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Aliens In The News


Thursday December 16, 2010
Aliens In The News


And hello everybody; you're live.  It's December 16th. I'm Sherry Shriner. It's Aliens in the News.  If you have a question for the show you can call in at (877) 245-5648 or if you have unlimited long distance and want to save us a couple dimes you can call in at (646) 929-2343.  And so I'll be taking a few questions.  You know today I just want to talk about a few things.  A couple things I've looked into the Codes for next year already.  There's a lot going on for December. 

Orgone Sighting Fly-Bys

I'm getting a lot of fly-bys.  Sometimes like twice a day from those black he...what do they call them?  Keowa helicopters?  They're the newer tech ones.  And I see it in the Bible Codes where they're targeting people—the warriors—Orgone Warriors.  And doing fly-overs and patrolling the Warriors.  Apparently, from satellite TV from the Pentagon, they can see the radiance of orgone.  So if you have an area like I have.  With an extreme amount of orgone like I do.  It must look pretty wild.  For some reason they can see the ether.  Orgone emits an ether energy.  It's a blue color.  When you look at pictures of the earth from space and you see the planet, the whole planet looks like a blue planet.  That's not from the water folks. That's from the ether Energy that surrounds the planet.  And it's this aura that they have some kind of technology they can also see and so interesting they have the technology where they can hone in on possibly anywhere in the world—in particular here and see the ether energy here.  And so that's why I've been getting all these fly-overs lately.  Because it radiates.  It's like a huge radiance.  

Truth Seekers And NWO Resistors Are Marked Targets

And I thought that was interesting because when you get on the Internet, and you start going to truth seeker web sites, and you do radio shows and all this type of stuff, you tend to get harassed right away.  I mean, everybody I've ever talked to can tell you about black helicopters flying over their house.  Yeah this is America not Russia, I'll try to remind everybody of that.  But, uh... they do!  They start targeting people.  And they do it because they know you're most likely going to be a New World Order resistor.  

And if you're a resistor of the New World Order, then they put you on their list and they want to know where you are.  And so they send these patrol helicopters.  They patrol you areas.  Patrol where you live.  Build files on you.  You can go to forums and Internet websites and automatically have a government file built on you for doing that. 

Key Word—“Former”

I mean what do you want?  When you elect—when you put in—appoint a former KGB official here.  Homeland Security and America says nothing.  For the most part where is the outrage that Michael Chertoff is director of Homeland Security?  It's like nobody cares “Oh a former KGB.”  Throw that “former” word in there.  That is the key to almost all deceptions that work in America.  Former Satanist.  Former New Age Official.  Former Mason.  Former NSI or NSA.  Former CIA.  These are the—this is the buzz word that works because when you say “former,” then all is forgiven.

Everybody's like, “Oh he's former.”  And all is forgiven.  Whatever ghastly deeds you’ve done, whatever oaths you’ve taken, all is forgiven.  Just say you're former.  And that's been the biggest key in America and putting people to sleep that I've ever seen work.  It's more effective than the dumb down news media.  And so just throw in former there  because people will believe you.  Unreal how easy it is to deceive people and put millions of people into sleep—a deep sleep.  A cryogenic sleep.  Unreal folks.  Anyway...

We’re Under Lizard Control

So I've been looking more at the chilling of the air—it's their plans—we're totally under the control and domination right now of the lizards who rule over this planet—if you haven't noticed.  If you have you know you can go get your cup of coffee 'cause I'm preaching to the choir.  But we are under complete control.  There is no doubt.  There is no doubt who is running things right now.  The lizards have control.  They have for years but they usually stayed in the background.  They ran their shadow government.

The Shadow Government’s A Linked Hive-Mind

And of course most people went to sleep thinking, “Oh well, the shadow government, well that's the government that steps in and takes over in case D.C. gets bombed and does us all a favor.”  No, the shadow government has really nothing to do with our operational government because they're not even human.  The shadow government is a hive linked government.  They're humans who have been transformed.  They're not, you know, who they use to be.  

When you look at people like Al Gore and George Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney and Henry Kissinger and these people at the way at top, and Barrack Obama's included, everybody  at the top's included.  They're all hive linked and this is what they are trying to get done with our entire population—is get everybody linked into the computer, so they can get everybody controlled through a hive-link. 

Now, when you're linked to the computer, you no longer have free thought.  You don't think like a human anymore.  You don't have the human emotions.  You just become a narcissistic empty shell of a being.  Because all of your true emotions and who you are—your true self, are gone.  And you just become part of this machine.  And it's a lot easier for them.  To link you in and control you through a machine than possibly soul-scalping or even walking in. 

They Take Over The Lives Of Those They Soul-Scalp

Because when they soul-scalp a person, they take over that person’s life.  You know, they down load, they download all the memories into their brains and they assume somebody else's life.  They step in and live that person’s life while that person is really gone, or they're dead or they're imprisoned in their own mind and have no control over their own body.  Kinda hard to explain, but it's like you're sitting back watching everything on a computer screen, but you're in your own body still.  Because you have no control over your own life.  You are just a prisoner and just watching someone else take over your body and act as you and talk as you and do things as you—and everybody thinks it's you—and everybody accepts this person as you and nobody has figured out—HEY THAT'S NOT ME! That's somebody else posing as me. 

Most of these people—government agents when it happens to—end up in divorce a year of two.  Everything goes sour.  They can't completely replace the other person in a lot of different ways, and a lot of 'em end up getting divorced and so...because they've become so much more narcissistic.  They become less and less human and so...that's the kind of society we've become now folks. 

Humanity: An Endangered Species

Because, back in 2005 when the Lord told me that the Silent Invasion had begun.  And He was referring to the walking-in, the soul-scalping and hybridization and then you hear former—well they're not former 'cause they're Illuminati children, but they've broken away from their handlers and mind control programs, and they'll tell you that, that today in 2010, Humanity’s almost extinct.  I mean when these hybrids can walk our streets and in our stores as us, as humans and look around and see half the other population is just like them, like hybrids—you know you're in trouble.

You know I was reading statistics 60 million people—60 million have cross-bred or hybridization DNA—are hybrids and that was years ago.  And you know their statistics are always on the low side.  And so think of it folks.  Mankind, pure humans are becoming extinct.  Some of you all the confirmation you needed is your in-laws weren't human.  Just <laughing> just kidding. 

A Lot Of Women Have Unknowingly Become Breeders

But it tends to start with the younger generation folks.  It tends to start with them.  What we have with the older generation is a lot of people used as hybrid cross-breeders.  I don't know what you'd call them.  Victims of cross-breeding programs.  A lot of older women now who were used as incubators.  You know a lot of women get abducted by aliens and they are everywhere at night.  And they get impregnated.  And the aliens can come back 4 weeks later, six weeks later and take that fetus that they impregnated the woman with, because they used her as an incubator.  They just put it in her and let it roll for six weeks and then take it back because they've already got the process rolling and they can hook it up to their machines and grow it from there.  A lot of women used in this way and don't even know it.  Don't even know it.  Or a lot of women getting pregnant thinking it's their husbands and don't even know, wouldn't even think twice.  They got abducted by aliens or our military and impregnated with alien fetuses.  \

Military Intelligence Agencies Are Two-Sided—Human And Alien

Our military is very dominant in this right now.  I look at the CIA and NSA you have two totally different sides to these organizations.  You have the human side which is the front side that we'll see that Hollywood shows.  Intelligence agencies, collecting information and spying on people.  Probably not very accurate because, you know, they try to make it sound like CIA only spies on foreign nations.  They pass laws many times to make it legal to spy on Americans, and they do so.  So, we have both agencies spying on Americans, building files on Americans, especially big mouths—they gather info on that—figuring they'll be resistors to the new world order.  And you have the human side and then you have the shadow side of these intelligence agencies—are totally alien dominated and hive linked.  And here we go with the hive linked stuff again, all operating within the shadow government system.  This whole hive linked system of our shadow government all working together.  And that part is the part that's becoming dominating.  This whole shadow to everything—this whole shadow side.  And it's all alien dominated and that's what we're all under the control of folks.

Since Humans Are Now Obsolete, They’ll Be The First To Go

That's you know, I just see less and less human and just more and more total lizard, alien domination of our world.  And in 2011 it's just going to become more apparent.  Because, you know, they've been working for 5 years already and inhabiting and cloning and cross-breeding their own hybrid-humans.  And they walk amongst us.  They're everywhere folks.  You can't tell them apart from regular humans.  To the point where they don't need real humans any more.  Real humans, they're just the ones becoming alien on this planet—unwanted and unwelcome any more—on their own planet.  They'll just start killing them off.  Because you start to look at their own programs—and if they can't, know you, blend you into a machine, a transgender transgenic—just the norm for the future, half man half machine—they'll just kill you.  For resistors, they'll just kill you and so that's what they're doing.  They're doing it now.  Only they've been hiding.   They act like they're your buddies—they want to help earth, they want to help mankind.  

Black Horse Famines, Poisons, and Dung Spreaders

Just something I've been seeing in the Codes about some kind of a powder shake might be coming out or already is that's contaminated.  So much of our food and drinks now just so contaminated with DNA changing chemicals.  You know, it's...they're destroying human DNA and they've been doing it through the food we eat and the stuff we drink and I've been seeing the Black Horse himself accomplished what he set out to do. 

And when you look in the Bible.  Revelations Chapter 6 the 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse.  The Black Horseman's famine and interesting exactly how he's been able to accomplish and going to accomplish in 2011.  You're going to see a great accomplishment, what he's been working on because he's done it through “dung spreaders.”  And that's another term, “dung spreader” is another term for chemtrail planes.  They've been poisoning the entire earths water and our soil with these dung spreaders—chemtrails, their chemtrail program.  To the point where we probably aren't going to be able to grow normal healthy food any more, at all.  It's all poisoned.

They Want To Keep The Economic Façade Going To Keep People Asleep

Because when you put seeds in that poisoned soil you are just producing poisoned food.  And so, watch for food prices—for real food to become extinct, to sky rocket.  Because we're gonna have really bad inflation, and I know people are out warning here.  We're gonna have a financial Armageddon.  The dollar’s gonna crash.  The economy's gonna crash.  And that will probably be one of the last things that happens.  Because they wanna hold up the façade of an economy as long as they can accomplish everything else, because they know as long as the economy looks like it is operating right, then people will stay asleep.  I mean, the fastest way to wake them up and get them working against you is by closing their banks and stores.  So, that will be the last things to go right now.  So, what they will do now is contaminate all the food you eat all the stuff you drink—contaminate that and raise the prices so it's outrageous, so unaffordable.  

A Day’s Wages For A Loaf Of Bread

The Bible talks about how they'll throw their gold and silver in the streets because even that becomes worthless eventually.  There's nothing to buy with it.  We're not at that point yet, but we're working towards it.  To the point where the Bible talks about, you know, it would cost a day’s wages to buy a loaf of bread.  So look—it pretty much signifies high inflation, so look for that to hit this year.  

High inflation, food costs soaring, which isn't going to go too well because so many people unemployed.  Probably about 50% of Americans if the truth be told—unemployed and collecting unemployment benefits.  The other 50% paying for the other 50%  and you see where it's going, economies can't run that way.  Eventually other people’s money runs out.  That's the whole problem with the fascist communist system, eventually other people’s money runs out.  OPM.  Other People’s Money.  It runs out eventually.  So then what are you gonna prop the economy up with? 

The Pale Horse Rider Is On Its Way With Death And Hell—An Alien Invasion

Anyway, just some things I've been seeing about the “dung spreaders” and the Black Horse Rider because the Pale Horse Rider is coming.  The Pale Horse Rider is riding, is right behind—we've been seeing the Black Horse Rider all year long—this “dung spreader”—the chemtrail operations.  And now we're going to see the emergence of the Pale Horse Rider.  I've talked about this Monday night, and with him comes Hell and Death.  And so you can pretty much expect a UFO—some kinda invasion with him.  And he works with “the beasts of the earth,” and “the beasts” being these aliens, these fallen angels that are already here in our underground bases.  And we have thousands of them, and alien habitations on our earth are under our oceans, under our earth, under our lakes.  Under our earth, they're everywhere folks. Everywhere.  So this is on the horizon, and he has the power.  Him and this Black Horse, the chemtrails.  Because they work together. 

As Everything Accumulates, 2 Billion People Will Die

And you can see how they do it because the chemtrails are responsible for many diseases that have never been in our history before, but are now.  Diseases and plagues and cancers that have been caused by chemtrails.  But the Pale Horse Rider—this chemtrail operation and the enforced vaccinations that are coming through the Pale Horse Rider—operates through vaccinations and flu shots.  And also war and famine and hunger and all these things combining.  All these things combining.  A quarter of the earth will die.  Two billion people.  Two billion people.  That's an accumulation over the last few years.  People being infested with cancers from vaccinations. 

The Vaccines Today Likely Have Nanochip Switches In Them

They probably have switches in them.  I know <heavy sigh> if you can imagine someone sitting at a computer data base and being able to pull up, because they keep immaculate records on everything.  Where a certain such and such city were sent to where batches were sent and activate them because all these vaccinations we have folks have nanochips in them.  And so the fact that we're just now learning about the nanochips means they've probably been in them for 20 years.  So they can turn cancers on in them in people.  They can turn you on.  They can turn you off.  They can kill you with a flip of a switch.  And that's what they're gonna be doing.  That's why they target the general populations.  The sheeple, so heavily with, “Oh, we want to help you!  Get a vaccination.  Come to our medical facility.”  Can't wait for that one to start.  You already see it on the V series.  

They Sucker You With Health And Medical Care

First thing they start to do is offer medical care.  Medical help to people on earth.  And you see it with the V series.  They're not even holding it back.  They just flaunt it in your face.  This is how we're doing it.  And that's how they do it.  People think, “Oh it's too easy, they're telling us so.  It's fiction.  It's false.”  They think because they're telling you, then it's not, it's not true.  Everything they do is in fiction format.  The truth to them is in fiction.  They don't think like we do...and you know I've been talking about this stuff for years.  And now that you finally see it coming to a head and people still sleeping.

But it's coming.  2011 is going to be a year from Hell.  Literally.  And so that's what we have to look forward to folks.  Because we're not being controlled by humans anymore.  We're not being governed by humans anymore.  We're being governed by the slave masters who put us in the position we're in through taxes and government regulations, through the police state, through the Federal agencies that over-see everything—the cameras everywhere—we are totally in a police state.  

They’re Limiting Travel By Means Of Airport Harassment

Right now they've been fine-tuning part of their script, where they basically just start to limit travel.  People aren't going to want to travel if you know you are going to the airport to be molested by a bunch of perverts.  And they're going to set this up everywhere in public transportation.  It's going to become the norm.  And that's how they'll limit travel.  Because eventually people are just going to get fed up with it.  And you can talk about all the lawsuits you want and try to change things, but they just let the lawsuits go.  They have a big huff, because, because they make it appear as if you have a say, and using the legal process to shut them down. But then ultimately the end result is that the highest court in the land, owned by them, run by them <short laugh> is going to rule against the people and for the corporations.

They Own The Puppet Courts, So Don’t Hold Your Breath For ‘Em

And so that’s what this whole thing I was reading about today on Obama Care. And all these states, gonna sue the federal government, and take out that individual requirement that forces people to have health insurance.  And so now it’s going to the courts.  The appellate system that you can go into, the appellate court.  And eventually on up to the Supreme Court.  “Ooh yeah, we’re really socking it to Barak Obama now in the White House!  We’re gonna take him to court.”  Yeah.  You watch. You watch.  After all the hoopla—and they’ll, they’ll even help with the hoopla.  They want people to know that, “Yeah, you can sue us.”  But watch what the end result is.  You’re not gonna win.  You’re not gonna win. Because they own the puppet courts.  And so all these states suing to knock out that requirement, and you watch.  The Supreme Court will rule for the government.   It’s a set up, folks.  And they want everyone to know, and that’s why they, they even help with the hoopla that they’re being sued.  They don’t care.  Because they want you to think, “Oh, legal process was, was utilized.”  Because they want to keep the riots down and the uproars.  And so they want you to think that you had your right to sue, and everything was given to you that you’re allowed to have.  Your, your right to sue and—against the oppressive government and legislation.  But oh, “But guess what? The highest legislation court in the land said it wasn’t, and it’s totally constitutional, and now you have to abide by it.”  That’s what the end result is, folks.  They own the end results.

And so, don’t get, you know, don’t get swayed by this last minute hope that our courts are gonna be in our favor.  Because our courts are owned by them. They—then they run both sides of it, folks. They, they run the sides of the oppressors, and they run the sides of the patriots and the truth movements.  They run them, too. Because they want to make it appear like you have a say, even though they control it.  I mean, look, look at our side.  Look at the patriot movement. The Tea Party movement.  Sarah Palin. MK Ultra sex slave.  Their spokesperson.  You don’t think they’re owned by the government, folks?  Come on.  An MK Ultra presidential sex slave and her daughter, and how they, they blast the whole Palin family from the cameras thinking they’re Republicans, conservative Christians.  Come on, folks.  Wake up and smell the coffee.

Anything Organized and Structured Has Been Infiltrated

And you even have the militia movements in the United States, and the highest levels of the government running the very tops of them.  Why do you think it’s all organized and in structured form?  ‘Cause even the militia movements are in structured form. It’s all politics.  Why?  Because Satan is always into politics.  And the government always owns the top of it.  So, if you look at all of these patriot groups—the Michigan patriots, the militias, Ohio militias, these other militias, even the ones that, you know—everywhere, you know, north, south, east, west—they’re all in an instruction form to where they have to have their, their community, their state chapters, nationals, regionals, whatever.  And you better be sure that the government makes sure that it stays in structure. Because, why?  Because the government sits in key positions throughout all these structures.  So they own that as well. There’s nothing we do as a people, no matter what side you’re on—the “bad” or what appears to be the “good” side—that isn’t owned and controlled by them.  And that’s why the Lord told me years ago not to get involved with organizations and groups.  Because the government sits at the top of all of them. They’re all infiltrated.  They’re all infiltrated, folks.  

So, no matter how safe you think you are, and doing the right thing as a patriot—it’s your constitutional right to bear arms and be a patriot and, and to form a militia. They’re heavily infiltrated and controlled by the government. Government agents.  You’re better off just getting with a group of people you know and taking off and staying away from large number stuff.  ‘Cause whenever there’s a large number involved, the governments involved.  They infiltrate. 

Get Out Of The Groups And Keep To Yourselves

So just keep to yourselves, folks.  Get out of the big letters, big organizations and groups.  That’s how they find you. That’s how they track you down and target you and know who you are. Get out of the big organizations and groups.  You’re just a lame duck waiting, ‘cause, you know, they’re good at what they do.  They’re good at infiltration.  That’s why they’ve been so successful at destroying the Lord’s people for 6000 years.  

Yahushuah Yelled At Israel For Allowing Itself To Be Taken Over By The Serpent Seed

I mean, even when the Lord came, when Yahushuah was here, He yelled at them [Israelites], because they had allowed the snakes [Pharisees, Sadducees, and teachers of the Law]—the, the real Israelites, the real Jews [from Jacob’s line], had allowed the fake Jews, the serpents seed [from Esau’s line, the Edomite Jews] such access into their own people, they [the Edomites] had becomes scribes. They had become the writers and the lawyers themselves, governing everything that was written and the way laws were viewed.  The Pharisees were lawyers.  The scribes were, were writers. They were the history keepers, and the journalists, and anything that had to do with writing. The serpent seed had already infiltrated all of that within the own Jewish community back then. And the Lord would rail against them, and He called them the offspring of Satan because they were.  They were Satan’s offspring.  If you look at the term used in Strong’s [Strong’s Concordance], it means literal offspring.  Literal children.  It wasn’t symbolic, they were from his seedline. And it was very well known back then.  It wasn’t something debated on.  It wasn’t, uh, considered a big conspiracy theory.  It was just well known that Satan had offspring here on Earth, and the Lord had His, and it was a battle between the offsprings.

In This Epic Modern Battle Of Offsprings, The Heart Is Where Salvation Lies, Not Blood

 And that’s what we’re looking at today. A battle of offsprings.  Only today, it isn’t anything more than a—well, even back then, if you were from a “bad” offspring line, you could, you could join the Israelites. And today you can do the same thing.  Today it’s a “heart” thing.  Today it’s based on salvation and not bloodlines.  It’s based on salvation.  It’s a heart thing with the Lord.  And so no matter what race, what country you’re from, what religion, what denomination, what your family background is, what your bloodline is, even if you’re a hybrid—it doesn’t matter. Because blood doesn’t matter anymore.  It’s all a heart thing, whether you’ve accepted His salvation and redemption or not.  That’s what makes New Israel.  Because He divorced the bloodlines of Israel.  He divorced them.  

Family Origins Don’t Matter; Salvation Is Open To EVERYBODY

And so ,we have the New Covenant and the New Testament. Anyone who accepts Him and receives Him as the Messiah becomes one of His.  That’s the New Israel.  So, it doesn’t matter if you’re from a dragon nation, or dragon seed, or serpent seedline.  And you’ll see the strong serpent seedlines within the Illuminati structure of America. The, the families that have dominated banking and politics.  Uh, the Bushes, the Clintons—they’re all related. And you look at the royal family lines, the Merovingians—they’re all related.  They’re all serpent seedline, Illumianti family lines. 

The Serpent Seedline Illuminist Families Are All Inter-Related

You know, they’re talking about Prince William’s marriage, and you look at—and she’s ending up—what is she, like his 7th cousin or something like that?   They, they were trying to—weren’t they trying to claim that she was the first “commoner” because she wasn’t royal blood?  But then you look at the lineage, and she’s like his 7th cousin.  Really, folks.  Everything circles around the serpent seedline in dominance of our politics, and our banking, soon-to-be-entertainment, because sports is becoming a sham.  Most of these people, these athletes, are just hybrids. Everything’s becoming a sham.  Everything’s being controlled by them. 

Humans, pure humans, are becoming extinct.  And that’s what is going to come to a head in 2011.  Because, as the Earth has changed with, with the weather and all the chemicals we’re breathing constantly, and what we’re eating in our food, it’s going to be killing off the human race. The hybrids will thrive.  The hybrids will still be here. Uh, but it’s going to start killing them off even, too, because, you know, there’s a lot of us who haven’t been sitting idly by watching everything happening and doing nothing. 

Reich Had An Orgone Space Gun

You know, we started our orgone war five, six years ago against what we knew was going to be an alien and lizard onslaught on this planet.  And,  you know, Wilhelm Reich was the one who had discovered Eisenhower how to destroy the aliens through orgone energy. And he had a space gun.  And orgone space gun that could destroy UFO ships.  He did what Eisenhower asked him to.  Find a way to defeat the a—defeat UFOs and aliens because they were becoming more and more noticeable on Earth at that time. So Reich did.  And then Eisenhower turned on him and said, “Oh, we’re going to make treaties with these beings.”  And so he threw Reich in prison.  

60 Years Later, The Mission Continues…

Well, guess what?  Jump forward 60 years, and the Lord has led us right back, uh, to reestablishing Reich’s orgone energy that he had re-discovered.  It’s an ancient energy.  It’s not something he discovered, it’s something he was able to put into terms so we could discover it, so we could understand what it is and learn what it is.  ‘Cause orgone energy, ether energy, is, is what creates this world.  What keeps it,  livable and habitable.  It’s a positive living energy.  A life source.  A life-giving energy. 

And so, uh, we’ve discovered how to, how to, how to make orgone and sock it to ‘em with it.  I mean, we, we’ve been watching their UFO ships crash from the skies for years now with this ether energy. And our greatest asset was they all laughed.  They thought we were crazy. And so while they were laughing, thinking we were crazy, we’ve become very, very successful.  We’ve got it down to batons, which are now—you look at them and they’re like saber swords when you hold them in your hand.  You don’t see the beams coming from the front and back of these things, but if you could, they would look like blue light beams coming out of these, uh, pipe batons that we’re making.  And you can make your own.  Or you can order them off the website, www.orgoneblasters.com.  And those are good because you can point them like a sword at the UFO ships and watch them start to malfunction.  You’ll see the lights start going off and on as they start zigzagging and—they start to malfunction. It’s our, it’s our weapon against them because modern warfare isn’t going to affect multidimensional crafts. And so. 

Orgone Is Our Defense; Yahuah Didn’t Leave Us Defenseless!

We have been effective against them.  It’s our defense, folks.  The Lord hasn’t left us defenseless in these Last Days.  You know, when I was asking Him, “How can we stop it?”  The ELF technology, the microwave technology, their satellite attacks.  And their billion dollar programs, always come down to, you know, a few bucks to defeat.  A few bucks. You can put mylar blankets on your windows and your walls and your ceilings and protect yourselves from satellite beam attacks. You can make orgone, put it in your yard, your house, and it stops the night terrors, it stops abductions, and it stops them from coming into your area.  It saturates the area, gets into the other dimensions because orgone is a multidimensional weapon itself, and it burns and destroys them.  And so.  This will probably be the year that, uh, we’ll see new heights of awareness of orgone. 

But last year was, was phenomenal, with all the UFO ships crashing. And this year I think we’re going to see even greater things on a more massive scale, uh, with how effective the orgone has been and is against them.  And it’s gonna be the year to do it, too, because when the Pale Horse Rider comes, he brings Hell with him.  Hell and death come with him.  Those are symbolic terms for beings. For, for factions and segments of their warriors, their armies. Satan’s armies.  And so. 

Plans Will Be Delayed And Accelerated

I look for early spring.  Uh, it could be accelerated.  Plans could be accelerated as well.  Usually we see “delayed”—um, I’ll see “delayed” in the Codes.  Uh, but when you see the term “accelerated,” you’re like, “Whoaaa, that one’s accelerated.  That one’s coming quicker than we’ve ever thought.”  And so, about next year, you see both.  You see accelerations and delays.  And so, it’s gonna be a mixture.  A hodgepodge year of various things.  But we’re not going back, we’re going forward.  And when you go forward on this script?  It means more and more destruction.  More and more death. 

The Corexit Poisoning Was Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

And so, if you thought this year was bad with Corexit, and how they’ve hidden the numbers of the real dead that have suffered from Corexit.  A direct attack on them—people in the Gulf regions, and then subsequently around the world who are being affected by, um, the jet stream from the Gulf area, and the Corexit getting into everything, The food—contaminating the food, and the whole livelihood of that entire area, and the people, and the effects to come for the coming generations.  They—it was a huge accomplishment for them.  The destruction down there was a huge accomplishment for them, and we’re going to see it increase this year. The effects from that this year increasing.  And so, when you move forward on this script, everything gets worse.  It, it never gets better.  It builds on the disasters and the deaths that were, that you’re leaving behind, and, and just quadruples them. Quadruples those.  2011 isn’t going to be better and more peaceful than 2010.  It’s going to get worse.

Prepare While You Can And Get Away From The Churches

So just prepare, folks.  Prepare while you can. Get your orgone in your areas. Get out of the, the mainstream hog fests, which are these big churches, these, these beast churches owned by these Satanists.  I’ll let you know, if you look at a lot of these preachers from these huge megachurches, and they’re not even human.  They’re lizards.  They merely have human skin, human bodies, uh, but you can see their eyes shapeshifting, and their cheeks, and, and their faces shapeshift.  They’re not even human, folks.  Get out of them. Get away.  Get away from large, mainstream organizations and groups.  Because they’re all infiltrated at the tops by the lizards.  By the people you’re putting your trust in and your faith in, are the ones who are going to destroy you.  And the ones keeping tabs on you, files, and keeping you under their control.  So get away from it, folks.  Get away, get away, get away.

Lots Of Large Bodies Entering And Coming In

More things I see coming.  Uh, you know, I’m just looking at, um, the beginnings of the kind of things we’ll be experiencing next year.  Planet X, Planet Nibiru, Rahab—whatever you want to call it—coming in, and, you know, here we talk about it interchangeably coming in from the South and then coming from the East, because we have so many objects coming in, folks.  They’re coming from the South, and they’re coming from the East.  And like I said, when, when you get everybody’s focus, “Wow, look at all the stuff coming from the sun portals in that whole East area,” and you’ve got all these ships, and UFO ships.  And we know Satan has a huge, huge ark, uh, habitation, over by the sun.  Many of them.  And then you have them coming up from the South, and no one’s watching the North.  Uh, because it’s from the North—, space, extreme North in the space—where the Locust, and our attackers, are coming from.  While everybody’s busy watching everywhere else, we get blindsided by the North.  And so just keep watching it all, folks.  Keep an eye on it all, because, you know, for no better reason than to know exactly where we are in prophesy.  To know how to recognize what’s going on. 

Don’t Say You Love The Lord And Then Live Like A Devil

And get back to the Lord, folks.  Get off the fence.  Get off the rebellious rides you’ve been on, and get back to Him and realize what’s important. The reason He’s allowing, and the reason all these things are coming, is because He’s judging mankind for being in rebellion against Him.  That’s why all these things are coming to pass.  Mankind’s in judgment. You know, don’t say you love the Lord and then live like a devil.  You hear that from 300 million Americans daily.  Tch.  “Oh, we’re a Christian nation.” And then live like a devil.  Follow Him.  Do as He says.  Get away from your paganisms and your apostasies and your errors.  Throw your Christmas trees out.  Throw your Easter bunnies out.  And get back to His appointed times and feasts with mankind.  What He wants us to do.  If we would humble ourselves as a nation before the Lord, He would avert all these catastrophes coming.  But things are beyond that.  We, we, we’re beyond it.  We’re beyond it.  That’s why I don’t spent a whole lot of time on it.  Because we’re beyond it.  Our government, and our religion, our leaders, are all controlled by lizards. And so, they’re going to be the last ones to start humbling themselves before the Lord.  And so, you’re going to have to do that on your own, folks.  Don’t wait for your pastors to lead you into becoming righteous for the Lord.  Seek Him and sit at His feet.  Seek Him for the Truth in all things every day while there’s time left. 

2011 Is Pretty Much The New 2012

Anyway, I’ll be back Monday night, 10 o’clock, with, uh, SherryTalkRadio, my Monday night show. And I’ll be talking more about, uh, the things that are coming for 2011 because, uh, for all intents and purposes, next year 2011 is pretty much the 2012 that people have been hearing so much about.  Our calendars are, are—they’re, they’re off.  They’re off by about 6 months to almost a year, if not a year itself.  I try to gauge the times with what I see in the Bible Codes with events, and to me it already seems we’re already in—heading into 2012, not 2011.  And so.  Prepare for much catastrophes and disasters.  Get away from the coastlines, folks, and get away from large bodies of water.  Because the Earth is going to shake, and it’s going to be dumping all that water on the people who live near the coastlines. 

Anyway, until Monday night, folks.

Yah bless. 



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