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Thursday December 2, 2010

Aliens In The News


And hello everybody it's Aliens in the News and it's Thursday December 2ND,  and I'm having a bit of technical difficulties here I don't know if you can make it in the chat room or not—that's always the case—if you can get in there.  And today I can't and Monday I couldn't and I don't even see the chat room feature on the web site this week—so—I'll try and check on that periodically—if you see a green chat button on the  web site just click on that—I'm not even seeing that and so hopefully you are...

A couple things I want to go over I'm going to try to refresh this page and see if that chat button will come up for you guys somebody give me a holler and let me know if you can get in. I don't know, it's always something when you're dealing with scripts and computers--There it is, it's up there now!  So you can get in, I'll try to get in myself.  I don't know where my co host is today <laughing> there she is—<laughing>  "Chat room is running."  Okay—and um, except for me.  Thank you very much BlogTalkRadio I can never get into my own chat room.  But I gladly provide it for everyone else.  Oh, there we go, they must be tired of me griping. I got right in <laughing> aw—me and technology are not peanut butter and jelly.  We do not go hand in hand.  Much more comfortable dealing with aliens and UFOs than computers the CIA and NSA. 

Truth Tellers Are Always Being Targeted

And so now you know how Julian Assange* feels.

{Julian Paul Assange is an Australian journalist, publisher and Internet activist. He is best known as the spokesperson and editor in chief for WikiLeaks}*  

Always a target.  Always someone on top of his head like flies on crap, and for what?  For telling the Truth?  That's what we get folks.  You're a target of theirs.  You are an enemy of the state if you are a Truth teller.  Even if you are a truth seeker you're not safe.  

The CIA Owns All Of Our Internet Servers

You know the CIA owns the servers upon which all the web sites are on.  I mean if you go an register a domain name to get a web site, the CIA owns the drive way you're parking your car on.  So to speak and so you can do whatever you want with your car parked on the drive way but they can get into your car whenever they want.  They can attach things to your car you can't see and that's what they do on the Internet folks when you go to web sites and you get malware programs and things like that.  They can follow everywhere you go.  They can trace your IP back to your own ISP and find out who you are and even truth seekers get harassed you know.

I've heard for years people who visit my web sites and a week later they're getting black helicopters over their houses.  And there's nothing I can do about that folks.  It's the driveway—it's owned by the CIA—what can you do?  You're just parking your car there, you're renting a space.  And so...

That's basically what it is with domain names.  You're renting a space because you have to pay fees on it every month.  Nothings free and the more visitors you get the more you pay.  And so some of these outrageous traffic magnet web sites like Alex Jones and some of the others—millions of hits a week—I don't know how they pay for it.  But they sell a lot of videos—a lot of books.  And apparently not hurting but  that's how it is folks.

Dimensional Gateway Near Austintown Ohio

And so anyway, hassles aside we all get those right?  Was looking this week—www.UFOExaminer.com reporting there's a dimensional doorway portal in Austintown, Ohio and so I thought that was interesting I want to talk about it a little bit because Austintown, Ohio is not too far from me. <laughing>  In fact I can look out that way every morning, towards Austintown and Youngstown and it's where all the chemtrail activity comes from.  And have been dealing with this for years.  And when they come over my area the chemtrails do not stick,  they'll send seven to eight planes over here and you just watch the goo coming outta the planes and it doesn't stick.  It just dissipates immediately.  But then if you look farther down out the road at various points by Youngstown, Austintown, it's covered with chemtrails.  So we've been trying to do work out there.  We've made a lot of headway this past summer.  But no thanks to a full time, the only full time chemtrail Air Guard Wing for the Department of Defense.  The DOD.  And I'll tell you what it says about it.        

Youngstown Has A Large Aerial Spray Unit

The Department of Defense tasks the National Air Force Reserve, 910th Air Force Wing, Youngstown Air Reserve Station, Ohio to maintain an aerial spray capability.  The 910th is home to the only full time, fixed-wing, aerial spray unit with the Department of Defense.   The aerial spray squadron at Youngstown conducts various aerial spray missions throughout the year—this is like every day folks—at various spray units and surrounding communities using for specially modified C-130 H aircraft and modular spray systems.

Alright, and so C-130's are out here.  In little 'ole southern Ohio and there's nothing out here, there's certainly no jobs.  Obama and Clinton have pretty much mastered that outta the country.  Youngstown use to be an auto place, a steel place—everything’s closed.  Canton use to be a steel place that pretty much closed down.  There's no jobs out here folks.  And so—why, why—why bother with a cow town?  That's basically what's out here, cow towns.   We're pretty much close to the borders of Pennsylvania and there's nothing but cow towns out here!  Other than Youngstown.  And so, anyway back to full time—full time chemtrail wings.  

Youngstown Is Paranoid About The Dimensional Portal In Austintown

And it makes sense why they have it when you read what they're paranoid about.  Because they're paranoid about an inter-dimensional portal next door in Austintown.  Now Austin town is just a suburb of Youngstown and it's right next door to it and they're just right next door to each other, Austin town and Youngstown.  And so I'll read what was stated on this UFO site. 

"Some locals in Austin town, Ohio told a UFO witness that their area is a portal to another dimension.  After the witness reported watching and videotaping an oval shaped fiery object hovering above the southern skies at 5pm on November 23rd, 2010.  According to a testimony from a MUFON witness reporting database Mutual UFO Network—‘I don't know what this is, I've gotten several emails already by folks swearing this is a portal to another dimension, not sure what I believe.’ No videos or images were attached to the MUFON report—fled on November 23rd.  It is common in some cases where the witness does not upload video until full time of reporting."  That would be smart until you get a copy.

Common Sense Says: Never Send MUFON Or Any Governmental Agencies The Original Copy

Never send MUFON or any government agency your original copy, because the whole reason they exist is to confiscate videos and original pictures so they can discredit them and get them outta the hands of the public.  They want you to think, Oh let's see if this is legitimate, let's see if you got a real claim here!  And you never get it back.  They just want to hold on to the good stuff.  Never send in anything original, send in a copy.  <laughing>  You know what I mean.  Send in a copy, keep the original.  Keep the originals yourself.      

Get Your Info Out; Upload It To Youtube!

And upload it to You Tube, that's the best way to get information in people’s hands.  Because then you have the original and you can upload it to You Tube and no ones gonna confiscate your stuff!

It says Ohio is a current UFO Alert 3 rating with a higher than average number of sightings recently.  Ohio had 21 UFO sighting reports in October 2010.  The ninth most popular state for sightings that month.  I could make 21 reports within 1 or 2 days!   I don't even know what they are talking about.  These are people who reported to MUFON, because Ohio is a hot bed, it is a literal hot bed of UFO activity here—and so is Indiana and Michigan.  This whole region here—Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.  And it's—probably—Pennsylvania.  And all the way up to New York.  This whole region there is like a UFO highway.

The Alien Cities In The Skies Have Ancient Hebrew And Arab Names

And straight above us, up in the atmosphere and aerospace we have—I don't know how you describe it—but they're like port cities and these are kinda like neutral cities in the sky where different alien nations can land their UFOs and I dunno maybe go get an alien beer or—I dunno what they do.

But these are literal cities up above us in the sky and I'm starting to track down some of their names—in the Codes.  And they take on names of ancient Hebrew cities which I find really interesting.  And also ancient Arab cities and so they're two part names like, Kaddish Purana, and whatever, Berg Niam, and all these ancient names are what these cities are named after.

And so, being right above us in this region we've been able to saturate the air above us with Orgone and so it aggravates and irritates them and burns them and so maybe that's why they leave their restaurants and bars and hotels and come down here to see what's going on.  I don't know, but I do know there's several, quite a few of these metropolitan cities up in space.  There's one above Israel too.  That would be an interesting one because that is a giant base.

The Pretties And The Uglies Don’t Seem To Play Nice Together

Apparently giants and these uglier factions of aliens—the humanoids and the non-humanoids—I don't think they get along very well.  So you have all the uglies stay together in one group and all the giants stay together in another group—and so—one of those bases over in Israel and of course big brother USA being the good big brother they are—helping Israel hide some of the giants that are over there—and leaving those cities too and coming down to the earth.

Giants In The Negev And Sinai Deserts…

What I find interesting too is Negev Desert and Sinai Desert coming up a lot in the Bible Codes and I talked about it last year how giants were landing in those desert areas and hiding and so it just keeps going on and on and on and then—Big Brother stepping in—the USA and saying, "Oh sure, we'll take all this tax payer money and build new tunnels under the ground to connect to the Middle East…"—they already had some, but they needed bigger ones to suit the giants—“…And we'll bring you over to the USA and we'll take all this money from tax payers... “—so they will never have free health care, good education, or extended unemployment benefits—“...and we'll build you a new 17 level humongous city under the ground."  Yeah, that's the USA for ya, always taking care of everything else but their own people.      

…Are Currently Being Brought Over To The New And Improved US Giant Base In North Carolina

And so these wicked giants—and they are wicked because they were part of the ones who fell from heaven, rebellion against God and they were chained and punished and they were let go for these last days.  And they are going to help Lucifer establish control on earth—so the new world order aliens who run this country—more than happy to help them—are bringing them over.  Not only by the subway system that they've built and mind you, some of these floors are as high as 33 feet tall.  So, some of these giants have to be 30 feet tall.  But they're also bringing them over in I dunno, ships maybe?  And transporting them by 18 wheeler trucks, because amazing there is an 18 wheeler truck facility not too far from the base itself.  

And so hiding as a HAARP facility, which it is indeed a HAARP facility, I've seen pictures of it, you can Google it on line and you can see the array of HAARP towers down there.  Unbeknownst to most people you have miles and miles of a huge 17 level base—of giants.  

So everybody in North Carolina should be feeling really safe about now.  And so <laughing> it would, I couldn't say it any louder than start making pipe blasters directions are on my web site and start pounding them into the ground.   Because when you pound them into the ground the coils and the crystals will reverse direction and not only will go upward to saturate the air, but go downward to saturate the ground.  

And any water sources that are out there ponds, rivers, lakes.  If you look on Google maps you'll see alot of water sources out there.  And especially any new ones that they've put out, built within the last 5 or 6 years.  

Target The Water Sources To Destroy The Bases

Target those, just throw the pipes right in the water.  Or if you got the Orgone pucks, just get the Orgone in their water sources folks.  Because this is the first base other than Area 51 the aliens took over.  I mean it was suppose to be a joint base with the Air Force and Navy and they were suppose to have a joint Human-Alien Base in Area 51 in Nevada, and then the aliens pretty much kicked all of them out and now it's <chuckles softly> just an alien base.   But just about the same thing they did to NORAD because everyone at NORAD took off down to Peterson and established a new site down there because the aliens pretty much running NORAD now too, and these are the places that need to be targeted folks, we need to target these areas while we can.

Today’s Vaccines And Medications Come From The Aliens, NOT, Human Pharmacies!

Something that made my eye brows stand up working on Codes was that—remember last year when they were really pushing the whole H1N1 swine flu hype, and I warned you that these vaccines were coming from Shema and that Obama was a pawn and associated with the whole thing?  And then the 'V' series turns around and confirmed everything I had said, <chuckles softly> which is really amazing.  Because then the 'V' series came out with the same stuff.  But anyway, unless they owe me royalties for just getting stuff off my web sites.  

Another hair raising thing now is the flu shots coming out now are from Area 51 in Nevada.  And so folks when you're lining your kids up for these flu shots.  Your mom and dad, are elderly are running to get their flu shots…ugh pleeeaaassseee, grab them by the hair, don't let them do it!

They Want Our Death And Our Eternal Souls—Not Our Money

I mean they want you to think all our medicine is coming from pharmacy companies—think again.  Think again.  They may get the money because the aliens really don't want your money, they want your soul.  They want your death.  They want you to be chip implanted and to be filled with cancers, especially Obama, he's all over this one because the flu shots this year, various batches of them, many of them contaminated with cancers and he's excited about it.  

Last Year’s And The Current Vaccines Have Cancers In Them

That's what was so repulsive to me when I seen that back in the Codes in the summer that it was coming for the Fall months—the winter months—was these flu shots coming out and Obama very, very anxious to get them enforced.  Because they had various cancers in them to make people sick to kill them.  I mean face it, once you get cancer your odds of living another 20 years are very slim.  And that's what they are counting on, as long as you don't retire—as long as you don't get over 50—they don't want to have to pay for your retirement and your health care when you're older.

They're on a literal survival of the fittest routine here.   And they just want to kill everybody, they don't care.  And not only that, but these vaccines, the stuff that's in them, the ingredients—I have those listed at www.TheyWantYouDead.com my web site on vaccinations and flu shots.  It's appalling folks.  You want animal DNA in your body?  It's repul—it's an abomination.  And if you're a Bible believer then you wouldn't go near them because they're an abomination to the Lord.  All vaccines are an abomination to the Lord.  

As In The Days Of Noah, Hybrids Are Everywhere

And so it's still amazing the churches don't stand up and preach against it, they just kinda hide and run from it.  Just like they do a lot of things and so--but yeah, even alien DNA.  Well who do you hear abduct people anymore?  Just take their vaccines {being sarcastic} because they're mixing in your DNA with theirs.  That is the whole idea of abductions anyway is creating hybrids.  And they've already got 10's of millions of them running around.  Your neighbor could be a hybrid and not even know it.  That's how bad it is, that's how prevalent it is.  That's why I'm liking my little town here more and more and more.  Because when you leave this and go out into more populated areas it's such a wild mixture of whose a hybrid, whose an alien, whose a human—they're all walking amongst us.

When You’re In Rebellion With The Most High, Satan Has Automatic Legal Rights To You

And there's nothing wrong with hybrids.  They have a soul, they have to choose just like we do.  Redemption's available to them because they're born of a woman.  So they have a human soul.  But, a lot of these walk-ins and soul-scalped humans, and that takes place from repeated vaccinations, and because what happens is—first of all—you're in rebellion against the Lord—when you eat abominable foods and you take the blood and DNA of animals into your body when you get vaccinations and flu shots you're in rebellion against Him.  And so, what happens when you're in rebellion?  You’re, you're…Satan has access to you…it's like you fall into default.  Cause and affect folks, if you're gonna sin, you're going to have to deal with the consequences.

We Reap What We Sow

HE's not going to save you from it—if you eat too much you get fat—He's not gonna save us from that.  If you smoke you can get cancer—He doesn't save us from that.  Cause and Affect you reap what you sow.

Taking Vaccinations And Flu Shots Opens Your Body Up To Be Soul-Scalped

And so if you've been taking all these vaccinations and flu shots with all of the warnings not to—and you get soul-scalped...don't come crying to me!  I'd probably be one of the very few who knew what you'd be talking about.  If you even have a conscious control of who you are any more at that point, because a lot of time they just take over and push you in the background.  And you're just kinda suspended in a space in your mind and something else, another entity has taken over your body and is living your daily life and you sit back and watch just like a by-stander.  That's what it's like—if they don't kill you out right.  You'd be better off dead instead of having to sit in the back ground and you watching stuff that you're not doing that somebody else is doing.  You're a spectator of your own body.  Being a prisoner in your own mind.  Being a prisoner in your own body.

Vaccines Change Your DNA Through Nanochip Implantation And Junk Alien DNA

But that's what all these shots do because, they're putting all these nanotech, nanochips in these vaccines and the more and more you get the more and more the process becomes fulfilled for you to be totally turned into a hybrid.  Hybridization of DNA material, because what they do is change your DNA.  

Not only with the junk they're putting in the vaccines but with the chips, more and more chips—more and more chips—more and more junk DNA put into your body to the point you're not even human any more.  And that's what's happening and the scary part is simmering under the surface, it's ready to boil over but it's not to the boiling point yet.  

Because they don't want to freak everybody out just yet. And so it's like a time delay to a lot of this stuff.  And as people get more and more and more eventually they'll let it hit the boiling point.  Because if everybody believed people like me they wouldn't be running to get the flu shots, that's what they want you to do.  Run and get the flu shots run and get the vaccines.  Create more pandemics, create more hype.

The H1N1 Scare Has Already Been Proven To Be A Hoax

Never mind that they've already proved the whole H1N1 thing was a hoax, nothing but a con.  Do you see any TV personalities that were pushing it apologizing now?  No.  They're always there to push the government/alien agenda.  Look at 'em half of them are aliens.  Half the newscasters have the slit eyes.  This is almost "They Live" waiting to happen.  All the sudden the veil's lifted and everyone on TVs an alien.  And they're posing as human.  That's about 80% of our TV now.  Probably higher.  

Aliens Love The Spotlight

Aliens posing as humans and they all love the news business.  They love the news business and they like being pastors of churches and getting air time and being wolves in sheep’s clothing.  This is what we're surrounded by folks.  And so anyway I find it amusing as I look at this Austintown, Youngstown, both areas not too far from me.  <laughing>  Probably about 30 miles or so, if that far.  And we've targeted and targeted and targeted and I would just need 200 pipes to go down and take care of that entire area once and for all.

If I was able to take care of my own state as good as I've taken care of others, I'd be set.  <laughing>  I've driven up and down this country.  I've gone on 2 to 3 different missions and taken care of areas in the deserts and the canyons and so people would be safe to run to them.

The Utah Mountains Will Be A Good Place To Hide When We Have To Run For It

People want to know where a good place to go when it's finally time to just pack up and head to the mountains—I'll tell you what—you get into those Utah canyons you get lost yourself let alone worrying about somebody finding you.  The Utah canyons are just outrageous.  Uh, and I'm talking about the part over by the Arizona side. Remember going through that on my way to Nevada and, just outrageous—that whole area in through there.  

Get on the eastern sides of those states because you don't want to get too close to the Pacific of California because all that could go under water as far as way over Nevada, all the way over to Colorado.  And so, but you'd probably see it coming by then if you were in Utah.  And uh.  I really don't think it's going to hit the Utah canyons.  I wouldn't be surprised if it did—California, Nevada were all under water at one point.  And so.  Anyway.  Just a heads up.

I’m gonna see, uh,—if you have a question for the show—what is my number anyway? <chuckles softly> Right over here.  You can call in at: (877) 245-5648.  See what's going on with some listeners in the area. 

Sherry:  Hello listener, you're on the air.

Caller:  Hello, Sherry?

Sherry:  Yes.

Caller:  Hello, this is LeakSpark, my name is Robert but I go by the name LeakSpark.

Sherry:  Oh hello, how’re ya doing?

Where Can I Find Neodymium Magnets?

Caller:  Fine I have a couple questions.  My first question is where can I buy NeoDynamic Magnets?

Sherry:  Um…Neodymium magnets.  I can give you a web site right now, ‘cause I—www.KJMagnetics.com.

Caller:  KJ—

Sherry: Right.

Caller: —magnetic?

Sherry:  Magnetics with an “s.”

According To The Torah, Should Men Shave Or Not?

Caller:  Okay.  My second question is, according to Torah, is a man suppose to cut or shave his beard?

Sherry:  Well.  I’m not gonna—I’m, pff—ask a rabbi.  That's all I can say.  I'm not going to get into clothing men and women, ‘cause we don’t, you know.

Are Thumb Prints Okay, Or Do They Contain The Mark Of The Beast?

Caller:  Yep. And, um, just couple of Sabbaths ago, I was reading your book Aliens on the Internet and you were speaking about the National ID card.

Sherry:  Mhmm.

Caller:  Well just a couple Fridays ago I cashed a check at the bank, ‘cause the bank account closed my bank—and the check cashing place was asking for my driver’s license and to take a finger print of my thumb.  And as soon as I read this book I got scared.

Sherry:  Oh really, what state are you in?

Caller:  I'm in Florida.

Sherry:  And they wanted your thumb print to get a—to open a bank account?

Caller:  No, to cash a check. 

Sherry: Just a check.

Caller: The place is called AmScot.  I don't know if they have any in your area, but the place is called AmScot.

Sherry:  Well the cash checking places are like a dime a dozen.  They’re almost like those Buy Gold places.  Uh, but I haven't heard of that in this area here.

Caller: Yes, and soon as—after, I was wondering about the scripture, where the Lord said that it was possible for even the Elect to be deceived?  

Sherry:  Yeah.

Caller: I just wondered if that scripture is correct. 

Sherry: <sighs>  Well, it’s coming.  I mean, the whole National ID card is, is to gear up for the, the chip itself, and, and the Mark of the Beast, and so.  I wouldn’t participate in it either, especially if they want to eye scan.

Caller: Yes, ‘cause I’m reading that in the book. But that, that wasn’t a, um, the Mark of the Beast.  That was like a coming, like a forewarning?

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: For the Mark of the Beast?

Sherry: Yeah.  ‘Cause I mean, you can wipe that stuff off your thumb, and it’s not—it’s used for identification, but not as, um, like initiation purposes, I guess you could say.  The Mark of the Beast is like an initiation, where you’re joining his kingdom on Earth.  And you won’t be able to buy or sell in his kingdom on Earth without it.  And so, um.  They’re conditioning people.  Like some people go to job interviews—

Caller: Right.

Sherry: —and they want fingerprints. And so.

Caller: Yes.

Don’t Trust Anything That Goes Near The Right Hand Or Forehead—Including Eye Scans!

Sherry: You know.  But, but as far as putting it all on one card, or, or with the—something to do with your right hand or an eye scan.  Like putting your forehead up to the machine of an eye scan, and, and putting it all on one card.  Uh, I wouldn’t even do it.  I wouldn’t even go that far.  I’d be too freaked out.  Because, I mean, think about it.  John’s talking about the forehead, and the top—in or around the forehead.  He could be trying to describe an eye scan machine for all we know.

Caller:  Hmm.  Yes.  Okay, well, thank you for your time and Yah bless.

Sherry: Alright.  Thanks a lot.  Buh-bye.

<call ends>

Yeah, you know, I’m not even getting into the beard thing. I’m—<laughs>—my husband has one, but he hasn’t shaved in 20 years.  But I’m not getting into it with the other men, that’s for sure.  Uh, maybe ask a rabbi somewhere.  I’m not too sure on a lot of that.  Maybe it would be required for temple priests, but who knows about, uh, you know, is an expert on attire, I guess you could say. 

Hello, caller, you’re on the air.

Caller: Hello, Sherry? 

Sherry: Yes.

What’s Up With The BOOM In Northwest Georgia?

Caller: Did you hear last Friday that some people in Northwest Georgia, a lot of them around this lake or something heard big boom, a big boom, and it shook their windows. They thought it was an earthquake or a bomb or.  And nobody knew—there was no signs in the sky or anything, or fires, or—just nothing. No one hand an explanation for it.  Do you know what those booms are always from in Northwest Georgia?

Sherry: Well, that could be sonic booms from Telsa weapons from space as well.  I mean, any kind of boom—

Caller: They don’t have anything underground there, do they?

Sherry: Uh, yeah.  You know what?  In Georgia, um…

Caller: But not that big to shake your windows and really scare people.  That, would that—

Sherry: That’s how they make a sonic boom. Anything that hits a sound barrier can make a boom as well.

Caller: But just in one little lo—in one big, new—kinda newer—um, kinda housing addition?

Sherry: Maybe they’re blasting underneath it.  Because I know Atlanta’s got all kinds of underground bases out that way in the mountains there.

Caller: Could it be an earthquake that just isn’t felt above, but below?

Sherry: Yeah.  It could—I mean, anything could be going on.  I mean, I don’t really know.

Caller: What about people that—

Sherry: It’s not like Georgia is immune to underground bases and stuff.  They have a lot of ‘em.

Do Negative Blood Types Indicate Reptilian DNA?

Caller: Oh.  What about, um, people, like normal people <short laugh> um with negative blood?  You know, people have positive and negative.  Is negative in their blood instead of negative? Is that kind of, um, like they have—

Sherry: <laughs> Like they’re negative?

Caller: —a little reptilian or—?   What? <laughs>

Sherry: <still laughing> That’s the first I’ve heard of that. 

Caller: Well.

Sherry: You have negative blood, you’re a negative person.

Caller: No, no.  But I mean, does that mean they got part reptilian blood in ‘em or their DNA’s changing a little bit? People with negative blood?

Sherry: Well the thing is, you’re born with it. 

Caller: Well you know, like A-negative.

Sherry: I mean, it’s not like you go from you’re born with A-positive to and, and then turn to an A-negative.  You’re just born with the blood you have. 

Caller: So that has nothing to do with being negative blood or anything.

Sherry: No.  I mean, there’s some contaminated bloodlines.  RH-negative is a dragon bloodline. Um, but it doesn’t mean anything.  Because we’re not saved by our bloodlines.

Earthquake In  New York

Caller: Umm, what about the—you see that earthquake off the New York coast? Was it yesterday—day before?

Sherry: Hmm.  No.  I haven’t heard.

Caller: Out in the oceans.  It was pretty big, but.

Sherry: They’re kind of everywhere.

How Do You Identify Portals and Locate Underground Bases?

Caller: Yeah, I know.  I’ve been watching stuff, but, how do you find portals, like in the ground, that are where maybe ships come through or something? That, in your state, how can you find them on the website?

Sherry: We’ve got one right here in Carrolton.  ‘Cause I’m looking up at the sky, and the sky’s warping. Like something you’d see out of Star Trek.  Where, all the sudden, <short laugh> it looks like the sky is morphing and warping and.

Caller: But you can’t actually find them in the ground and see the holes, can you?

Sherry: I’ve never seen anything in the ground. I’ve seen them in the skies.

Caller: Well how do you find underground bases?  Like out in Iowa.  Do you know of any underground bases in Iowa?

Sherry: Uh, people—they’re in every state.  They’re in every state. People say is you look in Google Maps you can find them.  I guess you’d have to talk to people that are familiar with looking through Google Maps.  But there’s some way you can tell by looking at satellite feeds of pictures where the underground bases are.  That’s what I’ve been told.  I don’t do a lot of this—

Caller: Have you ever confronted a person that you think is an al—or a reptilian or anything?  If their eyes are funny looking, and you’re sending anything—“I know who you are.”—or anything?  Or, how would they react if you ever said that to one of them, do you think?

Sherry: Well, I have ‘em here in my little cow town, and particularly, I don’t really care.  I mean, if I have to go shopping, I’d just as soon be left alone.  I don’t care who or what’s around me.

Caller: Well, but what if I went up to somebody if I thought they were—I’d hate to see that they weren’t <laughs>—but if they were—?

Sherry: They’ll hate you.  They’re just gonna hate you.  And so.  Why cause problems?  That’s all I have to say.  Leave them alone.

CNN, Fox News, And Other Reptilian Cesspools

Caller:  Yeah.  Leave them alone.  Do you think a lot of them on CNN are—pff—all the people like, the reporters in California—

Sherry: Oh, CNN and Fox News are the worst.  Those two websites are just so reptilian loaded it’s unreal.  You have to be a reptilian to get hired. <laughs>

Caller: You think so?

Sherry: And I don’t know why CNN network—

Caller: You know, some of them don’t look like they are, but they probably are?

Sherry: You know what?  Just watch their eyes.  Look at their eyes.  Even the, even like Dan Rather and all those who’ve been soul scalped and replaced by reptilians, just look at their eyes.

Caller: What do you think about the people that have the big eyes, that look like they’re gonna poke out of their head, you know?

Sherry: Ohh.

Caller: Their eyes are just big and they’re all eyes.

Sherry: The Nancy Pelosi look.

Caller: You look right at ‘em, and you’re like, “Wow.”

Sherry: Those are different factions of aliens with bigger eyes, and so, yeah.  That’s just a different faction of aliens.

Caller: Yes, I know there’s hundreds and hundreds of types of ‘em, and.

Sherry: Yeah, I think Nancy and Hilary are like in the same cloned family or something. ‘Cause they both have that bug-out look.

North Korea—A Last Minute, Half-Baked Plan By NWO-ers To Regain Control And Power

Caller: Well, I guess that’s all I wanted to know for right now. But you don’t see anything happening over in Korea or anything, or, what’s your view on that?

Sherry: You know what? That’s a New World Order scripted plan.  It’s been there for over 20 years.  That they would start a war in the Korean peninsula, and then when it’s at the height of annihilation, they would bring in the Blue Beam.  And bring in the Lord from the air at that point.  Why they’re back-to-back events, I don’t know.  But that’s been a New World—that’s been on their script for years.  Eons.  And so now that it’s happening, it’s kind of like a desperation attempt.

Isn’t Obama Supposed To Announce And Disclose The Alien Arrival?

Caller: Do you think that Obama has to make that, um—about the aliens are here, by this—I see online that he had to, you know, you don’t know everything’s true, but he has to tell that they’re here before January 1st or.

Sherry: That could be the Christmas Day thing—

Caller: The attack.

Sherry: —they have planned, but you know what?  If he does or doesn’t, they’re gonna be here.  They could be here any day.

Caller: Yeah, they’ll just come and make their own appearances, and really make it clear if he doesn’t do it, but he had a contract to do that or something?

Sherry: I haven’t heard about any contract. I don’t know about any contract.  But, uh, he’s a, he’s one of them.  And so.  Why he wouldn’t want to be the one that introduces them, I don’t know.  Because with or without his approval, they’re gonna come.  And they have a New Year’s Eve date for arrival, and so.  Uh, we could be seeing a lot more action with UFOs this coming month.  And I don’t know how they just keep hiding it.

Chemtrails Are Being Used Not Only To Poison And Sicken People, But To Hide The UFOs

Caller: We’ve had tons of chemtrails here in Iowa yesterday.  Big ones all over, and the day before.  But, I—

Sherry: They’re hiding stuff.  They’re hiding portals.  They’re hiding ships.  They’re—you know, before, they had the chemtrail agenda to make people sick—

Caller: Yeah.

Sherry: —and to test poisons out on people and stuff.  And now they’re usually just, they’re literally just using these chemtrails to hide stuff. They’re hiding ships. 

Caller: Now they’re saying it’s supposed to snow here, 2-5 inches tomorrow.  But there’s no sky.  There’s no—it’s either you can see, or you can’t.  It’s all covered, it’s all grey.  You know, like it’s cold, and there is no sky today.  It’s just all grey. 

Sherry:  Yeah.  It’s like mine.  You know, the other day it was just all blue, but not a, not a star or anything in the sky.  Just blue, not a cloud, nothing.  It’s just like a holograph sky.  There’s nothing.  Big nothing.

News On Nibiru?

Caller: Is there anything new on Nibiru?

Sherry: Nibiru is still inching its way here. Um.  And most, most of the giant have left it.  I mean, they, they can get into their little pods and come to Earth now from Nibiru.  And so.

Caller: I don’t think—I dunno how that many of them, if they’re that big and tall, that they can hide that many of them.  ‘Cause that’s a lot of ‘em.

Sherry: Well, they are.

Caller: I guess in the desert and big places, maybe.

The Aliens Can Operate In Both Dimensions

Sherry: Well, they can operate in both dimensions, and so, they could have huge tent cities in the Negev Desert, and in this dimension you won’t see it. 

Caller: You think they do a lot of it at night?  Moving stuff and doing stuff at night?

Sherry: Oh, I’m sure.

Caller: More than the day.

Sherry: I’m sure. You know.  I, I’ve been talking about giants in the desert for two years now.  And so, they’ve got some kind of underground base over there that they’re using, because, there’s a way—

Caller: Now, the little grey ones are the ones that are their scouters, that kind of go on the ground?  That right?

Sherry: Well, the little grey ones work with the tall greys and the reptilians.

Caller: Yeah.  You haven’t heard any reports or anything like that in a long time, I guess.

Sherry: They don’t need ‘em anymore.  I mean, what do we need them for?  They don’t—they can abduct us; they can change our DNA through vaccines.   

Caller: I know, but they gonna come in the winter and walk around?  Don’t they hate the cold?

Sherry: <laughs>

Caller: <laughs>

Sherry: Well they, they don’t have to operate in this dimension.  They can be standing in your yard and be in the, the fourth dimension while you’re in the third dimension.

Caller: They’re not out during, like, the below 0 blizzard, right? <laughs>

Sherry: Well they do.  I mean, it’s, it’s—they do this.

Caller: But they’re not in that, you know, weather really, when they’re out there or whatever.

How To Identify A Grey In Your Area

Sherry: No.  But the thing is, you can hear them walking around, so it’s very strange. You can hear them walking through.

Caller: How do you hear ‘em?

Sherry: You can hear ‘em.  They, they break leaves.  They break twigs when they walk.  They, they twerp.  They have this chirp language they have <short laugh> and you can hear them when they’re around.  And so just blast them with some orgone, and they run.  People who don’t have orgone will notice them a lot more. And then when they put orgone in their areas, they’ll notice that they, they stop coming and so.

Why Am I Having Black Helicopters Fly Over My House After So Long?

Caller: Why wouldn’t there be any helicopters above my house? But, for a long long time, since before last summer, a group went over.  Small group.  But not since, and I do go to your site a lot, and the other night—no, about a week ago, I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, about 4 o’clock in the morning.  I just happened to look out, ‘cause my window’s right there by the sink, and I heard something.  And it was a black helicopter.  What are the chances of one—well, it was going over—but I could have been asleep and not even know it, but I was awake and got to see it go over.  But it was just one, real low, and it was black.     

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller: Middle of the morning. But I just happened to be up.  But.

Sherry: They’re targeting all the, all the New World Order resisters.  And they know where you are, and they know where you live, so if they want to hurry up and pick you up, they know where you’re at. That’s basically what it is. And you’re seeing them now starting to shut down websites, shut down web zones.

Alex Jones Has Been Warning About His Websites Potentially Being Shut Down

Caller: Yeah.  Did you see Alex whatever—who you were talking about, that Alex Jones or whatever.

Sherry: Alex Jones.

Caller: Have you heard they’re closing down some of his already?

Sherry: Well, you know what?  I’m surprised he hasn’t mentioned anything because he knows as well as I do that it’s always been a long standing plan of theirs that, six weeks before martial law would begin in this country, they would, they would shut down the big mouths. And so.

Caller: Well, he said they’re—I’ve got to see it on his, one of his sites or something, that they’re getting ready to shut him down, or, at least some of his.  ‘Cause he showed some video camera, or, video of a van that our government blew up.  Um, like television people that were broadcasting somewhere, over somewhere else, and our government demolished the van and killed them all. Tried to show all the cover ups and stories we don’t know about, and this.  So he was warning people that they were getting ready to shut him down.

The Plan Is To Start Shutting Up The Big Mouths Six Weeks In Advance

Sherry:  Yeah, well you know what? It doesn’t surprise me because it’s always been on their script that six weeks before martial law would begin, they’d start shutting down all the big mouths.  And so. <sighs> I guess we’ll see.

Caller: Okay.  Well, I’m sorry to take up so much of your time tonight. I just have so many questions and you never know what to believe on the Internet anymore, and.  

Sherry: Well, you know, Alex has always seemed pretty credible.

Caller:  And you gotta hope, the, the Lord leads you in the right direction on who to listen to, and who to not, and just. But I try to get a lot different views, just to see.  You know, compare.  And then it gets more confusing.  So.

Sherry: Yeah.  There’s just different agendas and different routes, and so.

Caller: There’s so many.

Sherry: Yeah.

Caller:  So, just keep us updated in the skies for anything. Missiles or anything, or any…thing.  So.  Well, God bless!

Sherry: Alright.  Thanks for calling in.

Caller: Thank you.

Sherry: Buh-bye.

<call ends>

Any Armies That Try To Rise Up Against Sherry Are Going To Die

Yeah, that’s about it folks. We’ve got a lot of things going on, um, for this month as far as UFO activity wise.  I warned Monday night, possible UFO invasion New Year’s Eve, pretty much covers the entire month of, uh, January, as it would be. Um, maybe at the end of December to the middle of January, would be an open window for a UFO invasion, and so.  Either that, or they’re just coming back here to my place.  Put it that way.  Because the last time I was warning about a, um, a whole brigand arriving, and they would be destroyed and stuff—ended up happening in a way we wouldn’t have understood, wouldn’t have expected it.  Instead of coming in the skies, they, they brought in a ground assault team, a whole brigand here, and they died.  They’re dead.  And, uh, <short laugh> until this whole thing coming up for this month, where they’re, they’re gonna have an avalanche of physical craft in out skies—that could be just in this area again, or that could be world-wide.  And so.  I don’t know how long they can put off this—their, their visible world-wide assault program. So.  I mean.  They come.  They die.  The end. Next.  Next thing on the agenda as far as messing with me. 

I mean, the Lord’s not gonna let them near me. And so. <laughs>  Pretty well protected. <laughs>  You start to feel like Daniel in the lion’s den. Daniel’s surrounded by lions, and the lions become harmless. You know that’s, that’s—the Lord can do amazing things. And, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and so. You know, they can send 1000.  They can send 10,000.  They can send 100,000.  If they come towards me, they’re gonna die.  And that’s gonna be the way it is. And so.

Cold Weather Or Not, Just Ask The Lord To Amp The Power Of His Orgone

And that’s why I’m teaching you folks how to arm yourselves against them, because, uh.  You know, they’re planning on the cold weather, because cold weather can suppress, ah, the emission of orgone.  And so.  All you have to do, folks—and this is Wilhelm Reich that was saying cold weather can, can suppress orgone—is just get your pipes out, and, and get batons out, and when you see them, start pointing them at them, start waving them at them.  If you don’t have pipes and batons, and you just have all the orgone around your area that you put, just ask the Lord to increase the power of it, regardless of what the weather is, because—how do they think they can stop God?  Just because they’ve got the weather cold?  I mean, come on.  And so, uh. <laughs>  Just ask the Lord to increase the power of it, because, uh—boy, when He increases the power of it, there’s a huge noticeable difference when you hold orgone in your hand—our orgone—you hold it in your hand, and you feel it one way.  And then you pray and ask the Lord to increase the energy of that thing, it’s almost like BOOM.  

Check Out What Orgone Would Look Like If We Could See It Shine!

And so, I, I’ve put up a picture somebody made.  One of my guys on Facebook made this picture of what orgone would look like amped up if you could see it with your own eyes.  And, you can see the light radiating off of it, and that’s exactly how it feels in your hand, when you ask the Lord to increase the energy. 

And so. You know, cold weather or not, they’re gonna die. <scoffs>  They’re gonna die.  And so, uh, full confidence in that.  I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Have no reason not to be confident. And, uh, they want to come back for more?  Bring it on. Bring it on.

Then End Times Invasions Will Be A Mixture Of Alien and Human UFO Crafts

And I don’t even care if it’s the fake UFOs.  The military’s got their own little fake UFO craft, and you know what?  I posted some of the pictures on my website, www.sherrytalkradio.com.  And it’s some of the, the more advanced, high-tech craft that our government has that look like UFOs, so when people see them, they confuse them with real UFOs.  I think our government gets a kick out of that. Uh, but like I’ve always warned.  Even when there is a full, frontal invasion of UFOs, it’s gonna be a mixture.  It’s gonna be a mixture of government, military, and alien.  It’s going to be both combined. Just like they have all these joint, underground bases all these years, transferring technology.  The aliens teaching our government how to, how to produce microchips and nano-tech now.  And, and give us all this garbage, junk DNA vaccines, and.  I mean, their return here, uh, to the Earth will be joint as well.  And so, pff.  I look for that to, to pick up, and I think that’s why the New World Order faction is trying to throw out this Korean War, uh, to stall the UFO alien agenda by making a move on their own script. Their own agenda.

We’ve Got Two To Three Different Scripts Being Rehearsed At One Time

We’ve got two different—two to three different scripts going at any one time, folks, for this whole New World Order, One-World Government, One-World Religion agenda because the different groups are fighting for control of it.  And so.

You know, I’ll tell you where my hat is.  My hat is, is, is watching the Chinese takeover of America. Because they’re going to be the armies of the Beast.  And the alien agenda because this is the Age of Aquarius.  This is the 8th age.  The 7th age, the Piecean Age, the age of the New World Order Satanism is over.  And this is the Alien Age now.  And so. 

And the Lord said, “As in the days of Noah,” our—the Last Days, would be. And in the days of Noah, you were ruled, uh, alien nations were everywhere, living on and under the cities. Hybrids—you had, you had giants everywhere, because, uh, um, mixed, um, mixed—mixing seeds between fallen angels and humans. And <sighs> this is the same thing that’s going on now. And so, uh, we’ll talk about it more on Monday.  

The god-kings’ Rule Of Ancient Times Will Be Reintroduced Through Today’s Ascended Masters

Uh, but we’re also going to get this whole thing, and you know the, the reign of the “god-kings?”  They weren’t gods—you ever watched that movie 300?  And they have the god-king, and that—those huge elephants—I love that part.  I love seeing the huge elephants.  They’re like 10 stories high. And you have this giant, demon-human, god-king-thing that was ruling the other—not the Spartans, but the other guys they were fighting against.  That’s—these god-kings remind me of what these Ascended Masters are gonna be.  And, uh, if that doesn’t make you sick and nauseous, I don’t know what does. I just get physically ill around these, these evil beings.  They make me physically ill and so nauseous that I just want to puke.  And so.  On this, on the TV screen or something, and they’re—go to Hollywood. Stay away from my town. I don’t like being sick.

Uh, but that’s what we’re tar—that’s what we’re up against, folks.  That’s what we’re targeting. That’s what the Last Days are gonna be like. A time ruled by “god-kings,” and they call ‘em Ascended Masters.  Uh, aliens everywhere.  And they’re coming to destroy, even though they’re, you know, they have this whole good-alien, bad-alien scenario thing going.  Where they want you to think the Pleiadians are the good guys, and here to help mankind.  And oh no, here come the “evil” aliens.  They’re all working together, folks!  Don’t buy the good-cop, bad-cop routine with the aliens.

Remember To Keep An Eye Out For The Christmas And New Year’s Eve Invasions!

And uh, so anyway.  This month should be quite busy, with more and more of the UFOs coming in.  Being seen.  Making their presence known. And maybe perhaps, an all, a full out invasion Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve.  And so.  It’s coming up very shortly, folks. I don’t see how they can wait much longer.  I really don’t care what they do in North or South Korea.  I think it’s a, a script of dying. I think it’s desperate.  A, a kickstart to that old New World Order script and get it going. And I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere.  And so. Pff.

Anyway. Be back Monday, folks.  Monday night at 10:00 pm.  Same place.  I’ll see you then.

Yah Bless.  



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