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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 1, 2010

Maybe Nibiru or Shema Will Call to Say Why My Internet Service Doesn't Work

And, hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. It's Monday Night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. I think it's November 1st. [laughs] Nothing's working right on this computer. So, yeah, it's Monday the 1st. So if you're getting interruptions and glitches and stops, yeah, that's how it's going so far tonight. So hopefully things kick in. Their probably gathering up a bunch of UFOs and circling my satellite service and getting ready to beam it out of the sky. [laughs] I wouldn't doubt it. So maybe we'll get a call from Nibiru tonight or Shema or something and they'll set it straight on why my Internet service doesn't work on Monday nights.

People in South Africa Noticing the Second Sun

Anyway, it's been an interesting week. And, a couple things I've wanted to talk about. And certainly things I don't want to talk about. And if the Lord leads me into talking [about?] it tonight, I don't know what I'm gonna do. There's just some things I'd rather ignore that's not on His mind to ignore. [laughs] I don't know. I guess you'd have to spend a day in my life and talk to the Lord during the day and things like that. Very interesting.

Got pictures today from South Africa posted to the orgone list, on the second sun. And so, a lot of people noticing it in South Africa. Everybody wanting to know what's going on. Is it the end of days, the end of the world? Well, yeaaah. [laughs] Almost. And here in America people have been able to get pictures of it. Now if you live in a area like I do...Ohio...they tend to start spraying at dawn far east of here to sabotage the sunrises so that you can't see the second sun rising. Now I try to get it at night at sunset when it's a little bit easier to look at the sun. And I about go blind every night when I do this. And so, I don't see it at sunset. So I have a feeling if we were gonna see it in my region it would be in the sunrise, and that's why they sabotage it so much with all of the chemtrail action.

People in the States East of Pennsylvania Need to Get More Orgone Out

And I've gone as far east as I can think of. I don't know how far east you'd have to go to get the orgone to knock these chemtrails out so that we could actually see the sunrise. They sabotage it every morning. And so, I don't think the problem is Ohio. And I don't think it's Pennsylvania. And so, probably in New York somewhere. Let's blame New York. [laughs] New York needs to get orgone up so that we could try to put a dent in the chemtrail action so that we can see a sunrise. Maybe in Maine. We'll just blame it on that whole east coast area. [laughs] 'Cause I don't think it's these two states. [laughs] There's just so much orgone in this region. If you walked from the border of New York to Denver, Colorado, you could probably build a boat with all the orgone pucks stacked on top of each other, a ship, with all the orgone in this region. And so, very interesting, they don't like this region. This region is dominant. It comes up in the Codes all the time. And just a lot of Warriors getting busy between here and Colorado.

Warriors, Help Put Up an Orgone Wall on the Gulf Coast Side of Texas

And so, that's what we also need in the southern states. I know there's a lot of Texas Warriors. But Texas is a huge state. That's like a country in itself. You would need like ten thousand Warriors down there. But you know what? If one or two Warriors can get an -- three Warriors, four, can get an entire state of Ohio, then I know that four of you alone in Texas can get a huge chunk of Texas. And I know -- I've even gone to Texas myself and did work there. I know there's a lot of Warriors down there. So I'm not blaming anything on Texas. I think Texas is pretty well covered, although there's probably areas on the [eastern] side that could be done.

And, I think the smart thing to do with the [eastern] side of Texas is to go north to south through that state, over in the [eastern] region, and put up a orgone wall. One orgone puck every half mile. And just start from the north part of that state and go all the way to the south. Because you want to keep the garbage in the Gulf that way. Keep it out of Texas. Because all of that Corexit and the poison contamination is not over with. And it's just going to end up destroying a huge chunk of Texas if Texas doesn't get a orgone wall up. And so, you've gotta head west to Texas, folks. Head west. And maybe all you Warriors get together and go on some kind of a mission down there. And get a wall up running north to south in that state to block everything coming over from the Gulf from hitting Texas. That's the only other way I can think of getting that state protected right now.

Cuba Is in Danger of Destruction from a Fire Tsunami

Because, you know, everything I've said earlier about seeing a fire wall, a lake of fire, a tsunami fire coming out of the Gulf still stands. And, not only destroying Florida, but parts of Texas. We may even see Cuba completely annihilated a fire tsunami, firecane [Sherry's new word; like hurricane]. [laughs] I don't know what else to call it. A firecane. And so, interesting that since I started putting out those warnings about a lake of fire, a tsunami coming from the Gulf, other people have had visions of the same thing. And so, it still stands. I know I see Cuba coming up in the Codes, and so, that's what make me think of it, because why else would Cuba come up? What is so dominant about Cuba? Unless it's gonna be destroyed, and basically that's what I think's gonna happen. I think that a tsunami could hit it. A firecane. And I certainly don't want to see the Warriors in Texas get affected by it. Which will happen if they don't get a orgone wall up in Texas on the [east] side of that state. And so, you need to get a orgone wall up.

Get Out of Florida

If you're in Florida, get out of the state. There's no saving it. Get out. I know a lot of you are glad you did years ago when I started warning to get out of Florida. And you've already gotten resettled in other parts of the country. And so, you didn't have to go through this whole Corexit contamination thing.

Mainstream Media Is Blocking News of Gulf Region Deaths

Interesting that there's an activist down there in the Gulf of Mexico warning that people are dropping over dead. And so, that goes to show you, folks, that we're not hearing anything from mainstream media. We're not hearing anything from them. And an activist wouldn't lie. That's why they're activists, because they're fed up and they stand up to speak the truth. And so, you know, this whole thing isn't over with. It hasn't even begun to be over down there. And so, I just wanted to bring that up.

Learn the Lord's Voice - Question the Spirit That's Speaking to You

I didn't really want to bring it up. It just came to my mind. It's the Lord bringing it up about the Gulf region. And so, need to watch out for that, folks. And go to Him. Speak to Him. Ask Him what to do. Don't think I'm just a crazy lady with a radio show on Monday nights. Go to Him. Ask Him. Because He can verify, hit your spirit. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. Ask Him to speak to your spirit on what you should do. He doesn't speak to our heads, folks. The Lord doesn't speak to our heads. And that's why it's so important that we learn how to recognize His voice.

Because -- one of the things I can't stand is getting prophecies from people or messages from God from people, and it's not Him, not His voice. And I know when I hear it it's not. Because people mess with me, too. They try to mimic the Lord's voice and say things to me. And as soon as you question (because you know it's not Him), they start cussing at you. And that's what we're supposed to do. We're supposed to be questioning anything that we accept from the Lord. Question the spirit that's speaking to you. Because the Lord...He'll tell you it's Him. If it's not, they just start cussing. And that's how it typically is.
I Let the Lord Handle My Enemies and I Move On

You know, I started standing up and speaking on the Internet about ten years ago. And since then these groups have formed against me. And you would think by now they would have something better to do. But they're still in the background. They're still in the background. They're still working against me. And there's so many different...many of them. There's probably a hundred. Everytime someone stands up to diss me, disrespect me, there's usually a group behind them. They're on my list. They're on my Facebook. They're everywhere. They're everywhere. And it's very networked. You know, it's very ranked out. And they plan their attacks. And it's just so silly. Really, folks, I don't spend usually two minutes of my time a day even thinking they exist, wondering about them. Because I just let the Lord handle my enemies and I move on. Sometimes, though, it gets to the point where it's silly and obnoxious. Like, find something to do.

Listen to (or Read) Last Thursday's Show - A Lot of Info

Anyway, I sent some stuff out to my list this week in regard to the recent attacks here on my homefront. And I spent a lot of time on Thursday's show talking. And so, if you didn't listen to Aliens in the News on Thursday, my show Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock, you might want to go back and listen to that show because I gave a lot of information out. And certainly would be a show you'd want to be listening to. Because we're getting into crunch time, folks. November is crunch time. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Chew, chew, chew. OK? And we're getting late in the game. And just because you haven't had an alien sit on your head, (that's because you're not a threat to them) doesn't mean they're not everywhere else.

When the Aliens Start Manifesting Physically, Don't Fear Them, Stay Calm

Now I've told you the dimensions are merging. And they certainly are. And as they keep merging, as I see in the Bible Codes, they're coming in daily, they're arriving daily. They're staying hidden as much as possible until they all get here. And I don't know exactly what "all" means, how many of them there are, because they're arriving daily and they're piling up and they just keep waiting for everybody to get here. So how many is that? I don't know. And how long does that take? I don't know. But I think we're gonna start seeing some real physical manifestations in the coming weeks. And so, the best thing to do is stay calm, don't fear them. When you see a physical manifestation, whether it be a UFO or a alien or a demon or whatever it is, folks, don't fear them. Because they feed off fear. That gives them energy. So just laugh, stay calm, and call on the Most High.

Now if you have orgone, you can -- if you see a UFO in your area and you have an orgone pipe, take your pipe and point it at the UFO. Point it directly at that UFO. And ask the Lord to destroy it. You know, that's what I plan on doing when they finally become physical. Right now they kind of like, stay around my property. But as Shema comes up, and some of these other starships, I point my pipes at them, and you can just see it get yellow. A lot of starships around here that just get yellow.

Revelation 8:10 Talks About a Lamp Falling to Earth; That's Shema

Shema's been on fire since last year, folks. Last October. It's in two parts, too. And so, that's why it looks so funky in the sky when you look at it. I think it's my eyesight and it's not. This thing's actually in two different parts attached to each other. And so, one part is the temple. Satan has a temple on Shema. And Shema is a virtual metropolis. It's a city. And I talked about that before. It reminds me of that ship, that V ship, on the V [TV] series. I think that's where they got it from, because there's a literal city, metropolis, on this place, this rock. It's gotta be a huge planet of some kind. And on the other side that's attached to it, they have Satan's part where he has a temple and all that. And where the Ashtar Command is and all that. Now it's the city part, I believe, that's on fire. The front part. And so, I don't know if it's reached back into the second part or not. I could have it mixed up. It could be Satan's temple on the front and the city in the back. I don't know. Sometimes I think it is the temple because I see it as being destroyed. It's all gonna be destroyed anyway when it crashes. If you read in Revelation, chapter 8, I think it is...talks of the lamp falling to Earth. That's Shema. And so, [laughs] just a matter of time until that falls. It's just playing out its days and will fulfill prophecy.

It's Put-Up or Shut-Up Time

But all these other things are gonna happen. All these other things are gonna happen. And I've certainly been the target. You know, it's put-up or shut-up time. They want to see if we're putting up or just gonna shut up. And so, I would prefer the put-up part because I've certainly done a lot of work the last umpteen years to give them a nice welcome party when they do arrive. And so, they've been sending out their scouts here to my property. And I've been dealing with them. And, you know, the other day there was a huge brigand of them here.

People Want to Know How I See the Aliens

People want to know how I see them. I have a very limited view of the spiritual realm. I only see what the Lord shows me to see. What He allows me to see. I can hear into the spiritual realm. And I can discern energies. Just various gifts the Lord's given me, and ones I was born with, over the years. And some people would think that's a curse. And, a lot of times it has been. You really just don't want to know. You really don't want to hear or see. But some people are just born that way. And that's how I was born. And probably for my own defenses, my own instincts, and surviving, because they've been trying to kill me since I was born. And now it's 44 years and I'm still alive and they always just die.

A Force of 10,000 Men in Black and Greys Were in My Home -- They're Dead Now

And you'd think Satan would know by now that whatever he sends me, it's just gonna die. [laughs] It's just gonna die. Or be chained and be cast into the abyss. And so, it's certainly what's been happening lately. He's been sending his forces after me. And the other day 10,000 of them came, they saw, they died. And so, they'll be back. I'm sure they'll be back. There's not an ounce in me that doesn't think they will be back with 100,000 next time. And so, they seem to do things in 10s, and so, that's why I think next time will be much bigger, maybe 100,000. Maybe fleets instead of just sending ground forces in.

The other night I dealt with 10,000 men-in-black's (the MIBs) and the Greys. A mixed force of 10,000 of them. And, you know, folks, you just have to stay calm. You just have to stay calm. Don't fear them. I was never in fear. A little freaked, like, what in the world is going on? My dog's were going crazy. They were totally on edge. And, my hearing, discerning, and the energy change, and just everything, it was like an evil wall just hit this place. And, I just asked the Lord what to do. And, you know, He'll lead and guide you into anything. Just don't fear, just stay calm when they're around.

They were gonna cut off my electricity and just cause panic here. Well, number one, I'm not gonna panic. And number two, they ended up cutting off the electricity in two areas that aren't even semi-close to here; quite a ways away. I noticed that they had electricity out in those areas. So I have to assume that was related to the same night where they were here trying to cut off the electricity. They never got that accomplished before they all burnt up. But you just stay calm. You have your orgone out. You're already prepared. Just ask the Lord to increase the energy that's in the orgone, because it was the orgone energy that fried and killed all 10,000 of this brigand that came here the other night. It was the orgone, and the Lord through the orgone, who destroyed them all.

And so, it was peaceful. After it happened it's been peaceful since. My dogs have not been barking. They've not been on edge. I've been at peace. Waiting for the next attack.

Obama Knew About the Attack on Sherry by the Brigand and He Watched It

And I find it interesting that on the night that they sent this whole brigand here to be destroyed, Obama knew about it. He knew about it and he watched it. And so, very interesting because he has to have some kind of very -- for being a clone -- has to have supernatural capabilities. And I've warned you about him, because he is a clone, that Satan can just embody him. And that's what I'm seeing in the Codes is that Satan, himself, is embodying Obama. And, basically, anybody can walk in and take over his body, because he's just a shell.

You know, the Bible Codes calls him Egyptian. And you look at that pharaoh Akhenaton. I've got the video on my website. It's because he's a clone, a created being. I don't know how else to say it. He's got all this various DNA in him. And they've created this human. And they do it. They do it. They create humans. They take different types of DNA and end up with created hybrids to this day that are people that are hybrids.

If You're Born of a Woman, You Have a Chance of Redemption

And what's interesting is if you're born of a mother, then that gives you a human soul. And no matter what the other 50 percent of your DNA is, you can still be redeemed by the Most High. You can still accept His salvation and choose Him. And so, if you're born of a woman, then you have a chance of redemption. Now these other beings that they make, these cloned beings, I don't know how they do it. But they don't have souls. They don't have souls to them. And so, this is the kind that Satan can just walk in and use, and that's what he's doing with Obama.

America Is Last Days Babylon and the Codes Reveal Obama as the King of Babylon

You know, I'm working on a Code for November and there's this one little area and it says "king - Babylon - Obama." And I told you over and over again, that when it comes to Bible prophecy, America is Babylon. And people don't want to believe it because they've been growing up in the churches who teach the Vatican is Babylon. The Vatican is not Babylon. The Vatican exports and imports nothing. You can read all of the things in Revelation, chapter 18 that describes Babylon. Not to mention Jeremiah and Isaiah and the Old Testament prophets. In fact, I have an article, America, Mystery Babylon, of over a hundred verses on why America fulfills every prophecy on last days Babylon. America, itself. And the Bible Codes revealing "king - Obama - Babylon." He's the king of Babylon. It's Obama.

The Bible Says the King of Babylon Is the Antichrist

And what other significance does it say? It says in the last days that the king of Babylon is the Antichrist. Now, this could start when Obama leaves office; somebody else comes in. Or the United States could hand over the authority and kingship of the United States to somebody else in the United Nations who could fulfill the prophecy of being king of Babylon. And so, there's different routes to look at. But if it was to start today, in the here and now, no other routes coming, it would be Obama who would be the Antichrist. Plain and simple, according to the prophets. Because they all said -- Isaiah, Joel, Jeremiah, the other ones -- the king of Babylon would be the Antichrist. Now everyone's saying, "Noooo. My pastor said it was a Syrian Jew." Or Jack Van Impe. Come on, folks.

Obama Could Give Kingship of Our Country Over to Maitreya

We also have the route with Maitreya. And I've always warned you about Maitreya, because he's very dominant. Now Obama works in cahoots with Maitreya. They're allies. They're buddies. And so, what could also happen is Obama giving the kingship of our country over to Maitreya as ambassador of the UN or whatever he's gonna come in as. But I find it interesting that Syria and Damascus are coming up in the Codes because there could be a physical manifestation soon of this Ashtar Command, this Command...Maitreya, Sananda, Lady Nada, all them, coming in to Damascus.

And so, if they have some kind of a meeting in Damascus, and maybe the worldwide focus will be on Damascus, I don't know. You never know what's gonna happen in the public limelight and what happens behind closed doors. Because in the Codes I'm not given this, "Oh, this happens behind the scenes," "This happens. The media covers it." You know? I don't have one way or another knowing if it's gonna be something that happens in the background or something that happens in front of the cameras. But I can tell you the Ashtar Command is gonna be in Damascus. I see that. And that's coming up.

There's Going to Be a Physical Arrival - Pay Attention to Your Animals

Now I told you about the brigand. How we would destroy and crush a Buffalo brigand. And, happened in ways I wasn't expecting. Happened in my own yard. [laughs] I thought it would be much more of a spectacle than that. I thought it would be something in the skies. Something everybody would see. And it didn't. It happened, you know, within one, two hours over my own property. You know, ding dong, ten thousand gone. I like that little song for Obama: Ding dong, ten thousand gone. And he watched it. He watched them all die. And they're stupid enough to go back to the planning tables and try to think of something else to come at me with. I fully expect it.

And it's just heating up, folks. It's heating up. Eventually, there's going to be physical manifestations of them here. And in the Codes I just saw the term "physical arrival." And so, there is going to be a physical arrival. Something happening soon where everybody will see it. Pay attention to your animals. They'll alert you when something's going on. They'll be on edge. I'm not talking about earthquake predictors...how some animals will get upset and, you know, there's an earthquake coming, whatever. Because when there's aliens around, or demons around, dogs will start barking like crazy. They don't like them. So pay attention to your animals.

And when they start barking at the wind, you can't see what they're barking at, just get some orgone out, and start waving it in that direction. Just wave it. Hold it in your hand and wave it towards that direction. We're making pipes that will be easier to hold. That you could actually hold orgone pipes and just wave them in the air, wave them around the yard. That thrusts the orgone energy out; propels it. Like a propulsion. Pushes it out and fries them because the orgone burns them. Or just ask the Lord to increase the power of the orgone in your area to fry them, you know. It'll be peaceful. It'll be peaceful.

Sometimes We Don't Ask the Right Things of the Lord

And listen to the Lord if He tells you to do anything else or pray something in particular. Because sometimes we just don't ask the right things. I do that all the time. And so, sometimes I'll just shut up and I'll say, "OK. What should I ask for? How should I ask for it?" [laughs] Because we always think, "OK, I'll cover it by saying this." Sometimes there's just an easier way, and He knows what that easier way is. And so, He'll tell you how to ask Him for something. And so, just ask Him, "What should I ask You? What should I pray for? How should I pray for it?" You know? We're not apart from Him in this war. This is His war. We're led by Him. He's the Boss. And so, you've gotta listen to the Boss, folks.

When They Start Arriving En Masse, Ask the Lord to Amp Up the Orgone Energy Power

Now, we've prepared -- He's never led His people into a war when His people weren't prepared. And this is a war. And He has been preparing us (those who will listen) for the last several years, and it's about to be crunch time. It's about to be crunch time. And so, one of the things we can do, is when they do arrive en masse, and you're interrupted from your football or whatever we watch on TV, and you're all outside looking up at the sky, and you're seeing tons of UFOs flying around, ask the Lord to increase the orgone that has been laid in every state and every country. Ask Him to amp the power up of it. Because if we have a thousand Warriors around the world at the same general area times asking the Lord to increase that orgone, the power of the energy, then you'll start seeing it massively affect these UFOs that are flying around us. Now, I suspect a lot of them will be military. A lot of these black triangular crafts, these boomerang-type things that are just basically illusion, they're just lights under a vehicle that looks like a boomerang (that's what I think). I think a lot of them will be military, but a lot of them won't be, either.

And so, it's gonna be interesting. I don't know when they'll come as a mass arrival. But I look for some kind of a manifestation of them over the next two months; November, December. Over the next two months, literally, because they're running out of time. They're running out of forces. As long as they keep holding off, and they're already -- like I said, the orgone is in the dimensions. It's a dimensional weapon. So they're losing control of the dimensions as well. And they're all gonna be cast to Earth. And reading Revelation, chapter 12, when Michael cast Satan to the earth, they're stuck here. And so, they're all gonna be here, en masse. And so, no idea exactly when. There's no timetable on it. There's no clocks. We'll just have to watch for events, and watch and wait, and see what happens. Some people are looking for the wrong things. Some people have gone to sleep, because they're waiting for a Russian war on Israel. Well, well, well. Oh, because, you know, Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey said so.

Expect a Christmas Eve U.N.-NATO Invasion of Foreign Troops

Who's Israel today, folks? You can talk about a literal land of Israel that's no bigger than the state of New Jersey. Or, the people Israel. And one thing in Bible prophecy is that you never know which one they're talking about. Because, sometimes talking about the land, and then other times talking about the people, or where the future Israel would be. Now, there's one thing I do know, very clearly from looking in the Codes, is that Israel and Israel are two different things. The people Israel are dominantly last days British and America, Canada, Australia; these nations. Europe. European nations. The land of Israel is the little state over there in the Middle East.

And I find it interesting that everybody keeps waiting for a war to hit the land of Israel. But it's actually gonna be hitting the people of Israel. In particular, a faction of them of America. And so, watch out, folks. Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open for Christmas Eve U.N.-Nato invasion of Chinese, Russian and German troops. I suspect it would be around Christmas Eve. I don't know what year, but if God doesn't tarry and it happens this year, then so be it, be ready. Because, it very well could be this Christmas Eve.

Their Plan to Mimic the Star of Bethlehem Failed

And not to mention that, but Christmas has always been the Star of Bethlehem/Shema time that Ashtar Command had always set up. Because they want to mimic the Most High. They want to mimic Yahushua being born. And so, they wanted to raise up their star, Shema, which gave me all the impetus and motivation years ago to destroy that thing. And they wanted to raise it up and say, "Oh, look. This is the Star of Bethlehem to herald the birth of Yahushua. It's heralding the arrival of Maitreya. And, whatever. That's what they were gonna use it for. That's why, you know, it's been such a joy of mine to see it on fire the past year. [laughs] Just watch the huge fireball in the sky. [laughs]

But they have backups because they use these ships, and they put these lights on them. I'm not kidding. They put lights on them (I call them G.E. [General Electric Company] light bulbs; ten-thousand-G.E.-light-bulb ships), to make them look extremely bright. Because these things, they'll turn on and off in an instant in the night sky. One minute it's there, the next minute it's gone. Just turn it on, turn it off.

And they can even mask Shema that way. If you looked out at Shema tonight, it was very yellow. And it was in the east, my east, your west, whatever. It was in my east. And I have a pipe pointing straight at that thing. And it was very yellow. Now, tomorrow when it comes out, it could look white and brilliant. Because, they'll just turn the lights inside on. They'll turn the lights on. [laughs] I don't know how long they can keep those lights on when they do that. It's not very long. Maybe a day. Maybe half a day. A couple hours. It's not that long that they can keep that charade up.

At the First Sign of Electricity Going Out in a City, Get Out

And so, very interesting just how things are falling into place now. Pieces all coming into the puzzle and starting to happen more and more and more, as we watch for them to happen. And, you know what? It's not getting any warmer out. It's getting very cold. And if you've been paying attention to Hollywood, they always kind of predicted there's gonna be a time of when the electricity is off. So you may want to prepare for that. If they decide to come en masse this month, next month, January, whatever, it's very cold in these months. And so, many cities would be without electricity and that would just cause pure pandemonium. Pure pandemonium in cities that need heat and lights. Every city needs lights. Not all of them need heat like they do in the east. And so, could cause complete pandemonium. And I see a lot of chaos coming. I see chaotic times coming. I can rejoice when I see chaotic times for them. It makes me laugh. [laughs] Their confrontations with me don't end up very well for them. And so, those make me laugh. But when I see things coming to the world, itself, and so many million people -- millions just unprepared. Not even woken up. Just completely clueless of what's coming. You know, that's sad. That's heartbreaking. But all I can do is reach the ones whose ears are open, eyes are open. And the ones I can reach. So just be prepared, folks.

And the first sign of electricity going out of a city, get out. There's your signal. Get out. Get out. And don't go the highway route, folks. I've told you over and over again, get Plan B routes, side road routes. Get side road routes out of the cities. There's always someone's car who breaks down and stops traffic. It's just a given. And so, plan on that. Plan on large, long traffic delays.

Vision of Cars Stuck on a Highway and People Watching a Tsunami Heading Their Way

I think one of the worst visions I've ever had was one out west. And there was a highway, and I think -- I've never been to California, but there's a Highway 5. I think it's 5. And it goes from one end of the state to the other. And, in a vision, I saw all these cars just stopped on the highway. They were all running to get away or just general traffic in California. Who knows, you know? But they were all stopped. Nobody could move. And the wave was coming. There was a huge tsunami wave coming. And all people could do was stand there and watch it, because they couldn't move their cars, there was no place to go stuck on the highway. And this huge wave was coming towards all these people standing on the highway. And so, don't get stuck on highways, folks, that's all I can say. Don't get stuck on them. Go the side routes. And have your bug-out bags ready.

Orgone Makes Aliens Sick, and Orgone Water Kills Them Instantly

Guns aren't gonna affect them [the aliens]. Now when they appear physically, in physical manifestation, you might be able to shoot a alien, but you're not gonna kill it. It's just gonna go find another body; it's a spirit being. If you wanna kill them, the orgone water is like acid to them. And so, get your orgone buckets ready, your barrels of water, your pools of water, your squirt guns, spray guns, spray bottles. Anything that works. A cup will work at this point. And orgone water will destroy them instantly. I've had some fun with that this past week, shooting some aliens that were around; the green and black ones, the first scout troops they sent earlier last week. Dying instantly when shot with orgone water.

The regular orgone -- when the come into an orgoned area, they don't realize what's happening. But they start to feel sick. And then as time goes, they get sicker and sicker, and then they start to heat up. It burns them up. So it takes a while. It's like a process. It's not a instant death when they enter a orgoned area. I don't think they realize what's going on and what's hitting them. But, of course, they will now, but [laughs] they've had quite the learning exercise in my place. But if they get the orgone water -- you don't wanna sit around and wait for the thing to just to leave 'cause it's sick you can start spraying them, hosing them down if you see it, and they'll die instantly. It's like acid hitting them. It's like holy water hitting something very evil. That's exactly what it's like. Because, the orgone water is living energy, and it's the Lord's energy. And so, it just kills them instantly. And so, the combination is very powerful.

Use Orgone Pipes as Wands to Knock Them Over Like a Wave

And if you get some pipes that you can hold with your hands and just wave in the air their ships. And even towards aliens if they do arrive en masse, and they're walking around or whatever, take your pipes and start waving it at them, so all that energy can be propelled out of the pipe onto them, and knock them over like a wave. And so, we are prepared.

And the thing is to just stay calm, folks. Don't fear them. Don't fear them, it just feeds them. And know who our Boss is. The Most High. And so, now is the time to prepare, folks. Now is the time. Everybody's seeing the morphing of the dimensions. The morphing of the sun. I talked about the moon beams, the moon. And, yeah, the moon beams are still hitting the earth this month and November. You're gonna see people getting dumber and dumber and dumber; more of a zombie state, robotic state. This stuff has just started and it's going to get much, much worse. And it's just like in a gradual phase right now, but it's gonna keep increasing and getting worse. You know, you look at people, the lights are on, nobody's home. It's gonna get worse. Gonna get much worse.

November 11th Is an Occultic Date - Ask the Lord to Sabotage the Pagan Ceremonies

And so, anyway, just giving you a heads up on what to look forward to for the next month. I know on the 11th, November 11th, they're gonna be having little ceremonies everywhere. And a supermound in Ohio. And I think it's a general -- some kind of occultic date; the 11th. Because, it seems like there's little pagan ceremonies going on in very many different places. And so, just ask the Lord to send derision to these ceremonies and destroy them, basically. Sabotage them. Ask the Lord to increase the power of any orgone in that area so that it just completely destroys. Because, they're all getting together on the 11th. And all these various pagan places to invite the aliens to Earth, basically. That's what I think it's about. I don't know. I'm not a New Ager. I don't know exactly what it's about, but I'm assuming that they're all gonna get together, "Oh, yes. Come to Earth. Come help us." Blah, blah, blah. They have no idea. Half of them will be in alien soup kitchens rather than some kind of command that they think that, you know, the aliens are gonna reward them for their help. Of course, they don't call them aliens. They call them Ascended Masters and all this crap. Give me a break, folks. They're gonna be the first ones in alien soup kitchens.

No, We Don't Want Aliens on Our Planet - That Is Unacceptable

And so, just ask the Lord to send derision on that date to put them all in confusion, to sabotage all the little ceremonies. Because, no, we don't want them here on Earth. We renounce them and rebuke them. Their presence repulses us. And they need to know this. They need to know how the majority on Earth view them. Because they're waiting for this huge acceptance and Dr. Salla's the king Lizard of them all. And he keeps trying to gather everybody on his little alien lists, alien discussion groups, and formats that he has to try to get everybody in agreement that aliens are our friends and they're gonna come help us on Earth. And so, we need to stand up as a huge majority and just tell them to shut up and sit down. Tell them we don't want their aliens, their fallen angels on our Earth. This is our planet the Lord created for mankind. And we don't want aliens on it. And that must be our attitude. They're enemies of God's. They're enemies. And they're enemies of ours. They eat us. They eat humans. You know, maybe if these Dr. Salla's, all these little New Agers going around singing up the praises of these fallen angels, Ascended Masters and everything, maybe if they lost family members to the aliens cages and soup kitchens, they'd shut up. Maybe it needs to be a little bit more real to them. Maybe they need to see some real grief and suffering that other people have seen, so they'll just shut up. I don't know what it's gonna take. But they're little mouthpieces and pawns for Satan. And so, we need to take control over that and just stand as a majority against the garbage that they teach and preach.

The Church Crowd Is So Divided - Many of Them Are Freemasons or Shriners

You know, and one of the things about the church crowd is they're just so divided. So divided. In thousands of different denominations, nobody can agree on anything. At least maybe, for once we could agree that the Lord's enemies are our enemies. And we need to fight against them in His power, in His name. Then it would be a fight over exactly defining enemies. That's exactly what would happen. And that's why the Lord isn't waiting on them. That's why He's called His people out of the churches, 'cause they're all run by Satanists. They're run by Satan's pawns. Get out of them, folks.

I mean, you look at the backgrounds of the people that even I followed as a kid; Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey. I idolized those people when I was little. And then the truth starts unraveling. Well, you know, Hal Lindsey's on his fourth wife. Met her at a stripper bar. 33-degree Mason. And really, what's Jack Van Impe's story? And you know what? When you start digging into all these people that we've been listening to over the years, they're Masons, they're Scottish Rites, they're Shriners. You know, Shriners is an organization, it's not a name. It's a name, but it's a organization. It's a boys' club. And they worship Allah. It's a Muslim group; the Shriners. Even the Masons, they worship Lucifer. The head of Freemasonry is an alien. And, of course, you don't learn that until you get to the very top levels of Freemasonry. But the very head of Freemasonry is a alien, itself, a tall Grey alien.

And so, keep paying those dues, folks. Keep paying those dues. They charge these people, these men, you know, a hundred, two hundred dollars dues every month to be involved in these organizations. And all their money trickles up. It's like a Ponzi scheme. So that they can support -- and it ends up going into the pockets of all the people at the very top. And so, you spend all your life in these groups trying to get to the top. To get your little piece of the pie that's never gonna come.

And, a lot of these groups are just front groups. They're just, you know, silly front groups they use a charades so people think Freemasonry is a organization based on good works like getting your kids implanted with chips, and your dogs implanted. And your dogs start dying of tumors in their heads and going into convulsions. And your kids start getting these mystery illnesses and diseases and plagues. Wake up, folks. Nobody wants to help you. Satan's entire kingdom is built on destruction, built on destroying you. Whether it's putting a RFID chip in a animal or a kid, it's to destroy them. And that's what it does.

Anyway, be back on Tuesday...er, not Tuesday. Why do I always think I have a radio show on Tuesdays? Maybe the Lord's telling me something, I don't know. But I'll be back on Thursday at 1 o'clock for Aliens in the News.

The Confrontatons Between Sherry and Obama Are Dominating the Codes

And, I've been looking in some Codes for November, so I'll probably speak some more then about what I have been finding. And, you know, it's just getting very dominant. The confrontations between Obama and myself, for the next month or two, are dominating the Codes. And so, that's why I know he's coming back. He's not happy with just getting 10,000 of his little buddies' asses kicked. He's coming back for some more. And so, [laughs] I'll be ready. I'll be ready. I don't fear him. He's a scumbag. Anything that worships and follows Satan, or even Satan, himself, is a total scumbag to me.

Anyway, folks, next Monday, 10 o'clock Monday night, be here. Or, uh [long pause]. Wow. What happened? [laughs] [another long pause] I don't know. Uh...

Anyway, see you next week, folks. Yah bless.

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