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Monday Night with Sherry Shriner
December 13, 2010

Ohio Getting Hit with Lake-Effect Snow from Three of the Five Great Lakes

And, hello, folks. You're live. It's Monday Night with Sherry Shriner on Sherry Talk Radio, December 13th. And it's a snowy night if y'all haven't noticed. [laughs] I don't know about you but almost the entire northeast section of Ohio is pretty much shut down early this morning with blizzard snow. You know, most of it's normal. It's December, we expect snow. But not from three lakes. I mean, we usually get lake-effect snow from Lake Erie and now we're getting them from three out of the five Great Lakes. And so, you look at the disasters across Europe and across the whole northern sections of our country. And, you know, some people saying it's HAARP [High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program], which I don't think it's HAARP, and, you know, whatever reasons they're throwing out there.

NWO's Trying to Divert Your Attention from What's Going on in the Extreme North

I thought it was particularly amusing that this whole Julian Assange thing -- they're leaking that he's gonna come out with some cables about UFO bases and the Antarctica, and southern bases in the South Ocean, Antarctic Ocean. And how these UFOs are coming up out of the water. Of course, they talk about coming up out of the earth, out of the South Pole.

But interesting that the Bible talks about our enemies coming from the extreme north. And, what the New World Order wants you to focus on is the extreme south, or just south of us. Extreme north, if you look it up in the Strong's [Concordance] from the words used in the KJV [King James Version of the Bible], it's talking about space. It's not talking about a Russian army. And that's what all these self-taught blabbermouth church gurus teach. Self-professed gurus on Bible prophecy that work for the Masons. They're all teaching that America's going to be attacked from Russia from the north and Ezekiel 37 and 38's coming about.

The Bible talks about the extreme north as space. 'Cause it's extreme north. It's not the land over the Poles way up above. So, very interesting that when we should be looking at the north the New World Order wants you looking from the south. [laughs] Change your focus. They want you looking elsewhere.

I Think We're Seeing the Birth Pangs of a Pole Flip

You know, when I think of what the earth is going through now, it almost looks like it's tilting over. We're getting lake-effect [snow] from three of the five Great Lakes. And I'm down in central Ohio. I'm south...Youngstown, and so we shouldn't even be getting lake-effect snow down here. So it's almost like the North Pole, itself, is just tilting over. It reminded me of that scripture in Isaiah. Isaiah 24 where it talks about the earth rocking to and fro like a drunkard in the last days. And that's exactly what we're seeing, folks. We're seeing the earth rocking to and fro like a drunkard.

You know, I think we're seeing the birth pangs of a pole flip. I don't think it's gonna happen this year. Probably not next year either, but we're looking at the beginnings of a complete pole flip. I mean, the north part's tilting over. When it tumbles all the way over, what's gonna happen then, huh? You know, I'm no scientist, but it's not good for us. I can tell you that. But it's always been one of the Lord's judgments on the earth in the last days. And so, the day of the Lord is a time period of 42 months, 3 and a half years, and it's one judgment after the next. And mankind, itself, is going to be few and far between by then. I think what? One third of the earth's total population will be left. By the time He comes at the battle of Armageddon, one third of what? Seven billion people?

The Only Safe Place Will Be the Rocks, Mountains, and Caves

And I know you hear that now from the New World Order Illuminati's plans. World depopulation. And depopulating the earth down to 500 million. That's not gonna happen that way, but it's gonna happen the Lord's way. And they're not gonna be the ones left standing like they think they are. Because, it's the evil that are gonna be removed off this earth by the Lord's judgments. They're not gonna be safe. They're not gonna be safe in all their little underground bunkers. They're gonna become their tombs. They're gonna drown and die in all their little underground cities that they've been building. They're gonna become their tombs. The only safe place is gonna be the rocks and the mountains and the caves. That's gonna be the only safe place to be when the day of the Lord begins, and for various reasons. Various reasons. Not just one or two, there's probably a hundred or a thousand. Those are gonna be the only safe places to be, folks.

People ask me all the time, "What state can I go that doesn't have underground bases?" I just laugh. They're in every state. They're in every country of the world. They're in islands! So how safe do you think you're gonna be anywhere? Head for the rocks and the mountains and the caves, folks. That's the safe place.

Isaiah 24:20 says, "The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall and not rise again."

Last Week's Show Sabotaged - Hacker Changed Date of Show

[coughs] Didn't have a show last week. [They were] messing with my scripts. Tried to do it again earlier tonight. Changing the date of my show. [coughs] And I don't know who keeps hacking into my account and changing them, but it's not a whole lot I can do about it, but keep an eye on it. Keep a particular eye on my times and dates of my shows for the entire night it's scheduled to be on the air. You know, and last week I couldn't hurry up and reschedule it. They had that all blocked out. And so, this week I was able to do that. They don't want me talking. They don't want me [coughs] telling you the things that are coming. Can always tell when they start hitting my chest with their attacks and I can't breathe. [coughs] And they're doing it now.

Pale Horse Rider Is Next to Come and Obama's Rejoicing

One of the things I've seen, looking at Codes now, for December and January and things coming up, it says "next - materialize - pestilent rider." So pale horse rider, folks, is getting ready to materialize. And, what's the Lizard in the White House doing (Obama)? He rejoices. He rejoices. It says, "Obama - lethal - rider - rejoice - loom - level - locality." And so, which locality is he planning to use this pale horse rider to level? Is it mine? He's always after mine. Is it his own? Is locality a particular community? Particular city, state...country maybe, since he's the president of the United States?

Either way, he's rejoicing because he wants to level and flatten America. He wants to destroy America, and he'll do it piece by piece. Piece by piece he'll destroy America. And it reminds me of that article I was reading a couple weeks ago about the sheriff talking, and...let me see if I can find that because...that was pretty interesting. It wasn't the sheriff in Arizona.

Local Police Departments Being Trained How to Round Up People

I've been trying to get in the chat room, folks, and I can't get in there. So, try to get in there later if I can after the show. They're blocking me out of there. Oh, I can't get it. But anyway, this sheriff was talking about how they were training local police departments for the coming roundups. And he was warning about it. He said that, you know, when they come for you at your house, and they decide to quarantine an area, they're gonna go door to door and demand that people leave their property. And they're gonna bully you and demand that you get on their vehicles and be taken out of the area. They may tell you that they're taking you to the next community over or whatever, but they're not. They're gonna take you to a FEMA [Federal Emergency Management Agency] camp.

And, at that point, when you become under their control by leaving your property, they own you. You're in their control. You're under their custody. And they will not only disarm the people, take all their weapons away, they're gonna disrobe you as well. You don't even own the clothes that you have on.

Modern-Day Auschwitz for Christians Coming - Consider the Correlations

And it reminded me of Auschwitz, death camps during the reign of the Nazis. When they herded all the people into the death camps and they made them go through all this processing. They took all their possessions away, their jewelry, their wedding rings, anything of value. And then they took their clothes, and they heralded them into these fenced-in areas, and they made them run around the little yards, -- I don't know what kind of thrill they got out of that, but seeing a bunch of naked people being forced to run around the inside of these camps that they had built back then -- and then they heralded them into the showers.

And so, what they did is completely humiliate them, then take any kind of dignity away that they had, and then they killed them. Some kind of satanic torment that they probably loved because they're such freaks. But that's the same plans that they have here, folks. You think that's for the Nazis. Think it was just the Jews back then? They have the same plans for here. They're gonna do the same things here. And so, you're not gonna be sitting around in these fenced-in areas, plotting how to get out with some other thinkers, or people that are awake. You're gonna have nothing. You're not even gonna have your clothes. And remember that during the Auschwitz whole thing with the Jews, when they killed the Torah-believing Jews. They didn't go after the Satanist Jews, they went after the Torah-believing Jews.

Because it was already preplanned that this war would happen and the U.N. would give Israel its own nation. And it was already prescripted. But the satanic Jews weren't in the leadership, in that day, of the Jews. And so, they wanted to eliminate all the Torah-believing Jews so that when the U.N. gave them this land, called Israel, give them their land back, that they could rule and control over Israel. The Satan faction, the Talmud faction. That's exactly what we have today, folks. We have the Talmud faction ruling over Israel.

But notice back then it was wintertime. It was cold. The people were hungry. The country was at war. And look at now. It's cold. We're heading into an economic depression. We're going to be in hyperinflation. In America in particular, the unemployment rate is staggering. They tell you it's ten percent. It's bull crap. It's more like 40, 50 percent. Forty to fifty percent unemployed here. And most just hanging by unemployment benefits that eventually -- they just keep getting little extensions by little extensions. Eventually those are just gonna run out. And they'll probably do that in the winter to increase the suffering instead of aleviating it of anybody.

But that always sends a chill up my spine when I see the correlations of the things that they have planned and then the dry run they had, initial run they had back in World War II. The correlations are there. It's cold. It's wintertime.

Obama Has Planned to Unleash More Plagues Like He Did with H1N1

What our government's gonna do is release a pandemic. Some kind of plague. They're gonna be behind it. I told you for years that Obama's working closely with the death masters of Shema. They called themselves Ascended Masters. They're nothing but death masters. Death and destruction. They want to destroy people. They don't want to help them. It's all a bunch of New Age lies, that they want to come and help mankind.

But he's still working very closely with them through the vaccination program these last couple years. And it's not going to change any, it's going to get worse. It's gonna get a lot worse, because Obama has planned to unleash more plagues, more H1N1's, more whatever they can come up with. Scam of 2010. Another scam. Just like in 2009 we had the H1N1 scam. In 2010 they're getting ready to unleash some more scams. And behind it's gonna be a push for vaccines.

But what they may do, since so many people have been fighting up and standing up against the vaccines, is just going ahead, unleashing a plague in a community, a city, a town, a state, an area, they're gonna start one by one. They're gonna unleash a plague and then immediately move in to quarantine that area. So instead of trying to coerce and bs and propagandize everybody to get the vaccine, the flu to help prevent it (whatever they just unleashed -- that would just give it to you anyways...it's not gonna prevent it), they're gonna quarantine that area, and they're gonna start moving people out of those areas.

If You're Going to Put Up Christmas Stocking Stuffers, at least Fill Them with Bullets

And so, now would be a good time, instead of filling up your Christmas tree stocking stuffers, if you're gonna put anything in stocking stuffers, put some bullets, boxes of bullets, get your guns ready. You know, guys, start thinking ahead...women, and prepare yourselves. Don't let them remove you from your property. And if you see them moving into your town or area, and you live in an apartment complex or anywhere else that you can see isn't safe, you're gonna have to run. You're gonna have to leave that area. Get out of there. Because that's exactly what they're gonna do is quarantine it and start moving people out.

They may say they're taking you to the gym to receive a vaccine or -- I don't know what their excuse is gonna be. But they're gonna be going door to door to quarantine whole areas and remove the people. And this is how the martial law is gonna start. They're not gonna come from the front where you expect it. I mean, yeah, we've always expected, yeah there's gonna be chaos when the banks close or, you know, the stores are closed, the banks are closed, electricity's out. All those reasons, good reasons for starting martial law, but which ones are they gonna use. 'Cause you know they always have different routes planned, different things ready. They don't go just by one plan and one route. That's why you've got to know them all, folks. So you're always prepared.

Resist. Fight Back. Don't Let Them Quarantine You. Don't Get on a FEMA Train.

But this is the one I see coming. I see plagues coming, and them running in to quarantine areas, and then target the people in those areas and start putting them on trains. They're gonna be putting them on trains. And this is how martial law's gonna start because quarantining means your area's gonna be targeted for martial law. And so, all these people are trains, you're never gonna hear from them again. And if you get on a train, kiss your butt goodbye. You need to do everything you can do to resist from getting on that train. You know, you always look at these old films of World War II and the Jews and why they didn't fight back. Because they believed whatever it was they were told by the soldiers who were putting them on the trains. They were lied to.

They weren't told, "We're gonna take you to a gas camp, and put you in an oven, and gas you to death." They didn't tell them that. And so, now it's worse because we know ahead of time exactly what they're gonna do. They're gonna lie. Whatever lie it takes to get you out of your home, and away from your weapons, and away from your possessions. And away from the ability to run away. So they have you under control so they can get you on a train, and you're dead. You're gonna die from that point on.

The Vaccines Will Cause Multiple Cancers - Obama's Behind It

So this is what they have planned for the next several months. And Obama's all behind it, folks. He's all behind this. He's been working and salivating over his vaccines that are...I can't remember the exact term in the Bible Codes I saw, but it meant multiple cancers. Can't remember the exact term, but it meant multiple cancers. He was putting in these vaccines multiple cancers so whoever would get these vaccines and these flu shots, they would end up with multiple -- you know, one batch would have a certain cancer, another batch...anyway, that's what it reminds me of; batches containing different cancers, be spread out over all the nation. And so, people would start getting cancers, different cancers. So, you know, this is still in line with that because every time you see him, he's working closely with Shema, these death masters from Shema.

Newer DNA-Changing Vaccines Are from Area 51

Shema was the one, these Ascended Masters, supposedly, were the ones behind the H1N1 vaccine. And even more particularly troubling is the fact that a lot of these newer vaccines are coming from Area 51. And so, we have our vaccines, that are being pushed through Big Pharma, coming from alien underground bases. So how much do you think that they really want to cure you, folks? What they want to do is flood you with alien DNA and chemicals. And these chemicals will change your human DNA. And so, that's exactly what their ultimate goal in doing, other than killing you, is changing your DNA.

And so, another thing you might wanna give a heads up on, because I remember last year I was talking about Pringles [potato chips] and how they seemed to be making people sick and they were putting poison in Pringles, and to stay away from Pringles. And, finally they're catching on. Somebody posted a YouTube [video] up about cancer additives put in Pringles and other snack foods.

Guys Need to Stay Away from "Axe" Body Products - They Contain Female Hormones

And so, now that that's finally out, here's a heads up I want to give to the men. Stay away from Axe products. Stay away from any of the newer products that they're putting on the market, especially the Axe line. Because, I think it's these newer products, like Axe, 'cause Axe is really popular among the kids especially, and the younger crowds. They're putting female hormones in those products. I think that's a big reason we're seeing so many people, this pandemic, with man-boobs. Men getting pumped up with estrogen now. Because, they're attacking products that men would buy. And so, stay away from the new stuff. You know, I don't let my kids drink these energy drinks and this Lifewater and Sobe's. I make my kids stay away from all that stuff. Because, they put chemical agents in all that stuff to change your DNA.

So anything new, like the Axe line, the Axe products, stay away from those as well. Anything new that's come out the last 5, 10 years. Stick to your old stuff. Stick to your, you know, your Old Spice or whatever. I know the guys hate that, but stick to it anyway, because at least it doesn't have estrogen it. Doesn't have female hormones in it.

They Target Women and Cause Miscarriages through Vaccines

They want to destroy the male/female genome. They want to destroy the prototypes, the DNA structures. They want to destroy men and women. And so, they want everybody to be both. They want the males to be females and the females to be males. And so, that's why they're targeting so many of the products. Targeting women so that they're barren and they can't have children. A 700, I think I read, a 700 percent increase in miscarriages of women who took the H1N1 vaccine after all the warnings sent out to stay away from the vaccine. And women were still standing in line for it. You know, all I can do is warn.

They Want to Totally "Erase" Particular Seedlines

Another thing I see in the Bible Codes about this whole coming assembly of these "friendly" aliens coming as gods, coming as saviors of mankind. I always refer to them as Shema because they have the star in the sky that was their home base, their temple, one of their main cities. And this star used to hover at 33 degrees above horizon, be a brilliant star in the sky, and we figured out a way through orgone to catch it on fire and it's been burning since. But I still refer to them as Shema even though they may have already abandoned it. 'Cause eventually it's going to crash to Earth. Read about it as the lamp in Revelation, chapter 8, I believe it is.

And they're already on the earth. Most of the time when you deal with Ashtar Command, they're already in their underground bases in Shabala, and Peru, and Belize. They seem to hang out in Brazil a lot and also in India. But another thing associated with them is, it says "decendents - assembly - banditry - eraser." And what eraser is is in eliminating seedlines. They want to totally eliminate particular seedlines. And one of their biggest targets is, I can't, you know, tell you exact seedlines, but I can tell you what nations they're coming after. Look at the nations they're targeting. They're targeting America and Europe. They're targeting these particular nations now. They want to wipe these seedlines off the earth; Americans and Europeans.

And what are they preserving by doing so? By doing so, they're preserving dragon-seed races; the Asian races. Japanese, Chinese, there's like, 15 different types of Asian races around the world. All dragon-seed races. Because they're their races. They're dragon-seed races. Preserving them, and getting rid of the non-dragon-seed races off of the earth. In a sense, getting rid of the Israelite line. It comes down to the two seedlines; Satan's seedline and Yahuah's seedline through Seth. And you have Satan's seedline through Cain. And all of the dragon-seed races come through Cain. They're gonna preserve those seedlines and nations and come after the ones that are of Seth's line.

Planet X Coming in Could Be a Cause of the Earth Bowing

And so, these are the kinds of things I see coming up, folks. More and more of Planet X, Nibiru, coming in which could be a cause of the earth bowing. It's kind of bowing forward. It's like a drunkard, it's rocking forward. It's bowing forward. I don't know how else to describe it. So, Nibiru coming in could have a big thing to do with causing that because Planet X, Rahab, Nibiru, different names for the same object, coming up more and more in the Codes as well. And we know that as that gets closer to Earth, Earth is going to completely flip, eventually. And all the destruction that's going to be caused by that.

They're Using the Weather as an Advantage in Attacking Us - Lock and Load

But I don't think these destructions are coming before they'll be attacking the people of this country through quarantines and plagues. I think we're gonna see the pale horse rider here. And in the Bible Codes it says "next - materialize," which "next" can be -- it's the event planned next, coming next. It's not gonna tell you an exact time period. It's just next. Next could be January. It could be February, March, April, May. It's next. There's no particular time date. And so, when I try to pinpoint time dates, you know, I see early spring as a time of havoc. And that's if we get past the initial ones brought on by Obama in these cold winter months to come with these false pandemics and plagues that he's going to unleash on mankind through chemtrails and then rush in to quarantine areas and send people off to FEMA camps.

And, you know, the correlations of wintertime, you can't ignore them. Can't ignore it, folks. And so, keep your eyes open that even though, like today, half of northern Ohio shut down, schools are closed, so much snow and blizzard conditions everywhere. And all across Europe as well. That's not gonna stop them from running in and quarantining areas because they gotta get their agenda going. They're using the weather as an advantage to them and a disadvantage to us. 'Cause how many people are going to be prepared to run, take a run for it, when it's so cold, you would die? You would die leaving your homes. Unless you had a warm place to head to. And so, they're gonna use the cold weather as their advantage. [coughs] It's like a military strategy. All I can say is lock and load, folks. Lock and load and get ready for them to come. If they hit your area, [coughs] expect them to come. [coughs] Yeah, they don't like that one. They don't want me warning you of that.

Bible Codes Reveals the Christmas Day Announcement Is Delayed

So, anyway, you know, everyone's looking at Christmas Day announcement. And like I said, I really don't think -- I think it's gonna be delayed. You know, they have this Christmas Day announcement from the death masters every year. December 25th is a day of announcements from them and it's in a window. And I can see "delayed" all over it. And so, I'm not really jumping on it this year because it's just...it's like it's there but forget it, it's not gonna happen, so why waste your time on it?

Basic Lesson on the Four Horses of the Apocalypse and Where We Are Now in Revelation

I just really don't think it's coming, but what I do see coming is the pale horse rider. And I'm gonna read the pale horse rider, because most of you don't read your Bibles. I'm just becoming convinced that Christians today do not read their Bibles. I get asked the most basic 101 questions of Bible things just 'cause people won't read. And so, I'm gonna read it. We have the white horse, the red horse, the black horse, and the pale horse, which means the black horse has already been ridden. It's always usually riding in third-world countries anyway; it's famine. And, you know, we are gonna get famine here in America when the economy crashes and food becomes scarce, prices starts going up, inflation hits because our money's like Monopoly [board game] play money, it's not worth anything.

They ride together. As soon as you see the black horse, you're gonna see the pale horse. And there's an argument, for every country, that the black horse has already been riding. I don't think I'm gonna get into the black horse because he's so aligned with the pale horse. It's the pale horse that's really significant right now. In Revelation, chapter 6, it says, "And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer." The white horseman has a weapon, an unconventional weapon, a bow, and a crown 'cause he's anointed. He's given a bow, but no arrows. You see warriors and they have arrows and bows. Now this one's just given a bow and he's anointed to go out and conquer. So he's got a unconventional weapon that he's conquering with.

Verse 3, "And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given unto him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword." Sword signifying warfare. And [former president George W.] Bush portrayed the red horse perfectly with his fake war on terror. We haven't had peace since he announced his war on terror because there will never be an end to it because they're the terrorists. All these groups. Al Qaeda, all of them. They all work for the government. So we're gonna go on from that because we've already been through this one.

In verse 5, "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine." We see all the food prices going up. Tripling, probably, in prices.

"And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them (unto them; the black and the pale horse) over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth." Beasts of the earth. Folks, this isn't lions, tigers, and bears. Beasts of the earth are alien beings that are here on the earth.

"And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held." And it goes on and talks about how he gave them white robes. This is where we're at, folks. The pale horse, the black horse, they ride together. We're gonna see food prices triple. And if you live in Germany and some of these other countries, they've already been going through this for a while. And America hasn't been too bad, but what they do in America is they shrink the sizes of everything. We now pay the same thing for a -- you know, they shrink the sizes of the products. I don't how else to explain it. They're half of the size of what they used to be and we're still paying the same prices we paid years -- and, you know, they don't take money off because they shrunk the size of it. They raise the prices and they shrink them at the same time. That's the kind of game they've been playing here. But, eventually, you know, with the bad weather, the things coming, the shakings of the earth, I see that. I see earthquakes coming. Shipping routes, quarantines...food can be disrupted. Not to mention the economic crash and bank holidays.

Various Reasons Why There Are So Many Souls Under the Altar in Revelation 6:9

But death and hell. Death and hell. The pale horse whose name is death, and hell comes with him. And hell is the alien forces, the fallen angels that are with him. And so, power's given unto them over the fourth part of the earth to kill with sword, hunger, and death. And with the beasts of the earth. They align with all of the aliens in the underground bases and underground cities that are already here. And a fourth part of the earth is gonna die at their hands. And so, that's what? About two and a half billion people, folks? That's a lot of people. Two billion.

And this isn't drawn out over, you know, 500, 1000 years. This is significantly fairly quickly. And at the same time you have the fifth seal, and it shows millions of people who have been killed for their testimonies for the Lord. So they're targeting Christians, folks. They're not gonna target their races. They're coming after the Lord's people. Coming after His races. And so, that's what they're coming after; the Christians. And white robes are given to them, and they're told to hang on for a little longer and the Lord will avenge their deaths, which means they've already taken place. Which means America was caught sleeping. Europe was caught sleeping. These other countries were caught sleeping. They came to your door and grabbed you and threw you on a FEMA...on the trains and took you to camps. Because these are victims of the New World Order here. All these souls under the altar, they're victims of the New World Order.

And then in verse [12], you see a huge earthquake coming. And that's the sixth seal. In verse 12, the huge earthquake coming. And so, that's a little farther down. We're gonna have spurious earthquakes up unto this point. But the huge one doesn't come until after much death; about 2 billion people have been killed. Two billion people, folks. Through plagues, starvation, war. And so, two billion people, in a relatively short amount of time. It gives new meaning to the words "food riots." I know a lot of people...heard from people several years ago who said, "Oh, I see food riots coming in September." And, you know, every September you look for the food riots to come, because you don't know what year it is. That's basically what it amounts to, folks, is food riots coming. But, you know what? We're gonna have martial law here. You're gonna have people quarantined. Our president and our Congress unleashing plagues through chemtrails in different localities, different locations across the country. And your governments in foreign countries doing the same thing to target the Christian communities.

Even in dragon-seed nations like China and Japan, and Asia, and all these other countries, there's still communities of Christians there. And they are hated. They are despised. They are the subjects of torment all the time from their governments. And so, they will be targeted. These Christians in Asian countries, they're gonna become more and more targets. Think it's bad now in China? Wait till they get a green light and they really start going after them. Obama hides it. They don't tell you who they're going after, they just kind of go after particular areas of bigmouths they want to shut up.

Or southern states; how to clear them out and kill them. Put a oil spill there. [laughs] The queen wanted an attack on southern America. She got it. [laughs] That was the script for a long time, but nobody saw it coming as a oil spill. Everybody thought she would nuke a city in Alabama or New Orleans or something. Instead, they just nuked a oil platform in the Gulf [of Mexico]. She went on the attack, and she got it.

They're targeting people because of who they are. Even if they don't realize who they are. And so, that's what's coming up next, folks. Quarantines, plagues, vaccinations. Inflation, superinfation. The cost of food rising, 'cause it causes a lot of hunger and starvation 'cause people can't afford food. Two billion people. The death of two billion people. Millions and millions of people being targeted by martial law and the FEMA camps because they refuse vaccines. Being arrested because they refuse vaccines. Being rounded up out of their homes because they're on hit lists, they're on target lists. Various reasons why there's people under the altar that are asking the Lord to avenge their deaths, their murders.

And so, this is around the corner, folks. This is exactly what's around the corner. And it's what I see in the Bible Codes and it aligns with it. So, whatever else they want to tell you to look at, yawn. Start reading the Bible instead of sitting and looking at these propaganda pieces from the government all day long. There's so many of their trolls on the Internet to just spread disinformation and garbage. 'Cause they want you looking elsewhere than what the truth is.

The Day of the Lord Signifies Everything Hollywood's Shown in Movies Lately

You know, the day of the Lord, I'm gonna talk about that probably next week signifies everything Hollywood's been showing you lately in the movie theaters. These alien invasions, and they come and they're sucking the brains out of people. That's because humans are their food source. And they do have these types of aliens that can regenerate. If you kill them, they just regenerate back together. That's reality. And they have all these different things coming that we can't even describe. They try their best through Hollywood. And that's the day of the Lord. They come very hostile. [audio unclear] They come hostile. They don't come as friendly saviors of mankind. [laughs] They come hostile.

And there's somewhat of a plan, if they can't pull off their Christmas Day arrival, of having a New Year's Eve invasion. And so, I've already pretty much shunned off the Christmas Day arrival. But I haven't, yet, the New Year's Eve invasion. Still a possibility, folks; New Year's Eve invasion. We'll see thousands of sparkles in the sky. And all of a sudden those sparkles turn into hostile ships. Boy, wouldn't that be a shock to most people, huh?

That could be a ways off, too. That could be delayed, but we could also still see a significant amount of them here. We already are. I mean, you'd have to have your head in the sand, if you can't look outside at all these UFO ships everywhere all the time. I mean, come on, folks. There's just portal openings everywhere, and ships are materializing into our dimension. Even in the Gulf of Aden, you know, Gulf of Aden over there, there's a stargate, portal. And when they come through that, in and out, 'cause there's a huge base underneath the Gulf there, huge alien underground base they use for crossbreeding, they materialize for a second if they come through the dimensions into ours. And a lot of people in those areas reporting they look like bullet-shaped craft. And it's the same bullet-shaped craft that we've seen in Texas. You know, last year, what did they report? It was 150 miles long and it was like, 100 miles wide? These things are huge, folks. They're literal mini planets, you know, and they hold tens and tens of thousands of alien beings, fallen angels, and so.

And it's the same bullet-shaped craft that Sananda rides around in. Sananda being one of the Ashtar...the masters that mimic Jesus of Christianity. So when they all arrive together as a heavenly angel group from heaven, singing in their little choir, [laughs] and arriving to Earth like they're gods. And the Arabs will identify with Maitreya as their 12th Imam, and the Christians will identify with Sananda as Jesus of the Bible, and you'll have your Krishna for the Hindus, and everybody has their own little savior coming back, because all these religions have been set up for everybody to believe that their messiah -- they have a messiah coming back in the last days. And so, they're gonna fulfill all that will all these different Ascended "death" Masters that are coming. And, you know, that's, supposedly, next on their agenda. They want to pull that off on December 25th and I just don't think they are this year. And so, watch for other routes to happen, other things to take place, because that one doesn't.

Ashtar Command Show May Be Delayed While Pale Horse Rider Rides

That one, eventually, will, but what I see next is the materialization of the pale horse rider. And so, he's coming. We're gonna have a lot of death and destruction next. And so, I think this little Ashtar Command thing is gonna have to be put off and delayed until probably September while the pale horse rider rides. Because the pale horse rider is going to ride for a few months. It takes a little while to kill two billion people. Relatively, a few months isn't that long either, so that's actually pretty quick. And it's all their really gonna need. And so, you know, we could have a really chaotic winter, spring, and early summer.

Why Do Other Religions Have Any Legitimacy When It's the Bible that Aliens Mimic?

And so, I definitely think, if things kick off the way I'm seeing them, and they're not delayed, they actually materialize and happen, we could be under a total alien conquership, I guess you could say, by September. Because that's always been their biggest month for arrival, is September, because they want to mimic. Everything they do is to mimic Yahushua of the Bible. And so, they want to mimic, because he was born in September, and it's always been a special month. 9/11...I've heard a lot of arguments that was the real date of His birthday. And so, they always want to mimic everything about the Bible.

So tell me why any of these other religions have any legitimacy to them at all, when everything they do mimics the Bible, not the Qur'an, not any other religious books out there. They mimic the Bible. And so, that's why you need to know the Bible, folks, not the Qur'an. The Qur'an is garbage.

Expect and Prepare for Chaos - Defend Yourselves, Fight Back

So that's what I'm looking at. As Nibiru comes in closer, more disruptions with the earth, itself. Look for more destructions of coastal cities. And earthquakes. Disruptions of weather patterns. More destruction of weather patterns. Then you have the plagues, pestilences, forced quarantines, forced vaccinations. Threat of being arrested for not taking forced vaccinations. They're gonna be having the FEMA camps running. Trains are running. Inflation hits, food prices triple. Dollar getting ready to crash. And people, you know, right now just hardly any real jobs available in America. Employment benefits running out. Chaos being caused from that which gives them more excuse to throw people on trains. That's why they're encircling cities like New York City. Miles, and miles, and miles of FEMA trains. 'Cause they expect chaos there.

And, also, if you look at the other routes of, you know, some of these aliens invasions that could come at the same time. Electricity being knocked out. Can you imagine if everybody's heat was knocked out, you know, now? With the snow and the cold that we're all dealing with in the northeast and across Europe, and everybody's heat going out, electricity going out? Could be some real chaos. And so, expect chaos, folks. Expect -- prepare for chaos. Prepare for chaos. And, prepare to secure yourselves and your property. Prepare for that while you can. And then, don't be afraid to use it, folks. Don't be afraid to use protection to defend yourselves.

You know, what would have happened if the Torah-believing Jews had fought back? What would have happened? Would the soldiers have thought twice about coming to their homes to round them up, you think? [laughs] They can't afford to send out an entire army of soldiers just to pick up one family at a time. The job would never get done. But that's what we need to force them to do, under the threat of death. And so, I'd rather die standing on my feet than naked in a FEMA camp. So, fight back, folks.

Keep Orgone Pipes Pointed at the East - It Decimates Aliens Coming Thru the Sun Portal

Anyway, be back Thursday with Aliens in the News. And probably talk about some of these stargates and interdimensional portal openings that are everywhere. Been trying to figure out a way how can we close these portal openings. Keep orgone pipes pointed at the east, folks, because they're coming to the sun portal areas, and it really debilitates them, as they come through the sun, to be blasted with the orgone. I see that being very effective in the Bible Codes, and so, we need to keep that up and we need to get more and more pipes out there pointing east. And, just keep getting the orgone out there because it's definitely the white horse weapon, the unconventionaly weapon that's out to conquer and destroy. It's what conquers and destroys them. It's the only thing making this even a balanced battle, as they battle against the humans of Earth and we battle back. It's the only thing I see out there that's balancing it, is our orgone.

Learn to Make Orgone Yah's Way, or Purchase from Sherry...PayPal Available

You can learn how to make it at my website, www.orgoneblasters.com. Not all orgone's the same. Doesn't do what our orgone does. So get the prescription, the how-to-make-it off of our website, and make your own, because that's the only one that works. Any of this stuff from the New Age camp, it doesn't work, folks. It's garbage, and so. And you can learn how to make it for free off of our website. And so, that's what you need to do. And don't add, and don't subtract things to it. When you add and subtract to it, you change it.

Also, we've got it available via PayPal. International people, PayPal's easier for you to deal with if you want to buy batons that we have for sale right now, and the orgone pucks, themselves, the blasters. You can use PayPal. Just scroll down the order page for PayPal orders. I know it's much easier for international people to use PayPal than it is any other payment source. So, keep orgone on you at all times, folks. Keep it on. It keeps a lot of the pests away.

Keep Orgone on You or at All Times

I'm seeing "scabies" in the Codes, and so, orgone is somehow very effective against scabies. I haven't quite figured out what scabies they're talking about. Is that Morgellons? Is that Corexit? Because, Corexit, one of the symptoms that causes is scabies. So keep orgone on you. Carry it in your purses, your pockets. Get a pendant, wear a pendant. Stick a puck in your pocket, whatever, keep orgone on you at all times. Especially when you're out in the public and out in the fresh air because Obama's still behind, very much behind, this Corexit attacks because they're killing millions and they're not gonna tell you the truth. And he loves it. He loves death, folks. He's the Lizard -- he's the king of death in the White House. He's loving all this death and destruction on America because he hates America.

Anyway, be back Thursday. Until then, everybody. Yah bless.


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