we get rid of them?" Because orgone doesn't affect them. They're humans. They're humans that through various technologies can become invisible. And some of them digest chemicals. And for 48 hours they can become invisible. And they have other methods that they use. And, very simple, because, you know, a lot of people've been telling me to use magnetite, because magnetite disrupts cloaking and invisibility. And I just realized today as I was looking for magnetite on the Internet that it's the same thing, the SAME thing the Lord had led me to four years ago when He had me buy lodestone. And, mind you, I was buying lodestone, which is a magnetic stone. And you can get them at science shops, because it's a natural mineral of the earth, it's a lodestone. It was just another name for magnetite. I didn't realize that. I didn't realize they were one and the same. And back then I thought I was gonna be able to put a new kind of weapon together. That's why the Lord was getting me to get magnetite and this lodestone, and somehow using it with mirrors to maybe bounce back the effects of these moon beams. And I still think that's probably a plausible idea, but I've just strayed away from it all these years because, you know, being the genius I am, unless He tells me exactly outright what to do like He did with the orgone, I just don't figure it out.

But realizing that, you know what? I've had lodestone all this time. I've had it all this time. I don't know where it is. It's in a box somewhere. I need to find it. Because if you surround your home and your property with lodestone (this magnetite), it's going to bother those who use invisible tech and come to harass your home and house. And so, find that interesting. Not only just orgone to deal with aliens and demons, but lodestone to deal with invisible humans. And even affects hybrids. And so, they're probably some kind of hybrids that NASA has to send to your homes, like mine, to harass you.

And, I find it interesting I've been dealing with their retaliation lately of my electrical wires blowing up and everything else. My lights. [laughs] Probably retaliation because they've been getting their butts kicked around here. So now I have that mess to deal with; fixing wiring. I have no lights in my kitchen now. I have no lights outside. The wiring's been messed up. You talk about a bulb blowing...but they blow right out of the socket it's so hard. You turn on a switch to go to turn the light on, and your bulbs blow, literally. That's pretty powerful. And so, I haven't really had an explanation for that one for why it's happening, but it is. But I have a feeling it's some kind of retaliation.

We've Only Got Days or Maybe Weeks to Prepare Before the Invasion - Get Ready to Flee

So, just a heads up, folks. Just a heads up. We're in a war. And we've got days...maybe weeks to prepare. Get your bug-out bags ready. Get your orgone ready. Get ready to flee the cities. Keep your eyes on the sky. Watch for a sudden invasion of them. Be prepared if the area, if the whole world goes dark because of a burst of energy taking out our electrical grids. Be prepared for that.

We'll Pick Up Next Week, Lord Willing, on the Moon Beam Technology

Anyway, if I'm back next week, Lord willing, we'll pick up where we've left off on this moon beam technology, the shockwaves, the soul catchers. For now, just know to stay away from white lights being beamed at you from the moon. And prepare on everything else, every other level.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.

I'll see you next Monday. Oh...I'll be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock, Eastern Time, for Aliens in the News. I'll be talking about some of the things they're up to.

And so, I'll see you then, everybody. Yah bless.


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