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Thursday November 18, 2010

Aliens In The News


And hello everybody it's Thursday November 18Th, Aliens in the News. I'm Sherry Shriner. If you have a question for the show you can call in at: (877) 245-5648.

The Jet Stream, UFO Highway Is Being Affected By Orgone

I haven't taken calls in a little while. I've been researching all week long on different things and oh and  and you know it comes down to what they're doing and I get a lot of questions from individuals—yeah, those portals are opening every where folks. And I told you the first week or the second week of November, the 8th through 11th was a very occultic week—very significant week and we're kinda seeing the affects of that—all the portal openings—all the UFOs coming in especially if you live near a UFO highway—I seem to think it's right above my house here. Run East to West throughout the country—and interestingly enough about 4 years ago—when I went out west on a mission for the Lord and you could almost draw a line, right now, from the various missions we've been on from Salt Lake City, Utah all the way through the Poconos through PA to the most of the border of New York. From East to West of this county, we have orgone. <laughing> At the time I might have wondered, "Why the heck am I out here?" A lot of it desert land but we realized where the Jet Stream is—a lot of it doing work for the Jet Stream and also probably this highway that's above us.

Why we're seeing so many UFO crashes and meteors of light and fire balls and just going to continue to do so because even as they keep changing their technology, the one thing that's going to remain consistent is the Lord Himself. And I've always said this orgone that we're making is very similar to His energy Himself. His energy itself and it is very similar—saw that in the Codes earlier and you know that's just huge confirmation. It's what I've been saying all along it's His energy and so no matter what they do, the orgone’s gonna stay consistent.

Victory Over Satan And His Kingdom Is Yahuah’s

And it's just going to destroy their plans and eat away and chop away at everything they're doing. And everything they are, because when they come to Earth they're not going to be able to live in this kind of energy. And you know what? The Tribulation period is a time of affliction. And it kinda has that half. The first half is Satan’s rampage against mankind with all his plagues and technology—his weapons and his famines and his persecutions and wars.

But the ultimate victory is the Lord’s because the entire point of the tribulation is Satan gets this short time of wrath—but then it's the Lord’s show. It's the Lord’s time to stand up and put an end to Satan and his kingdom on Earth. It's the wicked that are removed off of the Earth folks. They're literally going to be killed and removed off of the Earth. Any survivors would be removed and thrown into the lake of fire if they're wicked and so remember the focus point. <chuckles softly>

Satan Is The Lord’s Puppet To Test The Faith Of Mankind

The Lord always gives Satan time to repent, and this has been going on for thousands of years, folks, since he fell. And he's going to have his little time here—which he has now—which he's been operating in to serve His purpose, because He ultimately gives people a choice. You ultimately decide whether you are going to serve Satan or you are going to serve the Lord. Serve The Most High. And so he's a useful purpose for the Lord.

We always feel, Satan feels that mankind is just a puppet just for him—he's just a puppet for the Lord—he's a puppet—he has no real power of his own. No matter how much he wants to recreate what the Lord has already created.  He's not God—he can't create anything.  All he can do is recreate.  Cross-breeding, recreating—he can't come up with anything on his own.  He's not God.

The Righteous Will And Have Always Been Persecuted, But Remember, Satan Gets His!

So don't lose sight of the fact that at the end, <chuckles softly> it's the wicked who are removed. The righteous will go through persecution and the Lord allows it. He allows His people to be judged. So Satan is just an arm of that judgment. He uses Satan for a tool for judgment, to test people’s loyalty. Test their faith. You may think that that's a rotten way of being tested—but you know, look what happened to the early believers. The early church, they were fed to lions. They were burned on stakes. How many of us would complain just walking up to a guillotine? <chuckles softly> I'd rather walk up to a guillotine than be burned on a stake or be fed to a lion.

Terrible things have been done to believers throughout history—throughout history. So the Last Days will be no different. There will be judgment. There will be persecution against the House of God. And then Satan gets his—Satan is going to get his.

Keep An Eye Out For The Transhumanist Agenda

You know, it's almost unbelievable compared to times 20 years ago when I was growing up—what it was like. Compared to what it's like now—what a night and day difference. What a night and day. So many of them walking among us now folks and if you haven't been paying attention to this Transhumanism that's slowly been creeping up—it's really kind of mind boggling—this whole Transhuman agenda. This whole agenda they have coming on. I've been looking at it off and on throughout the weeks and just can't seem to get away from it. This G.O. engineering—because they're already doing it. They act like this is something they're going to introduce to mankind, they're just warming us up—for the fact they've already been doing it for 30, 40 years now. They've been G.O. engineering genetics—in their underground bases.

They can take humans—they can literally create a hybrid—which is a half-human and half-whatever. And that whatever part is whatever they want it to be. They can combine and mix DNA from certain various things or people—combine it with that percent that's human and have this be “born” as human. And you can't tell by looking at them that they're not fully human. And they walk among us folks.

The Aliens Are Aiming To Turn Our Other Codons Back On

Not just hybrids of half-human, half-alien. We're also talking about half-human, half-G.O. engineered. And they're among us. Now you've had the Indigos and the star kids and the usual hybrid clan that's half-human, half-alien and they have supernatural powers. And they get their powers from the fallen angel DNA that they have. At one time humans had all these supernatural powers—but the Lord shut it off—at the Garden of Eden. You know mankind has two strand DNA with 12 codons and those codons were turned off.

And it's these codons the aliens want to turn back on. So they G.O. engineered. They turn them on through G.O. engineering. And then these people—the kids are born—later becoming adults with these special abilities nobody else has. And if you follow their own rhetoric, they reveal it to you—through movies just like the X-Men series. Where you have this group of hybrids they live in a big house, whatever and there's been a couple of X-Men movies out. But what happens is, they turn to good. They turn on the evil ones who created them and decide to use their gifts and their powers for good.

Everybody Has A Choice To Renounce Evil And To Accept The Lord’s Redemption

And that's who I've been reaching out to folks. These, these—not just Satanists in these underground bases—so many agendas going on—the Satanists and the Masons and the hybrids and the Indigos and G.O. engineered—everybody has a choice. You can renounce evil. You can renounce Satan and accept the Lord’s redemption. It's never too late until you're dead. And see that's the trap they all fall in.

Nobody Is EVER Too Evil For Forgiveness; Yahuah Still Loves Even The Wicked Ones!

They think they have done too much evil, are too evil, they've done too much evil for the Lord’s forgiveness and it's a lie. The Lord loves them, and as long as that person has a soul, they can be redeemed. And so, that soul has value to the Lord—that soul has value. You're never too evil for the Lord. You're never too bad for His forgiveness.

And so I just want to reach out to all of them—they can turn to the good. They can turn their back on darkness and evil. That created them. That controls them. That surrounds them—they don't have free lives—free reign like most humans do—they're very heavily controlled. It's a very regulative industry—with hybrids and G.O. engineered—they're controlled just like the MK Ultra program. These women that are manipulated and brainwashed and used as sex slaves. It's just all about control.

No Matter What Happens To You After You Accept Salvation And Redemption, You’ve Still Got Eternity In Heaven With The Family To Look Forward To

It's all about control but, there's a percentage of you that has that free will to renounce and rebuke Satan and accept the Lord. No matter what happens to you after that at least you'll spend eternity in heaven. Eternity's a lot longer than the miserable years we're gonna have on Earth.

We Live The Life Of Slaves

And yeah, they're miserable folks.  You look ahead and you just wait.  You're waiting for the judgment to come because the value of life here has shriveled so much.  It shriveled.  We're slaves. You know, most people don't even have time to smell the roses anymore because they're living in them—because they're homeless—or they're working two and three jobs. To pay their slave bills, their slave taxes to survive. Our quality of life has shrunk to levels only Satan would be proud of and so these are the Last Days folks and people need to just seek the Lord and really find out what calling He has for them to do.

The “Wonders” Of Technology—Downloading Memories

You know I was reading on this Transhumanism and they have the technology they use to literally be able to upload your memories to somebody else, like a walk-in—where somebody walks in and takes over your body. And they download that person’s memories to the walk in so they can act like that person whose body they just soul scalped. Well they can literally do this to people and you just know they're working on it for the elite. So they'll test it out on normal people and master it so they can use it on the elite.

The “Wonders” Of Technology—Brain Transplants

But a brain—actually transplanting a brain—taking your brain out and putting you in a different body. They can do that now—they can take your brain out and put it in a different body. So, if you're dying they can take your brain out and put it in another body—and they do it—they do it. Now I don't know if they use a clone of that person and just take the brain out of that clone or they need another human <laughing> I don't know the details on it I'm sure I'll find out.

They Soul Scalp Their Kids To Come Back In Their Children’s Bodies

But they can do it, and some of them recycle over and over again. They die and they come back. They soul scalp one of their kids and come back as one of their kids.

That was pretty wild when Michael Jackson died, because it was one of the first things I thought, "He's coming back as one of his kids." He's coming back. Watch Blanket, watch that little one. I don't know why I get these thoughts folks, but I can tell you one thing—my thoughts alone are more right than almost anything out there. <laughing> They're usually closer to the mark. <laughing> Just the wild thoughts I have.<laughing> More than most people have in research anywhere. I'm just usually dead on. My thoughts aren't always my own.  The Lord leads and guides what I think. His way of leading me into areas and teaching me things. And so, there's a lot to learn in that area because they can do it. If I'm thinking they can do it—and they already are.

That's the way I look at it. I don't think anything new or original, I just catch on to things they're already doing. And yeah that information's probably already out there somewhere. I don't hear anybody else talking about it. I don't hear anybody else bringing it up.

Anyway, if you have a question for the show. Now we already have people sitting on the phone lines. I'll see what they are up to.

Sherry, What Do You Think Of Greg Rinchich?

Sherry:  Hello caller you're on the air.

Caller:  Hello Sherry.

Sherry:  Hello.

Caller:  Yes I have a question for you.

Sherry:  OK.

Caller:  Yes I listened to you on Daniels The Edge with Daniel Ott.

Sherry:  Yes.

Caller:  What do you think of his views what is that? Lieutenant Greg Rhime-rich or something like that?

Sherry:  Greg Rinchich.

Caller:  Yeah, yes, what do you think of what he's telling us, too?  It's pretty close to your, I mean some of the stuff he was saying—what do you think of him?

Sherry:  He has a lot of good info because he is very high up and so…

Caller:  Do you think all that's true about what he's really saying…

Sherry:  Oh yeah. I didn't doubt anything he was saying at all. We had our differences...

Caller:  Yeah on a few things.

Sherry:  …and disagreements on a few things.

Caller:  Yeah, the only thing I think that was different from you is the orgone.

Sherry:  Yeah. [inaudible because caller is talking over Sherry]

An Entire Town Abducted In Asia

Caller:  You'd think the name of God or Jesus Christ would make him go away but besides that boy he was really—telling us all about bases. He was saying there are 3 or 4 alien bases in the Gulf and about that town disappearing in China, boy he—was it China?

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  Japan or somewhere the UFO just took the whole town and abducted them.

Sherry:  Well that was in the news. He just rehashes stuff that's in the news. People just don't read the news. I mean people just don't read. <laughing>

Caller:  Well the government’s not going to tell anyone. I just wondered because I'd never heard of him.

Greg’s A Conduit For Information

Sherry:  Yeah, he's just kinda a conduit for information.  He's got a lot of information—he's like the person who brings it out, he's like a conduit. I don't know how else to explain it, but he has knowledge, he does know a lot of information firsthand.

Caller:  He sure seemed to be—have a lot of knowledge, and he's sure scared for his life right now too.

Sherry:  Yeah you know there's no love and loyalty in those ranks. <laughing> In Satan’s kingdom.

Caller:  No I guess not. Yeah, he kinda scared me.  The things he was saying, you can't believe he's saying, wow.

Sherry:  Yeah he's saying the same things that I've been saying for years, and the difference is, he's seen it firsthand. I've seen it through revelations and words, visions from the Lord.

Caller:  He's said he's been in a UFO and been abducted a few times and…

Sherry:  Oh yeah, well they have parties in UFO's.

Caller:  And he said we're like—get your money outta the banks now, and he says the minute they say they're—housing market—the minute they say they're gonna go through with taking people’s houses—that will be it.  Everybody's gonna be running to the banks and that'll be the collapse…

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah, and I like how he said everything could come in a day and…

Caller:  Yeah he said there's like a UFO not very far out and they're really watching, and it's HUGE mega and it's triangular shape and they're really watching it—

Sherry:  Really…

Caller:  —he said we are on the verge of it—

Sherry:  Yeah

Caller:  —of being attacked—wow—so I didn't know what you thought. I never heard you talk about him or anything.

The Reason Sherry Did The Edge Interview With Daniel And Greg

Sherry:  I never really had a beef against him but…

Caller:  …no…

Sherry:  …he came on Facebook.  He came up against me so…

Caller:  I just wondered who he was...

Sherry:  He just totally backed down. He just backed down in the interview.

Caller:  Yeah he did.

Sherry:  He didn't want to confront me on it.  He wanted to just as soon sweep it under the rug.

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  That was the whole reason for me wanting to do the interview.  I wanted to find out why he was attacking me personally. And the first 3 minutes of the show he kinda kicked it under the rug and said he didn't mean it. So you know…

Sherry’s Thoughts On Jesse Ventura

Caller:  Yeah…he kinda yeah and what's your view on Jesse Ventura. He came out with some kinda show about an island off the Virginians…I don't know…

Sherry:  Plum Island yeah…

Caller:  Plum Island? I don't know…never heard of it…

Sherry: It's been out there too. Everything these guys are talking about except for Greg because he'll bring out some new stuff nobody's ever heard of—stuff I can probably confirm with him. They're just rehashing info. There's something very odd about Jesse Ventura.  I haven't pinned it yet, but you know, he wants to wake people up, so be it.

Caller:  Do you think he's on the other side, and he's just trying to give people knowledge to get people to panic for world order?

Sherry:  Well call me paranoid, but anyone who flashes New World Order signs, I don't consider being on our side. <laughing> And I've seen where he's been flashing the devil sign and that's a red flag to me.

Caller:  Maybe.  I kinda like this guy.  He's kinda standing up and trying to tell people but...they say he is doing that, he's trying to go on TV with it. He's trying to get people worked up and maybe he's trying to start world order [Martial Law]. Help 'em start it or...

Sherry:  No I don't think it's to get people worked up, I think it's to make people feel hopeless. Look this has been here going on all along underneath our noses...And he always starts that...

Caller:  Yeah…I don't pay that much attention to him, I just…

Sherry:  Yeah, he always starts with, "It's been going on underneath our noses all this time and no one can stop it and no one can do anything about it." That's his basic message. You're not going to stop us. You're not going to do anything. Here you can have the info—but—you're not going to stop us. That's the basic message I think.

Earthquake In Nebraska

Caller:  Huh…there was an earthquake today in Nebraska which is unusual, odd for Nebraska.  A 3.3 this morning.

Sherry:  Yeah they're going to be everywhere.

Caller:  Yeah I know. That's just an odd spot. Again.

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  But yeah I just think we're real close to something. I never see much because I live in Iowa I don't live around anything big and important I don't think I have a lot of activity or anything that I see and people don't stand outside and look, it's getting cold ...

Sherry:  <laughing>

Caller:  …and dark, it gets dark here by 5:30…

Sherry:  I know I can't even go get the kids and get home before dark any more.

Did You Hear Anymore About The California Missile Launch?

Caller:  Did you ever hear any more about that oh that other thing that was shot off in California? Did you ever hear anything more about it?

Sherry:  You know they're trying to say it was a Chinese submarine. I'm sticking to my Israel submarine. That was my first thoughts on the subject and I'm sticking to it. <laughing>

Caller:  Are they going to start it up again and do another one? Or you don't know…

Sherry:  I don't know…

Caller:  Or they're just dropping it now and that's going to be it for missiles going off?

Sherry:  I don't know...you know I have no idea. I guess we're going to have to wait and see. But what I keep seeing over and over again is a Chinese invasion of southern California, so people just need to watch and get prepared to get outta there. You know the Lord's been warning people to get outta California for years. And so, this is like the last call. You know. Last call.

The Bird Flu Doesn’t Affect Human Beings

Caller:  And isn't that Ebola spreading now? Something—another country's got it. There was something on the news this morning something about Ebola spreading, something [inaudible] about a case...Bird Flu, some lady came back, back to the United States with the Bird Flu.

Sherry:  I'm not worried about the Bird Flu.  That's not really a human thing; it's usually something that affects the aliens. <laughing>

Thirty To Forty Percent Of Aliens-In-Disguise Live Among Us

Caller:  So if there are aliens, how many do you think—what percent are on Earth living among us?

Sherry:  Thirty percent.

Caller:  Thirty?

Sherry:  Yep.  Thirty, forty...

Caller:  Are they in high up places like government where they can watch things, don’t things? They're not like every day neighbors who just stay home and don't do anything. Are they?

Sherry:  There's so many of them that they're your every day neighbors. They're everywhere—they're everywhere.

Caller:  They're not just your higher ups or have a purpose for being here they could just be someone who stay home every day and don't work...

Sherry:  Yep, G.O. engineered ones are in the Illuminati families and are usually watched very closely, but they still assimilate into society, and they still have jobs and look and act like us because they have to pay bills. You know the, Illuminati aren’t paying their bills.

Caller:  You mean, they eat what we eat? They go to ball games, they go to movies, they just do everything the same? They decorate their houses like a normal person? Everything? Shop?

Hybrids And G.O. Engineered “Humans” Eat Raw Meat, Are Vegan, Or Don’t Eat At All

Sherry:  Everything’s probably normal except they probably don't sleep very much, and they don't eat like we do and so.

Caller:  How do they eat? How would you notice how they eat?

Sherry:  Some don't eat at all. Some eat rare and raw foods. Some you know eat healthier than we do. A lot of 'em won't touch fast food because they know what's in it. Some of them can be very health conscious. A lot of them you might see in the vegan movement—a lot of vegans and vegetarians.

Caller:  A ha, oh I just wondered. But you know, they don't sleep a lot?

Most Illuminati Victims Don’t Sleep—The Alters Wake Up And Take Over

Sherry:  No you know that's probably one of the biggest things when you look at the MK Ultra Program—from the hybrids to G.O. engineering programs—none of them sleep. Because multiple people—suffer from multiple personality disorder. The host goes to bed and one of the alters wakes up and wants to go to the club… <laughing> …or something.

Caller:  Wants to go to the club. <laughing>

Sherry:  Yeah I use to hear that about George Bush. That's just the way it is, the alter’s taken over and ended up at a club somewhere. <laughing>

Caller:  <laughing> Oh, it's not funny, and I am scared. I just think, gosh, what are these people going to do? No one believes 'em. I mean like people I know. Oh, it's a normal day, I mean we're going to be around for years. I mean, what are these people going to do when UFO's come in? They're going to freak, they're going to have a heart attack and drop dead. <laughing>

Sherry:  I think even the Chicago Times is letting out info about Lindsey Lohan and her MPD disorder, so they're leaking the information out there.  It's not everything is what you see, what you're thinking.

Thoughts On Down Syndrome Children

Caller:  What do you think of Down syndrome? Is it anything to do with—what do you think of Down syndrome kids?

Sherry:  I think that these babies were died and taken over.  They died in the womb.  Because I can't be around them. And the reason I can't be around them is because of the demonic—the demons that are in them. And so it's demonic—these people are gone. Yeah you know I can't even get 15 feet near them…

Caller:  Really, you think there's something behind them, huh?

Sherry:  …without getting nauseous…

Caller:  Something happened to 'em?

Sherry:  The soul itself died in the womb and demons took over, and I just can't be around them…

Caller:  The Down syndrome [mongoloid] kids are demons then…

Sherry:  …it's not 'cause I'm mean, I'm just very sensitive to the demonic realm’s spirits, and I just can't be around 'em—stuff like that—it nauseates me, and if I'm too close, I just get nauseated, literally. I start getting sick.

Caller:  Really?

Sherry:  Yeah…I can always tell who's possessed...just 10, 15 feet away from me.

Caller:  But they didn't do anything bad…they don't do anything bad, they just…

Sherry:  No.  They just want a body a body to inhabit so they don't have to live under Satan’s rule—judgment.  They have a body to inhabit, and they're happy. You know? That's just the way it is.

Caller:  And some of them tend to be pretty smart, kinda.  You know, they can be really good at one thing.

Sherry:  Yeah, well, people with autism their I.Q. is off the charts.

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  Yeah.  So.

Caller:  It really—I just wondered.  I just…never ask anyone about that.  But, I just wanted your view on that.

Sherry:  Yeah, well, I dunno if they—what would happen if they got deliverance or what, you know?  Because, tch, maybe they just need deliverance, I dunno. 

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  Maybe they’re just born that way. I tend to just think they’re just born that way because I—you know, the Lord just took, took the soul to Heaven instead of having to live the life and, and not be controlled—

More On FEMA Vans And Intersection Construction

Caller:  Yeah.  So are those FEMA vans still there?

Sherry:  Huh?  Oh yeah.

Caller:  In your town, are the FEMA vans—they haven’t lifted them or anything?  [inaudible]

Sherry:  Oh yeah.  They, they’re around. You know.  Has anybody else—I’ve noticed a, uh, an obsession in my town—

Caller:  I haven’t seen anything!  White vans, FEMA vans.  I haven’t seen those trains.  I don’t see anything.

Sherry:  I’ve noticed an obsession, where they’re redoing all of our intersections, and mind you, I live in a cow town, so I know tax payers aren’t paying for it, ‘cause they can’t even afford a new school.  So I know it’s coming from the federal government.  But they’re redoing all the intersections and putting, um, sensors, and, and, and poles in all four corners.  It’s almost like getting ready for massive amounts of people that will be walking up to the intersections. Like, nobody walks!  

Caller:  Wow.

Sherry:  It makes ya wonder if they’re getting ready to totally just eliminate fuel.  We’re gonna—we’re no longer gonna have fuel to run, uh, our vehicles on because they seem to be getting things ready for people walking.  So that makes my eyebrows go “Hmm.”

Caller:  Hmm.

Sherry:  You know.  So.  I dunno.

I Don’t Hear The Humming Others Are Hearing

Caller:  Well I’ve been—I got up last night a little bit, but I didn’t hear any humming or anything.  But I live, I live in Iowa.  I wonder if anyone, I wonder if anyone on your show has called in or something and said in Iowa that, if anyone’s ever heard the humming.

Sherry:  Well, they—

Caller:  And I— 

Sherry:  Listen to me for—Tennessee. Indiana. And Ohio. And I just think it’s right now, it’s people just aren’t noticing it.  They think it’s their furnaces kicking on.

Caller:  Yeah?

Sherry:  I think that’s what it is.  Because I have to look—I have to think twice looking for it.

Caller:  Well people have their TVs going sometime, or, you know.

Sherry:  Right.

Caller:  Whatever, you know.

Sherry:  It’s very early in the morning.  It’s usually kicking in at 2:00 AM in the morning, and most people are asleep. Most sane people.  I know a lot of us night owls are still up, but most people, the bulk and majority, are going to be asleep at 2:00 AM.  So. Why they don’t hear it.

Keep Your Bibles And Watch Out For Translation Manipulation

Caller:  They can—that other guy said, um, his—keep your Bibles, ‘cause they’re taking the p—it’s it the Bibles made in China?  Or something?  And they’re taking some of the parts of the new Bibles that are coming out?  They’re taking—not putting all the right stuff in ‘em, or taking verses out, or—

The Most Accurately Translated Bibles Are Probably The 1611 Versions

Sherry:  Well, they do that every time they translate it.  I mean, uh, the KJV, translated from the 1611, which was the Authorized King James stuff from the 1611.  I mean, the 1611 will probably be the most accurate.  And here we have the KJV, and so.

Caller:  Yeah, We do.  So, I dunno.  I have a Bible and stuff, and I’m still gonna keep it, but. <sighs>  Oh well, I guess.  But, yeah, I just listen daily very little to everybody’s kind of views, but it’s hard to know, you know, what’s—like that colonial-whatever guy, I’ve never heard of him before. 

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  So I just wanted to know what you thought on him, but.

Sherry:  Alright, well thanks for calling in.

Caller:  Yeah, so, if there’s anything going on in the skies.  Anything new or whatever, let—keep us informed, and what’s—if you ever hear anything more about the Gulf or anything.

Sherry:  Alright, well thanks for calling in.

Caller:  Okay.  Thank you.  Yah bless.

Sherry:  Alright.  Mhmm.  Buh-bye.

<call ends>

Sherry:  Hello caller you’re on the air.

Caller:  Hello, Sherry?

Sherry:  Yes.

Are The Two Witnesses Persecuted Because They Tell The World The Truth About Paul?

Caller:  Hi.  Um, I was wondering, do you think that Two Witnesses could perhaps, could be, uh, the people who are telling the world about Paul?  And that’s why they’re so, treated so badly?

Sherry:  That the what?

Caller:  That the Two Witnesses—

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  —In Israel. I, I know you think that’s just, um, um—I was just wondering.

Sherry:  Well I haven’t heard—well—what—start over again. <laughs>

Caller:  The Two Witnesses that will appear in Israel at the End Times.

Sherry:  Yeah?

Caller:  They are prophesying about Paul.  If they’re telling the people that Paul is The Deceiver.  And the people get angry, and, um, kill them.

Sherry:  <laughs> That would be the reason that they, they stone them and leave them lying dead in the streets, right?

Caller:  Yeah.  Yes. Yes.

Sherry:  Try to tell them that Paul’s a manipulator and deceiver.

Caller:  Yes.

Sherry:  That would be amusing.  Um, you know.  I don’t know what they’re going to arrive, but I think when they do, everyone will be quite floored.  And so.  If it’s literal.

Caller:  Okay.  Okay thank you.

Sherry:  Alright.  Thanks for calling in.

Caller:  Bye.

Sherry:  Bye. <laughs>

<call ends>

Yeah, they about killed me for putting up a website against their precious Paul.  And look at the, look at the role it started.  Now there’s all kinds of people finally standing up and, and doing research, and realizing that what I was saying was true.  So. Very interesting. 

Our Bibles Might Seem Perfect, But Yah Said “Seek ME For The Truth In All Things”

People don’t want their boxes shaken.  They, they put themselves in these boxes and think that they know what the truth is.  But let me tell you something, folks.  The Lord created the Garden of Eden, that was perfect place.  But He put one tree in that Garden of Eden, and He gave them a command, and He said, “Don’t eat of that tree.” And now we have the Word of God, who we call the Word of God, the KJV, and it seems perfect and fallible in every way. But there’s one command in that Bible He gave to His people.  He said, “Seek Me. Knock on the Tree.” Knock on Him for Truth.  And, there sits—in the KJV, our own little Garden of Eden—there sits the Tree, Tree of Life and the Tree of Good and Evil.  And we have the Apostles, and we have Paul.  And if you seek the Lord for Truth in all things, He’s gonna tell you that, this, the teachings of Paul aren’t right.  And so, very interesting. 

The Bible Makes Sense Until You Get To Paul’s Books

You know, I, I’ve been reading the Bible since I can remember, and it always makes sense until you get to the Paul stuff.  It’s insane. And you know why?  Because you can’t—he’s a pathological liar who, within the different books he writes, changes what he says!  Now, how can you make sense of this?  Get rid of Paul’s books and don’t read them, and everything makes sense.  It—he contradicts himself.  He contradicts himself.  He claims he was circumcised, and then he claims he wasn’t.  He would never do that.  And then he says that we should, we should compromise and “become all things to all people.”  That’s exactly what the Antichrist is gonna be.  All things to all people.  The Lord never says that. <scoffs>  He contradicts the teachings of the Most High Himself, the Lord Himself.  And people that go through seminaries don’t, don’t notice this?  They don’t question this?  We’re supposed to celebrate the Appointed Times of man, not Christmas trees and Easter bunnies. 

We’ve Got The Best Of The Illuminati Teaching Us In The Pulpits

Look at the people who are teaching you in the pulpits.  They’re Satanists.  They’re Illuminati handlers.  They—hope, ah, hope camps in the summer teaching witches how to infiltrate the churches. Oh yeah, we’ve got, we’ve got the best of the mega-church pastors.  Every one of them’s corrupt.  They’re corrupt. You don’t get to that status unless you’re corrupt. <scoffs>  And so, folks, don’t walk out of them.  Flee out of them.  Flee.  They’re not teaching you the Truth.  They’re not giving you Truth.  They make you feel good, like you’ve done your duty for the week going to church.  But you’re really just losing your soul because you’re not seeking the Lord Himself.  Everybody thinks they’re doing what’s “right” in their own eyes.  It’s exactly what the Lord said would, would characterize the Last Days.  Sit at His feet.  Ask Him for the Truth in all things. <coughing> 

Out Of Orion’s Belt Will Come Satan’s Fake “New Jerusalem” Crystal City

You know, I’ve been watching the star—a couple years ago I mentioned on the show to keep your eyes on Orion’s Belt because a blue star would be coming out of Orion’s Belt.  And there’s some people talking about having seen it.  They say it looks kind of like a cube.  And that’s exactly what I’ve put up my whole website on, crystal city fraud dot com [http://www.crystalcityfraud.com/], about this coming “New Jerusalem” that the aliens have faked. 

The City Is One Of Satan’s Oldest Abodes

And literally what this city is, it’s one of the most ancient cities in Heaven.  It’s what Satan has, has built for himself.  One of his oldest and first abodes in Heaven, in the heavenlies, first and second heavens, space.  And they’re gonna bring this down and try to mimic, uh, the Lord’s New Jerusalem by—you can call it the “New Jerusalem;” I wouldn’t doubt it.  I dunno what they’re gonna call it.  They made us come out and call it the New Jerusalem.  Well, you might wanna watch and, and keep your eyes on this thing descending out of Orion’s Belt.  ‘Cause literally it’s just Satan’s abode coming towards Earth.  And so. 

Watch Out For Wolves Trying To Tell You Heaven Is In Orion!

And, and watch out for any kind of wolves trying to tell you that Heaven is located within Orion, uh, because Orion is a stargate.  Kind of like a portal into other dimensions.  And, uh, a lot, a lot of, uh—it’s where the Draconians are from.  A lot of the alien races.  Satan’s own abode is there, soon coming to Earth.  And so.  That’ll tell ya how along we are to see that.  And I, I really feel that they’ll try to, to steer it to the Middle East and hover it above Jerusalem, uh, to be a total fake and mimicry of what the Lord’s going to do with the real Jerusalem when He comes.  Ah, but have no fear, because I think if we keep getting the orgone out there like we’re doing, it’s going to destroy this, this fake.  This New Jerusalem that’s coming.  And so, uh. <laughs>

The Lord Is Going To AMP The Power Of His Orgone Very Soon

I keep seeing that the Lord is going to amp the orgone in the coming weeks, in the coming months.  He’s going to amp the power of them, increase the power of them. 

Orgone Batons Will Bring Satan’s Kingdom To Its Knees!

And especially with these batons, um, that we’ve come out with.   And, and you can make your own, folks.  But these, uh, these, these one, two foot batons are just like waving instant energy from the Lord Himself at the evil beings.  Uh, if you wave it at the air, wave it at masses of people, wave it—point it and shoot it at UFOs.  Imagine a beam coming from that Baton, straight at wherever you’re pointing it at.  Because it’s going to be a very, very, very effective weapon against Satan.  It’s going to bring that whole kingdom to its knees.  And so, this is what you need folks, for the coming invasion, uh, the coming UFO invasions.  Point and shoot, folks.  Point these batons at them, and, and im—and imagine—it’s almost like an instant effect.  Where I pointed a five foot pipe, my friend pointed one at a UFO, the lights when out instantly.   And so, that’s what’s going to happen.  It just malfunctions these ships instantly. 

Orgone Is Our Weapon Of War

And, when the Lord ups the power of them—‘cause it’s His energy.  He can increase it as He wants.  You don’t have to do anything else to it. You’ve already made it.  But through the crystals—the crystals are a conduit of energy within the orgone. Through those crystals He can increase the power as He wills, as He sees fit.  And so this is gonna become a real war weapon against them.  A real defense for us, ah, against them. 

December 25th, The Typical Announcement Date

Uh, they’re not coming to be our “friends” and our “saviors,” folks.  They’re, they’re very hostile.  And, <sighs> you know, they’ve, they’ve got announcements planned for the next couple of weeks, and I haven’t figured out what their Christmas Day announcement is, and usually that’s their arrival date.  They always have December 25th as an arrival date. Very well could be this year.  Could be next year.  I don’t know.  I just throw it out and prepare you every year for December 25th.  But what I find interesting again is, like I did last year, is that’s the announcement date.  That’s their announcement date.  And so. Keep your eyes open.  You know, that’s all I’m saying.  Keep aware.  Keep aware of the things going on around you and what’s happening in the skies. 

Orgone Batons Will Be Gold In These Last Days, More So Than Guns

And, um, get a hold of the materials and make these orgone blaster batons.  And, you can buy them off my website orgone blaster dot com [http://www.orgoneblaster.com/ …or… http://www.orgonewarriors.com/], or you can make it yourself.  The directions are at, uh, orgone blasters dot com.  These are going to be, uh, uh, more gold than a 12-gague.  Batons.  I see it in the Codes.  So, uh, gonna be very effective.   Uh, because, don’t forget folks—we’re not just in a physical war, we’re in a spiritual war.  And these are fourth dimension beings coming into our dimension.  And they still have fourth dimension bodies.  And so. 

The Third And Fourth Dimensions Are Merging

There’s gonna be a merging of dimensions, and that’s what’s happening now.  And that’s why so many people are seeing the sky warp, or portals opening, and all these strange phenomena going on in the skies.  It’s because portals are opening and the dimensions are merging.

Everything Spiritual Is Mimicked And Copied By The Occultic

 And if you want to look at, uh, almost alternate realities—everything in the spiritual is mimicked and copied in the occultic reality.  And so that’s what when you read a lot of their materials—they’ll go through and, and pick the Bible apart and tell ya, “Oh, this is represented by so-and-so,” and “this is represented by that,” “this is represented by that”—and, and that’s because they have their own alternate reality alongside ours. They have the spiritual and the occultic.  And so.  Don’t get schmoozed by that stuff either.  Don’t get—you know, stick with the spiritual.

Don’t Be Deceived By What You THINK Is Truth—Chew The Grass, Spit Out The Hay

We don’t always have to understand the occultic.  Uh, sometimes we can make sense of what they’re doing and what their plans are, but you gotta learn how to chew the grass and spit out the hay at the same time.  Or just completely stay away from it because you don’t want to be deceived by it.  I see too many people deceived by things when they go searching for truth, and then think they’ve found it. And actually they’re just—there’s some kind of morsel of grass that they’re supposed to chew on and spit out the rest, and they don’t.  They end up chewing the whole thing and then becoming deceived. And so, always pray that the Lord keeps you from deception, keeps you from errors, and only let’s you, uh to receive Truth.  So. 

Yeah, I know. They’re messing with my stuff. <laughs>

Sherry: Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller:  Hello?

Sherry:  Hello?

Caller:  Okay, is this me?

Sherry:  Well, this is me.  Who are you?

Caller:  Okay then.

Sherry:  <laughs>

Caller:  Yeah, this is Ken from Missouri.

Sherry: Oh, hey Ken.

What Is Proverbs 28:9 Speaking Of?

Caller:  Hey, I was reading Proverbs, and, uh, I was in 28th chapter, you know, and, uh, 9th verse. And it says, “He that turns away his ear from hearing the Law, even his prayers shall be an abom—abomination.”  So what are they talking about there?

Sherry:  Well, if you’re not going to follow the Law, you’re in rebellion.  So, if you’re in rebellion, the Lord doesn’t hear your prayers till you have a, a prayer of repentance.

Caller:  So what’s the Law?

Sherry:  So if you’re backslidden, you’ve got to repent of your backslidden state.

Caller:  So what’s the Law?

Sherry:  The Law is the Torah.  The Word of the Lord.

Caller:  Alrighty, well, I was hopin’ you’d say that.  I was just testin’ ya.

Sherry:  <laughs> Trying to test me?   Come on.

Caller:  Well, you know.  Gotta keep you on your toes, right?

Sherry:  Yeah, I don’t mind, I don’t mind.

Caller:  Well, you know, a lot of people say that they’re saved, but that’s, that’s as far as it goes.  They don’t get into the Law or the Torah or anything, you know, the first five books.

Living By The Law Means Living Our Lives For HIM, That We’re Committed To HIM

Sherry:  You know what, it’s not a, a noun or a verb—it’s a life.

Caller:  I know.

Sherry:  You know?

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  It’s a life.  You’re saved.  You’re one of the Lord’s.  You seek and follow Him.  That means you’re committed to Him.

Most People Don’t Know What The Torah Is

Caller:  Well, most people—

Sherry: I know.

Caller:  —have never heard the word “Torah.”

Sherry:  <laughs>  And that’s the ones to run from.  That’s— <laughs> I’m just kidding. <laughs>

Caller:  <laughs> Yeah, right.

Sherry:  That’s the ones you don’t want to be learning anything from. <laughs>

Caller:  Well, you know I ask people if they’ve ever heard—if they know what the Torah is, and they said, “No, I’ve never heard of it.”

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller:  And I think to myself, “You gotta be kidding me.” But.  I’m not, you know—but—yeah.

Sherry:  I think it’s one of those Hebrew words, and whatever, you know.  “Well it’s the first five books of the Old Testament,” and then they’re like, “Oh, okay.”

Caller:  Oh, well what I tell ‘em, and they still don’t—it doesn’t ring a bell.

Sherry:  “What’s the Old Testament?  We don’t need that.  We go to church.  We just read the New Testament and Psalms every once in a while.”  But, you know?  I’ve, I’ve been to church for forty years, you know, thirty years.  It’s like.

Caller:  Yeah, I, uh, tell people, I told ya that I don’t eat ham or things like that.  And they say, “What are ya, a Jew?”

Sherry:  <laughs>  Yeah!

Caller:  Well, no, not really.  I said, I’m just following the Torah.  “The what?”

Sherry:  <laughs> Yeah. Israelite. 

Caller:  <laughs> Yeah.

Yah Divorced Ancient Israel, So The Israelites Of Today Are Those Who Worship Him

Sherry:  You know, the churches are so stuck on the bloodline thing, and they don’t realize, the Lord divorced Old Israel.  The New Israel is those who worship Him.  So we are still confined to follow the Laws of Leviticus 23, uh, on eating of the clean and unclean foods. 

Caller:  Right, so my question—

Sherry: Alright.

Caller: I ask people, I say, “Are you a Christian or an Israelite?”

Sherry:  Yeah.  There ya go. [speaking simultaneously with caller]  Because the Christians are Paul’s. The Christians are Paul’s.

Caller:  “I’m a Christian.”  [inaudible due to speaking together] Yeah. Huh?

Sherry:  The Christians were Paul’s.  His followers became known as “Christians,” and he, uh, he did away with the Law.  He did away with everything the Lord told His people to do.

Caller:  Well, he said, but—

The Twelve Apostles And The Early Christians Were Known As People Of The Way

Sherry:  The Twelve Apostles were not known as “Christians.”  The followers of the Twelve Apostles and the Church were known as, they were “People of the Way.”  They just called themselves Israelites or People of the Way. 

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  Where Paul became Christians. How else people became Christians.

Caller:  Yeah, I asked my wife if she was a Christian or an Israelite, and she got mad at me. <laughs>

Sherry:  <laughs> She thinks it’s a trick question, right? <laughs>

Caller:   Yeah, I guess. I asked a few people that, and they—when I, tell ‘em, you know, what I was, they, they think, “Now, you c—nuts or what?”

Sherry:  Yeah, I know.

Caller:  It just…yeah. 

Sherry:  I know.

Salvation Is Free, But Faith Without Works Is DEAD!

Caller:  It just, <scoffs>  it just amazes me, that—oh, like I said. You people, once they think they’re saved, that’s all you gotta do.  Just accept Christ and—you know, you error.  You’re home free, but you—

Sherry:  The whole grace theology. Yeah, you know what?  We don’t have to work for our salvation, ‘cause that was given to us freely, but faith without works is dead.  Dead.

Caller:  Right, and it all goes back to the Torah.

Sherry:  It’s nothing.  Dead. 

Caller:  And it all goes—yeah.

Sherry:  That’s what they don’t get—they don’t want to read that part. They don’t want to read James.  They want to read Paul.  <laughs>

Caller:  Yeah.

Sherry:  They don’t, they don’t want to read Matthew.  They want to read Paul.  I love Matthew.  It’s my favorite book in the Bible.  It’s the most words in red. 

Caller:  Yeah, that’s true.

Sherry:  Yahushuah.  Him speaking Himself.  If people would just read the words in red and nothing else, they would do well.

Caller:  Oh yeah. But you know, all the—these are the four Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—they each get watered down a little bit than the previous one.

Sherry:  Well you know, Mark and Luke were Paul’s apostles.  They weren’t the Lord’s.

Caller:  Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.  They get watered down quite a bit.

Sherry:  Right, because the 13th Apostle, or the 12th Apostle who replaced Judas was Matthias.  It wasn’t Paul!

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  So how do—you know, where did Paul come from?   He anointed himself.  And so.

Caller:  Yep.  Well Peter says he was an Apostle. Told—said that about Paul.

Sherry:  No, he calls him “brother” because he was kin.  He was a fellow Jew.  Not because he was a fellow Apostle. 

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  People just mis-misconstrue what’s being said. 

Caller:  Yeah, <sighs> I just thought I’d toss it out there.  Maybe some other listeners might think, “Uh, I’d better get—do something different here.”

Sherry:  Oh yeah, like start reading the, the words in red, and, and putting their selves out for a while.

Caller:  <chuckles>  Well, just gotta spread the Word, right?

Sherry:  Yep. Gotta do whatcha can.

Caller:  So, you got—

People Should Worry About Their Souls, Not Daily Adiaphora

Sherry:  Not much time left.  People need to worry about their souls, instead of, you know.

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  Who’s gonna win the Super Bowl. 

Caller:  Yeah, that’s true.  Or, Dancing with the Stars, right?

Sherry:  Yeah.  You know what?  We’re just very close to seeing the arrival of the Pale Horse, and, and that’s gonna be a bad one when it hits. 

Have No Fear, Yahuah And Yahushuah Are Here (With Us)!

Caller:  And the previous caller, the one before, scared by all different things. 

Sherry:  Yeah, well…

Caller:  There’s nothing out there I’m scared of. The only thing I’d be scared of—if I didn’t make it to Heaven.  That’d be the scary part.

Sherry:  Yep.

Caller:  And, and other than that, I’m not worrying about anything.

Sherry:  <laughs> The Lord’ll handle it.  So what happens, right.

Caller:  Right.

Sherry:  <laughs>

Caller:  Yep.

Sherry:  If we’re faithful and doing what He says, He’s gonna handle the rest.

Caller:  Yeah.  I don’t have time worrying about the small stuff.

Sherry:  Yeah.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Caller:  Mhmm.  

Sherry:   <laughs>

Caller:  Well, I guess I better get off here.  I gotta, get ready to hit the road.

Sherry: Alright, Ken.  Well, thanks for calling in.

Caller:  Alrighty.  Well, you have a good day.

Sherry:   Alright, you too. Buh-bye.

Caller:  Bye.

<call ends>

My Kansas City Ken.  I like to talking to Ken.  Uh, he’s been on a ground base out there, and, and folks, there’s just underground bases everywhere. 

Put The Pipes Half Way In The Ground For Double Action!

And another great thing I liked about these one-foot batons is that you can pound them into the ground, and they can’t be seen very well.  And,  when, when you’ve got orgone pounded into the ground, it will actually reverse directions, and the power of that orgone will seep all the way through the ground and affect underground bases.  And not only that, but the other half is sticking up out of the ground, so you got the other half that will saturate the air at the same time.  And so, powerful combo to take pipes, no matter how big or small, and pound half of them into the ground.  Especially if you’re where, where a genetics base is, or a crossbreeding base.  Uh, pound pipes into the ground half way through.  And doesn’t—you know—one-foot long pipe is fine. 

Get Pipes Into Water Sources—It’s Where The Most Bases And Alien Inhabitations Are

And I like using the pipes for, for water sources.  For putting them in rivers, in lakes and oceans.  Because water sources are a huge abode for UFOs and alien bases.  Especially the oceans.  I’ve never had a boat where I could just go out into an ocean and, and throw orgone pipes.  And so.  Anybody that does—has a boat, and you’ve got access to an ocean or one of the Great Lakes, get pipes out in ‘em, folks.  ‘Cause that’s where they inhabit. 

Lots of Bases Over The Great Lakes

I mean, look at—Lake Erie is a zoo.  There’s an underground base out there somewhere, and that’s always a UFO zoo.  You always see UFOs flying above Lake Erie, over by, uh, Cleveland.  And so.  Also, Lake Michigan, by Chicago. 

Stargate Portal In Chicago With Access To Mars

And, uh, Chicago has that huge portal, um, out there.  That nav—that navy base out there.  They have a stargate out there.  The can go directly from Mars, just from Chicago.  You know that?  You can go—you have access to that stargate or worm portal or whatever it is that they call it over there.  I know the navy’s in charge of it.  Uh, but you can go from Chicago staright to Mars. And they have a base on Mars.  And, and I’ve told you, America’s very popular on Mars.  And so, uh.  Look for the Moon; don’t let them get you on that.  We’ve, we’ve got bases everywhere, folks. 

Where There’s Bases, There’s Captives And Prisoners

And you better believe where there’s American bases, there’s people being held captive for one reason or another. And, and that’s the one thing that breaks my heart—is the people being held in captive, captivity, and being held prisoners.  And that’s what happens when you have a Black Ops government intent on crossbreeding and coming out with all of these new technologies.  How do you think they developed them?  From people.  And, and people don’t volunteer for this kind of stuff; they imprison them.  They hold them as prisoners. 

Many Prisoners Are Being Held On Mars And The Moon

And, and I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that these underground bases have people held in cages and locked up.  And, and I know the Lord has shown me Himself that there are imprisonments on the Moon and on Mars, of humans being held prisoner.  And, uh, somehow, would just love to get up in those, and, and free them from those places.  Free them from captivity. And so.  Just one more thing to pray for, folks.  That He provides a way.  And we’ve also got to get rid of that tower on the Moon, slowly, uh, destroying our atmosphere with it beaming here and destroying people.  <heavy sigh>  It’s not gonna get any better, folks.

Sherry On The Godlike Productions Radio Show, Tuesday, November 23rd

Anyway.  I’ve got about one minute left on the show, so I’m gonna wrap it up.  I’ll be back Monday night, at 10 o’clock.  SherryTalkRadio.  And, uh, next week I’m going to be on Godlike Productions, uh, radio show.  I’ll be sending out an announcement on that.  I’ll, I’ll be doing that on Tuesday the 23rd at 11 o’clock at night.  I will be featured on the Godlike Productions forum radio show.  And so.  I’ll post an announcement about that; probably mention it on Monday’s show.

Anyway, until then, everybody. 

Yah Bless.