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Aliens in the News

December 9, 2010


Monday Night’s Show Was Sabotaged


And hello everybody welcome to the show, it's Aliens in the News, December 9th, and I'll get the show up and going.  Monday night they sabotaged me, hacked my account and messed with the scripts and everything was all messed up and it hasn't been the first time that's happened.  And so we're back again to see if we can get this show off the road.

The December Plans Have Been Or Will Be Delayed

They seem pretty anxious about me not revealing their plans for December, and I really don't know what they are worried about because most of their plans look like they are going to be delayed.  Maybe they don't know that yet,  I don't know. So I really hesitate to talk about anything when I see the term delayed running through it, because it's just another delayed event.  And so they may be gearing up for something and don't know themselves whatever it is they're planning is gonna be delayed.

The “Descended” Masters Will Come As The World Religions’ Awaited Messiahs

I'm really not in the mood to see a choir, an alien choir, from Heaven, descending on Earth.  I don't think any of us ever will be.  I mean it's bad enough that they have Project Blue Beam where they're gonna use this whole Hollywood production to bring these Ascended Masters and—funny, the Bible Codes don't refer to them as “ascended” but “descended,” and that's exactly what they are. They're not going up, they're going down. And so, these descended giants, these aliens, because they may look humanoid and they are going to try and mimic like the Arabs 12th  Imam, and Hindu Krishna, and Jesus of the Bible—but they're very tall beings alien beings and there may be people coming with them that we can't even imagine.  Can you imagine ancient patriarchs of the past coming down and claiming they are our ancient patriarchs from the past—pretty much how it is to get people into more deception.  

And if you guys think it's going to be easy—then look around you now—at how easy it is now to pull people outta their apostasies and their false beliefs.

The Church Crowd Will Be Deceived, The Elect, However, Will Not

You know the majority of Christendom, is going to be deceived.  And I know a lot of people like to use that scripture in the Bible that says that's talking about last days deceptions and it says that it's possi...that they would be so good that it would even be possible to deceive the elect.  The Elect are not the Churchdumb crowd—so define Elect.  The Elect are The First Fruits.  Who are The First Fruits?  The First Fruits are the 144,000.

The Elect Are Angels Born As Humans—Angels In the Flesh

And if you haven't read my article "Angels in the flesh," you need to read that because it exactly describes who these First Fruits are.  These are the Elect.  These are the ones who are not deceived.   Everybody else is!  So when you look around and I'll tell you right now the Elect are not sitting around in today's churches.  They know they're apostate, and they've already left them.  They're not sitting around to be gagged to death and listen to Paul sermons for an hour, because they know Paul's a scoundrel.  That he was a Mason—what they consider Masons in his day. Sent in to change the teachings of Jesus Yahushua and the Apostles.   They have the truth.  

[Transcriber Note: Paul was a Mithra (the Illuminati group of that time) follower.  For more information on Paul, see Sherry’s article: http://www.justgivemethetruth.com/sherry/churches.htm, and also see her website: http://www.justgivemethetruth.com/]

The Elect Have Left The Churches And Started Their Journeys Of Truth

And so The Elect aren't sitting in these apostate churches listening to these apostate pastors, they've long gone.  They're on Truth journeys, they're sitting at the Lords feet they're asking Him for Truth in all things every day.  And they're at His feet, and they're Truth-seekers, and they're not the ones putting up Christmas trees and celebrating Easter bunnies.  They're the ones following the Lord’s appointed times with man.

Sherry’s Here To Wake Up An Army, The Elect, Not To Cater To Milk Drinkers

You know, every year at this time I get these milk drinkers.  That's what they call 'em.  They start inundating my ministry with all these millions of questions, and I don't have time for milk drinkers.  I'm not put here to be an evangelist or therapist to milk drinkers.  I'm here to wake up an army and lead an army or the Lord’s best and brightest warriors to tear down the strongholds of Satan’s in these last days.  That's who I'm here for.  I'm here for the Elect.  I'm here for the 144,000.  I'm here to wake them up.  A lot of them don't know who they are.  They know they're different than everybody else.  They know their lives have been completely different.  And they certainly wouldn't qualify as holier than thou for today's standards in churches, oh no, some of them might be Harley bikers, some of them might be living in the desert and have nothing to do with society—some might be homeless on the streets, rejected by mainstream, holier-than-thou Christianity churchdumbs.  

Christians Try to Justify Their Apostasies—Sunday Mithra Worship And Mithra’s Christmas Birthday Included

We're a mixed group of people and we're all over the world.  We're not just in America and Europe.  We're on islands everywhere.  We're in Central and South America.  We're in Australia, New Zealand, we're on islands.  We're everywhere.  And so, we don't qualify.  We're the outcasts of Christianity.  They all hate us.  And I always get these emails about Sabbath.  Why they justify Sabbath being on the first day of the week instead of the seventh.  But prove it!  Show me one scripture in the Bible that says the Lord changed the Commandment from the seventh day to the first day of the week.  I think there's a $50,000 reward still out there.  A pastor was offering it years ago.  You can't!!!  So, don't send me stupid justifications. 

Another one they try to do—justify—is their pagan Christmas trees, when Jeremiah blatantly calls them pagan—talks about how the Jews and the pagans in the area were taking trees and lighting them with lights.  It's paganism.  You think the Lord’s happy you're celebrating His birthday that way?  So you got all these people that want to justify all their apostasies, especially the pastors because they have the most to lose if people stop coming to their churches—they don't tithe anymore or give any more offerings.  And they don't make money.  And that's what the churches are all about, making money.  They want more and more and more and more—more vacation homes more Mercedes—more TV time—Hey, that way I can sell more books and videos and commercialize the Lords' Name.  That's the number one thing He hates the most.  And if all these people think they're going to get rewards in Heaven they are wrongly mistaken—because they're building their rewards here on Earth.

Our Rewards Are In Heaven, Not Here On Earth

When you build your rewards and treasures here on Earth, then, that's that.  Don't expect them in Heaven.  Because we're supposed to be building our treasures in Heaven.  And what happens then folks is you think you're doing everything right, you're donating money to the true Shepherds, and I ask the Lord to bless people all the time who donate to this ministry.  And you're the one who finds a job, or you're the ones who aren't homeless in out in the streets like everyone else, because the Lords made it possible to stay in the home that you live in.  

He'll work in miraculous ways for His people.  But our rewards aren't here on Earth.  They're in Heaven.  And so we pile up those rewards for eternity.  For eternity folks. And in the mean time, you got the people who lead the churches, building everything here, and I'm not talking about the wolves.  They're just beyond—Kenneth Copeland, TBN network who commercialize the Lords Name and make money, but anyways, they're not even His.  They're not even His.  They're out right Satanists operating in the Lord’s Name.

Many, If Not Most, Pastors Today Are Satanists

And so, 56,000 pastors in the South alone belonging to the Freemasons.  The Freemasons.  They take these hideous oaths.  Believe these hideous lies.  These blasphemous things.  And you can't tell me they're ignorant and don't know.  They do know.  And so...

Point Your Pipes And Batons At The Sun, Folks – Got Some Crispy Critters To Fry

...that time of year where everybody justifies their apostasies, and it drives me nuts.  Another thing I wanted to mention—if you got pipe blasters folks you need to be pointing them towards the sun.  And I've been saying this for the last couple of months because all of these objects are gonna be coming through that area.  The sun is a portal in this dimension and so people wonder how all these objects can be out by the sun and not be burned...if you're taking pictures of these objects by the sun it's like catching a ghost with a camera because those objects aren't operating in the 3rd Dimension, they're operating in the 4th Dimension.  And in the 4th Dimension the sun is not a hot lake of fire.  In the 4th Dimension it is a brilliant light.  And so that is why it doesn't bother them.  SOHO and all these other places that catch objects by the sun—it's like catching ghosts on camera, and that's where they come from—it's a portal—they're also coming in from in back of the sun.  Nibiru coming up in the Codes and Nibiru coming up on SOHO as well.  The red object coming through by the sun and there's just so many of them coming through folks.

Fallen Angels Travel By Means Of UFOs, Not With Wings!

Reminds me of Revelation Chapter 12 when Michael—the Archangel Michael gets into a war and casts Satan down to Earth.  Yeah it's gonna be a UFO fight folks 'cause that's how Satan travels.  That's what he uses.  He's not up in the skies and his fallen angels aren't up in the skies with wings floating around!  They travel by UFOs.  And so there's gonna be wars in Heaven. 

When The Fallen Are Cast To Earth, They Won’t Be Able To Leave

And eventually Satan’s gonna be cast down to Earth and what that means is he's not gonna be able to leave.  He's not going be able to leave again.  You know, right now they have the luxury where they can come to Earth torment mankind—do evil and wicked things to them and then leave. Go back up to their temples and alien cities in the skies—and “aliens” is a synonymous term for “fallen angels.”  But when they're cast down to Earth for good, they're not gonna be able to fly away.  They're going be down here on Earth with us.  And so, something to prepare for folks. 

Freezing The Air Will Not Suppress The Orgone Because The Sun Still Shines With Or Without Cold And Snow

I see batons in the Codes a lot now.  Batons are going to be one way to fight against the aliens and UFOs that are coming, because they think they're outsmarting us.  They think that if they freeze the air, chill the air, that they'll suppress good energy.  That they'll suppress orgone.  

Sherry’s Orgone Is Reich’s Orgone Times 1000

But the thing is—I'm looking outside right now and the sun is shining, it's bright, it's beautiful.  I have some snow on the ground but the suns still coming through.  They can't defeat the sun!  And that's the source of all good energy!  And the sun itself can power up all the orgone we have around.  If they want to go by Reich's original orgone, that's fine, but Reich didn't use all the ingredients that we're using today.  We've taken Reich's orgone and made it 1000 times better.  Because it doesn't need certain things to operate.  You know Reich had pipes and he had wire running through them into water.  And yeah, that seems a lot cheaper a lot cheaper way of making orgone than what we do, but you know what?  We don't need water to make it work and wires we have the crystals, the coils, we're using piezoelectric energy.  You have orgone, the resin that puts pressure on the crystals in the coils and then releases that energy from the pressure.  Reich never had, used the resin part of orgone.  So I don't think they can suppress our orgone.  I think they are trying to.  But I can guarantee you, you walk outside and hold a pipe in your hand and point it up to a UFO, it's not going to make a bit of difference if you did it now as compared to back in May or June or July one of the summer months.  It will take it down.

It will take it out.  And so that's our defense against them folks.  Put the batons out.  Hold an orgone puck in your hand if you don't have a baton or a pipe.  And direct that energy from that orgone towards that object.  You want it to go towards.  Just imagine it going towards that object.  Just imagine a beam of light coming from that pipe baton to that object.

Get Your Popcorn Ready, Everybody! Fallen Will Come With Their Choirs Singing Praises!

You know, it makes you wonder—they're gearing up for stuff at the end of December—I just keep seeing delays.  And what I do see in the Codes is their arrival, and you know what? Don't get so enthralled with the heavenly singing crap.  I actually see “choir” in the Codes.  Assembly, Choir, you know they come from Heaven singing heavenly songs.  This is not Yahushua.  These are not angels from the 10th Dimension.  These are Satan’s, masquerading as angels.  And so get your pipes out and point 'em at these beings as they're coming through the skies.  Just beam 'em with these pipe blasters and these batons. 

 And for now just point them towards the east.  I have everything pointed towards the east.  So that it's just there at sunrise, ready to go.  And if you can point pipes towards the west so when the sun sets it's already to go it's got a bunch of orgone saturated areas out there because orgone saturates the atmosphere it's a dimensional weapon.  It not only saturates our dimension but Satan’s as well.  It's a dimensional weapon.  It doesn't hurt the Lord.  It's His energy.  It hurts the wicked.  It hurts them.  So that's why they're our targets folks.  

Yahuah Uses PEOPLE To Fulfill His Will And Judgments Here On Earth

You know, the Lord isn't going to send Michael down to the Earth with a sword and battle the evil beings off the planet.  He's making us do that.  He's waiting on us to do that.  So we have to get off our butts and get busy.  Because the Lord uses people to fulfill His judgments.  He uses people.

The Book Of Revelation Will Not Be Fulfilled In A Literal Sense Or The Way We Expect

And I know you look at the book of Revelation and you see a bunch of symbolic language.  The 6th angel.  The 7th angel.  All these Trumpet judgments.  Then you have Bowl judgments.  And you have the Seals.  And you have the 7 Thunders that haven't even been revealed yet.  And people get in their minds that there's actually gonna be an angel that comes in the center of Heaven and blows a trumpet and then a judgment happens. <laughing> It's not gonna happen that way folks.  It's not gonna happen that way.  Not to mention things are gonna happen suddenly and all of a sudden because when I look at the Codes I see the descendants coming—you see Nibiru, you see the Locusts. All of these taking place—it's like the bath tub affect, everything happens at once.  

But when you read scripture it looks like everything is confined to a period.  Where here we have the 7 Seals and the 7 Trumpets and the 7 Bowls and you know, everything’s gonna run in together folks.  You're not gonna know what's gonna hit you when.  The Lord always said things are gonna happen we don't expect 'em to.

Every State Has Underground Bases In Them

You know, a lot of people waking up.  Some still sitting on the couch but quite a few waking up, wanting to know what state, what state is safe—that doesn't have underground bases.  I got that question last week, and I had to laugh.  They ALL have them folks!  We have 200 joint UFO Alien Military bases in 50 states, so you do the math.  Forty eight states here.  You do the math: EVERYWHERE!

And we have over 200.  They're everywhere.  Where does the Lord tell people to go?  Notice in Revelations chapter 6 that the Kings of the Earth are hiding in the rocks and the caves.  And they are the ones who are hiding from the wrath of God.  That means they're still alive.  And they're hiding in rocks and caves so what does that tell you people?  Head to the rocks and caves—the mountains.  Head to the mountains. 

By Some Land For Yourselves Now So You Have A Place To Flee To When It’s Time To Run

Forget about your Disneyland dream of the home in the suburbs.  With the fence and the 1.5 kids.  Head out.  Get out!  Forget about buying the house you can't afford with the mortgage that will take you your entire life and you'll be dead before you pay it off.  Get something you can manage.   Get something that you can actually afford.  You know, get an RV, get some tents.  Go out and get maybe an acre of land so that when crap hits the fan you can pitch a tent somewhere.  You actually own a piece of land where you can pitch a tent.  It doesn't have to be 50 acres—100 acres where you go in debt for something you can't afford again.  Own something outright.  Get an acre of land—2 acres of land—some place where at least you can put an RV or a tent.  Maybe you can find a tract of land 5 acres and put a mobile home on it.  I mean mobile homes look like luxurious palaces when you're thinking about having to live in a tent. <laughing> All of the sudden mobile homes don't look too bad.  Roof, walls, warmer warmth, more protection.  More comfort. 

Yeah, some of you people never having to fathom having to live like a refugee in your own country.  But I'm telling you, you don't want to be in the cities folks.  You don't want to be in New York City—Alabama—if I was in Alabama, I would just leave the state.  Obama’s totally targeting that state.  He's destroying it.  Get outta Alabama.  Florida—get out.  And I've been warning you for years to get outta Florida.  Alabama get out.  Get out of those Gulf coastal states.  Get away from the coast lines.  California, New York, the Carolina's.  Get away from the south, southeast—those states.  Get inland.  Get in towards the mountains.  You don't want to be around the coast lines folks.

Start Stocking Up On Camping Gear, Food, Water, Clothing, Etc.

Start stocking up on your camping gear.  Things to keep you warm, and water and food, cans—get cans, can stuff.  I mean, sardines will be a tradable commodity.  Yeah.  We've got food wars coming to America next year, and so there will be food riots and food wars.  Anyway, I expected this to be sooner, but it's been delayed.  It's one of those things you don't mind being delayed.  Because while we have food now you'd better be stocking up on it.  If you can get a track of land and dig a well with access to water—these are the things you need to be thinking about, not getting that big house in the suburbs or the city. 

Cities Will Be Cesspools Of Zombies, Vampires, Evil, And Sheer Lawlessness

Get out of the cities folks.  Get out of them.  They're gonna be zones for zombies, vampires, everything evil you can imagine.  That's what they're gonna become.  There's gonna be complete lawlessness. I mean, can you imagine in New York City or L.A. if the lights were out a day, two days, electricity was down?  There would be looting everywhere.  What people want to do with TVs, I'll never know.  But that's what they'll be going after.  TVs anything they can grab outta the stores, there's no electricity but hey, grab a TV!   And they won't work without cable either.  You're not gonna have much of Internet communications either.  Just imagine electricity going down.  Or the banks being closed, you can't go to ATM machines they don't work—so they'll all be busted into and robbed.  Because people are angry they can't get money outta the ATM, they'll just decide to bust it open.  It's gonna be complete chaos folks.  And you don't want your kids or your wives or your sisters or your moms in these cities, because there's gonna be no law, there's gonna be no order.  Death’s gonna be rampant.  Murder’s gonna be rampant.  No one will ever be held accountable because our whole system of law and order is gonna be broken down.  So you need to be getting you families out and away from the masses.  From the insanity that's coming. 

Keep Your Eyes On The Skies Because They Want To Come By Surprise

You know, watch the skies.  Watch the skies, because a lot of people having various visions of invasions coming—you know it's something I've always had something I've always seen and stuff I see in the Codes as well.  And pfttt, it's gonna happen abruptly!  

They wanna take people by surprise.  They want it to be abrupt.  They're not going to announce they're coming.  We're not gonna have a speech from the lizard in The White House claiming that more lizards are coming just like him.  It's gonna happen abruptly.  Instantly.  Unexpectedly.  You're going to look in the sky and see alien ships all of the sudden. 

If The Invasions Were Going To Be Friendly, They Would Be Preparing Banquets, Not Heading For The Hills

This isn't going to be V where they come in and hover over cities. <laughing>  They're gonna come in shooting and destroying and abducting people.  It's gonna be a hostile invasion, folks.  It's going to be hostile.  Otherwise the governments would prepare banquets.  We would have state department type banquets at The White House for the coming aliens.  But guess what? They're all in the rocks and caves hiding.  If they were so sure and so confident that all these aliens coming in were friendly to Americans, were friendly to humans in coming to the Earth, they would be meeting them with open arms.  They're all running to hide, folks, so what's that tell you?  Your own government officials have been building bunkers for years.  They're all planning to run and hide.  And for the people left on top, well, you're on your own.  You're on your own. 

Our Technology Came From The Aliens, So They Have Backdoor Access Into Everything

We have the most effective weapon against them. [Orgone.]  They can dismantle guns.  They can dismantle nuclear weapons.  They can dismantle missiles.  Our military won't have a defense against them.  Because they can dismantle everything our military has.  It's technology they've been given, by them!  There's back-door accesses to everything, because all our technologies are run by computers.  Helllllooooo.  And whenever you have a chip or computer there's back-door access. 

Reich Was Thrown Into Prison Because He Knew How To Defeat The Aliens

Yeah, no, no one’s ever said the humans have been too brilliant compared to what the aliens have been doing to them actually for the last 60 years in underground bases.  The trading of technology.  Eisenhower had, had Reich thrown in prison because—first he was his buddy, because he wanted Reich to help him figure out a way to destroy the aliens.  And then when Reich did, they threw Reich in prison and confiscated all of his work because then Eisenhower decided, “We're gonna make treaties with them.  We’re not gonna fight ‘em, we’re gonna make treaties with ‘em.”  And so Eisenhower, and Roosevelt, and every administration since then have made secret treaties with the aliens that they renew ever year, every two years. And in exchange for, for abductions and they can take humans, give them technology.

The Government Benefits, The People Do Not

And, and what they’ve done with this technology all these years is keep it to themselves.  They have free energy.  That’s what operates a lot of these underground bases, is free energy. But they can’t make money off of free energy, marketing back to the public.  So all this technology that our governments have received over the years from these underground bases and technology with the aliens, they’ve kept to themselves.  And that’s why it’s called the Shadow Government and Black Ops.  Because they’re the ones who benefit, and the people don’t.

The General Public Gets Crumbs With CIA-colored Strings Attached

The people get computers and Internet.  People get crumbs that can be highly—that are highly controlled. You get the Internet, but having the Internet is like parking a, a car on the driveway of the government, because the CIA owns all of the access and all the servers that are on it.  So, if you have a website on the Internet, an e-mail account, a, uh, Facebook profile—whatever you have, it’s parked on the CIA garage, pff, parking lot.  Backdoor access into every single thing you do or have on the Internet—they have access to.  And so we’re given things in limited and controlled amounts.

And, you know, once you realize this, then, then you don’t get so frazzled when, you know, you’re, you’re in your first right—you’re first amendment rights are completely trampled.  They took my website down.  They can take it down with the flip of a switch. They hack into your accounts.  They can put spyware on your websites. They can do whatever they want. And they do whatever they want.  And, you gotta, you gotta laugh when you hear about them just now admitting that they’ve had the public under surveillance, and the things they’ve been able to do.  Well duh.  We’ve been screaming about it for 15 years. People thought you were crazy. And then 10 years later they’ll come out and admit it.

The CIA Builds Files Against You Through Internet Access, E-mails, and Phone Convos

? Come on.  You know, these people, they make it sound like “Oh, you have to take us to court if you want to invade the privacy of our customers.”  Yeah right.  You see CIA on phone polls everywhere. Pfff.  They access who they want to, and Verizon doesn’t give a rip.  No one’s out there protecting you, people.  No one’s out there protecting you. You talk on the phone and you hear click-click-click-click. Hello, that’s the government listening in.  Where all the sudden it becomes an echo.  And this stuff’s been going on—they’ve been taping phone conversations of mine for 12 years, and, and now they’re coming out and saying, “Oh, that might have been illegal, but, uh, we’re gonna make it legal now.” But what happened to the last 10 years?  You know, I can’t imagine my government file. Phone conversations recorded. Yahoo messages being recorded. Your e-mails recorded.  Your IMs, your AIMs.  Everything recorded by them. That’s how they build files against you.

That’s why I hide nothing.  I have nothing to hide.  There’s nothing that could be in a government file on me that I haven’t said anywhere.  I keep my archives on my shows on my site for free.  I have 18 websites.  I even transcribe the shows, to make it easy for people who can’t listen to them.  So how much easier could it get?  How come my file’s only 3 inches long, when it should be at least a mile by now?  I don’t hide anything.

Six Weeks Before Martial Law Hits, The “Big Mouths” Like Sherry Will Be Thrown Off The Internet

And wasn’t there a thing of theirs, that 6 weeks before Martial Law would be declared in America, that they would start shutting down the big mouths and rounding them up? And so what do we have now?  We have some kind of baby steps being taken to where the government shut down 72 websites. 

[Transcriber Note: This is the article Sherry is talking about: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2010/11/homeland-security-shuts-dozens-sites/]

And, and they’re just testing them, folks. They’re, they’re testing the waters right now.  But wait, wait till they start coming down after the big mouths.  When you see people like me and Alex Jones disappear off the Internet, you’ll know Martial Law is 6 weeks away. Because that’s what they’re gonna do—shut, shut down the big mouths.  

Now, I may have issues with everybody else, but I also respect the fact that they’re doing a lot more than most people.  They’re doing a lot more.  At least they’re doing something, you know?  To each his own.  Everybody does things and, and it’s whatever they’re called to do.  I don’t serve an agenda.  I don’t, I don’t have a political affiliations or religious affiliations.  I don’t make money from what I do.  Uh, I’m 100% listener supported. Always have been. I speak what the Lord leads me to speak. And that’s the way I’ve always operated.  And everybody else may operate in different ways.  I can’t speak for them.  Not going to.  A lot of them have done more to wake people up than Christian pastors who’ve all gone to sleep. The apostates. 

Everybody Has Truth, And Everybody Has Errors – Why Our Journey Of Truth Is a Journey

How can you respect a pastor today who can’t even follow the 10 Commandments? They, they preach hypocrisy.  If they’re, if they’re meeting on Sunday instead of Saturday, they’re hypocritical.  And so I wouldn’t even want to hear anything else they have to day.  And that doesn’t mean the 7th Day Adventist have everything else right, just because they got the Sabbath day right.  Because they also—every, every, every religion has errors in it.  Everybody has truth, and everybody has errors. And that’s why this Journey of Truth is a “journey.”  Because you go here, you go there.  You get it here, you get it there. You get a little bit everywhere. That’s why it’s a journey. Because not one place has all the truth.  And yeah, you have to go find it.  The Lord leads you to various areas, and, and different things, and different people.  You may be shocked at some of the places He leads you to glean the truth. But sometimes those places have more truth in ‘em than the churches we have today.  And you know, you get really tired of hearing, “Well, you know… America’s becoming a Godless nation.”  It is.  But the problem is, is because we’re lead by Godless leaders.  People who don’t know how to read the Bible.  And people don’t leave the churches because they’re Godless; people leave the churches because they’re fed up.  They’re aggravated. 

Church And State Are NOT Separated, Else Pastors Wouldn’t Need To Be Licensed

You know, somehow, someone set up a system for control of the religion in this country.  They say politics and religion are separate, um, then why do we have seminaries, and why do we have all this, this technical, legalistic stuff of getting degreed, and going through seminaries and getting licensed and blah, blah, blah?  Isn’t that control?  So, the government says they don’t have control over religion, but, yet they do.  They can—you have to be licensed pastor.  Licensed this, get a degree on that. Go to a seminary. 

Welcome To The Age of Apostasy

And they’re all controlled by the Satanists. A lot of them are ex-New Age, they’ll claim.  When someone says they’re ex-anything, just run.  They’re lying.  They’re lying. They’re just going to turn out all these other droids who are going to treat—to teach false, apostate doctrines like all the pastors did 100 years before them. This has been going on for almost 2000 years, folks.  People think this is the Church Age?  This is the Apostate Age. This has been nothing but the age of apostasy since John died.  He was the last Apostle.  Since he died, it’s been nothing but an age of apostasy.  Because all the truth went with the last apostle.  They threw the church into all these persecutions, so they could get all the Believers killed so Paul could take over with the RCC [Roman Catholic Church], create the KJV.  People like Protestants and Catholics following Pauline doctrines. And that’s what we’ve had since.  It all just comes down to a nutshell then. But anyway.

Aliens Are DNA Destroyers

Looks like all the other stuff I’ve seen in the Codes, and, um—but what I’ve seen that makes you raise your eyebrows is, is the whole fact that I’ve been warning about vaccines forever, and you guys have been used to hearing that one. But what you see so, so in your face, with these coming Descended Masters, this Jesus that’s coming, this Maitreya that’s coming, all of them that are coming—is their real agenda to erase human DNA off the planet.  They’re DNA erasers. And what does that mean?  Erasing, eliminating, destroying.  They want to destroy your DNA.

The Proof Is In The Boobs

And if you need any more proof, then go on the Internet, and look up the article I was just reading the other day about “man boobs.”

[Transcriber Note: This is the article Sherry is referring to: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162-20024279-10391704.html?tag=cbsnewsSectionContent.9]

Man boobs.  They’re becoming a “thing” now, where men have boobs. And they, and they laugh about it.  And, and they, you know, they call it “man boobs.”  That’s your DNA changing, folks. That is a—totally what they’ve been doing for years by putting DNA-changing substances in your water, in your drinks, in your foods.  You know, I’ve been warning for years to stay away from the lizard drinks. The Sobes, Lifewaters.  Because they put chemicals in those things that change your DNA.  

They’re Trying To Make Men More Effeminate, And Women More Masculine

And what they want to do is make women more masculine, and men more feminine.  And now what do we have?  A pandemic of man boobs. You guys have got to be the ones to stay off the Lifewaters, the Sobes, all this DNA-changing crap.  I mean, I don’t know what their d—what their thing is about making women more masculine. Because they can’t even handle women when we have PMS.  So, can you imagine an entire globe of women on permanent PMS and then all the sudden have all this testosterone?  We’ll walk around and be the Amazon women.  We’ll all be tough. They’re not gonna be able to deal with us. And then you have all these effeminate men.

So that is a real flip side because, I, I know if you’re like me, you can’t stand that.  You like a man—I like a man to be a man, kind, kinda thing?  Take out the garbage.  Do the yard.  Fix the car. I’m not going out there to fix my car.  You know?  Men should be doing men-things.  Not growing boobs.  They want to effeminize—feminize, all men. Uh, tch, because that’s that they’re—they are.  They’re effeminate beings.  

They Want To Make Us Like THEM Because Angels Are Hermaphrodites

And see, the whole thing with angels, folks, is that they’re hermaphroditic. They have both sexes. And that’s why you’ll see the, the Buddha statue, where, where it’s this ugly guy with big boobs. And Mithra’s the same way.  You see the ancient pictures with the, uh, what they think Mithra looked like—depictions of Mithra. Where you have this very masculine face and, and big boobs.  Because, they have both sexes.  They were male and female. That’s how angels were built. They were male and female.  They had both body parts.  

It’s Undoing What Yah Created – Males And Females As Separate Entities

And so, they’re trying to undo what the Lord did at the Garden of Eden by separating male and female.  You know, if, if angels have both, then what the Lord did with Adam and Eve was He separated the sexes from, from one being, basically.  He made a man a man, and a woman a woman.  Give them different...separated the body parts.  They went from hermaphrodites to a particular sex.  Instead of being both sexes, they went to being, uh, one or the other.  And, and now, they’re trying to undo that.  They’re trying to undo the Garden of Eden, they’re trying to undo the Tower of Babble [through the New World Order agenda with the United Nations].  And, and they’re trying to bring everything under one roof for a One World Government and One World Religion.  You know, they’re trying to undo all the judgments that, and, and things that the Lord has ever done.  Creations. <heavy sigh>  Yeah, it’s gonna be a mess, folks.

600 Million People Waltzing Around Outside With Non-Human DNA

You know, right now, 60 million—I was just reading an article on one of my websites. Yeah.  On one of mine.  Over 60 million people have non-human DNA.

[Transcriber Note: Here’s the article Sherry is referencing: http://www.sherryshriner.com/hybrids.htm]

And, it’s probably larger than that now. Probably larger, much larger than that. So, if this article is written years ago, and it’s really only producing 10% of the Truth, that’s probably about almost 600 million.  ‘Cause usually when you hear figures from the government, they’re—they only give you 10% of the real number.  So if they’re saying 60 million people have non-human DNA, it’s probably closer to 600 million around the world.  600 million.  That makes it one out of every 7, every 7 people has non-human DNA. One out of every 7 people.  

Hollywood Is Chalk Full Of Aliens Pretending To Be Humans

And that’s why you can go to YouTube and watch CNN reporters shapeshift all day long. Or go to watch Hollywood shows, and watch the host shapeshift.  Hollywood Insiders is one of their favorites to, to attack on that one. The host for the Hollywood Insiders.  The two women there. Jillian and whatever the other one’s name is.  And, uh, then you’ve got Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, uh, these huge Hollywood Oprah, huge Hollywood witches.  They set up the celebrities. People that practice the Black Arts. Voodoo. Uh, soul-scalped beings who don’t even have any control of who they are anymore because they’ve been soul-scalped.  And we’ve followed them around like they’re huge celebrities, worthy of our attention. Give me a break, folks.  Bunch of lizards. Is there anyone in Hollywood not a lizard? Can we just have a “We’re Not Lizards” show put out by Hollywood now, and show us why they actors aren’t lizards? Because most of them are in Hollywood.  Most of them have been soul-scalped and taken over.  Our entertainment is a joke.  Yeah, it’s the aliens entertaining us. “We’re playing humans!  Ha ha!” That’s Hollywood.  Aliens playing humans. And now it’s getting really bad, ‘cause it’s the same as our—as Fox News. Fox News. CBS.  ABC. Reporters playing humans. Alien reporters. They’re in our face, blatant, folks.  They’re everywhere.

Sherry’s Batons Are Like Saber Light Swords

And the only thing you’re going to do to defend yourself against them, is get out, get orgone batons, ‘cause you can point them as swords—saber swords.  Ever saw—you saw the Star Wars, where they have these cool saber swords? That’s how these pipes are like if you could actually see the light coming from then when you hold them. They’re like saber swords. You’re gonna need ‘em.  Point ‘em at these alien beings if they’re coming towards you.  You know, it’s just a, a form of defense. Um, most news reporters and entertainers aren’t, aren’t going to come after you, but the ones in the ships are. The ones that are coming are.  The entertainers and news reporters—they want you to think they’re all fuzzy and cute and nice, even though they’re all ugly aliens. They want you to accept them.

<long sigh> We’ve been about a month.  People, get their, get their batons built.  Get them, get your pipes built.  ‘Cause you’re gonna need ‘em. And if it’s delayed until Spring, then yay.  You’ve got more time to save money, to sell cards—sell stuff you don’t need, and, and buy an acre, buy some land in the mountains somewhere. Buy something you can take an RV to and set, and set a tent on it, or an RV, or something.  Get out of the cities, folks.

I mean, life’s just isn’t what we’ve known it.  It’s not gonna be—it’s not gonna return to anything normal.  It’s gonna get weirder and weirder and weirder. ‘Cause we’re in the Last Days. So start preparing. Start thinking ahead.

Obama’s New, Inseparable Code Word

One of the few things that always makes me laugh anymore is, in the Codes I see “Obama” with “Pig.”  They’re not—they’re synonymous now. When you see the term Obama, you see the term Pig. And that’s not just because he’s a pig, it’s because he literally is a pig.  He’s an abomination.  

Anyway, be back Monday night, and I don’t know what’s gonna be the deal with Monday Night.  If I’ll even gonna have a show. 

Awesome High Tech Helicopter Impresses Sherry

Found it interesting that yesterday, and I mentioned this on my Facebook site, that this black helicopter, with red and green lights, came flying up my driveway towards my house.  And my driveway’s about a quarter mile long. They’ve never come up the driveway before.  But the thing that shocked me was, I have never seen a helicopter move that fast.  I mean, this thing must have been going 200 miles an hour.  To where helicopters normally just, you know, they can’t ever seem to get where they’re going ‘cause they fly so slow.  This thing was flying.  I mean, literally, zippin’.  <short laugh>  This thing had some speed.  And so this new brand of helicopters our military has is quite impressive.  I don’t know what they wanted. Usually they just want me to know they’re around, and  I know they’re around.  But, real impressive, ‘cause this, this glowing—it wasn’t just like a green light on it, like a normal red or white lights blinking on normal aircrafts, it was like a glow, an aura, a hue underneath the bottom of it. It was really cool looking.  I hate to say it, but it was cool looking.  <short laugh> ‘Cause it wasn’t like a light, it was like an aura, you know?  I don’t know. Very strange, but—and very fast. Very cool. 

If I was a helicopter pilot, I’d wanna pilot one of those things, because you know how obnoxiously slow most helicopters go. And, and these things fly.  These things fly.  They’re fast.  And so, very impressed with some of the tech that’s coming out now. <short laugh> But, but the thing is, you can year it five minutes before it comes.  So they’re not stealth, either, because yeah, they’re fast beings—they’re fast, uh, vehicles, but you can hear ‘em five minutes before they come.  Maybe they’re just targeting where everybody is.  They always know where I’m at.  I mean, come on. Satellite beaming here all the time.  Give me a break.  I dunno.  Practice runs for the newbies?  I dunno.

The Federal Agencies Would Be Better Of Sharing Info To Save Themselves And Sherry Some Time

What are they—one of the things I’ve, I’ve always griped about is, it would be so much help if these federal agencies would just share information. Because then <laughing> we would have to go through so much less.  Every time a government agency decides to, to spy on you and build a file, you have to go through the same crap all over again.  ‘Cause they don’t just share files and information with each other. Drives you nuts. Ballistic.

Out Of The Millions That Proclaim To Be His, WE Are The Elect – One Of Two Groups Of 144,000

Anyway, I’d like to thank everybody who’s been donating to this ministry, keeping me on the air. Keeping the website up. Appreciate all your support.  I love you all very much. And, uh, couldn’t do it without you.  And I do pray to the Lord to, to bless all of you, and to uphold you.  And it takes a certain type of warrior to, to put up with this.  To, to be in this.

We’re the Elect. 144,000. Out of the millions that proclaim His Name and profess His Name. Out of the millions.  And so, if you don’t think the deceptions coming, you’re gonna be wrong.  Because they’re all going to be deceived.  Churchdumb is going to be deceived. It’s the Elect that aren’t. So that’s a small number, folks. 144,000 that are, that are taken and His Name is written on their forehead, and then you have another 144,000 that’s on the Earth that are sealed with—sealed on their forehead. So you have a total of two groups.  144,000 each.

Many Will Die Because They Refuse To Worship And Follow The Coming Beasts

That’s 288,000 people out of the billions left here on Earth that are going to die, or, or die for the faith because they refused to believe, or just be taken over by the deceptions.  And they’ll be many.  Many rounded up and killed because they won’t go along with the coming charades. Worshiping Obama.  Give me a break. Worshiping these Descended Freaks.  Give me a break. Many will die for refusing to do so. But your rewards are in Heaven, folks.  Your soul will be with the Lord for eternity. 

2011 Looks Like It’ll Finally Be The Year

And you know what?  2011 definitely looks like it’s going to be the year.  I mean, how much longer can they wait, really? Delays, delays, delays. Eventually those delay times run out. And I dunno if we’ll see anything at Christmas time.  I really don’t. Maybe New Year’s Eve?  It’s hard to say.  They’ve been planning stuff with delays all over it, so.  Keep one eye on the sky, and, and one eye on the Earth. <short laugh> Always watch the skies, folks.

Anyway.  Until Monday Night everybody, if the show’s not hacked, uh, hacked and disrupted and messed with, I’ll be back Monday Night.

Until then everybody, Yah Bless.


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