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Thursday November 11, 2010
Aliens In The News


Welcome To The Age Of Computer Controlled Society: A World Run On Scripts


And hello everybody you're live it's Thursday afternoon, Aliens in the News I'm Sherry Shriner.  Well Monday we didn't have a show if you were paying attention or didn't hear at all—because a lot of things messing up on BlogTalkRadio and with their scripting and sabotaging and everything else so and I don't know about you guys but my flash is always crashing any more—it seems like every week—I have to install the Adobe flash player and so always keep up to date on that.  I know you update it one day and the next day it crashes but a lot of these web sites, everything on the internet going into scripting.  Everything's a script.  And you know if you've been trying to log onto face book lately you'll see what a mess that is and it's all scripts.  Blog Talk Radio's all scripts—that messes up and it makes you wonder We're really gonna base our world economy on Java?   On Scripts?  Because we know how dependable they are.


What Happens To You If The System Gets A Computer Virus?!


But that's exactly what they plan on doing turning our world into a computer.  Chip dominated, chip infested population and what's even worse is the fact that if you have chips in you and it's bad enough when have them in you and you don't know they're there—but when you do know they're there--you are voluntarily getting chips.  Especially an RF-ID.  What happens when you get a virus?  You know?  Something happens at their main computer that's everybody linked together—your chip implants.  Somebody gets a virus and then what everybody malfunctions for the day?  I don't know what happens.  Kinda one of those things you throw out there and think about—like huh?   You're thinking how can you get a virus from a chip implant?  Very easily because they're computer controlled.   

You're computer controlled.  When you get an H1N1 vaccine flu shot any of these shots and they want your information it's because they're tagging your chip.  OK this shots going to Lisa Marlowe and her social security number is this and it goes into the computer and then they give you the shot and of course they don't go through all that rhetoric before they give you the shot; they just give you the shot.  They don't tell you what they're doing.  

Now you're in a computer data base and they've got your chip number with your name and social security number and whatever else you know and now you become a part of the computer generation literally.


Think You’re Going Crazy?  Remember, Chip Implants Are Two-Way Transistors!


And you're controlled by that chip and it's a two way transistor radio and I warned about this years ago, many years ago when I started doing Bible Codes.  And started looking at chip implants and the RFID.  And I warned about these things then--they are two way radio transistors they can hear, they can affect you from key boards.  Plugs, clicks and not only that sometimes they can go into reverse where you can hear what's going on, on the other end from where the computer is.  

You know, how would you like to hear a business office and hear people talking and hear people laughing, you hear music maybe--depending on what's going on and whomever is accessing your chip implant at that time over a computer.  And you can hear these things and people think they're schizophrenic they hear voices and they're going nuts—no—that's just—that's the new age we're in folks.  A lot of people hearing voices because of this two way transistor type radio.  The chip implants that we have. 


Nanochips That Will Infuse With Your Brain Are Now In Medications


And they're even getting more sophisticated, we got nanochips going into our medicines now.  Because it's a process.  They need to get as many nanochips will infuse with your brain and your spinal cord and your nervous system.  And when you get all these nanochips built up over time it quickens the process of just becoming one completely hive minded controlled dummy.  

You're going to be a zombie.  That's basically what it is.  It fuses in with your cells.  It changes your DNA it changes who you are.  These are the kinds of things happening now.  Obama is going to be the big one to push it.  Because Obama has a huge agenda folks.  And today is Thursday [November] the11th and this is a huge day for all the New Agers around the world and most of them already being chip implanted.


The Truth Behind The Supposed “Chinese Attack” Of The Carnival Cruise Ship


Was listening to one woman who described contact with the Pleiadians and if you've been paying attention there was a cruise ship out on the west coast [San Diego] the Chinese fired an EMP and disabled the cruise ship—so they alleged—the Chinese did this.  The Chinese alleged it was a war ship carrying American war fighter planes and heading towards China.  And you know what folks, one ship alone with war planes never--never travels alone, you would have a whole contingency—a fleet of ships—with a war ship.   

So this is just one, supposed Carnival lines whatever cruise ship and I find it funny—it was the same day that I'd just started going through a bunch of different prayers that I had decided to attack them all with because I knew they were all fleeing the country.  And I asked the Lord on this particular day that if any of these elites were piling up on cruise ships to just stop them dead in their tracks.  <laughing>  And just put a hole in it, just stop it dead in its tracks.  You know, to not allow them to escape.  So easy, so comfortable, so luxurious.  You know a lot of the elite taking off in air planes and trains, well not trains, but underground.  The underground subway system.*  

["VHST"(very high speed transit system) It is used from anywhere to shuttling workers around secret underground bases, to use by favored corporations, shadow government personal, black ops, etc.  It is rumored to cruise at speeds of 14,000 mph!!!  Making a trip from L.A. to N.Y. in 21 minutes.]*
That stretches over the entire Earth.  A lot of them just taking off outta the country and so I was just kinda hampering their plans.  I asked for their planes to run outta gas, the ships to stall in the water--so amusing, that this whole thing with China coming out—where they supposedly stopped this ship—but anyway in retaliation--but nobody knows what it was.  

Now they're trying to say you're seeing things, it was a contrail but a missiles fired off the west coast about 35 miles off southern California supposedly heading toward Iran—out of retaliation.  OK, so let's get this straight.  China disables the cruise ship, but we're going to shoot a missile at Iran for retaliation.  Does this sound crazy yet?  But in the original video there's a UFO in the air--a missile and the UFO you could see a white flashing light and supposedly it knocks this missile out of the air.  It's not going to allow the missile to go where it wants to. 


Now The “Pleiadians” Are In On It, Taking Credit For Stopping The Attack…


And supposedly the Pleiadians taking credit for knocking this missile outta the air and also lately, this thing on the News lately about how Pleiadians have been spying on our military bases and disarming nuclear missiles and stuff and it really makes me angry—they're really coming in with this good alien bad alien stuff kinda thing right now.  The media is really hyping on this.

You wanted a false flag, that probably was your false flag.  Fire a nuke and let the Pleiadians knock it down and take credit for it because they're really introducing this whole thing into the main stream media right now.  "Hey, we're being watched and these guys are friendly."  Oh, they're looking out for our best interest.  Folks if they were really Pleiadians they wouldn't be involved either negative or positive with the Earth.  They would not be involved.  Period.

These are a different branch.  They're probably just reptilians playing Pleiadians.  Many of the alien factions trade sides, switch sides, jump sides many different factions of them and what we're seeing now—and I've warned about this script before is the good aliens bad aliens scenario—everybody embraces aliens as good—and what's the Bible say folks?


Celestial And Terrestrial Beings In Our Heavenlies—Can You Spot The Difference?

The Bible says there are two types of beings, celestial and terrestrial.  And this is in the heavenlies.  Two types of beings in the heavenlies.  Terrestrial and Celestial.  Celestial are heavenly beings.  They're angels, they're in heaven with the Father.  Terrestrial are those beings who have been kicked out of heaven.  And also includes the off spring—and the children of these beings—who also number in the millions because they've been procreating all this time and we really don't know how long they can live.  What their life span is for a fallen angel if anybody knows.


Don’t Let The Terrestrial Fallen Angels Sucker You Into Thinking They’re Here To Help!

And there are literally millions of them.  And so don't let these terrestrials—“oh we're nice, we want to help mankind”—don't fall for their rhetoric folks.  Don't let them smooze you!  You know it's really sad, I was watching this video from this woman making television appearances who was talking about how she is in contact with Pleiadians—they're the ones taking credit for knocking down this missile we supposedly fired at Iran—now I believe something was fired but I don't believe it was going to Iran.  OK?  I really have a hard time believing that one.  

If anything, he [Obama] would shoot Hawaii, he would sink Hawaii before he'd shoot Iran just so this whole birth certificate thing would go away.
But anyway I'm not going to go into that—she, this woman from California states there's over 100,000 people throughout the world have been in contact with the Pleiadians—and these Paledians are helping them into ascension.  They're helping them into ascension—this 5th Dimension reality.  And I've talked about it for years on my show.  


Satan et.al Are Trying to Escape Accountability (Judgment) By Hiding In the 5th Dimension 

This false New Age La-La reality—where they can incorporate heaven on Earth—turn Earth into a new dimension and this is Satan and all his attempt to escape accountability, because I guess he thinks if he can change Earth into a 5th Dimension, that he won't be held accountable for what he did to Earth on the 3rd—so, I don't know—he wants to play God and so—his madness knows no end.


Next Up On, Who Wants To Be A Psychic Franken-Prophet…! 

But she said over 100,000 people and what's the process of becoming part of this ascension, this soul-scalping, and alien DNA changing thing—she said she got two injections in her forehead and that they gave her a bowl of liquid crystals, it's called silica—to drink—to digest.  And after doing this she now has telepathic abilities.  Where she can hear and talk to the Pleiadians.  


The Fallen Ones Always Speak To Our Heads 

You know what?  If you want to hear and talk to demons you don't need to drink silicone—liquid crystal—take injections—because there are always beings speaking to your head.  There's always beings speaking to your head. <chuckles softly>  So, 100,000 people being smoozed into this whole New Age thing. 


“Good Guys” Wouldn’t Be Trying To Change or Undo Yah’s Creation!


Do you really think if the Pleidians were really friendly they're going to give you something—injections of liquid crystal that would completely change your DNA?  That they would be looking to undo what God did?  Isn't that something, what Satan's always trying to do?  This is all one faction.  This is the good cop bad cop I've been warning about they're all working together folks.  They want you to believe that they're friendly so you'll want them here on Earth, so you'll accept them here and this gets them all riled up and gets them into their little New Age, global, woo-doo voodoo crap.

I don't know what you call it.  It's voodoo but I call it woo-doo. <chuckles softly>  I'll call it woo-doo, because you'll see this blasted all over the globe.  There are over 1 million people all over the globe.  One-million people getting together to mentally visualize a new Paradigm.  A new Paradigm, this is the Age of Aquarius.  They want to jump into this new Age of Aquarius, a new reality.  Of course they haven't figured out yet what this new reality they're envisioning is.  Because they're envisioning, I don't know—they're envisioning ascended masters—or star people coming to Earth and moving us into this La-La 5th Dimension land—but they're all getting together to visualize this.


Over One Million Satanist On Earth Celebrating This Day

Over 1 million across the globe—I know that this key target areas—across the country and Native ceremonies down at the Serpent Mound in southern Ohio today—and we just asked the Lord to help these people who are meeting in all of these pagan places and meeting together that He would just bless them all.  And amplify the orgone in all these areas and.  Just amplify the orgone.  Increase it by 10,000%.   And cleanse the areas of evil—let's let these people have a nice spiritual day and ask the Lord to just cleanse all these areas of evil.  Let's ask Him to amp up the orgone. 


Monday, November 8th Was A Huge Occult Holiday 

And you know what it's been a really busy week for me—really knocked out the last two days—I haven't been doing a whole lot.  Because Monday was such a busy day for me.  Monday the 8th.  And Monday was a HUGE occultist holiday.  Now I really don't pay attention to what the Satanists are doing.  My focus is the Lord.  The Most High.  But, sometimes you have to know what they're doing—just—you know—you have to know what your enemy's doing.


The Number Eight Signifies “A New Beginning”

And so I realized it was the 8th because 8 is a big number in the occult—8 is in Biblical meanings it's new—it's a new beginning.  “Eight” is a new start.  A new beginning.  A new creation.  That's why they'll often refer to Adam & Eve as the 8th Day Creation and Adam & Lilith as the 6th Day Creation.  Just because the Lord rested on the 7th—I'm not going to get into all that.  But 8 is a big occult number too.


Satan Is Gathering His Forces In Earth’s Atmosphere Via Portals


And so they were all out in Switzerland, or not Switzerland, India.  And on the same day that the Hadron Collider is firing up all of these portals and that's really the basis of the Hadron Collider is to open portals.  I know they talk about, they're trying to find the God particle, His boson—and all this.  One of the main things—functions of this thing, is opening up portals so that aliens and factions of aliens from other parts of our galaxy can enter into our Earth atmosphere.  And this is how Satan is gathering his forces in the last days to Earth—opening up these portals.   So, I've been really busy working with the Lord on these portals.  To make their entrance to Earth <chuckles softly>  a big welcome party.  And I'm sure others have too. 


Obama Incarnated By (sun god) Ra 

But also on this day out in India where Obama has gone spending $200 million a day in tax payer money took--what was it?—250 Corporate CEO's—top leading Satanists in America and all these other people with him—Oprah was over there and all these other celebrities are over there and apparently some big ritual—some big occultist ritual taking place over there, underground.  And the whole thing supposedly signifying that Obama is now, has now been incarnated by Ra.  The sun god Ra and he's signified by a bull. 


The Dog Days Rule Is Over, Meaning America’s Rule Is Over 

And I've kinda mentioned throughout the last couple weeks about Anubis—and the dog days and how the VMA's, the Video Music Awards were a big tip off about the whole occult celebration—that the dog days were over—Anubis's rule was over—signifying Americas rule is over and now we head into the occult world.  And I'm not even going to begin to go into all this stuff because I never understand it myself.  When someone starts talking about it I just say, "Speak English."  The dog days rules Osiris is over.  And you'll see Miley Cyrus and all this stuff is big in the news now because she's a direct, they're direct blood line to King Cyrus.  All this dog Sirius stuff—I don't get into it.

But anyway, it's all Illuminati speak.  They all know how to make sense of what the News headlines are actually saying.  We see them as just you know, going through marital troubles.  Everybody else they know how to pick up the codes because the Illuminati speak to each other through the codes and they often use celebrities to do their speaking for them or they use songs or you know--at the VMA the opening song was, Love The Way You Lie and you see the sun rising and depicting the dog days of Sirius so it was all ritual, all ritual mostly heads up to all the Satanists so they know what's going on.


More On Obama’s Incarnation By This sun god Ra/Mithra


But now the bull takes over and what has always been dominant associated with the bull is Mithra.  Mithraism has always been associated with the bull which is the sun god.  Also associated is this Amun-Ra this Egyptian sun god.  And apparently, and I kept telling you I kept seeing Obama as Egyptian in the codes because he also has—his DNA—I told you he was cloned—a created being—and his DNA is that Pharaoh Akhenaton.  And not only that but he has now been incarnated by this Amun-Ra, this Egyptian sun god signified by the bull.  And also known as Mithra.  

And so—this is what—they had a huge ritual Monday night and I was going to talk about it during my show and of course it was sabotaged, messed with, my show Monday.  They didn't want me talking about it.   


Look Up, Folks! Our Sky Is Warping Thanks To Opening Portals!
So here we are—we're being infested literally.   You just go out and look up at the skies at night and you just see eons of UFO's people watching the sky warp and UFO's coming through the portals and that's basically what's happened.  If you look up at the sky and see it warping, that's basically a portal opening.  And they can use those portals to come into this dimension, our dimension, and these different UFO's and these aliens are just coming through.  Tons of portals everywhere loading up our skies and how anybody can stay asleep through all this any longer—I just have no idea.


The Ashtar Command Is Coming Through These Portals

And this is the week that the Ashtar Command was just coming through the portals.  And probably already here.  Maybe today's the big day they come through maybe that's why the big 11/11 occultist significance for today.  I would imagine they're already here.  I don't know.  But this is the week they were coming through.  That's why The Hadron Collider was fired up on the 8th—Obama taken outta the county on the 5th—prepared for his ritual on Monday and be incarnated by this Ra.


Whoever Is The Leader Of Last Days Babylon Will Become The Antichrist


Everything just aligning up in scripture and what I'm seeing in the Bible Codes and I've told you Maitreya has been very silent.  They're switching their routes.  They're switching their plans.  So remember what the Old Testament prophets said, "Whoever is the leader of Last Days Babylon becomes the Antichrist."  Whoever is the leader.  And so I've always said it could have been Bush four years ago.  It could have been any one of our presidents, but also to be mindful of the fact they could hand the power and authority of the United States to a higher being such as a U.N. person.  Then the leader of the U.N. or whoever would become actually the Antichrist because they're the leader of Babylon.  You have to watch what the Bible says, you can't just fit things to change what your theories are.

And so <sighs> I have seen where—this whole thing—I'm hoping everything's OK here. <laughing> Some problems with the scripts.  [technical problems with the show]  


Obama Is A Possible Candidate For The Antichrist


Obama is going to endure—he's going to endure the rest of this.  He's going to because he's a clone and they can just switch him out, his body out—because it's a cloned shell of this Pharaoh Akhenaton and various other beings, whatever—now incarnated by Amun-Ra, this Egyptian sun god.  Look for him now—to just stand up, become the Antichrist and fulfill the role himself.


Maitreya Is Being Pushed To The Back As Routes Change


I don't think he's going to hand over to Maitreya—and Maitreya coming in and playing good-cop, bad-cop with Sananda.  They're kinda changing routes because that one’s been so exposed.  And I kept telling you to watch 'em because they want to do everything by surprise.  They want to take people by surprise.  


The Ashtar Command’s Council Of Eight


I am seeing them come as a Council of Eight.  A total of 8 of them.  And one of the New Age teachings is that Maitreya, Sananda, St. Germaine, and Lady Nana who plays Mary.  It's like a script for a play and 5 other beings. 


Every Major Religion Is Awaiting The Appearance Of Their Messiah Figure


Every religion right now in the world is tied together.  Every religion is waiting for the return of their Messiah.  The Christians are waiting for the return of Jesus.  The Muslims are awaiting the return of the 12th Imam.  The Hindus and the Buddhists all waiting the return of their last days prophets.  And so we're going to see a contingency of 7 of them arrive.  I think the +1 is Mary, because she's just coming as Jesus’s mother.  And this isn't the real Mary folks, this is going to be played by Lady Nana of the Ashtar Command.  And they're all coming.  Seven are coming plus her.  And they're going to fulfill all of the religions of the world.  Prophecies.  And in the midst of this madness you have Obama.  Now.  Obama acting as the Antichrist.  Fulfilling the role of the Antichrist.  So interesting—that's the route I'm seeing—that's the route I do believe they're going to go as for now.  They could change it next week, who knows.  

My job isn't to sit here and figure out who's going to be the Antichrist, that's just the fun part.  My job is to prepare the people for what's happening now and that's what the alien and UFO invasions that are coming and to prepare and arm the Lords people for this.  Because it's going to be devastating, very destructive.  They're not coming as peaceful loving beings and so you need to prepare yourselves folks.  

“Batons” In The Codes Are Pipes and Pipe Blasters!  VERY Effective Against UFOs


And one of the things I always saw in the codes is “baton.”  The term baton, never quite knew what that was.  And then we started--we have a new product out we called it the orgone pipe blaster wand—because you can point these wands.  They're one foot long and two foot long.  They're easy to hold in your hands.  You can point them at UFO's and you can almost imagine a beam of ether energy just blasting towards that UFO through this pipe and the Lord is going to really anoint these pipes.  And so I've seen this in the Codes and so I changed it on my web site they're not wands, they're batons.  Let's just call them what I see them in the Codes.  And so I changed the name to batons.  These batons are going to be very effective for protection—waving in the air with them—saturating the air.  Also being able to point them at UFO's and aliens, whatever.  Being able to hit them immediately with a blast of orgone energy. 


Orgone Warriors Are Being Attacked By Robotoids At Night


And so just another way, various ways He's given us to protect ourselves because there's just millions of them folks.  There are just millions.  And a lot of people already, especially Orgone Warriors being targeted by aliens at night.  Just, they're sending down these robotoids.  They’re like robots.  If you’re, if you’re seeing greys, and other type of aliens, they’re, they’re, they just kind of stand back a way, way ways.  Stand back.  But they want you to know that they’re there, because they’re noisy, and obnoxious, and they chirp.  It’s like a…cricket party at night with their weird chirps.  Those are grey alien.  I let them off easy and let them get out and rebuke them in the Name of Yahushuah, command them to leave.  Uh, but a lot of them are stubborn, and, and they don’t listen the first time, and some people might take a 12-gague to ’em, scare them off. 


Um, but orgoned areas are affected in the fact that, um, it sickens them, it weakens them, and they’re starting to learn that the difference of being in an orgoned area as opposed to not being in one. And they’re going to learn real quick that the orgone does what we say it does. And so, uh, anyway, this—that, that was, you know, preparing people for the things that are coming. 


Chuck “Religion” Out The Window And Embrace Relationship With HIM 

And, uh, getting people to refocus on the Most High.  Get out of religion.  Get into relationship.  We’re told “I’ll lead my people back to me.” And that’s basically what it is, folks.  Getting out of religion and back into relationship with Him.  And also, just preparing for the things that are coming. 


How Can People NOT Notice The Signs In Our Skies??? 

I don’t know how anybody can look up at the skies and not be questioning the things that we see.  How can you not question the fact that Venus hasn’t moved in five years?  It stays East.  And that Jupiter stays West; it doesn’t move.  And <coughing> the Earth’s been out of alignment since the year 2000, and the government’s covered it up, and scientists have covered it up.  And alternative news sites on the Internet haven’t even—I haven’t read anything from them about it.  The Earth being out of alignment the Moon out of alignment, and, uh, the portals, uh, being opened. 


Strange Humming Noise And Burning Smell In The Midwest Region  

The fact that, uh, I don’t know what, what area you’re in, but at night it’s common to hear humming here in the Midwest region, Ohio, and Indiana.  Where you just hear a humming.  Starts about 2 o’clock at night and goes to about 5 o’clock.  And it sounds like a furnace is kicking on.  And so the first couple of times you may totally dismiss it, but the thing is, it never turns off.  For three hours it’s running.  Sounds like a, a generator running outside, just a humming.  No idea what it is.  I have a, a—some people mentioning that its related to mind control, uh, weapons, that you might want to put, uh, um, earplugs in and not listen to this humming.  I usually have headphones on, and so <laugh> I’m lucky to even hear the humming.  Uh, the reason I do is because of the dogs.  Uh, they’re in and out all night, especially if, if, uh, there’s, there’s stuff going on outside, they’re out all night, you know.  Could take a, a coyote, or a, you know, raccoon or anything to keep my dogs going all night.  And, uh, but other people mentioning it.  Other people mentioning the same thing.  This humming. 


And also, a, a burning smell.  And that one’s the worst one to get, because when you first smell it, you think, “Well maybe somebody’s burning leaves.”  “Maybe it’s just somebody’s wood burner.”  But you know, I live in the country, and my neighbors aren’t right next to me. You know, I only see them when the leaves start to fall, and so uh, and other people noticing the same weird burning smell.  You know.  And so, a lot of things going on, um, with their HAARP and their electromagnetic weapons being targeted against us that we just need to be aware of.  Once we can figure out what it is and what’s going on. 


Mylar And Mirrors


Um, the moon beams—I know when I, I talked about, a couple weeks ago, about the generators on the Moon and the Moon tower. And how it’s beaming on Earth, and, probably has a big part to do with the humming we’re hearing at night.  And, um, ah, you know when I started being attacked by beam weapons, satellite weapons, I started using mylar blankets.  You put those up on your walls, you can put ‘em on your, your windows.  You can wrap yourselves in them at night as a space blanket.  And it’ll keep the beams from penetrating your home.  Put up this mylar blanket.   

And, one of the other things I tried was mirrors. Um, when I started putting mylar in my windows, I was putting mirrors, because I figured, “Well, you know what?  If they hit the mirror, they’ll bounce back.”  They’ll just bounce off and bounce back.  And, uh, I’ve always had the thought of putting a strong, neodymium magnet—I’m not talking—I’m talking huge, okay?  I’m not talking the little disk size that you can buy, uh, on websites now, that are about the size of a penny or smaller. <laughs> Uh, maybe that would be enough; I don’t know.  Um, but I’ve always had the thoughts, that if, if you attach a huge kind of magnet behind a mirror, and set it up, perhaps that these, these beams, this, these satellite weapons, maybe even the Moon tower weapon, would just bounce off of it and go back to them.  And so. 


Scientists And Engineers Are Listening To Sherry’s Show


I know there’s a lot of scientists that listen to this show.  Because, unlike know-it-alls, and the back seat drivers, they just diss orgone energy and anything about me because they think they know it all.  There are a lot of scientists and engineers who have rediscovered Wilhelm’s Reich, Wilhelm Reich’s work through my shows, and the orgone that we produce.  And, they know exactly what kind of energy this is.  And, here’s when sometimes they watch—one of the biggest kicks they get is to go out and orgone an area and put up orgone walls, and then watch weather systems come in and watch the patterns. Heh. Especially when it’s HAARP, and they’re creating something, and a purpose for heading somewhere.  And then it hits, uh, um, an orgone wall and bounces off and has to change directions.  Uh, so they get a kick out of that. 


Orgone Has 101 Uses


But uh, definitely an energy, and, from Wilhelm Reich. And I know they try to discredit him.  Uh, they killed him, uh, in prison.  And so, uh, stole his work.  Have tried to suppress it all these years, and the Lord’s standing me up in the Last Days to just pick up the torch and carry on, uh, and reintroduce his work with the orgone energy.  Of course, I never even know what it was for two years after I started this orgone war.  I just needed a way to combat ELF weapons and the attacks I was going through all the time.  And the Lord led me to orgone.  Has like 101 uses.  Uh, literally nothing this stuff can’t do, uh, as far as healing and protecting people.  And it’s just a living, life-force energy, folks.  It’s a living energy.  Uh, the same living energy that the Sun produces, uh, that we have here on Earth.


Our War Is Also An ENERGY War


And so, with the New World Order, and their wicked plans to try and suppress anything that’s alive, they fill our skies with Dead Orgone Energy [DOE] trough chemtrails, and try to suppress the living life force of the Earth.  And so we’ve been at a war to combat them and balance out the energies of the Earth.  People see this as, uh, you know, the Good versus Evil, and God versus Satan, and a war for souls in the Last Days.  But folks it’s also an energy war.  It’s also an energy war.  Good energy versus Evil energy.  


Energy Rules Everything; Music Is Energy


And energy rules everything.  Energy, uh—you can take, uh—and, and I know some music artists that’s doing this—the colors of the rainbow themselves being aligned with musical notes, and then played.  And, all produces energy.  Everything about us.  We’re energy beings.  It’s energy that activates atoms and molecules and everything else that are basic building blocks of who and what we are and the Earth is.  And so, very interesting that it all comes down to sound.  Because, they produce energies.  It’s all about energies, folks.  And so, very much a war about energies in these Last Days. 


[Note from Transcriber: Many music artists have outright said they worship the Devil (all in a joking manner, of course, wink-wink nudge-nudge) or heavily suggested that there’s a very dark and sinister shadow that lurks behind the scenes of the music and entertainment industries.  One testimony comes from Tiffany Evans, a singer and songwriter.  Quote from http://vigilantcitizen.com, in an article featuring Rihanna’s Russian Roulette hit:  “Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan, and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprised. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent. Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career. make u huge. only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word. and his children.”]


And, what we’re finding is, there’s protective weapons against, some of these 200 factions of aliens that are here now.  200 different types of ugly, creepy things.  And, uh, <sighs> seen very dominantly the arrival of the Bears that’s coming, and it’s always about the Bears—they’re the Big Foots, the Chewies from Star Wars.  Uh, different types of factions of them.  I’ve seen several, uh, just within the Buffalo clan, what the Bible Codes refers to as the “Buffalo” and the “Bison.”  You have probably 100 different types of alien beings alone. And also, it’s in the Locust’s faction, because—


How Will Obam-Ra Be Introduced To The World?


I don’t know how they’re going to introduce Obama.  I don’t know—what happens when he comes back from India?  Is he like this lit up “god” now?  This false god?  I mean, does he look different?  I have, I don’t know. I know that after they leave India, they’re going to some global summit or something somewhere in Europe.  I think it’s some kind of economic thing.  And, and then he’ll be back to America.  Are we going to know by looking at him, that he, is going to be waving his hands that, “I’ve been incarnated by Ra.” <laughs>  How are they gonna do this?  I don’t, I don’t know.  Maybe this is where the, the part of prophecy comes in, where he, he takes a shot to the head and people think he’s dead, uh, and then he comes back with a Council of Eight, these eight Ascended Masters, and comes back to earth.  ‘Cause I know that was the plan with Bush.  I even remember talking about it.  Laughing about that.  Now we’re laughing about Obama.  And <laughs> very well could happen.  Just, you know.  How are they going to do it?  How are they going to introduce him?  And so. 


Satan Wants People To Attribute Godhood To Himself As They Did Yahushuah


‘Cause remember, he’s not going to go around claiming he’s God.  He just wants everybody to worship him as God.  He wants people to attribute it to him, just like they did Yahushuah.  Yahushuah never walked around and said, “I’m the Son of God; worship Me.”  People attributed it to Him by listening to the things He was saying.  Attributed Him to the, being divine.  And, so that’s what Obama, uh, Satan wants.  And so, uh, should be interesting.  I don’t know if he’ll suffer a literal head wound.  Bible talks about how the Antichrist will suffer a head wound, uh, and then, uh, he comes back to life three days later.  It’s all mimicry of the Lord’s death and resurrection.


And I always see Obama associated with UFOs - Aerodrome - Possession. Uh, even just recently.  And thinking, “What does Obama have to do with possessing an aerodrome?”   A UFO.  Or do they abduct him?  Do they possess him?  Uh, you know?  So, still looking at this one.  But very much associated—I’ve always told you he’s allies with this whole alien agenda.  Allies with them.


More On Maitreya Being Pushed To The Back And Routes Changing


He’s been allies with Maitreya from the begin—from the get go.  Uh, Maitreya being the 12th Imam who’s going to have to settle some back over in the Middle East of being the Imam instead of the world conqueror Antichrist, the role he wanted to play.  And so uh, I’m sure, I dunno know what Benjamin Creme is going to have to say about that, but, but things are switching.  Things are switching a little bit.  You’re going to see routes start to change. So very interesting. 


America Is Last Days Babylon, Not The Vatican


Uh, but just keep in mind that—by—despite what goes around us in the world, the prophets have already told us—they’ve given us the keys we need. The leader of Last Days Babylon and, and the—it’s very well proven by the prophets that Last Days Babylon is America.  And that’s why you have these Masons, and these, you know, Hal Lindseys and Jack Van Impes, “Oh, America’s not prophesy.”  Really? Which part are you reading?  <laughs>  Who’s the largest importer and exporter of automobiles?  Wood, uh, woods. Fashion  Jewelry.  Spices.  I mean, come on, folks.  Don’t keep your heads in the sand.   

It’s not the Vatican either.  They don’t export anything.  I have an article, over 100 reasons why America is Babylon.  Uh, also have an article, uh, detailing the prophets, um, of the Old Testament and the prophecies, <sighs> uh, on the two beasts.  [Reference Revelation 13]  I don’t know who’s going to play this False Prophet right now.  Too many leaders to figure out which one is going to do that.  I would—I—you know.  I don’t know.  I don’t know.  They’re changing their stuff, so we’ll have to see.   

But like I said.  Get prepared, folks.  Get prepared.  Don’t spend all your time trying to figure out this stuff.  It can be amusing, but at the same time you need to prepare, because, what’s it say?  What’s it say when—what, what’s the Abomination of Desolation?  Because, if he is the Abomination of Desolation, and Satan’s standing in a body claiming he’s God…is the Abomination standing in a temple claiming he’s God?  That’s the Abomination of Desolation.  Now we have Obama, who’s a cloned being, from not only a, a pharaoh, but now incarnated by, uh, Egyptian god Amun-Ra, this Ra, claiming he’s god.  Well, I don’t think he has to claim he’s God—he’s just, it’s just Satan standing in a holy place.  And so, Satan’s standing in a temple.  That’s this holy place.


Man’s Free Will Can Alter The Future


The temple is the body.  I know so many people keep waiting for the Jews to build a literal temple before they’ll believe the Tribulation period is upon us.  And the Lord’s always told me, “Things are gonna happen the way you don’t expect them.”  That’s why I always have to keep in mind—open mind on different routes happening.  Because man’s Free Will always affects what happens. That’s why you can’t pinpoint, This. Is. Going. To. Happen. in the future, because man’s Free Will could change it by then.  That’s why even in the Bible Codes, it’s two or three, four different routes to one thing.  There’s different dates given.  You can’t ever pinpoint one thing to one specific thing in the future because of Free Will and choice.  And so, it’s also the Lord’s ability to delay anything, speed up anything. 


The Arrival of the Abomination of Desolation Is Our Signal To Flee To The Mountains


We’re going to see a speed up of things.  An acceleration of time, I believe, right now. Uh, especially since this Obamination of Desolation already occurring.  I’d like to see some more confirmation on this from others.  Uh, and that’s why I’m throwing it out there now.  Because I, I’d really like to see more confirmation because, what’s…what’s, what’s a little bit unending about this is, what’s the Bible warn you to do in Revelation 24 once this occurs? It says to flee to the mountains.  To flee.  This is your signal to hide.  Because, the world is going to see much and great destruction from now on up.  Such as it’s never seen before.  If you read Revelation 24, uh, a warning to the Jews to, to just flee.  To not even, to go back and get a cloak, and to pray it’s not on the Sabbath, pray it’s not in the Winter time.  And all of these things, and so. 


A Look Into What’s On The Agenda For The Next Couple Of Months


This could prophetically be where we’re at, uh, in prophecy right now.  And so, uh, uh…I’m just waiting for more and more confirmations on this.  Anybody else, uh, um, getting information about this ritual on Monday, with Obama and all of them.  Um, Obama being incarnated, uh, by this Ra.  And if so, that will define exactly where we are in prophecy, and where we’re headed.  I know for the next—this month and next month, we’re just looking at, uh, more and more of this UFO invasions.  The Council of Eight coming.  This Ashtar command coming through this week.  

It’s here, folks.  It’s here.  Everything I’ve warned about for the last ten years about a coming UFO and alien invasion, and I’ve just tried to give you a heads up on the different factions, and, and the things that they—routes they can use and stuff.  It’s all here.  It’s all here.  Everything’s coming together now.  They’re all here. The portals are open.  The occult rituals have been done.  All the Earth’s religions are all on the same page, all expecting their Messiah to arrive.  And everything’s now just waiting for the shoe to drop.  And so. 


Get Right With HIM, Folks, Because The Aliens May Come With A Hostile Mood


Now’s not a time to be on the fence, folks.  Not a time to be on the fence.  If you’re not right with the Lord, get back with Him.  Get—if you’re, if you’re…if you’re backslidden, get back with Him.  Uh, because I have a feeling that when they do make their entrance here, they’re gonna to come shooting.  They’re going to come firing their UFO beams.  They’re gonna come—they’re not coming as “friendly,” they’re, they’re coming as hostile.   

And so, we could have a, a world-wide, global, hostile invasion.  Um, whenever they get everybody lined up.  I mean, I don’t know <scoffs> I don’t know what they’ll do.  I mean, were they all waiting for the Ashtar guys to come in and everybody end up having a huge conference in the sky and make everybody get on the same page, and all the sudden de-cloaking so everybody can see who they are? I mean. <laughs> And then their, then their scripting crashes, and they, they lose communication with all the other different factions, and, and. <laughs>  ‘Cause you know, Satan’s whole kingdom’s run on technology.  They’re not, uh, they’re not omniscient, omnipotent like the Most High is.  Satan’s not.  And so.   

These Things Are Happening Now; Not Next Year, NOW!


Very, uh—just keep your eyes open folks.  That’s all I can say.  Watch the skies.  Because the next thing we’re going to be seeing, literally, is either Obama lit up, uh, and, and all the sudden somehow becomes very obvious to people he’s—this incarnation did take place. Or uh, this whole, uh, alien invasion, this hostile invasion I’ve been warning about comes in fruition.  So.  It’s going to be one or the other.  And it’s now.  It’s not something that’s gonna happen next year.  It’s now.  It’s, it’s with now, it’s next week, it’s next month.  But it’s now.  And so, interesting. 


Hostile Chinese Invasion of California In The Next Couple Months 

I keep, I keep seeing in my spirit, um, a hostile Chinese invasion of California.  I’ve been seeing that for a while now.  So.  Really folks.  And I’m not saying right now because, I know, I—well, pff, you never know—I know that there’s, there was planned military exercises in California for the month of November.  I know that without a doubt.  Uh, but they always use planned military exercises to hide false flags, like they did with 9-11.  So you never quite know, uh, what they could actually pull off during military exercises.  Uh, but if you live in southern California, keep your eye out open for the Chinese, for Costco containers, because that’s owned by China.  

And I just keep feeling that in my spirit.  Much chaos in southern California for the next month or two.  I just feel it coming.  It seems it gets stronger and stronger all the time. Uh, coming in not only from the water but, um, through Mexico.  Through Mexico.  And they’ve been piling up in the desert of Mexico for three years now.  Chinese forces have.  And so, I think they’re going to get their green light soon, and those of you in California, get ready to flee.  Ask the Lord to wake you up, and, and, or whatever, um, to get your attention, uh, if you must leave the state.   Leave the areas you’re in.  To let you know; to tell you.  And so, uh, just a heads up on some of the things coming. 


Possible Future Missile Assault From Libya  

I do think we could be under missile attack by Libya.  Gonna throw that out there, uh, just for a FYI, ‘cause I’m not gonna talk about it, gonna expound on it <coughs> um, for right now. <coughing continues> Um, but we could be under, uh, missile attack, um, by this um, Muslim faction.  Because don’t forget, you know, Maitreya has an ego.  He’s still gonna want to be God even if he has to backtrack to Obama because the Earth is accepting him, and. <laughs>  Doesn’t mean they’re friends folks.  That doesn’t mean they’re friends.  This is just way beyond that one. 


The Council Of Eight Will Be Warring For The Top Position Here On Earth


And so, uh, we could see much fighting, even with the Eight here, the, the Eight Imposters, uh, from the Ashtar Command, acting like everybody’s saviors. <laughing>  They’re still gonna be fighting.  There’s still gonna be wars.  They’re, they’re going to be going after each other because, they, they want to be, uh, the Big Guy.  The Big Dog on Earth.  The Big Ascended Master.  The Big Messiah. 


Sananda, The FAKE Jesus, Will Deceive Most Of The Churches 

And so, we have to see what “Jesus” does.  Sananda.  Not the real One, folks.  The fake one coming.  Sananda.  I’ve warned about him for years.  He is going to be so good at deceiving most of Churchdumb it’s scary.  It’s scary.  Because they’ve been hanging his picture up, this picture of Sananda, and they’re thinking, “Oh this is Jesus.”  Well, it’s Sananda, and I’ve been warning people that for years, and now when he comes in person? <frustrated sigh>  It is going to be really hard.  Really hard.  And you know what everybody always takes out of context?  That one scripture in the Bible where it says the deceptions in the Last Days are gonna be so good that, that it, that it would deceive even the very Elect, so, uh, that it could have deceived even the very Elect. 


Get Into Relationship With The Lord So He Can Teach You Himself


The Elect are a small amount in number.  144,000. That’s not everybody else.  And everybody else—a lot of people will be deceived, folks.  And so.  That’s what they can always count on when it comes to religion—is that everybody has their own interpretation of what they’re reading.  That’s why you have to get into the “relationship” thing and let the Lord teach it to you Himself.  Let Him reveal Himself to you.  Let Him reveal His plans to you.   

Sherry On The Edge With Daniel Ott On Saturday 

Anyway, um, I’ll be back Monday Night.  Uh, this Saturday I’m gonna be on Daniel Ott’s show. 8 o’clock till 10 o’clock Eastern Time.  You can go to, uh, The Edge dot com.  The Edge dot com. [http://www.theedgeam.com/]  And I’ll be debating uh, Lieutenant S.C. whatever, and, uh, and so that should be uh, interesting show.  On Saturday night.   

And then I’m going to be doing something associated with the godlike person’s form.  Uh, some kind of radio-TV avenue they have over there now, or something.  I dunno.  I’ll be doing that in a couple weeks, and I’ll be announcing that as well. 


Keep Making “Batons,” The Pipe Blasters; Very Effective!


Uh, but anyway folks.  Until then, get your pipes made.  Get them pointed at the skies. Uh, very effective in the Last Days.  These batons. They’re in the Codes all the time and just now being able to figure out what it is about those batons I was always seeing, and being able to put two and two together.  And hey, it’s talking about our pipes!  It’s talking about our orgone pipes; it’s just calling them batons!  So really cool. 


Anyway, Monday night at 10 o’clock, be back,  same place. 


Until  then, everybody, Yah Bless.



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