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Aliens in the News November 4th, 2010


And hello everybody, it's Aliens in the News. I'm Sherry Shriner and it is Thursday November 4th.  So very interesting things coming up this week folks and I keep hearing talking in my head phones here.   <laughing>  Blog Talk Radios having some kind of interference---and it's like I'm listening in to someone Else's conversation---and trying to talk at the same time.  And so, very odd, maybe it's NASA. <laughing> yeah they can't seem to get enough of this place folks and that's ok, I'm just preparing all the more for ‘em.     

A couple of things coming up.  And most people bracing anyway because they can feel it in the air.  Obama taking off to India, probably going to Shambala.  Truth be known, that Taj Mahal is probably some kind of Star Gate or some kind of entrance to the Rainbow City, that's in India.  And taking off out of the country with his wife and kids.  One million North American satanists seeking out of this country seeking other places to live.   Boy, talk about sending your garbage out of the country, they can GO and just a general, on the 11th of this week; very occultic significances for all week long. 

I know on the 11th, they're meeting down on the Serpent Mound down in southern Ohio.  To praise the arrival of these human eating, child raping beasts and inhuman aliens that they call ascended masters.  And CERN firing up on the 8th [November] and the biggest thing about the CERN that we've discovered, I've discovered, a little slow, but I get there.  And I figured this out back to begin with, they're opening portals.  Opening portals to the other dimensions so that all the other little maggots in the galaxy that have rebelled from heaven, that have fallen from heaven been kicked out and all their off spring, so that everything else in these other galaxies can come over to ours.   

And they've been accumulating the past several months probably year, who knows.  But it's been really bad the past several weeks because people have actually seen the portals opening.  The sky it looks like its morphing.  You look at a center of the sky and it just looks like its dematerializing.  Same thing with the sun and the moon.  And just a lot of activity going on with opening these portals up. 


The portals they're opening


Now, what's so important about this week and next week?  Well, in particular next week.  The 8th which is Monday;  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The thing fires up on the 8th which is a high occultic number for them and the portals they're opening on those days are going to be the portals that Maitreya and the Ashtar Command and all that little structure there, the ascended Ashtar facade, they're coming through the portals on those days, and so very interesting.  

They have to have portals because they are multi dimensional beings and so you just don't fly from the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension earth I guess.  You have to take these portals.  They travel via these portals.  And so the first three days of the week is when this whole Ashtar Command, will be coming in.   

And so just a heads up folks--you know--they're Obama's allies.  He's very closely working with the Ashtar Command.  All these satanists, over 1 million--that have money, left the country.  Let alone the millions who don't who can't leave the country.  But 1 million of the elite who are looking to leave the country. 

Perfect love casts out fear


Now their friends are coming, their allies--the one's they've been worshiping all these years--Why are they afraid?  What are they afraid of?  Their buddies are coming.  You'd think they'd be having some kinda White House Tea Party, hmm? 

I don't see any partying going on, they're all in fear.  They're in fear.  You know, it's different when you're like a rebellious teenager--13, 14-- hail satan we love satan blah, blah, And here comes satan time to pay the piper and now they're all afraid and they're running.   

I don't fear it, you know.  And the biggest thing you can do folks, for yourself, is to stay calm.  Stay calm.  Perfect love casts out fear and He never says anything without a reason. 

Stay Calm because fear is one of satan's tools

He's not a long winded God.  He says things for a purpose, a particularity.  And one of the biggest reasons we are not to fear them is because fear is a tool of theirs.  Fear is how they control you.  Fear is how they can soul scalp you.  If they can get you to fear them, it's like a vacuum it's like an energy vacuum. 

A soul sucking vacuum that they use straight into your body.  They can take all that fear and just use it as a vacuum and propose, use it like a propulsion, I don't know.  They just take it, suck it and jump right into your body and then kick you out, so you're stuck in the astral realm somewhere. 


What happens when their dimension close?


Except now all the astral realms are in war they're being merged with our dimension and so even those people pretty soon won't have any where to go.  They're going to be here. 

What happens when their dimension close?  You know, I've just started to understand some of the terms that they use, because I use to think this whole other realm thing was, whatever--you know, astral dimensions and all these other realms certainly something the churches don't teach.  Heaven and Hell, that’s it;  there’s no other thing.  You burn, you go to heaven. 

And there's very many different realms to hell you just don't go burn in the pit.  And the Catholic Church picked up on Purgatory which was a nice realm, they actually found a money making scheme for that.  Your relatives would go to the nice realm, But, you would have to pay their way out for them to get into heaven. 

And so they collected billions. <laughing> with that money scheme. <laughing> and these people exist though, they exist in the realities and the Bible refers to them as depths.  D-E-P-T-H-S  


Veil is being lifted and they're all coming


I use to think of that as something related to the ocean--you know--we always assume things and when we assume and I especially learned this myself over the years--whenever I assumed something—it’s usually wrong--I'm usually wrong, half right, half wrong somewhere in there.  So you can never assume anything.   You just can't take anything for granted.  You can't assume anything.  Assume just gets us into so much trouble.  And so one of these things folks, a lot going on, the veil is being lifted and they're all coming.


The Ashtar Commands arrival


Now I don't know if The Ashtar Commands arrival next week is the tip of the ice berg or they're coming in to sit around and wait for the others to arrive like the others have been doing the last couple weeks to a month. 

Because there's been a massive influx of various factions of aliens and UFO's this past month; through these very portals this past year.   

Especially the last few months.  And so I don't know if they're just gonna come in, and quietly come in and hide or if they're just going to come in and say hey we're here and start taking over--I pretty much think it's somewhere around that scenario. <laughing> because their arrival isn't going to be very pleasant. 

And so I think we're looking at--I don't know what they're going to do about the Blue Beam Project--where they were going to try to have this fake arrival mimicking Yahushua and angels and arriving to earth and holograms and a big Hollywood production and they called it The Blue Beam Project.  I don't know what they're going to do with that one yet.


Which route


That may come down the road if they go good-anti Christ, bad anti-Christ scenario first.  Where we get the bad one with Maitreya.  Then the good one jesus this Sananda comes with Lady Nana acting as Mary who is probably, I believe Eve.  And so interesting, which route they'll take and we know all their various routes and I've talked about them for years on this show--so all of you should be well prepared.  Not to be taken by surprise.   


They're just our slave owners


And also if they're going to coordinate their invasion here with our military.  Because I don't think all of them are alone, are alien craft I think some of them are military unless part of my vision was symbolic, to where they are getting help by our military to arrive.  And they are. 

Because they have the Hadron Collider which is opening their portals for them and they have their eons of joint human and alien basis here, underground cities [D.U.M.B.s] not to mention they control Congress--they literally control Congress--and the Presidency.  

And most governments around the world, so they're basically stepping into take over most things in the background they've already controlled for years.  You know they're going to say they're our creators.  They're just our slave owners.  They've enslaved this planet--to their New World Order agenda for the last 20 years.  If not longer. 


Little secret satan worshipping societies


George Bush announced it back in 1990, 1991George Bush Sr., announcing a formation of a new world order and that was something the C.F.R [Council on Foreign Relations] and the Trilateral Commission and all those little secret satan worshipping societies had already been planning and implementing for years.   

I mean look back at 1930's where [Roosevelt] signed the first treaty with hell--where he made the first covenant with death--with the aliens.  And that goes through Eisenhower [1950's] and every single president since then has RENEWED and even made more treaties.  With these aliens, what are aliens, they're just fallen angels folks.   

They're just fallen angels; call 'em aliens--some of them very ugly--some of them manufactured--some of them very robotic--because they're manufactured. 


Wake up and smell the roses


Then you have the off spring of the angels who fell.  You know, just because they fell didn't mean they didn't have any of their own off spring.  And their off spring had off spring, I don't know what the life expectancy is of a fallen angel--if they ever die--I don't know.  

But they've had thousands of years of procreating and they've had many off spring.  I mean if you think their history books are going to tell them about their parents rebellion against heaven--you know, wake up and smell the roses--because when does a history book ever tell you the truth?


There's only one truth


History Books are manipulated and tell you the truth of whatever agenda runs your country.  And so these off spring, of these various alien factions that have sprung up over the last 4000 years, 5000 have all been lied to. 

They've all been lied to about what their real origins are who they are what their histories are--they've been lied to.  Just like we have <laughs> just like everybody has.  They've been lied to, but, there's always one source, one place you can always go to for the truth and that's Yahuah. 

You know, amongst all the lies and all the agenda's and all the years we've had on this planet there's only one truth and you're only going to find it in one person.  And that's the Most High God Himself.  And so, this old age war--coming to an end folks.  This whole charade--coming to an end. 


So why are they fleeing?


And so very interesting.  How does it end?--in a total panic?  In enslavement?  And these things are coming folks.  People are going to panic, no matter how you slice it.  When you've got thousands of UFO's going through the sky, beaming weapons at you to beam you or shoot weapons at you--and take you in their ships--people are going to be panicking.  Stay calm.  Stay out of their way--you know--if you see UFO's hide somewhere.  Get out--You know, don't be an idiot, don't run out, here I am, here I am, soul scalp me, take me up to your ship and eat me.   

And these things are going to be very vicious they're going to be very hostile.  I think it's because their own uncertainty--with satanists and the new world order crowd.  It's their own uncertainty that makes them fear.  Because they don't even know.  If they knew exactly abc's going to happen, then they wouldn't be in fear either.  They wouldn't be in fear because these are their allies. 

These are the one's they've been worshiping and following all these years.  They worship satan--this is his council--this is his council that rules the earth.  So why are they fleeing?  Just in case--they've been lied to?  Just in case there's no Hollywood Blue Beam affect and they actually come in shooting?  And destroying much?  And I think that very well could be the answer folks, they come in making a statement, we're here.   We're Hearrrrear and blow up a city or two.  I don’t know what they’re gonna do.  But they're gonna make a statement their here <laughs> and that's what has all them in a panic. 

Now what can we do?  We'll we've been doing it for 6 years now.  Six long years--of being called everything in the book—of being laughed at—at being mocked--and that is with our orgone.   Getting the orgone out.  Preparing for their arrivals.  And so now all we can do is sit back and hope we've done enough. 


The Orgone water will kill them instantly


And there's still going to be, much, much, much destruction, but there's also going to be safe and protected areas for people that are in orgoned areas.  You know, orgone itself, isn't an instant killer--it debilitates them slowly--and even in an orgoned area especially with all these new factions coming in and getting their feet wet and learning;  why they should stay away from area's when they go in and start burning and getting sick-- it's going to take a learning process folks--I've noticed it here myself.   

Different alien factions here within the last week and now they're learning--Hey, that place burns! <laughs> I don't wanna to go there I’m dying.  She hit my buddy with that orgone water and killed him instantly.  You know I couldn't hear what they're saying, that'd be funny.  The orgone water will kill them instantly, it's just like acid.  It's like acid hitting them.  It's holy water, it's God's living energy in that water and it kills them. 


Praying and asking the Lord to amp up the Orgone


And so, while they're debilitated, if you see them in your area's, your area's orgoned and what orgone area's do is it weakens them, so they're not at full capacity and until it completely debilitates them you have a faster option of getting out your orgone water and spraying the heck outta them. 

And that will finish the job sooner.  Also praying and asking the Lord to amp up the orgone.  To amplify it.  Send his angels forth and amplify the orgone spread it around the world via the wind, spread it around the world.  Let's have some orgone tornados, let's have some orgone-canes [hurri-canes] let’s get the orgone around because it's the one defensive weapon other than The Most High Himself.  The weapon He gave us--which is the orgone--now they hate the pipes and they hate the orgone itself. 


Start getting the pipes made folks


The pipes are always distinct in the code.  Because it's like an instant blast--like in your face--BOOM.

And so if you can make the pipes, make the pipes folks, they take a while to do.  I like the 3inch and 4 inch crystals for them.  But make sure you don't get them too wide because you want them to slide down a 2" pipe.  Start getting the pipes made folks--and you can literally just hold these pipes in the air--point them at the UFO's as they come in your area.  And focus that energy that comes outta that pipe and focus it on that UFO.  

And if you got the wand--and we've been in production of these smaller wands--these smaller one's we call them orgone wands--that you can hold with just one hand and just wave them at the UFO--focus them on the UFO--it's just a lot easier than these 2" pipes, because 2" pipes are just very bulky to hold. 

And very heavy to hold once you get all the resin and everything else, to hold them.  And so we're going to be coming out with wands this weekend I believe--on the web site and they'll be a lot easier to carry around in your car. 

And imagine this like a beam weapon except you don't see the beam--you might see it in the other dimension--the spiritual dimension--but you won't in our dimension.


The Wand [pipe blaster] shoots a thrust of Orgone energy


Imagine pointing these pipes and these wands at aliens themselves and their UFO's and a beam shooting out of them--where ever you're pointing it.  Because basically what it does is it shoots a thrust of orgone energy towards that object and it doesn't matter how high up it is--it doesn't matter--I've pointed and I've had friends point 2" pipes at UFO's that are hovering above us, you know they follow me around all the time when I leave, especially when I leave.  I always have an escort.  <laughs> A UFO escort. 

And it followed me outta town one time I was meeting one of the other orgone warriors and he took the pipe I had in my car--I gave it to him--and just pointed at it and instantly the lights were out--it's lights out!!!  It affects them immediately.  It's like a beam of orgone--straight at 'em--even though you don't see the literal beam itself.  And so ask the Lord to help you--just to destroy these crafts outta the sky when they arrive.


Everything’s listener supported     

And finally all the mocking will stop. 


So yeah, people have been screaming for years aliens don't exist, UFO's don't exist.  Well they're about to eat their own--words <laughs> I guess you could say. 

And finally all the mocking will stop.  And the criticism and haters.  I have millions of haters and they could all shut up--in about two weeks.  And so <laughs> <laughs> you know I've written about this, wrote a book about this years ago--I didn't even want to write a book.   

And everybody was like, yeah, we want to read a book, we don't want to read a web site.  And so, I put all of my articles in book form--two books out--and so they've been available all these years.  But all that information’s available on my web sites folks.  

I've never charged for anything.   But I have to cover expenses as well.  Radio Show that’s why everything’s listener supported and so I thank you for your support;  all those who are stepping up.  This whole year, you can definitely tell a difference in the economy.  Just barely getting expenses paid all the time and hardly being able to go on missions this year because the funding hasn't been there.  In past years we went on missions across the country and orgoned as much as possible and this year just staying home and getting area's as we can from here other warriors stand up and getting their states.   

One of the first trips I took out west was to cover the Jet Stream


Orgone Walls are very effective.  I see that in the weather patterns here in Ohio and so if you're living in an area and you're prone to getting tornado's or hurricanes, what you want to do is put up an orgone wall.  And what I'm saying is this.  Go 20, 30 miles across your state or even longer if you can.  And put an orgone muffin about every 1/2 mile. 


You don't see it, but it's there.


Make it East to West or North to South and what that will do is put up an orgone wall.  You don't see it, but it's there.  The Orgone Wall and so when tornado's start coming to your area they'll hit that wall and change direction.  I see it happen all the time here in Ohio.  I mean--you can't imagine--the unimaginable weather patterns H.A.A.R.P comes up with--speaking to the choir mostly here.  <laughs> So when they try to pull their crap in my little area here in Ohio it doesn't work--they'll hit walls--every direction they’ll go in they hit --WALLS-- I have them in various locations throughout Ohio.  And that was one of the first trips I took out west was to cover the Jet Stream.  That covers this country from west to east and so very interesting. 

I spent a lot of time in places most people wouldn't have gone.  The deserts, places where no one lives--like Lord why am I out here putting orgone here?--<laughs>--why am I out here?--<laughs>--and I remember what He said to me then--and I'll never forget it, He said, "Because nobody else would have gone."   

Nobody else would have gone.   

The giants are coming


And this is years ago and since then we've seen a huge increase in orgone warriors and yard warriors as I call them because a lot of people standing up will get their own yards with orgone, because they don't want the giants coming there and using them as appetizers and hors d’ oeuvres or desserts or even the Main Menu.   

Because the giants are coming, they're right behind this Ashtar invasion.  When the Ashtar Command arrives folks and you see Maitreya, the giants, the locusts are right behind, several months away.  At the most, probably Spring.  You'll probably see 'em in the Spring. 


BAM very quickly


And boy--when you prepare for one thing--it's gonna be another.  And that's how it's gonna be--I told you about the bath tub affect.  And how all these events are just going to go BAM - BAM - BAM very quickly.  Everything’s going to happen very quickly.  Yeah, the locust invasion probably within six months after their physical arrival, "We're here!" type thing which could happen next week and I'm not saying just because they arrive next week they'll show and reveal themselves in a massive way, they could come in covertly and plan from there what they're gonna do and then maybe pull off a Christmas day charade, I don't know.  I don't know what they're gonna do.  But just be prepared in case they do.   

Now it's finally here folks


You know it's not when it's gonna happen, is she really crazy--is she telling the truth?  You know I've been warning about this for years and now it's finally here folks.  And so, just prepare.  Just prepare.  And most of you are and the biggest thing and most of you that listen to the show, which is probably all 1000 of you.  <laughing> It's listened to in 162 countries and these 162 countries are mostly the haters I have. 

Mostly NASA and every security agency of these countries listen to my show.  More so than actual believers and people who think I'm actually telling the truth.  And people who can believe.  And so that's not very good.  <laughing>   Not very good. 


Truths always been in the minority 

I've always been in the minority folks and I'm use to drowning in the minority.  That's the way the truth has always been.  It's always been the minority, it's always been rejected by most.  Prophets have always been hated by Israel.  And that's how it is.  I've accepted that a long time ago.  And it hasn't slowed me down and it hasn't stopped me.  


A mission in the last days


And He's sent us here for a mission in the last days to prepare this energy against them, this orgone war and we've done it.  We've done everything possible we could with the support we've had or lack of support.  In spite of the lack of support.  From any of the wolves, that are supporting the wolves in the churches today.  There's so many Christians in the churches today that think they're all that they’re wolves.  They're just as much wolves as the people they go listen to.   

I can't look at 'em


They're more satanists in the churches today than Christians.  They control the Sunday school classes.  They control the Deacon's, Elders, whatever rank and file your church has.  They're on it.  They're on it like flies on poop.  They get special points for this kinda stuff you know. 

And pastors, mega church pastors--they're all lizard infested.  I can't look at 'em.  Joel Olsteen, Kenneth Copeland, Jack Van Impe, TBN Network, urrrgh, if these people don't make you nauseous when you look at 'em, there's definitely a lot of head pulling outta the sand you need to be doing.  You know? 

So here we are November 5th, 2011[Hebrew calendar], November 4th and it's finally getting ready to hit--it's finally getting ready to hit.  Anyway, I'm going to take some callers, see what's going on.  I think on Mondays show I'm going to spend some time talking about the new buzz word:  Transhumanism. 

Transhumanism is the new religion.  The wolf council of religions, have adopted transhumanism as the new one world religion.  Now what's transhumanism?  It's hybridization; it's a mixture of human and beast technology. 

It's this iron mixed with clay.  Now we use to think of iron mixed with clay as hybrids, which is accurate.  But now, we have a new thing where humans themselves are going to be taken over by technology.   

Chip implants, nano tech, you know nano technology is a process where when they take over, slowly integrate and then take over the organisms that control your body.  And so you sllllooowwwwly become, a robot basically--a machine.


"The lights are on but no one’s home."


You know it's like I asked on my Face Book site yesterday--when someone's crazy? do they think they're crazy?--Do they think they're crazy?   When you look at Ozzie Osborn who's been drugged outta his head for years and now suffering the affects.  Does he think he's crazy? 

Because when you see him talking he can barely put together clear sentences.  Does he think there's anything wrong with him?  Because that's the whole thing with this transhumanism thing--all these people who keep going out and getting more and more flu shots and vaccines keep getting more and more nano technology put into their bodies—to fuse into their brains & their spine and slowly gonna be taking over them an inch at a time.  

Every shot an inch at a time.  And in addition, the contaminated water and the foods they eat--slowly being turned into a machine.  Do they, do they realize it?  I don't think they do.  I don't think a crazy person thinks they're crazy.  I think a crazy person thinks every body else is crazy.  Everybody else has a problem.  They don't think there's anything wrong with them.   And that's what we're looking at now.  Look how many people--the moon beams are pumping out on the earth--they're amping up everyone's reptilian DNA--that have reptilian DNA--amping up all these chip implants that people have and now we're facing a society that's "The lights are and no one's home."


Hive mind mentality


You look at a lot of people and you just got the dead black eyes.  The blank stare.  Because the whole thing is going to push a huge segment of this population into what you could call a zombie land.  A hive mind mentality.  They won't be making their own decisions, they just go through the motions they're not allowed to have personal emotions because nano tech will erase and destroy the individuality of human beings.  Their own personalities.  And all that junk DNA they've been pumped with will start to be activated by these electronic magnetic pulses.   Moon towers, moon beam weapon. 


These chipped people were experiments to see how their stuff was working. 


Yeah, all this comes into play folks and you know that's what you get when you don't read God's word and you ignore it.  Why would you, from the time you're born, spend your life pumping animal DNA into your body? 

And that's exactly what flu shots are.  That's exactly what vaccinations are.  You're pumping, putting animal DNA into your body.  So what do you think people are eventually gonna start acting like? 

But the thing is, this animal DNA has also been chip implanted all these years.  And it all works together to fuse into your brain.  And eventually when they turn the lights on so to speak, all the sudden they can start activating all that junk you've been infiltrated with all these years and start to control you. 

You start to hear voices--that's gonna be a big thing people hearing voices--they're hearing them now and murder, suicides every where.  Yeah, some of these people were just test jobs; they were experiments to see how their stuff was working.   

Tim McVeigh, the mothers in Texas and they were pawns of the government, to test how their implantation's were working.  Do as we say and they go out and they do it. 

That make's it very dangerous to live in this world if you haven't, gone through this conversion process of becoming a human hive minded controlled animal. 

They call it transgenics.   I talked about that on Monday a little bit.  It's becoming very dangerous for people who are normal.  You're going to have to protect yourself from everybody else.  Stay home, stay outta the cities. 


Stay home


Next week if there is a mess, a UFO invasion whatever, if they're gonna make it visible next week, whatever--stay home--be prepared to stay home.  Be prepared in case the electricity goes out for several days.  I think that's one of the biggest things and why all these satanists want out because they know the electricity is going to be out and mass rioting and chaos in the streets.  And that's why they're moving troops around--increasing troop movement--getting ready, getting ready. 

Like I said, if they even knew themselves exactly what's gonna happen--they wouldn't be in such a panic.


satan's kingdom's indecisive


But they are in a panic because they don't know.  They don't know.  I told you satan's kingdom's indecisive.  Everybody thinks they're in the know <laughing> and the real truth is one level up from whatever level you're on--doesn't matter if you're Dick Cheney or Al Gore or Hillary Clinton--they're not even in the 'know', but they're in the 'know' more than 100 levels below them on the corporate ladder--the only one who knows is satan himself and his council.   

And I can tell you now; they're going to be pissed off when they get here.  They're gonna be angry, they're not gonna be feeling like gods, they're gonna be feeling like retaliatory animals.   

And so it will be interesting to see exactly if they come in shooting or beaming white light "Hey we're angels!!!" <laughing> I'll take some callers, see what's going on. 

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air. 

Caller:  Sherry, I have a question about 11/11.  You said you see bad things on that date.  Do you think it has anything to do with people who see 11:11? 

Sherry:  I think that it's a general energy of some kind right now that's alerting people to that date.  It's a very occultic date. 

Caller: Yeah, I know it's a lot of things associated with the end times and that date 11/11 or like 2012 and the world might shift and you know--    

Sherry:  Oh 2012's a bunch of BS, people should be worried about NOW instead of 2012, in the Hebrew Codes it's already 2011.  

Caller:  Can you believe Celine Dion had her twins and they were born cesarean at 11:11 and 11:12?  Isn't that weird? 

Sherry:  Oh you know, it was probably planned, you know. 

Caller:  Was it?  I just wondered what was the coincidence of that time and twins and it was cesarean. 

Sherry:  Yeah.  I don't know.  I don't pay much attention to Celine Dion and lizards any more, so... 

Caller:  <laughing> I just wondered about that time date and all that stuff, you know.  So you don't see anything with war coming up?  Here, next week? 

Sherry:  Not against Iran, not against Russia, I mean they're coming don't get me wrong, they're gonna be, NATO troops are already here,  and we'll probably see an invasion of them.  But I see a war with aliens themselves that’s what will freak everybody out. 

Caller:  You said there might be a power outage?  

Sherry:  Yeah, power outages and an alien and UFO invasion coming.  The whole aspect is going to switch from a New World Order to the alien order.  The one I've been screaming about for 10 years.  Look for it to switch. 

Caller:  What date did you say this week?  What was more important? 

Sherry:  Well, it's an important week any week any day.  They're firing up the Hadron Collider on the 8th.   

Caller:  Did you hear there was another hole over somewhere. 

Sherry:  Yeah, in Germany. 

Caller:  Yeah and it just happened to be the same dimensions, that's really odd.  As big as it was wide as...it just looked too perfect don't you think? 

Sherry:  Well, they all look too perfect.  If, have you seen 'em all, they all look too perfect. 

Caller:  What do you think that was from? 

Sherry:  Oh I have no idea.  I don't have time to check it out.  There's only one me with a million things to do. 

Caller:  Oh I know, but I just wondered what you thought and-- 

Sherry:  Ok, well thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  Ok bye 

Sherry:  Bye bye 

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air----Hello caller you're on the air--- 

Caller:  Sherry? 

Sherry:  Yes? 

Caller:  Hi, this is your Kentucky sis     

Sherry:  Hey hey 

Caller:  I had something kind of interesting to tell you.  I talked to my friend in California and checked in because she had to go to the doctor but anyway, she asked me if I had gas into my house for heat and all that and I said no and she said good. 

She said, the gas pipes in California are blowing up because the plates are moving and she said something about 2nd something or other and it wasn't on the news or anything, I thought that was interesting why it would be doing that. 

Sherry:  Well, you know the Lords been telling people to get outta California for years!!!  And there’s always various reasons not just for you know a tsunami's coming up or rim, that Pacific Rim there for various reasons. 

Caller:  Yeah 

Sherry:  We know California is earth quake prone.  They have every disaster you can imagine out there. 

Caller:  I know, I use to live there and when I was a kid I knew about it being a shelf and all that stuff and I also knew it was going to go sinking down and I was only a little kid when I knew all that stuff. 

But anyway, this happened over the weekend down there and I just wanted you to know that it's interesting or something important.  Hello? 

Sherry:  Yeah I'm listening.  Yeah, well, you know it's like Florida; the Lord's Himself has been warning people to get away from Florida, get away from the coasts.  And that includes the southern coast, the east coast, the west coast, get away from the coasts.  Get away from the coast lines.   

Caller:  You know--I'm sorry--I didn't mean to interrupt you-- 

Sherry:  Oh I just speak, go ahead. <laughing> I just rant, go ahead. 

Caller:  We have what they call faultings, the miners call it faultings, it's like earth movements--you know, little tiny movements and it cracks the plaster and takes chimneys down and all that and we have a lot of that-- 

Sherry:  Ah 

Caller:  Where I am but I wanted you to know that what you were saying about the dimensions--and I just thought it was the thinning of the veil because I seen things running through the house and everything and I'd be doing something and some bodies looking over my shoulder and I told them, I don't want to see you and they'd disappear, anyway--

Yeah...you know I thought that was interesting about the gas blowing up. 

Sherry:  Well you know that's been happening every where.  I mean gas line explosions and disruptions.  Because also the earths shifting and that's why you know, I find it interesting when the Lord told me years ago these underground bases and cities would become their tombs.  They think they're going to be earth quake proof, flood proof and they're going to be proven wrong. 

Caller:  Well we had some people up here build some under ground like a place to be;  a whole group of people and that was a big project but I think that's going like I said, they have a lot of faultings here. 

Sherry:  Yeah, why aren't 1 million rich satanists heading underground?  Why aren't they heading under ground?  They're heading out of the country, trying to find asylum in other countries.   

They think these other countries are going to take their sorry looking butts.  But they're not heading for the bases, they've stolen our tax payer money for years to build I don't see them heading down there. 

Caller:  Oh, that's probably why Obama and his family left is to hide out. 

Sherry:  Well you know what--he took off for India and he's headed for the Taj Mahal.  And I wouldn't doubt that that's some entrance down to Shambala 

Caller:  Yep 

Sherry:  I find it very interesting that on a week of an alien attack he'd be headed for India which hosts one of their main cities.  Rainbow City.   

Caller:  I'd rather stay on the top of the surface.  It's safer.  I think. 

Sherry:  Yeah, you know what it does seem like people fight to be on the surface as much as possible--so if the underground is so great then why don’t, why aren’t they in a huge hurry to get there.   

Caller:  Yeah.  I'm going to be sending you a letter and it has some information about a couple of things that are happening and I don't want to say on the air and I appreciate everything you've helped me along the learning process and like you said taking the plug out of the tub it goes down fast, everything has sped up. 

Sherry:  yep 

Caller:  And all these strange things and I do believe I was attacked by a what do they call that? A, a---a reptilian and Yah took care of it.  Brought me back on my feet.  So we having a lot of things.  And it was from that hospital, in Seattle. 

Sherry:  Madigan the lizard hospital in Seattle, [Washington] 

Caller:  Yeah something like that, I have a hearing problem, I'm sorry.  I've been told I'm not welcomed here and that I'm gonna be kicked out 

Sherry:  I've been told I'm not welcomed in churches and messianic temples but I've never been told to get outta Ohio.Yet, <laughing> 

Caller:  Well, it’s just I'm not wanted here, well that's too bad. <laughing>  I'll stay till Yah tells me to go, huh? 

Sherry:  Yeah, all the more reason to stay put. 

Caller:  Yeah, cause I think there is a new little groupie of yeah what is it, I just said the word, you know what Clinton is. 

Sherry:  Lizard? 

Caller:  yeah and this just pops up it was in another area ...I want to know something.  How much of that orgone did it take to take for that brigand to take it down?  A couple of weeks ago you were saying. 

Sherry:  You know what, I just sat down at the table and started going into prayer.  And destroyed them basically by sitting on my butt.  And so <laughing> I already have this area protected, so what the Lord did was amp it.  He increased the power and the strength of it.  

Caller:  He did that here taking down that groupie.  And that groupie was like a cancer all across the state here.  And He took them all down, oh my god — talk about--

Sherry:  If you are prepared, if you have done what you have been told to do then when you call on Him for protection, He's going to honor that and He'll increase all the orgone energy that's there, because it's His energy. 

Caller:  Oh I didn't know that. 

Sherry:  All we have to do is speak to it because in our orgone we have crystals which are actually communication devices and all He'd have to do is speak and every piece of orgone in the world would hear it because of the crystals that are in it.  He speaks and they come alive. 

Caller:  I didn't know that, that is interesting. 

Sherry:  People are going to be glad they've listened over the years. 

Caller:  Yeah 

Sherry:  I haven’t always been able to tell people flat out this is why this is why this is why--JUST DO IT BECAUSE THE LORD TELLS YOU that's why I did it.  That should be good enough. 

Caller:  Yeah 

Sherry:  And then you learn exactly why.  The Lord always does things for a reason.  He doesn't waste words, He doesn't waste actions, He always does things with particularity. 

Caller:  Yeah, He is really getting me into down sizing and soon whatever the soon means, to be traveling. 

Sherry:  Yeah, that's my favorite word, soon.  I'm just kidding.  Anyway, thanks for calling in. 

Caller:  And thank you and Yah bless and I love ya too. 

Sherry:  Love ya too sis, bye. 

Caller:  bye bye 

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air[Sherry says this without an answer from the caller 4x]  Alright they're not going to answer they must be from Nibiru.<laughing><laughing>  And by the way which is, it's right around the corner folks, yeah, it's coming here folks. 


Get into prayer with the Most High

It's always been here in pieces and factions and groups and now we're gonna get the whole pie.  So--and everybody keeps wondering--2012--it's just a distraction folks, just a distraction.  Always be prepared now.  Anyway, I'm gonna hang it up for today.   

And I only have about 3 minutes left anyway.  I should remind you.  Get into prayer with the Most High.  Now is not the time to be on the fence.  To be unsure where you'll spend eternity if you died now, if you died in a second in a heart beat.   

Not sure where you're going to spend eternity?  You better start thinking about eternity.  A lot of back slidden Christians, people who were once on the way and got pulled away and just focusing on The Most High folks;  other than physical preparations, also spiritual and emotional preparations for the things that are coming--Before the things that are coming--   

Remember the Bible talks about almost 2/3rds of humanity dying within a very short span of years, what 6, 7 years, 5 years?  The tribulation period I believe is only 3 1/2 years, a lot of people double it from Daniels and John's revelations and get seven?  You know, that's still a lot of people--you know, 5 1/2, 6 billion people in that time?  A lot of death coming folks, are you ready to die?   

Are you ready to live for the Lord?  Anyway, a lot of people need to spend time soul searching figuring things out in the scheme of things because life is about to change as we know it.   

Stay calm folks, be prepared.  Be back Monday night, Yah bless.               




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