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Thursday Show, Aliens In The News

October 28, 2010

And hello everybody you're live, it's Aliens In The News.  Thursday afternoon with Sherry Shriner.  October 28th, two more, three more days until everybody acts like idiots and dresses up like demons.  Yeah, I can't wait for that one, so here we go. 

A couple of things I wanted to talk about.  I was looking over here at the Examiner page at the latest UFO announcements,  What people send in, what they've seen.   So I was browsing through that and thought I'd tell you what's up with that.  A low flying 'cigar' moves over Ostell, Georgia highway, this was October 23rd, 9 o'clock at night.    

Cigar-Shaped Craft Is What Sananda (“Jesus” Immanuel) Flies In

I've seen this low flying cigar, except when it went over my area it was a high flying cigar <laughing>  <still laughing>  VERY high, they didn't want to get too close to my property and very long.  I couldn't even begin to tell you how long that thing was because you know, we are just little beings here on Earth (being sarcastic) and they're way up there and if they look huge up in the sky, you can imagine they're pretty big vehicles.  I know the one in Texas last year someone estimated at 150 miles long by 150 miles wide.  That's huge.  That's almost like the state of Rhode Island up in the air. <laughing>  Maybe Israel <laughing> probably even bigger than Israel.  Anyway onto the next. 

A transparent tube like UFO photographed over California, October 25th.  Someone reporting an object where the front and end were rounded, just like a tube.  So you have flying tubes flying cigars and here comes the boom-a-rang.  <laughing>  UFO hovers near Tombstone, Arizona.  An Oregon couple, visiting Tombstone  watched a boom-a-rang shaped object that appeared to be 3 miles away.   

Gossip Magazine Reveals The Truth Many Times Regarding UFO Activity

The boom-a-rang ones I'm suspicious of, just as I've told you the black triangle ones our military has, because you can put your lights on a vehicle and especially one of these triangular craft our military has and turn the lights on at night and you think it's a boom-a-rang.  So I'm suspect of the boom-a-rangs because our government could have manufactured those.  And another triangular UFO returns to hover over a couples Louisiana backyard; again, the triangles and the boom-a-rangs just reek of military craft to me.  And I've warned you our military has its own craft.   

Purposeful Disinformation Regarding UFO's

And interesting there's a lot of stuff on TV, not only UFO's, oh we need to disclose aliens and UFOs.  But also at the same time you start hearing from others that "Oh this whole things a farce and the governments been trying to make us believe that aliens and UFO's exist and it's all just a black ops program."  Well, both are true.  You got to remember that we got our technology from them.  So, obviously they exist and nobody has to convince me they exist.  <laughing>  You need some convincing they exist come out to Carrollton, Ohio.  Some night, on a clear night because these aren't military craft out here.   

Sherry’s Vision About Our Military Flying UFO's

The military craft tend to like water areas and anywhere out in the deserts where they have their bases.  And they love Lake Erie and they have their usual spots.  You know, Lake Erie, California, New Mexico, Arizona because they have a lot of underground bases out there.  They have their own bases where they park their own craft.  Usually on air force bases.  They have hangers for them.  It's a very mixed operation going on.  And that's how that one vision I had last year.  Where we were being invaded and there were just thousands of different types of UFO's in the skies.  And one crashed it looked like a train car.  I don't know why.  I don't know what the significance was.  But it was just like a flying train car.   A square box.  And I think the Lord was just trying to get across to me that not all of them are UFO's.  A lot of them are human crafts as well.  And this train car crashed on a roof and it's kind of like it didn't even crash the roof, it just kind of sat on the roof and the side popped out and six air force dudes walked out of it and it was kind of funny just how it happened.  It lands on a roof, the side pops open and six air force guys walk out.  And these are clearly United States Air Force dudes I saw.   

Sixty, Seventy Years Our Military Has Been In Cahoots With Aliens

And some of them are very hostile.  Some of them are UFO's and some of them are just military craft.  And they're working together just as they've done in these underground bases for the last 60, 70 years.  That they've been working in underground bases, transferring technology, also getting high tech nano technology.  Chips, all this laser beams, all this technologies from the aliens.   

Military Working Side By Side With Aliens

So, you can't refute they both exist, they both exist side by side.  Can't take one without the other, can't say oh the military's just wanting everyone to believe that they exist because they do!   Then you can't just say oh it's all just aliens and UFO's because they are both working hand in hand with our military here.  And the reason I think so, one of the reasons why they would anyways, is because the 4th dimension craft are finding out really fast that they're not going to be able to operate in our dimension.  Many of them do, don't get me wrong,  But thousand's of them, when they materialize in our dimension, they're crashing.  They're crashing because of the Orgone.  The Orgone is HUGE.   

Join The Resistance!

It's a HUGE weapon for those who wants to join the resistance against the coming UFO's and aliens.  Because it destroys them.  And they're learning really quick, they're learning.  You know my house has been a zoo the past two weeks, had a certain branch of aliens here in my own yard.  The ugly tall dark green and black ones and <deep sigh> they're finding out really quick now that the Orgone will kill them and it's everything we've said it is. 

Incident At Sherry’s Home

There was an incident where a few showed up and got really weak and started getting sick, so, they left, came back with about 50 more and it wasn't long before all 50 of them realized, "Hey, there's something going on here!" <chuckles> And I find it amusing that they would come.  I've never dealt with this type of alien before, they're still operating in the 4th dimension.   The Lord allows me to hear them, sense when they're around.   

How To Know An Alien Is In Your House

Oh, the first sign is you get totally nauseous.   Because I always get nauseous when evil is around.  And I'm talking demons.  This is the first time I've gotten nauseous with aliens.  Because they were right in my house, they were coming in and they were all over the place and I just got really nauseous with them.  And that's how you can tell, that's how I can tell when they're around.  Other than the fact I could hear them.  And sometimes the Lord allows me to see into the other dimensions.  And the reason being is because everything I've learned I've learned the hard way. 

Sherry Teaches All Of Us From Her Experiences

Now you guys have it easy you can sit back and listen to me and learn and you don't have to go through all this stuff.  I've had to go through every little thing I've ever learned, I've had to experience myself and the Lord allows it and that's why;  so I can teach others, exactly what they're dealing with, how to handle it.  Whatever information He wants them to learn.  And He knows that's how I'll remember it, because I went through it.  And I've gone through so much learned so much over the past 10 years.    

Most Wouldn't Survive

Most people couldn't handle it.  Most people could not live a day, a month through the things that I've gone through.  Oh you get attacked one time and you think you know what it's like to be in my life now?  No.  Live it as a life. <laughing>  Try living it on a daily basis for ten, fifteen years.  


So, anyway, yesterday, I went out and got a humidifier.  And I thought you know, I've got a lot of Orgone in my yard and  I've got bucket blasters.  I've got enough in my yard to where if something hovers above my property, it's going to catch fire and burn.  So how is it, these freaky ugly aliens even if they're in the 4th dimension they're all over my yard, because Orgone is a dimensional weapon and that's why they started getting sick and weakened as soon as they were here because it's a dimensional weapon.  It's what I've told you over and over again.  It will operate in the 4th dimension.   

Charge The Air Up, Need To Charge The Air...Then...Instant Peace

And so <sighs> I'm thinking maybe, maybe I need to charge the air up, keep it charged.  I'll go get a humidifier.  And so I go in town and I get a humidifier and I bring it home and put Orgone in it, turn it on.  Instant peace.  I was impressed.  I was just so floored that all night long I had inst...I had peace.  Peace.   

Even The Dogs Got Some Sleep That Night

Even my dogs were sleeping.  I had one on each side of me.  And they haven't slept good in a long time at night, they don't even sleep at night.  They were getting worse than me, up all night long.  They're on edge, they feel it.  They sense them.  And so I'm sitting here last night just kinda patting myself on the back <laughing>  it's amazingly peaceful.  And I get up for a while and get away from the computer and I'm thinking, you know what?  Earlier, I asked the Lord and you know He said for me to ask Him and so I asked Him to handle this.  I asked Him to send swords.  Angles with swords;  aflame, to keep these things away from my property.  To keep them out of here...and what?...He's not gonna show up?...He asked me to come to Him and He's not gonna show up?  I mean maybe He is, maybe They're standing around the house now and that's why I have so much peace it's not the humidifier.  It's the fact He has sent His angles and surrounded my place with swords of fire.   

Sherry Notices 2 UFO Ships On Fire In The Vicinity Of Her Property

And that thought came to my head and then I thought or maybe it's the humidifier that I bought and then the Lord brought something to my mind.   

<laughing><laughing><laughing>  And it just spoiled everything, I had to laugh.  Because earlier when I had gone into town to pick up my kids, it was dark, it was about 9 o'clock.  And when I was out, I noticed above my property there were two UFO ships on fire.  Two of 'em.  And kinda spread out a little bit away, a ways from my property as well.  This one almost looked directly over head and these were in the East.  Then, there was another one a bit of a distance away from the one above my property, so there were two of them.  Very noticeable. 

YHVH Comes Through

And...I just realized just then....and I had been telling one of my friends on-line that "Hey, you know there's two UFO ships above my house they're <laughing> on fire." <laughing> and it dawned on me, do you think that's why I have peace tonight?  <laughing>  Do you think that's why it's peaceful?  He didn't just send angles to stand guard around my property or, or the combination of the humidifier working, maybe there were angles maybe and the humidifier was doing its job keeping the air charged with Orgone. 

Their freaking ships are on fire!!!

Their freaking ships are on fire!!! <laughing> <laughing> And that's how the Lord works.  <laughing>  Ha ha, it cracks me up...it cracks me up.  Yeah, I'm not gonna hear from these guys for a while.  I find it amusing that the reptilians and all these freaking lizards that have been bugging me over the years, sent these black & green things to me this time, because they probably had no idea what Orgone was...and they're using them as guinea pigs to see how close they can get to me.  You know?  Oh, we'll send these new guys over there to spy on Shriner to see what's going on <laughing> and so I'm sure word will get around to all these little UFO factions that are coming in and they're coming in by the droves, folks. 

The alien freaks are currently invisible

The invasions already here right now it's still staying invisible but the dimensions are merging.  You're seeing the sky morph, you're seeing the sun and the moon morph.  Everything’s morphing.  And when I talk morph I'm not talking shape shifting like Obama would so...or one of these celebrities would do.  I'm talking about when you look at the sky and all of the sudden it seems to liquefy, in an area of the sky it starts getting a melting and liquefying look, like it's under water.  You know?  I don't know how else to describe it...but that's how it looks. 

The Dimensions Are Merging

That's how the sun looked last week or this week when I seen it on Monday.  It was morphing, it was liquefying it was looking like the whole center of it was just melting and pulsing and turning into a portal.  And that's what the sky is doing.  Our dimensions are merging.  And there's many dimensions, there's many realms within the dimensions I guess I should say.  But the 4th dimension isn't just hell, the abyss and demons and a dimension that aliens can travel through and live through and do phenomenal things and then materialize in our dimension and then we go Oh wow, look at that craft...look at the capabilities of that thing, yeah, because they're operating in the 4th dimension and then they can materialize in the 3rd.       

Many Realms, Layers To Hell

There's many different realms and realities within the 4th dimension; you've heard of the astral plane.  The churches brush all this stuff away as if it doesn't exist and so they're never told anything.  And they don't do any kind of praying about it and researching and you know, they just sweep it under the rug.  But, these are our dimensions, there are astral planes, there are different levels to hell and not everybody who dies goes straight to the pit and burns like the churches teach.  People do get trapped.  There are ghosts.  There are poltergeists, there are all these beings.  They all exist for various reasons.  And a lot of the movies that have come out from Hollywood will depict cities around within these realms and they're actually pretty close, from what I've heard to some of the cities you'll find there.   

The Apostles Didn't Recognize Yahushua In Spirit Form

And so, all these different realms exist.  And so, there's probably a billion people within these realms.  You know they're all dead but, they're not all suffering...and they have children.  And one of the things I've heard that in these realms the reptilians will eat them.  They chase them.  They go after their children.  It's not all glory days either.  These people live in fear; being chased and tormented by aliens and demons.  I mean when you're in spirit form, when Yahushua was in spirit form the apostles didn't know it.  They didn't recognize Him as being in spirit form they didn't even recognize who He was until He allowed them to see when He was walking with them.   

Hell Realms Are No Picnic For A Billion People Or So...

You have a body, it doesn't operate like the one we have now, but you have a literal body.  And these beings on the astral realms can live like we do.  They can procreate.  Their cities have economies, and governments and structures.  And so you can be in a spirit body and still operate like we do here on Earth.  And so these reptilians, they chase them, they eat them, they harass them and so it wouldn't be very safe living in these realms either.  But there are a lot of people, for one reason or another, that live in these astral realms.   A lot of people and this is more of a phenomenon than even I had ever thought possible, but... 

Serpent Seed Line Families Harass The People In These Astral Realms At Night

A lot of these serpent seed line families have the ability to leave their bodies at night and go into these realms and go to these different places, go to these cities.  They can all meet.  They can all meet on an astral plane with Lucifer, they can have meetings and conferences and I'll tell you what...these people don't sleep, they don't sleep.  And we attribute it mostly to the fact that they're multiple personalities; MPD's, DID.  And when one would lay down another would pop up.  George Bush always claimed he went to bed at 8 o'clock at night and then you'd hear from others he would be calling them at 1 o'clock in the morning in a drunken state, blah, blah, blah, talking about something, ranting about something, because his alters would take over.  So it operates that way too, but they can also take off into this astral realm. 

And singers sing about it, there are You Tube videos people singing about flying and being in the astral and it sounds like it's a huge party at night time, it really does.  You have celebrities, politicians and all these people from that serpent seed line with that DNA, they can just leave their bodies and go into these places.  So much more of a phenomenon than we ever thought, than I ever thought. 

The Good People Trapped In These Astral Realms Are Using Orgone

But these dimensions are now being destroyed, they're being invaded by different factions coming in, all these aliens coming in from different parts of the galaxies now from the different portals that are opening.  And the portal openings not only allow them to come to Earth, access Earth but also these other dimensions.  And they're attacking these dimensions, these dimensions are at war with them and now.  And I find it interesting that now supposably, allegedly these people trapped in the astral are not bad people...and so the good people who have been trapped there for one reason or another are known.  The Lord will set everything straight one day and teach us everything we need to know, but, the good people who are trapped in these astral realms have recognized the Orgone energy and they're using it to destroy the evil beings who are in these astral realms. 

And so not only a fight here on Earth in the 3rd dimension but also a huge fight going on in the astral realms and now the good people there have a weapon they use, they're using; somehow the Orgone energy that is saturating the other realms, it can empower them and give them the energy and strength and whatever they need to fight back against the evil beings that are there and win. 

And so interesting, 11, 11 (November 11th) is a target date for a complete dimensional merge, I believe.  We could have a complete dimensional merge on 11/11.  Which would mean all those dimensions and realms that exist within Satan’s kingdom, the 4th dimension would be merged to our dimension here on Earth.  And so we could be seeing things, we can't even imagine.  If all these other beings are coming from all these other worlds and dimensions you can imagine the chaos here on Earth.  And I've heard the good ones will be allowed to merge here on Earth, but not the evil ones because we know the evils coming.  We know they'll be coming too, it's just a war that carries on over here.  They're going to be squeezed out of their dimensions and the only place left to live is going to be Earth.   

Because what's the Bible say?  The Bible says the veils going to be lifted.  And Satan is going to be confined to Earth.  And in Revelations Chapter 12, Michael the Archangel stands up to defend Israel and that could arguably be the land of Israel today or the people of Israel which the majority are in United States and Britain.  But either way, the outcome is that Satan’s confined to the Earth. 

He can no longer leave Earth.  And none of these alien beings, these forces of Satan’s because they're just fallen angels folks.  They're not from, you know, galaxies and universes millions of miles away.  They may be on planets and stars within our star system within our galaxy, but they're all part of the 4th dimension.  They're all part of Satan’s kingdom.  And so they're all going to be confined to Earth.  Or, within our realm so they can't leave it any more.  Maybe they can go to the moon and Mars within the direct vicinity, I don't know, but I know Satan himself is going to be confined here. 

And so, all of this is becoming reality.  As you keep seeing the skies morphing, the sun, the moon morphing; our dimensions are merging.  It's all becoming reality.  This isn't a down the road it's gonna happen thing, this is, it's happening NOW thing!  So we could have days, we could have weeks, we could have months. 

One of the things I've always seen that makes me cringe whenever I see it in the Bible Codes is Martial Law in the winter time.  Because can you imagine, now we know F.E.M.A. has 700 camps or more around the United States ready to implement Martial Law at any time and start rounding up people.  And in the Bible, Yahushua mentions, "Pray that your flight is not on a Sabbath or not in winter time."  Because people would have to run.  What He's talking about is people would have to run for safety.  Run for safety in the winter and here, it's winter.  And not only are people running for safety and especially out of the cities, but these camps have no shelter, they don't even have rest room facilities in them.   

To Them We're Cattle

A lot of these camps we're seeing pictures of are just fenced in areas.  That you can't get out of they have the barbed wire rolls at the top of the fences all the way around, because they're holding pens.  To them we're cattle.  We're cattle.  They see us as cattle.  And then all the trains are gonna come and take all these people away to incinerators.  They don't even have to take you out of the trains once you're in them, so don't get in alive.  Put up a fight folks, put up a resistance if you're captured, trapped in one of these pens.  Because once you get on that train, you'll never get off of it again. 

They can pull these trains, they have these huge facilities, that they can pull these trains in these facilities and gas everybody from where you're sitting, inside the train.  Everybody just gets gassed and dies.  And so that's how it is folks.  Once you get on it, that's it, so don't get on it, don't get on it.  But these are the plans, your friendly little aliens have for you, for us, these are their plans. 

Oh they want everybody to think they're coming to help mankind.  They want to help us.  They're gonna give us health care, to help us.  They want to give us new technology that will help us.  Folks, they want to kill and destroy you.  Kill, kill, kill, is all they want to do.  You know, an example just think of the Gates.  Bill and Melinda Gates.  With all their billions, oh we want to help.  The children of India.  The children of the world, oh yeah, we give them health care to gain their trust, then turn around and give them all vaccines.  Then the vaccines will kill them, it's just a matter of years.  Yeah, killing you with a smile and that's what these aliens are doing.  Killing you with BS.  So, this is what we're dealing with folks. 

One of the web pot predictions that our pentagon would be in control of our government within 90 days.  And a lot more accurate than most people even realize.  Most times my eye brows raise, like where were you, my web site?     <laughing>  What were you going through my transcribes? <laughing>  But this time I'm telling you, they're right on.  It's right on because it very well could happen.  I seen it in the Bible Codes.  And January, January could be a heavy month for round ups.  Especially big mouths, they don't like the big mouths.  They've always target big mouths, it's always been part of their plan and that's what I see.  Targeting big mouths.  Rounding up of big mouths in January.  But it remains to be seen. 

Different routes can be taken, as one closed another one can be taken.  I mean, look at all the video's and corporate logo's and commercials that have all been touting in occultic terms, Anubis, which is the dog, Dagon, Dog of Sirius.  The big dipper, I think it's the last star on the kite of the big dipper, that's Sirius, the brightest star.  And all the celebrities and everyone have been touting the rise of Sirius.  And you'd have to go to my web site because, just go to the alien project . blogspot.com.  Because Andre has a great article over there that exposes this whole Sirius thing.  


Or you can call it Cyrus, whatever.  I'm not so great at pronunciations.  But the alien project, blogspot.com, or just go to my Face Book site, SherryTalkRadio and I just posted it to my list too so if you're on one of my lists.  But anyway you'll see the big ta-doo lately with all their little Masonic or Illuminati singers and Hollywood stars, promoting this thing and how they do it through hidden speech which most people don't catch but they all talk to each other through this stuff.  Symbols and everything.   

Satan Has Admitted Defeat!  There’s Too Much “Light” Here!

That route's being shut down because allegedly, well what I'm hearing from people in the know, is that Satan himself has admitted to them that the Earth has too much light on it.  Too much light energy, which is the Orgone and so they've been defeated on many routes they were planning.   

The Orgone Has Shut Down Many Routes

And so I find it very amusing because I know we shut down Plan A which was the big blue beam bringing them to Earth as gods and angels and singing heavenly hosts.  To really snow ball people into thinking they're ascended masters and beings from heaven.  I'm pretty sure we've been able to cut that down.  We'll cut down this Sirius thing, so, they'll have to find a different route.   

Satan Will Come To Earth VERY Angry

Eventually, they’re going to get tired of losing all the routes, and I think this is what’s going to happen.  They’re just going to come in a hostile invasion because they’re so mad.  And I’ve always told you, even back in 2003 when I first started going Bible Codes—well, I first started going them in 2001, uh, I started my radio shows in 2004—I told you back then, that every time I see Satan arriving, he’s mad. He’s angry.  And, and yeah, you’ll see the factions of the Buffalo and the Bison, and you’ll see ‘em singing, and uh, trying to really snowball people into thinking their angels from heaven and angelic beings.  It’s still there, it still exists.  But at the same time I always see him arriving as angry.  Very angry. Because we’ve been able to destroy so much of his plans and his kingdom.   

And we can’t stop it totally, because that’s for the Lord to do at the Battle of Armageddon.  And prophesy is gonna still be fulfilled.  But we don’t have to, to sit back and, and, be walked over.  We don’t have to be walked over by them.  We can take out his forces.  We may not be able to kill Satan, but we can take out his forces. 

Defend Yourselves With Orgone And Orgone Water

And, and if you don’t do something to defend yourself and your families, you’re gonna become victims of theirs.  Total victims.  ‘Cause let me tell you something.  These beings that are coming may not be able to hurt the righteous ‘cause all we have to do is, is call out to the Name of Yahushua or Orgone our yards and, and stuff, and they can’t harm us.  Uh, the Orgone will kill them anyway.  It kills them slowly.  And that’s how they’ll, they’ll be able to know whose are of the Lord and, and whose aren’t, because they’ll probably just walk into Orgoned areas and run.  Because they’re going to learn real quick just coming here.  I’ve been their target.  I’ve been their learning session here.   

Men And Children Are High On The Target Agenda

So, they may not be able to target and hurt the Lord’s righteous, but they’re gonna be killing and raping everybody else, and harming them.  And, and, if you think you’re a man and you’re safe, forget it.  Raping men is going to be very high on their agenda.  Especially kids. These beings are wicked.  Violent.  Beyond what you can comprehend.  And if you’ve seen Hellraiser, and, and you have Pindar [note: should be “Pinhead”] with all the needles in him, and sometimes they give you a glimpse of that realm—where Pindar [“Pinhead”] operates within and you see all these people being tortured—that’s what they do.  And that’s what they’re going to be doing here when they arrive.  And look, look at Joel chapter two.  It talks about the Locust.  They, they’re climbing over the walls, they’re climbing into windows.  Do you think they’re climbing into people’s homes, windows, to sit and have tea with them?   

The most wicked things you can imagine are going to be happening.  And, and I’ll tell you right now, you’re little guns with bullets and your 12-gauge—they ain’t gonna work against them.  They ain’t gonna work.  And I’m starting to see them akin with a lot like zombies.  I have a, a video out, How To Kill Zombies, and you can relate that to aliens as well.  You want to kill an alien, you gotta cut off its head, or get it with Orgone water.  Because Orgone water is just like an instant, uh, paralyzing of this thing.  They just hit the ground.  I’ve had my own experience with this recently.  They just hit the ground immediately and start dying.  They start weakening and dying the second they’re hit with Orgone water.  And so they might think they’re brave enough to come into your Orgoned area, and, and last for as long as they think they can take it before they leave or just start dying.  They might think they’re brave enough to handle it, till they realize they’re—they can’t handle it. Ah, but the Orgone water is instant.  It’s instant.  It just kills them immediately.  Debilitates them.  Puts them on the floor.  And so, this is what you’re going to need to protect yourself folks.  Orgone water and Orgone.  And I have instructions on my websites—Orgoneblatsters.com, uh, my Facebook site, SherryTalkRadio has my video on it.  Teaches ya how to make Orgone water.  If you take a bucket like I have, uh, a big garbage can, fill it with water, and throw some pucks in it—I’ve got like three or four pucks in a garbage can—and let it sit for a couple days.  Mine’s been sitting from last June.  That’s when I expected this whole thing to be, and it’s been delayed until now.   

You’re Gonna Hear More Truth With Sherry Than Anywhere Else

And that’s okay, because most people just who—aren’t ready.  And it gives more people time to wake up and pull their heads out of their butts and, and look at what’s going on.   See what’s going on.  Realize that I’ve been speaking Truth for the past umpteenth years, and that everybody else has been lying to you.  You’re going to hear more Truth here than your churches.  You’re gonna get more Truth on SherryTalkRadio than anywhere.   

Use Anything You Can To Hit Them With Orgone Water

And we’ve been lucky we’ve had a grace period, because all this stuff should have been going on back in July.  So get your Orgone water ready.  Get garbage cans, get buckets, fill it with Orgone water.  Fill it with water, put your Orgone pucks in there.  And get water guns, get water balloons, anything that can spray water.  Get a cup if you have to!  Just fill up a cup and throw it at the things.  But it’s the only thing that’s going to protect you other than if you’re a righteous person calling out the Name of the Most High.   

Even The Righteous Can Still Be Harassed
Now, even if you are a righteous person, they can still harass you.  They can still surround you and stare at you.  That’s what they do to me all the time. <laughing>  It’s like, get the freak outta here. <still laughing>  And ask the Lord to remove them or just take care of it yourself.  Throw water on ‘em, kill ‘em.   But that’s what we’re dealing with folks.  And so those of you who aren’t sure if you’re righteous enough to where the Lord won’t allow them to bother you, physically…then yeah, you need to, you need to start—even I have Orgone water everywhere.  I’m not taking anything for granted.  I’m not taking anything for granted.  And what kind of a leader would I be if I didn’t follow by example, if I didn’t lead by example?  And, and I’ve seen it work.  I’ve seen it work. 

They stick around in my yard, I, I just take an Orgone super-soaker and start shooting.  I can sense them in, in the fourth realm. Most people can’t do that.  Most people will just confined to this Earth, don’t sense anything of t he, of the spiritual realm.  Unfortunately, I, I’ve had to deal with the spiritual realm my entire life, since I was born.  I’ve had my spiritual eyes and ears open.  My ears more so than my eyes.  My eyes see what the Lord wants me to see.  It’s not random.  I see what He shows me. But my ears—I, I pick up things.  I picked up a fight in my house just the other day between a, an alien and a NASA invisible dude. And, and these Wackenhut invisible technology freaks, they’re all from NASA.  And, and that’s why I was altered, how I even got alerted at that time that they were here.  This little fight these two were having.   Very amusing.  Well, the alien’s dead, and I don’t know what happened to the NASA dude.  He just got away, cause he was getting heated up in here.  The Orgone heats ‘em up. And so they get heated up to where they can’t stay, and they’ll just leave.  Uh, but they’ll try to, to—I, I just don’t think they figure it out.  I don’t, I just don’t—I think they’re too stupid to figure out what it is that’s going on when, when they hit Orgoned areas.  They don’t figure out right away, “Oh this is an Orgoned area.” They, they just don’t figure it out.  

Sherry’s Info Comes from Yahuah Himself

And, and the one thing they’re after right now more than anything, is how I’m getting my information. How I’m getting all this information broadcasted over the airwaves.  And that’s what they want to know.  They come in my house, go through my stuff.  They’ll never understand the relationship between Yahushua, and Yahuah, and a servant, a mouthpiece that They’ve stood up.  They’ll never understand the Holy Spirit.  They’ll never understand that, that you can hear from God direct.  They don’t understand that.  And so, uh, that’s why they’ll never figure it out.  A lot of my information’s from the Lord Himself.  That’s—He’ll speak to me; I can hear Him just fine.  It can be that He’ll lead me to people with information that I need, that I can verify through the Codes, that they’re telling me truth or giving me BS.  I, I can verify it right away. Uh, because I’ve been in the Codes for so long, I, I know what they say.  It, it’s—I, I can know right away.  And so I know who, who to listen to.  And they would be people in places with things that you would, you wouldn’t imagine in a million years.   

I don’t think, in my, uh, fifteen years of being stood up as a mouthpiece, that once, He’s ever lead me to a pastor in a church for information.  Not once.  Because they’re controlled by religious mind control.  They know what the seminaries taught them.  They pick up their, their denominational lines of the, of the preaching that they have.  The Lord told me that I would, I would teach His shepherds.  I would teach them.  And I am.  I, I teach many of them.  They listen to my shows.  They read my transcribes.  They, they look—they look at my websites.  I teach them.  And so, my information does not come from them.   Uh, and you know, I can’t reveal how it, uh, how—I get it various ways.  Various ways, various ways.  And I’ll never reveal it.  People get so mad, but who cares?  I don’t care what they think.   

You know, there, there’s Christian whistle-blowers that are all over the place, folks.  People that used to work for NASA.  People that used to work for the government, the military.  They’re everywhere.  And, and the think about all of them, the same thing pretty common, is that if they speak out, they know they’ll lose their retirements.  That’s what they hold out, that’s what they hold over all these people’s heads.  Is losing their retirements, for speaking against anything, speaking on anything that they know.  And so, that’s why they’re very hush.   

Hybrids Have to Chose Whom to Serve, and Many Love and Honor the Most High

Uh, a lot of hybrids in our midst who love the Lord, who have, who have come to the Lord’s side—like, like I’ve said, they have to choose just like we do.  And we’re entering a whole new phase of our society of dealing with things we’ve never had to deal with before.  And now we’re all the sudden finding hey, this is real.  This is, this is prevalent, this is dominant, this is more than we realized. There’s millions of hybrids amongst us.  Yeah, think about it.  This of X-men, but not so dramatic.   

But they must make a choice which side they’re going to serve because they’re 50% human, 50% alien.  They have a human soul.  They were born of a human mother.  They must make a choice whom they will follow, whom they will serve.  So all the sudden, you’ve got, uh, uh, uh, groups of hybrids who just love the Lord, with all these special abilities.  Because they have abilities that the—weren’t meant for us to have.  But, they can use them for the Lord’s glory, the Lord’s good.  Some of them can’t use their abilities at all because the Lord has told them not to, and they don’t.  They honor, they honor whom they serve.  And so, just a whole new awakening in these last days of exactly what kind of society that we have.  What we’re dealing with.   

Sherry’s Message Reaches ALL the Realms

And the Lord has told me, He’s told me that, that my words are getting out everywhere.  In all the realms.  And it’s reaching out to all these different beings.   

Fallen Angels (Offspring) Can Be Saved As Well

I mean, just because you’re a fallen angel, offspring of fallen angels and you’re living in space, renounce evil!  Repent and turn away from it.  Even they have, even they can have a second chance.  They’re not redeemed by the blood of Christ, but if they turn away from Satan and renounce evil, then they have a, a whole different type of, of second chance type thing with the Most High.  Because only humans are redeemed, the hy—that includes the hybrids.  They fall under the blanket of being redeemed by the blood of Christ by the death of, by His death on the cross and His redemption.  But fallen angels themselves—and, and I know many of them listen to this radio show ‘cause usually on Monday nights I have ten UFOs above my house—you can renounce and rebuke Satan and walk away.   

Find An Archangel To Mediate Between You And The Most High; Don’t Ask Sherry

And go to one of the Archangels.  And then, and then take directions from them.  Michael.  One, one of the Archangels.    

Because we’re seeing a rebellion across the board of Satan’s kingdom.  A lot of fallen angels waking up and realizing that they’ve been lied to from the time they were born.  Now, yeah, granted some of them have been a live for a thousand or two thousand years, but he lies to them too, folks!  From, from the, from the time they’ve been created or born—because, fallen angels procreate.  Don’t listen to the churches.  Uh, certain ranks don’t.  The ones that serve the Lord in Heaven and His stronghold don’t procreate, but many others do.  Uh, and, and these ones do.  Fallen angels procreate, and they have civilizations everywhere and planets around us.  They can renounce Satan and walk away.   

And, and, so this is what I’m telling you to do.  And, and don’t come to me to mediate.  I, that’s—I’m tired of dealing with it.  I don’t have time.  Go find one of the Archangels. And, and tell them, that you want to rebel and walk away from Satan’s rule.  Find an Archangel.  And, uh, I know most of the time they fear them; they just, won’t go near an Archangel. <laughing>  Hey, I’m glad I’m on their good side too!  <laughing>  Very powerful.  Very powerful.  You don’t mess with the God’s Best.  You just don’t mess with His Best.  They stay very proud to be a servant of the Most High.  

Anyway folks. Just, just a lot of things.  Everything’s finally happening.  Starting, and, and I dunno.  It’s just kind of mind blowing when you look in the sky and see it morphing and see the sun morphing and, and. <sigh>  It’s here. It’s happening.  It’s finally happening.   

Three Days Of Darkness, ie: Three Days Of No Electricity

Uh, we could, if, if they do have, a, a, like a, like this mass invasion, they could knock our electricity out.  Look at the trailer, the movie trailer for The Day The Earth Stood Still, because this is the kind of theme that you get from all the different movies that we’re going to have three days of darkness.  Because they knock the electricity grid out.  Either, either because they’re just spiteful beings, or because of all the, the entrance of all their, their vehicles into our dimension at one time, and the grid can’t handle it.  I don’t know; I’m not a genius.  But either way, the central theme amongst the Illuminati and all of the freaks, is that, we’ll be without electricity for three days.   

Prepare Yourself, Folks

And so, prepare, folks.  Prepare for three days, uh, to not be able to go to a store.  And, and in fact double that because—six days, to be safe—because, uh, most stores might not come online with the computers.  Most stores are run by computers now.  And so if they use with their computers, they can’t even operate.  So be prepared to go about a week.  Have food.  Have water.  Uh, hygiene.   

And, and you know what, guys?  Don’t, don’t buy a fifty pound bag of rice and beans.  And, and, yeah, that will survive.  You’ll survive for a week.  But let me tell you something.  If you have kids and a wife, you’re going to be miserable hearing about it.  Get something different while you’ve got time. <laughing>  Buy some little treats.  No matter how bad dinner is—eggs, or like, beans and, and rice or something—if you have a little treat after, it’s not so bad.  I’m worse than a kid.  And, and, so think of your kids and your wife griping that, that all you stocked was, was rice and beans.  That’s why a lot of women are just taking care, taking over the food supply stockings.  Hah.  ‘Cause I’d rather have pancakes than beans, and, uh, you can cook a lot of things on a grill.  If you have a gas grill, a charcoal grill, get those prepared.  Uh, just, just make sure you have enough to, to get through a week with no electricity, folks.  Candles.  Space heaters, uh, that can run off of propane or gas.  Um, whatever it takes.  I, I’m not in your situations, I don’t, I don’t know what you need.  And so.  I have a generator that runs off o—um—oil. Some…gas.  I don’t know. <laughing>  Otherwise my house is all hooked up to electric.  I have backup.  So start planning on backup, and be prepared for about a week of, of not being able to go to the stores, and not leaving your house because the cities will be pandemonium.   

No Electricity Could Lead To Marshall Law

And that could be the very thing that throws our country into Marshall Law.  And that’s why I’m seeing round ups, uh, in January being so dominant all these years.  ‘Cause what happens in, in, in December, uh, yeah.  And they, they would be doing round ups.  And so.  And, and, just think. “January” in the Bible Codes can be either December or January.  Because real month’s mixed up in the Hebrew’s.  

 Anyway, I’ll talk about, uh, more on Monday night.  Monday night at 10 o’clock with SherryTalkRadio, and uh, whatever the Lord leads me to say and talk about.  And I got a lot of callers.  Sorry you’ve been sitting on the lines all day, but, I just have to get things said.  I, I, if I have time after wards that’s fine, I’ll take callers, but, not today.   

Anyway, until next week everybody.  Monday night at ten o’clock.  Same place.  

Yah Bless.


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