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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 15, 2010

Yah Doesn't Live in Linear Time, So Be Careful in What You Believe About Certain Dates

And, hello, everybody. You're live. Welcome. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. I'm Sherry Shriner. November 15th, halfway through the month. And if you're following Hebrew times we're already in December, in their calendar. It's hard to keep the calendars straight. And so, I always have to keep things in mind when in Codes, trying to pin months and dates and years. We've just been messed with on all areas. And so, with our dates, man's time...they're not Yah's. Yah doesn't live in linear time. And that's what I've been saying for years, folks. That, you know, you see these people on the Internet and they give dates. "Oh, this is gonna happen on such and such date." Really? [laughs] Who told you that? NORAD or the Most High? Because NORAD loves to give dates, and they love to keep disinfo information all over the Net. They have dreamscape technology where they can implant visions, false visions, to people.

And not only that, but demons do that as well. And Jeremiah the prophet said that in the last days people become so wicked they just share each other's demons. And that's why I refuse to go near prophetic websites, prophetic forums. Especially the ones that pile up the dreams and visions. Because if you go to them long enough, you're gonna eventually catch the same demons and you start sharing the same visions and dreams. And that's why they all confirm each other. The Lord has always kept me away from those areas. And so, word to the wise. Word to the wise: stay away from them, too. Go to His feet. Go to His feet.

Just Go into the Wilderness with the Lord and Learn the Truth Directly from Him

You know, I can't say it enough. I wrote an article called the Kingdom of God. It's on my website, or, the articles page. And it teaches you how to just go into the wilderness with Him. Just go, into the wilderness. And the wilderness is symbolic. Just means leaving everything else behind. Churches, theologies, your books, teachers. Everybody you've been listening to, reading, and following. And just leave it all behind, and literally just go to Him and say, "I'm throwing everything out I ever learned. I want You to teach me over again. Just start from the beginning and just teach me. Teach me the truth in all things."

And, you know what? I was in that wilderness with Him for quite a while. Couple years. And it's not easy throwing everything out you've ever learned, but it's a must if you really want the truth. Because everything we've been taught, no matter how good intentions of the person it was that was teaching you, everybody has built-in biases. Everybody interprets scriptures the way they were told to, the way they were taught to by people they trusted. Or just from their own interpretations from their own experience, you know, experiences, their lives, their own biases. And you have to be ready to just throw that all out the window and just accept truth for what it is. Accept it when He teaches you. It's like a revelation. It's like a light bulb going off in your head. And you have all these moments of revelations through the journey when He starts teaching you.

And it's a journey. It never ends. You never know everything. It has to have a beginning, and only you can spark the beginning of that. Because if you don't, no matter how much you love Him, and no matter how righteous you are or think you are, or how good your fruits are, you're just always trapped in that shell. You're always just -- you don't have that interpersonal communication with Him. The person that can't hear His voice, well, you know, He says my sheep hear My voice and they know me and I know them. And His sheep have to learn to hear His voice. It's not something that comes, uh, a huge voice ringing through your house hitting you on top of your head.

"You Didn't Come to Me and Ask Me If They Were True"

You know, He allows people to stay in their errors. He allows them. No matter how good you think you are, no matter how much you love the Lord, and you feel a closeness with Him, He will allow you to stay in your errors because you haven't sought Him for the truth. So you think, "Well, you know what? Well, I love the Lord and I can feel He's a part of my life, and so, this must be true." And you stay in your errors. No, no, no. He just allows you to stay in your errors. Because that was one of my beeps back in the day. And I said, "You've known how much I love You. Why did You let me believe that for so long? Why did You let me believe these teachings, these theories, these doctrines (what they call theologies)? Why did You allow me to stay in those errors?" Because some of them were wrong. Some of them were right, some of them were wrong. And He said, "Because you didn't come to Me and ask me if they were truth."

I never considered that. I never considered my pastors were telling me things that weren't truth. They were quoting the Bible. It's not necessarily that it's wrong. It's the interpretations that are wrong. And He allows you to sit in false interpretations because we don't go to Him and ask HIM if it's truth. And some people just certainly aren't ready for it. Some people don't want to know that their tongue-speaking isn't of Him. That that filled-with-religious...that Holy-Spirit, that angel-of-light feeling they get when they go to these churches is misinterpreted.

You know, Satan has this false angel of comfort and he gives these people this warm and fuzzy feeling. And they think that it's just of God. That that church is just of God. And, you know, that His presence is there. And it's a deception, because, first of all, folks, Christianity 100, this is the basic, the building block. If you want to feel God's Spirit, you want to feel His instant presence, praise His name, and He will be with you. You get scared, you get beat down, you get beat up, you just want joy and peace? Start praising His name. That's 101 stuff. He will be with you. He comes to you instantly when you start praising Him. And so, no matter where you are, no matter where you are, if you start praising His name, you're gonna feel His presence.

The Satanists Drain the Congregations After Getting Them to Praise the Lord

And that's what these charlatans and these wolves in sheep's clothing know. And that's how they operate. That's what they know. They know exactly how to manipulate God's believers. Exactly how to manipulate them. And they do it. They do it. That's why they always have singing and praise at the beginning of the service. Because when you start singing and praising the Lord, His presence is going to fill you instantly. You're gonna feel the presence of His Spirit. And so, now, since you feel the presence of His Spirit, you think you're in a holy and righteous place, which is this wolf church you're sitting in. And then they've got you for the rest. They've got you for the rest of the sermon. And they just sit there and they drain all that good energy you've just provided. You know, you've got an entire congregation praising the Lord's name, they're all getting full with His instant presence and these Satanists up there they just start draining everybody of their energy. They have hooks attached to these buildings and they suck the energy out of you. That's what they eat; their food. They're like energy vampires. And you wonder why after singing and praising you sit down to start the rest of the service you just get tired. You're tired. And middle, halfway through the sermon, you're falling asleep. Like, "What happened to that great feeling I just felt earlier?"

Because that's what they do, folks. They drain you. They're energy vampires. They feed off of this...I call it loosh. And I wrote a article on how they operate. It's called The Net Masters. Might want to read that on my article page Tells you how all these Satanists work to drain you of your energy, your loosh. Yeah, that's how they operate, folks. They know how to manipulate God's people. And we're so ignorant to their devices. They've been getting away with it! Nobody teaches you this stuff...except for me. [laughs] Anything they don't want you to know, I'm gonna tell you. I'm gonna tell you on this show. I've been doing it for four, many years now? Six years. Six years.

Get Out of the Churches and Build Your Own Signature Relationship with God

Anyway, I just felt compelled to reach out to His people tonight that are just so disillusioned by the churches. That's why. Get out of them. Go sit at His feet. Get in that wilderness with Him. That one-on-one. And I have a section in that to build your own signature relationship with God. How to build your own relationship with Him. They call it a signature because when you sign your name, nobody else signs it quite like you. Fradulents can try, but they can be busted by the best of experts. Nobody signs your name -- nobody has your unique signature when you sign your name. And that's how our relationships are with Yahuah. We build our own relationships with Him. We have our own one-on-one relationship with Him. Nobody else's is quite like it.

And you know what? You're gonna have with Him the kind of relationship you build with Him. If you want formality, you're gonna get formality. If you want fun, you're gonna get fun. I have a mixture of everything. I have the greatest amount of respect because He's the King, and He's my Dad, and He's my Father. But at the same time, I have a lot of fun with Him. I have a lot of fun. We have a lot of laughs. And that comes through building, and spending time with Him. Spending time with Him. Getting to know Him. He already knows you. But He loves for you to tell Him things. He loves for you to talk to Him. And so, that's what you guys need to be doing is working on your relationships with Him. Because that's what's gonna get you through the terrible times we have coming...the terrible times. You will be at total peace when the world around you is just falling apart.

I Don't Remember Reading Where Job Freaked Out and Lost His Faith

Job...everything came crashing down in his life in one day. He lost his family, he lost his possessions, he lost his cattle. I don't remember reading anywhere in the book of Job where he stood up and started freaking out. I don't remember that. I don't remember seeing where he freaked out and lost total control. He stayed focused on the Lord. He was in peace over it. I'm not saying he liked it, but he was in peace. And you know what happened? The Lord ended up giving him, doubling -- everything he had lost was doubled and given back to him because of his faithfulness in the Most High. He didn't freak out. He didn't pull his hair out. He didn't lose his faith.

So many people in the coming months...are they gonna lose their faith when they start seeing things they were told in their religion that they wouldn't? Or that they can't even explain? They see these UFOs and, you know what? Burying them -- out of sight, out of mind..."I'm not thinking about it, so it doesn't exist" -- isn't gonna work because they're gonna be everywhere. They already are. That isn't gonna work anymore. They're gonna have to start facing the truths and the realities that the churches have hidden from them for years. Because the churches won't deal with UFOs and aliens. They don't deal with those truths. They deal with how Satan operates on Earth. They don't get into that because they don't know it. They've never learned it. They've never sat at the Lord's feet. They've just assumed, "Well, we won't be here" and "If we don't teach it, then it doesn't exist."

And they don't know how to explain things. They don't know how to explain how a hieroglyphic that was painted 4,000 years ago when the guy has a Rolex watch on his wrist. I mean, come on, folks. Technology's always existed. It's not something that just came into existence in our century. It's been buried throughout the centuries, so mankind wouldn't know about it. But it's always existed. And who are these fallen angels, and where are they coming from, and how many factions of them are there? All details the Lord has led me into the last ten years.

There Are Many Among Us Who Are Half Human and Half Fallen Angel

When he stood me up to speak about the alien agenda ten years ago, I knew I was gonna take a beating on that one. People didn't want to hear it. Think about ten years ago -- think about now, how much easier it is now than it was ten years ago when I started. Because now you can bring up the subjects and people know what you're talking about because they're starting to see it with their own eyes. You watch TV and you see newscasters shape-shift on TV, and you think, "Is that my cable?" [laughs] "Is that my cable going out?" Person's looking weird, but everything else around him stays the same.

But it's not your cable. People are seeing people shape-shift. Starting to recognize that there's many amongst us that we wouldn't expect; probably shouldn't be here, you think. We wouldn't expect to see hybrids. And the truth is, they've been breeding hybrids for many, many years. And so, there's many amongst us that are half human, half fallen angel. And back in the day, if we were back in the day of the Nephilim, they would be giants. But they've killed off that giantism DNA gene so they can mingle with mankind. What's Daniel 2:43 say? Says they shall mingle with the seed of men. They're crossbreeding the seed of men. And they're assimilating into our societies. And even ones that don't have souls, cloned beings, are mingling in with our societies.

How Can You Tell When You're Dealing with a Hybrid?

How do you know when you're dealing with a human or a clone? 'Cause you can't tell the difference. How do you know if you're dealing with a human or a hybrid? You can't tell the difference. Now if you get to know these people and spend more time with them, then you can start to learn things. Then it's from information that you can tell who or what they are. But if you're walking in the streets, or you're in a crowded room full of people, you can't tell them apart, folks. There's no distinguishable features, other than their eyes, that perhaps will give them away. A lot of these people, if you look at the Hollywood people and the celebrities, singers, they tend to wear sunglasses all the time because the sun hurts their eyes, their snake-slit eyes.

That's the best way to tell them apart is the Reptilian stare. And I have an article on my website, about the reptilian stare. That blank, cold, just dark, intense stare. And then, you have the snake eyes, the slit eyes. And I just put up a graphic on my website at or and it shows Obama with the snake-slit eyes. I'm not talking about slanted, Asian-looking eyes. I'm talking about looking at their black pupill and it's vertical. It's a vertical slit in their eyes.

And a lot of them now, TV newscasters -- someone was telling me this morning -- a lot of them are starting to wear contacts to try to hide their vertical-slit eyes. But you could see it through the contacts, I guess. I guess what's even more amusing is if they look to the left or right, their eyes don't shift with them. [laughs] 'Cause the contacts just stay straight. [laughs] It doesn't shift. Like, if you look to the left, your pupil's gonna shift to the left. If you look to the right, your eyes shift to the right...your pupil. But if you're a Reptilian and if you have vertical-slit eyes and you have contacts on, the contacts don't shift with the rest of the eye. They just stay straight looking at you. So, that would be kind of funny. I don't watch a lot of TV news, so I haven't noticed it myself, but others are starting to notice it.

Listen to My Recent Interview with Daniel Ott on The Edge AM Radio Show

They're trying to hide because all of this information is getting out more and more in the open. I did a interview on Saturday night with Daniel Ott at If you haven't heard the interview, you could go to his website, for Daniel Ott. O-t-t. And it was a debate. It wasn't really a debate as much as a conversation exposing a lot of information. With Lieutenant Colonel Greg Rinchich. Had a great time teaching. Just revealing a bunch of information. And the biggest difference -- and I see this all the time, all the time -- is that so many people come from various different backgrounds and still confirm, confirm, the things I've been teaching for ten years.

And I don't have to be visibly in these underground bases. The Lord just shows me things. You know, Greg Rinchich, military sniper, has been in numerous underground bases, has an abundance of knowledge on the things that are going on in the Black Ops. And he just confirmed everything I've been telling you for ten years. And we come from completely different backgrounds. I've never been in an underground base, physically. I've never been involved with the military or the government. I've never had involvement in any way, shape or form with any groups, any people, any intel...any kind of intelligence. I simply reveal to you what the Lord tells me to reveal. And He shows me things. He shows me either through the Codes, the Bible Codes, or He gives me visions. And for ten years I've hit it head on, you know? And so, what makes people think that what I've told you is coming in the future is any less true? It's all true. It's all coming. It's all coming, folks.

Wilhelm Reich Rediscovered the Ancient Energy He Termed Orgone

And the Lord's given us a protective weapon in these last days; orgone. It wasn't called orgone in earlier times. Back in the day it wasn't called orgone. But I don't know the name of the energy it was called. Maybe the Lord will tell me it. But, Wilhelm Reich termed it orgone. And he rediscovered this ancient energy. And really it's just an energy that's always existed. It's a living life force energy. It's always existed. And the reason they killed him and burned up his books and made people destroy his orgone accumulators, 'cause it was healing people. And there's no money, there's no business, in healing people. They want people to get sick and die.

And another thing he had stumbled on, and this was back in the 1940s and 1950s when he was doing his research, because he discovered various aspects of this energy. Not just one aspect, he discovered various. And what he found was that a motor power could be provided from this energy pulled from the atmosphere. So we didn't need gas and fuel and oil to power a vehicle. You pull this energy out of the atmosphere and it powers the motor. So whatever you're driving is basically driving on thin air. That's pretty much where that phrase comes in; out of thin air. And so, you can see where the agena came in to destroy him. Because he discovered how UFOs travel.

Reich Discovered That Positive Orgone Energy Crashes UFOs

And this is something I said years ago. They travel on negative orgone energy (DOE). Where there's a living energy, there's a negative. There's a balance in everything; yin/yang. That's what the Chinese call it. Or is that Japanese? I don't know. Yin/yang. There's balance. There's good, there's bad. There's light, there's dark. There's evil, there's righteous. This earth was created on balance. When the Lord created it, He created night and day. He separated the day from the night. Balance. Sun...we have the moon. And the night's always lesser. Because it's the positive, the light, that shines over the darkness, dominates it. And so, there's two different energies. There's a living energy and a evil energy. And that's what Wilhelm Reich was rediscovering through energy, through thin air. And that's how he discovered that positive orgone energy was crashing UFOs. Because these UFOs, these craft that Satan fly in the fourth dimension, when they come into our dimension, and they would materialize, they would start pulling on the air, the DOE energy they need out of the air, to fly. And they start sucking up some of this orgone energy and it would make them crash.

The Orgone the Lord Led Sherry to Works in Other Dimensions Besides Ours

Well, the orgone the Lord led me to make a couple years ago, kind of like picking up where Reich left off, is dimensional. And so, not only affects negative things in this dimension, but also the fourth dimension, where basically Satan's whole dimension resides is the fourth dimension. Because the Lord's up in the fifth and the higher dimensions. Satan pretty much dominates and owns the fourth dimension. That's where his realm is. That's where they all operate out of. And orgone saturates their dimension, and IS saturating their dimension, and the third dimension. And so, these crafts that fly on air are the ones being affected and burning up and being destroyed.

Nuclear Reactors May Be Gas Stations for Government UFOs

I find it interesting about these nuclear reactors. They're everywhere. Every state has a nuclear reactor. They're just like, everywhere. Nobody wants to talk about them, but they're like the sore spots in every state. "Oh, there's a nuclear reactor over there. You don't want to live over that way." I think -- and I think I've said this before, but no one's ever picked it up and ran with it to prove it or confirm it -- is that they're gas stations for the government crafts. I think our nuclear reactors are what power government UFOs. Because we know the government have their own crafts. I know they do. And you've seen them. Though people misunderstand what they are. They think that they're the supernatural alien UFOs. The black triangular craft, those are government. Those are government craft. And they have their own fleet, perhaps in different shapes and colors. I don't know. But I know they have their own fleet. And I think this is exactly how they're powered; by the nuclear reactors we have all over the place. Interesting that abductees have stated that they get sick from radiation, from their abduction. Because of the gas, the fuel that powers that UFO. It was a human abduction. It wasn't an alien abduction. It was a military abduction.

Military Abductions and the Military Agenda

There's two different types of abductions that go on, folks. You can have an alien abduction, where you're probed and used as a breeder, and, you know. You've read what happens to alien abductees. That's not pleasant. Or you can be an abductee of the military. And the abductees from militaries will tell you, you know, they've seen the armed forces mixed together. You could see the Air Force and the Army together in one UFO, one ship. And, nobody ever talks about the Navy. The Navy's the one to watch out for, you know, seriously. The Navy has their own space fleets. The Navy can jump in and out of portals. The Navy is where the real, real, real Black Op tech is. But then we've got the Air Force and the military and they're the ones people are running into because they're the ones that are abducting people. They act like they're aliens and they abduct people aboard their ships. That's pretty much what the military -- the Army and the Air Force do.

Where the Navy has their own agenda and nobody ever sees or hears from them. But they pretty much are dominating space in a huge way with their technical abilities. I just wanted to throw that out there because I don't want to leave the Navy out. I want people to know exactly where they rank above things; way up there. I mean, this stuff that the military can do now...put a starship in the sky, a UFO, beam people up to it...they use portals. They could open up a portal in your bedroom, erase your mind, yank your body out of bed. They have machines that can pull your spirit out of your body. They don't even necessarily open up a portal to get you. They can just yank your spirit up. And they do this to Christians. They do this to a lot of people. Because if you're not lucid to call out the name of the Lord to stop an abduction, then until you are, you're a victim.

Orgone Stops Kids from Having Night Terrors - Keeps Demons Out of Their Rooms

And so, that's why I love the orgone, because it stops these types of abductions from happening. It prevents their evil and wicked equipment from working against you. And the devices and their schemes. It's like a hundred and one thing. Your kids have night terrors at night, you know, put orgone under their bed and the kids will start sleeping. It'll keep the demons out of the rooms at night. Children are targeted. And you remember when you were a child...some of you, most of you. You know, it's not always the dresser in the corner of the room that looks like a monster. Sometimes there's a monster in front of the dresser. Parents always say that, "Oh it's just your furniture. It's just your furniture. You're just imagining it." Not always. Not always, folks. Listen to your kids. Don't make fun of them. Don't laugh at them.

And I've gotten frantic e-mails from quite a few women wanting orgone because their kids are having night terrors. It's a way to keep them out. You know, you can anoint your home with oil. Orgone doesn't replace spiritual warfare, it complements it. You can anoint your home with oil, but the problem with that is it wears off. And you have to keep anointing your home all the time and going through all that kicking demons and everything out. And the next day someone brings demons in with them. And your place gets infested again. And eventually you can feel the power of the anointing wearing off. You have to anoint again. That's tiring. And I told the Lord that, "I'm tired of having to reanoint my house all the time." And so, that's what the orgone -- it's a constant presence, a constant energy. So you don't have to keep reanointing your home. It's just His constant living energy in Your home.


Anyway, I want to take questions from people. I haven't been taking listener calls the last couple of weeks. So I'll see what's up with some of you guys.

Have You Seen Any Missiles or Attacks Happening Since the 11th?

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello, caller.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: I don't know. Maybe they hung up. Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, Sherry?


CALLER: Yes, I have a question. Have you seen anything happening since like, the 11th or anything in this -- you know, with any missiles or anything else or any attacks or anything?

SHERRY: You know what? Israel's trying to strike a war. They're trying to start a war. Make it look like it's coming from us. It's Israel. As far as everything else, we had a very big occultic week last week.

CALLER: Mm-hmm. You said that.

SHERRY: And occultic rituals in India, the portals opening, the last of the Ascended Masters coming in. They're all here. They're ready to go.

Did You See Anything with That Collider When It Was Turned On?

CALLER: Did you see anything with that Collider when it was turned on? Any big spirals or anywhere any big openings or...

SHERRY: I didn't see any physical manifestations, but there were huge openings and that's why it allowed them to all come in.

CALLER: Nothing like it was in Norway last year or whatever.

SHERRY: I don't think anybody saw a physical manifestation in this realm, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

CALLER: I haven't heard any sightings of anything weird --

SHERRY: I haven't heard of anything --

CALLER: Is that Collider still on? Or was it just on for a day or --

SHERRY: No, it was on all week. It started, you know, on the 8th and was running all week. Somebody did -- now that you mentioned it, I did see an article somewhere of somebody getting a shot of a portal opening. And it was a huge blast of light. It looked like a -- what was it? Green or something? Blue, green --

CALLER: Some people were reported seeing blue lights in the United States somewhere, a few states. I don't know. Something about blue lights.

SHERRY: It's very hard to get pictures because you've gotta have your camera in your hands.

CALLER: Well, yeah.

SHERRY: At that time. You know? [laughs] But somebody did post a picture of a portal opening. I think it was the one above the Gulf of Aden.


SHERRY: And so, yeah, portals were opening all week. And I was doing a lot of warfare during that. I knew they were gonna open, but I was just working to make it very painful for them coming through. [laughs]

Obama Was Getting Incarnated by the Demon, Ra, in India

CALLER: Well, Obama must have made it back from being overseas without getting killed or shot or anything. They said he was --

SHERRY: Well, he was getting incarnated. He went over there to do a ritual in India and he was incarnated by the demon, Ra. And that was the whole reason they all went over there.

CALLER: Mm-hmm.

SHERRY: This is a big to-do. You know? He's got this sun god, this Egyptian god him. So, this is what we have to deal with now with our President. Obama-Ra.

There's a Media Blackout - Hundreds, Maybe Thousands, Are Dying from Corexit

CALLER: So, do you see anything coming up this month yet or anything really important or...

SHERRY: You know what? I do. And I can't make heads or tails of it yet. But I see, other than diseases and plagues coming, which is bad enough --

CALLER: Well, they've been saying in Haiti that's getting worse over there.

SHERRY: Yeah. We have pandemics coming and already striking out. This whole thing in the Gulf region is by no means over. That Corexit is killing hundreds, probably thousands of people. Obama --

CALLER: They just don't know it. They think they're OK.

SHERRY: It's a media blackout. It's a media blackout.

CALLER: Why wouldn't they leave if they're sick? 'Cause they don't have anywhere else to go, or money, or...

SHERRY: Basically.

CALLER: move, or...

SHERRY: And they just don't feel like, "Oh, it's not a threat." And then, boom. And people are feeling the effects of this all over the southern states, not just the Gulf area. I mean, the doctor who died of a flesh-eating bacteria was in Houston. And so, it's everywhere. You know, it's affecting people now that already have preconditions. Any kind of, you know, liver...or preconditions of health issues. It's affecting them first. And eventually it's going to keep wearing down the immune systems of all the people and affect all of them.

Reich's Notes Said That Rain, Humidity and Snow Suppress the Power of Orgone

CALLER: But now it's getting colder in the Midwest. Will they cut down on the chemtrails?

SHERRY: Well, I think they believe -- and I just saw this in Reich's work, because I used to laugh about it, because I used to make it rain all the time here. I've moved away from the snowbelt part of the state to get away from snow, and then I had more snow last year than the snowbelt did. And I just found out why in Reich's work, reading his notes. That, and watching that video. I just put those links on my site, too, that they found. But he says that rain and humidity and, I'm seeing in the Codes that snow suppress the power of orgone. And so that's why they're trying to drench these areas with humidity with rain or with snow. They're trying to fight back against the orgone energy.

CALLER: They don't like it cold, you mean?

SHERRY: The snow will suppress the orgone...somehow.


SHERRY: And so, that's why they're piling up the snow in certain areas. Especially the Midwest.

Ohio and Indiana Can Hear Humming at Night - The Moon Beam's Working

CALLER: Any new news on the moon or anything? Or is it getting closer, or...

SHERRY: What part of the country are you in?

CALLER: Midwest.

SHERRY: The Midwest...Ohio and Indiana can hear humming at night. You can hear that HAARP humming. The moon beam's working. They've got a huge generator on the moon. And they're opening portals to pump energy into this generator, and they take this energy and they beam it back to Earth. And then, this is what we're hearing at night, I believe, is these humming sounds.

CALLER: It's only in the middle of the night?

SHERRY: Yeah, two to five. Two to five a.m. And if you go outside, sometimes you'll smell a burning smell. That's some kind of effect from this humming, I believe. I think they're just burning molecules, burning atoms. I don't know what's going on, I'm not a scientist. But you could smell a burning. So, when you hear the humming for a couple days, and then one day you smell burning. And, it's just very odd.


SHERRY: But they're firing up this moon-beam aparatus on the moon. It's gonna start getting more and more and more obvious to where everybody starts to experience it. Because they're really trying to target all those who have been chip-implanted. And they're messing with the vibration frequency that humans operate on. We're all -- we're vibrational beings. We're spirit beings. We're made of energy. And that's what this moon beam's doing. It's messing with the frequencies we operate on.

Israel's Trying to Make the U.S. Look Like We're Firing Missiles at Iran and China

CALLER: Huh. OK. I just wondered if anything in the skies -- you've seen anything happening 'cause I don't watch a lot, a lot of news, so.

SHERRY: Yeah, I don't either, but I -- yeah, you know what? The portals have just been so busy --

CALLER: Not sure what's going on in the skies. If there's anymore missile sightings or anything else going on, or...

SHERRY: I think somebody said last night another missile shot off the bay. Just last night. And no one's reporting anything.

CALLER: Do you think they're gonna shoot back?

SHERRY: Well, I think Israel better give up and go home. Quit trying to make the United States look like we're firing missiles at Iran and China. They want to start a war. And so, they're using their --

The Pleiadeans [Group of Aliens] Were Taking Credit for Shooting That UFO Out of the Sky

CALLER: Well, there was talk about that through all...everybody's predictions and stuff...

SHERRY: Well, you know, that's ingenious.

CALLER: ...but nothing ever happened those dates.

SHERRY: Take one of your nuclear submarines, go over to a different country, fire it off their coast at somebody else. [laughs] And then that country thinks, automatically, it came from that other country. You know?

CALLER: Where does it land? You never hear if anything takes off where it landed at.

SHERRY: Well, a UFO shot it out of the sky. The Pleiadeans were taking credit for that one. "Well, we shot it out --"

CALLER: Oh, there was never any landing of it.

SHERRY: No, because you can see in the video that they edited for TV --

CALLER: Yeah, I did see that.

SHERRY: You see the UFO disabling it. And so, amusing. But I still don't buy this good alien/bad alien crap. They're trying to introduce the Pleiadeans as being watchful and caring of mankind, and it's just a game. It's good alien/bad alien. They're all bad.

CALLER: Yep. They just can't let it go out in the news, and bring in some more things about movie stars or, you know,...


CALLER: ...the Haiti thing or...whatever.

SHERRY: All right. Well, thanks for calling in.

CALLER: OK. Thank you. Bye.

SHERRY: All right. Bye-bye.

I Was Riveted with Your Interview with Daniel Ott

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry.


CALLER: Hello? Hello?

SHERRY: Hello. Yeah.

CALLER: [no response]

SHERRY: Hello?

CALLER: Sherry?


CALLER: Hi. It's Giggles.

SHERRY: Hey! Giggles! My favorite Tennessean.

CALLER: How are you?

SHERRY: Good. How are you?

CALLER: Yeah! If it got any better, I don't think I could stand it.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: You like that line, you can borrow it.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Hey. I was just riveted with your interview with [Daniel] Ott. That was great.

SHERRY: Yeah. It was a long interview and just a lot of information.

CALLER: Aw, man. But listen. I could listen to you for hours every night.

SHERRY: [laughs]

I Have Heard the Humming and Smelled the Burning Here in Nashville, Tennessee

CALLER: Yeah. But, OK, listen. I got a couple questions. Yes, I have heard the humming, I've smelled the burning. You know, I'm down here in Nashville, so I didn't know what that was about. To me, it smelled like burning plastic. And I've started saying that to a couple friends. I was like, "Do you smell that?" And was like, "Do you hear that?" And they're like, "What?"

SHERRY: It's easy to dismiss it 'cause you think your furnace is kicking on.

CALLER: Yeah. It's like leaves and plastic. And we had a no-burn.


CALLER: We had a no-burn here for a while for the rain. And so, you know, one time it smelled like, I mean, just really nasty. And I'm looking around. I'm going, "I know these people know we're not supposed to burn, but..." I don't know.


Is Jesse Ventura Trying to Get People to Rise Up So They Can Invoke Martial Law?

CALLER: But, OK. I've got two more questions. 'Cause I don't want to take up too much time. Jesse Ventura, Conspiracy Theory [TV show], I think he's part of the problem. I think he is trying to gas people up, because we know they're not gonna do extensions on unemployment. And, you know, have you watched his show?

SHERRY: Yeah. Yeah, I've seen it.

CALLER: Don't you think -- I mean, I don't know. In the pit of my gut I'm thinking he's part of the problem. He's trying to get these people to rise up so they can invoke martial law. What do you think?

SHERRY: Well, you know what? He's waking people up, so --

CALLER: Yeah...but...

SHERRY: You know, it's almost's like what can you do?


SHERRY: He's getting further with waking people up than a lot of us have been able to. You know?

CALLER: Well, that's true. That's true, but...I don't know. Maybe that was just a crazy thought that came through my head. It was just like -- yeah, I mean, he's ballsy. I'll give him that.

SHERRY: Well, you know, the first thing people do is create fear. When they see this type of stuff for the first time and they hear about it, they fear it. And then "they" get power feeding off the fear.


SHERRY: That's one of the reasons they do this kind of stuff. And, plus, you know, universal rule is you have to reveal your plan. And this is a way of doing it. Because people aren't getting it that all these fiction UFO Hollywood-movie type things aren't exactly fiction.


SHERRY: And so, they use other avenues to confirm, "Hey, this is true. This is real. This is coming." And just part of the rules as well. They have to tell us what their plans are.

CALLER: I don't know. I mean, I started watching his show last year. And I was like, cool, man. Finally, you know, somebody, you know, in the Hollyweird. And, you know...I don't know. At least he's, like you said, he's bringing attention to it.


CALLER: I don't know. Something hit me the other night. Friday night I was watching. I was like, geez, you know, it he part of the problem? Because, I mean, that's what, you know, the powers that be -- well, really the powers that be, they're gonna implode themselves. But, I know what I'm saying? I couldn't help but think, you know, is he gassing folks up to make them rise up? I know? I don't know. Am I paranoid?

SHERRY: You know what? It is what it is.


SHERRY: It is what it is. It's a double whammy.

CALLER: So it's "can you read between the lines."

SHERRY: Yeah. I mean, it gives good, but it gives bad.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: And so, it is what it is. That's all, you know...

What Is Your Definition of a Reprobate Mind?

CALLER: OK. All right. I have another...all right. Can you give me -- and I've heard different definitions, but what is your definition of a reprobate mind?

SHERRY: Sin. Reprobating is just sin and rebellion.

CALLER: OK. Someone that can quote the scriptures, but yet it's like blasphemy to the Lord. Correct?

SHERRY: Well, they just have a carnal mind. To be reprobate is to be carnal. It's like trying to be spiritual, but you're living in the flesh.

CALLER: Right!

SHERRY: Does that make any sense?

CALLER: Yes, ma'am.

SHERRY: It's like talking the talk, but you don't walk the walk. And you don't really believe what you're saying, but you're saying it because it's good, but you don't line up with it. Do you know what I'm saying?

I'm Being Accused of Sorcery and Witchcraft Because I Make Orgone

CALLER: Right! Right. And also, this person's accusing me of, you know, "Well, those little things you're making...that's just sorcery. That's witchcraft." And I'm thinking, "It must be working because --

SHERRY: Most people have a real problem because when you start dealing with stones and crystals, it sounds voodoo. That was my problem back when I started, believe it or not. I had the same questions and the same red flags going up. "Wait a minute. That's New Age."

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: But you know what? You're gonna have a real problem with heaven. [laughs] Because heaven is nothing but crystals and gold and stones. It's filled with them. And even the breastplates of righteousness, the breastplates the Levites wore, had stones. All of the stones on them, in a particular order and pattern. Because they all produced a different amount of energy and a different kind of energy. And so, see, we're blocked out from the churches. We're told that's all witchcraft.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: That's New-Agey, witchcraft. Stay away from it. But it's not. It was the Lord who taught them how to use the energies of stones.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: And so, the problem is is that the church went to sleep on it, and the New Agers picked it up and ran with it.

CALLER: OK. I believe in them. I do. I honestly believe in them. I know that -- you know, I can tell certain individuals, they'll come close to me, and I mean, within a minute they're six, eight feet away from me. I know it's because of my pendant.

SHERRY: Yeah. [laughs] That's what Daniel was asking me Saturday night.

CALLER: Yeah. And, you know, I'm basically a happy person. And, you know, I was just like...I don't know. And then I feel their attacks. You know? It's crazy.

SHERRY: Yeah. If they could kill you with hatred looks, you'd get them. You'd be dead. [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] Right.

SHERRY: I would love for Greg [Rinchich; Lietenant Colonel. Daniel Ott's other guest on his show] who was doubting, questioning the power of orgone (if it would really do it), to wear a pendant and go down to these bases. Go amongst the people he deals with and see how they react to the orgone.

CALLER: Yeah. He's got some balls to be able to do that, but I admire him for doing that. You know?

SHERRY: Well, he hasn't yet. I'm gonna send him some.

You Must Break Any Contracts or Generational Curses to Be Completely Free

CALLER: I think that people are praying for the truth to come out. I mean, you know, come on. Let's do it today. Let's do it today!

SHERRY: Right.

CALLER: You know? Let it come out today.

SHERRY: People would doubt it.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: Doubt it because they haven't tried it. They're listening to somebody else who's a government troll whine and complain. Or something else that can be explained away for different things. If you have a contract, if your father has signed a contract stating you can have access to my children, which everybody in secret societies do, especially the Masons, then you're gonna have abduction experiences as a child because of that.


SHERRY: And until you break that contract that was written over you, and by your parents and generational curses, then you're not gonna be completely free from them. You've gotta use spiritual warfare sense, common sense, and the orgone. They all work together. One doesn't replace the other. They work together.

CALLER: I agree. I agree.

SHERRY: A lot of these people that still have abductions, it's because there are reasons. And once you figure out what those are you can break them in spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Beings Stand in the Corners and Closets of Your Rooms Because They Feel Safe There

CALLER: Well, when you, you know, said put them in your closet, 'cause you know how you always get that creepy feeling like, "Is something watching me?" And, you know, for years I thought I was paranoid. And once I did that, I've been able to sleep peacefully. I started remembering dreams.


CALLER: Which is really kind of cool.

SHERRY: They're spiritual beings. They don't need to hide in closets. They can stand invisible in your room as much as invisible in your closet. But it's kind of like a safety net for them. They feel safer there.


SHERRY: Or they'll stand in the corners of your rooms because that's where they feel safe away. And so, that's where they usually are. In the corners, on the ceilings, or the closets.

CALLER: Sneaky bastards.

SHERRY: Yeah...

CALLER: Oh, I'm sorry. I don't mean to curse, but,...

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: ... you know, call it what it is. You know, when I rebuke Satan, I call him an old slimy terd, so, you know.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: [laughs] The name fits, right?

SHERRY: And he is, you know. [laughs]

The Codes Reveal That Orgone Batons Will Receive a Huge Anointing from the Lord

CALLER: OK, one more and then I'm gonna get off. All right, you've been talking about the power wands. And so, I might as well try my hand at that, but do you think maybe you can post that? Like a -- you know, like your little muffin pans?

SHERRY: You know what -- oh, with the batons. I changed the name to batons.

CALLER: Batons.

SHERRY: Because that was the name I was seeing in the Codes all the time. And I was like, "Well, you know what? I see 'batons' all the time. So we'll just change the name to batons." They are the pipe blasters. They're just smaller and skinnier so you can hold them in your hand. They're easier to hold than a huge pipe blaster.

CALLER: Right. Right. So you like, shoot them under your coat. [laughs]

SHERRY: You can put them under your coat, in your car, in your purse if it'll hold a foot-long item. And some of you women, yeah, no problem.

CALLER: [laughs]

SHERRY: You could just bury it in your purse. [laughs] And you can take these things and just hold onto it and wave it in the air. Instant saturation of the air. You can point it at people or objects like a UFO, a chemtrail plane, a chemtrail, itself, in the sky. And the baton will -- it's like a beam shoots out of the baton towards whatever you're pointing it at and saturates it with orgone energy. And the Lord's gonna really anoint these things in the coming weeks; these baton we've been coming out with. They're gonna receive a huge anointing. I've seen it in the Codes. They're very effective.

CALLER: Cool. Cool. And I've also, um, you know, 'cause you wonder, you know, the little...oh, I call them orgone love projectors and healers. But when you said, you know, pray to Yah to amp them up.


CALLER: Pump them up.

SHERRY: Amp them up.

CALLER: And so, you know --

If You Already Make Orgone, Just Used the Same Recipe to Make It in Pipes

SHERRY: People that already make orgone, it's the same recipe, the same way. You just make it in pipes.


SHERRY: And if you're making pipes now, you just get a smaller pipe; 1 inch by 12. One inch around, you know, 12 inches long or 24 inches long. It's a little bit more tedious, because -- I mean, I had a bamboo pole I was wrapping wire around. You gotta find something really strong, I mean, really little for the coil, you know. It's tedious work.

CALLER: Right.

SHERRY: But that's, you know, you can do it yourself. You don't have to buy them, but if you don't want to fool with it yourself, then you can buy them. It's just there either way.

CALLER: Yeah, well, I'm comfortable with the little muffins. You know?


CALLER: And so, I always, you know, pray for guidance and that they'd be like, really strong and heal those around them. The little birds and the kitty cats, they love them.

SHERRY: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: I mean, they're all around here. It's just wild. It's like happiness. Even the neighbors, you know, so I can put them around the fence line, you know. [laughs]

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: So, yeah! Yes! It's so cool. But it's so wild! At this new job that I'm at, it's like, this guy, he's like, trying to give me grief, but he can't, you know.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: He came up to me. He's supposed to be my trainer, right? And he just handed me this sheet of paper then walked away. And then he got like, verbally offensive and then tried to mince words. I said, "That's not what I asked." But he could not be around me. And I was like, "Oh, he's one of them."

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: You know? And so, he just left me alone. [laughs] Basically.

SHERRY: All right --

CALLER: Well, listen, it's great talking to you again. I missed you the other night when your show got canned, but that's OK. We caught you tonight, and on Ott, and, you know, Yah bless. And keep on keeping on sending out your message. I think more and more people are getting it.

SHERRY: Yep. They sure are. Thanks a lot for calling in. I love you, girl.

CALLER: All right, girl. Keep between the ditches.

SHERRY: [laughs] All right. Bye-bye.

CALLER: Love you, bye.

Last Caller Has Crazy Dream to Share, But Out of Time, So Check Back Next Monday

SHERRY: Hello, caller. You're on the air.

CALLER: Sherry.


CALLER: 'Ey! How ya doin'? It's J.P. I'm out in Buffalo.

SHERRY: 'Ey, Buffalo. Snow, ice, brrr.

CALLER: Yeah...yeah.

SHERRY: [laughs]

CALLER: Unbelievable. 'Ey, you know, I just recently moved out here from California. I'm actually in the middle of writing a book. My great-great grandfather, in 1886, had three compound pharmacies for 50 years, and he made all the patents in herbal remedies and vitamins. So I figured I might as well just bring it home and launch it, and teach these people how to really get healthy without using all these pharmaceuticals --

SHERRY: All right...well, I've got about 30 seconds, so wrap it up --

CALLER: OK, OK. OK, real quick. I had this dream. I had this dream, and I was actually being transported in like, a Suburban [Chevrolet or GMC sport utility vehicle] of some sort. And I had vertigo. I was like, upside down and I couldn't even control --

SHERRY: You know what? I'm down to about less than a minute, so I'm gonna have to cut you off. Can you call me back next Monday night and we can talk about this?

CALLER: Yeah. 'Cause it was completely crazy.

SHERRY: All right.

CALLER: Chemicals, things like that. Unbelievable.

SHERRY: Yeah. I'll write your number here down and I'll catch you next Monday night.

CALLER: OK. All right. Thanks --

SHERRY: You call back next Monday and we'll go through it. All right, thank you. Bye-bye.

CALLER: OK. Yah bless. All right, bye.

Yeah, that's gonna wrap it up. I thought I had more time, but time creeps in, folks. Next Monday night a 10 o'clock, same place, same time.

I also have my Thursday show, Aliens in the News, at 1 o'clock Eastern Time. Tell you what the aliens are up to now. Pretty much the theme of the show; what are they up to now? And focus a little bit more on alien and UFO agenda and everything that's going on...the portals that have opened and the freaks that have come in.

Just Get Back to the Lord - Sit at His Feet and Build Your Spirits

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Please just get back to Him. Go into the wilderness. Take everything I've said to heart. And just sit at His feet and build your spirits up in Him because He's the one you're gonna need to hear in these last days to get through them and do what He says.

Anyway, until next week, everybody. Yah bless.


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