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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 22, 2010

And, hello, everybody. Welcome to the show. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. And it's November 22nd.

Tomorrow night I'm gonna be doing a radio interview with a radio show that's somehow somewhat connected with Godlike Productions' forum. And so, I guess if you just go to their main forum...I'll be sending out announcements as soon as I get something from them. They're supposed to be sending me out something, so I'll get that out to all my lists as well. It's tomorrow night. It's a late interview. I think it starts at like 11 o'clock and it'll go for like two hours. And might be 10 o'clock. I don't know if she said Eastern Time or Pacific. [laughs] I'm pretty sure that's Eastern Time at like 10 or 11 o'clock at night. And they have a chat room there and they're gonna have some moderators to try to keep all the trolls out and keep it civil. And so, it should be an interesting show. Pretty much have the floor and can talk about whatever I want to.

They are not Godlike Productions, themselves. Because I thought it was kind of funny because I've been banned from there forever. I can't post anything on that website. Most of the time I can't even read posts that are there. And so, I just thought it was amusing. But I've been told that they like, every six months purge everything that's been banned, and I'll tell you that six months has been a long time. It's been about two or three years for me. I never go to the forum, hardly, but it's a very popular forum. So, looking forward to doing the interview with them tomorrow night. [Now available on podcast at Godlike Productions]

Skies Getting Crowded with UFOs and Strange Things Coming

Couple things I want to talk about tonight. More and more people seeing more and more UFOs in the skies. And the interesting thing is, is I just think a lot of it -- well, the skies are getting so crowded. I mean, they're just everywhere, folks. All the portal openings this entire month, just portals after portals. Not to mention the portals they've opened in Iraq. Demons that had been chained and locked up being released by our military.

So a lot of strange things gonna be coming and happening. Things we didn't even imagine. And it's exactly what the Bible says, folks. It says there's going to be things happening that we've never seen before on this earth. And not to mention the plagues that are coming. We've never seen the plagues that are coming. So you know they have to be very drastic in the type that they are.

That Smell of Burning Leaves Is Entities Being Burned Up by Orgone

Interesting that I found a new effect on the alien beings. I've been talking about the effect of orgone with Wilhelm Reich who discovered that you could use orgone pipes as a space weapon. That it would knock UFOs out of the sky. And it does. We've been making pipes for a long time. And one of the big reasons we've been seeing a lot of the UFOs crash is because they get into orgoned areas. I can't think of a place in this country that doesn't have orgone in it. And so, apparently, I don't know how much it takes, but, you know what? When the Lord amps just the power of one orgone muffin, it could saturate an entire area. And so, it's up to Him, it's up to His choosing to increase the strength of these orgone blasters or not, or the pipes.

And I think that's what a lot of the problems with these UFOs crashing are. They're hitting orgoned areas and they're crashing. And so, a lot more of that going on. And a lot of people smelling the burning smell outside. I talked about it my last show. I don't know if it was my Thursday show. I think it was my Thursday show last week. And someone letting me know that that burning smell that you smell outside is entities being burned up. And so, very interesting that's that smell. Smells like burning leaves, maybe a curling iron was left on. It's hard to kind of describe. But somebody who would know was saying that that smell is entities being burned up. So kind of a nice thought knowing that your orgone is working perfectly in your yard when you go outside and you smell burning because it's burning them up. They're coming in your yard and it's burning them up. And something I've always seen in the Bible Codes is that the orgone would burn them up.

A New Effect of Orgone on the Aliens Is Ascariasis (Roundworm)

Another new effect is -- just mentioned a minute ago -- is ascariasis, which is roundworm. And so, this orgone is causing these beings to get roundworm, which is worms in their intestines, and it causes them to get very flulike symptoms and sick. And I'm sure if it could go untreated or something, it could kill them. But "ascariasis," a new term popping up in the Codes. So I think that was interesting.

Expect to See Half-Machine, Half-Alien Creatures Here in the Near Future

And I posted a YouTube video to my list this week about some of the creatures we could expect to see in our near future here, folks. One of them being a type of half machine, half alien being like "Jeepers Creepers" [horror movie] type thing. And these beings steal souls, and...just like if you've seen the movie "Jeepers Creepers."

Another thing that's coming out -- not new, but it's coming into our dimension -- is those alien beings that can't be killed. You kill them and they grow back. Much like the "Jeepers Creepers" thing. And so, very, very hard to kill because they just grow back whatever it was that was chopped off or blown off. And so, these are the kinds of things that you really hope that the orgone just burns up if they come in your area. And it could be a lot sooner than a lot of us think.

Futuristic Experience/Vision Reveals Possible Alien Invasion on New Year's Eve

Somebody had a futuristic experience. I wouldn't call it a dream or a vision, but they were able to see the future. Not exactly sure what you'd call it. And the date seemed to be New Year's Eve. And, talking about seeing an alien invasion on New Year's Eve. Could be very interesting. I know there was a heads up for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day invasion. Now there seems to be another heads up for a New Year's Eve invasion. And how it started out was thousands, probably millions of twinkles in the sky. You'll see millions of them. And as they get closer to the earth, they'll get, you know, bigger. But the entire sky being filled with these twinkling type stars, these crafts. And they'll make a huge formation in the sky. And this is gonna cause panic and pandemonium. And so, one of the reasons I do believe it's probably New Year's Eve is because it was cold out, people had on coats (it was very cold out), and there were a lot of people in the streets. And so, you know, that's about the only time of the year a lot of people are gonna be hanging out in the streets -- watching for that ball to drop in New York City, makes me think of Times Square -- would be New Year's Eve.

And so, you know, definitely a heads up on that to watch for that. Kind of puts think into perspective on a timeline, don't you think? Because it's something I always see in the Bible Codes is that this invasion will come suddenly. It's abrupt. And I know a lot of people are, you know, they're watching Wall Street, and they're watching for the economy to collapse, and they're watching for Israel to build a temple. [laughs] They try to set and believe that there's a certain timeline of events that will happen first before it really hits. And this is something I've always seen is that this invasion will be abrupt. That there's no particular timeline to it. They're gonna arrive when they want to. And, you know, it's like I said in the Daniel Ott show a couple weeks ago, you know, there's nothing stopping them. They could arrive any time. I don't know what they're waiting on. And so, apparently, this waiting could come to a countdown over the next month.

Kind of puts things into perspective on what kind of things you should be stocking up on, instead of putting up Christmas trees and lights, celebrating Mithra's pagan holiday of Christmas. You know? So, a lot of people...about the only safe place to be is gonna be the mountains. The Rocky Mountains, the Ozark Mountains, the Appalatian Mountains. Try to stay away from big groups of people because -- of course you would be good to align with groups of people for protection. But that's what they're looking for. When these aliens come, they're very hostile. And they're looking for food. They're very hungry.

And so, there's gonna be different factions of aliens that are coming that I've never mentioned because, you know, up until this point no one's ever seen them except for on the mov -- you know...what is it? "The Final Fantasy"? And I think that's a video game. Some of these video games have more truth to them than a lot of the movies do. Some of these video games will depict certain different demonic alien-type creatures. And these are the ones that are coming.

And they're not just demons, folks. And they're not just regular aliens. We have creatures coming that are half tech (half machine). And it makes you think of the movie, "Terminator," where they're half human, half machines. These things are half aliens, half machines. And they have a lot of them. They've been building and cloning these things for years. And, even in these robotic-type machines, a soul is in them, and so, a soul operates them. So it'd be an alien soul, or demonic spirit, or something. But there's something alive within that being.

And so, I know the person who had this experience, futuristic vision -- a lot of people running to the mountains. And those who didn't -- immediately following this invasion, complete lawlessness, folks, across the land. And this person saw a lot of murder, a lot of rape, a lot of everything. Just complete lawlessness. Don't expect the police to protect you. And so, if you don't have guns now, weapons now to protect yourselves, you're gonna be at the mercy of all those who do and want to harm you. And so, now would be a good time, especially some of you girls out there who live alone, and you moms, and you grandmas, get out and get you a gun, so you can protect yourself from the hoodlums. Because they're gonna be coming.

Quit Waiting for White-Winged Angels to Descend from Heaven - The Lord Works Through People

And I'm not talking about, you know,...I'm pretty sure by this time the Lord's people would be kept away from this literal pure hell coming to Earth. They may be here for the original invasion. But as the months wane, I would imagine that the Lord's gonna protect His own. And so -- hey, He may not, just to test His people. Just to test them. Testing his faith is always what He's been about. He's always tested Israel's faith. He's not gonna change now.

And you know, the last days isn't about the righteous leaving the earth. It's about the wicked being kicked off. And guess who does the kicking off. It's us, folks. I know everybody always thinks the Lord's gonna send these white, fluffy angels down from heaven with harps, and destroy all our enemies for us and that's how it happens. You know, you just don't have any concepts of how the Lord really works. The Lord works through people. People are his angels. People act in angelic capacities. People are anointed and appointed for the angelic gifts. He acts through His people. Quit waiting for white-winged angels to descend from heaven. And so, it's through His angels that are coming to Earth, and on Earth, and others that, you know, our work around the world with the orgone that we have now, that will be able to destroy these beings.

Real-Life "X-Men" Here - The Lord's Sending Heavenly Angels Down to Incarnate Hybrid Bodies

And He's also sending a lot of His own to the earth at this time. One of the things that strikes it is that movie, "X-Men." 'Cause, you know, all these people born with supernatural powers, and I've talked about hybrids before, and Indigo-type kids. But they turn their backs on evil and they decide to use their powers for good. And, even some of the incarnations that are going on now, where the Lord is sending down angels, and they're being incarnated in hybrid-type bodies because a regular human body couldn't hold or contain the power that that angel has. And so, a lot of them needing support. Most of them almost homeless. Can't hold jobs. And, doing what we can in this ministry to help. And so, obviously, our hearts are a lot bigger than our wallets. And so, we need your financial help so that we can help those coming in to fight what's coming.

I mean, they're here to fight for the Lord and His people. But they need our help right now. I need financial contributions to be able to work with them, to help them. If you guys saw what was coming, some of these creatures...I've posted video links to my lists throughout the week. A regular human, even, you know, we couldn't kill these things. You're not gonna rebuke them in the name of Jesus and they're gonna go away. And that's why He's sending His big guns down in these last days. And bringing them in from other dimensions and realms. And coming to Earth to battle and fight these demons that are coming through the portals that have been opened and are already opening.

If The Alien & Demonic Entities Invade on New Year's Eve, Expect Complete Lawlessness

You know, Pale Horse rider is just a [audio unclear] away. Plagues, diseases. I mean, all the things, the nasty things that these alien and demonic entities are gonna unleash on mankind. And all this can start New Year's Eve. This year. If we're given another year, or a couple months sliding time, I wouldn't be surprised, but...seems like we're always being given delays. But, also, just remember that it's going to happen abruptly. And so, it's never going to be exactly the right time or the good time. And so, very well, could happen this year, New Year's Eve. And so, even Christmas Eve. And, you know, it's gonna be lawlessness from that point on. The market, the economy, will crash. The stores will be closed. There will be nothing to buy with money. And so, people won't necessarily be robbing you for your money, but your possessions. So you're gonna have a lot to protect; just your lives. Your lives and your possessions. Your food, your water.

If you're in the cities, you've just got to get out. They're not going to get any better. Especially like New York City. As soon as the invasion starts, just run. Get out. Get out of the city because when you look back, after the invasion starts, at what's left of the cities, it's just death and lawlessness. No mercy, no justice. Just complete mayhem and chaos. And no one to protect you. The police are not gonna be protecting you. They're gonna be home protecting their own families, folks. And when the militaries come in, they'll just surround cities and barricade them. Basically all their gonna do.

Get Your Bug-Out Bags Packed Now - Find Alternate Routes Out of the Cities

And so, get out of them. Get bug-out bags packed now. And, plan for it to be in a very cold time, especially, you know, if you're coming out of California and the west coast, and you're running to the Rocky Mountains, it's gonna be cold. It's gonna be cold. Make sure you've got military grade sleeping bags and below-zero arctic-style tents and sleeping bags that keep you warm. Stay off the main highways. There's always somebody that breaks down and holds up traffic for five, ten hours. Stay off the main highways. [laughs] I know it's not funny but it's just something you can always count on. Something you can always count on.

Director - Obama - Chip - Assignment - Affliction - Cotton Wool

Other thing I'm still seeing in the Codes is just "director - Obama - chip - assignment - affliction - cotton wool." And it is his assignment to chip the cotton wool, and that's the Lord's believers; cotton wool. And so, kind of pretty much doing it by enforcing and bluffing and intimidating and propagandizing the entire nation to go willfully accept vaccines and flu shots. You know, they engineer plagues and pandemics and then start the scare hype and get everybody to go get chip implanted. And that's exactly what they're doing by the vaccines and flu shots. Getting chip implanted. And that's the whole target, the whole goal. Just getting chips in you without your knowledge.

Point Your Orgone Batons at Chemtrail Planes/Ships - Also Have Them with You on New Year's Eve

Yeah, folks. See a lot about the batons in the Bible Codes. I have them on my website, You can order them off the website or you can learn how to make your own. And these batons are gonna be very effective against the incoming invasion of UFOs and aliens themselves. Just wave it in the air at them. So that the orgone saturates the air coming out of the baton. You can point them -- I already can point them right at chemtrail ships and it will malfunction the ships. And so, I don't see them here. They don't come here. Anybody out that's seeing chemtrail planes and you've got one of these orgone pipes, these batons, point it at it for a couple seconds and let me know what the effects are. Let me know if it crashes that thing or takes it out of the sky. I've heard they will, so I'm very interested in knowing if they will. And I know, just from seeing it in the Codes, people are waving them in the air and being able to destroy a lot of these alien and demonic entities that are coming in. So December, this month, going to be an effective time for these batons. The Lord's really anointing them. And it's going to increase the power of the batons and pipe blasters that people are making.

You know, the only reason I can think of that being a time where He really starts to anoint and increase the power of them is because we're really gonna need them New Year's Eve. [laughs] I know it's not so funny a thought, but, hey, it's nice to know you've got something because bullets aren't gonna work against them. Conventional weapons aren't necessarily gonna work a hoot's owl against a dimensional being. So while your husband's piddling with a 12-gauge [shotgun], trying to seeing if one of these little things will shoot an alien, just get your orgone out, folks. [laughs] Just wave your pipe baton at it. Point it right at it. Point it straight up at the thing and imagine a beam of power just coming out of that baton or that pipe hitting that UFO or that demonic alien being, and they'll see what's effective and what isn't, real quick. All the naysayers, all the doubters, all the skeptics. They're all gonna be brought to their knees.

Is CNN Disclosing the Alien Presence?

And so, yeah, I know it's not real cheery months, next month, but, you know what? You just feel the crap's about to hit the fan, folks. And it really is. 'Cause this has been one month of opening portals and so many different things happening. CNN actually jumping into the fray to start some kind of a disclosure that aliens are amongst us, that that missile that was shot off the coast of California last week.

Colleen Thomas Says the Pleiadeans Want to Raise Our Vibrations

And they've been giving a lot of air time to this Colleen Thompson [Thomas], I think her name is, who is surreptitiously becoming the mouthpiece for the Pleiadeans. And she's been on my mind since I saw that video, that YouTube video of her, and she's speaking to the Pleiadeans, she channels them. And it was something she said -- the Pleiadeans, they don't sound like wicked and evil people. They want to help people raise their vibrations. [laughs] And the reason they want to raise people's vibrations is because if you have a higher vibration, the lower-level beings such as Reptilians and Draconians and Grey aliens, they can't hurt you. So the higher your vibration is, the more out of reach you are for those beings to soul-scalp you. Because they can only soul-scalp people of lower vibrational.

The Pleiadeans' "Help" Is Actually Hurting Us - Brings Judgment on Us from God

And vibration, folks, is just energy. I know the New Age gives it that vibration term and the only reason I repeat it is so you know what I'm talking about. It's just an energy level. When you're a believer of the Most High, and you're filled with His Holy Spirit, you have a very high energy level. According to them, you'd be a very high vibrational being. OK? That's how they would describe you. And I'm not talking about the dead Christians who say a 30-second prayer and then don't live for the Lord, don't have any of His fruit in their lives and their spirit working in them, and they're just dead. Because they can easily be considered amongst the lower realm as fair prey to be soul-scalped. Because those walking in the Lord's Spirit -- and I've always said that to keep your spirit in tune with the Lord, because it keeps you charged up, it keeps His Spirit alive in you. And in their terminology then, you become a very high vibrational being. That's how they describe you, that's how they look at you. The lower realms, the Reptilians, the Draconians, the beings from the hell realms can't soul-scalp you. And so, it's much protection knowing that.

And so, what the Pleiadeans do -- and I don't know if they do this on default or just stupidity, or there's some game going on where they're trying to deceive mankind, but they come to Earth -- and I posted this to my Facebook early this morning: the road to hell is full of good intentions. Because they come to Earth wanting to help mankind, but their message isn't about Yahushua (Jesus). It's not about Him. It's not about His death on the cross. It's not about His resurrection. They have a very humanistic philosophy, and views. And the problem with this is that those from the other dimensions aren't bound by our rules or understand them. So when they're trying to help mankind, they're really hurting us instead.

Now you can raise your high vibrational frequency to sky high millenium, but if you reject Yahushua as your messiah and don't do the things He tells you to do, you're gonna be judged and cast into hell no matter how high your vibrations are. It all comes down to faith and works, folks. James said faith without works was dead. It's dead. And so, this is what the Pleiadeans and all the friendly aliens who are coming to Earth will tell you, "Oh, we're your friends. We wanna help" -- this is what they don't understand. Because mankind can't play by their rules, you know, with all their advice. They're coming from different realms and dimensions where their rules are different. They don't have Yahushua's blood on the cross [audio unclear] they're redeemed in various ways or whatever they do. And dealing with that realm, they have their own rules.

The Lord Has Told Us How to Get to Heaven, So Do What He Says, Not What the Aliens Say

This is Earth and we have rules here. We have been told how to get to heaven. And so, perhaps...perhaps the Pleiadeans have found that they can mimic the Lord's Holy Spirit. Because Christians seem to have a higher vibrational frequency because they have the Lord's Holy Spirit within them. So maybe that's why they go around and they shop around for these gullible New Agers who then become their followers. And then, instead of pointing them to Christ and His shed blood on the cross and our redemption through that, they try to cheat and try to use these woodoo, voodoo ways, taking shots, drinking liquid crystal, you know, whatever works, to change someone's DNA to give them a higher frequency, you know. But it all comes down to humanism. You know, because if it comes to what you can do instead of what the Father is doing for you, it's what you're doing, yourself. You can become your own god by raising your frequency and changing your DNA.

And so, I haven't figured out if these Pleiadeans are just ignorant or just doing it deceptively. I've never liked aliens. I'll tell ya right out. I don't trust them. I don't trust Pleiadeans. I don't trust any of them. Now if one comes proclaiming the name of the Son and acknowledges He died on a cross for ours sins, rose again, and this is the path that the Lord has given those on Earth if they wanna receive eternal life in heaven, then I would think twice. You know, they all admit that there's a creator. They all admit "The One." And they'll refer to Him as different things. Usually it's "The Creator," the one who created all. But if you ever get into a conversation with they on who exactly this creator is, they don't pinpoint the Father like we do. It's more of like a spirit that's in all things and of all things. And we know that's God's Spirit, yes. But we also see Him as a person.

You know, He's our Father, not The Blob. [laughs] His Holy Spirit indwells all things just as sunlight does, and darkness does. You know, sunlight permeates everything. That's how you could look at how His Spirit operates in the world; it permeates everything. But we don't worship that Spirit, we worship Him. Him and who He is; the Father. And so, there's always different views on exactly who the Father is, and the Creator. You know, is it a little spirit being, person? Or is it just a thing, a substance. It always sounds to me like they worship the substance instead of the Creator, Himself, as a person. They worship His Spirit, like native Indians often talk on that kind of a level. And so, very interesting, folks.

You know what? You can't just ignore the fact that they're here. The fact that they're speaking through people. It'll be easier to just do what Christians do. Out of sight, out of mind. Sweep it under a rug. Call it all crazy nonsense. Ignore it. [laughs] [Audio unclear] easier. Instead of having to deal with all this. [laughs] It doesn't make it go away because you don't wanna believe it exists. It doesn't make it go away. Doesn't mean it's not true just because you don't like it. You know? It's fruits, folks. The Lord always said by their fruits you will know them. And that goes for anything, you know, His people, His humans, or these hybrids, Indigos, or these incarnated angels coming in to do some real battle in the upcoming days for His people here on Earth.

It's Much Easier to Build a Relationship with the Most High - Walk Away from the Nonsense

And Just so many things to deal with. [laughs] It's eye-opening. He really changes your perception on things. You know, the Lord always said, when I started learning and studying prophecy -- I've been a student of Bible prophecy since I was about nine-, twelve-years-old. And I remember about ten, twelve years ago I started praying for the truth in all things. And He said, "Don't expect it to happen the way you think it's going to." We build up certain ways in our minds of how exactly a biblical timeline's gonna be played out or prophetic event's gonna be played out. And He said, basically, don't do that because you're just gonna be surprised, because things are gonna happen you don't expect. Things are gonna happen. And so, takes a lot of people off guard. Shock a lot of people.

You know what? If you're running into people who claim that they're not human, see who their Father is. You know? So many working under deception mode for Satan. All these Pleiadeans that Colleen Thomas -- I was talking about earlier -- she said 100,000 people around the world had also drinking the cup of liquid crystal and had taken those shots in the forehead to raise their vibrational frequency, changing their DNA. Hundred thousand other people. And to me that's just -- you might as well say a hundred million, a hundred billion. That just seems like an awful LOT of people. A lot of souls.

And, the thing is, you know, the way it goes, and I was corrected because I had said they raise your vibrations so they can soul-scalp you, actually the lower realms, the ones with no vibrations, the ones who are very low, they're like dead to religion, dead to faith, those are the ones that are easy to soul-scalp. The ones that are hard to soul-scalp are the ones that have higher vibrations, the higher energy level within them, higher light level in them. Those are harder to soul-scalp. And so, the Pleiadeans here supposedly helping all these hundreds of thousands of people so they won't be soul-scalped. And so, they're helping people in that aspect, but at the same time leading them into this humanistic theology where it's all about what you could do to yourself in changing your own DNA and raising your own energy light.

And it's like I said on my list, you know, you can have the highest vibrational...the millenial hike, and, you know what? You're still gonna go to hell without the Lord, if you're not following Him and His commandments, you know. 'Cause that's our rules for this earth. Now where these Pleiadeans come from, on their planets where they live, that works for them. They're allowed to believe in all that. That works for them. They're allowed to...whatever. But when they bring back to Earth, and persuade humans to believe their theories and views, it's gonna damn their souls. And so, they're saving them from becoming soul-scalped, but they're not gonna save them from judgment from the Most High. You know? People need to wake up and realize, just walk away from the nonsense. Walk away from it. You know? Much more easier to build a relationship with the Most High God than have to get involved with that whole movement of channeling beings, and changing your DNA, and getting sick, and drinking liquid crystal, and getting shots.

The Aliens' Brand of Medical Care Is Actually Designed to Control Us and Finish Killing Us Off

Everything's always medical with them. You know, it's always medical, 'cause it's always about DNA and energy levels. Even with the "V" [TV] series, Anna and all them, whatever her name was...Ann, you know, the first thing about invasion was, "Send in the medical crew." [laughs] "Send down the medical teams. We're gonna offer all these people we've just destroyed and burned up and that are hurt -- we're gonna offer them free medical care." [laughs] So they send down their medical care and that's where the rest of the destruction is. In the medical care. So they can insert things inside you. They can heal your wounds, at the same time insert a demon/alien host inside you, or chip implants, or whatever they want to. [sighs] Folks, everything's so small. Nanotechnology's so tiny, it's -- you can barely see it, except for under a microscope now. We can't even imagine what they can put inside you that you can't even see with the naked eye, that can grow and fester.

If You're Not Ready by the End of December, You'd Better Be Praying for an Extension

You know, these things are coming. It's gonna be a hostile arrival with them. And then total chaos. Economies crashing, stores closing, nothing open. Just complete chaos. And somebody else had said -- that I mentioned on the show a couple weeks ago -- about how the Pentagon would be ruling the country. They'll look at the Pentagon and the military because...complete lawlessness. All forms of known government and civility that we now have are just gonna be gone. There's gonna be no civility. Just gonna be chaos. So, yeah, if you're not ready by the end of December, I mean, you better be praying for an extension. [laughs] Now all these people will be praying for another extension. More delays and time. [laughs] And then we have to find the next arrival dates. I've always said they always have different arrival dates, and I've always given you those on this show. The months to look for. The hot months. Because they, you know, there could be one event, but a hundred different dates associated with it. Different months, different years. And so, if one gets cancelled or delayed, it just moves on to the next open time when it could happen. And so, it seems like I've been following these kinds of events and delays, for years, especially starting with 2009. And so, [laughs] just a heads up, folks, to be prepared, to get ready.

Building Your Relationship with the Most High Is What Raises Your Vibrational Frequency

You know, not everybody coming into this earth understands this realm, this dimension. And so, be careful to who or what you're listening to. Take everything to the Most High. It's important that we build a relationship with Him and start walking in His Spirit. Because if you're walking in His Spirit and doing the things He tells you to do, sitting at His feet every day, talking to Him, is what builds your spirit. And, New Age terminology, if you're praying to the Lord every day, and singing, and just building that relationship with Him, then your vibrational frequency is raising. [laughs] That would be New Age terminology. And you have to have to understand both, folks, so you know what the heck is going on. But that's what builds your vibrations, your frequencies. Just sitting at His feet. Building a relationship with the Most High.

You know, I wrote an article on my websites; "The Kingdom of God" and "Teach Me How to Pray" and "The Hooks and Roots of Sin." I have some articles of spiritual warfare that will help you in building your relationship with the Most High. You know? And so, you go to and check out my spiritual warfare type articles that I have listed. Especially my article on the kingdom of God. Talks to you about the importance of just going to Him and sitting at His feet every day, and asking Him for the truth in all things, and learning how to hear His voice in your spirit. And by doing these things, and even reading His word every day, you'll build His Spirit, His light, within you. And that's what makes you a higher vibrational being [laughs], according to the New Agers.

They Use Superficial Means to Mimic God's Spirit-Filled Believers Who are Truly Light Beings

These higher vibrational...these light beings. They always have their own mimicry for terms. They call them light beings because they can light them with superficial means...some kind of shots, and changing their DNA, and liquid crystal. They use superficial means to mimic what a Spirit-filled believer already is, and that's a light being. And they just use superficial means. Instead of acknowledging the Lord, they try to cheat and go around it in different ways. And that doesn't work. Yeah, it might keep you from being soul-scalped by the lower realms, but they're still gonna be judged by the Most High. They're gonna be judged by Him.

There's Going to Be an Influx of Hungry Aliens Such as We've Never Seen Before

You know, there's different realms. There's heavenly realms. There's kind of like, middle-of-the-road realms. And then there's the lower realms. And the lower realms are where all these alien factions and entities are coming out of. You know, the Draconians, the Reptilians, the Greys. There's over 200 different types of aliens. You know, we've got the Men in Blacks (the MIBs), you've got the tall black ones, tall green ones, tall grey ones, small grey ones. There's over 200 types, folks! You've got the Chewies...the Bears that are on the moon, that dominate the moon. The ones dominating our space right now have been the Bears (the Chewies...think of "Star Wars" [like Chewbacca]) and the Greys and the Reptilians. And this is about to change because we're gonna be getting a influx of beings we've never seen before. And these aren't the type to sit around and fly in UFOs. These are the ones that walk the earth. That walk the earth, fly around the earth, and chase after and to destroy and eat people. And that's one of the biggest things about their initial invasions when they do come to this earth. A very hostile faction is going to lead the charge, and this faction is just hungry. And so, they're gonna be terrorizing cities looking for food, looking for people, which leads to all the chaos and anarchy in the cities.

Get Your Supplies Ready to Go and Make Sure You've Got Warm Clothing with You

And so, this is just a heads up, folks. Get your orgone water ready. Food. Be able to keep warm. Supplies ready if you have to take off to the mountains. And so, you know, just have clothes...socks, warm socks, warm shoes, coats, hats. Gonna be cold out. They choose it this January, gonna be cold out. And then February. And a lot of these places that you'd be heading to are just gonna be cold.

According to Wilhelm Reich, Rain and Snow Can Suppress the Power of Orgone

I've always dreaded this happening in the wintertime. And no doubt it seems like that's their target date is the wintertime. Because as Wilhelm Reich stated in his notes, and I have listed on my websites some of the things I have found. And Wilhelm Reich's original material about orgone, He said that rain and snow could be used to suppress the power of orgone. And so, I think that's why they plan on coming in the snow time, because it'll be the best time for them because the colder it is out, the less effective the orgone will be against them. But also a heads up for why the Lord increases the strength of orgone. Because as they're believing the cold will decrease it, the Lord is going to purposely increase it. [laughs]

So, it's gonna be a battle, folks. It's gonna be a battle. But if you've done what the Lord has asked you to do, He's gonna protect you. You're in His hands. And so, those people who are riding the fence may consider real quick repenting of your backslidden states and starting to build up His Spirit within you. Because that is your protection against the onslaught of the coming lower realms, is having a high amount of His Spirit within you. What the New Agers would call "light." It raises your vibrations. [laughs] But that's what it does. It's a funny way of hearing the New Age terminologies. But there's not a whole lot of time left, folks. So, anyway, I just wanted to get that said tonight.

No Show on Thanksgiving Day - Sherry's Having Turkey Instead

Will not be having a show on Thursday. I'm having turkey. I know the Lord hates traditional holidays, man's traditions. That's the one I've always like, is Thanksgiving. I had no problem dumping Christmas and Easter bunnies and all that stuff. [laughs] I've always liked the day of Thanksgiving, and just families getting together. And so, I've always liked the turkey day, the Thanksgiving Day. And so, I do that one. The Maccabees had their holidays they celebrated as well the Lord didn't like, but He didn't hit them over the head for doing it. And so, just make sure you keep His other ones. Make sure you keep His appointed time with man. The Passover is one of my favorite holidays. And that one comes up in March and April and then we start the years of His appointed times and feasts with man. Those are the ones that are most important to keep, folks.

Hmm. But, anyway. [sighs] Yeah. I'll be talking more next Monday about what's coming, for the coming months. Just wanted to give you a shout out on it a little bit early so that you could go ahead and start preparing. Start thinking twice about what's really important in getting stocked-up on.

Your Financial Support Is Needed - Warning to Those Regular Listeners with True Wealth Who Don't Give Support

And also, folks, don't forget we need your financial support here at this ministry. We many things to do. We need to target certain areas with orgone. We need to go on our own missions as we can the rest of the year. Angels coming down beings incarnated here, to be here for the coming invasion...we'll need your help with them. They need food, they need clothes. This is your time to step up. And you know what? I get real tired of people...162 countries listen to this radio show and there's nobody wealthy out there that could stand up and just give us some huge contributions? One hundred thousand, two hundred thousand dollars? You know, there's very, very many wealthy. When you look at my second largest listenership country is China. China. One billion people in China and not one ounce of support from any one of them?

Come on, folks. Quit taking me for granted. You know where the truth is. That's why you're listening to my radio show. It's time to step up and support it. We've only got a short amount of time left. There's a lot we need to do. And, you know, it's not our butts we're protecting, it's yours. My butt was protected years ago. [laughs] We're trying to protect yours. And we're trying to help the Lord's people as we can. And we need the financial support to do it.

And I'll tell ya what. Within three weeks, four weeks, if things haven't changed, then I'm gonna start praying for the destruction of everybody's finances, period. I don't care who you are or where you are. Except for the small band that have always supported this ministry, that have always been faithful. And I love them. It's not fair that people on limited incomes are doing without, to support this ministry, and people who don't even have jobs, while all those who are living very well, and very wealthy, are storing up their gold and silver while they listen to me, but they're not supporting this ministry. And it will be all of those that I go after in judgment for the Lord. So, about a month's time. And He will...He'll take away their finances and he'll completely take away everything they have. I'm not talking about the poor people, folks. I'm not talking about the middle class. I am talking about the wealthy, who have it and won't support this ministry. That's the ones I'm talking about.

Anyway, Thursday no show. Be back Monday at 10 o'clock.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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