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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
November 29, 2010

Doing a Lot of Interviews Lately to Get Information Out

And, hello, everybody. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner. November 29th.

It's been a busy week. I know for everybody. But not only that, just been giving a lot of interviews lately. And I post them on my websites,, on the right hand side of the page. I did a interview earlier in the week with Godlike Productions' forum, The Raw Feed. Had a great time with those guys. And...oh, my debate with Daniel Ott, yeah.  And I had a great time with Daniel Ott, as usual. So, those links are on the websites. You can go and listen to those.

A lot of information getting out. And, you know, that's the way it should be. Just getting out info. And so, it's the only reason I do interviews. To get out information, wake people up. You know, so many people want to come against the things that you say, but they don't want to do five minutes of research to learn that what you're saying's absolutely true. We all go through this. I hear from people every single day who can't get anywhere with waking up family members or friends. And, you know, that's what ELF [extremely low frequency] is for, tells you ELF is working. Because if ELF is working right, then the majority of the population isn't thinking. Because that's what ELF does. It dumbs you down. It makes you stupid. It makes you pathetic. Or is that apathetic. [laughs] Either one will do. [laughs] It just makes you docile so that you don't even want to think anything's going on, anything's bad. You just wanna go home, live in a shell, live in your box. And, so many people just can't see what's going on around them. The few people that can just have to work overtime.

Homeland Security Starting to Take Down Websites

[audio unclear] Homeland [security] scumbags took down about 72...76 websites earlier in the week. Folks, I warned about this last year because I kept seeing them coming after my websites and taking down my radio show. And so, I warned back then to get everything you could off my websites. And they're coming back. Right now they're using the excuse -- and this one could affect every website on the Internet -- that you're in copyright infringement violations by...whatever...posting somebody else's copyrighted material on your website. And even if you have a forum on your website and one of your government trolls posts links to copyrighted information just to get your website in trouble, confiscated by the DHS [Department of Homeland Security] scumbags. They don't have a court order. They don't have probable and reasonable cause. They just wanna be annoying. And so, 76 websites now confiscated by the DHS. And it's gonna get much worse.

They're Making Public Transportation Impossible to Make You Stay Home

You know, people complaining about the TSA [Transportation Security Administration] body scanners. And, you know, I saw this coming ages ago because part of their script was to make public transportation limited. And the way you do that is by making it so humiliating, or so expensive, that people can't afford public transportation that they stay home. And this is what they wanna do. This is their plan. Make people stay home. Let's turn America into Russia where everybody just sits at home and drinks all day and dies by the time they're 50. You know, Russia's got one of the worst -- or had -- one of the worst alcoholism rates in the free world. Or not even in the free world. They're freer that we are right now, so kind of a paradox.

But that's what they wanna do. They want to eliminate, or make impossible, public transportation. They want it to be impossible for you. Then they're gonna put these scanners that [Michael] Chertoff -- how come nobody's ever complained that the former head of the KGB is now head of our DHS. I mean, where's the outrage? Where's the outrage? That's why these people are in office, because people just, "Oh, well. We'll let that slide. He was a former Russian KGB. We'll let that slide. Oh, he's not an American citizen? No birth certificate? Oh, we'll let that slide." Everything has sliden past our noses, because people don't stand up and do something. And the ones that do end up targeted to heck, by psychotronics, by psi ops, by ELF. They get killed, they get cancers, they get diseases.

Read about Former Remote Viewer Assassin on Mars, Michael Relfe

This is free speech in America, folks. Dare to speak your mind, and you're gonna have a satellite beam attacking your house constantly. They attack you while you're sleeping. Or you're gonna have NASA assassins inside your house trying to psychically assassinate you. And they can do this. Brain tumors, cancers. They can do this. And so, Michael Relfe talks about being on Mars for 20 years on a naval base on Mars. Navy intelligence. There's a portal in Chicago. And it talks about being a remote viewer assassin for the Navy. And there's a whole group of them. And what they do is they just concentrate, focus on killing certain individuals. Whoever's on the hit list. And they do this by psychic RV'ing [remote viewing].

Another one of the weapons you might want to learn in spiritual warfare is to ask the Lord to break all links connected to you, because this is how they do it. They link to you, and then they're stuck to you like flies on rice. And they stay on you and try to focus your death. And so, I don't know how else to explain it. But that's what they do. And you can read Michael Relfe's testimony at I've known Michael and Stephanie [Michael's wife] for quite a while now. I have a lot of respect for both of them. And more people from all walks of life being hounded by the New World Order. Doesn't matter what your personal religious beliefs are. Nobody goes unnoticed when you start to speak up.

Pandemonium Delayed For December 2010 or Before December 2010?

Anyway, been looking at the month of December. And December's one of these months that you can always have all these events listed, and it sounds like it's gonna be an action-packed month, and then nothing happens because the term delayed runs right through it all. And I went through this last year, and I'm seeing it again for this year. It could be complete pandemonium, and the term "pandemonium" crosses December 2010, but then so does the word "delayed." So here's the catch. Is what they have planned gonna be delayed, or they had it planned earlier but it was delayed until December 2010? And so, there's two different ways of interpreting that. So that's why I say just keep one eye open for these events. Because you never know what they're actually going to pull off until it pulls off, until it happens. There's always different routes, always different timelines, always different months.

And so, it's just a heads up, an FYI [for your information] that, hey, this could happen. And if anything's gonna happen, they particularly like Christmas Day. And so, find it interesting that here we go, another year, another Christmas, and the New Age la-la bags have it planned again to bring in their descended masters. I don't know why they call them ascended. Maybe it's because they come out of hell, and go up to heaven, and then act like they're coming down from heaven. Because they're really just descending. [laughs] And so, why they call them ascended, I don't get it. They're not smarter than anybody else. If they were, they would have never been kicked out of heaven for rebelling against the Most High. So that marks any kind of credibility out the window for smart or brains.

As the New Agers Get Out of the Movement, People Disillusioned with the Churches Go Into It

But they have the New Agers deceived. And one of those things I enjoy seeing is the exodus out of the New Age Movement. I always have. Because, eventually, these New Agers start to wake up, "Do I really want to get on that UFO?" You know? But then at the same time I always said it's a Catch-22. Then you have church people becoming disillusioned by all the fraud, the apostasy and the lies in churchdom, who will leave churchdom to join the New Age. And so, it's really a Catch-22 [a situation in which any move that a person can make will lead to trouble --World English Dictionary].

I Need Your Help If You Can Make "Don't Get on the UFO" Graphics

You know, if anybody out there, if you do graphics, I need some "Do Not Get on UFO" graphics for my websites. "Do Not Get on the UFO." Because one of the biggest teachings going around in the New Age crowds is that they're gonna be whisked off the earth during a period of cleansing. They're gonna be taken to safety while everybody else is being cleansed. And this is the biggest lie. This is the same thing they tell people about joining the joint military-patriot-alien groups. That they'll protect you when the martial law starts, or the alien invasion starts. They'll take you to an underground base or an area they'll protect you during that time. And these are lies. These are...they're outright lies. I mean, the Lord's told me, Himself. And so, don't believe them, folks. Satan is the father of lies, and that's why. Because he lies, his followers lie. They go after the gullible people, they go after your greed; thinking about me, me, me, me. Or they promise you financial security or whatever it is they're promising you. They know how to push your buttons. They know exactly what to say to you to push your buttons to go along with them.

Yeah, I need graphics out there, if anybody knows how to make graphics. "Say No to UFOs." "Don't Get on the UFO." We need various graphics. If anybody wants to make those, you can send them to my e-mail address at

The Maitreya That We're Expecting Here Is a Literal Egghead

So we've got "pandemonium" listed for December. And, you know, it's always been -- you can listen to Benjamin Creme at There's a couple Maitreya's going around, folks. And the particular Maitreya that I'm talking about is the one with the egghead. He's the Arab. He's the Mahdi. He's the egg...head. Literally. Bible Codes describes him as having an egghead. He's one of those ancient Egyptian clones. And he has that egghead. And so, whenever you see him, it's all the others included as well. There's Saint Germaine, there's Lady Nada, there's Sananda. And Sananda goes by the name Immanuel Esu Jesus, all these other names, to appeal to the Christian crowd. And there's gonna be several others. One to appeal to the Buddhists, one to appeal to the Hindus. All major religions of the world will have their little messiah coming together. So they'll all be coming together as a group, is the one plan. And then the other plan is just have a pair of them come together. And that could be Maitreya and Sananda. Or Sananda and Lady Nada, who plays the role of Mary. So they have various routes as well.

An Announcement Planned for December 25th Could Cause Martial Law

But I think what's gonna shock the world, and shock this country in particular, is because Obama -- and I've warned this. If you listen to my show, it's gonna be no surprise to you, but even insiders in the government and military will tell you that there's some kind of announcement planned for December 25th that could cause martial law, but nobody knows what it is. Nobody knows what it is. It's on a need-to-know basis. Well, I could tell you what it is. What kind of announcement would cause immediate anger and anarchy in this country? And immediate martial law? Would crashing the dollar do it? It's a Saturday, you know. I don't think, you know, right at holiday season where they make all their money scamming everybody into debt over Christmas holidays. They're not gonna crash the dollar then and there. I think that's gonna come a little bit down the road. I don't see it in the Codes anyway.

What I do see is Obama giving America's leadership over to the New Age ascended freaks. And so, if they descend down to Earth claiming they're all here, blah-blah, whatever their big announcement's gonna be; they're our creators, they're know. They're coming to help mankind. That's the biggest lie. And Obama will side with them. He will align with them. And I told you all along, he one of them! So, yeah. He's gonna align with them, but, apparently...I don't know if the big announcement yet is going to be that, you know, the Ascended Masters are here. Or that Obama makes a big announcement that he's gonna give the United States control to them. And they'll probably rule the world from the UN. I don't know what their plans are...what they're gonna rule it from. You would half-expect the UN to be moved out of New York City. Maybe they're just gonna go to Belgium or Brussels or something. I don't know. Jerusalem was always planned. But that remains to be seen exactly from where. I would expect them to go to Damascus. Some kind of, you know, descending to Earth, we're all here, and somewhere in the Middle East, perhaps. And go to Damascus and have some kind of a ascended alien format or a summit. [laughs] 'Cause you almost see them coming into Damascus there.

The Giants Have Been Making Tunnels from the Middle East Deserts to America

And so, you know, they've been coming and landing in the Negev Desert, the past year. Maybe two. And I've been warning about the Negev Desert. That they've been coming in the Negev Desert. Greg Rinchich [Lieutenant Colonel SC from the interview with Daniel Ott] confirmed what I was saying about meeting our military or the Israeli military meeting with giants in the desert. And so, Sinai Desert, Negev Desert, all these deserts around Israel.

And what's interesting is that right when you think all these Giants are just gonna be like, start over in the Middle East, stay over in the Middle East, and we'll just deal with Grays and all the uglies over here, they've been making new underground tunnels, they have a underground supershuttle system, and the last couple years they've been making new tunnels, and guess where they're connecting to, from the Negev. To America. And, find it interesting that one of the largest bases ever built in our history of joint bases, in North Carolina, somewhere in the mountains in the Golden Valley (wherever that is)...Golden...I think it's Valley, and see the term "golden," is a huge 17-story base. And they're bringing these Giants, shuttling these Giants over to this base. So, just when you thought they were gonna stay in the Middle East, they're finding ways to get them over here to America.

Another term for these Giants is "Locusts." I don't even think the Buffalo would quite qualify. You know, they're tall...the Buffalos. They're, you know, 6'7", 6'8", whatever. They might look like the NBA [National Basketball Association]. But the Giants I'm talking about are like 19 feet tall. One level alone in this underground base our government has built for them, by your tax dollars, thank you, is -- by our tax dollars, I should say -- is 33 feet high. And so, reminds me of the chapter in Enoch where he's talking about the Giants who are brothers, and they were 30 and 33 feet tall. You know, the Lord said it would be as in the days of Noah. The last days would be as of the days of Noah. And here we go, folks. Here we go. And locusts coming up in the Codes.

Last Days Events Will Not Happen According to Mans' Expectations

You know, somebody sent me this huge wall printout of the timeline of Tribulation events. And I had to laugh when I saw it. Because, you know, I know what people -- they want to help, and they're thoughtful, and I appreciate that. But that's exactlly one of the first things the Lord did when I started praying for truth in all things, 10, 11 years ago, 12 years ago, was He pulled me away from all my Protestant theology. I believed the same thing. I had the same Hal Lindsey, Jack Van Impe, Baptist church timelines in my head. First three and a half years, this. Second three and a half years this. And the Lord pulled me away from all that. And He said things are gonna happen that you don't expect. And they're gonna happen in ways that you don't expect them to.

And so, you can throw your timelines out the window, folks. Because what that means is that you've put yourself in a box. You've put yourself in a box saying, "This has to happen first. Then this happens, then this happens. Because it's exactly what the Lord said to get away from. Things are gonna happen in ways we don't expect them to happen. OK? And it also means that you're not gonna be open to any other truth because that's your preconditioned way of thinking. And so, anything else that comes against that line of thinking, you're going to reject as false. Because it's not your truth. It doesn't go along with what you already have decided to believe is true. You need to throw out everything you've ever learned and just sit at His feet and ask HIM for the truth in all things. Ask Him for the truth.

Why Can't I Get My Prophecy Book Published?

I've known all that. I wrote a book about it. Never got published. And, you know, whining and griping to the Lord about, "Why can't I get my book published? It's better than anybody else's on prophecy." But that was the problem. It was the same line of thinking as everybody else's at the time. It was the same line of thinking. This is gonna happen, this is gonna happen, this is gonna happen. And you've seen my radio shows over the years, since I did start praying for the truth in all things, and I sit at His feet. Things are planned all the time and then they change, or they're delayed. Or things are switched around.'s free choice plays a role. And also the judgments that are coming. You know?

Read the Book of Revelation and the Old Testament Prophets to Understand What's Coming

Truly, folks. You have to read the book of Revelation to understand what's coming. You have to read the Old Testament prophets. So many people just don't even read the Bible. And when they get saved or they give a commitment to the Most High to follow Him, they don't know where to begin. They don't know how to build a relationship with the Lord. People are clueless because they don't read. If it's not in a two-minute YouTube video, they're not gonna learn it. We're becoming a age of three-minute viral videos. Because that's about as long as anybody's got an attention span to watch a video. They're certainly not gonna read. So becoming very difficult, with the information society, that people's intelligence levels could get so much worse. [laughs] At a time when information is available at your fingertips. Because nobody thinks anymore. And it's, you know, look it up on the Internet, see what it has to say. Nobody sits and reads anymore. Nobody soaks in knowledge.

Everybody out there, you need to read the Bible. And I know people don't like the British KJV [King James Version] language. And Lord knows I didn't when I was little either. You know? Now I'm just kind of used to it. Kind of grows on you. Why we in America would be stuck with British language, I have no idea. But it is totally annoying, and I empathize with that. But the thing is, the message is still the same. The message is there. Even if Shakespeare is so dominant. "Thou will not do this." [laughs] Do you really think the Lord speaks like that? He doesn't speak like that. That was Shakespeare. That was King James. But get past it. John doesn't speak like that. Go read John. Go read James. You know?

What's on the New Age and New World Order Scripts

So anyway, a heads up on Christmas Day announcement, whatever they're gonna come up with. I really think it's gonna be something to do with Obama and these Ascended Masters. These descended New Age beings. And, if that's delayed, then March and May are the two dominant months after that. 'Cause at the same time that this New Age agenda is fighting for control of making an entrance and controlling Earth, the New World Order is stepping up its side of the script.

And the New World Order factions, their whole transportation thing going right on script, making transportations humiliating, impossible so people will just stay home. That's part of the script. Another thing on their script was a North Korean and South Korean war. And what they wanted to do was have a huge war going on in the Korean peninsula, blow the whole thing up, and then bring in their Project Blue Beam. And a lot of you are familiar with that. Some of you aren't. You can go to or just go to Google and type in "blue beam project." And this is where NASA and Hollywood get together and bring in this huge production of the Ascended Masters coming to Earth. Almost like mimicking Yahushua's second coming, but bringing in, you know, these Ascended Masters. And that was part of their script forever. Just as much as this transportation thing has been. And so, we've got parallel scripts running right now. You've got Obama and his New Age gurus on one side and then you have the New World Order faction of North and South Korea going to war. [after coughing several times throughout show] Boy, they're killing me. I can't even breathe or speak.'ve got their war and then bringing in Project Blue Beam. And so, both of these are fighting side by side scripts. So you never know what the other one is going to do.

Watch Out for the Chinese Soldiers - The Right Hand of Obama's New Age Faction

What I see, in my own little world of Code words, is the Chinese. And I've always seen them. And that's why I've always been a big cheerleader of "watch out for the Chinese," because while everybody's looking at Korea, and, you know, we've got the New Age agenda with the Ascended Masters and Obama, we've got the Chinese here. And the one that makes the most sense to me is because the Chinese armies that are here, and there's many of them in Mexico hiding, folks. And I've talked about this before. We even spent a lot of time last year going down and orgoning that entire border of America and Mexico. Because so many of the troops were being brought in and hidden in the Mexican desert. And I also had that confirmed by people who live in Mexico, that there are many Chinese soldiers there trying to blend in as Mexicans and living in the desert and trying to hide.

And, one thing I've always seen in the Codes, they could also be bringing them in -- I mean, Clinton did give them a port in California. One of our major ports. And they've been bringing in equipment for years. Could also be bringing in soldiers and hiding them in underground bases. And, literally, folks, some of these underground bases, they're literal cities. Some of them are literal cities. The size of a New York City burrough, just underground. Some of them have vehicles they're so big. Yes, they get a car to drive around. They have buildings they have offices, they have streets, they have restaurants. They're literal cities, some of these bases underground. Don't think of an office building underground and that's the base. [laughs] Some of these bases, you know, 25 miles wide and 50 miles long, whatever. I mean, they're huge. They're cities. Literal cities. And so, that's what we're dealing with and that's how they could be hiding a lot of these Chinese soldiers.

Because what I see is these Chinese soldiers are the right arm, the right hand of Obama's New Age faction. Satan's going to use them, these Ascended Masters. Because China is a dragon race. They're serpent seed. They're dragon seed. They worship the dragon. And so, those soldiers -- and also let's not forget that the largest cloning facility in the world was just outside Beijing, China. So we may not even be dealing with human soldiers here. We could have a million, ten million, hundred million cloned Chinese soldiers. And these will look and act every bit like a human, but they don't have souls, they're clones. And they're inhabited by demon or alien hosts. And so, they look very human, but they'll have those black eyes. They'll have that Reptilian stare I talk about. They'll just have those black eyes. And if you can see them, because most of the time, the dragon races just have the snake eyes. And so, don't expect them to have our emotions, human emotions. They'll be more narcissist. And you should be familiar with narcissists because we've had them as presidents forever now. [laughs] Bush, Jr.; Obama; Clinton. Just all narcissists. And so, they're an arm of the New Age agenda.

Orgone Is Decimating the Chinese Army That's Here

And so, one of the things I've been seeing with this Chinese army and also in alignment with this alien agenda, aliens, is the orgone is burning and killing them and affecting them. It's plaguing them. And so, we're becoming very, very effective with our orgone war against them. Because it's killing them, it's burning them, decimating them. You know, it's our one defense against them. And when I started this orgone war years ago, you know, I never thought in a million years we would have so much success with it and keep finding more and more things it'll do. But this is the Lord's weapon. He can do whatever He wants to with it. And then when He amps it up, literally, in a flash instant, they could die. I saw it on my own property with 10,000 of them.

The Weird Burning Smell Is Evil Beings That Have Been Burned Up by Orgone

People are now asking about the weird burning smell when they go outside. That's because the crystals in orgone are communications transmitters, basically. This is something the Atlanteans knew that, you know, hidden knowledge all these years, is that crystals are a conduit of communication. And the Lord can speak to these crystals and, boom, fire them up. He could say, "Fire up a thousandfold." And in a instant, that orgone energy could fire up. And when it does, it will burn, incinerate, and eliminate anything evil in its surrounding area of protection. And so, when you go outside and you smell a burning smell, that's evil beings that have been burned up. That's evil beings that have been burned up.

A Lot of Activity Now That Aliens Are Coming through the Hadron Collider Portals

You know, a lot of people experiencing aliens on the ground. And I talked about this earlier in the month when the Cern collider, Hadron Collider was opening up portals and all these UFOs and different factions we've never even seen before except for the movies, and games, mind you. They've been conditioning us for years about what's really coming with some of these beings. They've been coming through these portals since November when the Hadron Collider started opening up the dimensions. And so, at the same time, a lot of people who serve as resisters against them, Orgone Warriors, in particular, have been noticing a lot of activity. And, you can hear it with the dogs. You know, you can open up your door at night and you hear dogs barking everywhere. Dogs hate aliens. They sense them, they hate them. Cats can sense them as well. And, at the same time, the Lord fires up that orgone and they enter into these orgoned areas, and in a flash, they're toast. They're toast. And so, they're dying immediately.

The Chinese Army Is Miserable Here Because of the Orgone

And so, a lot of things going on behind the scenes we don't see. But, obviously, you can smell the effects of it because they're burning and dying. And so, the same thing with these cloned -- these Chinese armies. And, wherever they are, and I see they're miserable, in the Codes. They're miserable. They're trying to comfort them, and solace them, and tell them to hang on, just a little bit longer, and then we'll take over the United States, and all this garbage, whatever. And so, the Chinese army, folks, working hand-in-hand with the New Age alien agenda. So that's where you put them.

So you have that whole agenda against the New World Order faction agenda which wants the Korean war and then Project Blue Beam, bringing in the Ascended Masters that way. Because it's a huge fight. All these Satanists. They know, pretty much, what's gonna happen, but they want to be the ones controlling it. They wanna be the ones in charge, the ones in charge of the script, the ones controlling it. And so, that's why you see all of them fighting. And that's why you see so many different routes. Because different groups want different things.

They're Trying to Cause Fear - It Creates Energy Which They Feed Off Of

And so, what they try to do is they run off -- they feed off of energy, and so they try to control what you fear and what you think. Because that creates energy for them to feed off off. By using their trolls on the Internet to send out warnings and hyped messages, "The dollar's gonna crash. The dollar's gonna crash." And if everybody believes it, it garners up enough energy to make that happen. Or, "North's gonna go to war with South Korea." Get that hyped up. Get everybody, "(Gasp!) They're gonna go to war." And get that energy hyped up. 'Cause if that energy is stronger than the dollar crashing energy, they can do that one. Whoever builds the most energy wins. Put it that way. It's energy war. And so, that's why you see so much hype, and it's only these newslists popping up on the Internet. Because they want people to get hyped up and they use that energy to propel their factions. Who gets to pull the script strings. Whose plan gets to be pulled out.

It's Always Been an Energy War

You know, it's always been an energy war. And, you know, it's a physical war, it's a spiritual war, but it's also an energy war. And there's different things you can call it. I've called it loosh. Or, some people just call it hype. And, everything produces energy, folks. Energy, itself, exists in all forms. Voice commands, the tone of your voice. Those produce energy. 'Cause your voice, itself -- you can be happy, you can sound sad, you can sound angry. Whatever tone your voice is, that produces energy. The darkness produces a negative energy. And the light produces a positive energy. Good and evil produce energy. We're energy beings living in physical human bodies. Our spirit bodies are energy. Etheral beings, etheral forms, angels and demons, ephemeral beings; they're energy forms. When you see an angel, you feel happy. In awe, maybe. When you see a demon, you're in fear, you're repulsed. They're nasty. Don't like them.

Bible Codes Reveal that Orgone Batons Are Huge Weapons Against the Aliens

So, everything produces a reaction and everything is an energy form. 'Cause energy exists in every form. And so, you know, that's what Wilhelm Reich had discovered, rediscovered, was that this type of energy existed. That there was energy in all types of things. And that's why the orgone war is so effective. Because it's a positive energy that combats and fights against negative energy. I've seen in the Bible Codes where these batons in our orgone, just huge weapons against them. When you see UFOs in the sky, and you have pipe blasters or these orgone pipe batons I've been teaching you how to make, they're on the website now,, wave those batons in the air at UFOs. Wave them. Instantly saturate your air with orgone because it rises. And when the Lord amps it, you better believe it can shoot into space in a split second.

I remember having a 5-foot, 2-inch pipe, and my buddy just pointing it at a UFO starship, actually, sitting up in the sky. It had followed me all the way there and just sat there and was spying on us. And the lights went out immediately. You could malfunction them. You could even crash the smaller UFOs. And if you train your pipes on the starships long enough, they'll crash. They'll crash. But if the Lord wants to amp the energy up right away at that instant, it could crash in an instant. And Wilhelm Reich had built what he called a space weapon. He was the one who discovered orgone energy could crash UFOs. This is why they killed him. Not only because of the fact that he found healing energies and the healing aspects of orgone, that it could heal people, but also because it could kill the alien agenda.

Eisenhower Befriended Wilhelm Reich for His UFO-Destroying Knowledge

And what happened? Unfortunately, Wilhelm Reich was friends with Eisenhower. And it was Eisenhower, at first, who had befriended Reich because he wanted to find a way to go to war to defend themselves against these aliens, because at this time they were becoming more and more known within the government circles that there were aliens here, that they existed, and Eisenhower was afraid of them. So him and Reich became buddies and Wilhelm Reich discovered that the orgone pipes together could crash these UFOs. Well, all of a sudden Eisenhower then turns around, ends up befriending the aliens, signs contracts with them, and treaties, and now he has no use for Wilhelm Reich's knowledge on how to crash and destroy UFOs.

So what happens? Wilhelm Reich ends up in prison. His work's confiscated. And he ends up dying shortly before he was allowed to be released. And so, you can't tell me there wasn't a political agenda to shut him up and stop what he was doing. They tried to stop his work. To shut it up. But the Lord's brought it back. And right in the nick of time because we've had several years now to get this alien- and UFO-destroying energy distributed around the world. Still working at that. Still need people to stand up and get their areas.

Imagine Light Shooting Out of Your Orgone Towards the Aliens or UFOs as You Aim at Them

But also an effective way to protect ourselves...point your orgone at a alien being. If you have a pipe, or you have a baton, or you have just a piece -- an orgone blaster, or a 5-ounce or a 10-ounce, hold it up in the air and imagine light shooting off of that orgone towards whatever it is you want it to focus on. And so, you know, even with the pipes, the batons, the orgone pieces themselves, imagine light shooting out of that orgone towards the UFO, towards the alien being, towards the demonic beings, whatever, just [audio skips] because it's a instant energy emitter. And when the Lord amps it, it'll just destroy them. And so, one weapon of defense.

Otherwise, you could stand there and scream, "I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus," till the cows come home, and never get sleep. [laughs] Because orgone doesn't replace spiritual warfare, it complements it. It's working while you're sleeping. You have to sleep sometime. You can't always be on defense and on guard. I'm certainly not wanting to have to sit around and be on guard all the time over what alien or what demon is in my yard or house at the time. The orgone keeps them out. And if the orgone energy is down, the Lord lets it go down, and they don't sense it right away, and they come up on my property, and then all of a sudden He increases it and boom! Traps them all. Kills them all. I love His sense of humor. [laughs] And so, that's the way it works, folks.

Otherwise, you know, it's a process where it will take time. Sometimes if the energy is low, He's got it low, it just kills them and torments them slowly over time, as in a process, or it's instant. It really is just the Lord's to do what He wants to do with it. And so, we just have to be faithful in doing what He says to do. You know, I'd rather make orgone than kill a lamb and put blood all over my doorpost. You know? Some people just think the Lord would never have them do anything. They could just go sit on their hands on the couches. "Oh, the Lord will take care of me." Well, you know what? When you pray and ask the Lord to give you an answer to something, and He gives it to you, it's your responsibility to act on what that answer is. You know? But we asked Him how to defend ourselves against aliens and demons -- and you can anoint your home with holy oil, but the problem is it wears off after a couple days. You have to keep doing it over and over again. Orgone's always working. It's always working.

Obama Is on the Anxiety Medication Known as Cocaine

I was reading on the Internet some more of the usual amusing stuff on Obama. And I like how they're saying he's on a anxiety medication, and that very well may be anxiety medication. Because the Bible Codes says he's a cocaine snorter. And so, you know, it said the same thing about Bush, Jr., said the same thing about Bill Clinton. We have these cocaine addicts in office. How could you could you even be a global leader in the world today and be a drug addict?

And, you know, I heard Wayne Madsen, in one of his reports, mention that it's really Michelle Obama and her mother that are ruling the White House. Like we always heard Hillary was the one really running the White House when Bill was president. It's because these guys are drug addicts! And so, the women stand up and do it. You know? Maybe that's why they're drug addicts. [laughs]

It's so New Age. It's not even funny because whenever I'm working with this Sananda and Maitreya and all these fallen angels, "cannabis" comes up, which is weed. They're potheads. They're cocaine snorters, addicts. And so, look at their pawns: Clinton, Bush, Obama. It's the same thing...cocaine addicts. So, very interesting. I don't expect anybody to ever come out with the truth on that. They'll just still call it anxiety medication.

But the fact that he's such a goofball has been making the rounds. You know, he goes and sits in a meeting for ten minutes, jokes around and laughs the whole time he's there, and then leaves. He doesn't take anything seriously. Even George Soros wants him out. And so, a wall of almost secrecy around his antics because he's so childish. He's another Bush, Jr., folks. These guys don't have brains. They're just pawns. They're puppets. And the sad part is everybody else in Washington spends their lives and careers getting educated and getting the positions that they have from hard work, blood, sweat, and tears. And then you get a president that's a total a big letdown. I mean, it's the highest office in the land. You grow up respecting that office. Having a certain amount of respect for the office. And someone in there that acts like a toddler. That lets everybody down around him. And it's all these people. Not just the politicians. It's everybody in the country that voted for him, or didn't vote for him and are still gritting his teeth he made it in.

Dick Cheney Is Back in the Codes, Still Planning My Death

Dick Cheney coming back in the Codes. And, you know what? I said years ago, whenever Cheney makes the Codes, he's up to no good. [laughs] He's up to no good. And he just won't give up. You know, he's one of these Reptilians that has a lot of power behind the scenes like Al Gore.

Now Al Gore you're gonna see more and more with the New Age agenda because he's probably the highest-ranking human on Earth because he's been pushing that New Age agenda all these years. He's the highest ranking human with that. Obama might be a pawn, but, you know, as far as real power goes on a human level (if you wanna call Al Gore human, because he's pure Lizard, too). But it would be Al Gore.

But Dick Cheney is very powerful as well. He kind of plays both factions. And I have him and Al Gore and Hillary Clinton on my website, But he doesn't give up. You know, for 8...10 years now he has been planning my death. And I've talked about this for years. I've mentioned it on and off during the shows. I don't talk about it a whole lot, but I bring it up every once in a while when I need a good laugh. [laughs] He's at it again. He is at it again, literally. Because he's furious with the orgone. And so, I find it amusing -- had somebody tell me a couple weeks ago that they actually overheard a conversation between Bush and Cheney talking about me several years ago. And I was like, "What'd they say?" [laughs] I wanted to know. What were they talking about? I knew it would be the orgone. But this person didn't remember. They just remember hearing my name. Now this is between Bush and Cheney.

Kind of confirms what I heard years ago when I heard a conversation about George Bush -- the CIA, NSA, whoever, talking to George Bush and wanting to take me out. Kind of looking for permission to take me out in a hit. And George Bush just thought I was a complete joke and told them if they really wanted to eliminate a pain in the arse, to go after Cindy Sheehan. And so this kind of totally confirms that, what I'd heard years ago, because they're still at it. Bush and Cheney talking. And I do know what they were talking about. And...yeah. They're still up to their hit ploys.

Well, anyway, years later, and they're not even in office anymore. Except Cheney still goes behind the scenes to some degree. And he's still planning my death. He's got another plot going. And so, I find that amusing. Just because you're no longer in the limelight doesn't mean you don't really rule in the background. We know we have a shadow government, with the different agendas going. They have their own power structures. And so, the ones the American public sees is, you know, what we see. The president, the vice president, Congress. That's not really the power structure, folks. That's just for...I don't know. That's like an alternate reality for idiots. [laughs] This is what we've set up, believe this exists, and that's all you need to know, type thing. Because the real power structure's behind the scenes with the different factions, and who rules what. You know?

Hillary, she's a double agent. She works both alien and New World Order factions. The others pretty much pick and choose. Cheney's the same way. If Cheney's a clone -- I mean, they're like on his 8th clone. You cannot kill the guy. Whenever he dies, they just resurrect him and we have another Cheney. You know? You're not gonna kill Cheney anytime soon. He's not going anywhere. I even had that confirmed by a Washington insider, that they're on their like, 8th Cheney. And so, [laughs] you're not gonna kill the guy anytime soon. It's just the Reptilians that rule these people, folks. They just use their bodies. They use politicians' bodies. Cheney was soul-scalped and killed years ago; the real one.

George Bush, Sr. Died and Was Resurrected as a Clone

And when someone dies, they resurrect them through a clone. I mean, look at George Bush, Sr. Supposedly, and there's a whole conspiracy thing around it, but no one's ever touched it, was that when he was in China or wherever that was, remember when he puked at dinnertime. They said he got sick and he was puking his dinner. He actually died at that event. And so, what they did was just resurrect him and bring in a clone. And so, very interesting. He was actually -- supposedly poisoned. And it did kill him, but they just brought in a clone to replace him. And so, that's how replaceable you are in this world. Especially if you're a politician. They have your clones lined up. Obama has several. And so, you're not gonna get rid of Obama too early either, even though so many want to. Even George Soros. And his own Cabinet bailing, his own Zionists. And so, no loss there. You just gotta watch them. They say one thing and do another, folks. They do the exact opposite of what they say they're doing.

Watch for More UFOs Crashing, and More Burning Smells as Aliens Burn Up and Die

So this month should be interesting. And I'll be back next week. Hopefully have some more updates and insights on exactly anything to look for for the month of December, other than pandemonium and announcements that could never be made because they're delayed. But also an increase -- watch for more UFOs crashing, more burning smells as more of them burn up and die in our atmosphere, coming around the wrong people, the wrong areas, because they're protected and the Lord amps the orgone. It sizzles them. It fries them. And so, it's gonna get interesting, folks.

Anyway, be back Thursday with Aliens in the News at 1 o'clock.

Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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